Laad Pyaar Ka Asar!!!

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Apr 13, 2012

Laad Pyaar Ka Asar!!! (By Samona) (Thanked: 7 times)


Wow! There comes my beast, nay My Prince, no! My SWAMI wearing the red shirt looking so hot and sexy, that I can't take my eyes off him! But if I tell him so, he will start preening! No, I will tell him he would have looked better in that green shirt with plants all over, but this red shirt also goes well with his anger! Look at him glaring at me, all red in the face! He is walking ahead of me towards the dining table; I better hurry up and help him to take a plate. Mamiji had to sing that song"Lal Chadi Maidan Khadi" and there he is mad at her now! Mamaji, why did you have to say that the bull gets mad when it sees the same color? Now he does resemble one! Tee hee! Payal jiji, please don't smile while looking at him. He is getting madder by the minute! And I love it!!!!!! Oh, Akash jiju has gone to get yellow roses for Miss B? Who the hell is Miss B? Looks like Jiji also doesn't know. I can see she is upset. I didn't expect this from Jijaji!!

There comes Naniji with the pooja ki thali! She is of course stunned by Arnavji's shirt! She knows it is my work! How well my family knows me by now! I knew my Swami would refuse to take the Prasad from my hand, so cleverly I had given to Naniji! Of course, he had to take it from her, when she said that I had done the puja, I can see the disbelief in his eyes! He doesn't want me to do whatever I have been doing and he is now complaining to Naniji. This is a record, Arnavji complaining to someone about me! But my dear Arnavji, what did I do?

What do you mean, what did you do? What have you been calling me all this time? I will tell you, Naniji , she has been calling me Swami! What Mamaji? Didn't you hear? SWAMI, SWAMI! That's what she has been calling me! Don't laugh, all of you! You don't know how irritating it is to me! Naniji, you think it is good.

It's very................ I don't want all this ..................

All my shirts..................

Huh, forget it! What's the use? I might as well have my breakfast! What the!! What are you doing, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada! That's my paratha, dahi and achar you tasted. Can't you take another plate? What do you mean; you will taste them before I eat? It has to be perfect, is it? I don't feel hungry anymore! You may continue eating. I am leaving. There you are Aakash! Let's go to your room, I need to borrow a shirt from you! Don't ask questions! Let's go!

Swami! Swamiji! Uff! He's gone! Let me go to my room and prepare for Act 2 !!!!!!

Naniji has given me the sindoor box; I know Arnavji will never let me apply tika to his forehead. He will let only Di to do that! But today, I want to do so! Let me apply it to my forehead first! There, he has come. Wow, He looks so awesome in Jiju's white shirt too! He has decided not to talk to me? Doesn't matter. Can I help you? No! Okay, if you say so. But at least put the tika on your forehead. OH No! This box is empty. How shall I put it for you now?

Good, the box is empty, so she cannot put the tika on my forehead. Hey, what the!!! Khushi! Why did you pull my head backwards? And why did you touch your forehead to mine? To press the tika from your forehead to mine? Time has stood still. I wish this moment never ends! I am lost in your beauty! Why do I feel like this? What magic have you done on me? I feel like I am a part of you, like we are one! Khushi! Why is my voice so husky? So hoarse? Wait! Don't leave me, Stay like that for a little while more!

What did I do? Why did I not think before doing this? What made me do it? I just pulled his head backwards and touched my forehead to his! To put the tika from my forehead to his! I wanted to irritate him and make him angry, but I got lost in his eyes! Forgot everything! Time stood still! Why did I not want to let go? I felt that I am a part of you, like we are one! Don't want to let him know how I feel! It was just the tika, nothing else!

Come back home soon because I will make your favorite sabji, karela, Swami! There that made him angry. But not as angry as I wanted him to be! Not angry as I thought he would be! Yes, I will take his lunch to office. I remember Lavanya had told me that he was very angry when she had taken his lunch to the office one day!

Who is Bubbly? There, the doorbell rang! Jiju, Mamiji and Naniji have all rushed to the door! They told us to wait inside! Jiji is very upset, but look who has walked in with Mamiji and the others! What a cute little girl she is! Oh, so this is Miss B! Jiji felt so relieved even I had to poke her in fun!!

Namaste, everyone! Time to stop the meeting and start having lunch. Your tiffins have already arrived. Arnavji, look I have brought your lunch. Let me shut all these laptops and files. Shut this projector TV and why don't you keep this phone in that corner? All of you please go for lunch; he needs to eat since he did not have breakfast!

What the hell are you doing, Khushi? I said I don't need your food! I will eat the pasta, it's not pusta! Just take your food and go home! Right Now! She has irritated me so much now I will not have anything to eat! Let me just get back to the meeting. Gentlemen, let's start again. Start the projector. What do you mean? Have I had lunch? I said Switch it on!!

Ha Ha, I have managed to irritate him now. Yeh hadd se jyazda pyaar nishit karega unki haar! He did not eat, but I will feed him at night. Khoob saara pyaar khali na jaaye ga ASR par vaar!


I will wait for Arnavji to come and then have dinner with him. No Naniji, I will wait. You can all finish dinner. Mamiji has started telling Di about the red shirt and about me calling him Swami. All are laughing. Naniji said that Chotte did not look like Chotte at all. Why is Di looking at me like that? And why are all surprised to hear me say that I will wait for him? I know that this is not the practice in this house but still I will wait.

Wah, Naniji is calling him up to tell Arnavji to come home early because I am waiting for him. He is busy? He will be late. Waar chotte par nahi hamare chote si pet par ho raha hai!!!!!!

I have been waiting for sooo long now that I am feeling desperately hungry. Where is he? I think he is purposely delaying his return. Now I am so hungry that I have been pacing up and down! Shall I eat? Just one puri and a little aloo sabji? Naniji had told that this is not the practice in this house. So I don't need to actually wait for him. Let me eat a little and then wait. Wow, this food looks delicious and I am very hungry.

Hey, Devi Maiyya! What have I done? Unknowingly I have eaten all the food! There is Arnavji and now what do I do?

What the hell! What are you doing here? What is this naya natak? You will not eat till I come home!


Ab jaldi karo! Bahut bhook lag rahi hai! Subah se kuch khaya nahi hai! Now what? Don't you want to sit with me and eat??

That's possible only if there was something left to eat!

What happened to the food? Nothing left!

I will make some food for you just now! How could I serve cold food to you? I decided to wait till you reached home.

Wait! I will order some food, but it is too late for delivery!

I will make the food and bring it just now. Wait here.

I am feeling little uneasy. What do I do? I will change and freshen up in the meantime. Will feel little better. There, I have changed into my night clothes. Where is she? Feeling uneasy still. Yes, a glass of water will help. Feeling more and more sick! Call out to her-Khushi!

I am coming!

Feeling little dizzy. There she comes with the food. But .............

Let me taste it first just like I did it this morning.

Dizzy, dizzy, blurring Khushi...........................

What happened? Arnavji, kya hua ? Kya hua hai aap ko? Arnavji? Arnavji?

Kya hua, Bhai? Kya hua, Chhote ko? Kya hua Arnav bitwa ko? Kya hua?

Nahi , nahi Mamiji, inhone kuch khaya hi nahin!

Arnavji, uth jaayeye! Hey Devi Maiyya! I am feeling very scared now. What shall I do? Di is putting water on his face. He is waking up, saying something. Yes, Dawayi! Medicines! But I think his sugar level has gone down. Just like the other day! Kya karoon? Kya karoon! Haan, usse din meetha khaya tha!

Main abhi aayi!! Run, Khushi,Run to the kitchen, get some jaggery! Give it to Di! She will feed him.

Thank God! He is getting up now. He is slightly better. Jiju is taking him upstairs. Everyone has followed them. But I? I cannot move from here. Shocked and stunned! What if something serious had happened?

I take water and food upstairs to our room. Di is feeding Arnavji with her own hands. Bubbly is watching both of them. Di is going now. I know Di is telling me that he will be fine. But Di, hamme lagta hai sab hamari galti hai! If I had not insisted on waiting for him, I know he would have come earlier. Shut the door and turn towards the bed.

What are you doing, Arnavji? Kya kar rahein hai aap? No! you will not sleep on the couch! You will sleep on the bed today! I don't want to listen to you, you must listen to me or else I will call Di. Yes, I know calling Di is the only alternative option. You have to lie down now. Why don't you let me touch you, Arnavji? Let me put the blanket on you! Why do you push my hand away! Is it because you are angry with me for the whole day's troubles? Is it because you think I am responsible for your fainting? I will still help you with the blanket. Yes, please go to sleep!

I don't want her to help me. She has irritated me the whole day, why should I take her help now? Push her hand away from my shoulder. I am angry with her. Push her hand away from the blanket. But she is insisting on putting the blanket on me, just like she threatened to call Di if I did not sleep on the bed! Today I will let go. I don't have the strength. Let me lie down and rest. Feeling very tired!

Is he okay? Is he sleeping well? Does he need anything? I will never be able to go to sleep. I will watch over him through the night. Feeling sleepy, nodding off against the wall! Khushi, Wake up! Check again if he is sleeping normally. I know if something happens to him, I too wont survive. Oh I wish, he is okay. I will walk up and down so that I don't fall asleep. Let me sit on the recliner and watch over him. Feeling sleepy again. I think I will pull up the recliner nearer to him, so that I can see better. Dozing off! No, I must go near him and check again if he is restless. He has turned in his sleep. He might fall because he is near the edge. Let me turn him on his back. He is restless. Adjust his blanket. I am so worried. Hope he is okay. I want him to be alright. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Apr 13, 2012

continuation of part 2 (By Samona) (Thanked: 9 times)

What's that noise? Arnavji is awake. What does he want? Ek minute! I will give you water.

I don't need your help. I can take it myself. You don't need to tell me anything.

See, I knew he would cough if he drank water while lying down. But will he listen?

Why do we feel connected whenever we are near to each other? Like there can be no other! I know both of us feel the same! It always feels like the angels are singing and there is a lovely breeze blowing. Let me help you to lie down, don't push my hand away.

He looks so tired and sick, helpless lying down! Wish there was something I could do for him!

Morning! He is awake! Need anything? Feeling okay? I shall bring it for you.

Arnav jumps out of the bed, slips and falls badly onto the floor! That was indeed one bad fall!

Pre-cap: Anjali informs Chotte that Khushi had stayed awake the whole night to watch over him.

Not mentioned:

The entry of Miss B aka Bubbly, a girl mature beyond her years , 9 years of age!

Mamiji's OTT reaction to Arnav's fainting spell

Mamaji's absence when Arnav fainted! Did he sleep?

The whole family still in their finery when it was time to retire for the night!

Aakash not answering Bubbly's worried query as to what was wrong with Arnav bhaiyya? He could have comforted her. She is only nine, after all.

No one is bothering to call the doctor.

We, the audience, still in the dark about the Bubbly's connection to the Raizadas!

Ignorance about the correct treatment for diabetics when faced with such a situation. Generally sugar or juice is given. In fact, Arnav could have poured a glass of juice for himself instead of water. There was a juice jar on the table. The family members ought to know this since Arnav has been a diabetic for some time now.

Anjali is still doing all that she can for Chhote including feeding him but sidelining Khushi.

Worthy of a mention:

Excellent acting by main leads, Barun and Sanaya!! Take a bow!!

Apr 13, 2012

Some more thoughts!! (By Samona) (Thanked: 5 times)

Some more thoughts on this!!!

We see the affectionate relationship between Bubbly and Mr. A as in Aakash on one hand and on the other, we also see the not so warm vibes between Bubbly and the other Mr. A as in Arnav! We see the hurt in Bubbly's eyes when Arnav rebuffs her offer of help. A short while later, Arnav rebuffs Khushi's offer of help too! In this respect, Khushi and Bubbly seem to be in the same situation!!

Again, we see Anjali feeding Arnav lovingly while Khushi and Bubbly watch on forlonly ! This is the second instance when we see Khushi watching the brother-sister bonding and realize that she is on the outside, like a stranger, looking in at the image of a happy family! She longs for the same love and oneness which forever eludes her! Bubbly too seems just like Khushi, again looking in to the Raizadas, finding that love and bonding with Aakash but now his marriage will distance them from each other! She too longs for a family, looking in from the outside! This might bring Khushi and Bubbly closer together and they might find solace, friendship and companionship with each other! They might be the balm to each other's soul!

It is time Anjali gave more place and space to Khushi in Arnav's life! She is like the mother hen fussing after her chick! It is time to let go and let her grown-up and married chick to fly the roost and make a home of its own! Arnav and Khushi will never cut her out on their own so it is Anjali who has to let go!

I would like to thank Pepper and KabiKhushiKabiArnav (Kub-Kub) for their contribution in helping me think up a title for this post! Similarly Pepper would also like to thank Kub-Kub for the same! Kubby, Pepper asked me to add this to my post! We do have great title discussions after the episode analysis is over!! Three cheers for you, my friend!

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