when i see you

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Apr 12, 2012

when i see you (By dimple)

I am new here and i saw all of your writings so i thought of writing something myself.

Khushi!!! it is reversed all along...after their marriage she had seen lots of sadness and forgot what happiness was. leaving with Arnav in the same room was hard for her. she did not know about her feelings because she herself didn't know about them. Arnav was hurt fighting with his heart and mind. his dirty ego did not let go of him

he never chooses wrong things but how come khushi is a wrong choice. he was thinking about all the past happenings and the dirty memory that kept on ringing in his mind about the terrace that night

arnav came back home annoyed. how could khushi come and ruin his presentation. he had to teach her a lesson.

arnav: i am really not happy with what you are doing.stop your non sense or i will have to make you stop

khushi:now what have i done? i am a good wife and i am taking care of my husband that's all

arnav felt a little dizzy. while khushi thought he was pretending. after turning she saw how arnav's body wa s getting unconcious.

khushi:what happened arnavji? please talk to me. sha was afraid...because her heart was feeling heavy. she thought of what if something happens to him

wake up...she gave him water and some jalebi like last time in the kitchen

khushi: wake up arnavji!whom will i annoy? whom will i fight with? whom will i lo......

arnav now was looking at her shocked...was she about to say love?

arnav: what khushi??

till now khushi was so scared that she immediately took arnav into her embrace then

khushi: i thought i had lost you! what if you left me

anav remembered the incident when he said that to khushi...she said it withthe same concern and passion

this lady infront of me surely loves me...either she doesn't know or she doesn't want to admit it

he was now in full swing to make her realize ...but what about her and shyam??? am i mistaken about everything here....no matter how it hurt he surely had to get to the bootom of this....

Apr 13, 2012

when i see you (By dimple)

thanks for all your lovely comments.

khushi realized what she said

inside she was feeling really happy about what just happened but how could she? how could she be happy with the beast?

arnav:what were you saying? wouldn't you share it with me?

khushi had forgotten her present...she had to leave the place immediately.withour saying a word she ran out of their room leaving behind a confused arnav...

sha was now fed up of all the mysteries....walking on the road she lost track of time and reached a park..."here no one will disturb me" she sat there staring at the stars and memories that she shared with arnav came to her. they never left her alone.

khushi: what is happening to me?? why does he matter so much to me?

the answers were unknown. but she can get them only from arnav...ofcourse

arnav on the other side was getting worried about khushi. she has not been home since she left. i sense something is wrong. he took his car keys and without informing anyone he left the house in search of his lady....

he searched the sides of the road but had not seen her anywhere now...his heart shouted him to stop and he stooped to a park...his heartbeat increased...it was beating twice faster than before. he clutched his heart and dhak dhak dhak...he knew it. he knew it that she was here.

he went inside the park and on one of the benches saw the only thing he wanted to see for so long.

he ran towards her and stood in front of her

khushi was now shocked for his gesture.

khushi: arnavji how di you know i was here?

arnav at this just wanted to hug her tightly but he couldn't, his ego was pushing him back..

arnav: everyone is so worried about you. can't you just inform me of where you are going? do you want everyone to eat me up because of you. but don't worry you are going to pay back soon

khushi stood there without blinking. "so much care and love for me? i love the way he tries to make excuses but i don't know why but he is never able to lie in front of her!!!!

arnav caught hold of her hand and the walked to the car. they left for their house...where disaster awaits!!!

Apr 14, 2012

when i see you (By dimple)

they reached home and went straight to their bedroom...they opened the door and every thing was scattered on the floor and the room was a mess.

arnav and khushi did not understand what had happened

arnav: khushi i can't also blame you for this because i was with you

khushi: arnavji you should say dat you were with me. i had not invite you to share my peace with you

arnav was hurt by the sharp words khushi just said.

arnav went into the washroom to get fresh as he had decided that after freshening up he will find out what had happened. mean while khushi was waiting for arnav to come out as she also wanted to freshen up. she just stood there and saw something black moving. with a little focus she noticed it to be a cockroach. she shouted and was running around like a clown

arnav immediately came out and was shocked at khushi who was running around. he tried to stop her but instead she came and knock him and both of them fell on the bed. khushi was on top of arnav and she was blushing away.

arnav: khushi are you mad? what do you think you were doing?

khushi: arnavji please help me or he will kill me!

she pointed at the cockroach

arnav was worried at first but as he saw the cockroach he couldn't help but laugh

khushi was shocked. she looked at him and thought "he looks so cute when he laughs"

she also started laughing.

now arnav stopped and looked at her questioningly. khushi's laugh faded slowly.

arnav:why were you laughing?

khushi:because you were laughing

khushi:you look so handsome when you laugh

khushi thought she had said that quite when..

anav: what??


as they were in the same position. arnav yelled: COCKROACH!!!

and khushi hold him tightly and she with all her force tried to run but instead she came under arnav.

now arnav was on top of khushi..

to be continued.....

Apr 14, 2012

when i see you (By dimple)

khushi thought: what is happening to me? why is my heart beating so fast?

arnav told her to keep quiet when she was about to say something

actually he wanted to listen to khushi's heart beat.

the moment was magical

arnav: khushi are you alright? seems your heart racing?

khushi: no...she stammered

arnav: then why are you blushing?

khushi: no arnavji. i am not

arnav:you are

khushi then you tell me, why are you so red?

arnav suddenly got up and touched his cheek!

khushi had a smile on her face for that she had for the first time made arnav singh raisada confused

inthe morning

they both went to the bathroom turn by turn and went down to have breakfast.

khushi sat down after serving arnav but she remembered how he had fainted the other day and she didn't want to ear because she felt guilty and went away telling every one that she wanted to do something important...

the whole day she didn't eat and that was because of the guilt she had inside her. arnav had returned late that night but he had assumed that she had eaten and he sat on the table and also sat down to eat...he finished eating and entered his room.

he didn't find her.so he looked out at the pool side. he opened the door and stood there watching her without her noticing it.

khushi didn't know he was standing there..but she felt dizzy..she thought she was tired but she was about to fall and arnav caught her in his arms...he took her into his arms and places her on the bed

to be continued....

Apr 15, 2012

when i see you (By dimple)

arnav was really worried for khushi and he was patting her face to make her concious. he sprinkled water and soon she opened her eyes. but before she could realize arnav had hugged her tightly

arnav: are you okay khushi? what happened to you?

khushi: i am okay arnavji. don't worry

arnav:what? you just fainted and you are saying that you are okay. now i am convinced that you are insane.

khushi: really arnavji i am okay

khushi was happy to know that this man who was pretended to hate her actually cares for her. but why? she thought.. it should not matter to me..

arnav: have you eaten anything

khushi just look down and arnav understood that she hadn't eaten anything

he went down and came with a plate in his hand

khushi: no arnavji i don't want to eat. please

arnav:what the khushi.... i said eat okay!!

he lovingly fed khushi and khushi ate quietly

arnav: why didn't you eat?

khushi: because i felt guilty for your condition yesterday and the whole day i didn't feel like eating

arnav: khushi i did not faint. i was just pretending!

khushi: arnavji what are you saying?

arnav: i had to get revenge on you for irritating me

khushi smiled a little

arnav: why are you smiling

khushi: because you don't know how to lie to me. i know that you had fainted but you are just lying to me so that i do not worry

arnav had no idea on what to say now. he was leaving when he felt something

to be continued....

Apr 15, 2012

when i see you (By dimple)

khushi had held him. he turned but was not able to look into her eyes. how would he?

khushi: arnavji...i want to ask you lots of questions but i can't

arnav: i wouldn't even answer you

khushi: i am not forcing you to tell me but if you can then just tell

arnav got angry and held her by her shoulders

arnav: what do you think that you are ordering me?

khushi: i just.....

khushi had started shading tears and arnav couldn't help but just stare at her. he knew he was hurting her but he had to know the truth

arnav:khushi you have spoiled not only my life but also my sisters. how could you do that?

khushi: arnavji what are you talking about?

arnav: oh so you don't know... i am talking about you and shyam...i saw you both hugging each other

khushi: what?? and you didn't come and ask me. at least to ask me what was happening?

arnav: i saw it with my own eyes and arnav singh raizada never mistakes anything.

khushi: MR. ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA!!!! you are such a heartless person..how could you think such cheap of me? you can't just jump to conclusions. first get to the bottom of the situations before mistaking anything

arnav: what are you saying khushi??

khushi: shyam and i first met in lucknow and he had helped me escape from some goons. we moved to delhi and we came across him again..he stayed in our house as paying guest and my aunt decided for me to get engaged, i was never happy about my engagement with him but i had to because of my father. i never knew he was your brother in law as i never saw him in this house. i found out that he was your sister's husband and i broke of my engagement

arnav: khushiii

khushi:wait arnavji its not over yet... i tried to tell you and di but i thought about your love for your sister and wasn't able to. that night in the terrace i thought you had called me as you wanted to tell me something but he was the one who had called me....now i am stuck with you

with saying the last word she stormed out of her room and went to the guest room and locked herself inside..arnav never knew about it.. he was standing there to consume the things khushi had just told him. what should he do now?? he didn't have any idea on what to do

to be continued.....

Apr 16, 2012

when i see you (By dimple)

he stood there and the world came on to crash him. he didn't know what to do and he wanted to know how toreact

arnav:what have i done? i have hurt when it was not her fault all along..what should i do now? she probably will never forgive me!

with that he ran of the room behind her but he couldn't find her he was so worried of her whereabouts . he looked in every room in the house and with that his heart started beating very fast. he clutched it and remember his di saying

anjali: when you find that girl you wouldn't be able to control yourself. if she is hurt then you will be in pain. if she leaves then you wouldn't able to live without her

arnav: yes di i have found her but i messed it the first time.. she will never forgive me..

his life had gone. he hoped that nothing of this had happened. he was thinking where had she gone and realized that he had not checked the guest room

he went there running hoping he would see her. he arrived and tried opening it but it was looked. he checked and came to know that it was locked from the inside. he gave a sigh of relieve and knew she was inside. he gently knocked on the door and called khushi but there was no response. he couldn't wait any longer so broke down the door and entered inside but khushi was no where to be seen. he was about to leave when his heart started beating faster.

arnav: this only hapens when.....khushi!!!

he ran behind the table and saw her shivering..he touched her and she fell on the ground

arnav's heart skipped a beat

arnav: khushi what happened to you?

he checked her forehead and she was having a high fever and he took into his arms and took her to their bedroom..he patted on her cheeks and sprinkled water on her.

she woke up and saw him. he was holding her so she removed his hands free from her hands.. he was not shocked and he knew this would have had happened anyway..

to be continued....

Apr 17, 2012

when i see you (By dimple)

arnav was hurt but he knew he deserves it. but he is asr. the mighty asr who never gives up so how can he give up on his khushi.

khushi was about to leave again when he grabbed her hand and pulled her down. khushi was shocked.

khushi: arnavji what are you doing? let me go.

arnav: not so easily khushi. i am sorry for hurting you but by being stubborn you are hurting your own self.

try to think it my way khushi. the life at stake was my sister's. i was blinded by the love i share with her..

khushi: enough arnavji. i know you love your sister a lot but how can you expect me to understand you when i was most hurt by your actions. i just don't want to talk to you. i hate you!

arnav was not able to hold on that and collapsed on the floor. he was shattered by what khushi just said. i hate you!! khushi couldn't see him in that state. she was about to help him up when she remembered ho arnav had misunderstood her. she had to be strong and she can not forgive him easily.

she just ran to the washroom and stood there in the shower thinking how her world had shattered in a few seconds. how her life haas become miserable.

days passed by and arnav tried his best to make khushi forgive him but khushi was not to give up so easily.

parting with arnav made her very restless. arnav was getting paler day by day and khushi had noticed it. she couldn't see him suffering. that night she went to him and gave him a glass of juice. he happily accepted it said.

arnav: i knew you would come to me.

khushi: di has sent me

arnav stood up and got angry. khushi was about to live when she heard a voice. she turned to see what had happened and.....

to be continued...

Apr 18, 2012

when i see you (By dimple)

khushi turns and sees arnav's hand bleeding. he had a tight grip on the glass he was holding amd it broke up into pieces. khushi without thinking anything just ran to help him.

khushi: are you mad? what do you think you are doing?

arnav simply freed his hand from hers and left to get a first aid box. he came and sat. with great difficulty he tried to be calm and not feel hurt he was trying to clean the blood.

khushi: give me! i will do it for you.

with that she just snatched the cotton wool and started cleaning. he was just looking at her and suddenly he winced in pain.

khushi: is it paining?

arnav not much than your words.

arnav looked away from her when he felt some moist on his hand. he looked up and saw khushi shading tears.

arnav whispers: khushi...

khushi yells at him: i hate you arnavji. i hate you. i hate you!!!

arnav: but i love you1

khushi: i hate you. i hate you

arnav: i love you

khushi: i hate you

arnav gets angry and pulls her by her waist

arnav whispers: but i love you

silence was ruling the atmosphere for a while when....

khushi: i love you

with that she hugged arnav tightly and started crying loudly but arnav was not concerned. he was just smiling..he felt complete...something different that he never had in decades... peace alas...arnav stroked her hair with his hurt hand and winced in pain again..

khushi just pulled herself away from his embrace and looked at his hand. she quickly got hold of it and bandaged it so infections get through..

to be continued.......

Apr 19, 2012

when i see you (By dimple)

arnav was just staring at khushi and she was feeling uneasy.

arnav: khushi

khushi: i have bandaged your hand and its okay now i will just go and get your medicines.

arnav caught hold of her hand and pulled her towards him. she came crashing on his chest. she wasn't sure what to do because she didn't forget his distrust.

khushi: arnavji let me go!

arnav: not after what just happened. you at last said and you want me to forget about it no ways.

khushi: you have burdened me with something heavy. i am feeling impure right now after what have to go through because of you. and you just want me to forget everything.

arnav was dumbstruck. he didn't what to say to this he just let go off khushi and she left,

arnav: i am at guilt here. i have done wrong with her and i deserve the punishment.

khushi was in the kitchen when

payal: khushi i think we are doing something wrong now.

khushi: what do you mean?

payal: we are married now and we didn't tell our husbands the truth about shyam. i don't like hiding anything from him. we shoukd tell them.

after that khushi was in deep thoughts: if arnavji misunderstood me then its not his fault to the core. i am at fault as well. i should have had told him everything.

payal shakes khushi and asks her were is she lost.

khushi: i think you are right. we should tell them but arnavji already knows.

payal: what?

khushi: yes i just told him a few days ago.

khushi saying that just ran upstairs to her room and directly went to the pool side and started crying.

khushi: i love him. i love him alot. i can't stay without him...i am sorry arnavji!!

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