Great twist - Sandhya, now you will know hoe it feels to be taken for granted

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Apr 11, 2012

Great twist - Sandhya, now you will know hoe it feels to be taken for granted (By Tejal)

As much as I was disappointed at the 'new' Suraj, on analysis it the perfect twist to this serial. For far too long Sandhya was taking Suraj, his love and support for granted. She used him as a 'punching bag' from the wedding night by throwing tantrums and pouring her frustrations on him and the poor guy, sat and listened and supported her. In fact Suraj had become a doormat- to be trampled on by her and pushed aside when she wanted. Its good he is now standing up for himself because education is not everything.

Sandhya must now take stock of her life. Why is she still in this house if she cannot love Suraj and be a real wife to him? What is she adding to his life except to problems? How can she 'free-load' in someone elses house - this is worse than boarding and lodging - at least then they pay rent??

Sandhya has been hiding behind Suraj. Now with the support no longer there, she will need to stand on her own feet and she will have to prove her love and win back his love and trust and confidence in her. For an educated girl she has not yet tried to find the divorce notice even after the phone call from Preeti. How stupid is she?? She deserves what is happened.

She has not even asked Suraj- What is wrong? why?

I can understand why Suraj is behaving like he is doing. Remember he is uneducated and will believe what he sees and hears. She told him I cannot tolerate this any more and he should not have stopped her from going. He knows how much he l;oves her and he is preparing himself emotionally for the 'divorce bombshell' whenever it happens-because she is now expecting her to tell him she wants a divorce. He is protecting Bhabo and the family reputation , in his way.

Just imagine if he did not do this- he would be an emotional wreck -just as how he broke down and cried the whole night after he saw the divorce notice and what he saw in his dream.

I believe this is the turning point of their relationship. It will bring them on equal footing and eventually draw the tue feelings out and bring them closer. Sandhya and Suraj will eventually start their married life.

Apr 11, 2012

Agreeing with you (By Krishnapriyaa)

Sorry for adding to your post but just wanted to say, yeah, even I was thinking of the same when i watched the episode y'day. Sandhya deserves to be treated that way by Suraj and its high time Suraj shows her how she was treating him till now. I mean I did feel bad for sandhya when bhaboo allowed her to stay and yet refused to believe her and told bhabhasa that she still doesnt trust sandhya. but when it comes to suraj sandhya has been playing games with his feelings, not completely showing her love and yet not going away too. She had brought not only her own life to a standstill but suraj's as well. I dont know what sandhya is still doing in that house if she doesnt love suraj and cannot see him as her husband. Come on, its been so long and he has supported her every time. Only thing I didnt like about suraj was that he never opened his mouth whenever bhabho abused sandhya. and sandhya in turn was trying to show that she is a good daughter-in-law before others while all the time she was proving to be a worse wife. she keeps telling preeti about the values that her parents have taught her but i dont think her parents would want her to take her husband for granted this way, educated or not. she has labeled suraj in her mind as illiterate and therefore not capable of understanding her feelings or she considers him beneath her.

Anyway now i think she will slowly understand that she actually loves him. And I wonder why she is not looking for the divorce paper after all this. i mean its not some ordinary bill that you can put anywhere and forget about it. inspite of claiming to be educated and smart and intelligent, i find sandhya to be quite silly and stupid many times, especially when it comes to people's feelings.

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