arshi story

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Apr 9, 2012

arshi story (By Ladgovrnrkechamkili) (Thanked: 48 times)

hi guys ihav been reading d stories 4 a lng time and i must say sum of tem r evn better dan d real i thought y not write a stry of my goes and plz tell me hw it z......

ill continue frm fridays epi

arnav ws missing kushi soo much jst wen he gave up on finding kushi he heard her voice......his kushis voice wich he will rcgnize evn in a crwd......he slwly walks upto her and den 'wat d.....'

she was sitting in d middle of a grp of children talkng and laughing jst like one of them....arnav feels happy on seeing her once jst den he is snapped back into realty by d children's noice..(we knw arnav singh raizada ko bache aur shaur bilkul pasand nahi he).......he goes to her and asks her in his usual tone" wat d hell do u think u r dng kushi".......aur ye bachhe kaha se aa gaya?

"wo arnavji..aapne kahaki aapko hamare shakkal nahi dekhne hame office bhi nahe aa sakte hamne socha kyun na hum kar me bacchon ko tuition aapko hamre shakkal nahi dekne padega..aur hame karne ke liye kuch kaam bhi miljayege..isliye hume buaji se phone karke ye bacchon ko yahan le aayi he..."

arnav felt uncomfortable wen kushi said tat bt he ws still mad at her for gng wit shyam...lvng him alone....and now dis....unbelievable..kushi kumari gupta...saying so he went to his office....

in office..he was luking fr sumthing in his wallet and ten he sw d dhaga wich naniji gave to him.....wich also remindd him of shyam actng all wierd.....

he remembrd sumding.....a small smile crept in his lips....

at rm

kushi ws busy mangng the ws nt an ec job...dey were as lively as herself

so finally after trying soo many ways to make dem sit quite...she found out ht eway...she wud tell them a ghost stry..dat ought to make dem sit quite for a for dat she got a mask..and made d children to sit in her room....she had anoter plan in her mind.....our bubbly kkg...she switched off the electrcty in her room to get a ghost effect.....

to aise wo saitan wo bechare ladke ka zindage to muskil kar deya..aur and mein use kha liya.."

she ws wlkng towards d door caught in her owsn stry...tad she didnt evn notice sumone stnding at d door wit an illuminatng light........she wlked back and suddenly she hit sumbody...and turng back all she sw was a light illuminated head and ntng else....the nxt minute kushi was screaming on top of her voice.....bhoot...shaittan...bachavo...amma....jiji...anjaliji...arnavji........ ....koi hame bachavo....iss saitan se.....

wat d kkg...jst shut up..mein hoon koi bhoooot nahe hein...okk

ye awaaz to arnavji ki he..hey dm..humne kya kiya...he switches on the light and was gng to shout at her wen he saw the kids almost frightened.......

khushi ye tumne kya kiya...deko ye kids sab kabra gayi he...ab sabko khar bhejdo ayr usko baad hum baat karenge..

nahi hame khushi didi nahi kabraya..hum to aapko dekkar kabrahogaya ta......o no....aisa nahi bole baccho....tum nahe jaanti he arnav singh raizada kaun hee.....

kushi was trying hard to hide her laughter bt laad gvrnr to aise nahi chodnevale thi naa...agar mujhe dakar kabrat arahi he to jst get d hell out of my room..

anoter kid" are kushi didi ye to wahi saitan he naa jiskr baare mein aap baat kar rahi ti/ to bahot hi bura he..bilkul raksas jaisa..

now the asr part in him was slwly cmng out...

kushi im warnng you...get this children out of my room..varna..

kkgsr was fed up anyway.....

chalo baccho ab hum jakar kuch kel kelte he naa

kya khele??????????

Apr 9, 2012

arshi hide and seek (By Ladgovrnrkechamkili) (Thanked: 39 times)

chalo baccho...hum hall mein jakar hide and seek khelte hen...

sab bacche jatte he aur uske peeche kushi bilkul ekk bacchi ki tarah...asr luking at her and a small rabba ve

in the hall

khushi has a piece of cloth around her eyes and tey r playing....arnav felt thirsty and he comes down t o hav sum water

he sees his kushi playing wit the children so innocent and faultless

hw can she be so purelukng wen all she z dng is hurt my di..thought arnav..he wlkd to the not so easily mr arnav singh raizada

Apr 9, 2012

arshi challenge (By Ladgovrnrkechamkili) (Thanked: 30 times)

jst as he was bout to go for his water someone tugged at him..caught at him and was pulling his tshirt...he lukked down and sw some kids were around him...."arey bhoot uncle..hamare saath khelona.plz...ham ye ladkiyon ke khel bilkul pasand nahi karti..ham kuch ladkon ke khel kelte hen cricket or sumthing...chalona bhaiyya plzz".........all thge boys were around him begging him 2 play wit them.......

hearing all the noice kushi untied the cloth around her eyes...and seeing the kids shouting at arnav"hey dm ye bacchon bhi laad gvrnr ke saath hi kelna tha kya...aaj zarroor ye laad gvnr hame maar raksa karana

bachho...arnavji ko paresan math karana..itar aavo hum kuch aur khelte he...

nahi kushi didi hame bhoot uncle ke saat khelna he...aap wo ladkiyon ke saat jakar khelo

"arey aise kaise..wo kya he naa..laad gvrnr...(seeing arnavs luk)......nahi arnavji ko to kuch kelna nahi aata..wo sirf kaam kaam karte he aurkuch nahi aata...unhe...[[/]

nahi..khelna to sabko aata he...uncle ko hamre saat khelna hi hoga....didi ki khel to bahut boring hee(srry guyz 4 makng kushi a little i hav to make asr play 4give me)

acha..ab hum boring he..itar avo mein tumare kaan ko laal banadungi aaj...are mujse boring bool rahi ho..mujhse kushi kumari gupta ko

"kyun.. sach tho kaha was none oter tan arnav>>tumari saat ek din kya ek minute bhi boring ho jaata he...ismem bachon ke kya galti he??

"arnavji agar hum itni boring ho to aapke saat ee bache kya karengi....aapto bachon ki naam lete bhi bhaag jata he...aapko kya mallom bachon ko sambhalna???

now it was getting really interesting to the childrens to see the adults fighting like childrens.....

they had already separated into two teams....boys for arnav and girls for kushi...they wer evn cheering for thier captain.................mighty asr and kkg

kushi kumari gupta tum kya soch rahi go....aah sirf tume ye sab aata tum sab janti he...aur mein kuch nahi he ....then think again...mein bhi wo sab kara sakta hun jo tum kar rahi he..and evn better than u....

agar baat aise he to hum aapko challenge karti he arnavji ki aap sirf ek din keliye en bachon ko sambhalo...hum ladkiyon ko sambhalte aur aap ladkon ko hum dekte hen ki aap kya he aur kya nahin....

kushi tum jaanti ho ki tumari taah me bacchi nahi hun ki tumare har challenge keliye kuch pagalpan karo...get it..mujhse bahut kaam karna he aur time nahi he mere get out of my way......

kyun daar gayye arnavji...aap bhi jantihe ki aap hamari tarah ee kam nahi kar sakti isliye bhaag rahi hoon????/

arnav; dony u dare kkg..

hum aapko dare hi kaar rahi he mr arnav singh raizada ....or better bhoot uncle(o one escapes calling asr dat..and especially not kkgsr

ok kushi mein jeet gaya to tume wo karna padega jo mein kahoonga

aur agar aap haar gaye to aapko bhi aisa karne hoga ....theek hai???

ya deal

will arnav really be able to luk after the kids????

Apr 9, 2012

new sbb..... (By Ladgovrnrkechamkili) (Thanked: 21 times)

hey guyz ...sry for interrupting but i jst saw in fb the new sbb segment

it says

kushi will now try to irk arnav by going all lovey-dovey on him instead of avoiding.......we knw asr hates d luv nw she will do all d wifely duties

she will remove her shoes and will wear a ghunghat like gopi(frm sns) arnav gets angry and asks her wat she z dng den she replies dat dat z hw gopi in saathiya does to her husband..lolzz also showed scenes of shirtless barun.....

then khushi replaces all his hot shirs wit beach shirts.....angry asr asks her reason for this and she tells dat the other was dirty and boring

she then holds a green shirt and tekls him that it is perfect 4 him as he luv gardenng

thats all folks

Apr 10, 2012

first step... (By Ladgovrnrkechamkili) (Thanked: 21 times)

Arnav and khushi had had made a challenge and the first step towards it was to feed the easy thing for I already told you the kids were paagal like kkg..........

Arnav had changed into his casuals all ready to take on his kids.............kushi with a smile was remembering the last time her laad governor had to deal with kids..........ahh dat brought out so many good memories.......di falling and arnav apologizing...with kushis words...........then the moustache dat the children drew on his photo.....that did bring fresh laughter to kushi... .she was giggling hard when arnav came down all ready to win his challenge over kushi kumara gupta ....singh raizada he thought with a sneer

R u ready arnavji for our challenge??? Kushi asked in a playful tone ready to beat you kushi....

To chale..bacche sab kitchen mein he...khane khilana he sabko

Arnav didn't think that was a good idea.even thogh he had accepted her challenge wit full vigour. .he had no idea as to how to manage these kids...good thing that.....di and mamiji had gone to some frnz house and naniji and payal went to mandir....atleat evn if I lose I wouldn't have to face them..he thought..

Arnavji plz come here the children are waiting for you.....khushis vice brought him back to rm

What the hell...I wont lose to that stupid kushi..hwevr it is not that big a deal...aakir bacche to he...

I deal with big business tycoons and wat is these children....

But another thought was going on in kushis mind

"if laad gvrnr manages to mess up this challenge, he will have to do what I tell him....i could ask him to reveal the truth about this contract marriage.....he wont be able to avoid me this time...whatever happens..i will have to make sure that he does not win this challenge......waise bhi ye kaam to muskil nahi hoga...laad gvrnr ko kya pata hoga bacchon ko kaise sampalna....wo tto bas apne laptop ke saat kelte hein"

Will arnav be able to feed the kids and manage them ??

Or will khushi succeed in her plan to get the truth out of arnav???

Or will the children mess up both their plans and make a total mess of arshi???

Apr 10, 2012

the entry of snakey..... (By Ladgovrnrkechamkili) (Thanked: 22 times)

Arshi and the children were all around the dining table.the girls on one side wit kkgsr and the boys on the other wit arnav.

Omprakashji plz bring the food-kkgsr said

'Aaj humne tumareliye kuch khaas banaya tha'...saying so she luked straight to arnavs eyes whu was sitting jst opposite to her

Rabba vee...........................................

'she made sumthing special 4 y???'arnav was confused

Are hum to bacchon ke baat kar rahe he aapke nahin arnavji

Arnav was shocked again not 'coz she had made smthing special for children and not him but coz she could read his evry thought wit her she doesn't evn hav to say bt she knws...(if only she was really that smart and read his thoughts about her and syam babu ?)]

Op arrives wit the food.....and the special dish was (ofcourse u wud hav guesd by dis time) its jalebi.....

Khushi started serving the food an then she jst servd herself and the girls...and started eating.........

What the..and hu do u think iz gng to serve as khushi??

Are arnavji have u forgot we r in a dare and u see u hav to take care of the boys all by urslf...I cannot help u...dat will be cheating...she said in a saad tone&slh;'

"dat is ok I can luk aftr the boys bt hu will luk aftr me..if my own wife does not???" saying so he takes herr fingers across the table and wit that hand serves himself(jst like on that kheer epi)

Kushi was jst shocked wat was dis laad gvrnr dng dm...jst seconds ago he was ready to tear me up and now he wants to hav fud frm my arms...hame to kuch samach me nahi aa raha he.....

Bt it didn't take long to clear her doubts as well as urs,...&slh;

"do come and hav some fud wit us JIJAJI;'

Without evn luking back kushi cud feel the snakes eyes on herself

'No saalesaab I already had ma dinner and kushiji raani saahiba ne bola ki aap in bacchon ko tuition de rahe hw is ur tuition kushiji??/'

Khushi was in no mood to let go of such a good opportunity as this...........'my tuitions are gng really well jijaji..what with arnavji here helping me out now I can happily spend time wit my husband and do my job....and she served arnav some more fud with a river of luv in her gestures'

Arnav was so confused..wat z she dng he thought y z she actng infront of syam like dis she has no need to...she luv syam and y wud she want to act a caring wife all of a sudden...nting makes sense..idis kkg will surely make me go crazy oneday

Syam was sooo happy hearing that arshi were in luv that he quickly went and had a pooja for the longlife of arshi (u knw I was kidding rgt>??)

Syam was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad at arnav for takng his kushi away frm him he knw dat tey wer actng bt he cudnt say anything infront of kkgsr and the kids

He slowly walked to his room

Bt his mind was wrkng fast....i hav to do sumthing to separate them and bring out the truthr of their marriage to all......nw what can I do?????????????????/

Wath an evil smile

Saalesaab u hav messed with the wrong I will make sure that kushiji stays mine and only mine forever...........with that he took his phone and dialed a number..............

To be cntd

What is syams evil plan to separate arshi???

Will ha succeed??????

What is anjalis role in bringing them tgthr???????????

Apr 10, 2012

some flashbacks (By Ladgovrnrkechamkili) (Thanked: 22 times)

In the dining room

Khushi: come on kids ...hav ur food...and after that we will have some fun as this is your first day...but tommrw onwards only studies ok???

Arnav:there is no need for that khushi..they have come for tuition and let them do that and not play around and waste their time.

Khushi:to theek he arnavji.if u don't want to play that is fine.but me and the girls are gng for boys are stuck with mr arnav singh raizada.and can study your lessons.come on girls letz go and hav sum fuun

Boys in a chorus:chalona saitanji hamen bhi khelna he...plz plz we want to play..we want to play...we don't want to study

Arnav:shut up and learn ur lessons.i hav got lots of work to do and hav no time to play.go and get ur books

Children:didi was rght.he don't know to play. Kushi didi was so much fun.not like him.cme on we can go and play with her.

That did the job.arnav singh raizada didn't like to outsmarted by a silly girl like and kushi and was certainly not letting them think that kushididi was rgt...most of all his ego couldn't bear to think of losing to kushi and seeing her luk at him wit an i-told-u-so luk....

Arnav:ok..i will let you play

No you will have to play with us.just like kushi didi

Arnav: what the...

But his what the didn't work well with the kids.he had to give up and go wit them to the courtyard to play.kushi was already playing with the girls.they wer having such a gud time.and kushi did luk so childish wit her open hair and immature yet fascinating ways..he cudnt help admiring her beauty

Standing like dat in the courtyard luking at kushi..(his kushi someone inside his mind told him)

He was reminded of holi.....both applying color on the oter and later the bang..the dance..and aftr dat.....

Rabba vee

............................ooooo.....................Rabba veee

"jab bhi aap hamre paas ata he to hamare dadkanem tezz ho jaata he..kyun arnavji??"

"jab tum mere paas ata he to mere bhi dadkanem tezz ho jaata um mehzooz kar rahe mem mehzooz kar rahe hoon...hamare dadkanem ek ho jatti he.............."

Ooo god hw cud i...gud thing that she didn't remember anything or else.......

Come on arnavji lets play ..........kushis voice brought him back to earth..

The kids along wit kushi had already started to run along and chase each other...arnav was standing witnessing all this when one of the kids came and dragged him into the middle......ab saitanji ko didi ko pakadne he........they announced

Khushi: arey no let it be u kids should chase each other

Arnav: kyun kushi? Dar gaya...u knw that I will beat that y?

Kushi: he dm...what do you think arnavji..dat im scared of u? then think again..coz im not in the least..come on chase me and catch me if u can..saying dis she started running

Arnav: o kushi..No you don't

They chased each other all across the courtyard...but still he cudnt catch her..he was just an inch away from her.....but always she managed to get ahead of him....

And then her legs slipped on something and she fell on the ground..and arnav who was running aftr her cudnt control his speed and he crashed onto her

Now they wer both on the ground..He on top of her....their eyes wer locked and the world was spinning around them...under him her thin body was shivering and her expression wer that of a young deer caught in the hands of a hungry lion.....seeing her wit all her beauty arnav was aware of stirring emotions in him....

Scenes of their past life was unfolding before their eyes......their first meeting at the fashion show...he catching her..and later the asr ....the little key of his mannt.....thier first encounter in asr s office....that day at the hospital wen she hugged him and latr wen he comforted her....their trip to nainital and he luking aftr the sick kushi....the thugs hu tried to disturb her and hw he cudnt bear to c her insultd...........

Hw they saw each other on new years eve.....thier dance on sangeet....he kissing her.....the way he reacted wen he thought he was hurt....."wat if I had lost u dammit..":mujhse farak padta he kyunki..........the always unfinished sentebce...................

Hgw he had evn became a waiter to help her out.........

But most imp. Of all how he could never see tears in her eyes.................

But then their marriage.....his blackmail.....that was enough for kushi to come out of the rabba ve mood..

As for arnv scenes of kushi and syam frm the terrace had crossed his mind and nw the only feelings he could detect 4 her was of hate.....

They quickly got up frm the ground and was standing embarrassed wen a drop of water fell on kushis face..she luked up and suddenly they wer standing in the middle of hard rain............arnav ran to the house and so did the children but kushi was already back to her old self and was enjoying the rain...with her eyes closed...

"watevr happens I can nevr stop admiring this girl thought arnav

Frm the terrace sumone else was also admiring her was none oter then jijaji

How dare u behave dt way wit arnav kushiji....i knw u luv me only..still y r u dng like dis wit him...and that also wen no one else is around......ill hav to do sumthing to separate u only aftr I get rid of my dear raani sahibaa

Kushiji soon u will be mine and only mine forevr.......

Wat is syams plan to kill anjali???

Kushi is ill and hw will arnav luk aftr her????????/

Apr 11, 2012

rain rain dont go away..... (By Ladgovrnrkechamkili) (Thanked: 24 times)

In the courtyard

Khushi was standing in the rain with her eyes closed and a happy smile on her lips......after such a long time...she was jst letting everything go

Her marriage..laad gvrnr..syam ..jiji ke shaadi saab

Arey hame bhi khelna he barish mein...that was the childrens thought

Bfore arnav cud do ne thing they all had ran into the rain and was playing around kushi

Arnav: kushi nw luk wat you hav done...u will make these kids also sick

Kushi:koi baat nahi aap aakar sabko lee jayiyena....agar aapki mann he to aapbhi hamare saath khel sakte hein.....

Arnav: what the hell kushi...come inside this very moment with the children or else I don't knw wat I wud do

Khushi didn't heed any of this warning and was in no mood to listen to laad gvrnrs threat so was the kids toio.evn aftr several repeated warng frm him the kids wer still in the rain

So there was only one thing to do now......

Arnav slowly walked out into the rain......he cud feel the cold drops of water hitting him...but surprisingly they wer not as irritating as he thought it wud b......actually it felt quite gud....

Kushi was lkng at her laad gvrnrs face...she saw tat it was filled wit hatred and anger for herself at first but then as he came into the rain...there was a change...nw I cud evn feel that he is happy..she thought...

He was enjoying the rai n like her he was exactly like the beast in the story....hard and strong outside but weak .frightend and lovelorn like a child inside.......but hw cud this man be the one hu forcedher to marry threatened to break her jijis wedding and treat her like this is not the one...........this cannot be her rajkumar.....he is gone sumwer and all tat is left is the beast in him...she thought......

Meanwhile arnav was feeling so relaxed so calm after a long time......he was wet frm top to bottom but he didn't mind......all he knw was tat he didn't hav to take care of ne thing at tat moment...his sisters happiness,his business,syam ,..............and the reminder of tat name...he luked at her she was lkng at him wit softness and luv in her eyes he cud sense tat...........ths is the first time sha has done tat aftr the marriage....he thought....and it really did feel gud.....

But the she started sneezing,,,,,and tat was the end of their playing in the rain....arnav forced kushi and the kids into the house and was busy in helping the kids change ........kushi was humming one of her fav song and was going into the kitchen to make some hot coffe for all when she was caught by sumone and dragged into the kitchen

"kushiji you cant do this wit arnav......u don't hav to act like this wen no one is around I knw u cant evn bear to luk into his face after wat he has done to u......."syam was greatly agitated by all the playing..that too of kushi and arnav

"chodiye hume...aapka himmat kais ehui ki jab hamari pati yahan ho tab humse aise bartav karna......chodiye hamari haat varna hum aaj hi sab sach arnavji ko batghayenge...and one more thing...wahat he has done to me is nothing compared to what you hav done to me my family and if I cant bear to luk into someones face its urs and not my arnavjis...and for ur information I luv him a lot and evn if he hurt me again and again I will luv stop following me......

Syam:no kushiji I knw tat u r saying all these coz u r afraid of him..l khnw that now raani saahiba and saalesaab r the only hindrance to our relation don't wrry..i hav a plan that will get rid of both of them at once and then...u will b mine kushiji only mine

She cudnt believe her ears....wat was this man planning to hurt anjaliji and arnavji......hw can he evn think of dng such a thing......she was looking at the animal in him wait her eyes wide open ...wen she started hard

In arshi bedroom

Arnav was changing his wet dress and was thinking about kushi......he cudnt believe that the girl he saw out there wud try to hurt ne one much less his kuved her very much

But then the terrace scene and after the fancy dress competitn......tat was all real he had seen it with his eyes.......but sumthing is wrong sumwer the way she luked at me in the rain and then ter was that act in frnt of syam which she had no need to was all so confusing....

Maybe...jst maybe....there is a reason for all this maybe kushi is not that bad.....i will hav to confront her whater be the truth I will have to hear frm her......and wat if kushi is guilty....??????

What the hell.......let it be......I don't want to hear sum stupid story frm her ne way and she is ud at actng and coming up wit filmy thinking he went into the guest room wer the children wer changing but they had already changed and was halfway btw a fight.......

"o god these children always fighting don they hav sumthing else to do"

Hey kids no one will fght here do u hear?

But no one did hear..."children STOP IT I SAY DAMMIT"

That caught the attention of the children after all he was the saitan..:-)

"now you listen to me ok? None will fight here and ne fighting will not be given the icecream I hav for you

"icecream....yeahhhhh" the children shouted all at once"then we wont fight.."

"ok then u chage ur dress and come down I will go down and tell ur didi to prepare icecream for u"

He walkd down to the kitchen..on his way he was thinking about the kids...they are such lovely things..he thought.....i thought they wud be a big nuisance but they are kind of cute.....o nooo hey dm arnav singh raizada bacchon ke bare mein aisa kehna to.. mein sapone mein bhi nahi socha da

"and all thanks to kushi...if she had not made such a stupid challenge I wud neve hav spent so much time wit them..."

He was smiling to himself wen he reached the kitchen door......but soon his smile vanished...when he saw wat was gng on in the kitchen.....he was back to his asr mood witin no time........"how dare you......"

He said aloud.........

Apr 12, 2012

khushi is ill.... (By Ladgovrnrkechamkili) (Thanked: 24 times)

first of all i wud like to say sry for this upcoming update...u c i had planned on arnv cng syam and kushi toghtr but aftr seeing ur comments i didnt think tat was a gud idea so i had to come up wit sumthing, plz tolerate the nonsense i hav written instead and plz cmmnt on hw im dng as it is my first stry..thank u..

here goes

Anjali was standing in the kitchen with kushi and was crying like anything

"how dare you kushi....kya kiya tumne di ko??" arnav was furious but he cudnt see his di crying

Kushi:humne humne kya kiya....

Anjali:arey chotte don't blame is nothing to do with and mamiji had come frm ushajis house and I was feeling little thirsty and had come into the kitchen to hav some water...and then my feet got tangled wit the carpet and I was about to fall..luckily kushiji here came to my rescue.....but my leg is killing me dats y im crying

Arnav: di mene kitne baar kaha he ki apne dyan rakho...agar kisi cheez ke zaroorat ho to mujhse bulana tha nahi kushi he na use bulavo

Anjali: chotte tum bhi naa...hum koi bacche todi na he...ham apne khyal kudh rakh sakti hun.....waise bhi hame kuch hua to nahi ok chotte..relax

Arnav:theek he di ab aap kamre par jao aur aaram karo.......mein aapki mathat karti hun..aavo

Anjali:nahi chotte really im ok...u shud help kushiji...she is all wet and I don't want her to be ill....aur humne bhool gaya..kushiji sare baccheko apne khar chodna aap driver ko keh deejiyega

Khushi:theek he di....hum abhi jakar khud bacchon ko khar vaapas chodkar aate he

Anjali:arey chotte hume bilkul bhool gaya tha...driver tho jaldi ghar lotta...ab tume hi khushiji ka madat karne hoge

He didn't want to make a scene infront of anjaliji and so he agreed......but first let me help u to ur room and kushi u get the kids ready.....ill be back

Anjali and arnav went to her room and kushi ,still in her wet clothes, went to get the children

Arnav and khushi gets all the children safely to their homes(and btw arnav had to buy them all an icecream as someone had promised them earlier)

And each kid before gng out gave arnav something special....they gave him a kiss...and arnav was not his usual self also.....he almost felt tears filling his eyes...........

Khushi was almost silent all the way....arnav cudnt help wandering if sumthing was wrong.....he kind of got worried for her

On the way back home it was asa silent as a graveyard........khushi was luking out into the sky as if seeking refuge in the strs tha filled it

"khushi thanks" arnav told her

Kushi?shocked) kya.....aapne humse kuch kaha

Arnav: mein tume thank u keh raha tha di ki dyaan rakhne keliye

Kushi: arnavji u don't hav to thank me for that I wud do ne thing for anjaliji.....and nw she is my husbands sister(evn if it is 4 6 months she thought)

And she may be ur sister bt I too love her a lot.....

Arnav had no words to reply...

The rest of the journey was in silence..and aftr half an hour they reached rm mansion.

Arnav got out of the car and was waiting for kushi to get out bt she didn't

"what is wrong with her"he thought"kushi comme out of the car we reached home

Hearing no response..he opened her door and she was lying in the seat with her eyes closed

"she probably dozed off" he thought

Kushi wake up we r home...kushi still ter was no response

He slwly touched her face and quickly withdrew it...she was burning hot like hell

O noo what happened to was then that he noticed she was wearing the clothes in which she had stood in the rain...she had not changed.o god this girl will never change nw what Iwill I do?

What will Arnav do????

What was anjali doing in the kitchen??

Where did shyam disappear????

Apr 12, 2012

in anjalis room.......... (By Ladgovrnrkechamkili) (Thanked: 19 times)

so here is the next part as i said and more to follow in an hour..plz tell me hw it is.......

Earlier in anjalis room

anjali was sitting in the bed with her head resting on the support....syam was in the bathroom.....

"oh god..i need to think about what just happened and I cant do it in his presence...."she thought

She slwly walked to the terrace and stood ter luking at the distant many things wer gng on her mind........her eyes started to fill and tears wer flowing before she knew.....

"yes, that is what I will have to do" she decided and returned to her room...back in her room syam was also not in an easy mind....

He thought of evng what happened in the kitchen with kushiji

Syam: kushiji nw raani saahiba and saalesaab are the only hindrance to our relation and I hav got a plan which will get rid of both of them at once...and u will b mine forever kushiji

Kushiji:u disgusting man.....hav u no respect for anything......cant u see hw much anjaliji loves u...the family trusts u..even arnavji thinks only the best of you..and this is the way you repay them

Syam: kushiji

Anjali may luv is upto her..but hum I luv is not upto anyone else but me and I only luv you kushiji...y cant you understand that....ever since I hav seen you for the first time in lucknow I have been head over heels for you...and that is why I came to your house and stayed there as a pg..and then slwly earned your parents goodwill and finally convinced them to have done with our marriage

Kushi: yes and that also by hiding the fact that you r married and that also to anjaliji....even though I had considered you only as a frnd and didn't want to marry you I had agreed to my familys wish not wanting to be a burden to them...and the day I caught you.....i shud hav told everyone the truth..but I was afraid for jijis marriage...and you exploited it

But still I gave you a second chance as di was pregnant..i thought maybe then you wud change..but have crossed all the limit and now I have no other option than to revaea all these to arnavji

Syam: and do you think he will believa your stry?

Kushi: maybe not....but I cant take this anymore I knw he will b hurt a lot but its for his and dis gud im dng this

Syam: just information kushiji saalesaab already knws all the truth about us.....and that is y he forced you to marry him.....with a smirk o n his face

Kushi: what??? What r u saying?? Hw did you knw??

Syam: remember that day of wedding wen I hugged you in the terrace ..well arnav saw that and he misunderstood that we are having an affair and so that idiot go and get himself married to you so that his sisters marriage is saved..

Kushi: what?? He thought we...noo...he wud never think that of me....yes he may hav forced me into this marriage but ther will ba another rreasoin for that...he wud nevr think so low of me

Syam: kushiji wake up Arnav is a heartless fiend......he does not knw the meaning of if you still hav that samall amount of luv for him just throw it away he does not deserve ti///..

And lets go somewhere and live happily forever

Even though kushi was in a shoch she still cudnt bear syams such talk......she was about to throw a jug full o water at him when someone else enterd the kitchen

A surprised shysm: arey raani returned so early...gud thing I was starting to miss my dear little princess and her mother

Anjali: what are you two dng here? And wer r all the others??

Kushi: wo anjaliji...hum....bus....wo

Shyam: wo rani sahiba...I was feeling little thirsty and had come to get a galss of water see kushiji was serving me that only>>>>>pointing to kushis hand which still held the jug of water

Anjali:theek he..aap paani peekar room mem jaakar aaram karo...hume khushiji se kuch zarroori baat karni he

Shyam had no choice but to leave but he was not eacy in his mind..had anjali heard everything they that cudnt hav happened and evn if she had herad she wudnt hav been there wut a smiling face

Well raani sahiba hame maaf kar deejiyega but soon I will finish that smile of urs for evr...........................

He thought alosd

What mr shyam manohar jhaa didn't know was he was not alone in the room ther was someone else listening to him..........

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Will be back soon..:)