Arshi as Actors-A New Story 1

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Apr 9, 2012

Arshi as Actors-A New Story 1 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 45 times)

Hey guys... thanks a lot for the support and encouragement that you all gave to my story "Arshi my own story Part 1". This has actually inspired me to write another one... Hope you guys like it....

In this new story Arnav, Khushi, Payal, Anjali, Shyam and Lavanya were actors. Arnav and Lavanya were doing the lead role in a very hit serial. Khushi, Payal and Anjali were doing side roles in the same serial while Shyam is doing a different serial. NK is the producer of Arnav's serial and Akash is the director/scriptwriter of that serial.

Arnav, Akash and NK were brothers and Anjali is their sister. They were actually a very rich family. On Akash's request Arnav agreed to act and he also became so fame through that serial. Arnav is very rude and thinks that no one can talk against him as he's so rich and also he's in the peak of his success. Lavanya too is very rude, modern and didn't bother abot others feelings. Just like the original serial, Akash, NK and Anjali were very soft and kind. Once Akash has seen Payal in the street and got impressed by her beauty and thought to put her in his serial as he had a character which suits her very well. So he went to her and talked abot acting. As Payal is from a middle class family, she agreed to act due to her family condition. Akash felt very happy.

Khushi is a very close friend of Payal and due to her she watched her serial regularly and became crazy abot Arnav and his acting skill. She thought that she is the best fan for him. Khushi looks like in the original serial but the difference is that she wears specs and her hair is so thick and even lengthier. Akash came to the street where Payal is residing just to see her but he saw Khushi chatting with Payal. Akash has been searching a girl for a character wearing specs and when he saw Khushi, he felt very happy that she's so apt for that character. He talked with Payal abot Khushi's character and she talked with Khushi for her acceptance. As Khushi is also a middle class girl, her family too needs money. So Khushi accepts for the role. Akash asks Payal to bring her for the shoot just to make her comfort as they will start her shoot couple of days later.

Khushi is so happy that at last she can help her family and also she's going to see Arnav in the set. The next day Khushi and Payal went to the set and saw Arnav and Lavanya coming together for their shooting. Yes... Khushi knows it very well that there is a gossip abot Arnav and Lavanya's closeness. She just admired his stunning look in her heart as she's seeing him directly for the first time. He's so rice and the way he looked and talked with others made Khushi to feel nervous and thought of her place and became silent.

Anjali comes as a friend of Lavanya in the serial. Payal introduces Khushi to NK and NK is impressed with her manners and likes her. Akash felt happy and relieved on seeing them. Payal took Khushi to her makeover room and explained everything. Then Khushi asks her to get ready while she will wait outside and watch others. Payal smiled and nodded. Khushi came out and found Anjali who introduced herself to Khushi and talked very nicely. Both of them sat in the chairs and a boy gave them juices. Khushi refused to take it but Akash made her to have the juice. While having juice, Anjali by mistake spills the juice on herself and on the cover which contained a gorgeous dress in the table near to her. Anjali went to the washroom to clean herself and in that time Lavanya came and saw juice strains in her gorgeous dress. As she saw Khushi having her juice, she misunderstood that and scolded her. Not knowing what had happened Khushi stood still. Lavanya went upset and brought Arnav with her. On seeing Arnav that much close, Khushi felt very happy inside.

But Arnav yelled her very badly and insulted her in the way she dresses and how she looks with her specs. Lavanya added that the dress was presented by Arnav to her for her birthday. Khushi didn't know what to do and she tried to tell "I..." But Arnav made her to stop by showing his hand and scolded her that she didn't even know the worth of that dress and also she can't even think of getting a dress like that. Payal who came out couldn't understand of what is going on. Khushi stood dumbstruck as the person she likes most is scolding her this much... She didn't know how to react and just tears started to fill her eyes. Akash and NK convinced Arnav and Lavanya. When Payal touched Khushi's shoulder, she came to sense and ran towards the washroom as she couldn't control her tears.

By the time, Anjali came out of the washroom and saw Khushi going in with tears. She came near Lavanya and told her sorry that she by mistake spilled the juice on her beautiful dress. Payal understood what had happened. Both Lavanya and Arnav stood frozen thinking what they have done. Akash and NK requested Payal to convince Khushi and Payal went to the washroom. When they came out, it's obvious that Khushi's eyes were so red. She didn't even look in the direction of Arnav. Akash apologized for what had happened. For that Khushi told okay and requested him that she will come tomorrow as she wants to go now. Akash just nodded and NK too joined him. That's it Khushi went out of the set leaving Payal alone. Arnav felt very guilty for his behaviour.

Guys... shall I continue it... pls let me know....

Apr 9, 2012

Arshi as Actors-A New Story 2 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 34 times)

Anjali too understood of what had happened due to her mistake. Lavanya just left the spot as she didn't bother abot Khushi and the only thing she worried is her dress. Anjali came near Payal and asked sorry for what had happened. Arnav stood there not knowing what to do. When he thought to talk with Payal, Akash started to talk with her. So Arnav silently stood where he was and listened them. NK too is standing with them. Akash asked Payal whether Khushi is calm in nature. For that Payal told him that she's too bold and very naughty and added that she likes Arnav very much in that serial and she always admires him a lot. She told that Khushi is so crazy abot Arnav and may be that's why she didn't tell the truth. Payal is so sure that she told to Akash that Khushi couldn't digest when Arnav yelled her like that. Arnav who overheard this, felt very angry on himself for behaving so rudely.

Akash, NK and Anjali were so upset. Payal told them that she will meet her while returning and added that she will be fine. Khushi, who went home, went to her bed straight. Tears started to roll over her cheeks. The way he yelled at her started to ring in her ears continuously. She didn't even dream that their first meeting would be this much worst. She couldn't tolerate this. Slowly her tears started to subside. Then she went near her dressing table and saw her reflection. She touched her dress and then her specs. Then she talked to herself "Yes... Khushi.... U are not rich... that's why he teased your way of dressing and ofcourse your specs... I know dat you were wearing it for headache... its okay... cheer up... you were going to have a great day tomorrow... just don't think abot him... he's in the level which we cant even think... just concentrate in your role with full heart" saying this she tries to do her daily works. Payal comes and conveys that Akash, NK and Anjali were so worried abot her. Khushi smiles and tells her that she's just fine. Payal hugs her and leaves to her home.

Arnav couldn't stop thinking abot Khushi. He tried to sleep but the way he shouted at her came as a vision. Also he lost in thoughts abot how Payal told that she's so crazy abot him and his acting.... How Khushi's eyes were so red.... Because of him... He felt guilty and worried of how's he going to face her. His mind talked to him "Arnav... why you are worrying abot that silly girl. You are so rich... what made you think this much... Her way of dressing and her spec... It's just a misunderstanding". Now his heart talked "No Arnav... I know the truth... She looked so beautiful.... You shouldn't have talked like that". Finally Arnav thought of saying sorry to her when he sees her the next day.

The next day, everyone was busy with their shooting. Payal and Khushi came to the set. Khushi thought to not to look Arnav. Akash, NK, Anjali greeted her. Akash explained her role and dialogues. She's asked to get ready with her new outfit. She nodded and went with Payal. When she came out, Arnav looked her and stood still in her beauty. She looked pretty in a red colour chudi with untied hairs for her shot. Arnav felt difficult to blink. Then somehow he tried to move his stare. He also noticed that she didn't look at him. It hurted him. She did her shot very well and both Akash and NK were impressed with her acting. Arnav couldn't stop watching her and he too enjoyed her shot. Arnav tried to talk with her after the shooting but she avoided his gaze.

Precap: Arnav pulled Khushi closer to him...

Apr 10, 2012

Arshi as Actors-A New Story 3 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 38 times)

Arnav is so furious for Khushi's act. He thought that many fans are waiting for his stare/photograph while she's avoiding him. When Payal and Khushi started to leave, Akash tells Payal that he needs to talk with her. Khushi understands and as she has forgot her handkey; she makes excuse and goes to her room to get her handkey. Also Khushi knows that there is something between both Akash and Payal. When she's abot to leave her room, she bumps with Arnav. On seeing her, he becomes very anger. Sensing his anger, she tries to escape. But Arnav holds her wrist and pulls her towards him to stop her going. As she didn't expect this, she lost balance and again bumps into him and her dupatta fells down. She tries to get it but in vain as he had a tight grip on her wrist. Her hair too fells in front on one side of her shoulder. Seeing her, he lost in her beauty and comes to sense when she struggles to free her wrist from his grip. But he didn't leave her. Due to pain and also she has no dupatta, she feels very shy and tears starts to fill her eyes. Sensing her nervousness, he leaves her and says sorry. She picks her dupatta and places it around her neck. By the time, Lavanya comes there and sees them. Khushi touches her wrist due to pain. Arnav feels very bad for hurting her again.

Lavanya: You... What are you doing here?? (Looking Khushi)

Khushi: I... I came to get my handkey... (Her voice shivers)

Lavanya: Arnav... Are you talking with her?... See you are forgetting our status... we shouldn't speak with such middle class people... Lets go... its getting late for me (Saying this she throws a anger stare on Khushi)

Khushi: (She couldn't tolerate her words and a tear fell over her cheek)

Arnav: (Watches her tear and couldn't move his stare from her)

Khushi uses this chance and runs from the spot. She wipes her face and sees Payal waiting for her along with Akash. Payal tells her that Akash has told her that he will drop them both. While driving Akash adjusts his mirror so that he can have a clear view of Payal. Both Akash and Payal smiles at each other. Khushi too notes this and smiles at them but her smile fades as she thinks abot Arnav. She is lost in the thoughts of him abot how he holded her and the way they bumped each other. She also thought that she stood in front of him that too without her dupatta. Suddenly Payal touched her shoulder which made her to know that they had reached their street. Both of them thanked Akash and went to their home.

Lavanya holds Arnav's hand and walks towards their vehicle. Arnav drops her and while returning to home, he couldn't stop thinking abot Khushi. He lost in her thoughts of how she avoided him, how her eyes showed the fear when he caught her wrist, how she stood without her dupatta, how she touched her wrist due to pain, how she had tears.... He doesn't know why he's feeling like this that too for her. He realizes that he didn't felt like this before that too for a girl not even for Lavanya. He thought why it hurted him when she didn't looked him, why he felt difficult to move his stare from her... He couldn't find the answers. He went to home. After having dinner, both felt very difficult to sleep as both their thoughts haunted each other. They had a very disturbed sleep.

Precap: Khushi talked with everyone very friendly but she didn't talk with Arnav....

Apr 11, 2012

Arshi as Actors-A New Story 4 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 34 times)

In the morning, Khushi's wrist is still in pain. She thought that the pain will subside after sleeping but it didn't. Arnav kept thinking abot her. He came to the set little bit earlier just to see her. But he didn't find her. Then he got busy in his shots. In the break he heard her voice. He felt very happy and looked her. But Khushi seemed to be very busy in chatting with others. Within two days, she moved with everyone so friendly that everyone liked her very much. Wherever she is, that place is filled with much laughter and happiness. So even NK and Akash tried to spend some time with her in the break, as it is like refreshment for them. Arnav looked her frequently. But she didn't look at him. He felt very upset. Even then he didn't stop watching her. Suddenly she holds her wrist and lost in some thought and looked Arnav. She is shocked as he's staring her. She didn't expect that. Arnav clearly understood that her wrist is hurted because of him. She moved her stare away from him and became normal. Arnav felt very bad abot him and struggled to concentrate in his shots.

Then Payal, Khushi and Anjali had their shots along with Lavanya. Lavanya seemed to be very rude and everyone felt very difficult to move with her. Khushi knows it very well that Arnav is watching her frequently. But for her Lavanya's words kept ringing in her ears "Middle class people". So she tried to avoid looking at him. That day went like that.

After dinner, Arnav again lost in her thoughts. He worried abot her wrist and thought how she tried to free her from his grip that too without her dupatta. Also he became furious that after saying sorry too she didn't talk with him or even looked at him and also she totally avoided him. He suddenly thought abot Lavanya's words and how she had tear after hearing that. He couldn't understand why her thoughts haunting him like this. He tried to stop thinking abot her and fell asleep. Even in dreams she came and he woke with a jerk.

Khushi too thought abot how he watched her. Also she questioned herself abot why he's watching her. She turned and tossed and didn't know when she slept. The next day, same thing continued. Arnav thought to talk with her but Lavanya didn't let him free. She forced him to talk with her. Arnav got irked by her shopping, parlour blabbering's. While others where enjoying with Khushi. Arnav's heart raced to go there and have fun with her. By seeing her smiling face, a cute smile appeared in his lips. Akash and NK forced Khushi to show her face without glasses. She refused first but Payal told them that she looks much pretty even without glasses. Then she removed her glass and everyone stared her. She looked so beautiful without glasses. Even Akash thought to change her character without specs. Arnav suddenly turned and looked her and lost in her beautiful face. He stared her romantically. Khushi too noticed it and felt very nervous by his stare. Also her smile faded. Arnav sensed her nervousness due to his stare.

So he tried to move his stare from her which he felt very difficult. Lavanya noticed the change in Arnav. She realised that he's not talking with her properly just like before. Also she noted that he's frequently watching Khushi. He's enjoying her every move without his knowledge. He felt very sad when her smile faded by his look. He again and again watched her just to know whether she's looking at him. But she didn't. Then he got busy with his shots. While shooting too he stared her frequently. But she seemed busy in chatting with others. Khushi too tried a lot to not to look him but she couldn't. When he is doing his shot brilliantly, she watched him as it is her ambition to see him while he's is acting. Arnav suddenly looked at her and both their eyes locked and that's it Arnav forgot his dialogues. He made excuse and asked them to shoot it again. Inside he felt happy that atlast she looked at him. Now he looked for her but she's nowhere to be found. She went to her room just to avoid his gaze.

Precap: Arnav had his shot along with Khushi and others....

Apr 11, 2012

Arshi as Actors-A New Story 5 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 38 times)

Khushi started to worry abot his stare as it's so powerful that she couldn't resist it. She thought again to not to look him. When the shot is over, Arnav tried to talk with her but Lavanya is not leaving him. So he had no choice and left with her. While getting ready to sleep, Arnav's romantic stare kept coming on Khushi's vision. She felt difficult to sleep.

Arnav stood in the balcony and the soft breeze touched him. He lost in Khushi's thoughts as how her look made him to forget his dialogues. It didn't happen before. Then the way she looked more beautiful without her specs came racing in his heart. He doubted that whether he had fallen for her... then he said himself no... no not like that... He closed his eyes to stop thinking abot her but even then her face only came... Then he suddenly thought of how she's avoiding him... as she is a die hard fan of him... how come she didn't utter a word to him... even after saying sorry... this made him so anger. He decided that he should confront her for her action.

Akash, who passes by his room, watches him standing in deep thought. Arnav came to sense when he's touched by Akash. Akash asked him abot what's bothering. Arnav just told nothing. Then Anjali too joined them. Both Akash and Anjali have noticed that Arnav kept watching Khushi frequently in the set. They winked each other and Anjali started to talk abot the joke which Khushi had told them in the set. Hearing that, Akash laughed thinking abot the joke. Arnav looked upset as he couldn't join them due to his ego. To check his reaction, Akash started to talk abot Khushi and how she looked so beautiful without her specs. Also he accepted that she is so pretty with the specs too. Anjali nodded and a cute smile appeared on Arnav's lips thinking Khushi. Akash and Anjali didn't miss his smile and again they winked each other and left his room.

Akash, Anjali and NK talked abot this and they were sure that something is going in his mind. Actually they don't like Lavanya being close to him. Next day Arnav felt very brisk that he's going to see Khushi in the set. He stopped for a second and he couldn't believe why he is feeling very happy when he thinks abot Khushi. He's so sure that he had no feelings for Lavanya. There Khushi too got ready and his thoughts came to her mind. She thought abot how to avoid him in the set as it is very difficult for her.

In the set, a makeover artist has brought her 2 years old kid with her as her family members were out of town that day. She had already got permission from Akash and NK and they too accepted it as they were so flexible. But she worried how to handle both work and kid at the same time. Khushi who finished her shot convinced her that she can look after the kid when she's busy with her work. She felt happy and left her kid with Khushi. Khushi took care of that kid in a way that everyone were impressed with her including Arnav. Then Payal told them that she had got many friends in their street especially kids. So she knows it very well abot how to handle them. When the kid was hungry, Khushi took the feeding bottle and made the kid to have it. Then she made the kid to rest on her shoulder and slowly patted the kid's back while wandering here and there. The kid slept peacefully and she made the kid to sleep in their room. Then she informed the makeover artist. She felt very thankful for her. Khushi just smiled and went to the washroom.

Arnav thought to talk to her. When Khushi came out of the washroom, she saw Arnav coming towards her. She felt nervous and thought to pass in the side but Arnav told "Khushi... I need to talk to you". She heard that and thought to go to avoid him. But he caught her hand and made her stop. Everyone were busy with their works even Lavanya is doing her shot. Khushi struggled to free her hand. But Arnav told her that she has to listen him otherwise he wont let her go. Atlast she stopped struggling. So Arnav freed her hand. Arnav is looking her straight but she looked here and there to avoid seeing him straight.

Arnav: Look at me... (Lost his patience and shouted at her)

Khushi: (Felt shivers and looked him)

Arnav: Why are you avoiding me? (Looking her eyes to check answers)

Khushi: (She didn't reply)

Arnav: I even said sorry to you... (Yelled at her...)

Khushi: (She had tears in her eyes)

Arnav: Open your mouth and talk to me... (Now told softly)

Khushi: Please... Let me go... (Her voice is shaken)

Arnav: No... am not leaving you until you answer me... (Moved closer to her and she walked away and hit the door)

Khushi: (Breathed heavily as he's so close to her...)

Arnav: (Now sensed her heavy breathe... thought why she's shivering when he looks/talks with her) Tell me... am waiting...

Khushi: (Didn't know what to say... moved her eyes here and there... just tears started to roll over her cheeks)

Arnav: (He's so moved with her tears that he looked through her eyes... then her nose... her very tempting lips... he lost in her beauty)

Suddenly they heard noises of foot steps. So he moved away from her and she wiped her tears and walked away from him. Arnav is looking at her without a blink. She too turned and had a look on him and left that spot.

Precap: Arnav is in Khushi's house....

Guys... sorry for not writing abot that previous precap... will write soon in the coming updates...

Apr 12, 2012

Arshi as Actors-A New Story 6 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 26 times)

Lavanya came searching for Arnav. She told him to drop her. But Arnav still lost in the Khushi's thoughts. Lavanya now lost her patience and shouted at him that he's not all talking with her as before. Also she added that this is because of that Khushi. On hearing her name, he came out of his trance. Lavanya told him that the moment when Khushi entered the set, he seem to be totally changed. She also tells him that she know that he's watching her frequently. Now Arnav is so furious that he yelled her and left her alone. Lavanya stood there like a statue.

Arnav came out and found Akash giving lift to both Payal and Khushi. Arnav went near and told him that he will also come with them. Akash is so surprised and nodded as he knows the reason. But Khushi felt nervous on his presence. She didn't know why she is scared of his stare when she's so bold with others. She kept thinking it and looked at the mirror. Yeah... Arnav is staring her only. While Akash is looking at Payal and she blushed. Khushi looked outside. Arnav is so angry that she didn't tell the answer and also she's not looking him. He can also sense her nervousness.

Khushi asked Akash to stop the vehicle and tells him that she has some work and she can walk to her house. Akash stopped the vehicle and Khushi got down. Payal's house is just five houses from Khushi's. So she stayed in as Akash will talk to her like other days. Arnav thought to talk to Khushi so he too gets down while Khushi has walked some steps before him. Akash winked at Arnav and said that he will pick him soon. Akash is so happy that atlast Arnav is following his heart. Arnav nodded and followed Khushi. On the way, around six to seven kids came running towards Khushi calling her "di". She gave them the chocolates she had with her and after receiving the chocolate a small girl in that gang pulled Khushi closer and kissed her on the cheek. Khushi seemed to be so happy and she too kissed that girl. After that the kids went to play leaving Khushi to go to her house. Arnav who watched this, felt like he missed that beautiful kiss. With a great sigh, he followed her. Khushi didn't look back after thanking Akash so she doesn't know that Arnav is following her.

Khushi just reached her home and unlocked the door with her spare key as her parents had told her already that they will visit the nearby temple. Khushi entered her house. Arnav is actually walking towards her house as Khushi walked much earlier she reached first and she didn't notice that Arnav is there at a distant. So she locked the door. She put her dupatta on the sofa and went to the kitchen. Arnav didn't know what he's doing. The only thing in his mind is to make Khushi to talk with him. So he knocked the door. She came casually and opened the door. On seeing Arnav at her door step, she couldn't believe her eyes as she never expected that. She's standing in front of him that too without dupatta. Arnav just glared from head to toe.

Arnav: Can I get in? (He started as she stood still)

Khushi: P..Please come in... (She don't know what else to say)

Arnav: (As she moved he entered in)

It's a very beautiful house; though it's small it looked very clean and simple. Khushi asked him to sit pointing the sofa. Arnav went and sat in the sofa. He just looked around the house and then he saw Khushi standing without her dupatta. He stared her. Khushi got it that her dupatta is missing on her. She searched for her dupatta. So sad it was under Arnav as he sat on it. To avoid his stare, she told him that she will get juice for him. Arnav nodded as he's so happy that she's talking as she had no choice. When she left to kitchen, Arnav saw a room brightly coloured as the door is slightly opened. He felt so curious and went to see what's inside. When he opened the door, he stood a bit surprised as his pictures were pasted all around the room. Then he saw the dressing table on which Khushi's photo is kept in heart shaped frame. He finally got it that it's her room. For the first time, he had seen his pictures on others room apart from his family members. He clearly understood that how much crazy she is that too on him.

Then Arnav smirked and thought that today he will get the answers from her. Khushi came out with a juice and found him not there. She took her dupatta and put it around her neck. Then she saw around and shocked that he's in her room. When she entered her room, he's staring her photo. She told "Juice". He turned around suddenly and bumped with her juice as she came near to give the juice. He got juice strains all over his shirt. Khushi started to shiver thinking that he's going to yell. But he softly told "What for you are waiting... Clean it". Khushi went out and came with a wet towel. She lifted her hand to clean but something stopped her. Arnav caught her hand and placed on his shirt. She started to the clean the strains. He looked her as she's so close to him. But she didn't look his face especially his eyes as she know it very well that once if she see his eyes then she will be lost in his handsome look. He enjoyed this closeness. He also noticed that her hand shivered while cleaning. He even came close to her face and she felt his breathe. When she felt his breathe, she tried to get her hand from her shirt but he caught her hand and she struggled to remove her hand from his shirt. Now she looked at him. There eyes got locked and he pulled her even closer by keeping his other hand around her waist. He enjoyed her discomfort due to this. Also she struggled to look at him. So she watched his collar.

Precap: Arnav removed his shirt and gave it to her for cleaning...

Apr 13, 2012

Arshi as Actors-A New Story 7 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 34 times)

For few seconds, Khushi is enjoying his closeness as she likes him very much but suddenly she thought of Lavanya and her closeness to Arnav. Now she realised what she's doing and immediately pushed Arnav aside. She also realised that she's a middle class girl. Arnav got so furious for her act. He didn't believe that a girl so crazy abot him just pushed him away. Anyone will be dying to get that closeness he thought.

Arnav: What?

Khushi: You can't touch me like that... (She gained some courage)

Arnav: What? (Surprised to hear her reply)

Khushi: (Just stood still)

Arnav: Oh... you think that am interested in you... (Now he became rude as usual)

Khushi: Then... Why did you come close to me?

Arnav: (Smiled) you know... any girl will like me for that...

Khushi: Any girl... but not me... (Now she's serious)

Arnav: Oh really... look your room... it's full of my pictures... am sure dat you liked my touch...

(Actually our Arnav is a very gentleman. But, as he's so angry with Khushi, he's talking like that just to irritate Khushi)

Khushi: It's not like that... I accept... am so mad on your acting... but it doesn't mean that I can allow whatever you do to me... (She said very boldly)

Arnav: How dare you can talk to me like that... (Now he almost yelled at her)

Khushi stood still not looking him. Arnav is in the peak of his anger. By that time, Payal and Akash came in and saw Arnav's shirt full of strains. Akash asked abot it and he replied angrily that she spilled the juice on him. Akash and Payal thought that due to that strain he's so angry. Now Khushi's parents came in and saw them. They were very happy on seeing Arnav. They greeted him and Akash. They know Akash as he had already came with Payal while dropping them. On seeing the strains, Khushi's dad asked abot it and looked upset on knowing that Khushi did it. As it's a very light colour shirt, the strains looked clearly. So, Khushi's dad brought a new shirt which he had kept in his almira and requested him to change his shirt. Arnav thought to give a punishment for her act. So he went into Khushi's room and removed his shirt and changed the new one. When he came out, Khushi's dad is seriously talking with Akash and Payal is busy in chatting with Khushi's mom.

Arnav saw Khushi standing in the corner. He went near her and gave his shirt. She looked him questioningly. He told that it's her mistake. So she has to clean his shirt. But Khushi told him that she's not her servant who can obey blindly. Arnav got furious again and told her that he will make her to clean. She looked him calmly. Then Arnav called Khushi's dad and told him "Uncle... My shirt is full of strains... It's because of Khushi's mistake... So what I thought is she has to clean my shirt... What did you say? Am I rite uncle..." Khushi's dad is a very genuine person. So he accepted his words and asked Khushi to clean his shirt. She felt helpless as Arnav had a smirk on succeeding her. He almost ordered her to bring his shirt the next day. Khushi's dad is so happy and told Arnav how much Khushi likes him. Arnav had a quick glance on her. But she stood very upset. Then Akash and Arnav left their house.

Precap: Arnav pretended to be busy when Khushi thought to gave his shirt....

Guys... hope u enjoyed dis update... pls let me know ur valuable comments...

Apr 15, 2012

Arshi as Actors-A New Story 8 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 34 times)

When they left, Payal and Khushi went to Khushi's room. Payal asked abot what had happened as Khushi looked very upset. She told everything to Payal. Payal convinced her to not to worry/think abot it. Then she left. Khushi now closed her room and sat on the bed. She saw the shirt in her bed. She took it and throwed on the floor. She felt so anger talking herself "What's he thinking abot me? Am I a servant for him? Who's he to order me?" Then she saw the pictures of him in the wall. She stood and went near and thought to tear it. But something stopped her from doing. Then she lied on her bed and thought to herself "Why did you talk to him like that while you like him very much? Yeah Khushi... you like him very much but you are so afraid of his status. He's so rich and in the height which you can't reach... Also remember how he replied that any girl will like his closeness... what does it mean... did he think that you are so cheap... why he's watching you continuously... Did he like you... no way... how come he will like you Khushi... look at you... where you are and where is Lavanya... just stay away from him to avoid any issues". She finally decided.

Arnav and Akash had a very silent drive to home. Akash is so sure that something has happened as Arnav kept his face so rude. Arnav went to his room and locked the door. Then he throwed his mobile on his bed in anger. When he thought to remove his shirt, Khushi's thoughts came. How she gave chocolates to the kids... How she gave a kiss to that kid... How she spilled the juice on him... How she cleaned his shirt while her hand shivered... How beautiful she looked while cleaning... How he pulled her so close... A smile appeared on his lips while thinking this and it faded as he thought how she argued to him abot his touch. His face burned in anger. He thought how he saw the nervousness in her eyes and suddenly it changed.... He looked upset that he couldn't find the reason why her eyes changed suddenly. The only thing in his mind is to hurt her for avoiding him. After dinner, both of them had a very disturbed sleep as their thoughts haunted each other.

The next day, Khushi bought Arnav's shirt with her just to return it. She looked for Arnav. But he seemed to be so busy with his shots. In the break, she went to him to return his shirt. But Arnav thought of how she avoided him before... so he pretended to be very busy. Then Khushi did her shots. Now Akash has changed her character a little bit and asked her to give her shots without glasses. It went well. Then at the day end, Khushi again tried to give his shirt but he pretended to be happy with Lavanya. He talked with Lavanya just to irritate her. Lavanya felt very happy as she worried a lot abot whether he will talk with her or not. He smirked Khushi as he made her to wait for him. But Khushi thought of some other plan. Then they left the set and went to their houses.

In Arnav's room, Akash came and handed his shirt to him. Now Arnav got it that Khushi had given to Akash. Yes... She requested Akash to return his shirt as he's so busy in the set. Arnav got his shirt but seemed to be so furious that his plan didn't worked well. Akash left his room with a smile. He looked at the shirt and thought of her smiling face. For some seconds, he forgot his anger and lost in her thoughts. He then thought to confront her for such an act.

Slowly people started to recognise both Khushi and Payal. As their roles too were good, they too got nice fame among the public. But both Khushi and Payal remained as usual and this made Akash to think abot Payal a lot. Both Akash and Payal silently continued their love. Khushi thought not to disturb them, so she asked Akash to drop Payal alone. Payal is so angry with her but Khushi convinced her that they can spend some time alone as she's feeling very guilty. Payal half heartedly accepted it.

Precap: Khushi caught Arnav's hand and saved him from falling...

Apr 15, 2012

Arshi as Actors-A New Story 9 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 32 times)

Khushi slept well as she had returned his shirt. But Arnav couldn't sleep well. He just thought of her eyes which have told many things to him. Again and again he hardly thought of why she behaved strangely when she likes him very much. "Does she not believe him? Or whether she's worried abot his status?" he questioned himself and fell asleep.

Next day, Akash had planned for a shot where Arnav, Lavanya, Payal, Khushi and Anjali were acting together. Khushi actually prayed not to have a shot with him. But to her fear, Akash explained them abot the shot. After explaining the shot, Akash asked them to get ready for the shot. Everyone moved. When Arnav turned to move, his legs caught in the cable bundle. So he lost his balance. When he's abot to fall, Khushi who suddenly watched him caught his hand and made him to stand. They too stared each other. Khushi came to sense that everyone were watching them and took her hand from him. Then she moved to her room. Arnav stood there for some seconds and watched her. He thought abot how she helped him. Then he went to change.

When the shot is ready, Arnav came there. Lavanya too arrived. Then Payal, Khushi and Anjali too came. Arnav couldn't stop watching Khushi as she looked so beautiful in her outfit with free hairs. During the shot, Arnav looked Khushi instead of seeing Lavanya. Akash and NK teased him that they all know that Khushi is so beautiful. On hearing this Arnav moved his stare from her. Lavanya became so furious of her. Khushi stood very calmly and she didn't look at him. Finally they finished their shot. Now Lavanya felt so jealous of her and thought to hurt her. So she pulled a cable in her leg which twisted Khushi's leg. When she's abot to fall, Arnav caught her in his arms. Both of them looked through their eyes. Then Khushi stood and moved a few steps away from him still looking each other. Akash, NK, Payal and Anjali came towards them looking worried as they didn't know what had happened. Payal asked Khushi whether she is okay. She nodded. Still Arnav didn't moved his stare from her as he and Khushi knows it very well that Lavanya made her to fall. Arnav is very upset with Lavanya's act. Khushi too looked upset as she doesn't know why Lavanya did like this.

Then the day ended and Akash picked Payal. When Arnav came out with Lavanya, he noticed that Khushi is leaving alone. Arnav's heart raced to pick her but NK stopped near Khushi and forced her to come with him. Khushi saw Arnav and without saying anything she went with NK. Arnav felt very jealous and lost in thoughts of why he's feeling so jealous when anyone drops her or talks with her. Both of them thought abot each other while they were abot to sleep. Arnav's mind kept thinking abot how she managed to help him when he lost his balance. He's so sure that her eyes showed a different Khushi than the one who argued abot his touch. He knows it very well that she likes him very much. But don't know how to get that from her mouth. Khushi thought abot how he caught her in his arms and the way they stared each other. Then they fell asleep.

The next day is Akash's big day. Yeah... it's his birthday. After the shots, they all decided to celebrate his birthday in the set. They have bought a huge wonderfully decorated cake for him. After lighting the candles, Akash blowed it and after cutting the cake with lots of applause he gave his first cake to Payal. Everyone shouted in happiness. Then he gave to Anjali, Arnav and NK. When he thought to give a cake piece to Khushi, NK took it and gave to Khushi. Arnav couldn't tolerate this and in anger he took a piece of cake and fed to Lavanya. Lavanya felt so happy. Khushi felt sad but became normal very soon. Then everyone presented their gifts to Akash. Arnav and Lavanya gave a costliest gift together. Anjali and NK gave theirs. Now Khushi took a small beautiful pack and gave it to Akash. Arnav smirked at Khushi for her small gift. But Khushi looked very calm. Akash opened her gift and found a beautifully worked heart shaped frame in which both Akash and Payal's snap is inserted in a way that looked like they took the snap together. Akash and Payal is really moved with her gift. Payal just hugged her tightly. Akash just touched her shoulder and told her that they won't forget her cute gift. Khushi felt very happy and Arnav just stared her as she impressed everyone. Payal had already given a wonderful shirt to him that too secretly.

Then after the celebration is over, everyone dispersed for their works. At the end of the day, Akash invited both Payal and Khushi to their house as it's a weekend and also they were having a special pooja in their house. Khushi refused to go but Arnav muttered near her ear "Are you scared of coming to our house". Then to prove him that she's not scared, she accepted to go. Payal and Anjali too felt very happy. Arnav smirked at Khushi. Lavanya hold his hand and stood there.

The main reason is that Akash had already told abot Payal to his mom (Manorama mami). In this story Manorama is very soft and kind. Naniji, mamaji, Arnav's mom and dad were also there. Akash and NK were Manorama's sons. Arnav and Anjali were their cousins. Anjali is younger to Arnav. They all wished to see both Payal and Khushi. Anjali had already told abot Khushi-Arnav's encounters to her mom. Actually they too don't like Lavanya.

Precap: Arnav felt very jealous when NK took Khushi to his room along with Anjali...

Apr 17, 2012

Arshi as Actors-A New Story 10 (By Kalai) (Thanked: 30 times)

Then as planned Akash came to pick both Payal and Khushi. On seeing Payal, Akash felt very happy. Khushi started to tease them and both were blushing. There in Arnav's house, everyone was eagerly waiting for their arrival. Arnav bought Lavanya with him. Lavanya told them "Hi" and stood next to Arnav. Naniji, mamiji and Arnav's mom stared Lavanya as she's wearing a modern dress which doesn't suit the environment. Then NK and Anjali came down and saw Lavanya and greeted her. Anjali looked very beautiful in a blue colour light worked sari. Suddenly NK asked abot Akash. Mamiji told him that he went to pick Payal and Khushi. On hearing Khushi's name, a cute smile appeared on Arnav's face. Arnav's mom didn't miss to notice that smile. She's in very eager to see Khushi. Whereas, Lavanya felt very anger on hearing her name.

By that time, Akash and Payal entered the hall. Anjali came forward and greeted her. NK asked abot Khushi. In that time, Khushi entered and everyone stared her. She looked so gorgeous in a dark green with light worked sari with apt necklace, earrings and bangles. Payal too looked very pretty in a dark orange light worked sari with apt accessories. Both their hairs were untied (imagine how they were in the serial). Arnav stopped to blink and stared her romantically as he's seeing her in sari for the first time. Khushi too noticed his stare. NK just hold her shoulders and made her get in. Khushi and Payal smiled at everyone. Then they got blessings from Naniji, Arnav's mom and mamiji. Arnav's mom just had a quick glance on Lavanya and then to Khushi. She liked Khushi very much. Mamiji too touched Payal's cheek and smiled at her. Then she blinked at Akash like she too likes Payal. Payal is blushing. Akash felt very happy. Khushi had a lovely smile as she felt very happy for Payal. Arnav's mom is just watching Khushi only. Suddenly she saw Arnav and noticed that he's staring at her only. Arnav's mom smiled in happiness.

They all had their juices. Then Arnav's mom told that she needs to decorate "Devi maya". Immediately Khushi and Payal came forward to help her. Naniji is so happy and asked them to do it. Khushi and Payal whole heartedly decorated the idol. Anjali too joined them. Everyone was impressed with their work. Arnav and Akash kept staring at them. Lavanya stood there as she doesn't know abot such works. Arnav's mom had an anger stare on her. Then they all had arti. After finishing the pooja, Khushi and Payal thought to leave. But nobody allowed them to go that much earlier. NK came near Khushi and told her that he had a surprise for her. She looked him questioningly. Arnav's mom told Payal and Khushi that they can spend some more time with them as Akash will drop them even if it gets late. So they agreed.

Akash told Payal that he will show his room to her. So he took her with him. NK took Khushi to his room to show the surprise and Anjali too joined them. Arnav felt alone and very jealous as NK is with Khushi. He felt very difficult to understand why he's feeling so jealous when he took her with him. Now Lavanya asked him to show his room to her. Arnav had no option, so he took her to his room. He's just physically present with her but mentally he's with Khushi.

When Khushi entered NK's room, she noticed a snap. She went near and looked it closer. Then she turned to ask Anjali. But before she opened her mouth, NK got a call. He made some excuse and left the room. Now Khushi pointed the girl whose very close with NK and asked Anjali abot her. Anjali answered her that her name is "Anushka" shortly Anu. She is their childhood friend and also mentioned that both Anu and NK were in love with each other. NK is eagerly waiting for her as she went to London to do her higher studies. Also she added that Anu has returned from London as she finished her studies now. Khushi felt very happy and looked the snap again. She noticed that Anu looked just like her. Anjali too watched her and said that "Yes... you two look very similar... that's why NK liked you when he first saw you".

Suddenly they heard some foot steps. NK came with Anu after having Anu's arti and told Khushi that "Anu is her surprise". Both Anu and Khushi looked each other. They both felt that they were friends before itself. Khushi thought that Anu will be very modern as she's a London return but Anu looked very cute in a pale pink sari. Anu saw Khushi and told "NK... you are absolutely rite... She looks just like me... I like her very much". Khushi felt very happy and came forward and hugged Anu. She too hugged her in return. Then they freed each other. Now NK told Khushi that "Anu is also a very friendly person just like you Khushi..." Then they all sat and had a nice chat. Their room filled with much laughter and happiness.

On the other hand, Arnav looked very upset with Lavanya. He's thinking abot Khushi only. Lavanya came behind him and hugged him. She said that she loves him very much. But Arnav didn't react for that. Lavanya turned him and cupped his face and asked again abot whether he loves her or not. Arnav stood confused as Khushi's thought came in his mind. Now Lavanya's cell ringed and after answering the call, she told him that she totally forgot that she had an appointment in Spa. Her friends were waiting for her. So she left the room without waiting for Arnav's reply. Arnav felt very upset.

A servant came to NK's room and informed that Naniji is calling Anjali. So Anjali left the room. Now Khushi felt that she's disturbing both NK and Anu. So she made some excuse and went outside. She didn't know where to go as Payal will be with Akash. Khushi walked a few steps. Arnav came out of his room thinking whether he likes Lavanya or not. Also he thought abot Khushi. That time he saw Khushi walking towards him. So he went to his room again and waited for Khushi. When Khushi is abot to cross his door he pulled her inside.

Precap: Arnav caught Khushi when she slipped due to the beads...

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