Arnav and Khushi meet Bollywood !!

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Apr 6, 2012

Arnav and Khushi meet Bollywood !! (By Jiyakhurana) (Thanked: 61 times)

Hello everyone. Well I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Jiya Khurana. Some may know me. And this is my first time writing on Myeduniya. And as of now I'm going to write a short dialogue thing of Arnav and Khushi and how they meet different Bollywood stars. I hope you guys like it :)

Scene: Arnav and Khushi are on a honeymoon in Switzerland. One day they go for a walk in the park holding hands and drinking warm coffee in the cold weather of Switzerland.

Arnav- Finally after a long time we get to go on our honeymoon. I had been waiting for this for a long time, just you and me alone. You like it right?

Khushi- Accha hai, lekin appne Switzerland kyu choose kiya, aapko paatha hai Na ke mujhe thand pasand nahi hai.

Arnav- *Smirks*Paatha hai, is liye toh mein ne Switzerland choose kiya.

Khushi- KYA? Lekin kyu?

Arnav- So whenever you get cold, I can hug you tight close to my heart and make you feel warm.

Khushi- Aap kab se romantic bane lage?

Arnav- Jab se tum meri zindagi mein aayi ho. Or wese bhi we are in Switzerland thoda DDLJ romance toh Banta hai. Right?

Khushi - *Laughs* yes of course.

As they are walking in the park, the weather starts getting windy. Khushi's scarf is blowing out of control and as she is fixing it she bumps into someone and spills her coffee on the person she bumped into.

Khushi- *Looks at the coffee stain on the person's jacket* OMG I'm so sorry.

She did not even realize who was in front of her, and just kept talking.

Khushi- *Still looking at the coffee stain on the Jacket* I'm really sorry, Galati se lag Gaya... *Look up and see's the man's face*

Khushi- Shah...Rukh...Khan...

Shahrukh- *Smiles* Koi baat nahi, Bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai senorita.

Khushi- *Shocked* Ar... Arnavji hamein chutki katiye na yeh sapna toh nahi he na.

Arnav- *Whispers to himself* Great! DDLJ ka naam kya liya, khud DDLJ aagaya, Honeymoon bigadane.

Just then another person walks in.

Hrithik Roshan- Did someone say Senorita?

Khushi- *Shocked* Lagta hai ke aaj hum paaka behosh hone wale hain

Hrithik Roshan- Na main samjha, Na main jaana Jo bhi tumne mujhse kahaa hai Senorita Magar phir bhi, Na jaane kyun Mujhe sunke, accha laga hai senoritaaaaaa !!!

Arnav- *really irritated* ALRIGHT!!! Enough with this senorita.. senorita.. her name is not senorita, her name is Khushi!

Shahrukh and Hrithik both look at each other and sing... KABHI KHUSHI KABHI GHAM, *SRK and HR both hold Khushi's hand and go down on their knees and continue singing* Na judaa honge

hum, Kabhi Khushiiiii Kabhi Gham...

Arnav- ALRIGHT!! I had enough, let's go Khushi!!

Khushi is just like in a dream world right now, she is too busy looking at SRK and HR that she can't hear or see anything else.

Arnav- Khushi lets go... KHUSHI!!

Khushi- Ji kya hua?

Arnav- Chalo we are leaving now...

Khushi- Lekin kyu? Mujhe nahi jaana hai

SRK- Would like to join us for a coffee?

HK- Yes would you?

Arnav- No sorry we are a little busy.

Khushi- *Completely Ignoring Arnav* Yes of course, I would love to.

SRK- Well then Mr.Hubby you can stay here while we go have some coffee.

Khushi- Arnav I will be right back okay bye see you!!

SRK, HK, and Khushi leave to go have some coffee. And Arnav is just left there all alone.


SRK *turns around and says* Le Jayenge... Le Jayenge... Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayengeeee!!! Bye... Bye!!! We'll see you after the Honeymoon ;-)

My next Bollywood guest star is.... Any guessssseess?? I'm sure you all know who it is :)

Thank you for reading my story and please feel free to comment and tell me what you guys thought of it :)

Apr 8, 2012

Arnav and Khushi meet Bollywood !! (By Jiyakhurana) (Thanked: 76 times)

Hello everyone I'm back and now with a new bollywood star... Some of you guessed it right and now here it is. Enjoy :)

One day Arnav and Khushi go shopping together, and while they are shopping someone snatches Khushi's purse and runs away. Arnav tries to go after the robber but sadly couldn't catch him. So then both of them go to the polish station to report a file.

They arrive at the Polish Station

Arnav- Umm Hello, I would like to report a file.

Polish Officer- Hold on a second, I'm busy with some other file. Wait a few minutes another Polish Officer will be right with you.

After 10 minutes

Arnav- DAMN what the hell is this, Khushi let's go to another Polish Station.

As both of them were about to get up, loud music came on. "Dabaang Music" and then came out a muscular, handsome, fearless, Polish Officer.

Salman Khan- Dhinka Chika... Dhinka Chika... Dhinka Chika...

Arnav- Umm excuse me, if you're done with all your nonsense can we please get to work. My wife

just got robbed.

Salman- Robin hood pandey ke saath itni bezati...

Arnav- LOOOK... MY WIFEE... (Salman Interrupts)

Salman- Heyyy you look mister. Hum tumri jaan mein itna ched karenge... itna ched karenge... ke confuse ho jaoge ke...Saas kaha se ley aur pade kaha se

Arnav- WHAT THE... How dare you... (Khushi bursts out laughing before Arnav could finish his sentence)

Khushi- Hahaha OMG Wowww kya dialogue tha, Bhai hum toh aapke fan bangaye. Aaaree nahi nahi hum toh phele se hi aapke bohottttt bade fan he, aapko pata hai humne humare room mein apki bohot badi 6 packs wali photo lagayi he. Aur... (Before Khushi could say more, Salman Interrupted)

Salman- Aaaree Wahhh, aap toh hamari saachi mein bohot bade fan he, humne aapko kuchh to dena hoga.

Khushi- Nahi, Nahi hum aap se kuchh nahi le sakte.

Salman- Accha... toh phir aaj raat aapko hamari Munni ban kar hamare saath disco chalna hoga. No excuses..

Khushi- Okay whatever you say :)

Arnav- Khushi are you crazy??? You are going to the disco with him??

Khushi- Yea of course, don't worry you can come to baby.

Arnav- Unbelievable!!

So at night they all go to the disco, Khushi was very happy that she was going to disco with THE SALMAN KHAN!! And Arnav was furious as always and couldn't even say anything to Khushi because he knew it would be just useless to argue with her about SALMAN KHAN!!

Salman- Chalo Munni appne dance ka jaadoo dekhao.

Khushi- Kya? Hum or dance?? Nahi... Nahi... I'm scared...

Salman- No fear when I'm here. Chalo cam' on dance!!

Khushi starts dancing on Munni Badnaam Hui and Salman joins in to dance with her. While Arnav is just going "What The.. What The.." in his head. (He is like the Sonu Sood in the song) And after the dance.

Salman- Aaaree Wahhh hum toh aapke fan bangaye.

Khushi-*Blushes* Awwww Thank You!!

Salman- No sorry and No Thank you in .... Love <3

Arnav- WHAT!!! What do you mean love? I thought it was No sorry and No thank you in friendship. Yaar what kind of actor are you? You don't even remember your own dialogue.

Salman- Mere pyaare se Chedi Singh, 2 minutes ki liye chup nahi reh sakte.

Arnav- What?? Who the hell is Chedi Singh?

Salman- (Ignoring Arnav) Toh Khushiji hum aapse kya keh rahe the? Oh yea I have to tell you something?

Khushi- Ji kya?

Salman- Jab bhi aap hamare paas aati he toh dil mein Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Aasa lagta hai ke Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Aur dil kehta hai ke Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kiya. Mann karta hain ke aapse puchu le ke kya aap Mujhse Shaadi Karogi? Mujhe paatha hai ke aap mere liye Biwi No.1 banogi. Aur wese bhi Jaan-E-Mann, Tere Naam hum ne kiya hai jeevan aapna sara sanam ?

Khushi- ... *Shocked*

After a while Khushi just fainted in Salman's arms. Salman Khan picked her up and said..

Salman- Dekha Robin Hood Pandey ka jaadoo.

Arnav- What jaadoo?? You just made her faint ??

Salman- Exactly yeh he humara jaadoo, Okay bye-bye Chedi Singh nice meeting you! See you later!!!

Salman Just took Khushi with him in his arms.

Chedi Singh What the... You have got to be kidding me! (Runs after Salman and Khushi)

Well I hope you guys liked it.. I had fun writing this one :)

And my next bollywood star is......

(Hint: Barun's Favorite...)

Apr 9, 2012

Arnav and Khushi meet Bollywood !! (By Jiyakhurana) (Thanked: 11 times)

Well most people guessed Aamir Khan but sorry to say that my next bollywood star in not Aamir.. I thought all of you were going to guess it but I guess after that recent interview everyone thought it was going to be aamir. When I said Barun's Favorite I meant Barun's favorite actress. Challo koi baat nahi, I will use aamir khan next time for sure :-)

P.S. This one is kinda long compared to my other post, lol once I started writing I couldn't stop haha anyways enjoyyyy !!! :)

After working day and night, both Arnav and Khushi decide to take a break from their work. Arnav put down all the calls and meetings, and Khushi cancelled all the dabba orders for a week. They both take a vacation to a small town in Rajasthan.

Khushi- Doesn't it feel good to be away from home and work for a while.

Arnav- Yes, of course baby.

Arnav whispers to himself *Just hope some crazy bollywood star doesn't pop up in our vacation again*

Khushi- Did you say something honey?

Arnav- No, nothing at all...

While in Rajasthan, both take a visit to one of the most beautiful and one of the oldest palaces in Rajasthan.

Khushi- It's so beautiful, isn't it? All the queens who lived here must have been really lucky.

Arnav- Yes, of course and all of the kings.

Khushi- (Laughs) Speaking of kings, this remind of the movie Jodhaa Akbar. Hrithik Roshan had a palace just like this in the movie..

Arnav to himself *Oh god not again, now watch in few minutes some actor is going to pop up and take my Khushi away, Hey Bhagvan Help!!!

Just as they both enter the terrace of the palace; Arnav notices one of his favorite Bollywood star Sonali Bendre. For a second, he was going to ignore it as he was on a vacation with his wife but then he thought "Wait..Wait..Wait... What are you doing ASR! This is a good time to make Khushi jealous, she is always making you jealous with those khan's so why not teach her a lesson this time and... maybe next time she will think twice before making you jealous"

Arnav quickly let go of Khushi's hand and run towards Sonali.

Arnav- SONALI BENDRE WOW!!! I can't believe it's really you... wow OMG!

Khushi is just shocked standing there looking at Arnav.

Sonali- Hey nice to meet you... i'm sorry but what's your name?

Arnav- Arnav... Arnav Singh Raizada.

They both shake hands, and Arnav looks at Khushi. He sees that she is getting mad and gives her one of his killer smirks.

Sonali- WOW, aren't you that famous business tycoon in Delhi?

Arnav- Yes... Yes that's me! WOW you know who I am. I'm like shocked. I must be dreaming right now.

Arnav sees that Khushi is getting more furious...

Khushi says to herself *OMG look at him, look how he is there laughing and smiling without me. I will not spear him when we get home. I will not even look at him or talk to him. Have all the fun you want to right now Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. You are going to be dead once we get home!

Arnav- Do you mind if I take a picture with you?

Sonali- Yea, sure why not

Arnav walks over to Khushi. Khushi thinks to herself *Oh now he wants to come by me, watch I'm not even going to talk to him*

Arnav- Hey Khushi

Khushi- Kya he?

Arnav- Can you take me and Sonali's picture...

Before Khushi could say anything, Arnav interrupts..

Arnav- Okay Thanks :)

Arnav calls Sonali over and hands Khushi the camera.

Khushi to herself *OMG how dare he ask me to take a picture of him and that witch. Maan karta he yeh camera uske...*

Arnav- Hurry up Khushi, we don't have all day.

Khushi prepares to take the picture.

Arnav- Wait... Wait... Wait... let me fix my shirt... Okay now take it!

As she was about to take it, Arnav puts his arm around Sonali's shoulder. Khushi gets really mad and drop the camera on the ground on purpose.

Arnav- What the... Khushi you broke the damn camera.

Khushi- Oops sorry, Galati se hogaya *Gives an evil smirk to Arnav*

Arnav to himself *Oh no, no, no Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada don't think I'm going to let you get away that easily* Arnav pulls out his phone.

Arnav- Don't worry we will take it in my phone, and this time I will take it by myself.

Arnav and Sonali pose for the picture, and Arnav snaps it.

Arnav- Done, thank you so much.

Sonali- Oh no need to thank me.

As they are talking some Rajasthani music starts playing in the palace.

Arnav- Would you like to dance with me?

Sonali- Why, of course I would love to

Arnav and Sonali starts dancing together, and Khushi's blood is just boiling she doesn't know what to do. As the music stops they both stop dancing.

Sonali- WOW you know Arnav, you are so cute and sweet. And on top of that you are a good business man and a very good dancer. I'm impressed; you know we should meet for dinner sometimes.

Arnav- Yes we definitely should. I would love that. But first a nice, big hug, what's say?

Sonali- (Smiles) Awwww yes of course

Khushi to herself *OKAY I had enough Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada* as she is walking towards Arnav and Sonali. She hears someone scream Sonali's name and she stops. Arnav and Sonali are about to hug and they stop and turn to look at the person who called Sonali's name. It was none other than the Dabaang of Bollywood, Salman Khan. (Hahah yes he is back with a bangg again, I felt that this story was incomplete without him)

Arnav to himself *OMG not again, what the hell is he doing here.*

Salman- SONALI!!

Sonali- Salman!!

Salman- Preeti!!!

Sonali- Prem!!!

As they both are walking towards each other, Hum Saath Saath Hain music plays in the Background. Phoolon Mein Khushboo Hai... Is Dil Mein Ek Tu Hai... Janmon Ke Saathi, Hum Saath Saath Hainnnnnnnnn!!!

Arnav- What the hell is going on...!! Sonali?

Sonali completely ignoring Arnav walks towards Salman.

Salman- Oh wow what a pleasant surprise, so nice to see you again.

Sonali *Blushes*

Salman- Would you like to join me for lunch today?

Sonali- Yes I would love to

Arnav- But Sonali... what about our plans

Salman to himself *Aaaree yaar yeh Chedi Singh phir se aagaya*

Sonali- Sorry Arnav, is it ok if we re-schedule our plans?

Arnav was about to say something but then Sonali interrupted

Sonali- Okay Thanks, see you later.

Arnav- What the...

Sonali and Salman walk away from Arnav and stop by Khushi who was just enjoying all this drama.

Salman- Aaaree Wahhh Munniji aap!!

Khushi smiles

Sonali- Munni??

Salman- Oh sorry, Sonali this is Khushi, and Khushi this is Sonali.

Khushi- Yes of course I know her.

Salman- Actually you know Sonali few months ago I met Khushi while I was shooting for Dabaang 2 and I had took her to the disco and we both danced to Munni Badnaam. And I must tell you that Khushi is a mind blowing dancer. So ever since then I started calling her Munni.

Sonali- Oh I see, you know Khushi you should also join us for lunch today.

Salman- Yes... Yes of course we would love to have lunch with you

Khushi- Okay sure

Salman- Ohkay then let's go

Khushi- Yes... actually I have to make a quick phone call... I will meet you guys by the car.

Sonali and Salman- Okay sure :)

Khushi walks over to angry Arnav.

Khushi- So Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada tried to make me jealous... Awwww so cute but sorry baby your plan failed... I win

Arnav- Oh really... So you weren't jealous at all... Right?

Khushi- No I wasn't !!

Arnav- Then I guess it was someone else who was getting mad and cursing at me in their heads and was planning to not talk to me.

Khushi to herself *OMG how does it know what I was thinking*

Arnav- I know everything Mrs. Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada. ASR never losses, he always wins.

Khushi was shocked!! Just then Salman came over.

Salman- Khushi let's go we are getting late.

Khushi- Yes of course sure

Khushi gives and evil smirk to Arnav and says "I win Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada"

Khushi walks away.

Salman- (Watches Khushi leave) Aaaree Wahhh Chedi Singh... that's the second time in a row, step it up man... Anyways see you late BYEEE!!!

Salman catches up with Khushi, and both of them walk away.

Arnav- What the... yaar Arnav, Salman was right I gotta step it up... What's wrong with you Arnav Singh Raizada?? You're losing to your wife. Mann Have I lost my charm?

Just then Arnav gets a text message! And it was from Khushi.

Khushi's Text- No Mrs. Arnav Singh Raizada you have not lost your charm you still have it stop worrying too much and enjoy. And I will see you at the hotel in half an hour.

Arnav- What the... How does she know what I was talking about?

Arnav gets another text from Khushi

Khushi's Text- I know everything, after all I am Chedi Singh's.. I mean Arnav Singh Raizada's wife ;-)

Arnav *Smiles* Pagal Ladki!!

Well hope you guys like it.. I put more Arnav and Khushi scene in this time since my other posts didnt have many.. Still gotta keep the arshi romance right? Hahaha lol

Sooo my next Bollywood Star is.... Well IDK yet.. You guys help me choose what bollywood star you want to see with Arnav and Khushi !! Here are some options...

Aamir Khan?

Saif Ali Khan?

Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao?

(Your suggestions are always welcome too) :-D

Apr 14, 2012

Arnav and Khushi meet Bollywood !! (By Jiyakhurana) (Thanked: 33 times)

Hello guys I'm back with another bollywood star. Sorry for the delay was stuck in work. But Anyways ENJOY !!

One day Arnav and Khushi go to a cooperate party. Big famous business tycoons were at the party and also few celebrities. Arnav and Khushi arrive at the party.

Khushi- WOW what a nice party, the arrangements look fabulous.

Arnav- Yea I know, after all it's in honor of all the finest business tycoons in India.

Khushi- Nice

They walk over to get some drinks. They get some wine and as they are enjoying their drink, Arnav notices that the great Aamir Khan is also at the party.

Arnav to himself- Oh no yaar not again, not another bollywood star. I am fed up with them. Arnav beta before Khushi see's him, take Khushi away from here as soon as possible.

As Arnav was about to confront Khushi to leave, Khushi spots Aamir.

Arnav- Oh no yaar, too late... Well there goes my night!

As Khushi was about to shout Aamir's name, she stopped...!

Khushi to herself- Aaaree no Khushi what are you doing, you had enough with this bollywood stars. Do you want to break Arnavji's heart again? You know how sad he feels whenever he sees you with this khan's. No Khushi! I know you don't want to but you will have to ignore Aamir Khan this time for Arnavji.

Arnav gets shocked and thinks that maybe Khushi didn't notice him.

Arnav- What's wrong Khushi? Are you okay? You do know that your dream man Aamir Khan is standing right there and you're not saying anything.

Khushi- I'm okay and I do notice that Aamir Khan is there but my real dream man is right here right next to me.

Khushi holds Arnav's arm. Arnav smiles

Arnav- Its okay Khushi you can go meet Aamir, I won't feel bad.

Khushi- No I don't want to go by any Aamir...Wamir... I want to stay here with my Arnav. You are my real Shahrukh, Salman, and Aamir.

Arnav- WOW Khushi!! Pinch me... Am I dreaming or what?

As soon as Khushi pinched Arnav, Aamir Khan makes an entry in front of them.

Arnav to himself- Well there goes my beautiful dream, I shouldn't have told Khushi to pinch me.

Aamir to Arnav- Hey aren't you that famous business tycoon in Delhi who runs the AR Company... Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada! Am I right?

Arnav *Shocked* Yes absolutely.

Aamir shakes Arnav's hand.

Aamir- So nice to meet you, I have heard a lot of things about you... Nice things of course.

Arnav- Oh wow that's nice, btw this is my wife Khushi.

Khushi *Smiles* Namaste!

Aamir- Oh hello how are you?

Khushi- I'm good what about you?

Aamir- I'm great... oh btw Arnav I wanted to talk to you about something.

Arnav was shocked that Aamir was more interested in talking to him than Khushi.

Arnav- About what?

Aamir- Actually I have seen one of your fashion calendars and was impressed by your traditional Indian outfits. And was hoping you can design those of my next film.

Arnav- Oh wow that's an honor, but actually all the credit goes to my wife she was the one who came up with the idea... the traditional look wasn't actually planned it just happened. AR groups only designs western outfits.

Aamir- Oh well is there any way you can design any traditional outfits for me?

Arnav- Umm I will see what I can do.

As Arnav and Aamir kept talking about business and stuff. Khushi kind of felt awkward and was little sad that Aamir was more interested in talking to Arnav then her. Khushi just excused herself out of there.

Arnav- Okay so I will give you a call after I discuss it with my group.

Aamir- wow you are a lucky man Arnav, you have a beautiful, talented wife.

Arnav- Excuse me?

Aamir- Oh sorry, but after I had seen her in that Calendar I just wanted to meet her. I was just amazed by her simplicity. I came over to talk to her but got nervous. But don't get me wrong I also wanted to talk to you I am very impressed with your work and would love for you and your wife to design outfits for my movie.

Arnav- Wait... Wait... Let me clear this up. You got nervous to talk to my wife?

Aamir- umm yes I know its bit strange for me to say this but can't help it she is just too gorgeous. No words seem to come out of my mouth. I was just Fannaa over her! Sorry... Sorry I am talking about your wife like this in front of you. You know I should leave now.

Arnav- It's okay. Btw aren't you going to meet Khushi?

Aamir- Umm not right now, I'm still too nervous maybe next time. Btw do give me a call whenever you have decided.

Arnav- Yea sure of course

Aamir- Bye and say bye to Khushi to from me.

Arnav- Yes sure, bye!

Aamir shakes Arnav's hand and leaves.

Arnav- The GREAT Aamir Khan! Nervous to talk to a girl? UNBELIEVEABLE!!!

Khushi comes over to Arnav

Khushi- So Mr.Raizada tonight you have officially stole my hero from me. And I hate to admit it but Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada LOST today, and ASR won!

Arnav- No Khushi, no one lost today... We both won!

Khushi- But how?

Arnav- Long story... I will tell you when we get home.

Arnav to himself- Or btw if I tell you now you would probably just faint to hear that THE GREAT AAMIR KHAN was nervous to talk to you.

Khushi- Did you say something?

Arnav- No nothing... Anyways it's getting late we should get going. Let's go!

Sorry its short and lame this time I wrote it in class so had to do it fast. Hoped you guys liked it. Do comment and let me know what bollywood star you want to see with Arnav and Khushi.

My next Bollywood Star is.... .....(Options)

Shahid and Amrita ?

Saif Ali Khan ?

Akshay and John ?

Apr 15, 2012

Arnav and Khushi meets Shahid and Amrita !! (By Jiyakhurana) (Thanked: 10 times)

Hello guys I'm back with Shahid and Amrita as most of you requested. And also before the story starts I want to Thank each and everyone of your for liking my story. Becaue of your love I get inspired to write more. So thank you and please keep giving me your love and support :) ENJOY !

One afternoon, Arnav and Khushi were enjoying their tea after a long day of work. And suddenly Arnav gets a call from an unknown number.

Arnav- Unknown Number?

Khushi- Pick it up Arnavji, it might be your long lost twin.

Arnav- HA...HA...Not funny Khushi.

Arnav- Hello

Shahid Kapoor- Hello

Arnav- Do I know you?

Shahid- What kind of generation is this; you don't even remember your childhood best friend. Ohhhhh I forgot you are a big business tycoon now.

Arnav- You're telling me I don't remember, you know how many times I tried to contact you. Ohhhhh but I forgot that you are a big bollywood star now.

Shahid- You still haven't changed have you?

Arnav- Nope still the same ASR. So what have you been up to?

Shahid- Nothing just work, hey I'm in Delhi right now so why don't we meet up somewhere.

Arnav- Yes, of course... But where? And When?

Shahid- I have a private house here, I will text you the address and how about tomorrow morning at 8?

Arnav- Okay done, btw I have a surprise for you this time *Looking at Khushi* and you might want to call a doctor just in case.

Shahid- Call a doctor why?

Arnav- You will see...

Shahid- Well I have a surprise for you too and you won't need to call a doctor for that.

Arnav- Alright then, I will see you tomorrow

Shahid- Okay bye

Khushi- Who was that?

Arnav- Promise not to faint?

Khushi- Promise

Arnav- Shahid Kapoor, I forgot to tell you he is one of my best childhood friends and he is in Delhi so he invited us to his house tomorrow.

Khushi *shocked* Shha... Shahiiidd Kapooorrrr... Yo..Yourr best.. fr..friend... *FAINTS*

Arnav- Khushi... KHUSHI you promised.

Khushi *wakes up* I was just acting... chill. But OMG SHAHID KAPOOR!! I'm going to meet Shahid tomorrow. *Screams*

Arnav- Ouch Khushi my ear... You know I'm right here. I should have made you promise to no screaming and no fainting.

The next morning, Arnav and Khushi get ready to go meet Shahid at his house. They reach at Shahid's house at 7:45.

Arnav- Khushi hide behind me, you're the surprise I have for Shahid.

Khushi- Okay *Hides behind Arnav*

Arnav rings the bell. Shahid's servant opens the door and leads them one of the lounge upstairs.

Servant- Shahid sir will be here in a moment.

Arnav- Okay.

Khushi- WOW this room is beautiful.

Arnav- Khushi shhh.. and stay behind me.

Khushi- Okay... Okay...

Shahid walks in...

Shahid- Hey man what's up. You look the same, haven't changed a bit.

Walks over to give Arnav a hug. But Arnav stops him.

Arnav- Before the hug, I want to show you my surprise.

Shahid- Okay cool with me.

Arnav holds Khushi hand and brings her forward. Shahid is kinda confused.

Arnav- Shahid meet my wife, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.

Shahid was just shocked he didn't move or say anything for about 5 minutes.

Arnav- Shahid are you okay?

Shahid- You were right man, I just might need to call my doctor. I mean THE ASR married? WOW hats off to your Khushi.

Shahid goes over and hugs Khushi.

Arnav- Watch it Shahid, she is your Bhabhiji.

Shahid- So what I can't hug my bhabhiji.

Khushi- Of course you can. You look so cute, just like how you did in the movie vivah.

Shahid gets shy and blushes.

Khushi- Awww soo cute!

Arnav- Dude stop acting like newly wedded wife and show me your surprise.

Shahid- Okay first take a seat. This surprise is specially for Khushiji, and Arnav hold on to her just in case she might just faint.

Arnav and Khushi take a seat, and Shahid goes out and comes back in with someone behind his back.

Shahid- We have the same surprise Arnav. *Holds Amrita's hand and brings her out*

Shahid- Meet my wife Amrita Rao Kapoor.

Arnav and Khushi are just shocked.

Khushi- OMG my dream couple, my sweet shamrita are married. You have no idea how many times I prayed for you guys to get married. Finally god has heard my prayers.

Khushi walks over to Shahid and Amrita and gives them a hug. Then they all sit down and have some drinks.

Shahid and Arnav at the same time- So how long have you guys been married?

They all laugh

Amrita and Khushi at the same time- 6 months.

Arnav- I think we were all long lost twins in the last generation.

Khushi- Shahid why didn't you tell anyone? The media still doesn't know that you guys are married.

Shahid- Well I don't want to surprise everyone now, I just want to enjoy some alone time with my

Amrita then tell everyone.

Arnav- Good thinking I should have done that too.

Amrita- So are we just going to sit here and talk all day? Or do something fun too?

Khushi- Let's all dance.

Shahid and Arnav- NO!

Amrita- I think that's a wonderful idea, cam 'on Khushi we can go to my room and dance. While this too boring mans can sit here and talk.

Khushi and Amrita leave the lounge and go to Shamrita's room.

Arnav- Women these days.

Shahid- Yea tell me about it.

Arnav- Now let's go dance or else we would have to hear a long lecture at night.

Shahid- I agree lets go.

Arnav and Shahid leave the lounge and go to Shamrita's room. They open the door and are just speechless. They see their beautiful wife's laughing and dancing to Anarkali Disco Chali.

Shahid and Arnav look at each other and give an evil smirk to each other. Shahid closed the door gently and Arnav turned off the lights.

Amrita- What happened to the lights?

Khushi- Amrita you know I'm very scared of the dark.

Arnav lights few candles and Shahid changed the music to slow romantic music.

Amrita- What's going on?

Khushi and Amrita both start panicking and bump into Arnav and Shahid. The girls both let out a loud scream. Shahid runs over and turns the lights on. And Arnav turns the music off.

Khushi to Arnav and Amrita to Shahid- AAP?

Shahid and Arnav- Yes US!

Khushi- What are you guys doing here? Sneaking in here like thief's.

Arnav- We are just trying to surprise to you guys.

Amrita- Surprise us or scare us to death?

Khushi- Why did you guys have to turn the lights off, You know I'm scared of the dark Arnavji.

Shahid- Well sorry for trying to be romantic.

Arnav- Enough with his arguments, let's get back to dancing?

Khushi- Dancing or aap?

Shahid- What we can't dance with our wife's. Arnav turn the lights off and I will start the music.

Shahid turns back the music and all four of them start slow dancing to Tu Hi Mera. As they are dancing Shahid and Arnav come back to back.

Shahid *Whispers* Wahh Arnav Singh Raizada, Slow dancing? You have really changed man.

Arnav- *Smiles* Love changes everyone.

All four of them continue slow dancing and afterwards enjoy their romantic candle light dinner.

Well I hope you guys liked it and here is a VM I made on Arnav and Khushi using the Vivah trailer. Just thought I post it as it goes with the story

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

My next Bollywood Star is....


Akshay and John?

Saif Ali Khan?

Karan Johar?

Apr 16, 2012

Arnav and Khushi meet Bollywood !! (By Jiyakhurana) (Thanked: 9 times)

My next Bollywood Star is... Akshay Kumar and John Abraham as all of you wanted... First I want to thank everyone once again for liking my story and for helping me choose my bollywood stars. And secondly I'm really excited to write this one but sadly I'm stuck guys.... I don't know what to write, I have few ideas but they dont seem right to me. Please guys give me some suggestions, I need your help. If you guys have some ideas please let me know...How will Arnav and Khushi meet Akshay and John??? Who should win this time Arnav or Khushi?? Should there be jealously? Really confused help me out guys !!!

Apr 22, 2012

Arnav and Khushi meet Akshay and John !! (By Jiyakhurana) (Thanked: 12 times)

Arnav and Khushi take a trip to USA and are in search for a rental apartment. Khushi alones goes hunting for apartments as Arnav was too busy with his work. She knew what she was looking for, a nice big beautiful apartment with a swimming pool and also a beach right next to it. Khushi goes to the real estates' office but sadly they couldn't find her a place she was looking for. Just then over hears someone talking...

Akshay Kumar- Yaar John, What are you we going to do with our Nice, Big, Beautiful apartment now?

John Abraham- Dude I don't know... I can't believe there is no one out there who is willing to share our apartment with us. I mean it has a great swimming pool and also a nice relaxing beach next to it. Who wouldn't want that?

Khushi overhears their conversation and runs toward them.

Khushi- I WANT IT!!!

Akshay and John look up and are just mesmerized by her beauty. They couldn't stop staring at her.

Khushi- Hello?? I said I want it!!

Akshay and John look at each other and give each other an evil smirk.

Akshay- Why don't you come with us and we will show you the apartment.

Khushi- uhh... sure why not!

John to whispers' to Akshay- that was an easy one

They all leave to go look at the apartment. They all arrive and Khushi see's the apartment and is just amazed by it.

Khushi- WOW this is beautiful

John- You like it?

Khushi- Like it? I Love it!!

Akshay- Cam 'on I'll show you the whole apartment.

They look at the whole apartment. It had 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. With a nice living room, balcony, swimming pool, kitchen, and a study room.

Khushi- This is perfect!! So when are guys moving out of here?

Akshay and John- MOVING OUT??

Khushi- Yes moving out.

Akshay- We are not moving out of here.

Khushi- But why not? Didn't you guys say you were renting the apartment and that's why you were at the real estate's office.

John- We are renting it but we are not moving out, we need another person to live with us so they can help us out the apartment rent and stuff.

Akshay- We are not fools that we will leave this beautiful apartment!

Khushi- Ohhh so you guys are just looking for a roommate to help with the rent and stuff. Well then sorry guys I can't take this apartment now.

Akshay- Why not?

John- We can all share the apartment.

Khushi- I mean, I would have taken in but it's not right for me to stay here alone with two guys... You know what I mean?

Akshay- Yea I know what you mean. But it's not like that.

Khushi- What do you mean?

John- Dude where are you going with this?

Akshay- No need to worry Khushi, you can stay here we won't do anything wrong with you.

Khushi- How do I know for sure that you guys won't do anything wrong with me?

Akshay- Cause we are gay!!

Khushi and John- WHAT!?!

Akshay- Yes gay! Me and John are a couple!! You didn't know that?

John- Couple? What the hell we are not...

Akshay put his hand on John mouth and took him to the balcony.

Akshay- Excuse us for a moment, we will be right back Khushi.

Khushi- Okay...

At the balcony...

John- DUDE are you mad? What are you doing?

Akshay- If I didn't do that then we would have lost a hot roommate.

John- What are you saying?

Akshay- Didn't you hear what she said she will not live with single hot mans. I had to do this so she would stay. Plus we need someone who will help us with rent and stuff. And what can be better than this?

John- But dude I'm not gay!!

Akshay- You fool I know that, you know that, but she doesn't know that. We will just act gay so she will stay here and when the right time comes we will break up and tell her that we are not gay anymore. When she sees our broken hearts she will never leave us.

John- WOW that a nice plan.

Khushi come to the balcony.

Khushi- What were you saying John? That you guys are not a...?

John- Uhh...

Akshay- He was saying that we are not just a couple, but we are also soul mates. Right John?

John- Uh yes of course.

Akshay- So Khushi are you going to stay here now?

Suddenly Khushi gets a call from someone.

Khushi- Excuse me, I will be right back

Akshay- Yea sure

Khushi goes in the living room...

Khushi- Hello Arnavji

Arnav- Did you find the apartment Khushi?

Khushi- Yes I did but there is one problem

Arnav- Problem? What problem?

Khushi- I found this beautiful apartment but we will have to share it with two other people. But the apartment is so amazing that I didn't want to let go of it. So I agreed to stay with the guys.

Arnav- WHAT GUYS?? You are going to live alone with the two guys?

Khushi- Don't worry they won't do anything to me... They are gay.

Arnav- WHAT GAY!

Khushi- Yes gay, they are a couple. So don't worry.

Arnav- Okay then that's good

Khushi- Yea but when you are coming to Miami from New York?

Arnav- Khushi this meeting will take few weeks but I will try to come as fast as I can.

Khushi- Okay come fast I miss you.

Arnav- Aww I miss you too jaan.

Khushi- Well I will let you do your work now and I'll talk to you later bye.

Arnav- Bye love you

Khushi- Love you too.

Khushi goes back to the balcony

Khushi- Okay guys, so when can I move in here?

Akshay and John both got excited

Akshay- Whenever you want.

Khushi- How about tomorrow?

John- Perfect.

Akshay and John helped Khushi move in the new apartment. Khushi had the biggest room in the apartment, the master bedroom. Few weeks passed and Akshay, John, and Khushi had become best friends. One night to celebrate their friendship they all went to a night club.

Khushi walked out of her room wearing a sexy pink short dress. Akshay and John could not stop staring at her.

Khushi- Ready to party my desi boys?

Akshay- Yes of course my desi girl.

Khushi- Then what are we waiting for, LETS GO!

They all reach the night club.

John- My desi girl looks extremely happy today? Is everything okay?

Khushi- Yes of course, In fact I have a surprise for the both of you.

Akshay- Surprise wow where is it?

Khushi- It's not here yet.

John- Well while we wait for the surprise, cam 'on let's dance!!

Khushi- Sure!!

All 3 of them dance on the song mix of "Desi Boyz" and "Desi Girl". After the songs end Akshay and John both go on their knees and are about to ask Khushi something but just then someone interputs them.

Arnav- Wanna be my desi girl?

Khushi is damn excited to see Arnav and runs over to him ,completely ignoring Akki and John. Khushi runs and gives Arnav a long tight hug.

Khushi- So happy that you're here

Arnav- Well what can I do, I just couldn't stay away from my princess any longer.

Khushi- Awwww, come I want you to meet someone.

Khushi takes Arnav by Akshay and John.

Khushi- Arnavji meet Akshay and John my desi boys, and Akshay and John meet Arnavji my husband.

Arnav- Hey!

Akshay and John were just shocked and speechless.

Khushi- What's wrong guys! Don't you like your surprise?

Akshay- That was a surprise more like an atomic bomb.

Khushi- WHAT?!?

Akshay- Uhh nothing I mean what a nice surprise.

John- Yea VERY nice surprise (Sarcasm)

Khushi- John control yourself... He's my husband.

Arnav- Khushi why don't we go for a drive, I'm sure your friends won't mind if I take you away from few hours.

Khushi- Yes of course, they won't mind. There really sweet

Akshay- You guys can go; me and john will meet you at the apartment.

Khushi- Aww okay bye guys!! Let's go Arnavji

Arnav and Khushi leave the night club and go for a long drive.

Akshay- Well we did all that for nothing!

John- Thanks to your brilliant plan!

Akshay- but it was fun she was a sweet girl.

John- Yea very different from other girls.

Akshay- Yeaaa, but she wasn't our type of a girl.

A crazy drunk girl with a bikini on passes by them

Akshay- Now that's our type of a girl

John- She's mine, I called it!

Akshay- I saw her first so she's mine.

John- I said it first she is mine.

They both continue arguing and night slowly passed by!

SORRY for the late update guys, had exams and other things going on so couldnt write it. Hope you guys liked it and a special thank to Khushi4ever for the dostana idea.

My next Bollywood Star is.... RANBIR KAPOOR !!

Apr 23, 2012

Arnav and Khushi meet Rabir and Ranveer !! (By Jiyakhurana) (Thanked: 11 times)

Hey guys, I have added one more bollywood star with Ranbir. I thought that the story would be more interesting with this two !! Sooo ENJOY !!

Arnavji...! Arnavji...! Shouted Khushi as she rushed in there room

Arnav- What Khushi?

Khushi- You have a phone call

Arnav- From who?

Khushi- Ranbir Kapoor!!

Arnav- What again? This is the 6th time he called.

Khushi hands Arnav the phone.

Arnav- Yes Ranbir?

Ranbir Kapoor- Have you completed the sketches?

Arnav- For the 6th time no I haven't, when I'm done I will call you. Bye *Hangs up the phone*

Khushi- Why are you so rude to my Rockstar?

Arnav- Your Rockstar...?

Khushi- Yes MY Rockstar.

Arnav- Khushi look I don't have time for this so please leave and let me work.

Khushi- Laad Governor!!

Arnav gives an evil smirk to Khushi as she walks out of the room. After 5 minutes Khushi rushed into the room again.

Khushi- Arnavji...!!! Arnavji...!

Arnav- What now Khushi?

Khushi- You have a phone call.

Arnav- Let me guess Ranbir again.

Khushi- No Ranveer

Arnav- That's what I said Ranbir

Khushi- No Arnavji, NOT Ranbir Kapoor, but Ranveer Singh!!!

Arnav- Ohhh... you know they really need to change their names *Takes the phone from Khushi*

Arnav- Yes Ranveer what now?

Ranveer Singh-Are my sketches done?

Arnav- For the 6th time NO they are not done... I will call you when they are done.

Ranveer- 6th time? This is only my 4th time calling.

Arnav- Whatever bye! *Hangs up the phone*

Arnav- I swear this two Ranbir's are going to kill me before I even start on their project.

Khushi- If you hate it so much then why did you take up their project?

Arnav- Cause If I didn't then they would have gone to our rivals and I can't let that happen. This two projects are very important for the AR company. Even though I hate it so much I have to do it. It's for my benefit.

Khushi- *Smiling* and mine too.

Arnav- What did you say? Your benefit too? How?

Khushi- Uhh... I get to answer two cutie's phone calls every minute. What can be better than that.

Arnav- Not again... I swear within few months my life has been filled with bollywood freaks.

Khushi- Correction Bollywood Hotties

Arnav- KHUSHI!!

Khushi smiling ran out the room.

The next morning... As Arnav was getting ready...

Khushi- Arnavji I have put the two files with the sketch inside on this table. The one on the left, the red one is for Ranbir and the one on the right, the blue one is for Ranveer.

Arnav- Okay Khushi!

Khushi- Okay so I'm going shopping I will meet you in the afternoon.

Arnav- Okay bye!

As Khushi was leaving the room...

Arnav- WAIT KHUSHI..!! You forgot something.

Khushi- Forgot something? What did I forget?

Arnav started walking towards her. Khushi was stepping back slowly, she stopped as she hit the wall.

Khushi- Wha...What are you doing Arnavji?

Arnav slowly placed a kiss on Khushi cheek's... Which left Khushi speechless...

Arnav- Okay now you can go.

Khushi still shocked left the room without saying anything.

In the afternoon... Ranbir and Ranveer came over to the Raizada Mansion to look at their sketches.

HP told them to have a seat in the living room.

Ranbir- What are you doing here?

Ranveer- I'm getting my outfit designed for my Filmfare performance by the great AR Company. What are you doing here?

Ranbir- Same reason... My outfit is gonna be way better than ours though.

Ranveer- Keep dreaming... My outfit is going to rock just watch.

In Arnav's room...

HP- Arnav sir, Ranbir and Ranveer have arrived.

Arnav- Alright, I will be down in few minutes.

HP left the room...

Arnav- Uhh which file did Khushi say was for Ranbir and Ranveer? Uhh SHIT man... I think the red was for Ranveer and the blue is for Ranbir... YEA that's right!!

Arnav walks down the stair and see's Ranbir and Ranveer arguing

Arnav- ENOUGH!!!

Ranbir and Ranveer both look up and see Arnav with two files in his hand.

Ranbir- Watch my design is going to be better than ours.

Ranveer- Keep dreaming...

Arnav sits and hands them their designs.

Arnav- Alright the Red file is for Ranveer *Hand Ranveer the file* And the Blue file is for Ranbir *Hands Ranbir the file*

Ranbir and Ranveer both look at the sketches...

Ranbir and Ranveer- WHAT IS THIS!?!

Arnav- Your designs!

Ranbir- I told you to design a full on Rockstar outfit for me, not this Punjabi junk!

Ranveer- And I told you to design a full on Punjabi outfit for me, not this stupid Rockstar outfit.

Khushi comes in and hears all this...

Khushi- OMG what's wrong?

Ranbir- I told him to design a Rockstar outfit for me but he designed an Punjabi outfit for me.

Ranveer- And I told him to design...

Before Ranveer could finish his sentence, Khushi took the file from Ranveer's hand and gave it to Ranbir, and took the file from Ranbir's hand and gave it to Ranveer.

Khushi- Sorry guys, Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada made a mistake. He thought *Pointing at Ranbir* that you were Ranveer, and he thought *Pointing at Ranveer* that you were Ranbir.

Ranbir to Arnav- WHAT! How can you confuse me the ROCKSTAR, with that THING!!

Ranveer- OYYYY!!! ROCKSTAR MY FOOT!! Be lucky that he confused you with me THE HEARTTHROB OF BOLLYWOOD and not some wild monkey that I think you are.

Ranbir- You think that I'm a wild monkey.

Ranveer- Nahi... Nahi of course not.

Ranbir- Oh okay good.

Ranveer- I KNOW that you are a wild monkey.

Ranbir- How dare you call me a wild monkey... You boneless chicken

Ranveer- You tapori

Ranbir- You buffalo

Ranveer- You cheap towel dancer

Ranbir- You cheap wedding dancer

Ranveer- Copy cater!

Ranbir- Oh let's not go there, you copied my name. You MAHA Copy Cater!

Ranveer- You just copied me, SUPER DUPER COPY CATER!!

Ranbir- You just copied me, SUPPER DUPER DUPER COPY CATER!!

Arnav and Khushi were just sitting on the couch, staring back and forth at Ranbir and Ranveer.

Arnav whispers to Khushi- Aren't you going to stop all of this Khushi?

Khushi- No not now, it's cute watching my Saawariya and Jigar Da Tukda fight. Now SHHH...!

Arnav- You are Unbelievable Khushi!

Well I hope you guys didn't get confused between Ranbir and Ranveer like how Arnav did. Haha lol Hope you guys liked it :-)

My next Bollywood Star is ..... IMRAN KHAN !!

Apr 24, 2012

Arnav and Khushi meet Imran Khan !! (By Jiyakhurana) (Thanked: 9 times)

Once upon a time Imran Khan comes to Delhi for his shooting and gets lost in the roads of Delhi. He somehow ends at the Raizada mansion thinking it's his movie set. He rings the doorbell and Arnav opens the door.

Imran Khan- Hey where is everyone am I early or what? BTW where is my vanity van?

Arnav- Who are you? And what the hell are you doing here?

Imran- You don't know who I am?

Arnav- NO

Imran- You seriously don't know who I am?

Arnav- NO I DON'T

Imran- I'm the great IMRAN KHAN!!

Arnav- OHHHH... *another khan* so what are you doing here?

Imran- This is my movie set, I'm here to film a movie.

Arnav- Movie set? Are you kidding me! What idiot told you this was your movie set. This is my house not your movie set. Look I think you got the wrong directions.

Imran- Oh....damn this confusing Delhi roads.

Arnav- You did a movie in Delhi before, Delli Belly and you got lost here. Do you have a memory problem like your mamu Aamir?

Imran- Of course... not...

As they are talking Khushi comes down the stairs.

Khushi- Arnavji who is at the door?

Arnav- Shit man not again, look dude you have to get out of here before my wife see's you... She is crazy bollywood fan and if she see's you here she's gonna be all over you. She loves those stupid sweet cute filmy guys.

Imran- Heyyy Heyyy dude calm down, I'm not those celebrity's that go gaga over some crazy female fan of mine. I know my limits... And plus don't worry I'm not those sweet filmy guys.

Arnav- And that's the reason why I like your mamu Aamir and.. now you. You know every bollywood celebrity should be like you. You need to teach the other actors like SRK and Salman to not go gaga over someone's wife.

Imran- I will try my best!!

Arnav- You know I like you Imran, so I'm going to introduce you to Khushi.

Khushi comes to the door.

Arnav- Khushi meet Imran Khan, Imran meet Khushi my wife.


Imran- WOAH.... Hello there Khushi!! *Takes Khushi's hand and kiss's it*

Arnav- What the...!

Khushi- OMG I can't believe your here, BTW why are you here?

Imran- I was going to my shoot and I got lost and I ended up here.

Khushi- Oh okay... why don't you come in inside and I'll make you some coffee

Imran- Sure I would love to...

Khushi- Ohkay great... Come I'll show you the living room.

Imran- After you Khushi...

Khushi starts walking to the living room and Imran follows... As Imran was going Arnav stop's him.

Arnav- I thought you're weren't one of those types huh?

Imran- What types?

Arnav- Don't play innocent with me, you clearly said that you don't go gaga over some crazy female fan.

Imran- Yea I know I don't

Arnav- Then what was all this that just happened.

Imran- I said I don't go gaga over some crazy female fan... I never said that I don't go gaga over some HOT and SEXY female fan!!

Arnav *Angrily* WHAT THE...! HOW DARE YOU...

Before Arnav could finish his sentences Imran interrupted.

Imran- Coming Khushi!!!!

Imran went to the living room and Arnav also followed him to the living room. After few minutes Khushi came to the living room with 3 cups of coffee. She gave Imran and Arnav a cup of coffee and they all sat down and started talking.

Imran- WOW amazing coffee Khushi

Khushi- Aww thank you... So what movie are shooting for right now?

Imran- Uhh... "Mein, Meri Khushi, Aur..."

Khushi- WOW nice can't wait, what's the storyline...?

Arnav knew that he wasn't really shooting for that movie; Arnav didn't get fooled by the fake movie title.

Imran- Uhh Khushi I can't tell you right now, you will have to wait and watch.

Khushi- Ohkay, so are you filmy like your movies?

Imran- Yes of course I'm just like my movies sweet and filmy.

Arnav was drinking his coffee, and as soon as he heard Imran say that he chocked on his coffee and started coughing.

Khushi- Arnavji are you okay?

Imran- I don't think he liked your coffee Khushi.

Arnav *Gave an evil look to Imran* I'm fine Khushi...!

Khushi- So Imran...

Imran Interrupted

Imran- You know Khushi you're looking very pretty in that Red Dress.

Khushi- Thank you Imran

Arnav is getting very furious

Imran signals Khushi to look at Arnav... They both laugh at Arnav's angry face. Khushi and Imran were both planning something fishy.

Imran- You know Khushi you would look really... really sexy and hot in a super sexy short pink dress.

Khushi- Ohhh really I just might have to go shopping for that.

Arnav looking at Khushi gets more furious, he was holding his coffee cup so tightly it looked like it was about to break any minute.

Imran- You also know Khushi...

Khushi interrupted.

Khushi- *Laughs* Okay... Okay... Stop Imran before Arnavji breaks his coffee cup.

Imran- Man I wanted to see that happen, why did you stop me yaar!!

Arnav *Quickly changed his angry face to confuse face*- Wait...What's going on..? I'm confused

Khushi- Imran was just joking about those things he said. He just wanted to make you mad... And plus he is married he would never say those things to an unknown married women.

Imran- Yea man I know my limits.

Arnav- WOW first your mamu fooled me and now you fooled me... Is fooling everyone your family trait or something? I swear all you khans are just so weird and strange.

Khushi- The best of the best, the khans!!

Arnav- And you too Khushi, how could you do this to me *Made a cute sad puppy face and went upstairs to his room*

Khushi- Ar...Arnavji I was just joking... Arnavji..!

Before Khushi could say anything else Arnav had left already.

Imran- Well Khushi I have to go. Thanks for the coffee.

Khushi- Your welcome

Imran- It was really nice meeting you and Arnav; you know all 3 of us should get together again.

Khushi- Yes of course definitely

Imran- Okay great, and as of now I should really get going before my director gets mad.

Khushi- We wouldn't want that to happen *Laughs*

Imran and Khushi walked towards the door. Imran hugs Khushi.

Imran- Bye Khushi

Khushi- Bye Imran

Imran- Oh and by the way Good Luck on trying to make Arnav happy

Khushi *Laughs* Thanks I'm gonna need the luck. Bye

Imran- Bye

Imran leaves and Khushi closes the door.

Khushi- Alright now... time to make Laad Governor happy!!

I hope you guys liked it :-)

My next Bollywood Star is..... VIDYA BALAN !!

(Get ready for some dirtiness)

Apr 25, 2012

Arnav and Khushi meet Vidya Balan !! (By Jiyakhurana) (Thanked: 9 times)

Here comes the dirtiness....

Khushi- Arnavji please!!

Arnav- For the millionth time NO Khushi!!

Khushi- Arnavji please be my partner for the dance competition please or else I will lose.

Arnav- Khushi you can dance alone, it's not required that you have to have a partner.

Khushi- I know but I really want you to dance with me in the competition please Arnavji

Arnav-I have danced with you enough, plus I have a lot of work to do so no Khushi.

Khushi- Pretty please with a cherry on top Arnavji *makes a sad puppy face*

Arnav- I'm not falling for that Khushi, I said No and NO means NO!!

Khushi- Okay fine don't dance with you but you have to do one thing for me.

Arnav- What?

Khushi- You have to get me a dance instructor

Arnav- WHAT... No way plus I don't even know any dance instructor so how am I suppose to find you one. You can do it yourself you're a big girl.

Khushi- I know one you just have to get it for me.

Arnav- Alright who?

Khushi- Vidya Balan

Arnav- WHAT!! Are you crazy? She is an actress not a dance instructor.

Khushi- She taught dance classes before and I want her to teach me the "Oh La La"

dance for the competition.

Arnav- What the... No way Khushi that's impossible

Khushi- I don't care, Your Arnav Singh Raizada you can get whatever you want so you have to get me her.

Arnav- But Khushi... (Khushi interrupted)

Khushi- Either you get me Vidya Balan or dance with me in the competition. Your choice... make it fast you only have one day.

Khushi rushed out the room

Arnav- Damn it!! Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada you are impossible!

The next morning Khushi goes down to the living room. Suddenly someone rings the doorbell, Khushi rushes to the door. She opens the door and is just left speechless.

Vidya Balan- Hey I'm here to teach Khushi the "Oh la la" dance. Are you Khushi?

Khushi- *Shocked* Ji...

Vidya- Oh great! Btw aren't you going to invite me in?

Khushi- *Still shocked* Ji...

Vidya- Are you okay Khushi?

Khushi- Oh yes sorry I was just little shocked to see you here, btw how did you get here?

Vidya- Umm... by car

Khushi- Oops I mean...

Vidya- Its okay I know what you mean. I got a call from Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada yesterday begging me to come teach you the dance. Luckily I'm on a holiday so I came and plus who can say no to Mr.Raizada.

Khushi and Vidya walk over to the living room.

Khushi- How do you know Arnavji?

Vidya- I read all the business magazines in my free time. And Mr.Arnav is my favorite business tycoon. You know I was actually shocked to get a call from him.

Khushi- So Arnavji called you to come over here to teach me dance right?

Vidya- Yes that's right.

Khushi- One minute I will be right back...

Vidya- Okay

Khushi- Btw make yourself comfortable, and if you need anything feel free to tell HP.

Vidya- Okay sure...

Khushi really excited runs towards her room. She opens the door and see's Arnav holding a file and talking on the phone with his Bluetooth on. She runs towards him and grabs the file in his hand and puts its down and disconnects the phone call.

Arnav- What the... Khushi what are you doing? That was an important call.

Without saying anything Khushi hugs Arnav very tightly.


Arnav- Khushi are you thanking me or trying to kill me...

Khushi notices that she is hugging Arnav a little too tightly. She lets go of him.

Khushi- Oops sorry, anyways THANK YOU AGAIN!! BYEEE

Khushi kiss's Arnav check and runs out the room singing Oh La La Oh La La...

Arnav- Pagal Ladki...

Khushi goes downstairs and see's Vidya sitting on the couch.

Khushi- Sorry for making you wait.

Vidya- It's okay... Now no more time wasting, turn on the music and let's start dancing.

Khushi- Okay!

Khushi turns on the music and Vidya starts teaching Khushi the steps for Oh La La... The music is turned on so loud that Arnav is unable to concentrate.

Arnav- I guess I won't be able to work now... uhh what should I do now..?? Ummm let me watch the original Oh La La song, let's see why so many people like it so much... It better be interesting.

Arnav turns his laptop on and goes on YouTube and searches the song. He see's the song and is just speechless.

Arnav- What the... Khushi is going to that for the dance competition. Oh hell no!! She is not dancing like that!!

He shuts the laptop down and quickly rushes downstairs.

NK- Khushiji I'm going out with my friends, I'll be back late at night.

Khushi- Okay Nanheji!

As NK was about to leave his foot slips but luckily he falls on the sofa.

Khushi- OMG Nanheji are you okay?

NK- I'm fine Khushiji, can you please help me get up.

As Khushi was about to help NK get up she also falls on top of him while the music is still playing. Arnav comes down and see's all this.

Arnav- Khushi what the hell are you doing?

Khushi- Nothing we were just dancing?

Arnav- Like that?

Khushi- Of course.

Khushi realizes that she is still on NK. She quickly gets up.

NK- I'm going bye.

NK leaves and Arnav comes down the stairs.

Arnav- Khushi you are not doing the Oh La La song... Pick a different song.

Khushi- But why?

Arnav- Have you seen the original video? How dirty it is, I don't want you doing all of that in front of everyone.

Khushi- But I'm not doing that part.

Arnav- Oh really then what was all this that I just saw.

Khushi- Nanheji had slipped and while I was helping him I slipped too.

Arnav- Oh...

Vidya- Is that Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada?

Arnav- Uh... yes

Vidya goes over to Arnav and shakes his hand.

Arnav- Thanks for coming.

Vidya- The pleasure is all mine.

Vidya gets closer to Arnav. Arnav starts getting uncomfortable...

Arnav- Uhh I should really get back to my work now... You guys carry on...

Vidya puts her hand on his chest...

Vidya- What the hurry huh?

Vidya winked at Khushi who was standing behind Arnav. Khushi knew what she was doing.

Khushi- *Smiling* Yes Arnavji what's the hurry

Khushi sits down on the couch and gets ready to enjoy the drama that is about to happen. Vidya starts walking closer and closer to Arnav, as Arnav is slowly backing away from her.

Vidya took one step forward and Arnav took two steps backwards. Meanwhile Khushi who was enjoying all of this just couldn't stop laughing.

Vidya- So Mr.Raizada I heard you have a great body.

Arnav slowly stepping back...

Arnav *Nervously* Uhh...

Vidya stepping closer to him...

Vidya- I must see it now!

Arnav- Uhh now?

Vidya- Yes now?

Arnav hits the wall and doesn't know where to go now. Vidya comes closer to him she puts her hand on his chest and starts unbuttoning his shirt...

Arnav- *Scared* uhh Khushi...!!

Vidya- Khushi nahi... Vidya... *She gets more closer to Arnav*

Arnav- Umm Vidya...

Vidya- Shhhhhh don't say anything... Let's enjoy this moment.

Arnav is sweating like a dog. He quickly screams and pushes Vidya away and runs upstairs to his room.

Khushi- Aaaree Arnavjii...

Before Khushi should say more Arnav was already gone.

Khushi- *Laughs* WOW Vidya that was amazing, you know I never seen Arnavji like that before.

Vidya- *Laughs* OMG I swear I have never ever seen someone so scared of me before..!

Khushi- Ah it was so fun... I'm going to try that on him someday

Vidya- Please do tell me what he's reaction is.

Khushi- Ha-ha sure will.

Vidya- Okay now cam 'on let's finish our dance.

I hope you guys liked it :-)

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