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DOUBLE TROUBLE (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 57 times)


I know I should be concentrating on the existing stories rather than starting a new one. But the thing is that I was watching the rewind episodes of IPK and suddenly this idea popped into my head and I couldn't concentrate on the other plots before typing it down. So I typed it and thought to share with you people. Hope you all will like it.

P. S.: This is the first ever story I am writing with most of the characters from the original plot as it is ... but yeah of course with my own twists and turns.


RM (Shantivan), New Delhi, India

It was 11.30 in the morning and the Raizada ladies along with Mamaji were sitting in the living room talking about random things when the doorbell rang. Before anybody could get up Anjali who was sitting nearest to the door said. 

Anjali: Hum dekhte hain (I will see)

Mami: Par (But) ... Anjali Bitiya

Anjali: It is okay Mami ... I will see

She walked to the door limping and opened it with a smile which grew broader seeing a familiar face and she greeted cheerfully. 

Anjali: Amanji ... aap? (You?)

Aman: (Smiling) ... Ji (Yes)

Anjali: Arrey vaha kyu gade ho ... aap andar aayiye na (Hey ... why are you standing there ... you please come inside)

Aman: Nahi Ma'am ... mein to bas ASR ko yeh file dene aaya tha (No Ma'am ... I just came to give this file to ASR)

Anjali: Tho? ... andar aake kuch peene se kuch nahi hoga ... aap chaliye (So? ... nothing will happen if you come in and drink something ... you come)

Saying this Anjali walked inside the house followed by Aman. He came inside and greeted everyone. Seeing him here on a Sunday Nani asked

Nani: Aman Bitwa ... aap yaha ... ravivar ko? (You here  ... on Sunday?)

Aman: Ji ... voh mein yeh file ASR ko dene aaya tha (Yes ...I came here to give this file to ASR) ... aap please unhe bulanlenge? (Will you please call him?) ... Mein thoda jaldi mein hoon ... (as I am in a little busy)

Nani: Arrey ... aise kaise ... aap please bait jaiye Bitwa ... (Loudly) ... Hari Prakashji ... Aman Bitwa ke liye ek coffee layiye please (Hari Prakashji ... please bring a coffee for Aman Bitwa)

Anjali: Aur aap yeh file hume dedijiye ... hum Chote ko denge ... (You please give this file to me ... I will give it to Chote)

Aman: It's okay Ma'am ... I will give it to ASR ... aap kahiye voh kahan hain? (You please tell me where is he?). (Gulping) ... I mean ... I don't want to trouble you

Anjali: Isme trouble vali baat kya hain ... aap dijiye (What is the troublesome matter in this ... give it to me)

Aman knows that he can't give that file to Anjali so he hugged that to himself. But soon he realized that he can't refuse her anymore because everybody was looking at him as if he is mad. He prayed to God to help himself from the misery and as if his prayers where heard his boss appeared on the top of the stairs visibly worried at the correct time. But soon Aman saw him composing himself and heard his ever commanding voice and sighed in relief.

Arnav: Oh Aman ... you came

Aman: Yes ASR ... the file you asked for

Anjali extended her hand thinking that she will pass it to Arnav. But before Anjali could get hold of it Arnav came running to them and took the file and held it with the front facing himself. 

Arnav: Thanks, Aman ... now you can leave

Anjali: Chote ... this is too much ... he will leave after the coffee

Arnav: Yeah ... (Shrugging) okay ... and Di ... this is an important deal ... so I will be a little busy ... please don't disturb me unless it is important ... I  ... I will be in the study

Nani: Aaj ravivar hain Chote ... aaj bhi kaam karna zaroori hain? (Today is Sunday Chote ... is it necessary to work today?)

Arnav: I am sorry Nani ... but this is ... (Gulping) ... very important

Saying this and sharing a look with Aman Arnav ran up the stairs taking two steps at a time and seeing his eagerness Mami said.

Mami: Arnav Bitwa tho aise jaa rahe hain jaise use koi love letter mile ... aur vo darta hain ki hum vo dekhe (Arnav Bitwa is running away as if he had received a love letter ... and he is afraid that we will see them) ... hello hi bye bye

Aman looked at her terrified imagining it and Anjali and Mamaji shook their heads while Nani got angry as Mami said it in front of an outsider and said in reprimanding voice.

Nani: Manorama ... apna bakwaas band Karo (Manorama ... stop your nonsense)

Mami: Saasu ma ... I was just

Nani: Chup rahiye (Please shut up)

Mami shrugged her shoulder and kept silence not wanting to anger her more and Anjali and Mamaji sighed in relief. Aman stood up after finishing his coffee and said.

Aman: Teek hain ... ab main chalta hoon (Okay ... I am leaving now) ... Namaste (Bye)

They all nodded their head and Nani left to her room asking Anjali to call her during lunch after passing a glare to Manorama while Anjali, Mami, and Mamaji continued their talk and Akash who came after meeting a friend too joined them.

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Jan 28

Part 1 Ms. Kashyap (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 42 times)

RM, New Delhi, India

Arnav Singh Raizada sat in the study room reading a file named 'Shyam Manohar Jha' which Aman had bought from the Private investigator. With each passing second the urge to kill his so-called Jija Ji with his bare hands and self-pity for not being able to protect his Di increased. He couldn't believe that apart from Di he had trapped a countless number of girls. But yeah fortunately or unfortunately only Anjali was his legal wife. And he knows why ... of course, she was the Anjali Singh Raizada ... the only girl child of Raizadas.

Arnav: Money ... it was money all along ... (Clenching his teeth) ... Shyam Manohar Jha ... I won't leave you that easily

But he knows it is not that easy all thanks to his Di's blind trust on that person. He also knows that he will have to break it first without actually hurting his Di if he has to throw that person from his Di's life but what he doesn't know is how to do it. He really wished somebody was there to help him and closed his eyes in exasperation. And the only face came to his mind was of 'her'. He took out his phone and dialled the number in his speed dial and was greeted with her sleepy 'hello'.

Arnav: Tum abhi tak so rahi ho Khush? ... (You are still sleeping Khush?)

Khushi: Abhi tak matlab? (Still means) ... it is two in the night you duffer ... and don't you have office today?

Arnav: It is Sunday today ... and wait ... what the ... you called me 'duffer' ...

Khushi: I guess I did ... (Sitting on the bed) ... anyway leave it and tell me what do you want?

Arnav: (Sighing) ... naraz ho mujhse? (Are you angry with me?)

Khushi: (Sarcastically) ... no ... why would I? ... I have no reason to get angry... after all, you hadn't called me for just twenty-four hours ... no, just two days ... it's nothing, right? And what is the reason again? ... another important deal?

Arnav: (Guiltily) ... Khush ... I ... I am sorry ... I

Getting him worked up instead of the usual haughty reply she asked worriedly.

Khushi: Hey ... what is the matter Arnav? ... everything is okay, right?

Arnav: (In a low voice) ... no ... Khush ... nothing is okay here ...

Khushi: What do you mean by nothing is okay? ... and yeah no more riddles ... tell me what is it?

Arnav: (Sighing) ... Khush ... Shyam ... he is not a person as we think he is ...

Khushi: Shyam? ... as in your Jija Ji

Arnav: Yes ...

Khushi: What are you saying Arnav ... and what made you think so? ... tell me clearly ...

Arnav: Hmm ... I had some doubts regarding him seeing his recent activities ... hmm ... in the money department ... but I shrugged it off thinking I was imagining too much (Sighing) ... but then last week Aman saw him with another girl in a compromising position 

Khushi: Aman? ...Arnav... is he is still in love with her? ... and was he telling the truth ... (Sighing) ... I mean I know Aman is not like that but still ... is it his love that made him give you a bad impression on Shyam?

Arnav: I think he still loves her ... but no ... it was not his love which made him do so ... and if that was the case he could have done that earlier ... (Sighing) ... in fact he had the photos of the two of them ... so I hired a private investigator ... and I got the report today ... I ... I just finished reading it and ... felt like talking to you

Khushi: (Sighing) ... how bad it is?

Arnav: It is terrible ... that ... that man is sick ... I ... I can't even count the number of girls he had tricked ...

Khushi: (Biting her lower lip) ... how many marriages?

Arnav: Just this one ... but I am afraid another one will happen soon as per the report

Khushi: And how do you know that?

Arnav: The recent girl he is trapping ... he is staying as a paying guest at her place in Laxminagar... and as per the neighbours the girl's Bua wishes to marry her off to him

Khushi: Is the girl also involved ... and was she the girl Aman saw him with?

Arnav: No ... it wasn't her ... and about her involvement ... I ... I don't think Khush ... she is too innocent for that

Khushi: How are you so sure about that Arnav?

Arnav: (Sighing) ... baby ... you remember the Lucknow fashion show ... the one Adi had to handle at the last moment?

Khushi: Yes ... as you had to meet this important client and went there after claiming Sheeshmahal ... what about it?

Arnav: Then you might be also remembering the girl he held responsible for that problem in the model's schedule?

Khushi: (Thinking for some time) ... hmm ... yeah ... I do ... the girl who used to work in the modeling agency as an office assistant?

Arnav: Exactly ...

Khushi: What about her? ... oh my goodness ... you mean she is that girl

Arnav: Hmm ...

Khushi: Then? ... don't mind me asking this but how can you believe her when she is the one who messed with the show ... I mean I clearly remember Adi saying about her trying to ruin the fashion show by messing with the model's schedule and had to do the ramp walk with him ...

Arnav: No ... I mean ... (Sighing) ... I ... I checked with the agency Khush ... Adi was mistaken ... she ... she was innocent ... it was the model's fault and she put all the blame on her when Adi asked

Khushi: Oh ... by the way if my memory is correct she was from Lucknow ... but you said she is staying in Laxminagar ...

Arnav: Oh ... please ... no need to act, okay ... I know he would have told you everything including our fight and the slap ... that too in a way in which he had no fault ...

Khushi: (Sighing) ... he did ... but Didi told me another version ... and by which I didn't find any fault in her ... but just wanted to know 'your' opinion

Arnav: (Amusedly) ... she did? ... that's great ... and about my opinion ... I believe there is no fault of her ... and hey ... by any chance are you aware of the problem he had landed me in?

Khushi: Problem ... what problem?

Arnav: (Sighing) ... Khush ... she ... she thinks that it was me all along

Khushi: What?

Arnav: Yes ... and she calls me 'Rowdy Raizada' ... can you believe that?

Khushi: (Chuckling) ... can't blame her if she had witnessed your ASRism  ... hey ... by the way what was the actual intention of this call?

Arnav: Oh ... yeah ... I got distracted ... hmm ... okay ... I need your cunning brain in tackling Shyam and getting Di divorced

Khushi: Hello ... for your information I am a finance lawyer ... not a family or criminal one

Arnav: I know baby ... that is not what I meant ... I don't know how to say this ... hmm ... okay ... I am not sure if Di will believe me even if I proved that Shyam is a fraud with solid proofs ... she ... she trusts him blindly ... and literally worships the ground he walks in ... so we need to make her doubt Shyam herself ... err ... am I making sense?

Khushi: Yeah ... I got it ... (Shrugging) ... all in all ... you need my help ... and you will surely get that 

Arnav: Not just help ... I need you here

Khushi: What? ... Arnav ... are you trying to say that finally, you are ready to introduce me to your family? ... are you sure? ... I mean 

Arnav: Yep ... cent percent... I was planning to do that anyway ... this problem just strengthened my decision ... that's all ... and ... (Hesitating) ... hmm ... baby ... there is one more thing

Khushi: What?

Arnav: Remember I had hurt my arm a few days back?

Khushi: Yeah ...

Arnav: And Lavanya was helping me to remove the coat one day and I gave her a thank you hug ... she ... she saw us like that and thought that ... that we are a couple ... and even mentioned Nani about it

Khushi: What the ... you and Didi? ... unbelievable

Arnav: I know

Khushi: And who is this 'she'?

Arnav: That girl ... from the fashion show

Khushi: (Raising her eyebrow) ... looks like the girl is not that innocent as I thought ... and hey ... (Narrowing her eyes) ... how come she in your home?

Arnav: Excuse me ... she came to deliver a file ... and about her innocence ... don't you think this itself shows how innocent she is ... I mean she saw us like that and thought that we are a couple ... I mean why will I just hug Lavanya if we are a couple ... (Smirking) ... I will be having better options, right?

Khushi: Eeks ... stop it you pervert ... it is about my sister you are talking about ... (Smirking) ... or should I call Jijz and say that you are trying to hit on his wife?

Arnav: Oye ... maarne ka irada he kya? (Are you planning to kill me?) ... I mean have you seen Ju's body?

Khushi: Ha ha ha ... so there is someone whom ASR afraid of?

Arnav: I am not afraid, okay? ... it's just ... yeah whatever ... by the way have you spoken to Adi recently?

Khushi: Yeah ... I did in last week ... after your fight

Arnav: Not after that?

Khushi: No ... why?

Arnav: Nothing ... he wasn't home when I came back ... he informed Di that he is going on another road trip of his ... and now he isn't picking up my calls nor Di's ... maybe angry at me for that slap ... pata nahi (don't know) ... where this boy had gone

Khushi: Oh ... that is the case ... he is off to the Himalayas again ... he texted me ... and don't worry he isn't angry at you ... it is just that he wanted some 'me time' to calm himself down before he faces you or that girl again

Arnav: 'Me time' my foot ... dar ke bhaagta he voh (he is running away as he is afraid)

Khushi: Kis se?(From whom?) ... please don't tell me tum se ... (please don't tell me from you)

Arnav: Nahi ... pyaar se (No ... from love)

Khushi: What? ... but Sasha? 

Arnav: Do you really think he is serious about her? 

Khushi: If I have to be honest ... then no ... and hey which is that girl who had captured ASR version two's heart?

Arnav: Vahi ... jiske bare mein hum baat kar rahe the (The one about whom we were talking about)

Khushi: And how do you know that?

Arnav: Bhai hoon uska (I am his brother) ... and moreover I too am in love ... I can read it in his eyes ...

Khushi: Yeah ... whatever... by the way... uska naam kya he jisne the great Advay Singh Raizada ko apne gudno pe lane wali hain? (What is her name who is going to bring the great Advay Singh Raizada on his knees?)

Arnav: So he didn't tell you the name?

Khushi: No ... it was always 'voh ladki' (That girl) or 'voh musibath' (That  trouble)

Arnav: (Sighing) ... Chandni ... Chandni Goel

Khushi: Chandni ... wow, nice name ... and hey ... tell me about her

Arna: About her? ... hmm ... like I said before ... she is innocent ... but very confident ... this much that which left 'me' in awe ... considers her self-respect above everything ... and yeah very beautiful too ...

Khushi: OMG ... the great Arnav Singh Raizada is praising a girl ... so she must be surely something ... (Raising her eyebrows) ... by the way, should I be worried?

Arnav: Hey ... (Smiling) ... you know me ...  no need to get all worked up ... it is just that ... when I see her taking up the whole responsibility of the house on her young shoulders

Khushi: It reminds you of your younger self ...

Arnav: Exactly ...

Khushi: Hmm ... (Yawning) ... by the way, can I sleep now?

Arnav: **** ... I am sorry baby I ... 

Khushi: It is okay, baby ... I understand ... and yeah I will inform you when I can reach after checking my schedule ... is that fine?

Arnav: Of course ... now bye ... have a good sleep ... (Smirking) ... dreaming about me

Khushi: (Chuckling) ... the demand is very high ... but I will try ... anyway bye ... and miss you Arnav

Arnav: Miss you too, baby

Arnav cut the call with a smile and turned to the right hearing a giggle from the door. But the smile soon wiped off from his face as soon as he saw his sister standing at the door with a teasing grin which meant only one thing ... trouble. She approached him slowly and seeing that he put the report upside down. After that, he stood up and walked to her and sat her down on the couch. Then he too settled beside her and asked before she could even open her mouth.

Arnav: Di ... aap yaha?... (Di ... you here?)... aur aap mandir se kab aaya? ( And when did you came from the temple?) ... you were supposed to come in the evening, right?

Anjali: Yes Chote .. because I wanted to do this Puja for your Jija Ji ... but the Pandit Ji was very busy today so he told me to come tomorrow

Arnav: (Sighing) ... again Puja ... (Shaking his head) no, leave it ... it is waste of time to argue with you on that matter ... and Di ... how many times I have to tell you that don't call me with that name ... and don't you think technically you should call Adi as 'Chote'

Anjali: Technically you are right ... but Chiku was not there na ... when I started to call you as Chote ... (Pouting)... and now I can't change that

Arnav: (Sighing) ... unbelievable ... anyway leave it and tell me Di why are you here? ... kuch chahiye aapko? ( You need something?)

Anjali: Aww ... what do you mean by that Chote ... (Pouting) ... that I will come to you only when I need something

Arnav: That is not is not what I meant Di ... and you know that ...

Anjali: (Smiling)... I know Chote ... I was just kidding ... par Chote ... tum na topic mat badlo (And Chote ... you na don't change the topic) ... (Smiling Cheekily)... and tell me whom you were talking to?

Arnav: Koi nahi Di (No one Di) ... just a work call

Anjali: Oh really ... and you end every work call with a 'miss you too, Baby'... (Grinning seeing his flushed face) ... who was it Chote ... was it your Ms. Kashyap?

Arnav: (Sighing)... technically yes ... but not the one you think ... Lavanya is just a good friend, Di ...

Anjali: What?... so who was this? ... I mean that day Chandni Ji ... and the whole office believe that Lavanya Ji is your girlfriend

Arnav: Khushi ... Lavanya ki choti behen (Lavanya's younger sister) ... and about that day ... what Chandni said was true ... Lavanya had helped me and I had hugged her ... but not like what you thought ... remember Di... I had a fracture a few days ago ... so I had this meeting and Lavanya helped me after that and I gave her a thank you hug ... that's it ... and about other employees ... I think they believe like that because of the easy camaraderie we share ... and of course since Adi calls her Bhabhi as she is Ju's wife

Anjali: What? ... she is married and that too Ju's wife? ... then why does everybody calls her Ms. Kashyap?

Arnav: (Sighing) ... that is because she likes her maiden name too much that she hasn't changed it after marriage ... Ju too is okay with it ... and she never shares all this with any outsider ... so maybe they assumed it like that ... and moreover, she never wears any symbol of marriage apart from that ring which everybody thinks that I have given her ...

Anjali: Okay ... (Sighing) ... and what about Chiku and Chandni Ji?

Arnav: (Horrified) ... you heard that too ... Di from when were you standing here?

Anjali: (Chuckling) ... don't worry I haven't heard any of your private conversation with Khushi Ji... I heard from there only ... when you talked about Chiku and Chandni Ji... so tell me Chote was it true that Chiku likes Chandni Ji?... and how do you know that ... I mean here I was thinking that maybe you have feelings for her ...

Arnav: What? ... me and Chandni ... seriously Di ... she is still a teenager ... and hey ... I thought that you believed Lavanya and I was a couple ... because I am sure that you might have heard it from office before ... and that day Chandni

Anjali: I never believed that fully, Chote ... hmm ... maybe because whenever you said something about her all I could see was a brotherly affection in you ... but when Chandni Ji said about that incident ... I thought maybe I was wrong ... but then seeing the affection you shower upon Chandni Ji

Arnav: (Sighing) ... I was trying to rectify the mistakes Adi did ... but I think it is of no use now ... because madam doesn't know that Adi and I are two different people and she thinks that I am plotting against her by trying to act nice with her

Anjali: And here I I thought she was afraid of your ASR persona ... so it was actually Chiku ... not you ... by the way what did he do?

Arnav: (Sighing) ... you remember that fashion show where you accompanied Adi?

Anjali: The one we conducted in Sheeshmahal?

Arnav: Yeah ... and you remember the scandal I told you about ... (Acknowledging her nod) Chandni was that girl... Adi kind of threatened and misbehaved with her as he was forced to believe that she was the one who messed with the model's schedule. So he forced her to be the showstopper ...

Anjali: What ... how could he?

Arnav: Di ... you know how impulsive he can get sometimes ... and knowing Chandni she too wouldn't have kept back ... at the end of the show when she left from there it was already late and her sister Payal's marriage got broken ... all thanks to the live video of her ramp walk with him ...

Anjali: What ... this is too much Chote and this time don't you dare support Chiku ... (In tears)... because it is terrible for a girl if her marriage breaks that too on the wedding day

Arnav: (Side hugging her and rubbing her shoulders)... shh... I know Di ... I had seen all that ... but I think it was for the best this time because they broke it calling her characterless just because her sister walked on the ramp ... (Sighing) ... I never knew people can get this cheap ...

Anjali: Oh ... and then?

Arnav: When I got to know all this from Aman I warned him not to repeat this inhuman act ... and he agreed ... but then I had to leave to solve this issue in the U. S. branch ... Chandni had to leave her previous job as she was forced to leave Lucknow, all thanks to that video. She and her sister settled here with their Bua in Laxminagar. She started to look for a job here and unfortunately for her ended up in AR as Lavanya's assistant ... had some verbal spats with Adi which hurt his ego ... and that's it ... he never left a chance to insult her and Lavanya too helped him ... which was not a surprise as both the sisters dots on him ... and when I came back ... just one day and I had enough of it ... I lashed out on the both of them for hurting that innocent girl unnecessarily ... Lavanya was very sorry that she stopped helping him and went and apologized to her immediately but Adi ... he was angry at me for supporting her and just to prove his point he called her characterless ... and I slapped him ... (Sighing) ... and you know the left ... he left for this'me time' to calm himself down to God knows where ... not even picking up his call

Anjali: But still ... (Sadly) ... you shouldn't have slapped him Chote ... you know how arrogant he can get

Arnav: Don't give me that **** Di ... you know I too am arrogant ... even more than him ... in fact, Khushi says the full form of ASR should have been Arrogant Singh Raizada ... (Sighing) ... but that doesn't give me the right to insult a woman ...

Anjali: Hmm ... you are right ... but now he isn't picking up my call ... did you try?

Arnav: I did but he didn't take my call either ... but Khushi was telling me that he had again left to the Himalayas ... he had called her before leaving ... (Smiling) ... and about your earlier question ... let me tell you one thing Di ... that one day ... where I saw the interaction of two of them ... as in Adi and Chandni ... was enough to understand the spark between them ... you should have seen them Di ... he was literally ogling at her ... and I am sure he was running away from her ... or better running away from love

Anjali: That is expected ... after all he is your brother ... you too used to run away from Love

Arnav: (Shrugging) ... yeah ... until I got Khushi

Anjali: Means ... (Smiling happily) ... you ... you are in love Chote?

Arnav: (Amused) ... wasn't it obvious Di?

Anjali: Err ... that ... I ... I thought it was just ... you know ... (Pouting) ... and you can't blame me for it, okay ... you always keep telling that you don't believe in love and marriage

Arnav: (Holding both her shoulders and sighing) ... Di ... I know you and Nani ... if I would have even given you a benefit of doubt that I wanted to marry someday ... you will start bride hunting the next day ... and I didn't want that as I have Khushi ... and if I would have told you about Khushi ... Nani would have demanded a marriage immediately ... and I ... hmm ... no ... we needed time to know each other before marrige ... so I decided to keep it away from you guys even though Uncle knew about us ...

Anjali: Uncle ... means ... Khushi Ji's father? (Seeing his nod) ... and her mother ... doesn't she know?

Arnav: (Sighing) ... she is no more Di ... she died when Khushi was four ... (Smiling) ... but according to Khushi ... yes ... she knows ... because she believes that the dead people become stars and she had told her Mom

Anjali: Really? ... seems like she is very cute ...

Arnav: That she is ... but more than that she is very crazy

Anjali: (Hitting his shoulder) ... don't you dare to badmouth my Bhabhi ... and hey what were you saying earlier ... Chiku told Khushi Ji ... means he knew about this before?

Arnav: Of course Di ... remember ... he stayed with me in U. S. For his studies ... and this two Bhabhi-Devar duo na Di ... I tell you ... will drive you crazy

Anjali: So Khushi Ji stays in America?

Arnav: Yeah ... with her father ...

Anjali: And how do you met her Chote ... tell me about your love story

Arnav: Di ... is it necessary?

Anjali: Of course ... you have to tell me ... you hid this from God knows how long ... so it is only fair if you tell me everything ... (Winking) ... you can skip the private moments ... I won't mind ...

Arnav: Di ... hmm ... so where should I start ... hmm yeah ... you remember I had to take up this extra part-time job to help Mama Ji ... (Acknowledging her nod) ... and I had to skip two hours for that. But that resulted in very low marks in those subjects during the first internals. I realized I needed some help to understand those subjects but I neither had time nor money to go for tuition. Ju was the only friend I had and he was in a different stream. So Ju spoke this to his then-girlfriend Lavanya as she was in my stream and she agreed. I was reluctant at first as I had to go to her home but had to agree at last as I had no other option. And there ... I met this cute girl ... (Smiling) ... she was just seventeen then

Anjali: (Smiling) ... aww ... and you fell in love with her ... how cute

Arnav: (Smiling and shaking his head) ... things were not that easy as you think Di ... yes at first I thought she was a cute girl ... but later I realized that she was a little patakha (Cracker) ... you know she used to play all types of pranks on me ... filling mango juice in my shoes, changing my ringtone to some bollywood item song, putting too much spice in my food ... everything she could ... why ... because I stole her sister's time ... as I used to go there on Sunday evenings and Sundays were the sisters time for them

Anjali: What ... that would have irritated you so much ... and you would have blasted on her, right?

Arnav: Firstly I did ... but it didn't affect her at all ... instead she give it back to me ... then I realized that won't work with her and I too started to play pranks on her ... messing with her makeup, food, books ... or simply sneaking behind her ... and of course the verbal spats

Anjali: Chote tum? (You?)

Arnav: Yes Di ... mein (I) ... and I used to enjoy these exchange of pranks very much ... so much that the whole week I will keep thinking what to get and to give on Sundays. Then there came this day ... that year Maa's birthday was on a Monday and I was so depressed that evening and when she got to know about this she tried to comfort me saying she can understand my pain and all that and I blasted on her. (Sighing) ... until that day Uncle or Lavanya said nothing ... to the both of us ... not even a look of disappointment ... as it was all playful things. But I had crossed my limit that day by saying that she will never understand my situation because she doesn't know what it is to see her mother dying in front of her eyes. Which hurt her so much and she just ran away to her room and locked herself up. Uncle left behind her after passing me a look of despair and Lavanya took my class and told me to leave. I realized I said too much ... that too when I know she too has lost her Mom. I ... I wanted to go and apologize to her but never had the courage to face Uncle. But then the next Monday surprisingly Khushi came to meet me because I hadn't gone there that Sunday. She told me why she said that she understood my condition that day  ... she ... she told me how her Mom died

Anjali: You told me it was an accident, right?

Arnav: It was ... it was an accident Di ... but she too was in the car with her ... (In tears) ... she ... she too had seen her mother dying in front of her own eyes ... (Shaking his head) ... I ... I felt so stupid of myself that I just wanted to kill myself ... I ... I couldn't face her. Then she told me she understood my intentions wasn't wrong and that it was just my pain which made me say all that. I was so overwhelmed hearing that because it was the first time someone understood me without any words that I hugged her and cried apologizing to her. She consoled me and then took me home and I kind of reconciled with Lavanya and Uncle. And from that day I started to see her from a different light and then ... (Smiling) ... it was difficult to not to fall in love with her ... even though I tried very hard not to ...

Anjali: Aww ... look at you Chote ... so much in love ... and here I was thinking that you will die unwed. And Khushiji ... I love her already and I really want to see her ... (Sadly) ... but she stays in U. S. ... (Pouting) ... how will I meet her then?

Arnav: Di, no need for all this drama ... I know you want to ask when will I introduce you to her ... ... hmm ... don't worry about that ... because she is coming here

Anjali: Sach? (Is it true) ... Kab? (When?)

Arnav: Soon Di ... and you can see her then ...

Anjali: Oh God I can't wait ... Chote ... (Pouting) ... at least show me her picture

Arnav: (Smirking) ... you have waited this long, right ... so wait for a few more days ... you can see her in flesh and blood ...

Anjali: (Sighing) ... okay ... I will wait ... (Hugging him) ... anyway I am so happy for you Chote

Arnav: Thank you Di ... and yeah you gotta help me ... that ... Di ... you have seen Lavanya, right? ... Khushi is exactly like her ... (Sighing) ... okay only in appearance wise ... I mean her dressing and all ... it's not that I have some problem with that ... but Nani ... she will definitely have ... because she is very prejudiced about all these and will say or do something which will hurt Khushi ... which I can't tolerate ... so ...

Anjali: Don't worry Chote ... I am always there for you ... and I know  ... (Cupping his cheek) ... jaise bhi ho... voh dil se bahut pyaari hogi ... varna voh mere Bhai ke dil nahi chu sakte, right? (However she is ... she will be very good at heart ... otherwise, she wouldn't be able to touch my brother's heart, right?)

Arnav: (Smiling) ... she is Di ... she loves me to death and more than that she cares for me very much ...

Anjali: That's it ... that will be the topmost quality Nani would want in her Chote's wife ... so don't worry ... everything will be fine ...

Arnav: I hope so, Di ...

Anjali: And Chote ... you said that you guys wanted time before marriage ... and now she is coming here ... means ... you are ready for marriage?

Arnav: (Smirking) ... I guess ...

Anjali: Wow ... Chote ... you don't know how much happy you have made me by saying this ... oh ... I can't wait to tell Nani

Arnav: But Di ...

Anjali: No Chote ... it will be better this way ... I mean I will explain everything to her in a calmer way ... otherwise, it will be shocking for her if Khushi Ji comes here and we don't know how she will react to it ...

Arnav: I don't think it is a good idea 

Anjali: It is Chote ... don't worry ... leave it to me ... okay now ... leave all this ... come let us have lunch

Just then Arnav's mobile blinked and as it was on the table in front of them Anjali too saw it was a message from 'Baby' and Anjali said in teasing voice.

Anjali: Oh wow Chote ... Baby ... I never knew my Chote was this romantic ... not bad

Arnav: (Flushed) ... Di, please ...

Saying this he picked up the phone and opened the message and Anjali too had a look at it. It read 'I talked with Adi ... he will come home next week'. And seeing it Arnav said in a complaining tone.

Arnav: See Di ... see this ... you called him ... I called him ... several times ... but no he won't pick up ... but Bhabhi just called him once and his Highness replied ...

Anjali: Oh God Chote ... you look very cute when you are jealous

Arnav: Di ... I just stated the fact ... I was not jealous, okay? ... and yeah don't call me cute

Anjali: But you are cute Chote ... okay ... okay ... I won't tease you anymore ... and now leave all this and come ... we really need to go down for lunch ... and after that, you have to take your medicines too

Sighing Arnav told Anjali to go down and he will come in a bit. After he made sure that she left he put the report in his safe and locked it and went down to join his family for lunch.


So the ideas I had while watching IPK rewind was 'what if Khushi was Ms. Kashyap' and that 'How did the great ASR missed the various reasons to doubt Shyam'. Hope you guys liked the concept and that I haven't offended anybody by portraying Advay-Chandni's story very similar to that of Arnav-Khushi's actual story. But I promise that I will not use any of the iconic scenes of Arshi for Advay-Chandni and that I will change it accordingly as I did with their first meet. And yeah Khushi is a bit modern and educated here but her craziness will not go anywhere, in fact, it will be a more while paired up with Advay.


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Jan 28

Important note (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 30 times)


I know I have used the background of Advay and Chandni almost similar to that of original IPK story. But 'almost' is the keyword because ... yes I said Shyam was interested in her but I never said anything about him knowing her before she came to Delhi or him helping her to get a job. Yes I said Advay and Chandni met in a fashion show but she wasn't there to meet her sister's fiance like Khushi instead she worked for a modeling agency.  And moreover I said she had a clash with Advay and he made her life hell with the help of Lavanya. But I never said that he made her assist in the parking lot or sending her to a collapsing construction site or something like that. And I never will because I love Arshi too much to do that. Also you would have understood it if you have read the chapter clearly because Chandni had walked with Advay on the ramp with full knowledge. Neither she reached there unknowingly nor did she fell in to Advay's waiting arms. Because that was iconic for Arshi. So I will request you guys to wait until the story unfolds before making a judgement. And another important thing I used the name of the characters of third season but never said anything about their behaviour. So treat them as you treat any new character especially as I haven't updated the character sketch. And of course if you find it too hard to continue to read you are always free to skip it. And yeah I am sincerely apologising you guys if I have hurt any of you by my words but I think that clarification was necessary. 


Jan 29

Character sketch (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 58 times)


Devyani Raizada (70)

Being the elder one of the family she is a little strict that everybody should obey her and thus when Arnav or Advay go against her she feels very offended and is very afraid of their modern lifestyle

Being the elder one of the family she is a little strict that everybody should obey her and thus when Arnav or Advay go against her she feels very offended and is very afraid of their modern lifestyle. But still, she loves them dearly just like she loves her obedient grandchildren Anjali and Akash. And also she is very proud of her Chote for being in this position even after all that happened in his life and for always being there for his siblings even though he too was in pain.

Manohar Raizada (50)

He took it on himself along with his wife to raise his dead sisters kids and did everything in his power to keep them happy

He took it on himself along with his wife to raise his dead sister's kids and did everything in his power to keep them happy. Even though he loves all the kids Arnav is his favorite for being 'him'.

Manorama Raizada (45)

People outside her family know her only as a fashion disaster with broken English but only her family knows how kind at heart she is

People outside her family know her only as a fashion disaster with broken English but only her family knows how kind at heart she is. Because she was the one who took the initiative to bring her nephews and niece home and raise them along with her son when they were shattered after the scandal which left them as orphans. Also, she was the one who helped Arnav by giving away her ornaments to start AR.

Shyam Manohar Jha (35)

He is a criminal lawyer by profession but from the day he had become the Raizadas Ghar jamai he goes to the court for time pass or just to show Anjali that he is busy

He is a criminal lawyer by profession but from the day he had become the Raizada's Ghar jamai he goes to the court for time pass or just to show Anjali that he is busy. He got more than enough money from his brother in law that he started to enjoy his life as he pleases with parties, girls, and everything. But he kept his activities and relationship with girls always in check until he met her ... Chandni ... his moonlight ... at the temple where he was acting being the best husband in the world. He then collected all the information about her and trapped her Buaji stating that he is her dead husband's friend's son who was orphaned at a young age and acquired her trust and started to live with them as a paying guest. Later he enchanted her by his sweet talks and started to show interest in Chandni. Buaji too started to think in a way he wanted but the problem was Chandni sees him only as a friend.

Anjali Jha (32)

Even though she worships her husband like God her life revolves around her Chote and Chiku and treats them like her sons than brothers

Even though she worships her husband like God her life revolves around her Chote and Chiku and treats them like her sons than brothers. And thus she was very sad when she was getting married because she will have to leave them behind. But her Shyam Ji being the perfect husband he is understood her turmoil and agreed to live in RM even after marriage and for that, she is forever indebted to him. She loves being in love and thus to keep him with her for eternity she is always busy in Pujas and Vrats.

Arnav Singh Raizada (28)

Even though all Raizada children have the same initials and Advay calls himself as ASR for the world ASR means Arnav Singh Raizada

Even though all Raizada children have the same initials and Advay calls himself as ASR, for the world ASR means Arnav Singh Raizada. Arrogant, egoistic, ruthless are the titles the world has given him but for his family, he is their caring, compassionate and responsible elder son. Khushi is his strength while his siblings Anjali and Advay are his weaknesses. He is very possessive over the three of them and by any chance, somebody hurt them ... then think that they are finished because then they will have to face the ASR. Even though he considers Akash as his brother you can notice the difference in the way he treats Adi and Akash if you look closer simply because more than love, he has this respect for Akash for his kind heart to welcome his orphaned cousins with open arms. And also he is indebted to Nani, Mami, and Mama Ji for the same. Arjun aka Ju was his friend from childhood who had stood beside him through thick and thin and shares a great bond with him.

Akash Singh Raizada (25)

He is like Lakshman to the Ram called Arnav as he follows his brothers every command without questioning

He is like Lakshman to the Ram called Arnav as he follows his brother's every command without questioning. He loves Di and Chiku too but always Arnav was his idol and thus have never given him a chance to complain. And thus he himself decided to study at Delhi University rather than in Harvard like Arnav and Advay so that he can help Bhai in business and can share the responsibilities even though he had good marks.

Advay Singh Raizada (24)

He calls himself as ASR to irritate his brother and always pick up with him mainly because they both hardly have the same opinion on something and sometimes due to his spoilt brat behavior

He calls himself as ASR to irritate his brother and always pick up with him, mainly because they both hardly have the same opinion on something and sometimes due to his spoilt brat behavior. But still, he loves his Bhai and Di the most in the world, of course now even his Bhabhi. He was jealous of Akash as a teenager because he was a perfect brother to his Bhai while there was never a day in his life without Bhai's scolding. But later he realized that Akash was not at fault and that it was always his deeds which made Arnav angry. But that does not mean he had rectified himself because now he wouldn't be able to sleep if he hadn't got scolded by Bhai when he was near while Anjali is the mother figure and the peacemaker between the brothers. Even though he calls Khushi as Bhabhi she is more like a friend to him and he is forever thankful to Arnav for bringing her to his life as he never had any real friends before her. Because as a child and teenager he was very aggressive that other kids were afraid of him and later in college, it was all because he was the ASR's brother including his girlfriend Sasha and for that same reason, he doesn't trust someone easily. Also, he doesn't like people who act extra sweet like his Jija Ji. 

Kashyaps & Malhotras

Dev Kashyap (55)

His daughters are his life and he had always tried to fill in the mothers place by being both the father and mother

His daughters are his life and he had always tried to fill in the mother's place by being both the father and mother. But he knows that is not enough as they lack in the traditional department as they stayed in America whole their life and as he was busy managing the office and home alone that he could only concentrate on the basic necessities.

Harshad Malhotra (55) & Jhanvi Malhotra (54)

Harshad was Arnavs fathers friend and partner but was betrayed by him and his brother

Harshad was Arnav's father's friend and partner but was betrayed by him and his brother. But he had never shown any grudges towards Arnav, Advay or Anjali and has supported them whenever needed so was his wife Jahnvi. 

Arjun Malhotra (28)

He was Arnavs friend from childhood and treats him like a brother as he never had any siblings

He was Arnav's friend from childhood and treats him like a brother as he never had any siblings. Later Khushi joined the club and became his favorite.

Lavanya Kashyap (28)

A modern days girl who believes in making her way to the top on her own and thus she has never used the liberty of being the Adv

A modern day's girl who believes in making her way to the top on her own and thus she has never used the liberty of being the Adv. Dev Kashyap's daughter or the wife of Dr. Arjun Malhotra. Very protective of her younger sister whom she calls as Cookie and thus had given Arnav a hard time before accepting their relationship.

Khushi Kashyap (25)

A strong-willed lawyer who took up that profession as it was her passion to help people and also to assist her father so that he will get some rest

A strong-willed lawyer who took up that profession as it was her passion to help people and also to assist her father so that he will get some rest. Her world used to revolve around her Didi and Dadda until one day a storm called Arnav Singh Raizada entered her well-sorted life. Love him to bits and is very possessive about him as she knows he is eye candy for the young ladies out there for simply being the man he is. She shares a great bond with both her brother in laws. Her Jijz is like an elder brother and mentor while Adi is the kind of bestie she never had.


Madhumathy Gupta (60)

Loves both her nieces dearly even though Chandni has a tendency to disagree with her words always which she thinks as the problem with the younger generation

Loves both her nieces dearly even though Chandni has a tendency to disagree with her words always, which she thinks as the problem with the younger generation. She is very angry with her sister along with her brother for abandoning her only child when she needed her the most.

Shashi Gupta (55)

He had a sweet shop in Lucknow which was the only income they had but they had to sell it off for his operation which left them penniless

He had a sweet shop in Lucknow which was the only income they had but they had to sell it off for his operation which left them penniless. And at last, he had to agree to his little girl Chandni for taking up a job even though all he wanted was to keep her in a safe cocoon under his wings.

Garima Gupta (50)

Even though Chandni is her husbands sisters daughter whom she abandoned at a young age Garima treat her just like her daughter Payal and always tries to never make her feel adopted

Even though Chandni is her husband's sister's daughter whom she abandoned at a young age Garima treat her just like her daughter Payal and always tries to never make her feel adopted.

Payal Gupta (23)

She never cared Chandni was her cousin instead consider her as her little sister and is very protective of her

She never cared Chandni was her cousin instead consider her as her little sister and is very protective of her. She wants to shoulder the responsibilities along with Chandni but her Bua Ji never agrees nor does she have the courage to go and face the world like Chandni, all thanks to her introvert nature.

Chandni Goel (19)

A simple girl from Lucknow who had lost her loving father at the tender age of 7 and her mother left her for her own good and got married to another man

A simple girl from Lucknow who had lost her loving father at the tender age of 7 and her mother left her for her own good and got married to another man. But her Mama Ji Shashi Gupta was kind enough to take her under his wings and raise her along with his daughter Payal. Year's familiarity made her call him as Baba and her Maasi Ji as Bua Ji like Payal does but she was never able to call her Mami Ji as 'Amma' because that word reminded her of her own mother who left her when she needed her the most. She took the responsibly of the house on herself when Shashi injured his leg in an accident. And even though she is surrounded with gloom always she never shows it to anybody not even to her Jiji aka Payal whom she considers as her best friend as she doesn't want to worry them and always tries to keep everybody around her happy.

And finally 

Aman Mathur (33)

Arnavs manager from the time he started AR

Arnav's manager from the time he started AR. He fell in love with Anjali in the first sight itself but never had the courage to confess. And at last when he decided to go and tell that to her it was very late as one day ASR called him to his cabin and asked him to book the tickets for his sister's honeymoon. He was shocked hearing it and left from there without even telling the matter to Arnav. 

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Feb 9

Part 2 Some amendments (By Maahiak) (Thanked: 54 times)


Most of the parts of this update are similar to what happened in the original drama but yes with my modifications so it is not your fault if you find it familiar. Anyway ... do tell me how it was.


RM, New Delhi, India

Arnav and Anjali came down for the lunch and saw that everybody was seated and seeing them Mami exclaimed.

Mami: Here ... Arnav Bitwa and Anjali Bitiya came ...

Nani: What took you guys so long?

Before Anjali could open her mouth Arnav told hurriedly as he wasn't still sure whether he should tell Nani about Khushi before bringing her here or not.

Arnav: Nothing Nani ... we were just talking ...

Nani just nodded her head still not convinced fully and after Arnav and Anjali too sat down they all started the lunch. Suddenly remembering something Akash asked.

Akash: By the Bhai ... which was the deal Aman was talking about?

Mami: Hello hi bye bye ... now you started to question your Bhai?

Akash: No ... no Maa ... it is not like that ... (Turning to Arnav) ... Bhai ... I asked like that because I didn't know about it

Arnav: It is okay Mami he has the right to ask ... after all, he too is a board member ... and Akash ... (Without looking at him) ... it was the about the collaboration project with Ju's father ... and you don't know about it because it is not finalized yet ...

Arnav lied smoothly and Akash nodded his head but hearing it Nani got angry.

Nani: Mr. Malhotra? ... Chote how many times I have to tell you ... don't keep any contacts with that man or his son?

Arnav: (Frustrated) ... what is your problem with him, Nani? ... that he was Papa's friend once upon a time ... then for your information, he too was betrayed by a person whom he considered as his best friend

Nani: Whatever it is ... I don't like that man

Arnav: That is not my problem Nani ... Uncle had always helped me whenever needed despite the fact that I am Papa's son and also as a businessman I had always looked up to him ... and about Ju ... he was, is and always will be my best friend ... and I am not going to cut my ties with the both of them no matter what ...

Mamaji: He has a point Amma ... Harsh had always helped us personally and professionally while anyone at his place would have thought about revenge

Arnav looked at Mama Ji in gratitude for supporting him while Nani looked away frustrated because like always she couldn't convince him on this matter and now even Manohar supported him. A heavy silence filled the room as everybody kept eating in silence until it was broken by Arnav's cell phone. He took the call and talked for some time and after finishing it he immediately stood up. And seeing it Anjali asked.

Anjali: Where are you going, Chote?

Arnav: Err ... Di I had to attend this video conference in tomorrow morning ... but it is preponed due to some emergency ... Aman just called

Anjali: But Chote ... today is Sunday

Arnav: (Sighing) ... Di ... the client is from Alaska and it is still Saturday there ... and Akash I think that file is with you ... so please come up as soon as you finish up ... till then I will get ready ...

Akash nodded his head and finishing the food in record time followed Arnav. After changing and collecting the file Arnav headed to the study leaving his phone in his room.

After some time Nani was passing by Arnav's room when she heard his phone ringing. She went inside and took the mobile thinking to pass it to him. But seeing the name 'Lavanya' she took the call and before she could say anything she heard a cheery voice.

Lavanya: ASR ... Cookie just called me and ... is it true what I heard? You ... you are finally ready for the marriage ... wow ... Oh my God, I can't tell you how happy I am ... my little sister is getting married and ... ASR are you there?

Lavanya asked frowning but the call went dead and thinking that he must be busy she decided to call him later.

A furious Nani cut the call and walked to her room determinedly and called the Pandit Ji. 

After finishing the conference Arnav reached his room and picked up his mobile to check whether there was any missed calls. Finding none and wanting a coffee urgently he walked out but stopped at the top of the stairs as he heard Nani talking with Pandit Ji.

Nani: Pandit Ji ... this is Arnav Bitwa's Kundli... inform me as soon as you find any girl

Pandit Ji nodded his head and went out and Arnav who was near to Nani by then asked angrily.

Arnav: Nani ... what is all this fuss is about? Why Pandit Ji was here ... and what were you talking about finding a girl?

Nani: (Sternly) ... there is no fuss Chote ... I just asked him to look brides for you

Arnav: Without asking me?

Nani: This is not your business or office that I have to ask you ... this is the question of whole life

Arnav: Question of my life

Nani: It is the question of the whole family and that girl is not right for you ... don't look at me like this ... I got to know about your Ms. Kashyap

Arnav: What the hell Nani ... you and your discoveries ... for heaven's sake Lavanya is married

Arnav shouted breathing fire and hearing his roar other inhabitants of RM reached there worried.

Nani: (Sighing) ... I am not speaking about Lavanya ... and I know she is married ... I am speaking about her little sister

Arnav looked at her confused and passed a glance at Anjali to ask her whether she had disclosed everything only to see her confused as much he is and he understood that she didn't. But Nani thought he was looking at Akash and said.

Nani: Now don't glare at Akash ... he said only when I did swear

Arnav looked shocked at Akash thinking how did he know but found that he himself was shocked and then he heard Akash speaking to Nani.

Akash: Dadi ... what are you saying ... I only said Lavanya Ji is married ... err ... (Turning to Arnav) ... Bhai ... I had once heard Adi and Lavanya Ji talking about Ju Bhai ... and that day when Dadi asked me about you two I was forced to say that ... but I have no idea about what Dadi said later

Arnav returned his look at Nani as he heard.

Nani: About that ... I was passing by your room and your phone was ringing ... and taking it what did I hear ... Lavanya Kashyap congratulating you for your upcoming marriage with her little sister

Arnav: And still you called Pandit Ji ... are you for real, Nani?

Nani: I am ... because you are not going to marry that girl

Arnav: And as I said earlier I will be the judge of that

Nani: You don't tell that to me ... I will decide with whom your marriage will happen 

Arnav: Nani ... this is the question of my life ... and nobody else can decide with whom I will spend my life and ... (Turning to Anjali) ... did you hear that Di ... what did you tell me ... that she will understand, right?

Anjali looked down sadly as she knew she was wrong in thinking like that while Nani said sarcastically.

Nani: Oh ... so you knew it Anjali Bitiya ...and still kept quiet ... (Turing to Arnav) ... and what did you think ... that I can't find something on my own?

Arnav: Yeah right ... by attending my phone without my knowledge ... (Sighing) ... anyway, now that you know everything ... let us talk about your favorite topic ... my marriage

Nani: No ... like I said before I don't want to talk to you about your marriage with that girl ... because that is not happening ... why ? ... because I know that Ms. Kashyap is not eligible to become the Bahu of this house seeing her sister itself ... (Sternly) ... and I will not bring a girl like her in my house ...

Arnav: A girl like her? ... how do you know what type of a girl she is ... leave interacting you haven't even met her ... hell ... you haven't even interacted with Lavanya

Nani: And I have no interest too ... because seeing her from far itself I understood that she has no sense of speaking and respect for elders ... nor any clothing etiquette ... so I can easily guess how her sister must be and ...

Before she could say more Arnav's phone rang and he took it out to see it was Lavanya. He cut the call deciding to speak later but she called again so he attended it.

Arnav: Yes Lavanya ...

Lavanya: ASR ... Pa ... Pa fell from stairs

Arnav: What?

Lavanya: Yes and Ma had gone numb ... I don't know whether I should make her react first or take Pa to the hospital ... I mean I am taking him to the hospital ... I had called for the ambulance but ... you know what I mean ... and Arjun's phone is switched off ... I think he is still in the flight and ... (Taking a deep breath) ... will you please come to the city hospital ASR

Arnav: Yeah, of course, I am coming ... I will be there before you guys and will arrange everything

He said hurriedly and walked out avoiding Nani's calls to stop and seeing that Nani said angrily.

Nani: Anjali ... he left without hearing me fully ... tell him that I am not finished talking to him when he returns

Saying this she left from there to her room before Anjali could say anything.

City hospital, New Delhi, India

Lavanya reached the hospital along with her in-laws and saw that Arnav was already there. And as he had promised he had arranged everything so they could take Harshad to the ICU without any delay as he was unconscious due to the huge cut in the forehead and had lost a lot of blood.

After some time the doctor informed them that he is fine but still they have to keep him there for twenty-four hours observation. Lavanya said she will get some coffee and Arnav too accompanied her as he had no idea how to comfort Jahnvi.

They were coming back after collecting the coffees when they saw a familiar figure in the corridor talking ... no to pleading to the doctor to give her sometime before the payment. They looked at each other frowning and Arnav called out.

Arnav: Chandni ...

Chandni and the doctor along with the other three ladies present there looked at him hearing the voice.

Arnav: What happened?

The doctor was surprised hearing that question as he had never expected the ASR will even talk to people like them. The Gupta ladies looked at him confused as they don't know who he was even though they have seen his face somewhere before while Chandni passed him an angry glare. But before she could even open her mouth Bua Ji butted in.

Bua Ji: Ab Kya kahe Babua (Now what should I say Babua) ... Shashi Babua was in this Ayurvedic center in Agra and we had bought him here after finishing the first phase of treatment ... but sometime before suddenly he had this breathing problem as soon as Shyam Babua ... our paying guest has given him his medicines ... we didn't know what to do so we bought him here and even though we didn't agree Shyam Babua had gone to get some money ... but now doctor Sahib says that we will have to pay for these tests and medicines before starting the treatment ... but it costs too much ... more than Chandni's two months' salary

Arnav suppressed the anger he had hearing 'Shyam Babua' as they had more important matter at hand and addressed the doctor in a no nonsense tone.

Arnav: Dr. Sen ... how much it is? 

Dr: The tests and medicine together costs around twenty five thousand 

Arnav: Okay ... AR will pay for it ... you please start the treatment ...

Dr nodded his head and turned to go but was stopped hearing Chandni.

Chandni: No ... no ... doctor ... because ... (Turning to Arnav) ... you will not pay for it, Mr. ASR ... we don't want any of your favor ... and that too when you are the reason for it

Arnav: (Confusedly) ... what ... me ... how?

Chandni: Oh please sir ... no need to act ... you yourself made that contract by fixing my salary to the half of I should get by my position in your office ... and again cut money from it just because I had poured coffee on your suit mistakenly ...

Arnav: (Shaking his head) ... no ... no Chandni ... you had clearly misunderstood me ... it was not me ... (Sighing) ... it was my brother ...

Chandni: I am poor, sir but not a fool ... it was you only ... don't put your blame on poor Akash sir

Arnav: No ...

But before he could continue they all heard Arjun.

Arjun: Arnav ... what happened? ... why did you tell me to come here directly? ... and La ... what are you doing here? 

Arnav: (Sighing in relief) ... oh, thank goodness you came, Ju ... (holding his hands) ... listen ... don't panic and hear me out completely ... Uncle ... he fell from the stairs ... and we bought him here ... but don't worry he is fine now ... have just kept here for observation ... but the problem is Auntie ... she had gone numb ... not reacting to anything ... you please go and talk to her ... Lavanya you go with him ... I will clear this and come

Lavanya: No, ASR ... you guys go ... I will handle this

Arnav: Are you sure?

Lavanya: Cent percent ... and Dr. Sen please start the treatment ... as ASR said AR will pay for it

The doctor nodded and left from there asking the nurses to take Shashi to the ICU followed by Arnav and Arjun. Shyam who came back collecting money from his personal ATM, immediately left from there seeing the three of them. After they all left, Lavanya turned to Chandni and saw that Chandni was looking at her curiously. She took a deep breath and said.

Lavanya: I know you have so many questions Chandni and I will clear all that ... but before that let me tell you one thing ... what ASR said true ... it was his brother with whom you signed the contract

Chandni: What ... but Akash sir ... and why that man did call him Arnav?

Lavanya: No ... not Akash ... his blood brother ... and Arjun called him Arnav because that is his name

Chandni: But the contract ... the name was Advay, not Arnav

Lavanya: That is because you had signed the contract with Advay ... ASR's little brother

Payal: What ... little brother ... but the face ... I mean they are not twins ... then? 

Lavanya: They both look exactly the same except that ASR is a bit taller and looks more matured than Advay ... and yes it is possible for siblings to have the same face even if they are not twins ... just like there are non-identical twins ... (Shaking her head) ... you guys still don't believe me, right? Wait a second ... I will show you something

Saying this she opened her phone and showed a photo.

Chandni and Payal had a look at it and Chandni had the Eureka moment as she said

Chandni and Payal had a look at it and Chandni had the Eureka moment as she said.

Chandni: Oh ... so that's why he is no more sitting inside that cabin ... (Confusedly) ... but when did ... I mean ...

Lavanya: When did ASR come into the picture? ... remember the day I apologized to you ... ASR came back the day before that and knowing everything , made me understand that whatever I did to you was wrong

Chandni: Means all these days ... he was trying to explain this to me again and again and I ... oh Kanha Ji (Oh my God) ... what did I do ... how much bad he must have felt hearing someone accusing him of something he never did ...

Arnav: Right ... I felt bad ... but not because of that ... I felt bad because my brother did all that to you ... I ... (Gulping) ... I am really ashamed Chandni because of what he did ... err ... it is just that we had pampered him too much and he just ... (Sighing) ... I know whatever he did was unforgivable ... but still

Chandni: (Turning to him) ... sir please ... no ... don't speak like that ... it was not your fault ... and it should be me who must have to apologize to you for saying God knows what and all

Arnav: Hey it's okay ... it was just a misunderstanding and I am glad it got cleared ... I mean at least you will not call me 'Rowdy Raizada' anymore

Chandni: Err ... I ... him... I was just

Arnav: Oh you can call him that ... I have no problem ... by the way ... are we okay now?

Chandni nodded her head smiling but then remembering something said urgently.

Chandni: And sir ... thank you so much for whatever you did now ... and yes I will pay it back as soon as possible ... or if you want me to work overtime that too is fine with me

Arnav: You don't have to ... (Sighing) ... and like said before I had no idea you were underpaid ... but don't worry I will ask the accountant to change it to the full amount the first thing tomorrow morning

Chandni: No ... no sir ... I mean I had signed the contract and what if your brother

Arnav: To hell with the contract and ... (Arrogantly) ... he won't say anything ... and if he did he will have to explain to me why he did what he did before that ... so don't worry about that ... (Taking out his phone as it was vibrating)... oh ... (Looking at Lavanya) ... it is Di again ... Lavanya I think I should leave now ... Ju had managed to make her talk and I think she is behaving normally now ... I mean she was crying hugging him

Lavanya nodded her head and he turned to leave but then turned around and said with a smirk.

Arnav: And yeah ... go to your darling husband before he sends a search party

Lavanya nodded with a blush creeping up her cheeks at his teasing while Chandni opened her mouth in shock and Arnav left from there with a smug smile on his lips.

Chandni: What ... husband ... who?

Lavanya: (Smiling) ... yes, my husband ... Dr. Arjun Malhotra ... ASR's Ju ...

Chandni: The man came here before sometime ... (Acknowleding her nod) ... but that day you and sir ... or was it his brother?

Lavanya: (Shaking her head) ... no, it was ASR only ... I was helping him as he had fractured his hand ... and moreover we are good friends ... no maybe more than that because he is going to marry Cookie ... my baby sister

Chandni: What ... and I ... Nani Ji ... I am so sorry Lavanya Ji ... I didn't know it

Lavanya: See that's it ... you didn't know about it ... so chill ... and ASR must have handled it

Chandni: Okay ... (Sighing in relief) ... and ... what happened? ... I mean who is admitted here?

Lavanya: Pa ... I mean Arjun's father ... (Reading the message on her phone) ... I am sorry Chandni I have to leave ... Arjun is calling me

Chandni: It is okay Lavanya Ji ... I understand ...

Lavanya nodded and left after wishing all of them.

Garima: Bahut pyari bachi hain ... (Such a lovely kid)

Bua Ji: Haan ... aur that Babua (Yes ... and that Babua) ... how nice he is

Chandni: (Murmuring) ... yeah ... unlike his brother

Bua Ji: May NandKis**** fulfill all his wishes

RM, New Delhi, India

Akash: I can't understand why Bhai isn't picking up his phone ... Di ... did you try

Anjali: I am trying from a longtime Akash ... I think he went out quite disturbed ... and now I am getting really afraid ... he ... he wouldn't have done anything to himself, right? ... I mean you know how he is when he is blinded by anger ...

Mami: Anjali Bitiya ... why are you worrying so much ... didn't you hear him ... it was Ms. Kashyap no ... no Mrs. Malhotra, now ... (Sighing) ... and he must have gone to meet her and her sister ... and I think instead of him doing anything to himself I think you should worry about this matter ... that he didn't have run away and married ... hello hi bye bye

Nani: If something like that happens ... then I will forget that he is my grandson ... and yeah ... if he wants to keep a new relation spoiling another one ... then it is his wish ... (Sighing angrily) ... and I am with Manorama in one thing ... I too think that he had gone to meet his Ms. Kashyap

Anjali: No Nani ... of course not ... because Khushi Ji is in America now

Nani: Jo bhi ho (Whatever it is) ... remember this ... I am not going to change my decision about her and ...

She stopped talking as she saw a visibly angry Arnav walking inside with a bleeding hand.

Anjali: Chote ... where were you?

Arnav: (Showing his hand) ... Di, please ...

Anjali: Oh God ... how did this happen ... Rahim Chacha please bring the first aid box

Nani: Chote ... Anjali Bitiya is asking something ... why are you silent ... reply to her ... everything is alright, right?

Arnav: Di ... it is just a small cut ... (Snatching the first aid box) ... I am going to my room and I will do this ... I want to be alone for sometime

Nani: (Angrily) ... Chote ... you have gone to Mrs. Malhotra, right? What did she say ... that you are this angry?

Arnav: Yes, Nani ... I had gone to Lavanya but she has no role on my anger ... it is something else

Nani: And what is it ... my words?

Arnav: Nani, please ... I don't want to talk about anything right now

Anajli: Nani ... (Shaking her head) ... please ... not now

Anjali said worriedly looking at his wounded hand.

Nani: Alright Chote ... I will speak to you later ... but don't forget that I am your Nani ... and whatever I think, it is for your good only

Arnav: I know Nani ... (Gulping) ... but some decisions ... good or bad ... one has to take himself ... because the decisions which are taken in a hurry always go wrong ... (Shaking his head) ... anyway leave it ... because I am in no mood to argue now

Nani: Everything doesn't get over like that Chote ... will you forget your family for your love? What I am trying to tell ... you know that well, right? ... Your father and mother

Arnav: Nani, please ... didn't you udnderstand? ... I don't want to talk anything on that matter

Nani: Chote ... Anjali Bitiya ... I know that you people don't like to speak about this matter ... nor Chiku ... but truth cannot be hidden by not telling it ... and 'Pyaar'('Love') ... there is only one meaning to that word ... destruction ... complete destruction ... of the family ... of marriage or even someone's life too ...

Arnav: No Nani ... you are wrong there. (Shaking his head) ... love is not at all about destruction ... at least not for me ... becasue it has given me a lot of happiness and had bought light into my dull life ... but yeah I will not tell you to change your opinion on that ... because unlike you I care about one's freedom of choice

Nani: Chote it is so easy to say that ... I know this ... that you have selected the wrong girl ... but I will not allow you to do that mistake ... I am telling you ... you will have to leave that girl who will only be capable of destroying the remaining pride of our family by her lifestyle

Arnav: Nani ... then I will have to say that which you will not like ... I will not leave her ... and hear it out once and for all ... (Gritting his teeth) ... if I ever marry, it will be only and only Adv. Khushi Kashyap ... and if you will not relent ... then I will be forced to marry her without your permission because I respect her as much I love her  ... and thus I will not allow anybody to raise their finger on her by living with her without a marriage ... and yes ... (Stessing on each word) ... now please leave me alone

Saying this he marched to his room followed by a worried Anjali with a plate of food.

Mama Ji: See Amma ... he had already taken his decision ... and I think you should at least give a benefit of doubt to his choice ... as I believe he will never choose a wrong girl for the family because he loves all of us too much for that ... and what if Khushi Bitiya is not a girl as you think her to be

Nani: No ... of course not ... I know what she will be ... and yeah if he has taken his decision ... I too have made my mind

Mama Ji: What?

Nani: You just wait and see ... what I will do ... good night

Saying this she too marched to her room leaving a surprised Mami and a worried Mama Ji and Akash.

Arnav's room

He sat on the recliner and applied ointment on his wound but said exhaustedly as he heard footsteps.

Arnav: Di ... please leave me alone

Anjali: Arre ... how is that possible Chote ... that too when I know how upset you are ... and I know why you are upset

Arnav: Di ... I wasn't thinking about Chandni and Adi ...

Anjali: Chiku and Chandni ... again? ... (Sternly) ... Chote ... tell me what did he do this time ... (Sighing seeing his stiff posture) ... or at least have your food ... come on open your mouth

He sighed and opened his mouth and Anjali started to feed him.

Anjali: Now that you are eating ... tell me na ... how is food?

Arnav: It's nice ...

Anjali: Arre ... if not about me at least smile about food ... (Sighing) ... what is it Chote?

Arnav: Di ... today ... (Gulping) ... today I felt so low of myself ... for not being able to be a good brother

Anjali: Chote ... what the hell are you saying? ... you are the best brother in the world

Arnav: No Di ... I am not ... if yes then Adi would not have become like this and not being able to protect ...

He stopped immdeately as he realsied what he was about to say but thankfully Anjali was stuck on the initial words.

Anjali: Chiku? ... Chote ... kya kiya usne? (What did he do?) ... and where did you go?

Arnav took a deep breath and as he knows she will not leave him until and unless she get it out of him explained everything to her and at last said in a dejected manner.

Arnav: How could he Di ... don't he know the pains we all had to bear without having enough money ... but still, he did all that just to satisfy his ego ... (Sighing) ... I am totally disappointed Di ...

Anjali: Me too Chote ... I never expected that from him

Arnav: No Di ... not him ... I am disappointed in myself ... that I couldn't instill good values in him

Anjali: Chote ... (With tears in her eyes) ... please don't think like that ... there is no fault of yours ... and (Cupping his right cheek) ... don't worry I will speak to him when he comes back, okay?

Arnav: (Nodding acknowledging her and then sighing) ... anyway, leave all this now ... I am really tired now ... I just want to sleep ... and you too go and sleep Di ... it is very late

Anjali nodded and left after kissing his forehead.

Next morning

Arnav walked down the stairs followed by Akash as he said.

Akash: Bhai ... these are the litigation papers ... I will send it into office ... you please check it ... and ... what happened Bhai? ... you seem very tired ... didn't you sleep last night?

Arnav: I am always like this, right?

He asked irritated as he wasn't happy knowing the fact that Akash read his mood on his face even after him trying very hard to cover it with his ASR mask. They walked down in silence but came to a halt at the bottom of the stairs seeing unknown faces with Nani.

Nani: Brijesh Ji ... what you said is very true and ... (Looking up hearing footsteps) ... Arre ... Arnav Bitwa has come ... (Smiling) ... Arnav Bitwa come ... we were waiting for you only

Arnav: (Gritting his teeth) ... what is all this Nani?

Mami: This is Brijesh Singh ... his wife Asha ... and their beloved daughter Vidya Devi ... and I am your Mami and this is your Nani ... the end

Nani passed a glare at Manorama for her overdramatic explanation and then turning to Arnav said with a smile.

Nani: Chote ... Brijesh Ji has come with Vidya Bitiya's proposal ... for you ... I and Pandit Ji think that Vidya Bitiya's Kundli is very great ... and yeah it is impossible to get a good daughter in law for this house and a better life partner to you than Vidya Bitiya

Arnav passed her a death glare which she chose to ignore and said to the couple while Mama Ji, Anjali who just came down then and Akash exchanged terrified looks.

Nani: You see our Arnav ... he is only 28 ... but in this small age, he had taken up the responsibility of the whole house and even handles the business well ... (Looking at the young girl) ... and you see ... I had always wanted a decent and polite girl like Vidya to be the Bahu of this house ... (Looking up at Arnav) ... arre ... Arnav Bitwa ... come ... sit down ... speak to Vidya Bitiya for two minutes ... it is very good if you get to know each other before marriage ... and yeah ... you don't have to be afraid ... we are not conducting your marriage tomorrow itself

Arnav: (Looking at the man) ... I am sorry Mr. Singh ... but I can't sit down and talk to your daughter for two minutes ... because if I did ... I will be wasting time ... mine and your daughter's ... because I don't want to do this marriage

Nani: Chote

Arnav: And even if I did this on Nani's words ... will you conduct your marriage with a man who is committed to another girl

Mami: Poor Vidya Devi ... her bye bye happened before even saying a hello hi

Nani: Brijesh Ji ... I was telling that

Brijesh: Ji Namaste ... we are going

And the couple and their daughter left after passing a disappointed look at the family. 

Nani: Yeh kya badtameezi hain Chote? (What mannerless behavior is this Chote?)

Arnav: I am sorry Nani ... but I didn't have any other option ... I told you but I think you didn't understand it ... so I had to speak to them directly

Nani: Don't back answer me ... is this the manners I have taught you?

Arnav: No Nani ... but I don't think I am doing anything wrong ... in fact if I had married Ms. Singh on your words then it will be wrong ... and you had only taught me, right Nani ... That to never do anything wrong ... and again it was you who had taught me that a person has to take every big decision by himself ... and this is my life, Nani ... yes ... being my Nani I will take your advice for sure ... but I will do only that what I wish ... so ... on this matter ... please ... you agree to my words ... and yeah Khushi is coming here soon ... I don't want to see any more Tamasha (Spectacle) then ... and yeah if you won't agree for her arrival here ... do tell me ... khushi won't come here but yeah I too will go and stay with her

Saying this with an arrogant expression he left to the office with Akash. And seeing it Nani told to others

Nani: Did you hear that ... he will do whatever he wants ... didn't he have an ounce of respect on what I want ... and what was it ... he will leave the house if I if I don't allow her in ... huh

Manorama: Of course we all heard Sasuma ... we don't have any hearing problems ... I mean we are not old like you

Manohar: Stop it Mano ... and Amma ... you heard him, right? ... and you know that he will do what he says ... so please think wisely before you take a decision ... that whether you want him to leave us and go away or keep her here under your own eyes for some time and make her a perfect Bahu before marriage ...

Manorama: (Muttering) ... yes and then you can torture her like you are doing with me ... hello hi bye bye

Manohar: So what do you say Amma?

He asked hiding his smirk as he knows that the thing his mother can never tolerate is that her grandsons leaving her and living separately.

Nani: (Sighing) ... okay ... I am ready to try ... hmm ... for a month ... let us see what will happen ... and mind you anybody of you will not help her

Anjali: (Passing a wink to Mama Ji and hiding her smile) ... of course not Nani

Nani: Okay then ... let me leave to the Mandir for now ... I have to attend a Satsang

Anjali: I too will come, Nani ... remember ... I have this Puja which I couldn't do yesterday

Mami: Hello hi bye bye ... I too am coming then ... I mean what I will do sitting with this old man ... huh ... Anjali I will come taking my purse ... you guys wait for me

Anjali: Okay Mami ... Nani ... come ... we can wait in the car

And yes for those who wish to see Arjun's parents I had added them in the character sketch.

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