OS - Sanki!

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OS - Sanki! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 66 times)

"Arnav bitwa is here.." Buaji screamed with a relief smile on her face as soon as she saw Arnav getting down his car.

Garima ran towards the door and smiled with tears in her eyes, "I knew that he could come to take our bitiya back home.."

But someone inside the kitchen fumed hearing his name, "Laad governor why he came back now?". She thought munching her jalebis with a frown on her face.

"Come bitwa.. We were praying for you only.." Buaji smiled making space for him to enter.

"Praying for me?" Arnav raised his one eyebrow in confusion, shouldn't it be waiting for him?

"She's Sanki and you're Laad governor.. She wasn't going to go back on her words so won't you.. We could only pray that one of you both give up, or Khushi bitiya goes back home or you come to take her with you.." Buaji smiled.

"Unbelievable Khushi shared our fight with Buaji and Amma.." Arnav thought to himself and walked inside and settled himself on the couch, glancing towards the kitchen which he was sure she was there making her favorite jalebis upset with him.

"I will call her.." Garima said and went to kitchen after seeing him glancing every now and then towards the kitchen. She never saw him so desperate for Khushi till now.

Arnav nodded embarrassed and Buaji giggled sheepishly at his state.

"Bitwa there is still love between you both, why are you betraying her then?" Buaji asked sadly.

"I'm not betraying her Buaji.." Arnav gritted his teeth, rolling his eyes in unbelievable look.

"Liar.." Khushi came with Garima who was trying to calm her daughter, but as soon as Khushi heard his last line, she couldn't control herself anymore.

"Can we talk in private?" he asked.

"Why? We don't have anything to talk in private now, go and stay with your Khushi which you brought to replace me.." she folded her arms and frowned looking away.

"Khushi I already explained you.." Arnav gritted his teeth.

"Garima go and bring water.. Bitwa is getting red in anger.." Buaji said quickly watching Arnav trying to control himself from shouting.

"Are you done? Then you can go back now to Shantivan.." she smiled sarcastically showing him the way out.

Arnav glared at her and he was about to stand up, when Garima placed the glass of water on table with a smile, "Keep calm bitwa.. She's Sanki only.. I will make her understand.."

Arnav took the glass of water and gulped it in one go.

"He only came here to cool himself with water and warm my mind with his anger!" Khushi pouted.

"Sanki chup hojayo (Sanki keep quiet)" Buaji widened her eyes.

Arnav walked to her and Khushi looked away, "The door is at that side!" she pointed with her finger.

"Khushi I know that.." Arnav answered with you-don't-need-to-tell-me look.

"Then put your feet on work and leave from here.. I won't go back to Shantivan!" she glared at her.

"Okay fine.. I'm going!" he walked to go, turning his back to her and she let out a sob.

Arnav quickly turn back and rushed to her.

"Go.. Why are you waiting? I will say it and you will go? Is this what your love is? You really don't love me.. Why would you? You got another Khushi, modern like you!" she sobbed like a baby pouting, while beating him on his chest.

"May God give me patience to deal with you.." Arnav sighed making Khushi cry more, "You're tired of me Arnav ji? Dekha Amma ji, he's tired of me now.."

Garima and Buaji shook their head in disbelief.

"Let's talk in private Khushi.." he said huskily.

"Nahin, I know in private you will start with your kisses and romancing to convince me to go back with you.." she shook her head in no.

Buaji and Garima smiled shyly, "Sanki!"

"Khushi.." Arnav widened his eyes to make her realize she's spilling their bedroom secrets here.

Khushi widened her eyes and her mouth formed a big 'O' shape realizing what she said in front of Garima and Buaji.

"Since you don't want to go to your room, we will leave this living room for you both.." Buaji giggled and left with Garima to the kitchen leaving the kids to solve their problem.

"How dare you spoil my image in front of Buaji and Amma?" he asked glaring at her.

"Which image ahn?" she pushed him angrily.

"My ASR image.. now they will think I'm a love sick puppy!" he pulled her closer to him, making Khushi gasp not expecting this move from him.

"Arnav ji leave me.. Amma ji and Buaji might come anytime.." she tried to push him, but he tightened his grip on her smirking.

"I told you that it's better if we talk in your room.. You didn't want that, now whatever will happen, will happen here only.." he pecked on her cheek smirking.

Khushi widened her eyes, smacking his shoulder, "Laad governor.. You're becoming shameless day by day!"

"Leave your stubbornness and come back home.." he said.

"I won't.." she nodded sideways pouting.

Arnav kissed her pout, making her cheeks turn to red color, "Arnav ji.." she whined.

"I miss you.." he buried his face on her neck like a baby, "I can't take it anymore.. I can't sleep without you in my arms.. I need you Khushi.."

She melt hearing his complaints, but then got angry thinking about the woman he wanted to bring home, she pushed him away earning a What-the from him.

"Then why you betray me like this?" she pouted with tears in her eyes.

"Khushi I'm seriously fed up of this discussion now.. I already told you Khushi Kapoor is daughter of my business partner and he asked me to pick her from airport and make her stay at our home as guest because she is new here in Delhi.. You turned such a simple matter in a matter of betrayal!" he shouted.

Khushi gulped and took a step back in fear of him, she's not at all used to this ASR now, after all her Arnav ji is more loving and caring for her. Her eyes brimmed with tears and she started hipcupping.

Arnav shut his eyes cursing himself for making her cry. He pulled her closer to him, wrapping his arms around her waist, "I'm sorry.."

"I'm sorry too!" she circled her arms around his neck, and brought her face closer to his. Arnav took the opportunity and started kissing her on her lips, which he missed for two days!

"I'm sure the one who created bedroom isn't that mad that you both start doing bedroom scenes in living room!" Shashi cleared his throat embarrassed for walking in his house and witness such scene.

Arnav and Khushi pull apart abruptly hearing his voice. Khushi shyly ran to her room and even if Arnav had not pacified her, she would still go back to Shantivan today itself.

"I'm sure you must have done this with Amma also.." Arnav said trying to walk out of the embarrassed situation.

"Not in the living room.." Shashi smiled.

"Oh.." he came back to the embarrassing moment. Of course, everyone does their private things in the bedroom, but his wife is stubborn, then what can he do?

"In the kitchen.." Shashi giggled, "And Khushi's Nani caught us!"

"Really?" Arnav widened his eyes. And Shashi nodded embarrassed. Arnav smirked with winning look, he managed to get his father in law embarrassed!

Khushi came back with her bag, and Arnav widened his eyes seeing her bag, "Were you planning to stay here a month?"

"The way she's Sanki.. even a year would be less!" Shashi laughed.

Both said goodbye to Khushi's family and walked to the car.

While driving, Arnav looked at her: Promise me that whenever we fight, you won't leave me and go to your parents home.."

"It depends.." she pouted.

"On what?" he asked.

"We fight everyday for silly reasons but it's only when you shout at me and scold me a lot that I go back to my mayka!" she shrugged.

"But you also suspected me for no reason at all.. Like seriously.. Just because her name is Khushi also, that means I'm tired of you and replaced you with a modern Khushi!" he rolled his eyes.

"See.. This is how you start.. You can't explain anything to me in loving tone.. Always barking at me.." she looked down playing with her duppata.

"Okay fine.. I'm sorry meri Jaan!" he held her hand and started caressing it while driving.

Khushi smiled happily, "Did that Khushi took my place in these two days?" she frowned suspiciously.

"What the.. Khushi don't start!" he frowned.

"Why don't you reply to me?" she asked stubbornly, "Just say yes or no.."

"I'm thinking to take you back to your mayka.." he glared at her.

"Take me back.. You don't love me at all.. It must be Di who told you to come and convince me to go back home otherwise you would stay with your big fat ego in Shantivan working all the time.." she looked away.

"Those 500 missed calls belong to me in your phone Mrs. Raizada!" he said reminding her.

She bit her tongue smiling sheepishly and he stopped the car as red signal came.

Khushi jumped on him and sat on his lap, kissing his cheek, "Sorry for troubling you! You already know I'm Sanki only.. I don't doubt in your love for me.. I know you love me only.."

Arnav smiled and kissed her back on her right cheek, "I know.. I'm used to your madness now!"

"Arnav ji can you drive with me in your lap?" she asked thrilled giggling.

"Khushi back to your seat now.." Arnav gritted his teeth and she jumped back to her seat pouting, "Laad governor.."

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