If This Is Love

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If This Is Love (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 28 times)

Part 1

Do you know when you watch a movie and the hero is introduced, walking in slow motion or getting out of a helicopter or whatever cliché ways, that was the exact same way I felt at the moment, when I saw a group of four boys heading towards us.

I was standing in the parking lot with Leena, my cousin who was introducing me to her friends, it was my first day at school today after mom got promoted and we shifted to Miami.

My eyes were stuck on the four boys who were walking towards us, one of them was walking in front as if he was the leader and the other three were behind him, the one in front was wearing a black leather jacket over his white tee, to say he looked hot would be an understatement.

I was waiting for the moment they’d get nearer so I could get a proper look at him, but it looked like fate dint have so because then I saw a girl heading towards them, she was dressed in a short pink dress accompanied with pink heels, she had a pink messenger bag hanged on her shoulder, honestly that was too much pink for the day.

She stopped in front of the leather jacket boy who looked at her furiously, as if she had just committed a crime, well if someone stopped in front of me dressed like that, I would also give her the same look.

I couldn’t really hear their conversation from where we were standing but it looked like they leather jacket boy and the pink dress girl were arguing over something, the next moment I saw him push her away as she tripped over her heels and fell on the floor.

Everyone present in the parking lot started laughing at her and although her dressing was terrible, whatever the leather jacket guy did to her wasn’t something funny that people had to laugh at her.

I saw the guy smirking proudly as if he had achieved something huge by pushing her off and making people laugh at her, and seriously at this moment I dint care if he was hot, what he did was terrible.

“Proud aren’t you? So how does it feel after pushing a girl like that?” I found myself standing in front of him suddenly, I folded my arms and stared at him waiting for a reply but all he did was to raise his eyebrow as he looked at me like who the hell was I even to ask him that.

Suddenly I saw Leena rushing towards me as if I was just about to get hit by a car, she stopped next to me and started pulling me away for God knows what reason, I gave her an angry look and she stopped pulling me.

“I am so sorry, my cousin is new here she doesn’t know anything, please forgive her, let’s go Khushi.” She said giving me an angry look.

“Whatever it is that I might not be knowing still doesn’t justify the way he treated her, I’m not blaming him, maybe it wasn’t his fault and the girl was irritating him, but still pushing her that way is ridiculous, and then everyone here was just laughing, what do you even think of yourself?”

“Excuse me?” He raised his eyebrow again and looked at me like I had committed some sort of crime.

“Khushi let it be, just let’s go!” Leena tried to pull me away with all her strength but she couldn’t manage much, I was stronger than her.

“She can’t just go after talking to me in that tone” The leather jacket guy said as he looked at me from top to bottom, the anger still showing on his face.

One moment I was staring at him angrily and the other moment I found myself pinned on a red Ferrari, he had his hands against my shoulders and as much as I hated him, his touch gave me and adrenaline rush.

I tried to push him away but he was strong, he looked me into the eyes thinking I would look down but being the stubborn me, I looked back at his black eyes that were currently looking into my hazel ones, his hair was all messed and falling on his face.

His hands fell on my arms from my shoulders and he pressed them so hard, I almost cried, he then pushed me away and got inside the Ferrari, the other boys walked towards a car that was parked next to the Ferrari, while one of them joined him in it and sat on the driver’s seat.

The two cars, the red Ferrari and the black Audi sped off in a flash and I was left standing there in shock or surprise or whatever it should be named.

“You are lucky you dint get killed.” Leena said as she rushed towards me worriedly.

“What do you mean? I mean he isn’t some sort of underworld don that he would have killed me, he’s just a guy who studies in the same school as we all do, why were you so scared of him anyway?”

“Because nobody messed up with Arnav Raizada and his gang, they all belong to super rich families, you must have the idea after seeing their cars, and so they practically get away with everything.

Just last month they got into a fight with some guy, he’s still in hospital recovering, he was almost dead, this guys are heartless Khushi, no one dares to mess up with them, they can even kill you and get away with it, so next time stay away from him.” Leena looked at me worriedly, I’m sure she was wondering what would happen to me now that I had messed up with him.

“As if I care, he might be rich but that doesn’t mean he would do whatever he wants to.” I said as I headed back towards my Beatle, it was the first car I even owned, although second hand, but it was a gift from my mother after we shifted here and I loved it.

“Are you coming?” I asked Leena who had gone back to her friends and according to the looks her friends were giving me, it was clear that they were having a conversation about me messing up with the super-rich Arnav Raizada, I hated the fact that this so called rich people treated everyone inferior as ****, like we weren’t humans.

Leena bid her friends a goodbye as she hopped in the car, she looked at me with worry on her face even when the boys had left long back.

“What? Stop looking at me like you pity me.” I said as I switched on the engine.

“Because I do, you seriously have no idea who you’ve messed with, I don’t think he would let go this easily.”

“As if I care.”


It was over half an hour and I was still stuck in traffic, I was heading home after dropping Leena, I looked around the city, it was beautiful and I was glad I was here, it was good to be in a new place, going to a new school and making new friends, I liked this place better.

A few minutes more as I stared around, I noticed a red Ferrari on my left, I inhaled a deep breath because I knew who it belonged to and according to what Leena had said to me, I was nervous, had I actually messed up with the wrong person?

I looked at the guy who was driving and just when my eyes fell on him, so did his, I saw him opening his mouth to say something and maybe he had said something to Arnav because the next moment, I saw him looking at me.

This time, there was no anger on his face, he looked much better without the anger, he suddenly pulled of his leather jacket and stuffed it inside his bag, I looked at his muscled arms and how his white tee fit him perfectly and for a moment I forgot all about the encounter at the parking lot, this guy was seriously hot.

He smirked realizing I was checking him out, he turned to look at the front and so did I, I dint want to look at him and feel things I wasn’t supposed to.

The five minutes we were stuck in that traffic were the hardest, I was scared he might jump out of his car suddenly and come punch me or something, but the worst part was how hard I had to control myself so that I couldn’t look at him.

This guy was beautifully made and no matter how much you’d look at him, you would never feel satisfied, it was like how much pizza I ate, I would never be satisfied, not even after my stomach was full and it popped out.

After the awful five minutes, the cars finally moved, and I inhaled a deep breath when I saw his car turn towards the left while I went straight ahead, thanking God he wasn’t here to murder me.


I parked the car outside and stepped out of the car, I opened the backdoor and pulled out my bag from it and then locked it.

Just when I turned around to head inside the house, I saw the red Ferrari once again, and for a moment my heart almost stopped beating, was Leena actually right? Were the guys following me so that they could kill me?

What was I supposed to do now that I had got myself stuck in this situation? Should I scream for help or something? I dint know a thing, I just stood the clutching my fists tightly while I shut my eyes nervously, whatever that was supposed to happen would happen.

Jan 5

If This Is Love... Part 2 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 32 times)

I heard a screeching sound and opened my eyes to make sure if I was alive or in heaven, luckily I was pretty much alive and in front of me was the red Ferrari.

Arnav was sited there like a boss with his shades on, he pulled them off and looked at me just like the heroes in the movies do, and damn, if I dint have such a terrible first impression of him, I would have been crushing on him right now.

The black Audi stopped behind the red Ferrari and I was sure I had got myself into some serious trouble, the four boys looked like some totally spoilt rich brats and I had just messed up with one of them. My feet were trembling, I was nervous I had no idea what was going to happen and Leena’s words were like ringing in my mind over and over again.

I couldn’t forget her telling me about a guy who messed up with them and was now lying in the hospital, I wondered if the same was going to happen to me, but then neither of them stepped out of the car, Arnav kept on staring at me like nothing making me more and more nervous.

He said something to the guy next to him and the next moment, both the cars disappeared into thin air. I inhaled a deep breath and rushed inside the house being confused, if they dint want to harm me, why were they even here?

Or maybe they were following me to see where I lived so that they could plan a safe murder? Or maybe just burn down my house, it would be the best revenge!

Shut up Khushi! I was angry on myself for thinking such lame things, they weren’t terrorists for heaven sake, they were just boys from school!

My phone beeped as I pulled it out of my pocket and checked the text message I had received from mom, she texted to inform me she was going to work late and she would be back home after midnight, which meant, I had to cook myself some dinner and realizing we had shifted just two days back, there were no groceries.

I had two choices because I was damn hungry, I’d either go grocery shopping and come back and cook or I’d just go out and eat in a restaurant but I hated eating out alone, plus I dint know any good place here, what was I supposed to do?

I texted Leena and gladly she was free and hungry just like me, so I had to pick her up from her place because her mother dint allow her to drive yet, and then from there we’d head somewhere for dinner.

I took a quick shower and got dressed in a red dress, I left my hair open, I had curled them for the first day at school but by now the curls were all loose and left in the end only but they still looked good, I picked up my favorite red lipstick and threw it inside my bag, just in case Leena came looking over dressed for dinner, I’d have some back up.


I parked my car outside the gate because I dint want to go inside and have an awkward conversation with my aunt, her mom wasn’t bad but she was just too nosy and I was sure she must be thinking that Leena and I were going out with our boyfriends, only if she knew we had none.

Surely she dint expect me to have a boyfriend just on the third day of being in Miami, did she?

Leena walked out of the door holding her black heels in her hand, she saw my car and waved at me while she put on the shoe, I was clearly under dressed.

I pulled out my lipstick from the bag and applied it quickly and then shoved it back inside the bag just in right time, Leena pulled the door open as she stepped in.

“So where are we going?” She asked excitedly.

“How am I supposed to know that? Remember I’m new here? You are the one supposed to show me around!”

“Oh yes, let’s go to The Capital Grille, there’s some mouthwatering food there, and not to forget some hot boys, who knows I might finally get myself a boyfriend.” She giggled, and now was when I understood her reason for dressing up so much just for a casual dinner with me.

I nodded as she directed me where to go and within no time, we were at the parking lot and while I was busy reverse parking because that **** was difficult, she was busy touching up her make up.


We were directed to an empty table by a waiter who later handed us the menu and walked away until we were ready to order, I went through the menu and then looked around and suddenly a waiter from nowhere stopped in front of us.

I looked at Leena who order food for us, the waiter noted down out order and walked away while we waited for food, I was super hungry, I hoped they would get it ASAP.

I unlocked my phone and scrolled through Facebook while Leena looked around hoping to find the hot guy she had dressed up for.

“Oh ****!” I heard her worried voice to which I lifted my head and looked at the direction she was looking at thinking that maybe she had finally found her hot boy, I was partly right, there was a hot boy, not one but four but not the one she was looking for.

It was Arnav and his gang, I was just as shocked as she was, could it be just a coincidence that they were here or were they actually stalking me? This was starting to get dangerous that I thought it was.

“My night just got ruined.” Leena pretended to cry and she leaned on the table.

“You don’t have to look at them, just pretend you don’t know that they exist, as simple as that.” I tried to sound casual but deep inside I was also scared.

“All this is because of you, why did you have to mess up with him?” she whined like a baby.

“I would mess up with him over and over again if he keeps on treating people like ****, I don’t give a damn if he’s rich and he can kill me and get away with it.” I said suddenly feeling confident and angry, honestly I also dint know why I was scared of him, maybe Leena’s words had affected me but I wasn’t going to sit around being scared of him.

Leena pulled out her phone and pretended to be busy but I knew she was worried, she was thinking something wrong was going to happen and I couldn’t see that, it was making me feel terrible, knowing that we had to be so scared of them.

I stood up suddenly and walked towards the table they were sited in, I was sure Leena might be looking at me like I was someone crazy from behind but I dint care, I stopped at the table and put my hand on it, they all lifted their head up to look at me.

I inhaled a deep breath, I was nervous but confident yet, I wasn’t going to live a life being scared of them, I had better things to do for heaven sake.

Arnav raised his eyebrow at me, he dint say a word neither did any of the boys, that was good for a start.

“Well you see the girl right there.” I said as I turned to point at Leena who was staring at me like if Arnav dint, she was surely going to kill me.

“She’s my cousin, and seeing you here makes her feel scared because she thinks you are going to kill me or do something terrible to me because I messed up with you in the parking lot, and just so you know, I don’t care and I’m not scared and if in any case you were following me till here you better leave, we are here to have a peaceful dinner and I wouldn’t like it to be interrupted by some stupid boys acting smart.”

I inhaled another deep breath, my eyes were stuck on Arnav who was yet staring at me, I couldn’t quite figure out his expressions, well after what I said I thought I was going to be pushed like the girl in the parking lot but nothing of such sort happened.

“We weren’t following you, we are here to have dinner too, it might just be a coincidence.” The boy in a blue jacket who was sited next to Arnav said, I recognized him immediately, he was the one driving the red Ferrari while Arnav sat next to him like a boss.

“And just so you know, I have better things to do than plan some sort of terrible revenge on you Love.” Arnav said in a husky voice.


Did he just address me as Love?

Yes he did!

I couldn’t explain the magic of his voice, it was like listening to a soulful soft music after listening to a rap for twenty four hours, it was soothing to my soul and to make it worse, he called me love, why the hell would he do that?

“Oh yes, there are a thousand girls out here prettier than you, why would we stalk you?” Another guy sited in front of Arnav said, I looked at him, he was the one driving the Audi and next to him was the other guy who was with him in the Audi, he was much rude.

“I agree, for example look at that hot waitress.” Arnav said with a smirk on his face as he looked behind me, I turned around and saw a waitress bent towards a table, her skirt was so short it barely covered her.

“Disgusting!” I said as I walked away from them and sat back at my table, it was time to give Leena some explanations.

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If This Is Love... Part 3 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 25 times)

I was standing in front of the mirror in my room staring at my reflection, it wasn’t that I looked terrible, not that I was praising myself or anything but wherever I went, everybody complimented me telling me I was beautiful but then after the encounter with Arnav and his gang at the hotel today, they had me thinking if I was really beautiful or all the people who complimented me were just blind.

I walked to my bed and punched my pillow being angry on myself, why was I even allowing there word to affect me, I never cared what anyone thought about me, so why was it becoming so important for me to look beautiful? It wasn’t my job to make people like me, if they did, good, if they dint, better!

I heard the sound of the door unlocking and I knew it must be mom, I quickly covered myself with a blanket and pretended to be asleep, she dint like me staying awake till late.

I heard the door of my room opening slowly, I knew she must be checking on me so I did my best and pretended that I was asleep until I heard it being shut, and then I sat up again, I was all confused, Leena had been so pissed at me after I went to talk to the boys she even warned me if next time I did something like this, she wouldn’t never go anywhere with me.

I had to stay away from Arnav and his gang because honestly I still dint understand why Leena was so scared of him but I dint want to lose the only friend I had in this new city, it was going to take me some time until I made new friends.


I parked my beetle in the same place I had parked it yesterday, I saw the red Ferrari and the black Audi parked a few cars away from mine which meant the boys were already at school, I just hoped I dint have to see their face today, I was good on my own.

I walked to the hallway and got my history book from the locker and then headed to class, there were a few students, half of whom I met yesterday in some classes and half I hadn’t met, I settled down in the middle bench and waited for the teacher to arrive.

A few minutes later, I saw a boy walking inside, he was handsome, he had black hair and blue eyes which were covered by his round spectacles, he walked towards me and stood in front of me.

“Do you mind if I sit there?” He asked pointing towards the empty seat next to me.

“Sure.” I smiled at him, he settled down next to me and the turned to look at me with a bright smile that almost showed all his thirty two perfectly shaped teeth. He ran his hand through his hair and opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out.

“I’m Ryle by the way.” He spoke after a few seconds.

“I’m Khushi.”

“Are you new here? Haven’t seen you around before?”

“Yeah, just shifted a few day back and I joined school yesterday.”

Ryle and I continued with our introduction conversation until the history teacher walked in, she was tall and she had blonde hair and she was thin as stick, she was dressed in a white floral shirt and a black skirt, she looked at all of us for a while and then started teaching.

A few minutes into her teaching, I saw the door open and then my worst nightmare walked in. I was hoping that at least today I wasn’t going to see his face but he was right here, in my history class, he walked to the back and settled in a corner seat while everyone in class tried to avoid looking at him.

“Arnav, why are you late to class again?” The teacher asked.

“Sorry ma’am my dog passed away.” He said casually.

“I thought your dog passed away last week, or did it get alive and died again?” She folded her arms and looked at him seriously.

“Yeah about that, I got a new one and that’s the one that died.”

She shrugged and looked at him being able to say nothing, I remember in my previous school if anybody would have made such a lame excuse, he would be thrown out of the class or would be serving detention and here it seemed like the teacher dint care.

“He dint even get punished for coming to class late and honestly that was the dumbest excuse ever.” I said to Ryle.

“You know that’s the thing with rich kids, they get away with everything, and Arnav is someone no one dares to mess up with, not even the teachers.” Ryle looked back up at him and then suddenly turned back towards the teacher.

Maybe Leena was right, the more I stayed away from Arnav and his gang, the better it was for me and then no matter how hot he was that I wanted to keep on staring at him forever, I dint want to get myself stuck in something terrible.

The bell rang and all the student stood up and started moving around, I also stood up and stuffed my books inside my bag, I was just about to leave when Ryle called out my name, I turned around to look at him but just for a mini second before that, my eyes fell on Arnav who was staring at me.

“So, are we friends?” He asked sounding nervous.

“Of course, we’re are friends, I don’t know anyone here even and it would be good to have you as a friend.”

“Great then, I’ll see you at the canteen lunch time.” he smiled happily.

I nodded and walked away, this time without looking at Arnav, I checked my next schedule, I had English so I headed to the class after getting a few minutes of fresh air.


At lunch time, I headed to canteen with Leena, we all settled down around a table, Leena was busy talking to her friends, mostly gossiping and I was getting bored, I looked around and spotted Ryle sited a bit further from us, he was engrossed in reading a book.

“You guys carry on, I’ll go sit there.” I said to Leena as I picked up my tray and headed towards Ryle’s table.

“You nerd! Canteen is a place to eat not to read.” I saw one of Arnav’s friend slap the back of Ryle’s head, he looked at them looking scared, the guy picked up a few fries from Ryle’s tray when he was pulled away but another guy.

“Come on Aaron, stop it.”

Okay, Arnav’s gang consisted of four people, three of whom were Indian and Aaron seemed to be like British because of his look accompanied with round harry potter kind of spectacles, his accent was also British when he spoke to Ryle.

Aaron had a pair of beautiful green eyes that would charm any girl, honestly even though he had been the one rude to me yesterday, I couldn’t deny the fact that he was hot, despite his colorful dressing, he was wearing a brown jean and green tee what was with Arnav and his gang? They all consisted of hot guys.

“I can walk Ree.” Aaron said as he pushed the other guy who was holding him away, the other member of Arnav’s gang.

Ree surely dint sound like a complete name maybe it was his nick name or a short form of his name, some Indians usually had pretty long names you’d have to shorten then to be able to pronounce them well.

Ree was another hot guy, like I said this guys seriously looked like they had just walked out of a movie, all of them were so perfect, Ree had brown hair and hazel eyes just like mine, he was dressed in all black, his eyes met with mine for a second just when I settled next to Ryle and if I wasn’t wrong, I think I saw him smiling at me, that was news.

Ree was also the guy who so far I’ve been seeing driving the red Ferrari with Arnav, Aaron and the other guy usually drive the Audi.

“Why were you so scared of them?” I asked Ryle after I settled down next to him.

“Everyone around is, it’s not because they come from rich families, I mean a lot of people here come from rich families but this guys have a bad history and everyone likes to stay away from them.” Ryle explained.

“What history?” I asked curiously.

“Let’s not talk about it now, you see how that Arnav is staring at us.”

I turned my head around and looked at the table where the four boys were sited, the other three were busy engrossed in their conversations but Arnav was staring at me, just like he was staring at me in the history class. My eyes met with his for a second and I immediately turned away, he was making me nervous.

Jan 9

If This Is Love... Part 4 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 24 times)

After lunch, Ryle headed off to class while I walked to my locker, I had some stuff to get from there, the hallway was almost empty as every had headed to their respective classes.

I got my books from the locker and stared at my watch, I was already five minutes late, being late on your first day to any of the classes wasn’t the right thing to do but I had spent half of my lunch gossiping about Arnav and his gang, famously knows as the bad boys gang because apparently they were terrible people, that I forgot to eat my lunch.

I had to stuff food in my mouth and eat as fast as I could, even without trying Arnav always managed to make me keep on thinking about him.

I brushed off his thoughts from my mind and shut the locker as I turned around in a hurry to rush to my classroom but I was met with a hard chest, I bumped into someone as all my books fell down, I bent down to quickly pick them up and whoever it was that bumped into me dint even think of helping me pick up the books.

I mean aren’t people supposed to do that? Help people, but I guess this school consisted of strange people, bad boys and people who wouldn’t help others.

I got all my books and stood up just to come face to face with Arnav, I breathed in realizing I had bumped into him, it wasn’t anyone else and of course, how could you expect Arnav Raizada to bend down and help a girl pick up her books even if he was the reason why they were on the floor at the first place.

I took a step to the right and tried to walk away from him because that was what I was supposed to do according to Leena, stay away from Arnav and his gang, but he was hot and it was a terrible feeling to just walk away from him like that but then I remembered what he had said about me at the restaurant and I convinced myself to walk away.

Before I could take another step forward, he came in front of me again and stopped me, seriously what was wrong with him now, when I was avoiding him why was he even doing this?

“Heading somewhere Love?” He asked me in his ****y voice.

He called me Love again!

Seriously, the words he spoke kept on ringing in my mind again and again, it was like I was playing some sort of music on loop, I was almost getting carried away, the keyword being almost! But then obviously I had to stay away from him, I dint want any trouble so I ignored him and tried to walk away once again but he wouldn’t just let me go.

“Yes, I am heading to my class for which I’m already late and you’re here trying to get me more late.” I shouted at him angrily. I dint even realize my voice was so loud but it had to be, we were in an empty hallway, it was supposed to be louder than I would have meant for it to be.

What was wrong with him? He was the one who wanted me not to mess up with him and now that I was minding my own business he was here trying to talk to me or doing God knows what.

He raised his eyebrow and looked at me as if I had committed an offence, I looked at his hands clenched into tight fists making me wonder if I was going to get punched, it would be terrible to walk around school for the next few days with a black eye and everyone around looking at me like I deserved it because I messed up with the bad boy.

He stepped closer to me making me almost stop breathing, the intensity was something, him being so close to me felt so good, it gave me some sort of electric shocks all over my body, I wasn’t supposed to feel that way!

He looked me into the eyes making me so nervous but I wasn’t going to be scared, I looked back at him the same way.

“No girl has ever dared to speak to me in that tone unless they are on my bed and screaming out my name because that’s how good I am love.” He said, this time his voice wasn’t ****y although what he said was.

He walked away leaving me behind there in shock or surprise, whatever it was. What was with him addressing me as love every time? And anyway I cared less about how many girls he had slept with or how good he was in bed, I had nothing to do with it. I slapped my own forehead and headed to the class, I was already late and I was here standing alone thinking about him!


I had only two classes in the afternoon after which I headed straight home, I had to help mom with unpacking and arranging the house as she was too busy, she usually worked late, so I was the one who had to do everything.

I arrived home, freshened up and did some unpacking, I arranged stuff in the hall and finally managed to connect the TV successfully, I headed to the kitchen to cook just when I received a text from mom saying she was on her way home and she was bringing dinner.

I headed back to the hall and settled down on the new sofa as I switched on the TV and started watching The Vampire Diaries, seriously what was with all those good looking guys? Especially Damon and Stefan, it was hard to decide who I was going to get married to in future!

I giggled at my own thoughts suddenly remembering my encounter with Arnav at the hallway in the afternoon, that guy was something, he should have been a part of TVD with so many hot boys, he would have just added the charm.

Gladly, the bell rang on the right time because there was no way I was going to sit here and keep thinking about Arnav, the deal with Leena was that I was going to avoid him so even thinking about him was forbidden.

I rushed to open the door and mum walked in, she hugged me and handed me the bag that consisted our food, I headed with it to the kitchen while she went to her room to freshen up.

I unpacked the food and served myself whatever I wanted and headed back to the sofa, I dint like to sit on a table and eat while staring at the walls, I liked to watch TV while I ate.

Mom joined me in a while with her plate, she settled down next to me and we both smiled at each other, like mother, like daughter.

“I’m sorry, I’ve been so busy I haven’t even since you since yesterday morning, tell me how’s your new school treating you?”

“It’s good, I made a new friend today, his name is Ryle, he’s cute.”

“Cute, I see.” She smirked.

“Oh no mum, I dint mean cute in that way, he’s just a friend and I am surely not interested in him, so stop smirking.”

“Okay then who’s the guy you are interested in?”

“Stop acting like American moms, I don’t remember seeing any Indian parents allowing their girl to have a boyfriend although they do have them secretly.” I giggled

“You see that’s the good about having me as your mom, I’ve been brought up here and I’m used to this life style, although I dint get to talk to my parents about my boyfriends or bring them home or anything, at least I can do that for you, there’s nothing bad about liking someone and falling in love with them. And by the way you are wrong, nowadays most parents do allow their children to date, it’s not a secret anymore.”

“Okay but that would be still like twenty percent, the rest eighty percent still don’t… anyway moving on from that, does that mean if someday I have a boyfriend I can bring him home?” I asked as I faced her excitedly.

“Of course you can, but he won’t be allowed to stay.” She smiled and winked at me at the same time, honestly she was the best mom ever, more like a best friend than a mom.

I looked back at the TV and saw Elena and Stefan arguing when Klaus had compelled Stefan to kill Elena, this guy loved her so much, I secretly hoped someday I was going to get someone love me as much as Stefan loved Elena.

After dinner, we headed off to bed, I had an early class next morning and I dint want to be late, I was always the punctual one except for today.


When I arrived at school, the parking lot was full unlike what I thought, I was pretty early and I was expecting it to be empty but it was the opposite, I parked my beetle in the usual spot and walked out seeing the Red Ferrari and the Black Audi there again.

They were the bad boys, weren’t they supposed to be late to school to maintain their image or something? I brushed off the thoughts when I saw a couple leaning against a car, making out, I turned around and walked away in a hurry.

I walked in the hallway just to find it all covered in red, there were red banners around with hearts and roses and people walking around dressed in red.

Girls were wearing red dressed or tops and the same with lots of boys who were in red tee’s or shirts, I looked at one of the banners which reminded me that it was Valentine’s day and that’s why there was so much of red around, for a moment I felt like I was an alien, the only one dressed in a black dress when everyone around was covered in red.

I quickly rushed to my English classroom avoiding all the strange glares I was getting from girls, I opened the door and rushed inside the classroom as I settled down, the classroom was all empty.

It took almost half an hour for the class to be full, and by the time all the students were in the class, all I could see was red and more of red, of course I knew girls loved things like Valentines, I also did but I dint do stuff like dressing in red on the day, but I had never expected to see boys dressing in red too, it was very uncommon.

The door opened once again and I was thinking it might be out English teacher but it wasn’t, instead Arnav, Ree and Aaron walked in with their other partner whose name I dint know yet.

Gladly, they weren’t dressed in even one percent red, but their usual leather jackets, they headed to the back of the classroom and settled down there just when the teacher walked in.

He was a tall handsome man who was in his late twenties, he looked more like of Ezra Fits from pretty little liars, tall and handsome. He looked around the class with a smile plastered on his face until his eyes stopped at Arnav and his gang.

“So everyone is in red today, why aren’t you guys? Don’t you believe in valentines or something?” He asked raising an eyebrow, this teacher was too hot for me to pay attention in the English class.

Why was Miami full of hot guys? It was hard to concentrate on other stuff. The whole class turned their heads to look at the boys waiting for them to answer, so did I, and when I looked at them I found Arnav staring at me again.

His eyes moved from me to the teacher as he answered him.

“Sometimes, it’s good to be a little black dress in between a world full of red dresses.” He said it with a smirk while the whole class busted out laughing as if it was something funny, maybe that might be a rule, if the bad boys say something you have to laugh, even if it isn’t funny.

I turned around and stared at the board immediately, I was a hundred percent sure that sentence was directed to me and I just hoped no one in the class was going to notice that.

Jan 10

If This Is Love... Part 5 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 27 times)

As soon as the English class ended, I made sure to leave it the first, and I was going to make sure I dint come face to face with Arnav, not at least today, not after what he said in class and embarrassed me, after whatever he said, the whole class had turned around to look at me, and especially girls, who were staring at me like I had committed a crime.

It was for sure that despite his bad boy attitude, girls still fell for him, of course they had to, he was hot, it wasn’t easy not to be attracted towards him, and girls usually had a thing for bad boys.

I had to attend a few more classes after the English class I thanked God because I dint see him in any of those classes, I was glad because I dint want any other embarrassing moment, after the English class, I got strange glares from girls in the hallway, obviously the word was out, it was easier to let out secrets in school and they would spread like fire within moments.

I walked to the canteen at lunch time and found Ryle, as usual being harassed by the boys, what did he have with them? Why were they usually harassing him only, I mean there were plenty of people in the school and ninety percent of them were scared of them, they could harass anyone but they always chose Ryle.

I walked up to him and glared at the boys angrily, they stepped aside and I settled down opposite Ryle giving him a look, he looked a bit nervous but he managed to smile at me.

“Would you mind to leave us alone?” I turned to look at Aaron, he shrugged and then ran his hand through his hair, damn that was hot.

“Oh sure, after we are done with him.” Aaron replied back looking at me like I was a waste of space.

“What’s with you all? Do you think you are showing how macho you are by continuously harassing him, why don’t you get someone else and leave my friend alone?” I asked them angrily.

“Because Love, your friend doesn’t leave us alone either.” I heard Arnav’s voice from behind me.

Holy ****!

I had planned to change ways if I saw him coming my way and here he was again, he pushed Ree aside and stepped on his place, he folded him arms and stared at me, I tried to stare back for a while but I lost, his gaze was too intense.

“What did you do now?” I asked Ryle, trying my best to avoid even looking at Arnav, because obviously I lacked some self-control and he was super-hot, what a terrible combination.

“Nothing much, I had them planning something so I intervened their conversation and told them I won’t let them do whatever they were planning so that’s why they are here.” Ryle said like it was no big deal.

Wasn’t he the one telling me to stay away from them? Or was it Leena? But whatever, I thought he was the one person who wouldn’t ever want to mess up with the boys and now he was the one who had started challenging them, really Ryle? Such a terrible thing to do.

“Let’s go guys, he won’t be able to even figure out what our plan is.” Arnav said in his mesmerizing voice that sounded like something soothing music to my ears, it wasn’t hard, it was impossible not to be attracted towards this bad boy.

“Do you think you are some super intelligent squad on a secret mission that I won’t be able to figure out what you are up to? I bet I’ll find out and stop you from doing whatever it is that you’ve planned, because last time I heard you guys planning something, the whole school was flooded in water, I won’t let that happen again.” Ryle said, this time he sounded angry.

“Want to bet?” Ree said jumping in excitedly, it looked like Ree had a thing for bets.

“Sure.” Ryle folded his arms and looked at them confidently like he was some police officer who was going to figure out their secret mission.

“What does the winner get?” Arnav asked, I still dint look at him, that was some pretty good self-control wasn’t it? Despite having him standing next to me for more than five minutes now, I managed not to look at him, that was the kind of achievement that should be in the Guinness book of world records.

“Anything you decide, because I know for sure, I’m going to win this bet.” Ryle said confidently as if he already knew what their plan was.

Everyone was silent for a while, I just kept on staring at Ryle but none of them seemed to be coming up with a good enough reward, I started fiddling with my fingers when I heard Arnav’s voice once again.

“If we win, I get a date with Khushi.” As soon as those words left his mouth, I heard everyone grunting, I turned to look at him the very same moment in shock and he was already looking at me, smirking like an idiot.

Of course he was hot, but there was no way I was going on a date with him, not after the insult at the hotel that day, not after what Leena told me, and definitely not after how he embarrassed me in class today, I had face more than fifty girls in the hall way staring at me like I had stolen their boyfriends.

His gang members were looking at him like he had just asked for a million dollars, well that would be still better than asking for this.

“And if I win, you promise never to show Khushi your face again.” Ryle said.

“Ryle NO!” I shouted in capital letters.

“There is no way I am a reward for this stupid bet of yours, and there is no way I am going to any kind of a date with him, you better look for something else.” I said as I looked at Ryle angrily.

We had just met, we just became friends, there was no way he even had the right to drag me into all this when I had nothing to do with it.

“Look at it this way Khushi, If I win, he would leave you alone, you wouldn’t even get to see his face, just imagine how good that would be, and you don’t have to worry, I am going to win this bet for sure.” Ryle explained as he placed his hand on mine.

I looked at Arnav whose eyes were stuck on mine and Ryle’s hand at the moment, he looked angry, he turned to look at me with anger all over his face it scared me for a moment, I pulled my hand away from Ryle’s and stood up.

“There is no way I am going to be a part of this bet, not even as a damn reward and you better get that Ryle.” I gave him an angry glare and picked up my bag ready to leave, I had just taken a step when someone got hold of my arm and pulled me back.

I came face to face with Arnav, he let go off me immediately but the damage was done, I was already feeling butterflies in my stomach just by the mere touch, and it wasn’t even intimate, it was just a casual touch.

“Scared that you’ll fall for me if you go on a date with me Love?” He raised his eyebrow.

I don’t know how he managed to do this, make me feel so weak, I was like literally shivering, my mind was continuously rewinding and playing the scene in slow motion where he had touched my arm and pulled me back, I swear I was going crazy.

“Fall for someone like you? Not even in my worst nightmare.” I looked at him angrily, he smirked once again irritating the hell out of me, I just pushed him away and ran out of the canteen, apparently our conversation was being watched by everyone in then canteen like it was some sort of movie.

I tell you, the looks I got from the girls who had just learnt that Arnav wanted a date with me were enough to kill me.

I dint know where to go, everywhere I went I was met with strange glared from people and just to feel safe and okay, I rushed to the parking lot hoping to sit in my car for a while until I was good enough to go back to the rest of the afternoon classes.

I stopped by my beetle and just when I was about to unlock it, I heard some sounds, I turned around and found Leena leaning against a white car, of course she was alone, she was with a guy I had never seen in school, and they were making out!

“Leena!” I said as I looked at her in shock.

She pulled apart and turned to look at me in confusion and then suddenly when realization dawned upon her, she quickly adjusted her clothes and said something to the guy who nodded in return and then walked away.

“What are you doing here?” She asked stopping in front of me.

“That should be my question, I mean I dint even know you have a boyfriend, and seriously, making out in the school parking lot is the most terrible thing to do.”

“Well I would tell you if you get time from Arnav.” She folded her arms.

“What do you mean, I am not going around with him.”

“I’ve heard the rumor okay, I know what he said in class today and trust me girls have a lot to say about this.”

“A lot like what?” I shook my head at her, obviously when rumors spread, everyone had something to say about it, so what was so interesting about a rumor about me that could make Leena think I was into Arnav.

“They’re saying that Arnav likes you or something, he’s always staring at you in classes, and after what he said in class today, everyone is so sure and now some of the girls even hate you because they’ve been trying to get his attention for so long and he doesn’t just care about them and you are here, trying to avoid him and he’s giving you all his attention.”

“So that’s not my fault Leena, and I don’t care what everyone else has to say about this, you are the one who warned me against him and I’m doing my best to stay away from him.”

“I know that and trust me that’s the best thing to do, you don’t want to get involved with a bad boy, that’s the worst thing you’ll ever do but then Arnav’s charm is hard to resist.”

“Whatever, why are we even talking about him, remember I just caught you with a guy, so how about we talk about that.”

“Well he’s ofcourse my boyfriend, his name’s Luke and we started dating like two months ago, I wanted to tell you about him but we never had the chance to talk regarding that topic, you’ll meet him very soon but for now he was a bit shy, I tried to convince him to come say hi to you but the situation was already awkward.”

“Oh okay, I see… that’s great anyway I just came to chill in my car for a while, I’ll see you later?”

“Sure.” She smiled and then walked away leaving me alone, I unlocked my car and sat inside rewinding everything that happened today.

I still couldn’t believe Arnav wanted a date with me, I mean why would he? I remember he was the one who said I wasn’t that beautiful at the hotel but then he kept on staring at me every now and then and suddenly he wants to go on a date with me.

I wasn’t going to lie to myself, of course I liked the idea of it and I liked to think how it would be but that was all, I still dint want to go with him, I dint even want to face him so the date wasn’t really going to happen.

Maybe he had just had a bet with someone the kind of he had with Ryle and maybe I was a part of it, such things happened in schools a lot, and knowing Arnav was a bad boy who dint think I was beautiful and still wanted a date with me definitely meant that I was surely a part of a bet.

Jan 12

If This Is Love... Part 6 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 30 times)

After classes, I was in the parking lot waiting for Leena, Ryle was standing next to me giving me company while I waited for her, he finally decided not to have a bet with Arnav and his gang and I was glad he took that decision, because of course I wasn’t going to be the reward, plus it was better if he stayed out of their business.

I looked around and spotted the red Ferrari parked just a few cars away from mine which meant that Arnav was in school yet and the last thing I wanted was to come face to face with him in the parking lot, it ended up reminding me of our first meeting.

Have you ever heard of the saying, talk of the devil and the devil appears? Yes, that’s what happened, just when I was hoping he wouldn’t show up, he did! He was with Aaron and they both walked towards their car flaunting their leather jackets as it they were some newly bought accessories.

Leena stopped in front of me just when Arnav was a few inches away and I was glad, I dint even want to look at him and share an awkward kind of eye lock.

“Double date tonight at 8.” She said.

“Are you informing me or are you asking me?” I raised an eyebrow at her, she shrugged and turned to look at Ryle completely ignoring me.

“Would you like to accompany Khushi for a double date? Me and my boyfriend, you and her?” She asked.

I stared at her like what the hell, if it was a date, why was Ryle invited? Weren’t dates for people who were interested in each other or were romantically involved, and neither was I interested in Ryle nor were we romantically involved.

“Sure, I would love to.” Ryle said excitedly.

I gave an angry glare to Leena who was now looking at Arnav and Aaron who had just walked towards their car, I turned to look their way and I saw Arnav staring at me like he was going to murder me, seriously what was with the bad boys and their mood swings?

At lunch time he wanted a date with me and now he was looking at me like he wanted to kill me, I shrugged and turned back to Ryle, I bid him a goodbye and got inside my car as Leena joined me.

“What the hell was that?” I barked at her, giving her the angry glare.

“What was what?” She looked at me in confusion.

“The double date thing, okay I understand you wanted to introduce your boyfriend to me but there were other ways to do that, setting me up on a date with Ryle isn’t the thing to do, besides I’m not even interested him, he’s just a friend Leena.”

I drove off angrily while she decided to ignore me because she was busy texting someone on the phone and all I wanted to do was snatch her phone and throw it away so she could concentrate on our conversation.

“So who are you interested in? Arnav?” She looked at me accusingly.

“What? No! I’m only interested in either Damon or Stefan Salvatore at the moment!”

“Enough of your Vampire diaries references, I heard it in school, Arnav and Ryle were to have a bet in which if he won he would get a date with you, there is no way you are going to any date with him.”

“I am not, Ryle decided not to bet.”

“I know, and that’s why when I saw him passing by, I just wanted to do something to keep him away and I just faked a double date, you could have seen the look on his face, I’m sure he overheard you are coming to the date with Ryle.”

“So the date isn’t real?” I sighed in relief.

“Well technically it’s not real but now that I have already invited Ryle, we’ll have to go somewhere.”

“Arghh!” I groaned.

Honestly, I don’t know what people around here were made of, they liked taking decisions for others so much, firstly Ryle wanted me to be a reward for their bet and now Leena wants me to go on a date which could give Ryle some false hopes, I hated this.

I stopped the car outside her house, she jumped out of the car and shut the door, she looked at me through the window and smiled.

“Ryle is hot, I wouldn’t mind if you’ll be interested in him, I’ll text you the details of the date in like an hour, drive safe.” And with that she headed inside her house leaving me in a dilemma.


As soon as I stepped out of the car, I heard my phone buzzing, I pulled it out of my pocket and stared at the screen, I had a notification of a text message I had received from an unknown number.

‘Did I tell you that you and black are a terrific combination, Love.’

Holy ****!

Did the text message end with Love?

Yes it did!

How did he get my number? And why all of a sudden he felt like complementing me at the end of the day, I was in the school the whole day, he could have told me that on my face than texting me.

Really now? Did I actually want Arnav Raizada to tell me some cheesy lines face to face, it would have been gross, or maybe not.

I pushed the phone inside my pocket and pulled out my bag from the backseat just when it buzzed again, was he going to text me fifty times in a row now?

‘So I heard you’re going on a date with Ryle’ the text read.

I smiled at the text, I don’t know why I actually smiled, maybe because Leena was right, he had heard our conversation but why the hell was I smiling?

I heard the sound of a car pulling up next to mine, I lifted my head up and holy ****!

Did I just see a red Ferrari?

I rubbed my eyes like five times just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, and I became sure when I saw Arnav sited in with Aaron, he opened the door and stepped out, obviously he was heading towards me and I was suddenly so nervous, I was literally shivering, I dint know why he was here or what he wanted from me, did I do something wrong again?

“You dint reply my text.” He said stopping a few inches away from me.

“So you stalked me till here to get a reply to your texts?”

“Something of such sort, so tell me, the date, with you and Ryle.” He shrugged, he rubbed the back of his head with his hand looking a bit nervous but he still pretended to be confident.

“Oh I see, the bad boy ego of yours must be hurt because I refused to go on a date with you and instead decided to go with Ryle.” I smirked.

At least there was a place where I could win, but this was the best revenge for the way he insulted me that day at the hotel, if he thought I was going to forget about it that easily, he was wrong!

“I dint even ask you out on a date love, it was just a reward for a bet which dint happen, so calm your horses.” He smirked.

So what was this? Now were we going to have a battle of words and saw who won? I was in no moods honestly, I stepped aside and tried to walk away but he got hold of my arm, he freaking got hold of my arm!

No, I was feeling butterflies, I was feeling everything else in my stomach but butterflies, he pulled me back and pushed me to the wall, he pinned both his arms around me and stared me into the eyes.

“When someone compliments you, you have to say thank you Love, dint the English teacher in your previous school teach you that?” he raised his eyebrow.

It was getting hard for me to breath, with so much proximity between us, I felt like I was going to suffocate pretty soon if he dint move away. He traced his finger on my cheek and tucker the strand of hair on my face behind my ears.

I felt electric shock running all over my body, I don’t know why just a simple touch from him managed to make me feel this way, the electric shocks and the adrenaline rush and the goosebumps and every damn feeling in the universe.

“As far as I remember you found some waitress hot so why don’t you go and ask for a thank you from her instead?” I placed both my hands on his chest nervously and managed to push him away, I could finally breathe.

“There’s no doubt she was hot, but you are beautiful Love.”

I stared at the floor trying to remind myself that he had insulted me and I had to hate him but I found myself blushing, why the hell was I blushing?

“Are you blushing love?” He raised his eyebrow, whenever he raised it, it made him look hotter than he already was. Damn it, it was becoming too much of hotness for me to handle.

“You wish.” I made an angry face at him and then walked away from him as I quickly rushed inside the house and locked the door just to be sure he would barge in suddenly. There was no way I was going to let Arnav Raizada and his cheesy lines affect me, I had a date to get ready for tonight, not an actual date but a fake date that my cousin had dragged me to, so at the moment that’s the only thing I wanted to concentrate on.

I peeped through the window and saw Arnav getting back in the car, he had a short conversation with Aaron and then they both drove off.

I inhaled a deep breath and headed to my room feeling relaxed, at least he dint stay back to disturb me more, I wondered how Leena was going to react when she found out that Arnav had actually showed up at my place, but did she really have to know?

Maybe not.

Jan 12

If This Is Love... Part 7 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 34 times)

I heard the sound of a car hooting outside the house, as far as I remember I had told Leena I’ll drive myself to the hotel where we were supposed to have dinner but it looked like she chose otherwise.

I slipped on my heels and picked up my clutch as I rushed to open the door, mom had been back from work early today and she was sited in the hall watching TV.

I heard the doorbell just when I was about to open the door, I pulled it open and to my surprise, it wasn’t Leena, but Ryle.

What the hell! How did he know where I stayed? Why was he even here? A lot of thoughts kept on running in my mind.

“Ryle! I dint know you were coming to pick me up.” I pretended to smile although I was shocked.

“Leena gave me your address, she said you were new here so you might get lost, it was better if I picked you up, so that’s what I’m doing, are you ready?”

“Yeah, sure… let’s leave.” I pushed him out quickly trying to follow him but then the thing I dint want to happen, happened.

Mom stopped us at the door and I was a hundred percent sure that she had made up a theory in her mind that Ryle was my boyfriend or at least a guy I liked because I was going out with him.

“How rude of you not to invite him inside Khushi.” She said as she looked at Ryle and smiled at him.

“No, it’s okay we were just leaving and Leena is already there so she must be waiting for us.” Ryle said.

“Oh, I won’t keep you then, get going and Khushi make sure you don’t stay out late, have fun.” She smiled as she winked at me and then headed inside, I dint know how I was going to explain to my mother that Ryle was just a friend, because the wink said it all about the theory she had made up in her mind.

It was a drive of about ten minutes, thankfully Leena dint choose a venue that was far, Ryle parked the car and we headed inside where Leena and her boyfriend were waiting for us.

We stopped in a corner and scanned around looking for Leena until we spotted her sited in a table in the middle, next to our table was another table where Arnav and his gang were sited, honestly this time, I wasn’t even surprised because I knew he would be here.

Ryle and I walked towards the table and settled down on our chairs, Leena looked at me with a huge smile and then gestured to me to look at the table next to ours, I knew she was trying to tell me that Arnav was here, but honestly I dint care.

“So Khushi, he’s Luke the love of my life and Luke, that’s Khushi, though a cousin but more than a sister, and that guy next to him is her really good friend Ryle.” Leena smiled.

“Hi Luke.” I smiled at him, he smiled back and me and greeted me back, the same with Ryle, and that was it, within the next few minutes we became so comfortable we were making fun of each other while we waited for food to arrive.

At that moment, I had even forgotten that Arnav was here, sitting just a bit further away from us, it was so unlike him, he was sited there silently not having is attention towards us, I was thinking he might do something to ruin our dinner but he dint.

A few minutes later, the waiter walked back with our food and at the same moment, I saw Arnav and his friends leaving, they paid their bills and walked away leaving me confused, our double date had just started, if he was really following us here, why would he leave so early?

Or maybe I was the one who thought he was here following us, maybe it was just a coincidence and maybe he really dint care who I went on a date with, he just left and dint show up again.

After dinner, Ryle dropped me back home again, honestly as much as I dint want to go for this double date, I was glad I went because I got to know Luke better and saw how much he loved Leena, the whole night had been fun.

“So, see you at school tomorrow.” Ryle smiled as he held the door of the car open for me like a gentleman, I stepped out as he shut the door, I leaned on the car while he continued staring at me.

I just wanted to clear the air, I wanted to tell him that this double date drama was for Leena’s sake and I dint want him having any other ideas about it, he was the only friend I had so far and I dint want things to get complicated.

“Ryle, I wanted to…”

“I know Khushi, you don’t like me that way.” He smiled.

“How did you know what I was going to say?”

“Because of the look on your face, but don’t worry I won’t misunderstand things and I think it’s better if we are just friends.”

“Thank you so much, I wondered how I was going to say this to you.” I hugged him happily, I was so glad that he understood me so well, I dint even have to say anything to explain this.

He broke the hug and bid me a goodbye and then drove off, I walked towards the door and started looking for my keys in my clutch bag when I heard him.

“Looks like you had a great date.”

I stood there frozen, just when I had thought that he dint care, he turned up here making me believe he did and maybe him being at the same place as us wasn’t actually a coincidence.

I turned around and saw him standing a bit further from me, he was dressed in his usual leather jacket but inside it he had worn a sky blue tee which made him look perfect than he was. He hand both his hands tucked in the pocket of his jean, he walked towards me making me nervous suddenly.

“What are you doing here Arnav?” I asked him pretending to be confident, I dint want to show him how nervous I was actually feeling at the moment.

“Obviously I came to see you Love.” He said in his husky voice, he took another step closer to me and as much as I wanted to take a step backwards I couldn’t, I was so nervous my body had like stopped functioning.

“What do you want from me? Why can’t you just leave me alone, look I know I shouldn’t have talked to you the way I did that day at the parking lot but you can’t keep on stalking me like this every now and then, if you want revenge just take it and get done with it.” I said it all in one breath and then inhaled another deep breath.

“What revenge?” He asked looking a bit confused.

“This whole drama about wanting a date with me, I know it must be a part of some bet, you and your friends must have had a bet and now you’re just doing this for it, there is no other reason I can see on why you would ask me out on a date.” I almost shouted at him but then I reminded myself that my mom was asleep inside and I dint want to wake her up to notice Arnav’s drama.

He stared at me for what seemed like forever, he dint say a word neither did I, we just kept on staring at each other. He took a few steps back and the turned around and started walking away.

“What are you doing Arnav?”

“Going home!” he said as he turned around and looked at me angrily.

“Where’s your car?” I said as I looked around, I knew his friends must be here too, waiting for him to trap me for the bet.

“I don’t drive!” he walked away after saying that, I saw him turn around the corner and I rushed behind him, he was walking faster and he was actually right, for a moment I had thought that maybe he had his car parked a bit further but now it all seemed to be making sense, I had never seen him driving, it was always his friend driving.

He disappeared in a few minutes and I headed back inside the house having lots of questions in my mind, I dint know what to make out of his reaction, was he angry that I knew that whatever he was doing was a part of a bet or was he angry because it wasn’t actually a part of any bet and I thought it was?

I changed into my night suit and headed to bed but all I could think about was why he was here so late in the night and then he just left like that. Why would he come to my place on foot? Why didn’t he drive? Was it that he dint know how to drive or something else?

My head was bursting up of so much curiosity, I dint want to think about him or anything related to him but I don’t know why I always ended up thinking about him.


I arrived at the school parking lot the same time with Arnav and his friends, I don’t know why this coincidences were meant to happen with us, I parked my car in my usual spot and saw Aaron parking the red Ferrari in his usual spot, Arnav was sited next to him doing something on his phone.

When the car was parked, they both stepped out followed by the other two boys who were in the black Audi, they gathered around the Ferrari and started discussing something, I rolled my window down trying to listen to their conversation thinking they might discuss about whatever that happened between me and Arnav yesterday night.

“He’s so angry Arnav, I don’t think it would be easy to calm him down.” Ree said

“Then calm him down, I don’t care how you do it.” Arnav barked at Ree.

“Rohan and I have been trying that since last night, he doesn’t want to listen to a thing.” Aaron said, and finally that’s how I came to learn the name of the fourth member or Arnav’s gang, he was called Rohan.

“He’s your brother, don’t you think you should be the one to talk to him after you disappeared last night, look we all know or at least have a bit of idea on where you went but you know it wasn’t safe for you to walk alone at night like that.” Ree said.

“Yeah I went to her place last night but I am sorry, it was a mistake I won’t ever go there or be around her anymore, so you can tell him to calm down, I won’t risk my life again.” Arnav shouted in anger.

“This isn’t the best place to have this discussion guys, can we do it after school at his house with his brother present okay, let’s get going now.” Aaron said.

Everyone nodded in agreement and I quickly rolled my windows up pretending not to have heard anything, I stepped out of my car just when the boys passed by me, none of them saw me apart from Arnav who looked at me for just a moment and then turned away like I was a total stranger and walked away.

If last night I had a hundred questions that couldn’t let me sleep, today I was going to have a thousand, everything about Arnav was so mysterious, I mean he was just a teenager who was in school, how was his life supposed to be in danger?

Moving forward from that, he actually came on foot to my place, all alone at night yesterday, why would he do that? Take such kind of a risk when he knew his life was in danger, isn’t that what the boys meant? But then he said it was a mistake coming to my place which meant I shouldn’t overthink things and leave them the way they were, at least I would finally get rid of him.

Jan 15

If This Is Love... Part 8 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 36 times)

The day at school seemed pretty short, it passed so quickly I dint even realize it was already time to go home, the only time I saw Arnav today was in the parking lot in the morning when he was arguing with him friends, after that, we had two classes together for which he never showed up.

Maybe he was right when he said it was a mistake to come at my place last night, maybe that’s why he was avoiding me, but honestly, deep inside I knew I loved the attention he had been giving me and now that he had stopped suddenly, it was bothering me.

What? Don’t judge me! I wasn’t the one in control of my feelings.

I headed to the parking lot and sat inside my car waiting for Leena to arrive, now that I was here she rarely used to come with her car and I had to drop her home almost every day.

I was sited silently inside the car scrolling through my phone when I heard a thud, I looked around and saw Arnav and his gang, Aaron ad Ree were trying to get hold of Arnav who was trying to punch Rohan.

They looked like they were having a heated argument and Arnav and Rohan looked like they were ready to kill each other, I dint know why but with every passing day I got to see a different side of Arnav.

At times he was the one who dint care about anything, at times he was so intimidating, at times he was sweet, like what he did last night and then at a times, he was a jerk, like right now.

They had a short argument after which they all walked into their specific cars and drove off leaving me behind in confusion.

“Hey, sorry I was finishing up something, I hope you dint have to wait much.” Leena said as she got into the Car.

“No.” I said as I switched on the engine and drove off, Leena kept on talking about stuff which I pretended to listen to, but my mind was completely somewhere else.

I dropped her home and then headed home myself, when I said the day was short, it actually was, I dint do much after I arrived home, I watched TV for a while, had dinner with mom and then headed to bed, but the whole night, I kept on thinking about Arnav.

“Is the seat taken?” A voice brought my mind out of the thoughts, I turned my head up and looked at  the brunet girl standing in front of me, she looked short, shorter than me, her hair was cut short, it looked like a bob cut but hey, I wasn’t good with hairs, I dint know what kind of a haircut which was.

“No, you can seat here.” I said, she smiled at me and then settled down next to me, she placed her really expensive bag aside, of course I knew it was expensive, she looked like a rich girl, her clothes, her shoes, even her bag, they all were like designers.

“Hey, I’m Stella.” She turned to look at me with a huge smile on her face, she had a pretty voice, and a pretty face, she looked like a photocopy of Aria Montgomery from Pretty little liars.

“I’m Khushi, are you new here? I haven’t seen you around.”

“Yeah, I just joined today and look I already made a new friend.” She said excitedly.

I smiled at her not knowing what to say, and then the teacher walked in and started teaching, she wouldn’t stop talking in between and telling me how her family shifted here and at first she dint even like the idea of it but now she seems to be liking it, I kept on nodding at her trying to concentrate in the class and her conversation at the same time.

When the bell rang I was finally glad to walk away, I dint mean to be rude or something but she talked to much and right now my mind had other things going on.


After a short break, I headed to the English class and maybe this was the first time ever I saw Arnav in the class before time, he was always late to all his classes.

He was sited in the corner, his usual place, when I opened the door and walked in, he was looking at me but then he immediately looked away.

“Hey, I was looking for you.” Stella said as she joined me.

“I’m sorry, I dint know, we should sit before the teacher walks in.” I suggested. She nodded and we both headed to sit down, I tried my best not to look at Arnav, if he was avoiding me, I was also supposed to do that, avoid him.

“By the way, who’s that hottie at the back?” Stella whispered to me.

I clenched my fists tight, I dint like her addressing him like that, wow, it looked like I was having some sort of multiple personality disorders, one moment I wanted to avoid Arnav, the other moment, I dint even want anyone to call him a hottie, what was happening to me?

“He’s Arnav, he’s the leader of some gang, and him and the boys in his gang are bad boys, better stay away from them.” I said as I looked at her.

“I love bad boys” Stella giggled as she turned to look at Arnav, she waved at him and I turned around immediately to see if he would wave back, I knew he wasn’t going to but he proved me wrong, he waved back at her and he even winked at her!

That was all that took me to believe that whatever he was doing with me, the flirting and asking for the date was either just for time pass or for a bet, I was so pissed I dint even want to see his face.


“I saw you walking around with this hot girl, never seen her around, who was she?” Ryle asked as he settled down opposite me in the canteen.

“She’s new, I met her today she was in my class.”

“Why isn’t she here with you for lunch?”

“Because maybe she’s busy flirting with Arnav in the class, why do you care?” I asked him feeling irritated.

He stared at me for a moment and when I caught him, he looked away but only to start staring at me again.

“What?” I barked at him.

“Why do I have a feeling like you are jealous? The way you mentioned about her and Arnav and then you seriously look pissed for no reason, is there something I should know about?”

“There’s definitely nothing! He’s a bad boy, not my type anyway.” I shrugged.

He stared for me for another few minutes and when I dint give a damn about it, he finally started eating his lunch.

A few minutes later, I saw Ree and Rohan walking with their plates, I turned around and saw them settling down on a table, Arnav and Aaron were already sited there and Stella wasn’t there! I was expecting her to be sited with them and having lunch, I was surprised she wasn’t.

Arnav lifted his head to look up and at that moment, his eyes met with mine, I dint look away, I stared at him angrily, I don’t know why I was feeling so angry on everything for no reason but I was, he stared at me for a while and then looked away.

I finished my lunch quickly and headed to attend the rest of my classes, I couldn’t wait to go home today, I dint like being here today, it had been two days now and Arnav was actually ignoring me and behaving like I was a stranger, well I was sort of a stranger, but he was no more staring, he wasn’t flirting or asking me out on a date, hell it had been two days since I heard him address me as love.

I slapped myself, I was seriously overthinking things, I had a problem when he was giving me attention and now I had a problem when he wasn’t, I was being stupid and I had to stop thinking about him and concentrate on other important things in my life.


In the evening, I headed to the parking lot with Stella who also wanted me to drop her home today, seriously what was with everyone wanting me to drop them home?

We stood leaning on my beetle waiting for Leena who as usual was never on time but Arnav and his gang were usually, because I saw them walking towards us.

I tried to look everywhere else but them until they passed by us but Arnav stopped next to us, I folded my arms and looked at him but he was busy looking at Stella.

“Stella, how about I drop you home?” He smirked at her.

“Sure, I would love that.” Stella jumped up excitedly, Arnav walked away after that without even looking at me for once, Stella bid me a goodbye and followed him, I could see the black Audi but the red Ferrari was nowhere to be seen, instead in it’s place there was another black Ferrari parked today.

“I would have loved to take you in that black Ferrari but I don’t drive so I hope you don’t mind in this one.” He tapped on the black Audi, Rohan shrugged and went with Aaron in the Ferrari, while Ree became Arnav and Stella’s driver for the day, Arnav opened the back door and headed in followed by Stella.

The black Ferrari drove off and my eyes fell on the number plate, the name Raizada was written on it in capital, which meant that it belonged to Arnav, did that also mean the red one belonged to him? How rich was he? And why did he change his car suddenly? The other one was fine too.

I turned around when the Audi passed by and got into my car, I hit the steering wheel so hard, it ended up hurting my hand instead, I was pissed, not even pissed I was ANGRY!

16 hours ago

If This Is Love... Part 9 (By Taanihalai) (Thanked: 28 times)

I threw my bag on the bed and headed downstairs, I switched on the TV and settled down in front of me hoping that maybe watching something was going to take my mind off everything that was happening back in school.

I couldn’t understand myself at this point honestly, wasn’t I the one who pushed him away? Wasn’t I the one who wanted to maintain the distance, so now when it was happening, why wasn’t I liking it?

There was no way I was going to let a bad boy affect me, maybe it was just because he was the first guy to give me his attention since I came here, with time I’d get used to him and me being strangers and maybe then I wouldn’t feel this way.

I kept on staring at the TV screen but neither Damon Salvatore, nor Stefan Salvatore could take my mind off Arnav, I couldn’t just stop thinking about him and it was terrible, because I dint want to, but I kept on.

I walked to the kitchen thinking about dinner, I hoped I could cook and maybe that would now take my mind of things, so I opened the fridge and looked for some veggies, I started chopping them not even knowing what I was actually going to cook, but this did take my mind off for a while that’s until I started hearing some strange sounds outside the house.

I rushed towards the window and peeped outside but there was no one, even mom wasn’t home yet, what if there were thieves around?

God! Why did I have such a terrible mind that always thought about negative stuff, why couldn’t I for once think about something positive?

I headed back to the kitchen and continued with what I was doing again when I heard the sound of a car engine, at first I thought it might be the neighbors car but that was until I heard someone screaming.

I rushed back to the window and peeped outside, I could see a black Audi and a black Ferrari! Were this guys some sort of werewolves or what? Why did they always go everywhere together like in packs?

I rushed outside in a hurry just, I saw a car driving away and within a moment it was out of sight, I looked at the four boys who looked like they had just had a fight, Arnav was leaning on his Ferrari holding his wrist when my eyes fell on his hand, it was bleeding!

“Arnav!” I said in shock as I rushed towards him, his bleeding hand definitely meant that they had a fight, they all looked so messed up and terrible, Ree had a black eye, Aaron’s leather jacket covered only his right side, Rohan was the only one who looked a bit okay.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him, my eyes still glued on his hand that wouldn’t stop bleeding.

“Definitely not stalking you love.” He said casually, but he made me flinch, he still wouldn’t stop calling me Love. Was I the only one who realized that he dint call Stella the same way? He called her by her name, but I don’t know why he addressed me as Love every time.

“You’re hurt, come inside, I’ll clean your wound and tie something on it.” I looked at him, the moment I invited him inside my house, I saw a smile curving up on his lips but it lasted for a moment only, he shrugged and looked away from me.

“I’ll pass on that.” He said as he tried to walk away from me, I got hold of his hand and pulled him back, it was maybe the first time I was touching him, I remember him touching me the first day when had met, he was so angry, he held me by my shoulders, and then I had pushed him away but that touch was different that this one, it felt like an electric shock.

He turned to look at me, his face expressionless, I looked him into the eyes as confidently as I could.

“You know what it means to hold my hand like this Love?” He raised his eyebrow.

“What now? If I hold a bad boy’s hand, are mine going to get chopped off? Are those some stupid bad boys’ rules of yours?”

“It would mean that you actually care about me, what am I supposed to make out of this? Do you really care for me?” He stepped closer making me so nervous, he had asked a question whose answer I dint know myself, did I actually care?

“Plus you could get arrested if found helping us, we just had a terrible fight, I’m sure the police are on their way.” Aaron tried to scare me.

“It’s just humanity, I could do this for anyone, even a bad boy, now come on.” I replied as I pulled him with me inside the house, I made him sit on the sofa and headed outside where the other three boys were.

“Now do you all need an invitation or what?”

They all looked at each other for a moment and then walked inside, I rushed upstairs to my room and got a first aid kit and then started dressing everyone’s would, Rohan helped me by dressing Aaron’s wounds while Ree just sat on the sofa staring at the TV screen, I got hold of Arnav’s hand and started cleaning his wound, he dint even flinch, it was like he was used to this kind of wounds.

Obviously he was, he was the bad boy who picked up a fight with everyone and then ended up getting hurt himself.

“The Vampire Diaries, seriously?” he asked me as he looked at the TV screen.

“Oh come on, you have to admit that those guys are hot.” I replied as I was almost done dressing his wound.

“So you watch it because the guys are hot?” He raised his eyebrow.

“Yes, and because the story is good too.” I stood up and placed the first aid kit aside and I looked at them, they looked much better now.

“You have a cute house.” Arnav said as he stood up and looked around, it was a big thing he found my house cute because from what I had imagined, the boy who drive a Ferrari definitely lived in some sort of a palace, where my tiny bit of house could fit maybe fifty times.

“We should get going.” Rohan said as he stood up and headed towards the door, he gave Arnav a strange look and walked outside followed by Aaron and Ree.

Arnav turned to look at me, he took a few steps towards me but maintained a bit of distance, he looked at his hand that was covered in a bandage.

“Next time, don’t do this, not even for me…” He said as he turned around and headed towards the door to leave.

“I told you, I would have done it for anyone else.” He stopped and turned to look at me.

“I know, but do it for anyone else, not me, not us… Just, stay away from me.” he walked outside after saying that, leaving me in a surprise, it was all weird.

Firstly he was the one who wanted a date with me, he’s the one who doesn’t stop calling me Love, he’s the one who fights right outside my house and gets himself injured, so who is actually supposed to stay away? Him or me?

Whoever said that girls were difficult to understand, dint have to deal with men, yes girls were difficult to understand but men? They were impossible to understand.

After they left, I headed back to the kitchen and finished my cooking, there was no way I was going to waste my time thinking about what he had just said because there was no point, I wasn’t going to understand a thing.

Mom arrived just when I was done cooking, we both had dinner together and she wouldn’t stop asking me if I’d found a guy I was interested in yet, well the answer was still a no.


“Hey” Ryle settled down next to me in the class.

“Hey” I smiled back at him, the class was half full already, we were just waiting for the teacher to arrive so that the class would begin.

“Where’s your friend?” he asked as he looked around the whole classroom.

“Uh which friend?” I pretended not know who he was asking about when I knew who it was actually, Ryle and his interest towards Stella was the first thing I noticed yesterday at lunch time when he had asked me about her.

“Stella.” He shrugged.

“I don’t know, we don’t have all the classes together.” I replied just when the door opened and Arnav walked in, he headed to the back of the class and sat in his usual spot, as soon as he was settled down, he started doing something on his phone, not even for once did he look at me, he was like a complete stranger once again.

“Stop staring at him like that, it would make me think you’re interested in him.” Ryle giggled when he noticed I was looking at Arnav, who still hadn’t lifted his head from the phone.

“I am not interested but he’s hot.” I giggled and I turned to face the front once again.

“All the girls find him hot, lucky are those who get to date him, girls around here die for that chance.” Ryle said.

“So dating here basically is like a looking for a job, if the employer’s interested you get the job for a while and then you’re sacked because the employer finds another employee better than you.”

“That’s the best theory I’ve ever heard.” Ryle laughed out so loud, the whole class stared at him, of course apart from Arnav who was basically not interested about a teenage boy laughing randomly like a maniac.

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