The Unwanted Guest

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Chapter 10 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 132 times)

Chapter 10


“We both cleared the certificates and left the hospital. We paid the doctor not to disclose any information about our baby” Arnav said, “I took my car and drove away. I just drove…not knowing where we’re going. Took many routes that I don’t even know”

“In the middle of the journey I felt really tired and it was really difficult to manage the new born baby. So we stopped at a hotel and stayed there for a night” Khushi said, “During night the baby started crying and I didn’t know what to do. We tried our best but no…”

“And then the people who stayed in the next room knocked our door. It was a couple in mid 50s. The woman came in and helped Khushi” Arnav said.

“She told me how to take care of the baby, how to massage him, how to bathe him, everything. The whole night she kept telling me what to do and what not to do” Khushi said.

“They asked us what we’re doing in a hotel with a newborn infant and I told them everything. Like everything. I didn’t know why I did that but I felt I could trust them” Arnav said, “After hearing our story they asked us whether we would like to come and stay with them for a few days”

“They lived in a small village in Shimla. Me and Arnav ji needed to away for a while and we agreed to them. And that’s how we reached Shimla” Khushi said.

“They lived in a small house. They gave us shelter and soon we became a family. Their son had passed away when he was 20 years old and are of their own. We call them amma and appa. A few years later Amara was born and she and Ayan call them dadi and dadu” Arnav said, “I expanded their house; built a new section which we converted to a restaurant. Khushi handles it. While I has a tailoring shop. I stitch clothes like I used to do in the beginning days of AR. I love it” he finished smiling.

“Amma and appa passed away few years back leaving behind the house and a small property on Ayan and Amara’s name” Khushi said.

“You wanted to be away for a few days and you never returned” Payal said.

“I know my sister” Arnav said shaking his head, “She’ll go to any extent to get what she wants. She wanted my baby and I won’t let her do that. She made us to choose between you all and our child. And we chose our Ayan”

“Every time we thought of coming back, the face of Anjali comes in mind. How she wanted our baby!” Khushi said in tears, “We cannot think about being away from Ayan. And Amara. So…we stayed back for them!”

“They’ve grown up now” Akash whispered, “Can’t you come back now?”

“Does she live there with you all?” Arnav asked.

They nodded looking down.

“Has she changed?”

“No” NK whispered.

“Then what makes you think that we’ll come back?” Arnav asked.


“This is my life now Akash. This is my family. Our little world. And we’re happy there. I love this life, not the one I used to live as the powerful ASR” Arnav said shaking his head.

“Fine then. At least stay in contact with us” Lavanya said.

Arnav and Khushi nodded and Payal said, “You’re going back to Shimla?”

Arshi nodded and NK said, “Can’t you stay back? For a few days at least?”

“Amara has her exams” Khushi said, “She is in 12th”

“When does it end?”

“Next week”

“After that it’s vacation right?” Akash asked. Arnav nodded and Akash said, “Okay then. After her exams you’re gonna come back and stay with us”

“Akash come on…”

“For a few days. Till Amara’s holidays ends” Akash begged.

“But in RM…”

“It’s your house” Akash cried in irritation, “Why are you being away? Scared of that woman?”

“No” Arnav said, “I’m not scared. I’m fed up. I don’t want to face any drama.”

“If you love us, you’re gonna come and stay at Raizada mansion” Akash said firmly.

“Jeeju please…”

“I don’t wanna hear anything” Akash said firmly.

“And what about Ayan and Amara? You’re gonna tell them the truth?” Payal asked, “Shouldn’t Ayan know that the company where he is doing his internship actually belongs to his father. Shouldn’t Amara know that the food she is relishing right now used to be your daily routine?”

Arnav nodded no and said, “We raised them as normal kids. We’re a middle class family. I don’t want them to be in a rich lifestyle.”

“They should know. I mean, one day they would know. Aisha already knows and if she slips? What if she accidently tells Ayan?” Lavanya said, “it’s better if you reveal it to him rather than knowing it from another person!”

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other and then at Lavanya. Arnav sighed and said, “Fine”

“When are you leaving?” NK asked.

“Tonight. Train is at 8pm” Khushi said.



“How do you know Raizadas?” Ayan asked frowning as he sat with his family in the railway station.

“Woh…main…” Arnav stammered and Khushi, “Ayan, woh Akash hai na…he is your father’s brother”

“WHAT?” Ayan and Amara screamed.

“Shhh” Arnav hissed seeing people looking at them hearing the shout.

“And Payal is my sister” Khushi said.

“You’re Payal aunty’s sister? I mean, oh my god!” Amara cried.

“You are…you’re Akash sir’s brother?” Ayan cried in disbelief, “I mean…oh yes, Raizada! You’re a Raizada!”

“Arnav Singh Raizada” Amara said his full name, “Matlab, papa you’re rich?”

Ayan gasped and said, “Matlab Raizada Mansion is yours?”

“Matlab you’re living poor while you’re actually a millionaire?” Amara asked.

“And AR? If Akash sir is your brother then AR must be….oh god!” Ayan whispered, “AR was made by Akash sir’s brother ASR. ASR!”

“ASR…matlab Arnav Singh Raizada?” Amara gasped.

“Papa!” Ayan whispered and covered his mouth with his hand.

“Is this a movie?” Ayan demanded, “One fine day you’re being told that you’re millionaires!”

“Ayan” Arnav said calmly, “Many things happened in the past that we had to leave the house. For you”

The train came and Amara asked, “What happened? What made you leave your family papa?”

“Let’s go” Arnav stood up.

“NO” Ayan said grabbing his father’s hand, “You’re not leaving with an explanation papa. What’s all this?”

“We’ll talk later. Bye Ayan” Arnav said and Khushi hugged Ayan.

“But listen…” Ayan cried but they got into the train with Amara.


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Chapter 11 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 122 times)

Chapter 11


Raizada Mansion, New Delhi

9.45 pm


The door bell rang and HP opened the door frowning at the late visitor.

“Arrey beta tum?” he frowned seeing the boy who visited for rakshabandan at the door.

“Akash sir he?” Ayan asked and HP allowed him inside.

“Who is it HP?” Anjali asked walking downstairs, “You? What are you doing here?”

“I want to meet Akash sir”

“Time dekha he? It’s almost 10. Go home kid” Anjali said crossing her arm.

“I don’t wanna talk to you. I wanna talk to your brother” Ayan said irritated.

“Ayan” Aisha called out from the stairs, “What happened? Why are you here?”

“Ah I see. You came to see her, not Akash” Anjali scoffed.

Aisha ignored her and rushed downstairs. “What happened?” she asked holding his arm.

“Akash sir. Where is he?” he asked.

“He is in his room. I’ll call him” Aisha said and Anjali stopped her, “No. If he wants to meet him, ask him to come in the morning. Akash must be asleep”

“What’s happening here?” Akash asked irritated and reached the top of the stairs. “Ayan?” he asked surprised.

“I want to talk to you” Ayan said from downstairs.

“Come up” Akash said and looked at Aisha, “Aisha bring him to my study room”


“So? What is it?” Akash asked sitting before Ayan. NK joined him and so did Payal.

“Dad won’t tell me. Nor would mom. So you guys tell me! What’s up with you and my parents? They said that you all are a family?” he said.

“Ha…we used to be one happy family” NK said shaking his head.

“So my dad is your brother?” Ayan asked Akash.

“Cousin brother” Akash corrected.

“What happened? Why did they leave? And why…I mean….tell me everything!”

“Ayan I think you should know this from your parents” Payal said softly.

“Nahi, I want to know. What happened that my parents are living in Shimla. If my father is ASR and the owner of AR fashions then why is he living his life as a tailor when he himself is the god of fashion world? I want to know!”  he said irritated.

“Fine” Akash said, “Arnav bhai is my father’s sister’s son. Matlab my cousin brother. And Anjali is Arnav’s elder sister. Both of them used to stay at their father’s house in Lucknow, during their childhood. But he was not a good man. He cheated on their mother and she committed suicide. He followed her and bhai and di were brought here by my dadi, that means their nani. So from that day they live with us. Years later, bhai started his business with the help of my parents. He named it AR. AR started as a small cloth manufacturing unit and soon emerged into the best fashion house of India. Money started flowing in and bhai built this house. We bought new dresses, new cars, servants…we became rich. He never told his full name anywhere, always used the initials ASR. As years passed by, AR became the best fashion house in the world and ASR ruled the fashion world!”

“Wow” Ayan whispered.

“And then he met your mother” Payal said, “Some events followed and they got married. Di’s husband used to eye on Khushi and therefore Arnav ji kicked him out. This caused a huge issue here because di couldn’t see anything beyond her husband. She believed that he is innocent and it took NK bhai, Khushi and Arnav ji hell lot of efforts to prove him wrong. They proved the truth that Shyam killed di’s unborn child. So di kicked him out”

“After that di became obsessed with the idea of having a child. But she couldn’t adopt because none of the adoption agencies could find a clean background on her. She once tried to abort her baby. Somehow this news reached the adoption centre and this added up to her ex-husband’s criminal record. So she couldn’t adopt! And that was when Khushi ji became pregnant” NK said, “Di used to take care of her very well, like a queen. We thought that di is over Shyam and the miseries. But as soon as you were born, di asked Nannav, I mean Arnav, to give her his baby. She became very violent and angry. Nannav sent us home and then left Delhi with Khushi ji and you”

“So that was what happened” Akash said and leaned back on the chair.

Ayan sat quiet and then whispered, “So, this is my father’s house?” he looked up and around the big room.

“Your house” Akash corrected him.

Ayan looked down and NK said, “We really want them back here Ayan. But they won’t come. They don’t like to face Anjali di”

“Why do you still have her here?” Ayan asked.

“What can we do?” Akash shrugged.

“Kick her out, if you hate her so much” Ayan said shrugging.

“It’s not so easy Ayan” Akash said shaking his head, “It’s easy to tell that. But if I kick her out and if she goes to police? She has a limp. She is a woman. And we’ll be the bad people who kicked out a woman out of her brother’s house. And it’s Anjali. She would make it like we wanted to snatch her brother’s property and that’s why kicked her out so that they can have her shares too”

“Exactly. She has venom in her heart” Payal muttered.

Ayan sighed and said, “I don’t know what to do. I mean, it’s a shock. AR is my father’s company? ASR is my father? God!”

“Ayan, this is your home. You belong here. You don’t have to stay in those PGs when you have your house here” Payal said holding his arm.

“But how can I stay here?” he cried, “I don’t…”

“Please for us…”

“No I didn’t come here for that. I just wanted to know the truth” he said standing up, “It’s between you guys and my parents. So let it be. I won’t stay here unless they ask me to!”

“Ayan ruk jao…please…for us” NK said softly, “Please”

Ayan looked at Akash and Payal who had the same face, begging him to stay.

“What’ll you tell your Anjali di? And her…the makeup woman…who is she?”

“My mother” Akash said, “We’ll manage them”

“What’ll you tell them? That I’m the same child she wanted to snatch from her brother?” he asked.

“Yes” Akash said nodding.

Ayan sighed and Payal said, “It’s fixed. You’ll stay here” she squealed and hugged him tight, “My Khushi’s son will stay with me!”

Ayan was taken aback on her hug but soon smiled and hugged her back.





8.30 am


“Amiii…what are you doing up there?” Arnav called out.

“5 minutes papa” Amara called out from inside.

“You have an exam today you idiot!” Arnav said, “Have breakfast. You’re getting late!”

“Ami, come out!” Khushi called out as she walked into the dining room with two plates.

“What is she doing in there?” Arnav asked.

“Fashion show” Khushi said rolling her eyes and placed a paratha in his plate.

“Here I am” Amara sang and ran into the living room, “how do I look?” she swirled.

“As usual” Arnav said bored.

“You’re going for exams? Who cares?” Khushi said rolling her eyes.

“Ma papa…I tried new hairstyle…see….” She whined.

“Have you prepared well?” Arnav asked sharply.

“Ha” she said meekly.

“Har exam main maths mein bahot kam marks milte ho. Iss baar ache se nahi kiya tho Ami, tumhari maa tume mujhse bacha nahi payega” Arnav said warningly. (You always score less for maths. If you don’t score well this time, even your mother can’t save you from me!)

“Ji papa” Amara said slowly sat for breakfast.

“Kya dara rahi ho bachi ko” Khushi chided and smacked Arnav’s arm. (Why are you scaring the girl?)

“She is concerned about her hairstyle when she should be worried and revising topics for today’s exam” Arnav said narrowing his eyebrows.

“Arrey bacchi hai….every girl at this age will be concerned about her hairstyle and many things!”

“Whatever. You better do well this time” Arnav said.

“Of course she will. Haina bachooo?” Khushi cooed caressing her hair.

“Maaa….my hair!”

“See” Arnav said shaking his head.

“Aap chup? You had your breakfast na? Then why are you sitting here? Get out!” Khushi said.


“Arrey go to work man! Kya kar rahe ho!” Khushi facepalmed and Arnav stood up.

“Ha jaa rahe ho…bye…bye ami….good luck!”

“Thank you papa” Ami said sipping the juice.

“Ma…” she called out and Khushi looked at her, “Wo, is it true that we’re gonna stay with Raizadas? After my exams?”

“Ha for some days” Khushi said nodding.

“Wow” she whispered, “Papa is soooo rich?”

Khushi hummed and Amara said, “Then why doesn’t he have money now?”

“Why you need something?” Khushi asked.

“Nahi, woh he didn’t allow me and bhaiyya for shopping during last navratri right? Why?”

“You know why” Khushi said frowning, “Bhaiyya’s PG rent was pending and he asked papa for money”

“Hmm…if papa is so rich then why didn’t he have money then?”

“Papa was rich Ami” Khushi said looking at her, “Now, we’re like any normal middle class family!”

Amara hummed and Khushi said, “Aren’t you getting late?”

“Ha yes” she said and stood up. Washing her hands, she took her school bag and ran out shouting a bye to her mother.

Khushi watched her going and looked away thinking.


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Chapter 12 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 150 times)

Chapter 12


10.35 pm


“Kaha de aap? I was so worried” Khushi said worriedly and hugged Arnas as he walked into the house.

“I was at Ramu kaka’s house” Arnav said rubbing his forehead.

“Ha usual fights?” Amara asked walking out of her room. Arnav nodded and Khushi said, “How much do they fight? Pramila chichi hates her daughter-in-law so much!”

“And papa and you have to go to their home and play the mediator” Amara said shaking her head, “As usual!”

“How was your exam?” Arnav asked.

“Good papa. I wrote everything” she said happily.

“When is the next one? Tomorrow?”

“Nahi, day after tomorrow. After that EXAMS OVER!” Amara squealed, “And we’re going to Delhi na?”

Arnav’s smiled faded and he looked at Khushi.

“What? Papa, you promised! You said that after exams we’ll stay at your big house in Delhi” Amara said pouting.

Arnav nodded and Amara hugged him, “Thank you papa!”

“Jao, go and study” Khushi said and Amara nodded.


Switching off the lights, Arnav climbed to the bed. Pulling the blanket over him, he lied down flat looking up at the fan.

“Should I reduce the fan?” he asked, “is this okay?”

“Ha it’s fine” she said and snuggled close to him, spreading her arm over his chest. Smiling he wrapped an arm around her and with his other hand, started to play with her fingers that were over his chest.

“How much days are we gonna stay there at Delhi?” Khushi asked slowly.

“I don’t know. I just don’t wanna go” Arnav whispered.

“Me too. I like it here”

Arnav hummed and said, “I miss Akash, NK and Payal. But…I don’t feel like leaving here”

“We’ll come back na?” Khushi asked.

“Of course” he said.

“Ayan called me in the morning. He’s moving into RM tomorrow morning” Khushi said.

“Akash must have convinced him. He’s such a good manipulator!” Arnav groaned.

“It’s okay. Ayan he na….he’ll manage”

“I just don’t want my children to be around her…” Arnav whispered.

“Woh, I felt…I don’t know if this is…”

“Khushi, what is it?” he asked softly.

“Ami is growing up. She is 17. Like any other teenager, she is gonna fall for these things…these rich habits, the rich food, the mansion, the facilities…” Khushi trailed off.

Arnav hummed and Khushi said, “It’ll be hard to control her. How do we make her understand that it’s not the comforts of a mansion but the limitations of a home that makes us happy?”

“When did I understand that?” Arnav asked, “At the age of 30 when I walked out with you and Ayan with nothing in my hand!”

Khushi hummed and Arnav said, “We’ll talk to her. She’ll understand but she’ll take her time. Let her!”

Khushi nodded and Arnav said, “When you were pregnant with Ayan I had all these plans of decorating his room. At that time I didn’t know whether it’s boy or girl. I had the interior decorators ready to work on our child’s room after he or she is born. I wanted to bring the world down at his or her feet. I wanted to give my child every luxury in this world. But I couldn’t even buy him an expensive toy car.”

Khushi caressed his chest and said, “It’s okay”

“No Khushi” Arnav said chuckling, “I don’t regret it actually. I realized how stupid I was. My son didn’t grow up with expensive toy cars but with actual human beings. He played in the ground with boys of his age. He enjoyed playing football in rain rather than the video games I had planned to buy for him. I didn’t buy him anything Khushi but our son had a wonderful childhood, which cannot be bought by money!”

Khushi smiled and said, “This was something I always wanted you to learn. Right from when I met you, I wanted you to know that not everything can be bought by money. There are things that are priceless!”

Arnav hummed and said, “I could’ve never bought them their beautiful childhood with money. Look at Ayan and Ami. How happy they are! How…normal they are! I’m glad that we’re here Khushi. I like this. Me, you, Ami and Ayan – our little world!”

Khushi smiled and kissed him. “You’re the best” she whispered on his lips, “The best husband. The best father. And I love you so much!”

Arnav smiled and hugged her tight. “I love you too” he whispered.





Raizada Mansion, New Delhi

10.30 pm


“Why aren’t you ready for office?” Anjali asked frowning seeing Akash sitting in the living room.

“Today is Sunday” Akash said reading the newspaper. Anjali nodded and looked to her left where Payal was instructing HP to make lunch.

“Aur ha aaloo paratha, bindi, malai koftha, tomato rice, naan, aaloo gobi, paneer Manchurian aur haa…gulaab jamun and jalebi…”

“Woah woah woah” Anjali stopped Payal, “Kiski shaadi he?” (Who’s getting married?)

“Arrey, we’ve guest” Payal said, “Didn’t anyone tell you? Ah, you don’t belong here, so that’s why…bye” she walked away.

“What?”Anjali fumed. She stormed to Akash and snatched his newspaper, “We’re having guests?”

“Yeah, someone’s gonna stay here with us” Akash said snatching back the newspaper.


“Uncle” Aisha called out running to him, “I’ve readied the room but there’s no bulb in the bed side lamp.”

“Oh, but the other lights are there right?” Akash asked.

“Yeah but Ayan needs bedside lamp. He is a bookworm and goes to sleep only after reading book” Aisha said smiling.

Akash chuckled and Anjali cried, “Ayan? AYAN IS GONNA STAY HERE?”

“Aisha do one thing” Akash said ignoring Anjali, “Take the bulb from di’s bedside lamp”

“WHAT?” Anjali screamed.

“Okay” Aisha said and turned to go when Anjali held her arm, “DON’T YOU DARE!”

“Why?” Akash smirked, “You don’t read books at night, do you?”

“No but…”

“Aisha, take it from her room. And if you need more light, take all the bulbs of di’s room!” Akash said.


“Di, you just need one small bulb in your room” Akash said, “These saris and jewellery you wear is enough to reflect that small light and make it into a huge source of energy”

Aisha hid her laughter and HP burst out laughing from the kitchen.

“HP” Anjali screamed and HP ran away laughing.

 “My jokes have improved” Akash said to himself and looked at Aisha who burst out laughing.

“Why is Ayan staying with us” Anjali asked calming herself down.

“Because this is his house” Akash said crossing his arms under his chest.

“What?” Anjali asked frowning.

“This is Ayan’s house” Aisha said.

“What is this girl saying?” Anjali shouted.

“Remember the child you wanted your brother to give you?” Akash asked with his steel voice.

Anjali gasped and Akash said, “It wasn’t a girl. It was a boy. Ayan. Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada’s eldest son, Ayan Sharma”

“So…this is his house” Aisha said.

The calling bell rang and Payal ran to them. “Ayan is here” she said happily and ran to the door.

Akash gave a look to Anjali and walked to the door with Aisha following him.


Jan 9

Chapter 13 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 131 times)

Chapter 13


Raizada Mansion, New Delhi

10.00 am


“Ha ma, I’m all settled here!” Ayan said slumping on the bed, “Gosh this house is sooo big. I can’t believe that this is dad’s house!”

Khushi chuckled over the phone and said, “How is everyone there?”

“Great except the makeup kit and saree ki dukaan” Ayan said.

“Ayan,” Khushi said seriously “You stay away from them, okay?”

“I’m not a kid anymore ma. They can’t take me away from you. Don’t worry”

“Akash told you?”

“Hmm everything. I don’t understand why you had to move away. She should go, not you guys. Why did you leave when the one to leave is staying here enjoying the luxuries!”

“It’s not that easy Ayan. And plus, it’s your father’s decision”

“Which you can change”

“Let’s discuss this later” Khushi said.

“Fine, where is he by the way? Is he home?”

“Nahi, Prateek chacha’s grand daughter is getting married. So Arnav ji has gone to get her wedding dress ready!”

“Haww Priya is getting married. I thought she wanted to marry me!” Ayan cried dramatically, “Priya….she broke my heart! Now who will marry me!”

“Who is Priya?”

Ayan jumped under his skin to find Aisha at the door with her arms crossed under her chest, “Who is Priya?” she asked again.

Khushi burst into laughter and said, “Bye Ayaaaaaan”

“Maaa” he cried and looked into the phone and then Aisha. “Aisha…baby…Priya is…”

“I knew it. You have a girlfriend back home. You’re cheating on me!” Aisha cried. She took the glass next to her and threw it on him.

Ayan caught it on time and cried, “Aisha, are you mad? Priya is my neighbor who had a crush on me. She declared that she wanted to marry me and Prateek chacha, her grandfather fixed her marriage with someone else. That’s it!”

“Pakka?” Aisha asked narrowing her eyes.

“Ha baba…pakka pakka…” Ayan said pleading.

“Hmm…theek he” Aisha said pouting.




1.15 pm


“Ayan” Payal said smiling sheepishly, “I didn’t know what you like so….”

“Woah” Ayan cried in disbelief seeing the dining table, “Itna saaara khaana?”

“All for you bhai” Ayush said chuckling.

Akash looked at him and smiled. He looked at Payal who had the same look.


Just the way he used to call his brother.

“Bhai sit down!” Ayush cried and pulled him down to the chair to sit next to him.

“Hey Ayan” Lavanya said and sat on the chair opposite to Aisha. Payal sat next to her and Akash sat on the centre chair.

“Where is Aisha?” Lavanya asked. “She is coming” Payal said.

“Ah everyone’s here? Ayan, all good?” NK asked walking into the room and Ayan nodded smiling. NK sat next to Lavanya and looked at the food. “Wow, it’s a feast!”

Mami penguin walked to the dining hall and gasped, “Food!” she sat on the chair next to NK and started attacking the food without waiting for anyone.

Payal shook her head and said, “Chalo let’s start!”

“Without me?” Anjali asked walking into the room. Everyone looked at her and rolled her eyes while Ayan had her eyes fixed on her.

An unknown anger burnt inside him. Before him was the woman who was the sole reason why his parents had to move away from their family. The reason why his father had to move away from his brothers. The woman because of whom his father always looked sad when he saw him and Amara playing. He always thought that it’s his thoughts but now he knew; every time his father saw his and Ami’s bond he remembered his sister. The reason why his mother moved away from her sister.  And seeing the woman before him constantly reminded him of his parents’ fear of losing him.

Anjali smiled as she walked towards the empty seat next to Ayan.

No no no no…don’t come here! Ayan muttered under his breath.

“Sorry I’m late” Aisha said panting as she ran into the dining room and sat next to Ayan.

I love you Aisha. Ayan whispered in relief.

“Aisha that’s my seat” Anjali said irritated.

Aisha looked up at her and then at Ayan. “Aunty” she said, “Ayan is sitting in my seat. So…”

“So? Get up” Anjali ordered.

Aisha slowly stood up and Ayan stood up with her. “There are so many other seats here” he said pointing to the other three empty chairs. “You can sit there”

“Yeah but this is my seat!” Anjali said and sat down in her seat.

“Aisha sit here” Ayush said getting up from his chair and pulled Aisha making her sit there. “Sit down bhai” he said and patted Ayan making him sit between Aisha and Anjali. He walked to the other side and sat next to Anjali.

“Problem solved? Now can we start having lunch?” Ayush asked.

Akash gave an irritated look to Anjali and nodded his head at Payal.

“Ha” Payal said smiling, “Ayan what’ll you have first?”

“Ummm I’ll have…” Ayan trailed off and looked at the various dishes.

“I know, badaam kheer” Anjali said smiling.

Everyone looked at her and Ayan looked at the table, “There is no kheer here”

Anjali smiled and caressed Ayan’s hair, “I know you love kheer and Payal doesn’t. So she didn’t make it. But I have made the kheer” she called out for HP who walked to her with a bowl of kheer.

“Yeh lo” Anjali said smiling. She dipped the spoon and forwarded it to Ayan.

Ayan looked at Payal who looked to and fro between Anjali and him.

He opened his mouth and accepted the kheer. Anjali smiled and looked at Payal giving her a smirk.

Ayan gulped down the kheer and turned to the other dishes on the table. He took a spoonful of fried rice and gobi manjurian and ate it.

“How is it?” Anjali asked smiling.

Ayan looked at her and said, “It’s good”

Anjali gave everyone a winning smirk and said, “Have more son”

Ayan shook his head and said chuckling, “I accepted it since you extended me food. And we shouldn’t disrespect food.”

Anjali’s smile faded and Ayan said, “First of all, no one starts their lunch with kheer. Kheer is a dessert. Secondly, I don’t like badaam kheer. I don’t like sweets at all. And thirdly, I’m diabetic and you have added sugar in the kheer. Anyway thanks for the kheer.”

He turned to Payal and said, “I love Aloo puri”

Payal smiled and served him. “Spicy he” she said chuckling, “Just the way you like”

“How do you know?” Ayan asked surprised tasting the aaloo puri.

“I told her” Aisha said, “Ayan likes spicy food and hates sweets”

“Waise” NK cried, “Tell me something. How did you and Aisha meet?”

“Ha…even I wanna know” Ayush said.

Ayan chuckled and said, “Aisha joined few months ago as lateral entry to final year classes. It was her first day and she had worn a dark blue kurta and light blue jeans”

Aisha groaned and Ayan laughed.

“What?” everyone asked.

Ayan laughed and said, “Actually the women cleaning staff of our college wears dark blue churidhar matched with light blue bottom. Me and my friends were looking for the cleaning lady to clean our classroom and then saw her”

“They thought that I’m the new cleaning staff and gave me a bucket and broom” Aisha said narrowing her eyes at Ayan.

Ayan looked away and everyone burst into laughter.

“Duffer” Aisha muttered.

“Hey it’s your fault” Ayan said chuckling, “Who asked you to wear that?”

“How would I know that the cleaning staff has the same uniform?” Aisha cried.

“What a first meet!” Ayush said chuckling.

Akash looked at everyone smiling and teasing Aisha and Ayan.

‘How happy everyone are’ he thought to himself, ‘It’s just few hours that Ayan is here and the whole atmosphere changed’ he looked at Payal who was laughing at Ayan’s joke. He smiled faintly. This was the first time he saw her laugh so merrily in the past twenty three years.

‘I hope this happiness always stays’ he whispered to himself and looked at Anjali and mami who were eating their food silently.

Just one day!

Tomorrow bhai and Khushi ji are gonna come here.

Akash took a deep breath. ‘I hope everything goes fine and they stays here with Ayan and Amara forever’


Jan 12

Chapter 14 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 134 times)

Chapter 14


Raizada Mansion, New Delhi

10.00 pm


“Where are you taking me” Ayan frowned as he followed NK to a room. NK opened the room and entered. Ayan frowned and entered the room.

“Why did you…” he stopped his question seeing the photo frame hung on the wall. He ran his eyes along the wall and tables to find numerous pictures of the two most important people in his life.

“This is their room?” he asked and NK nodded.

“Who stays here now?”

“No one”

“It looks clean” Ayan said surprised.

“Payal bhabhi cleans it. She never let this room dust. Or I must say, never let memories dust!” NK said pocketing his hands.

Ayan hummed and walked towards the green recliner.

“Nannav used to love this recliner. It would be here that he’ll be found during the day, working on his laptop!” NK said smiling. Ayan smiled and sat on it and looked around the room.

“It looks so different…” Ayan said slowly, “I mean…their room at Shimla and here….it’s so different. It’s hard to believe that dad and mom had once lived such a life. This room is as big as our whole house!”

“House and space doesn’t matter Ayan. What matters is love and care. That’s what makes a house HOME” NK said smiling.

Ayan smiled and said, “That’s right” he walked to the wardrobe and opened it. “It has so many clothes!”

“It’s theirs. Though it won’t fit them anymore. And it has faded I think” NK said walking towards Arnav’s suits.

“It’s Armani suit” Ayan whispered and ran his fingers over the material. “It’s still good!”

“Nah it’s not as silky and shiny” NK said shaking his head.

“Why is the wardrobe full of suits?”

“Because your father wears only suits” NK said with a duh expression.

“Can I be honest?” Ayan asked putting back the suit. NK hummed and Ayan said, “I have never ever seen my father wearing a suit”

“Can I be honest?” NK said, “I have never ever seen your father not wearing a suit, except when it’s night and has his night clothes on!”

“From your words, Papa seemed to be like a hero” Ayan said sitting on the bed. NK sat on the recliner and Ayan said, “The great wall of Arnav Singh Raizada. The one protecting the family. He seems authoritative and powerful. But to me….I don’t have such an image of my father. I have never seen such a side of him. For me he is not the ASR…he is…is…my father”

NK smiled and Ayan said, “it’s so strange. My dad being ASR. I mean…”

“People change Ayan. May be your father has changed. He has become Arnav from ASR” NK said and Ayan nodded.



9 am


“When will they come?” Payal asked Akash who said, “Max 45 minutes. Mohan has gone to pick them up!”

NK smiled and said, “They are coming home!”

“Who is coming home?” Anjali asked walking into the living room.

Akash and Payal looked at each other and then at NK.

“Ha woh…actually…” NK began when Lavanya called out, “Payal, have you seen Aisha?”

“Nahi. Isn’t she in her room?” Payal called out.

Lavanya ran to the living room in a tensed face and said, “I’ve searched the whole house. She is nowhere to be seen!”

“Arrey don’t worry. She must have gone out for some work” NK said.

“Nahi NK bhai” Payal said standing up, “She always informs us!”

“Hello hi bye bye” Mami said walking to them, “Not only Aisha, Ayan is also missing!”

Lavanya looked at Akash who called the security.

“Yes sir” the security said standing before Akash.

“Did you see Ayan or Aisha leaving?”

“Ha sir”

Everyone breathed a sigh in relief and the security said, “They left at night and didn’t return sir”

“Night?” Lavanya asked.

“Ha…at 2 am or something”

“Both of them together?” Mami asked.

“Ha mam” the man said.

“Theek he…tum jao” Akash said and the man went.

“Hello hi bye bye looks like the youth wants to be wild and went out late at night!” Mami said shaking her head.

“Lavanya you should control your daughter” Anjali said, “Look how she went out with a man at night. She didn’t even return home! I wonder where they both are!”

“Stop it di” NK said angrily.

Akash’s phone rang and he took it, “Ha inspector Rathode….what? I’ll come now…oh okay…fine…”

“What happened?” Payal asked clutching his arm.

Akash looked down and then at Lavanya. “Woh…inspector called. His men has caught Ayan and Aisha”

“What?” Lavanya cried.

“Err…at night…he said he’ll come here with them” Akash said slowly.

“Why did the police take them?” NK asked.

“What will they do then?” Anjali asked in disgust, “Late night…alone…young boy and girl…of course they’ll arrest”

Lavanya closed her eyes and looked away taking a deep breath.

“La calm down” Payal whispered.

“When will they come?” Lavanya asked Akash.

“They’ll be here in no while” Akash said.


“Mr. Raizada”

Everyone turned to find inspector walking in with Ayan and Aisha following them looking down.

“Hello Mr. Rathode” Akash shook hands with him.

“Have a reign on your children Mr. Raizada. It’s that they said your name and I brought them here. Or else I would have locked them up!”

“What did they do?” NK asked.

Inspector looked at both of them and said, “Wahi usual things! Romance in the streets! Every night the night patrolling police catches couples like this.”

Ayan and Aisha looked away and inspector said sighing, “Let it be. Don’t repeat this!” he said and walked away.

Aisha looked at Lavanya who stood stone faced.

“Ma…” she called out slowly.

“Aunty…hum…we went to have….pav bhaji!” Ayan said stammering.

“Ha ma…pav bhaji!” Aisha said nodding her head.

“At 2 am!” Lavanya asked angrily.

“Aunty…please don’t scold her. She didn’t wanna go. I forced her. I wanted to go and…it’s not her fault” Ayan said pleading.


“Hiii” Ayan whispered as he sneaked into her room.

Aisha sat up on her bed and said surprised, “What are you doing here?”

“Budhuuu” Ayan hit his head, “Boyfriends often sneak into their girl’s rooms!”

Aisha chuckled and said, “So what do you need?”

“Pav bhaji” Ayan whispered.

Aisha looked at the clock and said, “At 2 am?”

Ayan nodded her head like a child, “Let’s go na!”

“Dekho it’s RM. Gates have security” Aisha whispered.

“So? They won’t open if we wanna go out?” Ayan asked.

“Sshhh…dheere bolo” Aisha whispered, “Mamma is next door”


“Ayan, let’s go tomorrow”

“Nahi I wanna go now” Ayan said stubborn.

“Fine” Aisha said and Ayan smiled, “Chalo”


“Wow how convincing” Anjali said, “Seedhe seedhe bolo…you both went to take a hotel room!”

“Nahi” Aisha cried and Ayan looked at Anjali in pure anger.

“Aur nahi tho kya…these two…” Anjali stopped herself when Ayan took a step forward to her.

“Now listen carefully” he hissed angrily, “I don’t have to give you any explanation but I owe these people here one. If we really wanted to take a room, we wouldn’t have gone out to a hotel when we live in the same house. Stop being stupid. Don’t you dare make stories and degrade Aisha again!”

“Look Akash, how he is speaking to me!” Anjali cried, “This boy is exactly like his mother. I thought he would have values of my chotte but no…he had to go on his mother….talks and behaves exactly like that ****!”

“BASSSSS!” Ayan shouted and was about to take a step forward when Aisha clutched his arm and pulled him back.

“Ayan stop….don’t…” she whispered and caressed his arm calming him down.

“Di, apologize” Akash said taking a deep breath.

“What? Why should I…”

“APLOGIZE TO HIM” Akash shouted angrily.

“I don’t need her apology!” Ayan said angrily and shoved Aisha hands from his arm, “I don’t even want to see her” he pointed his finger to Anjali and said dangerously, “If I hear one word against my parents…I’ll burn you alive!”

Anjali gulped and Ayan looked at Lavanya and said, “I don’t know if you believe me or not but you have to believe your daughter. We just wanted to have pav bhaji and the police caught us calling us lustful youths! We were at police station for the whole night and today morning when the inspector came and asked us our address I told this. And the police got us here!”

Lavanya nodded and said, “I believe you. But this shouldn’t happen again. It’s that Akash’s name made the police bring you back. The next time they won’t and it would…tarnish both of your reputation. I don’t want my daughter to be called names!”

Ayan and Aisha nodded and Lavanya said, “Go freshen up!”

Both of them walked upstairs and Anjali said shaking her head, “I don’t know why you guys always turn a blind eye towards their mistakes!”

“Stop it di” Lavanya said rolling her eyes.

“Why would I? Ayan and Aisha got caught by the police and had to stay in police station for a night!” Anjali cried.

“Police station?”

Two voices spoke up and everyone turned towards the main door.

21 hours ago

Chapter 15 (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 120 times)

Chapter 15


Raizada Mansion, New Delhi

9 am


“Police station?”

Everyone looked to the door and Anjali gasped.


“Arnav bitwa!”

Akash smiled and walked towards the door with NK, Payal and Lavanya following them. But before they could reach and hug them, someone else beat them.

“Arnav bhaiyya!” HP cried and hugged him.

Khushi chuckled and others stopped on their tracks gaping.

“Umm…hii HP” Arnav said and patted his back.

“Namaste HP ji!” Khushi said and HP said, “Namaste bhabhi. Yeh kon?” he asked looking at the girl behind them.

“Ha this is our daughter. Amara” Khushi said and Amara smiled.

“Namaste bitiya” “Namaste” Amara said shyly folding her arms.

HP took their bags and walked into the house happily while the other inhabitants looked at him open mouthed.

“Was he always this jolly?” NK wondered.

“Khushi” Payal squealed and hugged Khushi.

Arnav hugged Akash and NK while Lavanya and Payal cocooned Khushi.

Anjali walked towards Arnav who looked at her and looked away.

“Wait stop” Arnav said withdrawing from his brothers, “What were you talking about police station? Ayan was arrested?”

“Ha chotte he was…” Anjali began when Arnav ignored her saying, “Where is he? Ayan? AYAN!”

Ayan and Aisha ran down the stairs.

“Papa” Ayan cried, “You’re early?”

Arnav crossed his arms and Khushi asked narrowing her eyes, “You were arrested?”

Ayan looked at Aisha and then at his parents. “It’s a misunderstanding papa”

“Were you arrested? Yes or no?” Arnav asked angrily.

“Ha” Ayan said looking down.

“Woah” Amara gasped, “Bhai got arrested. Did they beat you like they show in movies?”

“Shut up Ami” Arnav and Khushi shouted and Amara giggled.

“Papa I can explain. Me and Aisha went out…”


“Bhai relax” Akash said wrapping an arm around him, “The police had a misunderstanding. It’s nothing”

“Aise kaise” Anjali said, “They both went out at night and police arrested them for behaving inappropriately in public. They had to stay the whole night in jail”

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other and Anjali said, “Chotte listen to me. You should punish them severely. How can they do this? Forgetting the morals elders teach them and going out at night for…”

“Where are the rooms?” Arnav asked Akash interrupting Anjali.

“Your room” Akash said.

“And her?” he pointed to Amara.

“Ami can stay with me” Aisha said wrapping an arm around the girl who smiled and nodded.

Arnav nodded and held Khushi’s hand. He walked towards the stairs ignoring Anjali who walked towards him.




“It still looks the same” Khushi whispered and looked at Arnav who nodded his head. He lied on the bed and looked up at the ceiling.

“Waise I talked to Ayan and Jeeju. They said that the police arrested them for no mistake of theirs. You know how people are. They see a boy and girl together and assume things!” Khushi said.

Arnav hummed and said, “But why did they go out late at night?”

“Pav bhaji” Khushi said giggling.

“Seriously?” Arnav cried and Khushi nodded.

“Aur kya expect karu?” Arnav groaned, “It’s your son!”

“Haww” Khushi gasped and said, “Yours too!”

“Yeah but the pav bhaji golgappa bhel puri traits are from you” Arnav said raising his hands, “I’ve no role in it!”

“Excuse me, who ate five plates of golgappa in a go?” Khushi asked with her hands on hips, “Admit it Arnav ji, you love golgappa. I know that you and Ami go out secretly to have it but both father and daughter can’t admit it aloud that I’m right about golgappas being the best food in the world!”

“Hey we don’t. I hate golgappa. Ami too!”

“Ha right” Khushi scoffed.

Arnav hid his laughter and looked up at the ceiling. He looked around the room and sighed.

“Feels so weird! Being here after all these years!” Arnav said. Khushi sat next to him and smiled. “This was your sanctuary. And now you feel weird here!”

“This WAS my sanctuary” Arnav said smiling emphasizing the WAS. He sat up and wrapped his arm around her. Khushi smiled and hugged him. “Now it’s you” he whispered and kissed her hair.

She smiled and buried her face in his neck.

“I’m hungry” he said.

“Me too” she said chuckling.

“Chale?” he asked raising his eyebrow.

“Par here?” she asked surprised, “It’s Raizada Mansion!”

“So? We’re not gonna break our routine” he said laughing.



“Have breakfast” Payal said and Amara sat next to Ayan looked at the huge table. She frowned and looked at Ayan. Ayan looked at her and the siblings shared the known where-is-it look.

“What is it?” Lavanya asked looking at the siblings.

“Woh, it’s Tuesday” Amara said and looked at Ayan.

“So?” Akash asked.

“It’s palak day” Amara said shyly.

Ayan rolled his eyes and said, “Ami is crazy about palak. So every Tuesday papa and ma cooks her palak dishes!”

“Papa and ma? ASR cooks?” Lavanya asked surprised.

“Ha he makes the best palak paneer!” Ami said smiling.

“Palak paneer palak puri palak palak palak” Ayan said scrunching his face.

“Chup re” Ami said smacking his arm, “Every Thursday they make aaloo for you. So shut up!”

“Ami have this today! Woh papa and ma are tired from journey na? So they won’t be able to cook!” Anjali said smiling and placed the aaloo paratha in her plate.

“I hate aaloo. Give it to bhaiyya” she said pouting.

“Nahi nahi, I’ll have….toast” Ayan said grabbing the toast from the table. Amara frowned and said, “But you love aaloo”

“Chup re” Ayan said and took a bite of the toast.

“Here you go princess!” Arnav and Khushi said walking from the kitchen.

Amara looked at them and her face lit up in happiness. “PALAK!”

“I thought you won’t cook today” Ayan said smiling.

“Aise kaise?” Khushi said smiling as she placed the bowl of palak paneer before her daughter. “Nothing can change the palak day, hai na Ami?” Arnav asked laughing as he placed palak puris on her plate.

“Yayyy!” Amara squealed and hugged Arnav, “Thank you pa!”

“No hug for ma?” Khushi pouted.

“You’re a lazy log. I cooked everything” Arnav said smirking.

“Hawww who peeled the onions?” Khushi cried.

“Who chopped palak?” Arnav raised his eyebrow.

“Who was the one to sauté the onion?”

“Who put salt in the dish?”

“Bas bhi karo yaar” Ayan cried groaning, “Bacho ki tarah lad rahe ho!”

“Say this to your mother” Arnav cried.

“Ayan ask your father to shut up”

“Chup re” Ami said giggling.

“Ha listen to your daughter. Chup re” Khushi said it in Amara’s tone.

“Chup re ma ki chamchi” Arnav said.

“You’re so irritating” Khushi said huffing and walked to the seat next to Amara. “Uddho” she said to Anjali who was sitting next to Amara.

“I’m sitting here” Anjali said rudely.

“I can see that. That’s why I asked you to get up” Khushi said in a duh expression.

“Why should I get up? There are so many seats here!” Anjali said angrily.

“There are only two seats around my daughter. One is taken by my son. Let him sit. Bhai he….and the other is taken by you. So get up!” Khushi said crossing her arms.

Amara looked at Khushi and Anjali and then at brother who blinked his eyes assuring that everything is fine.

“Di get up” Akash said sighing.

Anjali huffed and got up from the seat. She looked at Amara who was looking at her with a puzzled face. Suddenly, changing her expression to a sad broken one, Anjali said in a low voice, “I know you hate me Khushi ji but I just wanted to sit next to Ami. I know you want me to stay away from your children. If that’s what you want…I’ll not come near them again” she wiped the tears rolling down her cheek and walked away limping. Suddenly she acted a fall and cried, “Aaah”

“Auntie!” Amara cried getting up while Ayan held her down.

“Bhaiyya she fell” Ami said slowly.

“Acting he” Ayan said rolling his eyes. Ami looked at her mother who nodded her head.

“Chalo let’s eat” Payal said and everyone sat down to have breakfast ignoring Anjali who was on the floor few feet away.





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