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SS: Mere brother ki Dulhan! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 100 times)

“WHAT THE.. Do you know who I’m? Arnav Singh Raizada aka ASR!” Arnav shouted on top of his voice, “And you just.. spoiled my suit! MY SUIT.. Do you know how much it costs? All this make up on your face isn’t enough to pay for this suit.. DAMMIT..”

He turned his back to the new lady employee and wiped the sweat on his forehead thinking, “WHAT THE.. How does bhai manage to shout at his employees every day at every single time? Here I’m so tired just by shouting at one..”

“I’m sorry sir.. I didn’t drop the juice on your suit purposely.. I was nervous, it’s my first day here!” the lady sobbed.

“Hey it’s okay.. don’t cry Princess.. It’s just one suit, I will buy another one!” he said not able to see a lady crying in front of him.

“Sach Sir?” the lady asked him, quite shocked at his changed behavior.

“Mu..” he was cut by the stern voice of his brother, “NO!”

Arnav gulped and shut his eyes, “Loh.. here comes the real ASR! What the.. I’m not fake also!” he muttered to himself.

“What did she do?” his brother came to him. Arnav nodded sideways, “Nothing.. I was just saying Welcome to your new employee!”

“But Aman said you were shouting at her!” came a stern reply.

Arnav shrugged and widened his eyes, “ME! Why an innocent soul like mine would shout at this Angel??”

The lady blushed making his brother roll his eyes in disbelief.

“And you.. Did you come here to work or blush at stupid lines like this one?” he asked giving a sarcastic look to the lady.

“I came here to work!” she replied stammering in fear.

“Then go and do your work dammit!” he shouted exactly like Arnav had shouted in the beginning to the lady.

She jumped in fear and ran away from there taking some files, which in the way fell from her hands.

Arnav rushed to help her feeling pity for the poor Angel who got scolded by his brother.

After she left, his brother turned to him and crossed his arms on his chest, “Can I know what got in your mind to come in office this early in morning?”

“Actually Di asked me to take you to go to Kamla’s aunty house..” Arnav said looking here and there.

“Why?” he frowned.

“To meet with Priyanka!” Arnav replied.

“Only if she’s Chopra!” his brother replied sarcastically and sat on his chair, taking his laptop to work.

“But bhai..” Arnav whined and sat carelessly on the table placing his feet on a chair beside him, making his brother glare at him.

Arnav smiled sheepishly and sat properly on the chair, “Sorry.. Arush Singh Raizada!”

“Arnav go and tell Di that I don’t want to marry now!” Arush said concentrating on his laptop and files on his table.

“Then when do you want to get married bro? You’re 28 years old!” Arnav widened his eyes, “And try to understand only after you get married, me, Akash bhai and NK can get married.. And I fear we’re going to be bachelors for all life!”

He gulped at the last line making Arush roll his eyes at his over dramatic brother.

“Arnav let me work!” he said.

“Okay fine.. just tell me what kind of girl you want? I will look for you.. Meeting with Priyanka not Chopra cancelled.. and I will myself look for a bride for you!” Arnav said rubbing his hands excitedly.

“Someone like me!” came a curt reply with a smirk.

“WHAT? You want a robotic girl bhai with no feelings, no emotions, no expression.. Then my niece or nephew will be a mini-robot.. No, No, No.. I can’t spoil a kid’s life like this!” he shook his head in disbelief.

“So then I won’t get married.. don’t waste my time and let me work!” his brother smirked with winning look.

“Okay.. I will go and search for your bride!” he said determined and went from there leaving Arush shake his head in disbelief.


Raizada’s mansion:

“He has gone mad Di.. He wants a girl like him.. Where will I find a girl like him now? A girls who says What the.. What the.. all the time..” Arnav whined attacking his food at the dining hall.

“Even you say that bitwa!” Mami reminded him.

“What the is okay.. but where will I find a girl who works 24/7?” Arnav asked.

“Find someone who works in news channel Chote.. I see on TV they write news 24/7!” Nani said.

“Sweety do you see same lady on TV news channel for whole day?” Arnav asked to his Nani making Anjali laugh out loud.

“Let’s search in restaurants, hospitals or pharmacies that are open 24/7!” NK said with I-got-an-Idea look.

“If we find someone who works 24/7 like him then how will both spend time with each other? And how will Sweety get her granddaughter or grandson?” Arnav asked sipping his juice.

“And who knows in marriage day both will be working!” Akash chuckled making everyone laugh.

“And other big problem.. Where will I find girls that don’t smile like him?” Arnav asked.

“There’s that model.. What’s her name? Haan.. Sheetal.. She’s always getting angry over small things!” Nani said.

“Sheetal is irritating Sweety.. I can’t handle her then think about Bhai!” Arnav frowned.

Everyone kept their minds working on how to find a girl of Arush’s likes.

Arnav’s phone rang and he quickly picked it up, “Yeah bro.. what’s up?.. Pool party!.. I’m in.. Yeah.. coming!”

Anjali twisted his ear, “Here we’re thinking about your brother’s bride and you want to go to Pool party! Very good!”

“Di I’m just going to relax and think better about my brother’s bride!” Arnav said whining.

Anjali left him and shook her head, “Don’t forget it’s your responsibility to find a bride for your brother because I’m already tired!”

“Yes.. ASR does always keep their promise!” Arnav said patting his shoulder in proud tone.

“Go for it my Chote!”  Nani cheered up for him.

“Wow Sweety.. first time I was feeling like I grew up and you made a kid again by calling me Chote!” Arnav pouted.

Everyone laughed at him, while he grabbed the car keys and took Akash and NK with him.





Hotel XYZ..

“Hey what’s up bro?” Arnav high five with his friends and same greeted NK and Akash.

“Hey Arnav.. How’re you??” a girl came running to him smiling.

“I’m not feeling well yaar..” Arnav said caressing his chest with low voice.

“Why? What happened?” the girl asked worried placing her hand on his shoulder.

“After seeing you na.. My heart is beating faster.. I guess I need to go to hospital!” he said smirking.

“Gosh.. Arnav yaar!” she slapped his shoulder, “You scared me! You never change na since college you’re like this only..”

“Why should I change? This world should change for ASR!” he raised the collar of his shirt smirking.

“Who’s that hot-like-chili and sweet-like-lollipop girl Jenny?”  He pointed to one girl chatting with a smile on her face with her friends.

“That’s Meera.. I heard good things about her, Beauty with brains!” Jenny said smiling, “Do you want me to talk with her?”

“I do look like a kid but I’m not Jenny!” he smiled at her, “I will go and talk with her myself!”

“Are you serious on her or what?” Jenny asked curiously.

Arnav smirked and walked towards Meera and Jenny, NK and Akash watched the scene curiously.

Arnav reached Meera, she looked at him with a frown on her face. He picked her up in his arms and threw her to pool making everyone cheer and other gasp at Arnav’s courage to do that with a girl.

Meera looked at him angrily, she wiped her face and shouted, “Shameless who do you think you’re?”

“Not serious!” Jenny rolled her eyes and turned to Akash and NK, “When will this boy be serious in his life?”

“It’s not difficult to make Arnav Singh Raizada be serious, it’s just impossible!” Akash said as a matter of fact.

“I don’t think Senorita.. I’m Arnav Singh Raizada!” Arnav jump into the pool and smirked at her.

“So you think you can just throw me in the pool without knowing me just because you’re Arnav Singh Raizada?” she asked glaring at him.

“Why are you getting so angry? It’s just a party.. Friendship starts like this!” he shrugged smiling.

“I don’t know about Friendship but enmity sure starts like this!” she said gritting her teeth.

“Forget about it..” he swam towards her and leaned at the edge of the pool, “Tell me one thing, is your father a thief?”

“NO!” she looked at him angrily.

“Then how did he stole the shine of the stars and put them in your eyes?” Arnav asked acting like he’s confused.

Meera looked away and smiled a little blushing.

Arnav smirked and looked at Jenny winking at her. Jenny shook her head smiling, “No girl resists his charms!”

“Wah Nannav mere bhai.. I wish I had same luck with girls!” NK pouted.

“And I wish Payal doesn’t come here, because if she sees me here she will think I’m betraying her!” Akash said.

“Relax Akash bhai.. Why will Pa..” NK widened his eyes seeing Payal coming towards them, he signaled Akash to look behind him.

“Yeah you’re right.. Why would Payal be here? Her friends are not here also!” Akash nodded.

NK hit his forehead with crying face.

“But for your bad luck I’m here Akash ji!” Payal said standing behind him with crossed arms.

Akash widened his eyes and scolded NK with his eyes for not informing him earlier.

He turned to Payal smiling sheepishly, “Bad luck.. What are you saying Jaan? It’s my good luck only.. I was missing you so much!”

“Yeah right.. Don’t forget Akash, we just got engaged!” she said showing her ring to him.

“Bhabhi..” Arnav rushed to her smiling, “What a pleasant surprise.. What are you doing here?”

“I came with my friends.” Payal smiled to Arnav, “You look so handsome my little brother!” she pulled Arnav’s cheek lovingly.

Arnav smiled as his eyes twinkled in happiness, “Thank you bhabhi!!! Come I will take you to eat something with me.. it’s so hot today na.. you must be hungry!”

Payal nodded and glared at Akash, then went with her sweet brother to have something.

“See he’s the one who brought me here and she gets angry with me and not him!” Akash put his hands on his hips sighing.




Raizada’s mansion:

Arush returned home and HP came running to take his bag and coat. He walked towards the living room and saw his family entertained watching a movie on TV.

“Bhai! How was the day at office?” Arnav asked waving at him with his head rested on Anjali’s lap.

Arush looked at him and raised his brows as Arnav never asked any question like this.

“See when you don’t have a wife, a brother has to do wife duties for you!” Arnav explained.

Everyone burst out laughing making Arush glare at Arnav who smiled at him sheepishly.

“Akash come to my study.. I want to have some office talks with you!” Arush said seriously and walked towards his study.

“Bhai let him watch movie na.. you go and have dinner.. then office talks!” Arnav said staring at Akash’s upset look.

Arush sighed, he looked at Akash who nodded with smiling face indicating him he was watching movie with Payal beside him.

“Make sure you movie finish till the time I have dinner!” Arush said and went to the dining hall. Anjali followed him to serve for him.

“Hello hi bye bye.. Arush bitwa is just like serial killer.. I got goose bumps when I hear his voice!” Mami let out a breath of relief that Arush wasn’t in the living room anymore.

Everyone giggled at Mami’s horrified look turning to calm one.

Laxmi was cuddling to Arnav also trembling in fear, Arnav caressed her, “Laxmi.. don’t get scared.. I’m here na!

“It’s only you who has courage to face Arush bitwa!” Nani said, “We get scared easily!”

“Sweety there’s nothing to be scared about bhai.. he just pretends to be rude, arrogant and harsh.. he’s a good person and I know it..” Arnav smiled.


Next day..

“Oh God.. I can’t handle this anymore.. I can’t walk anymore!” Arnav sat on a tree and leaned his back on it, “Where’s my brother’s bride yaar?”

“Patience Nannav.. let’s get into this neighborhood and I’m sure we will find her..” NK said.

“Are you God that you’re sure you will find her here? All the time you’re giving me false hopes NK..” Arnav whined.

“Drink this water bhaiya!” a little girl came and gave him a bottle of water.

“Thank you so much sweetheart!” he said smiling genuinely and kissed the girl’s cheek.

The girl smiled to him and shook her head, “No need to say thank you!”

“Do you live near here?” Arnav asked, “Do you want me to take you home?”

“I live here only.. I can go alone to my home!” she smiled and pointed to a corner.

“Can you tell me if there’s an angry young woman living here?” he asked curiously.

“There is!” she whispered and walked near him whispering his ear, “My Didi!”

“Sachi?” Arnav widened his eyes. He thought she was just pulling her sister’s leg because sister always fight with each other, so it was normal.

“Kiara..” a girl shouted.

“Didi!” Kiara shut her eyes tightly preparing to hear scolding from her Didi. Arnav thought it was normal shout, so he just waited calmly for the girl to appear in front of him and Kiara.

“KIARAAAAAAAAAA..” the girl shouted making whole neighborhood shake with her voice.

Arnav just jumped from his the tree gasping, “What the.. She’s worse than Bhai!”

Kiara hide behind Arnav, Arnav looked at her with crying face, “Oh meri bacchi.. why are you making me face your Didi?”

“KIARA!” the girl reached them and frowned seeing a man with Kiara.

Arnav gulped and immediately placed Kiara in front of him, hiding behind her.

“WHO ARE YOU?” she gritted her teeth, “What are you doing with Kiara?”

“Didi he didn’t do anything wrong, I only helped him..” Kiara explained.

“Ye..ah.. Bacchi hai.. (She’s a kid).. She’s saying truth only!” Arnav smiled nervously, holding Kiara’s shoulders tightly.

“She’s saying truth but you? I have seen you before here.. How can I trust you?” she frowned crossing her arms.

“Didi he was sitting here and tired.. so I only gave water for him!” Kiara said trying to save Arnav.

The girl angrily pulled Kiara towards her, “You.. How many times do I have to tell you to not talk with strangers? Have you gone deaf or what? What if something happened to you? Next time I see you talking with a stranger, I’m going to beat you up Kiara.. understood?”

Kiara nodded her head vigorously. Arnav shut his eyes tightly, “Di where are you? You have to save me from this girl!”

He looked around and realized NK ran away from there leaving him all alone to face this girl.

“Now go and get inside the house!” the girl pointed towards their house. Kiara went from there running, she waved at Arnav smiling who waved back at her with trembling hands.

“NOW YOU.. WHO ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? I HAVE NEVER SEEN YOU BEFORE!” she raised her one eyebrow and looked at him sharply.

“I.. actually.. you.. see..” Arnav stammered walking backwards.

“I.. I what? Speak up or I will beat you with my slippers!” she shouted and walked near him.

Arnav gulped and jumped back, “Wait.. please.. I will tell you.. please calm down!”

The girl crossed her arms and glared angrily at him, waiting for him to speak.

“Hi.. I’m Arnav Singh Raizada and you?” he forwarded his trembling hands to her. The girl shoved his hands away and replied sternly, “Tum ho kaun? (Who are you?).. Why should I share my name with a stranger?”

“But.. I just said..” he whispered in disbelief. Seeing the girl’s anger increasing, he quickly took his ID card and showed to her, “See.. Arnav Singh Raizada!”

“Hmm..” she frowned going through his ID card then confirmed he’s a decent boy only, “Khushi!”

“Nice name!” he smiled feeling relieved.

“Flirt nahin karna or else I will beat you in such way you’ll forget your name and really use this ID card to identify yourself!” she glared at him.

“What the.. I was just complimenting your name!” Arnav said.

“Don’t you dare say What the again here or else I will make sure you don’t roam around here got that? This is why kids learn wrong things!” she pointed her index finger to him.

“But.. there’s no kid here!” he cried. Oh this woman is making him shiver!

“What guarantees me that when I’m not near you don’t say what the? If Kiara utters this word in my house, you will see the worst of me!” she said in dangerous tone.

“Why did you come here?” Khushi asked staring at him suspiciously.

“If I tell her why I came here, she will kill me for sure!” Arnav said to himself lost in his thoughts.

“SPEAK UP!” she shouted.

Arnav jerked and came back to earth, “Woh actually I’m new here and was just looking for a house to stay as a Paying guest!”

“No bags?” she asked looking around him.

“Actually a thief stole my bag!” he smiled.

“Thief stole your bag and you’re showing me your smile!” she looked at him sharply.

“What can I do? Life goes on, I can’t keep on crying for something that’s not going to come back na!” he said.

“Follow me..” she said and started walking while Arnav followed her like a good boy.

“You will stay in my house from here now on!” she declared making him widen his eyes. Arnav took a U-turn from there only.

“Where are you going?” Khushi frowned staring at  him going back.

“No, it’s okay.. Actually I thought it’s better to stay in a rented house!” he said smiling sheepishly.

Khushi walked to him with stern look, she held his hand and pulled him towards her house. Arnav made crying face thinking, “Where am I stuck now?”

“You will stay in my house and you don’t need to pay first two months till you find some work!” she said.

“Aree yaar.. how will I tell you that I own a company and don’t even go there to work but receive money every time I need!” Arnav thought.

“Ayee aye..” a man smiled teasingly to Khushi eying towards Arnav, “Khushi..Khushi..boyfriend ahn?”

Khushi left Arnav and took a stick ready to beat that man angrily. That man went running away from there and Arnav held his poor heart that was beating non-stop now, he would faint anytime soon here with this girl.

“I never thought Wonder-woman exists in real life!” he whispered to himself and saw Khushi coming near him.

Arnav took a step back maintaining a distance between both.

“There a few rules you’ve to follow to stay in my house..” Khushi said.

 Arnav nodded his head, “I will follow every rule!” then murmured to himself, “In my house, I don’t even follow my own rules!”

“Good.. Rule nr.1: Wake up every day at 6 am because I hate lazy people!

Rule nr.2: Clean your own mess, there’s no maid in my house and everyone does their work alone.

Rule nr.3: If you skip any meals, then you will cook alone for yourself if you feel hungry later.

Rule nr.4: Respect each member of my house and talk with everyone and don’t use you ‘What the’ here.

Rule nr.5: Sleep at 8 pm sharp! No party late nights and no watching movie or playing with mobile, because you will disturb my family members.

And that’s it for now, if I have any more rule, then I will tell you!” she said.

“If I don’t follow it?” he asked sheepishly.

Khushi glared at him with my-face-is-telling-you-all look.

“Okay.. I will do anything you want..” he said and she walked inside her house calling him.

“Amma..” Khushi shouted calling her mother while Arnav jumped holding his chest, “Can you please talk without shouting? I will land in hospital if you shout like this!”

Khushi just rolled her eyes. Garima and Buaji came running towards her, “What happened?”

“We’ve a paying guest.. He’s Arnav Singh Raizada and he’s going to stay with us, someone stole his belongings and he has nowhere to go, he’s new here..” Khushi declared.

“Will he pay for staying in this house or we’ll just spend money on him?” Buaji taunted.

“He will pay!” Khushi said and Arnav was just watching everything silently.

“How? He doesn’t have money and nor work here..” Buaji argued.

“I said na, he will pay means he will..” Khushi replied glaring at her Buaji, “And don’t worry about the money that will be spent on him, it’s my money that I earn with my hard work..”

“Yes, we only have to live with your rules as we don’t earn money!” Buaji rolled her eyes and walked back to the kitchen.

“Come.. I will clean up your room!” Khushi said going to a guest room.

“No!” Arnav said following her, “Rule nr.2: Clean your own mess, there’s no maid in my house and everyone does their work alone..”

He reminded her trying to impress her.

“Good!” she said and opened the door of the guest room, “Have a good time Mr.Raizada!”

Arnav widened his eyes staring at the state of the room, “Good luck Mr. Over Smart Raizada!” he said to himself and walked in the room.

His phone rang and he picked it up, “Di..”

“Chote did you find a bride for your brother? NK came back home so frightened, what happened?” Anjali asked worriedly.

“Tell that NK to not talk with me.. he left me alone Di with a Wonder-Woman!” Arnav cried.

“So what? You’re my Spider-Man!” she said smilingly not understanding Arnav’s meaning.

“She kills spiders with her hands only Di!” Arnav widened his eyes, “I almost got a heart attack today, no teacher scared me as much as she scared me Di..”

“Who’s this girl Chote?” Anjali widened her eyes horrified.

“Mere brother ki Dulhan!” Arnav said.

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Dec 7

Chapter 1 - The Smile! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 93 times)

“Hi Didi told us you’re going to stay with us..” Kiara entered in the room with a cute smile.

“Hi Sweetheart.. Right, I’m going to stay here only with you..” Arnav turned to her and bend down to reach her level.

“Really? It’s going to be too much fun!” Kiara squealed in happiness and wrapped her tiny arms around Arnav’s neck.

“Only if your Didi let us have fun..” Arnav reminded her and both giggled at the same time.

“KIARA!” Khushi reached in their room and glared at the poor kid.

Arnav and Kiara jerked and looked at the door side.

“What are you doing here? Don’t you want to complete your homework? Don’t think because we have guests at home that you’ll be spared from your duties.. Go and finish your homework now!” Khushi said.

Kiara nodded and went running from there.

“She’s just a kid..” Arnav smiled and stood up.

“So she should not complete her homework because she’s a child, will I have to wait till she grows up for her to complete her homework?” Khushi asked with sarcastic tone.

“No, I didn’t mean to say that..” Arnav nodded sideways and continued cleaning the room to escape from her dangerous gaze.

“When you finish cleaning your room, come outside to have lunch. Remember if you missed having lunch, you will cook for yourself then..” Khushi said strictly and went from there.

“I don’t even know how to cook, how will I live in this house..” Arnav pouted.


Next day..

Arnav’s phone alarm started ringing again at 6:30 am but he was in deep sleep and pouted hearing the annoying alarm sound. He placed a pillow on his ear and continued sleeping peacefully.

While everyone was already up and doing their own works alone. Kiara was arranging her clothes while waiting for her Didi to finish bathing so that she could enter in bathroom next.

Buaji and Garima were cleaning the house and their rooms while Shashi was reading newspaper.

Khushi walked out of the bathroom and Kiara went running to the bathroom. Khushi wore a simple yellow salwar and walked out of the room adjusting her watch on wrist.

She looked around the living room and frowned not seeing the new guest, means he didn’t woke up yet.

She gritted her teeth and sat on sofa, “Good morning Bauji..”

“Good morning bitiya.. did you sleep well?” asked Shashi smiling.

“I did.. Where is Arnav? Is he still sleeping?” Khushi asked.

“He didn’t woke up yet bitiya.. I guess he’s tired, yesterday only he reached and then cleaned up the guest room which was total mess.. Let him sleep today..” Shashi said trying to save Arnav.

“If let him sleep today, tomorrow he will do same thing.. He won’t take his rules seriously then..” Khushi said frowning.

She stood up and went to Arnav’s room, she knocked it once.

“HP yaar don’t spoil my beautiful sleep.. Go and clean bhai’s room first then come to mine..” Arnav whined cuddling to his pillow.

Khushi rolled her eyes and knocked it again loudly.

Arnav opened his eyes shocked, he sat on the bed and widened his eyes realizing he’s not at home: Oh no, I had to wake up at 6am.. What time is now? Lady Hitler will finish me today…

He searched for his phone on bed and gulped seeing he woke up late. He quickly stood up and opened the door biting his lips.

Khushi quickly turned back and shouted, “Go and wear your shirt now!”

Arnav looked at himself and realized he was only in his shorts, but it wasn’t his fault. The room was extremely hot for him and they don’t have AC also.

“Sorry..” he closed the door and went to wear his shirt, then rushed to open the door.

Khushi turned back to him and glared at him: Did you saw what time is now?

“I’m sorry.. it won’t happen again..” he gulped and smiled sheepishly to her.

“Oh really?” she crossed her arms and raised her eyebrow to him.

“Really.. Why will I lie to you?” he blinked his eyes innocently.

“But you will get your punishment for sure.. Today’s breakfast is going to be made by you..” Khushi said without smiling.

“No, please don’t do this to me.. I don’t know how to cook..” Arnav cried.

“Then learn.. nowadays we can learn anything we want on social media! After you finish cooking, then you can take a selfie and post it proudly that you’ve done something good in life..” she smiled sarcastically.

“You have five minutes to get ready and then cook breakfast for all of us..” Khushi announced and went from there.

“Lady Hitler..” Arnav made faces and widened his eyes realizing he doesn’t have clothes here.

“What will I do here yaar? Should I tell her the truth that no thief stole my bags and I came here to find a bride for my brother? No yaar, I can’t say anything otherwise she will kick me out of here and will not even agree to meet bhai.. then where will I find another Lady Hitler for Arrogant Raizada?” Arnav thought walking to left-right-left side on his room.

“ONLY FOUR MINUTES LEFT NOW..” Khushi shouted enough for him to hear.


Everyone giggled silently scared of Khushi’s anger.

“Bauji can you give some of your clothes to him?” Khushi asked and Shashi nodded his head going to his room.


Sometime later, Arnav came out of the bathroom with Shashi’s oversized kurta. He was looking at himself pouting, “This doesn’t suit me.. yuck.. I look like an old man!”

Everyone looked at his side and burst out laughing at him, Arnav also couldn’t control himself and joined them laughing.

Khushi shook her head and looked away with a small smile on her face. Kiara widened her eyes seeing her sister smiling, “DIDI IS SMILING!”

“MIRACLE” Buaji sat on sofa with thud and pinched herself to check if it was true or a dream.

“Our daughter smiled Shashi ji..” Garima clutched Shashi’s arm smiling excitedly while Shashi nodded his head with astonished smile

Arnav stared at Khushi smiling, he felt so good that he was the reason she smiled probably after a long time.

“Wow.. smile is such a normal thing but this family is reacting like someone won a lottery..” he thought to himself.

Khushi composed herself and put on her stern look, “Go and cook breakfast for us Mr.Raizada..”

“One I’m already feeling old with these clothes and second you’re calling me Mr.Raizada.. just chill na.. call me Arnav and if you want Chote.. my family calls me like that!” he said in cool tone.

Khushi rolled her eyes: Just go and don’t waste time here otherwise you’ll cook for lunch and dinner also.

“Okay Lady Hitler!” Arnav salute her and rushed to the kitchen making faces.


“Di just tell me what will I cook here? Pasta?” Arnav asked staring at the kitchen completely clueless.

“Chote who eats pasta for breakfast..” Anjali shook her head with Are-you-crazy look.

“How will I know Di? My breakfast and lunch are at same time only..” Arnav whined.

“How can I forget my brother wakes up at 12pm or 1pm right?” she smiled sarcastically.

“Not every time!” he pouted.

“I guess I’m liking your stay with this Wonder-Woman, she’s going to teach you some discipline.. I never thought my brother could be awake at 7 am.. this is just miracle done by her.. not even Arush can do this to you..” Anjali giggled.

“Here I’m on a mission to take bhai’s dulhan home and you’re laughing at me!” Arnav frowned acting like he’s angry.

“Okay.. let’s think about what you will cook.. hmm..” she thought for a while then started guiding Arnav how to cook.

Arnav was doing exactly what she said when he saw Khushi coming to the kitchen.

“What? Who are you? Just shut up ok.. Here I’m so serious cooking first time in my life and YOU.. UNKNOWN PEOPLE calling me.. first go and check up your name then call me...” he started scolding Anjali.

Anjali was like What-the: Chote! It’s me.. Your sister..

“See wrong number.. always irritating one’s life in serious moments!” Arnav said when Khushi reached him smiling.

“Are you done? Or you’re going to stay all day in kitchen to cook breakfast only?” Khushi nodded her head.

“No.. I’m just finishing it.. Is it okay or you want more?” he asked showing to her.

“It’s okay..” she nodded and went from there. Arnav started dancing in happiness, “Tan.. tana.. tan tan.. taara.. Lady Hitler is impressed with me!”

“Say thank you to me!” Anjali shouted giggling.

“Thank you.. thank you.. thank you.. thank you Di.. I just love you so much!” he kissed his phone smiling.


“Wow.. It’s awesome bhaiya!” Kiara smiled tasting his food.

“Bitwa who knows how to cook very nice.. finally someone to help me in the kitchen..” Buaji said excitedly.

“Very good bitwa..” Garima smiled and patted Arnav’s cheek blinking her eyes.

Arnav smiled feeling proud of himself, he smirked and whispered to Khushi, “Lady Hitler how’s my food? You didn’t say anything..”

“Not bad!” she replied sternly.

“Not bad? First class hai first class…” he patted his own shoulder with proud smile.

“Dramebaaz!” Khushi rolled her eyes murmuring.

“Wow.. she just behaves like bhai.. both don’t know how to compliment others..” Arnav thought.

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Jab We Met - 3
Dec 11

Chapter 2 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 125 times)

After having breakfast everyone took their plates back to the kitchen.

Khushi walked with Arnav, she asked: Are you good at fixing things?

"Good? I'm perfect.. I know how to fix TVs, laptops, etc.. I'm perfect at fixing girl's clothes (he giggled but Khushi gritted her teeth).. What? My family owns a fashion design company at London, so it's obvious I know about girl's clothes (he shrugged and Khushi just nodded) What else? Yes.. I can fix people's lips also.." Arnav said.

"Fix lips? What's this?" Khushi frowned.

"Actually some lips are very straight, they just refuse to curve to form a smile on some people's face.. So currently that's my talent fixing people's lips.." he said glancing at her with hidden smile on his face.

"Ridiculous!" Khushi rolled her eyes, "Can you fix a car?"

"Yeah sure.. Why not?" he grinned.

"Good.. That's your job now, you will work in Happy uncle's garage from now on.." Khushi said.

"What?" he shrieked.

"Did you forget you said you will work so that you pay for your staying here?" she shouted angrily.

Arnav stumbled back raising his hand, "Yes I did.. Calm down Lady Hitler.. When did I deny? I was just shocked.. Shocked to know why I didn't I realize my talent before!"

He faked a smile then turned his back on her, cursing his fate.

"Tell me one thing.. You're rich and you came here first time, don't you really know anyone here? Where would you stay if not in my house?" she asked suspiciously.

"I don't know anyone here.. I would stay in some hotel na jhalli.." he hit her forehead smiling.

Khushi widened her eyes fuming in anger, he just dare to hit her forehead.

Arnav looked at her horrified, he just realized what he did.

"I won't spare you today.." she took off her sandals and showed to him.

Arnav ran for his life, he went towards the living room and Khushi ran behind him.

Both were looking exactly like Tom and Jerry, but this time Jerry was Arnav and Tom was Khushi.

Kiara giggled along with her Mother and Buaji.

Khushi stopped running feeling out of breath, "You called me Jhalli? You hit me? Come here.. I will show you who's Jhalla here.."

Arnav giggled and walked to her like a kid who goes to receive scolding from teacher.

He cutely pointed to his forehead with his index finger, "You can punish me!!"

Khushi raised her hand to hit him but her heart no.. frozen heart just melt with his antics.

"Let's go.. I'm already getting late because of you .." she said and took her bag to leave.

She went from there expecting him to follow her but Arnav turned to the family and winked.

"ARNAV.." she gritted her teeth calling him after seeing that he's not behind her.

"Coming Lady Hitler.." he cried and went running behind her.


As they were walking towards Happy's garage, the neighbors were laughing at Arnav's over sized kurta.

"Oh my Katrina Kaif why are you laughing?" Arnav smiled to a girl giggling at him, "You know I wore this purposely so that both fit in this kurta only.. And stay glued to each other for whole day!"

The girl blushed while Khushi glared at him, "Good.. And I will save my time by beating you both at once.. Two in one!"

"Just chill na.." Arnav replied in cool tone, "I'm not what you think I'm.. You think I'm a big flirt.."

"That you're.." she cut him off.

"I am but I never touched a girl with/without her permission.." he pouted.

"What a joke!" she mocked and continued walking.

"It's not a joke Lady Hitler.. Really! It's a secret and I never told anyone about this.. You know Sweety means my Nani always taught me to wait for the right girl in my life, the one I will love with all my heart and will be able to spend all my life with her.. Till I don't find my Love, I shouldn't play with other's girls feelings.. That's why I never dated anyone.. I'm just waiting for my girl but yeah.. I do flirt around but that doesn't mean I'm a bad boy.. " he shrugged.

"And why are you sharing with me your secret?" she crossed her arms.

"Just like that.." he smiled faintly.

"Don't you want to share your secret with me?" he asked with curious smile.

"We've reached.." she said sternly.

Arnav's face fell, "Yeh Happy bhi na.. Couldn't he keep his garage far from here?"

Khushi and Arnav walked inside and they were welcomed by the voice of Happy happily singing some song.

" ban ja tu meri rani

tenu mahal dawa doonga

ban meri mehbooba

main tenu taj pawa doonga

(become my queen,

I'd build a palace for you,

become my beloved,

I'd get you the Taj Mahal"

Arnav smiled and soon joined him in singing, he sat on the car's bonnet and pointed to Khushi:

"sun meri raani raani

ban meri raani raani

shahjahaan main tera

tenu mumtaj bana doonga

Listen, O my queen,

become my queen.

I'm your Shah Jehan,

I'd make you my Mumtaz Mahal"

Khushi glared at him but they all stopped when they hear a lady's voice giggling.

Happy smiled showing his phone, "My wife got happy!!"

"Yeah she got you only uncle.." Arnav smiled innocently.

"He means his wife is happy.." Khushi said walking near them.

"Then who is he if his wife is Happy?" Arnav widened his eyes.

"Uff.." Khushi hit his forehead and Arnav winced, "Ouch!"

"His wife was upset with him and he was singing for her, and now she's HAPPY!" Khushi gritted her teeth.

"Because of your voice beta!" Happy said indicating that his wife only giggled because she heard Arnav's voice.

"Really?" Arnav's eyes twinkled in happiness.

"Pagal.." she shook her head but suddenly jerked when she heard both singing out loud another song and dancing together.

"Haaye Ni Haye Nakhra Tera Ni

(Oh girl, Your tantrums)

High Rated Gabru Nu Maare

(Are killing this high rated alpha male(me)

Haaye Ni Munde Paagal Ho Gaye Ne

(All the guys are going crazy)

Tere Gin Gin Lakk De Hulaare

(Looking at the shake of Your waist(when You walk)"

They pulled Khushi to the centre and started dancing around her while Happy's wife was hearing them sing, she was laughing and forgot she was angry with her husband.

"HAPPY uncle and ARNAV.. Just stop this.." Khushi shouted, "This is a place to work and not dance and sing like this!"

Arnav, Happy and Happy's wife gulped down their saliva.

"You're right bitiya.. I got distracted for some time.." Happy smiled sheepishly and hang up the call.

"Sorry Lady Hitler.. I also got distracted because of Happy uncle.." Arnav smiled sheepishly and hide behind Happy.

Happy widened his eyes, "Beta please don't let me face her.."

Happy hide behind Arnav, "I got distracted because of my wife.."

"Where's aunty/Upsetu?" both looked at each other as there was no third person to hide behind now.

"Upsetu?" Arnav frowned.

"Your aunty ji.." Happy replied, "She's always upset with me.. Her name is Setu but nickname now became Upsetu!"

"Are both done?" Khushi asked sarcastically, "Now uncle see if he can work here or not.."

"Of course he can.." Happy smiled and nodded his head.

"But you didn't even test him.." Khushi looked at him confused.

"He knows how to sing and the rest I will teach him.. Entertainment and work is a first class combination.." Happy said and patted Arnav's shoulder excitedly.

"Aye aye.. I love you Happy uncle!!" Arnav side hugged him tightly making Happy laugh, "I pyaar you more beta.."

"Less work and full masti is going to happen here now.." Khushi rolled her eyes and left from there.

"Lady Hitler.." Arnav ran behind her with cute puppy face.

"What?" Khushi turned to him.

"Will you come to pick me up? Actually (stretching his forehead) I forgot the way back home.. I'm not used to this place till yet.." he said.

"Hmm.." Khushi nodded and left from there.

"Thank you Lady Hitler.." he salute her smiling and set to work, "So uncle how many cars we have for today?"

"Just one beta and rest of day we will keep singing, what say?" Happy asked mischievously.

"No Uncle.. What will I tell Lady Hitler then? She will beat me if I don't work!" Arnav nodded in no.

"Okay okay.. Then I will give you two as you're new here.." Happy said.

"Great.. So ready steady go!" Arnav said and straightened his muscles ready to work.


At Gupta house

"How was your day at work beta?" Garima asked smiling while setting the table for the to dinner.

"First class Aunty.." he smiled helping her with the plates.

"Aren't you tired?" Garima asked.

"No, main toh super man.. Salman ka fan!" Arnav sang making Garima giggle.

"But your daughter is Wonder-woman!" Arnav pouted, "No one can defeat her.."

"That's true!" Garima smiled proudly.

"What does she do Aunty? I mean what is her profession?" Arnav asked.

"She's a wrestler.. She teaches wrestling to little kids.. And at morning she helps her father in their shop.. When kids return from school then she teaches them wrestling.." Garima said.

"Wow.. Lady Sultan?" Arnav widened his eyes.

"Didi is the best.. She beats up everyone who teases us.." Kiara sat on the table squealing.

"Arnav be extra careful now.. You're dealing with Lady Sultan!" he advised himself.

Khushi entered in the house and Arnav jerked making Kiara and Garima laugh at him.

Khushi frowned and walked to him, Arnav took steps backward, "You can't take off this clothes now.."

"What no? I don't want to know any wrestling moves.." Arnav cried and hugged himself.

"What are you saying? I bought new clothes for you.." Khushi frowned showing the bags in her hand.

"Uff.." Arnav sighed in relief, "Why didn't you say it earlier?"

"I'm saying it now.." she gritted her teeth.

"You're wasting money to buy clothes for him and what will we eat?" Buaji taunted.

"Don't worry Buaji.. I will make sure you don't skip any meal in a day!" Khushi replied sarcastically and went to her room.

Arnav took his clothes and went to his room to change.


Arnav passed from her room and saw her door open. He frowned and peeked to see if anyone was there and he saw her on bed still awake.

"Lady Hitler.." he called her and walked in her room.

"Go back now.." she shouted, and Arnav raised his brows.

"I said go back to where you were and knock the door before entering!" she ordered.

Arnav bit his tongue and reminded of his brother's nature. He walked back and stood on the door knocking it, "Can I come in Ma'am?"

"Hmm.." Khushi nodded. Arnav happily enter and sat on a chair instead of the bed, that Khushi made space for him to sit.

"Actually I could sit with you but then you would think I've bad intentions so chair is better now.." he explained making her roll her eyes.

"I know you!"

"But I don't know you at all.. You're a wrestling coach? Unbelievable.." Arnav widened his eyes still astonished with this news.

"I'm, why? Can only boys be wrestlers?" she shrugged.

"No.. Everyone can be! I'm just too surprised.. You see I live with around girls that don't think about this profession seriously and seeing you I'm so amazed.. I'm truly inspired by you Khushi.." he smiled genuinely.

"Now I can proudly say to the world that I've met a Lady Sultan!" he said dreamily.

"You're really crazy!" Khushi shook her head.

"You know rules of this house, you're still awake and it's 9pm now.." Khushi reminded him.

"I can say the same thing to you!" he winked.

"You're not me!" she glared at him.

"I'm not getting sleep, what will I do? Fight with my bed till we both get tired and rest on each other?" he whined.

"What do you want to do then?" she asked.

"Game!" he smiled, "Let's play truth and dare!"

"What? No!" she shook her head frowning.

"Why not? Lady Hitler please say yes!" he pleaded.

"No" she glared at him.

"Lady Sultan please!" he pleaded.

"Both are same person only and answer is same only.." she replied raising her brows.

"But there's Khushi inside you that you don't show to anyone.. Now I'm asking to that Khushi, can we please play truth and dare?" he asked.

Khushi stare at him with moist eyes for long time. Arnav also got lost in her hazel teary eyes.

Rabba vey.. Rabba vey..

She quickly looked away breaking their eye lock and Arnav composed himself.

"Good night.." he said and thought not to insist her more as her mood is spoiled because of him.

"Let's play.." she said staring at him.

"Sure?" he asked with unsure smile.

"Hmm.." she nodded.

"We don't need a bottle because it's only we both that are playing.. So truth or dare?" he asked.

"Truth.." she said.

"Why you never smile?" he asked curiously.

"Because of my past.. I never had reasons to smile.." she replied looking down.

Arnav stare at her and felt his heart pricked when she's like this.

"My turn.. I choose a masala dare!" he said trying to change her mood.

"Write on your what's app status that you're gay!" she smirked.

"You want girls to run away from me?" he cried and took his phone then typed and spoke out loud, "I, ASR declaring tonight that I'm gay and I love boys only!!"

Khushi pressed her lips to suppress the smile on her face. She admired the fact that he lives his life so cool, that's not a problem for him to play such dare that could be an embarrassment for him.

"Done.. Your turn, truth or dare?" he asked.

"Dare.." she said.

"Uhh.. Let me think Lady Sultan.." he rubbed his hands excitedly to declare her dare.

"Dance with me!" he said smiling.

"What?" Khushi shrieked, "I don't know how to dance and all.."

"It's so simple Khushi come on.. I admitted I'm gay to whole world and you're refusing to dance with me.." he whined and stood up extending his hand to her.

Khushi sighed, she held his hand and Arnav helped her to stand.

"Put your hands in mine.." he said forwarding his hand like a gentleman to her.

Khushi awkwardly placed her hands softly on his.

"And your other hand on my shoulder.." he said and she followed his words.

Arnav wrapped his hand around her waist making her widen her eyes.

"Relax.. It's part of the dance!" he said huskily.

"Now follow me.." he said as he moved his legs and she copied him staring at his moves but failed miserably.

"Stare at me, not at my feet!" he said holding her chin up. Khushi slapped his hands frowning, "Don't order me!"

"Please stare into my eyes!" he pleaded.

Khushi stare into his eyes and he also got lost in her as their body moved together.

Rabba vey.. Rabba vey..


Raizada mansion:

"Where is Arnav? I'm not seeing him.." Arush asked.

"He's looking out for your bride and stayed in some friends house.." Anjali said.

Arush rolled his eyes.

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. @archanasuresh: Thank you so much :) I'm so happy that a great writer like you appreciated my work!! :)

Jan 11

Chapter 3 - The kiss! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 105 times)

Next morning

Arnav woke up early today, he actually couldn't sleep all night thinking about their dance, why is it when he dance with other girls he never felt what he felt when he danced with Khushi? He felt like he was holding someone precious, there's something about her face that manages to make him lose his control. Having these thoughts in his mind, he walked with Garima placing the plates on table.

"Bhaiya you woke up early today.." Kiara smiled at him.

He just nodded plainly, "Yeah!"

Khushi walked out of her room and stare at him, both shared an awkward moment as she quickly took her place on the chair and stared having her breakfast without looking at Arnav. Arnav also sat and did the same. Both didn't utter a word, just kept eating in silent.


"Khushi.." he called her when they were walking to reach the garage.

"Hmm.." she looked at him.

"It was just a dance, right?" he asked with a sheepish smile and she nodded confused, "So?"

"So why are we behaving strangely to each other?" he asked.

"Because we're strangers!" she glared at him. Arnav felt bad that she called him a stranger, he looked away and didn't talk anything more till they reach the garage. She also left to attend her works.

Arnav walked in the garage and greeted Happy uncle, "What's up Happy uncle? Why do you upset today?"

"Upsetu got upset with me!" Happy uncle pouted.

"Really? But that's not something new right, because of her name.. Upsetu!" Arnav chuckled.

"You don't know bitwa.. When she doesn't talk with me, I don't feel good!" Happy sighed sadly, "All my day doesn't go in a good way!"

"Hain na? I'm also feeling same today.." Arnav made a face, remembering when Khushi called him a stranger.

"Why? Who's the lucky girl?" Happy uncle smiled teasingly.

"Khushi who else.. She called me stranger uncle! Am I stranger to her? I agree we just met for two days but I'm staying at her house only.. I get along with everyone at her family and how can she call me stranger?" he looked away hurt.

"Khushi bitiya! Awesome choice.." Happy smiled surprised, "But bitwa, you're first one to have courage to fall in love with her, otherwise boys at our neighborhood run away from her!"

"No uncle.. I didn't mean it like that.." Arnav wanted to clear the confusion growing in Happy's mind, but Happy laughed and went from there after patting his back.

Arnav's phone rang and he didn't had time to go behind Happy and explain the whole matter to him, he picked up his phone: Haan Di bolo..

"Chote how many days are you going to stay there? Be fast in this mission because your brother is getting suspicious now.." Anjali said.

"Hmm.." he nodded remembering that his mission is to bring Khushi, his brother's Dulhan to his home.

"How's she Chote? Did you like her for Arush?" Anjali asked smiling excitedly.

"I don't know.." he seriously doesn't know what got in him to reply like that, but it would hurt himself if he said that he liked Khushi for his brother. She's perfect and just like him, but he couldn't say this to his Di today.

"You don't know? Days before you were saying she's a Hitler and worse than Arush!" Anjali widened her eyes.

"Di I'm working.. I will call you later.." he said and hang up the call, sighing with shut eyes, "What's happening with me?" he asked aloud speaking to himself.


Two weeks later

"Woah.." Arnav shouted amused to see a little girl wrestling with another.

Both girls looked at him curiously after seeing new face in their place.

"Where's Khushi?" he asked to both, who pointed to a corner and he saw Khushi speaking on phone seriously.

Arnav walked to her and held her by her waist, "Boo.." he tried to scare her but Khushi turned and glared at him. She continued to talk on phone, ignoring him. Arnav pouted and brought her closer to him, Khushi's back was touching his chest now, his hands were on her waist and she stopped talking realizing their position.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

"I will call you later.." she said and pushed him away angrily, "What are you doing here? And who gave you permission to touch me like this?"

"I was trying few wrestling moves" he shrugged and the girls giggled.

"Ritu and Kriti who told you stop? Back to work now!" she frowned staring at the girls who stopped wrestling because of the new face!

"I finished my work early so thought to see you teaching the kids wrestling!" he said smiling.

"Did I invite you?" she asked sarcastically.

"Can you teach me some moves? I also want to learn.." he said excited not even hearing what she asked before.

"No.." she frowned.

"No? Oh, Lady Hitler is scared of me because I'm a man!" he teased her in order to get the expected result.

"In your dreams!" she said as it did hit on her ego, she tied her hair signaling him to get ready.

"Woah.. It's for you to teach me, not to break me!" he said after seeing her determined tone.

Getting into the wrestling mat, Khushi taught him few wrestling techniques and Arnav was a quick learner, soon both forgot the awkwardness that is ruling between them since that night both danced together and were behaving like friends. While both were struggling to defeat each other, their lips brushed lightly.

Khushi stopped struggling, she stare at him shocked and numb to react at their accidental kiss, Arnav turned her to mat and he won the round but it didn't matter anymore. Both were lost staring at each other, Arnav was on top of Khushi now and Khushi was still lost in him.

Rabba vee.. Rabba veee..

"Bhaiyaaaaaa won.. Bhaiya won!" the kids cheered for him.

Arnav and Khushi broke the eye lock and composed themselves getting up from the wrestling mat, Arnav did a happy dance, "Oyeee... oyeee.. I won Lady Sultan.. I won!"

Khushi rolled her eyes.

"This calls for a treat.." Arnav smiled excitedly trying to erase the awkwardness between them because of the accidental kiss.

"It doesn't.." she shook her head and took her bottle of water drinking it in one go while her mind was still on kiss!

"Of course it does.. Not everyone wins from you and I did.." he whined and followed her, "Come on Khushi.. Don't be such a spoilsport!"

"Okay fine.. What do you want?" she asked glaring at him.

He smirked.


"Bhaiya one more.." Arnav asked smiling for one more plate of gol gappe and Khushi widened her eyes, "You will become a gol gappe today!"

"Are you feeling bad that you lost?" he asked her giggling.

"No!" she shook her head at his craziness.

"I'm giving you another chance to win.. Let's have a gol gappe competition!" he cheered.

"No Arnav!" she cried and glared at him, "Eat your gol gappe alone.."

"Please.." he asked like a baby and she sighed hard unable to deny him, Arnav smiled excitedly and asked the little boy passing by, to bring two plates of gol gappe.

The competition started, they were eating fast and laughing at the way people were looking at them as if they were crazy. Khushi, after long time in her life enjoyed like this. Arnav, on the other side was happy to see her laughing heartily, it was like seeing another side of her, which she kept hidden for a long time. She wasn't a Hitler, time and her past made her so, he thought.

"I finished.. I won this time!" she screamed excitedly having the last gol gappe.

Arnav looked at his plate and he still had two more to finish. He acted like he was sad and nodded, "Yeah.. You won this time!"

She smiled happily and looked around seeing everyone clapping their hands for her, that made her blush a little.

Arnav smiled dreamily at her.

"Shall we go? It's getting late.." she informed him after glancing once at her wrist watch.

"Keep smiling like this ok?" he said genuinely happy to see that beautiful smile adorning her face.

Khushi walked to go and he followed her, they walked through the desert roads in night, it was silent and peaceful moment.

"I grew up in a not so happy environment.." she said all of sudden breaking the silence.

Arnav nodded hearing her story as he curiously matched with her steps to hear properly.

"My mother was typical traditional daughter in law, who never raised her voice to elders and obeyed them always.. And my father was a drunkard, he always drank and used to come home torturing my mother and me, I used to get beaten with no reason at all and my mother couldn't speak anything against my father. My Dadi also was very bad woman, she hate my mother because she gave birth to a girl and they wanted a boy who could take Papa business forward.. Then I understood why I was beaten up for no reason at all, my father used to take out his frustration on me for not having the son he always wanted to. I was growing up but nothing changed, Amma got pregnant again and it was the boy they always wanted to. Bauji started ignoring me and treating me like I was no one and Dadi cared more for my brother than me, she used to order me to clean the house and help in household c****s as if I was not the daughter but the servant of that house.. Amma couldn't see me suffering all day, so she talked with her brother, Shashi uncle whom I call Bauji now, to take me to his house, here in Delhi. Bauji (Shashi) accepted me with no problem and also helped me financially in my education, Amma (Garima) also is very good with me, she treated me well and didn't ever made me miss my real Amma.. They don't have a child so they treated me and Kiara like their real child, they adopted Kiara from an Orphanage, but Buaji always treat me like I'm burden to them, so I had to find a work for myself, I started learning wrestling and sometime later, I became a couch and also helping Bauji in his shop. That's it.. My life.." she said.

"I'm shocked.. How can people be like this?" Arnav thought disgusted with her father and her Dadi.

Khushi tried to smile but broke down in tears, Arnav immediately pulled her closer to him, "Shh.. Don't cry Khushi.."

Arnav wiped her tears nodding sideways.

"You don't know what is too feel unwanted Arnav.. You don't know what is to live away from your parents when you know they are still alive.. You don't know how that small Khushi left with heavy heart from Lucknow to Delhi.. You don't know how much times I cried for Amma, but I couldn't have her with me.. You don't know.. I never had reasons to smile in my life.. I never enjoyed life like you, I always wished to be like you.. but life never gave me opportunity to be like this, to enjoy my life, to live for myself! I'm a burden for everyone.. No one loves me!"

Arnav hugged her tightly stroking her hair with moist eyes. He also felt like crying hearing her talk about her feelings, which she didn't share with anyone till now and buried to herself.

Khushi buried her face on his neck, and tightened her grip on him.

Arnav caressed her back, making her stop crying by whispering sweet nothings to her.

"Khushi stop crying.." he broke the hug and made her look at him.

Khushi looked down trying to control herself.

"You're special.. You know that you're different from all the girl I have ever met.. You're strong and good hearted girl.. You're independent and trust me.. Anyone will fall in love with you.." he caressed her cheek with his thumb.

"Then why my father and Dadi don't?" she asked innocently.

"They don't know that they lost a precious girl who's no less than a boy.. I'm sure your brother isn't as much stronger than you're.. I'm sure he doesn't beat up the one who messes up with him like you do.." he chuckled trying to lighten up her mood.

Khushi smiled a little, she rested her forehead against his and closed her eyes whispering, "Still no one likes me!"

Arnav cupped her face, "I do.." he whispered back, and suddenly placed his lips on hers, kissing her gently. Khushi, although numb for a moment, responded back to his kiss.

After breaking the kiss, Khushi hugged him tightly hiding her face on his neck as he wrapped his arms around her waist possessively.

He placed many kisses on her hair, hugging her closer to him. Khushi blushed, feeling butterfly on her stomach.

"I don't like you are treating me like a stranger these days.." he said burying his face on her neck.

"Sorry.." she mumbled smiling shyly, "Arnav we're on road!"

"Nannav you finally managed to convince Bhabhi.." they heard NK shouting as he got down the car and rushed to them happily thinking that Arnav was hugging Khushi because Khushi agreed to marry Arush and their search for Arush's bride ends now.

Arnav and Khushi broke the hug, while Khushi was confused, Arnav was shocked seeing NK.

"Finally we got successful in our mission.." NK raised his hand to high five with Arnav who was still shocked.

"Who is he? Do you know him? He was there when we met first time right? You knew him?" Khushi asked, her heart was beating hard and she was scared that Arnav might turn out to be a liar who played with her feelings.

"He is my cousin brother.. Don't worry Bhabhi you will meet everyone tomorrow only.. It's not only Nannav, we're a big family here.." NK smiled.

Khushi looked at Arnav shocked, "So no thief stole your bag? You live here only with your family?"

"That was only a lie to get to know you Bhabhi.. How was our plan?" NK winked giggling.

"Shut up NK.." Arnav shouted, he turned to Khushi, "Let me explain.."

"I'm waiting.." she folded her arms with stern look, trying to control the tears from falling out of her eyes. She trusted him and shared with him her past, which she never share with anyone and he lied to her!

"NK please go!" Arnav gestured him to leave while NK gulped and realized he did something wrong, muttering a sorry, he walked back to his car guiltily.

"Yes I lied to you.." he confessed looking down and she gritted her teeth.

"I wasn't lost that day and no thief stole my bag.. I actually came here to find a bride for my brother.. He's an angry young man who doesn't want to get married to any girl except someone like him.. So I promised him that I find a girl who's like him, and I met you that day but you were very angry and I couldn't tell you the real reason otherwise you would kick me out without hearing me, so I lied to you and you asked me to stay with you, I thought it's good as I would see if you're perfect for him or not..but.."

Khushi slapped his hard on his cheek, with tears in her eyes, "You're disgusting! You came to look for a bride to your brother and end kissing the same girl..wah!"

"Khushi.." he looked at her guiltily, "I'm sorry.."

"Pack your bags and leave from my house. I don't want to see your face in my life ever again Arnav.. And look for another bride for your brother because I'm certainly not the one!" she shouted and walked away with tears blurring her vision.

Arnav kicked on a tree near him, frustratingly. Why had the truth came now when he was really having feelings for her?

Jan 22

The End (By Angel23) (Thanked: 102 times)

Two days later..

Raizada mansion:

"Chote.. Chote.. Open the door.. Are you sleeping? Chote.. Talk with us.. What happened with you?" Anjali cried knocking the door of his room for the tenth time and he didn't reply to her as yet. It's not only today, since he returned he's no more the same Arnav he was, he's become serious and doesn't talk much with anyone just stays on his room or goes to office.

"Chote.. Won't you listen to your Nani also?" Nani said sobbing unable to see her jovial and happy grandson like this.

Arnav opened the door and looked at both, "I'm fine.. Please stop worrying about me!"

"Who are you lying to? Your sister?" Anjali asked in disbelief, "Since you returned from Khushi's house, you haven't said a word about what happened there that made you like this.."

"Di please.." Arnav looked away. She took Khushi's name and that was enough for his heart beats to get abnormal.

"Did the girl refuse to marry your brother? It's okay, we will find another one.. Why are you getting upset?" Nani asked worriedly.

"I fell in love with Khushi.." Arnav almost shouted.

"What? You fell in love with your Bhabhi?" Anjali widened her eyes.

"What the Di.." Arnav rolled his eyes, "She's not Arush Bhai's wife yet.. I've not committed a sin!"

"So you went to find a Bride for your Brother and ended up falling in love with her?" Nani raised her eyebrow.

Arnav nodded and narrated everything to them, both were shocked and angry that NK came at the wrong time and spoiled everything.

"Di.." Arush walked to them with an unusual smile on his face making Arnav, Anjali and Nani look at him weirdly.

"What is it Arush?" Anjali asked.

"I found my Miss Perfect!" Arush blushed a little grinning.

Arnav widened his eyes, "What the.."

"I know it's unbelievable right.. But guess the wait was worth it.. She's just the perfect woman for me.." Arush smiled a little.

"Is she exactly like you?" Arnav asked curiously.

"No.. Just the opposite of me!" Arush grinned, "Still I fell in love with her.."

"Who's she?" the three asked more curious now.

"I've come to call you three downstairs to see her.. She's here only with her friend.." Arush said and the three followed him downstairs.


Arnav sat with his Di and Nani and looked in front of them only to get shocked by seeing Meera and Khushi.

"She's the woman I fell in love with.. Meera!" Arush pointed to Meera who smiled shyly to the family members, then widened her eyes seeing Arnav, "Is he your brother?"

Khushi was shocked to see Arnav here, and the fact that Meera was dating with Arnav's brother.

"Is he the one who flirt with you in a party Meera?" Khushi asked sternly glaring at Arnav.

"Yes.." Meera nodded her head.

"Seriously Arnav! You flirt with Meera, my girlfriend?" Arush widened his eyes.

"She wasn't back then.." Arnav cried cursing himself for even flirting with this girl who happens to be Khushi's friend and Arush's girlfriend.

Khushi gave him a 'Oh really' look and left from there excusing herself. While Meera shook her head, "It's okay.. He didn't misbehave with me.. I found your brother cute Arush.. He's the one who plays with girls!"

"Couldn't you say that when Khushi was here?" Arnav thought faking a smile and ran towards the door following Khushi.


"Khushi wait.." Arnav shouted and she stopped at the gate and glared back at him.

"Listen to me.." he whispered walking near her.

"I don't want to listen anything.. I've already seen what type of men you're and I'm so angry at myself for falling in your traps.. If I knew Meera's boyfriend was your brother then I would never come to this house.." she shouted and opened the gate by herself and started walking to leave.

"You think I was faking everything when I was at your house?" Arnav asked passing through the gate following her.

"Weren't you? You just came to convince me to marry your brother.. Be happy because your brother fell in love with my friend.. Your work is done Mr. Raizada.. You don't need me anymore.." she rolled her eyes.

"Why would I kiss you if I wanted you for my brother?" he asked.

"You're a playboy that's why.. You couldn't control yourself.." she mocked.

"I already shared with you that I only flirt with girls but never took the relationship to another level.. You're the first girl I kissed dammit!" Arnav frowned.

"I don't trust you anymore.." she looked away with moist eyes.

Arnav held her hand stopping her from walking, he turned Khushi to face him and cupped her face. Khushi shoved his hands away from her, "Don't touch me.."

"Okay.. Please listen to me first Khushi.. I admit when I came to your house I only wanted to succeed in my mission that is to bring you home as my brother's bride but when I started spending time with you, I started liking you.. I started admiring you.. I started feeling strange things in my heart.. I never felt like that with any woman I met.. It was just with you.. I was confused because back then I didn't want to forget that I came there because of Bhai but when I kissed you..everything became clear to me.. I realized that the feeling I'm having for you is none other Love.. I fell in love with you Khushi.. But before I could reveal everything to you, my cousin came and said the truth in way I haven't planned and you misunderstood me.. I wish I could back in time and do the things in a right way but I can't now.." he said.

"So you forgot me in two days?" she asked angrily, "Who are you fooling Arnav? You already forget about me.."

Arnav pushed her angrily to the car behind them, and caged her with his arms, "You think I'm enjoying without you? Look at me.. Look at my face.. I haven't slept these two days neither eat properly without you.. I'm slowly falling into depression and you tell me I forgot about you? I'm not the same Arnav I was anymore only because of you.. Your thoughts haunt my mind everyday and everytime.. I'm dying in guilt of what I've done with you.. I'm ashamed of my own deeds and you think I forgot you in two days? Do you know where I was now before you came? Locked up in my room, sitting on the floor and crying for you.. My Di and Nani were crying and asking me what happened.. All are worried for me and I'm worried for you only.. I'm shattered because I broke your trust, I made you became like Khushi and I myself turned you back to the Lady Hitler you were before.. I'm dying here thinking that you will never open up yourself to anyone because of me.. Only Me.. And you think I forgot you?"

Khushi looked up to him with moist eyes. Arnav left her and turned his back to her breathing in and out, he looked up to the sky trying to control his tears, it's not everytime he cries and it's very difficult and awkward to handle situations like this for him. He's never serious in his life, always playing around and smiling to everyone but when it comes to situations like this, where he have to become serious and emotional, he doesn't yet know to handle things.

They stayed in silent for a while, when suddenly he felt something soft leaned on his back. He shut his eyes tightly knowing it's her hugging him from behind.

He turned to face him and was surprised by a kiss on his lips, he reciprocated the kiss lovingly showing her how he missed her in these two days of his life.

Khushi broke the hug, and rested her forehead on his, breathing heavily, "I love you too.."

Arnav smile a little cupping her face.

"So she's Khushi.." Nani said staring at them smiling.

Arnav and Khushi pulled apart feeling embarrassed to be caught like this. Arnav nodded his head smiling, "My Lady Hitler!"

Khushi smile and smacked his shoulder, "Arnav!"

She went to greet each member of Arnav's family and all of them walked back to the mansion.

"She's so sweet.. Chote said you're Lady Hitler.." Anjali said patting Khushi's cheek.

"She was na Di.. I changed her.." Arnav said proudly and Khushi shook her head.

"I can't believe you went to stay at her house to succeed in your mission Arnav.." Arush said in disbelief.

"See what I can do for you.." Arnav pouted.

"For me or for yourself?" Arush smirked teasingly and everyone coughed shocked to see him so changed, except Khushi who looked at them confused.

"Looks like my baby needs to know about my family.. Let me explain to her.." Arnav said taking Khushi to his room running with her. Khushi smiled running with him, "Arnav!!!!"

"How naughty.. His family is here and he wants to explain in his room about us.." Akash rolled his eyes.

Everyone laughed happily as Arnav and Arush got their ladies and they don't need to pressure them more for marriage.


"I can't tell you how much happy I'm now.." Arnav said kissing Khushi all over her face. Khushi giggled, "I'm happy too!"

"I love you.. I love you... I love you so damn much.." he shouted happily twirling her in his arms.

"Arnav put me down!" Khushi widened her eyes patting his shoulder gesturing her to put her down.

"Unromantic woman!" Arnav muttered and put her down.

"Am I unromantic?" she gasped.

"Yes.. I'm going to suffer after marriage.. No romance, only beatings from Lady Sultan!" he said dramatically and winked at her.

Khushi pushed him to bed and came on top of him, "Really?"

"No.. Actually I'm liking this.. You're not that unromantic.." he smirked surprised with her bold move.

Khushi shook her head laughing, "I was thinking to start fighting now only.. Wrestling on bed!"

"No!!" Arnav cried as she got up laughing at him, "You can't joke like this Khushi? Why torture a poor man like me?"

"Then you can tease me the way you want and you expect me to be quiet.." she folded her arms cutely.

Arnav pulled her close to him smiling, "Mere brother ki Dulhan jo ban gayi Meri Dulhan.. I love you!"

"I love you too Mr. Flirt!" she hugged him tightly smiling.

"Arnav leave our Bhabhi for a while.. We want to know her.. Hamare brother ki Dulhan! " NK, Akash, Anjali, Arush, Payal and Meera shouted laughing.

Khushi stood up to leave but Arnav pulled her back and made her sit on his lap, she gasped, "Arnav..they are calling us"

"They are just teasing us.." Arnav whispered and planted kisses on her neck making her blush.

The End!

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