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Dec 5

Hello!!!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 37 times)

Hello to all readers.. First of all, I'm really very sorry for disappearing like this. I know many of you were waiting for the updates and even messaged me also. I went through all the messages and thank you for showing care for me!! I really didn't expect you all be worried for me. It means a lot. The reason why I stopped writing suddenly, it was because initially I got sick, but after that many personal problems came up and I was very disturbed to write anything at that point in my life, and on top of that I had to give attention to my college also. It is still a though phase in my life which I hope to overcome it soon. I'm really sorry for those who come everyday here to check up if I updated the story or not. And for those who were worried for me. About the stories update, I'm not yet ready to update my stories as I completely lost track of them :(. But for now I will try to write one shots or short stories, only if you all want that. Thank you so much for the attention!! Hope you have great day ahead! I missed you all also :). Do tell me if you want to read my one shots or not? I will try to write them soon. It's been long time na, I don't know if you forget me or not :D.

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