A Mother's wrath

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Nov 18

A Mother's wrath (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 33 times)


"Do as per plan , hit her with the lorry . If not she gives her baby to me ,  she should also not get " said Anjali to some one  on her phone .

"If you leave , do you think I will let you . Just because of you , I Lost my baby . My shyamji did that everything because of you . He betrayed me because of you .  When I am not getting any happiness , why would I let you get it  said anjali with a smirk ....".


"Sorry Mr raizada we couldn't save your baby and  your wife isn't stable . She lost her mental stability ..."

Arnav was shocked to the core where he knelt down in shock . He didn't k ow what to do . His wife was in this condition just because of him .  He shouldn't have said to give his baby to his dhi. His mistake ....


"Arnav , mujhe kya karna , should I drink soup or watch TV . What would my baby like" asked khushi in her playful tone .

"Baby likes both .You can do both khushi "said arnav feeding her .  He was calm enough to handle her . He gave up his company to akash and takes only important deals . His priority is his khushi. Does he really have that right to call her his khushi after what he did to her ?? With or without any direct link he was the reason for his baby's death . For that he is ashamed of himself ..


"Your mother loves you a lot bacha. I will not leave anyone related to your death .  They stole me away from you . They seperated a mother from her child and no one would be spared from a mother's wrath . Its my promise to you bacha "said khushi caressing her flat stomach .....

How was the prologue ??

This would be emotional and warning to all the readers that this may not have a happy ending. So if you are not comfortable please don't read .

You would cry along khushi if you be in her position and this thought peeped to me just now . It would be of 2 to 3 shots at maximum . Would update 1 st shot soon when I complete the updates given before .

It's just my one of the thoughts of what is a mother's wrath and just a trial of writing different kind of stories . Hope you like it ...

Being a mother is a boon that a women got and this story dedicates what a girl ,a mother can Do for her child  .

Inspiration from my own mother ????????

Dedicated to all mother's over here 

Nov 18

Shot-1 : Trust Broken Into pieces (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 39 times)

Note :

This story is set after arshi's re marriage that is after few days of Shyam's true nature is revealed to anjali and he is arrested .. No sheetal track over here ...

"I don't need this injection "said Khushi with a fearful tone .

"Khushi , it is more than 2 months and it is necessary for you to put this injection . It is for your baby" said Her doctor .

"Give me the liquid ,I would drink it , arnavji , I hate needles "said Khushi with a pout .

"It is not a tonic so that you can drink khushi "said Arnav

 "Mujhe nahi chaiye" said Khushi with a hatred look .

"If you didnt put these then how baby will be fine . For your baby" said Doctor .

Khushi nods her head unwillingly where arnav holds her . Doctor puts Injection on her hip where khushi wrenches in pain .

"That's it.  You are making too much fuss for this khushi" said her doctor .

Khushi smiles a little .

"What are the medications to be followed doctor . Say her strictly , a no to junk food "said Arnav with a smile

"Yeah , khushi no junk foods . Eat healthy food . See how petite you are looking . Look after your diet "said doctor .

"Yeah" said Khushi with a nod . Who will obey to the doctor's words thought khushi to herself .

"Ok, Thank you doctor "said Arnav .

"Your welcome" said doctor where arnav and khushi left the cabin .

They both proceeded towards the raizada mansion .

Everyone will be excited hearing the news said Arnav .

"Are you happy arnavji "asked khushi .

"Yeah of course khushi , our child , out small duniya" said arnav with a smile .

"I didn't know I was carrying for 2 months "said khushi .

"Don't be playful hereafter ,  have in your kind that there is a life inside you" said Arnav .

"Sure arnavji "said Khushi .

They reached house . Khushi and arnav both reached to the hall .

"What did doctor tell khushi betiya" asked Nani .

"Let everyone come dhi , mama ,mami , akash ,payal everyone come over here right "shouted arnav.

Everyone assembles over there .

"What happened chote" asked anjali .

"Dhi , you are going to be bua" said Arnav .

All of their face gets enlighten . They come and huh khushi and congrats her . The one who was not happy or to say who made a facade of being happy was anjali..

"Khushiji congrats "said anjali hugging her . Where her mind was rolling on to various things .

"Thank you dhi" said Khushi with a smile .

"You have to be careful khushi , I am not able to believe that my baby sister is going to be a mother" said payal.

Khushi smiles .

"Did you have something" asked  Mami

Khushi nods no .

"I will go and prepare some thing for you "said mami leaving .

All of their eyes grew wide . Was it really mami ?? 

"Dont look at her like this . She loves you all But will Not show it out "said Nani with a smile seeing her bahu's changed behavior .

"I didn't know maaji will be this affectionate Nani" said Payal .

"She is like that only , leave. Chote take her to rest " said Nani .

Arnav nods where  as he takes khushi to their room ..

Anjali sees everyone dispersing to do something where she is left alone. Her heart pained . Didn't they forgot that she was just let aloof where her husband betrayed her . Couldn't they find they need to  be and support her . She was just  let aloof . Her c**** was busy with his wife , Miami with her make ups , Nani with her mandir work ,  Akash and Payal in their own world . She felt they didn't care about her now like before . These thoughts were ruling her where she went to her room and closed the door .....

It was lunch time where all assembled over the dinning area . All the favorite of khushi was prepared by Nani and payal and they served Khushi a plate full of food . Khushi was just munching the food as if she is in other world not bothering how everyone was seeing her .

All chuckled seeing her behavior and started concentrating on their own plate .

"Khushi , enough , you are going to make my baby fatty by eating this much "said Arnav .

"Baby is just too small arnavji and she won't get fat "said  Khushi.

"Chote , you shouldn't restrict her . Let her have how much ever she wants" said Nani .

"But nani "said Arnav.

"Chup chote" said nani where khushi makes faces at him ...

After having their lunch all descended towards their room .

Anjali sat in the bed with all the emotions rolling over her . Her death of Raj kumari. She got reminded of her when  khushi was saying that the baby will be too small . Even her princess was too small , safe in her womb but  Her own father was  the one who killed her . She felt the pain of how much she missed her rajkumari . She would have been well alive is shyam didn't leave the house at first place . And the reason for her shyam leaving was khushi. She was the one who made her stole her baby and her husband and now chote and her family from her . Her husband wouldn't have gone to khushi if khushi didn't enter their life .  All he reason is khushi. Who could she be happy when she stole everything of her's from her . She won't let it . She won't let khushi have the happiness . She was the reason that her baby died right , she has to give her baby to me . She would ask chote and she is sure he would accept .  

Kash she realized how it would pain her Khushiji when she is going to steal her child away from her . The same pain she is going to give even though she knows how much it would pain her .....

Few days passes by .

Anjali didn't still speak about that too arnav as she felt it needs a little time to make it in her way . She spoke to khushi behaved caring to it , just because she felt that it was going to be her child. Her greediness was well there in her eyes which khushi failed to guess so at that time ...

Life was going superb for her . Her nanheji too joined them after his visit to  Sydney . He spent his time mostly with khushi when arnav would be away in office . Must tell nk had brought her various junk food without anyone's knowledge and she was too happy for that . Her arnavji as usual took care of her well and she felt happy with their small duniya . Sometime if she is alone , she would imagine how her child would be . Will baby have the nose of his or her's . Hazel nut eyes of hers or brown eyes like him .Will the baby be another tlaad governor or just like her sweet and chirpy . She was damn excited for this child and she was thinking from now itself that how would she take care of it as if like her life . Yes the baby and her Arnavji was her life now where if she loses any of them , it would be like her breathe was stopped . Her life  taken away from her .

She has created a very huge bond with her baby from few days itself . That is from when she came to know about her existence of baby ....

Alas if she knew that get bond with the baby is  very temporary . She would never see her baby  in her entire life as he/she is going to be snatched from her .....

Anjali had decided to ask arnav that day where he called him to her room through hp.

"What is it dhi" asked Arnav .

"Chote , I need to ask you something "said anjali .

"What is it dhi . Why are you asking me , just order me" said Arnav

"Chote ,  I need your child "said anjali in her low and firm voice .

It was a thunder blow to arnav . He didn't expect this type of need from his dhi . His expression was shocked .

"I know it is wrong asking you but please chote . I need a baby . You and Khushi can have another baby you want if you would like but think about me . I cannot have baby in my life at all" said Anjali .

"But dhi" said Arnav reluctant as somewhere he found that it was a very wrong need that his dhi is asking and on the other hand her words , her pain of not having a baby bothered him .

"Please chote , khushiji would also not miss the child as he/she would be here . She won't feel bad where she would be her mami and I as her /his mother" said Anjali .

Two figures were standing behind the curtains which they both failed to notice .  Both were shocked to the core .  They could hear only with their voices and not see their faces as it was hidden by the curtains between then four .

"Khushiji" whispered Nk.

Khushi shows her hand to make his stop talking. She didn't know why her heart beat erratically . She was waiting for arnav's reply . He denying  his dhi right royally was what she expecting . She had trust on him that he would do the same . She said to her baby .

"Papa won't make this happen baby . He will not go for it. . ."...

"Ok dhi , I will give my child to you" said Arnav with the decision made finally . He can have his child after some time but dhi cannot . So he made this decision .

"Thank you chote "said anjali hugging him tightly with tears in her eyes ...

Tears flowed from khushi's eyes like hell . She moved backwards and ran back to her room through the stair case near the swimming pool .

"Khushiji "said nk going back behind her . It was just his fault they both Came to anjali's room .

Nk and Khushi were playing Cards when hp called arnav to anjali's room.

Arnav left to  dhi's room .

"Khushiji can we go and see what the brother and sister duo are doing "asked nk.

"No need nanheji ,  let them both talk "said  khushi.

"Oh come on khushiji let's have a fun" said nk getting up where they both together sneaked to anjali's room via the swimming pool . Curtains were hiding the view of swimming pool side so they were unnoticed ....

"Khushiji "said nk banging the swimming pool door of arnav's room where khushi have locked it  and covered it with curtains ..

Khushi was sitting down in the floor where she hugged her knees through her hands . She was feeling an immense pain in her heart . Her husband sold of their child to his dhi.  This was the truth that decieves  her . How can he give his own child to his dhi without her permission . How can he give a word when her/his  mother is very much alive where he didn't even consult with her .

Today he had broken her trust in him . The Trust she had on him was shattered to pieces which can never be gathered . Her tears rolled unstoppable with the thoughts .

She imagined suddenly as if her baby is taken away from her ruthlessly where she took her hand to get stomach and hugged her stomach to herself . Fear of losing her baby  was now imprinted in her mind  . She wont let them to snatch her child . Never  ever .....

"Khushiji , Please open the door "said Nk .

"Nanheji please leave me alone "said Khushi in a painful voice . She needs some time to understand this situation .

"Please Khushiji , This has happened just because of me . if i havent compeled you to come there , Then we wouldnt have came to know this . You would have been happy "said Nk .

"No Nanheji , You did right today . I came to know about them Nanheji . How cryuel they are such that they are trying to sell my child "said Khushi .

"Please open the door Khushiji "said Nk .

Khushi opened the door finally .  

"Khushiji" said Nk hugging her . He was just a friend to her and he couldnt see this Khushi whose eyes lot the colors , Her expression devoid of every thing.

"Nanheji" said Khushi in her slow voice .

"Dont be scared Khushiji , I would speak to Arnav "said Nk . He himself felt shamed to call aranv as his brother after what his brother and sister planned to do . Snatching his firned's baby from he r. This is not even acceptable 

"Nahi  Nanheji , You dont need to . He has decided to give my baby to dhi and I have decided to save my child from this so called selling business of giving to some one . No one can snatch my baby from me . No one has the rights "said Khushi with emotion and painful tone . But her voice had a confidence .

"Ok relax , Dont  worry .  I would be with you Khushiji , If it matters going against family , Then too . I would support you as you are my best friend .  Dont take tension Khushi , Baby would get affected" said Nk cupping her face .

Khushi nods with tears ready in her eyes .

Why couldnt her arnavji also be same like Nanheji . Why couldnt he support her was the thought rolling on her .

"Thank you naheji , Would you help me " asked Khushi .

"What help you want Khushiji "asked Nk .

"I want to leave this house . Go somewhere away from these selfish people who are planning to snatch my child away from me . Would you help me in this" asked Khushi .

"Yeah . I will "said Nk with just truthfulness in his voice .  Khushi could easily get a confidence that her best friend will not leave her now ..

"Then , I will leave tonight , When everyone are sleeping "Said Khushi .

"I will by the time say that I have urgent work and leave on night . You come after everyone sleeps to Chandini chowk and I would be waiting for you there . No one would have any doubt that You are with me . And no one should know or else they will find you " said Nk .

Khushi nods her head .

Anjali came out of Arnav's embrace where she had happiest face ever .

"Chote , But about Khushiji" asked Anjali .

"I will speak to her . I am leaving  now" said Arnav leaving the room .

Anjali swift around the room happily . Finally she is getting her happiness and her chote has also agreed . She would have a child now . Her baby ......

Arnav came to his room after taking some break to register  everythig happened around him . He dont if his Khushi would agree . He had a confidence tha she would agree as it is for his Dhi .  He knocks the door of the room from the front side ..

"Khushi" Said Arnav .

Khushi opens the door where he finds nk and her  where the tv was  switched on .

"What were you both doing " asked Arnav .

"Dont you have eyes , Watching TV "said Nk bluntly .

"Whatever , Would you leave me with my wife for some time Nk" asked Arnav.

Nk stared at Arnav Where Khushi assured through her eyes to to him to leave and proceed witir plan . Nk leaves staring once again to arnav with hatred .

"What happened to him , Behaving weirdly " said Arnav .

"Why did you send him off Arnavji" asked Khushi tryign to behave normal  which she couldnt after what he did . She needs to manage till the night at least . He shouldnt be aware of she leaving at all . She needs to save her baby ...

"Khushi , I need to speak something Important "Said Arnav .

Khushi knows what he is going to speak and she is not more ready to hear the same words from him once again . She didnt have the heart ...

"Arnav..Ji " said Khushi stammering a little whereshe kept her hand on her head as if she was feeling dizzy .

"Khushi" Said Arnav holding her and making her sit on the bed .  He was worried for her state . He took the jug of water and filled it in the glass . He made her drink the water slowly with utmost care .  Khushi closed her eyes not able to bear the intensity of feelings . how can he sure care when he is planning to snatch away the baby from her . How could he ? May be just because he is going to give this baby to dhi ,  He is caring for her and her baby .

"Open Your eyes Khushi" said Arnav patting her cheeks .

Khushi opened her eyes half .

"I am tired " said Khushi in a whisper .

"Lay down " said Arnav making her lie down and Covering a blanket on her 

" Would You Switch Off the light " asked Khushi slowly . 

Arnav switched off the light and sat beside her . He was in the mindset to tell Khushi about what he and dhi spoke . But seeing her in this condition , He stopped . he couldnt tell her . He too loves his baby a lot , But now his dhi is also a priority . It doesnt matter to him when his baby calls him mama instead of Papa as  He/she would be just straight infront of his eyes . He wont miss him/her.

Little did he know that it makes a huge difference between mamu and papa . He might be a fool but his wife was not ...

How was the update ?? Give your views .

What do you think about each character ??

Did you feel to cry in any of the scene ??.

Is it emotional or too emotional ???

The next update will be more emotional and  will be longer than this I guess so .  As I said before it is divided into 3 shots .

Nov 19

Shot -2: Death Of her Baby (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 46 times)

It was night . Khushi didnt even get up from her bed . Arnav just sat by her side and started doing his office works .

"Khushi , It is time for you to have Dinner "said Arnav.

"I will get up " said Khushi getting up .

"Are you feeling fine ?" asked Arnav .

Khushi nods her head where she left to washroom to refresh .

She opened the tap and flushed water many times in her face . She wished that all these things to vanish as the water vanishes . But no . It is reality . She takes the towel and slowly puffs her face with it . Keeping the bindhi  and leaving a heavy sigh , she walks out of the washroom . She and him together walked towards the dinning area .

"Khushi , how is your health "asked payal worriedly .

"It's fine jiji" said Khushi .

"Take care of your health properly Khushiji" said Anjali in a concerned done .

Khushi just glares at her without blinking her eyes . She understands now that it is for her selfishness she is muttering the words . She was just having this venom of stealing her child from her .  

Why didnt she see it before or notice it before ???

"Yes dhi , I would take care" said Khushi with her fake smile .

She has her food slowly . Everyone were concentrating on their respective plates . After everyone left to their room after dinner , Khushi and arnav too left to their room .

Nk had messaged her already that all the arrangements we're ready for them to re locate .he already left raizada mansion saying going to other of station. He would be waiting as per plan on chandini chowk from 11 pm .

Khushi lay down in the bed where arnav too lay down along with her . He hugged her close to his heart . His Hands was lay on her stomach  .  Khushi was feeling too uneasy . She wasn't able to tolerate these things from his after what he had done . How can he touch her child when he had already made a deal out of her baby .  When he told he is going to give it to his dhi .  She was feeling some where disgusted by his touch for the first time . May be this might be a mother feeling of her which evoked this feeling ...

"Arnavji ,would you please leave me, I am finding it difficult to breathe " said Khushi  stammering a little . 

"I am sorry" said arnav freeing her .

"Are you ok "asked arnav 

"Yeah" said Khushi turning little away from him and  clutching the blanket close to her .One of her hand caressing her stomach . She was assuring her baby for everything . That he/she is safe . No one can do anything when her/His mother is alive. 

If everything was in her hands . Definitely Khushi could have saved him/her.  But They say fate decides everything ....

It was 11 pm .

Arnav had went to a deep sleep . Khushi got up slowly and Took baby steps . Their night lamp was Switched on as to not make Khushi getting slipped if she gets up when she needs something. With the night lamp light , Khushi Took the note pad  and pen . She penned it down fastly .

Dear Arnavji

We are over with this relationship when you have made a deal with your dhi on my child . You didn't have the right to and I don't have any heed to hand over my child to either you or Your sister .  Don't try to search me  or get ready to bear the consequences .

Good bye .

Khushi .

Khushi sighed and kept the Note pad on the table nearby slowly .  Her hands moved to the mangalustra she was adorning . Tears fell down from her eyes . She never thought that there will a day come where she would remove this mangalustra . She never thought that she will be broken like this by her own Love like this . But everything has happened and now she has to move on for her baby . She has to save her baby . This motherly instinct gave her the required confidence she needed . She took of her mangalustra and kept it on the table  along with the note pad.

She came out of the room with Her phone and nothing else . She didnt want to take any of her things too . She slowly climbed down the stairs without making noise and  slowly came out of the mansion .

She heaved a sigh as she felt she was successful in  coming out without being  seen . but little she did know that she was been seen with the one who she shouldnt have actually ..

Anjali Watched Khushi going Out of the house . She wondered , Where she is going this time being confused . So she slowly went into her chote's room . She sees the night lamp still Switched on and her eyes sighted with a letter and Mangalustra kept on the table . She slowly went there and picked it up. She read the letter . Her hands automatically somewhat crushed the letter to some extent in anger ..

How can she say she wont give her child . Who is she to decide thought anjali angrily . She kept the letter back on to the table and walked out of the room fastly . 

She went to her room and shut the door . Pacing in the room she was going insane . This means , She wont get that baby whom she was imagining  her's . She was eager that the baby would call her "Mumma" . She would nurture the child , She will play with it . Many other greedy thoughts were proved to be useless now with the decision of Khushi .

That feeling was enough to build the rage inside her . The rage of not getting her child .  The rage of loosing her husband just because of this mere girl .  Every rage was gathering about her and she took out her phone  with the same emotion .  She searched her contact for that name which would help her and apparently that name was Mohan. 

Mohan was a goon. She knows him through shyam . Shyam needs to have these contacts for his cases and he gave Mohan's Number to anjali for any emergency , In case . 

She dialed the Call to Mohan .

"Hello anjali madam , What is it you are calling me this time "asked Mohan .

"I need you to do a job for me" said Anjali .

"What madam , Your word is my honor" said Mohan .

"You need to do a accident "said Anjali .

"What type of accident Mam" asked Mohan

"You have to hit a girl with a lorry " said Anjali .

"Ok mam , Who is that girl mam "asked Mohan .

"Khushi . I will send you her photo by Mail . She would be heading some where a little far than raizada mansion now"  said Anjali .

"Ok mam" said Mohan .

"Do as per plan , Hit the lorry without any mercy on her . If she doesnt gives her baby to me , She should also not get" said Anjali .

Mohan was confused by her words where he ended the call.  What was she blabbering she thought ..

Anjali sent Khushi's photo Immediately To Mohan .

She than  lays herself on the bed .

"If you leave , do you think I will let you . Just because of you , I Lost my baby . My shyamji did that everything because of you . He betrayed me because of you . When I am not getting any happiness , why would I let you get it. You also dont deserve happiness after destroying my all hopes to live .   You also dont  desere your baby which I deserve too "said Anjali closing her eyes . 

She would get the information once mohan has finished her baby ..

Khushi walked in the road towards chandini chowk . She was feeling an immeasurable pain . She didnt even glance the house when she left . Because , She didnt wish to recall her broken love once again .  She didnt want to Reminsce the pain when her Arnavji told to give their child to Anjali .  No it is her child only . As said before , He had lost his rights completely . 

What answer she would give to her child when she asks for her papa . Should she say that he didnt even love you and engaged a deal of giving you to his  Lovable sister who was always first priority .  Should she  tell that they both were the least priority in his list of people in his life??  

Baby dont worry . For me you are the most important that any thing in this world . You would be my first and last Priority .  May be your father might have left you , But untill Your mother is alive , She would keep loving you till eternity . You dont get afraid of anything and  Be safely in my womb said Khushi keeping her hand in the stomach 

She almost reached the place of their meeting Were Nk was standing opposite leaning against the car .

Khushiji said Nk Waving his hands at Khushi .

Khushi sees him and gestures him that she is coming there .  She saw a lorry coming a little far away on the same road in a slow speed . She thought she could Cross the road within that time where she walks in the road on zebra crossing .  

Suddenly the lorry sped up in its full speed where it had Hit Khushi mercilessly.

She falled down in the road  with a force such that her stomach had hit very forcefully on the road along with her head a little . Her hands and legs had scratches of the bruises where blood was coming .  With the hit on head , blood started oozing out from her hair.

Even though being hit  on her head , she was aware of what is happening to her . She could feel the pain in her abdomen sharply as if a knife had struck it .

She could feel the baby leaving from her  though the blood  she is loosing .

It is  most dreadful for a women when she is feeling that how her baby is leaving from her .

She wasnt able to react or even her body parts as it was very difficult and it pained like hell .she didn't know when she lost her consciousness

Nk who had seen the lorry rushing up went towards her where he shouted Khushi to move away . She didn't understand . It was just a nick of time where the lorry hit her and  He saw her just falling lifeless in from of her with blood surrounded by .

He went running to her .

Khushiji said nk sitting down and patting her cheeks .  She didn't respond .He then lifts her where his t shirt was fully filled by blood .  He makes her lay in her car and proceeded fastly to the hospital .....

At hospital .

Nk admitted Khushi into the Hospital .  She was taken to the emergency  ward and Nk sat down in the chair praying for her . He was hell shaken  to the core . His best friend was in that position . He can easily tell that the lorry hit Her intentionally . Because it sped up  only when she started crossing the road . But who is against this little girl , Who never thinks any harm to anyone . Who is targeting her thought Nk . 

After few time , A nurse came out of the Emergency ward .

"I need your sign in these papers " said the nurse .

"Is she fine" asked Nk worried .

"We are trying our best . These papers are for DNC . We need to abort the child . There is a lot of bleeding . We need to remove all the remaining parts of the baby so that we could save at least mother . Please sign it fast " said Nurse .

Tears rolled down from Nk's eyes .   He signed the  consent slip with a heavy heart 

"You are her's " asked Nurse .

" Brother " said Nk .

The nurse leaves inside the Ward .

Nk sat in the chair with a stun . The baby for which they were making a deal out of it was not there now .  He saw How his friend was excited . At the movie time they watched , She used to say something or other about her child . How would she tolerate this much big news ?  How would she react ?? It was just this day was very worst in their lives .  He wished that this day never turns up in his life . What can he do by wishing ? Nothing cannot be Changed ..

He silently prayed for his Khushiji to get the enough confidence and support to pass through this phase . He cannot do nothing else now in her favor ..

After 2 Hours doctor came out from the Emergency ward .

"How is she doctor " asked Nk .

" She is fine  . Injury in her head doesnt have any major damage . MRI is clear .  Due to the hitting of stomach Harshly , I am sorry to say , But We couldnt save her baby .  Her legs and hands have bruises and Her left Leg is fractured . Which can be cured by Physio . She is lucky to not get more hurts in this major accident .  She would wake up by 3 to 4 hrs . Would come to see her today Morning " said Doctor leaving that Place.

Nk heaves a deep relief . His friend his safe was the news he could be happy off now .  "The major accident " word rings down in his head again and again . Yes , He needs to find who had did it . Who had done the crime of killing His friend's child . He takes his phone . He knows only a trusted person for this situation . Who was his friend too after being Arnav's manager. "Aman Mathur".


It was almost 7 am . Sun rays filled the room . Arnav just struggled in his sleep to other side to avoid the sun rays . And that is when he found the Other side of The bed empty . He immediately opened his eyes .

"Khushi" muttered Arnav .

There was no response at all .

He got up from the bed and looked  in the bathroom . She wasnt there too . His eyes sighted the letter and Mangalustra Kept on the table .

His heart  froze when he saw the mangalustra .  

Did she do it ? The girl who always values all the traditions . 

He took the letter which was already  crushed in his hand and read it . His expression changed into shocked reading that letter ..

So She knew . She heard what his dhi and he spoke. It was actually shocking to him . He knew she would react badly to that and he hoped to convince her .But He didnt Expect this from her . That she would leave him .  How dare she can tell that he dont have rights on the baby . It is his too . He just made this decision for his dhi . Why couldnt she understand . They can have plenty of babies if they both want but his dhi cannot . This was the fact that he agreed . How is it so easy for her to leave him  by keeping the mangalustra  when she loved him to the core  . Was her love only fake ?? No , He shouldnt speak anything regarding her love . He knows how much she loves him . He will bring her back . He will make her understand he thought...

But he didnt know , For a women , Her child is the most priority than anyone . He didnt understand it that time but if did he understood in the future , That time will only tell ....

Anjali woke up peacefully from the sleep . She didnt even felt guilty of destroying a child or separating a mother from her child .She got the news today early morning from Mohan . She was Just in her own world . She went to refresh  and came Wrapping her saree as usual . She came down  and helped payal in preparing the Breakfast as usual . Akash , Mama ,Mami and nani were seated in the sofa .

Arnav came in his three piece suite downwards  with the same letter clutched in his hands .

Payal seeing Arnav coming down .

"Arnavji . Where is Khushi. Is she up in the room ? asked Payal coming towards him .

" Haan chote , Where is Khushi betiya " Asked Nani .

Arnav handed over the letter to Payal and looked down .

Payal read the letter and it slipped from her hand . It was actually a lightening had struck her . Akash gets up and takes the letter which had Fallen down . He was also shocked .

"What happened Akash , Payal" Asked Nani worried .

"You were planning to steal her child from her ?? " asked Payal in a hatred tone .

" I was just planning to give this child to dhi . Why does it matters to her ?? " asked Arnav .

Nani was shocked to the core .

" How can you do like this bituwa ??" asked Mami angrily .

"Why cant he do mami , He is going to give his child only to me right ?? asked Anjali  coming to the hall .

All were numbed with her words .

"Khushi has the rights to decide . No one else has . You disgust me Arnavji . Whenever , I get a very good impression on you , You prove me wrong " said Payal angrily .'

"Even , I have the rights to decide upon my baby . I am its father " said Arnav .

" Chote and anjali betiya , You had not done right " said Nani .

" But nani " said Arnav .

" Where was your mind dhi  , When you both spoke  of snatching her child from her .  You know the pain right . When your raj Kumari left you ??"asked Akash.

" Thats why , I wanted her baby . To replace my raj Kumari  who has died solely because of Khushi"said Anjali.

" Khushi killed her ? Are you mad " asked Payal .

" She was the reason , my husband changed attitudes . She was the reason why  my husband killed his own  child " said Anjali with pure hearted .

All of their eyes just grew wide  of the venom being released from her .  Arnav was also shocked .

" Dhi" said Arnav .

" So , Thats why , I asked Arnav to give his child to me .  She can give me her child for the sins she has committed right . But no . She ran away . So , I decided , If I shouldnt get the baby , She  should also not get . So I did her accident " said Anjali .

"What " asked Arnav shocked . He got ragged to a hell extent .

"What the hell are you saying " asked  Nani .

"I did her accident .  I dont know now , Which hospital , She would be in " said Anjali in a different tone . Which was very new to them .

"Anjali " said Mami angrily .

"Her child would be dead now " said Anjali with her chuckle .

Arnav took her very close to him in a harsh way .

"You didnt do right . You didnt do right " shouted Arnav in his top voice . He was angry on her for using him . For making himself as a reason to snatch his baby from His Khushi . He realised this just now .

"Leave her Arnavji " said Payal freeing anjali  from him .

Tears flushed from payal's eyes  . She has never seen a sister and Brother duo like this . Together , They have made her sister life destroyed .

" First concentrate on searching where is Khushiji " said Akash .

" I would contact aman " said arnav worriedly picking up his phone and dialling his Number ...


After few hours they received the location through Aman that Khushi is there in City Hospital . Arnav was the one who first reached the hospital in his car . He had asked Akash to bring  all of them here in another car . Mami and mama stayed back in home with Anjali to control her or to have a check through what she is doing

.He rushed inside to the reception .

"Khushi Singh Raizada. Accident case , yesterday night " said Arnav .

"Room no 34 " said the receptionist .

" Thank you " said Arnav going to the room running .

When he reached the room , his hands shivered to a great extent . His heart  beat rised erratically . He finally mustered the courage to go in , Where he opened the door finally  and went inside .

He was numbed to see Khushi  sleeping  in a peaceful form . Her Head was covered with bandages , Where as all the bruises in her hand and legs was applied with oinment.  A huge bandage was over her left leg , Which he could clearly identify as Fracture .  Tears rolled from his eyes seeing her in this condition . His eyes automatically went to her flatten stomach which she kept one of her hands . Tears rolled uncontrollably . 

" I am sorry baccha . I did wrong " he whispered slowly  audible only to himself .

Meanwhile the doctor comes  inside the room .

"Are you anyhow linked with the patient" asked the doctor .

"She is my wife "said Arnav with a little voice .

" Thank God , I got her attender . Listen Mr , Sorry  We couldn't save her baby .  And she isn't stable . She lost her Mental stability "  said the doctor .

Arnav felt his knees go weak and he sat down in the ground with a thud . Tears flowed from his eyes like hell .  All was his mistake only . He is the reason why she is like this . If he hadn't said that he would give their baby to Anjali then she would have been well fine before him .

" Gather the enough confidence Mr , she is too hyper . You need to handle her with care . She is now sleeping with medical effects , she would wake soon " said the doctor  and left .

Arnav sat in the position with tears still rolling in his eyes .  He wasn't able to digest at all . He being the reason for his Khushi's state was too hard to digest . ...

Soon all the family reached the hospital and  they came to the room .

They found arnav sat in the the floor and was weeping .

"Bhai "said akash helping him .

" What happened " asked Nani .

" Khushi " said payal holding her hands  where she was near her .

" She lost our baby and she isn't mentally stable " said Arnav slowly in between her weeps .

All were shocked .

" Khushi"  said payal sitting down and hugging her hand . She was crying like hell . Why is it that her baby sister always needs to go threw everything .

" Khushi betiya " said Nani going towards her and cupping her face .

Khushi opens her eyes when Nani cups her face . She blinks her eyes twice to three times .

" Khushi" said Nani .

Khushi Immediately gets up takes Nani's hands where we're cupping her face .

"Door jaiye mujhese ( Go away from me )" shouted Khushi .

" Khushi " said payal getting up .

Khushi freed her hand from payal .

" Please leave me and my baby alone"  said Khushi .

" Baby" asked payal shocked .

" Haan doctor told, I have a small baby in my tummy . He told she is just too tiny " said Khushi .

All didn't know what to say . They were totally shocked seeing this different Khushi . Arnav got up from the seating position to look at her completely . Her words were tearing him apart to the core .

" Who is this uncle , starting at me like this . Please leave me . I will shout if you didn't leave me now " said Khushi  a little childish.

" Khushi" said Arnav coming near payal who was standing near Khushi .

" Please leave me . I know you all want to snatch my baby " said khushi getting hyper . She takes a glass bottle of medicine and throw it in front of them . All moves back with shock .

" Go away , or I will throw it at your face " said Khushi holding another bottle in her hands .

The nurse hearing the bottle break sound came inside .

" What happened " asked  the nurse. She gets shocked seeing the bottle .

" You broke another bottle " asked nurse with anger .

" I am sorry . But they all are here to steal my baby . Please send them away . I would stay quiet here after . Pinky promise" said Khushi pinching her throat  with one of of her hand to say that she is promising . Where she kept the glass bottle in the bed .

" Please leave , she will get more hyper , if you stay more . I have anyway have to give an injection to her and she will start sleeping .   You see her that time . For now , please stay out said nurse .

" But sister , why is she reacting like someone is snatching her baby . We are theives " asked Akash .

" Would explain you after . Please leave now " said Nurse.

All left obeying her leaving  Khushi alone with the nurse .

" No " said Khushi shouting when nurse fills the injection with the fluid .

The nurse smiles at her and  wastes the whole injection on the wash basin and poured water on to it ..

She sits nearby her and kisses her forehead lovingly .

" I wish you to get your justice Khushi "  said the nurse .

" Thank you sister "  said Khushi in a polite tone .......

How was the update ???

Where is nk ???

What is happening ??? Any guesses .

How is Aman linked ??? .

Was it emotional ??? .

Next part is the last part . It is also a lengthy chapter . I thought to include all the things over here . But I couldn't . Leaving with some mysteries .  But I have given the clues too .

How would arnav and Anjali be punished . Any idea ??

Waiting for your views and comments .

Ignore any spelling mistake .

Next update on Tuesday 

Nov 21

Shot -3: A Mother's Wrath (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 20 times)

6500 words . A very long update .

" Are you feeling any pain in the leg ? " Asked the nurse .

" That pain is not big that much big than the pain in my heart " said Khushi .

" Keep your heart light Khushi . You can achieve everything. I will give you an pain killer" said nurse taking a pain killer injection and injecting it on to her . .

" Lay down. I will tell them that you would sleep after injection "said nurse leaving out .

Khushi lay down in the bed pretending to sleep where she thought about all what happened...

Nk called Aman .

" What is it nk" asked Aman in his sleepy tone .

" Khushi met with an accident" said nk.

" What " asked Aman getting up immediately .

" Yeah , I admitted her in the hospital . Her accident was planned Aman . Someone hit her with the lorry " said nk.

" Who would do to bhabi nk ??" Asked Aman confused

" Don't know . This shouldn't reach Asr ,do you get it "asked nk.

" Why" asked Aman .

" Do as I say" said no

" Where was the accident place " asked Aman .

" Near chandini chok main signal . Camera would be there . Check out for the lorry no and trace the person" said nk.

" I would get the information . Which hospital are you in ?? " Asked Aman .

" City hospital" said nk .

" Will be there within 1 hr with the information" said Aman getting up from the bed .

Nk cut the call

Meanwhile the nurse came and informed nk that he can see Khushi . NK went inside immediately . His eyes moist seeing his dear friend like that .

She was laying there closing her eyes . Her one of the hands had the drips connected . Her Head was covered by bandage . Her left leg was mound by fracture band . He just saw her without having any blink his eyes . The girl who was chirpy and talkative was pushed to this bed . She couldnt even stay a minute without talking and from Yesterday , All her usual Traits vanished thick in the air .

The nurse who was attending Khushi told that they have to shift Khushi to a room . Nk gave his consent and waited outside the emergency ward . Few Staffs came and shifted her to the room . Nk messaged Aman the room no , So that he doesnt get any trouble in searching for the room .

Nk stayed with Khushi in the room ..

After 1 hr 30 min. , Aman entered the Hospital with the details in his hands . His face expression showed a disappointment as he never expected this person would be behind the accident of khushi . He entered the room .

Nk "said Aman sitting beside him .

" Who is it" asked Nk .

" Anjali" said Aman .

Nk was shocked . He didn't know that his sister would go to this much extent for that baby . He was just shattered on his so called family to a great extent .

" Is this news confirmed?? " Asked Nk stammering .

" Yeah cent percent sure " said Aman .

Nk closed his eyes . It was to hard to believe .

" How" asked nk.

" She phoned Mohan the one who did the accident . She had sent him Khushi's picture too "said Aman

"You didn't tell ASR right ?? " Asked nk.

"No. But why ?? " Asked Aman .

Nk explained what happened fully .

" This is really bad" said Aman .

" Not bad . Too worse " said nk.

"Khushiji , Woke ? "asked Aman .

" No" said Nk .

" I dont know what to do Nk " said Aman .

"Same with me . I feel disgusted of my family . I am not even able to digest it " said Nk .

"I thought Anjali ,To be the most softest and Purest girl . I didnt expect her this much Venom from her " said Aman .

"I am afraid , how would Khushiji react" said Nk .

"I would be with you . We would handle her " said Aman .

"Ok " said Nk...

It was after 2 hrs Khushi opened her eyes . She felt as if n a new place .

She Tried moving her other hand which wasnt connected to the drips .

Nk and Aman who was wide awake went towards her .

"Khushiji " said Nk .

"Bhabi" said Aman .

Khushi tried getting up . Nk holds her carefully and made her sit .\

"How are you now Bhabi " asked Aman .

" Alive " said Khushi flatly . The pain reflected in her voice very well .

" Khushiji , Your baby ..." said Nk stammering .

" Dead ? Right " asked Khushi .

Nk nods his head .

"I felt it when I met with the accident Nanheji . I felt that when he/she left from me sai Khushi with an devoid expression . The pain was there in her tone but there were no tears for her to shed . Not any at all .

Nk hugged her to console her . He can clearly understand how it would be for her to undergo it .

"Cry Khushiji . Let out your pain " said Nk .

" I wont " said Khushi blankly .

"Why are you Punishing yourself Khushiji " asked nk .

" This is not punishment Nanheji , This pain is the only way , i would make those to be punished who Snatched my baby away from me . I couldnt even see the baby is a girl /boy . How he/she would have be. I didnt even hold baby in my arms for once too . Do you know , How it feels Nanheji ? Do you know , How it feels when you feel the baby going away from you and You cannot even move a inch to save him/her . Do you know how it would be feel in the situation . It was like , I was a bad mother . I wasnt able to save my child at all " said Khushi.

Nk was just Numbed hearing her words . Her pain .

"You are the best mother Khushiji . Dont say you as a bad Mother . You did protect her from all the things . You protected her from her father and his dhi . You are a great mother she would have got . Dont think like this ,never " said Nk.

Khushi comes out of his embrace .

"Would you do me a favor Amanji ? " asked Khushi .

" Order me , Bhabi " said Aman .

" Call me Khushi , Amanji , I need the information of who caused my accident . Please let me know it soon . It was intentionally done to me . I want to know , What harm did my baby do to them such that they snatched it away from me . Would you please let me know after you find ?? "asked Khushi .

"I know Who is behind Khushiji " said Aman .

"Who " asked Khushi .

" Anjali " said Nk without any expression.

Khushi was shaken . She didnt expect this from anjali at all . How could she do it to her ?

" It was her only Khushiji , She is the reason , Why your baby is not with you " said Nk .

" I cannot believe this nanheji " said Khushi .

"It is the truth Khushiji " said Aman .

Nanheji , What did I do to her . I dont understand . How could she steal my child from me " asked Khushi .

" I dont know Khushiji , She didnt do right at all . She did a sin " said Nk .

"I wont let her as well as him " said Khushi with a little confidence. She will not let them whoever it might be , have the thought to snatch her baby

"What are you going to do ??" asked Aman .

" I am thinking of one thing " said Khushi .

"What is it Khushiji " asked Nk .

" If Arnav calls to search me Amanji , Then inform him as if after some hours that , I am in the hospital . All would come rushingly . We would ask the doctor to inform that I lost my baby nnd is mentally un stable " said Khushi .

" But why , Mentally unstable ?" asked Aman .

" Because , This would hurt him . When I speak constantly about my baby , Some where , He would feel the guilt for sure " said Khushi .

" Do You think , This will work out " asked Nk .

"Cent percent sure . By being there , I would also start targeting anjali said Khushi .

" What are you actually planning to do to them " asked nk .

" I would say as the time comes " said Khushi with the stern behavior .

She has decided what she is going to give . The death of Arnav Singh raizada the same way her baby was snatched from her in the accident . He should feel the pain how miserable it would be which her baby had gone through when she actually wanted to stay with her mumma . He should feel the pain She won't do it any time soon but later , by making him feel the pain , bit by bit . And about Anjali she will decide once she gets into Raizada mansion she thought ...

As per the plan initiated by her . They proceeded . Nk and Aman spoke to the doctor and few nurses about the same . Nurse named "Diya " gave her full support when she learnt the whole story from aman .

It was 10 am when arnav has called Aman .

He attended the call and came to know that they know khushi met with an accident . ASR was ordering to search for her .

He said the same to Khushi where she told to proceed with the Same plan . Aman after some hours gave the location to ASR where he and nk went to another section of hospital where they won't be seen after giving the enough confidence to Khushi .....

Khushi Who layed in her bed thought about everything . Meanwhile , The entire Raizada family came inside to see her once .

" Me and Arnav , Would be here , You all go to the Raizada Mansion " said Akash .

"Yes nani , Akash is correct " said Arnav .

"I would be here , Akashji , You take nani with you " said Payal .

" Fine " said Akash where he leaves taking nani .

" You sit there , I would be near Khushi " said Payal .

Arnav nods his head and sat in the sofa in the room . Payal sat next to Khushi in the bed , Where she just caressed her hair Lovingly ...

It was 2 hrs when Khushi opened her eyes . She slept unknowingly where she was first pretending to be slept . She got up and sat in the bed . She rubbed her eyes as if a small child does .

"Khushi " said Payal cupping her face .

" Please leave " said Khushi taking her hands roughly away . Arnav also came near her .

" Khushi , We dont mean , Any harm to the baby . See , I am your jiji . You are my cute sister " said Payal trying to convince her that they meant no harm .

" No , You are lying " said Khushi .

"Pinky Promise Khushi " said Payal clutching her throat a little .

"Sure ??" asked Khushi confusedly .

"Sure !" said Payal .

Khushi smiles at her childishly.

"This uncle " asked Khushi staring at him .

"Pinky Promise , Khushi " said Arnav clutching his throat . His tone was just with full of pain and nothing else .

" Yepppeee ... I got my jiji and uncle " said Khushi jumping a little .

"Call me Arnav ,Not uncle , I am your friend . Dost " said Arnav forwarding his hands .

Khushi shakes hands with him smiling .

" Would you like to have something Khushi " asked Payal

"Yes. My Baby is hungry . He/she is asking for food " said Khushi slowly caressing her flat stomach .

Arnav Fists his hands with pain . He wasnt able to swallow the pain at all . It was like some food piece has been struck on his throat , Where he wasnt able to remove it , Or remain in peace

" I will get food for you and your baby " said Arnav politely .

" Sachi Arnav ?" asked Khushi .

" Yes , I will get food " said Arnav leaving the room .

Payal just sighs him leaving . She dont know , What to react seeing this man . He was the reason why her Khushi is like this .

" Jiji , what are you seeing ?? " Asked Khushi .

" Nothing baba " said Payal controlling all her emotions..

After some time , Arnav had brought Khushi the food .

Payal fed her the food with utmost Care . Khushi was as usual speaking non stop and Payal just listened with care . Arnav was just viewing them silent

At Night .

Arnav asked Payal to leave home , Where he had told he would take care of her . Arnav after payal left came and sat beside Khushi who was sleeping very well with medications .

He slowly caress her hair and tuck few strands falling in front of her face behind her ears .

"I am sorry Khushi , I am really very sorry . I didnt understand the deed , i did that time . I am feeling like hell Khushi . I Just thought on the basis on to give our child to dhi as she wont be able to get her baby again . I am sorry that I gave my word without your consult . I just got into her words and agreed. I didnt expect that she would do like this Khushi . I didnt expect her to do this at all . It is like , I am feeling Too guilty . I feel that everything has been caused because of me. If , I didnt have agreed , Nothing else would have happned like this . Our baby would have been at least alive . I know Khushi , Sorry cannot replace anything . But , I am ready to say how much ever times you want . I am sorry Khushi for everything said Arnav leaning towards her and kissing her forehead .

Khushi clutched her hand inside the blanket covering her .

Will the sorry change everything that had happened . Will it bring back her child ?

She was just getting angry and furious . He is always having the habit to do a deed and then ask sorry . But this time ,He wont get His forgiveness . He will not be forgiven as he had snatched her child and it is a sin . It may be her love which made her forget everything before but now , Her motherly Affection is much greater than her love she holds for him now . She doesnt have no regret now for doing this to him now . She dont regret doing acting and didnt regret for the punishment she is going to give for him at all ......

After 2 days , khushi was discharged from the Hospital and brought to Shantivaan . The guptas did visit her the next day in the hospital . They were shattered when Their dear daughter refused to recognize them at all . They were hell broken . Payal managed to convince them all and send back to gupta mansion . Nk had come that day evening when akash had gave him a message . He also was beside Khushi according to the raizadas , But only he knows he was there with her all the time .

Khushi behaved as if she was uncomfortable with everyone at first . Arnav was trying very hard to handle her politely . He didnt show is angry at all , Instead , He answered her everything politely .

Anjali was in her own world . She didnt care about Khushi at all . She was just limited to her room. Hp would bring her food and she was just enjoying her time by watching tv . Thats it .Mami had tried talking to her but she left all that in failure.

At Arshi's room .

Khushi was watching Tv where akash came inside the room with her soup .

"Arnav , Soup for her " said Akash .

Arnav nods and takes the soup and placed in the table .

"Bhai , I feel dhi has lost her mind . i mean she is behaving very weird as if like a mental Patient " said Akash worriedly ,

"Even , I am thinking about it akash. That day she seems like that only when she vented out . I am also afraid about it " said Arnav .

" Shall we consult with a psychiatrist ? " asked Akash .

"Yes . Fix an appointment . We will tell about her state and no need to take her " said Arnav .

"Ok bhai , I will fix an appointment " said Akash leaving the room .

Khushi who was watching the Tv Heard everything . Her mind striked with the idea of punishment for anjali . This would be the best Punishment for her she thought ...

"Khushi , Come , Have your " said Arnav sitting by her side

"Arnav , mujhe kya karna , should I drink soup or watch TV . What would my baby like ??" asked khushi in her playful tone .

"Baby likes both .You can do both khushi "said arnav fTaking a spoon full of soup an dfeeding her .

" Arnav , I have a doubt , Would the baby look like me ?" asked Khushi.

"Yes , Your baby , Would be just like you " said Arnav feeding her another spoon of soup .

Khushi gulps it down fastly .

" Your name is Arnav right " asked Khushi .

"Yeah , Whats for that ?" asked Arnav .

"I feel weird when I call my small baby as baby always . And when everyone has a name , My baby should also have a name right ?? So shall we give a name for the baby " asked Khushi with her eyes twinkling .

Arnav gulps his salaiva hard down .

"First , Soup " said Arnav taking another spoon to feed her .

"No , First name for the baby " said Khushi in a adamant tone .

"We dont know ,Whether , The baby is boy or girl right . So when it is born , We can keep " said Arnav trying to make her get away from the topic .

" When baby will be born " asked Khushi .

"When you tummy grows in size , When you start feeling the babyb " said Arnav . His voice choked when he told this.

Dont do this Khushi . Dont make me more remember the one we had lost . I am unable to tolerate the pain thought Arnav .

" Would I be able to Feel the baby Arnav ??" asked Khushi .

" You would be able to " said Arnav .

" How would I feel it . Tell me na "asked Khushi

"You will feel the baby moving inside you . It would Kick you . It would listen to you " said Arnav with tears rushing out from his eyes .

Khushi saw the tears coming out from his eyes . She knows she is breaking him with her words , But she wont give up at all....

"Really " asked Khushi .

"Yes , Now have the soup " said Arnav feeding her the sop ....

Few days passes by .

Khushi did her acting perfectly . No one got to know at all . Aman and nk were by her support always and only they did know the truth in shantivan . Khushi was able to walk now . She was much better than before physically as well as mentally .

Aranv was feeling the pain for his deeds everyday . He felt guiltier as well as in an in tolerable pain when ever Khushi did spoke about the baby . He realised his deeds . But very lately after everything was over . He couldn't do anything to rectify it .

Akash and Arnav consulted a psychiatrist for Anjali and he had prescribed certain Medicines for her . Hp would mix the medicines along with the food such that she didn't have the idea at all .

Apart from that , Whenever anjali meets Khushi , She made a huge drama . Arnav would be there immediately beside Khushi to safe guard her .

Khushi would feel that why this safe guard behavior of his didnt come before ?? If this would have been there much before , Her life wouldnt have been destroyed . It wouldnt have turned badly at all . But they say There is no use in thinking of what didnt happen at all . So shed of all these Thoughts and just focuses on her path to the justice

That day ....

Nani was in her room . Payal who was seated beside Khushi in the hall went away as Akash had called her .

Anjali was already in Kitchen preparing something for her as she was hungry . Hp wasnt there too in the kitchen .

Khushi took it as a right opportunity and Went over there . Everything was going according to her plan .

"Go Away " shouted anjali when she sees Khushi entering the kitchen .

"It is time for you to go away , Anjali jha " said Khushi with a firm expression .

"What the hell are you saying . And are you all right ? asked Anjali shocked .

"I am alright . I am fit and fine , Standing in front of you " said Khushi with her eye brows raised with a smile .

" I would tell everyone" said Anjali. She was about to shout everyone's name , Khushi kept her hand on her mouth .

Anjali's eyes widen .

" You snatched my baby from me mercilessly and for that You would be punished . I dont know what grudge you had against me for you to destroy my life but I wont leave you for the thing you had done . Get ready to go to Mental Asylum , Anjali Jha said Khushi releasing her.

Anjali pants a little with the sudden push . Khushi at the nick of time , Takes a knife and scratched her wrists by herself and put the Knife down . She then pushed few vegetables down . Anjali just looks at her shocked expression as she didnt get to know what she is doing ..

"Arnav , Jiji , Nani " shouted Khushi in her large voice

All of them comes rushing down .

Arnav was hell shocked seeing Khushi bleeding .

Akash gave a kerchief , Where Arnav tied it around her wrist .

"How did you get hurt ?. It is bleeding a lot " said Arnav worriedly .

" Arnav , She cut with the knife. I just asked Water from her " said Khushi with her innocent look .

Anjali was damn shocked .

"Dont lie you **** " shouted Anjali .

"Dhi . How dare you try to harm her " shouted Arnav ragged .

" Payal , First call the doctor " said Akash

" I will do " said Nk . He called the doctor who treated Khushi in the hospital as he only knows their plan . He cannot understand whatever is happening . What is Khushiji doing ?? She didn't even tell about this type of plan at all m He thought .

"Khushi , Come and sit in the sofa , come said Arnav , Taking her to the sofa carefully .

All gets gathered in the hall .

"I didnt expect this worst behavior from you again anjali betiya . You already snatched a lot from her " said Nani angrily .

" Nani , That girl is telling lies . Why would , I cut her veins ? She is doing a drama . She is all right only said Anjali .

"Dont lie like this anjali . We have seen , How much hate you have for Khushi . Chi , I am very ashamed " said Mami .

" We thought medicines are working out , But you are proving wrong . You shouldnt stay here more , You may harm anyone else " said Mama

" I didnt harm anyone " said Anjali louder in her defense tone . She was just saying the truth , But no body refused to believe her at all .

Meanwhile the doctor comes.

"What happened " asked Doctor .

" Treat her doctor " said Arnav showing her cut on the wrist .

The doctor treats her . All were silent as they didnt want to figh t infront of the doctor . Meanwhile some one rings the bell .

Akash went to open the door and was shocked seeing Police at their door step .

" What happened , officer " asked Akash .

"We got an information , Of attempt of murder " said Inspector .

" What ? " asked Akash shocked .

" We got an information .Is everyone safe " asked inspector .

" Yes sir " said Akash with sweat forming in his forehead .

" I would like to check a moment , please " said inspector moving in along with his officers .

They went to the hall where doctor had completed her treatment .

" What happened doctor " asked inspector .

" she being cut by some one in her wrist with a knife " said the doctor .

" Who did it " asked inspector .

" That aunty " said Khushi pointing to Anjali.

" You witch. I didn't do anything . Inspector she is lying " said Anjali .

" Officers , search for the evidence " said inspector , where they all went to search for evidence .

" Sir , Knife " said one of the officer from the kitchen .

Take it using a hand kerchief , we would send for forensic lab said the inspector .

Anjali looked at Khushi with smirk . Now how would she prove it ??? She thought .

Khushi saw her and just smiled back . Everyone was concentrating on the inspector.

" We would decide after what this proves . Untill that , as the witness had told ,. I am arresting her " Sid the inspector .

" You cannot arrest me sir , this girl is mentally unstable and her witness is not even accepted " said Anjali in defense.

" Is she mentally unstable " asked inspector .

" Yes Inspector , but i myself saw her slitting my wife with knife. I wasn't able to stop her as I was a little far away " said Arnav . Shocking everyone .

" What" asked Anjali shocked .

" Yes Inspector , I am a witness and the reports of forensic lab would confirm you , who had done " said Arnav.

" Ok , Arrest her " said inspector, where few female guards came to take her .

" Why are you lying chote " shouted Anjali angrily .

" And she is also not mentally strong . I would submit her files , soon " said Arnav .

Inspector nods and leaves taking Anjali .

"Arnavji , why did you lie " asked payal shocked .

" Let her get the punishment . She first snatched our baby and now this incident . She doesn't deserve " said Arnav with emotion ruling over him .

He couldn't punish her after what she did . So he kept her detached from the family . But she is just worsening and this would be the correct treatment for her . He failed first but now that he got an opportunity , he won't leave he thought.

"Bhai , I have a doubt , who gave information to police " asked Akash

" Even , I have the doubt " said Arnav .

" I would leave then ,Mr Raizada" , said the doctor .

" Medicines " asked Arnav .

" Given the prescription to her sister " said doctor leaving ....

" Hp , bring one black coffee for me right , my head is bursting " said Arnav .

Khushi signs hp something . Hp saw and went to kitchen. He brings black coffee .

Arnav drinks it .

" Khushi , come we will leave to out room " said Arnav .

Khushi comes with him .

They both go into the room , where he locks it .

" Lay down " said arnav coughing a little .

" Arnav , what happened " asked Khushi .

" Nothing , take rest" said Arnav where he coughs again .

" It's time for you to take rest , arnavji " said Khushi .

" What " asked arnav shocked .

' Too shocked right . I am first fit and fine from that day . Nothing had happened to me . I wasn't a mental " said Khushi folding her hands .

" You lied this much days " asked arnav angrily .

" Yes" said Khushi with the expression , she had no regrets at all .

Arnav angrily pushed her towards him

" You know , I died every time in this days blaming me for your position .why did you do this when it would pain me ?? Asked Arnav .

" Because , I wanted you to undergo the pain how the baby would have felt " said Khushi pushing him a little .

Arnav's knees was growing weak where he knelt down . He was suddenly feeling some lack of breathe .

You didn't know , how much pain my baby would have gone threw when his father had betrayed her . Her father had just made a mere deal of giving him/ her to his own sister . Do you know , how my baby cried . He/ she felt broken , do you know that " asked Khushi sitting down and making her face him . She was itself feeling too emotional while saying this words

" I feel guilty for that khushi " said Arnav with his choking voice . He was regretting for it badly from the day , when he realised .

" Guilty , cannot bring what is lost . Could you bring back my baby . I felt it arnav . I felt he pain , when he / she left me . It was too drastic for me to handle . He / she was begging me arnav , for staying with me . I wasn't able to do anything . I couldn't even move my body a bit " said Khushi with tears rolling from her eyes remembering that day . The pain she felt was just as if she she felt is just now ...

" I am sorry Khushi" said Arnav coughing a little again .

" I have mixed Poison on your black coffee " said Khushi wiping her tears .

Arnav was shocked .

" I want justice for my baby . My baby who you all didn't even let me see . If you haven't done anything like giving a word to your dhi , nothing would have happened . You are the main reason , why my baby died even though Anjali had planned the accident . For that you need to be punished , Arnavji , I am sorry " said Khushi with a little teary eyes .

She was also feeling broken now seeing her love in this state . But she was helpless and bound by her motherly feeling now ...

" You want me to die ?? " Asked Arnav where blood start oozing out from his nose .

" Our baby wants you to . She wants you there . She wants the assurance that the father would be with her always . Would you go and take care of her there ???" asked Khushi .

Arnav nods painfully . His eyes was getting blurred vision and dizziness was surrounding him lightly ..

" Would you take me in your laps ,Khushi please ?? " Asked Arnav stammering.

Khushi takes him in her laps where he slowly layed down .

" I am sorry arnavji for doing this to you " said khushi .

" I am sorry for snatching your baby away from you khushi . I didn't have the rights at first place. I realised my deeds when more you talk about our baby Khushi ." Said arnav with his choking tone .

" Don't worry , Arnavji , this pain would be over . You will be fine " said Khushi slowly caressing his head .

Arnav just closed his eyes feeling the caresses she was making . His body was painting a lot and he was feeling that his soul is getting slowly ripped apart from his body slowly . And finally he died in his Love's laps .

They say that getting died in the hands of our own love is the most painful deed for anyone and Arnav faced it. But he didn't just faced it but just accepted it whole heartedly for his deeds he had done .

Tears rolled down from the eyes like hell seeing her arnavji laying life less in her laps .

She hugs him tightly to feel his embrace for the last time . She then kissed his forehead and placed him slowly on the ground .

She then walks opening the door .. She descends down the Stairs , Were all sat there with worried faces . She just walks past them to the main door .

"Khushi betiya" called Nani .

"khushi " said Payal .

Khushi stops and turns to glance at them once for the last time

Payal rushed towards her but before she could catch hold of her , Khushi walked away . Payal just came out in the mean time , Khushi got into Aman's car and left ....

" What happened . Khushiji " asked Aman .

"He is dead " said Khushi with the painful tone .

" Hp , did the work , Did he see your sign " asked Aman .

"Yes , Anjali also would be placed in mental asylum ,Considering her mental state . Thank you for calling he police " said Khushi .

" Take that scrub from your hand " said Aman .

Khushi peels off the her hand having the scrub . She just used it for not getting her Finger prints in the knife .

" Where , Should I go " asked Aman .

"Police station " said Khushi .

" Why ?" asked Aman .

" Punishment for me as a wife , Who didnt do her duitful rights to her husband . I didnt even try to save him . And it is a sin for me " said Khushi .

" No , Khushiji " said Aman .

"Aman , Please " said Khushi.

Aman nods his head ..

He drives his way to Police station .

His heart beat erratically ..

He thought " Only a women can do this . She endured the pain and just want to give the same pain to them . But for the pain she has given , She is accepting the punishment too . He was just feeling a respect growing for and feeling very proud of her sand feeling blissful that he was associated with this women "Khushi " in his life ........"

Khushi Surrendered herself to the police . The raizadas morued over Arnav's death . They got to know Khushi did it , When the police came to confirm it . They were feeling shattered . One question rolled on to their every mind , That why she did this ?

The answer to it , They got on the court when Khushi was given 7 years of imprisonment . They understood her pain when they went to the court , Wher she desribed her pain of lossing her baby . She also told that the raizadas was also responsible in other way as they were reason fro anjali turning out to be like this . Khushi also gave the statement against anjali . And evidences were also produced against her .

Anjali was also Punished for 7 years where she was to be placed in the Mental Asylum in the jail , Considering her health Conditions ...

When she was taken to jail ,She requested every raizadas and guptas , to never meet her in the life . It was too painful but They agreed Finally .

"Khushiji , Why didnt you tell me your plans , Wasnt , I your trusted friend " asked Nk with teary eyes , When all of them left leaving Him and Khushi alone along with offcicers .

"I didnt want to loose your friendship . I know you loved your brother a lot and will feel hesitant when you learn my plan . I am sorry nanheji " said Khushi .

" I want to see You Khushiji , Atleast give me that permission " said Nk .

" I know you love me a lot NK . Meeting me , Would lead you spoiling your future . I dont want that . Please " asked Khushi .

"I dont bother " said Nk .

"I bother " said Khushi .

"Ok " said Nk , Wiping his tears .

" Bye " said Khushi .

Nk nods where as the guards take Khushi ..

After 7 years ....

Khushi walked out of the jail after she had went through the imprisonment . It was a new feeling to her . She walked in the streets of the Delhi slowly in search of her new meaning to the life..

Just behind her , A girl of 6 years walked behind her. She was having a hazel nut eyes of her mother's , A Lengthy hair , A cute dimple as like her father ..

"Papa , Come fast , Mom is walking too fast " said The little girl .

"I am coming princess ", Said Arnav walking Towards her , Where he holds the girl's hands .

" Where is mumma , Going " asked The girl .

" Mumma , Is going in search of new meaning to her , Nivi " said Arnav with a smile .

" She is too alone ,papa " said Nivitha with a pout .

" No , We are there for her right , Always following her : said Arnav .

"Yeah , We would be always there for mumma" said Nivitha .

"Ouch " said Nivitha stumping her legs wantedly a little .

"Drama Queen" said Arnav lifting her . Where they both walked just behind Khushi, Following her to eternity ...

The end

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Hello friends ,

Many of you feel that Arnav's punishment was not justified .

This is the reason , I am going of why I think it is justified . My pov .

He first didn't ask permission to Khushi for giving their child to Khushi . All the chaos had started from there . Even though he had the feeling she won't agree , he thought to convince her . He didn't even Great until Anjali had spoken the truth of doing her accident .

He then only realised and it was too late . He didn't know , how much pain Khushi would have gone through . Their child would have gone through .

He doesn't know how it would feel when a mother really feels loosing of her child , where she feels helpless .

He doesn't feel how his baby would have felt when his dad had told that he would give them to her .

I am just trying to bring out the emotions of all in the story . I felt that the baby too even though it was too small and tiny would have felt .

He then stood by Khushi and blamed Anjali for doing Khushi at the last scene . But that wasn't enough for his role of punishement .

If Khushi would  have given him divorce and went off, he would be guiltier and  when again if he had met Khushi , he wouldn't have let her go . There are lot of possibilities and I don't want to end like that .

In my story will we cross again too , he had been suffering from 18 years., But did he get any thing repenting from 18 years, he still did the same . Hope the readers of will we cross again would get what I am trying to convey.

And I didn't want to give the same theme to this story too ..

And coming to Anjali . I believe she got her punishment . She would suffer very well once she come out if the jail  as she would be totally in a different environment . This would affect her life time .....

And this story is about just what a mother could do for her child as I said before . Khushi can kill her love too , if needed as he was the root cause for everything .

And I have already warned this would be a sad ending . Painful ....

That's it about  my pov . I don't compel everyone to try to understand my pov .  It's just my view why I had taken like this and you readers have the every right to express your own views ...

And every one had told that the last scene was too awesome . It was taken as an inspiration from the movie " karu" and " Madrasapattinam" . I just  framed it in my way .

And sorry if I had hurt anyone in my writing as it is just my try on different types of stories ..

Thank you ????????


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