A Wait for Dawn

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Sep 23

A Wait for Dawn (By Rupakukku) (Thanked: 60 times)

Chapter 1

He sat on the window seat of the flight from New York to India. Looking out of the window he could see sunlight peeping through the dark clouds. He felt as if his life was like that. After years, precisely five years, he was going back to his homeland, his house, his family, his love.

For the last five years, there hasn't been a day when he had wished to leave everything and go back. But his work held him back. He had spent years of sweat and blood to make his company reach to its heights. Letting all of it ruin because of his desire to go back home felt futile. He had worked like machine in the last five years but every time, he gets ready to go back, something or other will prop up and he had to stay back.

Now he had enough. He just wants to go back home. He miss his home, his family, above everything and everyone her, his love, his Khushi. Khushi. The girl whose mere name raised his heartbeats. It has been five years he last saw her, talked to her, touched her, felt her, held her in his arms.

He knew when he left, things weren't so good between them. There were lot of things going on between them. They were fighting, there was misunderstandings and he couldn't even say her a good bye before leaving as he had to urgently leave for New York due to a mishap happened in his factory in New York.

And in the past five years he doesn't know why and how, an unknown distance had come in between them. They haven't talked to each other not even for once. It was not like he didn't want to talk to her or never tried to talk to her. In fact everyday he called his family and every time he had asked for her. But the answer was same from his family all the time either she was not at home or she was busy.

But now he had enough. He wanted to see her, talk to her, hold her in his arms, love her. He wanted to erase all the misunderstandings and distance that had come in between them and make everything fine. He wanted his happily ever after with her now.

It's enough of everything now. From the time they had met at his fashion show 7 years back, they had come a long way. Their life was always filled misunderstandings, problems, fights everything. Now he had enough. All these fights, hatred, pain, distance, everything should end. He wanted them to live their life happily.

Before seven years, if anybody would have told him that one day a girl will enter his life and he would fall in love and get married to her and would want a happy family with her and a couple of kids, then he would have definitely admitted that person in a mental hospital. But then she happened. Khushi. She entered his life as a tornado by gatecrashing his fashion show and in that process breaking the walls he had successfully built around his heart.

And after that what happened was history. Him locking her in Sheesh Mahal, her sister's marriage breaking, their second meeting, him releasing their video, her shifting to Delhi, them again meeting in his office, their office fights, her coming to his house for training his then girlfriend Lavanya, their moments, him falling in love with her, him misunderstanding her, their contract marriage, Shyam kidnapping him, she saving him, them kicking Shyam out, his sister's miscarriage, their second wedding, them bringing Shyam's truth in front of his sister and finally getting rid of him.

After that everything was falling in place. They were happy in their married life. Their life was pure bliss. But then those two people entered their life. Somehow everything started falling apart again. He still doesn't know what went wrong.

Everything was fine initially. Khushi met Arav and eventually Sheetal. On knowing that they were having difficulty in finding accommodation, she invited them home. Though he felt a bit uncomfortable having them at home initially, he slowly started warming up to them. But then things started falling apart. 

Maybe it was what he feared. It was not like he hated Sheetal or Arav. But his history with Sheetal didn't gave him a good opinion about their presence in his house. Sheetal was a good friend of his during his college time or that was what he thought about her. She was in the same friend circle as his and both of them shared a few likes and dislikes in common. Eventually when everyone in his group started becoming a pair, he also was paired up with Sheetal as all thought that they would make a good couple.

He took her out for a few dates owing to his friend's insistence on giving a chance to their relationship. Everything was good initially, but slowly Sheetal started becoming more demanding and developed a crazy obsession for him. She started becoming so clingy that he started feeling suffocated. Then they broke up or rather he broke up with her when she started becoming too physical with him.

Though he was a modern man, there were few things in which he had a very old thinking. That is regarding physical relationship. He always respected woman and never wanted to take advantage of any woman for his own needs, how much ever willing she was. He wanted to have any sort of physical relationship with only one woman with whom he was sure that he would spend his entire life with.

That was why Khushi was his first. Though he had never said this to her and also there had been a lot of incidents where she could misunderstand that he had relationship with other women like his idea of having a live in relationship with Lavanya, but the truth was she was his first in everything. He won't say that he didn't had any girl in his life before her. But none of them had captured his heart, mind, body and soul like her. He was hers like she was his.

But now he feels that he should have told her about that. He should have told her that he was always hers. Because when Sheetal entered their life, she started having insecurities about her. He didn't understood it then. And he knew somewhere he was at fault by not understanding her insecurities and fears and moreover he added fuel to it by being so casual and friendly with Sheetal and Arav.

He knew lot of things had gone wrong then. Maybe he should have gone by his instincts and not allowed Sheetal and Arav to stay at his house or maybe he should have maintained distance from them or maybe he should have kept them in their limit and not allowed them to have so much influence on their lives.

But then, at that time he didn't thought in that way and unknown to him his life started becoming a mess. He didn't know when things became so worse or what triggered it. But when he realised that everything was falling apart, it was too late. He didn't realise that Khushi had distanced herself from him and the family. She had become so aloof from everyone.

And one day he saw her with DNA reports of him and Arav. It was only then he even realized that Khushi had such insecurities and doubts going on in her brain. He couldn't believe that Khushi could think about him like that and his infamous anger blinded him. He lashed out on her and started ignoring her to teach her a lesson. Moreover he spend more time with Arav and Sheetal ignoring her.

Maybe that was the biggest mistake he did. Instead of ignoring her, he should have confronted her and should have reassured her about his love. But damn his anger and ego, he made the situation more worse but ignoring and hurting her.

She tried apologising to him in many ways and even went ahead to arrange a basketball game to get his forgiveness. Then again his stupid ego and anger had to ruin everything. Instead of appreciating her efforts, he mocked her and hurt her more. He thought she would come and apologise to him and he would forgive her. But slowly she started becoming more away from him.

He had tried to reach out to her but she had somehow distanced herself away from him. He tried to talk to her and clear the misunderstandings. But Then he didn't know whether it was intentional or unintentional, his family, Arav and Sheetal started coming in between them. Every time he tried to talk to her and make everything fine between them, one or other person would come and interrupt them.

Finally when he had enough, he decided that he would take Khushi away from everyone and everything for a few days and try to clear the misunderstandings between them. He had also made every arrangement for their getaway and it was then that emergency propped up in New York branch and he had to leave urgently.

He couldn't even meet her before leaving as she had gone out that day when he had to leave. He tried calling her but her phone was switched off. He cursed his fate and then half heartedly he had to leave without meeting her itself as it was a major issue and his presence was necessary.

He came out of his thoughts feeling a touch on his hand. Looking beside he saw Sheetal calling his name shaking his hand. He immediately withdrew his hand from her hold feeling repulsive.

"What" He asked in an annoyed tone.

"Nothing. I was feeling bored. So...." She started.

"So what. Do I look like a joker to you who would entertain you." Arnav asked angrily.

"No. I was thinking that maybe we could talk about something." She said smiling.

"Well I am not interested." He said rudely and turned his face and started looking out of the window.

Sheetal Kapoor. He didn't know when he started to detest even hearing her name. She had really become a headache in his life. How much ever he tried to get rid of her, she just doesn't get lost.

If it was in his hands, he would have sent her to some unknown planet never to come back. This woman had literally made his life a living hell. When he got ready to leave for New York, his sister had insisted to take this woman with him saying that she would help him there as neither Akash or Aman could accompany him as they were needed for looking after his Delhi branch.

He tried denying his sister with everything under his sleeves. He had even literally prayed his Khushi's Devi Mayya to bring his Khushi home so that he could maybe take Khushi with him or get some help from Khushi in convincing his sister about not taking Sheetal. But that stupid God once again proved that it didn't exist. Neither Khushi came home nor he could meet her before leaving and on top of that he had to take that annoying woman with him complying to his sister's emotional blackmailing.

And since then this woman hadn't left any stone unturned to make his life hell. She had created so many problems that he even felt like killing her with his bare hands. From the time they had landed in New York, she had been so clingy that every time she hadn't been even 100m distance from him he felt like she was clinging to his arms.

It started right from the moment they landed in New York. First she had demanded him to take her to his house in New York where he was planning to stay. It was a task in itself to convince her and also his sister that he would be fine alone at the house and there is no need for Sheetal to accompany him and she can very well settle herself in the employee's quarters.

Though it was one Herculean task, he was still proud that he didn't let his guard down and successfully convinced both the woman for the same. Thus Sheetal had to stay at the employee's quarters while he happily stayed at his house. Though the discussion regarding the same thing had come up many times in the past five years , every time he had made sure that he won this discussion.

He had no plans to stay in one house with that woman. One because he couldn't tolerate her annoyingly clingy self. Secondly he didn't want to dig his own grave by staying with that woman in one house. Already he was having problems with Khushi because of her. He didn't want more problems if Khushi finds out that he is staying with Sheetal in one house.

But that didn't helped him in any way in keeping Sheetal away from him because in office she would cling to him at every given chance. Thus she had annoyed the hell out of him in the last five years. Many a times, in last five years, he had tried to send her back to India. But every time even before he could even talk to Sheetal regarding this, his sister's call will come and she would emotionally blackmail him to let her stay there.

If he wouldn't have know his sister better then he would have thought that it was a combined conspiracy against him by his sister and Sheetal to keep Sheetal with him.  Because other than that there was no reason for his sister's persistence on Sheetal staying in New York. Because in more than one occasion, he had expressed his displeasure of having Sheetal there and had even directly and indirectly asked his sister to send Khushi there and call Sheetal back if she so wanted someone to be there to look after him as having Sheetal had done nothing but gave headache for him. Sheetal had in more than one occasion ruined his work which had led to his extended stay in New York. But he knew it was all because of his sister's innocence that she was supporting Sheetal.

He was once again pulled out of his thoughts by the announcement to fasten the seatbelts as they were landing in Delhi airport. Looking out of the window, he took a deep breath. Finally he was back to his country, his family, his love. Finally he can have his happily ever after with his Khushi and maybe a couple of kids in near future. Thinking about kids, a warm feeling spread through him. In last few years, he had been dreaming about kids. His and Khushi's little miniatures. Arnav and Khushi's kids. Oh. He can't wait to have kids.

Guys a new story on Arshi. I know many of you are disappointed and angry with me because I am going on writing new stories but not completing my old stories. I am really sorry. Actually I was having writer's block from past few months. I tried writing but it's somehow not coming to the standard. So I tried writing new stories. Now I think I am getting better. I will update all my stories soon. Till then enjoy this new story. I will complete this first. Then go on with other stories.

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Arnav's back home (By Rupakukku) (Thanked: 65 times)

Chapter 2

Arnav looked out of the car window when it entered the premises of Shantivan (Raizada Mansion), his home. The warm feeling of coming back home once again filled him. As the car entered the front porch, he saw his family standing there to welcome him.

As soon as he got out, he was took in bear hug by his sister. Smiling he hugged her back. Followed by his sister, his Nani and Mami also hugged him. From the corner of his eyes, he saw his sister hugging Sheetal. Once again he felt the bitter feeling in his mouth. But he shrugged it away. It was not the time for this.

Finally he was back to home, to his family. He just wanted to spend time with them. Sheetal can wait. After hugging his Mami, he looked at everyone. Everyone seemed to change a bit. His sister looked more colourful, not that she wasn't so before. But now she looked a bit extravagant. An expensive designer Saree paired with heavy jewellery and the make up, she looked as if she was going to attend a party.

Unable to control his curiosity, he voiced out his thoughts, "Di, are you going anywhere?"

"No Chote. I am not going anywhere. I will be staying at home itself. Today my Chote came back home after five years. Where will I go leaving him." She said smiling.

"Then this dress..." He trailed off not knowing what to ask.

"This dress. Isn't beautiful, Chote. I bought this dress with matching jewellery last week when I went to buy some dress for casual wear. Isn't nice. I have bought a few similar ones for casual wearing at home." She said smiling widely.

Arnav gaped at his sister. This heavy designer dress and jewellery is for casual wearing at home. Like seriously. Who wears this much heavy dress and jewellery at home. What happened to his sister? How come her dressing sense became so much worst. But he didn't voiced out his thoughts. He didn't wanted to become the victim of his sister's emotional drama the next minute after his arrival.

Next he looked at his Nani (Maternal Grandmother). She looked weak, pale and sick. She looked aged all of a sudden. Gone was that dominationg aura of hers. She looked weak by her demeanour.

He smiled at her and softly asked, "How are you, Nani?"

She smiled back at him and slowly nodded her head.

Then his eyes fell on his Mami. If there was anyone who didn't look changed was his Mami alone. She still looked as her old self. Heavy Designer sarees and jewellery, heavy makeup, cooling glass, same to same. He smiled at her and then nodded.

But before he could meet anyone else, a little body collided with him and a pair of arms wrapped around his waist. Looking down he saw Arav hugging him. Though he felt strange seeing his overaffection, he was about to reciprocate the hug when his next words made him freeze at his place.

"How are you, Dad? You know I missed you so much." He exclaimed loudly.

Arnav stood numb at his place. Did he just called him, Dad? Like what the hell? Anger surged through him. How dare he call him Dad? Who the hell gave him permission to call him Dad? Only his kids have the permission to call him Dad. Only his and Khushi's kids. He gritted his teeth. Already his mother was a big headache for him, now he also. Why is this mother- son duo hell bent on ruining his happiness.

Gritting his teeth, he almost spat, "Excuse me. Did you just call me Dad."

Arav's smile dropped hearing his tone. He looked at Anjali who closed her eyes as if saying something. 

"I am sorry, Da... I mean ASR." Arav said slowly.

"But why did you call me Dad." He wasn't ready to let go of this matter. Already he had enough problems in his life, he didn't want to add to it by being ignorant to things happening around. Already he had done that mistake once and still he was suffering because of that.

"Wo... I... I... By mistake. I am sorry." Arav stammered.

"By mistake!! By mistake you called me Dad. You..." He was stopped in middle by a hand on his shoulder.

"Leave it na, Chote. He is a kid. He did it by mistake." Anjali said softly.

"But Di..."

"Please Chote..."

He sighed and said, " OK Di."

He then saw his brother Akash standing behind his Mami and beside him stood his sister in law, Payal. He frowned looking at both of them. Both of them looked unrecognizable. Akash looked weak, pale and tired. There were dark circles under his eyes. Even Payal looked the same. She had lost weight and looked skinny almost like a skeleton. Her eyes were sunken and there were dark circles under her eyes too. She also looked pale and weak.

Arnav moved forward and hugged his brother. He was not a person who showed affection openly but somehow he felt like his brother needed that hug. True to his feeling, Akash hugged him back immediately and Arnav felt Akash relax under his arms.

"Are you OK, Akash." Arnav asked gently.

"Yeah, Bhai." Akash softly whispered nodding his head being still in the hug.

Arnav knew that he wasn't telling truth. There was something majorly wrong but he didn't probe further. Akash always told him if he was in some trouble. He would tell him now too. Maybe he needed some time. He can wait. Let his brother take his own time. He won't pressurise him.

A couple of minutes later both the brothers broke the hug. Arnav affectionately patted his little brother's head and Akash gave a weak smile to him. Arnav then looked at Payal and gave a small smile to her.

"How are you, Payal" He repeated the question he asked his brother.

"I am fine, Arnavji." She replied back smiling faintly.

Arnav nodded at her. He then looked around hoping to catch a glimpse of the person who raised his heartbeats. His eyes were eager to at least get a glimpse of her. But unfortunately she was nowhere at sight. 

Where is she. His mind questioned.

Maybe she was waiting for him inside. His heart reasoned.

Maybe. Thinking that he followed his family members who were moving inside the house. Entering inside the house, once again his eyes roamed around trying to catch her sight. But she was nowhere. Even the Prakash brothers and Lakshmi (Nani's goat) were present at the doorstep to welcome him.

He frowned. Where is she. His mind again questioned.

Not able to take the curiosity, he questioned, "Di, where is Khushi. From the time I have arrived I was looking for her. Everyone is here. Even Arav. Only she seems to be missing. Where is she?" 

He saw his family members exchanging glances. He was confused seeing that. What is wrong?

"Chote, Khushi is not at home." Anjali said.

Arnav's frown deepened hearing that. "What??? Why? Didn't she know that I am coming back today." 

Why? Why his wife isn't present to welcome him. Didn't she know that he was coming back that day? Then why didn't she stayed back? Where did she went without waiting for him? Was she angry with him still? Was it the reason she left without waiting to receive him? A thousand questions propped up in his mind. He was sad, confused, worried, disappointed and a bit angry too.

"Actually Khushi didn't knew that you were coming back today. So she went for her work." It was Payal who answered him this time.

Oh. So she didn't knew that he was coming back. Maybe she wasn't actually angry with him. Arnav was lost in his thoughts otherwise he would have seen a few people throwing daggers at Payal for speaking up for Khushi and defending her.

Coming out of his thoughts he asked his sister, " But why didn't Khushi knew that I was coming back today. Didn't you guys told her. I mean I already informed you guys right I was coming back today." Arnav was disappointed not seeing his wife.

This time before Payal could say something, Anjali beat her to it and said smiling, "Vo actually what happened was that we were actually about to tell her that you are coming back today. But then we thought why not give her a surprise so we didn't say her anything. Now that you're here. Imagine how happy she would be seeing you in front of her eyes. So that only we didn't say anything."

"Hmm. Even that's a good idea. I can surprise Khushi." Arnav said thinking for a while and smiling.

"OK, Chote. You go and freshen up. Then we will have Lunch." Anjali said 

Smiling and nodding his head, he went upstairs to his room. Entering inside his room, he was hit with the familiar jasmine smell of his Khushi. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath inhaling her sweet fragrance. Oh how much he missed her.

Quickly taking a bath and getting freshened up, he joined his family for lunch. Lunch was a happy affair with everyone telling about different things and asking about his life at New York. There was only two things that he didn't like. One his Khushi wasn't back home yet. He was badly missing her. And another was the annoying mother-son duo. They were constantly hovering over him trying to get his attention and his family's constant repetition of how he and Arav are similar, how they three look good as a happy family. 

He was clearly annoyed hearing that. He couldn't understand why they were repeating the same thing as an old broken taperecorder. He just felt like shouting at his family for speaking such nonsense. But then he kept quiet not wanting to create a scene as soon as he arrived. But he had to do something about this mother-son duo. That too soon. He couldn't afford more complications in his life. Not anymore.

He once again gave his sister a tight smile when she once again said how similar he and Arav were in their eating habits. Damn, how much more time he had to endure this torchure. Khushi, please come back soon. He miss her. He felt grumpy.

After lunch, he immediately followed Payal to the kitchen when he saw that everyone was leaving to living room. He asked her about Khushi's whereabouts. Though she gave him a teasing smile, she honestly answered his questioned. But her answer disappointed him and no sooner his mood went down.

He quickly went back to his room ignoring his sister's call to sit with them stating that he was tired and wanted to sleep. He was not in a mood for another round of how he and Arav were similar. He didn't wanted to hear their stupid gossip nor he was interested in entertaining Arav and Sheetal. He wanted nothing but his Khushi. He wanted her. He wanted to see her, hug her, cuddle her, talk to her, tell her how much he missed her.

But Bad luck. According to what Payal said Khushi won't be back before evening and he was not in mood for anything other than to spend time with Khushi. So he decided to take a nap. He was hell tired from working continuously for past few weeks and the long journey. Lying on his bed he didn't release when he went in to deep sleep while being surrounded by Khushi's soothing fragrance.

His sleep was broken by the continuous knocking on the door. Groggily opening his eyes, he looked at the wall clock. Realizing that it was evening and Khushi might be back home, he immediately got out of the bed throwing the comforter away. Not bothering to even wash his face, he ran to the door excited to see his Khushi.

But opening the door, he was once again disappointed. There stood the last two people, he wanted to see at that moment. Sheetal and Arav. He made an annoyed face seeing face.

"What" He bit out rudely not even caring about his tone.

"It was evening and you didn't came down for coffee. So we thought why not we only come and call you." Sheetal said smiling widely completely ignoring his annoyed look and rude tone. Shameless creature.

"Fine." Arnav said disinterested. But Sheetal and Arav continued to stand there.

Giving an annoyed look, he closed the door on their faces. Damn, those two are so irritating. He thought shaking his head. Then his thought went to Khushi. She might be back by now. That lifted up his mood. He immediately ran inside the bathroom to freshen up so that he can go and meet her.

After freshening up, Arnav immediately came down and sat in the living room along with rest of his family. Though he was sitting with them, his whole attention was towards the kitchen entrance from where he was expecting Khushi to walk out any moment. But after some time, when he saw only Payal coming out carrying a tray containing beverages and snack, he frowned.

Where is she? His mind constantly asked him that question. He was getting frustrated with every passing minute. First he hadn't seen his wife from the time he came back and moreover nobody's giving him a proper answer when he asks about her. Above that everyone is hell bent on irritating him with constantly throwing that mother-son duo at him.

Why do they only have to talk about both of them. Arav this, Arav that, Sheetal this, Sheetal that, how they three look perfect together. Argh. He was tired of hearing about them. Doesn't his family have anything else to talk?

He looked at Payal when she gave him his coffee. Taking the cup from her, he slowly sipped the hot liquid. He was just thinking about Khushi. How is she? How does she look now? Does she still wear her old clothes, those bright coloured Chudidhar with pom-poms? Or Did her dressing style changed? 

Does she still looked like that little teenager? Obviously she was a teenager when he married her? She had only just completed 18 years then. Does she looked same now also. That lean, thin, petite figure or did she put on weight? Is she still same like her old self? His cute, innocent, crazy Khushi. Maybe. She shouldn't change. He liked her like that.

Her dressing style and figure and all doesn't matter to him. But her nature shouldn't change. He loved his lovely, innocent, crazy Khushi and he always wants her to be like that. Always.  She can be mature but shouldn't loose her innocence. Damn Khushi, where are you? I miss you. Come back home soon. I can't wait to see you in front of me.

Arnav came out of his thoughts feeling a touch on his hand. He looked beside him to see Sheetal touching his hand. He felt anger rising in him. Why this woman has to touch him always. Can't she talk without touching him. He felt repulsed by her touch. He angrily jerked her hand away.

"Arnav..." Sheetal called him shocked by the way he jerked her away.

"ASR, call me ASR. Only my family and close ones can call me by my name." He said gritting his teeth. His anger was rising seeing her face.

"Arnav, what happened?" Sheetal asked again confused.

"Stop it dammit. Can't you understand one simple thing. When I say call me ASR, then call me ASR. I don't like people calling me Arnav who are not related to me." Arnav shouted not bothered about the shocked and gaping faces of his family.

"Chote, what is this? Why are you being rude to Sheetalji. She is a guest here. Moreover she is your friend. Why are you behaving like this with her." Anjali asked frowning.

Arnav's jaw clenched and fist tightened hearing that. Why the hell was his family hell bent on pulling his wrong strings. Hearing his sister addressing Sheetal as his friend he lost his control.

"She is not my friend, Di. Yeah we belonged to same friends group back in college but that was ages ago. It doesn't matter now. Right now she is only an employee in AR Designs. So stop giving her unnecessary importance. Regarding being a guest, I guess more than me, you guys have forgotten that she was just a guest here. A guest who was supposed to stay here for few days and then leave. Anyways I don't want to talk about what happened. I just want to say that you guys stop giving them unnecessary importance and start treating them as guests only. And also stop saying that Arav is like me. Because Di, if I remember correctly then I was not at all like Arav when I was at his age. You all very well know how and why I became like this. So stop saying all these nonsense. And also Di, just because Arav has habits like me and he acts as a clone of mine doesn't mean that I look amazing with Sheetal and Arav nor we are a real family. If you all remember, then I have a wife who I haven't seen from the time I had come back. And the truth is that my family will be that which I will have with Khushi. And anybody having any similarities to me doesn't changes the truth that the only family I will ever have will only be with Khushi. And only that will be my family. My only family. Yeah of course including you people.", Arnav said.

"Chote, why are you talking like this." Anjali asked. She didn't like what Arnav said. How can he say like that. Sheetal and Arav are important. They are a part of their family and Arnav had to accept them. She didn't like the way Arnav said about Sheetal. Sheetal is Arnav's friend and he had to give her respect and importance in his life. How can he ask them to not give Sheetal and especially Arav, no importance. No it's impossible.

"Hello hai Bye bye, yesh Arnav Bitwa. Hows can you say thats Sheetal Bitiya and Arav Bitwa are nots importantwa. They ares ovar fiamily. Arav Bitwa is like your son." Mami said frowning.

"What the. What are you saying, Mami. How can you say that Arav is like my son. No way. Mami, Di, you all are not understanding. I know you all are attached to Arav and Sheetal in these 5 years. But you all should understand that they are just guests here. Don't get too much involved with them that when they have to leave, it becomes difficult for you all to live. So that only I am saying treat them as guests." Arnav tried to make his family see sense.

He knew the discussion is going overboard but he had to talk it out with his family now or then. Better now than then. He had to make them understand. This overaffection and love for Sheetal and Arav will only cause problems to them. It will only bring disaster in their lives. He couldn't afford that. Already so much had happened in their lives. He can't let one more problem into their lives in the form of Arav and Sheetal. It's better his family keep distance from them so that they won't be hurt much in the long run.

He knew that he is a bit late. He should have done something earlier itself. But at that time he didn't think about the consequences but now he could see how much his family was into these two. He should do something about this otherwise nobody would be able to save his family from the doom. Their overaffection will only hurt them when these two will eventually leave this house. And he has to find a way to make his family understand and also should make sure that this mother-son duo leave their lives permanently without causing any damage. 

He sighed. Seeing his family's behaviour, he knew he had a long way to go before he could give these two a permanent exit card from their lives. Damn. When the hell did they got attached to these two so much. Why didn't he noticed it earlier? He should do something seriously about this. He couldn't afford to let history repeat. 

Their carelessness towards Shyam costed them big. A lot of lives were almost ruined and an innocent life was lost. He couldn't let that happen to his family again. He has to act fast. He should send these two out of their lives before they created anymore problems. 

Moreover he wasn't getting good vibes from Sheetal. Normally his instincts are always correct. Earlier he ignored it. But now seeing how these two were making his family dance on their tunes, he couldn't help but feel doubtful. There was something majorly wrong with these two. Something he couldn't see but he could definitely feel a disaster coming his way. He has to find a way to stop it before it destroyed everything that he held dear. He definitely has to act fast and wisely. There was definitely no room for mistakes this time. 

Thinking all these, his thoughts went to Khushi. He remembered what happened five years back. Though Khushi was the one who brought them but later she was the one who had started doubting on them. At that time, he got angry thinking that she was doubting on them because she didn't trusted him. But now thinking about it, he could feel maybe Khushi was right. 

This mother-son duo was in no way a good news to him or his family. They only created problems since the time they entered their lives. And his Khushi was once again right in judging them and he as always let his anger rule him. But no. He has to correct his mistake and support his Khushi this time. He had to throw these two out of their lives. No second option in that. These two has to leave at any cost. Period.

While thinking about Khushi, he realised that she wasn't back yet. According to what Payal said Khushi should have been back by now. Where is she? He was tired of this hide and seek game now. He badly wanted to meet her. He decided to ask Payal again.

"Payal, where is Khushi?" 

"Huh." Payal and everyone looked at him confused. Few minutes back he was talking about something else. Now he suddenly started asking about Khushi.

"I asked where is Khushi. You only said right that Khushi would be back by evening. Now it is almost 5pm. She should have been back by now. Where is she?" Arnav asked again impatiently.

"Um. Vo... Arnavji. It will take some more time for her to come back." Payal replied softly.

"Some more time? Exactly when does she come back home daily."

"Ah.. vo... She comes back around seven thirty or eight o'clock."

"What the. She comes back by 8 o'clock. It means she comes back daily at night. How does she comes back. Who accompanies her. Does Mohan go to get her or does she have another driver. Tell me his number. No first tell me Khushi's new number. Damn I should have taken all these numbers earlier itself. Anyways tell me the numbers. Let me talk to the driver first. I need to find out when exactly Khushi is going to be back." Arnav said taking his iPhone to save the numbers.

But before Payal could say something, Anjali beat her to it and said, " Chote, why are you worrying unnecessarily. Khushi is not any small kid. She will come back home when she has to come. You don't worry." 

"What do you mean by I shouldn't worry, Di? Of course I worry about her. She is my wife, Di. Thinking about her safety is my responsibility. Earlier also I asked you for her number but somehow every time that topic just got brushed off. I thought that you all are here. You will take care of her so I didn't bothered much. But Di, now that I am back, I want to know about her whereabouts. Especially when I know that she comes back late at night and I want to make sure that she's safe. Leave it, Di. Payal, you tell me Khushi's new number."

"I don't know, Arnavji." Payal said feeling slightly guilty.

"What do you mean by you don't know, Payal?" Arnav asked frowning.

"Actually Khushi changed her number after you went to New York as her earlier phone got damaged. I only remember her old number. I don't know her new number." Payal said apologetically.

Arnav sighed hearing that. Though he felt like shouting at her but he controlled himself. He didn't wanted to create more scene.

"OK. You don't remember her new number. Fine you must have written it or saved it somewhere." Seeing her shaking her head, Arnav closed his eyes to control his frustration. "OK. You don't have Khushi's number. You might be having some other number, right. Like her office number, or someone else's number who you can contact. OK leave all that, tell me the driver's number who picks up Khushi daily."

Payal lowered her head feeling guilty. "Sorry, Arnavji. I don't have any number. And Khushi is not picked by any driver. She comes back on her own. She has her own car. She comes back in that. Nobody goes to pick her."

"You mean to say none of you has no contact number of Khushi's and she comes back home at night alone." Arnav said in disbelief.

Though Arnav didn't asked it as a question, Payal slowly nodded her head confirming his assumptions. He felt anger rising in him.

"What the hell is happening in this house. Nobody has no knowledge about a family member. And nobody's bothered. Di, Nani, what's all this. Why are you all silent? Say something." Arnav asked angry and disappointed with his family's behaviour.

"Chote, why are you making a scene for this small issue." Anjali asked carelessly.

"Small issue? Really Di. Is this a small issue? You are saying me this. You don't go out of the house without full security even to temple that too during broad daylight. And you are saying that it is a small thing that Khushi travels at night alone without proper security. Really Di."

"Chote, she is not a small child. She knows to come back home safely. Anyways it's not a new thing. She daily comes back by this time only from past five years."

"That's what I am asking Di. Why she had to come back alone at night without security daily. Why we have hired security spending so much of money when they are not for any use. Just to be a showpiece we don't need security guards right. Then why are they not with Khushi. I don't understand why all of you are taking this matter so carelessly."

All looked at each other but didn't say anything. But only in Payal's eyes, there was tears of guilt and.....

Shaking his head at his family's absurd behaviour, Arnav left from there. Seems like he had no other choice but to wait for Khushi to come back on her own. He could take care of other matters later on.

Reaching his room he started measuring the length and breadth of the room. His anger and frustration was increasing. After few minutes, he sat on the recliner and closed his eyes. There was no meaning of him just sitting and getting angry. Him getting angry won't bring back Khushi home any sooner. He should do something to kill the time.

He decided to look after his little garden in the poolside. Didn't know what was the condition of it. Whether anybody looked after it or simply it is left as such to get destroyed. Taking a deep sigh, he walked to the french door and opened it. Seeing the sight in front of him, he was astonished. His poolside garden looked so amazing. 

It was very well maintained. All the old leaves and sticks perfectly cut off. The plants were looking fresh and healthy growing. He noticed that someone was very keenly taking care of all plants. In one corner he also noticed some new plants. Making a mental note to personally thank that person, he entered inside the poolside.

Taking a deep breath, he inhaled the sweet smell of the flowers. Walking around he looked each and every plant to make sure that they are well maintained. After five minutes, when he saw that all plants were very well maintained, he sighed. Seems like the person looking after the garden has not left even a lit bit of work for him.

Disappointed, he returned back to his room. Seems like his plan to spend his time with his plants is not going to work. Entering inside the room, he took his laptop out of his bag and decided to do his work.

Three hours later

He finally finished sending the emails and completed the paperwork and presentation for the deal on which he was working. Feeling tired, he leaned back on the recliner and closed his eyes. After resting for few minutes, he decided to go and talk to Akash about the Delhi branch.

He went to Akash's room to call him. Reaching the room, he slightly knocked on the door. Even after few minutes when the door didn't open, he decided to go back. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to disturb his brother at that time.

He was about to go back, when the door opened and a red eyed Payal came out. Seeing him, she gave a weak smile and walked away. Something was wrong. Maybe it was not a good idea to talk to Akash now. He decided to go back to his room. But before he could move, Akash came out.

He also looked tired and exhausted. Arnav wanted to ask him what the matter was. But he chose to stay quiet. It was not good to interfere in husband wife matters. Telling Akash the reason why he came there, he moved to the study room along with Akash.

After discussing to Akash about the Delhi branch office and what and all happened in the last five years in office, Arnav came back to his room. Entering inside the room, he felt something different. He felt a strange sensation. As if someone was there. Someone close to him. Khushi. No it wasn't that feeling which he felt when Khushi was near. It was an altogether new feeling. Something that he felt never before. 

He looked around the room, trying to spot someone. But no, noone was there. Confused about his feelings, he moved to poolside taking his phone to call Aman. After finishing his call, he came back inside the room. The sight before him shocked him. A "What the" escaped his mouth. He stood still looking at the sight in front of him.

So what do you think shocked Arnav? What will happen now? Will Arnav meet Khushi? What's  happening around him? What's the mystery? 

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Sep 24

Arnav got shock (By Rupakukku) (Thanked: 94 times)

Chapter 3

Arnav stood shocked seeing the scene in front of him. Two little identical boys were playing in the room using PSP. Before he could say anything to them, he saw Lakshmi running inside the room saying "Meh". The boys looked at Lakshmi and then again concentrated on the game.

But Lakshmi ran inside his walk in closet and soon enough Arnav saw a little girl same the age of the boys coming out of the closet, running behind Lakshmi. Then the little girl  started playing with Lakshmi. Arnav was shocked would be an understatement. He couldn't understand what was happening.

Who are they? What are they doing inside his room? And most importantly why are they in his house? A lot of questions were running in his mind. Unknowingly a "What the" escaped his mouth. And that had its desired effect. The three little kids stopped whatever they were doing and looked at him. 

Seeing him, their eyes widened and three of them came and stood in front of him in a line. It was then Arnav saw them properly. The three of them looked very young not more than five years. The two boys were identical with same features - Chocolate brown eyes, fair skin, high cheeks, all in all they looked like a mini version of his. Well did he just said that?

He then looked at the little girl. She looked so cute just like his Khushi. That made him smile. She also had the features like Khushi - Hazelnut eyes, fair skin, cute button nose, pink cheeks. Aww. She is so adorable like my Khushi. Khushi. Oh Khushi, I miss you. Well Khushi might be back by now right? Where's she?

As if God heard his prayers, just then Arnav heard the voice that made his heartbeat rise. Khushi entered the room calling... No. She wasn't calling him. She was calling... um them. 

"Aru, Ayu, Ashi, bache, did you take ba..." Khushi trailed off seeing him. She stood at the entrance of the room shocked. She was staring at him without blinking her eyes afraid that she would blink and he would disappear. 

Arnav looked at her with longing. He missed her so much in the last five years. Now seeing her in front of his eyes, he couldn't believe that she was real. Both of them stood in their place lost in each other's eyes. Time stood still for them. Their hearts were rejoicing their reunion, yet both didn't took at single step to move from their places.

Arnav looked at Khushi carefully. She looked different, in fact completely different. She was not wearing any Saree or salwar but a tight fitting jeans with a tank top and blazer completely looking modern, stylish and sophisticated. A wear that any businesswoman would prefer. There was no long set of bangles or heavy jewellery but a simple silver watch in one hand and a stylish bracelet in another. In the neck she was just wearing her mangalsutra and the AK pendent that he gifted her, paired with long silver earrings.

Not only her dressing style but she looked changed all in all. She was still thin but had become a bit curvy looking more ****y. All in all he couldn't even believe that she was his same Khushi. Guess five years was a long time and he missed so much. 

Khushi also looked at him trying to memorize his features. He still looked same. No change except that he looked a bit thin and weak. Maybe due to work pressure. 

Both of them were looking at each other longingly. But their trance were broken when three little bodies collided with Arnav screaming "Dad". Once again Arnav stood shocked at his place. He couldn't understand what was happening. Looking down he saw the three little kids hugging him around his legs and looking at him with huge smiles on their faces.

But Arnav was numb. The one word from them made his world stop. What did they just call him? Dad? How? When? He couldn't understand anything. Arnav looked at Khushi seeking answers for his questions. She looked at him and nodded her head confirming that what he was thinking was right. They were his kids.

His kids. His babies. The dream that he was seeing till few hours back was standing in front of him as a reality. He was a father. He was the father of these three beautiful kids. His kids. His and Khushi's love symbols. Oh how many dreams he had been seeing for them.

But now they were standing in front of him all grown up making him realize what he had lost. He lost so much in the last few years. Knowing about their existence to their birth and seeing them grow up, he had missed everything. Maybe it was the reason that his heart always asked him to go back home. But like always his mind won over his heart.

Wish he had listened to his heart. But it wasn't his fault entirely. He never knew their existence. Khushi could have told him. OK. She never talked to him and was always busy maybe in taking care of the kids and managing her job and all. But his family. They also didn't told him.

Why. Why they never told him about his kids. They always talked all the wanted and unwanted things with him but the biggest news of his life, they didn't tell him. Why.

He looked down at the kids. They were oblivious to his shock. They were happily talking to him unaware of the havoc that they created in him. 

"Dada, you came back."

"When did you come?"

"Do you know how much we missed you."

"Mumma always used to say that you're busy in work and you will come back soon."

"But still we missed you so much."

"You know everyone in our school used to have Dada with them, only we didn't had."

"Now that you came back, we also have our Dada with us. Yay."

"You know we missed you so so so much."

"Now you will stay with us. Right ."

"You won't go anywhere leaving us. Right Dada?"


Three pairs of innocent curious eyes looked at him expectantly. Arnav looked down at them totally blank. They were saying him that they missed him and asking him to not leave them. What was he supposed to say them? 

That he never even knew about their existence till few minutes back. That he never knew he was a father. They were telling that they missed him but he can't even say that. He never missed them because he never knew about them. He felt a bitter taste in his mouth. He never wanted this. He never wanted his kids to feel that he didn't love them or anything or anyone's more important than them in his life. He never wanted his kids to feel ignored in front of his work.

But his bad luck. That was exactly what what happened. His kids feel that, for him his work is more important than them. So he will leave them for his work. And now they were asking him to promise that he won't leave them for his work. 

This was the thing that he was always afraid in his life and it was what happened. Whenever he thought about kids, the only things that scared him was what if he became like his father. For his father, always his work and his own happiness was more important than his family. His father never cared about his wife and kids.

But now unknowingly also, he also became like his father.  He also neglected his wife and kids in front of his work. He felt miserable at that. He did a big mistake, no a sin and he didn't know how to correct this.

He came out of his musing hearing a soft "Dada" from his kids. He looked down at them. They looked sad. His baby girl looked almost on the verge of tears. Then only he realised that they were waiting for him to promise them and seeing his unresponsiveness, they had misunderstood him.

Kneeling down in front of them, Arnav hugged all three of his babies close to his hearts. He felt a strange sensation spread over him. He felt calm and serene. Hugging them tightly, he kissed all three of their heads. They also snuggled in his arms happily. 

After few minutes, he broke the hug and taking their little hands in his big one, he kissed them and said, "Dada promise you that from onwards I will never leave you and your Mumma and go anywhere."

"Really, Dada?" His little girl asked with twinkling eyes. All three of them had wide smiles on their faces.

"Really." He promised.

"Yay." Squealing happily all three of them launched themselves in his arms. He also hugged them tightly feeling happy and contended.

Few seconds later, they broke the hug and looked back at Khushi who was still standing at the entrance of the room watching everything with a soft smile on her lips.

Looking at her, one of his boys said, "Mumma, come."

Khushi walked inside and came near them. Pulling her down to kneel on the floor, the three little ones hugged their both parents. Arnav also enclosed his hands around his family hugging them close to his heart.

They were happily snuggling up to each other feeling happy and contended when a throat clearing sound disturbed them. Arnav mentally groaned. Why can't people just leave him to spend some quality time with his wife and now kids.

Frustrated he looked up to see his sister standing at the entrance of his room. He closed his eyes to control his frustration lest he lashed out on his sister. Taking a deep breath, he slowly left his hold around his family and stood up.

"Yes, Di?" He asked her.

"Dinner is ready. You come down, everyone is waiting for you only." Anjali said smiling at him.

"OK, Di." 

Turning to Khushi and kids, he said, "Come, let's go and have dinner."

The kids at each other and then at Khushi while Khushi stood there with an unreadable expression on her face.

"Khushi?" Arnav called her.

"You go and have dinner, Arnavji. We already had our dinner." Khushi told him.

"What the. You already had your dinner. When?" Arnav asked frowning. 

"We had our dinner from outside. Now you go and have your dinner. You have to take your medicines also right." Khushi said softly.

"OK." Arnav said slightly disappointed. Giving a longing look at all four of them, he followed his sister. He didn't like the fact that he had to have dinner without them.

He missed this. He missed having dinner with his family. He missed having Khushi around him when he had food, serving him or lightly talking to him. He missed coming back home to Khushi waiting for him with his food or having her presence with him when he had food. He missed her handmade food. He missed her love and care. He wanted her to join them but didn't voiced it out.

He came down and sat on his usual place. He looked at the chair beside him and sighed. Wish Khushi was sitting there. He was having his food when he saw Sheetal coming and about to sit on Khushi's chair. 

He immediately stopped her. "Sheetal, it's Khushi's seat. You go and sit near Di." He said in a stern voice. He was not in a mood to argue and he knew his stern voice worked. And it happened. Sheetal silently went and sat beside Anjali. Though many felt like to say something, nobody opened their mouth not wanting to face his wrath.

After dinner, Arnav immediately went to his room not bothering about anyone. Reaching his room, he saw Khushi doing something on her laptop and the kids nowhere in the room. He frowned. Where did they vanish.

"Khushi, where is the kids?" Arnav asked looking around.

She looked up from the laptop and smiled at him. She gestured towards the poolside. Frowning, he moved towards the poolside. There, the sight amused him. His little ones were tending to his plants.

He saw them trying to plant a new plant. Smiling at the cute sight, he entered the poolside.

"So you guys were the one who was looking after my plants." He asked with a smirk.

Startled, all three of them looked at him. "Dada." They cried together slightly frowning at the way he almost scared them.

Laughing he came near them. Kneeling down beside them, he asked them softly, "So what were you guys doing?"

"We were planting this new rose plants. You know Dada, it's a new variety. Hmm what did they say, Aru?" Ashi said.

"Rainbow roses." Aru replied.

"Yeah. Rainbow roses." Ashi said.

"Oh. But where did you get these from. It's very rare right." Arnav asked confused.

"Vo. We got it from our friend's house. You know Dada, they have a big garden. There we saw these flowers. We asked Aunty, if we could get some plants and she gave us these. You know Dada. The flowers were so beautiful. Now we will plant these. Then we will also get beautiful flowers like that." Ayu said.

"OK. Come I will help you guys to plant them." Arnav said.

And then the four got engrossed in planting the new plants with Arnav teaching them New techniques how to plant and take proper care of the plants. The four of them were having so much fun that they didn't realise time.

Sometime later, Khushi came there searching for father and kids and saw them having fun gardening. She stood their admiring them for few minutes. Then realising that it was getting late, she called them to come and sleep.

Agreeing to her, all four of them quickly put away all the gardening equipment and came inside. First the kids got freshened up followed by Arnav.

Changing into nightwear, all four of them came to room to see Khushi setting the bed.

"OK. Now you guys go to your room and sleep." Arnav said to the kids.

The kids looked at each other confused. "We are in our room only, Dada." They said.

"You guys sleep here." Arnav asked confused.

"Yeah." They nodded their heads.

"Then what about your room. Don't you guys sleep there." 

"Our room? This is our room, Dada."

"Then What about the room that has your stuff. Kid's room."

"All our stuff are here only, Dada. All our toys and clothes and everything is here only. And kid's room is Arav Bhayya's room. He doesn't allow us there." Saying that kids went to bed.

Arnav stood there confused. All there stuff are here. He looked around his own room properly first time after coming back. Yeah, a few changes are there in the room. A small cupboard and a study table is included in the room. He went to the walk in closet. There also he saw in Khushi's portion, half is fiilled with kids clothes and accessories.

He frowned seeing all that. Why his kids don't have their own rooms. Why nobody bothered to make a room for themselves. When Arav can have his own room with all accessories, why his kids are not given their own room. Agreed they are still small. They can sleep with their parents if they wanted but they can have a separate room for themselves to keep their stuff right.

A bit more bigger room with more things like clothes, accessories,  toys, games, tv, computer, etc. They are growing up and going to school, they might need their own study table and all. Why they are not given that.

When Arav, a mere guest can have his own room. Why his own kids are not given that privilege. It's not like there is any shortage of rooms. In fact there are a lot of rooms that are left unused. Couldn't anybody renovate one room and give to his kids. Why they have to compromise with little stuff and so little space to keep them. Why nobody is bothered to arrange a room for his kids. He frowned.

He came out of his thoughts hearing the kids calling him. Sighing he went to bed. He saw kids lying on the centre of the bed and Khushi lying on right side. Smiling he laid on the left side. Soon the kids fell asleep being tired after the long day.

Arnav laid there admiring their sleeping form. They looked so cute and adorable. He just couldn't have enough of them.

"What are you looking at?" Khushi asked him slowly.

"Them. They are so cute, so beautiful,  so amazing." He said with a smile.

"Hmm." She hummed admiring her kids.

"Thank you Khushi." He said

She looked at him. 

"For everything, for not giving upon on me, for staying strong, for them. Thank you for giving me THEM. I know I have been a jerk. I don't deserve your forgiveness nor I deserve you as I have only always hurt you. I know saying sorry won't correct my mistake. So I won't say sorry. But this time I will try to correct my every mistakes. Please try to forgive me." Arnav said looking at her with a sad face.

Khushi looked at him blankly. Arnav sighed and then looked at his kids.

"Tell me about them." He said softly smiling. 

That brought a smile on her face. 

Pointing at the little boy in the middle, she said, "This is Aru, Arsh Singh Raizada, the eldest. Mini ASR. He is five minutes older to Ayu and 10 minutes older to Ashi. A complete little Laadgovernor. Completely like you in looks and character. He is very protective and possessive of us. And very much short tempered just like you. My Chota Laadgovernor."

"What the. Khushi, is this how you give description of your kids. Seriously Khushi. I thought you might have changed in this five years. But no, you are still same. Still crazy and mad. Sankadevi." Arnav said shaking his head.

Khushi fumed hearing that. "You Laadgovernor. How dare you call me crazy. And what did you said. That I don't know to give description of my kids. For your kind knowledge, I am their mother. They are my kids. I can talk about them in whatever way I like. I can call them whatever I like. Who are you to say something?"

"I am their father dammit." Arnav said looking at his crazy Khushi.

Khushi twisted her mouth in displeasure and gave a 'whatever' look. Arnav looked at her amused. Gosh, who will say that this woman is the mother of his three kids. Still so childish and immature. But cute. He smiled.

"Now why are you smiling?" She asked frowning.

"Nothing. Now continue." He asked.

She gave him an annoyed look and said OK. Pointing at the other boy, she said, "This is Ayu, Arush Singh Raizada, the second eldest. He is five minutes younger to Aru and five minutes older to Ashi. He is a mixture of both of us. A lot stubborn like you and adorable like me. (Arnav raised his eyebrows at that) My cute baby. He is the peacemaker among his siblings. And lookwise he is completely like you just like Aru."

Pointing at the little girl, she said, "And finally my little baby girl Ashi, Arshi Singh Raizada, the youngest. Well in Buaji's words, she is Choti Sankadevi, mini version of me. Little junior KKGSR. Completely cute, adorable, softy, and full of craziness."

"And all of them have some common characters of us like all three of them like gardening like you, all three of them are big foodies like me, all of them are major cleanliness freaks like you, all three of them are stubborn like both of us, etc, etc, etc. So that is what they are in short." She finished with a smile.

"They are amazing. I can't believe that we made them." Arnav said in a trance.

"Excuse me. What do you mean that you can't believe that we made them. Of course we made them. They are ours. Stop being an idiot." Khushi said frowning.

"Yeah, I can't believe that I made them with a child. God only knows why Police didn't arrested me till now for child abuse for marrying you and making babies with you." Arnav muttered under his breath.

"Excuse me, did you say something now." Khushi asked frowning.

"Huh. No. No. I was just saying that it's late and we should sleep." Arnav said covered up. 

"Yeah right." Khushi said covering herself with blanket and closing her eyes.

Phew. Narrow escape. Arnav thought. He too closed his eyes to catch some sleep.

So how did you liked the twist. Did anyone expected it. Sorry I couldn't add pics. 

For more stay tuned.

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Sep 24

Arnav lashes out (By Rupakukku) (Thanked: 117 times)

Chapter 4

Next day morning

It was a very pleasant morning for Arnav. After many years, Arnav had a wide smile on his face after his eyes opened. Why not. The first scene that saw itself was so heartwarming. His Khushi and kids snuggling up to him and sleeping with adorable smiles. How cute. He didn't felt like getting up from the bed or going to jogging. Deciding to skip one day of his exercise , he closed his eyes and snuggled in the bed with his family. He didn't realise when he fell asleep again.

His eyes opened again after sometime to see his kids trying to wake him up while getting ready to go to school. He sat on the bed and saw them getting ready. Khushi was making Arshi's long hair in stylish plait while Arav and Arush were wearing their shoes.

Arnav sat on the bed admiring them. Khushi came and gave him his towel asking him to get ready. Arnav immediately got fresh and got ready in his office attire. Coming out of the walk in closet all ready to go to office, he saw kids and Khushi all ready and packing their bags for school and office.

Arnav came down and saw everyone at the Pooja room doing morning arti. Guess all got up late. He thought. Sighing he went and sat on the couch reading newspaper. After Pooja, all came to living room. Arnav saw all in casual wears. Why nobody seems to be in a hurry. He was confused. He shrugged.

Anjali came and sat beside him. "Why you got up early, Chote. You are all ready to go to office. Do you have an early morning meeting. You wait, I will ask Payalji to serve the breakfast. We all will have an early breakfast today."

"What the. I am not early, Di. I guess you all got up late." Arnav said frowning.

"No Chote, we all are on time only." Anjali said.

"What the. What is the time now?"

"Seven thirty." Anjali said frowning.

What??? Why did Khushi and kids go up so early and got ready. School starts at 9o'clock, no. Arnav thought confused.

"What happened, Chote?" Anjali asked frowning.

"No, nothing." Arnav said still confused. Just then he saw Khushi and kids coming down all ready to go to school and office.

He stood and came near them. "Where are you guys going?" Arnav asked.

"Mumma's office." Arshi replied.

"Why? So early in the morning." Arnav asked confused.

Khushi looked at everyone and then looking at Arnav and said, "I have some work at the office. So going early."

"OK." Arnav said sighing. " Atleast have breakfast and go."

"No." The kids shouted together.

"Why?" Arnav asked frowning.

"We will have in Mumma's office." Arsh said looking at other two.

The other two also nodded their head and said, "Yeah. We will have in Mumma's office."

"Why? You guys can have breakfast here, no. The breakfast is already ready. You can have breakfast here and then go. By the way which school you are studying." Arnav asked.

"Elite International School.(Imaginary)" Arush said.

"That's the same school Arav studies, no. Then there is no problem. You guys can have breakfast and relax and then when Arav goes to school, you can go with him. Anyway someone has to drop him, you guys can also go with them." Arnav said smiling.

Hearing that, all three pairs of little eyes widened. "NO." They shouted together.

Hearing their shout, everyone was shocked. "What? What happened?" Arnav asked concerned.

The three looked at each other and then gestured Arnav to come closer. Arnav came closer and kneeled in front of them. Others looked at them confused.

"We don't want to go with Arav Bhayya." Arshi said whispering making sure nobody hears other than Arnav and them.

"Why?" Arnav also lowered his voice.

"Arav Bhayya doesn't like us. He always bully us. We don't want to go with Arav Bhayya." Arush said whispering.

Arnav frowned hearing that. He gritted his teeth in anger knowing that Arav bullies his kids. But looking at the innocent faces of his kids, he took a deep breath and calmed his anger. He didn't wanted to scare his kids away by his anger.

"Didn't you guys complained to teacher." Arnav asked.

"We did. Arav Bhayya bullies others also. Many times, we told teacher. Sometimes she punishes him. But Arav Bhayya is not bothered about that. He comes back and bullies us more. Many times, teacher called Anjali Bui to school to complain about Arav Bhayya but Bui doesn't say anything to Bhayya. She scolds us. She scolded Mumma too. She said Mumma to tell us to not complain about Arav Bhayya to teacher." They said.

Arnav frowned hearing that. What the. What's happening. Arav bullies his kids. Why Di or anybody doesn't say anything to him. What's wrong. He should talk to Khushi and Di about this later. He should know what the actual matter is. He couldn't say or do anything just based on kid's version. Maybe they are misunderstanding something. They are small kids. Can't completely rely on their version. But he has to talk to Khushi and Di about this matter.

"OK. Leave that. You don't have to go to school with Arav. But come and have breakfast. Then you can go with your Mumma." Arnav said trying to pacify them.

"No." They denied yet again.


"We don't want to eat breakfast from here." Arshi said.

"Why?" Arnav asked confused again.

"We don't like the food. Anjali Bui only make toast and juice daily as Arav Bhayya likes that. We don't like toast and juice. It's yuck. No taste. We will go with Mumma. There Mumma will make yummy yummy breakfast for us." Arshi said cheekily.

Arnav was amused hearing that. So that's the matter. But why Di makes only toast and juice daily. OK. If Arav likes it. Fine. She can make it for Arav. But for Arav, she doesn't have to make all others also have toast and juice only. There are other kids at home. There likes and dislikes should also be taken to consideration.

Earlier also, daily for him toast and juice were made. But for others, other breakfast was also made. Then why now only toast and juice are made. This is not right. He had to do something.

"Dada?" Arshi called him seeing him zoned out.

Coming out of his thought, he smiled at them and stood up. Others looked at them confused not understanding what they were whispering.

"OK. If you want to have breakfast after going to Mumma's office, then fine." Arnav said.

Hearing that the little ones smiled.

"Khushi, wait for few minutes. I will just get my bags and come, then we will go." Arnav said.

Khushi nodded her head.

"But Chote, you didn't had your breakfast." Anjali said frowning.

"It's OK, Di. I will have it in Khushi's office with them." Arnav said smiling at his kids who were smiling widely at the prospect of having breakfast with their Dada.

"But Chote, I made your favourite breakfast. Toast and Juice." Anjali said trying to convince him.

Arnav frowned hearing that. When did his sister become obsessed with Toast  and Juice. Then shrugging his shoulder, Arnav said, "It's OK, Di. It's not necessary that everyday I should have Toast and juice. There is no harm if I eat something else once in a while."

Khushi looked at Arnav amused. The kids were having wide smiles on their faces hearing that, seeing which Arnav was happy. But Anjali frowned at his reply.

Well how can the snake keep quiet seeing all these. So finally the snake decided to talk. " But Arnav, me and Arav are not ready yet. We didn't have breakfast also. I don't think we can get ready so fast. Also you know na, we don't like Khushi's food. So I think you should stay back. We will have breakfast together and after dropping Arav to school, we can go office together." Sheetal said smiling apologetically  or rather fake smiling.

Hearing her, the kids frowned. Who's she? They were seeing her for the first time. And they surely didn't like her. She's trying to keep their Dada away from them. And kids definitely didn't like her even one percent.

Khushi looked at her angrily. She gritted her teeth angrily. This woman, she surely knows to pull her wrong strings. She felt like smashing her head at something.

But the person who was most angry hearing her was Arnav. Damn this woman. She always manages to make his mood sour. He clenched his jaws and fisted her hands. He felt like throwing her down a cliff. He didn't wanted to shout at anyone early in the morning, but this woman is hell bent on making him angry.

His gaze went to his kids. They were looking at Sheetal confused. He closed his eyes. Trying to calm his rage for few minutes, he told his kids, "Babies, take Mumma and go to car. Dada is coming now. OK."

"OK. Dada." Nodding their heads, they went out dragging a frozen Khushi with them.

As soon as he saw that they were out of sight Arnav turned to Sheetal with angry bloodshot eyes. Well if Sheetal saw his anger, then she ignored it and started speaking as if she is not bothered about anything, "But Arnav, I don't think..."

Uh-Oh. Guess Sheetal did a very big mistake because she was cut off by a roar that shook the foundation of Shantivan. Good that kids were already out in the car porch otherwise they would have definitely go scared.

"Shut up Sheetal." The angry lion roared making everyone shiver in fear. Sheetal gulped scared.

"Arnav, I...." Sheetal tried to speak but she couldn't say anything seeing the piercing angry eyes.

"I said shut up dammit." Arnav shouted. "How many times. Huh, how many times did I told you to not call me Arnav but call me ASR. Can't get a simple thing in your mind. And what were you saying few minutes back. That I shouldn't go with my wife And kids. Well who the hell do you think you are to decide that. You are just an employee in my office and a pathetic charity case whom my wife had brought into this house feeling pity on you and your bratty son."

"But you guys are hell bent on insulting my wife and kids. And who are you to make decisions in this house and my life. This is my house and my family. What I should do in my house, for my family is my decision. You better stay out of this. And what were you saying? That I should wait for you and your son to get ready and I should drop you and your son to school and office. What do you think of me? Do I look like your and your son's driver to you. Even my own wife never orders me like this and who are you to tell what I should and what I shouldn't do. Listen to me carefully Ms Sheetal Kapoor. I don't care what you think and what you do. But till the time you and your son are staying here, talk to my family members especially with my wife And kids with respect. And teach some respect and manners to your son also. Also one more thing start looking for a place to stay. That too Asap. Got it." Arnav said or rather shouted.

Sheetal looked at him shocked and scared.

"I asked got it?" Arnav shouted.

"Ye...yes ASR." Sheetal said slowly nodding her head.

Arnav sighed and went to his room to get his bag. Soon everyone saw Arnav walking out of the house with a small smile creeping on his lips. Everyone looked at him shocked. Few minutes back he was roaring like a wounded lion now smiling.

Arnav came out of the house and saw Khushi and kids waiting for him in the car porch. He smiled at them.

"So ready, Babies?" Arnav asked smiling.

"Dada, we are not babies." Arsh said frowning.

Arnav chuckled at them. "OK, big guy. Let's go then."

Hearing that Arsh gave a wide smile and cutely nodded his head. Then all three ran to the BMW parked there. Arnav was confused seeing the car. It was not his car. Also he didn't remember seeing this car the previous day when he came.

"Where are you guys going? Whose car is that?" Arnav asked confused.

"Dada, this is Mumma's car. Come let's go. I am feeling very hungry. Come. Come. Let's go quickly." Arshi said while opening the car door.

Arnav looked at her amused. He looked at the car once. It's really a good choice. He smiled at Khushi. She gave him a small smile and went to help the kids get into the car. Arnav asked Mohan (his driver) to get his car to office and then went to help Khushi.

After getting kids settled in their seats, Khushi went and sat on the driver's seat. Arnav raised his eyebrows seeing that. Then shaking his head, he settled in the passenger seat letting his wife drive them.

"Can we go?" Khushi asked him.


"Then your car?"

"Mohan will get it to office. I guess you have to drop me to AR as well after dropping kids to school." Arnav said smiling.

Nodding her head, Khushi started the car and soon they were on the roads of Delhi. Arnav talked with kids about their likes and dislikes while Khushi drove.

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A glimpse through Khushi's life (By Rupakukku) (Thanked: 124 times)

Chapter 5

Soon they reached their destination. Arnav frowned seeing them entering into a mall type building.

"Why are we here? Do you have something to buy or anything?" Arnav asked frowning.

Khushi looked at him and then shaking her head, she drove the car to the ba****t car park. Kids giggled hearing Arnav's question making Arnav's frown deepen.

"Dada, we are not here for shopping. This is Mumma's office." Arush said still giggling.

"What the." Arnav looked at the multistoreyed building shocked. It looked like a posh shopping centre. In the ground two floors, there were restaurant area and the top floors were mainly for clothes. There were also few floor containing other appliances like stationary, household etc.

"Khushi, this..." Arnav couldn't say anything. He thought that Khushi ran her catering services and maybe would have started a hotel or something. But this, he never thought she ran a shopping centre.

"Come, I will tell you." Khushi said getting out of the car. Arnav followed her silently along with kids. Khushi took him to her private lift and they went to the first floor. Entering inside, Arnav saw the atmosphere of a seven star hotel.

Khushi immediately walked inside the cooking area. Kids got inside a private room. Arnav followed them and saw that it's their private cabin. There he saw Khushi's photo with kids on the wall and he saw kids settling themselves on the chairs and watching TV.

Seeing them engrossed in the cartoon, Arnav moved out of the cabin and went to the cooking area to see Khushi. Entering inside, he saw chefs cooking food. He looked around and saw Khushi cooking in a private cooking area. She was wearing a chef's apron and hat. He smiled at her.

He came near her and saw her engrossed in cooking. "Can I help you with anything?" He asked smiling.

Khushi looked at him amused and then shaking her head and said, "No need. You can go and sit with kids. I will bring the food in a while."

"What will I do with kids. They are watching cartoon. Comeon let me help you. I am not a bad cook." Arnav replied.

"Do you even know to cook?" Khushi asked smirking.

"Hey. Don't underestimate me. I am ASR. I can do anything. Anyways I have been cooking for myself for last five years. So yeah, I guess I am not such a bad cook. I can cook a few things." Arnav said smirking.

Khushi looked at him hearing that. "Why? Why do you have to cook for yourself? Wasn't there Sheetal with you? She would have cooked for you, right?" Khushi asked with an unreadable expression.

Arnav frowned hearing that. " What the. Who told you that Sheetal was staying with me. No ways. I can't even tolerate her for few minutes. Forget about staying with her for five years."

"I thought you liked her company."

He looked at her shocked. "What the. Khushi..." He cried.

He sighed seeing her expressionless face. Damn, when did she started keeping such faces. **** she looked good at it. Why couldn't I just read it? It looked so difficult to understand what is going on inside her. Earlier he could read her as an open book. Now she looked so difficult to understand.

Yesterday when he saw her, he wanted to talk to her, ask her so many questions, tell her how much he missed her and all. But then they were surrounded by kids and he couldn't talk to her much. He was shocked seeing kids all of a sudden, so he got engrossed with them. Getting to know them, spend time with them etc. He just felt like spending maximum time with kids to make it up to past 5 years.

He thought he would talk to Khushi after they slept. But then he noticed how tired she looked so skipped that idea and let her sleep. But what confused him more was Khushi's reaction. He didn't expect her to react so casual with him. He thought of a lot of scenarios, from a crying Khushi to an angry Khushi. Even he expected her to shout at him and slap and beat him. But no, she looked so calm and composed like nothing happened. Now also she has that calm and unreadable expression on her face that he couldn't understand what is going on inside her. 

He decided to correct her misunderstandings first. Taking a breath, he said, "Khushi, listen. It's all a misunderstanding. I don't know who told you that I am staying with Sheetal in one house. But that's not true. Agreed that I took Sheetal along with me when I went to New York. But that's only because Di insisted. I tried to make her understand a lot but she was adamant and I couldn't do anything. I am sorry for that. But trust me, I never wanted to take Sheetal along with me. And I was not staying with Sheetal in one house. I was staying in our house at New York and Sheetal was staying in employee's quarters. I never met her other than at office that too when it's only necessary."

Khushi looked at him and didn't say anything. Arnav sighed seeing her not responding. He just held her and turned her towards him making her look at him.

"Khushi, please listen to me. I know that you are upset about Sheetal. But trust me I don't have any sort of relation with her. I know I never told you this before but the truth is that the only girl I ever had any relation with is you. Sheetal. She was my friend in my college days. Well not really friend but we used to be in same friends group. We had similar likes and dislikes so everyone thought that we would be a good pair.

"But you know what I used to think about love, marriage and all. So I never showed any interest in all these matters. But after sometime everyone in group gradually started being a pair. At that time, my friends insisted me to give her a chance. Due to their pestering, I took her for few casual dates like some coffee, dinner, movie etc. But there was nothing between us. It was all casual dates. We used to go like friends, have food, talk and all. Nothing much. But then after sometime Sheetal slowly started changing.

"She started being demanding and wanted more from our relation. But I wasn't comfortable with all that. I never wanted to get into a serious relationship at that time. I had lot of goals in my life. I wanted to stand on my own, do business, support family, all those things. So I  rejected her advances and said her that we should call off her relationship. Initially she was reluctant and tried to persuade me but I told her that I never believed in all these love, marriage and all, so it's better if we don't have any relation. I ended it with her. My friends were upset but gradually they understood me. Sheetal also slowly came around. After two weeks of our break up, I came to know that she is dating another guy who was a very rich Indian.

"I was confused first about her behaviour because first she was very upset about our breakup. But soon she got into a new relationship. But then I didn't bothered much about it. I was in my final year and I had lot to study. So I didn't thought about Sheetal after that. Even I didn't see her after that. Then I saw her only one time, on our farewell after four months of our breakup. She was with her boyfriend and they looked much in love. Truth to be told, I was happy and relieved seeing her with her boyfriend because I was always scared that she would come back to me with her clingy nature. But fortunately that didn't happened.

"After that I came back to India and then AR happened. My whole life just revolved around AR and my family until you came crashing. Trust me Khushi, before you, there was never a girl who had made a place in my heart like you. You were my first in everything. I know I had girlfriends. I wouldn't deny that. But they were all just in friends zone only. Most of the time, it would be any model of AR, so that I could promote them. But never ever I had any relation with any of them.

"Khushi, trust me when I say this neither there was nor there is nor there will be a girl who will have right on me like you. I always just belonged to you and I will always just belong to you. Nobody can ever take your place in my life. Khushi, you know what happened in my parent's life. My father had cheated on my mother, he never cared about my mother or us. All he cared was about his own happiness. Khushi, not even in my dreams could I ever think of being like him. I will never betray you like my father did to my mother. Khushi, trust me when I say this Arnav Singh Raizada only belonged to one girl in this world and that's you and it will always be you.

"Regarding Sheetal, trust me, if it was in my hands, I would have thrown her out of our lives long back but unfortunately, I had to tolerate her all these years just because Di was adamant on keeping Sheetal with me. Don't know why. You know what many times I had tried to send Sheetal back to India and call you to New York. But what could I do. You never came on phone and I couldn't do anything. I even told Di many times but then every time that topic just got brushed like many other." Arnav said with a sigh.

Khushi was silently hearing everything. She didn't say anything but just allowed him to talk his feelings out. Arnav felt hurt seeing her ignoring him and acting nonchalant as if nothing bothers her. He looked at Khushi standing silently lost in her thoughts.

"Khushi..." Arnav called her softly cupping her left cheek. "Are you still upset with me?"

Khushi looked at him coming out of her thoughts. "Arnavji, I... There's nothing like that. It's just that it has been a lot of time and I need some time." Khushi said softly looking down.

Arnav sighed hearing that. "Khushi, I know it has been a long time and lot of things have changed. I could see that. But Khushi, in all these years, our love didn't change, no. We are still that old Arnav and Khushi. Our love is also same. We are still same, Khushi."

Khushi looked at him with moist eyes. Arnav hugged her and kissed her forehead. Khushi snuggled to him hiding herself in his chest.

"I missed you, Khushi. I missed you so much." Arnav said tightening the hold hugging her closer.

"I missed you too, Arnavji. I missed you too." Khushi said softly crying.

"Really, Khushi? And that's why you never called me or talked to me when I used to call." Arnav asked painfully.

Breaking the hug, Khushi asked with confusion. "You used to call?"

"Didn't you know, I used to call daily. Everyday I used to talk with everyone, only you wouldn't be there. I used to daily ask about you but everyday the same answer, either you wouldn't be at home or you are busy. Why, Khushi? Didn't you wanted to talk to me? I used to call everyday hoping today I would get to talk with you. But you never talked. I know you were busy. You might have had been busy in work and looking after kids. But you could have talked to me once in a while, right? I know you might have been angry with me because of our fight and all that Sheetal-Arav matter. But Khushi, at least once you could have talked to me in these five years. Do you know how much I missed you in these five years. How much I yearned to at least hear you voice. You know I used to call in your old number for hours in the first two years after I went to New York, but nobody used to pick it up. I used to feel so helpless. Then later, one day, the answer was this number does not exist. I felt my hopes shattering slowly. Why, Khushi? Why? Was I so bad? Couldn't you have talked to me at least once? If you didn't wanted to call, at least you could have asked Di or someone to give me your new number. But no. You didn't do that also. You even didn't tell me about our kids. Why, Khushi? Didn't I had any right to know about them? You know if I had even a slightest idea of their existence, I would have left everything and came back. I never wanted my kids to feel that for their father, there is something more important than them but see what happened. They think that for me, my work is more important than them. Why, Khushi? Why?" Arnav asked with pain. His voice chocked with emotion and tears accumulated at the back of his eyes.

Khushi was softly crying in his embrace. " Arnavji, I... I am... I didn't..... I...." She didn't knew what to say. She just cried in his arms.

They were crying in each other's arms feeling the pain they went though. Thankfully they were in a private area so nobody saw them crying. They were just holding each other and giving each other support. But their moment was broken when the three little munchkins came calling for their Mumma Dada.

"Mumma, Dada what are you doing?" Arshi asked confused seeing their parents.

Hearing them, both of them composed themselves immediately. Arnav rapidly blinked his eyes to hide the tears and put on a big smile on his lips. Khushi who was facing her back to kids also quickly composed herself wiping the tears and turned back to them smiling. Arnav went and keeled in front of the kids.

"What are you guys doing here? You were watching cartoon right." Arnav asked smiling.

"Yeah. But it has been so long and Mumma didn't brought food so we came here to see her. But what were you doing?" Arsh asked confused.

"Oh. It has been so long, huh. Sorry babies. Vo.. We were talking no, so we didn't realise time. You guys go and watch TV, Mumma and Dada will come with yummy yummy breakfast for you, OK." Arnav said.

"OK." The three replied happily.

"Mumma, jalebi too." Arshi said smiling cutely.

Arnav raised his eyebrows hearing that.

"Ashi, no jalebis in morning, OK." Khushi said sternly.

"Mumma, please." Arshi pleaded making a cute puppy dog face.

Arnav looked at her in awe. She is so cute. Khushi almost melted seeing her face but then composed herself and shook her head indicating no. Arshi pouted seeing that.

"No Jalebis in the morning but good babies get jalebis in the evening." Khushi said smiling.

Hearing that all three little ones had huge grin on their faces. They hugged Khushi happily and then ran away to watch TV. Arnav who was watching all these, shook his head smiling.

"What?" Khushi asked him seeing his smile.

"You were right. They are actually big foodies like you." Arnav said smiling.

"Yeah, so? Some your qualities, some mine. Kids are like that, right. Goes on both parents. Not like clones." Khushi said.

"Yeah, true. Kids can never be clones." Arnav said smiling widely. "So you didn't still answer me?"

"What?" Khushi asked confused.

"About what work I should do." Arnav said smirking.

Khushi remembered from where all the talks started. Shaking her head, she took a plate of vegetables and gave to Arnav asking him to cut them. Arnav smiling started cutting it. Together they started cooking the breakfast. After cutting vegetables, Arnav was looking around when he saw a logo on the door.

"Ocean of Happiness." Arnav read aloud. Khushi looked at him hearing that.

Seeing her looking at him, Arnav asked, "Ocean of Happiness?"

"Ocean of Happiness." Khushi said nodding her head.

"I am always yours, baby." Arnav said in a husky tone coming closer to Khushi.

"Huh." Khushi said confused. Now where did that come from.

Arnav smiled seeing her confused. He took her hand in his and kept it above his heart and said, "Ocean" and then keeping her hand over her heart said  "of Happiness. Khushi's Arnav."

Khushi looked at him with her signature 3'Os. Arnav winked at her and walked away whistling.

"Laadgovernor." Khushi muttered under her breath. Shaking her head, she continued to make breakfast. But you could see the red hue appearing on her cheeks.????

After sometime, Khushi came with yummy yummy breakfast as promised along with Arnav's favourite toast and juice making him shocked. Then what. The whole family had their first breakfast together with lots of fun and happiness.

After breakfast, Khushi and kids took Arnav around the shopping centre. Arnav was seeing everything happily and with proud. He was happy for his wife and was proud of her achievements. Arnav noticed that though it looked like a mall from outside, it was actually a textile showroom with hotel and other household items included.

"This is amazing, Khushi. I first thought that it's a mall but never thought it to be textile showroom. Everything looks so stylish and classy. Really wonderful. I am so happy for you." Arnav said smiling.

"Dada, come, I will show you something." Arshi said dragging Arnav with her. She took him to one special corner of the third floor consisting of ethnic Saree wears.

"Dada, see these are Mumma's collections. Ocean of Happiness collections. All these are designed by Mumma herself. Isn't amazing. You know when I grow up I will wear lots of sarees like this. Mumma will design for me." Arshi said smiling cutely.

Arnav looked at the sarees in awe. It all looked so beautiful, classy and stylish. Being a fashion designer himself, he could say that all these are going to be the new trend. All the designs were unique and beautiful. Arnav looked at his wife who looked a bit nervous. Maybe worried about his opinion.

He shook his head and came near her smiling. He hugged her sideways and said, "You are right, Ashi. Your Mumma's collection is really beautiful and amazing. Marvellous."

Arnav felt Khushi relaxing in his arms with a child like smile coming on her lips. She looked like a little child who was appreciated by her teacher for coming first. Indeed Arnav's compliment mattered a lot to her. After all he's the best in the field. Kids also beamed seeing their Dada compliment their Mumma.

After that Arnav started looking around. Khushi and kids took him to each floor showing the different collections. But every time, Arnav noticed that Ocean of Happiness collections stood unique and stylish. Arnav was really happy seeing his wife's beautiful collections. Indeed his wife was an awesome fashion designer.

But he also noticed that there were no collections of AR Designs in the showroom. All other big and small brands including his rival company brands were present but not even a single piece of AR collection. He decided to talk to Khushi regarding this later.

Now he just wanted to see the achievements of his wife. Truth to be told he was so proud of her.

After the little tour around the mall, they came to the gaming zone of the mall. The kids went to play there and Khushi and Arnav sat on the chairs seeing them.

Arnav turned to Khushi and said, "You never told me that you were interested in fashion designing. I never knew you ran a textile shop. I thought it was a hotel all this time."

Khushi looked at him and then as if in thoughts started talking. "Hmm. I always loved designing. I wanted to be a fashion designer. It was my dream from the start. After twelfth, I got into college and was pursing my dreams. Everything was fine initially. I was happy and the whole family were happy for me. I was in my final year when suddenly one day Babuji's health deteriorated. Amma called me and asked me to come to hospital immediately. There we came to know to know that Babuji had a mild heart attack. We were so scared.

"He was in hospital for two weeks. After that he came back home. He was very weak at that time. Couldn't do much work, used to easily get tired and all. Still Babuji and everyone asked me to go to college. Jiji had just finished her degree then. So she was at home. She started helping Babuji at the sweetshop. I once again started going college. Everyone encouraged me.

"But then one day when I came back home from college, I heard someone shouting at my Babuji. Babuji was standing helpless, Amma and Jiji were crying. Buaji was in Delhi at that time. They were moneylenders and they were abusing Babuji for money. It was then I came to know that Babuji had taken money from them for my fees and when he was admitted in hospital, Amma and Buaji also had to lend money for expenses.

"I felt so bad at that time. My whole family was suffering and I was in my own bubble enjoying life. All that time, not even for once, anyone told me about the problems, nor made me feel that I was adopted or they were doing a huge favour on me. All of them were suffering letting me live my dream. I felt so selfish.

"I decided to let go of my dreams for my family. All tried to persuade me to complete my studies but I somehow convinced them. I said that after we give away all the loan, I will complete my studies. Somehow by working day and night, me, Babuji and Jiji gathered money and completed all the loan. Then that proposal came for Jiji and we were all happy for her. We once again started working hard to get money for the marriage. Somehow we got money and everything was going fine. Then you know what happened. The marriage didn't happened and we had to come here.

"Due to the marriage breaking, we had lots of loan. So I decided to work instead of going to college. Then I met you and everything happened in my life. After Sheetalji came in our life only, I realised what I was actually giving up in my life. My dreams. In between all the happenings of my life, I had actually forgotten about my goal for which me and my family suffered so much.

"I decided to fulfill my dreams. I talked with Amma and Buaji and they supported me. Babuji was also very much happy. In fact it was his dream also to see me as a fashion designer. I tried to talk to you but you were busy. Then Buaji had to go to Lucknow for some work. So we went to my college and got my TC and certificates.

"Then I came to know that I was pregnant. I tried to talk to you many times but you just ignored me in the beginning and then every time I tried to talk one or other would come and disturb us. I was confused whether I should go ahead with my plans to study along with my pregnancy. But then I thought to go and see in the college. You remember the day you went to New York. That day I went to college. There I saw a girl like me who was heavily pregnant coming to college. That gave me strength and I took admission in college. I came back home happily to tell all these with you but you had already left. I felt so bad at that time.

"But then I started studying. Everyone helped me. Shuklaji and me started a small catering service along with our dabba service. In my college also everyone was so supportive. I got few good friends who supported me. I was in my final year and there were only four months left for the exams and I studied hard and completed my exams.

"After passing out, I rented a small shop here. In this same place. I started a small boutique along with our catering service. I started my small Ocean of Happiness. Initial two years were bit difficult. My pregnancy, then babies, designing, catering service, everything. I had to do everything alone, so it was bit hectic. But then slowly everything started falling in place. Our babies were really supportive. I don't know how they did it, but every time I felt a bit low. They cheered me and gave me new strength. Slowly everything changed.

"Our catering service grew. We started getting big orders. Boutique also started becoming famous. Customers grew. We got more work. After two years of hard work, finally I bought this plot and now this building. With time the number of floors increased and our work also increased. Catering services changed to seven star hotel with home delivery and big catering orders. Boutique changed to textile shop. And now other things are getting included like stationary and household etc. We are planning to buy the nearby plot also. Almost all the transactions are over. In a couple of weeks, it will come to our hand. Then I was planning to start a supermarket with few other floors of different things. The plan is on. But it will take some more time. So that's it. My small journey."

Arnav looked at his wife in awe. She was truly an amazing and admirable person. He couldn't get words to describe her. She achieved so much on her own without any support. He couldn't express his happiness on seeing her standing so strong.

He hugged her and kissed his forehead. Khushi smiled at his gesture. "I am so proud of you, Khushi." Arnav said hugging her tight. Khushi felt tears brimming in her eyes getting his support and appreciation. She felt content.

Soon kids came back from playing. Arnav and Khushi, then dropped them to school. After that Khushi dropped Arnav at AR Designs before going back to Ocean of Happiness.

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Story of AR Designs (By Rupakukku) (Thanked: 127 times)

Chapter 6

Arnav stood in front of AR Designs. His first baby. After five years he was back to the place where he started everything. His parent company. As soon as Arnav stepped inside the office, silence spread and all the staff stood up. Aman came running to him.

Few employees greeted him but he without acknowledging anything went to his cabin making all the employees realise that now the lion is back, they better pull their horses and get ready for the race. No mercy would be shown. Five years of bliss is finally over.

Entering inside his cabin, Arnav stood for a moment letting the feelings of coming back sink in. Then quickly got engrossed in his work. By the time, it was lunch, the whole office were working as if there was some sort of dagger kept on their necks. A few employees even had the opportunity to kiss their jobs goodbye forever. Aman felt as if he was standing on fire. Everyone saw him running around doing all sort of work.

Finally it was lunch break and every employee sighed in relief. Few minutes of relaxation. Arnav asked peon to get his and Aman's lunch to his cabin. He called Aman to have lunch with him so that both the friends could talk and also discuss some business matters. Aman readily agreed.

Few minutes later, Aman along with peon carrying food entered inside. After serving the food, peon left. Arnav and Aman started having food. Tasting the food, Arnav frowned.

"What the." Arnav asked frowning.

"What happened, ASR?" Aman asked confused.

"From where did you get this food? It doesn't taste like Khushi's food, neither it has any similarity with Khushi's food." Arnav asked confused.

"It's because it's not Khushi Bhabhi's food." Aman said understanding the matter.

"What? But why? Why are we having this food? Earlier we used to have her Dabba service food here, right. Then why are we having this food, now. I know Khushi runs a catering service now. But they also have dabba service right. Then why are we not getting food from there. Or Did she stopped Dabba service?" Arnav asked confused. In the morning Khushi had told him about catering service. He doesn't remember whether she told about Dabba service or not.

Aman sighed hearing his questions. He himself couldn't understand half of the things happening in this office. But he decided to say everything to ASR and come clear. Only ASR could do anything regarding all these.

"ASR, Khushi Bhabhi does have a dabba service even now. Truth to be told almost all the big small companies in this city gets food from her dabba service only. They have the most tastiest food. Even we used to get food from them only. But I don't know what happened. All of a sudden three years back, Akash took decision that we will have a canteen in our company itself and all the employees would eat from there only. I asked him about it. He told me that it's better if we provide food for employees ourselves so that we can cost from Batta that we give employees everyday for food. From then on we get food from canteen. We appointed few chefs and also increased the canteen area for food. But truth to be told the food that we get from canteen is so bad. Most of the time, there is complaints from employees but then nobody voice it out in fear of losing their jobs. I even told Akash about it few times but he just brushed the topic away." Aman said.

Arnav was lost in his thoughts. What's happening? Why Akash took such a decision. Agreed he did it to cut cost. But why this method. Anyways, employees were getting food from Khushi's dabba service only. The food and the money both are from our side only. We were not having any loss. At the end the money was going to our family only then why did he took such a step. He was not getting anything.

Arnav came out of this hearing Aman calling him. Aman asked him to have food. Nodding his head, Arnav started having food. Then his thoughts went to other things. He remembered what he noticed in Khushi's showroom in the morning. He decided to ask Aman about it.

"Aman, today morning, I went to Khushi's showroom. There I saw that they have all the collection of every brand even our rival's but only AR brands were missing. Why is it so? Why we are not supplying our designs to her showroom. As far as I could see Khushi's showroom is one of the biggest textile showroom in the city. Even though it was early morning I went there, still there were customers. So it's obvious, they have good sales. Then why are we not supplying our designs there. Every other designs are there, only ours was missing. I mean it's Khushi's showroom, and she is my wife. In her showroom every brand is present only our brand is absent. It's so confusing. Why so?" Arnav asked thinking. What's going on. Why everything seems so strange.

Aman looked at Arnav not knowing what to tell him. Arnav doesn't even know even half of the matter, then also he is reacting like this. What will happen if he knows everything? But it's necessary for him to know everything.

"ASR, you have food after that we will discuss all these. There are lot of things. Many things even I couldn't understand much. It's all so confusing. You finish your food then I will tell you everything in detail." Aman said.

Arnav frowned hearing all that. Nevertheless he agreed and started having his food. He had to reach the end of the mystery. Everything seems so confusing. Something is definitely wrong. He has to find out.

After having food and taking his medicines, Arnav sat on his chair waiting for Aman to tell him everything. Aman sat in front of him lost in his thoughts.

"ASR, I don't know what to say? There are  lot of things. It all seems confusing. Even I don't know what the full matter is. I will tell you whatever I know." Aman slowly started.

Arnav nodded his head asking him to go ahead.

"ASR, after you went to New York, Akash started taking care of everything. Initially everything was good. He used to come everyday on time, work, maintain everything nicely. The work was also going good. Then after few months, Khushi Bhabhi started her boutique - Ocean of Happiness. She used to design clothes and sell them. Only her designs used to be there.

"At that time, I suggested Akash that maybe we should help Khushi Bhabhi and should supply some of our designs to her boutique so that she could get good customers and could make a foundation. But Akash denied me. He told that it's better if Khushi Bhabhi sell her own designs so that she could make a foundation on her own merits. I thought that it's better. Knowing how much Bhabhi values her self respect, I thought maybe that's what she wants. But Then at that time Bhabhi used to sell only her brand. So it wasn't a big thing.

"Soon Ocean of Happiness collections became talk of the city. Their ethnic collections were superb. Specially wedding collections. It was as if, if you want wedding collections, go to Ocean of Happiness. They had amazing collections of wedding dresses. Every style, every type, from lehengas to sarees, even gown. Wedding collection became their speciality. I was in Mumbai during that time for our branch there. I came to know about all these through my sources.

"Before three years, when I came back. I came to know that Bhabhi is planning to renovate her boutique. After five months, Bhabhi opened one of the biggest textile showroom in Delhi. By then Ocean of Happiness had become the brand of wedding collections and ethnic wears in Delhi. Truth to be told, if Bhabhi would have started a few more showrooms like that, all the big fashion houses would be running for their money. She was that much amazkng." Aman said smiling. Arnav was also smiling hearing about his wife's achievements.

Then Aman's facial expression changed. "On the contrary our market was going down. And Akash was least bothered about that. I don't know if I have the right to say this ASR, but Akash became inattentive towards work." Aman said slowly and hesitantly.

"Aman, you know you can tell me anything. Even about Akash. If you feel Akash's wrong, you can directly tell him or you can tell me. You know you have that right. Akash is my brother. But when he is wrong, he is wrong. You are like my brother. When You can correct me when I am wrong. You can also correct Akash when he is wrong. So don't hesitate from next time." Arnav encouraged him.

Aman smiled at him and nodded.

"So what happened was When I came back from Mumbai three years back after solving the Mumbai branch problem, I saw that our Delhi branch was facing huge crisis. Akash would be absent from office most of the days. Even if he comes, he would spend only few minutes and then leave. We started loosing deals, our shares were dropping. It was all a mess. I didn't know what to do. Then somehow I talked with the inverters and we got few new deals and things started stabilising.

"It was then Khushi Bhabhi renovated her boutique and started her textile showroom. She started selling other brands also. I talked to Akash regarding supplying our brands also in Ocean of Happiness. They had good market it would have helped us in regaining the market, we were loosing in Delhi.

"But Akash was completely against it. He strictly denied me of the idea. I tried to convince him but I don't know why but he was adamant. It was then I had to go to Jaipur for the contract of our new company. It took me two months to come back. At that time, even Akash used to come to office regularly. He was working and were making decisions but somehow he was handling things.

"It was at that time Akash started that canteen in our office. But then he was working quiet good. So I thought, he would be able to manage alone for a few months. So I went to Jaipur. But it ended in a disaster. At the time of my absence, everything got toppled in." Aman said sighing.

Arnav frowned hearing that. All these were not giving him good vibes. "What happened like that?" He asked confused.

"Now what will I tell you ASR. I don't understand what were they trying to do by doing all that. After I went to Jaipur, Anjaliji and your Mamiji started a new AR showroom. Do you know where?" Aman asked.

Arnav asked frowning, "Where?"

"Right in front of Ocean of Happiness's showroom." Aman said.

"What the." Arnav looked at him shocked.

"Yeah. I don't understand what they were trying to do by doing all that. Not only that they were selling clothes much lesser than our market price and were giving so much discount that you couldn't believe. Can you imagine ASR, they were selling 50,000 rupees Saree in just 5000 rupees. We had so much loss what do I tell you. Above all that the designs. They copied the exact Ocean of Happiness design and by changing colour and all were selling it with AR brand.

"You can't even imagine what was our condition at that time. It was as if we were coping the collections. Whatever new collection Ocean of Happiness brand brought in the market, the same design will be in our showroom in few months. Because of this, we lost our credibility in the market. All started thinking that we just copy designs. We started loosing market, customers. Even inverters started backing out. It was all a mess. Moreover due to this competition, AR showroom that Anjaliji and Mamiji started also started suffering making huge losses for us.

"Ocean of Happiness had good customers from years and when we started showroom to compete with them, we faced loses. Khushi Bhabhi never said or did anything. She just did her work not bothering about anything. But Anjaliji and Mamiji started doing all the cheap tricks to get customers. But it ended in huge disaster. The foundation that Khushi Bhabhi made with all those years of hard work helped her but it ended in AR's loss. The showroom that Anjaliji and Mamiji started was shut down after few months due to losses.

"I again asked Akash to make a tie up with Ocean of Happiness but he didn't agree. Moreover he took it as a prestige issue. He started making the same design clothes of Ocean of Happiness for our fashion shows as well. Our fashion shows also started becoming huge disaster. According to Akash, we are a multinational company, whatever we showcase will become our brand. Ocean of Happiness collections will have AR tag once we showcase it. I don't know what he was thinking. But at the end we ended in huge losses. We lost so many deals, so many investors, our Delhi branch was almost on the verge of shutting down.

"I tried to make Akash understand but he started becoming frustrated whenever I tried to say something and he would start shouting. But after few days, he stopped coming to office. At the time, somehow I managed to conduct a few fashion shows which helped us and once again we started coming up. But still whenever Akash comes to office, he insist that we copy Ocean of Happiness collections. I don't know why they are doing all these. It was as if they didn't care if our company comes down or face losses, they have to somehow defeat Ocean of Happiness. It's all so confusing ASR. I can't understand what they want." Aman said sighing.

Arnav sat numb hearing everything. What's happening. Why his family is behaving like this. He couldn't understand.

"Why you didn't tell me all these earlier, Aman? The company was facing huge losses in Delhi, in our parent company and I was in New York trying to expand business. You could have told me, right?" Arnav asked Aman.

"ASR, I wanted to tell you but Akash told me that we shouldn't bother as you were far away. We should handle all this on our own. Anyways most of the time Akash gave you updates regarding the work here. So I couldn't interfere. Many times, I wanted to tell but then I didn't know what to tell. If it was about someone else, I would have told you. But it was your own family. How can I say something against them. So... I am sorry, ASR." Aman said apologetically.

"To hell with your sorry, Aman. Even if it was about my family, you could have told me. Didn't you know how much I trusted you? I would have believed you nevertheless. But you... You didn't tell me anything. So much happened and you didn't even once tried to tell me, Aman. I didn't expect this from you." Arnav said disappointed.

"Sorry, ASR." Aman said with bowed head feeling guilty.

"Hmm. Now we have to start from the scratch. In the morning, I was happy for Khushi's achievements. Now see what happened, my own company is in doom. How are we going to fix all these, Aman. It take years to make a place in business world, to gain people's trust, but it takes only minutes to loose that trust. Above that rebuilding it, I don't know how we are going to do all these." Arnav said feeling tired all of a sudden.

"It's OK, ASR. You are ASR. You can do anything. We all are with you. Even Khushi Bhabhi. We will start from scratch if we have to do it. But trust me ASR, it won't be that difficult. Maybe people might have lost trust in AR Designs but they have not lost trust in ASR. Everyone knows once ASR tries, everything will come back to its original heights. We all trust you ASR." Aman said with proud.

"Thank Aman." Arnav said with a smile. Aman smiled at his boss. He felt as if the lion has returned to the jungle and now everything will fall in place. For Aman, only ASR is his boss and it will always be that. For Aman, AR means ASR. If ASR is there, nobody could do anything to AR.

Aman know now AR will be back to its top place in no time maybe this time with Ocean of Happiness by its side not in front of it. He smiled at the thought.

Same day, Evening, Ocean of Happiness

Khushi was working in her cabin when suddenly the door opened and a tired looking Arnav entered. She looked up at him and smiled.

"How was your first day at work. Well after coming back." Khushi asked smiling.


"You look tired."

"Hmm Exhausted." Arnav hummed sitting down and keeping his head on the table.

"Do you need coffee?" Khushi asked.


Seeing her taking intercom to call, he said, "Can you make it? If you don't mind."

She looked at him and smiled. "Sure."

"Hmm. Where is the kids?" Arnav asked looking around.

"They are in the penthouse. In the top floor. Why don't you go there and take some rest. I will wind up in five minutes and come. Then I will make your coffee also." Khushi said smiling softly.

"Hmm OK." Getting up he went to the lift. Reaching the top floor, he saw a beautiful, classy penthouse which he didn't see in the morning. Entering inside, he was greeted with the most pleasant scene that would want to come back home till the end of his life. His kids playing happily. He felt all his tiredness evaporating.

"Good evening, Bachchas." He greeted them smiling.

Seeing him, they came running and hugged his legs. "Good evening, Dada." They sang together.

"So what my Babies are doing?" Arnav asked kneeling in front of them.

"We are playing, Dada." Arush said grinning.

"You also come Dada. We will play together." Arshi said cutely.

"OK." Arnav agreed. Taking Arshi in his arms, he went to play with them.

That was the scene that greeted Khushi when she entered the penthouse after 5 minutes. She raised her eyebrows seeing that. But didn't disturb the father-kids gang and stood at the entrance admiring the sweet scene.

Few minutes later, she entered inside and said teasingly, "I thought someone told me that he is exhausted."

"Yeah. But I am never tired to play with my Babies. Right Babies?" Arnav asked.

"Yes Dada." The three little ones choruses.

Smiling at them, Khushi walked inside the kitchen to make coffee and snacks. Arnav and kids continued playing. Few minutes later, Khushi came out carrying the beverages.

"Now enough of playing, come and have these." She said keeping the tray on the table.

Arnav and kids immediately came and sat on the sofa. Khushi handed Arnav his black coffee and kids their chocolate milkshake. Taking her tea, she slowly started sipping.

"Mumma, Jalebis!!! for us?" Arshi asked jumping up and down in her seat.

Taking the plate of jalebis, she gave to the kids. "Yeah. Here, have."

"Thank you, Mumma." All three said happily munching the jalebis.

Arnav smiled seeing their cute antics. Khushi offered him the other plate of sugar free jalebis and herself started having her plate of jalebis. Arnav was happily admiring his family.

After having them, Khushi went to her cabin to finish her work. Arnav and kids took a small nap in the bedroom.

Three hours later, Arnav got up and saw kids not beside him. He came out of the bedroom and started looking around. It was then he saw the penthouse more clearly. It looked more like a house. He saw toys and games in different rooms. Walking around, he saw a lot of pictures of Khushi and kids. There were lot of pics of kids from their baby photos till now.

It was then he realised that he didn't see even a single photo of kids in Shantivan. Even Arav's pics were there. But not his babies's pics. Why so. One more thing adding to his confusion list. He sighed. His own life looks like a mystery to him right now.

He then heard sound coming from one room. He went there and saw that it was a study room. His babies were studying attentively.

"What my Babies are doing?" Arnav asked walking inside.

"We are doing homework, Dada." Arsh said still looking at his book.

"Oh." Arnav said as if understanding. He was loving it seeing his little babies so engrossed in studying seriously. They looked as if they were studying in some big classes looking all serious doing their work.

Arnav came and sat on the empty chair beside Arush and ruffled his hair. "Dada!" Arush whined setting his hair and then went back looking at his book. Arnav chuckled seeing that.

He then felt a pull on his sleeves. Looking sideways, he saw Arshi gesturing him to come close. He came closer smiling.

"What?" He whispered. He was loving this secret talk game with his baby girl. She looked so cute looked around checking whether anybody's hearing or not. Seeing her brothers engrossed in studying, she came closer and started talking to his whispering as if she is sharing a big secret. Arnav felt like chuckling seeing his cute baby. Aww, she is amazing. He felt like gobbling her up. Then schooling his emotions, he made a serious face and came near her ready to hear her big secret.

"Dada, Don't ruffle Ayu's hair. He is very pose... posses.." She pouted not being able to say the word.

Arnav almost laughed at her cuteness. "Possessive." He helped her.

That brought a wide smile on her face. "Yeah, possessive about his hair. So don't ruffle it. He would start making faces and then would stand of the mirror settling his hair for hours." She said whispering sharing the big secret about her brother with her Dada.

"Oh. OK. OK. I won't ruffle his hair. We don't want him standing in front of mirror for hours, right. Hmm." Arnav said nodding his head.

"Yeah." Arshi nodded her head cutely smiling.

Arnav winked at her smiling. She tried to copy him but instead closed her both eyes. Aw his baby girl. He mentally awed at her.

"Ashi." Arsh's call broke their small secret talk. Arshi looked at him.

"Ashi, did you finish your homework. Mumma will come now." Arsh said and then once again started completing his homework.

"Oh no. I didn't finish." Arshi said dramatically slapping her forehead and again started writing her homework. Arnav chuckled at his daughter's dramatic avatar. Khushi was right. She has gone completely on her. A totally little sankadevi.

Arnav started looking around. He saw their books kept on the table. He took one book and started going through it. He frowned seeing the syllabus. Isn't a bit too hard for his babies. After going through the book, he looked at the cover.

He frowned seeing that. "Textbook of Mathematics, class 3." His babies are just four and a half years, then why are they having third standard books. Shouldn't they be in first standard. Frowning he looked at the other books. All were third standard books only.

"What the" Arnav was looking at all books. Hearing him kids looked up.

"What happened, Dada." Arsh asked seeing his father checking their books with a frown.

"Why are you guys studying this third standard books. You guys were supposed to be in first standard right." Arnav asked confused.

The kids looked at each other and then started grinning.

"What?" Arnav asked seeing their smile.

"We were supposed to be in first standard but then our teacher said that we were good at studies so we skipped a couple of classes. Mumma first admitted us in LKG (Lower Kindergarten) when we were two and a half years. After that the teacher said that we can directly go to school. So when were three and a half years, we were admitted in first standard. But after that our school principal took our IQ test and then she gave us tests for first standard and second standard together which we passed. So she directly put us in third standard. That's why we are studying third standard books now." They said grinning.

"But how did you guys learned second standard syllabus." Arnav asked confused.

"From this." They said pointing at a set of old books kept on the shelf.

"What's that?"

"Arav Bhayya's old books. Vo Arav Bhayya failed in second standard no. At that time..."

Cutting them, Arnav asked shocked, "Arav failed in second standard."

"Yeah, Arav Bhayya failed in second standard. So when he went to repeat second year, he said that he wanted new books. So Bui bought him new books and asked HP uncle to throw away the old books. HP was going to throw it away but then we asked him to give us that and he gave. So when we used to have free time, we used to read and solve questions of that book. Thus we learned everything. Mumma and our teacher also helped us. So we learned everything quickly and we directly got into third standard." They said smiling.

"But now Arav Bhayya is in our class so we can't get his old books. Mumma also said that we skipped two classes already, so now we should study this syllabus itself otherwise it will be too hectic for us. So now we are in third standard." Arsh said sighing.

"Arav is in your class now." Arnav asked.

"Yeah. Last year also Arav Bhayya failed in third standard. Actually Arav Bhayya failed in third standard twice. So now he is in our class." Arush said sadly.

But Arnav frowned hearing that. He thought Arav was good at studies but now kids are saying that he failed regularly. Who fails in second and third standard that too twice. Anyways never mind. Why is he getting worried for that boy unnecessarily when his mother itself is not bothered. These mother-son duo are good at nothing except irritating him and causing trouble.

The kids once again started studying. And Arnav was thinking about the things that happened in the whole day. Few minutes later, he looked at his kids and saw them still engrossed in studying.

"Why are you guys in such a hurry to finish this?" Arnav asked seeing them writing everything fast.

"Vo Mumma will come in some minutes. Before that we have to finish this so that we can clear the doubts and complete rest of the work also." Arush said still writing.

"OK. Relax. Tell me. I will clear it for you guys." Arnav said smiling.

"You will teach us Dada." Arshi asked with a smile. Arsh and Arush also looked at him smiling.

"Yeah, why not. Tell me what doubts you guys have. I will teach you." Arnav said.

"OK." said all three together. Then they started completing their homework with Arnav teaching them.

Few minutes later, Khushi came in and sat kids packing their bags after finishing homework.

"Did you guys finished homework?" Khushi asked confused.

"Yeah." All three nodded their head.

"Didn't you guys had any doubts?" She asked frowning.

"Dada taught us." Arshi said smiling cutely and other two also nodded their heads.

Khushi raised her eyebrows hearing that.

"You taught them." She asked with an amused smile.

"Yeah. No big deal." Arnav said shrugging.

"OK. Fine. Come let's have dinner." Khushi said and walked to the kitchen to take plates to serve dinner.

Kids also came to dining hall pulling Arnav with them. All of them settled on the dining table and started having their food.

After having food, all five took their things and went home. It was almost eight thirty when reached home. Entering inside, they saw the whole family sitting in the living room.

As soon as they entered, Anjali jumped up from her place and came running to Arnav.

"Chote, where were you? Do you know how worried we were? Where did you go? Do you know how many times I called you? Why were you not picking up my calls? I even called Aman but he said that you left office in the evening itself. Where were you all this time? Say something, Chote." Anjali asked Arnav almost crying.

Arnav saw Khushi rolling her eyes from the corner of his eyes and then shaking her head went upstairs taking kids. Even he felt like rolling his eyes. Seriously, his sister can be a real drama queen sometimes. He closed his eyes feeling frustrated seeing her crying. God why him.

"Di, will you stop crying. I am not a kid, Di. Yesterday when I asked you for Khushi's whereabouts, at that time you were saying that Khushi is not a kid, she can come back on her own and all. Then why are you reacting like this now. When Khushi and kids can come back on their own, then why can't I? For God's sake, I am a grown up 32 years old guy. I am not a kid, Di." Arnav said slightly irritated.

"But Chote, where did you go? Even your phone was switched off?" Anjali asked still crying.

"Di, I didn't go anywhere. I went to Khushi's office after completing my work. I was there with Khushi and kids only. And regarding my phone, it's battery finished, so it got switched off." Arnav said highly irritated.

"Why? Why did you go there?" Anjali asked twisting her mouth.

Arnav looked at her weird behaviour suspiciously. "Why? Why can't I go there? They are my wife and kids. I just went to meet them. What's the big deal in it?" He asked her with scrutinizing gaze.

Anjali squirmed in her place seeing his gaze. Then putting a wide smile on her face, said, "OK, Chote leave all that. Come let's have dinner. I have made your favourite aloo puri. Come. Come. We all were waiting for you only. Arav was telling me about his school, you must hear all that. Come. Come."

Arnav looked at his sister astonished. How easily she changed. Few minutes back she was crying her heart out, and now smiling widely. Does she have multiple personality disorder or something.

Seeing him lost in thoughts, Anjali tugged his hand. "Chote, where are you lost? Come let's have dinner?"

"No Di. You guys go and have dinner, I already had my dinner with Khushi and kids." Arnav said giving a small smile.

"But Chote..." Anjali tried to say something.

But cutting her, Arnav said, "It's OK Di. You guys go and have food. I am fine."

Saying that he was about to go upstairs, when he remembered something. He came back. He came and stood in front of Sheetal. Seeing that, Sheetal gave him a wide smile. Seems like he's going to apologise to me for shouting at me in the morning. [In your dreams chudail kahiki????????]

"Sheetal, where were you the whole day? Why didn't you come to office?" Arnav asked frowning.

Hearing that Sheetal's smile dropped.

"Vo... I was tired from the long journey and I was not feeling well. So...." She stammered.

Arnav raised his eyebrows hearing that. "You were not feeling tired in the morning when you asked me to take you and your son with me. That time you were perfectly fine to go to office." Arnav asked grittinghis teeth.

"Leave it na, Chote. She came back yesterday only. So me and Mami only took her along with Arav for some shopping." Anjali said Smiling.

"What the." He looked at his sister shocked. But then his anger raised. Gritting his teeth, he angrily shouted at Sheetal, "What the hell, Sheetal. How dare you? You are shopping with your son after bunking office. Is this for what I am paying you. Listen to me carefully M&s Sheetal Kapoor, if you want your job, you better start coming to office regularly and start doing your work. Otherwise you can kiss you job goodbye and permanently sit at home or go for shopping with your son. Got it."

"But Chote, I already told you no, I only took her and Arav for shopping. Why are you shouting at Sheetal like this?" Anjali asked not liking the way Arnav talked with Sheetal.

"Then Di, I also told you to stop giving them these unnecessary importance. If I remember correctly yesterday only I asked you to keep distance from them and start treating them as guests. But no, you wouldn't hear any of my words. It's always your decisions and each and everyone should follow it. Why? Why can't you listen to me just once? I know you're elder to me. But why don't you understand that whatever I do or tell you to do, is for you own good. I am not your enemy, Di. Why can't you understand this small thing? OK. Leave that. Tell me why are you giving them so much importance. Who are they to you? Khushi brought them home for few days because they didn't have a place to stay. Fine. They should have stayed for few days and then left but that didn't happen as Sheetal came with me to New York and Arav had to stay here. Fine. But what are you doing now, Di. Instead of helping them to find a place and move out, you are pampering them and trying to keep them here itself. Why? Why are you doing all these? Agreed that they are guests, but how many guests do you treat like this? Take them to shopping, making only their favourite food, all these and for how long are you planning to keep these so called guests of yours here?"

"But Chote, Sheetalji is your friend." Anjali said trying to convince him.

"Di, I already told you she is not my friend. Not anymore. She is just an employee of AR right now. And how many employees of AR do you take for shopping. How many employee's kids do you pamper and buy gifts for." Arnav asked angrily. "That too ignoring the kids of your own family." He muttered under his breath.

"Chote, I..." Anjali stammered not knowing what to say.

"Enough, Di. I had enough. You better stop doing these nonsense otherwise I won't be responsible for the consequences." Arnav said frustrated. Why can't his Di use her brain and see what damage she is doing.

He closed his eyes tired. Everything around him is mess. What the hell was happening here in his absence. From Khushi to his Di, everyone seems to carry a lot of secrets and mysteries  He just couldn't understand what is happening.

His eyes then went to Akash standing at a corner silently. He remembered what Aman told him in the office. His brother looked as a zombie to him. He couldn't even recognise him.

He turned to Akash and asked in a much calmer voice than what he used for Sheetal, "And you, Akash. Where were you the whole day? You didn't show up in office. I even asked your PA. But he said he didn't know. Where were you?" Arnav asked casually controlling his anger and frustration. He didn't show as if he knew anything. He wanted to know what Akash would reply.

Akash stood shocked at the sudden questions thrown at him. He looked around at everyone. All looked each other but didn't say anything.

"Bhai, vo... I.... I had to take Payal to hospital, so...." Akash said stammering looking down.

Arnav frowned hearing that. He turned to Payal. "What happened to Payal? Are you alright, Payal?" He asked her. She definitely looked more pale and weak than the previous day. Was he telling truth?

Payal nodded her head in answer.

"Yeah, Bhai. She's alright. Just routine check up only." Akash answered on behalf of Payal. Arnav nodded his head. He walked to his room lost in thoughts. What's wrong with these two? Both are acting strange.

Entering his room, he saw Khushi arranging everything in the room. Arsh and Arush playing in the room. He heard the sound of running water. Guess Arshi is bathing.

"Khushi, Do you know Payal was unwell. So Akash had to take her to hospital." Arnav said sitting on the recliner removing his shoes.

"Hmm." Khushi hummed still doing her work.

Arnav looked at her confused seeing her weird behaviour. Why didn't she react to what he said. Didn't she hear what he said.

"Khushi, I said Payal was unwell and Akash took her to hospital." Arnav repeated.

"I heard Arnavji." Khushi said keeping the things on place.

"Won't you ask how Payal is? You didn't even talked to her." Arnav asked confused.

"She's not a kid, Arnavji. She is big married woman. She had her husband and in laws to take care of her." Saying that Khushi walked inside the walk in closet leaving a shocked Arnav behind.

Arnav gaped at her hearing her answer. What happened to her? He was saying that her sister is unwell. The same sister for whom she was ready to sacrifice herself. But she didn't give any reaction. Moreover she said that Payal has her husband and in laws to take care of her. What does she mean by that?

Arnav sat their shocked trying to understand the things happening around him. His confusions are increasing minute by minute and there is no end for this mysteries.

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Arnav's decision & Guptas (By Rupakukku) (Thanked: 123 times)

Chapter 7

One week Later

It was Sunday. After one hectic week, finally it was time of relaxing. The whole week passed almost with same routine. In the morning, Arnav would get up, go for his jogging. When he will come back, Khushi and Kids would have gotten up and would have taken their bath. While they got ready, he would freshen up and get ready. 

Then they will go to Khushi's office. There they will have breakfast and after spending some family time, Arnav and Khushi would drop kids to school and go to their respective works. In the evening, Khushi would pick up kids from school and take them to her office. If they have any class like Dance class for Arshi, Basketball and Cricket classes for Arsh and Arush, Music class etc then she would drop them there and pick them up later.

 After finishing his work, Arnav would directly go to Khushi's office. There he would have his evening coffee and snacks, then take a nap or do some pending office works. After that he would play with kids for sometime, sometimes Khushi also join them, then either of them help kids to finish their homework and study. 

Then they have dinner and go back home. Then Arnav would sometimes spend time with his family or sometimes he along with kids tend to his plants and have fun. After playing for sometime, kids would sleep. Arnav and Khushi would also finish some pending office works or just talk to each other and spend time. Finally they will also sleep. Then again the same routine next morning.

Then there was also some unpleasant and irritating things that happened daily. Like Sheetal and Arav trying to cling on him, his Di constantly throwing that mother-son duo at him, Akash and Payal's weird behaviour, Akash regularly being absent from office etc. 

Though Arnav had shouted at Sheetal and his sister. There was no change in their behaviour. They still tried to throw Sheetal and Arav at him. The next morning after he lashed out on Anjali, when he came down with Khushi and kids to leave for office, his sister had repeated the previous day's incidents. She asked him to have breakfast with them completely ignoring Khushi and kids. Though Arnav felt like shouting, he controlled because of kids' presence. He politely declined her offer with controlled anger.

Then he immediately left with Khushi and kids having no mood to argue and create scene. He was getting tired of their absurd behaviour. Even in the evening, Anjali asked him to have dinner with them. And she made a scene when he said that he already had his food. Arnav felt like lashed out. But understanding that it's not going to do any good. He left from there.

This drama continued for couple of days with sometimes Arav asking him for breakfast and dinner. But every time same thing happened. After four days, when it became a routine for Arnav to have dinner with Khushi and kids, Anjali and Sheetal made a dinner plan to make Arnav have food with them. 

They planned for the whole family to have dinner from outside. They called Arnav when he was in office and convinced him for the dinner. But they were disappointed when Arnav showed up for the family dinner with Khushi and kids. Again their plan flopped as Arnav was engrossed with Khushi and kids trying to make them comfortable especially kids. Seeing all that Sheetal and Arav fumed in jealousy. Even Anjali felt jealous seeing Arnav attentive towards Khushi and taking care of her comforts.

After the flopping of that plan, they stopped nagging Arnav for breakfast and dinner and let him be. They still tried to make him spend time with Sheetal and Arav especially Sheetal tried to be close to Arnav in office but it didn't work out. Arnav kept himself away from them and just concentrated on his work trying to solve the problems they created in office.

Another thing that irritated Arnav in the whole week was Akash. Though after him lashing out, Sheetal started coming to office regularly, Akash still remained absent most of the days. He only came once in a while that too for some minutes. Arnav was highly irritated with Akash's irresponsible behaviour.

Moreover he was also worried for Akash. He could understand there was something majorly wrong with Akash and Payal. And that worried him. He couldn't understand what was bothering his brother and Akash's aloofness from everything worried him. He tried reaching out and talk to Akash a couple of times but Akash wasn't interested and he just brushed the topic away. He stayed detached most of the time. Arnav was concerned seeing his behaviour.

Like this, one week had passed. It was Sunday. Arnav got up a bit late. He saw Khushi and kids still sleeping. He smiled seeing them. He decided to workout in the house gym itself. Getting changed into his track suit, he went to gym and started working out.

After two hours, when he came back, he saw Khushi and kids getting ready to go out. He frowned seeing that. They got up early and got ready in weekdays as they have to go to office and school in weekdays. Fine. But Why are they ready early in the morning on Sunday also. Where are they going? He frowned.

"Khushi, why did you guys got ready in the morning. Did you forgot that it's Sunday, today." Arnav asked confused.

"No, Arnavji. I know that it's Sunday. We are going to Amma's house." Khushi said helping Arshi to get ready.

"Amma's house. Why? What happened? Why suddenly you are going there?" Arnav asked confused.

"Nothing happened, Arnavji. Just like that. Thought to go and meet them all." Khushi said.

"Hmm. OK. You wait. I will freshen up and come. Then after having breakfast, we will go together. Even I haven't seen them from long time. I will also come with you guys." Arnav said.

"But Arnavji, I already told Amma that we are coming. She might be waiting for us. Even would have made food. You know how Amma and Buaji are, right. They might have made plenty of food. Now if we will have food from here, they would feel bad." Khushi said softly.

"Yeah, even that's right. It's OK. We will have have breakfast from there. Let me just get freshened up. Then we will leave." Arnav said thinking.

"OK." Khushi said smiling.

Arnav went to get freshened up. After getting ready in the walk in closet, he came inside the room and saw kids playing and Khushi talking in phone. Few minutes later, Khushi came inside after finishing the call.

"I was just telling Amma that we will reach there in sometime. Are you ready? Can we leave?" Khushi asked.

"Yeah." Arnav said talking the car keys and his wallet. 

They came down and saw everyone in the living room except Payal. Akash was reading newspaper. Anjali was talking with Arav. Nani and Mami were talking with each other while Sheetal was looking at something in her phone.

Seeing Arnav, Anjali jumped up from her place and came running to him.

"Chote, you came. Come, let's have breakfast. We all were waiting for you only. Today you don't even have to go to office. We will spend the whole day together. All of us are here. We can go out, have fun. Even Arav was saying that we didn't play or got out anywhere together after you came back. Come. First let's have breakfast and then let's decide what to do." Anjali said squealing excitedly.

Arnav rolled his eyes seeing the drama of his sister. Why she had to do so much drama for every single thing. Gosh, what's wrong with her? On top of that her rant about Sheetal and Arav. When will his sister develop some brain, when he will make her understand that Sheetal and Arav are not good for them and when will he kick them out. He wish he had some magic power then he would have send this mother son duo to some other planet and would have erased his sister's memory.

He sighed. He was seriously getting irritated with this daily drama. Wish he could do something. Anyways, he can do all that later. First he had to inform his sister about their plan to go to Gupta house. Hope his sister doesn't create any new drama regarding this.

Anjali patted his arm bringing him out of his thoughts. "Chote, where are you lost? Come let's have breakfast." Anjali said taking his arm and pulling him to dining hall.

Arnav pulled his hand back from her grip and said, "Di, you go and have food."

"Then what about you, Chote? You also have to eat your breakfast right. You know no, how important it's for you to have food on correct time. You also have to take your medicines." Anjali said confused.

Arnav looked at Khushi who stood behind him silently. He then turned to Anjali and said, "Di, we are going to Gupta house. We will have our breakfast from there."

Hearing that Anjali's face changed and her smile dropped. She glared at Khushi angrily. But Khushi stood there with a careless look.

Anjali turned to Arnav and said with slight anger. "What's this, Chote? You came back from New York before one week only. And in this one week, you didn't have breakfast with us even for one day. Everyday you go with Khushi and kids early in the morning and come back late at night after having dinner. Everyday, we all wait for you to have food with you. But you never has food with us. All these days we didn't say anything. But today. Chote, today's Sunday. We all thought, we will have breakfast with you. But today too, you want to go out and have food. Why Chote? Why can't you have food with us for at least one day? Everyday I make your favourite food thinking you will have food with us, but you never has. And now today too you want to go out. Can't you have food with us at least today? Can't you spend some time with us at least on weekends? We also want to spend time with you. But all you do is run behind Khushi and spend time with her and kids. Don't you think you should spend some time with us also. We are your family, Chote. We also need your time and attention." Anjali said with a crying face.

Khushi looked at her with a bored expression seeing her drama while Arnav looked shocked. Trust his sister to make a mountain out of a molehill. What the hell is wrong with her? Why is she reacting like this? What they were talking and where did she reach? He frowned at her seeing her shedding tears without reason.

"Di, will you stop crying?" Arnav asked irritated.

"Arnav Bitwa, bhy are u behaving like thiswa? Bhy are you making our poors Anjali bitiya crywa?" Mami asked hugging Anjali from side.

"Yes, ASR. Mami is right. Why are you making Anjali Di sad? See how she is crying. Do you know how happy she was in the morning thinking that she would get to have breakfast with you? But you made her cry. Why are you doing this? Can't you do a simple thing for your sister's happiness?" Sheetal asked trying to utilise the opportunity. She somehow has to make Arnav stay back. She has to show Khushi her place. She smirked which soon got wiped away hearing the angry shout of the lion.

"Stop it dammit. How many times, huh, how many times did I told you to stay out of my family matters. Can't you understand one simple thing? Who the hell are you to say anything in this matter? Stay out of this, OK." Arnav shouted angrily. He was already irritated seeing his sister crying unnecessarily. And now to add to that this snake also started her drama. Can't she shut her mouth and keep quiet. Why she had to poke her long nose in every matter.

"Chote, how can you talk to Sheetalji like that? Apologize to her, Chote." Anjali said angrily. She was frustrated with her brother's rude behaviour with Sheetal.

"Di, I...." But before Arnav could say anything, he heard a soft voice calling him "Dada".

It was then he remembered the presence of kids. He closed his eyes in frustration. Opening his eyes, he looked back to see his little baby girl standing near Khushi clutching her dress looking scared. He felt bad seeing her like that. His little babies doesn't deserve to see all these. They doesn't deserve to see his anger and shouting. They were too young to see all these.

Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath controlling his anger. He came and kneeled down in front of his baby girl who looked a little frightened. 

He gestured her to come closer. "Come here Princess."

Arshi looked at her mother unsure of what to do. She slowly moved forward after getting a nod. Arnav felt terrible seeing her hesitating to come near him. As soon as she came near, Arnav took his little hands in big one and kissed it.

"What happened? Did my baby got scared?" Arnav asked softly.

Arshi nodded her head cutely slightly pouting. Arnav smiled at her. Arnav took her in his arms and stood up. Arshi wounded her little hands around his neck and hugged him tightly placing her head on his shoulders. 

"It's OK. Dada won't shout now. OK." Arnav said gently patting her back.

Arshi nodded her head still hugging him tightly. Arnav started walking around taking her in his arms whispering sweet nothings to her. Khushi smiled seeing the scene. Her Laadgovernor has changed so much. Few others also smiled seeing the scene, whereas some were jealous and some others were angry. 

Few minutes later, Arshi calmed down and started smiling. Arnav made her stand near her brothers who were smiling. He took their hands and said, "Now what my good babies will do?"

"What, Dada?" The three asked smiling widely.

"My babies will go in the front garden and see the plants there. We should also take care of that plants, right. Go and see whether Maali Kaka (Gardener) is doing the work correctly or not. Dada and Mumma will come in few minutes. OK." Arnav said smiling.

"OK." The three chorused and ran out to the front garden.

Anjali and Sheetal rolled their eyes seeing the scene.

"Now if you done with the drama, then can we discuss the important things, Chote." Anjali asked with irritation and....

Arnav closed his eyes in anger and annoyance. He was trying to control his anger to the maximum not wanting to lash out on his sister. But seems like his sister is hell bent on bringing the beast out of him. Then be it.

Arnav stood up and came near Anjali and stood in front of her looking into her eyes. Seeing his murderous glare, everyone felt a chill run down their spine. Anjali was also slightly scared but she tried to act brave.

"Yes, Di. So what were you saying? Yeah... How can I talk to Sheetal like that. Well I can talk to Sheetal like that, Di. Because if I remember correctly I already told you that I don't consider her anything more than an employee in AR. And if she continues her attitude like this, then it won't be long before she is thrown out of AR and RM both. And that too I will personally make sure that it happens. So if you don't want anything like that to happen, then you please ask your dear Sheetalji to stay in her limits and don't poke her nose unnecessarily in my and my family's matters." Arnav said no screamed angrily.

"Chote!!!" Anjali shouted angry with what Arnav said. Though she knew she was playing with fire she decided to ignore it.

"Don't shout, Di because I am not finished yet. And also Di, if I remember clearly then I also asked you to help Sheetal find an accommodation and move out. But I don't see anything like that happening. Neither she is trying to find any place to stay nor you are trying to help her move out. On the other hand, you, no, not only you but everyone in this house is hell bent on pampering these two and trying to make them stay here. Can I know why? Why the hell are you all doing all these things to make them stay here?" Arnav asked gritting his teeth.

"Chote, there is nothing like that. Sheetalji and Arav are guests. So we are just trying to make them comfortable." Anjali said in a mild tone. She understood that shouting is not going to help her situation. Maybe she should talk in soft voice and also use her usual emotional blackmailing trick to make him do what she wants.

Arnav was fuming in anger seeing his sister supporting Sheetal. "Stop it, Di. Aren't you tired of repeating the same thing again and again. When I ask you why you all are giving them so much importance, then you start saying that she is my friend blah blah blah. When I say that she is not my friend but just an employee. Then you start saying that how can I talk to a guest like that. But Di, if according to you, she is a guest, then don't you think it's high time you beloved guest find an accommodation for herself and move out. But then when I ask about them moving out you again start your story of best friends since college. 

"So now I have taken a decision. And I am saying this for all of you to hear and act according to it. Sheetal is not my friend. We were in college together, that's it. Right now she's just an employee in AR and I want all of you, I mean it all of you to treat her and her son like that. No more extra pampering, no more special consideration. And regarding her stay here as a guest. I think it's high time we put an end to it and bid Sheetal and Arav a respectful goodbye. 

"(Turning to Sheetal) So I want you, Sheetal to find an accommodation for you and your son as soon as possible. I will give you one more week time to find an accommodation for yourself and if you couldn't find a place for yourself by then. Then I am afraid I will be forced to take matters in my hands. And trust me the outcome will not be good. So to avoid that I want all of you to help your dear Sheetalji to find an accommodation as soon as possible. 

"And if needed you can approach Aman also for the same. I am sure Aman will be able to find a solution for your problem and I will gladly allow Aman some spare time for this work. So I hope I made myself clear regarding this matter. So no more discussion on this topic will happen henceforth." Arnav said in professional tone with angry eyes making all scared.

"But Chote..." Anjali began only to be cut off in middle by Arnav.

"No Di. No more arguments or discussion on this topic." Arnav said firmly.

"But Chote how can you talk to a guest like that. Did you forget your manners. Is this how you behave with a guest." Anjali tried her luck once again. Sheetal also started shedding few crocodile tears to gain sympathy. But what didn't knew was they pulled the wrong nerve. 

Arnav smirked devilishly hearing that. Guess the beast was awoken to its full form. "Well Di. Since you started talking about manners and the way to behave with a guest and all. Let's discuss on this topic a little more in details. I guess in our childhood when Mumma taught us the way to behave with a guest. She made some mistakes and taught both of us different things. So why don't we sit down and discuss on this matter a little more in detail so that there won't be any difference in opinion from now on." Arnav said smirking.

Akash gulped seeing him. He could see the ASR in his full glory. Guess it's time inmates of Shantivan have an opportunity to see the real ASR in full glory. Even Khushi was slightly scared. Though she had witnessed Arnav's anger and his ASR form. But it was long back and that too a little less dangerous than this. But this man standing before her was devil personified who was ready to destroy anything on his way.

But the inmates of Shantivan and Sheetal-Arav were unaware of the impending storm. They thought that they had finally managed to convince him seeing him calm. [Poor them??????]

"Bhai..." Akash for the first time opened his mouth in a attempt to stop the impending blast. But alas who was he kidding. Arnav's one murderous glare, Akash shrank back in his place lowering his eyes.

Turning to Anjali, Arnav said with a tight smile, "So what were you saying Di. Yeah how could I behave with a guest like that, which according to you is misbehaviour, right Di. So let's discuss about this. Well let's start from the beginning. So at first Sheetal Kapoor and Arav Kapoor who has a mysterious surname 'ASR' entered our life as a mere coincidence which is actually very suspicious. I mean common, isn't too much of a coincidence to be true. First Arav meets Khushi in a tailor shop where my and Arav's dress gets exchanged. I mean common, according to Sheetal, she and Arav came to India a couple of days before they met Khushi.

"They were in such a bad situation that they didn't even had a place to stay. But yeah, they had time and all the resources to find a tailor shop to stitch dress for Arav. That too not some big place but a very simple one which according to Sheetal is a downmarket place. Sheetal who looks for class in everything, went to such a downmarket place to stitch her son's dress and that too a place on the other side of the city from the hotel where they were staying.

"Well what happened, Sheetal, wasn't there any tailor shop in that area where you were staying, that you had to go all the way to other part of city to stitch a dress of your son. That too on the same date and same time, Khushi went there and miraculously the dresses gets exchanged also.

"Fine that was a coincidence . The next incident, that was the biggest drama. Sheetal hats off you. What a script and what a direction. And should say amazing acting. You guys nailed. So when Khushi went to buy vegetables, that exact time, exact place, your son reaches and not only that right in front of Khushi your son gets kidnapped. Tell me something Sheetal, you told us that you were staying in a hotel then why did you went to vegetable market. Wasn't your high posh hotel providing you restaurant facilities that you, no, no, not you but your son that too alone has to go to vegetable market to buy vegetables. Fine let's assume that even that was also a coincidence. 

"But the next incident, the toy shop one, that was amazing. You sent your son alone to buy toys in a city he's unfamiliar with and then you came to attend interview in my office kilometres away from the toy shop. Tell me Sheetal, are you really his mother. Which mother sends her child alone to different different places that too in an unknown city where he came for the first time.

"But Sheetal, I must appreciate your timing, I mean right when Khushi went to that toy shop, your son reached there, then right in front of her, he fainted and best part, just the moment Khushi called me you were in my cabin for interview as if you were waiting for the call to come so that you can enter my cabin. 

"And finally that landlord story. Amazing. You really killed it. Just the moment, you had to leave this house, that landlord phone comes and you are informed that you can't get place to say, that too in front of my family. And then what just as you wanted, we stopped you in this house. Really Sheetal, what an amazing coincidental story right.

"So much coincidence. Even in a movie it won't happen. And see we had. How strange know. A very nicely planned coincidental story." Arnav said smirking. Sheetal gulped scared.

"Chote, what's this? Is this how you behave with a guest?" Anjali asked frowning.

"Oh ya. We were discussing about my behaviour with our dear guest, right. So let's talk about that. So tell me Di, how do we behave with a guest? Well let me think. Ya, by always comparing them with family members, by making only their favourite food at home that too daily, by only thinking about their likes and dislikes, by ignoring other family members and finally pampering them unlimitedly and buying them expensive gifts, right Di. Isn't what is the correct way to behave with your guest according to you, Di?" Arnav asked sarcastically.

"But Chote, Sheetalji...." Anjali tried to say something.

"Wait Di, let me finish. So what were you saying that I don't know to behave with a guest. But Di, now I am asking you, Do you know how to behave with a guest? Is this how you behave with a guest? Di, do you think I am blind? That I don't see anything? 

"Di, from the day I came back I am seeing how you guys are behaving. Always Arav this, Arav that, Sheetal this, Sheetal that, etc etc. You guys never leave a chance to compare me with that boy. What are you all trying to prove by doing all this? Earlier also you guys used to do like this only. I kept quiet then. But now I had enough, Di. I just don't understand what pleasure you guys get by comparing that boy with me 24 by 7. Di, will you please enlighten me what you guys want by doing all this?

"Do you guys want to prove that Arav is my son. Or do you guys want me to accept him as my son? Seriously Di, are you guys even thinking what you all are doing. Just thinking about Arav and his happiness. Di, I know you all love him and are attached to him too much. 

"He is the first child that came in our lives after many years. So it is  normal you guys have a soft corner for him. But this is not the way to behave, Di. Always pampering him and buying gifts for him, doing everything according to his wish and whims. Do you guys realize what damage you all are doing? You all are spoiling that boy." Arnav said sighing.

Taking a deep breath, he continued, "Di, you all are pampering Arav so much. But have you all ever thought about the other kids in the house?" Hearing that everyone's face changed.

Arnav looked at everyone with sadness and disappointment.  "Di, Nani, Mami, you all. Have you guys ever thought about Arsh, Arush and Arshi? Even they are kids. This house kids. Your own blood. But did you guys ever thought about them. You all pamper Arav so much. But Arsh, Arush and Arshi, you guys don't even look at them with love and care. 

"Why are you guys behaving like this? You think I don't see all these. But I am seeing all these from the day I came back. This partiality. You guys pamper some outsiders child but your own children, you neglect. For Arav, you guys buy dress, toys, gifts, everything. Have you guys ever gifted Arsh, Arush and Arshi anything? Arav has his own room, his own separate study, toy room etc. But Arsh, Arush and Arshi, you guys never even bothered to make a separate room for them. 

"And food. You were telling me that daily I go out and have food. You told me that you always make my favourite food and wait for me. But Di, have guys ever bothered whether, Khushi and kids had food or not. Everyday you ask me for food. I never saw you asking Khushi and kids for food even for one day. 

"Di, you said that everyday you make my favourite food. But Di, the truth is everyday you make my favourite food not because that's my favourite but because it's Arav's favourite. I am seeing Di, everyday you make the same food that Arav likes. Since it happens to be my favourite also, you say you make my favourite food. But the truth is you only care about Arav's likes and dislikes. If Arav didn't like that food, you wouldn't have made it.

"That's what I am trying to say you. This house now runs according to Arav and Sheetal's likes and dislikes. You guys aren't bothered about anything else. Everyday Arav's favourite food. Toast and juice. Everything according to Arav's wish. Arav wants to play, you all play, Arav wants to watch TV, you all watch TV. Seriously Di, this is what according to you is the best behaviour with a guest." Arnav scoffed.

"But Chote, Toast and juice is your favourite food also, right?" Anjali asked trying to convince him.

Arnav glared at her hearing that. "Seriously, Di. Now you are saying that you make toast and juice daily because I like it. Oh please, Di. Don't you think that's the most lame excuse. Di, if I remember I always liked toast and juice but never before in this house, Toast and juice was the only breakfast made. Earlier also toast and juice were made for me but along with that other breakfast was also made for others. 

"So tell me Di, when did you all started liking toast and juice. Mami, I can understand. For her fitness she might have started eating that. But Nani you, you never liked toast and juice. You always used to say that it's bland and you can't eat all these foreign food using knife and fork.

"Akash, Payal, I never knew you guys liked toast and juice so much. And finally Di, you. You were a person who always wanted masala and spice in every food that you had. When did you started having bland toast." Arnav asked sarcastically.

Anjali squirmed in her place not knowing what to say.

"So you all were saying that I don't have food with you, right. Well my answer is I can't have food peacefully when I know that my wife and kids didn't had food. The day my wife and kids will have food from this house. I will also have. Make my babies's favourite food, I will eat any food that you give even if that's the food, that I hate the most. 

"But I don't see that happening. Ever. At least not till Arav and Sheetal are here. Because according to you all, that's the best way to behave with a guest. So for all your information, first we all can give Arav and Sheetal a heartfelt goodbye to their new house and then we will have food together as a family. Everyone together. OK. Till then I will be fine having food from outside." Arnav said with finality. Khushi smirked at the fallen faces of the Raizadas.

Arnav was about to walk out when he saw Payal coming out of kitchen carrying breakfast. He turned to her and called her. Payal looked at him. Others also looked at him confused. Now why is he calling Payal.

"Payal, we are going to Gupta house. Do you want to come with us? You can meet your parents." Arnav asked seeing her looking pale and tired. Maybe meeting her parents would do her some good. Arnav thought concerned seeing her state.

Hearing his question, everyone's face changed. Payal stared at him with a blank face lost in thoughts. Akash also looked uncomfortable. Mami visibly scoffed hearing that. Whereas others had a careless look on their faces. Khushi also looked thoughtful and her face was devoid of any emotion. What's happening? 

Few minutes later, Payal shook her head and said softly looking down, "No Arnavji. You guys go. I have some work here."

"Payal, you don't worry about housework. HP and OP are there. I am sure they can manage without you for some hours. Even if you have some other work, you can do that latter." Arnav tried to convince her. She looked like she badly needs help. Maybe meeting her parwants would do some good.

"No, Arnavji. I am fine. I will meet Amma Bauji later. I seriously have some important work here. So you guys carry on." Payal said slowly.

"Yesh, yesh, Arnav Bitwa, she hab lots of warak (work) here. She cannot goes. Hello Hai Bye Bye." Manorama said in her usual broken English.

Arnav was not convinced by that. He tried one more time."But, Payal..." 

Cutting him Khushi said, "Let it be Arnavji. If she doesn't want to come. It's OK. She might be having so much work. Should also take care of her husband and in laws also, right. So it's OK. Come let's go."

Arnav looked at Khushi astonished. He couldn't believe that she was saying this. What the hell is happening? He was confused. Nevertheless, he didn't ask anything. He nodded his head at her and walked. Khushi also gave a look to all Raizada, finally resting her eyes on Payal and then she also walked out behind Arnav.

Coming out they saw kids looking after the plants in the front garden. That scene brought a smile on Arnav and Khushi's face. They called the kids and after making them sit in the car, they went to Gupta house.

Khushi offered to drive not wanting Arnav to drive in his angry mood. So Arnav sat beside her while Khushi drove. Arnav was thinking of the things that happened. He never shouted at his sister nor ever talked to her in a loud voice. But today, he had to not only shout at her but also had to show his ASR avatar to his family which he wanted to do. But what could he do. They were held bent on bringing the ASR out of him. Then be it.

He surely felt bad for shouting at his sister. But she needed it. Otherwise things would go out of hands. Coming out of his thought, Arnav looked forward. He frowned seeing the road.

"Khushi, where are we going? This is not the way to Gupta house." Arnav asked confused.

"Relax Arnavji. We are going to Amma's house only." Khushi said concentrating on the driving.

Few minutes later, Khushi pulled the car in front of a beautiful villa. 

As soon as car stopped, kids got out of the car and ran inside. Arnav got down from the car in confusion. Khushi smiled at him and led him inside.

"Khushi, whose house is this? Why did we come here?" Arnav asked confused.

"You come inside, Arnavji. You will find out." Saying that Khushi walked inside making Arnav follow her.

Entering inside, Arnav saw kids hugging Shashi, Garima and Madhumati (Buaji). He was shocked to see that.

Arnav turned to Khushi and asked, "So this is..."

"I built this house four years back um for them." Khushi said smiling.

"But Khushi, you always said that Lakshmi Nagar house is very special to Buaji as she lived with Phupaji there. Then how come she agreed to come here." Arnav asked frowning.

"Yeah, it is special to Buaji. But then I  thought it would be better if they live in their own house than other's house. So when I made this house I asked them to shift there." Khushi said with a small smile.

Arnav frowned hearing that. "What do you mean by other's house, Khushi. Did you forget that I bought that house. They could have stayed there as long as they wanted. It was also their house only." 

"Yeah, Arnavji. But then this house is more spacious and is more towards the city part. So I thought it will be better if they stay here so that if they wanted to go to hospital or something, they don't have to travel much. Also Arnavji, you know na, Amma and Buaji didn't know that you bought Lakshmi Nagar house. You know how they are. If they found out that you bought it, they won't stay there. So I thought it is better if they stay here in their daughter's house. They will feel more comfortable and belonged." Khushi explained.

"Hmm" Arnav said still not convinced fully.

"OK. Leave all that. Come inside na, Arnavji. Let's go and meet everyone." Khushi said inviting him inside.

Arnav gave a small smile and walked inside behind her.

"Amma, Bauji, Buaji, see who has come." Khushi exclaimed happily.

Hearing her happy squeal, Shashi, Garima and Buaji looked ahead and saw Arnav standing there.

"Arey, Arnav Babuva, why are you standing there. Come inside. Come. Come." Buaji invited Arnav inside in her usual affectionate manner. 

Arnav came inside, greeted and took blessings from Shashi, Garima and Buaji. He saw Shashi who looked fine now. He smiled at him who smiled back with affection.

"Uncle, you got fine?" Arnav asked smiling.

"Yeah, Arnavji. Four years back, we came to know about a Ayurveda centre. We took him there and after six months of treatment, he became fine." Khushi said happily.

"That's a good news." Arnav said smiling.

"Arey, Sankadevi. What's this? You started your craziness standing here. Go and help your Amma in arrange breakfast." Buaji said.

"OK Buaji." Khushi nodded her head and walked inside.

"She has become mother but still Sankadevi has not left her craziness and childishness." Buaji said keeping her hand on her head. 

Arnav smiled hearing that and then started talking with Shashi and Buaji. Kids had already ran inside the house to play. Soon breakfast was laid and everyone had their breakfast with light talks.

After breakfast, Arnav started looking around the house. He couldn't help but accept that the house was beautiful. Khushi has good taste. Everything looked bright, classy, stylish and modern. Seeing him looking around, kids came to him.

"Dada, what are you looking?" Arush asked confused.

"I am just seeing the house." Arnav said smiling.

"Haven't you see this house before, Dada?" Arsh asked

"No. Your Mumma made this house after I went to New York only. So I have never seen this house before." Arnav said.

"Oh." The kids nodded their heads in understanding. Then Arshi smiled widely and said in her cute chirpy voice, "So what, we are there, na. We will show you around."

"Yeah." Arsh and Arush also nodded their heads.

"Come." Arshi said taking Arnav's hand. 

Together all three kids took him around the whole house showing everything and saying stories about various things. They showed him living room, hall, library, entertainment room, sports room with gym, playroom, study rooms, bedrooms, balcony everything. Finally they took him to the garden they made. 

Arnav was seeing everything happily. One thing he noticed that unlike Shantivan, here there are lot of things of kids. Like separate rooms for them, study room, playroom, also the whole house was filled with their pics. When he went to kid's rooms also, he noticed there were separate wardrobe, cupboards and lots of clothes, toys and accessories of kids. It seemed like this is their house rather than Shantivan. That thought made a pang in his heart.

While seeing all these, he remembered that he had to make arrangements for separate rooms for kids in Shantivan. He could definitely take help from Khushi in this matter. It seemed like Khushi had done a good job in arranging rooms for kids here. He could definitely make some of these things in Shantivan also.

He decided to do that work now itself. He immediately called Aman. On the second ring itself, Aman lifted the call not wanting to face the wrath of his boss on a pleasant Sunday morning. [Poor guy has to bear this ASR for his entire life ????????]

Phone Conversation 

Aman (happily): Good Morning ASR

Arnav: Yeah. Good Morning. Now listen carefully. I want you to find some people to do renovation work and send them to Shantivan tomorrow.

Aman: Why ASR? Why suddenly you want to do renovation of Shantivan.

Arnav: I don't want to do renovation of entire Shantivan. I want to renovate a few rooms for kids.

Aman: Kids? Which kid are you talking about? Is it for that Sheetal's son? What's his name? Mm... Yeah Aryan right.

Arnav: No it's Arav.

Aman: Yeah Arav. So you want to renovate rooms for him.

Arnav (angry): What the. Why will I renovate rooms for that brat?

Aman (confused): Then for whom are you renovating rooms? Wait is Khushi Bhabhi pregnant?

Arnav (shocked): What the...

Aman (cutting him): Wow ASR, you are really fast, haan. You came from New York last week. Within one week, baby, huh. You are amazing, ASR.

Arnav (angry): Aman, what the hell are you talking?

Aman: What ASR? Why are you getting angry? I was just saying that it's too soon for baby. Wait isn't too soon that you found out Bhabhi is pregnant. How did you find out in the first week itself that Bhabhi is pregnant. I have heard somewhere that it takes at least two weeks to confirm the pregnancy. Then how did you find out. Tell me. Tell me.

Arnav (angry): Aman, I seriously don't know from which week we can confirm pregnancy. Nor I am interested in teaching you biology. So hear me out clearly Khushi is not pregnant.

Aman: What? Khushi Bhabhi is not pregnant. So now I get it. That's why you are angry. It's OK, ASR. You have plenty of time. I have full faith in you. Soon Khushi Bhabhi will be pregnant and we will get a junior ASR. 

[Hearing that Arnav imagined a pregnant Khushi. Aw how cute she would have looked. My beautiful, cute, pregnant Khushi with big baby bump having three babies. So cute. He smiled. He came out of his thoughts hearing Aman]

Aman: ASR, I just checked in internet. It's said that for a normal couple it can take up to one year to have baby even if there is no problem. Even in certain infertility sites, they say that only after one year of trying for a baby only we can conclude that a couple is infertile. Then only they start treatment. So according to these sites, you have one year time. That's 12 months. So you have to try for 12 months. That's 12 times. Hmmm. Yeah ASR, there are also contact details of some good gynaecologists. I will send you the details. But that would be needed only after one year. Till then you can try. So yeah. That's it. Don't worry, ASR. It's only one attempt. You have 12 more tries to go. I am sure it will work out. Soon Khushi Bhabhi will be pregnant.

Arnav: What the, Aman. Stop your nonsense. I don't want your statistics and knowledge about pregnancy. 

Aman (sad voice): What ASR. I was just trying to help.

Arnav (frustrated tone): Aman, idiot will you listen to me. 

Aman (Happily): Yeah. Of course ASR. I am always at your service. What help do you need.

Arnav: Aman, I asked you to send people to renovate rooms for kids.

Aman: Oh ya. But ASR, Khushi Bhabhi is not pregnant, then why do you want to renovate rooms. Wait is Payal Bhabhi pregnant. Is that why you want to renovate rooms. Wait let me call Akash and congratulate him.

Arnav: No!!! No. Payal is not pregnant. Now don't call Akash and start your lecture on 'how to get your wife pregnant'. And listen to me carefully, I want to renovate rooms for my kids.

Aman: What!!! Your kids. You have kids with someone. How can you do this to Khushi Bhabhi, ASR. Khushi Bhabhi is such a good person. How can you betray her.

Arnav (frustrated and angry, shouted): AMAN!!!

Aman (scared): What happened, ASR?

Arnav: You, idiot. Will you stop your nonsense.

Aman (pouting): OK ASR.

Arnav: Now Hear me out I want to renovate rooms for my kids. My as in my and Khushi's kids.

Aman: What!!! You have kid with Khushi Bhabhi. How? Well I know how. When. What. Why.

Arnav (shouted): Amannnn!!!!

Aman: ASR, you have kid with Khushi Bhabhi and you didn't tell me. How can you do this to me, ASR.

Arnav (sighing): I would have told you only if I knew right.

Aman: What??? You didn't knew? (Thinking) Then how come Khushi Bhabhi had kids without your knowledge.

Arnav: Aman, please don't test my patience. What I meant to say is that I didn't knew Khushi was pregnant when I went to New York. Nobody told me. Wait, why are you so shocked knowing that I have kids. Didn't you know that?

Aman (serious): No ASR. I didn't know. You know na I am not that close to Akash, so he doesn't tell me anything about what happens at home. Also I was out of station most of the time in this five years. First I had to go to Mumbai for our company there. Then after coming back there was crisis here, so I was busy solving that. After that I had to go to Jaipur. Then also there were many problems and I had frequently go out of station for work as you were not here and Akash obviously never went. So I only had to handle all that. So in these five years, I never knew what exactly happened in Shantivan. And with Khushi Bhabhi also I have met her only a few times in some business parties that too for some few minutes. We never had time to talk much. So I didn't know what happened. I didn't know about your kids also.

Arnav (in thoughts): Hmm OK.

Aman (happily): So tell me ASR. How is our junior ASR. First of all tell me it's a junior ASR or junior KKGSR.

Arnav (smiling): Both.

Aman: You mean to say twins.

Arnav (chuckling): No triplets. Two boys and one girl.

Aman: Wow. ASR. Here, I was giving tips to have one baby. There you have already scored sixer. Triplets at first chance. Amazing.

Arnav: Shut up, Aman. Now listen carefully I want to renovate rooms for them so you have to send people tomorrow itself.

Aman: Sure ASR, anything for junior ASRs. So when will I get the honour of meeting Junior ASRs.

Arnav (smiling): Maybe soon.

Aman (smiling): Will be waiting. Bye ASR. The men will reach Shantivan tomorrow morning.

Arnav (happily): Bye Aman.

Phone Conversation ends

So one task accomplished.

Soon it was time for lunch. Lunch was prepared by Khushi. So Arnav had the chance to have Khushi's handmade lunch after long time. After lunch, everyone settled in the living room talking and watching kids' antics. 

Arnav was talking with Guptas enthusiastically unlike his usual silent and brooding behaviour. He was happily answering to all the questions they were asking.

"So Arnav Beta, how work is going on? Everything good at office?" Shashi asked smiling.

"Yeah Uncle. Everything's going good. There were few problems when I was in New York. I am trying to solve it other than that everything is going well." Arnav answered smiling.

"That's good, Beta." Shashi patted his shoulder affectionately.

Arnav gave him a small smile. He felt nice talking to Shashi. He felt different. It was first time, he was talking to someone who was a father figure for him. Sure he had his Mama. But then that was a different feeling altogether. His Mama wasn't someone who was much outspoken or asked him about his work and all. On the other hand, his Mama was someone who trusted him to take care of everything and had happily handover all the responsibilities to him allowing him to take decisions on his own.

But with Shashi, he felt different. He felt as if he could share his feelings and his problems without thinking and he would get a solution. A strong support. He never got that feelings from his own father. Rather he could say he never had a father figure in his life though he had a father for the initial 14 years of his life. But that person was someone who was just for namesake a father. For him also he was just for namesake and to show his manliness that he has a son. He (his father) never considered him (Arnav) anything more that.

But for the first time in his life, Arnav felt as if he had a father. He didn't know why. Maybe because of what Khushi told him about how her father always supported her or maybe because of the warm feeling that he always felt when he had interacted with Shashi.

Though earlier, he couldn't talk with Shashi much due to his illness, not even when he stayed at Gupta house after his marriage. But now talking to him made him happy. He felt as if he was talking to his own father.

"How are you doing now? I mean there's no health problems, right?" Arnav asked.

Shashi smiled at him. "No Beta, nothing serious. Just the normal old age problems only."

"Hm. Uncle, you don't need any help, right. Like Monetary help or something. Uncle, I know Khushi earns enough but still if you need any help, you can tell me." Arnav asked slowly.

"No no beta. There's nothing like that. We don't have any problem regarding money." Shashi said smiling.

"But still uncle..." 

"Arey, Arnav Babuwa. You don't worry. We don't have any crisis of money. After Shashi Babuwa got fine, we again started our Swastik Mishtan Bhandar here in Delhi. Initially there was some difficulties but now the work is going good and we are getting big orders. So no worries, Babuwa. We don't have any problem regarding money. Also Sankadevi is earning good. So even if we have some problem she helps us. So you don't have to get worry about all these things." Buaji said smiling.

"That's good, Uncle." Arnav said. "Uncle, I want to tell you something."

Shashi turned serious hearing that. "Yeah beta, tell me."

"Uncle, I want to say that... that..." Arnav stammered not knowing what to say. He was never good at expressing his emotions.

"Beta, you don't have to hesitate. You can tell me whatever you want. You are like my son. I won't feel bad even if you say something wrong." Shashi reassured him with a smile.

That gave Arnav courage. Taking a deep breath, he decided to let go of his emotions. "Uncle, you see I am not really good at words nor I could express my emotions that easily like others. Because of that I may not be as close to you guys as Akash. But I want to say that for me, you guys are also my family. My Parents and Buaji. I may not call you Amma Bauji as Khushi, Payal and Akash calls, but for me you guys are at the same place as my parents. So if you guys... um... if you guys need any help, anything, anyway if I could help you, then please don't hesitate to say to me or contact me. Uncle I may not be vocal about what I feel but that doesn't mean that I don't consider you my parent's." Arnav said smiling.

Shashi, Garima and Buaji looked at each other and  then slowly smiled. Khushi looked at Arnav with pride. She was happy seeing this side of her husband.

Arnav turned to Garima and continued, "Aunty, earlier when Khushi asked me to call you Amma, at that time I refused. It's not because I don't consider you my Amma. But it's just that whenever I hear that name, I remember my name and along with it a lot of bittersweet moments of my mother also comes. It just makes me feel sad. That's the reason, I never called you Amma or Uncle Bauji. Though I never calls you that you both have that place in my life. Specially uncle, you. I never had anyone in my life with whom I could have that bond which Khushi shares with you. So whenever I hear that word Bauji, it only brings lots of bad memories which I never wanted to associate with you people. So I hope you guys understand me."

The Guptas smiled at him. Garima took his hand in hers and said, "Of course beta, we understand you."

Arnav smiled hearing that. "Aunty, Uncle, Buaji, I want all three of you to promise me something."

"What's it, Beta." Shashi asked.

"I want all three of you to promise me that you will first come to me if you guys have any sort of problem." Arnav said looking at Shashi, Garima and Buaji.

"But Beta..." The Guptas looked at each other hesitantly.

"Aunty, you call me Beta, still you hesitate to tell me about your problems." Arnav asked faking hurt.

"Nothing like that, Beta." Shashi said. "OK. We will come to you first if we need any help."

"Not like that, Uncle. Promise me." Arnav said extending his hand.

All three Guptas looked at him smiling and then placing their hands on his and said, "Promise."

Arnav smiled widely hearing that. Khushi also smiled seeing the scene. Then to lighten the emotional mood, she said dramatically, "Haw Laadgovernor. Now you snatched my Amma, Bauji and Buaji also from me. This is not fair. Hey Devi Mayya. See this man, hell bent on snatching my Amma, Bauji and Buaji from me." 

Arnav smirked at her while Buaji slapped her head.

"Hatt Sankadevi. Now stop your craziness. You have become a mother, but still acts like a kid. God only knows how Arnav Babuwa is tolerating you. Hai re Nandkis****." Bauji said in her usually loud tone.

Arnav smirked at Khushi raising his eyebrows. Khushi pouted hearing that.

"What Buaji. You should support me. But instead of that, you are supporting this Laadgovernor." Khushi said frowning.

"Hai re Nandkis****. Give some brain to this Sankadevi. God only knows how she take care of those three children. Hai Devi Mayya, please give some brain to those kids and not make them like her." Buaji said joining her hands and praying to God.

Khushi opened her mouth in O hearing that. Arnav chuckled. Shashi and Garima smiled seeing their banter.

"Yeah Buaji. You are right. I also wonder how she takes care of the children with all her craziness. Your Devi Mayya only save them." Arnav also teased her smirking.

"You, you Laadgovernor. How dare you?" Khushi asked him angrily.

"See Buaji, how she is behaving with me. You only say, is this the way to behave with your husband." Arnav said making a fake innocent face.

Khushi's eyes widened seeing that. Her face turned into three perfect O's. Buaji patted Arnav's shoulder affectionately showing sympathy.

"You are saying right, Babuwa. But what can we do, she is like this only. We have to bear her sanak for our entire life." Buaji also said in fake sadness.

Hearing that Khushi's eyes turned into saucers.

"Haan, Babuwa. I feel pity for you. You have to bear this mad girl for your entire life." Garima also said in a fake sad tone teasing Khushi. Shashi also nodded his head making a sympathetic face to Arnav. All four of them made sad faces trying to suppress their smile seeing Khushi's face.

Khushi was looking at them with wide eyes and open mouth. "You, you four. I hate you all. You all made a team." Khushi said frowning angrily.

Hearing that all four of them couldn't control and burst out laughing. Khushi angrily glared at all the four. Seeing that they laughed more.

Khushi huffed in annoyance seeing them laughing on her account. "You. You all. Stop it. Amma, Bauji, Buaji, you all are siding with this Laadgovernor. How could you all do this to me. I am your sweet Khushi. Your titaliya. Instead of supporting me, you all are supporting him. Traitors. And you Laadgovernor, what were you saying you have to bear with my madness for your whole life. You Laadgovernor. How dare you? Huh. How dare you say that. And by the way if you had so much problem with me, why did you got married to me? I didn't ask you to marry. If you had so much problem with me you shouldn't have married me. You could have gone and married some of your bimbos, right. Who asked you to marry me?" Khushi shouted angrily.

Shashi, Garima and Buaji laughed hearing that. Though Arnav was laughing along with them but hearing the last sentence, Arnav's smile dropped. Hearing that he remembered how he had forced Khushi to marry him the first time. How her family was angry and disappointed with her. How Garima had slapped her, how they had disowned her saying that she was not their own blood, how they had cut every ties with her. Though later the matter got solved and everyone accepted their marriage, he couldn't help but feel guilty about what he did. 

Just because of his misunderstanding, he married her forcefully. He had punished her for no fault of hers which had led to her loosing her family. That night of their marriage, though the fault was his, all the pain, insults, abuses everything was endured by her. Her family disowned her, his family didn't accepted her, and he, he without giving explanation ran away from the situation letting her face everything alone. Though he regretted what he did, he never did any penance for it. Maybe it was time he do something to right the wrong. 

"Uncle, I want to tell you all something very important." Arnav said seriously.

Hearing his serious tone, Garima, Shashi and Buaji stopped laughing and looked at him. Even Khushi looked at him confused. Now what happened to her Laadgovernor. Why he looked so serious. Khushi thought confused.

Seeing them listening to him, Arnav said, "Uncle, I don't know how to say this. I know it's all past and there's no meaning of saying all these right now. But still I want to tell you all this. And if you could I want you guys to forgive me." 

Guptas frowned hearing him. Khushi looked at him confused. What's he saying. She couldn't understand anything. Few minutes back everything was fine, then what happened suddenly.  Nevertheless she decided to hear him.

"Arnav Beta, I already told you, you can say whatever you want to us. You don't have to hesitate." Shashi said smiling reassuringly.

Arnav nodded his head looking down and said in low voice filled guilt and regret, "Uncle, I know what I am going to say has no meaning right now. But I want you all to know this. Uncle, do you remember the first time, me and Khushi got married. Actually,.. um.. it was not a love marriage. Nor we eloped to get married because we loved each other as you all think. Actually what happened was that night, I realised what Khushi meant to me and that I loved her. So I was searching for her to confess my feelings when I saw her going to terrace. I reached there and I saw Shyam hugging her and Khushi asking Shyam to leave Di. I didn't hear their whole conversation and assumed that Khushi was having an affair with Shyam. I asked Shyam about it and he also told me that they both loved each other. I was so hurt and felt betrayed. I decided to tell everything to Di but then I came to know that Di was pregnant and seeing her condition I couldn't tell her anything. So I decided to do anything to keep Khushi away from Shyam but then I couldn't bear the thought of her going away from me so I... I decided to marry her. For that.. I... I..." Arnav couldn't speak further feeling guilty.

Khushi looked at him feeling miserable. She could understand how much he felt guilty of what he did. She never wanted to see him like that. So much guilty and distressed. She decided to stop him. Anyways whatever happened has happened. There's no meaning of talking about it anymore.

"Arnavji, stop it. You don't have to say anything. All these things doesn't matter anymore" Khushi said holding his hand.

Arnav shook his head and said, "No Khushi. Let me say everything today. I know saying all these things have no meaning now. But still I want to tell the truth to them. They deserve to know it."

Turning to Guptas, he continued, "I want to tell the real truth to you guys today. The truth is not what you guys think. Khushi never betrayed you nor she never did anything to bring humiliation to you. On the contrary, she did everything for all of your happiness. When I decided to marry Khushi to save Di's marriage. I knew that it was not an easy task to convince Khushi. So I.. I.. black... I blackmailed her that if she didn't marry me then I wouldn't let Akash and Payal's marriage happen. Not only that I asked her to marry me for a six month contract marriage. Khushi never knew why I married her and about my misunderstanding until one day when she tried to commit suicide thinking that I love someone else and for my happiness she decided to end her life. She only married me to save Payal's marriage. Not only that even after marriage also, I misbehaved with her and tortured her so much thinking that I am punishing her for betraying my sister. But she endured everything and kept silent for the sake of Payal. I know whatever I did was wrong. I have done a very big mistake but still if you guys could, please forgive me." Arnav said looking down.

After Arnav completed saying everything, there was pin drop silence in the hall. Thank God the kids had already ran inside to play. So they didn't hear what Arnav said.

Few minutes passed with noone speaking anything. Arnav was looking down feeling guilty. He couldn't even look at the faces of Guptas due to guilt. Khushi sat beside him the whole time holding his hands lost in thoughts. She didn't say anything at all. Just held Arnav's hand tightly.

Few minutes later, Shashi stood up and said, "Garima, I will go to room and take some rest. I am feeling slightly tired."

"OK Ji. Do you need anything to drink." Garima asked softly.

"No Garima. I am fine." Shashi said stretching his hands.

Arnav looked up at them confused. He thought that they would shout at them and even slap or hit them. But they looked so normal.

"Uncle, won't you say anything?" Arnav asked confused.

Shashi looked at Garima and Buaji and then smiled at him. "Arnav Beta, you only said in the beginning that all these things doesn't matter now. Then why are you asking us why we are not saying anything. What should we say, Beta? You were right. All these things doesn't matter now. How you guys married doesn't matter now. Because at the end of the day, you are my daughter's husband who married her following  all rituals and traditions because you loved her. Though you never believed in all these still you married her because she wanted to get married to you with all rituals and traditions. That shows how much you love her. How you married her the first time doesn't matter because now you are her husband and father of her kids. After six years of marriage, you really think it matters whether you forcefully married her or with love. Also regarding our reaction, we are noone to forgive you or punish you. You did wrong with Khushi. If she can forgive you and lead a happy life with you, then who are we to oppose that or punish you. At the end of the day, it's your life and you guys are the ones who had to live this life. Our opinions doesn't matter. If you are happy, nothing else matters." Shashi said smiling. Garima and Buaji also nodded their heads.

Arnav looked at him shocked. He never expected them to forgive him so easily. But he was happy that he could confess everything to them and get their forgiveness. He felt as if a huge burden was lifted from his shoulders. He sighed in relief and smiled at them. Khushi also smiled seeing the scene.

After that everyone retired to their rooms for an afternoon nap. Arnav and Khushi went to kid's rooms to check on them. Seeing them sleeping, they let them sleep and went to Khushi's room. They sat on the couch discussing random things feeling each other's presence. 

After couple of hours, everyone got up from their sleep. Arnav and Khushi bid goodbye to Guptas and left from there with kids. After that they took kids to park, shopping, Playstation etc. They spend the entire evening roaming around enjoying with kids. After having dinner in a five star hotel, they returned home.

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Akash and Payal's mystery revealed (By Rupakukku) (Thanked: 122 times)

Chapter 8

Next day morning

Arnav had an early morning meeting with clients. So he left home early. Khushi also went to Ocean of Happiness with kids at her regular time. After meeting, Arnav went to Ocean of Happiness. After having breakfast there and then dropping kids to school, Arnav returned to Shantivan.

When he came, the interior designers and workers had already arrived. Entering inside, he saw the Raizada family eagerly talking to the interior designers. Even Sheetal and Arav were with them. Arnav rolled his eyes seeing that. Seeing him, Anjali jumped up and came running to him.

"Chote, you called the interior designers. That's good. Even we were thinking to call them. All the rooms have old designs. So we thought of renovating it. Even Sheetalji was saying that we should renovate all the rooms and redesign it to some new modern style." Anjali said squealing happily.

But Arnav ignored her and walked to the interior designers. He shook hands with them and introduced himself. "ASR"

"Hello Sir, I am Nishant Takkar, the head designer from 'Your Dream Home' and this is my team, Nidhi Avasthi, my assistant and Rohit Bhadra, our designer." The interior designer said.

"OK Mr Takkar, please take your seat." Arnav said sitting down.

"Mr Takkar, Let's come to the main point. I want to renovate rooms for my kids. Here we have so many unused rooms, you can use them. You can see all those rooms, whichever you feel apt, you can say. Those rooms will be vacated and cleaned. I have called workers for that." Arnav said in professional tone.

"OK ASR. So when is your baby due. So that we can complete the work on time." Nishant asked politely.

Arnav raised his eyebrows hearing that. Why is it that everyone is so interested in knowing when I am going to have a baby. He shook his head.

"No Mr Takkar. I am not going to have a baby. Actually I have three kids. The rooms are for them." Arnav said.

"Oh sorry, sir. My mistake. So the rooms are for your kids. Well I think I just saw your son. I guess. He was also telling me how he wants to renovate the room. Smart kid." Nishant said trying to impress him.

Arnav frowned hearing that. When did he saw Arsh or Arush. They are in school, right. Then who did he see. Realization dawned on him. Arav. He gritted his teeth in anger.

"He is not my son." Arnav bit out rudely.

The designers were taken aback by his tone. They looked at him shocked. Arnav realised that he was a bit rude to them for no fault of theirs. He closed his eyes and controlled his anger.

Opening his eyes, he said in a milder tone, "He is not my son. He is our employee's son. Never mind. Let's come to the main topic. I have three kids. Five year old triplets. Right now they are at school. I want to give a surprise to them. So all the work you have to do in the daytime when they are at school."

"OK Sir." Nishant smiled.

"So what I was saying is that I want to renovate rooms for them. I have two boys and one baby girl. So three bedrooms for them, a study, playroom and toyroom. That's what I am planning. I want everything to be stylish, modern and classy. It should be according to their taste." Arnav further explained.

" Now you can see the spare rooms, then we will discuss further." Saying that Arnav called HP who came running.

"HP, show them the rooms about which I told you yesterday." Arnav instructed asking the designers to go with him. The designers nodded their heads and left with HP.

As soon as they left, the Raizada family who was silent till then started talking. Arnav was glad that they didn't created a scene in front of the designers.

"Chote, why didn't you say anything about renovating our rooms. We all were waiting to tell them what all changes we need." Anjali said frowning.

"Di, I didn't call them here to renovate our rooms. I called them here to design new rooms for kids. If you want to renovate your rooms, then you can tell them after they complete this work." Arnav said sighing.

Anjali frowned hearing that. "But Chote, what's the need to renovate rooms for kids. They already have room, no." Anjali said twisting her mouth in displeasure.

Arnav gritted his teeth in anger. He was surely loosing his patience with his sister.

"Really, Di. Kids have room. Where, Di. Because I can't see any rooms for kids. No separate bedrooms. Fine. I can understand they are young, so they stay with parents. OK. But what about other things. They don't even a separate room to keep their things. No study room. No toy room. No play room. No even a separate wardrobe to keep clothes. Really, Di. Do they actually have a room." Arnav asked sarcastically.

"Chote, why are you overreacting? I was just saying that they are still young, then what's the need for separate rooms for them. And regarding study room, playroom, toyroom etc. That's there, no. Arav's study room, playroom, toyroom and all. Kids can play with Arav's toys and use his study room and playroom when Arav doesn't use it. What's the big deal in it? And if you so want to renovate rooms for kids, then renovate Arav's rooms. He really wanted to renovate his room. This way his wish will also get fulfilled and kids can also use them if they want." Anjali said smiling.

Arnav's anger reached peaks hearing that. His fist tightened and he gritted his teeth. He closed his eyes and opened them. His eyes were bloodshot red in anger.

"Enough Di. Stop it." Arnav shouted angrily. Everyone jerked in their seats hearing his angry shout. Arnav stood and started pacing around like a wounded lion. Others also stood up seeing him.

"Chote, what I was saying.... Arav...." Anjali tried to speak but only to be interrupted by the sound of a vase breaking into a million pieces followed by an angry shout.

"Stop it, Di. Stop it. Can't you understand one simple thing. What's this, Arav, Arav, Arav. Don't you have anything else to say. Stop chanting his name " Arnav angrily bellowed

Anjali shivered in fear seeing that. She looked up at Arnav who was looking at her with scary piercing angry eyes. Everyone felt scared seeing him like that. Raizadas had never seen Arnav angry. Sure they have heard about ASR's world famous anger but had never got a chance to witness it as he was always Arnav and Chotte for them, never ASR.

But from last few days, Raizadas were getting opportunities after opportunities to see the ASR in his full form. They were getting scared would be an understatement because the fear they felt cannot be described.

And today was no less. Seeing his angry glare, all were literally shivering in fear. But Arnav was not going to back down today. Their frightened form had no effect on him. Because today along with ASR, they had also made Arnav angry who wouldn't tolerate it if anyone tried to hurt or do something bad to his loved ones.

Arnav looked at everyone angrily. "What's wrong with you all? Huh. I am asking you What the bloody hell is wrong with you? 24 by 7 you all just speak about that boy. Don't you all get tired of this? And Di, you. Who the hell is he to you that you are so worried about him? From food to room, everything in this house happens according to his wish. Who's he to you all that you all are doing all this for him?" Arnav shouted angrily.

"Chote, we... Arav..." Anjali started but only to be cut off by Arnav's angry roar.

"Shut up. Shut the hell up. Don't you dare say his name in front of me once again. I had enough of your chants of his name. Not a word more. And what were you saying, Di? That my kids don't need separate rooms. And who are you to decide that? Who gave you permission to decide what my kids want and what they don't? Who gave you permission to decide whether my kids require separate rooms for their things or not?" Arnav shouted not bothered about anything.

Anjali's eyes welled up hearing that. "What are you saying, Chote? Don't I have any right to take decisions in this house? Isn't it my house?" Anjali cried.

Arnav closed his eyes in frustration. No. Today he can't back down seeing her tears. Otherwise the situation will go out of hands. Today he had to be strict with his sister. It is for everyone's good.

He took a deep breath and said in a low threatening voice, "Don't. Don't you dare try to use these emotional blackmailing on me now, Di. It's not going to work."

"What are you saying, Chote?" Anjali cried more.

"Enough Di. Stop this unnecessary crying of yours. I had seen enough of these for the past five years. Now I don't want to see anymore. From the last five years, I was silent. I believed whatever you guys told me. I had never asked any questions.

"You guys told me that Khushi is busy always. I believed. Every time I asked you for her number or any other contact details, you guys stayed silent. Still I kept quiet thinking that you all are here and you all will take care of her. I had asked you to send Khushi to New York a lot of times, but you didn't do that. Still I kept quiet. But that's enough.

"Now I want answers. I want to know why you all did all these. Why you all kept Khushi away from me. Why you all never told me about Khushi's pregnancy. And my kids. You guys never felt it important to tell me about them. Not even for once. Daily you guys call me at least ten times for each and every small things and talk about all the nonsense in the world. But not even for once, not even by mistake, you guys told me about my kids. Why? Why Di? Why?" Arnav asked.

All the Raizadas looked away hearing that question. Payal was silently crying. Anjali, Nani and Mami had an impassive look on their faces. Akash looked uncomfortable hearing that. Sheetal looked uninterested while Arav was frowning.

Seeing them silent, Arnav's anger raised. "I asked you all something, Di. And I want an answer. You all can't stay silent. I want to know why you all kept my wife and kids away from me. Earlier I thought it was unintentional but seeing everything that's going on in this house, I can't help but feel that there's something more. You all are not doing this unintentionally. There's something seriously wrong. And I want you all to answer me why you all are doing all these things. What's going on in all your minds. First you all kept Khushi and my kids away from me and now you all are trying to throw this mother-son duo on me. Why are you all doing this? What are you all trying to do? I want answers. Tell me dammit." Arnav shouted.

"Chote, we... um.. we thought why don't we give you a surprise when you come back. So that only we didn't say anything to you about kids." Anjali said smiling at him.

"Oh really, Di. So you were trying to give me surprise. Wow Di. You gave me an amazing surprise. You kept my wife and kids away from me. You didn't tell me about my wife's pregnancy. You didn't tell me about my kids. I lost five years of my kid's life. And you are telling me that you were trying to give me surprise. Amazing. Amazing Di. Amazing. (Clapping his hands) You all are really amazing. You know what I never knew that you guys think of me as such a big fool. For five years, you guys kept on telling lies to me, kept the biggest truth of my life away from me. And now you are telling that you all did this to surprise me. Wow. What an amazing story. Really Di. Really. I should give you all award for telling lies so fluently." Arnav said sarcastically.

"Chote, we..." Anjali once again tried to say something to control the situation.

"Don't. Don't you dare say anything. Don't you dare say anymore lies. I am fed up of all your lies and behaviour. From the time, I came back. I am seeing you all. I tried to ignore everything, I tried to control my anger, I kept quiet even after seeing everything. I tried to talk to you all. I tried to make you all understand.

"But no, you all are not ready to understand anything. You all will do only as you please. Fine. Do whatever you all want and I will do whatever I want. Let's see what happens. From today onwards, I will decide what will happen in this house. For now I am going to renovate rooms for my kids. I am going to make as much as new rooms that my kids wants. If they want five, then five. If they want ten, they will get ten.

"And regarding Arav's rooms, I have no plans of renovating them. Not now nor ever. Anyways there's no meaning of renovating his rooms. Because as I have already told you guys in one week I want Sheetal and Arav out of this house. So when they are leaving, so renovating his room is unnecessary. And you all, better make arrangements for a new accommodation for them rather than planning to renovate their rooms. Otherwise I won't even hesitate to through them out." Arnav said emotionless.

"Chote, how can you talk like this. Is this the way to talk to guests." Anjali asked angrily

"Di, I guess we already established this fact that I don't care about them. So you better don't advice me how to talk to them. Because I am not going to change my attitude towards them. And Di, since you are concerned for them so much why don't you help them." Arnav asked.

Anjali looked at him confused. "What do you mean?"

"What I meant is that instead of pampering them and buying them unnecessary gifts, why don't you actually help them. See Sheetal, she has a lot of work in this one week. She has to attend office regularly and come on time, she has to find a new house and has to make arrangements for the basic necessities and above everything, she has to take care of Arav. Poor boy, already he has failed in third standard twice and daily he takes leave from school to go shopping and roam around with you people. Just image how much stress Sheetal would be having regarding all this.

"Let's take it for today. She has to go to office today but she isn't ready yet. Now she will go, get ready, make Arav also ready, then go to bus stop, find bus. First she has to drop Arav to school. But by the time they reach school, already two periods will be over. So Sheetal has to go and give explanation for that. That itself will take lot of time. After that she again has to find bus and reach office. By then it will be almost lunchtime. Her half day salary will be cut. Already she took leave for two days in last week, and today too it will be half day. If this goes on then the HR department will surely kick her out of office. Let's hope nothing like that happens and Sheetal's job remains safe. Let's all pray for that.

"And coming back to today's happenings, after reaching office also, Sheetal will have so much problems. She would have come late, so she has to complete her work. So she will get immersed in her work, she won't get time to have lunch also. Still she had to work hard. Since she came late, she had to stay back till late. After finishing today's work. Again she had to take bus and come home. That too late night. Till then she will be exhausted and won't have any energy left.

"And In between All these she has to find new house also. Poor her, no. So why don't you help her, Di. You can help her by waking her up early in the morning daily. You can do that for few days so that by the time she has to go to her own house, it will become her habit. Also you can help her by being a little more strict with Arav and sending him to school daily than unnecessarily pampering them. And major help you can do by finding new house for them. So Di, hurry up. You don't have much time. Only one week is left. All the best." Arnav said smiling.

Hearing him all were shocked. Though he said all that with a smile. They all could understand the underlying threatening. Sheetal visibly gulped hearing that. She felt as if her plans are all going down the drain slowly. Even the Raizadas were little scared listening everything. They didn't know who to support.


But before Anjali could say anything, all saw the designers coming down with HP. Arnav went to talk to them.

"So did you see all rooms." Arnav asked.

"Yes, Mr Raizada. We have seen all the rooms." Nishant replied politely.

"OK. So as I said I want totally 6 rooms. 3 bedrooms, one common study room for kids, playroom and toyroom. So you have to design according to that. I want three bedrooms to be the ones near my bedroom which HP would have showed you guys. Those rooms would be cleaned by today. Other rooms you can decide and say. Accordingly, work will be done. If you think that more than six rooms are required, you can tell that. I will make arrangements. But everything should be perfect." Arnav said smiling.

"OK. Mr Raizada. We have made a rough sketch of all the rooms. We will make designs and then tell you. After you decide the designs, then we can make arrangements and start the work." Nishant said smiling.

"OK. Then it's decided." Arnav said.

"OK, Mr Raizada. We will take leave now. After making designs, we will contact you. We will try to make it as soon as possible." Nishant said extending his hand for a shake.

"OK. Fine." Arnav said shaking his hand.

The designers left from there. Arnav also took his laptop bag and stood up to leave. He then turned and looked at everyone. All squirmed in their place seeing his piercing gaze. He then turned to Sheetal.

"Sheetal, you better hurry up. If you come to office after 12 then you will loose today's salary even if you work for whole day. Also your one day will be cut from the allowed five days leave per month." Arnav said casually.

But Sheetal knew the inner meaning behind it. She gulped and nodded her head. Taking Arav's hand, she ran to her room to get ready. Arnav then turned to Akash.

"Akash, are you ready? Shall we go to office?" Arnav asked him with scrutinizing gaze.

Akash looked at him shocked for a moment. Then he looked around. Nobody didn't say anything. Arnav frowned seeing that.

"Akash?" Arnav called him.

"Bhai, um... ah... mmm... Bhai, you go to office. I have some work. I will come later." Akash said looking down.

"What work? As far as I know, there's no meeting scheduled for you, today." Arnav asked frowning.

"Bhai, you go. I will come in sometime." Akash said looking here and there.

Arnav was confused seeing his unusual behaviour. He is definitely hiding something. But what. Everyone seems to know. But nobody seems to say anything. What's wrong. But he didn't press the matter. Akash looked really uncomfortable. Arnav decided to let him be for the time being.

"OK. I am going now. But come to office fast. I have something to discuss with you." Arnav said.

"OK Bhai." Akash said looking relieved.

Arnav came near him and patted his back. "Take care" Arnav said softly.

Akash smiled at him. Nodding at him, Arnav took his bag and left not even looking at others.


The day was really hectic for Arnav and Khushi. It was festival season and both of them were loaded with their respective works. Both of them were working really hard.

In the evening, once again Arnav had to go for a dinner meeting. So he didn't went to Ocean of Happiness. He asked Khushi to go home with kids after finishing her work. He said he would meet them directly at home.

After winding up her work and having dinner with kids, Khushi left to home. After reaching home, Khushi messaged Arnav who had asked her to message him before leaving office and after reaching home. After saying him that they reached safely, Khushi went inside.

Entering inside, Khushi saw the whole Raizada family along with Sheetal and Arav sitting in the living room as usual. Seeing her coming in alone with kids, Raizadas frowned.

As soon as they entered inside, Anjali came running to them. "Where is Chote?"

Khushi raised her eyebrows hearing the question and then rolled her eyes. She turned to kids and asked them to go to room and take bath. They nodded their heads and ran away.

As soon as kids went, Anjali started shouting, "I asked you something. Where's Chote?"

Khushi gave her a careless look and started looking at her phone unaffected. Anjali gritted her teeth seeing that.

"Have you gone deaf? I am asking you something. Where's Chote?" Anjali shouted loudly.

Khushi gave her a careless look and then started shaking her ear. "Stop it, woman. Why are you shouting unnecessarily?" Khushi asked.

"I asked you where's Chote?" Anjali screamed.

Khushi gave her a sarcastic look and said, "Now why are you screaming? How would I know where you brother is? He is your brother you must be knowing about his whereabouts. Why are you asking me all these things."

"You..." Anjali started shouting but only to be cut off by a roar.

Few seconds later, the front door opened and a furious Arnav entered inside shouting Akash's name repeatedly.  Everyone looked at him shocked.

But Arnav was only looking at Akash who stood shocked and pale as if a deer caught in a headlight. A beyond angry Arnav came and stood in front of Akash looking at him with furious raging eyes.

"Where were you today, Akash? Why didn't you come to office." Arnav asked in a dangerous low voice.

Everyone shivered seeing his angry face. Akash looked frightened out of his wits. Even Khushi was shocked seeing him so much angry. When she talked to him before one hour, he was fine. Then what happened suddenly. Khushi thought confused.

"I am asking you something dammit. Answer me. Where were you today? Why didn't you come to office?" Arnav shouted.

"Bhai, wo... wo... main. I had some work." Akash said softly looking down.

"What work? I asked what work. Tell me." Arnav said in a low voice folding his hands on his chest.

"Bhai, vo... I...." Akash stammered. He looked here and there not knowing how to react.

"What? Say something dammit? Where were you for the whole day? Why didn't you come to office today?" Arnav shouted.

"Chote, why are you shouting? What if he didn't come to office for one day?" Anjali asked frowning.

"One day, really Di. For one day he didn't come to office. Then what about last week. Forget about last week. Tell me Akash, when was the last time you went to office and worked for a whole day. Do you think I don't know anything, Akash. You don't go to office for the past three years. Even if you go, you work for maximum two three hours and leave.

"Last week, you didn't come to office. You came for just one day, worked for one hour and left. And today. Today morning, when I talked to you. What did you say to me. You have some work. You will finish it and come to office. Then where were you, Akash. I had been calling you for the whole day but your phone was switched off. I also called home in the afternoon. But HP told me that you went outside. Where did you go? Tell me." Arnav asked angrily.

"Chote, why are you overreacting? It's OK if Akash didn't go to office for few days. It's his own office. He can take leave if he wants." Anjali said carelessly.

Arnav gritted his teeth in anger. "Di, you stay out of this. You don't know anything about all these. So you better stay out of it. You don't know how much problems we are having because of his this careless attitude. Our Delhi branch was almost on the verge of shutting down because of his this attitude and you are saying that it's nothing."

"What do you mean by I don't know anything. You think I can't handle business. Are you trying to say that I am good for nothing." Anjali asked crying.

Arnav's anger and frustration escalated hearing her. "Actually speaking, Di. Why am I only asking him all these things because as far as I can understand not only him, but you are also involved in the situation that we are facing now. So before asking him anything, let me ask you a few things." Arnav said turning to Anjali.

Anjali looked at him scared and shocked when he said that. "Wha... What are you say... saying, Chote." She stammered scared.

"You don't know anything na, Di. So let's start from the beginning then. In the morning, I asked you all a few questions but none of you gave me any satisfactory answers. OK forget that. We will talk about that later. Let's now come to our current problem. So Di, I came to know that you along with Mami started a new AR showroom three years back. So care to explain why did you do that?" Arnav asked looking at her with piercing eyes.

Anjali felt scared and exposed in front of his scrutinizing eyes. Then she took a deep breath and putting on a wide smile started to answer him trying to act brave. "Vo... It was nothing, Chote. Actually me and Mami were getting bored sitting at home ideally. So we thought why not we do some work. So we started the showroom. We thought it will be a good help to AR also if we have a good exclusive AR showroom. It will be good profit for AR."

"Oh really, Di?" Arnav asked sarcastically  "So you and Mami did all that because you were feeling bored sitting at home ideally, right. Then why did you start a showroom, Di. Because as far as I know you, you were never interested in business. You studied accountancy. If you really wanted to work, you could have worked in the accounts department. I remember we badly needed an accountant at that time. You could have helped but no, you have to go and open a showroom."

"And you, Mami." Arnav turned to Manorama. "I never knew that you were interested in running a textile showroom. You always wanted to start a spa and beauty parlour, right. Then why did you went and started a textile showroom."

"Vo.... Arnav Bitwa... I.... Anjali Bitiya... We.... We bere getting borrad.... Sho...." Mami stammered not knowing what to say.

Arnav sighed angrily seeing them "OK. Fine. You guys were getting bored so you started a textile showroom. Then what was necessity to start the showroom right in front of Khushi's showroom. Huh?"

"Vo.... Chote, that place had really good market. So we thought..." Anjali said looking here and there.

"Oh really, Di." Arnav said sarcastically. "That place had really good market so started that good for nothing textile showroom there. Please, Di. Give me a break. Don't you get tired of all these lies. Do you think of me as a fool that I can't understand what were you guys trying to do. First you guys refused for a tie up with Ocean of Happiness and didn't supply AR Designs to Khushi's showroom. Then you guys went and started a showroom right in front of Khushi's showroom.

"And after that what did you do? Actually what were you people thinking while doing all those nonsense. You guys were selling clothes with much lesser prices and those cheap tricks that people did to gain customer. Chi. Pathetic. I can't even imagine that you guys would stoop so low. And above all that you were stealing Khushi's designs and selling that with AR tag. Do you guys have even a little bit of idea how much loss we had because of all these mess that you guys created."

"Chote, we..." Anjali started to say something.

"Shut up. Don't you dare say anything." Arnav said warningly.

"And Akash, you." Arnav turned to Akash. "What were you doing while they were creating this mess. They were doing all these in their foolishness but you. You knowing everything still kept quiet. What were you thinking supporting them in their foolishness. And above all that you were also doing the same thing. Stealing Khushi's designs and selling them with AR tag. Do you know how much pathetic you guys look while doing all these.

"Because of you guys's these stupidities, how much losses our company had to suffer. We lost our market in Delhi. We lost our credibility. So many investors back down. Our shares have dropped so badly and you guys. You guys are here not bothered about anything and enjoying life. And you Akash. Instead of trying to solve all these problems, you are here sitting at home leisurely and creating more problems. And today what you did. I was calling you for the whole day. Couldn't you have at least picked up your phone and answered me. Do you know I had dinner meeting with clients in the evening. I went to Taj for the meeting and you know who I met there?"

Akash looked at him confused.

"Mr Bhakshi. He told me about the new contract that you signed with him. What was that, Akash? You have agreed to sell our designs at much lower price. Do you know how much loss we would have had if that deal happened. He told me that you have signed the deal and it was with the lawyers. Thankfully I came to know about the deal and stopped Mr Roy from registering it. Otherwise we would have come on streets because of your foolishness.

"What the hell were you thinking doing all these, Akash? How can you act so recklessly without thinking? Have you ever thought what our condition would have been if that deal happened. We would have lost everything, Akash. Everything. We would have been on streets. All these years of hardwork and pain would have gone waste in a minute. How, Akash? How can you do something like this?" Arnav shouted.

"Bhai, I... I... I am sorry, Bhai." Akash said looking down feeling guilty. He almost had tears in his eyes.

Arnav looked away frustrated. He couldn't understand what was Akash's problem. But he couldn't also see his brother so guilty and shattered. He couldn't understand what was wrong with his brother. He knew something was seriously wrong with him but what. Why can't he just tell him. He thought to give Akash time. He thought Akash would reveal the problem himself. But he hadn't said anything nor he talk to him properly. On the other hand his condition is going from bad to worse with each passing day. He is turning reckless day by day. And he (Arnav) couldn't do anything except watch everything silently.

Arnav looked at Akash who was standing with bent head. Arnav went and held him by shoulders. Behind Akash, he could see Payal standing with tears rolling down her eyes looking shattered. He felt miserable seeing them both.

He looked at Akash and asked softly, "Akash, what's the matter? What's wrong with you? What's the problem, Akash? Tell me. You know you can tell me anything. I will try to solve it for you to the maximum."

Akash looked up at him. Arnav could see unshed tears in his eyes but soon his eyes turned hard and unreadable as if a mask came in front of his face.

"Nothing, Bhai. Nothing's wrong. I just made a mistake. I will come to office and solve it tomorrow." Akash said impassively.

Arnav looked at him shocked at his absurd behaviour. He gritted his teeth in anger seeing his stubbornness.

"Akash, I don't care what you did or what you are going to do. You can take a hundred leaves if you want. You can also sit at home if you want. I don't care. But I want an answer. I want to know why you are doing all these. What's your problem? What's wrong with you?" Arnav shouted.

"There's no problem, Bhai. I told no I will solve this problem tomorrow. You please leave this matter, Bhai." Akash said emotionlessly.

"No Akash. You can't say silent. You have to tell me what's the matter." Arnav said sternly.

But Akash looked impassive. He just looked ahead with an emotionless face.

"Chote, leave it, no. You must be tired. Go and take rest." Anjali said trying to pacify Arnav.

"No Di. Today he can't stay silent. I want answers. Tell me Akash. What's the problem. What's wrong?" Arnav said angrily.

"Arnavji, leave it, no. Let it be. You can talk all these later." Khushi said speaking for the first time after the starting of the conversation.

Arnav looked at her with disbelief. Then he gritting his teeth, he said, "No Khushi. Today I want answers. I can't let go of this matter so easily. Tell me, Akash. What's the matter."  Arnav looked at Akash.

Khushi sighed seeing her stubborn husband. She shook her head and said, "Arnavji, please. Let it be."

"No Khushi. Today I can't keep quiet. I want to know the answer. What's wrong with my brother. From the day I came I am seeing his and Payal's weird behaviour. I want to know what the actual problem is." Arnav said stubbornly.

Khushi shook her head and said, "OK. You come to room. I will tell you."

All looked at her for a moment but didn't say anything. Arnav looked at her shocked. Then gritting his teeth, said, "No Khushi. I want answers. I want to hear it from Akash."

"Arnav, please. You come to room. I will tell you." Khushi said pleasingly. She saw her sister from the corner of her eyes who was crying uncontrollably.


"Arnavji, please..." Khushi took his hand and pulled him upstairs to their room.

As soon as they went, Payal ran to her room crying. Akash took his car keys and went out. Mami looked uncomfortable and went to her room asking HP to bring her food to her room. Nani also went to her room asking HP to bring her food. Anjali, Sheetal and Arav went to dining table and had their food.

Entering inside their room, Arnav and Khushi saw kids playing. Seeing them Kids ran and hugged Arnav.

"Dada, you came." They said smiling.

Arnav controlled his anger and smiled at them. Khushi knew that Arnav was on the peak of his anger and it's not long before the volcano burst. So she asked the kids to go to poolside and play there or tend to the plants. The kids happily nodded and went to poolside.

Khushi saw them happily tending to plants. So she closed the French door and pulled the curtains. She didn't wanted her kids to witness their father's anger.

As soon as Khushi turned closing the curtain, Arnav came to her and said, "Now tell me what's wrong with Akash and Payal? Why are they both acting so strange?"

"It's nothing, Arnavji. Just a small husband wife fight. Nothing big." Khushi said not looking at him and trying to arrange the room.

Arnav gritted his teeth seeing her lying. He came near her and turned her towards him holding her shoulders. "Don't lie to me, Khushi. Tell me the truth. What's the matter with Akash and Payal?"

"Arnavji..." Khushi looked at him not knowing what to say. Seeing his determined eyes, she knew there is no meaning of lying. He won't back down until he knew the truth.

"Khushi, tell me the truth. What's the problem." Arnav asked again.

"Akashji is infertile." Khushi said in a low voice looking down.

"What???" Arnav asked shocked.

"Akashji is infertile." Khushi said look up at Arnav.

"What are you saying, Khushi?" Arnav asked shocked leaving her shoulder. He sat on the bed staring at her in shock.

"It's true, Arnavji. Akashji is infertile. It all started after you went to New York. After you went to New York, everyone came to know about my pregnancy. Initially everything was fine. All were happy. But few days later, Mamiji started demanding for a child from Pa... Jiji and Akashji. It went for two three months. Every month, Mamiji would ask Jiji for good news and getting the negative answer, she would get disappointed and angry.

"After three months of getting negative results, Mamiji asked Akashji to show Jiji to a doctor. They visited a doctor and the doctor did all tests. The results came and everything was fine with Jiji. The doctors prescribed some precautions and all and asked them to try again.

"But again nothing happened. With every passing month, Mamiji was getting more angry and annoyed with Jiji. Jiji tried everything to have a baby but nothing happened. Mamiji's anger and accusations kept on increasing. Akashji kept silent listening to his mother.

"After our babies were born, things took a very bad turn. Mamiji just started abusing Jiji. She would just get angry on Jiji for no reason. Always abusing her, yelling at her, scolding her, making her do all odd jobs.

"Even after few months,when Jiji didn't get pregnant. Mamiji started saying that Jiji is infertile. They showed Jiji to so many doctors, did so many tests, every time the results was same. Jiji was fine. But Mamiji was not ready to understand anything. She kept on blaming Jiji for not having a baby.

"She showed Jiji to so many different people. Doctors, Ayurveda, Homeo, Siddha etc. When no results came. She started conducting Poojas for them. Anjaliji also supported her. Everyday they did so many Poojas for Jiji and Akashji. They took Jiji and Akashji to various doctors all around, visited many temples, many pundits everything. But nothing happened.

"In between all these, once a doctor suggested Akashji also to do some tests. But Mami strictly refused saying that her son is alright and the problem is with Jiji. Akashji also didn't got ready to take any tests. He also refused to believe that he has any problem and blamed Jiji all the more.

"After that whenever they visited a doctor and they would ask Akashji to take tests, problem started having. Akashji would just turn aggressive and would strictly refuse for tests. He would just go on blaming Jiji. And Mamiji, she would just add salt to the wound and would instigate Akashji all the more against Jiji. Jiji would keep quiet and bear everything.

"Mami always refused to believe that her son can also have some problem. She always said that it was Jiji's fault. It went on few months. And once when they visited a doctor, the doctor somehow did tests on Akashji also without their knowledge. And the results came. And the doctor said that Akashji has some problem so that they were having difficulty in having children. He suggested Akashji to take treatment.

"But Akash strictly refused to take treatment. In fact he refused to believe that the reports were true. He acted very badly with Jiji that day. And Mamiji, she just went on accusing Jiji. She said that Jiji is doing all these to hide that she is sterile and she is purposefully trying to blame Akashji.

"After that Jiji never said anything. They again took her to different doctors, hospitals, did various treatments of Jiji. Everyday they visit different different temples, pundits, Babas everything. Whenever anyone say that the problem is with Akashji, that day would be worse for Jiji. Mamiji would be so rude on her that day.

"It has been four years. Still the situation is same. Everyday Pooja paad, pandits, doctors, hospitals, everything. In between All these Akashji stopped going to offìce to take Jiji and Mamiji to hospitals and temples. With time, Jiji started being silent listening to everything like a zombie. Akashji, he also started becoming silent and depressed. He obeyed everything Mamiji and Anjaliji said without saying anything. Both started being aloof from everything. Just does everything all says. Just stays depressed most of the time. Not speaking to anyone, not having food properly, no sleep. Just Pooja paad, treatment, doctors and hospitals. Nothing else." Khushi said with a sigh.

Arnav sat there numb trying to digest everything that Khushi said. Silence prevailed in the room. Khushi shook her head and started arranging the room.

Arnav sat on bed shocked. "I couldn't believe that Akash could act like this. He is educated. Then how can he act like a caveman. I can understand Mamiji. She's like that. But Akash. I just couldn't believe how could he have such a low backward thinking. How could he behave like that. And with Payal. I couldn't believe that he could do something like that to Payal." Arnav said in disbelief.

"We live in the 21st century. The medical science has grown so much. But he, how could he have such primitive thinking. If a couple can't conceive, then the whole blame goes to woman. In which century is he living. Instead of understanding the situation and taking treatment for his problem, he is running away and blaming his poor wife. I can't believe it my brother could do something like this." Arnav said disappointed.

"Wait, let me go and talk to him. I will make him understand. Whatever he is doing is wrong. He has to understand it." Arnav said getting up.

"No Arnavji. You won't do anything like that." Khushi said stopping him.

Arnav looked at her shocked. "Khushi, you are saying this. How can you?" Arnav asked her in disbelief.

"Yes, Arnavji. I am saying this. But this is between husband and wife. We are no one to come in between them. This is their life. They have to live it. We can't do anything."

"Khushi, how can you say like this. Payal's your sister. She is in problem and you are saying that we shouldn't do anything.

"I know Arnavji what I am doing. I know that she's my sister. But every time you can't do anything. It's her life and she had to take stand. We can't take stand for her. It doesn't work in that way." Khushi said with emotionless face.

Arnav looked at her in astonishment. He couldn't believe that it was his Khushi saying all these. The same Khushi who was ready to sacrifice her everything for her sister, is now saying that she isn't bothered about what happens with her sister. What happened to her.

"Khushi, what happened to you. She is Payal. Your sister. For whom you did everything. She is in trouble. Aren't you bothered. Why are you not doing anything? Why are you not helping her?" Arnav asked shocked.

Khushi looked at him with an unreadable expression. "Arnavji, help is something which can be offered not imposed. We can only help someone who wants our help. Not someone who doesn't want."

"Meaning." Arnav asked confused.

"Arnavji, Payalji is a married woman. It's her life. Her husband. Her in laws. Her family. Whatever happens in her life, it should be her who has to bear it or fight against it. There's a limit, anyone can help another person. If someone doesn't want your help then you can't impose it on them. You can only help someone who wants our help." Khushi said with an impassive look.

"Did she say that she didn't need help?" Arnav asked her confused. What has happened between these two sisters. They were ready to even sacrifice their lives for each other then what happened. What changed between them that they went so far from each other.

Khushi looked at him hearing his question. She looked straight with an impassive look and then slowly nodded her head. Arnav sighed.

"But still, Khushi. You could have tried, no. You could have done something for her. She is still your sister. One of the most important person in your life." Arnav said.

Khushi looked at him with some deep emotions which he couldn't understand. "Arnavji, I will tell you something today."

Taking a deep breath she continued, "Arnavji, When you become a mother, your life changes drastically. All the relations, all the priorities, everything changes, all that matters to you first is your child and the promise that you give to that little life in your womb that you would always protect him or her from all the problems of this world. And before that little life, nothing matters to you. No relationships, no hardships nothing."

Arnav looked at her confused trying to understand what she was trying to say. But seeing the deep emotions running on her face, he felt a strange fear creeping on his heart. He didn't know why he asked that. But the next words tumbled out of his mouth.

"And what about the promises, Khushi?" Arnav asked in a trance.

Khushi looked at him with a blank face but he could see the myriad of emotions running in her eyes. "When you become mother, all the promises becomes secondary and only one promise remains your priority. The promise that you give to your child that you will save him from all evil and all the pain."

Arnav looked at her shocked. What was that? Why he felt scared of her answer? She was telling truth only. Even he wanted that. His kid's safety and happiness. Then why her answer left a pang in his heart. A fear that he never felt before.

Arnav slumped down on the bed in shock. He couldn't understand what was happening around him. He couldn't get head or tail of anything. If one mystery gets solved, then a new mystery comes up.

He saw Khushi going and opening the French door. The kids soon ran inside and came to him asking him to play with them. He also smiled at them and hugged them tightly. His life is getting more messy day by day.

He closed his eyes feeling the softness of his babies in his arms. His heart calmed a bit feeling them. Smiling at them and promising to play with them, he went to take bath. Maybe a long bath would relieve his tensed muscles. Khushi looked at his confused form with an unreadable expression.

So that's it. I solved the mystery of Akash and Payal. What do you think about it? What will happen now? Stay tuned for answers.

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One more mystery revealed (By Rupakukku) (Thanked: 127 times)

Chapter 9

Two days later, Shantivan

Two days passed with no new problems. After Arnav's outburst, all kept to themselves and didn't say anything. Akash also started going to office regularly and started being more focused towards work. As promised, he himself rectified his mistake and cancelled the deal with Mr Bhakshi.

Arnav didn't talked to him anything. For some reasons he felt that it's better to obey Khushi this time. So he kept to himself and didn't interfered in the matter. Surely he tried to talk to Akash to know about his inner turmoils but seeing his Akash's unresponsiveness, he left the matter.

In these two days, Akash changed very much. He just did his work. He stopped taking Payal and Mami to hospital or attending Poojas with them. He was only bothered about his work. Truth to be told, everyone felt like Akash was slowly coming out of his depression.

But Payal's condition was worse. After Akash stopped accompanying her, it was Mami who went with her everywhere. That only worsened her situation. Akash usually used to be silent with her but Mami never left any chance to demean and verbally abuse her. And She could do nothing but endure everything silently.

Like these two days passed. It was a public holiday. Arnav and Khushi were at home along with kids. On Arnav's request, today Khushi cooked food for them in Shantivan. The little family had their breakfast in their room itself enjoying their family time.

After breakfast, Arnav started playing with kids while Khushi decided to complete some pending work. First he played basketball with Arsh, Arush and Arshi since the boys were very excited to play that. Though Arshi was little hesitant at first, the prospect of playing with her Dada enticed her. She immediately agreed. Arsh and Arush made a team while Arnav and Arshi made a team.

Finally Arnav and Arshi's team won as the brothers who couldn't see their sister sad decided to let their sister win. Arshi was very happy with her win that she started dancing in the court making the three Raizada men smile at her cuteness. Arnav was very proud of his sons seeing their love for their sister.

He then took them for an ice cream treat to celebrate their win. But the four Raizadas didn't forgot the most important woman of their lives because when they returned, their hands were filled with packets of ice creams, chats, sweets etc for their sweet wife and mother. Khushi was overwhelmed seeing their love.

After freshening up, Arnav came down along with kids and once again started playing with kids in the living room. Khushi had gone out with her friends as she planned. She was supposed to take kids also with her but when Arnav said that he wanted to spend time with them. She couldn't refuse him, so she left the kids with him.

Arnav was having a gala time with his kids playing. They were playing carroms. The Raizadas who were sitting in the living room had different emotions seeing that. Anjali and Mami were irritated and angry. Nani had an impassive look. Akash was not bothered. He was doing his work while Payal was smiling seeing the scene. But Sheetal was angry and frustrated seeing Arnav spending time with Khushi and kids.

And at last Arav. He was jealous seeing Arnav having fun with triplets. He wanted to be there. He wanted to play with Arnav, speak with him, have fun with him. He also wanted his father to love him like that. He was having angry tears in his eyes. Seeing that Anjali consoled him.

Anjali took Arav with her and went to them. "Chote, why don't you play with Arav also?" Anjali asked him smiling.

Arnav stopped playing and looked at her and then at Arav. He looked at his kids who nodded their heads saying that they don't have any problem regarding Arav playing with them.

"OK Di. Arav can play with us." Arnav said sighing and then took the striker to play.

Arav frowned seeing him still playing with triplets. "No ASR. You come with me. We will go to my room and play. We can play in my PlayStation. There is lots of new games in that. We both will play." Arav said smiling.

Hearing that the triplets face fell. They thought now Arnav will go and play with him. Seeing his kids sad, Arnav gritted his teeth angrily.

"Arav, if you want to play, come and play with us. Otherwise you can go to your room and play in your PlayStation." Arnav said trying to control his anger.

"Oh come on ASR. This is such a boring game. Let them play this. We will go to my room and play exciting games in my PlayStation. Last week only Anjali Ma got me so many new games. It's all so interesting. You come. We will have lots of fun." Arav said excitedly.

Arnav looked at Anjali sarcastically. "See Di. How he is behaving. Look Di, today I am in a good mood. So Don't spoil it. You only ask him what he wants. If he wants to play with us, he can. Otherwise he can go to his room and play. I don't care." Arnav said and continued playing.

"No. You have to play with me. You come with me. We will go to my room and play." Arav shouted stubbornly. He took Arnav's hand and started dragging him.

Arnav was angry seeing that. He took his hand back and stood up.

"Arav, stop misbehaving and go to your room." Arnav said sternly with angry voice.

Hearing the commotion, all the Raizadas and Sheetal came there.

"Chote, leave it no. He is small kid." Anjali said trying to pacify Arnav.

"Di, if he is small kid. Then ask him to behave. This is not the way to behave." Arnav said with controlled anger.

"Chote, please..." Anjali pleaded.

"Di, ask him to go to his room." Arnav said looking away frustrated.

"No. You come with me." Arav shouted.

"Arav, I said go to your room." Arnav angrily shouted.

Arav looked at him shocked. Then angrily stamping his leg he went to his room. The Raizadas alongside Sheetal excluding Akash and Payal followed him trying to pacify him. Arnav shook his head seeing the scene.

He then looked towards his kids who was looking at each other with a sad expression. He felt bad seeing them like that. His babies are also like their Mumma. Innocent. Can't see anyone sad. He smiled.

He went and keeled down in front of them. "What happened? Why my Babies are sad?" Arnav asked with a soft smile.

"Dada, you go and play with Arav Bhayya. We will play alone." Arsh said looking sad.

"Why so. We were playing, right. Then why should I go and play with him." Arnav asked making a confused face.

"Arav Bhayya is sad, no. If you play with him. He will be happy. So you go and play with him." Arshi said innocently.

Arnav smiled at his innocent babies. "That is what I am asking Why should I go and play with him. If he wanted to play, he could have played with us, na. We told him to play with us, no. But he didn't play. So we can't do anything."

"But Arav Bhayya doesn't like to play with us. He never plays with us. He doesn't like us, na. So you go and play with him. He will be happy." Arush said.

"No. I am not going to play with him. We were playing, no. So we will continue playing. OK. If Arav wants to play, he can come and play with us. If he doesn't want to play with you guys then it's his problem. Let him be." Arnav said smiling.

But the kids frowned. "But he will be sad, na. So what will we do?"

"We won't do anything. It's OK if he's sad. He will be fine after sometime. You guys don't worry about all this. Remember this thing always I am first your Dada. So for Dada, before everyone you people come. So Dada will first play with you. After that only I will play with anybody else. OK. You don't have to feel sad about all these. Arav is not sad because of you people. He was just being stubborn and that's bad habit. So it's OK. He will be fine after sometime." Arnav said trying to console them. His kids are too innocent. He had to handle them with care.

"But Dada, what if he didn't become fine after sometime. What if he remains sad. He is sad because of us, no. And that's bad, right. We should never make anyone sad na, Dada. And Arav Bhayya is sad because of us. So we will become bad babies, then right. And God will punish us, na." Arshi asked sadly.

"No Babies. God won't punish you guys. God never punishes innocent babies. You guys didn't do any wrong na. So why will God punish you. He will not punish you." It was Akash who answered them. He also came and kneeled down in front of the kids beside his brother. Arnav smiled at him.

The kids looked at Akash with wide innocent eyes. "God won't really punish us na, Chachu." Arush asked with doubt.

"No. Never. As your Dada said, you guys didn't do any wrong. So God will never punish you." Akash said smiling.

"Promise." Arshi asked cutely extending her little hand.

Akash looked at Arnav and both the brothers smiled. "Promise." Both kept their hands on Arshi's little hand. The kids smiled getting assurance.

"OK. Come. Let's play." Arnav said  standing up.

"Chachu, you also come and play with us." Arshi said holding Akash's hand.

Akash looked at her innocent face. He didn't had the heart to refuse her. He nodded his head. Taking her in his arms, he went to play with them. Payal smiled seeing the scene. She wiped the lone tear that rolled down her cheeks and went to get something to drink for them.

One hour later

The Raizada ladies along with Sheetal and Arav came down. Arnav and Akash looked at them. Seeing Anjali making all the stupid promises to Arav to pacify him, they rolled their eyes. Their sister is surely one crackhead. They looked at each other and then again started concentrating on the game ignoring them.

The Raizada ladies along with Sheetal and Arav settled in the living room and started talking. Arnav and Akash continued playing with kids. Payal was in kitchen making lunch.

After playing for some more time, Arnav and Akash came and sat with ladies while kids started playing on their own. Arnav and Akash started discussing about business. Just then, the doorbell rang. HP went to open the door. Soon Raizadas saw an elderly woman walking inside. Seeing her, all stood up.


"Sujatha, what a pleasant surprise. Do you remember the way to our house?" Nani asked her smiling.

"What Maaji. Don't tease me. I was just busy with everything going on." Mrs Sujatha Mittal smiled at the Raizadas.

"Arey Arnav Bitwa. You. How are you, Bitwa. When did you come back from New York?" Sujatha asked smiling at Arnav.

Arnav smiled back at her. She was his mother's childhood friend. So whenever he met her, he felt as if he was meeting his mother. She was a person who was very close to his mother. He always felt that motherly feeling from her.

"I am fine, Aunty. I came back from New York last week." He answered politely.

"So how's your work going on? Everything fine, Bitwa?" Sujatha asked affectionately.

"Yes Aunty. Everything's going good. How are you, Aunty?" Arnav asked her smiling.

"I am fine, Bitwa." She smiled.

"So Sujatha, how's everyone at home. Your husband and kids." Nani asked her smiling.

"Everyone's fine, Maaji. Actually I came to invite you all. Actually it was our 35th wedding anniversary this weekend. So we have kept a party for that. So I thought to invite you all for that. And I want all of you to come without fail." Sujatha said a little sternly.

All smiled at her. "OK, Aunty. We all will come." Arnav said smiling.

"And Arnav, you. Come with your wife and kid. OK. I have never seen you with your wife and kid. So no excuses. You have such a beautiful wife and kid, then why don't you come with them." Sujatha said smiling looking at Sheetal and Arav. Sheetal smiled seeing that and Arav was beaming in happiness.

But Arnav's anger increased. "Aunty, they are not my wife and kid." Arnav said sternly.

Sujatha looked at him taken aback. Even Raizadas looked a little shocked. They didn't expected him to talk like that to Sujatha. Even Arnav felt that he was being unnecessarily rude.

"Sorry, Aunty. I didn't mean to be rude. But it's just that they are not my wife and kid. So please don't talk relating them to me." Arnav said apologetically.

"Chote, what are you saying to Sujatha Aunty." Anjali asked him angrily.

"It's OK, Arnav. I am sorry. It's my mistake. They were sitting with your family so I thought maybe..." Sujatha said smiling apologetically.

"No. No. Aunty. You please don't apologise. That's perfectly fine. It's just that I didn't wanted you to be in some wrong notions." Arnav said smiling.

"It's OK, Arnav. So tell me where's your wife and kids. You have kids, right?" Sujatha asked him smiling.

Arnav smiled back at her. "Of course. Wait a minute. I will just come." Saying that he went and took the kids to living room.

"Aunty, my wife Khushi is not at home right now. But these are my kids. This is Arsh, the eldest, then Arush and at last our little princess, Arshi. They are triplets and are four and a half years old." Arnav said smiling at Sujatha.

"Babies, this is Sujatha Dadi. Your Dadi's best friend. Say hi to her." Arnav said to the kids.

The kids smiled at her and then went and took her blessings touching her feet. "Namaste Dadi." They said cutely.

Sujatha looked at them with a wide smile. "Your kids are really beautiful, Arnav. I must say you guys have given really good values to them. Your wife has done a good job in raising them." Sujatha said admiringly. She slightly caressed their heads and blessed them wholeheartedly, "Always stay happy."

Arnav smiled seeing that. Arav and Sheetal were jealous. Even Anjali and Mami looked slightly angry and jealous. Nani, Akash and Payal smiled.

After some more time of talking to everyone, Sujatha left. After sometime Khushi also came. She cooked for Arnav and kids and they had their lunch leisurely. After lunch everyone took a small nap.

After two three hours, Arnav and Khushi got up and woke the kids also. After getting the kids ready, Arnav took them to their friend's house as they had some project to do. So their friend's mother had invited the kids home. Arnav went to drop them while Khushi stayed back.

The Raizadas along with Sheetal and Arav also went out to have fun. They even took Nani with them leaving only Khushi at home. Akash and Payal didn't wanted to go but Mami forcefully took Akash with her. So Akash asked Payal also to accompany them.

Khushi was sitting in the living room reading a magazine waiting for Arnav. Hearing the doorbell ringing, she went and opened the door. Seeing an unknown man, she frowned.

"Yes, who are you? What do you want?" Khushi asked politely.

"Mam, I am Vinay. Vinay Tripati." He said with a small smile.

Khushi looked at him confused. Who is he? She was sure that she hasn't seen him before.

"Sorry, but I didn't recognise you. Have we met before?" Khushi asked him confused.

"No Mam. We haven't met before. But I know you. You are Khushi Mam, right. I have heard a lot about you. Arnav sir used to talk about you a lot. He has also shown me your picture. But you look more beautiful in real, Mam." He said smiling.

"Arnavji, you know Arnavji?" Khushi asked.

"Yes, Mam. I know him very well. I was his Home Nurse in New York." Vinay said with a small smile.

"Home Nurse? Why would Arnavji need a home nurse?" Khushi asked confused.

"Vo... when ASR sir had accident in New York and he was paralysed waist down, then he appointed me to look after him. I was taking care of him for the past five years. He told me to come and see him when I come to India before he left. So only I came." Vinay said.

Khushi was shocked hearing that. Arnavji had an accident in New York. He was pa.. paralysed waist down. Khushi felt the ground slipping beneath her. No this can't be true. No. Nothing happened to her Arnavji.

Khushi felt tears brimming in her eyes. Her heart beat increased thinking about the unknown danger her Arnavji was in. Her breathing laboured. Her whole being shook with fear. She felt dizzy. Her Arnavji....

Vinay looked at her shocked. He couldn't understand what happened. She was talking to him normally and all of a sudden she started crying and she looked out of sense. He was scared seeing her like that. He looked around for someone for help. But nobody was there. He saw her swaying. He knew she was going to collapse any moment. Before that he had to do something.

"Mam, Are you hearing. Mam." He gently shook her holding her shoulders.

Khushi didn't give any reaction to him. She was in a trance. She was almost unconscious. Seeing her loosing her balance, Vinay gently held her and took her inside the house. He made her sit on the sofa and called out for help. But nobody came.

He saw her closing her eyes loosing her consciousness. Vinay shook his head and immediately ran inside searching for water. He saw water filled jug in the dining room. Immediately pouring water in a glass, he ran to living room.

Reaching there, he saw Arnav entering inside the house. Seeing Khushi's state and a shocked and panicked Vinay, Arnav understood what might have happened. He ran to Khushi and sat beside her. Immediately taking the glass of water from Vinay, he sprinkled a few drops on Khushi's face.

Seeing Khushi slowly coming to conscious, he sighed in relief. Taking her in his arms, he hugged her tightly. Vinay also sighed in relief seeing Khushi fine.

"Sir, I am sorry. I don't know what happened. I was talking to Mam and then all of a sudden she started crying and then collapsed.  Sir, I swear I don't know what happened. I didn't do anything, Sir. I am sorry. I.." Vinay said trying to justify himself.

"Vinay, Vinay, Vinay relax. I know. I know you didn't do anything. You please leave from here, now. I will talk to you later." Arnav said looking at Khushi who still looked a bit disoriented.

"But Sir. I... I didn't do anything." Vinay was scared and confused.

"I know, Vinay. I know. I know that you didn't do anything. But for now you go. I will call you later." Arnav said.

"OK Sir." Vinay nodded his head and left from there.

After Vinay left, Arnav looked at Khushi. Slowly she came to her senses. She looked around trying to remember what happened. Then remembering what happened before she collapsed, she slowly started crying.

"Arnavji, that man... He... He said that you... You had an acc... acci... accident and you.. You were pa.. paralysed waist down." Saying that she started crying.

Arnav tightly hugged her seeing her crying. Breaking the hug, he tried to wipe her tears. But her eyes kept on pouring tears. "Khushi, sh... sh... stop. Khushi... Jaan... Stop crying. See I am fine. I am perfectly fine sitting in front of you. Nothing happened to me, Jaan. Please stop crying, Baby." Arnav said hugging her more tightly hiding her in his arms.

"Arnavji... Arnavji... He... he... said... You... acci.. accident." Khushi hiccupped.

Arnav closed his eyes feeling miserable seeing her crying so uncontrollably. He hugged her tightly. When she continued to cry even after few minutes, he gently took her in his arms and went their room.

Entering inside, he sat on the recliner with Khushi in his arms. Khushi snuggled in his arms feeling him. He gently rocked her forward and backward, caressing her hair, giving her time to calm down. He softly whispered sweet nothings in her ears. After crying for few more minutes, Khushi slowly came back to normal.

Seeing her softly sniffing, Arnav sighed. He took the water kept on the glass and made her drink it. She quietly drank the water and then looked at him with questioning gaze. Arnav hugged her and kissed her forehead cuddling her closer. Khushi also hugged him tighter making herself believe that he is safe. He is fine and with her. Inhaling his soothing manly smell, she closed her eyes and tried to calm her rapidly beating heart.

Opening her eyes, she looked at him. "Arnavji..."

Arnav looked down at her who looked vulnerable. He hugged her tighter If that was even possible and once again pecked her forehead.

After few minutes of cuddling, Khushi looked at him with questioning gaze. "What was he saying. You... your ac... accident... pa... paralysis. What was he saying, Arnavji?" Khushi asked hiccupping.

"Nothing Khushi. Nothing Bacha." Arnav said hugging her closer.

"No Arnavji. You are lying. There is something. There is something you are hiding from me. Tell me." Khushi asked.

"Nothing, Khushi. Nothing is there." Arnav said hugging her not looking at her.

"No. You are lying, Arnavji. For five years, you didn't come to meet me. Not even for once. You are a multibillionaire. If you wanted, you could have come. But not even for once you came. Why, Arnavji? Why? Didn't you miss me? Didn't you wanted me?" Khushi asked crying.

"No Khushi. It's not like that. I missed you. I missed you so I much. I wanted you. I wanted you with me. But... I... I am sorry Khushi." Arnav said feeling guilty.

"No, Arnavji. I don't want your sorry. I want an answer. I want to know why you did like that. Earlier also I asked you about it. But you dodged the topic. You didn't gave me any satisfactory answer. You just said that you were busy with work so you didn't come. But I and you both know that it's not true. If you wanted, you could have come. You could have come from any part of the world. At least for one day. But you didn't. You didn't come. Why, Arnavji. Why?" Khushi asked crying.

"Khushi... I... I was busy... So..." Arnav tried to find an answer. He looked here and there trying to find a way to refrain himself from answering this question and stop this conversation. She didn't wanted to upset her. He couldn't see her hurt. But alas, bad luck, because Khushi was determined to get the truth out of him.

"Don't. Don't lie to me Arnavji. I know that there is something else. That day also when I asked you about it you lied to me similarly. But not today. Today, you have to answer me, Arnavji. Today you have to tell me, why you never came to meet me not even once in these five years? Why, Arnavji? Why?" Khushi asked shouting.

She remembered the day, she asked him the same question. But that day he dodged the question. Three days after he came back, while they were talking in the poolside at night, then she had asked the same question. But at that time, he didn't answer her and just gave her vague answer that he was busy with work. So he didn't came. At that time itself, she felt that something is fishy and he was hiding something from her. She even asked him but he cleverly changed the topic.

Arnav looked Khushi who was looking at him with determined face. He knew that there is no meaning of trying to lie to her today. She would somehow get the truth out of him. He sighed.

"OK. I will tell you. But you have to promise me Khushi that you will not panick or start crying." Arnav said looking at her deeply.

"OK Arnavji. I promise you. I won't panick and I won't cry. Now tell me why didn't you come to meet me? Why did you kept yourself away from me?" Khushi asked him.

"Khushi, do you remember the time when I went to New York. At that time, there were lots of misunderstandings between us. I knew that somewhere I was also at fault. So I wanted to make everything fine between us. I was planning to take you away from here for a few days to spend time alone with you. Even I made all the arrangements also for that. But before I could implement that all of a sudden I got a call from New York that due to some technical problems, there was fire breakout in our factory there.

"I was shocked. The situation was a bit serious so I myself had to immediately go to New York. I wanted to wait for you and go after telling you. But the situation was very serious and there were some casualties also. I was getting constant calls from there. I was so much panicked. Then I had to leave for New York urgently. In all that chaos, I didn't even realise when Di planned and made arrangements for Sheetal to go with me. I tried to deny her but she was stubborn. And then unwillingly I had to take her with me.

"Maybe that was the biggest mistake that I did. Because after reaching New York, instead of helping me, all she did was causing problems for me. It took me five six months to sort out the problem there. In all these I missed you a lot. I wanted to meet you, talk to you, everything. Daily I used to call but you were stubborn or what, I don't know. But you never talked to me. And my situation was thus that I couldn't even leaving everything and come back.

"After five six months, the situation came under control and everything started falling into place. I also decided to come back. Then again I don't know what was her problem, but Sheetal kept on creating problems delaying me. But then one day, I had enough. I lashed out on her and said that if she wanted to stay there, then she can stay and I am going back.

"I asked my PA there to book my tickets and was going to my house there to pack my things. I don't know what she was thinking, but when I was driving the car out of my office premises, all of a sudden, Sheetal came in front of my car. In order to save her, I turned my car to the other side but the car got hit on the side wall of building. There was a huge iron bell that was hanging from the wall ceiling. It broke and fell on the car. The whole front portion and the ceiling of the car was badly damaged.

"I had severe injuries and was immediately admitted in the hospital by my staff. But the injuries were severe. There was multiple injuries on my body. Except my face, almost all other body parts were having bruises and injuries. But the major problem was my spinal cord injury. Doctors said for an immediate surgery. So I asked my PA to call Akash to New York as a family member's signature was essential for the surgery." Arnav said remembering that horrifying incident of his life.

"But Akashji didn't say anything about it to us " Khushi asked confused. Though she had promised Arnav to not cry but still tears were flowing from her eyes. But still she was listening to everything bravely. She wanted to know what and all her husband went through in these five years.

Arnav smiled at her. Wiping her tears and shaking his head, he hugged her. "Yes. I know Akash wouldn't have told you about all these. Infact I only asked him not to tell all about the accident. I didn't wanted you all to get panicked and get scared. So I asked him not to tell you all. I knew if you guys would have known about it then what would have happened. Di would have started crying and would have taken the whole world on her head. Nani would have been hell worried for me and would have damaged her health. And Mami, she wouldn't sit quiet till she sees me fine. And finally you. You would have cried and wouldn't have stopped till you reach me. In between that you would have bothered your Devi Mayya for a thousand times. And finally you also would have damaged your health so that you also get a bed beside me in hospital. Would have saved yourself from taking care of me." Arnav said smiling.

"Arnavji!" Khushi gently bet on his chest and hugged him tight.

"But on a serious note, Khushi. I am glad that I asked Akash not to tell you all about my accident. I can't even image what would have been your condition if you would have came to know about it then. Today itself hearing about it, you lost consciousness. At that time, you must have been seven or eight months pregnant. If you came to know about my accident and if something would have happened to you or our babies, then I could have never forgiven myself." Arnav said hugging her tighter and kissed her temple.

"Arnavji..." Khushi called him softly cuddling him. "OK. Leave that. Tell me. What happened after that."

Arnav sighed. "After my surgery, it took two days for me to gain conscious. After that slowly I started recovering. Then only I came to know that due to injury in the spinal cord, I was paralysed waist down. I was shocked would be an understatement. I felt as if my whole world fell apart. I felt useless. Slowly I was going into depression. But the doctors there were very supportive. They encouraged me and told me that I could be cured but it will take some time and I have to strictly follow the treatment and instructions they will give. I agreed.

"After three weeks, they allowed me to go home. I asked Akash to go back. I took promise from him not to tell you all anything. I didn't wanted you all to get worried for me. Akash was reluctant to leave but I convinced him. My staff and doctors there helped me a lot at that time. Then due to the recommendation of one doctor, I appointed Vinay. He was an Indian and very efficient in his work.

"He took care of me very well. After three months of my accident, when my wounds healed, the doctors started my physiotherapy. It was difficult at first but slowly I started coping up. After few weeks, I resumed work. Since I couldn't come back as the facilities and treatment that I was going through in New York wasn't available here. So I had to stay back. And due to continuous treatment going on, I couldn't even come here in between.

"But then I started missing you badly. Also I started feeling guilty that I didn't tell you about my condition. When I thought about it, I felt that if I would have been in your place, I would have really felt bad if you would have hidden such a matter from me. So I decided to tell you. But I wasn't sure about telling you through phone or saying about it to Di. You both would have panicked. So I asked Di to send you there but every time she dodged the topic. I even asked her for your number but she didn't give.

"Even Aman wasn't here at that time to get help as he had to go to all the small big business trips on behalf of me as I couldn't attend it. Aman was always busy due to work and Akash, you know what happened. So I had no other choice but to take help from Di to contact you. But I don't know why she always used to ignore that topic. But I missed you like hell. I just wanted to come back but the situation was against me. Like that four years passed in treatments, therapies and everything. Finally I was back to normal. Before three months only I recovered completely. As soon as the doctors gave me clean chit to go home, I came back.

"You know Khushi, I missed you so much in these five years but I was helpless. The only thing that kept me going was the hope of getting better and meeting you.  The doctors there always said that my eagerness to get better soon was the driving force that made my treatment easier for them. According to them sometimes it take 10-15 years of treatment for a person to get cured from paralysis. Some never gets cured also. But my strong will to get fine made my recovery faster. But what they never knew was it was not my strong will but my longing to at least see a glimpse of you that made me fight my disability.

"Khushi, you know it's rightly said that seeing death in front of you changes a person." Arnav said deeply.

"Arnavji, please don't talk like that." Khushi said closing his mouth.

Arnav held her hand and kissed it. Keeping her hand over his heart, he continued, "No Khushi, I am just telling you the truth. That incident truly changed me. You know when I was in hospital, for sometime I felt as if, that's it, this is the end of everything. At that time, there was only one thing going on in my mind. If I had a chance to live life then I would just come back to you and clear all the misunderstandings between us and tell you a thousand times that I Love You.

"Every moment in that hospital bed only made me think about you. Our moments, our love, the every minute that I spend with you. The way I always hurt you. It was then I realised how much you mattered to me, how much I wanted you, craved for you, how much I love you. It was at that moment I realized that I would never get enough of you. I just wanted the time to go back and bring me back to you. I wanted you beside me like a fish needed water to survive. It was pining to be with you for these four years. But my bad luck, I couldn't come back to you. I am sorry, Khushi. I am sorry. I am sorry I made you wait. I am sorry I made you feel alone. I am sorry, Bacha. I am sorry, Jaan." Arnav said hugging her tightly. Tears filled at the back of his eyes but he tightly closed his eyes not allowing them to escape.

"Arnavji.." Khushi cried hugging him tightly. Arnav also tightened his hold around her hugging her tightly not allowing even air to pass in between them. Khushi looked up at him and saw his red teary eyes.

Breaking the hug, she gently cupped his face and kissed his forehead, his eyes, his cheeks, his stubble jaw. Arnav sat there silently allowing her to do whatever she wants. Even he wanted that. He also wanted to feel his wife's love and care after five years of separation, hurt and pain. He closed his eyes feeling her soft lips trailing kisses on his face.

After kissing his whole face, Khushi looked at him. Arnav also opened his eyes and looked deep into her eyes. He could see his feelings mirroring in her eyes. Khushi closed her eyes not able to see the deep love and desire in his eyes. She felt as if it burnt her entire being.

Seeing her closing his eyes, Arnav's eyes travelled down and rested on her pink soft petals. No sooner his hard lips were connected to those pink petals. Cupping her long swan like neck, he kissed her softly and slowly. Khushi's hands on it's own accord went to his nape pulling him closer. Taking her lower lip in between his lip he sucked her while Khushi kissed his upper lips. Kissing her lips, thoroughly, he slowly entered her mouth.

Kissing each and every corner of her mouth, he tasted her sweet nectar. Khushi was also so lost in the kiss that her whole weight was on Arnav. After few minutes of kissing thoroughly, they pulled apart gasping for air. Their foreheads joined while they gasped for breath.

Few minutes later, Arnav carried Khushi to the bed and pulled the covers over them. No sooner the clothes left their bodies and the room was filled with their moans and groans.

Few hours later

Arnav got up and looked around. He frowned seeing the empty bed. Where did she go. Getting up, he went to freshen up. After taking a bath, he came out in fresh clothes and saw Khushi standing by the poolside lost in thought.

He hugged her from behind and rested his head on her shoulders. Khushi looked at him startled.

"Hey, relax. It's me. Where are you lost so much that you didn't even recognise me." Arnav asked hugging her.

Khushi gave a small smile to him and then looked ahead. " Nothing. Was just thinking about a few things." She said with an emotionless face.

Arnav frowned seeing her strange behaviour. She was fine before sometime. What happened suddenly. She was crying and openly showing her feelings till sometime before. Now again she went inside her shell. She looked emotionless. What's happening.

"Khushi, are you OK?" Arnav asked concerned.

Khushi came out of the hug and looked at him. "Yes, Arnavji. I am fine." She said with a small smile which he immediately knew was fake.

"Khushi, you..." Arnav tried to say something but cutting him, Khushi said, "Arnavji, it has been so much time. I think we should go and get the kids. You do one thing, you take rest. I will go and get them."

Arnav sighed seeing her changing the topic. "Khushi..." He tried to talk.

But Khushi walked inside the room and took her car keys. "Arnavji, you take rest. I will go and get them."

"No. I will come with you." Arnav said taking the keys from her hands.

"OK." Saying that Khushi walked out of the room.

Sighing, Arnav also went behind her. They both settled in the car and Arnav started driving. Khushi looked outside lost in thoughts.

"Khushi..." Arnav called her few times but seeing her lost, he gently shook her. Khushi looked at him.

"Yeah... Yeah Arnavji." Khushi said looking at him.

"Khushi, where are you lost? Are you alright?" Arnav asked her concerned.

Khushi looked at him for a moment. Then sighing she nodded her head. "Yes Arnavji I am fine." She said keeping her head on his shoulder.

Arnav looked at her and gently kissed her head. Khushi closed her eyes feeling that. Soon they reached their destination. Picking up the kids, they came back.

But Arnav had different plans. He took them to mall and had a shopping spree with them. That lifted Khushi's mood and she also started enjoying with them. Finally a jalebi and chat treat made the day. By the time, they came back after having dinner, Khushi was in her usual good mood. Arnav smiled in relief seeing that.

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Arnav came across a shocking truth (By Rupakukku) (Thanked: 147 times)

Chapter 10

Two days later, Evening

Arnav came to Ocean of Happiness after a hectic day at office. Entering inside the penthouse, he stood by the entrance seeing the cute scene with an amused smile. His babies were acting enacting some characters.

Entering inside, he called them with a smile. "So what my beautiful babies are doing?" He asked them.

"Dada." They squealed running to him. Arnav hugged them laughing.

He took Arshi in his arms and settled on the sofa with Arsh and Arush on his either sides.

"So tell me what were you guys doing?" Arnav asked caressing the long hair of Arshi. He loved her long hairs just like her Mumma's.

"Dada, we were doing rehearsals." Arush said grinning.

"Rehearsals, for what?" Arnav asked curiously.

"Dada, there is Annual Day programme in our school next week. We are having a play for that. Tomorrow there is auditions for that. So we were doing rehearsals for that. Our Mam (Teacher) gave us script, we have to learn that and act in front of her tomorrow. Then she will select us based on our performance." Arsh explained.

"Oh. That's really great. So what roles my babies are playing?" Arnav asked smiling.

"Dada, I am trying for princess's role. I will be the princess with long hair and beautiful princess dresses. Dada, you will design princess dress for me, right?" Arshi asked cutely.

"Of course I will design beautiful princess dress for the most beautiful princess of mine." Arnav said nuzzling her cheeks.

"Yay. Really, Dada." Arshi asked with a wide smile.

"Really." Arnav said smiling. "OK Ashi tell me one thing. That day you were saying that you want to wear Mumma's designed dress. Now you want me to design your princess dress. Why so? Don't you like Mumma's design. Don't you want to wear Mumma's designed dress?" Arnav asked confused.

"Of ho, Dada." Arshi slapped her forehead dramatically. Arnav raised his eyebrows in amu****t.

"Dada" Arshi cupped his cheeks with her little hands. "I love both your and Mumma's designs. Yeah Mumma's design I wear mostly. But I love your designs too. I want to wear both your designs. In play na, I have to wear two different dresses. So only I asked you to design dress for me. I have also asked Mumma to design for me. One dress I will wear of your design, one Mumma's design." Arshi said smiling widely.

"Aww. I never knew that my princess's so much intelligent." Arnav said hugging her.

"Yesh, just like Dada." Arshi said smiling cheekily.

"Yeah just like Dada." Arnav said laughing. He then turned to his boys. "So what roles you guys want?"

"Dada, I am trying for prince's role." Arsh said.

"That's great." Arnav said smiling at him.

"Dada, I am the Prince." Arush said smiling widely.

"You are also trying for the Prince's role." Arnav asked confused.

"No Dada. Actually in the play, there are two princes. One Princess's Prince and the other Princess's brother. I am Princess's brother. He will also be Prince, na." Arush said grinning.

"Yeah, that's right." Arnav said smiling at him.

"You know Dada, all the students were trying for Princess's Prince role. Nobody was there for Princess's brother's role. So I went to teacher and gave my name for that role and teacher selected me without audition itself." Arush said smiling raising his collar.

"Hmm. That was an intelligent move, my boy." Arnav said rifling his hair.

"Dada!" Arush looked at him horrified and then ran to bedroom to set his hair. The trio laughed seeing him.

Arnav then turned to Arsh. "So big guy, did you do your rehearsals for the role?" Arnav asked him.

"Yeah Dada. I was practising with Arshi. I have tried my level best. After that, whoever's deserving will get the role." Arsh said smiling.

Arnav smiled at his son seeing his maturity. "Don't worry, my boy. I know you will get the role. We are ASRs. We never fails. OK. Cheer up." Arnav said cheering him.

Arsh smiled at him."Yeah, Dada. I have tried really hard. Just I have to give my best in tomorrow's auditions and I will get the role." Arsh said feeling confident hearing Arnav's words.

"That's like my boy. So in tomorrow's auditions, both my Prince and Princess are going to give their best and get the Prince and Princess's roles, right." Arnav asked them softly smiling.

"Yes" Both chorused and hugged him. Just then Arush also ran out of the room and hugged Arnav from back.

After that the kids again started doing rehearsals and Arnav started helping them, guiding them.

After sometime, Khushi also came there. "So what Dada and Babies are doing?" She asked smiling at them.

"We were practising for tomorrow's role play auditions." Arnav said smiling at her.

Khushi raised her eyebrows hearing that. "You are also practising?" Khushi asked smirking.

"Hahaha. Very funny. I was just helping them." Arnav said shaking his head at her lame jokes.

"Yeah. That's great. So till where did the rehearsals reach?" Khushi asked.

"We are almost done, Mumma. Just some more time." Arshi said cutely.

"OK. You guys carry on. Till then I will make dinner. Then we will have it and go home." Khushi said smiling at them.

"OK." Saying that they once got engrossed in rehearsals.

Khushi went to kitchen for making dinner. After having dinner, they went home. Reaching home, they all directly went to bedroom. After spending some time together, they all slept early as all of them were really tired.

Next day morning

As usual Arnav and Khushi got ready early along with kids and came down for going to Ocean of Happiness. As soon as they came to living room, Anjali came to them. Arnav sighed seeing that. He was definitely not in a mood to fight with her early in the morning.

"Di, Not now. Trust me I am really not in a mood to fight. So please whatever it is. Let it be. I don't want to hear anything. We will talk later." Arnav said disinterested.

Anjali looked at him gritting her teeth and then looked at Khushi angrily. "I am not here to talk to you, Chote. I want to talk to your wife." Anjali said sarcastically looking at Khushi angrily.

Arnav frowned hearing that. "What the. What do you have to talk with Khushi?"

Anjali ignored him and turned to Khushi. "Khushi, I want you to do something." She said looking at Khushi with piercing eyes.

Khushi looked at her confused. Now what does she want?

Anjali looked at her with an unreadable expression and said with emotionless face. "I want you to ask Arsh not to participate in today's auditions."

"What the" Arnav and Khushi looked at her in shock.

But ignoring their reaction, Anjali continued, "Actually in today's auditions, Arav is also participating for Prince's role. So I want you to ask Arsh not to participate in the auditions. Arav is so much excited about the play and he badly wants the role. So I want Arsh not to participate in the auditions so that Arav gets the role. So you tell him not to participate."

Hearing that Arnav's anger skyrocketed while Khushi had a rigid emotionless face. Arnav gritted his teeth in anger. An angry 'What the' escaped his lips. He was looking at his sister with murderous rage. Behind his sister, he saw Sheetal and Arav standing. Sheetal was smirking at Khushi while Arav had an eager and happy face.

Nani and Mami were standing beside Arav as if supporting him. Akash and Payal stood away looking confused. Arnav looked behind at his kids. Arush and Arshi were looking at Arsh sadly. Arsh gave them a small sad smile indicating that he was fine. Seeing that Arnav's all control lost.

Till today, he was trying to control himself. But today his sister crossed all limits and hurt his kids directly with her venomous words. That too for an outsider. For that spoilt brat. Enough. He had enough of their nonsense. He won't stay quiet from now.

"What the hell, Di? How dare you? Huh. How dare you say something absurd like this? How dare you say that my kids shouldn't participate in the auditions? Who the hell are you to decide that? Moreover who gave you the permission to decide something like that for my kids? They are our kids. They will participate in any audition or any competitions that they like. Nobody, I mean it nobody will stop them." Arnav shouted angrily.

"But Chote, Arav..." Anjali tried to speak.

But cutting her, Arnav bellowed, "Shut up. Don't you dare take that brat's name in front of me? How could you, Di? Huh. How could you ask my kids not to participate in the auditions for that brat? Who the hell is he for you that you are snatching your own nephew's happiness for him. What's your relationship with him that you are ready to snatch my kids' rights for him?"

"Chote, Arav is very excited for that role. So... I..." Anjali trailed off.

"So what Di? If he is excited for that role then he should work hard to get it. This is not the way, Di. Snatching my kid's happiness and opportunity to fulfill his tantrums. And how could you ask something like that to Khushi, Di? Don't you feel ashamed asking a mother to refrain her kid from achieving something?" Arnav asked shaking his head being disappointed with his sister.

"Chote, try to understand. Arav really want to get that role. He is so much excited for it. If he doesn't get it, then he will be sad." Anjali said trying to convince Arnav. She looked back at Arav and closed her eyes assuring him.

"Di, stop it. Stop doing all these mindless things for him. And one more thing, nobody. I mean it nobody has any right to snatch my kid's happiness. I won't allow it. If Arav wants the role, then he has to work hard and get the role on his own merits. But for that my son won't back out. Arsh will participate at any cost. Arsh..." Arnav stopped hearing Arsh calling him from behind.

Arnav turned back and look at Arsh. He was looking at him sadly.

"What happened, Arsh? What happened, baby?" Arnav asked kneeling in front of Arsh.

"Dada, please stop all this. Don't fight. If Bui doesn't like me participating in the auditions, then I will not participate. Let Arav Bhayya get the Prince's role. But you please don't fight with Bui for me." Arsh said holding Arnav's hand.

"No Arsh, you have to..." Arnav tried to make Arsh understand.

But Khushi cut him and said to Arsh in stern voice, "No Arsh. You will participate. You will not only participate but has to give your best also. I want you to get this role. So you have to give your best today. OK. You will do this for Mumma, right." She asked the last part softly  kneeling down in front of him beside Arnav.

"But Mumma, Bui and Arav Bhayya..." Arsh asked sadly.

"No Arsh. You will not think about anybody else and anything else. You wanted this role, right. Then you will give your best for that. You will fight for your happiness and rights. You won't let go of your opportunities for anyone else. You will fight for what's yours. You will not sacrifice your rights and happiness for anybody else. What you deserve, you will get it." Khushi said strongly with unreadable emotions on her face.

"And you two too. Don't ever sacrifice your happiness and rights for others. Think about yourself first, then only others. And never ever give up what is yours and what you deserve? OK. So for today's auditions,  you three will give your best. Whoever's deserving will get the role but don't back away and let go of your opportunities for others. Now promise me you will give your best." Khushi said extending her hand.

The kids smiled and promised her keeping their hands on hers.

Arnav looked at Khushi stunned. He couldn't believe that it's his Khushi saying all these. His Khushi who always thought about everyone else before herself and her happiness. His Khushi who always sacrificed her happiness for other's happiness. Today the same Khushi is asking their kids to be selfish and not to sacrifice their happiness and rights for other's.

But then he thought she is right. Whatever she taught their kids are right. Giving up your happiness and rights for others is not good always. In this situation, he can't even think that.

He turned to his kids and said, "Babies, your Mumma's right. Don't sacrifice your happiness and rights for anyone. And Arsh. As your Mumma said today you have to participate in the auditions and give your best. No second thoughts on that. OK." Arnav said smiling.

"OK Dada." Arsh smiled at him and hugged his both parents. Arnav and Khushi too hugged him back. Grinning Arush and Arshi too hugged the trio completing the family hug.

Breaking the hug, Arnav said, "Now Babies, you guys go out and wait in the garden. Me and Mumma will come in sometime. OK."

"OK. Dada. We will go and see the plants in the garden." Arshi said smiling and the three ran out.

As soon as they went out, Anjali started shouting, "What the hell you both did? Didn't I ask you to tell Arsh not to participate in the auditions? Then, why did you both asked him to participate in it. Can't you guys understand what I said. Arav. Poor boy. He was so excited to participate in the play. But now that won't happen. Because the teachers would obviously select Arsh as he is all their favourite. The topper. With extra IQ and all. I can't understand why can't you guys just ask Arsh not to participate. What's the big deal if Arsh doesn't participate. After all it's only a play. What will happen if he doesn't participate?"

Arnav's anger reached peaks hearing that. His sister's surely hell bend on bringing the beast out of him. He gritted his teeth and clenched his jaws. His eyes were red in anger. He stood up and looked at her with murderous glare.

But before he could shout at his sister, another roar echoed in Shantivan making everyone shiver. Arnav looked at the source of it stunned.

"Shut up. Shut the hell up Mrs Anjali Jha. Don't. Don't you dare say a word against my babies. I will pull that good for nothing tongue of yours out." Khushi shouted angrily.

Arnav looked at her shocked. She looked like a lioness ready to pounce on anyone who tried to hurt her children. He can't believe it's his Khushi shouting. His Khushi who can't talk to any elder in raised voice also, was literally shouting at his sister. She was red in anger. Her eyes were throwing daggers at his sister. What the.

But Khushi was nowhere to be stopped. She continued shouting on Anjali, "And what were you saying Mrs Jha. My son shouldn't participate in the auditions. Who are the hell are you to decide that. He is my...(looking at Arnav)  our son. Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada's son. He will participate in anything that he wants. Be it any auditions, any competitions, anything. He will have all that he wants. You are nobody to decide whether my son has to participate or not.

"And what were you saying, the teachers will select him because he is their favourite. Yes, You are right. My kid's are their teacher's favourites. But it's not because of their background or family status etc but because of their sheer talents and achievements.

"My kids are not brats like that precious Arav of yours. Whatever they have got in life, it's due to their hard work and intelligence. They always got only those things that they rightfully deserve. My kids have worked hard and studied hard to get everything that they have. It's their good manners and behaviour that garnered likes of the people around them. If everyone like them, then it's because they deserve it and they earned it. If their teachers like them, then it's because of their good behaviour and their efficiency. They have not bribed or lured people with costly things to get into their good books. Whoever likes them, like them due to what they are. Not because of the money and luxuries they possess." Khushi said proudly about her kids.

"What do you mean?" Anjali asked frowning angrily.

"You know what I mean Mrs Anjali Jha. Do you think nobody knows anything? What and all you are doing for Arav? He doesn't go to school. Daily you guys take him for shopping and to roam around. You guys have spoiled him fulfilling all his tantrums and buying whatever he says, not even thinking whether he wants it or not. And his behaviour. He doesn't have even an ounce of respect for anybody. Treats everyone as his servants. Doesn't obey anyone, always stubborn and demanding. There's no manners for anything, neither to talk, nor to behave.

"And In school. Well it's better if I don't say about school matters. Anyways more than half of the days in a month, he will be absent from school. Even if he goes the only thing he does is bully other students, play pranks on students and teachers and create nuisance. Everyday he creates one or other new problems. Half of the days he will be absent from school, other half he will be suspended due to the problems he creates.

"And studies. I don't understand what you guys are planning to do with him. He is ten years and is still in third standard. I mean who fails in second and third standards continuously. Tell me one thing you guys always says that Arav is like Arnavji, right. So did Arnavji also used to create nuisance in school and get suspended from school? Did Arnavji also fail in second and third standards continuously?" Khushi asked curiously.

"What the." Arnav looked at her shocked. He imagined himself failing in second and third standards. He felt horrified by the thought. "No. Never. I never failed in any classes forget about second and third standards. I was always topper in classes and was all my teacher's favourite." Arnav said proudly.

Khushi smiled at him and then turned to Anjali. "You know what Mrs Jha, I feel pity for Arav. I mean When he came here for the first time, that time he looked as if he's a very intelligent boy but now, I can't understand how someone could come down so much. From such a well mannered, smart and intelligent boy to a completely spoilt brat." Khushi said feeling pity and disgusted.

"Khushi, don't talk nonsense. How dare you talk about Arav like that?" Anjali asked angrily.

"Well I didn't even say half of the things that you guys did for him. Do you know Arnavji, how Arav passed second standard? By giving bribe." Khushi said in pure contempt.

"What the." Arnav said shocked and then looked at his family in disbelief. He couldn't believe that they could stoop so low. "Like really. Are you guys are even for real. I mean who gives bribe to pass second standard."

"Chote, Vo... Arav... He failed in second standard once. After that he was feeling low and was loosing his confidence. So we..." Anjali said trying to justify themselves.

"Please Di. Don't give stupid excuses to justify yourself." Arnav said in distaste.

"Ha. Not only that Arnavji.You know why Arav is still not rustricated from school even after creating all these nuisance."

"Why?" Now what other things did his family did for this brat. Arnav thought.

"Because Mrs Anjali Jha and Mrs Manorama Raizada had bribed all the teachers with expensive gifts to not take any action on him. Not only that every years a huge amount of money from AR groups goes to the school authorities in the name of donation for not rusticating him. But alas, even those big amount of donations were not enough to help Arav pass his exams. Poor boy. Has to sit in third standard for last three years." Khushi said in a mocking tone.

Arnav looked at his family angrily and in disgust. "I can't believe that you guys could stoop so low. Di, what were you guys thinking by doing all this. Bribing. Like seriously. Di, do you realise how much bad influence all these things will have on that boy. He will think that he could get everything with money. Today you will make him pass with money. Tomorrow he will do something big and will think that money will solve that problem also." Arnav said feeling disappointed by his family.

"Arey Arnavji. I didn't tell you the main thing till now. How did I forgot that. You know Arnavji we have a little criminal in our home." Khushi said smirking.

"What the. What are you saying, Khushi?" Arnav asked bewildered. He couldn't believe what was happening.

"You know Arnavji, Arav was going to get arrested by police for hitting his classmate with stone on his head. That boy was almost on the verge of loosing his life but luckily survived. The police came here for arresting him but Mrs Anjali Jha and Mrs Manorama Raizada saved him by giving money to the boy's parents and police. Hence he got saved from going to jail." Khushi said in pure loath.

Arnav looked at his family angrily. They squirmed under his gaze. "What the hell were you guys thinking by doing all these? Do you guys even know how much of a big crime you guys are doing? Instead of making that boy understand, you guys are hell bent on pampering him unnecessarily and thereby spoiling his life. Do you guys know what big mistakes, you all are doing? You are ruining his life by doing all these. That boy, he must be thinking that he can do whatever he wants and you guys will always protect him. Di, he did a crime. He tried to kill someone. Do you know how much of a big crime that is? And instead of correcting him, you guys are still pampering him and spoiling him. I can't believe you guys did something like this? Have you guys ever thought about that boy? I can't even imagine what will be his future in this way.

"Di, Arav was staying with you guys from past five years away from his mother. Di, You only send Sheetal to New York right, promising her that you will take care of Arav. Then it was your duty to take care of him and teach him right and wrong. Not just buy him unnecessary gifts and fulfill all his tantrums. It was your duty to correct him if he did any mistake. But now see what happened. He has turned into a completely spoilt brat and who is responsible for that. Di, Do you even realise what will be the consequences of all these. I don't know what to do with you all? Arav. The way he is. Like this, his whole life will be spoiled." Arnav said sighing shaking his head.

"Chote, you are getting it wrong. Arav didn't do that deliberately. It was a mistake. You know how Arav is. He also has anger issues like you. That day... that boy asked him about his father and was teasing him. So that only Arav hit him. You know how much Arav is sensitive about his father's topic." Anjali said supporting Arav.

Khushi rolled her eyes seeing that and Arnav looked at his sister in disbelief. Even after all this also, she is still comparing that boy with him and trying to justify him.

"Di, first of all stop comparing Arav with me. He is nowhere like me. I never tried to kill someone in my anger nor I have hit someone with a stone on their head. And Di, please stop justifying his deeds. Even if that boy teased him regarding his father, Arav has no rights to hit someone or try to kill him. It is wrong and even if you say a thousand excuses to justify him, it will remain wrong only." Arnav said firmly. He looked away feeling frustrated.

Khushi looked at him and then shaking her head looked at Anjali. "Anyways, I am not interested in all these drama of yours. So Mrs Jha, let's come to the main point. So what were we discussing. Yeah regarding Arsh participating in the auditions. Well for your kind information Mrs Jha, my son will definitely participate in that auditions and if he deserves, then he will surely get the role he desire also. Well regarding Arav's wish of participating in the auditions and getting role is concerned, I suggest you that it will be better if Arav doesn't waste his time in all these things and concentrate on his studies. He has already failed in third standard twice. We won't want him failing again right.

"Poor boy. It will really dishearten him if he fails again. So instead of planning ways to bribe teachers and school authorities for making him pass. It will be better if you guys make him concentrate on his studies. And regarding the play, it's not a big deal if Arav doesn't participate, right. After all it's only a play, right." Khushi said smirking throwing Anjali's words back at her. Anjali gritted her teeth looking at her angrily.

"Well Mrs Anjali Jha, let me give you an advice. It will be better if you mind your own business. Arsh, Arush and Arshi are our kids. Me and Arnavji are there to decide what is good and what is bad for them. Likewise in Arav's case also. Now since Arav's mother has returned, let her take care of her son. I am sure Sheetal is capable enough to take care of her son and make decisions for him. You don't worry.

"In fact  it will be better if you stay away from them from now on. Let them spend time. They have reunited after five years. They might need time to understand each other and fill the gap between them. After all they were away from each other for five long years. So it will be better if you let them be so that they can jell together soon. Otherwise Sheetal will have problem handling Arav when they leave from here.

"So my advice to you is that Mrs Jha, it's better you stay away from Arav and let Sheetal fill in the role of Arav's mother. Even that's good for you also as it will help you to cope up easily when they leave. I said correct, right Arnavji?" Khushi asked smirking.

"Yeah, you are right Khushi. Di, Even I also feel that it's better You stay away from Arav from now on so that it won't hurt you much when he has to leave." Arnav said smiling.

Anjali gritted her teeth angrily hearing that. "Chote, what are you saying? How can I stay away from Arav."

"Di, Arav is not your son that you can't stay away from him. Di, Arav is Sheetal's son. And one day or other they have to leave this house. So you better prepare yourself from now itself." Arnav said little rudely.

He knew he was rude to her but it's the only way to make her understand. He can't let her live in a illusion again. She has to come out of it and face reality. Otherwise it will harm her in the long run. He can't let history repeat.

"Yeah, Mrs Anjali Jha. Arnavji said right. It would be better if you come out of your fairy tale world and face reality." Khushi said without any emotion.

Saying that Khushi was about to leave, when Arnav stopped her. "Wait Khushi. What did you call Di just now. Mrs Anjali Jha. Why are you calling Di as Anjali Jha. Did you forget Di is not a Jha anymore. She is a Raizada." Arnav said.

Khushi looked at his confused form. "I didn't  make any mistake, Arnavji." Khushi said with a rigid face.

Arnav looked at her confused. "What do you mean, Khushi?" He still remember when he went to New York his sister's divorce case was going on. The case was on their favour and she could have easily got a divorce. Then what happened.

Khushi looked at Anjali with a mocking smirk who was looking at her horrified. "Didn't your beloved Di tell you Arnavji?"

"What?" Arnav was getting more and more confused.

"That She refused to take divorce and stopped her divorce proceedings after you went to New York." Khushi said with sarcasm.

"What???" Arnav shouted shocked.

"Yeah. On the day of the final hearing of her divorce case, your sweet Di had a change of heart and felt that her beloved husband was innocent and a sweetheart. And that he loves her so much. So she refused to take divorce. Hence she is very much Mrs Anjali Shyam Manohar Jha till now who is a very doting and loving wife to her God like husband." Khushi said smiling widely mocking Anjali.

Arnav looked at Khushi in shock. He couldn't believe what he heard just now. His Di. How could she? How could she refused to take divorce from that scoundrel.

He turned to his sister. One look at her, he knew that what Khushi said was true. He looked at her in disbelief. How could she? How could she still believe that scumbag? Even after all that he did, she still refused to take divorce from him and went behind him. How couldn't believe that his sister could do something so stupid?

Khushi looked at Anjali with a disinterested face. She turned to look at Arnav and said, "Anyways I am not interested in all these. It's her life and she can do anything she wants. It's getting late. I think I should leave. Arnavji?" Saying that Khushi looked at Arnav for his answer. She knew what he wanted to talk to his sister. Still she waited for him to tell her that.

Arnav who was looking at his sister with a murderous glare, turned and looked at Khushi with a soft eyes. "You go with kids, Khushi. I will join you guys in sometime. (Looking at Anjali angrily) I have something to talk to someone. You guys go ahead. I will come in sometime, then we will have breakfast and drop kids to school." Arnav said to Khushi.

Khushi nodded her head with a smile and walked away. As soon as Khushi went out, Arnav turned to Anjali with angry piercing eyes.

"What was Khushi saying, Di? Care to explain? You refused to take divorce from that scumbag?" Arnav asked gritting his teeth in anger.

Hearing 'scumbag' Anjali shouted, "Chote!! How can you talk about Shyamji like that? He is your JIJAJI? You can't speak about him like that."

Hearing that Arnav scoffed at her and shouted, "Shut up, Di. I can't believe that you are saying all these. Don't you feel ashamed to talk like this? After knowing everything that douchebag did to you and everyone of us, still you are supporting him. He bloody killed your child and tried to kill you, me and Khushi. He lusted over Khushi and tried to marry her deceiving all of us. Even after all these, still you refused to take divorce from him and thinks that he is God. That he still loves you. How can you, Di. How can you act so foolish?"

"Chote, you are getting it all wrong. Chote, Shyamji. He is innocent. He told me everything. All this is a misunderstanding. Shyamji is good person. It's all a trap. We were being misguided. We all misunderstood him. Chote, trust me Shyamji is a really good person. He loves me so much. He told me everything." Anjali said desperately trying to make him understand.

"Shut up, Di. Enough. Shut up. I can't believe that you are so stupid, Di. Even after everything you still believe him. Pathetic. (Turning to others) And all of you. I can't believe that you all also supported Di in all these. If Di was acting foolish, then where did all your brain go? How can you all support her in her foolishness?" Arnav asked shaking his head feeling disappointed.

"Chote, you are getting it all wrong. You listen to Anjali Bitiya at least once. Then you will understand everything." Nani said supporting Anjali.

"What do you want me to listen, Nani?" Arnav asked with a mocking tone. "Again she would have gone to meet her husband behind all our backs and he would have convinced her saying some sweet words. And you want me to believe that, Nani. I can't believe that you all are still supporting that scumbag after everything. Seriously what is wrong with you all?"

"Chote!!" Anjali looked at him shocked.

"What, Di? Are you shocked that how I came to know about your secret meetings with your husband?" Arnav asked sarcastically.

"Di, I knew everything that you were doing behind my back when I threw Shyam out. I knew that even though I threw him out, you would still not believe me. You would contact him. In fact you did contacted him the next day itself after I threw him out. I knew that you were secretly meeting him. I thought slowly you will come to know about his true colour. But you didn't understand anything.

"And after your miscarriage, you became so stubborn and started ruining your health by your stubbornness that I was forced to let him come back. Then I thought if I would show his true colours to you, you would believe me. So that only with Khushi and NK's help, I tried hard to find proofs against him. I thought after knowing that how he killed your child, you will realise his true colours. I was happy when you understood his reality and threw him out.

"But I never knew that you were so gullible that a few sweet words from him and you will go behind him even forgetting the fact that he killed your child. I can't believe it Di that you are so stupid. Even after everything, you still believe him. You are still worshipping him as your God. I feel pathetic, Di. How could you, Di. How could you forget that he's the same man who killed your child. Even though I know about Arsh, Arush, and Arshi for few days only. Still if someone pull even a small hairstrand of them, I would never forgive that person for my entire life. And that man, he killed your child, the child you carried in your womb for 7 months and still you are supporting him. I can't believe that you could do something like this. Pathetic, Di." Arnav said in disappointment.

The Raizadas gulped in discomfort hearing that. Arnav looked at everyone scoffing and left from there feeling disappointed by his family.

He came out and sat inside his car feeling tired. He put his head on the steering wheel and closed his eyes. In the morning, he was so happy and was in a very good mood feeling happy for his kids and encouraging them for their auditions. But in a matter of few minutes, everything toppled up.

His life is turning into a maze. At every turn new twist and turns. With every passing minute, new mysteries and confusions. Till today, he was thinking that Sheetal and Arav was the reason behind every problem in his life. Now from where did this Shyam prop in. And the biggest question is where is he if he is in the picture.

As far as he could understand if his Di had refused for divorce then she must have brought Shyam back. If he was staying here in Shantivan, then where is he? He (Arnav) had come back since two weeks and he didn't see Shyam even for once. Was he on one of his supposed trips or is there something else? Arnav felt tired thinking all these.

Then he thought about his kids. Today's their auditions, he had to be there for them. Thinking to meet his kids once before they go to school, Arnav drove off to Ocean of Happiness. He had to meet his kids and encourage them once again. He also had to reassure Arsh. His boy looked so confused and torn thinking what he should do. He might be scared what will happen if he get selected in auditions. He should meet him and tell him that everything's fine and encourage him to give his best for the auditions. Thinking about his kids, a smile formed on his smile and he drove happily to his destination.

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