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Sep 22

RAAZ!!! (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 29 times)

Hi reader dears..as we all know I written all shades of stories like romantic to family.emotional to drama..even love with humour..so this time I thought to give something new to explore..a horror thriller filled dangerous love tale..so let's join with me...

Every tales have some secrets behind it.even if it small or big..some secrets won't effect anything to us..but there some secrets which can be turn our lives upside..even its have power of destroy our whole birth.. and even there some secrets which can be run and hunt us from past..now let's see how this RAAZ which connected arnav khushi forever return to them again with new dangerous,suspension journey.....

Guys this story going to be really thriller and horror..and importantly suspension..I won't say proudly but it's going to be really horror..cause myself scared when writing this script..but it's will be big present for all horror stories lovers..

And as regular it's going to be highly romantic and intimate story..not much mature..but it's will be more prefect for above 18..giving silent warning my duty..

Dears I know there all stories of mine still ongoing...but don't worry..I will update daily if you all give decent votes and comments to my stories..if you all show me supports I will updates daily..its promise..


Some lonely place in kullu manali..an young couple traveling on car alone..it's really late and dark night..no any vehicles  look to see expect their car..snow filled everywhere..when they driving talking way suddenly they saw someone standing front of their car wrapping black showl..the boy got panic and hurriedly turn the car to other direction..unexpectedly he hit the car on tree..both really panicked now..two get down from car and look someone for help..girl told her husband scared way..

Girl: mahesh I am really scared ! What we're going to do now..our car also break down...

Mahesh:( comfort tone ) meera don't be scared..I am with you na..don't worry..we will find someone for help..

Mahesh hug meera and comfort her..suddenly both sense tight brightness from behind..they turn and shocked to seeing such a big palace front of them..it's almost looking like big castle..both of them completely fall on palace beauty..slowly they move towards the palace..now both standing on entrance..the palace filled with full of lights..it's looking like some weddings going to held..when they try to knock the door,saw it's already opened..both got inside the palace..they two got more weak looking the inside beauty..it's truly a castle..mehera spoke out in gasps..

Meera : oh my goddess..mahesh I never see such a big palace in my entire life..look at this palace beauty..it's looking like some castle..

Mahesh:( same tone ) ha mehera.. I also feeling the same..I never know kullu manali have such a big palace..this is really gorgeous..

Meera: but who is this palace belong too ..here no on to see..looking the decorations I thing some wedding going to held..but here nothing looking like that ..where's everyone?

When they both thinking for answer..suddenly bunches of giggling sound arch everywhere..both jerked by sudden sound..both look around and saw there no one to see..again the same giggling sound arch everywhere..but this time little harder..somewhere they both scared to be there..it's not giving good signs..when they try to go out..suddenly both hear someone crying sound from upstairs..scared sweat spreading on their face hearing that..because it's not look normal..it's like someone crying in deep hurt..mahesh try to go upstairs but Meera hold his hand quickly...

Meera:( full of scared  ) no mahesh..please don't go..l am not feeling good here ..lets go from here..please come..

Hearing her pleading he stopped and both decided to go.when try to go they saw the door already locked..and it's looking like it's locked from many years ..the door covered with full of dusts messes..they shocked seeing the view..suddenly all lights start to blink..it's start to went off one by one..now it's nerve racking..both scared to death..both try to move towards door..an thud shake whole palace..same hard grip hold they both and drag them upstair with such a force..they scream for help.. But no one can hear them..that force take them to very high..both catch breath seeing now they on terrace..two don't know what's going to happen next..they didn't get a chance to think..before that someone pushed them from terrace..next second the palace got dark..it's become appear like,it's closed from years..someone from terrace slowly start        To disappear..no one to see anywhere..because this is the palace where Rajput palace close for 80 years..the palace which holding so much raaz..no one dare to came that area after evening time..it's waiting to be opened by someone..maybe one practical person..lets see.

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Sep 30

Raaz.... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 42 times)

In Delhi shantivan...upstair..a man in late twenties sleeping bare body..he sleeping on stomach and his body covered till lower waist with bedsheet..his thick loose hair carelessly falling on eyes..his ****y poster just killing to see..the morning Ray hit his face..he frown on sleep..without opening eyes he search someone beside him..but feeling the cold bed beside him his frown became wider..he opened his intense brown eyes..this going to be worst day for him..because he didn't get beautiful view of his gorgeous wife..without think anything he yelled top of voice..

                ”KHUSHI......KHUSHI "

In kitchen...an beautiful girl early on twenties with fair skin,wearing long full sleeve transparent yellow saree..she let her hair fall naturally..shinning mangalasustra adoring her long neck amazingly..her forehead brighting with dark sindoor..her left hand finger flashing in diamond ring..totally she looking like newly wedded women..khushi shook her head hearing her hottie husband early morning shout..she stopped her work and rushed to their room...

She enter to room and saw her husband still laying with bare body..he continually calling her..before her wake other members she quickly sit beside him..feeling his wife warmth he turn and lay on her lap..she hit his head lightly..

Khushi: arnav ji!!how many times I told you don't shout like this..naniji sleeping after return from satsang last night..she might be wake hearing your yelling..what will I say to them..you never hear my words arnav ji..

Arnav:(complaint tone) even j can say that to you..how many times I told you,I don't like to welcome my day without seeing you first..you know well how much I hate the fact not seeing you in bed morning..until you change your habit I won't change mine..

He stubbornly told her,.she sigh hearing him..he looking her with baby face..she smile meltingly seeing his face...who can say this is same arnav singh raizada who is no.1 business man in India,who was arrogant beast to this world ,who scared his employees to death having this baby side front of her..on one believe this great ASR have this side too..and specially front of his wife..she kissed his forehead and told him softly..

Khushi: accha baba I'm sorry..I won't do this again..now come on wake up.its time for breakfast..come on..

He lazily get up from her lap and hugged her tightly..he nuzzles his face on her neck like baby..khushi smile at her husband cuteness..she softly kissed his cheek and cuddle him caring way..he smile feeling his soft warmth..this is what he craves from morning bed..somewhere he gets mother warmth from her..after few lovely dovely kisses he finally get up and went to washroom..then khushi went to arrange breakfast for all..

After fresh up arnav come downstairs in casual cloth..today he took off from office..past one week he was hell busy because of new deal..finally he free..his wife strictly asked his to take two days off.as lovesick husband he obedient her order..today all present in house and already all awake..soon everyone join to dining hall..khushi start to serve arnsv..after serving him she took seat beside him and served herself,.everyone have breakfast with little normal chats..

After having breakfast all join to living hall..Mami,Nani chatting each other,anjali payal talking with their husbands..(Shyam good here,he didn't stay with guptas,his meeting with khushi just happened on Lucknow))seeing that everyone busy on their own lands arnav take khushi to their room..he bring her to room and closed the door..both settled on bed..soon arnav kiss her neck and try to remove her saree..she hit his hand and lightly pushed him away..

Khushi: arnav ji you always think about this na..not now..stop your naughtiness..

Arnav:(pout sadly) khushi it's not fair..last night to you allowed me to do just once..you very well know how much I want to do it..don't put me starving khushi..at least one time..please khushi..

He removed her pallu and try to unhook her blouse touching her ****..for moment she lost on his touch..but she got back to sense and pushed him on bed and put her pallu back..he asked her with little sad hurt voice..

Arnav: khushi you doing unfair..you never ignored my desire..then what happened to you today..come on khushi don't be rude..

Khushi:(pinch his nose lightly) looking like you forget about your wife personal matters.( he look her confusingly) don't you remember today my special date started..you cannot near me closely next four days..

Arnav feel really silly about himself..how can he forgot about it..khushi smile seeing his face then told him softly..

Khushi: you got your answer na ASR now just shut up and take rest..you need a rest..till you wake up I can do my works..come on..

He lay on bed with pout.she smile and pull her tight cheeks..he make poker face caressing his cheek..then she took seat beside him and start to cares his hair sweetly until he fallen sleep..he slowly start to shut her eyes feeling her soft cares..after he fell to deep sleep.she kissed his forehead and get up from bed..she have to arrange their wardrobe..

When she arranging the closet ,suddenly a album fall from closet..she took that to hand and next moment a beautiful smile appear on her face seeing the album..it's her wedding album..she slowly opened the album..next second there so many memories came front of her eyes..there a photos from engagement to wedding..they captured their all memories together as beautiful album..soon she lost on their past..

after her tragic first meet with arnav on Lucknow her life totally changed..she cannot live there more after arnav released their video of fashion show..then she started her life in Delhi with her jiji,buaji..how much struggle she faced because of him..after coming here also he never let her live peacefully..unexpectedly she got job on his own office because of lavanya..and how much he tortured her with hard tasks even with lavanya..she almost went to die cause of him.thankfully her devimayya give her full strength to bear all his torture and tantrums..how many times he hurt her with his out bursts..but after doing all those his act on Diwali night completely shattered her..first her returned lost payal..after that he almost try to kiss her,then suddenly announced his wedding with lavanya..after doing all this he still hurt her by throwing words when come to drop her..that day he killed her alive..she never be so vulnerable and divested like the way she did that day..he not left single chance to hurt her..after all those hurting memories when she start to live her life refresh again without his presence.then again he come to her life because of daksh entry....daksh her long lost childhood buddy..who moved to abroad in childhood and come back as multi millionaire..he arrived for arnav engagement to raizada mansion as he is good friend cum business client of arnsv..surprisingly she met him when she helping lavanya there..soon both come to know about their past relation and again reunited..truth to be said,she truly enjoyed her moment with him..he indeed helped her to forget bitter memories with arnav and him...surprisingly his friendship changed to love towards her..one day when they went out with raizada family for shopping he confessed his love for her first time front of raizada family..after that he many times confessed his love to her..one day he come to her house bringing marriage  proposal..obviously everyone liked his very much and asked her to accept him..recalling arnav hurting taunts and actions she agreed for his proposal...soon everyone come to know about akash love for payal through daksh..after lot of struggles from Mami finally their marriage also got conformed..soon all three engagements got arranged in raizada mansion grandly...those times she already aware about her feelings for arnav..but she decided to give daksh a chance thinking she and arnav never can be together....but what happened after that she can never forget....


In Gupta house..khushi and payal getting ready on their room for engagements..guptas in cloud nine today..they don't know what to do out of happiness..their both daughters going to get married to such a good men..they both not less then in anyway..after getting dressed fully now all ready to go..both khushi and payal looking totally gorgeous today..guptas eyes moist seeing their both daughters attire..after keeping kajal behind their ears now all come out to go..when they enter to car,suddenly there another car parked front of their gate..they surprised seeing that..then a man wearing black coat suit came out from car and told khushi respected way..

Man: khushi madam daksh sir send a car for bring you to raizada mansion..

Khushi:why this sudden change.daksh never told me about this..

Payal:(little shy tone) khushi maybe daksh want to surprise you..go na..who know maybe he arranged something special for you..

Khushi smile hearing her..but she still unsure..then sudden her phone beeped..it's from daksh..”it's me send the car..don't worry you can trust him"..she got little relief seeing the massage..then after bid bye to family she board to cat and left from there..

Khushi traveling on car looking out lost way..soon after sometime she going to get engaged to daksh,and arnav to lavanya..somewhere this reality giving huge pain on her heart..but this is the truth..she can't think about arnav like this anymore..he never look at her like that..she never can be his choice..his choice always will be high class ultra model girls just like lavanya..who is she..just middle class normal girl..she can never think about him like that..when thinning all this unknowingly lonely tears fall from her eyes..she quickly weep the tears..she should not think all this now..from today other wards her life with daksh...she should not hurt him anyways..it's will be like betrayal to him...thinking all this suddenly her attention fell to the route she going..it's really different and it's look like out skit of Delhi..she confused seeing that..

Khushi: excuse me! Where we going..we need to reach raizada mansion..but we already passed the mansion..where are you taking me?

Man:(professional tone) I'm taking you where sir asked me to bring you madam..don't worry you will reach the place where you belong..

Khushi totally stunned hearing him..she feeling something fishy.but she thought to see what's happening..after few minutes finally car stopped,she quickly get down from car and stunned seeing charming bungalow front of her..she know daksh in very rich man..but why he doing all this now..then the man lead her  inside the house..honestly it's really beautiful house..she now standing in living hall beside that man..she call out for daksh..

Khushi: daksh.....daksh..where are you..please come out...you making me nervous..daksh please..

Instead of voice she hear shoe sounds,she look at staircase and shocked to core seeing the person front of her..her whole body got paralysed..

Arnav coming from upstair wearing new coat suit..there arrogant filled winning smile playing on his face..he slowly come towards her and told that man smirking way keeping eye on her..

Arnav: good job aman..you very brilliantly bring her here..I will give the reward for your effort later..now you may leave..

Aman smile at his boss..soon he left from there taking farewell from his boss..all the time khushi looking arnav with great shock..her mind completely blowed seeing the realisation.arnav looking her with arrogant smile..she asked him shocked wondering way..

Khushi: arnav ji you here..what's all this..you supposed to be there..what are you doing here..where's daksh?

Arnav:(killer smirk)daksh won't come here..he must be at raizada mansion..maybe waiting for you..but so sorry for him because you not going to move from her(almost husky) from Me!!!

Khushi:(totally shocked) arnav ji what are you speaking..have you lost it..today our both engagements with our spouses.lavanya ji and daksh must be waiting for us..come lets go from her..I don't have time for your prank..

Arnav:I'm not creating any prank game khushi..I'm telling the truth..you are not going from here..from me!!

Khushi: (pleading tone) arnav ji please..please don't play like this..what are you thinking of me..I don't know about you..but daksh must be waiting for me..

Arnav:(yell out aggressively) daksh..daksh...daksh..kya tum sirf use barame sochtio..don't you know anything expect that daksh..is he took that much big place on your life that you can't think about anyone expect him..don't you dare to take his name again..

Khushi:(shock angry tone) what happened to you suddenly arnav ji..why are you talking like this..and daksh is my soon to be husband..I'm going to be his..how it's bother you if I take his name..

Arnav:(temper peek to high) it's bother me damn it..it's bothering me very much..I really don't like you taking his name nicely..I don't like you getting close to him.i don't like you getting engaged to him.(close his eyes tired  way)I lose it khushi..I completely lose..I can't try anymore..I try it very much..but I can't digest the fact you getting married to someone..it's truly killing me alive..I only know what kind of pain I suffered those days..I really thought to move on from you getting married to lavanya..but I cannot took away your memories from my mind..your memories just strike on my heart and mind like dynamic..many times I hurt you very much thinking you will go away from my life forever..I got scared sensing you bringing new emotions on my heart which I hate..I scared to express that emotions..but every times when I hurt you I got hundreds times more pain and hurt then you..your every drops of tears make my heart bleed..I can't run away from my feelings anymore..whenever I look you with him,I just feel I like to rip him apart..the every single moment you spend with him burned me alive..my inside beast screamed loudly..you're mine,just mine,,no one have any rights on you expect me..and I won't let anyone take you away from me..you will be mine..mine forever..

Khushi don't know what to speak after arnav ultimate confession..she never ever dreamed one day arnsv singh raizada stand front of her like this..he looking completely new person front her..his emotionless face which only know to angry now showing kind of dangerous obsessive possessiveness..and most shocking this is arnav indeed have strong feeling towards her..her heart dancing in great joy..she don't know how to express her feeling of happiness..the feeling of her first love loving her back its was priceless feeling..but still there something missing..

Khushi:(not understanding way) arnav ji what are you trying to say..why are you talking like this.what's your point..


He looking her with angry filled eyes and being close to her dangerously..khushi getting nervous filled excitement seeing his nearing her..she is on cloud nine hearing his expressive love confession..she thought he will do something intense..but his act surprised her very much..he took out his phone and dialled some number..

Arnav: di I want to marry khushi soon as possible..I don't know what will you do.within three days I want this marriage to happen..otherwise I will go away from this country taking khushi along with me and never come back..make the arrangements..

Flashback end........

That's it..everything went ulta..their both engagement happen on same venue where their previous engagement arranged with their exs..no one expected all this including her..but no doubts both families really happy about their togetherness..but of course everyone feeli bad about daksh and lavanya..somewhere lavanya took that lightly say she already aware about arnav feeling towards khushi and she disclose about her breakup with arnav two days ago..but daksh not took that lightly..he truly hurt by this..he almost fell to depression..but her full understanding ta

K with him..he understands their situation and turn to normal..after that everything happened so quickly..their wedding got fixed in week..that to after big battle with arnav who totally stubborn to take the wedding in three days..after much struggle he agree for it..and there no second talks in ASR works..he arranged all thing simply perfectly..after lot of non-joke finally their wedding happened..but she not let him win over her in bed easily..she took sweet revenge on him by postponing their consummate for a week..it's truly worth to see his face when she announced that decision of hers..he totally turn everything down..but she didn't back up from her decision.then all whole one week they both talked about all their feelings towards each other..soon one week finished..then arnav start to show his fifty shades of ASR side to her..she never dreamed he was that much romantic,and danger person on life..he truly romantic King..(smile) now it's been six months they both got married..and life being complete paradise for thrm..no worries.just happiness..she always praying to devimayya to keep their life this always.

But bitterness and pain also part of life right..even without that life can be bore..who know there something beyond pain and worry waiting for them..might be already started...lets see...


Next updates depends on this updates votes and comments..and I really mean it..

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Oct 15

Raaz........ (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 36 times)

Everyone talking in living hall after having yummy dinner made by both raizada bahus..suddenly daksh make a entry surprising everyone..he come with joyful face and asked all cheerfully..

Daksh: hello beautiful people!! 

Nani:(surprised tone) daksh beta you come? Why don't you inform us about your arrival?

Daksh:(smile) it's called surprise Nani sweetheart..my deal got finalised soon..so I arrived before the time..

All smile  hearing him..then he took seat beside Mami and asked khushi cheerfully looking arnav..

Daksh: how are you my butterfly..do you miss your sweet heart?

Arnav look at him with killing eyes.everyone  controlled their giggles seeing he again start to irritate arnav..he always love to bring out arnav beast side..khushi move towards daksh and hit his head playfully..

Khushi: you won't stop troubling my husband na..why you always irritating him..

Daksh: oh madam.I'm not troubling him okay..I'm just talking with my childhood sweetheart..what his problem if I talk with you.i know you years ago before him..so I have more rights on you..

Arnav throwing deadly glare arrow towards him..even knowing he saying all this to irritate him.he can't bear his words..rest if members chuckles knowingly seeing the same Ramayana..this is happening past six months..from the moment he come out from depression ,he didn't left a chance to irritate arnav..he do it prank way..he don't have any intention to create any problem between arshi..he just play around him taking rights of khushi playfully..he used to come from London often.he got so close with raizadas,,now he also member of their family..whenever he come he won't go without making arnav hell angry..now family members used to his tease..then khushi pinch his cheek and asked him..

Khushi: did you had dinner daksh?

Daksh:(dreamy way) no sweety..I just fly here to have your delicious handmade meals..I'm very hungry..

Saying that he wink at her..then khushi take him to dinning table and served him.lhe left with her showing tongue to arnav..he threw a pillow on him angrily..all controlled their laugh really hardly seeing arnav angry bird face..their night end with masti giggles and jokes..

After few days..today raizada ladies come for shopping..today like some girls day out..after send off their husbands to their offices.all now having gala time in mall..first they three anjali,khushi,payal come to men section to purchase cloths for their husbands..Mami having full spa time on salon..they selected so many dresses for their spouses..khushi taking much time to choose perfect cloths for her dashing hubby..she purchased so many new brand suits and casual wears for arnav..after finishing their men shopping all enter to ladies sections..khushi selected most of sarees for her as arnav really love to see her in saree..she specially select red sarees..payal,anjali helped her in choosing other dresses..when she busy on her shopping ,suddenly he phone ring..khushi smile seeing her hubby call..she soon attend..

Khushi: hello arnav ji..

Arnav: hey khushi where are you?

Khushi: I come to shopping with our ladies arnav ji..

Arnav: oh shopping day..so what you purchased?

Khushi: still I not did my shopping fully..I'm looking for sarees..still there many more to buy..

Hearing her reply so arnav's naughty mind wake up and run like express train..he asked her naughty way..

Arnav: oh so you mean still you not did your private shopping!

Khushi:(confused tone) what is private shopping means? I don't get it.

Arnav:(smirk naughtily) private shopping means your Victoria secret shopping..

First she clueless about his talk..then soon she got it what he is saying..her cheeks turn red hearing his words..she know the talk not going right way..

Arnav: (more naughty) khushi I have some suggestions to tell on your secret shopping..you see more then you its me seeing your inner wears more..(grumpy face) and I don't like the inner wears you wearing..those all really long and have stoned designs..and it's little difficult to remove urgently..choose some wears which don't have stoned designs and easy to remove..

Khushi breathing hyper hearing his talks..he so casually telling all this like its very normal talks..her both cheeks burning highly out of shy..she don't know how to reply him..then he continue,

Arnav: and khushi the bras which can open from front..and don't choose stoned bras..you know I gets hurt when I enjoy your ****..choose something soft and unharmed,specially your panties..you know last time my little friend got hurt because of your stoned design panty..so don't buy such a wears..

Khushi:( heavily blushing) arnav ji enough..please stop it..don't talk such shameless things..

Arnav:(smirk sending her state) what there to say shameless wifey.I'm just telling my side..it's a simple suggestions from my side..and it's your duty to fulfil your husbands wishes..I don't want you wear any stoned or other kind of designed inner wears and that's final..if you till buy it.i think you don't want to tear all of your inner wears..

Khushi look around to see is anyone looking her or hearing their talks..thank god there no one around her..she don't know how he talking all those so easily..then his next reply just ripped her skin and make her whole body red..

Arnav:(romantic tone) and baby..your special days finished last night..you don't know how much desperately my little friend waiting to get inside you..tonight going to be very long and wild baby..and be ready to wear the nighty I present you two days ago..

Saying the he cut the call..she still stand statue hearing his words..her whole body shivering thinking about tonight..it's not that it's her her first time..they already make love Many times..but her heart always knows whenever arnav talks more romantic and wild intensely,she know that night not going to be normal night..he will definitely show on of his shade tonight..thinking all this she finished her shopping and purchased her Victoria secret section as per her hubby wish..

After wishing everyone goodnight arshi come to their room..soon after enter arnav closed the door with a bang and took khushi to wild kiss..he kissing her with so much passionate..soon recover from shock she kissed him back with same wild and passionate..after controlling his argue to took her.he broke the kiss and to,d her in raspy voice..

Arnav: go jaanu ..come wearing that nighty..I'm waiting..

She shivering hearing his voice..she try to make faces to change his mind..but tonight he so determined to see her on nightie..she give up knowing he not going to hear..she left to washroom taking box from closet..he changed to night dress sand sit on bed waiting for her..soon he hear the door open sound..he turn to and next second completely lost on the ****y view front of him..

Khushi standing front of him wearing black short nighty..it's too short..it's just till her waist..she trying her level best to pull it down..but it's just struck on her waist..she can see highly burning desire on her husband eyes..she don't have courage to look at his intense eyes..she start to breath highly sensing he coming close to her..she can't handle to atmosphere of intimacy..his breath touching her face..he touch her forehead with his..and to,d her in raspy romantic voice..

Arnav: I don't know what to say khushi! Right now I'm feeling like most luckiest man on earth seeing your gorgeous view,..I'm very lucky khushi,to get most gorgeous girl on earth us my love..you killing me with your beauty khushi..

Her face turn fully red hearing his romantic compliment..he always praise her..but today his praising bringing some kind of satisfaction and proud on her..soon he took her to his strong arms and place her on bed like some precious flower..indeed she is his expensive flower..soon they both fell on the world where no one present expect them..the room filled with their passion,love filled moans....


after some days,..AR.company..arnav working on his cabin..suddenly aman make a entry there..he have broad smile on his face..seeing the smile arnsv knows there some good news waiting for him..he asked him in boss tone..(typical ASR)

Arnav: what's the matter aman? Is there any good news?

Aman:(smile broadly) it's greatest news sir..you will get happy likes me after hearing that news..

Arnav: without raising the curiosity tell me what's the news..

Aman:sir the property you wished to buy month ago,finally we got it..that property owner agreed to sell that property to us..

Like aman said arnav smile happily hearing the news..he totally top of the world hearing the news..

Arnav: it's a great news aman..you truly say the greatest news..finally we got the property..how many days I waited for this..well done aman..

Aman accept his boss compliment gladly..it's rarely he get such a compliments...then arnav asked him.

Arnav: then what's next..did you finalised the deal..have you start the work?

Aman: yes sir as per your order the work already started..it's will take a week to complete total work..the property owner coming to meet you today..we can finalised the deal today..here the documents..

Arnav took the file from him broadly and look at it with winning smile..finally he got his win..he is full form to own this property..now he got it..if it's for his own need,long ago he might give up on take over this property..but this is for his only love..and he will do anything for his love..he plan about what to do after week with aman..

At evening..after day off from office arnav akash come to home..all geathering in hall.both join to family members seeing everyone in big discussion..akash asked them.

Akash: hi guys..what are you all discussing?

Anjali:( smile excitingly) woo kya haina akash.our nk bhai getting engage next week in Sydney..he invited our whole family to attend his engagement..

Mami:(more excited) ha ha Sydney...hello hai bye bye..we all going to fly..and he calling everyone two days before the engagement..so we all plan to go after three days..

Both brothers surprised hearing the news..specially arnav..he lost the rare smile which played on his face from noon..he totally unpleased by the news..

Anjali: so everyone going to Sydney after three days..kitna accha lagega na..sab saath mai abroad jarye..there many things to buy.i thought to go shopping tomorrow..

Arnav:arr di I cannot come with you all.

Everyone surprised hearing him..all faces fallen down hearing his reply..he told them little apology way.

Arnav: di I have some important works to do this whole month..my presence totally needs here..I cannot come with you all..

Anjali:(grumpy) kya hai chote..isn't it more important then your brother engagement..he invited everyone with lot of love and expectation..he will get really sad if you don't come..

Khushi:(same tone) ha arnav ji..you know about nanheji na..he adore you very much..he will surely get upset if you don't come..

Arnav: but what can I do.its really important now..I might be delay this if I know about nk engagement early..I can't do anything now...akash tell them the situation..

Akash: yes guys..bhai is right..it's really important work..bhai presence really necessary here..it's million worth work..

Everyone made sulky face hearing they both..arnav don't like to see them like this..but it's really important..then anjali told him..

Anjali; if you not coming that's fine..we all going after three days..you have to be on home alone..even khushi ji too coming..haina khushi ji?

She asked khushi..she don't know to say yes or no..she really want to go.but she can't go leaving arnav all alone here..nobody here to look after him..nowadays he can't do anything without her..arnav make a irritating face hearing his di.he doing all this for khushi.then how she can go,.like Nani heard their inner self told anjali normally..

Nani: anjali bitiya..if khushi too come who going to look after your brother..(look arnav) you know about his neglect towards food and medicine na..if we all go.he will totally forget everything cause of his work..khushi's presence need here bitiya..

Anjali make agree face hearing Nani..she know Nani s correct..she well know about her brother careless..

Anjali: you're right Nani..how I forget about it.khushi ji's presence need here..(to khushi) khushi are you okay about not coming with us..I know you really want to come..

Khushi:(smile) it's okay di..I don't mind..like you say I can't come leaving arnav ji behind knowing his careless on himself..he won't take care of himself alone..I will stay with him..make nanheji understand the situation..I hope he will understand the problem..

Anjali nodded at her smiling way..arnav sigh in big relief seeing everyone agreed..he look at khushi with smile..he touched by her care..soon all again start to discuss..arnav left to their room to fresh up.khushi left to make a coffee for him..

After coming to room.he took out his phone and called his manager aman...


Aman: yes sir everything already set..Monday evening you will reach kullu manali as per our plan..

Arnav cut the call with smile and thinking about the surprise he planned to give his lady love..he really excited to give her the surprise soon..he counting the days..then he went to fresh up without knowing their tale next chapter is something unusual adventure...lets see..


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Fabulous update..
Nov 3

Raaz ........ (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 35 times)

Two days later...

Today whole raizada family fly off to Sydney..arnav khushi coming back to home after send up their family..it's really emotional farewell..their family really don't like to go without arshi..after lot of hugs and kisses finally all fly off..right now khushi little sad about their separation..arnav pissed off seeing her sad face..why she she being like this..didn't she like to be alone with him..he really looking forward to spend time alone with her..it's not that he happy about his family farewell..it's just he want to live somedays alone with khushi without any disturbance or interruption..he already planned to make her time with him unforgettable..soon they reached to raizada mansion.both enter to silence filled house..without her knowledge he already give off to prakash brothers..now they alone in raizada mansion..

Both enter to their room.soon arnav hugged her from behind and start to kiss nuzzles her neck..she starlet by his unexpected attack and try to move away blushing way..

Khushi: arnavji..leave me.li need to change my dress..

Arnav:(nuzzling her deep neck) why you need to do that..main hoon na..I will remove it..(unpin her pallu)

Khushi:(red face) don't be naughty arnavji..leave me..I need to take a shower..

Arnav:( bite her earlobe) don't take a shower now..then you have to take twice..

She highly blushing hearing his reply..she know what he means..he fully remove her saree..he took her to arms and placed her on bed..soon she give herself on his passion..he start to kiss her neck with full of desire and passionate..when she try to say something he shut her mouth with romance filled kiss..both kissing each other ,depth of true love and desire..after moment he broke the kiss and start to kiss her neck sweet spot..he told her kissing way..

Arnav: you don't know how many days I waited for this day..being alone with you in house without any interrupts or disturbance..I'm totally happy today..

Khushi: (stopped him from kissing her) what!! You happy about our family going away from us..don't you feel sad..you're really bad arnavji..

Arnav:(cares her waist line) I don't mean that..of course I feel bad about they left..its just I want to be with you..I want your all attention only on me..I don't like it when you run away from my arms when someone calls you..most of the time you ignores me and my needs when our family around..I really don't like it..now here just you and me..your whole time and attention going to on me..

She smile hearing him..he saying true,.they won't get much time to each other all time..they just get time at night in room..and this is first time they being alone after wedding..they even didn't went to honeymoon after marraige.its because of his damn work..then again he start to kiss her neck..

Arnav:(moaning tone) now I can have you anytime I want..day or night..no excuses or interrupts..and I can be inside you whole day if I want!!

Khushi:(hit him lightly,scold in shy tone) badmash!! Kese baat kar rahi hai aap?

Arnav: (naughty tone) kya hai? I'm telling what going to happen..I really want to be inside you so much..all deep and hard!!

Her cheeks burning in highly blushing hearing shameless talks from him..soon he come top of her fully and took her to love fantasy world..next moments their room filled with moans and screams of theirs out of heating bed fight...


Khushi working on kitchen having smile on her face..these few days alone with her naughty dirty hubby totally wonderful..she discovered so many shades of her angry hubby..she never ever dreamed the great arnav singh raizada have such kind of shades inside him..it's totally surprising..these few days he not leave single seconds to be more romantic with her..it's just they both present in home..he give whole one month work-off Prakash brothers..she don't know why..he even against about she working in kitchen as he planned to order meals from out..but she totally against about giving unhealthy food to her hubby..and it's very difficult to work peacefully when he around her..he always try to find a way to do naughty staffs with her..she cannot deny she completely love her this life with him..all alone in home..he making every moments memorable...but cause if it.she can't forget her family..they used to talk with her and arnav daily..and nk make them agree to arrive there at his marriage weeks ago..now she is on kitchen making their lunch after strictly asking her hubby to be on room until she make lunch..like grumpy baby he watching movie on room obeying her order..it's all most over..she making his favourite items.she quick her work knowing he waiting for her hungrily..(for food)...

Arnav watching some random English movie in room..he keep looking towards doorstep with pouty face..he eagerly waiting for her to come..for both food and her..suddenly his phone ring..he got irritate seeing call from office..these days he bunked his office daily..he just return home after doing much importance works which only need his presence..rest if it he put on aman head..he don't want to be on office leaving his beautiful wife all alone in room..he attended the call with irritation and talk few montes..after sometime he cut the call sending his wife coming towards him..he turn and saw she coming inside carrying food tray on hand..he gulp seeing her looking so ****y and hot on her black transparent saree..he always got hard whenever he see her on sarees..she arranged the food on table and took seat beside him..she sense he looking her with eating eyes..she try to be normal..it's so hard to escape from his heating stares..when she try to serve him he stopped her.she look at him confused way.he smile and open his mouth signalling her to feed him..she smile at him and slowly start to feed him..he hugged her side way and continually eating feeding by her..she too had feeding him way..their eating time silently went without any talks..but both hear soft rabba ve instrumental playing for them..which only they can hear and belong....

At night...

After cleaning the kitchen khushi come to their room..she surprised seeing arnav placing their cloths in bags..it's seems like he packing..she rushed towards him..

Khushi: arnavji what are you doing? Why you packing all cloths?

Arnav: (hidden smile) I'm packing all those cause tomorrow we are going somewhere..

She surprised hearing his reply.all of sudden he telling something like this..

Khushi: but where we going? Why don't you tell me before?

Arnav:(casually) it's come suddenly khushi,not preplanned ..you know right there important project work going in company..regrading that now I need to go out of station.i cannot leave you alone here..so we both going..tomorrow early morning we are going..be ready..

He told that all go continually packing..she totally can't understand his sudden plan.sometime he really weird..without asking more she help him on packing..she even didn't ask him where they going..she not interested to ask as it's going to be professional trip..but she excited about going out with him..it's going to be their first meet after wedding..but sadly it's official trip..after fully packing their staffs..both lay on bed..he took her to arms and closed his eyes after giving her goodnight kiss..she fall on sleep hugging him..after sometime making sure she fully sleep.he open eyes smiling way..he kissed her nose..it's good she don't ask anything more about their trip,otherwise he might be spill his surprise..he eagerly waiting for tomorrow to come and present his darling wife his big surprise..hugging her tightly he fell to sleep dreaming about her reaction on his surprise....

Next day early morning..both reached to airport..after doing security checks both board to flight..obviously it's business class..first she afraid about traveling in flight first time..but after her husband lovely comfort zone she feel much relaxed and calm..soon flight took off..and khushi too fallen sleep cause if early raise..arnav let her sleep thinking it's good for him..

Khushi open her eyes hearing arnav's call..he to,d her they reached..then both exist from flight and check out airport..after came out khushi totally surprised seeing fully different place from Delhi,.then he board her on car and start to drive..she even surprised seeing he driving the car..she look the view amused way..from last night she getting do many surprises..she totally don't have any idea where they now..without able to control her curiosity she asked him..

Khushi: arnavji where are we? Why this place looking different? 

Arnav: (smile) you will come to know soon khushi..have patience!!

She pout hearing his reply.both continue to travel..when they going further..suddenly khushi start to feel damn cold..she shivering out of cold..he asked her to wear the sweater in bag..she immediately wear it..now they going ice mountain covered road..even snows start to fall..she clueless about where's she..she impatiently waiting to know the place..

After full 40 minutes drive arnav finally stopped the car..he came out and open the door for khushi..she wake up from her minutes nap and came out from car..indeed it's cold place..

Khushi:(impatience tone) arnav it's enough ..please atleast tell me now where are we..I can't wait anymore..please tell me..

He place finger on her lips.he smile looking her eager face..he slowly close her eyes and bring her front of him..then he move away hands and told her huskily..


She open her both mouth and eyes widely seeing the view from of her..her body stopped shivering out of shock..she cant believe her eyes..first time in her life she seeing a kingdom like palace front of her..no no..not look alike..it's indeed a kingdom..she totally fallen love on the palace beauty and grandness..she getting some weird vibration..new found of emotions bursting out of her cells..she asked arnav without taking eyes from the palace..

Khushi: arnavji who's palace this ?

Arnav:(smirk) pleasure all mine to announce,,khushi arnav singh raizada owner of this grand palace!!!

Now it's real shocking moment for khushi hearing arnav statment..she looking him with wide open mouth..her reaction worth to see...what the!! Now only this line came to her mind..what the hell he just said..she beyond speechless..knowing her state he hugged her from behind and told her softly..

Arnav: I always told you na..you are queen of my life..I thought to make it real..now you not just queen of my life..you truly a queen to this palace..it's belong to you..you're the owner my queen!!

Khushi totally lost her voice hearing him..she never ever dreamed he will do something like this to her..she looking the palace with many emotions,.he slowly came front of her..her voice chocked completely..she don't know what to say..he cupped her face and waiting for her to say something..after gathering her voice little.she to,d him chocked way..

Khushi: arnavji..yeh...aap..yeh..you know..it's not necessary..I never thought you will do something (gulp) like this..I never expected all this arnavji..I never want all this..

Arnav:(soft voice) I know my love..you won't expect all those..for you me and my love enough for you..but jaanu I want to do all those for you..in fact more then this..khushi I don't know how to say this..you're mean everything to me..there nothing big thing on my life more then you,,even now my di Aldo came after you..you mean the world to me khushi..and I want to give all happiness you deserve..I always want to keep you as queen..just mine..not just in word..real way..it's my biggest wish khushi..please don't deny..

Next second khushi took him to bone crash hug..she totally overwhelmed by arnav confession..joyful tears falling on her eyes seeing her husband unconditional love on her..he hugged her back same way..she doesn't care about the coldness..she totally out of the world after his confession..he broke the hug and wipe tears from her eyes..

Arnav: now crying season finish..happy season come..it's time to enter inside your palace..come my queen!!

He took her hand on his..slowly move towards palace door..it really long and huge..both placed hand on door and slowly pushed to open..it open with loud cracking sound..both slowly place leg inside the palace..they completely not notice the dark clouds surrenders around the place..they fully inside the palace..she totally mesmerised by the palace beauty..it truly gorgeous and breathtaking..every corner of it screaming it beauty and pride..she gasps out mesmerisingly..

Khushi: arnavji this is totally gorgeous!! I can't believe my eyes..this is something beyond gorgeous!!

Arnav: I know you will like it..you're right it's beautiful!! No one will believe this is 80 years old palace..

Khushi:( surprised tone) what !! 80 years..are you kidding me? It's looking completely new!

Arnav: yeah..and that's the magic of this palace..timeless beauty!!

Khushi:(admiring every corner of palace) who lived here before you purchased this arnavji?

Arnav:( smile) luckily no one lived or purchased this last 80 years..I heard this is some royal family palace 80 years ago..some rajput or something..after them no one lived here..( hug her from behind) now this is your palace Mrs.raizada!!

Khushi: if there no one lived here,how you purchased this? Where's the owner come from?

Arnav: actually he is not lawfully the owner..he is some builder..he take over most of properties here..and I got fully details about this palace..it's clearly show that there no one owner of this palace..so I buy this palace lawfully from him..now it just yours...that's it..

When she try to ask something.he stopped her and took her to show around the palace..both come to living hall..it's very huge like ball room..all architectures perfectly awesome..she totally mesmerised by palace beauty..both step on staircase and went upstairs ..

Upstair was totally beautiful..all designs made by royal code..it's fully had a Royal touch..somewhere it's even had a gothic touch..then both enter to first floor,first room..it's so beautiful..its have a look of 20 or 30 century..but there little make over of nowadays designs..they can imagine how might that royal family must live 80 years ago..

Arnav: this is first room of first floor..I arranged this as guest room..you can make any changes if you want khushi..

She nodded at him..she don't need to change anything as its already perfect..like that both take a look of next two floors and rooms..everything was extremely gorgeous..lastly they come to fourth floor..he took her to one of biggest room  from rest of rooms..he told her with his famous smirk.

Arnav: finally this is our bedroom..master bedroom of this palace? How is it ?

Khushi: it's extremely beautiful arnavji!! Must say that rajput family indeed had a excellent choice of designs..

He agree with her..then she took completely look of the room..inside she already feeling like some queen of this palace..there something pulling her more inside the room..he let her explore the room fully..she come to bathroom..must say its not less then the room..so elegant and exclusive..then she come to the now ago favourite spot of the room..balcony...it's very chirping..they can view whole kullu manali beauty standing there,,she admire the view with million dollar smile and arnav come and hugged her from behind..she give herself to the hug and told him smilingly..

Khushi: thank you arnavji..thank you so much..I know you loved me..but I never thought you will do such a big things to me..I don't know how to reciprocate my love to you..

Arnav:( kissed her chin) you don't need to do any big things to me khushi..your presence in my life enough to keep me happy life long..I wished to make you queen of a palace instead to mansion..now this is our small world..just you and me away from all!!

She hugged him tightly overwhelming by all happy things happening around them..both of them hugging each other on balcony..its blissful moment..then she asked him smiling way..

Khushi: so you lied me about attending business trip,.there no business meet have?

Arnav: yeah I to,d you like that to surprise you..but it's not fully lie..I indeed going to build a vacation resort in manali..it's new project,,we going to stay here until its get finished..

Khushi:(shock tone) how can we stay here till that..we need to go back arnavji..what about our family?

Arnav: it's won't take too long khushi..minimum two months..don't worry we can inform about this to family..I'm sure they will get happy hearing this..

She smile hearing him..he smile back..more then she he happy about she loved his first gift to her..he indeed happy seeing her reaction on his surprise gift..then his phone start to ring ..he went away to attend the call..she smile at his retreat figure and look out again admire the view..all of sudden an cold breeze hit her body harshly..she shiver feeling the high cold..kullu manali indeed cold place..suddenly she feel someone presence behind her.,she turn knowing its Arnav..but her smile vanished seeing there no one behind her..but she felt a presence of someone..she brush off thinking its might be feel like that cause of cold..she again look out waiting for arnav....

Behind her back an shadow sitting on bed looking her direction.finally the right person come to the right place..its RAAZ time!!!


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