Confusion ARISHFF

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Sep 18

Confusion ARISHFF (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 16 times)

Confusion ARISH

Hi I am here to present you all with a solid love confusion drama ff on ARISH

character sketch

ASR - 24 years old MBA holder from most reputed college in Delhi handsome hunk co owner of RAIZADA EMPIRE one  among the most eligible bachelors

Relationship status - single (no interest)

N number of girls are behind him

He may be waiting for special one

Akash - AKASH SINGH  RAIZADA known as AK 26 years old MBA holder from reputed college in Delhi

co owner of RAIZADA EMPIRE elder brother of ASR  I must say handsome is small word in front of his looks and soft from inside and he tops the list of most eligible bachelor's

These two brother's share common life style one love to jog n other one love to work out both the  brother's need everything just perfect punctual both are rude arrogant and short tempered (don't know what they blabber when they are angry)

Devyani - Nani of AK n ASR founder of RAIZADA EMPIRE 

Anjali jha - sister of ASR n AK married to Shyam jha 30 year old fully fit and fine

Shyam jha - husband of anjali jha famous lawyer in Delhi n work with RAIZADA EMPIRE as legal head 32 year old

All stay together in RAIZADA MANSION

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Sep 19

Confusion ARISH (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 14 times)

Confusion ARISH


Sashi Gupta - father of payal and khushi and caring husband of garima

MD of Gupta group of Industries

Garima Gupta - mother of payal and khushi and understanding wife of Sashi

Payal Gupta - beautiful, modern and sophisticated must say bueaty with brains, CEO of Gupta constructions loves her sister to the core

26 years old MBA holder from reputed college in Delhi 

Khushi Gupta - beautiful, kind, ground to earth, crazy, bubbly, believe present as gift and live like no tomorrow, ambitious, religious and modest works in Gupta constructions (No one's know her as Gupta)

23 old just done her B.Arch

All live in Gupta mansion 

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Sep 21

Confusion ARISHFF - chapter one (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 17 times)

Confusion ARISHFF

Chapter one 


HP was running with protein shake before he reach his destination a strong hand grabs him make him halt and snatch protein shake from him and run into workout room

Akash was doing his workout a knock disturbs his concentration

Akash - With irritation why are you here I was expecting HP the humble one not you Rakshas

The person - Saying the one who is officially known as Rakshas

Akash – shut up don’t make my mood bad

The person – um . mmm huh hm hm hmn

Akash – ENOUGH stop this act now chote

Arnav – what chote say me who you were talking these days

Akash - chote nothing (stammered but composed quickly)

Arnav – No till now I was waiting giving you time to spill the bean but you now I will dig out wait and watch and he disappeared

Akash sat there thinking how to share the news and stop him before spoiling everything

Gupta mansion

A lady in twenties sneaks into blanket of another sleeping beauty and lays done sleeping beauty stirs and hugs the lady tightly

Lady shrieks loudly I knew it now tell me who

Sleeping beauty jerks from her sleep and irritated says Khushi how many times did I said don’t sneak into my room

Khushi – Jiji bolo na who

Payal – who? What are you speaking?

Khushi – someone special

Payal – Khushi u found someone wow who is he?

Khushi - JIJI (irritated) say me

Payal thinks better to divert and says what there in Breakfast where my coffee is?

Khushi – Bolona don’t try to change the topic

Payal thinks to escape and says **** board meeting I have to run

And run into bathroom

so here comes the first update do says how is it ?

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Sep 22

Confusion ARISHFF Chapter two (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 19 times)

Confusion ARISHFF

Chapter two


Arnav is walking to and fro thinking deeply about how to gather information about her

Anjali walks in

Anjali - Chote what happened?

Arnav - Di nothing

Anjali - Chote say me even Akash seems similar

Arnav – nothing di thinking about new deal (he doesn’t want to say anything before knowing any thinking)

Anjali – okay chote Breakfast ready hai come down fast

Arnav – coming di

Anjali and Arnav reaches dining area where Nani and Shyam waiting for them they joined them once Akash comes everyone starts their Breakfast with Anjali having silently, Akash and Arnav steeling glances   

And Nani and Shyam discussing official matters after finishing breakfast

All left to RAIZADA EMPIRE head office with Akash taking the steering and Shyam sitting beside him and Arnav backseat Akash and Shyam was discussing official matters and Arnav glaring Akash without Shyam knowing anything

Gupta mansion

All members having Breakfast silently Khushi already left saying she has some urgent work to finish

Shashi and Payal rushes to office for Board meeting regarding new venture

Gupta constructions

Khushi finishes her works thinks to take break before she get back to another work

While drinking coffee she is walking to and fro and thinking deeply how she will dig the matter about Him and bumps into someone and going to fall Khushi releases it closes her eyes but she was hanging she still didn’t touch ground with confusion she opens eyes only to see a handsome guy helping her by grabbing her arms and she automatically gets into her feet and mumbles a sorry and thankyou to him and rushes back to her cabin.

 Here Payal and Shashi watch the scene where Payal was worried Shashi has smile thinking something

But seeing the person salient Payal is relieved and thinkings to reach before he gets back to senses 

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Confusion ARISHFF - Chapter three (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 6 times)

Confusion ARISHFF

Chapter three

Gupta constructions

Akash absentminded walks into Gupta constructions and bumps into Khushi as reflex action grabs her arms just to help her still lost in his thoughts so didn’t show his arrogance

Payal and Shashi walks towards Akash

Adi coordinates with Ria (Shashi’s PA) and head towards conference room without giving much time for any interaction

Conference room

Akash come back into senses

Adi (Akash PA) – sir he is Shashi Gupta MD of Gupta constructions and she is senior architect Payal he formally introduce them to Akash

Akash bends to take Shashi blessing Shashi is quite impressed

Shashi – AK she is Payal my daughter

Payal gives slight smile to Akash he reciprocates same without anyone notice

Akash – Shashiji let’s start with presentation

For three hours they discuss about the project there details and their conditions


Arnav’s cabin

Arnav pacing to and fro thinking about how to know about the matter Akash is hiding even from him and thinks if only I can get a coffee then I can get any idea

Arnav calls Aman

Arnav – Aman urgently send me my coffee

Aman – okay ASR

Arnav continue his pacing he hears knock

Arnav – come in (annoyed voice)

Aman himself bring Arnav’s coffee

Aman gets in saying Arnav yar what is matter why are you going on drinking coffee placing his 5 th coffee cup

Arnav grabs it sitting on his chair sips coffee and thinks no harm it’s better to share it with Aman he can give me some idea   

Arnav explain Aman how he caught Akash speaking romantically and kissing someone on phone

Aman opens his mouth wide and gets shocked

Arnav shake Aman are you even listening what I am speaking little irritated

Aman comes back to senses and shouts AK and kiss

Arnav quickly comes places his palm on Aman’s mouth and kicks him

Arnav whispers Aman don’t shout Bhai will not spear you if any one comes to know this

Aman shake with fear thinking about AK reactions if he spill the beans and gulps and nods

Arnav remove his palm and gets back to his seat

thanks to everyone voted and clicked on thank you 

specially thanks to Londoner, Noordina, Kpoonam, Khushichaudhari

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