Our love story

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Sep 16

Our love story (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 9 times)

With flickering lights and scary background music (sounds of anklets, sounds of wolves)

A handsome guy was laughing in this environment suddenly from back a girl bumps on him and tightly holds his hand and side hug him

Guy stopped laughing tries to look who was she but he can't see her due darkness and flickering lights 

He decides to head out he tries to move but the lady doesn't move and tightens her grip on him 

Scene changes

Boys gang (4) 

Three of them were question him what was that ??

Handsome guy : she was scared

What happened between them is the story 

I know writing is not my cup of tea

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To finish my story which is in my thoughts feel free to express your thoughts

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Sep 16

Our love story (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 19 times)

chapter one

Please ignore the typing/grammatical mistakes  

Around 5'o clock

A cold breeze was felt with warmth of sun by the lady she gently opens eyes with smile on her rosy lips she grabs the blanket to cover the parts of the body and tightens the grip on his hand which was on her......... after some time

............ The lady was standing near French bye window looking the sunrise around 6'o clock....................

A hand surrounds her waist her body felt the jerk for one second next second she felt the warmth in his embrace and with  smile U WOKE UP DEAR

Hmmm he replied to her in sleeping mood (place his head on her shoulder)

Lady turns around to face him without disturbing his position and caresses him with love and he opens one eye and see her with sleeping mood he finally opens his mouth I am not done with sleep

Lady - then you go n sleep naa

He - I want to sleep in ur embrace

Lady smiled

they head towards the bed she sat placing a pillow in the gap between her and the wall and he just slept on her lap seeing beautiful curve on pretty face she twirled her fingers into his hair and continued caressing she eyes the charming face of him and lost in thoughts (by now you can understand right they are none other than our Arnav and kushi)

(Now we enter into her mind to read her mind)

4 years back

Gang of four girls entered the mall and kushi was given a task that she should go to scary house alone (as she was late and always late so they gave her punishment)

Kushi says huh such an easy task I will finish it in minutes and gives a bravery speech and with lots of courage she enters into the scary house before going inside she waved them with smile as soon as the doors closed the smile turns into a frown closes her eyes and start moving inside she thought she walked half way but she was just few steps away from entrance then she opens her eyes just to find a mummy walking towards her by this sight she was frightened and begins to run with closed eyes

Lights were flickering scary background music (sounds of anklets, sounds of wolves) is heard

A handsome guy was laughing in this environment suddenly from back girl bumps on him and tightly holds his hand and side hug him

Guy stopped laughing tries to look who was she but he can't see her due darkness and flickering lights

He decides to head out he tries to move but the lady doesn't move and tightens her grip on him

He understood that she was frightened

By caressing her back

R u alone?

She could just nod in yes

He pats her on shoulder

Look into my eyes he said by placing his mouth near to her ear

She looks into his eyes

He also looks into her eyes (eye lock)

By holding her he moves towards the exit they were lost in each other eyes they are out everyone was staring them guy comes into senses and pats her with this she is back to senses

They Composes themselves tries to get a glimpse of each other

(Guy is none other than Arnav)

Girl was wearing Burka Arnav could only see her eyes now they were bright and twinkling


He smiled and about to say it's k but before he could say anything she disappeared from his sight

She runs into wash room she splashes water on face breath heavily and clams down (after 5 mins)

She comes out and search for him and find him near cafeteria quickly hides and spy on him

She hides behind pillar from where she can see, hear and observes him

Arnav was walking to and fro looks irritated

Then gang of three boys encircled him

They were teasing him and I could just hear one of them was saying that what's was that?

Arnav - she was scared so I was helping her

All three at a time ha ha leaving your best friends to fear

Arnav - it's not like that she was not allowing me to move

Again all three ha ha we all saw who was holding whom (sarcastic manner)

Arnav - (more irritated) go to hell I am going home

Other three goes behind him

While she was spying on them felt a pat on shoulder she was frightened who could be (closed eyes) turns around to find her friends

They all shower lot of questions to her she was not at all listen to them she thought to follow him but could not as her friends were questioning he disappeared from her sight

She was disappointed so she made some excuse and left to home only to find empty house waiting for her

She was sitting near the window and looking outside but was lost in thoughts (what happened hours ago)

She hears a shout KUSHI where are you

she runs into hall to find her mom (Ratna is Kushi’s mom and celebrity she is actress and single parent to kushi divorced with much difficulty she got kushi's custody and media is always behind her so she is very protective towards kushi and behaves rudely with kushi but loves her so much Ratna thinks kushi is reason she is living)

Ratna - (angry) shouts *I SAID U SHOULD NOT GO OUT* she scolds kushi very badly kushi runs to her room and cries a lot after sometime she slowly slips into sleep........ Two three days pass..... (Ratna would scold kushi for small things so kushi frequently runs from home in Burka to roam around in Streets) that day also she was walking on road suddenly she witness puppy leg is crushed as kushi can't see blood she fainted she was about to fall but someone holds her by waist before closing her eyes she could see Arnav tensed face

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To finish my story which is in my thoughts feel free to express your thoughts

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Sep 18

Our love story - chapter two (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 13 times)

chapter two

Flashback Continue ...

(After 10 mins) she comes to conscious as she felt someone was shaking her to make her conscious she slowly opens her eyes (few seconds later) she looks around to find everyone are staring at her she stood up quickly Arnav was shocked with her move (we can see that shocked face clearly) she checks whether her face is covered or not and finds it covered she gets relieved and disappear again but before leaving she takes a glimpse of Arnav who was wearing jeans and white t-shirt looking stunning (worried n shocked expression on his face)

She carefully enters her room to find Ratna waiting for her

Khushi thinks she will kill me today but for her surprise she did not said anything

Ratna hugs khushi

Khushi was surprised and happy that after so many days Ratna didn't scold her

Ratna calls her manager and says khushi is going to Hyderabad

Khushi was shocked with this

Ratna heads towards her room


Khushi dumbstruck she was in trans hours flew away like mins she finally digested the fact but thought she will convince her mom so she heads towards her mom's room she knocks (no reply) knocks again (no reply) so she peeps inside Ratna was sleeping she goes near she kisses her on her forehead Ratna opens her eyes she was overwhelmed with the touch and kiss from khushi (Ratna reaction is seen on her face) (they never shared mother and daughter relationship)

Khushi straighten herself and says GOOD MORNING

(Yes whole night khushi was in Trans)

Khushi - I will never go out without your permission I will do whatever you say never ever argue with you I will drink milk  and have cabbages mushrooms etc. khushi without any break keep on promising and after finishing her promises (half hour) gives time for Ratna to speak

Ratna - U R leaving tomorrow n don't even try to inform any one or run away

Khushi pleads Ratna on knees

Ratna - leave (turns other side)

Khushi runs into her room and lay down (with *dabb*sound) and cries a lot

After hours of crying she slowly slips into sleep

The day of leaving Mumbai arrives (the flash back till now was happening in Mumbai)

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To finish my story which is in my thoughts feel free to express your thoughts

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Sep 19

Our love story - chapter three (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 21 times)

chapter two

Flashback Continue ...

Khushi got up with swollen eyes Ratna manager arrives and takes khushi to parlor for makeover (after four hours no one can believe that she was khushi her long beautiful hair was turned to boy cut eyebrows medium thin to very thin and finally lashes were changed to honey color)

Khushi was taken to Ratna

Ratna - good and is everything done

Manager - yes mam train will be departing in Two hours

Ratna signal him to leave

Ratna - (bold) manager will drop u to station from there u should travel alone in train and after reaching Hyderabad new manager will come and pick U up go with him obey his order 

what all you need there are ready there so no need to pack  anything

Khushi again pleads

Ratna (turns other side) angry tone - manager is waiting for you outside

Khushi hugs Ratna from back side and leaves with manager

Khushi lands in Hyderabad new manager pick up her

She was taken to small hotel room and manager said so many things but nothing went her mind she was blank and what all happened in last three days left her body without soul (khushi never stayed away from Ratna khushi used to go out when Ratna was not at home)

New manager takes leave

Next day morning he took her to Xyz College of engineering (third graded college) and joined her in second year of ECE (already khushi finished her first year of ECE in Mumbai most reputed college)

Then he took her to hostel new manager explained all rules to her showed her bed and finally warned her that no one should know her true identity and said even your true name also your new name is Payal and I should never get any complaints

Khushi was shocked with all that happened in a week

A week pass with khushi in Trans and finally she makes her mind and decided to attend the college from tomorrow and sleeps

Next day she gets up and see around she finds that she was sharing her room with three others and room was very dirty and she cleans the surrounding and unpacks her stuff and place them neatly and thinks to freshen up she takes necessary stuff and goes to bathroom as all others were sleeping she used the bathroom peaceful and gets ready wearing a white t-shirt and jeans and others in the room gives her a stare and she heads towards the college with necessaries as she enters the college everyone were staring her

Khushi feels?awkward she lowers her look and she walks few steps but only to collide with someone and about to fall

(Khushi closes her eyes) just then two strong arms encircle her waist (she felt the touch still her eyes were closed

She slowly opens her eyes only to get shocked

stay tuned to know why she is shocked?

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@Kpoonam don't worry they will meet Ratna has her own strong reason which will be revealed in further updates 

@Noordina Ratna has her own strong reason which will be revealed in further updates

sorry i couldn't reply before 

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Sep 20

Our love story - chapter four (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 13 times)

chapter four

Flashback Continue ...

Khushi shocked n surprised she just can't imagine she still in same position giving a beautiful curve on her face with questioning eyes (haa the savior of her Arnav) (by now you would have got to know right he was none other than Arnav now don't think how come he is here holding her u could know when the time comes)

Arnav manages to hold her with one hand tightening his grip on her waist and with the other hand he waved in front of her eyes she felt something was moving in front of her eyes but she didn't give much importance she was lost in his sight

Arnav now shook grabbing her shoulder

Khushi comes into senses (she straighten herself really in slow motion without breaking sight and smile on her face)

Arnav gives confused look

Arnav - All okay miss

Khushi - sooo.... (Suddenly she remembers new manager ka damki (warning)) Payal (with smile as duffer)

Arnav - Miss Payal are you fine?

Khushi /Payal - looks around and thinks whom is he calling and comes into senses (in mind yeh tho mujse hi pucharahahe [he is asking me only])

Arnav waves his hand in front of her eyes

Khushi /Payal - yes absolutely Mr. (Now she is back into form) (with questioning eyes)

Arnav - Arnav

Khushi /Payal - Arnav nice name with rolling eyes 

Arnav vanished from her sight

Khushi /Payal shocked

She hits her head and thinks this is all my imagination why am I thinking about him who is he to me how can he be here

Just then she heard a bell

Khushi u are gone first day itself late and that to you are late by one week now be ready to face the consequences and she slowly finds the class room by herself which made her delay even more she enters the class

Khushi - may I come in?

Y teacher - get in

Khushi enters

Y teacher - do you belong to this class? I never saw u here

Khushi - sir I am new admission Payal and this is my first class sir (she said in humble manner)

Teacher was pleased (what khushi feels) - find some place u r late and missed one week class as this is your first day I am allowing? you don't try to repeat it

She settles somewhere in Last bench as class is almost full after some time some noise is heard as if someone was running and every student turns to door to find Arnav there khushi /Payal shocked and thinks again illusion when they will leave me I am fed up of this

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@Kpoonam  YES and Khushi only wear Burka to hide herself Ratna doesn't know Khushi wear Burka 

@Noordina partially you are correct she is hiding her for Khushi's benefit 

sorry i couldn't reply before 

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Sep 22

Our love story - chapter five (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 21 times)

chapter five

Flashback Continue ...

She comes back to senses when she hears get in my boy

Lecturer why was he smiling and signaling Arnav to get in

Khushi/Payal: (Shocked) jab may aayithi tab tho gussey may tha (when I entered that time he was angry)

In mind huh I never saw any lecturer favored or partial towards boys oh god why u created such people now I come to know why boys will be complaining about partiality towards girls (fumes)

She comes back to senses and see him approaching her

Arnav - Payal move

Khushi / Payal - (doesn't move as she feels this was illusion)

Arnav - shook her

Khushi / Payal gets inside giving him place to sit

Arnav settles besides

Every girl in the class give a death glare to khushi/ Payal and as if it was crime

Lecturer continues class

Arnav hears it with full concentration

Khushi/Payal was staring him continuously (still in dilemma to believe it or not)

Arnav smiles often (politeness)

All I could remember was long bell making horrible voice and his gentle tap on my shoulder making me believe his presence and make my senses back

Just to witness day has come to end and empty class room and Arnav winding up the things

Arnav - you have a plan to stay here for life

(May be he noticed that I was only staring at him)

With that I quickly replied while winding up my stuff - NO (which was little bit high n harsh as it was empty room it resounded)

Arnav - softly miss Payal (with beautiful curve)

Which made me lost in him fully (I was standing like statue holding a book in one hand and other hand in bag seeing his face) [u could say mesmerized]

He shook me to get my senses back N with that I am back to this world

Bid him bye with n no of questions hunting me on my way back to hostel

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Sep 24

Our love story - chapter six (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 13 times)

chapter six

Flashback Continue ...


I rested for hour and took a shower to peace my mind n body and as soon as I return from the shower I found the staring eyes and now I gave a stare to each one of them (she makes up her mind by saying khushi u have to stay with them for a least 3 more years so deal them with politeness)

Payal / Khushi - hey hi guys I am Payal (with beautiful curve on her face which can make any one fall)

Soon they began to speak introduce themselves and question answer round started then I came to know many things about Arnav as they were my classmates and one was senior they praised that he was the best student till now best in all aspects favorite of all and usually he will be sighted only in library other than class day came to end and I slept peaceful at least I have one person whom I know before and my quest to find him was successful and I was more comfortable because my roommates seemed quite friendly and helpful  and next day started with bright sunlight hitting straight to my bed as my bed was near to window I stretched my hands and yawned only to get surprised by sight in front of me I found Arnav staring straight into my eyes wait I am dreaming again what he was doing here .....

My chain of thoughts were disturbed by fellow onlookers comments they were busy in admiring his killing looks in tracks and vest.

I came back to sense to start my day and left to wash room and reached to class before time and sat on front row only to get into fight with Classmates for place finally ended with same place where i sat yesterday today also same thing happened as usual Arnav was last and sat beside me but sir didn't scold or no exchange of words except come in

Again same I was starring him all the day and lost track of time I think he caught me red-handed starring him but he didn't react he was busy taking the notes but today I noticed I was being observed by him now and then like what I was doing soon like this two weeks passed getting to know?about him of course from others but daily he will sit with me

And for this everyone Envy me as if I am making him to sit with me

thanks to everyone who pressed thank you button  

special thanks to Londoner, Kpoonam,Noordina 

every writer need there readers to boost then only they can come up with the updates thanks again 


@ Noordina as we are in Khushi thoughts its all about Khushi's side everything will be reveled only when Khushi herself gets to know what is happening around her Hope this answer you question  

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Oct 6

Our love story - chapter seven (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 18 times)

chapter seven

Flashback Continue ...


Payal / Khushi (self-talk) Khushi what are you doing it’s been one month you came to Hyderabad what did you do to your life what did you achieve nothing to say no clarity on what exactly you have to do what happened to your dream stupid girl you should make mamma proud no friends no study nothing …….. You made your life freeze thing something you have to come out of this situation it’s your life come on Khushi’s it’s not boring it’s only in your hands come on gear up.

Payal / Khushi (self-talk) 1. Make friends 2. Study hard 3. Know more about mystery Of Mr. Arnav 4. visit places 

So hurry up baby it’s time to get everything according to me


As usual I am sitting with Arnav now enough of staring I have to be fast come on concentrate on study I started listening what prof was explaining nothing got into me I just realized how much I lack I have to act fast

Break time

Payal / Khushi – Mr. Arnav

 Arnav turns towards me but he said nothing

Payal / Khushi – Mr. Arnav …. Um mmm

Arnav – Yes Ms. Payal

Payal / Khushi – can I borrow your notebook

Arnav - okay but you have to give me back tomorrow

That’s it now entire class grasped and then silence prevailed I didn’t get head or tail

I continued concentrating on next classes with seriousness unlike all these days but I secretly stole glances of Arnav thinking first cover syllabus then you have three years you can concentrate on him

This continues for a couple of weeks borrowing his books and returning it to him next day every time I said thank you he just smiles that’s what I really need that one charming smile one could die for.

No progress maid it’s already a month I have been borrowing and I don’t know anything about him

Payal / Khushi (self-talk) Tomorrow I have to do something enough of suspense.

sorry for sudden disappearance and late update hope you all understand and  

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Nov 1

Our love story (By Ahtilal) (Thanked: 13 times)

Next day

Khushi gets up and get ready with determination to start mission Arnav in hurry she left for college and in her hurry she bangs straight to Arnav without even glancing him mumbles a sorry and rushes to her seat only to notice that no one are in class then only she checks time which is only 8.30am and her classes will start only at 9:30am

Cursing herself she roam around classroom then whole college where she come across Arnav again and stills observing his looks which would make any one to lose their senses that's what happened with her she lost all her senses observing his each and every move with his amazing body language. She gets back to senses when she hears the bell sound curses herself and rushes to her seat thanking her stars that she could make it before lecture come

as usual Arnav was last one and late too but today as soon as he sat he spoke tum theek ho with his husky voice

Making 2/3rd of the class to turn our side and stare with shocked expressions I just nodded my head with little embarrassment and confused expression why were they shocked

Sorry I know this really small one will try to give next one early

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Special thanks to Noordina thank you so much

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