Arniee Angel

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Dec 3

Angel's walk (By Kpoonam) (Thanked: 124 times)

Sorry guys for the delay and not replying to your comments dearies but I'm little busy these days and I think due to this future updates will be twice a week or once a week.

But finally here's update guys. Hope you enjoy.


Today is sunday so all kids were playing in garden and elders were enjoying there breakfast there.

"I can't believe our Khushi came one month back on this day in our lives. Look how easily she befriend with all kids especially with Chote" Said Manorma.

All smiled hearing this and looked towards the kids where Arnav was sitting on ground with his back against a tree and he was holding khushi from her back who was playing with Akash & NK. 

"Annav bhai why khushi didn't walk like us" asked NK.

Listening this Arnav looked towards his di and Anjali understanding him came towards him and said "Chote Khushi is small baby. She will learn how to walk run everything slowly just like NK and akki. U remember Akki learned to walk late and NK learned it quickly. Over khushi will also start walking soon."

Nodding his head Arnav looked towards his Angel and got lost in thoughts. Suddenly he screamed in excitement "Diiiii".

Anjali shoot a glare towards him and said "Chote I'm not deaf why are you screaming."

Smiling sheepishly Arnav said " Shorry di...wo I wanted to say that u remember di to make Akki walk mamma and chachi teach him everyday and slowly slowly akki started walking. So I will teach my Angel and then she will also walk and run like us."

"Yesh yesh we all will teach khushi" NK said getting excited.

Anjali and Akash also nodded agreeing with Arnav.

Arnav looked towards khushi and said "Angel you ready na? Your Anniee will teach you walking. You will learn quickly ok. My good Angel."

Khushi squealing on his lap and patting his cheek said "Anniee." (Guys she can only say this??)

Arnav smiled hearing his name from his Angel's mouth and kissed her cheek. Then kneeling down in front of khushi he took her both hands in his and said " Angel now you have to move forward with me ok."

Arnav move one step backwards and khushi by putting all her strength tried to take a step. Seeing this all kids squealed in happiness and Arnav hugged his Angel and said " You are the best Angel. If you try like this you will learn walking soon."

Seeing all this Anuj said "Ratna you always complain that your Chote have zero patience now see how he is teaching his Angel patiently without getting irritated or angry."

"This patience is only reserved for his Angel Anuj ji. He have zero patience now also but in front of his Angel he is totally different Chote" replied Ratna.

True to Anuj's words all day Arnav patiently tried to make his Angel walk but how can she start walking in a day.


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