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Jan 10

Deewanapan..... (By Fathimasumaiya19) (Thanked: 69 times)

Khushi look at him with unexpected expression.she indeed not expect to meet him after whatever happened.he look at her with charming smile.his heart melted like ice seeing her innocent beautiful face after all long..then she composed herself and asked him normally..

khushi: arjunji you...I didn't expect you here!!

arjun: (admire smile) but I come here only to meet you khushi..I need to speak with you privately..

khushi little unsure about speaking with him after knowing what kind of relation he have with arnav..he look at her with lot of expectations..she slowly nodded at him after thinking twice..he smile at her acceptance and take her to one of empty table in corner of restaurant..thankfully there not many costumers at this moment..after take seat in silence place,she waiting for arjun to speak..suddenly he got little serious and slowly start to speak..

Arjun: khushi as you know whatever happened past few days not very good thing..we supposed to get official..but all gone wrong cause of my brother..(soft tone) I really want to say this from long time khushi..I love you..I love you really very much..I can't forget you you,and I can't imagine another girl in your place..I deep,h love with you khushi..please accept my'll never regret accepting my love..don't worry about arnav.I'll make him understand..please accept my love khushi...

Khushi completely shocked hearing his speech..she never thought arjun will speak like this to her..she look at him both shocked and surprised way..she can see some kind of determine on his eyes..she let out a breath and calm herself..she need to end this talk without creating a scene..she look at him calmly and told him softly..

khushi: need to understand one thing marriage with arnavji not going to happen forcefully.its going to happen with my approval..and secondly arnavji loves me dearly..( smile) in such a short time I come to know how much he loves me..and now his unconditional love gift of my life..and I can't deny even I have strong feelings towards him.not any mere feelings..actually I fell really hard for him.he never forced me to love or marry him..I'm doing everything willingly..I already decide him as my husband..I never know you have such a feelings towards me..I only look at you as nice person..I'm sorry if any of my behaviour raised such feelings inside're very good person arjunji..but you and me (pause) it's never gonna happen..please accept this.move on you're have good life arjunji..let's forget all this...

She speaking so nicely with him.but arjun not in the mood to listen.he tight his fist angrily hearing her reply.he didn't expect such a reply from her.even when arnav told him they love each other...he not ready to accept that..but now hearing from her mouth he can't face the reality..his whole gut feeling fly away after her reply..his heart beating loudly out of open rejection.khushi thought he need sometime alone to think everything..she get up from chair..when she try to go suddenly he held her hand tightly and stopped her from moving..she shocked by his act and try to free her hand..he almost griping more tighter..she winch feeling sharp pain on her wrist. but he not ready to leave her..

khushi: arjunji !! what kind of behaviour is this? leave my're hurting me..

Arjun: (almost yell) no I won't leave you..I need explanation..why can't you accept me.what is you find better on him then he handsome more then me? or is he richer then me? tell me..uss arnav ke paas esa kya hai jo mere paas nehi hai? ..answer me..

”LOVE "..arjun lose the grip little hearing her single statment..she now glaring him with angry and disappointed this is the limit.she can't be calmer with him anymore..he crossing his line..he look at her with mixed emotions..what she meant by love..don't he love her she read his mind she told him angrily with lower voice.

khushi: love !! that's what make him better then you..he love me truly..he don't did such a things to me like harassing me..but here you're claiming that you loves me,but see what are you harassing me..this is not what you supposed to do if you love me truly..actually now you're doing all this not out of doing all this to win over need to beat him getting me on you're life..its now like challenge for you..but arjun malik I'm not any prize cup to win beating everyone..and you can't force me to love you like this..I try to tell you nicely..but you not in mood to hear nicely..then hear this time strongly..I have no feelings for you..and will never get such a feelings in future too..atleast earlier I considered you as gentleman.but now you even lose that respect...this is the last time you behaving with me like this.if you again do anything like this.then I'm sorry ,next minute I'll inform about this to arnavji.being with him such a long time,you must know about his reaction more then me.don't do this again..

without waiting for his reply,she free her hand from his grip and left the restaurant angrily..arjun who blowed by khushi's unexpected angry face,try to control the painful tears try to come from his tears,.he totally hurt by her reply ..and feeling angry for not being strong like arnav..he can't digest her love for arnav.the way she warned him not any childish warning.its deadly serious warning like he got it from arnav..he can't bear her open rejection..he controlled his tears and look at her retreat with more determined..

Arjun: I won't give up that much easily need to accept me..and I'll do anything to get you as my wife..after you became mine no one can take you away from will be mine..

he left the restaurant silently thinking his next plan to get khushi to his life..kumud who witnessing everything from start feeling so much tension about it.she not getting good vibes from this arjun..she need to need to do something before arjun again come up with such a acts..but right now she need to be with her bestie who need her right now..she know where she must be went..after asking her workers to look after the restaurant she went to see khushi..

as she expected she saw khushi sitting in the garden ground behind her restaurant..actually it's was park.but there a one spot where only flowers plants..she slowly come and sit beside her..khushi saw her bestie looking her with waiting expression..she don't know what to tell her.

kumud: I saw everything don't need to think.i know everything..

khushi sigh hearing her..she really need her friend right now..she still can't believe her argument with arjun.its truly unexpected..she never thought arjun will behave with her like this..kumud hugged her side way and gives her the friend comfort zone she need now..she waited for her to speak..after full five minutes silent khushi told her softly.

khushi: I can't believe what just happened in restaurant's really shocking and surprising..I never thought arjun will behave with me like this..I quite disappointed with him.why he behaved like that..can't he understand I don't have any feelings towards him.why he need to be adamant..

kumud: (comforting tone)  I know what you must be feeling khushi..we don't expect this from him.but like you said.he doing all this to win you over arnavji,it's good you clearly told him about your decision..let's forget about this khushi..there many thing we need to think other then this..come on cheer up..

khushi:( little bit tension) I can forget about this easily kumud..but I can't stop thinking about arnavji's reaction if he come to know about this..I might be don't know him fully.but as far I understand him,he won't react normally if he come to know about this..already he sharing hate relationship with arjun.if he come to know about this.he will react worst way.i don't want any problem when our marriage going to happen..

kumud: don't think too much khushi..nothing will happen wrongly..let's forget about this you should think about you're upcoming engagement..there just four days for it..there many thing to let's forget need to be happy..

khushi smile hearing her..then she took her to warmly hug..she always feel blessed to get kumud as her friend.she is truly a soul friend or said sister..kumud hugged her back and give the support she needs..but she slip into other thought...she thought to herself ”sorry khushi.but I need to inform about this to arnavji.I'm not feeling good about arjun,before he try another act I need to inform about this to arnavji.maybe he'll do something"..she don't want any problems to rise up when her friend engagement going to happen.. 


khushi sitting outside her house after finishing dance class..she is really tiered's been two days after her encounter with arjun in restaurant..honestly she forget about that..but sometimes she remember that..she really hope arjun got it whatever she said .she don't want any fight between arnav arjun..thankfully those two days went normally without any problems..and she find really peaceful and happy whenever arnav used to call her those days..they won't get chance to talk for hours cause of his tight work schedule..he is hell busy last two days..he want to get free from all important works before they get married..he don't want any works disturb him when he want to be with her..and he a,ready told her about this..she can't ignore the fact whenever he talk with her huskily.she felt like she is some fairyland..nowadays she can't stop thinking about him.every single thing or work reminding him..and she love that very she know what exactly we feel for him..but she won't confess that now..not even to herself..she want to tell her feelings to specially the way he told her..and she knows how much eagerly he waiting to hear that three magical words from her he wishe she will tell him..but not now..she smiling like crazy thinking about him..when she so lost on his thought suddenly someone clapped loudly before her face..she jerked from thoughts and glare the person who disturbed her thoughts..kumud looking her with teasing smile and asked her teasingly placing arm around her shoulder..

kumud: kya baat hai gupta smiling all alone..what there to smile so there we should no..

khushi:( try to be casual) nothing kumud..I just think about something..

kumud: (teasing face) is it something or someone..looking like my soon to be jijaji totally occupied your mind..tell na what make you smile thinking about him..(khushi avoid her question) don't tell me.did you imagined you're first night with him ? Or you wondering you'll  get gentle or rough..

khushi gasps hearing her beyond imagination guessings..she hit kumud's head lightly..she chuckles seeing her friend's red face cause of blush and embarrassment..she hugged her side way and asked her playfully..

kumud: khushi what you actually think about you're first night will arnavji handle you?

"Handle her for what"..both girls went up in shock hearing an deep intimidating voice from behind..they turn and saw arnav looking them with questionable reaction.there silent smirk playing on his face..khushi gulp seeing him again..his stare truly rising heat on her..he took step towards her slowly and asked her same deep controlling voice..

arnav: for what I need to handle you khushi?


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