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Aug 30

Zindagi (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 27 times)

A graduation function of St.Albert's college in Delhi

on function hall

Principal - Now it's the time to announce the student of the year so I announces his name ( he took a paper from a envelope ) So the student of the year goes to Mr.Aarav Singh Rayisadha. Aarav please come to stage

A hot handsome boy around 23 Stand ups and came to stage.

The whole peoples were presented in that hall were started to clap

on stage

he got the student of the year trophy from the chief guest.

principal - Now I handover the mike to Aarav and he will tell you what he feels now

Aarav took the Mike " I'm really happy to get this trophy from your hand.thank you everyone who supported me and One and only My great dad Mr.Arnav Singh Rayisadha thank you dad thanks very much

After the function

one boy- hey Aarav congrats yaar

Aarav - thanks

another boy - hey Aarav you said your father is everything for you then what about your mother

when he hear about mother he lost his control. he hold that boy's neck.

Aarav - I hate her I hate my mother damnit

he leave his hold then said I hate you Mrs.kushi Arnav Singh Rayisadha I hate you. I don't want to see your face in my life

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Oct 16

Zindagi (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 26 times)

Next day in RM

A lady aged 54 were doing puja in mandir

Women- hey devimayya it has been past 20 years we are searching for her.but we didn't even get a small information about her.please devimayya we want her

A lady around 80's were called her

Lady- Are Anjali bitiya what is this ???your puja is not yet over now

Anjali- mami woo... It's over prasad lo

Mami took prasad from her

Anjali- Mami where is chote and Akash??didn't they come yesterday

Aakash- Di I'm here

Anjali- Acha then where is chote ???

Aakash - di he is in his room

Anjali- oh then let me check him

She went from there

And Aakash took blessing from his maa .

In Arnav's room

A man around 51 were doing his workout.he is still as charm like before

Anjali entered to the room

Anjali- chote 

Arnav - di you?? Here ?? What happened di

Anjali- nothing I just come to check that you are ready or not

Arnav- ready for what?

Anjali(narrows her eyes) for what ?? What you mean chote today is durga puja na? Don't you remember 

Arnav- di do you know na I don't believe in all this

Anjali- not for me chote

Arnav- ok now stop this drama do what ever you want

Anjali- thanks chote...now come breakfast is ready

Arnav- ok di I will come now and di where is Aarav and his two bodyguard's

Anjali- who will know where that four shaithaan's were went

Arnav and Anjali started to laughing thinking 

Anjali- chote come fast I need to go now

She leaves from there and Arnav also went to freshup

In kitchen

A lady aged 48 are busy in cooking and a lady around 46 is helping her

48waali- lavanya please pass me that salt bottle

Lavanya passes the bottle

Lavanya- it has been 3 days they were went from here  did Aakash ji said anything about them

Payal- no yaar he didn't said anything. Only god knows where they 4 went

Anjali comes there

Anjali - you are right payal only god knows where they went

Lavanya- I think there is some one who know everything



Anjali - Ahana ???

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Oct 16

Zindagi (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 39 times)

Anjali- Ahaana ????

Lavanya-ha I think that shaithan knows everything about them

Pagal - you are right lavanya yesterday she were talking to Aarav on phone

Anjali- Acha then I will ask to her .where is she ??

Payal- di she is in her room

Anjali - Acha I will come now

lavanya- di we also come with you

In Ahaana's room

The room is decorated with pink curtains

A girl around 22 is sleeping on the bed.

Payal- ho bhagvaan it's already 9'o clock and she is not yet walk upl

(Ahaana is payal - Akash's daughter)

Payal- Ahaana walk up.Ahaana ...

Ahaana- mom please 5 minute 

Payal- no way come on get up.it's already late come get up or else I will call your bade papa

Ahanaa suddenly getup from bed

Ahaana- mom this is not fare

Payal- Acha 

Anjali- gudiya where they are

Ahaana- who???maaai

Payal- are dhekho she don't know anything... Don't act too innocent Ahu we know everything ..so come on tell as where they 4 went

Anjali- come on say it otherwise I will say this to chote

Ahu- maasi...maasi no..wo..wo log

Lavanya-ha wo log where they went

Ahu- manali

The trio - manali?????

Anjali- for what

Payal- and where

Lavanya- kab

Ahaana- wow guys relax they will come soon

She went to bathroom for freshup

Anjali- they went to Manali and

lavanya- and didn't inform us

Payal- aane dho sabko 

Lavanya- we will show them

They also leave from there

In manali

A cottage surrounded by a beautiful garden and snow

Four boy's are lying on a bed. The room were messed up because of shampain bottles and clothes

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Oct 25

Zindagi (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 15 times)

someone's phone started to ring so the four walk's up from there sleep

One boy- who's phone is that ...make it off yaar 

Another one - it's Arjun's phone

Arjun picked the call and signals them to keep silence.

Arjun on phone-ha dad

Arjun- ha...I Know...

Arjun- don't worry dad...we will there on time

One boy- why uncle called you

Arjun- are you forgot tomorrow is AR's new fashion show.dad called me to remains that (Looking another one)Aarav now what is your plan?? We didn't get any information about her and also we need to go now 

Aarav- you don't worry...I said to our men to find her ..they will do there work .....and ha..guys pack your things we need to go as soon as possible....

It's our dream project like our dad's

Arjun- hmm...(looking the other two) Aadi ..Ashwin go and get ready

Aadi- so our old mission is cancelled right??

Aswin- no it's not yet over

Aadi- ohhh nooo...the mission of searching her is not over

Arjun looked him ...so he shut his mouth

Arjun- you three have half an hour time..get ready fast

And he went for freshup

Aarav - what the

Aadi what the ka bache....I think when you two were Bron na that sister changed you both each other

Aarav- what the ...Aadi are you mad

Aadi- otherwise how can this happen na??

Ashwin- what happen Aadi say it clearly

Aadi- are jaise mama vaise bhathija...bade papa ka carbon copy hai ye Arjun..The Angri jha

Aarav- kyu ki vo ASR ka bhadhija hai

Ashwin- guys come get ready otherwise he will start again

Aarav- ha right come

They all get ready and went to Delhi


Everyone were working in AR are damn busy because of tomorrow's fashion show

Arnav- Aakash and Aman make sure ki everything is perfect. I don't want any small mistakes also

Aakash- bhai you don't worry everything is alright

Arnav- where is they??? Not yet they come

The four- we are here dad/Mamu/Bade papa

Aakash- lo aagayi shaithani gang..

They took blessings from elders

Arjun- Mamu is everything perfect here??(to Aman) Aman chachu make sure everything is perfect and any small mistakes cannot happen here .And ha..also keep an eye on our business rivels also...

Aman- yes beta

Aarav (to Ashwin) - Aadi is right look these two

Arnav- what happen Aarav why you two murmuring like girls

Aarav- what the ...

Ashwin- nothing bade papa 

Arnav- Arjun take care of your three pagal brothers ...and ha di is waiting for you ...go and meei her... You need to take the responsibility of this fashion show

Arjun- Mamu... I 

Arnav kept his palm on Arjun's shoulder as assuring everything is right

Arjun- ji  Mamu 

Arnav- I think you will never disappoint me....


Arjun - yes Mamu 

Arnav- good.... Go di is waiting for you all ...( to Aakash) come Aakash

They went from there


Anjali - pata nhi when they all come


The four - maaa/ buvaa

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Oct 28

Past comes again (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 19 times)

Anjali- ho Acha... Aagaya shaithaan....where were you gone??...

She looked everyone

Aarav- hey babes don't worry.. We are fine

Arjun- ha maa 

Anjali- hey shut up... You are elder na.. You need to take care of everyone.. Look at Aarav becharaa

Aarav winks at Arjun

Anjali- anyway go and get ready. .today we need to go for temple...

Arjun- uff hoo again... Maa you know na I don't believes in god...mein apni kismath khudh banathi hai

Anjali- but beta...

Arjun- maa please

He leaves from his disappearing figure..

Aarav put his hand on her shoulder

Aarav- hey babes don't worry... I will come with you.. Are you happy 

Anjali cupped his face...

Anjali- ha...go and freshup ..I will make your favorite jelebiea....

Aarav- wow thank you... You are the best...

He kissed on her cheeks

Aarav- I will get ready

He goes from there

Anjali looked him

Anjali- pagal..he is exact copy of kushi...her pagal pan..care ..masthi...pata nhi where is she now...hey devimayya please save her

On mandir

Anjali and Aarav come to mandir.. They did puja..

When Aarav is lighting diya's he heard a anklets sounds.. He looked that direction

A girl around 20 were climbing the stairs.. She wore a orange saree..she were holding a puja taal..he feels his heart beat stops when he see her...her milky white skin...rosy lips...

He mesmerized by her beauty..

Anjali tapped his shoulder... 

Anjali- Aarav what happened

Aarav- nothing huva

Anjali- chale...

They went from there....

Next day 

Fashion show

The show were covering all media.. Top business men's around the world were presented there...

The show goes it own swing...

Arnav- Arjun its all ready na

Arjun- ha mama.you don't worry.. I will never allow anything bad happens to this show... 

Arnav- good ..I trust you..come let's go

They went to front raw

The show's theam was red...red gowns

In other side

The house decorated with Flowers and curtains.

A girl- what are you saying Geetha...why this marriage can't happen

Geetha- Because ASR told us to leave this property as soon as possible..so the groom's family said they are not ready for this marriage....

Girl- but why

Geetha- Roshni.. Woo..papa said them this house will gave them as dehage...now this property doesn't exist then why do this marriage

Roshni- you don't woitrry I will talk to ASR

Geetha- but roshni it's already late now

Roshni - you don't worry...today is their fashion show na.. I will go there and ask ASR

She leaves from there

On fashion show

Roshni reached there. When she entered there a women holds her hand

The women- where you went the show starts.. Go to the stage

She pushed her into stage

Roshni- mam you misunderstood me..mam..

But the lady didn't hear any of her words she pushed her into the stage

It was the show toppers entering time but she entered there bye mistake

All media were shocked to see her.the shows theam was red and she wore a green lehanga...

Media reporter- hey what is this..the shows theam were red na...then how is this happen

Arnav looked Arjun

Arjun gone to the stage

When roshni saw the media and those people she got scared and try to gone from there... But her leg slipped and she fallen down..

She feels two hands holding her from her waist... She opened her eyes slowly...

Yes Arjun were holding her by her waist.. His face were red in anger..she looked him like a baby face..

The camaras started to clicks

Arnav looked them..some flash backs were come to his mind...

His first meeting with kushi...

Her entry on his life ...her nok jokes...

He come out his soch when Aakash called him

Arnav- ARJUNN...leave her...

Arjun come back to his sense and leaves her from his hold.

Roshni cryingly went from there..

Arjun signals his men's to catch her....

Aakash said sorry for the media and the show started again

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Nov 3

Zindagi (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 23 times)

Arnav- are you gone mad Arjun ..the whole media is watching you and you don't bother about that

Arjun (in anger)- ha I don't bother what they think and what they wrote....I don't leave her.. Dammit....

He looked for his men

Arjun (to his men)- where is she???

Men- sir  ..we locked her in your room

Arjun- hmmm .... I want her every details as soon as possible.. Do you got it

Men-yes sir

They leaves from there

Arnav( in angry)- what the hell are you doing Arjun..leave her

Arjun- I'm sorry Mamu but I need to know who send her here.. 

He leaves from there

Aakash-bhai ye tho pehale Ki tharah huva...aap aur kushiji ki tarah

Arnav looked him..

Aakash- sorry bhai I didn't mean that..

Arnav- Aakash make sure that this news will not go on onair ...do you got what I said

Aakash- ji bhai

In another side

Arjun's room

The goon's were locked Roshni in Arjun's room.. She were crying

Roshni- hey devimayya please save me from here

She heard a door opening sound.. She looked there..it was Arjun...he closed the door..and came near to her.. When he started to came near to her she started to go back and she hit on the wall...he come close to her....she closed her eyes tightly ...

She can feel his breath which hits on her face... Her heart beats started to increasing....

Slowly she opened her eyes....he were angrily observing her..his eyes were red because of anger....he is deadly close to her

She tried to free herself from him..but it make him more angry and he catches her hand..one of his hand is now holding her waist and another her hand

Arjun(In angry)- who are you? ? And who gave you the money to destroy our function???

Roshni( trying to free herself from him)- dekhiye..please leave me...I didn't mean to do this..

Arjun- I asked who send you here

He tightened his grip

Roshni- huh...sir please... You are hurting me..

Arjun looked into her eyes.. It was filled with tears..he leave his hold from here hand...and he wiped the tears from her face.   

She looked him.  


She hold his hand...this make him to come reality

Arjun- I asked you who send you here.. .

Roshni- sir I need to talk to ASR 

He  come more close to her...she pushed him...so he gone back

When she started to go from there he hold her but his hold tear her blouse

She raised her hand to slap but he hold her hand

Arjun- didn't you think even in your dreams

Suddenly the door was opened and It was Arnav....


Arjun leaves her 

Arnav looked Roshni

Arnav- beta now you can go

She nods her head and leaves from there

Arjun- but Mamu...

Arnav looked him so he keep quite

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Nov 9

Zindagi (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 19 times)

Arjun leaves from there

Arjun's (on mind)- because of Mamu she leaves from here but I don't leave you like that... You will face the worst of mine

He called someone and said something to him

A small smile kept on his lips

Another side

Roshni reached her home

It is a small home 

She entered into the house

She saw a lady around 43 were standing on window side..her  back facing to Roshni

Roshni ran and hugged her

Her sudden hug make that lady to jerk on her thoughts

She looked Roshni

She cupped Roshni's face

Roshni tightly hugged her. She were look like pale

Lady- hey devimayya.... Beta.. What happened to you.. Are you ok? You were gone for Geetha's marriage na then what happened to you...

She saw Roshni's blouse.. It were teared ...and the marks on her shoulder ( it was Arjun's ...when he hold her tightly his nails make marks on her milky white skin)

Lady- Roshni... What is this??? Its bleeding beta.. Come I will do first aid

She applied medicines on her wound... Roshni sit there like a statue..... Her eyes filled with tears

The scenes which happened on that fashion show were flashed in front of his eyes

Lady- beta...now you should take some rest..

Roshni laid on bed..the lady pattered on Roshni's hair

Roshni fallen asleep

Lady- hey devimayya... I don't know what happened to her but please save her... Now she is my life... Please make her happy.. For her now iam living


Arjun locked him self on bathroom

Arjun closed his eyes....Roshni's face were came in front of his eyes...her moist filed eyes...teribling lips....

Arjun- what the ....what happens to me...why  her face came in front of my eyes....because of her now I take this bath......ohhh..noooo

In another side

Aarav's room

Aarav is thinking about that girl who he met in temple

Her face ....her lips....her eyes.... 

Aarav- who is she... Hey Aarav stop thinking about her....why are you thinking about her.. Don't you love her....what aarav Singh rayizadha fall in love .....yes I am....in love.....I am...madly love with her


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Nov 17

Past comes again (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 20 times)

Next morning

Arnav (in anger)- ARJUN...... ARJUN.... ARJUN

Anjali- are chote why are you screaming like this

Arnav- where is Arjun di....call him

Anjali- ha but ..what happened

Arnav(in anger)- DII ....I SAID CALL HIMM...

Anjali- ha..ha Arjun..Arjun (to her self) pata nhi aaj kya huva hai

The all pariwaar were come down because of his rore

He looks like a Hungary animal who were searching for his food

Shyam- Arnav what happened why you called Arjun

Arjun- maamu kya huva


They all headed a slapping sound.

Arnav slapped arjun

He hold his cheek with his palm.his cheek become red and Arnav's figures were visible on his cheek

Anjali- chote ye kya hai..why you slapped him

Shyam- ha Arnav is Arjun did any mistake???

Mano- HHBB Arnav bitwa slaps Arjun oh my godwa

Aakash- bhai what are you doing

N.K - nannav...

Payal shockingly hold lavanya

Ahana, Aarav,Aadi, Ashwin were damn shock ...

Because this is the first time Arnav slapped Arjun

Mathlab he didn't even scolded Arjun.. He is perfect son in Arnav's view. Exactly a carbon copy of him

Aarav- dad...why you slapped Arjun

Arnav - stop it....(to Arjun) what is this Arjun????

He were holding his phone and it was showing yesterday's photographs

Arnav- Ahana switch on the TV

She switch on the TV

He took remote and put a news channel

On news

In the news yesterday's pictures were shows

News- ab aap dekh sakthe hai ki kese ek ladki pesom keliye Arjun jha ko phasathe hai...ye hai aaj kal ki ladki...kese bes**** hai ye

All pariwaar got shocked

He changed the channel

Another news- you can see how planed to fallen on Arjun Jha's hand

Arnav switch off the TV

Arnav- now I want my answers Arjun... We all know what happened there.vo bechari vaha phas gaya dha...then how this news come

Arjun looked Arnav

Anjali- chote... Woo...woo may be the media

Arnav cuts Anjali

Arnav- di...please don't be his side now...I know he did this but I want to know the reason??? I want to know why he did this??

Shyam- Arnav ....no

Arnav- Shyam... Please ( to Arjun) so you have no answers

Arjun- ha I did this...

Anjali( in shock)- Arjun.... Ye kya bolthi hai tum??? 

Aarav (in mind)- oh noooo.....ye tho vahi mandhir Waali hai na.....Arjun what you did....now what will happen

Arjun- ha I did all this because she messed our show... It was your dream then how can I allows a common girl to break your dream ???...I can't tolerate that ...so I did this..... I am sorry Mamu

Arnav- what the .... for that you destroyed a girl's life ....you considered me but what about that girl ....her family ....her reputation... Do you know now the public will not allow her to live peas fully because of you ..now she need to face the humiliation from the public

Arjun- I am sorry Mamu

Arnav- really... Then go and say sorry to her and her family...

Arjun- what the...but why me

Arnav- if she don't forgiven you then don't show your face in front of me... 

Mano- HHBB jaise baap weise beta

Anjali- maami...(to Arnav)chote  leave it na where he find her now

Arnav- I don't know di but he need to apologized from her... Because of him today I feels ashamed myself also

Arjun- Mamu...please... Ok.I will find her and ask apology from her...then only I will came in front of you.this is my promise 

He leaves from there

Shyam- Arnav but about the news

Arnav- Aman will handle that

Aarav- what will happen now??? I know he will never seek forgiveness other than dad...if she will saw the news then she will absolutely broke down...and the public... They will not allow her to live....I need something to do for her

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