Arshi - OS - Long Destined

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Aug 29

Arshi - OS - Long Destined (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 57 times)

Long Destined..

Wondered.... Khushi

All one could wish was to have a brother like her. Pleading, begging his sister was not the arrogant, ruthless ASR she knew. Her first glimpse of Arnav etched in her heart. Why all his anger was aimed at her. Money thrown, Insults hurled, why Devi Maiyya? 

Whispering quietly after the rakhi ceremony, the situation temporarily cooled,  “AnjaliJi, Please can I have a word?” 

Opening the small package Khushi handed, Anjali mused over Khushi’s questions. “Do you think they will ever be happy if you force this relation? How long would it survive? LavanyaJi, who cannot stand my sight, will she accept anything from me, good or bad leave alone the traditions? For whose happiness? You, ASR, Lavanyaji?”

Deny much as she did, she knew only she would be happy, but what Anjali saw next took her breath away. Neatly packed was a single Kangan(Bangle) with a solitary diamond encased in it. Her mum’s? How did Khushi have this? She remembered Khushi’s tearful eyes, “Please keep this and give me 6 months time. I will sort out everything”

Realisation dawned. “KhushiJi” she ran out shouting, 

“She has gone to meet Chote” unhappy Nani spoke. 


“Sir, this is yours.” Khushi quietly placed the bundle of money on his desk. Enraged, he shouted “What the, How dare you“ but before he could say any more he saw her running down the stairs, towards the door.

“Stop.” Anjali called out limping towards her. Handing her bangle, Anjali begged “please tell me how you got this?”

With the whole family gathered looking expectantly, Khushi choked a reply “They were my mums“ 

Looking astonished, both Nani and Mami came forward. After thoroughly scrutinising Nani went to her room silently and Mami took charge of looking into her asset. 

When Nani came back, she was skimming through the pages of an album. Stopping at the right page, she handed over to Khushi showing her the photo. Gaping at the camera, five kids Anjali, Payal, Akash, Khushi and Arnav and their mums..

Overjoyed, she could not speak. Smile grew from ear to ear along with tears streaming down her cheeks. Showing the little girl of about 7-8 in the photo to Nani, she pointed at herself.

Looking at the questioning faces, Nani explained,

“Anjali, see how destiny brings people from wherever they are. Every summer holidays, you used to come to our house near Lucknow with your mama. Similarly, Khushi and Payal used to come with their mums to their nani’s, Saroja, our neighbour. On one such visit, both me and Saroja got this made for our daughters. Lost touch when we moved to Delhi, but I did get the terrible news of the accident.” 

Excitedly Anjali took the photo, remarking, “Yes Nani, see this terrace was our favourite playground. But we only met them once because our school holidays did not always match. Look Chote, you were grumpy even then..”

Khushi looked away murmuring “What’s so new in that”. When she saw again, she was getting angry glares from ASR with smoke out of his ears.

“Oh, I remember your family so well, Your dad was so reputed and respected by all. And a very rich businessman too. Khushi, you must be having a mausi as well isn’t it? “ Nani enquired.

Khushi nodded saying, “She is my amma now, Nani ji, you must come and meet her. Sure she will remember everything. If you don’t mind, Can I have one copy of that photo?” 

Handing over the bangle to Khushi, Nani spoke, “You can’t part with it just like that. Your Nani made it for your mum, now it is yours, then it will be your daughters.” Lovingly stroking her cheeks, “How so like your mama”

The ringing of her phone got Khushi back to the current situation. After the short conversation,  confirming her safety to Payal and reminding each other purpose of visit, she recalled “Arnav Singh Raizada never apologises to anybody, I know how your kind work” and he had thrown the bundle of notes. What pride, ego, presumption..

Shaking her head to discard the dreadful thoughts, “NaniJi, now I know it is in safe hands. I don’t need to worry.” little did she want to tell them that her Babuji would have never allowed her, however she felt it would have been a disgrace to her upbringing if she accepted the money.

Regretfully, Anjali spoke “Please KhushiJi, don’t embarrass me furthermore. I deeply regret  everything that has happened, but I cannot keep this” dragging her with the newfound leniency into her room “Come I will show you mine”. Lavanya? Long forgotten.

He knew when not to interfere. Mutely witnessing the events, he stood ashamed, feeling the bundle of notes in his hands.

“Where will this lead to?”

Wondered....   ASR


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