Ye Dhadkan Pyaar kiiiiiii.................

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Aug 28

Ye Dhadkan Pyaar kiiiiiii................. (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 20 times)

Anjali- what don't you love any girl.......really??? but chote

Arnav- di please stop this drama yes I don't love any girl because I don't trust in love. I will never love any girl. this love is really waste of time . ye dil dhadkan connection sab bakwaas hai. Arnav Singh Rayisada will never fall in love with any girl

In other Side

Payal- means you believes in love right kushi

Kushi- ha di I believes in love dil dhadkan connection it's really great na....but my story come to end before it's starts hena diii....

payal-(sadly) Kushi.....

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Aug 28

Marriage and destiny (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 22 times)


A girl look like 18 sitting infront of the mirror .she is in bridal dress.A lady around 50 entered in that room

the lady - Kushi bittiyaa

Kushi looked her

kushi - maa.. aap 


Image result for ipkknd garima


Image result for iss pyaar ko kya naam doon khushi wedding

garima came near to kushi and put her hand on kushi's cheek.

Garima - you look so beautiful today bitiya.

she put some kajal on kushi's ears

Garima- kisi ka nazar na lage

Kushi took blessings from her amma

Garima- beta what happend why are you looking teansed don't you like this marriage beta

Kushi - nothing like that maa but i don't know what happens to me.i feel nervouse

Garima hit kushi's head playfully

Garima- pagal every girl will feel same like this on her marriage day so don't get nervouse

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Aug 29

Marriage (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 19 times)

Kushi- par maa..

Garima- Kushi....( they heared some sound)lo groom and his family also come...get ready meri bachi

she leaves from there.

kushi (in her mind)- hey devimayya I don't know what to do. Today I'm going to become someone's wife,someone's bahu. par I don't know I don't feels anything for him.maybe it will take some time......hey devimayya to be with me like always

The groom were arrived.All people were busy in treating them

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Aug 29

Marriage and destiny (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 14 times)

The groom were arrived.All people were busy in treating them.

Panditji - Sasiji it's time for shaadi so please bring bride and groom here

Sasi - [to groom] beta come and sit here[to garima] bring kushi here

Garima- ji

She leaves from there

on lady- hey sunantha Kushi bitiya's still 18 na then why sasi doing her saadi now

sunantha - may be he think Kushi also elope with some one like his elder daughter

lady 2- ha ha you are know one think Pushpa now nobady knows where is she alive or not

Sunantha - but poor kushi she is only 18 years old na and she need to leave her parants so early that too ek Armywale ke Saath

Lady 1- ha you are right.look groom Aagaya


Image result for rangrasiya rudra

Sasi- Rudra beta yaha baito

Rudra-ji uncle

he sit on mandap waiting for kushi.Some time later she also come with Garima and some other womens.she sit besides him and looked him but he didn't face make her more teansed.pandit started to chanting mantraas.

Pandit -beta now tie this mangalsoothra on her neck and put this sindoor on her forhead

Rudra- ji

He did the same what panditji said and they did Saath behre.

Pandit- now the marriage is over you two take blessings from elders

they took blessings from elders 

Sandhya[ Rudra's mother]-Sadha suhagan Raho.Now you need to take care of him kushi

Kushi nodded her head slitly

Sandhya- come it's time for widaai.they did all Widaai ritual.Kushi cried holding Sasi and Garima.they also  cried

kushi and rudra entered in the car and the Groom's family also leaved 

It's the time for Grihaprevesh

Kushi and Rudra come to Rudra's home with his family

Image result for rangrasiya rudra wedding pic

SAndhya did Kushi's Grihaprevesh and all rituals correctly.Kushi is still nervouse about her new surroundings and for her husband Major Rudra Prathab Ranawath

Kushi - [in mind ] now i become mrs.Kushi Rudra Prathab Ranawath.but why he didn't look me? is he behave nice to me or like a  cruel Armyman? no no Devi mayya please be with me


Rudra's sister and Bhabhi took Kushi to Rudra's Room

Bhabi- Kushi not scared of may cause some pain but don't worry

Kushi- pain ? but i dont have any chot

Babhi smiled her innocence

bhabi- Kushi woo...aaj aapka aur Rudra bhaisab ka Suhagraath haina ..isiliye  woo...mein...

Kushi- tho Suhag raath pe pain hotha hai kya

Bhabi woo....i.....

Rudra's behan- Roshni bhabhi bas .we are infront of bhai's room now he will teach  kushi bhabi [to kushi] Kushi bhabi this is bhai's room.get in

Image result for rangrasiya rudras maa

they leaved from there and closed the door from behind.Kushi looked the room it is beautifully decorated using the flowersImage result for room decorating ideas for marriage 

She heared door locking Sound .She turned and looked door was him her Husband the Great Major Rudra Prathab Ranawath.she looked him.his hot gaze make her more nervouse.he come close to her.she turned otherside.he come closer to her and stand behind make her more nervouse.

Image result for rangrasiya

he kissed on her cheek it make her to hold her Saree more tighter.then he picked her and put on bed and come top on her

it make her more nervouse and she tightly close her eyes.he bent down to kiss her on her lips

Image result for rangrasiya rudra and paro romance


Suddernly they hear a door knocking he leave her .Kushi get up from bed and make her saree ready.he looked her and opened the door

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Aug 31

Toota Bandhan (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 26 times)

Rudra opened the door. he saw his mother there

Rudra - what happened Maa? is any problem?

Sandhya- woo...waha ..Jai.

Rudra - Jai but why?

Sandhya - He said ,you need to go with them now

Rudra - what?....Maa you go I will come now

Sandhya left from there.Rudra looked Kushi and said

Rudra - Kushi wo base se aaya hai.come we need to meet him

Kushi - ji

She also left with Rudra.

On hall

They two reached the hall .Kushi looked everyone .Roshni, Sameer(Rudra's Brother) , Sandhya, Mayoori(Rudra's sister),Ashok (Rudra's dad) all were presented there.Other than family members two another men were presented there. they two looked like Army men's.

They Salutes Rudra.

jai- congrats Sir and Bhabhi

Jai - sir wo.. Border par issue his so Sir Said to you come back as soon as possible. Because of that he sent us.we need to go now sir
Rudra - Now?

jai - Yes sir

Ashok - what ??Now are you mad jai. today was his marriage. then how can he come

Jai - Uncle woo....

Rudra - Dad this is my duty ( to jai) I will come now you two wait here.(to kushi) Kushi come

She looked him and nodded yes

Rudra's Room

Rudra - I am sorry Kushi I need to go now

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Oct 15

Judhaaiiii (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 23 times)

Rudra - Kushi I need to go now. I know you feels sad because of me but it's my you understand what I said

Kushi just nodded head as yes

Then he packed his things and they went to downstairs

In downstairs

Sandhya did aarathi and put teekha on his for head.He took blessing from elders 

Sandhya(crying)- come soon as possible beta.bhagvaan kare tuje meri umar mil jaye

Rudra - ha maa I will come as soon as possible .don't cry now

He wiped the tears of her

Rudra ( to Kushi) fake care of your self

She nodded her head 

He kissed her for head and leave from there with jai

After a week

Kushi is doing puja in her sasuraal .all raanawath family were presented there expect Rudra

After doing pooja she started to distribute prasad to everyone suddenly the poojatal were fell down from her hand and the sindoor which kept on the taal were fell down

Sandhya (shockingly)- sathyanaash what's this kushi ?are you blind?? Don't you know it's not good for our family??? I don't know ye konsi abshakun aanewala hai ab

Rudra's dad - are Sandhya leave it.its just a mistake na 

Sandhya angrily looked him so he kept quit

Sandhya (to kushi) - now why are you standing here like a dumb go and make break fast

She nodded her head and went from there with roshni

In kitchen

Kushi is cutting vegetables and roshni is making dough for breakfast


Roshni- kushi where is your mangalsuthra

Kushi- ha what babhi

Roshni - wooo  kushi your mangalsuthre is missing where is that if maaji see this anyone can't save you from them.

Kushi checked her neck and saree

Suddenly it fallen from her saree

Roshni took that from was broken

Roshni- kushi look its broken

Kushi- what

Roshni - ha look

Kushi- hey devimayya what is this first wo thaal now this mangalsuthra 

Roshni- kushi don't worry

.turn I will tie this

Suddenly they hear a sound from hall.they two go there

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Oct 17

Judhaaiiii (By Lakshmilovesarshi) (Thanked: 29 times)

In hall

Sandhya is crying like hell .all are presented in the hall .they all were look like something bad happened there

Roshni- sameer what happened

Sameer(in sad)- wo campse phone aaya dha.

Roshi- ha  tho bolo what happened

Sameer- there had a bomb blast in base camp and Rudra is there in that time and now the got his...

Sameer paused a minute and said "we need to go there"

Roshni looked kushi .she don't have any emotions in her face

She just stood like a numb

She can't believe what she hear

Her husband is no more

He died in a bomb blast

Her chain of thinking disturbed by Sandhya's words

Sandhya (crying)- mera betaa.... How can he leave me like this ..I told him na please resign this job now look...

She cried loudly

Roshni and mayoori supported her to sit.they were also crying

Kushi- maa

Sandhya (angrily)- don't call be like that , we don't know which chudeel entered my house.because of you today my son faced this.konsi badkismathi hai tu

Kushi's eyes filled with tears

Roshni- maa mein uski kya galathi hai

Sandhya- tu chup kar ...mera bachaa.....

Next day Rudra's body were come and they all did his funeral 

Sandhya (to kushi)- ab tu ye sajna savarna ****o and (giving a white saree)wear this.

She removed kushi's sindoor and mangalsuthra

Garima(to Sandhya) - jiji if you don't mind can we take Kushi with us

Sandhya- nhi...she can't come with she is my son's widow and we can't not allows that

Garima- but jiji

Sandhya- I said na and ha now all rituals are over I think you two can leave now 

Garima's face got paled

Garima- ji jiji

They leaves from there

Mayoori- maa why didn't you allowed her to go with garima aunty

Sandhya- because of her my son died I will show her now .,.you don't know how i will deal with that chudel

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