OS: Time changes.

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Aug 11

OS: Time changes. (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 81 times)

Assistant: Sir, your 200 crore deal has been signed up! They have given a nod.

Arnav (without any reaction) : Okay you may go now!

The assistant goes away and talks to his colleague on how he has no reaction on it.  They discuss about how their boss is really cool  regarding this. There was no sign of exclamation.


Garima (in tears) : Bitiya, they have agreed to get you married to their son.

Khushi(tears): Really mamma? I am so happy.

She hugs her. Shashi comes and hugs them.

Khushi: But she was your childhood friend na?  I heard that they are really rich now. Situations change. She married a rich business man and her son is working in a really top company. Will he agree to this? I mean we are just a lower middle class. Did you really tell them about us?

Garima: Arree Khushi! Mala Mehra is my childhood friend. She had said to me that she'd get our children married.

Shashi: But Garima, You cannot be that much confident on this one. Time changes and so do people.

Garima: offoh! Shashiji, look they have sent an invitation for Khushi to have dinner with them in this hotel.

They see the invitation and Khushi was wide mouthed. They had asked her to meet them in Radisson Blue hotel. Khushi wasn't sure about this. They had asked her to come alone and not with her parents.  Garima distributed sweets to all their neighbour. She flaunts with all of them saying that her daughter is going to get married to a rich guy.  Then after a two or three days, Khushi goes to the hotel. She was really nervous as it was the first time for her to be at a five star hotel. She goes there and has her knees shaking. 

She meets the three of them on a table. They weren't reacting much. Mr.Mehra gave least notice to her. The guy was looking at her up and down and gave a grunt. Khushi was perplexed. But Mala was smiling at her and asked her to sit.

Mala: How is Garima, beta?

Khushi smiles saying that she is fine. They have a conversation and suddenly Mr. Mehra asks her openly.

Raja: Why are you wasting your time talking to this middle class girl?? You said that you wanted us to meet a girl for Anand. Call her soon.

Khushi was taken aback and Anand was seeing them here and there.

Mala: Well this is Khushi. Garima's daughter.

Raja (getting up) : What??? How could you imagine getting my son for this cheap girl??

Anand: Are you serious mom??? I am the vice president of the Enchantress company. Does this girl even know how much I make per month???

Mala: but… but….

Khushi was all in tears by now. She couldn't handle it.

Raja: Stop it!  I wonder how you are getting along with these middle class people. How come is this girl's mother your friend?? I wonder if this girl could pay even the bills now. Look she drank a coffee and do you know how much this costs? It's okay we can pay the bills for this beggar family.  But I can't give my son to her. 

Khushi (bellowed) : Enough!!! I said it is enough! I can't bear more! I very well know to pay my own bills.

Others looked at her. She didn't care and places a 1000 rupee note on table and storms away. She goes home and  tells everything what happened. Their parents cried. All their neighbours badmouthed about them. Garima couldn't handle it. Shashi's shop faced with a loss. Khushi planned to work in a private bank.  She goes and attends the interview. But as she comes home, she notices Garima still. She goes and shakes her only to find her dead. She bellows and clamoured.  It was a fall for the Gupta's family. Shashi weeps.  They couldn't pay their bills so Shashi and Khushi planned to go for Lucknow where her Buaji is.


Arnav meets his mama as he comes to his office.

Mamaji (flattering) : Look Arnav, I need some money beta. And…

Arnav: I can't!

Mamaji (getting angry): I was the one who had grown you up.  Your mom and dad left you. Don't you even have some courtesy.

Arnav (shouting) : You made me grow in the car shed!!!! I was a servant for your kind information! And servants don't pay their Masters (raising eyebrow).

Mamaji: But you can't go back and change it. That time was different. I was bad. Look beta…..

Arnav: Security!!!!!!

Mamaji went away and Arnav remembers how he was ill treated by his mama and Mami. He was really young and he had to do all the household works. They beat him and tortured him a lot. He studied paying his fees by working in a tea shop and invested some money. So after years of hardwork, time favoured him paying off his hard work. 


Khushi gets selected to join the bank. Shashi worried about her. She asked him to go as she got a job.

Shashi: Beta! I'd miss you. I don't know how I'd be getting you married.

They both hug and Khushi stays in a small place with one room while Shashi goes to Lucknow.


Khushi was going to the office regularly.

One day, there was a heavy traffic and Arnav's car got stuck. He curses the time and waits. But the traffic seems not to end.

Arnav: I'd go by myself!!! You go!

 As he goes out thinking that he could better walk and reach his office, he was mobbed. There seems to be no way for him. People were demanding his autograph. The traffic gets cleared and his car goes away. But he couldn't get out of the crowd. He couldn't help and runs with his coat and suite. Others were behind him. He runs and catches a running auto. He didn’t bother whether it was filled or not. He mounts on the auto and ask him to go quickly.  Luckily the Rickshaw guy didn't recognize him.

 Auto man: Arrre Sahab! What was the necessity to run like this??? Don't you see that the auto is already filled.

Arnav(sweating): Look you don't talk. I'll pay you double, but go soon somewhere. The… the… dogs are chasing me.

So the automan understood and goes with double speed. Then he heard a beautiful voice near him.

Khushi : Are you all right?

Arnav for the first time meets her eyes and is lost. How beautiful and simple is this women. How could this girl be so beautiful?

Khushi hands him her hanky and he takes it still staring at her. It was love at first sight for him.

He then uses it.  The automan stops and Khushi gets down.  Arnav notes her office. But he gets lost in her sight.

The automan turns and asks him where to go and then gets shocked. It's ASR! He drops him and Arnav was busy staring at the handkerchief. He completed his meeting and kept remembering about her. Who is she???? What was in her that made him fall for??? How didn't she recognize him??

The next day Arnav goes to the same office and was standing out in a disguise. He was wearing cheap pant and a normal shirt. He made himself look such that he wasn't recognizable. As Khushi along with her colleagues come out, he sees her lost. He goes to her lost.

Khushi: Hey! You? Why are you here?

Arnav: I…. I… wanted to give you this hanky.

Khushi(smiling): To return this you came all the way?

Arnav nods smiling. She doesn't know him. She is talking to him as if he was a normal person. It has been many days since a person talked with him in a normal way.  Arnav asked her if she was free and gestured her for a coffee. Initially she denied but then agreed. She asks him to take to a normal restaurant.  He was scared and then thought about his disguise. He went an drank the coffee with her. He kept staring at her.

Arnav: Can we be friends???

Khushi was scared now. Arnav thought that he was making his move a bit soon. Khushi didn’t answer and ignored it.

Khushi: Look it's difficult for me. I… I…

Arnav: Sorry…

He was surprised how the word came from his mouth. He had never said that word easily. They finish it and Khushi goes to the railway station. Arnav comes with her.

Khushi(angrily):  Look why are you after me?

Suddenly she falls and he catches her. He pulls her hand and she comes closer.  Their heart beat fast.

Arnav (in her ears) : because I love you. 

She releases herself angrily and slaps him. Others see them. They didn't recognize him.

Arnav was angry and shocked as well.

Khushi: Just because I gave you a hanky, you can't just say this! Get lost.

Arnav was angry and goes home. He calls his assistant to look up about her and he says everything about her.

Aman: Sir, This girl will get married only with a status of hers. She hates rich people. Talking to her colleagues, we noted that her mother is no more and her father is in Lucknow. She will not get married any sooner but also that she prefers a simple partner.

He fell for her even more. He vows that if he gets married, it would be only to Khushi. He feels proud that he was like him more with her. He got his individuality with her. He is being treated like him not for his name. He vows to win her heart not confessing who he is.

He tried to meet her but she rejects him. One day, Arnav pulls Khushi to a corner and  asks her to spend time with him for a day. He would leave her after that. Khushi first rejects him but then thinks that she would get rid of him after that.

So Arnav took her to all the places, a simple one though. Khushi didn’t' like it at all. He found her uncomfortable. He lost his hope at a point.

Khushi: From your words, the time would be over after two hours. So yeah! Don't force me after that!

Arnav(seriously) : okay! There is one last place for us to visit.

Khushi shrugged and they both go. Arnav takes her to an orphanage. She cries seeing the children. She feeds them one by one. Then as she goes to the next one, she sees Arnav opening his mouth kneeling down.

Arnav(in tears) : Feed me Khushi, even I am an orphan. Even I lost my parents at a very young age.

Khushi cries and runs hiding her tears. Arnav comes there and says that his time is over and says a bye to her. But Khushi holds him. He turned looking at her.

Khushi (in tears) :  I love you.

She hugs him. He was shocked initially and then smiles having tears in his eyes. He never expressed his feelings much outside but this time he was really happy. The children around clapped seeing them . Khushi breaks the hug and hides under his chest shying.

Khushi: Even I loved you Arnavji from the first day itself, But I was afraid to confess it. I feared if my past would repeat, I'll be lost again.

Arnav kisses her and she smiles.

Arnav: I would never let anything happen to you Khushi.

Khushi was scared a bit that she doesn't even know him and is loving him. She feared a bit.  Arnav didn’t tell anything about him to her.  He lied her working in a small company. They meet often and  Arnav loved Khushi more and more every time. He at times felt like not telling her about him. He loved her innocence and simplicity. He tells her about his past on how he used to live with his mamaji. Khushi too cries and tells him about how she was rejected by a rich family. Arnav gets angry on it.

Arnav (gritting his teeth) : I wonder where this guy works, otherwise I'd ask to fire him.

Khushi(laughing) : You are talking as if you are the owner of a multinational company having many contacts. How would you fire him???

Arnav admires her and is lost. He felt like extending to tell his truth after some time. One day,  Arnav and Khushi are  in a restaurant. Arnav thought of telling his truth to her.

Khushi: Why had you called me so urgently? You seem quite nervous.

Arnav: wait uhm… I'll go the washroom and come. 

But as he goes to the washroom, Khushi sees the television and is shocked. In the news it said about Arnav Singh Raizadha. As she sees the pic, she is as still like a statue. Arnav comes back smiling but his smile faded away as Khushi points to the television. He is shocked and perplexed

Arnav:  Listen Khushi…

Khushi: Enough!!!!

She storms away. It was raining  and so was Khushi's eyes. Arnav stops her. But she removes his hand.

Arnav: plzz… Khushi… just listen to me. I wanted you to love me as I am and not who I am. I loved the way you saw me as Arnav and not ASR.

He says everything. They both got wet.

Khushi: But whatever it is!!! You lied me!! Do you think that I should be happy because you lied me being poor, but you are rich. If it is vice versa then?? Okay! Imagine if someone stated rich in front of you and were poor. How would you feel???

Arnav(holding her cheek) : But why do you think that being rich or poor matters in love?

Khushi(releasing his hands): because it matters in marriage!!!!

Arnav: It's because you matter it!!  Just because of some past your mind is hoaxed. Khushi do you love me or not?

Khushi is still.

Arnav: Will you marry me?

Khushi: No!! No!!! No!!! I'd marry only a person of my background!!!! I…I…I…

She weeps and falls down. He gets serious and says without reacting.

Arnav: Okay then!! I'd close the company and give the savings to others. I have to look up for a good bank to work then.

Khushi is shell shocked and gets up. He walks away without turning and runs. Khushi goes behind him but couldn't match his speed. She shouts his name and then falls down. It was raining heavily.

Khushi: Arnavji!!! Please!! please come back. I love you a lot! Don't….Don't… leave… Arnavji… I am sorry..

She weeps. Then Arnav comes to her and makes her get up.

Khushi (pushing him): How could you?? Huh? Just because I said something, you'd leave your company??

Arnav: So? Do you fear losing the money??

Khushi pushes him and slaps him.

Khushi: how dare you???

Arnav then laughs at her and hugs her saying sorry. She tried to convulse but couldn't. He hugged her tightly, she couldn't continue to repulse him. She hugged him then releases the hug.

Khushi: I fear losing you, Arnavji!

Arnav looks at her eyes and gets lost. He leans forward and kisses her lips. They weren't bothered that it was raining. But instead the ambience elevated their intimacy.  They release with gasps.

Arnav: Do you trust me Khushi?

Khushi nods.

Arnav: Will you marry me?

Khushi hugs him crying and says yes.

And so they both get married. Shashi and Madhumati are in tears.

After a few days, Khushi and Arnav go for a meeting. They stay in a friend's house. It was a flat. There were staying there for 3 days.  Arnav goes for his office and as Khushi was ascending the stairs, she sees a couple knocking the door crying. She didn't recognize them at first but then is shocked to see them. It was Mala and Raja!

Mala: Please open the door Anand, please open!

Voice inside: I don't wanna see your face!!! My wife will be angry to see you! Get lost both of you!

Mala cries and Raja consoles her. They see Khushi. Raja asks sorry to her. She is shocked. What happened?

Mala(crying): beta! I think we paid for what we did to you! We got Anand  married to a rich girl. But she loved him only for his money. The worst part is that he is presently jobless. He was fired. She is treating him like a servant now.  The girl doesn't even want to give him a divorce and says that he has to pay her every time if he wants it. Currently he is doing all the household work.  She doesn't wanna see us. Even her parents support her. She is talking badly to us.

Khushi is shocked. They leave after talking and Khushi disguises herself covering her head and knocks the door.

Anand: How many times should I have to say that……..

Khushi: Ji…. I need some water.

Anand opens the door and she gets inside. But he asks her to stay there itself. She gives a look at the whole place and is shocked to see a photo of Arnav giving award to Anand.

Anand (giving water to her): What are you looking at?? It's ASR the billionaire, my boss . I received an award from him!

She is shocked!!!! Yes!!! ASR is the owner of the Enchantress company!! Why didn't she even remember that!!! He was his Vice president. But Asr is the ceo. Khushi removes her dupatta on her head and he is shocked. He hurriedly asks her to go out. She didn't speak much and as Arnav comes home, she asks him about why he had fired him? Arnav says that his attitude wasn't good. Khushi thought of helping him. She asked Arnav to resituate his position.

 Arnav: Are you mad Khushi???? By the way tell me why does it matter you???

Khushi: Have I ever talked about your business matter Arnavji?  Plz it's my wish. He is suffering from his marriage. He needs money to pay his wife for a divorce. I want to help him.

After so much of persuasions Arnav agreed.

After some days, Arnav and Khushi are in RM,

Anand had come for a meeting. As Khushi  comes down, he has tears in his eyes. He goes to her and thanks her.

Anand(in tears): Sorry madam, I am really bad. I had hurt you so much on that day!  Our family owes to you madam. For everything. I divorced her. After ASR gave me the position back, I came to know that you were behind this. Mom also said that you met her.  He kept asking me how was I related to you. I just said that our mothers are good friends. After all what I did, you could have left the matter getting happy. But you did something which no one in your position could think of. WE gave you hatred, but you gave us love.  You lost your mother, but you helped us instead. I would never forget this gratitude.

He goes away and after sometime Khushi thanks Arnav. They are in their bedroom.

Arnav: Come on Khushi!! It's nothing! By the way he is a hardworking one. He had done a lot for our company.  SO yeah! We actually must thank you for re-instigating his position.

Khushi: I love you Arnavji!!

Arnav: Love you too Darling.

He kisses her. They stare at the stars near the window hugging each other.


Moral : Never judge anyone, tomorrow it might be your time. Time changes. You would get unexpected help from the same person whom you had blamed. 

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