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Nov 9

Its her..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 139 times)

After 2 Hrs -

Arnav was sitting in the chair. his eyes were red and he's totally messed up. Tears flew from his eyes continuously. His face is covered by his palm. he is feeling very helpless like never before. he bloody had destroyed Kushi. he had punished her for no fault of her's. He didn't knew how to face her.

He heard a phone ring and looked at his phone to see....NK calling. He attend the call with shivering hands. Arnav - Hlo....He said that hardly other side person could hear.

NK - Hlo Arnav where r u ? What happened ? Where u took Kushi ?

Arnav - NK...

NK - Say something Dammit....Where r u?

Arnav - Woh Kushi.....Kushi ko..... Kushi is....

NK - What happened to Kushi Arnav ?

Arnav - Everything is becoz of me NK. Kushi was innocent always. How many times she tried to say all this.....but me....I thought she has done everything. Now she is in this condition becoz of me.......He cried.

NK heard him shocked. NK - He's crying Yaar....he said looking at others.

Abeer got the phone - Arnav what happened ?

Arnav - Abeer....Iam sorry Abeer. I should have heard u. How many times u said me that Kushi is innocent....but I didn't believe u. Pls forgive me Abeer. pls......

Abeer - Wr r u right now Arnav ?

Arnav - CITY HOSPITAL.....

Abeer gaped at the phone confused - Wait there we r coming.

Abeer hanged the phone and looking at others - Guys he is in City Hospital.

NK - Hospital...but why ?

Abeer - I don't know. He's not in a state to speak anything. He's crying Yaar. I just hope Kushi is fine. Let's go.

The gang reached City Hospital and searched Arnav everywhere. Finally they found him outside the ICU. His light blue shirt is covered with blood fully. The guys looked at eachother and ran towards him. Abeer - Arnav wr is Kushi ? And why ur shirt is full of blood ?

A nurse came towards Arnav. Nurse - Sir a small surgery has to be done for her. Who is she to u ?

Arnav thought for a brief second - My WIFE...

Nurse - Oh...Her name sir ?

Arnav - Kushi Raizada.

Abeer concluded that something terrible has happened to Kushi. Nurse - Sir Sign this papers....We have to start the surgery.

Arnav signed the papers. Abeer held Arnav's shoulder and asked - Arnav what happened to Kushi ? This nurse is saying Surgery and all....what's all this Arnav ?

Arnav looked at Abeer and thought what happened few hrs ago.

Two hrs before -

Arnav started to drive his car rashly. Kushi sat silent. She looked at his face which is full of anger. Very soon he stopped his car and Kushi looked at him wide eye as he stopped his car before Gupta mansion. He got down from the car and moving to her side he opened the door for her.

Kushi - Why u took me here ? Are u going to say anything to Papa ?

Inreturn he just held her hand and took her inside and directly stroded towards upstairs. On the way they met Sheetal.

Sheetal - Arey Kushi u....There is no one in home. Just now Mumma, Mamu and Gopal Kaka everyone went to satsang. They will come late night only. U could have came sometime before na.

Arnav - That means there is no one in the home. Right ?

Kushi looked at him confused while Sheetal gulped. Arnav - Kushi shall I tell u something interesting ? (Kushi looked at him) Till today all the misunderstandings happening btw us is becoz of this girl....Miss.Sheetal.(Kushi looked at Sheetal shocked) She's the one who asked that Hotel worker to snap our photos....

Kushi - Enough....what the hell r u thinking? u blamed me first and now u r pointing at Sheetal.come on Mr.Raizada.... Sheetal is just a college going girl. why would she do that ? Kushi asked him angrily.

Arnav - That u should ask her (Turning to Sheetal) and U....Don't u dare lie to me. Ram Singh has accepted everything. If u accept everything it would be gud for u. Otherwise the consequences won't be gud.

Sheetal looked at him angrily. Arnav - And s....u told that Iam disturbing calling daily right ? Let's go to police....(Sheetal got startled) I'll file a complaint against u and u file a complaint against me. Police will investigate everything.come...he started dragging Sheetal with him.

Sheetal - Leave me....I said leave me....(Arnav didn't bother and kept on pulling her) Pls ASR leave me..... I didn't do anything against u. it's all for Kushi. believe me I didn't do anything against u....

Kushi got numb. Sheetal realised that she blurted the truth. Arnav left her and gave a tight slap. Kushi jumped from her place seeing that.

Kushi went near her - Did u do all this ? ANSWER ME DAMMIT....DID U DO ALL THIS...


Kushi looked at her broken - Why Sheetal ? I thought u as my sister. but u....

Sheetal cut off her - Sister....(She laughed) u thought me as UR SISTER..... How funny. U thought me as ur sister....But listen I hate u.....From the childhood everyone hates me and loves u. Ur father....That handicap Mr.Shiv Gupta... for him u r his princess. In Ur father's business circle everyone adores u....but do they know that u have a cousin named Sheetal. NO...In this house every maid runs after u....Kushi bitiya this....Kushi bitiya that...Kushi my foot. At school also... U r a school topper,best athlete,Every teacher's favourite.But who is Sheetal.....No one. At college U were chairman,Ur father is member, In Ur hospital u r a investor,40 percent share holder in ur father's business, a successful surgeon in a short period of time....In all this where is Sheetal....Again Nowhere.But u will say that u consider me as ur sister.Did u guys bought me from any garbage....Iam also a heir of this family right ? But why Kushi Gupta only u r everyone's favourite ? and This ASR....his image was about to crumble...but again what he did....he to fall for u and married u.

Arnav was shocked at Sheetal's maniac behaviour. What silly things she is speaking ?While Kushi was numb. Did this girl held this much hatred towards her ? What and all she's speaking ?

Sheetal - I wanted to make u down infront of everyone's eyes....those eyes which held love for u....should hate u. Ur father's eye which held so much proud for u, should bow down infront of everyone in shame.So only that day I planned everything. I only asked someone to spill juice on Ur saree. So that u will go to ur friend's room to clean up,where my friend was waiting for u. I thought to link u with him.(Arnav and Kushi scrunched their faces in disgust) But u went and served him(She pointed to Arnav) But I couldn't loose the chance.Can I ? So only I changed ASR in my friend's place. And I said that house keeper that ASR is my boyfriend and cheated me. He like a fool, clicked the pictures to help me. To save myself I used Ur name. I send it to a magazine, but there too u was saved Kushi. Don't know why that article didn't even came infront of the world.

Kushi slapped her hard. She slumped down on the floor crying. Arnav's heart filled with guilt. This Sheetal has done everything.... And he like a fool.....went on hurting Kushi. How much he had hurt her. What will he do now ?

Sheetal - U r a thorn in my way. I will never let u live in peace Kushi. Never....

Even before Arnav could react Sheetal pulled her away and ran out. Kushi stumbled on her feet and fell down from the first floor.

Arnav - Kushi.....he shouted. but all he saw was Kushi falling down from the first floor and hitting the floor. he ran towards her and saw that Kushi was lying on a pool of blood. He lifted her and took her to hospital.


Abeer, NK and Atharv looked at eachother like they saw a ghost. they couldn't believe that a college going teenager could think evil like this. In all this the only person who got hurt from everyone she loved , from the beginning is , the innocent soul KUSHI.....

Nov 13

Junoon..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 122 times)

Arnav sat on the corridor. He was outside the Operation theatre where Kushi was being operated along with NK, Atharv and Abeer.His eyes were fixed on the door of operation theatre as if there was something precious that belongs to him behind the door which is true to full extent. But only if he understands that....

Soon Lavanya and Shanaya came there and Atharv narrated the whole happenings to them who inturn got shocked. Everyone waited for few hrs. Soon the door got opened and the gang ran towards him.

Doctor - Mr.Raizada the surgery is completed. Soon Ur wife will be shifted to her ward.Other details u can collect from Nurse. Ok...

Arnav nodded his head,Doctor went away smiling. soon after sometime Kushi was brought out in a stretcher. Arnav stopped the stretcher and looked at her, Her head was wrapped with a white bandage along with her hand and leg. He caressed her head and tears made its way.

"Excuse me sir.We have to take madam to her ward. So..." Said the ward boy and Arnav moved away.

Arnav moved to the ward where Kushi has been taken. He saw that the ward boys was about to lift her. He stopped them and lifted her himself and made her lye on the bed and covered her with bedsheet.

He cried - Iam sorry Kushi. Iam really sorry. I should have heard u. How many times u said to me that u r innocent. But I didn't heard u.....Today u r in this condition just becoz of me.Iam sorry Kushi.

Abeer hugged him crying. Abeer - don't worry Arnav. She will be alright. very soon....

Unknown to all this Kushi was sleeping peacefully after so many days. May be she didn't want to wake and face the reality where everyone she loves,hates her. Others also cried seeing Kushi like that.

It was after few hrs.Abeer - Guys u all go and fresh up. I'll be here with Kushi. Arnav u also go man. take some rest.

Arnav - No Abeer. I'll be with Kushi. I'll not go anywhere.

Abeer - But Arnav....

Arnav - Pls Abeer. I don't want any Arguments regarding this. I'll be with Kushi.

Abeer looked at Kushi and nodded - I'll order something for u to eat and will bring some dress for u.

Abeer thought - What r u doing Arnav ? is Ur change just becoz of guilt ? Pls stay with Kushi Arnav. She needs u. Don't break her like others did.

Everyone went out while Arnav sat near Kushi. Arnav held her hands and kept on looking her. His inner guilt is slowly eating him. He was thinking all this when suddenly he heard a phone ringing sound. He took a phone from his pocket and saw it was Kushi's.A cute photo of her's and Shiv's was displaying with Papa calling Notification.

He attended the call with Shivering hands - Hlo uncle...

Shiv - Arey Arnav beta.....it's u. where is Kushi ? can I talk with her ?

Arnav - Uncle.....he cried.

Shiv - Arnav what happened beta ? Why r u crying ?

Arnav - Uncle Kushi is in hospital. Woh....

Shiv - What happened beta ? Why is Kushi in hospital ? Did she got fever ? How many times I should say her ? Just like a stubborn child....she won't hear me ? She had plenty of ice-cream hein na ? Ruko aake Kaan pakadtha hoon....(wait I will come and pull her ears)

Arnav cried more - Uncle Kushi ko Ac...ci....Accident ho Gaya hei (uncle Kushi has met with Accident) and we r in City Hospital now.

Shiv dropped the phone in shock and shouted - Gopal.....Gopal...

Gopal came running to him - Ji Malik....

Shiv - Gopal...Take me to city hospital. Kushi met with Accident.

Gopal got shocked and immediately took Shiv to hospital. Both reached the hospital and reached the ward where Kushi has been kept. They both saw that Kushi was kept in middle of plenty of wires. Her head, hand and legs are covered with Bandage. He slowly went near her. Seeing him Arnav stood up and shiv looked at his messy state.

Shiv - Arnav

Arnav looked down at guilt. Shiv cried looking at Kushi - Kushi...Kushi it's me...Ur Papa. Wake up and see me.

Gopal also got sad and tears brimmed in his eyes. Shiv held Arnav's hand- Arnav don't worry.she is always like this only. She is a big prankster. look now she'll wake up and scare us both. U.....(he couldn't continue). Kushi...kushi...what have u done dear ?

Right then Abeer came in. Abeer - Papa...u

Shiv - Abeer look na Kushi is not waking up.

Abeer - Papa. Relax. Kushi will be alright soon. U come...let's go to home.

Shiv - No no....how can I go leaving her like this ?

Abeer - Papa...Arnav said he'll be with Kushi. He didn't even went to home. See I have bought food and clothes for him. He'll be with Kushi. don't worry. and also. it's just a minor accident.kushi is under sedative that's why she is not waking. otherwise she would be jumping right now.

Shiv - But...

Abeer - Papa...this is hospital rules. only one person can stay with a patient. Let Arnav stay with Kushi. we'll leave now and come tomorrow.

Shiv nodded his head. Abeer gave the food and dress to Arnav and moved away with the crying shiv hoping for the best.

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