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Nov 9

Its her..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 149 times)

After 2 Hrs -

Arnav was sitting in the chair. his eyes were red and he's totally messed up. Tears flew from his eyes continuously. His face is covered by his palm. he is feeling very helpless like never before. he bloody had destroyed Kushi. he had punished her for no fault of her's. He didn't knew how to face her.

He heard a phone ring and looked at his phone to see....NK calling. He attend the call with shivering hands. Arnav - Hlo....He said that hardly other side person could hear.

NK - Hlo Arnav where r u ? What happened ? Where u took Kushi ?

Arnav - NK...

NK - Say something Dammit....Where r u?

Arnav - Woh Kushi.....Kushi ko..... Kushi is....

NK - What happened to Kushi Arnav ?

Arnav - Everything is becoz of me NK. Kushi was innocent always. How many times she tried to say all this.....but me....I thought she has done everything. Now she is in this condition becoz of me.......He cried.

NK heard him shocked. NK - He's crying Yaar....he said looking at others.

Abeer got the phone - Arnav what happened ?

Arnav - Abeer....Iam sorry Abeer. I should have heard u. How many times u said me that Kushi is innocent....but I didn't believe u. Pls forgive me Abeer. pls......

Abeer - Wr r u right now Arnav ?

Arnav - CITY HOSPITAL.....

Abeer gaped at the phone confused - Wait there we r coming.

Abeer hanged the phone and looking at others - Guys he is in City Hospital.

NK - Hospital...but why ?

Abeer - I don't know. He's not in a state to speak anything. He's crying Yaar. I just hope Kushi is fine. Let's go.

The gang reached City Hospital and searched Arnav everywhere. Finally they found him outside the ICU. His light blue shirt is covered with blood fully. The guys looked at eachother and ran towards him. Abeer - Arnav wr is Kushi ? And why ur shirt is full of blood ?

A nurse came towards Arnav. Nurse - Sir a small surgery has to be done for her. Who is she to u ?

Arnav thought for a brief second - My WIFE...

Nurse - Oh...Her name sir ?

Arnav - Kushi Raizada.

Abeer concluded that something terrible has happened to Kushi. Nurse - Sir Sign this papers....We have to start the surgery.

Arnav signed the papers. Abeer held Arnav's shoulder and asked - Arnav what happened to Kushi ? This nurse is saying Surgery and all....what's all this Arnav ?

Arnav looked at Abeer and thought what happened few hrs ago.

Two hrs before -

Arnav started to drive his car rashly. Kushi sat silent. She looked at his face which is full of anger. Very soon he stopped his car and Kushi looked at him wide eye as he stopped his car before Gupta mansion. He got down from the car and moving to her side he opened the door for her.

Kushi - Why u took me here ? Are u going to say anything to Papa ?

Inreturn he just held her hand and took her inside and directly stroded towards upstairs. On the way they met Sheetal.

Sheetal - Arey Kushi u....There is no one in home. Just now Mumma, Mamu and Gopal Kaka everyone went to satsang. They will come late night only. U could have came sometime before na.

Arnav - That means there is no one in the home. Right ?

Kushi looked at him confused while Sheetal gulped. Arnav - Kushi shall I tell u something interesting ? (Kushi looked at him) Till today all the misunderstandings happening btw us is becoz of this girl....Miss.Sheetal.(Kushi looked at Sheetal shocked) She's the one who asked that Hotel worker to snap our photos....

Kushi - Enough....what the hell r u thinking? u blamed me first and now u r pointing at Sheetal.come on Mr.Raizada.... Sheetal is just a college going girl. why would she do that ? Kushi asked him angrily.

Arnav - That u should ask her (Turning to Sheetal) and U....Don't u dare lie to me. Ram Singh has accepted everything. If u accept everything it would be gud for u. Otherwise the consequences won't be gud.

Sheetal looked at him angrily. Arnav - And s....u told that Iam disturbing calling daily right ? Let's go to police....(Sheetal got startled) I'll file a complaint against u and u file a complaint against me. Police will investigate everything.come...he started dragging Sheetal with him.

Sheetal - Leave me....I said leave me....(Arnav didn't bother and kept on pulling her) Pls ASR leave me..... I didn't do anything against u. it's all for Kushi. believe me I didn't do anything against u....

Kushi got numb. Sheetal realised that she blurted the truth. Arnav left her and gave a tight slap. Kushi jumped from her place seeing that.

Kushi went near her - Did u do all this ? ANSWER ME DAMMIT....DID U DO ALL THIS...


Kushi looked at her broken - Why Sheetal ? I thought u as my sister. but u....

Sheetal cut off her - Sister....(She laughed) u thought me as UR SISTER..... How funny. U thought me as ur sister....But listen I hate u.....From the childhood everyone hates me and loves u. Ur father....That handicap Mr.Shiv Gupta... for him u r his princess. In Ur father's business circle everyone adores u....but do they know that u have a cousin named Sheetal. NO...In this house every maid runs after u....Kushi bitiya this....Kushi bitiya that...Kushi my foot. At school also... U r a school topper,best athlete,Every teacher's favourite.But who is Sheetal.....No one. At college U were chairman,Ur father is member, In Ur hospital u r a investor,40 percent share holder in ur father's business, a successful surgeon in a short period of time....In all this where is Sheetal....Again Nowhere.But u will say that u consider me as ur sister.Did u guys bought me from any garbage....Iam also a heir of this family right ? But why Kushi Gupta only u r everyone's favourite ? and This ASR....his image was about to crumble...but again what he did....he to fall for u and married u.

Arnav was shocked at Sheetal's maniac behaviour. What silly things she is speaking ?While Kushi was numb. Did this girl held this much hatred towards her ? What and all she's speaking ?

Sheetal - I wanted to make u down infront of everyone's eyes....those eyes which held love for u....should hate u. Ur father's eye which held so much proud for u, should bow down infront of everyone in shame.So only that day I planned everything. I only asked someone to spill juice on Ur saree. So that u will go to ur friend's room to clean up,where my friend was waiting for u. I thought to link u with him.(Arnav and Kushi scrunched their faces in disgust) But u went and served him(She pointed to Arnav) But I couldn't loose the chance.Can I ? So only I changed ASR in my friend's place. And I said that house keeper that ASR is my boyfriend and cheated me. He like a fool, clicked the pictures to help me. To save myself I used Ur name. I send it to a magazine, but there too u was saved Kushi. Don't know why that article didn't even came infront of the world.

Kushi slapped her hard. She slumped down on the floor crying. Arnav's heart filled with guilt. This Sheetal has done everything.... And he like a fool.....went on hurting Kushi. How much he had hurt her. What will he do now ?

Sheetal - U r a thorn in my way. I will never let u live in peace Kushi. Never....

Even before Arnav could react Sheetal pulled her away and ran out. Kushi stumbled on her feet and fell down from the first floor.

Arnav - Kushi.....he shouted. but all he saw was Kushi falling down from the first floor and hitting the floor. he ran towards her and saw that Kushi was lying on a pool of blood. He lifted her and took her to hospital.


Abeer, NK and Atharv looked at eachother like they saw a ghost. they couldn't believe that a college going teenager could think evil like this. In all this the only person who got hurt from everyone she loved , from the beginning is , the innocent soul KUSHI.....

Nov 13

Junoon..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 138 times)

Arnav sat on the corridor. He was outside the Operation theatre where Kushi was being operated along with NK, Atharv and Abeer.His eyes were fixed on the door of operation theatre as if there was something precious that belongs to him behind the door which is true to full extent. But only if he understands that....

Soon Lavanya and Shanaya came there and Atharv narrated the whole happenings to them who inturn got shocked. Everyone waited for few hrs. Soon the door got opened and the gang ran towards him.

Doctor - Mr.Raizada the surgery is completed. Soon Ur wife will be shifted to her ward.Other details u can collect from Nurse. Ok...

Arnav nodded his head,Doctor went away smiling. soon after sometime Kushi was brought out in a stretcher. Arnav stopped the stretcher and looked at her, Her head was wrapped with a white bandage along with her hand and leg. He caressed her head and tears made its way.

"Excuse me sir.We have to take madam to her ward. So..." Said the ward boy and Arnav moved away.

Arnav moved to the ward where Kushi has been taken. He saw that the ward boys was about to lift her. He stopped them and lifted her himself and made her lye on the bed and covered her with bedsheet.

He cried - Iam sorry Kushi. Iam really sorry. I should have heard u. How many times u said to me that u r innocent. But I didn't heard u.....Today u r in this condition just becoz of me.Iam sorry Kushi.

Abeer hugged him crying. Abeer - don't worry Arnav. She will be alright. very soon....

Unknown to all this Kushi was sleeping peacefully after so many days. May be she didn't want to wake and face the reality where everyone she loves,hates her. Others also cried seeing Kushi like that.

It was after few hrs.Abeer - Guys u all go and fresh up. I'll be here with Kushi. Arnav u also go man. take some rest.

Arnav - No Abeer. I'll be with Kushi. I'll not go anywhere.

Abeer - But Arnav....

Arnav - Pls Abeer. I don't want any Arguments regarding this. I'll be with Kushi.

Abeer looked at Kushi and nodded - I'll order something for u to eat and will bring some dress for u.

Abeer thought - What r u doing Arnav ? is Ur change just becoz of guilt ? Pls stay with Kushi Arnav. She needs u. Don't break her like others did.

Everyone went out while Arnav sat near Kushi. Arnav held her hands and kept on looking her. His inner guilt is slowly eating him. He was thinking all this when suddenly he heard a phone ringing sound. He took a phone from his pocket and saw it was Kushi's.A cute photo of her's and Shiv's was displaying with Papa calling Notification.

He attended the call with Shivering hands - Hlo uncle...

Shiv - Arey Arnav beta.....it's u. where is Kushi ? can I talk with her ?

Arnav - Uncle.....he cried.

Shiv - Arnav what happened beta ? Why r u crying ?

Arnav - Uncle Kushi is in hospital. Woh....

Shiv - What happened beta ? Why is Kushi in hospital ? Did she got fever ? How many times I should say her ? Just like a stubborn child....she won't hear me ? She had plenty of ice-cream hein na ? Ruko aake Kaan pakadtha hoon....(wait I will come and pull her ears)

Arnav cried more - Uncle Kushi ko Ac...ci....Accident ho Gaya hei (uncle Kushi has met with Accident) and we r in City Hospital now.

Shiv dropped the phone in shock and shouted - Gopal.....Gopal...

Gopal came running to him - Ji Malik....

Shiv - Gopal...Take me to city hospital. Kushi met with Accident.

Gopal got shocked and immediately took Shiv to hospital. Both reached the hospital and reached the ward where Kushi has been kept. They both saw that Kushi was kept in middle of plenty of wires. Her head, hand and legs are covered with Bandage. He slowly went near her. Seeing him Arnav stood up and shiv looked at his messy state.

Shiv - Arnav

Arnav looked down at guilt. Shiv cried looking at Kushi - Kushi...Kushi it's me...Ur Papa. Wake up and see me.

Gopal also got sad and tears brimmed in his eyes. Shiv held Arnav's hand- Arnav don't worry.she is always like this only. She is a big prankster. look now she'll wake up and scare us both. U.....(he couldn't continue). Kushi...kushi...what have u done dear ?

Right then Abeer came in. Abeer - Papa...u

Shiv - Abeer look na Kushi is not waking up.

Abeer - Papa. Relax. Kushi will be alright soon. U come...let's go to home.

Shiv - No no....how can I go leaving her like this ?

Abeer - Papa...Arnav said he'll be with Kushi. He didn't even went to home. See I have bought food and clothes for him. He'll be with Kushi. don't worry. and also. it's just a minor accident.kushi is under sedative that's why she is not waking. otherwise she would be jumping right now.

Shiv - But...

Abeer - Papa...this is hospital rules. only one person can stay with a patient. Let Arnav stay with Kushi. we'll leave now and come tomorrow.

Shiv nodded his head. Abeer gave the food and dress to Arnav and moved away with the crying shiv hoping for the best.

Nov 16

Abeer's pravachan to Arnav... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 143 times)

It's two days after the accident.The gang visited kushi without fail.Kushi was kept under sedative still. Sometimes she moans in pain and then she'll be unconscious. But in all this Arnav never left her side. Nothing matters to him right now other than Kushi, not even his Office. It was evening, when Abeer came to meet Kushi. Arnav was checking Kushi's Saline.

Abeer came in smiling to Arnav. Arnav smiled nervously. Arnav thought " Will he forgive me? Will he speak to me ? will he be my friend ?"

Abeer - Taking care of Ur Wife ?

Arnav - No.... it's just....(After a hesitation) Abeer Woh.....Woh....Iam really sorry for not believing ur words. Pls forgive me Abeer. I really...

Abeer - Let's go out....

Arnav - Phar Kushi....

Abeer looked at him raising his eyebrows and said - Ur Kushi will not get wings and fly through the window till we come. She's under sedative. U can Come...

Arnav looked at Her Once and moved out with Abeer asking the nurse to take care of Kushi. They both went to Garden and sat there sipping their coffee. Abeer - So Arnav what do u think Kushi is Now ?

Arnav smiled faintly - What I thought about her first was totally vice versa of what she is. So now I don't want to do mistake and regret.

Abeer looked at him - Kushi Gupta....it was her Second Birthday when I met her first. I was playing in the park. Apni Nanni si haatho mein mithai leke aayi thi mere paas (She took sweets for me with her cute hands). From then we became friends. I asked Anandhi maa (Kushi's mom) to join Kushi in my school. We both studied in same school. She was apple of eyes for everyone. Everything was gud when one day Anandhi maa died in a accident. Kushi was six then. She couldn't understand anything at that age. She used to cry a lot asking for her Maa. So only Shiv Papa bought his sister his home so that Kushi doesn't miss her Maa. But Bua ji and Sheetal don't like her much. At last there was no one except Shiv Papa and Me in her life. Papa become busy in business and I couldn't stay with her all the time. So to keep herself away from loneliness she did everything she could....Dance, Chess, Sports, studies.... Everything.(Arnav silently heard everything). She was a brilliant student. Without anyone's guidence she worked hard for what she is today. She never needed money Arnav. Becoz all she had in her life was a luxurious life....may be not equal to urs. But Papa always gave her the best. But love.....She had no one to take care of. Other than Papa she didn't had or needed anyone. Her life is like that till today. In all this darkness,she had a ray of light and hope. ITS YOU.....(Arnav looked at him surprised.

Do u know Arnav when a lonely heart found someone it held to that firmly.That's what happening with Kushi now.At first she Didn't want to get married due to Papa's health condition but somehow Papa made her accept this. When She had no one to love ,u came in her life, her heart started to feel for u it couldn't back off even when u hated her. She loves u very much Arnav.

Arnav - But she didn't answer u when u asked at restaurant that day.

Abeer looked at him with a surprising smirk - How do u know ?

Arnav - Woh....I...I mean all of our friends were there at the restaurant.

Abeer - So only u guys came to me.

Arnav nodded his head. Abeer - I don't know how ur this change is gonna result. But Arnav for how many days u will live like this ? I know u don't have any belief in Love or Marriage and all..... But Arnav give a chance to ur life.Kushi will fill it with happiness and u will never regret that. Understand this Arnav.....LOVE IS NOT SOMETHING U GO AND FIND FOR..... LOVE FINDS YOU....AND WHEN IT DOES.....WHETHER U ACCEPT IT OR NOT, READY OR NOT.....IT WILL BE THE EVER BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO U EVER......

Arnav - Abeer do u think Kushi would like to live with me even after all this ?

Abeer - That means u r ready.....

Arnav - I don't think Kushi would like to live with me. I hurted her a lot. All her affection would've vanished till now. Iam responsible for her state now. I hurted her Self-respect Abeer.

Abeer - U regret Ur behaviour right ?(Arnav nodded his head). I know my friend man. I just wish that u both live ur life happily. She'll forgive u.... She can't hate u Arnav.

Arnav - What about u ?

Abeer - Arnav I understand that anyone in ur place have hurted Kushi. But u went ahead and married her. But now when u regret Ur actions....as ur friend I need to forgive u,But as Kushi's friend I can't forget what u done untill u keep my friend happy Arnav.

Arnav hugged him.Abeer - Ok let's go inside. Ur Kushi will search u....

Arnav - Abeer.....

Chuckling Abeer dragged Arnav inside Kushi's ward only to see Shiv along with Gopal inside. Abeer and Arnav took his blessings.

Shiv - Arnav what did Doctor said ? When will Kushi open her eyes ? It's been three days I heard her.

Arnav - Uncle she is improving now. Anytime she'll wake up.

Shiv held Kushi's hand in one and Arnav's hand in other - Arnav beta....can I ask u something ?

Arnav - Anything Uncle.....

Shiv - Woh....I know it's wrong to ask u like this...but...but can u come to our home after Kushi's discharge ? Only if u r OK..... Woh kya heina.... I can't stay in peace with Kushi being like this. So can u come to our home ?

Arnav - Kushi ki marzi uncle.....(Kushi's wish Uncle )

Shiv and Gopal was impressed by his answer while Abeer looked at him with a teasing glance making Arnav roll his eyes....

Nov 22

Junoon..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 125 times)

It's next day

Arnav sat beside Kushi helding her hand. Arnav - What do u want Kushi ? I know u r angry at me for not believing u.But I asked sorry right ? Upon all this......Pichle char dhinon se sewa karvarahi ho na ? Phir bhi dhil Nahi bhara thume ? (For the past four days u r making me do service for u. Even then ur heart is not fulfilled ) pls wake up Kushi. Iam so sorry. He cried...

After sometime finally the most waited second came when Kushi opened her hazel eyes. She let her eyes wander around the surroundings. Finally her eyes rested on Arnav who was checking her prescription and medicines. Tears brimmed in her eyes, she tried wiping her eyes only to wince in pain gaining Arnav's attention. He dropped everything whatever he was doing and ran to her.

Arnav - Kushi.....u woke up..... Wait let me call the doctor. Even before She understand or say anything he flew away.

After few seconds Arnav came in with doctor. The doctor smiled at her. Doctor - Hi Mrs. Raizada....how r u feeling now ?

Kushi - My hand is paining a lot. Iam not able to get up.What happened to me ?

Doctor - It's nothing Mrs.Raizada..... u had underwent a surgery due to ur accident. U have injuries in Head, leg and hands. But with right medication u will recover soon.

Kushi nodded her head. Doctor went away asking Arnav to accompany her. So Arnav went out with Doctor. As the doctor said about Accident, she remembered everything. Every Ugly thing that came infront of her. She cried uncontrollable thinking about Sheetal and as a result her head started throbbing. She cried loudly due to pain. Exactly at the same time the whole gang came to see her like they does daily. They all got shocked seeing Kushi like that. Abeer ran towards Kushi and held her.

Abeer - Kushi....what happened ? Why r u crying ? Is it paining ? Should I call the doctor ? Kushi.......pls stop crying.

Finishing his talks with Doctor, Arnav came in the ward. His eyes got wide and he too ran to Kushi. He held her hands. Arnav - Kushi..... Why r u crying like this ? Stop crying.....otherwise it will worsen Ur health Kushi....

Kushi looked at him and become silent at once, surprising everyone. Kushi thought " How will I face him again ? In her hate game, Sheetal has pulled him inside unwantedly. What if as he said, That photos got published....his reputation would have crumbled infront of the whole world.

Thinking all this she fell down unconscious in his arms. Arnav and Abeer looked at her and made her lay properly and covered her with bedsheet. Her week mind couldn't handle all this pressure right now.

Atharv - What happened to her suddenly Yaar ?

Abeer - nothing....Take care of her Arnav. Let's go guys.....he said and moved out wiping his lone tears.

Arnav sat beside her and kept on looking her. He can understand how much pain she must be enduring now or may be more than he think. He should behave normally with her.

In next few hrs, she opened her eyes again. Arnav looked at her - Finally Papa's princess decided to wake up from her sleep. Gud....

Kushi looked at him confused. Is he talking normal ? Or is he taunting her like always ? .. Arnav - And u know....Ur Papa came here yesterday and asked me to come to Gupta Mansion. And I spoke with Ur Doctor also.... She said that u can discharged tmrw after some tests. Toh chalein thumhari Papa ke Ghar ? (Shall we go to Ur Papa's home )

Kushi nodded her head still confused. Arnav - Superb....( He didn't know what to do ) I...I'll go and get something for us to eat. Ok...

Arnav flew away from there and stood outside leaning against the wall. He released the breath that stuck inside him till now. Only God knows how much nervous he was speaking with her. He kept his hands over his thudding heart to calm it down and went to get something for them to eat.

The day passed like that. Next day Kushi was asked to undergo numerous tests, and in evening after completing all the formalities Kushi was discharged. Arnav took her to Gupta Mansion.

Gopal waited for Kushi at the gate itself. He cried seeing Kushi in wheelchair. He ran to him. Gopal - Devimaiya Ka lakh lakh shukar hei...u r alright bitiya. U know me and Maalik didn't even got a peaceful sleep all these days. And what is this ? Why r u sitting in wheelchair bitiya ?

Kushi - Kaka.... Iam alright. It's just for not giving pressure to my legs. It's injured right ? That's why.

Gopal - Whatever.... U come in bitiya. He said and did Aarthi to Arshi.

Arnav and Kushi came inside. Gopal - Bitiya..... Lift is not working from morning. How will u go to Ur room.

Kushi thought and said - I'll stay in guest room downstairs.

Gopal - But bitiya...it's not even cleaned. U will get infection.

Kushi - Don't worry Kaka. I'll slowly go to upstairs.

Kushi said and tried get up and was about to fell down..... When she felt a protective hold on her waist. She looked up to see that Arnav is holding her safely.

Arnav - Careful Kushi. What if u fell down ?

Kushi - I...Iam alright. She tried moving away from him. But Arnav held her safely.

Arnav - Stop it. Otherwise u will fell down again.

In one swift Arnav lifted her making her gasp. Arnav - Where is Ur room ?

Kushi - Haan....

Arnav - I asked u....where is Ur Room Kushi ?

Kushi - Woh....She pointed her finger upstairs.

Arnav started ascending the stairs with her in his arms. While shiv Gupta who is watching all this from up on other side smiled through tears. He was so worried for his daughter. But now he can see that his daughter is in safe Arms.

On the other side, Kushi - Woh.... This is my room.... She said to Arnav.

Gopal opened the door for them. Arnav entered inside the room with Kushi. He was surprised seeing her room. It was beautiful and classy. It was a bright white and dark blue colour combined room. On side of the wall was filled with her cute picture. From the childhood it seems. He slowly moved in. She has a cute coconut swing on one end. Some dolls near it. He shook his head and layed her on the bed.

He turned only to see the other side of wall. He was left unspeechable. Other side of the wall is covered with his and Kushi's photo. Right from engagement, sangeeth, Mehendi finally their marriage pics. Kushi looked at him who was looking their photos.

Kushi - Aap....Aap Ghar jayiye. Thanks for bringing me here.

Arnav looked at her and went out. On.the way he saw Sheetal who was filling water in the jug. As soon as she saw him , she dropped the jug and it broken into pieces. He looked at her and then the broken jug with his sharp gaze. She ran away not able to look at him.

Nov 26

First time together....... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 137 times)

Kushi layed back on her side comfortably thinking of her life.one hr passed away. She sensed someone beside her and opened her eyes only to see that her father beside her. She sat on the bed and winced in pain.

Shiv - Is it paining a lot Kushi ?

Kushi smiled - Nahin....it will go in few days Papa. Don't worry.

Shiv - Aise kaise don't worry. Meri toh... My breath has stopped when I learnt that u had met with Accident.

Kushi - Papa nothing happened to me.

Shiv - The only relief is Arnav was with u. That's why I didn't had to worry much. By the way where is Arnav ? He's not seen anywhere ?

Kushi - Woh Papa he went home .

Shiv - Par...

"Kushi....." They both heard a voice and turn towards it. Kushi is surprised while shiv smiled. Arnav was standing there.

Shiv - where did u go Arnav beta ?

Arnav - I went to apartment uncle.

Shiv - why ?

Arnav - We r going to stay here. Kushi must be having her clothes here. But I had to go and pick my clothes na.... that's why.

Shiv - Ok. U both take rest. I'll ask Gopal to send both of Ur food here itself. Gud night.

Arshi - Gud night Papa / Uncle. Both said at the same time. Shiv smiled and moved out.

Kushi - Aap...what....r....

Arnav - Iam going to stay here with YOU.

Kushi - Why ? She asked.

Arnav - Meri marzi.....its my in-laws house. (Kushi looked at him with open mouth for his attitude) Sar pe Chot khakhe screw deeli ho gayi hei thumhari. Akhele ch*oda toh patha Nahi kya pagalleela rachoge(U have gone nuts after Ur injury in head.Dont know what will u do if left alone) he whispered.

She gasped and said - Suna meine (I heard it )

Arnav - Very gud. A loud round of applause. Becoz sunane ke liye hi Kaha tha. Kyonki mein un pagalon mein se Nahin hoon joh Apne aap se bathe kartha ho (I want u to hear. Becoz iam not any mental to speak with myself ) like YOU....

He moved near the cupboard - I'll take this cupboard and by any chance don't touch it.

Kushi groaned in irritation - Mere hi kamre mein aake mujhe hi Suna rahe hei....yeh Aapka Ghar Nahin hei.samjhe aap Mr.Raizada ( Being in my room u r irritating me itself. This is not Ur home. Did u get it Me.Raizada )

Arnav - Thanks for reminding me. He was about to speak when Gopal came in with their food. Both kept quiet. Gopal kept the food on the table and asked them to have it.

Arnav took the food for himself and handed Kushi her's. Both had their food. Arnav kept it back in the kitchen and came to room again.

Arnav - Iam going to change. If u need anything then......pls don't disturb me.

Kushi glared at him while taking his tracks he moved to washroom. Once inside he smiled remembering her irritated face.He turned the shower and get himself relaxed. After sometime he wore his tracks and came out wiping his face and hair.

Kushi looked at him and gasped in shock. Arnav looked at her confused. Kushi - What is this? She pointed him up and down.

Arnav - What ?

Kushi - Nothing.... She said and layed down turning other side and closed her eyes tightly. Her heart started racing like nothing. Soon she felt some movement beside her. She opened her eyes and gasped again seeing him beside her. HE and SHE in SAME BED.....

Arnav opened his eyes sighing - Now what ?

Kushi - Why r u sleeping here ? Woh bhi aise....( That too like this...) She again pointed him up and down.

Arnav - Aise kaise ? (Like what ?)

Kushi - without shirt.

Arnav - I sleep like this always. Everybody does. And also while sleeping, I sleep with or without shirt....kya faraq padtha hei ?

Kushi - what do u mean by Everybody....? I don't sleep like this.

Arnav looked at her raising his brow and looked at her up and down. Kushi - I...I mean girls....No No......Haan Papa don't sleep like this.

Arnav hid his smile - Iam not girl by any chance nor Ur Papa. Anything else Kushi ?

Kushi - but how can u sleep with me in a same bed ? And that too....

She couldn't continue as Arnav kept his fingers on her mouth. She gulped looking at him and his finger. Arnav -Shhh.....Thumhe dekhe toh Nahi lagtha ki thumhari surgery hui hei. Chup chap laet jao...chalo...lye down. (U didn't seem to be a person underwent a surgery )

He made her lye down without removing his finger. Arnav - And also Iam in a bed with my legally wedded Wife. Not with any strange women. And u can believe me.....I'll keep my hand myself. I promise....Now close Ur eyes and sleep. U need rest (She wided her eyes trying to say something) I told u to close Ur eyes...not to wide open it. Chalo close Ur eyes. (She closed her eyes)

Arnav smiled looking at her. After she closed her eyes he got up and moving to the cupboard he took his shirt and wore it (Kushi who opened her eyes looked at him working his shirt got relaxed ) he went layed back beside her. He shakes his head as if asking "Is it OK now " she nodded her head subconsciously as if saying "Ok".

She kept on looking his face. He blinked his eyes signalling her to close her eyes. She looked here and there as if she caught and closed her eyes immediately. Arnav smiled looking at her - Iam sorry Kushi. But I can't leave u alone here.... especially there where Sheetal is present.

Soon Kushi slept under the effect of medicine. But Arnav Didn't. He was looking at her calm face. For the very first time after their marriage, he is seeing her sleeping form..... in right words , he is sharing a same room and same Bed. She's so Angelic and peaceful. He tried remember the last time when she was this peaceful. But not a moment came in his mind. The last time he had seen her smiling is the day of their marriage and at their First night he saw her blushing face....for the LAST TIME.....After that all he remember is her sad face and teary eyes.

Arnav - Iam sorry Kushi. I have hurted you a lot. But I'll make it up for everything. For every damn thing. Sheetal will face the consequences. I promise you Kushi......he slept looking at her.

Dec 3

Abeer and Kushi fight.... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 132 times)

Few days passed away and Arnav started going to Office. Kushi is getting improvement fastly. Arnav and Kushi didn't talk much to eachother. But Arnav supported Kushi a lot. Even if he goes to office he calls Gopal and keeps a tab over Kushi's medication. Shiv is so happy to see Arnav's care towards Kushi. Sheetal didn't even come infront of Kushi. No one knows when she goes college and when she returns back. Kushi's wound in hand and legs are healing much better. She's able to walk like before now, only her head injury didn't healed.

It was one fine day when Arnav was working on his lappy while Kushi is watching movie. Shiv came inside with Gopal. Both Arnav and Kushi looked at him and smiled.

Shiv - kya Kar rahi ho Kushi ? (What r u doing Kushi ? ) Had Ur dinner and medicines.

Kushi - Nothing Papa just watching movie. And I had my dinner and medicine.

Shiv - I came here to say that day after tomorrow is Janmashtami. Like every yr I wish to keep pooja this yr also. Just came to ask whether u r ok or not ?

Kushi - What is there to ask Papa ? Like every year we will celebrate this time also.

Shiv - Fine. U invite all Ur friends ok. (Kushi nodded ) Arnav u also invite all Ur friends. Abeer will come anyways. U call NK , Atharv Lavanya and Shanaya. Tell them that I invited them personally.

Arnav smiled - Don't worry Uncle. They all will be here day after tomorrow.

Shiv - Not day after tomorrow.... We r going to start pooja tmrw night itself. So ask them to come tmrw evening.

Arnav nodded his head. Shiv went away smiling. Arnav called NK - Hi NK.

NK - Hi buddy.

Arnav - NK there is a pooja tmrw night at Gupta Mansion. Uncle asked u guys to attend the pooja.

NK - Sure Buddy. I'll be there.

Arnav - Ok then. I'll call Atharv and Lavanya if they have any programs.

NK - Ok. Gud night.

Arnav - Gud night. He then called Atharv and Lavanya and confirmed their arrival.

Turning to Kushi , Arnav said - I called everyone. Just Abeer is left. U call him.

Kushi nodded her head and lied on her side to sleep while Arnav slept on his side. Next day Kushi started her pooja preparation. She didn't seem to be a person who underwent a surgery few days back. She is flying like a butterfly here and there happily. Arnav looked at her amused. Shiv and Gopal went out to buy things. It was evening and one by one guests started pouring in. Atharv, Shanaya, Lavanya and NK came to Gupta Mansion directly from their office. Abeer also came with his father.

They all sat on the hall chatting. Rajat (Abeer's Papa) - Yeh Kushi puthar Kahan hei ? (Wr is Kushi dear )

Kushi - Iam here Pappa ji....She came running to him and hugged him.

Rajat - How r u Puthar ?

Kushi - Iam very gud.

Rajat - Abeer told me that u got married to Arnav Puthar. Iam so happy for u.

Kushi smiled. She shouted for Gopal kaka and asked him to bring some snacks for everyone. Shiv - Arey....it's getting late Kushi. Go and get ready. See the guests started coming.

Kushi nodded her head and went to her room. Shiv looked at the gang and asked them all to come with him. The confused gang moved along with Abeer.

Going to his room Shiv said - I bought dresses for u all. I wish to see u all in those dresses.

Atharv - We r fine with this dress itself Uncle.

Shiv - Really ? He asked looking at their formal suits.

The gang looked at eachother smiling sheepishly. Shiv - Don't worry my choice isn't that bad that u guys r hesitating to wear. And after Arnav and Kushi's marriage this is the first function happening. So just think it as a treat from my side ok.

Shiv handed everyone their dress. Shiv - And Gopal this is for u (Gopal grinned and thanked him) Gopal bachon ko kamra dhika dho ready hone ke liye. (Show the kids their room to get ready) and give this to Sheetal. He handed him a parcel. The gang stiffened hearing her name.

Gopal nodded and took the boys to one room and girls to other room. Soon everyone got ready and reached down. Atharv - Bro Ur father-in-law is in trend Yaar. I really like this sherwani. And you guys also looking so beautiful (He said looking at Girls)

Shiv - Do u guys like my choice ?

NK - Marvelous uncle. Superb taste.

Shiv - Thanku. Arnav wr is Kushi ?

Arnav - Uncle I got ready with the boys only. Wait a minute let me check. He turned to go when a tickling sound gained his attention. He saw that Kushi is descending the stairs looking like an angel in her pista colour lehenga with matching jewelry and minimal makeup. He forgot to blink for a second and his heart skipped a beat looking her. She saw him looking at her without blinking and a light pink shade spreaded over her face. She moved crossing him and went near her Papa.

Going near her father - Papa how am I looking ? She asked stretching her dress like a baby.

Shiv - Ek dham pari jaisi. He appreciated her and asking her to come near him he applied Kajal behind her ears saying "Kisi ki nazar na lage " making her giggle.

Madhumathi - Bhaiya it's getting late for pooja. Shiv nodded and asked everyone to come. Everyone moved to Mandir. Soon the pooja started and finished by 12.30 AM. After that everyone assembled for eating. Rajat - Shiv Bhai saap... It's so gud to see u and Kushi after so many days. Iam so happy for Kushi Puthar's marriage.

Shiv - leave Kushi.....u tell me when is Abeer's marriage ?

Rajat sighed - Kahan Bhai.... He is running away if his marriage talk arise. How many girls I showed him for marriage but he is not even interested in looking this. At first it was ok. But now he is getting sad if I speak abt marriage. Iam so worried about him. Kushi Puthar....ask him what is his problem in marriage ? May be he says to u.

Kushi nodded her head. After eating all guests moved away. And the gang stayed there itself as it was late night and also there was a function the following day also. Arnav changed to his night suit and came out and saw Kushi is nowhere. He went out in her search. On the way he met Abeer. Arnav - Abeer wr is Kushi ?

Abeer - She's in garden. Tmrw is Dahi-Handi na. So she is decorating the pots.

Arnav - At this time( He asked showing his watch at 2 AM with wide eye making Abeer chuckle) this girl is unbelievable..

Arnav and Abeer moved to garden. They saw that she is sitting in the garden and decorating pots humming her favourite song. They moved near her. Abeer - Kushi ,

She turned to him smiling and saw Abeer and Arnav standing there.Abeer - Kushi it's late. Go and sleep.

Kushi - It's done Abeer. And see this is for u (she showed him a beautifully decorated pot) tmrw u will break this pot only. Ok.

Abeer nodded his head. Kushi thought abt Abeer's father words and decided to speak with him - Abeer Papa (Rajat) told me that there is a alliance for u. When r u going to get married?

Abeer's face lost its smile. Abeer - What is the hurry Kushi ? I'll think of it may be after a year or two.

Kushi understood that he is hiding something - Who is the girl ?

Abeer looked at her shocked while Arnav confused. Abeer - I.... I don't love anyone Kushi.

Kushi - I didn't ask u whether u love or not ? So u love someone.....who is the girl u love ?

Abeer turned to go but Kushi held his hands. Kushi - Papa is very worried. Just tell me who is the girl....I will say Papa abt this.

Abeer - No need to say anything to him Kushi.

Kushi - but why ? If he know this....he will do Ur marriage tmrw itself. Wait let me go and say to him.

Abeer got irritated - Don't u understand if I say once that there is no need (he shouted making Kushi stun and Arnav shock.she dropped the pot in her hand out of shock ) Did I ask u to do my marriage. who the hell gave u the rights to interfere in my life ? Just stay out of my life kushi. If my Papa is worried then I will take care of him.First u take care of Ur relationship with your husband and then look after mine.

Arnav - Abeer....his stern voice reached Abeer's ears.

Abeer realised what he said and looked at Kushi who went running from there crying. Arnav - u have spoilt it Abeer. The whole damn thing. What is the need to shout at her like this ? Today u have hurted her more than me and that Sheetal.

Abeer - Arnav I.....but Arnav didn't even listened to him and moved disappointed with his behaviour.

Arnav went to his room and saw that Kushi is crying her heart out. He went near her and placed his hands on her shoulder. She hugged him startling him and cried clutching his shirt. She's shivering. He understood that she is in shock. He hugged her back and rubbed his shoulder to calm her down.

Arnav - No Kushi don't cry. Abeer didn't mean anything he said. U know how much important u r to him right ? It's just he's angry and out of anger he shouted at u. Don't take it to heart. He kept on saying things to calm her and rubbing her arms softly. He can sense her shivering form. He pulled her out of the hug and made her drink water.

Arnav - u sleep Kushi. We'll speak to Abeer tmrw.

He switched off the lights and layed beside her. He's very disappointed with Abeer's behaviour today. He didn't like the way he behaved with HIS WIFE......

While on the other side Abeer slumped down on the floor crying - Iam sry Kushi. But not only u...no one in this world can help me to get my love back. Becoz the girl I love is not mine anymore. She's someone else's now......

Dec 6

Abeer's Punishment. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 124 times)

It was next day evening, Kushi was doing pooja preparation. Abeer was sitting in his room with boys and girls. They came to know what happened last night through Arnav. They all chose to stay silent , as they themselves had hurted her a lot and still didn't got a chance to apologize to her. Now in their list , Abeer too got added. Whole day Abeer tried to speak with her but all he got inreturn was her ignorance.

Kushi came and knocked the door - Papa is calling you down.

Kushi turned to go but Abeer held her hand - Kushi....pls Kushi....Iam really sorry. I shouldn't have spoke with u like that. Pls forgive me.....

Kushi looked at him and after a brief silence she SLAPPED ABEER hard in his cheek. All others jumped from their place looking at her angry. Kushi - Ur simple sorry won't change anything. Dosth keheke sar pe chadaya na , isliye thumne mujhe Apne paao ke neche dhabha dhiya. hein na ? (I kept you over my head as a friend, that's why u have pushed me under Ur feet. Right ? )

Abeer nodded his head as NO and was about to speak when Kushi showed her hands asking to stop - Come down.

Abeer - I won't come until u forgive me.

Kushi - r u blackmailing me ? If it is so..... Then it's not gonna work on me. If u want come down otherwise do whatever u want. I don't care.

Kushi went out. Abeer stood there crying. Arnav came near him and convinced him to come down. Once down the gang saw that everyone was in their own world happily speaking with eachother. Shiv saw the gang and smiled - Lijiye Abeer is here. So let's start the function Rajat Bhai saap.

Abeer and the gang looked at everyone confused. Arnav - What function uncle ?

Shiv - Abeer's engagement.

NK - Oh....it's really gud uncle. (He realised something) What ......?????? He shouted gaining everyone's attention.

Abeer looked at shiv shocked. Abeer - what's all this Papa ?

Rajat - why r u asking me ? Ask Kushi puthar......

Kushi came near Abeer - U want me to forgive u right ?

Abeer nodded his head. Kushi - Then do engagement with the girl I chose for u. Will u ?

Abeer nodded his head again. Kushi - u won't back off.

Abeer - Kabhi Nahi.....

The gang looked at Kushi shocked. Lavanya - but how will he do engagement like this ?

Shanaya - That too with unknown girl.

Kushi looked at them blankly. Shiv - Kushi jao beta. Go and get Aadhya here. Time is going on. Kushi nodded her head and went out.

Atharv - Do u know this Aadhya Abeer ? Abeer nodded his head as NO.

Soon Kushi came with Aadhya. Kushi went near Abeer - have a look at Ur fiance Abeer.

Abeer looked at Kushi. She signaled him to the other side. He turned to that side. He was shocked - Maya....

Kushi - Maya Nahin Aadhya....Maya is her sister. And not to forget she's not a twin.

Abeer - par iski shaadhi....(But her marriage )

Kushi - Nahi hui hei....(not yet ) But Haan.....if u chose she'll be soon married. To YOU...

Abeer - but Kushi how is this possible. He saw her face which changed from anger to naughty grin.

Kushi - Everything is possible if Kushi wants to do. She raised her imaginary collar.

Abeer - But...

Kushi - No if's and but's . She's the girl you love. Isn't it ?

The gang looked at her surprised. Abeer - How do u know ?

Kushi - Mr.question Ka dhookan first go and put ring on her finger otherwise truly she'll get married to someone else. First itself u have wasted 730 days of Ur life.

Abeer looked here and there confused. Sighing Kushi pushed him to the centre - Abeer meet my best friend Aadhya and Adhu meet my best friend Abeer. And for Ur information, u both are gonna get engaged.

Aadhya whispered - And I won't forgive u for this betray dayan (Devil)

Kushi - Don't do. By the way who is asking Ur forgiveness here.

Aadhya pouted looking at her. Smiling Kushi moved and stood near her father. Rajat - Abeer here have this ring. Put it on my bahu's hand.

Abeer got the ring smiling. She's the girl he loved but didn't knew that she's not married. He turned to her only to see that she's glaring at him. He turned to Kushi, she encouraged him to go ahead. Finally Abeer made Aadhya wear the ring. Everyone clapped for the couple.

Kushi hugged them both - My hearty congratulations to you both.

Everyone moved here and there. Abeer took Kushi alone to the corner - Kushi what's all this?

Kushi smiled to him softly - Abeer , I don't know why u thought her as Maya ? And what u had understood mistakenly. But all I can say is, The girl u love is Aadhya. She too studied with me.

Abeer - I know......I know that she studied with u. It's only becoz of u I started loving her.

Kushi looked at him teasingly - and what else ?

Abeer - S.... I first saw her in Ur WhatsApp profile pic. And as she's the only friend u have u always talked abt her. So I got interested in her. Unknown to me I started to love her Kushi. But Iam surprised.....how did u find her ?

Kushi - Kal joh Ganga nadhi baha rahe the na, usme thodi si beegh gayi ( actually I got drenched in Ganga river u was pouring from Ur eyes ) didn't get me....(seeing him nod) I heard and saw u speaking with her photo yesterday night. So that's it.....Aadhya's father was looking for a nice alliance for her. I grabbed the opportunity.

Abeer - How could u do all this easily Kushi ? He asked astonished.

Kushi - Oh Hlo....it was not so easy ok. I had to bribe that joker pandit for making the engagement happen today. Acha hua....Uncle got convinced. Otherwise I couldn't have gave u this punishment.

Abeer's eyes filled with tears. Abeer - U r the best friend anyone could get. Even after I hurted u , instead of hating me....u went hunting for the girl and got me engaged with her. That too in a single day. How can be u so sweet Kushi even to the person who hurts u ?

Kushi - Y r u speaking all that ? Leave all that behind. It's u only na....How can I hate u ? U r my friend Abeer. In my total life...all I have earned is just four persons for myself. Papa , Gopal Kaka , u and Aadhya. And I can't hate any of u people. U had talk bad to me and I slapped u. The matter ends there. No need to drag it. By the way....(Keeping her hand over his cheek ) does it hurts ?

Abeer nodded No - u have left Arnav in the list Kushi....

Kushi looked at him - Let's go Abeer. See Aadhya is alone there.

Abeer - won't u forgive Arnav like u forgive me ? He's guilty for what he had done ?

Kushi smiled faintly - Let's see that later. By the way...who said that I forgive u ? U have a punishment....

Abeer - just say it. I'll do anything.

Kushi rubbed her chin as if thinking - Take a paper and pen.write Iam sorry for 100 times.

Abeer looked at her bewildered. Kushi - what r u looking at ? Go and write.

Shaking his head at his naughty friend Abeer went to do the task. Arnav who watched all this smiled. He went near Abeer. Abeer - Did u saw Arnav ?

Arnav - what ?

Abeer - Kushi Ko....u have saw urself, how much I hurt her with my words...but still all she gave me inreturn is just friendship. If she treats her friend like that , think how will she keep u. Man.... I really feel jealous of your luck Yaar.

Arnav looked at him. Abeer - don't loose her Arnav. She's one in world any man can wish and get for himself.

Arnav - I don't even have courage to look into her eyes and ask sorry. And u want me her to live happily...that to with me. After what she did for u today...Iam really ashamed of myself for hurting her these many days. The truth is that I don't deserve the love of Kushi. I wish, I could go into the past and erase these two and half month of our life and I would met her in a better circumstances. May be then our life would have been different and not difficult like now.

Even before he could say anything Arnav stood and went from there near others. He stood near shiv who was speaking with his gang. Soon Kushi came with many small cups of kheer for everyone. She served to everyone. She went near Arnav and gave him a cup herself.

NK - give that cup buddy. Anyways u won't have it na....

Arnav looked at Kushi, who's looking at him and the kheer cup as if requesting him to eat. Arnav - I'll have it. If u want ask Gopal Kaka, he'll bring one more cup for u.

Shanaya - But how can u eat sweets ? U r diabetic na...

Arnav - One day won't harm shaanu.....I'll have it no problem.

Kushi looked at him surprised. Arnav turned to Kushi and she went away. He saw the kheer cup in his hands and moved to have a seat scrolling his phone while the four stood away. He looked at the kheer , it's surely gonna detroy his health ,but he didn't want to upset Kushi anymore. Not even in the matter of this kheer. Arnav - Chalo Arnav, eat it. U can eat medicines later. U r ASR...and u can go through anything. Even this kheer. He said himself and with lots of self encouragement he took the spoon and kept it in his mouth. He opened his eyes wide.....

Gopal - Kyun Dhamaadh ji....how is the kheer ?

Arnav - Nice Kaka..

Gopal - Kushi bitiya had made it especially for u. Eat eat....he went away

Arnav thought - For me....she remember that Iam diabetic and made sugar free kheer specially for me ?

He looked ahead to see that Kushi is looking at him from distance. She shaked her head as if asking "Is that Ok ? " He looked at her without moving his eyes here and there and nodded his head in daze as if saying "OK ". They both shared a eyelock. Someone went near Kushi and asked her something pulling her out from his lock. She looked here and there and answering the person she ran away blushing.

Arnav smiled and ate the full cup of yummy kheer made for him specially by his wife..... She has fantastic cooking skills, he thought while eating.

Dec 14

Junoon..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 141 times)

Function ended on a happy note for everyone and all went home. After cleaning and arranging everything in kitchen Kushi came to her room. She was smiling to herself all the way. Arnav who was working on his lap looked at her smiling face. He slowly stood up and went near her who was surfing through her cupboard.

Arnav - U seem to be very happy.....

Kushi - Haan.....it's Abeer's engagement today after all...why ?

Arnav - No...it's just..... bohot Acha laga thume Aise Kush dekhkar. (It's gud to see u happy like this) I have never seen u smiling and happy like this or better say I didn't want to..... I didn't let u to be happy till today. I feel as if my burden lessening if u smile.

Kushi looked at him blankly. She knew where this topic would lead if she let him speak. She didn't want this.....not at least now. She tried moving away from there. But Arnav held her hand and pulled her to himself. Kushi gasped and her eyes started filling with tears.

Arnav - No Kushi.... Bohot himmat karke aaj mein kudh ko Thumhare samne Kada Kiya hoon. Bohot kuch bholna hei thumse. Pls aaj mujhse muh pherke mat jao kushi....( After lots of courage I have brought myself infront of u today. Have to tell u many things. Don't walk away from me today Kushi )

Kushi cried. He cupped her cheek and wiped her tears. Arnav - I....Iam so sorry Kushi. Sorry for every second u have cried becoz of me. Sorry for every word that pierced Ur heart. I know it's very late for being sorry. I know my simple sorry won't change anything happened btw us. Till I came to know the truth I have left no chance to hurt u....when all this was done by Sheetal. I am very sorry Kushi....pls forgive me Kushi. If once I had spoke with u....then all this mistake would never happen. We would've been happy in our life. But no.... I had to mess up everything for us. I know I can't change anything.....but Kushi , Iam sorry from my heart. Pls mujhe maaf kardho.....

Kushi - why r u saying sorry ? It's me....who should ask sorry to u. Becoz Sheetal hates me...not u...she had unwantedly pulled u inside her stunts. As u said.....Ur reputation would have lost. Ur company would be at stake without any fault of urs. But yes....if you had ask me once, then I wouldn't have let her spoil ur image. But let bygone be bygones Mr.Raizada.... I was a mistake in Ur life and I will make it right anyhow....

Arnav - But what.....Kushi didn't let him speak and went away from there.

After fresh up she laid on her side silently but both of their mind is making noises just like a stromy wave....that don't know the meaning of peace. Arnav was totally confused with Kushi's words while Kushi cried thinking of her life.

It was next day morning -

Shiv, Arnav and Kushi was sitting on the dine for their breakfast. Kushi - Papa....I have to say u something.

Shiv - S tell me....

Kushi - Papa.....woh. I have to go Nanital for work. (Arnav looked at her shocked)

Shiv - But beta....now only u got better.

Kushi - No problem Papa.

Shiv - when r u going ?

Kushi - It's emergency Papa....I have to leave today itself.

Shiv - Ok....but when will u come ?

Kushi - It will take one month.

Shiv gasped - what....one month....No No.....how is this possible ?

Kushi - It is....Papa UNICEF has conducted a camp last month it seems. There are many orphan children who needs immediate care. So there are many specialist coming there. Its a big responsibility and I want to take it. Pls Papa...let me go.

There she started convincing her Papa and finally made him agree too. Arnav stood up from there to hide his tears. Shiv - See he got upset. I think he didn't want u to go. Did u spoke with him or not ?

Kushi - After speaking with him only Iam saying it to u Papa. Don't worry this is just due to his office. I'll go and pack my things.

Kushi too stood up and went to her room. She saw Arnav sitting on the bed covering his face. She started moving to her cupboard. Arnav raised his eyes and looked at her - So this is how u r going to make everything alright ?

Kushi nodded - Iam going away for ever. I won't be back in Ur life to disturb u. U also can live ur life as u wish.... Ur friends, Ur office, Ur home.....party, enjoyment,...most importantly....Ur most wanted eligible bachelor tag back to u again....then what else u need. I was just a passing cloud in Ur life that is passed away.... She said with teary smiling.

Arnav shook his head and marched out of the room. Kushi looked at his vanishing figure and slumped down crying. Kushi - Iam sorry Arnav....I don't have any rights to be in Ur life. It is better for u to move away from my life....away from all Ur problems.....but at least u could've stayed with me today na....

Arnav walked to his car and was about to get in when he saw the reason of all this.....SHEETAL DISASTER.....he just wish to go and grab that girl's hair and bang her against some wall and beat the hell out of her....but couldn't. He got inside his car and zoomed away before he does something bad to her.

He went to Office and went to his cabin. His employee looked at him wierdly as he came to office in his casuals. ASR have never been to office in this dress. He sat on his leather chair and leaned back closing his eyes. Arnav thought - I know , I deserve a punishment, but u can't give me this much BIG....I know I don't deserve u.....but really r u going away Kushi ? Pls don't.....

His friends who saw him like that came inside his cabin. NK - Arnav....

Arnav - Leave me alone NK....

Atharv - But...

Arnav - I said leave me alone.....

Sighing everyone came out. On the other side Kushi lied shiv that Arnav had called her to a outing and went to her hospital for completing her formalities. She came to her cabin and saw their photo....she cried clutching it.

It was evening when Arnav opened his eyes. He can't let her go like that.....he should stop her. He ran out of the office to her home and came to know that she lied to everyone. He also made convincing excuses and went to her hospital.

He ran to her cabin.....he saw her name plate...MRS. KUSHI RAIZADA.....he went inside and looked at all over her cabin calling her name. But she's nowhere. Asking to assistant he came to know that Kushi had already started to Nanital. He again went to station only to know that the train also started. SO SHE REALLY WENT AWAY LEAVING HIM ALONE......

Dec 18

Arnav misses Kushi..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 122 times)

It's been two week of Kushi's trip to Nanital.Arnav again came back to his Apartment. He was sitting in his room on his recliner looking at the sky shining with stars. Arnav's eyes could see only one person in front of him even if he close his eyes, KUSHI..... She was everywhere. He just want to look at her now. He tried calling her few times but she didn't pick his call which made him sad more. He gulped the wine in his hand. He looked ahead and his eyes wided in shock looking at the smiling Kushi sitting in the tea table. He got up looking her.

She slowly stood up and coming near him she hugged him burying her face in his neck. Arnav was shocked he sucked his breath and his body stiffened feeling her soft touch. His breath become shallow. A chill shiver passed through his veins. In shock he dropped the glass that was in his hands."Kushi" he whispered. After few seconds he raised his hands to hug her back. But she vanished in air and his hands was in mid Air.

Arnav groaned angrily and pulled his hairs in frustration. He marched to his bed and lied on his bed. But there too she was not ready to leave his thoughts. He was habituated to see her sleeping form staying in Gupta Mansion. But now...... He couldn't conclude what the hell is happening with him. He can't concentrate on his office works nor at other things. While thinking all this he slept unknowingly. While on the other side Kushi also missed him a lot. But she consolde herself thinking that this would be best for Arnav.

It was next day evening Arnav was sitting in his cabin after his meeting, closing his eyes. He received a call. He opened his eyes and saw it was from Abeer. He attended the call. Abeer - hi Arnav....

Arnav - Hi Abeer....

Abeer - What happened u r sounding very low. Ur health is alright na ?

Arnav - Nothing Abeer. It's just Iam tired after meeting. U tell me.....why u called me ?

Abeer - to tell u an important news.

Arnav - What is it ?

Abeer - Tmrw it's Kushi's bday. She'll be so happy if u wish her. Will u call her tmrw ?

Arnav thought - Abeer Ur friend is not talking with me.....how will I wish her....if she didn't even want me to talk to her.

Arnav - Hmm.... Don't worry...I'll call her and wish her. Ok....

Abeer smiled in glee and cut the call without knowing anything. This time Arnav didn't share anything with any of his friends...or better say he didn't want to. This time don't know why he want to keep it btw them Both. A secret btw husband and wife. None has the rights to know it.

He was thinking all this closing his eyes. He suddenly felt two arms wrapping his neck hugging him. He shot opened his eyes in anger. But his anger vanished in a blink when he found Kushi standing there with her cute smile. She again wrapped his hands around his neck placing her cheek against his,from back. He closed his eyes while his heart thudded like nothing.

Kushi - Why u closed Ur eyes ?

Arnav - I know, if I try to open my eyes and look at u.....u will go away like yesterday. Hein na...

Kushi - Nahin....I was always with u.

A lone tear escaped from his eyes. Arnav - Jhoot....u left me and went to Nanital.

Kushi - Aapko kyun faraq padtha hei ?

Arnav thought for a while not knowing what to answer. Ofcourse "Kyun faraq padtha hei ? " He asked himself. Arnav - I.....I miss u.... He closed his eyes tightly.

Kushi - Do u know what u want in Ur life ?

Arnav sat silently - U.....I don't know why ? All I want is only u. Why did u left me ? Do I really deserve this much big punishment ? I really want to see u.....

Kushi - Then come to me...

Arnav - U don't want that....u don't like me...

Kushi - Did Ur wife said so.....U can't assume anything like this on your own on my part. Even if I didn't want u....did u try to come near me.....try to convince me...

Arnav nodded his head as NO - Kya Thum maan jaathi agar mein thume manaatha ? (Would you convinced if I had tried )

Kushi - Shaayadh....(May be) But without trying u can't accept defeat right ?

Arnav sighed - Kushi the thing is.....I couldn't meet Ur eyes and ask u to, let me stay in your life, when all I did is to crush it. Iam so guilty for whatever happened. I don't even know whether I want u in my life or not....but I can't accept this distance.

Kushi hugged him more tight - Try until u succeed. So will u call and wish me on my Bday ?

He opened his eyes and found none. He knew it this would happen and sighed. "Tmrw is Kushi's bday " Abeer's words rang in his ears. He stood up and smiled thinking of Kushi's hallucinations. Arnav - So if I try....u will convince. Hein na ?

He called someone - Arnav Singh Raizada speaking.....he ordered something to the opposite person.

After sometime Atharv and Lavanya came inside his cabin and saw him smiling to himself lightly. They looked at eachother curiously. Atharv - Bro... What r u thinking ?

Arnav looked at him and said - Nothing....Haan Atharv....cancel all my meeting tmrw.

Atharv - But Bro.....There is a meeting tmrw with Mittal's They r waiting for past six months to work with us. It won't look gud if we cancel the meeting.

Arnav - Atharv....pls do as I say. I have important work tmrw.

He stood up collecting his belongings. Atharv - What important work came up in the last minute ?

Arnav - Going to Nanital...

Lavanya - Nanital...but why ?

Arnav got irritated - Thum sabki Bhabhi se milne jaa Raha hoon (Iam going to see Ur Bhabhi)

Lavanya - U mean KHUSHI...

Atharv - Bro really...

Arnav - Yes....he said with a cute smile playing on his lips.

Atharv - Why ?

Arnav - Becoz tmrw is her Bday.

Lavanya - What do u mean by u r going to Nanital to meet her ? Arnav do u know what u r doing ?

Arnav - I really don't know Lavanya. But at this time, Iam feeling this is right, to go to her.

Lavanya - Do u LOVE her ?

Arnav looked at her blankly - I don't know....I really don't. I don't know whether I want her , whether I love her ? But I can't and don't want to stay away from her. He told with teary smile.

Lavanya and Atharv looked at eachother. Both went and hugged him. Atharv & Lavanya - All the best....

Lavanya - Get something for her as a gift. May be a saree.....she'll like it.

Atharv - Take her to long drive in bike Bro...and tell her that I too wished her. But u will reach tmrw morning if u start now.

Arnav - I will reach there in two hrs. Kyunki I have already booked a chopper....I want to be with her at sharp 12'o clock.

They both looked at him with open mouth while he smiled sheepishly and ran out shouting - Bye....

NK came inside the cabin and saw that Atharv and Lavanya are smiling. NK - What happened guys ?

Lavanya - U know NK....Arnav has gone to Nanital....

NK - Nanital....but why ?

Lavanya & Atharv - KHUSHI BHABHI SE MILNE.....they sang chorus.

NK - What ?

Lavanya - Haan....tmrw is Bhabhi ji's Bday and he is going to Nanital to wish her.

NK smiled - I can't believe it......The trio shared a hug, happy for their friend. Arnav ran out and started his car. He directly went to shopping mall and bought a white designer saree and matching jewelry set for her.in btw he called Kushi's hospital and collected her whereabouts. He packed everything neatly and went to the location where a chopper is waiting for him to take off. He sat there smiling thinking of her. Soon he reached his destination......Arnav - Hi Nanital.....he said grabbing the gifts in his hands.

Dec 22

Kushi's Bday..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 130 times)

Kushi was lying on her bed after her hot shower. She was tired like hell. She is staying in a separate house consists of A bedroom , Spacious hall and a kitchen, outside the home there was a small garden and portico. She was wide awake. In few minutes It's her Bday and it's the first time in all her life that she's celebrating her Bday alone. She sighed and closed her eyes. After few minutes she heard someone banging her home door repeatedly.

Kushi - Who's there at this time....?

She stood up and went towards the door and opened it to find no one. Shaking her head she turned closing the door. She didn't even reached her room again she heard banging sound. She was confused and more than confusion she was scared. With shaking hands she opened the door....again there was no one. She got scared, she went till the gate to check. But there was no one....wait a minute......it was dark all over her house. She saw someone moving here and there. Fear filled her being.

Tears started to roll on her eyes as she was scared of darkness. Slowly she saw someone nearing her. She started moving back till she banged against the gate. The person reached near her. His face came to her vision. She got relief seeing it was Arnav. Kushi - Arnav...... She whispered that's hardly would be heard by anyone.

She cried and ran towards him and hugged him burying herself in his arms while on the other side Arnav was going through a shocking surprise with her sudden hug. He closed his eyes and hugged her back. Arnav - What happened Kushi ?

Kushi weeped - I got scared thinking it to be someone else.......she again cried.

Arnav - Shhh.....It's ok Kushi. It's me only. Don't cry. He caressed her long soft hair.

After few minutes her cry subsided and she came out of the hug disappointing him. Kushi - What r u doing here ? How come u know Iam here ?

Arnav - For Ur second question.....that's not a big deal for me to find Ur whereabouts. And for Ur first question.....(He looked at his watch ) 10 , 9 , 8......(he started counting and when it came to 1 the lights came on and flowers showered over her ) Happy Bday Kushi.....

Kushi was dump for a second to look around the decorated surrounding and the flowers showering over her. She looked up to see that there was a big sack tied to a rope from one end to other end is showering flower on her. She looked at Arnav who smiled at her - Wish u many more happy returns of the day Kushi. Come......he pulled her to the small table he arranged.

Arnav - Cut the cake Kushi.....She looked at him with some different expression which he couldn't understand.

Kushi thought - What r u doing ? Do u even know, what Ur this gesture is doing to me ? Don't give hopes to me Arnav. I can't bear anymore. Why u came here ?....but for a minute her heart become selfish. First Bday after marriage, that too with her husband whom she loves......She sighed. She didn't knew whether to be Happy or to be Sad. Turning to the cake she cut it while Arnav sang bday song for her. After that she went towards the door.

Arnav - Mujhe Nahi bhulaaogi andhar ? (Won't u call me in ?)

Kushi thought" As if u came here asking me...." - Come in...

He went inside grinning. Kushi - Did u had anything ?

Arnav nodded as NO. She went inside kitchen and bought fruits and milk for him to eat. She sat there switching on the TV while he ate whatever he was given. After he finished, she took the plates to Kitchen.

Arnav - Kushi....wr should I sleep ?

Kushi - wherever u wish....she said and went inside and laid on her bed. Arnav followed her and laid beside her. After sometime she slept. Arnav stood up and looked at her face. He smiled - What's happening to me ? Till now I was so restless but after seeing u....as if my all restlessness flew away. Do u know....I even started hallucinate u (he sighed). Happy Bday Kushi......

When he was about to lay down, he saw that there was a small photo frame that holds his picture proudly was placed near Kushi's side. He looked at her surprised and remembered the countless times Abeer had said that she loves him and tought - Ithna pyaar Kyun karthi ho mujhse ? Aur kya mein sach mein thumhari Ithna saara Pyar Ka laayak hoon...? ( Why do u love me this much ? Do I really deserve this much love of urs ? )

He silently laid beside her. It was morning when he opened his eyes. He saw that Kushi had completed her bath and chose her regular Jean and shirt to wear. He remembered something and getting up he ran out. Soon he came inside and saw that she was about to enter inside to change. He shouted - No Kushi...don't wear dress ?

Kushi - WHAT ? She asked with her popped out eyes.

Arnav bit his tongue and smiled sheepishly - Woh....I meant....don't wear THAT dress.

Kushi - Why ? Kya kharabhi hei isme ? (What's the fault in this )

Arnav - there is no fault. But Bday girl should wear new dress na. He showed her a packet in his hands.

Kushi - No thanks Mr.Raizada. Iam fine with MY chosen dress.

Arnav - But what will I answer to uncle, if he asks me did u wear MY chosen dress or not ? He pretended to speaking with himself making sure that she heard him.

Huffing and groaning she pulled the packet from his hands and marched inside to change. Once inside she found a beautiful yet simple Orange colour Anarkali suit. While Arnav mouthed a cute sorry holding his ears looking at the direction she vanished. Kushi wore it and came out and got ready for her hospital. She went to kitchen to prepare breakfast for them. After having breakfast she took her car key and went near car.

Arnav - Iam ready Kushi...shall we go ?

Kushi - where r u coming ?

Arnav - To Ur hospital only.

Kushi - Mr.Raizada Iam not going on a picnic. It's hospital and Iam a doctor there. No person is allowed inside hospital unless he's a patient.

Arnav - But Kushi.....I'll get bored if I stay here alone.

Kushi - Why don't u do one thing ?

"What ? " He asked excited.

Kushi - Why don't u go back to Delhi ? U will have Ur Office and laptop to entertain u and u won't feel bored. She mocked him making him pout and went away.

She reached her cabin and taking their photos in his hands she spoke.....Kushi - what r u upto Arnav ? Sighing she kept the photo and started seeing her patients. It was one hr later when she heard a knock sound on her cabin. Kushi - Come in....

She looked ahead and huffed seeing the person - Arnav Singh Raizada....

Kushi - I told u to stay in home right ? Then why u came here ?

Arnav - to treat myself Doctor. He said innocently.

Kushi - Don't lie Mr.Raizada....

Arnav - Sach mein Kushi....Dekho...he showed his hands that was tied with a cloth which is covered full of blood.

She gasped and ran to him and held his hands - What happened ?

Arnav - Woh galthi se gate pe lag Gaya....(It happened at the gate ) I don't know anyone so only came to u. I came here

She made him sit on the chair. She first removed the cloth and gasped to see a big cut on his palms. Her eyes filled with tears. She first cleaned the blood and applied antiseptic. He hissed in pain due to the burning sensation. She blew air on his palm in a try to reduce his pain. Arnav just looked at her face. Slowly she applied medicine on his wound. And tied a bandage on his palm.

Arnav stood up and saw her tear filled eyes. He cupped her cheek - It's nothing Kushi. Just a small wound. It will be alright soon.

She shoved his hands away with angry tears in her eyes - What do u mean by small wound ? Do u know just a bit deep....u might need stitches on your hand. Can't u take care of urself Raizada ?

Arnav pulled her into his arms himself being in tears. She wriggled to come out but his hold was tight. Finally she gave up and hugged him back. Arnav thought - Is love this blind to overlook anything ? How much I have hurted u....even after all this still u care for me this much ? How much u have cried becoz of me....but still Ur heart hold a place for me....I never believed in love....but u r pushing me to believe it with Ur love. How can I let u go away from me Kushi ? How can I live without a girl like u ?

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