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Dec 25

Junoon..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 116 times)

Arnav broke the hug and said - Ok Kushi I'll take leave. U carry on....

Kushi - Iam also coming.

Even before he say something she started collecting her stuffs. They both reached home. He went and sat on the bed and forgetting the injury he kept his hands on the handle of the bed only to wince in pain. Kushi ran to him - What happened ? Is it paining a lot? Wait I'll....

Arnav held her hands - Kushi.....Kushi.....relax. it's nothing. No need to worry.

Kushi chuckled sadly - Right ? Who Iam to worry for u ?

Arnav - I didn't meant that way...

Kushi - Then what do u meant ? She shouted.

Arnav was taken aback. Kushi - Tell me....what do u meant ? And why r u here ?

Arnav answered calmly - To celebrate Ur Bday. To see u happy...

Kushi - Who r u to celebrate my Bday ? And do u thing that I have any reason left to be happy ?

Arnav - u do Kushi...

Kushi - Says whom.....THE ASR.....who himself is reason for the situation Iam in right now. It's only becoz of u.... Couldn't u ask me one time ? Then all this wouldn't happened. There would no reason for u to marry me. I wouldn't have lo....she stopped but Arnav understood what she wanted to say. She cried.

Arnav went and hugged her from behind wrapping his arms around her torso making her gasp. His warm breath fanned on her neck. Arnav - Aur bhathao....

Kushi - Am I telling a story ? She got irritated.

Arnav chuckled - No....Let me know how much my wife is angry at me. And what she wants from me to get pacified.

Kushi - U can't do anything. This happens with me always. I love my Mumma more than anyone but she left me. And I just wished to have a happy life just like everyone else lives. Is that too much to ask for ? What bad I had done to Sheetal, she too hates me this much. I never even in my bad dreams thought she would do something like this. And when u bought proposal for me....at first I was not interested.Papa made me agree. Later I thought u r my Everything.....but there too, my bad luck worked and Everything got messed up. Iam I that bad that I don't deserve anyone's love. U would've married someone else if someone else was at my place in that photo na....(She said broken at the thought of him being someone else's)

Arnav - But Iam Urs....

Kushi - What ?

Arnav - That Arnav is Kushi's....(he hugged her more tighter ) And Who said that u r unlucky ? U r very gud girl and u deserve the whole universe love for urself.

Kushi cried closing her eyes. Arnav - Iam not telling lie. It's true. U r the most lovable person in this world. And y r u feeling guilty ? Did u do anything wrong ? No right.....U should not feel guilty for something that u didn't do. I know I did a blunder by doing all those with u.... But u should understand that..... Anyone in my place will thought bad about u and not believe u even if u say that u r innocent. But I went too much and married u. May be that was destined to happen. But Kushi this is not a right way to led things. We have whole life ahead to live. Our lives are one.

Kushi - No it is not. We r ways apart. We r not meant to be together. U don't believe in love or marriage.

Arnav sighed - That's becoz I have not loved anyone till then. at the time of our marriage....I thought that u r behind my money.... When the reality is totally other thing. I didn't knew u had trusted me with ur life with Ur being. ASR never leaves a deal.....and u r the best and my life time deal. How will I lose it ? The way u chose to make everything is wrong. To go away from me..... But I will make that right also. And Haan....don't call urself as a mistake of my life. Even if u happened by a mistake....it's the very crct and beautiful mistake happened in my life. And Nahi Karni mujhe party, Nahi Chahiye mujhe Aise enjoyment. And most importantly I don't want to be tagged as a Most eligible Bachelor anymore. Becoz Iam married and I have got a beautiful soul as my wife. Got it....

Kushi nodded as NO. Arnav chuckled - Budhdhu ho na that's why u r not getting anything. No one can more directly say that he wants his wife back in his life.

Her hazel eyes forgot to blink and she highly doubted her hearing capacity. Arnav - Vapas aaogi na Kushi.....mere paas....Iam missing u so much Kushi. I can't stay away from u kushi. Just give me one chance to wipe away all the pain u held in Ur heart. One chance for our happily ever after. One try for US. I promise, I won't disappoint u again. Give our marriage one try I'll fulfill Ur every dreams. Till now I have been a beast towards u but now I want to be Daddy's princess's prince charming who only gives happiness to his Princess.

Kushi looked at him. Arnav looked at the time and turned her to him - It's getting late. I have to go back to Delhi. I'll take leave. Don't think that Iam leaving u alone again. Iam just giving u Ur own space to think about us. I don't want to force u or pester u. When Ur heart says that Arnav ab thumhari barosa Nahi thodega , thab wapas aajao.( When Ur heart says that Arnav won't break Ur trust, then come to me) Iam just a phone call away. Just one ring I'll be here to take u away with me. Understand.... And one more thing Pyaar Nahi nafrat hi Sahi..... Cho'dne ke iradhe se haath Nahi Thama tha meine thumhari ( If not out of Love , I didn't held Ur hand to leave u like this )

After a bit of hesitation he went near her and bending near her face he placed a soft and long kiss on her cheek making her eyes go wide. - wish u a very happy Bday. Enough of Ur cries. Stay happy. Three more things Number one.....U have lost so much weight and u have developed dark circles too....Eat properly and sleep well. Number two..... I have bought saree and jewelry for u....jab mann Kare pehenna zaroor (when u wish wear it) and..... U r looking so beautiful in this orange suit. Final one...... Iam not here just for Ur Bday.....I am here to show u that u MY WIFE....that WIFE who still holds every right on her Husband. That's it. Remember everything I said to u. Come back Kushi.....take Ur own time, but at the end come back to me. YOUR ARNAV will wait for YOU.....

Kushi looked at his hurted hands. Arnav too looked at it - Choti si Chot hei....it will get alright. Very soon. U take care of urselves.

He started moving slowly....slowly he faded away from my eyes. She raised her hands - Arnav...... But he was already gone. She sat on the bed. She could still feel that hold of his around her, his warm breath touching her neck. And his lips are still lingering over her cheek. She smiled through tears.

She heard her phone ringing sound. It was from her father. She picked up the call. Kushi - Hlo Papa...

Shiv - Hi beta. Wish u many more happy returns of the day.

Kushi smiled - Thanku Papa. Why u called so late ?

Shiv - I went to Mandir to do pooja for Ur and Arnav's well being. Now only I came back to home. As soon as I reached my room, I called u. But I miss u Beta. I feel so bad....u r alone there on Ur Bday.

Kushi - who said I was alone. Arnav was here till now.

Shiv - What ? he asked.

Kushi - Haan he was here with me till now. Just now he started for Delhi.

Shiv - I can't believe it. He came till Nanital to be with u on Ur Bday. Oh my god Kushi beta, today Iam so happy. What more a father needs ? My Son-in-law loves my Daughter so much.

Kushi - Papa....do u really think that he loves me so much ?

Shiv - Budhdhu..... He travelled all the way from Delhi to Nanital to be with u on Ur Bday. Anyone can say that Arnav loves u very much. Right from u r a child.... I felt who will take care of u ? With whom u will be safe after me ? But when I saw Arnav , I felt he is the right one for u. But today I feel that Arnav is made only for my Kushi.

Kushi's eyes brimmed. Shiv - Aur Kushi....I think Ur Mahi and Megha r on the way.

Kushi - Mahi.....Megha.....who r they ? Any friend of urs...?

Shiv - Think deeply u will remember who r they.....once again happy Bday. He cut the call.

Kushi sat there thinking deeply who is this Mahi and Megha ? After thinking deeply she got remember that once she said her father that she'll name her babies name as Mahi and Megha. Kushi - This Papa na....

Kushi looked at Arnav's photo - Do u really love me ? U won't break my trust this time na ? In return all she got was his smile as a answer. She hugged his photo close to her heart.

On the other side Arnav hopped the chopper to fly back to Delhi. He sat on his seat. The chopper reached high to the sky. He wiped the lone tear from the corner of his eyes. He can't even bear the little distance of few minutes. Don't know how will he live in Delhi. Arnav - I just hope....this time Iam not wrong. Pls come back Kushi.

Dec 28

Junoon..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 104 times)

Arnav came back to Apartment and went to the room where Kushi stayed. He went and laid on her bed wiping a lone tear from his eyes. This room made him remember everything..... Their first night, where he had broke every dream and happiness of her's. The same room where he had hurted her numerous times. But all she had for him and still carrying in her heart is only LOVE..... He had spoke with her today and asked her to come back.... But will it be really easy for her to forgive him that easily. Only time will answer....

After sometime he went and prepared a coffee for himself. His heart became restless again. Arnav - Should I call Kushi once ?

After lot of thinking he called her. After a long ring she picked up the phone. Arnav - Hlo....

Kushi smiled hearing his voice - Hmm

Arnav Didn't knew what to speak - voh... Voh... Haan... I called u to say that I reached apartment.

Her smile widened - Hmm..... She know that he didn't called her to say this information. The thing is something else.

Arnav thought - What "hmmm" "hmmm" am I a bee to understand her "Hmm " language "hmm....." . She was crying then seeing my injured hand. But now.....didn't even asked me how is my hand....He whined.

Arnav - Abeer ne call Kiya ?

Kushi - Hmm...

Arnav thought - Again "Hmm" (he pouted). I think she's very interested in irritating me. Arnav cut the call.... otherwise.....

Arnav - Ok Kushi. I'll call u later. Bye take care....

Kushi - Hmm....

Arnav gaped at the phone like a cute baby angrily and cut the call. While on the other side Kushi laughed as he cut the phone. She looked herself at mirror and found herself smiling after so many days. Arnav's voice saying that she lose weight and developing dark circles echoed on her ears and she looked at her eyes closely. Indeed she had developed dark circles. She looked at her Orange suit she's wearing and admired herself. She can't hide her happiness to herself right ? She's happy as he came here and spoke with her.

Kushi took his photo - Finally..... I can see a ray of hope in my dark life. Thanku Arnav....for everything. For coming here, for this dress, for Ur words, and Ur Kiss also..... She blushed keeping her hands on her cheek.

Kushi - U called me back to be with u na.... But I can't do that easily. I need time. Time for understanding Everything. Time for me to be confident on US this time. I don't want to hurry up anything for us. U will wait na.....For ME....MY Arnav..... Kissing his photo she kept it back and went to have something in Dinner. After many days she felt like eating today.

It was next day Arnav went to Gupta Mansion.

When he entered he saw Sheetal, he went near her - Hi Sheetal.... He had an evil smirk.

Sheetal gulped seeing him. Arnav - What's this Sheetal ? I came and wished u....but u didn't even find it necessary to wish me back it seems. Fine leave it..... Who is dying here for hearing Ur greetings ? I came here to say Thanks to u....I know u must be thinking that why the hell is he saying thanku...hein na..... But Iam grateful to you. Only becoz of Ur stupidness I got my Kushi. Without ur stupidness I may not even aware of her presence. That's why..... And yes.... Mark an end for Ur stupidness. Don't even think of nearing her next time. Got that.....(he said pointing his finger at her and she nodded scared) gud..... He said and went inside.

He saw that Abeer was sitting and speaking with Shiv. Arnav - Hi Abeer.....

Abeer saw him - Hi Arnav.... What r u doing here ?

Arnav - Excuse me.... Isn't this my in-laws home ? He pretended to be doubtful. Shiv smiled hearing it.

Abeer raised his brows in amu****t - Haan Jijaji.... This is Ur in-laws home only.

Arnav - Jijaji...? He scrunched his eye brows.

Abeer - S. U r married to my best friend na.... So u r my Jijaji right ? Becoz Iam a ladki wala.

Arnav chuckled and nearing shiv he bent down to take his blessings. Shiv blessed him whole heartedly. He then sat beside him. Shiv - Abeer beta.... I have found a awesome Jijaji for u. Waise Arnav beta how was Ur trip to Nanital ?

Arnav spitted the coffee he was drinking and coughed. Abeer looked and shiv - Papa....

Shiv - Ur Jijaji, went to Nanital yesterday to wish Ur friend a happy Bday.

Abeer looked at him in suprise shock - What.....? ( turning to Arnav ) is it Arnav ? U went to Nanital....?

Arnav smiled sheepishly and nodded his head. Abeer hugged him sideways and punched him on his stomach - Thum tho Chupe rustom nikhle jije..... U didn't even told anything to me.

Arnav - it's hurting Abeer. And what is there to flaunt ? I thought I should go and I went... What's a big deal ? Biwi hei meri..... He said to avoid the teasing glances his friend and father-in-law is giving.

Abeer - Haan Haan.... She is Ur Wife only. When did I deny that? He asked teasingly.

Arnav - are u making fun of me ?

Abeer - Mujhme ithni zurrath... Ki mein Aapka... The ASR Ka mazak udaonga Jijaji....( I don't have that courage to make fun of u Jijaji ? )

Arnav - Saale Saab....mark my words. One day I will get a chance....and I swear u will run away hiding Ur face... Dekhna....

Shiv laughed at his threat. Shiv - Did u had breakfast Arnav ?

Arnav - No uncle.... Actually I came here to take something from here.

Shiv - Ok have Breakfast and then go to your Room. Come Abeer.

The three went to have breakfast. After that Arnav went to Kushi's room. He went near the cupboard and searched something. Finally he got that.....their wedding album. He sat on the bed and went through it. He smiled seeing Kushi's pictures.

Arnav - So Mrs.Raizada..... hope u r missing me. But when I call u.... Thum toh "hmm"ke alava kuch kehethi nahi....(u only say "hmm" if I call u ) packing it in a bag he took that and went away.

Going to a nice photo studio..... He chose some of their pic from the album asking them to frame it in big size. And then he went and shopped a swing for her just the way she likes. Reaching home he arranged the Swing on his poolside so that when she comes, she would be happy seeing her favourite swing. Next day he bought the frame and hanged that too on his room.

Arnav - kab aa rahi ho wapas Mrs.Raizada....? (When r u coming back Mrs.Raizada ?) Come soon ok..... He smiled again seeing their photo hanging on the wall proudly.

Dec 31

Junoon..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 121 times)

Two three days passed away, still Kushi was under confusion not knowing what to decide. Whether to go back to Delhi ? Whether to trust him again with her or not ? But her heart gave her great grand green signal to go to him......Even then something held her back. She is fed up of living this confused life where she can't decide anything. Finally she decided to go back to him as soon as possible. If her fate works then she can have a happy life or she can decide to go away once and forever if it not work. She went to the chief doctor cabin.

Kushi - Doctor, I can't continue working here.

Doctor was shocked - why Dr.Kushi any problem here ?

Kushi - No No there's no problem here. It's just out of my personal life. So I had to go back. But I promise, any need at any time, u can call me. I'll be here.

Doctor Sighed - Ok Dr.Kushi.... As u wish. But Kids r gonna miss u even us.....it was pleasure working with you......he stood up for shaking his hands with Kushi. Kushi was surprised.... She thought he would make a big fuss....but..... shaking his hands with him and informing the HR team she packed her things from her cabin.

Going home she directly went to her room. Opening her cupboard she saw that Arnav's gift is still wrapped. She slowly opened the box and saw a beautiful white net saree with flowers embroidery all over it. She let her finger caress on the white material and smiled. Inhaling deeply she started packing Everything. Then she booked a train ticket and started to Delhi.

It was night when she reached Delhi. She hoped a cab and reached her destination.....To Arnav's Apartment.... Finally...... Finally she reached there. Just few feet walk, and then she'll see him. She took steps ahead.....and reached the apartment. Using the spare key she opened the door. Her heart started beating loud. She became nervous out of sudden. He'll be inside by now. What will he say seeing her and what will she answer if he ask something? Breathing in and out and relaxing herself she opened the door and reached her room.

When she opened the door she jerked back seeing Arnav sleeping in her bed. She again looked at the door to confirm whether she came to the right room ? She was right.... It's her room. She smiled....So Arnav Singh Raizada is sleeping here.... In her room. Very good.... She thought and neared him. Her eyes smiled seeing him. Keeping the bag aside she went near him. He was sleeping deeply..... Without shirt ofcourse..... He and his habit of sleeping without shirt.....she shook her head. Her eyes reached his palms where the wound was still fresh. She caressed the bandage. Then reaching his forehead her fingers combed his thick yet soft hair. He stirred in his sleep. She immediately withdrew her hands. Smiling at him once again she went taking a pair of her night wear and escaped into the washroom to take a bath.

After having her hot shower she went and laid beside him. She didn't knew when her eyes closed seeing him. Next day morning Arnav woke up first and let his eyes adjust to the bright light, he sensed someone beside him and looked at that direction only to jerk back. Soon Kushi to opened her eyes hearing a loud shout. She woke up and saw down to see Arnav had fall down and holding his back as he got himself hurt.

Looking at her he said - You.....(she couldn't stop smiling seeing him fell down and seeing her smiling he thought something else ) Now I got it. U r Kushi's hallucinations....(smacking his head) I mean Iam hallucinating Kushi.

Kushi looked at him amused - Hallucination and Me....Iam sitting here for real dammit. She thought smiling.

Arnav sighed - Hallucination mein toh kithne pyaar se muskurathi ho, hug karthi ho, kiss karthi ho (Kushi looked at him unbelievable) lekin jab samne hothi ho, baath hi Nahi karthi... Call Karu toh bhi "hmm""hmm""hmm". Thumhi bhathao thumhari original version ko kaise pataao ki voh mere paas aajay.... Kushi was shocked hearing him and sat silent .sighing hard he stood up and started walking out. ( How much lovely smile , hugs and kiss u r giving me while hallucination. But when in real , u r not even talking. Even if I call u r speaking nothing . U tell me how to make Ur original version fall for me and come to me ? )

Kushi - Arnav Singh Raizada what happened to u ? She whispered amused out of his talks. She saw his walk got slow. She thought something and sat down on the other side of the bed. Arnav who got doubt turned again to see there is no Kushi. Arnav - Phir gayab (again vanished ? )

After he went she stood up and burst into laughter. Kushi - My cute Arnav....So this is all happening behind my back. U r hallucinating me hugging and kissing u and u want to make me fall for u......Kahin pyaar toh Nahi hogaya ? ( Did u start to love ? ) Thinking of something she escaped into washroom.

Getting fresh up she came out and saw him sitting on a dining table sulking and speaking something to himself. Kushi admired him " he seems to be a totally new person now. He is not the one she saw after their marriage. The Arnav who hated her was gone far long ago. He is the one who had started to fall for her. Her Brand new Arnav " smiling at this she went near him and took a seat beside him.

Arnav groaned - Not again Kushi. Don't do this to me.... He closed his eyes and held his head in one palm.

Kushi held his other free palm and dipped his finger in the hot coffee mug placed near him. Next second he jumped out of the seat - Ahhhhh........ He threw his hand in air in a try to lessen the burn. He looked ahead.

Kushi - Is it burning ? She asked innocently.

Arnav nodded his head confused. Kushi - Then do understand that u r not hallucinating me..... Iam here for real....

Arnav blinked his eyes. He looked at his finger then at Kushi again and again. Not believing what she said he again dipped his finger in the hot cup only to shout again - Ahhhhh....

Kushi - What the.....(she muttered)

Arnav - That means..... Iam NOT HALLUCINATING U. u r HERE....for REAL....She nodded her head. Slowly his face adorned a smile which turned into a wide one. He went and hugged her tight lifting her above the land making her gasp. She also smiled widely and hugged him back. After believing that she's there for real he put her down. Kushi came out of the hug and put a stern face.

Arnav - I can't believe it.....

Kushi - Then dip Ur finger again in the coffee. Anyways...... Drop me at home and then go to Ur office.

Arnav - ok come.

Kushi - Had Ur breakfast ?

Arnav nodded. She smiled a bit which changed the next second - But Iam feeling hungry. Wait till I finish my breakfast. She literally ordered him.

Arnav nodded pouting. She sat on the table hiding her smile and putting a stern look. But Arnav is making it difficult with his cute smile. Arnav - By the way when did u came ?

Kushi - Yesterday night.

Arnav - But I didn't see u...

Kushi - U were sleeping selling horses. Then how come u can know ?

Arnav - U travelled alone.....I said u to call me na....why u travelled alone ? It's not safe Kushi.

Kushi glared at him and he shut his mouth immediately. She again continued with her food and after finishing she went to her room and took her luggage. Then she went to his car and she followed him like a puppy. Then both reached Gupta Mansion. Shiv was so happy to see his daughter back. Dropping her in Gupta Mansion, Arnav went to his office smiling like a crazy.

Jan 3

Kushi on News..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 120 times)

Days started rolling slowly. When the gang came to know about Kushi's return they literally jumped and made a little celebration. Abeer was so happy for his friends wise decision. Finally Kushi felt that everything is falling in its right place. So for now....all is well.

It was one fine day when Arnav and his friends were in conference room for a discussion regarding their new factory. His phone started ringing.

Arnav picked the call - Haan Abeer....

Abeer - Arnav is everyone there ?

Arnav - S we all r here.

Abeer - Ok wait a minute and put the phone in speaker.

Next second he heard his call been kept on hold. NK - who's that Arnav ?

Arnav - It's Abeer.

The call came back from hold. Abeer - So guys.... Everyone listening ?

The gang chorused a yes. They all heard one more voice too. Lavanya - Who's that Abeer ?

Abeer - It's Aadhya. Ok guys. Now pls switch on TV and turn to Delhi Today.

Arnav - why Abeer ?

Abeer - Check it by yourself and Aadhya u too...

Both sides switched on the TV and turned to the channel Delhi Today. There some announcement was going on regarding award function.Anchor - So Guys..... As I said before Delhi Today has decided to give Awards for the upcoming talents and inspiration. All the names I said before was just a list. Now let's have a look at their detailed biography.... NUM 1 - Mrs. Anisha Kundhra for her NGO....(she started explain about her)

Shanaya - Abeer why u asked us to see this ?

Abeer - There's a reason. Just keep watching.

Everyone looked at the TV. The anchor kept on announcing Every person's name and explaining their achievements. Anchor - Now Finally the person who is last but not least is a Doctor. Her name is Dr.Kushi Singh Raizada......her photo displayed on the screen.

Arnav looked at the screen curiously hearing her name. Anchor - u guys have heard about the successful surgery of a year old Baby girl Naina Batra six months before. The baby was really in a critical situation. Even experienced surgeons have backed off from performing her surgery. The baby needed a surgery and no one was ready. That crucial moment Dr.Kushi Singh Raizada took up the case of the baby. We even came to know that many surgeon adviced her to back off. But she didn't and performed the surgery and was very successful in that. Have a look at the video ( a cute baby girl's video who was playing on her mother's arms played on the screen. She thanked Kushi for saving her baby's life) This cute girl would've lost this lovely life she's living if Dr.Kushi Didn't came to conduct her surgery. Hats off to the young lady. By performing this surgery she had inspired the new doctors in the field and her seniors even. Being a new surgeon months back the lady really got much guts to face off such a thing. The award function is going to held next weekend and we r more than proud to invite each person mentioned above. Invitations will be given to the above mentioned persons by our persons personally.

Arnav looked at the screen without blinking. Dr.Kushi Singh Raizada......he felt just proud at the moment for her name being tagged as Raizada. His heart swelled in pride. She's His WIFE..... The mere thought made his jump in joy. The program ended.

Aadhya - Oh My God..... I can't believe it. Our Kushi has made it. Call her also. We'll speak with her.

Abeer - No no we'll give surprise.

Arnav - How....it's all over the news. Whole Delhi knows this.

Abeer - But Kushi doesn't....

Aadhya - How ?

Abeer - Aadhya u've been with Kushi these much days..... don't u know that Kushi doesn't watch news channel and all.

Arnav - Ok guys come to my apartment today for Dinner.

Abeer - Now this is what we call as ASR. Ok I'll be there.

They all planned something and cut the call. Arnav stood up and started moving. He drove to his apartment and with the help of maids he decorated the hall. And all his friends came to his flat. They all were eagerly waiting for Kushi to come. Finally they all heard a door click sound.Arnav switched off the lights.

On the other side Kushi came inside unaware of anything. She was totally exhausted. When she opened the door the flat was surrounded full of Dark. "May be Arnav didn't came" she thought and moved forward near switch board. When she near the board the lights came on and she heard a loud shout "Surprise....." She jerked and turned back to find Arnav, Abeer Aadhya, and Arnav's friends are standing there smiling.

The girls ran to her and hugged her making her surprised. Coming out of the hug - Congratz Bhabhi...

Kushi - Bhabhi....she scrunched her brows.

Lavanya and Shanaya - Arnav said us to call u like this Bhabhi.

She turned to Arnav who was glaring at both of them like nothing. A smile crept on her mouth. She looked around the surrounding which is decorated. She side hugged Aadhya - What's all this for ?

Abeer - I will say.

Aadhya - No I will.

" No me..."


They started fighting. Kushi looked at them sighing and moved away pulling Lavanya and Shanaya with her. And sat on a sofa watching them fight. Kushi - Shaadhi ke pehele ye haal hei....patha nahi Shaadhi ke baadh kya Hoga ? (Even before marriage the situation is so.... Don't know what will happen after marriage ). Others giggled

Kushi - Abeer ..... Aadhya.... Will u guys stop fighting like kids ?

They both pouted. Kushi - Tell me what's going on here ?

Aadhya & Abeer - Woh Kushi....(they looked at each other)

Kushi sighed - It's waste of time. U guys keep fighting. Gud night....

They both ran to her and pulled her making her sit on the sofa again. Aadhya - Do u remember Naina Batra.. ?

Kushi - I think I have heard this name somewhere. But I don't remember. Why ?

Arnav - Kushi actually the thing is.... U have been awarded for making a surgery to that baby as a " Most promising upcoming Surgeon" the news is being telecasted in Delhi Today. So that's why a small celebration.

Kushi couldn't believe it. Lavanya - Bhabhi come on cut the Cake. They placed a cake before her. Everyone literally pulled her to cut the cake. But still this is unbelievable for Kushi. Lavanya - Come let's have dinner.

Kushi - U guys carry on. I'll join u in few minutes.

Shanaya - we'll set the table till u come. Let's go Lavanya...

They all engaged in their own world. Kushi went to her room. Arnav too followed her to her room. She was about to go inside washroom when Arnav held her hand. Kushi looked at him and her hand. Arnav pulled her towards him and hugged her tight. Kushi smiled in his embrace and hugged him back. Arnav - Iam so proud of u Kushi.

This meant a lot for her...more than that Award even. After that he didn't say anything not her. They just stayed in eachother's embrace. Coming out of the hug he kissed her cheek. Arnav - I wish u to get more awards like this.

She looked down blushing at his kiss. But didn't show it to him. Arnav - I'll chose Ur dress for Award function. Ok....

She just nodded. Kushi - Woh everyone.... I....I can't believe it. Thanks for all this.

Arnav smiled - It's nothing Kushi.

Kushi - Everyone is waiting. I need to fresh up.

Arnav then only realised that he had held her still. He then left her and Kushi went inside to fresh up. Arnav came out smiling and joined others. While Kushi joined them and every one together started to have dinner.

Jan 6

Drunken Kushi.... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 121 times)

Kushi joined everyone on the dining. She saw that most of the dishes were her favourite. She started eating. Abeer - I can't believe it Kushi....

Kushi - What ?

Abeer - That u r going to get an award.

Kushi - Why ?

Looking at everyone - U guys know.... She is the same girl who didn't even want to go school. She used to cry everyday. Do u remember it Kushi.....?

Kushi - Hmm.... And mamma used to do many things to make me agree. She even sat with me the whole day for a week at school. Her eyes brimmed with tears.

Everyone looked at it and to change her mood Aadhya said - And in clg she was totally opposite... Not one day she let me in peace....

There they both started saying her antics which at one point made Kushi irritated - Oh Hlo... U both r speaking as if u both were so innocent obedient kids. Let me tell u both.... U both were much naughtier than me....

Atharv - Really Bhabhi ?

Kushi - S. He used to break the lights, dustbins. He once spilled ink on every people's home work note. And what not ? Every teacher used to get irritate becoz of him. Everyone used to complain about him to me. And....

Abeer - Enough... Enough Kushi.... Muh bandh karke khana kaao (close Ur mouth and eat)

Kushi - Why enough....? Aur yeh muh bandh karke khana kaise khathe hein, iska ek khoobsoorath jhalak dhikaiyena Abeer ji....(And can u show me how to eat with closed mouth once....) She said with her oh-so -innocent look that everyone burst into laughter.

Kushi - If u thought me that....I promise that I will built an ashram in the name of "SWAMI ABEERANANDHA " what say..... Becoz normal people like me... doesn't know these gymnastics and all....

Again a roar of laugh echoed in the hall. Everyone - Pranam Swamiji.... Everyone said in chorus. Kushi Didn't even expect this and she too burst into laughter. Abeer who was pouting till then too joined them in that. Dinner was a fantastic affair that day except for Arnav.

Arnav who is seeing Kushi this much naughtier today felt guilt thinking that becoz of him she had forget to smile even. After dinner congratulating Kushi once again everyone left one by one. Kushi was so content today. Not just becoz of that award thing , but Arnav's friends mingled with her easily that made her happy. Thinking all this without seeing she gulped half bottle of wine thinking it to be a water. Arnav who came inside after sending off his friends was shocked to see her drinking wine. Kushi twitched her face not liking the taste. Arnav - Kushi.... He shouted.

But before that she gulped. Arnav - Oh god....I shouldn't have let that idiots to bring alcohol inside. Isne toh adha peeli....(she had drunk half of the bottle)

Kushi giggled after ample of minutes and once the effect started. She stumbled on her feet. Arnav - Kushi...

He slowly went near her. Arnav - Go and sleep Kushi.

Kushi nodded and started walking towards her room. She shouted - Ahhh....

Arnav - What happened ?

Kushi cried - It's paining...I can't walk.

Arnav - wait. He lifted her.

Kushi giggled - I lied to u. It's not paining.

Arnav looked at her wide eyed - Why ?

Kushi - I like it if u lift me like this. She started swinging in his arms wounding her hands around his neck. Arnav looked at her amused. Smiling he took Kushi inside.

He made her sit on bed. She ran to balcony. Arnav - Kushi careful.

Kushi looked at the sky - Mumma.... U know I got award today. And everyone congratulated me for that. I cut cake... She started telling everything. While Arnav looked at her curiously.

He stood up and walked towards her. Arnav - What r u doing ?

Kushi - Iam speaking with Mumma. I like when I speak with Mumma like this. She giggled and Arnav looked at the sky smiling for that unseen Mumma of Kushi's.

Arnav - What and all my Kushi baby likes ? He pulled her soft cheeks.

Kushi thought for long time - I like Mumma, my Papa, Maggie, Abeer, And My Bhawa...

Arnav - Bawa what's that.... Anything eatable ?

Kushi giggled - Bhawa is a word that ladies use to call her husband in south India.... U don't even know this.

Arnav nodded as NO. Kushi looked at him wide eye.Arnav - Acha tell me...do u like me more than....hmm.....(he thought what to say) Haan.... Do u like me more than Abeer ?

Kushi - Shall I tell u something.... Abeer is my sweetheart.... Voh meri Zindagi Ka sabse important hissa hei.....lekin aap.....aap toh meri Zindagi ho.....(he's important part of my life...but u r my life ) She said cupping his cheek and looking into his eyes.

Arnav looked at the girl before him dump for a second hearing her words.Does she even know what she's blabbering. She giggled and stumbled. Arnav held her by waist and pulled her to himself.

Arnav - do u miss Ur Mumma so much ? He asked remembering her talks with her mother.

Kushi smiled and buried her face in his neck wounding her arms around his neck and nodded her head as no - You...

"What ?"

Kushi - I miss u Bhawa... Becoz Mumma uthni dhoor rehke bhi meri ithni khareeb hei.... Aur aap... Mere ithne khareeb hoke bhi mujhse Bohot dhoor ho... (Even my Mumma is that far I feel she's close to me. But u r this much close....yet I feel distanced)

Arnav's eyes filled with tears. Her words are making his guilty heart broke - Kushi...


" Shall I ask u one thing....? " Asked Arnav and she nodded.

Arnav - why do u love me so much ? He finally asked the question that is nagging in her mind.

Kushi came out and looked at him deeply - I don't know. But I love u so much. I miss u.....but u...I know u don't like me and miss me. Hein na ? I know I don't match u. U like girls like those chudail who wore short clothes. Hein na ? I can't understand what u want in Ur life ? Why u r so away from me.... Why ? I so much wanted to hug u when I sleep.... I want u beside me always. A beautiful life of ours.... a cute babies of ours....Is it wrong ? Pls don't go away from me. I can't take it. Iam vexed totally living my life like this.

Tears flew out of his eyes - No Kushi. I don't like anyone other than u and I don't want anyone except u. Iam not away from u. I didn't go away. It's u....you only left me and went to Nanital. I don't even know how u came back.

Kushi - U only called me.

Arnav looked at the girl in his arms. Arnav - will u do Anything if I say ?

Kushi - Yeshhh.... She nodded her head cutely.

Arnav - Then promise me that u won't leave me alone again.

Kushi held her throat and said - Pinky promise Bhawa. I won't go.

Arnav smiled through tears and kissed her forehead. Kushi giggled again - I like this also....

Arnav hugged her close to himself. He wondered what will a normal human being do.... If they have a girl like Kushi in their life... Who loves him unconditionally.... And what word would be crct to describe the feelings he has for her ? She's his cute angel whom he should treasure all his life. He felt she's falling unconscious. He held her more tightly preventing her from falling. After some seconds , he slowly lift her and went near her bed.

He laid her down and tried to move only to fell forward as Kushi has clutched his collar tightly. He looked at her face which is as pure as a new born. Arnav - Chalo....let me get one of Ur wish done. He laid beside her and pulled her in his arms. She snuggled him like a baby seeking it's warmth from its mother. He slowly pulled the quilt over them and switching the AC on, he started caressing her hair. "I love u so much....." He heard her light murmur against his ears and closed his eyes letting sleep take over him.

Jan 11

Junoon..... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 105 times)

It was next morning when Kushi opened her eyes..... She tried to get up but couldn't. She opened her eyes fully only to get shocked. She and Arnav was tangled in such a way that she couldn't understand which is her body and which one was Arnav. Her head on his chest, hands on his waist, her legs btw his and his hands wounded across her waist. She couldn't understand how come they both end up with eachother like this. But she got lost in that. She felt so warmth.....warmth of his protective hold.

She again laid back and looked at his face without blinking. After nearly 15 minutes slowly Arnav scrunched his brows due to the sunlight that is falling on his face. Kushi moved near his face blocking the sunlight and saw his face relaxing and smiled. Arnav slowly opened his eyes and the first thing he saw is Kushi's smiling face. That would make his day he thought.

Kushi looked away seeing he woke up. He smirked. She tried to get up only to fall over him. She gasped. He wounded his arms around her pulling her more close and closed his eyes with a smile on his face. Kushi - what r u doing ? Leave me....

Instead of leaving her his hold got tighter and his smile got wider. Kushi - Mr.Raizada leave me. It's getting late. I need to go hospital and u to Ur office.

But he didn't even heard it seems. Kushi sighed - Pls leave me....she begged at last. Arnav opened his eyes and taking a long breath he loosened his grips. Taking the chance she flew away. Arnav giggled and closed his eyes again. Kushi came out after fresh up. She saw that Arnav is scrolling something on his phone. She went and chose a dress for her when she heard his calling.....

Arnav - Kushi....

She turned to him. Arnav - Do u know what is the meaning of Bhawa ?

She nodded her head as NO scrunching her eyebrows and asked " Why ? "

Arnav - Someone is messaging me calling me Bhawa. That's why I asked....

Her eyes wided in shock. She marched to him and pulled the phone from his hands. Arnav looked at her amused. Kushi saw that there was really a msg addressing him as "Arnav Bhawa ". She gasped. Kushi - Who is this Mr.Raizada ?

Arnav with his innocent look - How come I know ?

Kushi - when u don't know the person how come they got Ur Number and messaging u ? Don't bluff..... She pouted.

Arnav - Oh Hlo.....why should I lie ? I think she's my secret admirer. That's why messaging me like this. First I have to find what that she's calling me ?

Kushi looked at him wide eye - No...

Why ?

Kushi - No... No means No... No need to see anything. She was so cute as a button with her anger

Arnav chuckled and pulled her near him - The way u r reacting says that u know what it is....

Kushi stammered - No....I.....I don't know....

He hugged her and kept his forehead on her's. Arnav - Iam Bhawa only for u. No one is messaging me. That's my another number. So don't worry.... He showed his another phone.

Kushi thought "How come he know this ? "

Arnav - don't think too much. Yesterday night u drank wine thinking it to be water. In that state u blurted everything that came in Ur mind....

Kushi looked at him with her perfect "o" eyes. Arnav - I didn't knew that U r such a typical Jealousy wife.....

Kushi - Iam not jealous..... She pouted.

Arnav - Ok...let's consider this as Possessiveness. U know Kushi....till today no one felt possessive of me. Not even my mom and dad. It's only YOU....thanks for that.

Kushi smiled and stood up and flew from there. Arnav smiled looking at her retreating figure. She stopped on her tracks and turned around - By the way how come u r here in my room ?

Arnav - My home.... My wife's room..... My wish.....he said folding his arms behind his head and sitting as comfortable as he could and shaking his legs left and right. Kushi shook her head - Such a Laad governor he is..... Attitude toh Dekho.... She muttered.

She went inside to get ready while Arnav too stood up and went to his room to get ready. He went and got freshen up and got fully ready in his three piece suit. He again came back to Kushi's room to see her fully ready and is combing her long hair. He went near her and stood behind her closely.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and placed his chin on her shoulder. She smiled - Don't u think u have gained much courage to hold me Mr.Raizada......

He took a long breathe. Arnav - Kushi..... Till few days before I didn't believe in marriage and love and all. I didn't even wanted to get married. I don't know from where I got the thought of marrying u. In anger and hate.... I went on hurting u a lot without any mistake of urs. When all my thoughts abt u was proved wrong..... All my hate got broken into million pieces. When hate broke it totally change into the opposite. That's what happening with us. I don't know what to name my feelings that I feel for u.... I feel happy if u r happy. Iam feeling low if I see u sad, I just want u in my life. I know u love me more than anything (Kushi looked at him shocked ) Ur love is pushing me to believe in Love and relationships. U r an awesome person Kushi. I know that I don't deserve u. But I want to hold u in my life as my Everything. I don't want our life to start with my confuse and Ur insecurity.

I won't ask u to be my friend..... Becoz u r my wife. And I don't want to feel my wife as a friend. I want my wife as my wife..... I want u to trust me with you. I want to feel the same way u do for me. Will u wait till that Kushi ? For me....for us.....

Kushi looked at him with her tear filled eyes. Arnav - I know u will and that's why u came back. For US.... Hein Na ?

Kushi nodded her head. Arnav - I promise humari zingadi Bohot khoobsoorath rahegi.... Every dream u saw will be fulfilled. Every bit of it. From now everything will be normal btw us right ? Just like a new wed husband and wife.....

Kushi again nodded. Arnav left her and was about to leave but Kushi held his hands - Woh.... I have made breakfast.... Will u have it hear or....

Arnav - Let's go....he pulled her hands and dragged to the dining table. D

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