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Sep 15

Someone else...... (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 75 times)

Kushi took her Car and rode on a lonely roads of Delhi. She went to Mandir and sat on the lawn of Mandir. She thought about the same Mandir where she came Last week happily with her marriage invitation to get blessings of Devi mayya.

Kushi thought - What is my Mistake Devi maiyya ? Why Arnav has to marry me like this ? Just seeing those photos he declared that I only did that. for once...... Just for once he could've talked with me. But NO.... He blamed me. He blamed me for someone else mistake.......... ( Suddenly something strike in her mind ) SOMEONE ELSE........ who is that someone ? It's not Arnav.... then who ? Who is trying to defame him ? I have to find out. But how will I find out ? First I have to check those photos. ( Looking at Devi maiyya's idol ) Thanku Devi maiyya. I will somehow manage to find out who did this ?

Thanking her Devi maiya kushi went to Apartment.

While on the other side Arnav and his gang was chatting with in themselves in Arnav's Apartment. They were speaking when kushi barged in hurriedly. All looked at her wierdly while she chose to ignore them and went into her room.

Shanaya - She's roaming freely it seems....

Arnav - Let her. I just wanted to broke her intention and I did that. Let her plan a new thing , I will break that also. In a game winning is all about seeing the opposite one loosing. I have already won once and always will.

Inside the room Kushi thoroughly checked those photos but nothing seems to be a clue. May be due to hurry she couldn't find anything. She couldn't dump everything in her mind. She wished to share her pain with someone but with whom ? She can't share her problem with her Papa. If Abeer would've been here she would've shared her problems with him. It's the first time in her life where she is standing helplessly and she hated Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada for this.

She again looked at the photos keenly but nothing is visible.She threw the photo in anger.

On the other side -

Arnav received a call in landline. Arnav - ASR here....

Call - Sir.... this is a call from security gate.

Arnav - Yes tell me

Security - Sir there is someone on the gate to meet you.

Arnav - Who ? he asked confused.

Security - Sir he is telling that he knows you and want to meet u.

Arnav - Send him.

Security - ok sir.

Atharv - What happened bro ?

Arnav - There is someone at the gate to meet me it seems.

Lavanya - Who ?

Arnav shrugged his shoulder and said - Let him come. we'll see.

They all waited for sometime when someone came in with a big boquet in his hands covering his face. Arnav looked at the man before him.

Arnav - Who'z this....

The man moved away the boquet revealing his face. Arnav and others smiled brightly looking at the person before them. Boys ran towards him in excitement and hugged him.

Arnav - How r u ?

Man - I am fyn guys. Tell me about u.

Everyone - We r very fine and having fun.

Man - Haan haan..... Why u guys won't be ? After all Arnav got married. Waise Arnav.... where is my Bhabhi ? After marriage also u r roaming with these Monkey gang. When r u gonna introduce ur wife ?

Arnav was about to answer when kushi who came out hearing the noises stood blank seeing the excited gang. The man turned and looked at Kushi only to be shocked.

Man - This Girl.....

Kushi - You..... she said widening her eyes.....

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