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Aug 9

Junoon (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 25 times)

" Marriage is a sacred bond. it's full of Love. when two people binds together in that bond it lasts for next seven births " for HER.

" Marriage is nothing but a S***. It's just to show off. Just for some pleasure. There is nothing like Love exist in this world " for HIM.

" Happiness is when we have our soulmate to share our everything " for HER.

" It will be very nice if everyone concern for their own and not disturb other in the name of concern " for HIM.

What will happen when these both individuals come across each other's path. When these both bind together ?

Aug 9

Character sketch (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 27 times)

Kushi Gupta -

She is 25 yrs old. A pediatrician by profession. Loves her father to the core. Working in renowned hospital in Delhi. A modern girl with traditional blend.

Shiv Gupta -

He is 58 yrs old. Loves his daughter. Paralyzed by an accident.

Madhumathi -

Bua of Kushi. living with kushi and Shashi with her daughter sheetal. hates kushi and tauts her at every given chance.

Sheetal -

A spoilt brat cousin of Kushi. Studying college final year.


Arnav Singh Raizada -

28 yr old. Running AR fashion. Hates love and marriage. Accompanied with a bunch of friends with the same thought.

Lavanya Kashyap. 24 yr old. Working as a head designer in AR. girlfriend of NK.

NK -

NK. 27 yr old.working as a Advertising chief in AR

Atharv Raina -

27 yr old. Show stopper and Men wear designer of AR.

Shanaya Roy -

24 yr old. Top model of AR.

These five are thick friends even after being different age group. Each one of them is highly talented. Atharv and Shanaya is in live in relationship. Arnav, NK and Atharv is same batch while Lavanya and shanaya belong to same. These gang never believe in marriage.

Aug 13

Arnav and Kushi (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 38 times)

It was a cool morning. A girl walked in the park with her jogging tracks with a man in a wheelchair. She stopped near a bench.

"Shall we sit for sometime papa " Asked the girl and got a nod from her papa. She smiled and pushed the wheelchair to the bench and sat there.

She saw that there was many children playing . She smiled and said - It would be so fine na papa if we remain as a children. Koi pareshaani nahi ? Only happiness. Hein na ?

Her father smiled at her and tried to speak. Shiv - Khh...uuu.shi....

Kushi - S tell me.

Shiv - U....aaalsooo ggget...marrr...ied then uuu...will aaalsoo haave a Babyyy ( U also get married then u will also have a baby )

Kushi - Hmm....I will tell to my husband strictly that we will have two babies. I will name them as ( She thought for sometime ) Haan...Megha and Mahi....Nice names na ? (shiv nodded his head happily) but for that u have to get well first.

Shiv pouted. He wants his princess to get married but she is denying Everytime. If he didn't got into that accident one yr before then he would have found a nice groom for her till now.

Seeing him pout kushi said - Papa..... don't worry abt anything and get well soon. u have already improved a lot. just a little more effort u will be fully well. After that search a groom for me then I will marry him for sure.

Shiv seemed still unsatisfied. Kushi - Papa Marriage is a sacred bond of Seven births. we can't do that just like that. u first get well and find that bakara ( Goat ) who has born to tie with me for next seven births. now give a smile and make my day. pls..... Pls na....

Shiv smiled for his daughter. Kushi also smiled and then after sometime they both went to home. once in home she saw that her Bua was instructing their maid.

Bua - Everything should be ready for my princess. Don't make her disappointed.

Seeing them both Bua said - lo aagayi maharani.....

Kushi rolled her eyes and moved the to her room to freshup. After getting ready she went to hospital.

At AR...

It was sharp 9. The main Gates of AR got open wide to let the Audi in. Security saluted to the person in the Audi who didn't gave any damn to him. The car stopped before the entrance and he threw the car keys towards the security after coming out barking him to park it.

The whole AR got pindrop silence as they all heard a click sound of their boss's boots. Everyone wished him. He directly marched into his cabin and sat on his chair and started his work. Soon the Gang came inside his cabin.

Atharv - Morning Bro.

Arnav - Morning buddy.

NK - Bro there is a party tonight in WHITE ORCHID tonight. shall we go ?

Arnav - No buddy. I have got a video conference with American clients tonight. So can't make it up tonight. U guys go and enjoy.

Atharv - there is no party without u. We'll go and take rest.

Shanaya - I have to go parlour. Today I have to look my best at the event.

Atharv - What event Baby ?

Shanaya - Guys u heard that model Ranya is getting married to that Rohit Rawat today. I am going there only.I have to be best infront of that model.

Atharv - U look more cool than her Baby. u don't need to put effort u know.

Lavi - But..... She is very young than him na ?

Arnav - Why are u getting shocked Lavanya ? Money can make anything. Rohit's company is a top ad company. Ranya is a growing model. So it's just a compromise for her. She is getting married to him to get popular in her carrier. After she gets a nice scope in carrier she will broke her marriage with him.

The gang nodded as if understanding. Arnav - Every marriage is just a compromise for name and fame. that's it.

Atharv - Ok bro. Today there is a photoshoot of men with new designs. Me Peter along with Ajay are gonna shoot. Will u be there ?

Arnav - No..... Nk will take care.

They nodded and dispersed. Arnav immersed in the work.

Aug 16

Kushi treats Arnav. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 43 times)

It was one fine day when kushi was in a hotel to attend her friend's engagement. She was looking so pretty in her blue saree. While on the other side Arnav came to the same hotel to have a meeting.

After some time Arnav went to the restaurant to have some food. As he didn't had anything from morning his diabetes is doing it's good by making him dizzy. He knew he can't travel in this condition so he chose to book a room in the same hotel. He went towards his room.

Exactly at the same time kushi who had her saree spilled with juice came to the same corridor. Arnav was walking towards his room when he felt dizzy and stumbled on his feet. Kushi saw him stumbling and thought he was drunken. She stopped at her place. He went near his room but before he open the door he fell down unconscious. Kushi ran to him and patted his cheek.

" Excuse me " she patted his cheek. She couldn't smell any alcohol instead his manly perfume aura filled her nostrils. She confirmed he is not drunken.

She tried to lift him. He opened his eyes and saw a blur image of a lady.

" Suniye....what happened ? " asked kushi.

" I am diabetic. From morning I didn't had anything that's why " said Arnav.

Kushi - Ok.Get up.

Arnav tried getting up still stumbling. He fall against kushi who held him by waist. Slowly she took him inside the room. She laid him on bed and fall against him as her saree got tuck under him. She got up and brought a jug of water and splashed on his face. Arnav scrunched his eyebrows. She immediately called her friend to that room.

Kushi - Madhu he is diabetic. he didn't had anything from morning and fell down unconscious. Kushi explained her friend who treats diabetes patients.

Madhu - Nothing to worry. She called reception and asked for some medicines.

Soon a boy came and handed over her the medicines and injected him.

Madhu - Nothing to worry kushi. He'll be alright. By the way who is he ?

" Don't know. I was going to fresh up. I saw him stumbling so only called u "

Arnav's phone rang. Kushi picked his phone - Hello...

Atharv - Who'z this ?

Kushi - Actually the person u called has fell down unconscious. His phone is with me.

Atharv - Oh my God...I am coming. pls stay there till then.

Kushi - Sure.

Kushi waited for sometime. it was already past 9.30. she should reach home, her father must be worried. She called a room boy and asked him to be with Arnav till his friend comes and went away.

Atharv came and took Arnav to his Apartment.

It was two days later -

Arnav was sitting in his cabin doing his work when suddenly a person came in.

"Hlo ASR " Said the person.

" Hlo Mr.Sehgal " Said Arnav and asked him to sit.

" how r u ASR ? "

" I am fine. What brings u here ? "

Mr.Sehgal - Actually ASR today morning I received a parcel......( Handling him the parcel ) Here have a look at this.

Arnav got the packet in his hands and got shocked seeing and reading the content.

Mr.Sehgal - from where I don't know. But today I received that packet along with a msg to publish this in our Magazine. But I thought to show it to you. What shall I do now ?

Arnav - Thanks Mr.Sehgal. I will take care of this. Thanks for informing me.

Mr.Sehgal - Come on ASR.... it happens every now and then with every people like you. So not to bother. Take care...I'll take ur leave.

Shaking his hands with Mr.Sehgal he sent him away.

He was bubbling in anger. He soon called Atharv and NK and showed him the packet. They rolled their eyes.

Arnav - Arrange a meeting with Manager of this immediately.

Atharv - Ok.

Aug 21

Arnav's Decision. (By Anjanaa) (Thanked: 51 times)

It was evening when kushi came back home. She was a bit surprised seeing a new vehicle. She went inside and saw her papa was speaking with someone. She recognized him to be the same person she saw two days ago in the hotel. ' But what he is doing here ?..... May be he knew papa ' She thought.

" Kushi bitiya aagayi Maalik" Shouted their maid.

Shiv smiled looking at her and raised his hands asking her to come. Kushi came to him - what Happened papa ?

Shiv - Kushi..... He is Arnav. He is here asking ur hand for marriage.

Kushi was shocked looking at Arnav. Arnav smirked looking at her reaction.

Shiv - I am Ok with this marriage. What is ur opinion ?

Kushi - But Papa....

Gopal ( Maid ) - Maalik... let bitiya fresh up first. Go bitiya. Fresh up and come I'll serve u ur favorite coffee.

Kushi nodded her head and went inside her room. Gopal - Kya maalik aap bhi.... If u ask her suddenly how will she say yes. that too in front of the groom. Let her freshup first. I'll go and make coffee for her.

Gopal went away while shiv smiled - He Pampers Kushi a lot.

Arnav - She deserves that uncle.

Shiv smiled and nodded. While on the other side kushi sat on her bed nervously. ' How can she marry leaving her father in this condition. She said to him clearly that she won't marry until he gets well. So what is the point in saying all this.She definitely can't do this right now and she will say the same to her father also ' She determined.

Arnav - Ok Uncle. I'll leave u speak with kushi. If she says Yes then I will be happy.

Shiv nodded his head. Arnav went from there.

Arnav went to his office. NK - What Happened buddy ?

Arnav - Simple.... I went to her home and asked her hands for marriage.

Atharv - With whom ?

Arnav - with ME

Lavanya who was drinking her juice spit it and started coughing. Shanaya dropped her phone down while Boys opened their eyes as much as possible.

Arnav raised his eyebrow smirking. Arnav - What happened guys ?

None of them answered. Arnav - Are u guys seeing any ghost here ?

Atharv - Bro u r kidding right ? ASR and marriage.... it's impossible.

Arnav - I am Damn serious Atharv. I am gonna marry her.

NK - Are u mad or what ? U r not gonna do this.

Arnav - This is what ought to happen right ? Then it will....... but according to my wish.

Atharv - Do u really want this ?

Arnav nodded his head - Welcome to hell Miss.Gupta.

Others shooked their head and went away.

Gopal led Shiv to Kushi's room. They saw that Kushi was sitting on the window looking out blankly.

Gopal - Kushi Bitiya

Kushi turned and looked at them. She came near them.

Shiv - Kushi

Kushi - I don't want this marriage papa.

Shiv and Gopal looked at each other. Shiv - Kushi what is ur problem ?

Kushi - Mujhe koi problem nahi hei. Its just I can't leave u like this. First u get well. After that whom ever u show I will marry.

Shiv sighed - I have become a burden on my daughter.

Kushi - Papa..... she said with tears.

Shiv - Yes Gopal. I have become a burden. My daughter will remain like this forever. I failed to keep a promise I did to my wife. I couldn't get my daughter marry. I am very bad father. Shiv breathed with a difficulty.

Kushi rushed to him and gave him water. Kushi - Don't say like that Papa. u r the best father in the world. U r not a burden to me. Don't hurt me saying all these rubbish.

Shiv - I am sorry kushi. U do what u want. I won't disturb u anymore. I thought that u will get married. U will be happy with ur husband and seeing u I will be relaxed. But NO...... I have to die leaving u alone in this world.

Kushi was shocked " her papa didn't said such a words to her till now. It hurted her deeply "

Shiv went away with Gopal. Kushi broke down into tears. "Every father dreams of his daughter's marriage. She knew she don't have the rights to break that. But she is not saying NO to marriage forever. She is just asking some time to get her father stable enough"

Next morning-

Shiv didn't went with kushi for walking. He didn't had breakfast. Kushi took the plate to her father's room. when she went there she saw that her father is looking at her mother's pick and crying.

Kushi's eyes brimmed with tears. She took the plate inside and sat near him. Taking a spoon of kichidi she placed it before his mouth. But he moved the spoon away. Kushi - Ab ithna akad khane ki zaroorath nahi hei ( Don't show too much attitude) U have Arnav's number right ?

Shiv looked at her. Kushi - After ur breakfast call him and say that ur daughter is ready to marry him.

Shiv looked at her with bright smile. Shiv - Really ?

Kushi - U will be happy if I marry him right ?

shiv nodded his head. Kushi - Then I am ready to marry him.

Shiv - My Doll..... U can never imagine how much I am happy.

Kushi - Promise me u will never say such words to me again.

Shiv - I am sorry.

Kushi - U better be. Now have ur breakfast. then medicine.

Shiv nodded his head and ate his food happily.

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