Piece By Piece

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Aug 8

Piece By Piece (By Chasby) (Thanked: 10 times)


Piece by Piece is all about:

A Son, whose life revolves around his Mother. A replica of someone whom he hates the most, his father. A son, who have groomed himself to avenge the past, the same past which had given his mother nothing but pain and heartbreak, the unchanged pain that still lingers in her eyes and the agonizing heartbreak still frozen in her heart.

The past, he didn’t even live!

Will his stances ever turn into anything else towards his father and his family? Or will he succeed in equaling the score with them?

A Father, who is also a husband but were never able to wholly become one. And he was still willing to change that, if only, he knew where his wife was. If only she would come back to him.

A father, who was still unaware of his son existence. The son, who hated him like no one ever had.

Will he be able to accept and endure his sons hatred?

And about A Mother, who is the sole reason, both the son and the father were living their life for!

All in all, it is about how they ruined and rebuilt their life "piece by piece", in spite and despite of all the hatred, love, anger, and their differences.  



Aug 8

Prologue (By Chasby) (Thanked: 26 times)


The Times of India


 A.S Gujral, the great business tycoon or the Prince of Fashion World, as the world refer to him as, is going to be in India very soon. After giving a new dimension to the fashion world in so many countries, the Prince is finally in India to try his hands on Indian Traditional Clothes, for the very first time. Mr. Gujral will showcase his new ITC collections, which he has named as K-Ace, in the upcoming India Fashion Week.

Mr. Gujral, though an Indian, was born and brought up in New York. At the age of 19, he started his own business and now after five years, at the age of 24, he has become the youngest and one of the most successful businessmen in the world. In just a short span of time, and at such a young age, he has done and achieved what other only dreams about. Aren't we proud Indians?

A man sighed and locked his IPad. Closing his eyes, he recollected all the gens he had heard seven years ago. He had been preparing and waiting for this day to come for the last several years. He wanted to see for his own eyes, the country, the city, and the people, who had given his mother nothing but a lot of pain, the same pain that still existed somewhere in her heart and that still lingers in her eyes. He would do and go to any lengths to remove them from her life, he had sworn. Advay Singh Gujral was all set to face those people and settle the score with them!

Another man, in Delhi, kept staring at the picture on the newspaper. He has been doing this for the last ten minutes, his breakfast untouched, unaware that his family members were now staring at him.





Oblivious to their callings, he kept staring. He seemed familiar, he has had this thought every time he had seen him on television or on papers. But could never relate as to what and how. This young man has always fascinated him. Though they have never met, he knew that, in many forms this young man was exactly like him. The whole world would always come up with something or the other, be it related to their business or their personalities, and awe about the resemblances. He was well informed about them.

No wonder the world calls this young man "the Prince of Fashion" while Arnav Singh Raizada as "the King of Fashion".

A woman, her eyes full of unshed tears, sighed and kept the newspaper down. She was very proud of her son! "Pata hi nahi chala kab bara hogaya" she mulled over and quickly wiped her tears, fearing her son might come to know that she has been crying when he comes back home. He hated tears, especially in his mother's eyes and she hated the long lecture she gets after that. She smiled remembering all those censured moments. Suddenly, her smile faded recalling that certain fact from the paper. Her son was going away to that place, where she had lost everything. Her son had never wanted to go to India, so this sudden decision was making her confused and anxious. Khushi Gujral could never understand her son, sometimes, just like how she had never understood his father most of those times. She sighed again!


Aug 12

Chapter One (By Chasby) (Thanked: 18 times)


Gujral Mansion, New York

Advay Singh Gujral, a very reserved person when it comes to his personal life, owns one of the biggest and highly securitized mansions in New York. No one, be it from the media or his fans, had ever gotten their peep in his personal life. No one knew how many people live in that mansion. Everyone knew about his mother but no one ever saw her. The world knew nothing more than his professional life, which have always been on the first page news ever since he stepped into the business world, or more precisely the fashion world.

"Ema Baby, I am sorr…"

Advay trailed off as he entered the Mansion and stopped short on his track, disappointed and confused, when he didn't find her.

"Ema Baby?"

He made sure.

"Yes, dear."

Came a voice from the kitchen and an old woman, in her fifties, entered the hall smiling nervously at him.

"Dida, where is my Ema?"

He was worried! She would always be there, waiting for him by the entrance. She has always been the first one he wanted to see when he gets back home and the last when he leaves. And she would never missed that until and unless!

"I asked you a question, dammit? Where is Ema, Dida?"

He snapped! She must be somewhere, all alone, probably sad or crying and he knew that. He would make that out as soon as he sees her and she knew that.

"The lawn! She said she wanted to be alone for some time."

The nervous smile reappeared and Dida averted her eyes from his, knowing very well what was coming next.

"What??? I told you not to leave her alone, no matter what. Can't you understand one thing I asked you to do? What if something happens to her? You know how she is, she will not take care of herself at all. And where is that nurse? Tell her she is fired and to never show her face here, again."

He said that through gritted teeth and rushed towards the Lawn.

Dida heaved a sigh of relief. Her master was the worst when he gets angry.

"She was the fifteenth."

Dida mumbled shaking her head. This was the fifteenth time in a month. He had fired 14 other nurses before this who had come to attend his Ema. And she has lost the count of the nurses he fired in the last few years. He would never compromise when it comes to her. One small slipup and they would be out in a blink.

Dida’s been with them ever since Advay was born. She was a family and she had seen Advay growing up, from a baby to a now matured man. She has seen his revolution, his very own limited-edition transformation: from an angry small boy to an arrogant young man and from a merciful teenager to a now ruthless young businessman. But to, with and for his mother, his Ema baby as he calls her 'pyaar se', he would become the same old Advay. The endlessly loving and an extremely caring son! The inimitable bond that the mother and the son shares were accessible only among the close folks whom he shields.

The world would definitely go bonkers if they see him in that avatar!

She was seated on her wheelchair in midst that vast lawn, entranced in her own realm. Her mind hauled by her unsolicited past, he was never oblivious of that. He walked towards her, her back facing him, soundlessly. He was only few steps away when she turned and faced him, her lips adorned in that enchanting smile of hers. She gestured him to come. She was avoiding looking into his eyes for more than few seconds, he noted unpretentiously while walking towards her. He leaned down as soon as he reached close to her and kept his head on her lap. 

"Mama, you know I don’t like it when you don't turn up at the door. I know I am late and I am really sorry for that."

He admitted. He had never intrude and he won’t do it now either, he decided. For him, she mattered the most and he have fulfilled her every wishes, be it the verbal ones or the unspoken. And he would obey this unexpressed one too!

Khushi just sat there quietly, stroking his hair, hoping he would understand her silence like he always had. And he did! The mother and the son just sat there the whole evening, enjoying their blissful silence and only returned into the mansion after the sun set.

Raizada Mansion, Delhi, India

Arnav was still lost in the picture, when someone rudely snatched the paper out of his hands.

"What the'!!!"

He looked at the empty space between his hands and then looked up to see the insensible invader.

"OMG! The Prince is going to be in Delhi very soon."

She shrieked startling everyone sitting at the dining table.

Kavya Singh Raizada, the youngest Raizada and the daughter of Akash Singh Raizada and Payal Singh Raizada had just entered the dining area when she saw the Picture of Advay on the paper. Unintentionally inviting trouble for herself, she had immediately jigged to get that paper and was now so captivated by the article that even the notifying tug by her bua Anjali Singh Raizada could not bring her back to the alarming scenario. She had even failed to hear Arnav's very stunned 'What the'. While, the rest of the Raizadas held their breaths, anticipating their hot-headed’s next move.

"Dad, did you kno...” 

She animatedly turned towards Akash and trailed off, confused, as she saw all the family members gesturing her to keep quiet and directing towards her right. When she did, she froze as realization dawned upon her.

Oh ****! Hell! What did I do? Wait a minute! When did he come back? He was supposed to be back only tomorrow evening! I am so dead. Please someone save me! She prayed!

"I ..I.. aa..m soo..oory A..S.R!"

ASR furiously stood up, his chair stumbled in the process. Kavya bowed her head and closed her eyes, waiting for the verbal lashes while others stiffened at their places.

"Don't be late!"

After what seem like centuries have passed away, he just said that traumatizing everyone in the process. He was about to shout at Kavya when his eyes have landed on the paper on her hands and saw the picture, which have instantly soften his demeanor. He turned his back to everyone and frowned not able to understand himself.


He breathed and left for AR, confused. And left everyone stupefied at the dinning, the second time that morning.


"What just happened?" 

Akash asked, no one in particular, unable to believe what just ensued.

"I know, this is the first time in the last 25 years Chote didn't make a fuss."

Anjali said still unable to comprehend, while Nani and Mami nodded confirming the same.

“Kavi, didn't you see your uncle was holding the paper? Why do you have to get into trouble every time he is around? I just don’t understand this. Thank goodness! If it was any other day, I don’t even want to think about what would have happened.”

Payal Raizada reproved her daughter.

"I didn't even know ASR was back from his business trip."

She said idiotically.

"Obviously, how would you, when you were busy gossiping with Di over the Skype, the whole night. I just don't understand how you girls can even talk for that long."

Navi Singh Raizada, the ten minutes older twin brother of Kavya, spoke for the first time after Arnav left. Kavya was about to retort when their mom reminded them of their uncle’s warning.

"Oh ****! We are getting late. ASR will surely kill us if we are late for the first day of our internship. Not every person is lucky to get a second chance from the great ASR, you see Kavi. So, let’s go!"

Navi hurried his sister after glancing at his watch. They kissed and hugged everyone and in return got their wishes and then left for AR.

"Bechey kab bare hogaye pata hi nahi chala." 

Anjali wiped her content tears.

"My grandchildren are all grown up but I don't know if my daughter will ever grow up."

All smiled as Mami teased Anjali, making her blush.

These small bright moments and the three new members have kept Raizada Mansion and its people optimistic and have eased them to move forward in their lives, ever since Khushi left them. In midst of all these, they were still hoping and praying, with their full hearts, that their Khushi would come back. To them and to her Arnavji, who has been waiting and searching for her all these 25 Years.

Aug 16

Chapter Two (By Chasby) (Thanked: 16 times)


Gujral Mansion, New York

Advay sat lost in his thoughts as his rockers swayed him among so many concerns that needed his attention. His mother crowning the list! She was fast asleep in her room upstairs and his mind went back to what happened earlier at dinner time.


This wasn’t the first and yet Khushi would be left surprised every time. 

"Ema baby, you know I hate irresponsible people and she wasn’t reliable at all. How will someone succeed in their life when they can’t even do their designated job properly?"

Advay has been feeding Khushi all the while chatting and teasing her when Khushi had noticed, Kathey, the nurse whom Advay fired not so long ago, wasn't around. She enquired Dida about the same and that is when her son had told her, she was gone for good. Advay reasoned out but all three of them, who were hovering around the dinner table, knew he could and would never stand anyone who were negligent towards his mother. 

"Why do you even hire them if you are going to fire them the next day? Bechari, she was so in need of this job. You have become so ruthless, just like your fa…"

Khushi stopped as soon as she can, while Advay's hand, which was holding the spoon, stopped midair when he heard that.

He knew what his mother had meant to say. That he was becoming just that Man! NO!!! He was not like him. He will never become like him. He would never hurt his mother like that person had. He would never leave her like that man had. She is the one and only reason for and of his existence, his pictorial live, and he would be doomed if he became like that Man. NEVER!

Khushi was thinking about the same happening. She had pretended to fall asleep after Advay had tucked her in her bed, so that he would leave her and she could think over the whole incident. She cursed herself again! Something had flickered in his eyes in that precise odd moment and had bounced away in a wink, she was still certain about that and in spite of everything, she had even examined his eyes again but she could not tag it. The practiced shield of his eyes that he keeps propelling whenever he wants to, had hid his feelings really well.

"Mama, you are everything that I have. There will never be a place in my house for someone who can't take care of my mama. Aur mere dil mein toh bilkul bhi nahin. There is only one place in my heart and that is for you."

Knowing fully well what his mother was trying to do, he snapped himself out and ignoring everything, he expressed his part. Khushi cupped his cheeks, eyes full of love for her son, and kissed his forehead, thanking her Devi Maiya with all her heart, for giving her Advay, her very own special boon!

"But then where are you going to keep 'her', you better make a space for her too." 

She teased him easing the air right away.

"Who? And where do I have to make a space for her? Why?"

He asked confusingly scandalized.

"Hai Devi Maaiya, what do I do with this boy? Arre, I was talking about my daughter in law, your future wife."

Khushi enlightened her son, who just stared at her all alarmed.

"No way mama. Me and marriage!!! Nah, not possible."

"What not possible? It will be possible when the right girl comes in your life. Dekh na, once she comes, you will not be able to take her out of your heart."

"No other human can ever make that happen, Mama. My heart exists only with you. Other than that, I don't believe in others’ nor will I understand their language.”

Advay advocated himself.

"Pyar toh dil se hi hota hain. Iss tara hisab kitab kar ke nab tol ke nahin hota. Pyar toh bas ho jata hain. Ki jab app ausse dekho toh auski chere se nazar hi na hathe. Agar who audass ho toh kuch bhi accha na lage. Ausse door jaane ka kayal bhi app ko parshan kare."

Khushi wasn't ready to give up just like that. While her son watched her amusingly.

"Mama, I don't want to waste my time in these impractical things."

"You just wait and see. One day you will love to waste time in these things. Because…"

"Yeah I know, because according to you, one day that girl will come, jisse dekh kar main sab kuch bul jaun ga, jiske aane ke bat etc, etc, etc'. Oh! Come on mama, even if someone like that comes in my life, I would prefer to stay away from her. Because my heart belongs to you. End of story!”

"You will never be able to do that dear."


He asked acting surprised, tongue in his cheeks, waiting for another one of her witty replies.

"Because if she goes away from you then your heart will stop beating."

She said cupping his cheeks once more. Advay just stared his mother, wide eyes, for the first few seconds and then he burst out laughing.

"You are unbelievable mama, do you know that. Really? Sanse ruk jaye gi."

Khushi innocently nodded her head.

"We better go, it’s time for your medicine. My heart will definitely stop beating if we continue this."

He said still amused, which annoyed his mother. He smiled even more when he saw her irked pout.

"Well, when I already have such a lovely and the most beautiful lady in my life, why will I need someone else?"

Khushi smiled unable to control herself and punched his chest calling him ‘badmash’.

"And I also have the world cutest baby with me, my Ema baby. I don't need anyone else."

"Shut up! You always treat me like a kid. If you have forgotten then let me remind you, I am your mother"

"I know, I know. Okay, let’s move to the hall, you need to have your medicine now."

He led Khushi to the hall.

"But Ema, you are my baby no matter what you say."

He added to rile up her again and he laughed as he saw his mother pout for a second time.

Dida, who was the silent viewer of their absolute bond, secretly blessed them as she wiped her happy tears.

Advay had realized what she had left unsaid, Khushi was awfully aware of that and she wasn't surprised when he didn't make any reference on the same. It has always been like this. Advay had never ever asked about his dad and their past. As though he had always known, as if he have grappled with her buried past and the pains that were bound to follow! He had avoided and escaped a few times when she had tried to tell him about his dad! 

Heart? Love? Marriage? These are the three of the four ideas Advay never believed in. He was much bitterer towards life than anyone can ever be but his mother’s presence have made everything meaningful. His heart exists only with and for his mother and he would always abide by that. He had never missed having a father. He didn’t even want to know who he was until that one incident, seven years ago, which had changed the whole setups. He never let her have any inklings but he had been very well detailed about the past, though unknowingly.

“What the hell Jain! You know, I don’t take calls around this time?” 

Advay had just finished making Khushi have her medicine, after much cajoling, when his phone bell rang. He never attends any calls when with his mother. Everyone associated with him were well versed with the timings. There were specific time given to his office staff for official calls as well!

"I...I am really sorry sir but it is really important."

Jain, his manager spoke with trembling voice. He, after jumping through many thoughts had dialed his boss number, fully knowing the outcome.

"Whatever, I don't care."

He said that and was about to cut the call when he saw his mother gesturing him to continue and complete the call. He sighed!

"This better be something really important! You have one minute.”

"Sir, there was a call from India. All the schedules have been preponed and we will have to be there by next week."

Jain said in a single breath.

"Next week?"

Advay looked at his mother, as he heard Jain explaining further details.

"Okay, arrange a meeting tomorrow and book the tickets."

"Yes sir, right away sir."

Advay cut the call and faced his mother properly, who has been listening intently to his every words.

"So, you are leaving next week?"

The second he saw the tears, that she was trying to bravely hold them back, he reached beside her.

"Yes mama. All the schedules had been changed there and I have to be there by next week. Please stop the tears right away, you know I hate them in your eyes. Just one month mama and then we will be together forever, I promise."

He hated being away from his Ema and he hated tears in her eyes even more but he have to do this. He didn’t want to ignore and escape this time. He have waited for this for far too long.

Her son had always reminded her of Arnav. And he have grown up and become just like him. Even their mindsets were similar, be it towards love, god, marriage and so on and so forth. Sometime, she fears that her son might ruin his life, unknowingly, like his father had!

The only thing that resembled Khushi was his eyes.

That night Advay and Khushi could not sleep for a very long time. Khushi could not get over the reality that his son will be going away to that very place, where she had been robbed off from every relationship she adored and from every happiness she netted. She would have stopped him if not for the success she wanted for her son.

If only she knew what his son was really up to!

"Next week!"

Raizada Guest House, London

"Next week?" 

She smiled knowing that at this time, next week, she would be back with her family.

Aashika Singh Raizada, the daughter of Anjali Singh Raizada and the niece of the great ASR, was in London for the last six months working on few projects that her Mamu had assigned for her. She had joined AR group right after she was done with her studies and has been helping and working for AR since then.

Arnav has always been the father she never had. Though he fails to express himself but she have felt his love and care for her in his every deed. She would always be indebted to him!

"I should call and inform them." 

She murmured to herself but decided against it soon after. Surprising them would be more exciting, she resolved.

She grinned and got back to her work.

Raizada Mansion, Delhi, India

"Next week! The day is coming again, Nani."

Anjali teared up as she reminded them.

"I know Anjali Bitiya. I don't know when his pains are going to reduce. Though he doesn’t express but we all know he is still suffering."

Nani, Mami, Anjali, Akash and Payal, were seated in the living room, with their eyes full of tears and sadness, dreading the day that was coming in a week. The Marriage Anniversary day of Akash and Payal, but also the Marriage Anniversary day of Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.

That sorrowful date when the lives of Arnav and Khushi had taken a cruel turn, and had in turn, changed the lives of the people around them, 25 years back.

"Chote is still searching for Khushi Bitiya, isn't he?"

Nani would ask the same question once in every few months. Hopeful every time only to be left with disappointment.

"Yes Dadi. It’s been 25 years and they are still unable to find her whereabouts. The police and detective agencies had given up long time back but Bhai didn’t let them stop. Khushiji has disappeared like she never existed, Dadi."

Aakash could never forget the devastating look on his brother’s face, every time when the results came negative. That expectant look which instantly turns into a shattering one!

"I just hope my Khushi is fine wherever she is."

Payal cried while Akash embraced her supportively.

"Don't cry Payal Bitiya, our Khushi will be all fine. I am sure her Devi Maaiya is looking after her well. I just hope I get to see her once before I leave this world. Otherwise, I won’t be able to rest in peace."

Nani knew her days were numbered in this world.

"Sasu Ma! Don't say like that, you still have a long life to live. Not only will you see Khushi again but you will live to see your great great grandchildren."

Mami cheered up her mother in law.

"Whose children?"

Navi and Kavya entered while the elders froze on their seats.

"Is anybody coming over Dadi?"

Kavya asked Mami as she snuggled into her grandmother.

"How was your first day in AR?"

Anjali succeeded in changing the topic as Kavya excitedly started sharing their first day working experience in AR, completely forgetting about her earlier questions.

The elders would not have been able to explain if they had heard everything. The younger Raizadas didn't know what exactly happened 25 years ago. They knew who Khushi was, they knew her importance in Raizada family, and they even knew that their uncle loves her a lot but they were never specified about the reason of her absence.

"Next week!"

AR Head Office, Delhi

"Next week! Khushi, our anniversary is coming. Are you still planning to spend the day all alone? Let’s just be together this time. Okay? Please! Please come back."

His Khushi smiled back from the framed photo on his hands. He caressed the photo one more time, put it back on his office table and dropped back on his chair, exhausted. Arnav had just finished talking with the agencies and the answer was still the same. She is alive, his heart knows no matter what others thought or believed. She was out there, somewhere where she had hidden herself really well, breathing for them!

That day, 25 years ago, was the day where so many lives had taken a drastic turn and this time the same day was going to be the beginning of the another turn their lives were going to take.

Next week? Seven Days? 168 Hours? The beginning of a new story and the first step towards the ride, all their lives were going to take.


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