Isqh Mubarak!

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Isqh Mubarak! (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 71 times)


*Giggles sounds*

"Well I don't see anything to ask to our Sana.. we already know everything about her.. And for me, she's the best for Arnav.." smiled Dilshad, Arnav's sweet and simple mother.

Sana lowered her gaze smiling shyly.

"But still I need to ask Arnav if he agrees for this marriage or not.." Dilshad said politely.

"Ammi we don't even need to ask him.. He trust your choice and Sana is already his friend.. I don't think he would have a problem in marrying her.." Zoya said cheerfully, she's Arnav's chirpy and bubbly sister in law, married to Arnav's brother "Asad Ahmed Khan".

"Haan.. I know but still.. just to be sure!" Dilshad smiled.

"Okay Ammi.. You go and ask him while we will celebrate!!!" Zoya giggled.

"No. I don't want to celebrate now.. first we need to know what he thinks about this.. then.." Sana said worriedly.

"See Ammi.. now she's doubting us because of you.. Bhaiya will agree for this marriage for sure .. Don't be tensed Sana!" said Haya, Arnav's little and mischievous sister.

Dilshad giggled and walked to Sana, she sat beside Sana and caressed her cheek lovingly: What does your heart say? Will he agree for it or not?

"My heart says he will say Yes!" Sana said blushing.

"Then you shouldn't be tensed.. Even my heart says he will say Yes.. But I will have to ask him na, or else how will things move on?" Dilshad smiled.

"Is your girls emotional talk over? Can we boys knows what's the final decision?" Ayan, Arnav's brother who recently joined college sat beside his mother.

Dilshad smacked his shoulder, "Your brother is getting married now.. Don't scare the new member of this family.."

"Ammiiiiii.." Ayan whined.

The girls laughed at him, Sana said: It's okay Ammi.. He's like me when I was young.. very naughty!! We will get along well..

"WOW.. I already like you bhabhi!" Ayan smiled broadly.

"Ammi what's the final decision? Does Sana like Arnav?" Asad, Arnav's elder brother asked with serious tone.

"Haan.. like I told you.. I'm always right! Sana likes our Prince also.." Zoya said chirpilly.

"I asked Ammi about it.. Not you!" Asad glared at her.

Zoya's smile fade away from her face, she looked down sadly.

Everyone looked at each other wondering what's the new fight between both now.

"It's okay Asad.. if I tell you or Zoya.. it's the same thing!" Dilshad said smiling.

"What are you all doing here?" came an elder woman rubbing her sleepy eyes.

"We're talking about bhaiya's marriage Dadi.." said Haya.

"What?????? You all are talking about my Prince's marriage without my presence here!" Dadi pouted.

"What should we do Dadi if you were sleeping so cutely and I didn't felt like disturbing your sleep!" Zoya giggled.

"You should have called Dadi Zoya.. such matters aren't discussed without elders.." Asad said.

"It's good that you didn't disturb my sleep only.. I was dreaming that I was eating barfi which Dilshad never let me!!" Dadi said giggling and sat with Zoya.

Zoya faked a smile. She knew Dadi said that to avoid a fight between her and Asad.

"So what's decided?" Dadi asked curiously.

"Ammi.." came the one who everyone were eagerly waiting for. Arnav Ahmed Khan!

"Arnav.." Dilshad smiled, "We were waiting for you only.. remember I told you that I wanted you to get married now and that I would find the best girl for you.. so here is she.. Sana!"

Arnav looked at his mother little shocked and surprised, yes she did talk with him about his marriage recently and he would obediently marry the girl of her choice. But now the circumstances are different, he is in a dilemma with himself. And when he is confused or facing some difficulties in life, his mother always advice him to pray for Allah (God) asking for guidance and always do the right thing. Today he did the same, and decided to choose the path he thinks is the right one.

"Ammi I don't want to marry Sana.." he said firmly after the battle between his mind and heart.

"What?" everyone were shocked. Sana looked at him with tears and broken heart.

"I want to marry Khushi, Ammi.." he said looking down.

"Khushi? Siddiqui's daughter?" Dilshad asked blinking her eyes.

"Yes.. Khushi.." he nodded his head.

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Chapter 1 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 48 times)

"Have you gone mad? How can you marry Khushi?" Asad got up furiously facing his brother. 

"Calm down.. Let's hear what he has to say.." Zoya immediately held his shoulder to calm him down while staring at Arnav shocked for his decision.

"Just leave me Zoya..  Don't support him all the time.." Asad shouted and shoved her hand, he walked towards Arnav and shook him hard, "Are you in your senses Arnav? You're leaving a good girl like Sana to marry that mad girl?"

"She's not mad.." Arnav spoke after much time in silence. His voice was soft, his eyes were staring at the floor but he wouldn't let anyone speak a word against Khushi. 

"Oh really.. You will spoil your life.. Ammi just talk to him.. Put some sense in your son's mind!" Asad shouted turning to Dilshad who still in same state as others. 

Dilshad walked to him with teary eyes, she cupped his face and made him look at her, "Till today I never asked you about your decisions because I never had to, you were always sensible and responsible and today I will also not ask you anything, if you decided to marry Khushi, you know well what made you take this decision.."

Arnav looked at his mother amused, he blinked his eyes unable to believe what he just heard.  A soft thank you smile formed on his lips to his mother.

"Ammi app.." Asad widened his eyes, "You're letting him spoil his life!"

Dilshad ignored his talks and went to Sana and her mother, "I'm so sorry Sana. I was very excited and happy to have you as my daughter in law, but Allah has already written everyone's destiny and no one can change it.. Perhaps we were not meant to maintain this relationship.. I will pray that you find someone who deserves you.."

Sana looked down sobbing, she went away unable to stay at the place where she got rejected and her mother followed her after glaring at Arnav. 

"Unbelievable.." Asad sighed in disbelief. 

"Kya bhai? You rejected such an amazing person.. I was already liking the idea of Sana to be our Bhabhi.. It would be so much fun!" Ayan said with a sulky face. 

"Shut up Ayan.." Haya glared at him, then walked to Arnav.  She side hugged him,  "I'm sure Bhai will bring a beautiful Bhabhi to our home.. Right? What did you say.. What's her name?"

"Khushi!" Arnav replied with a soft smile and caressed Haya's hair. 





Two days later.. 

"Khushi dear.. wake up.." Sidiqui smiled while waking up his princess whom he treated with all care and love, and today he hand her over to Arnav.  As a father, his heart only fear if Arnav will be able to treat his daughter the way he did, if he will understand her or not, if he will scold her for her innocent mistakes or not. 

Khushi buried her face on her father's lap,  frowning, "Khushi still sleepy!"

"My princess remember you have to go with your friend.. He will show you his mansion.. wake up princess.. We have reached his house.." Sidiqui said smiling, still with a pain in his heart that today he will return home without his daughter. 

Khushi quickly opened her eyes curiously, her eyes widened in happiness seeing a beautiful mansion in front of her, "Wooow.."

She looked at Arnav who was sitting at the front seat of the car, "Is this your house?"

Arnav nodded his head.  Khushi smiled brightly, "It's so big!! Abba let's go in.. Khushi wants to go inside.."

She clapped her hands excitedly. Siddiqui nodded and opened the car's door for her. Arnav guided them inside his mansion, Khushi was amused with the place, she looked at her everywhere with full attention. 

"Do you live here alone?" Khushi asked pointing to his mansion. 

"No,  I live here with family..." he replied.

"I also live with Abba in my house.." she pouted. Arnav smiled faintly.

Dilshad opened the door for them, and smiled, "As-Salamu Alaikum (greetings).. Come in.."

"Waalaikum As-Salaam.." replied Sidiqui.

"She's same aunty that was in that hall when I said qubool hai, qubool hai, qubool hai.. Hain na?" Khushi asked smiling to Arnav. 

Arnav nodded with a guilty feeling, she just said "Qubool hai" with having an idea that she just got married to him.  Although he married her for her good, but he never wanted to marry someone without their permission.  He wonders the day she will behave normally and not like a child, what will be her reaction! 

"She's my Ammi.." he said after breaking his thoughts.

"I don't have Ammi.." her face fell and tears started brimming in her eyes.

"It's okay.. Now I'm your Ammi.." Dilshad hugged her and patted her back.

Siddiqui watched this scene with tears in his eyes.

Khushi felt secure and comfortable in Dilshad's arms, she also hugged Dilshad with same intensity.

Arnav smiled but soon his smile faded staring at his family behind, Zoya and Haya were happy about Khushi's arrival but the opposite was the reaction of his Nani, Asad and Ayan. 

"Khushi likes this mansion? Do you want to stay here?" Siddiqui asked. 

Khushi nodded her head smiling brightly, "Yippee!!!"

"Then Khushi stay here.. And Abba will go home now.." Siddiqui said smiling, he knew now this task wasn't going to be easy.  Making Khushi accept to stay in a house where he is not, is almost equal to impossible. 

"Noooo.." Khushi frowned, "Khushi will go with Abba only.."she held his hand tightly.

"What happened? Don't you want to stay here?" he asked.

"Noooo.." Khushi nodded sideways.

"Khushi listen to me, look Arnav brought you to his house.. Can't you stay one day with him? He will play a lot with you.. Promise.. You will not miss me at all.." Siddiqui caressed her cheek.

"No, Khushi don't want to stay here.. Khushi wants to go with Abba.." she cried.

Siddiqui sighed not knowing how to convince Khushi, how to explain her that she is now married to Arnav and has to live with him.

"Khushi listen to me..” Arnav turned her to face him, “Aren’t you my friend?”

She nodded her head blinking her eyes, “But I will not leave Abba to stay at your home.. You come and stay with me!”

 “These are the consequences of marrying a mad girl!” Asad muttered while Zoya just shook her head in disbelief.

 “Wait.. look.. let’s play a game.. Do you want to play a game with me?” he asked, “In this game, we will see if you’re a strong girl or not.. means if you can live without your Abba for three months or not.. If you prove to me that you can, then you win this game and you will receive a big gift otherwise from now on I will call you a loser!!”

 Khushi thought for a while, then nodded her head, “I will win this game.. What will be my gift?????”

As she replied, Arnav, Siddiqui and Dilshad smiled relieved.


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Chapter 2 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 51 times)

‹br>Arnav held Khushi's hand and took her to the living room.

Khushi held his hand tightly feeling shy seeing everyone staring at her strangely.

"Khushi are you tired?" Dilshad asked with a soft tone trying to make her feel comfortable.

"No.. (she looked at Arnav) Khushi is hungly (hungry).." she said pouting.

Arnav smiled at her, "Okay.. I will serve a delicious dish made only for you!"

"Yeah go.. You will spend your life like this only.. Serving this mad girl!" Asad rolled his eyes.

Khushi glared at him, she hide behind Arnav, "Khushi is not mad.. Not mad.. Khushi is not mad.. Bad uncle.. You're bad uncle.."

Arnav caressed her hair, "Shh.. It's okay.. You're not mad.. Let's go to the kitchen.."

At the kitchen..

Khushi waited like good girl on a chair for Arnav who was serving for her.

Arnav placed the plate on the table and sat beside her.

"So here it is your food.. Do you like pizza?" he asked.

"Khushi loves pizza.." her eyes shine in happiness.

"I knew it.." he smiled, "Now what are you waiting for? Eat it.."

Khushi's face fell, she pouted sadly, "Khushi doesn't eat alone.. Abba eats with Khushi.. Abba feed Khushi.."

Tears started forming in her eyes, it screamed how much she is already missing her father.

Arnav stare numb at her for a while, sometimes he thought if he is doing right or wrong with her.

"Khushi doesn't like here.. Khushi wants to go home!" she started sobbing.

Arnav got startled, he quickly wiped her tears, "Khushi.. Don't cry.. Please.. Do you want to go home already? Are you accepting defeat so soon?"

"Khushi doesn't like that bad uncle.. Khushi is scared of him.." she cried more.

"I'm your friend.. I will protect you from everyone ok?" he said lovingly.

"Promise?" she asked letting his fingers wipe the tears escaping from her eyes.

"Promise.." he said honestly.

Night time..

"Arnav.." Dilshad called Arnav who was walking in the corridor heading towards his room.

" Ji Ammi.." Arnav turned to her.

"Where will Khushi sleep? Do you want her to sleep with me or in another room? Dilshad asked.

"Khushi is my wife Ammi. She will sleep with me only.." he replied.

"But you know her condition.." Dilshad purposely left the sentence incompleted.

"Ammi she's not mad.. I have full faith that one day she will be normal again.. She is only like that because she couldn't handle the fact that she lost her mother in a car accident..That's it.. Doctors said to Siddiqui uncle that there are chances for her cure.. She can be normal again.. We just have to take care of her and wait patiently for that day.." Arnav said.

"And you only married her so that you can cure her?" Dilshad asked.

"I married her so that I could help Siddiqui uncle.. You know very well Ammi that after Abu's death, if there is one person who was there for me in my tough times it was Siddiqui uncle. Who was he after all? Just an accountant in my company, but he was the only man who gave me advices that I will never forget in my life, he was one of those persons who didn't know me for a long time but could understand me in few seconds. So today I couldn't turn my back to him Ammi, Siddiqui uncle was very worried for his daughter after all she only has him as family, everyday in office he used to share his worry for Khushi. He didn't know if something happens to him one day, then who would care for her like he does, who would take her responsibility without having evil intentions. Then you wanted me to get married, after thinking about this many days I took the decision to marry Khushi Ammi.." he said.

Dilshad just nodded her head completely speechless by her son's action. Today she's proud of her teachings, Of the way she raised her son, "I will just pray that Khushi gets better as soon as possible.."

Arnav's room:

"Hi my name is Haya.. I'm your friend's little sister." Haya smiled to Khushi and was about to sit on the bed when Ayan came and pulled her to him.

"Are you mad or what Haya? Don't play with this mad girl.. Who knows what will she might do with you? I heard people like her get angry very fast and can beat others without thinking about the consequences.. Let's go from here.." Ayan scolded her.

Khushi looked at them with tears, she's already not liking this place where some people already rejected her. She could feel that they didn't like her. She was at an unfamiliar place and the only person she felt instant connection was Arnav.

"Ayan don't forget she's bhai's wife.. How can you talk like that?"

"She's not Bhai's wife.. She looks like his daughter.. How could Bhai marry her?" Ayan looked at Khushi glaring, "I wish Bhai had accepted Sana.."

"You wish so but it didn't happen Mr.Ayan.. And things not always happen the way we wish.. The one you keep calling mad, didn't want to be like that also but circumstances brought her to this state.." Arnav entered in the room.

Ayan looked down fearful of his brother.

Khushi ran towards Arnav and hide her face on his chest, "Where were you? Don't leave Khushi and go away.. Stay with Khushi always.."

Arnav stroke her hair lovingly, then looked at Ayan, "This is the last time you called her mad Ayan otherwise forget your bike!"

"No, no, no Bhai.. Don't take my bike.. I promise I won't call her mad again.." Ayan pleaded then went from there running leaving Haya and Khushi giggling

Arnav smiled seeing Khushi laughing after her father left for first time.

"He got scared of you.. Leally (Really) you protected me.." she smiled clapping her hands.

"Why? You thought I was lying?" he raised his brows.

"Rest assured Khushi.. Bhai protects his family no matter what and now he will protect you too.. You know no one dares to provoke me in college in fear of Bhai.. Bhai has already warned one boy who tried to tease me.." Haya giggled.

"Leally.. (Khushi widened her eyes surprised).. Khushi family for you now??" she asked to Arnav.

"Yes.. You're my family now!!" he spoke softly and held her hand.

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Chapter 3 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 69 times)

"Are you going to sleep already?" Khushi asked to Arnav seeing him taking his pillow to the recliner.

"Yes.." he replied confused.

"Won't you tell Khushi stories? Khushi needs stories to sleep!" she said cutely.

Arnav looked at her startled, then at himself thinking he, Arnav Ahmed Khan, CEO of AAK (software company) will have to tell stories to Khushi. He doesn't even know how to start!

"What are you waiting for? Tell Khushi a princess story.." she said excitedly.

"Okay wait.." he quickly took his phone and searched for princess stories in Google, thankfully he got many kind of them and he started reading those for Khushi. Khushi looked at him boringly, she twisted her lips unpleasantly with the way he was narrating story to her.

She quickly placed her finger on his lips unable to bear that robot voice sharing the story with no emotion at all. Arnav widened his eyes and looked at her confused.

"Shhh.. You don't know how to tell stories.. Abba does it better than you.." she pouted.

"I never narrated stories for anyone na.. You teach me then.." he said.

"How will I teach you when I want to listen to story? It's my Abba who can teach you na.. Bhuddu!" she giggled and hit his forehead playfully.

Arnav raised his eyebrow, if she's so smart behaving like this childishly imagine when she's normal!

"How will Khushi sleep now?" she asked sadly. Arnav thought for a while, then helped her lay on the bed, "Just close your eyes.." he started caressing her hair softly till she fell asleep.

Asad and Zoya's room:

"I can't even believe Arnav spoiled his life marrying this girl.." Asad shut his eyes in frustation.

"Don't be so negative Mr.Khan!! Think about the positive things also.. Arnav can help this girl be normal again.." Zoya replied getting angry at her husband comments, and when she is angry she addresses him as Mr. Khan.

"Oh really.. She lost her mother 3 years ago, do you think she will be cured now? In all these three years she's same only.." Asad replied mockingly.

"Time will reply you Mr. Khan if she will get better or not.." Zoya replied sternly.

"You're changed Zoya.. You don't look like my wife now.. The woman I loved.. Now everything I speak you're always against it.." he spoke in disbelief.

"Maybe it's you who changed Mr.Khan but you don't want to accept it.. See when I'm angry I call you Mr. Khan, but you.. You call me Miss Farooqui but now you're still calling me Zoya!" she smiled sadly and went to the bathroom leaving Asad in thoughts.


The boys returned from mosque after praying and joined the girls at the breakfast table.

Ayan passed through Khushi's side and played with her hair teasing her he shouted, "Good morning Bhabhi!!"

Khushi got startled, she let her juice fall on her dress. Ayan started laughing at her while Arnav quickly walked to Khushi and wiped her dress. He helped her to stand, and looked at Arnav with serious face: Ayan what kind of misbehavior is this? Don't you remember what I told you yesterday?

"Bhai what did I do? I just greeted her.." Ayan pouted faking innocence.

"I know what you did.." Arnav shook his head and took a crying Khushi to their room. Zoya followed them to help Khushi change her dress.

In Arnav's room:

"Khushi don't like here.. Everyone bad.. Bad.. Khushi wants to go home.. Khushi wants Abba.." she cried beating her hands on the bed.

"Shh.. calm down.. Khushi don't cry.. I'm here na.." he held her hands trying to control her but she was stubborn, she pushed him away crying uncontrollably.

"Shii.. Khushi is beating her friend.. Khushi is such a bad girl.." Zoya entered in the room shaking her head.

"Khushi is not bad girl.." she pouted staring at Zoya.

"Then why did Khushi push her friend?" Zoya asked.

Khushi looked at Arnav with guilt, "Solly (sorry).. Khushi will not beat you again.."

Arnav cupped her cheeks, "You don't need to say sorry.."

She smiled a little, and Arnav wiped her tears.

Zoya smiled seeing the natural and lovable bond forming between them. She never saw Arnav so comfortable with someone other than Khushi, he is always someone serious, introvert and likes to be in his own space.

"So my good girl will now change her dress.. Then I will give you a lollipop.." Zoya said and Khushi quickly nodded her head.

"Thanks Bhabhi for taking care of her.. Only Ammi, Haya and you are helping me otherwise.." Arnav smiled faintly.

"Everyone will agree for it.. Just have some patience. I'm sure this cute girl will win their hearts just like she won ours.." Zoya smiled.

"Actually I'm going to office, so can I count on you to take care of her? If she troubles you and Ammi, then you can call me, I will come here quickly.." Arnav said.

"You don't need to ask Arnav.. I won't let Asad or Ayan trouble her also.." Zoya said.

Khushi who was till now playing with her favorite doll, quickly held Arnav's hand tightly, "Where are you going? Don't leave Khushi.."

Her eyes brimmed with tears just with the thought of being away from Arnav and alone in this house that is suffocating her. She is only bearing for the game that she has to win and because she has Arnav with her.

"I will come back soon.." he replied praying for her to understand his situation.

"Naa.." she nodded sideways, "Khushi will go with you.."

Zoya tried to intervene but Arnav stopped her, he looked at her, "Okay.. I will take you with me, first go and change your dress.."

Khushi nodded and Zoya held her hand taking her to the bathroom, while going she kept looking at Arnav controlling if he was going away or not.

"Don't go!!" she whispered while entering in the bathroom. Arnav nodded and sat on the bed to make her assured that he wouldn't go anywhere.


Khushi entered with excitement in AAK, she never saw such a huge place in her life, filled with people working here and there.

Arnav was holding her hand while she was gazing at every corner.

"Arnav do you work in such a huge place?" she asked him.

"Hmm.." he smiled and didn't fail to notice that she called him by his name.

"Princess.." Siddiqui came worriedly towards them, "Arnav beta did she trouble you? Why did you brought her here?"

"Abba.." Khushi screamed happily seeing him, she just jumped to his arms.

Siddiqui couldn't help but hug her also, he is thankful today he got to see her face.

"Don't worry uncle.. She didn't trouble me, it's just that she didn't want to be alone at home and wanted to stay with me that's why I brought her here.." Arnav said.

"Forgive her beta.. She doesn't understand she is giving trouble to you.. But Khushi is always like this, once she gets attached to you she will not leave you.." Siddiqui said.

"It's okay uncle.. She's not troubling me.." Arnav said.

"Light.. Khushi don't trouble anyone.. Arnav trouble Khushi Abba.. Arnav doesn't know how to tell stories!!" she complained cutely.

Arnav looked away embarrassed while Siddiqui controlled his laughter.

"As-Salamu Alaikum Arnav.." Sana smiled and stood near Arnav.

"Waalaikum As-Salaam Sana.. How are you?" Arnav asked.

"After seeing you I'm fine now.." she smiled staring deep in his eyes.

Arnav stare at her confused with her statement.

"Kyun? Is Arnav some medicine that after you see him, you become fine?" Khushi giggled.

Arnav's lips curved into a smile, he doesn't know why but when she smiles, he feels like smiling.

"Think like that only, Arnav has one rare quality in him that everyone loves him.." Sana said.

"But he only loves me that's why he is my friend.." Khushi said proudly and held Arnav's hand tightly with her eyes twinkling.

Siddiqui just shook his head at his daughter non stop talks. And Sana gritted her teeth faking a smile.

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Chapter 4 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 63 times)

While Arnav was on his laptop, Khushi was busy painting and showing to him her paintings.

"Arnav.. look at this.." she smiled showing to him.

"It's beautiful.. What did Khushi paint?" he asked.

"Khushi painted a blue sky and many shining stars.. Arnav you know Khushi loves stars.. They're so beautiful.. Khushi loves staring at them all night.." she said dreamily.

"Arnav beta.." Siddiqui entered in his cabin and widened his eyes seeing Arnav's cabin a mess with all papers around the table, his pencils on the floor and some of them at the table.

"Khushi what is this?" he asked in scolding tone, "You're messing Arnav's cabin.."

"Arnav gave me pelmission (permission) Abba.." she pouted sadly.

"It's okay uncle.. She isn't troubling my work.." Arnav said.

"See.." Khushi pouted showing her father she was right.

Siddiqui just shook his head, and went ahead to talk with Arnav about office related works.

Sana joined them after some minutes, she came with juice and snacks for Arnav.

Arnav raised his eyebrows confused, "I didn't order this Sana, and even if I did I would have called the waiter for it.."

"I just thought you need it, taking care of your wife and work at the same time isn't an easy thing to do.." Sana said smirking.

"Next time you don't need to think anything, just concentrate on your work Sana.." Arnav said seriously.

"Concentlate on your work!" Khushi repeated Arnav's order.

Sana frowned and left from there.

Khushi shouted, "Wait... Aunty.. Wait... Aunty..."

Sana's mouth formed a big "O" and her got wide after hearing that Khushi called her aunty. Arnav tightened his lip not to smile.

Khushi got up and ran towards Sana, she took the glass of juice, "Thanks... Now you can go aunty!!"

Sana left from there fuming in anger.

At night..

It was a long day for both of them, both were tired. Arnav was driving back home while Khushi was peacefully sleeping.

"Hi doctor NK.. How are you?" Arnav asked.

"Fine bro.. What's up?" NK asked in his usual chirpy mood.

"I thought you changed all these years but seems you're still same na.." Arnav shook his head.

"Aree yaar how can I change when I love myself the way I'm? My profession must accept me the way I'm.." NK laughed.

"Actually I need your help NK.." Arnav started narrating Khushi's story to him.

"There is no problem bro.. Just bring her to my hospital and we will start her treatment soon.." NK said.

"Thanks yaar.." Arnav smiled.

He hang up the call and turned to Khushi only to find her staring at him.

"Bad habits Arnav.. You shouldn't talk on the phone while driving..." she frowned.

Arnav looked at her shocked, her eyes were really furious and unlike the childish Khushi, it revealed some pain. Maybe the car in which her mother was, the driver was talking on the phone while driving.

"Sorry.." he said to calm her.

"Don't repeat this OK? Khushi don't like people driving while talking on phone.. Very bad habit.." she said.

At home

"Ammi I need to finish my college assignment tonight only.. Tomorrow my teacher will scold me if I don't finish this.." Ayan pouted.

"This is the result of playing all day your stupid games on your phone and letting all your college assignments to the last time.." Dilshad hit his forehead.

"Ammi.." Ayan whined.

Khushi came running inside the house, she sat beside Dilshad in the living room.

"Arnav bought chocolate for me! Do you want Ammi?" she smiled and showed to Dilshad.

Dilshad smiled and caressed her cheek, "Nahin dear.. You eat it.. Where's Arnav?"

"Arnav is palking (parking) car outside.." Khushi said eating her chocolate.

"Just by seeing her I feel so bad that my grandson spoiled his life.. Now he will spend all his life taking care of this child and he will never be a father.." Nani said and looked away sadly.

"Ammi I can't believe you also think like Asad.. Khushi will be fine one day In shaa Allah.." said Dilshad.

Arnav came in, he walked towards Ayan and handed one chocolate to him and other to Haya.

"Better keep it to Bhabhi hain na? Who knows she might start crying at night, then you will give this chocolate to calm her.." Ayan giggled.

"Tomorrow you will go to college without your bike Ayan.. And that's final!" Dilshad glared at him.

"Why are you punishing my grandson because of this mad girl? He is saying right only.." Nani frowned.

Khushi started becoming disturbed with their fights. Arnav took her to their room before she starts getting sad and cry for her father.

Dilshad's room:

"I'm very worried Zoya.. The way Ayan, Ammi and Asad are behaving with Khushi is making Arnav upset. He's not saying anything but I can feel it.." Dilshad said.

"I understand Ammi, but you know if I say anything to Asad then he won't listen to me. But I can still try to talk with Nani and Ayan.." Zoya said.

"Sure, please do so.." Dilshad nodded, "She's such a cute girl.. I wonder how can they hate her.. She didn't do wrong to anyone here.."

"Haan Ammi.. To tell you the truth even I was worried about Arnav's decision to marry her but when I saw her, she totally won my heart.." Zoya smiled.

Arnav's room:

"Come here.." Arnav pulled Khushi with him to the poolside.

Khushi followed him obediently.

"Look there.. Shining stars.. You love watching them.." he pointed to the sky.

Khushi's eyes shine in happiness, she clapped her hands like a baby excitedly as if she got a balloon in her hand.

"I love stars!!" she exclaimed.

Arnav also looked up to the sky and both stayed in silence admiring the night.

Suddenly she hugged him tightly surprising him, "Khushi likes you!"

A soft breeze hit on his face and his lips curved into the most beautiful smile hearing her confession!


"What are you doing here in the kitchen this late at night?" Asad frowned.

Khushi looked here and there frightened of him, "Woh.. main.."

"What? Did you came here to steal something?" Asad shouted.

Khushi took a step back and started crying loudly.

"Why are you crying now? I caught you right.." Asad rolled his eyes.

Khushi nodded sideways crying, "Khushi no steal.. Khushi.. never.. steal.."

"Khushi.." Arnav reached there and whispered her name.

Khushi looked at him and went running to him, she hugged him and buried her face on his neck, sobbing, "Bad uncle.. scolded.. Khushi.. Bad uncle.. shouted to Khushi.."

Arnav patted her back, "Shh.. You don't need to cry.. You're my brave girl, aren't you? Stop crying.."

"Ask her what was she doing like a thief here?" Asad asked.

"Bhai try to understand her situation.. She thinks like a kid!" Arnav spoke in disbelief, "She doesn't want to steal anything, maybe she was hungry and came to take something to eat.."

"Light.. Khushi hungry.. Khushi wanted to eat rasgulla!" she pouted hipcupping.

"I know.." Arnav said.

Asad left from there angrily and Arnav just shook his head. He took rasgullas and put them on a bowl, then gave to Khushi.

Next day..

"Arnav.. why are we in this hospital? Khushi don't want injection.. Khushi not sick.." she said pouting.

"Khushi will not take injection.. We're here to meet a friend only OK?" he said.

"Okay.." she smiled relieved that she will not take injections.

They entered in NK's cabin, NK smiled widely after seeing Arnav.

"Bro.." he just jumped to hug Arnav, and Arnav rolled his eyes.

Khushi giggled thinking NK to be a funny man.

"Hi Bhabhi!!" he waved at Khushi smiling.

"Bhabhi!!" Khushi frowned, "I'm Khushi.. Khushi my name, not Bhabhi!"

"Oh sorry.. Yes yes.. Khushi!" NK hit his forehead for his mistake for addressing her in a way she still didn't acknowledge.

At home:

"Nani I'm very angry with you!" Zoya pouted and continued chopping the vegetables.

"Why?" Nani frowned.

"Because you didn't accept Khushi.. I never thought you have such an old thinking! I thought you were cool.." Zoya rolled her eyes.

"Forget it Zoya.. She and her grandsons are same to same.. They think Khushi is mad but it's them who are mad to ignore such a girl who needs our attention.." Dilshad said while washing the utensils.

"What? I'm not mad.. I'm being practical.. Do you guys even know when will this girl be cured? And when my Arnav will start his married life? Because till now he is just her guardian.. Will he stay his life always like this? It was better he married Sana and lived his life perfectly and peacefully.. Sana would have been a perfect wife for him.." Nani said.

"What if Khushi gets well tomorrow?" Zoya raised her eyebrow.

"She will not.." Nani frowned.

"I said what if Nani.." Zoya rolled her eyes.

"She doesn't think of that possibility Zoya.. Let it be.." Dilshad just shook her head.

"Both of you don't make a villain okay.. I just want the best for my Arnav.." Nani pouted.

"Yeah yeah.. You, Asad and Ayan just want the best for him.. It's only us who don't want his happiness hain na?" Zoya said in mocking tone.

"Acha okay.. I will give this girl a chance.. Don't eat my brain you two.." Nani pouted.

"No continue with your thoughts otherwise you will say later that we forced you to accept Khushi.." Dilshad winked to Zoya teasing Nani.

"No, I won't say anything.. I accept Khushi.. She's not that bad.. She's kind of cute!" Nani confessed unwillingly.

Dilshad and Zoya hide their smiles.

At hospital

"Look Arnav Khushi got trauma because she saw her mother's accident.. To hide or run away from this reality that she lost her mother she's behaving like a child.. It happens many times, we have received many patients with this kind of problem.. Some we managed to bring them back while others resisted.." NK said.

"What should we do then to bring her back to her normal state?" Arnav asked.

"You will have to bring moments of past.. Try to make her remember her mother as much as you can.. It will provoke the Khushi inside her.. And at last we will recreate same scene with someone she loves dearly.. This may help her get back to normal, but Arnav this is a dangerous step.. You have to do this treatment slowly and give her time otherwise things will go in a wrong way.. And yes, don't forget to give her medicines in time.." said NK.

"Okay.. I got it." Arnav nodded.

"Are you happy Arnav?" asked NK unsure, "I mean did you marry her just to help her forgetting your own happiness?"

"If you ask me why did I marry her, then yes I did marry her to help her and her father.. But if you ask me if I regret it or not, then I don't.. I don't know NK, while marrying her I thought I was sacrificing my happiness for her father's but now I think I'm finding my own happiness.. The little things I do for her makes me very happy.. It's something I don't know how to explain.. It feels like she's mine, my baby.. I've to take care of her always, I've someone to call mine!" Arnav said smiling.

"Wow bro.. Kya deep feeling!" NK exclaimed.

"Hey.. mad woman.. What are you doing? You just broke this glass.. Who will pay for this? Who brought you here?" a nurse shouted at Khushi.

Khushi shut her eyes frightened, "Khushi didn't do anything.."

"Acha.. You didn't do anything.. You're very innocent na.. I know very well mad people like you what they do.." the nurse got angry and raised her hand to slap Khushi.

At the right time Arnav held her arm stopping her from slapping Khushi, "Don't even think of slapping MY WIFE.."

The nurse widened her eyes after getting to know that Khushi was AAK (Arnav Ahmed Khan) wife. She gulped in fear, "Sorry sir.. I didn't know.."

"You didn't know what? That she is AAK's wife! You mean you respect people by their status right, not for humanity sake! I wonder who made you a nurse here.." Arnav glared at her.

She looked down sobbing softly, "I'm sorry sir.."

Arnav ignored her and looked at NK, "I'll get going.. See you soon!"

NK nodded, "Bye bro.. Bye Khushi!!"

Khushi waved her hands to NK smiling and went with Arnav.

"You shouldn't cry when someone come and scold you.. Call me first.." he said while walking towards the exit door.

"Khushi should call you first then cry later?" she asked confused.

"No.. I didn't mean that.. I mean I will scold the person who teases you.." he chuckled.

On their way back home, Khushi saw an ice cream vendor.

"Ice cleam.." she screamed excitedly, "Arnav can buy ice cleam for Khushi please?"

"Sure.." he smiled and parked the car, then called the ice cream vendor and bought one for her.

"Thank you.. Khushi loves ice cleam.. Abba buys ice cleam for Khushi every weekend.." she smiled happily.

"Hmm.. Every weekend and today is Tuesday! Means you shouldn't be eating ice cream today right?" he smirked.

Khushi bit her lips and nodded sideways with a cute puppy face, "Don't tell Abba about it.. He will scold Khushi.."

"Okay I won't tell Abba about this.." he chuckled.

At night..

Arnav was almost falling asleep while caressing Khushi's hair to make her sleep when he heard his phone ring.

He quickly picked it up to not disturb Khushi's sleep, "Hello?"

"As Salam Walaikum Arnav.." Sana replied smirking.

"Wa alaikum as Salam.. Sana! You called at this hour? Anything urgent?" he frowned.

"I wasn't getting sleep so I thought I should call you.." she said.

"Sana I'm sorry if I will sound rude but now I'm a married man and it doesn't make any sense if I leave my wife to talk with that too this late night!" he said.

"Wife?" Sana laughed mockingly, "I'm sorry Arnav.. But Khushi is still a kid na!"

"You know Sana our eyes see what they want to and our hearts feel what they want to.. Your eyes can see her as a kid but my heart feels she's my wife!" Arnav said, "Now if you don't mind, I will hang up the call because it's disturbing MY WIFE!"

Sep 29

Chapter 5 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 71 times)

First of all, thank you for reading this story and for pressing thank you button. Thank you for supporting me and for liking the story already. It made feel so happy!!


Sana's house:

"Ammi don't worry I know what I'm doing.. I told you right Arnav has one quality that no one can hate him, and same goes to me.. That's why I don't accept the fact he left me and married that girl, at first I wad very angry with him but then I saw the reason why he married her.. And I'm going to save him from this girl.. I will separate him from Khushi, then you will see Ammi he will get married only to me.. I know he feels something for me!" Sana blushed.

"I hope you don't get hurt while doing this.." her mother warned.

At office..

"Khushi.." Arnav called her, Khushi immediately left her papers and turned her attention to him.

"You talk so much about your Abba, but you never said anything about your Ammi.." he said.

"Khushi don't have Ammi.." she nodded sideways sadly.

"What happened to her? Why do you talk like this?" he asked.

Khushi just looked here and there disturbed, she closed her eyes tightly trying to remove those images that still haunt her mind.

Arnav left his seat and rushed to her with a glass of water, he patted her back softly, "Shh.. Calm down.. Khushi.. Calm down.."

She just hugged him as tightly as she could and he hugged her back regretting for asking her about her mother.

Sana who just slightly opened the door of Arnav's cabin, stood there with broken heart seeing both hugging each other.

"Can I tell you something?" he smiled mischievously.

"Say.." Khushi replied.

"You're always crying and you know the worst thing is that you look ugly!" he chuckled.

"Awwwww.." Khushi widened her eyes and opened her mouth in big "O" shape.

Arnav laughed making Khushi more irritated, "Khushi not ugly okay.."

"I agree Khushi is very beautiful but Khushi needs to stop crying!" he said and pinched her red nose

Khushi smiled, "Now? Is khushi looking beautiful?"

"Very ugly!!" Sana entered in the cabin. Arnav and Khushi looked towards her.

"What did you say?" he frowned while Khushi looked at her angrily.

"Oh sorry actually I was talking over the phone with Ammi.. She chose some dresses for me and I didn't like them.." Sana faked a smile.

"Actually since Ammi is choosing dresses for me, what color do you think suits me Arnav?" Sana asked blushing.

Arnav looked at her seriously, "Sana we are at office and first you should knock before getting in my cabin and second thing you should only talk about work and not dresses and all this nonsense.."

"And thild (third) it's your clothes so you should know what color suits you not Arnav!" Khushi added cutely trying to sound strict like Arnav.

"I thought we were friends!" replied Sana with moist eyes.

"We are friends Sana but there are some limits in office also.. Here you're just an employee like others, if I stop my work to chat with you means I will have to do so with my others employees also.." Arnav explained.

"And what were you talking with Khushi? Is it anywhere related to work?" Sana asked frowning.

"Khushi is my wife and you're my employee Sana.. You're smart enough to understand what I mean.. Now if you came here for work, say what you want to share, if not..please leave! And next time knock the door!" he said.

"She talks tooooo much.. She gives Khushi headache!" Khushi said pressing her forehead with her hands and shut her eyes cutely. Arnav just smiled at her antics and signaled Sana to leave. Sana went from there feeling like she lost to Khushi. Now that Khushi entered in their lives, Arnav doesn't even give any importance to her. He treats her like she's a stranger. Now this gave her more determination to punish Khushi and win Arnav.

At home:

"Ammi what are you cooking?" Khushi asked excitedly standing beside Dilshad in kitchen.

"Chicken curry.. Do you like it?" Dilshad smiled.

"Yes.." she nodded her head smiling.

"Ammi.. Please cook fast.. I'm very hungry!!" Haya came pouting.

"Haan haan have some patience.." Dilshad rolled her eyes.

"Okay.. Till then, Khushi Bhabhi come with me.." Haya pulled Khushi with her to her room. They played some games for a while and chat about each other likes and dislikes.

"Khushi.." Arnav came in Haya's room. Khushi and Haya turned their attention to him. Haya looked at him boringly, "Kya bhai? Can't you stay without Khushi for a minute only?"

"It's time for her to eat.. Then her medicine time!" Arnav smiled at his sister antics.

"Khushi don't understand why I have to take medicine when Khushi not sick!" Khushi pouted.

Arnav and Haya looked at each other with serious face. Haya in order to avoid this topic, said: Let's go then.. I'm very hungry..

At night..

As usual Arnav put Khushi to sleep, she already fell asleep but he kept staring at her forgetting that he also has to sleep! His eyes were scanning all her face, her hair, her rosy cheeks, her cute nose. She's so beautiful, he thought! He placed a soft kiss on her forehead, Khushi smiled softly in her sleep.

Next day:

Asad was busy reading newspaper, Khushi came running to the living room with her doll. She smiled to Asad and sat on sofa, "What ale you reading?"

Asad just rolled his eyes with unbelievable look.

"Khushi asked something, reply to Khushi.." she frowned.

"What do you think of yourself? Why should I reply you?" Asad looked at her angrily.

"Why do you get angry always? Arnav is not like you...Arnav is very good and you're very bad!" Khushi pouted and left from there.

"She's saying truth only.." Zoya whispered while giving him coffee.

"Unbelievable.." Asad just shook his head.

"Bhabhi my coffee?" Arnav came descending the stairs in hurry as he was late for a meeting.

"Careful Arnav!" Zoya blinked her eyes in disbelief seeing his hurry while descending the stairs, "Here is your coffee.. How can I forget about you?"

Arnav quickly grabbed the coffee and thanked her.

"Bhabhi my coffee??" Ayan came holding his bag.

"What coffee? You go and drink your milk.." Arnav said, then he and Zoya giggled.

"I will complain to Ammi that you both are making fun of me.." Ayan whined.

"Baby boy!!" Haya rolled her eyes. Ayan hit her forehead and there they started fighting like Tom and Jerry. Arnav and Zoya just rolled their eyes while Asad shut his eyes getting disturbed with their shouts. Asad left from there irritated and Arnav and Zoya just shook their heads at his behavior.

"I'll get going Bhabhi.." Arnav said keeping the empty coffee cup by now and headed towards the door.

Khushi came there looking for him, "Where's Arnav?" she asked.

"Bhai went to office.. Come Khushi let's have breakfast.." Haya held her hand while Ayan didn't wait for them, he just went to the dining table.

"He left Khushi.." Khushi whispered with moist eyes.

Oct 1

Chapter 7 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 78 times)

At AKK..

“Haya what happened? Is everything okay there?” Arnav asked worriedly.

“Haan bhai.. Khushi bhabhi refused to eat, you know she’s just on your room crying!” Haya replied.

“Acha okay.. You go to college with Ayan then.. I will pick you both today when classes finish..” he said.

“Bhai are you okay? Did you hear what I said? Khushi bhabhi is crying..” Haya replied with wide eyes, seeing her brother cool tone, as if nothing happened.

“I heard what you said my little sister.. and I know what I’m doing!” he smirked.



At home:

“I was waiting for you only beta..” Dilshad sighed in relief seeing Arnav coming in with his suit on his hand and bag on the other hand then Haya and Ayan walking behind him.

“Khushi didn’t came out of her room till now and she didn’t even eat anything!” Nani said surprising Arnav, as he didn’t expected her to be worried for Khushi.

“Why are you looking at me like this? Go na and make her eat something..” Nani pouted understanding his surprised and shocked look.

“I’m going!” he replied and went upstairs, reaching there he slowly took some steps to Khushi. Khushi felt his presence, she frowned and threw the pillow on her hand to his face, “Go away.. Khushi don’t want to talk with you.. You bad.. very bad.. you left Khushi alone!!”

“I just went to work Khushi.. you know today I didn’t take you with me because I know I would be busy all day.. I wouldn’t have time for you!” he said with his eyes studying her reaction.

Khushi felt her body numb hearing his response, it was same reply her mother gave to her when it was her birthday and her mother said she would be busy in their sweet shop and although hurt, she smiled understanding her mother’s effort to bring money to sustain them.

Arnav noticed for a while that she remembered something, but kept quiet instead. Khushi’s eyes filled with tears, “Go away from here.. Khushi don’t want to talk with you..”

Arnav moved near her, she stood up and pushed him with full force taking Arnav aback. Arnav held her shoulders, “I’m sorry my Doll.. I will never leave you alone again!”

Saying this, he forced a hug on Khushi, taking her in his arms protectively, Khushi shut her eyes while tears ran on her cheeks. This difference from this scene and the scene with her mother, was that Arnav assured her he wouldn’t leave her, while her mother never did it.

It was like repeating the same scene, but this was more comforting to her, it hurt her that he left her but then he erased the pain from her heart.

“Don’t leave me again..” she sobbed in his shoulder.

“I won’t..” he whispered patting her back, both stayed in an intense and heartwarming hug for a long time, “Are you hungry?” he asked.

“Vely hungly.. you still ask this to Khushi!!!!!!” she beat his shoulder lightly frowning cutely.

Arnav chuckled, “Acha baba sorry.. let’s go and eat outside!”



At a restaurant..

After ordering their food, Arnav kept staring at his wife with a winning look, today was the first step he took to bring her back to her normal state. He would always make her remember her mother, but will always show to her that he wouldn’t leave her. This was what she needed to come back to normal, after she lost her mother she got a shock, she lost the person she most loved in this world and didn’t even get time to spend with her mother, as her mother was always busy with work. She always craved for her mother’s love according to what Siddiqui uncle shared with him. That’s why he decided he will cure her and to bring her back, he would repeat same scenes of her and her mother, but unlike her mother he would always be there for Khushi. He will make her feel that she’s not alone.

“Arnav why are you looking at me like this?” Khushi asked pouting.

Arnav just shook his head smiling, he pinched her cheeks, “ I love staring at your hazel eyes!”

Khushi smiled twinkling her eyes, but then pouted, “Arnav  Khushi vely hungly.. we are waiting for so long!”

“What do you expect me to do then? You want me to go inside their kitchen and bring food for you!” Arnav said.

Khushi giggled, she nodded her head, “YES!”

Arnav gasped, while the waiter came with their dishes. Arnav acted like sighing in relief, “Thank God you came here.. she was already ordering me to steal food in your kitchen.. Better serve her first!”

The waiter smiled and Khushi giggled, staring at the yummy food in front of her, she couldn’t wait more to taste them.

They continued chatting, and Arnav was feeding Khushi. They were in their own happy world when someone had to come and disturb them.

“Arnav.. As salam walaikum..” Sana smiled and walked towards them. Arnav greeted her back with a soft smile, “How are you Sana?”

“I’m fine and you?” she asked and sat on the chair without any invitation.

“I’m fine also..” he replied.

“It’s good that I met you only here.. I have few important things to talk with you about work!” she said.

Arnav nodded, “But first, it’s better you order something to eat right? I’m sure you came here to have your dinner..”

“Yeah.. sure.. I really thank Allah for giving me such a great friend who takes care of me!” she smiled.

Khushi twisted her lips unpleasantly and frowned cutely feeling jealous the way Sana said that Arnav is her great friend. She held his hand and signaled him to feed her.

Arnav continued feeding her, while Sana ordered for her food. Then after Khushi finished eating, Sana and Arnav started chatting about work and other things making Khushi more jealous.

Khushi took the glass of juice and angrily threw it on Sana’s face. Sana gasped and looked at Khushi, “Have you gone mad?”

Arnav’s eyes got wide seeing this scene, he was too shocked to react at Khushi’s behavior, that he could only whisper her name, “Khushi????”

“You came to restaulant with Khushi.. not with this girl.. so give time to Khushi or else Khushi will go away from hele!” she pouted angrily.

Arnav just stare at her more shocked, was she jealous of Sana?? This means, she likes him and what possessive girl is she, he thought smirking.

Seeing Arnav not replying to her, Khushi stood up and went from there. Sana cried, “Arnav.. see how you just spoiled your life by marrying her.. she will make you embarrassed like this everyday in your life.. I don’t mind what she did with me, but I’m just worried about your future!”

“Sana mind your tone! I didn’t give your permission to interfere in my personal life nor to comment about it.. You don’t need to tell me if I did right or wrong by marrying Khushi.. and just for your kind information, I don’t regret marrying Khushi.. and I never will! She doesn’t make feel embarrassed or other things you and your society think.. she makes me feel happy only.. with her around me, I forget about my every worry..” he said.

Arnav left the money at the table and left the restaurant running to find Khushi on the way.



“Khushi.. Khushi..” he shouted seeing her walking and blabbering something alone.

“Go to your SANA!” she shouted back, “Khushi also have fliends.. Khushi don’t need you.. Khushi has Ammi and Haya..”

Arnav just smiled, “Are you jealous??”

"NOOOOOOOOO..." she shouted angrily. 

Oct 4

Chapter 7 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 68 times)

"Khushi stop it.." he held her hand stopping her from walking, "I'm sorry.. I didn't know that you would feel bad because I was talking with Sana!"

"You didn't know?" Khushi asked dramatically, "You came here with Khushi then you start giving attention to other girl, and you didn't know that Khushi would feel bad?"

Arnav couldn't help but smile at her cute complain, that made her more furious. She fumed in anger and looked away still standing in front of him.

Arnav bend his head and kissed her cheek, "Sorry!"

Khushi got startled by his kiss, she blinked her eyes and looked at him numb.

Arnav started regretting kissing her by her look, but soon she erased this thought from his mind when her lips curved into a shy smile.

"Khushi forgive you this time.. Next time Khushi will punish you badly.." she pouted and he just nodded his head as he doesn't have another way out.

They went to car and drove to home.

Next day..

Khushi opened her eyes slowly, she sat on the bed yawning then only she noticed Arnav slept in sitting position because yesterday she wanted to sleep on his lap. He stayed caressing her hair all night till she slept and fell asleep there also.

She remembered her mother who used to sleep in same manner while she used to sleep in her lap when she was upset or just wanted her mother's care. Her eyes turned moist, she just shut her eyes and held her head as it was aching now.

"Khushi.." Arnav placed his hand on her shoulder confused at her state.

She just turned to him and hugged him tightly, taking Arnav by surprise.

"Arnav.." she said his name in soft whisper.

"Hmm.." he replied caressing her back.

"You will never leave me na!?" she asked resting her head on his shoulder.

"No.. I will never leave you In shaa Allah (if God wills).." he said understanding why she behaved like that.

"Today she will pay for messing up with me.." Ayan smirked while adding chillies at Khushi's plate and he silently left the kitchen.

"Ayan what are you doing here?" Sana asked as she entered planning to find Dilshad but found Ayan instead.

"Woh..kuch nahin.." Ayan stammered.

"It's okay.. You can tell me Ayan, you know I will never tell your secrets to anyone.." Sana said trying a friendship with Ayan, who would help her in future to get Arnav.

"Actually I added chillies in Khushi's food.." Ayan confessed, "But this is because I'm always getting scolded because of her, that's why I wanted to tease her.."

"You know what.. You're absolutely correct!" Sana nodded, "This Khushi only knows how to tease others, yesterday she threw juice on my face.. And she's troubling you also.."

"Right.. I don't know why Bhai married her.." Ayan shook his head.

"What happened?" Asad came there.

"See Bhai Khushi threw juice on Sana's face yesterday.." Ayan said.

"What?" Asad looked shocked, he looked at Sana, who kept her eyes down and nodded her head in affirmative.

He left the kitchen and walked angrily to the living room where he found Khushi hugging her doll happily.

"Get up.." he shouted. Khushi blinked her eyes frightened of him, "Wh.. Why?"

"I said get up and say sorry to Sana for what you did with her yesterday.." he shouted at top of his voice.

Khushi started crying, and Arnav rushed to her. He looked at Asad with questioning eyes, "Why are you scolding her Bhai? What did she do?"

"You don't know that.. You were with her yesterday only.. She misbehave with Sana!" Asad replied sarcastically.

Arnav just sighed, he can't believe his brother couldn't understand that Khushi thinks like a kid, and she does things without thinking about the consequences.

Sana came there and threw a glare to Khushi who was resting her head on Arnav's chest crying. How much she wanted to take Khushi's place right now. Then her eyes noticed Arnav, who was extremely handsome with black pants and white shirt.

"Khushi did bad thing yesterday na!" Arnav asked cupping her cheeks, "You shouldn't threw juice on her face.."

Khushi nodded her head sobbing, "Khushi was angry.."

"So when we do something wrong, we should say?" he asked her to continue.

"I'm Solly (sorry) Sana!" Khushi said staring at Sana with sorry face.

"My good girl.." Arnav placed a kiss on her forehead.

Sana gritted her teeth seeing that her plan backfired, instead of punishing Khushi, she was receiving such sweet nothings words from Arnav. And the fact he kissed her in front of her, was hurting her more. She shut her eyes controlling the tears.

"It was simple like this, you didn't need to shout on her like this.." Arnav frowned at Asad.

"What's happening here? Why are you shouting early morning?" Nani came downstairs disturbed.

"It's his habit now.." Zoya rolled her eyes and went to the kitchen.

"I'm tired of all this.." Asad sighed and went outside. Sana followed him to thank him for fighting for her, to which he smiled softly and said that whenever she needed him she could count on him.

"Not bad Sana.. Ayan and Asad are at my side now.. I just need to bring Dilshad aunty to my side.. And then I will be able to separate Khushi from Arnav.." she thought smiling and wiped her fake tears.

While everyone sat to have breakfast, Nani was asking Khushi what she wants to eat, "What do you want Gudiya (Doll)?"

"Bread?" Dilshad asked.

Khushi nodded sideways and Ayan quickly intervened, "Yes.. Bhabhi eat it na.. Bread and jam are the best food to eat.."

"No.. Khushi wants this.." she pointed happily to the plate of jalebis.

"It's yesterday's jalebis.. It doesn't taste good now.." Ayan said convincing her to eat bread.

Finally Khushi accepted to take it, she took one bread with jam but Arnav stopped her, he raised his one eyebrow and asked to Ayan, "Why do want her to eat this?"

While Ayan thought he was caught, Sana came to his rescue, "Kya Arnav.. When he wants to start friendship with Khushi you're doing this.. What will Ayan think? Ayan is your brother Arnav, not some stranger who would try to harm Khushi.."

"He is my brother that's why I'm asking.." Arnav said.

"Means you don't trust him but you trust Khushi?" Sana asked angrily.

"Means I know him and you don't!" he replied with same tone.

Arnav took the bread and was about to eat it when Ayan himself stopped him, "Bhai no.. There are chillies on this bread.."

Khushi quickly snatched the bread from Arnav's hand as if it was a bomb he was holding, "Don't eat this Arnav.. It's spicy!!"

Arnav stopped to look at her lovingly, in this state still she cares for him.

"Ayan what kind of childishness is this?" Zoya asked frowning.

"She threw juice on Sana's face and you guys didn't scold her but when it's me you all are looking at me as if I've done a crime.." Ayan frowned.

"Because you're big enough to know what's right or wrong!" Dilshad looked at him sharply, "You're at college now and still behave like a kid, did you saw how your both brothers behaved when they were at college?"

"Ammi it's okay.. Don't scold him.. He is still a kid only.." Sana said.

"Yeah a baby boy!" Haya rolled her eyes, "I will say to your friends at college what you did, everyone will laugh at you.."

"Hayaaaaa.." Ayan looked at her angrily.

"Don't scold him.. Stop.. Stop.. Stop.." Khushi interrupted them who were busy scolding Ayan, "Evelyone (everyone) makes mistakes.. but we should give them a second chance.. My Abba says like this!" she said smiling innocently at them.

This was sufficient to bring a smile on their faces and forgive Ayan still angry at his behavior.

"Khushi Bhabhi you're so cute!" Haya side hugged her.

Two weeks later..

Two weeks passed by and Arshi's relationship got more stronger, Arnav was now used to have a sweet and soft person he would open his eyes in the morning and see her first and look at her last when going to sleep. He was used to have her at his office, chatting with her about various things that makes no sense but since he it was her, he enjoyed it. Having all meals of the day with her, sometimes he feed her and sometimes it's she who feeds him. At Saturday and Sunday they would go to park and play all day. And at same time, he treatment was going on, with medicine prescribed by NK and Arnav making her remember her mother at every moment. Sometimes she responds to it but then goes back to her state, but he didn't give back. He would make sure she gets normal now, especially now she's responding to the treatment.

For Khushi, someone who didn't live without her Abba, now she found someone who had same importance of her Abba in her life, "Her Arnav", she just couldn't live without his hug at morning, his way to pamper her, his way to treat her like a baby, the way he feeds her, the way he smiles at her, when she does a mistake instead of scolding her, he would make her understand that she shouldn't have done that, the way he takes time to play with her, the way he kisses her forehead when they go to sleep, when he prays for her while they're are going to sleep, she just loves sleeping cuddling to him now. The way he makes her sit on his lap while he is working on his laptop and she is painting her things. He is now her protector, her bestest friend, someone her heart was starting to love! She doesn't know why, but she deeply attached to him now.

Oct 6

Chapter 9 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 64 times)

One week later..

Arshi’s room:

Khushi opened her eyes and looked at the other side of the bad, her face immediately fell and her eyes brimmed with tears. It has been one week since Arnav went to New York for his business issues and left her at home.

She cried so much the day he left but he convinced her that he would return soon and just went for work reasons, he wasn’t leaving her alone. After many hours of her crying and he explaining, she accepted him to go.

Now her heart is scared everyday if he will return or he will leave her like her mother. The phone on her bed started ringing, she quickly picked it up, she knows it’s him only. He calls her everyday to know what is she doing, if she ate or not, if she took her medicine or not, if Ayan and Asad teased her or not, if she’s liking to stay in his house or not, if her Abba came to meet her or not.. and their talks goes on.

“Doll.. did you wake up?” she heard his voice and controlled her tears, she nodded her head sadly.

“Khushi!” he said sensing that she was not okay.

“When will you come back?” Khushi burst out in tears, not able to bear this, she just gets to hear his voice and not see him. She feels him but cannot hug him!

“Doll.. stop crying! What happened?” he asked worriedly.

“Khushi miss you!” she said hiccupping, “Why don’t you cly (cry)? Don’t you miss Khushi? You don’t like Khushi na?”

“If I didn’t miss you then I wouldn’t call you everyday!” he said.

“If you liked Khushi you would come and hug me!” she pouted wiping her tears away.

“Then come downstairs to get my hug!” he smiled.

Khushi frowned a bit, “You’le not hele (here).. You want me to go downstairs and hug your picture there!??”

“Come na!” he chuckled at her reply.

Her heart beat just at the thought he could be there downstairs and waiting for her, she quickly wore her sandals and left the phone on the bed. Khushi ran outside the room and quickly descended the stairs, her eyes widened in surprise and her lips curved into a big smile, seeing that actually he was there waiting for her.

She reached him and didn’t even give him time to say something, her body crashed with his and she wrapped her arms around his neck hugging him tightly as much as she could.

Arnav was taken aback by her act, he smiled softly and reciprocated the hug, burying his face on hair and smelling her vanilla scent that he missed for one week.

“Khushi can’t believe it.. you’le hele!!!!!” she jumped happily while hugging him.

Khushi broke the hug and looked at his face smiling, she touched his cheeks softy to confirm that he was there and it was not her imagination. Before he could say something again, Khushi stopped him by kissing his temple, his cheeks, his both eyes and she continued showering kisses on his face.

Truth to be told, he was enjoying the kisses given by her but reality stuck in him, everyone was present there. His mother, Nani, Zoya, Asad, Haya, Ayan, Sana and his new PA (Aman).

He blushed and got very uncomfortable there. The girls giggled at his state except Sana who hated to watch this scene.  Aman widened his eyes seeing the great AAK, who is so serious with him blushing like this. Asad rolled his eyes, thinking Khushi to be a shameless girl.

“Khushi..” Arnav called her softly, making her remember that their family was there. But how would Khushi understand what he meant?

She frowned and took a step back, “What happened?”

Arnav just shook his head and went toward his bag, “Come here Haya.. Ayan.. look what I brought for you all..”

“Wow.. did you bought my purse Arnav??” Zoya sat excitedly on sofa.

“How could I forget that bhabhi!!?” Arnav smirked teasing her, “Otherwise I would hear from you for a long time!”

Haya sat with Zoya, “Bhai my dress?? I told you to bring three same dresses for me, Zoya and Khushi bhabhi..”

“Hmm.. I bought everything you asked me!” he smiled at his little sister.

Khushi looked down upset, she quickly went upstairs and shut the door of their room crying.

“Good that my Arnav ignored you.. He doesn’t even like your kisses.. He doesn’t like YOU Khushi.. he likes me!” Sana smirked.

She walked towards Arnav and started helping him take things out of the bag to everyone, as she also went with him to New York and they both shopped together. Arnav took her help to buy things for the ladies.

Arnav looked around to spot Khushi, but didn’t find her, “Where’s Khushi??”

“She went upstairs.. I guess she went to freshen up..” Sana said when she clearly saw that Khushi was crying.

“Okay..” Arnav nodded and continued distributing gifts for everyone, while he kept the specials one for Khushi aside.

Arshi’s room:

After chatting with his family, distributing gifts and introducing Aman to them, Arnav finally took time to go to his room and rest for a while.

He opened the door and got in, his smiley face turned into worried one seeing his Princess crying on the bed.

“Khushi.. what happened?.. Why are you crying?..” he rushed to her, “Am I not here now? Stop crying..”

“You don’t like Khushi..” she pushed him away sobbing.

“Who said that?” he frowned.

“You!” she cried more, “Khushi kissed you and you stopped Khushi.. You didn’t miss me.. and you don’t like Khushi as much as Khushi likes you!”

Arnav cupped her face, Khushi looked away. He made her look at him, then placed a kiss on her forehead. Khushi shoved his hands away, and tried to get up but Arnav pulled her to his lap, she sat there unwillingly fighting with him.

He had to hold her both hands tightly to make her stop beating him, and he kissed her both eyes like she kissed him.

She looked at him angrily, he smiled and pecked her both cheeks. Khushi started giving up, she badly missed him to spoil this moment and be angry with him.

She hugged him tightly, whispering, “You’re vely bad!”

“Didn’t I return to you? I just came back because I missed you my Doll..” he whispered back.

“Khushi also missed you a lot..” she said burying her face on his neck. She smiled softly realizing that he kept his promise, he came back for her.


At night..

The youngsters were chatting in the living room after having their dinner.

 “You should have been there Haya.. that restaurant cooks amazing food.. I and Arnav enjoyed a lot.. then we went to shopping.. we had so much fun!” Sana said happily.

“That’s nothing new Sana.. Bhai already took us to the restaurant you’re talking about when we went to New York with him..” Haya said.

“Haan.. and we had loads of fun.. at that time my husband was very loving person.. don’t know why now..” Zoya said staring at Asad who was busy on his phone.

Arnav just shook his head seeing his brother ignoring Zoya’s comment and acting indifferent towards her, he just doesn’t understand what happened to his brother. Why the most loving couple in his eyes fight so much now that they forgot their love behind?

Khushi rested her head on Arnav’s shoulder frowning, she wasn’t liking to hear Sana’s stories about them. She was feeling jealous that Sana spent time with HER Arnav in New York.

Arnav kissed her hair and wrapped his arms around her waist, asking softly, “Are you feeling sleepy?”

Khushi nodded sideways, “No.. Khushi just wants YOU!”

“I’m here for YOU!” he said.

Sana gritted her teeth, now whatever she would say wouldn’t make a difference. Khushi was so close to Arnav and both were in their own world, that she saw herself defeated just by this scene.

Zoya looked at Arshi with a happy smile still moist eyes, how much she wanted to be like this with Asad but he isn’t giving attention to her, let alone their chat.

“I’m going to sleep.. Good night everyone..” Zoya said and left from there to her room sadly.

“Arnav will you drop me home please?” Sana asked, “I wouldn’t ask you, but it’s late night..”

“Let’s go..” Arnav said, he got up and took the car keys. Sana happily stood up and followed him till the exit door.

Arnav turned back, “Doll.. Haya.. Ayan..  come on.. I will buy ice cream for you both on the way..”

Sana face fell, she looked away frustrated.

“Ice cream? No, I’m not kid anymore..” Ayan shook his head.

“Okay.. Khushi and Haya let’s go..” Arnav smirked. “Noooooo.. How can you guys leave me?.. How can I miss Ice cream??” Ayan came running making Khushi and Haya laugh at him.

“Arnav.. vanilla ice cleam.. with full chocolate okay??” Khushi asked excitedly. Arnav nodded smiling at her, he held her hand and made her sit at front seat. 

Sana embarrassingly went to backseat, and sat unwillingly with Haya and Ayan.  

Oct 6

Chapter 10 (By Cookie99) (Thanked: 60 times)

“Ayan take them to the ice cream parlor.. I will join you guys in few minutes, just going to park the car..” Arnav said and Ayan nodded taking the girls to the ice cream parlor.

“I’m going to have vanilla ice cream with chocolate..” Khushi spoke excitedly.

Ayan mimicked her mocking her and Sana giggled. While Haya glared at Ayan, “Ayan just leave in her peace.. she doesn’t even provoke you and you’re always playing pranks with Khushi bhabhi..”

Ayan rolled his eyes, “Blah blah blah.. you girls just know how to blabber..”

Khushi glared at him, “Don’t talk to Haya like that..”

“She’s my sister and I talk with her the way I want to.. Who are you to stop me? Ahn? And how will you stop me?” Ayan asked facing Khushi.

Khushi pushed him angrily, Ayan also got angry and was about to push her back when they heard a car crash sound.

The four looked towards the place where they heard the sound and widened their eyes realizing it’s Arnav’s car.

“Arnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvv….” Khushi shouted, her whole body was trembling with the scene taking place in front of her, her eyes turned red, her heart stopped beating. She was feeling numb, the past accident of her mother now came clearly in her mind.

“Bhaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…” Haya and Ayan shouted crying heavily. Sana was equally shocked and scared of what will happen to her Arnav.

Khushi felt dizzy, her eyes were slowly closing and in no time, she fainted there.

Suddenly Haya felt someone touching her shoulder from behind, she looked back and widened her eyes more shocked, “Bhai? App?.. that car..”

“I’m fine..” he said and his siblings rushed to hug him tightly, he hugged them back but soon, asked them to move aside for him to pick Khushi on the floor.

“We need to go to hospital..” he said rushing with Khushi to his car and praying to Allah that this mission of his, turns to be successful and not dangerous for Khushi.

Aman came out of the car they saw that crashed with another one, “I hope I did my job well!.. By the way I never thought my first work in Mumbai would be so risky!”

“Thanks yaar..” Arnav chuckled at Aman’s face, he was scared and shocked, “And yeah.. I will pay for the damages of your car..”

“Bhai what happened to Khushi bhabhi?” Haya asked all frightened.

“This means the car who got accident wasn’t your car bhai.. It was Aman’s car!” Ayan said shocked.

“Hmm.. Aman please take the kids and Sana back home..” Arnav said, “While I will take Khushi to hospital..”

“No, Arnav I will go with you.. You might need me..” Sana said, she was worried what if Khushi gets fine and accepts Arnav as her husband. In this way, she would never get Arnav in her life. She must do something to stop Khushi from getting back to her normal state.

“No Sana! I can handle my wife alone..” Arnav said making Khushi lay in the car. Sana gulped, “But..”

“No ifs and buts.. Just go home because it’s too late now.. the rest leave on me..” Arnav said taking his seat and drove off to hospital.

Sana looked here and there disturbed, she couldn’t see her plan fail like this, “Oh no.. why did this had to happen??”

Aman looked at her suspiciously, “Let’s go ma’am..”

“I’m very scared..  what will happen to my bhabhi? I just hope she gets fine.. please Allah .. please hear me.. please make Khushi bhabhi fine.. don’t let anything wrong happen to her..” Haya said walking and praying with her eyes shut, she was crying.



Siddiqui’s house..

Siddiqui walked to open the door that was being constantly knocked, “Who is it at this hour??” he thought while opening the door.

“As Salam Walaikum Uncle!!!!!!”  a tall and handsome man, with a charming smile greeted Siddiqui.

“Arey.. Aahil.. app!” Siddiqui smiled brightly, “Come in.. come in.. such a long time! You almost forgot us..”

“Uncle wah! What an amazing memory you have.. You still remember this crazy boy!” Aahil laughed and walked in with Siddiqui, taking his bag also.

“How can I forget Khushi’s Prince?” Siddiqui smiled.

“And how can I forget my Princess and her King?” Aahil smiled softly, “I might have gone to London for further studies, but my heart was here only.. I actually never forget you both uncle!”

“And where’s my Princess with her beautiful hazel eyes? She might be so angry with me.. Uncle you have to save ahn.. in case she prepared to murder me..” Aahil spoke jokingly.

“Your princess got married..” Siddiqui said smilingly. Aahil dropped the bag on his hand shocked.

“Shocked.. Aren’t you?” Siddiqui laughed.

“Uh..ahn..yeah.. I’m shocked uncle.. actually I never thought.. that she would marry.. Who’s the lucky man?” Aahil asked smiling after composing himself.

“Come here.. I will tell you everything..” Siddiqui’s face turned serious remembering in which circumstances he got Khushi married to Arnav.



At hospital..

Arnav was passing around the corridor praying non-stop for Khushi’s recovery while NK was examining Khushi inside the hospital room along with other doctors and nurses.

“Ya Allah.. till now I only begged you for my family’s happiness, health and success but today I’ve finally started to love someone, my heart started to feel for this woman in hospital bed right now, I feel like I’ve someone whom I can call mine now.. please don’t snatch her from me.. please let her be fine,  I prayed so much for this day where I would see my wife getting back to normal.. It would not be only my victory but her parents also.. Siddiqui uncle will be very happy if my this plan succeeds..” he prayed and a lone tear escaped his eyes.

NK walked out of the room and walked to him, Arnav quickly composed himself and wiped the tears in his eyes, “NK.. wh..what.. happened?.. fine?”

Arnav asked peeking the room to see a glimpse of the woman he loves, “Tell me.. NK.. kya hua?”

“Arnav.. it’s a good news.. Khushi got back to her normal state.. she no more behaves like a kid!” NK smiled.

Arnav looked at him numb, his lips curved into a big smile, “Really? Are you telling me the truth??”

“Yes..” NK nodded his head smiling, “You did it Arnav.. You did it.. You only cured her.. in such a short time, I confess I didn’t expect it.. I thought it would take time to cure her..”

Arnav hugged NK tightly with a bright smile on his face, and tears of happiness escaping his eyes, “It wasn’t me NK.. With the help of Allah I did it NK..”

NK hugged him back, “Wow..  I will not get such moments to get hug from the AAK!”

“Doctor NK.. the patient is asking for her father!” the nurse came and called NK. NK nodded and looked at Arnav, “You will have to call her father Arnav..”

Arnav nodded feeling bit strange; he thought Khushi would call for him as she thought he got an accident. He thought she would come and hug him tightly like she does when she misses him.

At Siddiqui’s house..

“I can’t believe it uncle.. You send Khushi to an unknown man… What am I here for? Why didn’t you call me? I would come and marry my Princess.. I would take her to the best doctors and get her cured.. she would be safe with me.. How could you trust this man? Do you know him? What guarantee you have that he will treat our Princess well? What if he just wants to use her?” Aahil asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry.. Arnav is a great man.. I have full trust in him!” Siddiqui said.

“Really uncle?” Aahil asked.

“Haan.. I work for him and never for once he shouted at me, or ill treat me in office.. He treats me with respect and he never met Khushi but once he heard about Khushi’s state, he only offered the proposal to marry Khushi promising to protect her and cure her.. and he’s indeed doing it, you don’t know how much Khushi is happy with him.. that she forgets me now.. she only wants Arnav now..” Siddiqui giggled.

“I want to meet this man and Khushi also.. then I will be assured of what you’re saying uncle..” Aahil said.

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