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QUAGMIRE (By Varanasi) (Thanked: 41 times)

Chapter 11

 “Ms. Gupta these are the invitation cards to be sent to all the members for the upcoming show and I want this work to be done by you, see to it that you write it carefully as spelling mistakes would look very careless going by our standards.”

“Spelling Mistakes but why would the print have anything as such as we would check it thoroughly before final ...”

“Because you are going to write all the invitations, I meant to say that I want them to be handwritten, I see you have a very beautiful handwriting.”

“WHAT?” Khushi was horrified with the work she was assigned, in front of her were some thousands of cards, without invitation no one is allowed, she can’t even miss a single card but who in their true senses would hand write them? Once she completed the correction of A’s she went up to his cabin to tell him that it was done but seems like the day is getting worse.

“I hope you don’t mind working till late as you know how important this is. I can see this work getting completed before you leave.” Saying so Arnav got up from his seat and started going towards her, he can see she was shocked and he is enjoying her expressions and vulnerability.

“End of the day? But Sir,” if she was horrified with just knowing that she has to do the imposition then she was feeling close to feeling helpless seeing him giving deadlines for every stupid time taking activity.

“Ah, careful, Ms. Gupta”

Khushi didn’t realize in her haste that she was backed to the nearest cupboard and she stumbled against the chair which was placed right behind making her sit in it and the ink bottle which was placed on the top of the cupboard fell right on her without further intimation as the chair hit the cupboard.

“Awww” the whole of her right side was inked. A part of her face and hands have ink on them. It surely going to take a lot of scrubbing from her side if at all she wants to look normal again without the blue color on her, coming to her dress it was the last day for it, there is no way she can clean it back to before without the stains and smell.

“Before you leave for the day drop the cards in here Ms. Gupta,” he said in a no-nonsense tone as if nothing happened before him.


It was already close to seven in the evening and even if she does a night out her assignment will not be completed on top that the smell of ink is not allowing her to focus. She washed her face and hands but they still are stinking from the smell.

“Today is not Holi I suppose” Aman was astonished looking at Khushi bathed in blue ink.

“Khushi ?! what is this?” Payal was also having a similar expression to Aman.

“Aman, are the invitations sent out for the upcoming show?” Khushi didn’t bother to answer them regarding her state, she wants to be out of those clothes otherwise she is sure to faint with the stinking smell.

“Long back”

"But how did this happen?"

"The ink bottle fell on me from the top of the cupboard while I was in ASR's cabin."

"ASR doesn't like if the cabin is cluttered, his cabin is always well kept, ink bottle on top of the cupboard with no cap?"

“Let’s go Jiji.” She dragged her sister along, damn the invitations she understood that he has purposely given her this task, and the ink bottle too was kept intentionally. what would he gain by this other than making her sit till midnight? He must have heard her speaking to Aman. Right now he is in a conference call whatever it is she would deal with him the next day.


“Hai re Nandakis****! Have you joined any drama company to enact Nandakis**** or what?  What’s with this blue color all over you?” Bauji closed her nose as she was not able to bear the smell.

“Let me get out of this costume then I will tell you Buaji, I can’t bear this anymore.” Khushi ran to the room before she pukes.

 “Sanka Devi, wherever she goes trouble follows her, OOO Payaliya, it is surely going to take her some time before she gives us darshan, you go and freshen up in my room”


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QUAGMIRE (By Varanasi) (Thanked: 62 times)

Chapter 12

“You said it? And he heard it too?” Payal was shocked when she heard the reason behind her sister bathing in ink.

“What I said was not wrong because even Aman didn’t deny it,” Khushi said applying moisturizer on her face and hands.

“But Khushi whatever it is if at all you have any issues regarding the work or timings you should have spoken to him directly why to discuss it at their back?”

“But Jiji, why are you scolding me? You should have listened to other people, you would die laughing out hearing the names he has..”

“Shut up Khushi, People who want to waste their time in gossiping would surely be interested in creating these type of names, AR is paying us salaries, it has given us a respect in the society as it employees. Would you encourage the same behavior if this happens in our shop? If at all anyone bad mouths babuji will you accept it?”

“Babuji is very nice no one will ever say anything like that, even I worked with him, I never saw anyone pointing out anything”

“Khushi, come on you are his daughter why would they say it on your face?”

“You mean to say that whatever he did today is fair?”

“No, I'm not supporting his actions but I can only advise you because you are important to me. You got a very good chance for your career, don’t lose it with this type of stupidity. You started this Khushi, he offered you even after knowing that you spoiled his show,  maybe unintentional but he still left it behind, but you are only assuming his behavior based on what happened in Lucknow and also on other’s opinion.”

"Why he has to give that stupid work then?”

“Prove to him that you are only concerned about work nothing else, show him your true intentions of working and let him know your talent, even after that if he behaves so let me know then I will look into it. We are here to help babuji, isn’t it? Just think of it nothing else, you will surely see a difference.”

"Fine" Khushi said pouting.

"Now that's like my dear sister."


Arnav was displeased when he found out that Khushi left without informing him and the work given to her is also lying unattended on the temporary desk allotted to her. He spoke to Akash to know about Payal, concluded that only Khushi is not work minded. He decided to throw her out as being with this type of people will only be a waste of time, he was astonished by his own behavior towards her, ink bottle seriously? he was sure it was to show her the gates before his work starts suffering due to all this. But before that, he surely will show her how it would be to mess with ASR.


The next one week passed in breakneck speed to both Khushi and Payal.

Payal had to put more efforts than estimated but she was happy and thankful to God as Akash was very helpful, he let her take own time and handled her portion of work too so as to give her time in adjusting to the environment and work. Even after that, she was not able to wind up her tasks before 8 in the evening.

Khushi reasoned to Arnav that as the invitations are already sent she didn't see it important to write them anymore hence left them. Arnav though didn't react to her reply assigned her all sorts of work from cleaning up the racks in his room to the ones in the storeroom,asked her to take the measurements of all the models who has come up for the shoot, asked her to assist the security guard in car parking lot, assist different departments with the pending or piled up work , she was asked to upload bundles of files which were of data of the initial days of AR. From getting him coffee at the start of the day to switch off his system by the end of the day Arnav made sure Khushi was always on her heels, never letting her take a break. What surprised him was Khushi doing it without denying, he can see that she wants to shout at him for making her do these things rather than giving her time to learn her responsibilities as his PA, but she kept mum all throughout.

As advised by her sister, Khushi kept mum and followed Arnav's order to the T thinking that he will understand her folly and let it go but her patience finally snapped when she was asked to hold the coat of a model until her shoot was done. She was about to shout at him for his silly ways of taking revenge but keeping in mind the people surrounding them, she let him leave the place first to later go and speak.

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QUAGMIRE (By Varanasi) (Thanked: 39 times)

Chapter 13

Payal was amused with the tasks ASR was giving her little sister, it is very clear from his stand that he didn’t like Khushi's thoughts regards him and their first meet was not helping them in any way to let go personal displeasure and work in coordination.  Owing to the fact that Khushi was the one who started it she advised her sister to take a back seat not allowing the matter at hand to fully blow out and let her handle it for the time being hoping the situation would change but right now looks like Khushi would burst out any moment. While giving ASR a piece of mind would actually make her relieved, the latter’s reaction to it would surely affect their futures. She rushed to her cabin to see any work which would delay Khushi’s presence in ASR’s cabin, luckily she found out one chance and she almost dragged Akash out of the cabin not realizing his bemused expressions looking at the sudden change in her behavior.


Khushi tried to control her anger before knocking on the cabin door.

“Control Khushi, control you don’t want to take BP tablets at this stage of your life do you? I wish they had a warned that one would need to join meditation classes before joining in this organization,hmpfh”

“Come in, or move out What are you doing there blocking my cabin’s entrance?”

Khushi looked up to see that he was standing a few feet away from her with his famous expression etched to on his face, angry.

“I was coming in, I need to ..”

“What the hell are you doing here in the first place? I asked you to be in the studio, where is the coat?” how dare she deny his orders.

“Sir, my job responsibilities don’t state anywhere that this is my work over here, We both know the reason behind these tasks you are allotting me, I know what I said is not correct. I wish you see me for someone who is hired in replacement of  your assistant rather than some wooden stand.”

“What the..Not correct?! That’s it? no sorry nothing?” he knew asking her to do these type of works will somewhere irritate her but finally, she will learn her lesson and apologize to him for speaking like that but she said everything else apart from the apology he was looking for.

Khushi can say that he didn’t expect this from her but if he wants her to be silent forever or go beg him for forgiveness then he is mistaken, with one final look at him she turned to leave when she saw her sister and Akash looking at them. She knew she was not wrong but still while crossing her sister she met her eyes to know if Payal approves of her in denying this task and saw a slight blink of her eyes like expected her sister was on her side, giving a smile to Akash she finally left.

“Bhai?” Akash was confused with Khushi’s monologue, what is actually happening here? He was busy with the new client and trying to accommodate Payal’s work too as she still needs some time to be left alone to handle but looks like Payal is aware of it, of course, she would know after all she is Khushi’s sister. I’m ASR’s brother too, isn’t it? He came out of his thoughts when Payal touched his elbow as he was not responding to her calls.

Arnav waited to see if Payal would react in any way but the lady didn’t even turn back to her sister leaving, good for her(he thought). He took the file from Akash and all three sat down to discuss it.


The photo may have worn out owing to its lifespan but his memories with the person in it would never fade away. Finally, after so many years he would get a closure to it. He is carrying it all this while close to his heart fearing that time would erase the pain or memories but it is not the wound anymore it has become the scar which would always remain as a symbol not letting him forget it.

His thoughts raced back to his Lucknow visit. A few more confirmations and he is all set to change their course of life, the smiles which adorned their face will soon turn into tears.


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QUAGMIRE (By Varanasi) (Thanked: 43 times)

Chapter 14

“Mano, but there is no reason to throw a party now.”

“HHBB, what do you mean by no reason? In our society, no reason is required for all this.”

“But why do you want to waste the money..”

“Waste? Arey everyone should know how well we are doing and I need to show the new necklace set to my friends which Arnav bought for me when can be the best time for it is rather than these parties?”

“Whatever” he knew his wife will not go back on this even if he breaks his head in explaining to her that it is just a pure waste of money.

Mano, Manorama Raizada his wife, a girl from a well-off family who left everything to be with him, their’s was an arranged marriage but he did find love in it and that too which would leave you overwhelmed. As said by someone - one would only know the real faces of others in hard times, even he understood her truly in all sense when the Raizada’s had to face the downfall. The death of his father, the business running into losses and his sister and brother-in-law’s death, additional responsibility of Arnav and Anjali all followed in a sequence that too within a year. Her family asked her to come back with them leaving all the troubles in hand, they offered to help out in clearing the losses, Akash’s future would be secured but Arnav and Anjali would have to fetch for themselves. That day when her uncle came to take her back, he never expected his wife’s reaction.

“Chachaji, what do you mean by only Akash, what about Arnav and Anjali? And Maaji, she is going through a lot, first Sasurji and now Di and Jeejaji, you want me to turn my back in this time?”

“Mano, if you want we will take her with us, taking the siblings under our custody doesn’t mean that it will be done by just providing food, the girl would need medical attention at regular intervals and what about their education and living expenses? The business is running in losses, what about Akash’s future? Thinking about them will you let your own child’s fate to turn unpredictable?”

“My child? Arnav and Anjali are also mine, only because they are not my blood doesn’t mean they are not my children. Thank you very much that you came here keeping in view my best interest but I’m sorry that you had to waste your time and money to come here."


The coming years they had to face a lot of struggle, they had to shift to a single bedroom flat, there always a compromise in every decision but the smile on her face and her support were always his companions. She wanted him to concentrate on business rather than personal life and took up odd jobs to make sure the basic needs are met. He fell in love with her then. When Arnav wanted funds to go abroad she didn’t think twice before pawning the jewelry which was the last remains of her late mother.

“If a mother backs off from helping her child who would do it then?” these were her exact words.

That’s why as much as he fights with her over these silly things he is proud of having her as his wife, and he knew all these parties she throws is not to show off her status but to show to the world her children’s success.


It’s been two months since they joined AR and as much as the first week was a terrible experience to Khushi the later part was not that bad, after her one on one with Arnav he didn't give her any such task which would be called useless but did he spare her anywhere from showing hell? Hell No she was on her toes for the most part of the day, running behind him to running to different sections for handling different works. The pressure increased for her when Aman had to leave by the mid of second month that is well before the said time, the office was not completely set up but the work has kept him mostly glued to new responsibilities. Khushi was lenient and relaxed a bit and always  looked up to Aman to confirm her work before reaches out of her cabin or mailbox but with Aman’s sudden departure everything changed and Arnav was never there to help with anything she couldn't blame him completely too as AR was trying to put ints base in abroad Arnav mostly would be in conference calls or meetings as this was a crucial step for them he rarely was seen relaxing or having his lunch on time. But all said done she somewhere feels that if at all he helps her a bit then everything would fall into place with time and practice.


Akash was genuinely happy with his assistant's work. Payal was anything but lazy, the girl was always ready with the information the tiredness was never visible in her words or work. As they were trying to spread their business overseas they want the best client for this exposure so Arnav wanted to look into every possible option and make out the best and all three of them were working solely on this to get this done perfectly he can see that Payal was even trying to help Khushi but as Arnav is currently more into this segment all other his works were added to Khushi's list. khushi has to give a thorough check twice before it reaches Arnav for finalization to cut off any time waste, all in all they are working their asses off, mostly returning home only to log into their laptops for some con calls or to complete off pending work they are rarely managing with a bare minimum of sleep of 4-5hrs from last 1 month.


Payal is very happy with her work life, she rarely finds time to think of her broken wedding, this is what she wants, now there is no time to sit and mourn about her life and how it changed in just a matter of seconds, the work feels refreshing, after coming to Delhi no one ever spoke about the incident to her and she never spoke with her parents or her sister about what or how she felt about the whole fiasco as she doesn't want them to feel bad seeing her sad, now she is sure with time she will close that chapter in her life.

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QUAGMIRE (By Varanasi) (Thanked: 40 times)

Chapter 15

"Garima, do you think it would be better if we accept Mittal's proposal for Payal?"

"What are you saying? A new proposal?" shock was an understatement for her when she heard her husband suggesting of marriage arrangements for their elder daughter.

"They are good people, they are our clients since long and most importantly they are aware of the recent happenings and are okay with it, what more can we ask for?" he tried sounding hopeful, hopeful of a better future.

"Shashi? is it you who is saying this? The poor girl just had heartbreak a few days back and you are eagerly trying to hook her up?" she couldn't comprehend what suddenly went wrong with her husband. He never took the decision on their daughter's part, it was always telling them the pros and cons of the action and letting them decide, even in Abhishek's case they said they like him, they had no qualms about her marrying him but only after Payal said yes did they gave their acceptance to the Sinha's.

"Garima, think it from my side, the more the marriage is delayed the more rumors will be spread about our daughter, no one would think that it is Payal who rejected Abhishek because of his money mindedness."

"Yes, I know, as we are living in a society there are some things which we do inevitably keeping in view the society's acceptance of it, but Shashi it is the matter of her life, can we rush this? Our daughter will be the one who would suffer the most in all this, let us give her some time to get over this, I will speak to her if you think it is getting too prolonged, but for now, let us not discuss this with Payal."

"As you say" there is nothing wrong in what his wife has suggested but he didn't want his wrongdoings to affect his children, he is changed man now but will karma let it go? It will get back to him, he had his first experience when Payal's wedding broke, he couldn't tolerate if this continues. Wish he was a little more rational back then.

"By the way, I heard from Jiji that kids are facing trouble in traveling by bus daily, so I'm sending them the scooter."


"Jiji, come fast it is getting late"

"Let's go,"  Payal said hopping on the pillion seat.

Both the sisters were pretty much happy when their  father sent the scooter without much discussion, they doubted if they had to do  some sort of pleading so as to make him acceptable to the fact that they would ride the bike on the busy streets of Delhi which is a quiet contrast to the less traffic and peaceful roads of Lucknow.

"Jiji, I seriously need a break, today of all at least, my head seems like it has its own rhythm and thudding according to it."

"Khushi, you are saying it now? Why didn't you mention it before? Let me ride us back home, I will drop you and go, you can speak to the HR directly over the phone for an off today."

"It's ok, Jiji, even if I speak I..." Khushi tried to reassure her sister with a smile of her hence she turned her head slightly backward and at the same moment, a car came to a sudden halt beside them slightly avoiding an accident which might take place as Khushi was not concentrating on the road ahead.

"Aaaahhh" with a loud crash both the sisters fell on to the ground with the bike half lying on them. The passer's by stopped to help these two get up and Khushi was the first one to get up and when she confirmed that nothing major has happened to them she leaped forward to teach the driver a lesson on how to drive.

"Are you sleeping while driving or what?" she turned to give whosoever a long lecture but her voice wouldn't support further seeing Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada in full form giving her a murderous glare standing in front of them.


Arnav just wanted himself to never come out from his heaven, his work, he had important video conferences to attend which were preponed at the last moment and the files regarding them are safe in his office desk, he didn't like to be unprepared for anything hence he wanted to rush to office way before the scheduled time but then his Nani wanted to have a talk with him at the same moment, he said they would once he reaches home in the evening but no she wanted to have it then and there and dragged his sister too into the conversation, he was running short of time hence decided to get over with it rather then wasting the time in discussing about the postponement of it.

If Nani thought having Anjali would help her in any way to make her grandson accept her wishes then she was pretty wrong, the moment she uttered the word marriage he broke the nearest vase into pieces and left the room kicking the door after him.

He just wanted to be in office to cool his nerves, it was then he saw the scooter coming in opposite direction and that too the lady who was driving it was not looking ahead, he turned his vehicle to the other side to lessen the impact and avoid a major accident due to the speed both were coming towards each other.



"What the...You? I think I don't have to be surprised to know this fact that it is you, you are the only one in this whole world who would ride a bike without looking ahead, if you are trying for some adventure or trying to get into some world records why don't you practice it at some other time when the crowd is less on the roads, you want to kill some one or what?"

"See it is not my fault that you are driving while sleeping, why don't you prefer some other place to rest rather than this?"

"You are the one who has come to this side, I helped you by turning my vehicle the other side, now when I think about it, I should have let it hit your so-called bike, then you would have felt better, instead of saying a thank you, you are blaming my driving skills?"

"thank you? For what? For making us fall down, and what driving skills are you boasting about yourself? You don't even know how to drive a car"

" Ms.Gupta you are crossing your limits," Arnav said taking a step forward.

"Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada, only because I work for you doesn't mean you are right here too." Khushi too didn't mind giving him a retort after all he has shown her hell.

"Work? Half of the time it is your sister who is helping you out and the other half I see you correcting the mistakes of your previous work."

"See, you are the one who is going overboard on loading me with lots of work."

"Then what do you think the office is for? You need to work to earn. You are taking the salary for it, isn't it? You are not doing me a favor by working there."

"Actually when I think about it, you should in all sense thank me because I'm doing even your part of work without taking any additional salary for it."

"How dare you say that Khushi Gupta, first you have a habit of spoiling my day and have the audacity to speak against me?"

"You haven't seen my dare yet Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada"


By the time Payal got up and checked herself to see if she is injured, Khushi was fighting head-on with their boss. She tried to drag her back but Khushi would not hear any of it, she wasn't even responding to her calls. Their fight took a different route and both of them were taking a step towards each other in the process of trying to intimidate the other with their words and body language. She looked around, the on-lookers were looking enthusiastically to see what else would these two do now, some were even capturing the fight in their mobiles, while some were gossiping among themselves.

"KHUSHI" She had no other choice other than to shout and pull her sister back from the heated eye lock she is having with their boss.


"Jiji? Why are pulling me? He is the one who.."

"Enough, not even a single word, you will sit behind while I drive"



"Good to see that at least your sister is using her brains, unlike you" with that Arnav left without waiting to listen to Khushi's answer.

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QUAGMIRE (By Varanasi) (Thanked: 36 times)

Chapter 16

"Hai re Nk, who is that? Payalia? Kusi? You guys just left a few minutes back, what happened? Did u forget something in the house?" Madhumathi was surprised seeing the girls at the doorstep just after sending them to the office.

"Yes, Khushi's commonsense" Payal retorted and moved into the room to change her clothes, due to the fall from the bike, the dress had few mud stains.

"Aei? What happened? What did Sanka Devi do now?"

"It's all because of you Buaji if you haven't blackmailed us to visit the temple before going to the office stating that it is an auspicious day, all this would have not happened." Khushi too joined Payal to change.

"Now I'm the one who has to be blamed? Hai re NK"


"Ok, I accept I too was at fault."

Payal messaged Akash stating that she would be delayed in reaching office and sent a message from Khushi's phone to HR asking for granting her a leave the reason being her ill-health. Once the information is passed on, she stood waiting for Khushi to speak on her stunt on the road.

"Is it?" Payal said raising an eyebrow with a serious look on her face.

"Ok fine, it was solely my mistake, as it was getting late for the office I had to take a wrong route and this happened only because of Buaji."

"Ok, I shouldn't have looked back while driving, fine?" When Payal still was not satisfied with her answer, she had to finally take the blame on her.

"Good, What about the fight with ASR?" Payal was not the one to give up so easily looking at Khushi's pouting face or silly expressions.

"Jiji didn't you hear what he spoke or are you not aware of my work pressure in the office?"

"Is that a place, way to discuss your work woes with your boss Khushi?"

"There was this headache since morning and when I saw him ..." she left unfinished, now when she looks back they are not any valid reasons to engage in a fight with him at least not at that place.

"Have you mentioned about your work pressure to him?"

"No, but you have seen him right? he is always busy in one or the other meetings, when should I speak to him over this?"

"Khushi, he owns the company, he ought to be busy if he wants to run it successfully in the coming years, If I'm not wrong, ASR would be working in the office even before we start our day at the office and he is the last person to leave too, so when he is spending most of the time in AR didn't you find a single moment to speak to him over this? He can't allot a particular time to you when you can go and speak you need to adjust, you could have managed to go early or should have spoken after your working hours are done"

"I agree all this is true, but doesn't he know that he is overburdening me with the work? with Aman gone way before then the mentioned time, it has become a hell lot exhausting"

"Who is the one who is suffering here?"


"Then you are the one who needs to look for a solution, it is not our father's business here Khushi where everyone will look for your comfort zone and moods and work according to it, here you are not the daughter of the owner but an employee if you are not changing your behavior according to the place and situation it is hard for you to sustain here, tell me if you want to go back to Lucknow" with that Payal walked away leaving her sister to ponder on her words.


"Bhai? All okay? What is this video on airing on TV? You and Gupta's fighting on the road?"

"What the..." he was just back completing the conference call when Akash barged into his cabin with a chain of questions.

He switched on the TV and saw that it was indeed the fight which happened that day morning airing on all channels, that is where being a celebrity would cost you, you can't even roam freely in your own city.  This is the last topic through which he wants himself to be associated with and be on the news headlines.

"Akash, details later, handle this issue before it affects AR"

"Our team is already working on it Bhai, but Bhai there is one more thing I need to speak to you, don't you think Khushi is overloaded with the work? She is new to all this and top of that you are busy too right now to help"

"Akash, I know she is new to this, but no one is born with the experience before, she never came to me saying she needs help, I would see until the probation is completed, if she is not coping up then maybe she needs to leave."

Arnav knew he was not completely right to select Khushi for the post as she lacks the experience which is required to handle this type of work and pressure. When she gate crashed into his show, she didn't cry asking to let go of but dared him to prove her wrong by providing him her details, a solution was needed when you are in crisis, no one cares for your tears, you need to fight for yourself. She has the attitude to prove herself worth for any challenge thrown her way, didn't she prove it to him when he gave her silly tasks, in this world there would be many situations where you feel that it is a complete downfall for you but you need to be patient to pass through it to face the success. 

Why is giving her a chance in the first place when she is no one to him, he is not sure if he wants to know if she is what she is portraying in all levels or he wants to crush the bubble she is living in and say that this world is not that happy place she assumes it to be? he is not sure. Why does he want to do this? he is not sure.


The next day Arnav saw that Khushi was waiting for him in the cabin, he checked his watch it was close to 10 pm, he had overseas calls, so he is delayed but he was sure everyone has left. He turned his attention towards Akash's cabin, the door was open and he can see Payal and Akash working. So she is waiting for her sister, but why wait in his cabin? she could wait in the lobby or in her cabin as well.

"Ms. Gupta, MS. GUPTA?" he had to call multiple times raising his voice as she dozed off on the desk, her right hand supporting her head to rest. He moved a bit forward and touched her shoulder as she is not responding to his calls.


Khushi thought back on Payal's words and understood where the actual problem lies, she is not the one to leave without a proper fight, she understood her relation with Arnav is not smooth as it is with her sister and Akash because of communication Gap between her and Arnav.

The first step in resolving her problem would be to speak to Arnav himself so she sat waiting for him in his cabin, as she sat waiting she thought about the reason why she is not same with Arnav as she is with everyone else? Instead, it has to be a bit brighter and lively as compared to others because he was her crush after all so why is it that their relation even as an employee-employer a downfall and not a normal or progressive one? She always had an image of Arnav as a sweet loving caring person which is a complete opposite of his real self and she is disappointed with this fact so she is showing her disappointment in this way? Oh God! what was she even thinking while behaving like that?

She didn't know when she fell asleep thinking all this, so when suddenly she heard her name being shouted near to her ears and something warm touching she jerked from her seat. With Khushi's swift move the rotating chair on which she sat moved back making her lose balance and hitting Arnav's leg who is standing just beside her. Khushi tried to balance herself from hitting the ground by holding Arnav's extended hand by which he wanted to wake her up and in the process, his watch got struck to her dupatta she was wearing. With the abrupt movement from Khushi and Arnav who was trying to get hold of what has actually happened in a split of second by moving away from the table Khushi's dupatta tore half way.


"WAIT" he shouted before there can be some more mess created in his cabin.

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"WAIT" he shouted before there can be some more mess created in his cabin.

But will Khushi be called Sanka Devi by her bua if at all she ever listens to anyone else? Seeing Arnav close to her she freaked out more, If Khushi kept herself still for a second they would have avoided any further mess but with Arnav unexpectedly near to her even after her trying to keep distance, she pushed herself back in an attempt to keep distance between them but it resulted in Arnav stumbling over her as his hand is still in her hold and his watch stuck to her half torn dupatta. With the weight of both Arnav and Khushi, ASR's poor desk had to move a little making space for them to fall flat with Khushi hitting the ground first and Arnav following her.

"ENOUGH" if making them both fall flat in his cabin was not enough Khushi tried to get up with Arnav on her still, she started twisting and turning, in turn, tangling them more in the mess, and rising his temper to peak.

With the sudden commotion from Arnav's cabin in the silent workplace both the siblings rushed to check if all is okay with their respective family members.


"Khushi...," Payal was the first one to recover from the scandalized image her boss and sister were portraying at the moment and rushed to help them to stand.

"Bhai, you okay?" he joined in helping his brother, seeing Payal help Khushi. But he was still reeling in the image he saw a few seconds back. What is actually happening between his brother and his PA? From the time the girl entered into ASR's life he got the privilege to see some or other weird behavior of ASR. He selected a GIRL who SPOILED his show as his PA, gave her silly tasks, isn't it a day before he saw a video of them fighting on the road? his bhai would throw some money on any day on whosoever face it may be at any point of time rather than indulging in any verbal spat that too for something like a wrong side driving case, and now this. Maybe the work, the sleepless nights are taking a toll on him, he should speak to his dad, new employees have to be hired so that the burden is shared or maybe this girl has to be kept away keeping in view the future of AR or maybe he needs to speak to his sister Anjali as the girl seems to bring out different emotions in ASR, maybe it's time to see Arnav again in ASR.

Arnav stood up with the help of Akash dusting and straitening his coat. He scanned his cabin it looked like the aftermath of the place hit by a hurricane. The chairs scattered away from the desk, the desk pushed towards the wall, the files and contents in it all mixed up on the floor, pens, pencils, markers, rolled all over the floor to different directions. He finally glanced at the cause of all this, the girl after creating so much chaos was least bothered about it and was looking at her sorry state of dupatta with a sad face. He saw Payal beside Khushi looking at her sister, at the same moment Payal too glanced towards him.

Oh NO! what would it look like to her or to anyone at that moment, him lying over his PA in his cabin at this time of night with no one else in the building, the state in which the cabin is looking right now also wouldn't help him in any way. He opened his mouth to explain, but Payal beat him to it.

"Khushi? Would it pain you in any way if at all you wait for a second to ponder on your actions before reacting?"

"Jiji, I didn't know I dozed off waiting and got scared when I heard my name being called out so loudly and all this happened, I was just trying to control the situation "

"AND this is how you control a situation? by creating a disaster?" Arnav was giving her deadly looks.

"Sorry" she gave an apologetic look to him after looking around her once.

"Sorry ASR, Khushi let's move" Payal dragged her out of the cabin. As they started descending the stairs Khushi remembered the reason for her to be in the cabin in the first place. They need to speak and she doesn't want to delay it anymore.

"Jiji, you go, I need to speak and it's important" with that she turned back and sprinted towards Arnav's cabin.

Arnav was standing near his see-through glass wall and looking at both the sister's leaving AR. If Khushi confused him Payal was no less if he remembers correctly, it was Payal's wedding day on which Khushi gatecrashed his show, then what happened at the wedding? why did the sister's land in Delhi? Payal is not married, does it mean the marriage broke? that too because Khushi was kept as a hostage in sheesh mahal, by him? Is he the reason behind a girl being left out at the wedding altar?

The palace was decorated, laughter was heard from every corner, his sister smiling at him, suddenly the smile turned into her heart-wrenching cries, there were bodies placed in front of them with a white cloth covering them.

He jerked himself out of the past memories, then he had no power to control anything, he wasn't able to do anything else other than standing by sidelines and watch it happen, but he did fight back everything didn't he? the smile on his sister's face is back, he brought back sheesh-mahal as promised, he made a space for themselves in the society. Nothing could go bad now. He was sure.

What surprised him was if at all Payal's wedding broke how did she still manage to go on with her daily life as if nothing happened? His sister took a lot of time to be out of the trauma, accepted that the loss of their parents was a greater sorrow at that time rather than the wedding being called off but still the pain of getting rejected was visible in her eyes. He can see a glimpse of him in Payal, the girl surely did a great job in masking her pain, by the time they were in Delhi attending the interview in AR it was not even few days from the wedding date and when he asked her the reason behind her leaving her previous job she said due to the wedding and when he asked what happened then? why is she here for a job again? she simply said it didn't happen, nothing else. Her body language or her words never showed the past mishappenings.

If he thinks of Khushi then he is doubtful over there too, when Anjali was enrolled in the college once they are back to Delhi, he was always present by her side, dropping her and picking her up from college never allowing any guy near her in the fear of seeing her break down again if at all she gets close to them, but here he never saw Khushi trying to prevent Payal or for that matter any person from having a casual conversation with her sister, she didn't have a problem with Payal working late nights with his brother, them traveling together to different places due to meetings, professionally there is nothing much to ponder on this, but personally she was completely opposite of how he behaved in the same situation, when their siblings were dumped at the altar. How can it happen? Is it only because they have their parents with them during this hard time.

He saw Khushi coming to a halt and turning in opposite direction and running towards his cabin, he saw her opening his cabin door without knocking and he moved towards the other side just in case she isn't able to handle her speed or she stumbles upon something resulting in plunging on him, this time they have glass wall behind him, it wouldn't be able to handle the pressure for sure.

"Sir, I need to speak to you, it's urgent, that's the reason I was waiting for you in the cabin, and all this happened," she said looking around the cabin once again with an apologetic look she had before.

"Ms. Gupta, why don't we postpone whatever it is to the next day, right now, neither my cabin nor my mood is in a state to handle a meeting"  he was completely not out of the past memories which suddenly popped in his mind.

"Sir, I'm here to tell that with Aman gone I'm not able to handle this in the way he did, but I don't want to give up, I have something planned to solve this, why don't we both sit together and discuss on what you are expecting out of me and I handle it in my own way rather than me simply following the ways which Aman did before?" she went on with her idea as if he never spoke.

"Ms. Gupta, whatever it may be, let's deal it on any other day, for now, leave" he was trying to have this conversation without shouting on her.

"what do you say, Sir? shall we do it now or tomorrow morning? Now it is anyways late, let's do tomorrow morning, but at what time?" Khushi in her enthusiasm of having found a way out for this problem was going on with her rant without caring to look at Arnav's reaction.

"OUT, NOT A WORD, JUST GET OUT" he marched towards her, held her arm, dragged her towards the door and pushed her out of it. He better distance himself before he does anything which he regrets later.

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