Restless Raizada

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Jul 11

Restless Raizada (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 55 times)

This is my first OS... I have previously written one fan fic... but thought I will try my hand at this... In fact this was published in the contest recently held.. Thanks to all the readers who voted for it...

 Restless Raizada

"Haire Nand Kis****!! you two are impatient like your Dadaji(grandfather)!!!  Bua Parnani (great grandaunt) held her walking stick up and both Aadi, Anya froze. She turned from her book hearing them giggle. 

"Bua Parnani, mama is impatient but Dadaji has patience to listen to all our stories " going nearer whispered, "he teaches us all the tricks.

 "Array, your mama is nothing compared to Dadaji!!

"By the way BuaParnani, how do you have so much strength?? Does Nandkis**** give you?" they questioned.

"Parameshwari,.. shouted Buaji to drive them away from asking any more questions while her mind travelled to the day of Payal's wedding. 


Her Payaliya getting married after passing the hurdles she had to go through. Thanking her Nandkis**** for the millionth time, she called "Aye Sanka devi? Get ready. Don't know what has happened to this girl.  Day by day her sankiness(absent mindedness) is breaking all records, at this rate, who will marry her!!  


Garima and Payal nodded vigorously affirming her claim. "Payal, I think she can't get over you are going away 


Garima and Payal again nodded vigorously. But negatively. "Buaji, I think she has finally lost... " Payal spoke, **** her head to indicate Khushi has lost her screw!!

Back in the living room, all were worried for Khushi. However, Anjali and NK felt conscious, embarrassing at the extra display of concern and agitation the snake was showing.

Seeing the whole family worried, Buaji asked, "What's the matter?


Worried Anjali explained "I was supposed to go to temple, but Nani wanted me here and Khushiji agreed to go. Chote has gone to see why this late.

Immediately, her phone rang, "Di, I want all of you to come to City hospital. Remember you, Nani and Shashi uncle should be here.


While Buaji was still in her thoughts, Khushi too, was taken back to the same day.

Khushi's emotions were running high. While it was heart wrenching to think her jiji would be going away this Laad Governor was disturbing her to such an extent, she couldn't think sane, sleep, walk or talk. Off late, she felt literally flying in the air. Arnav ji wanted to speak to her. Hey Devi Maiyya, What might it be? 


Seeing the driver Mohan panic with faulty brakes, she was jolted down to earth doubting her chances of survival again. With Mohan's quick thinking to drive the car uphill and coming to a halt, hitting the tree, both suffered only minor injuries. Following hour saw Khushi fainting and waking every few minutes. 


Searching all the nearby roads, he was fortunate to spot his car bumped into a tree. Rushing to the car, he saw both Mohan and Khushi unconscious. For a moment, his world came to a standstill. He didn't know what to do. There was an unbearable pain in his chest as if he could not breath. The ringing of his phone got him out of his trans, but without bothering to answer, rushed to Khushi shouting, "Khushi, khushi, wake up wake up. " 

Cradling in his arms, shaking her with vigour, he cried. "Khushi, listen. Please wake up tears rolled down his cheeks on to her face. After what took ages, he saw her eyelids flutter. Hugging her even tight, crying hard, "Wake up dearest, Khushi you wanted to know why it matters right? You matter to me. You are my life, without you I cannot breathe. So, wake up. please. Khushi only just opening her eyes saw him and whispered, "Arnav Ji and fainted. 

 "KHUSHI... " he shouted mixed with anger and frustration, "Wake up. don't you know, I love you, I love you dammit, Wake up

Opening her eyes again, Khushi smiled. The last thing she remembered before going unconscious was touching his face, his heart and closing her eyes again feeling safe and secure in his warm embrace.


Addressing Shashi, Arnav spoke when all were gathered around her hospital bed, "Uncle, Nani, you might think it is hasty, but I will not take the liberty to further delay. I would like to ask for Khushi's hand and literally grabbed her hand, gaining shocked stares from all sides, while Khushi squeezed his hand, with her head bent low, silently approving. The accident had traumatised her. No more denying her feelings, No more?


Seeing the hesitation in Shashi, Nani tried to explain, "Chote, let us get Khushi bitiya home, then we can discuss." but her grandson was in no mood to listen and straight away refused, "Nani, whatever discussion needs to be done its later, but I am not leaving her hand " and he held her hand tight gaining a smile from his Nani. Shashi looked at Khushi who accepted with her eyes. He was in a dilemma, everybody was. Finally, trusting Devi maiyya with all his problems, he slowly blessed Arnav raising his hand.


Arnav immediately spoke, "Nani, there is a temple here in the hospital. All immediately echoed gasping,

"Chote, "Bhai, "Arnav Bitwa, "Beta(Shashi)

Fidgeting his fingers, Arnav spoke shyly, "aaa well, Di, you kept asking me to get married, so I thought why delay?


Pinching his cheeks, Anjali spoke, "Oh my dulhe raja(groom), let us put one more mandap(Stage) today with Payash, looking at Shashi, she apologised, "Sorry for his impatience, but he will not let any of us live in peace


All were stirred out of their dreams by the screeching of wheels and in rushed Arnav Singh Raizada shouting "Khushi Khushi... where are you? Why didn't you pick your phone? How many times should I say keep it right by you when you go away? 


Buaji exclaimed, "Lo, this is your nanaji, Array titaliya, your grandchildren are too naughty, now see!!


"Nani nani look what we have found, it's yours and nanaji's photo the little ones came running taking Arshi into another reverie... Teri meri photo...


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