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SS#Arshi's Son (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 63 times)




California, USA.

“Hi!” a young man of twenty flashed a smile at a nervous looking young woman with her hair tied in a braid.

Mira was standing leaning on the counter ordering two Lattes and one Black coffee and smiling politely at anyone who happened to passerby. She was wearing knee length, black floral skirt with white silk loose blouse. She had brownish green eyes and her lips were painted shock-pink. 

“Hi...Do I know you?” she asked paying the bill and carefully holding the coffee package in her arms.

“No…” he smiled again.

“Oh….” she started walking toward the exit, he followed her.

“Do you live here? Never saw you around!” Mira examined the guy’s face and thought he was basically a pretty girl with panis. She bite her lip trying to stifle giggles at her silly thoughts. “Do I look like a joker?” He joked.

“No...of course not!” she spoke composing herself, a little embarrassed.

“You didn’t answer me!”

“I didn’t-?” then remembering his inquiry, shook her head, “No. I came here with my boss...sir actually. On a business trip.”

“Your boss?”

“Yeah, ASR,”

“He is a rude **** though, is he not?”

“Yeah….but you know he is nice sometimes. Actually a lot of times. He’s got a big, nice heart!”

“I’m sure he does.” the guy, whom Mira found unusual and weird kind, shrugged.

“You don’t like him. Do you?” They were nearing AR California branch.

“No. considering the way he broke up with all his girlfriends...”

“You seem to know a lot about him!” Mira mused.

“Sure. He is my father!” The guys spoke quietly.

“What-?” Mira stopped dead on her tracts.

“Just kidding!” He chortled and Mira held her hand to her heart.

“Damn you! I was gonna have a heart attack!” He just shook his head laughing. They started walking again.

“Hey,” he nudged his elbow in her arm making her look at him a little startled, “Are you free tonight? Dua Lipa is coming around, I’ve got two VIP tickets.” He smirked and Mira, now facing him, contemplated for a minute.

“Have you been stalking me?” she asked indignantly.

“No. I saw you today for the first time!” He sounded surprised and Mira felt guilty for being rude.

“I’m’re asking me out when we just-”

“-If you wanna come, call me!” he handed her a piece of paper and left. Mira stared at the number for a moment, realizing she is late she ran inside the building thinking about the strange encounter.     

ASR’s son...she laughed at the thought.


The Hills, California.

Dining room,

The noise of fork and knife filled the room as Khushi and her son who strikingly resemble her except his eyes (his eyes were that of Arnav’s) ate quietly and hurriedly because they didn’t want to miss the Football world cup finale. A few minutes earlier, before food arrived, they both were having a heated debate on who will win the match.

They both didn’t want England to win solely because it’s fans were annoying asses.

Zayn suddenly dropped his fork and looked at his mother, who despite being forty looked so much younger. When asked by anyone what was her secret of beauty and freshness, she always answered, “I’m un-problematic which saves me a lot of bull**** and burns.” But in reality, she wasn’t ‘unproblematic’. She had problem with anyone in business who tried to get ahead of her. She had problem with anyone who tried to harm him, Zayn, in any way no matter how trivial. 

And he loved her.

“But that’s not being problematic, hon! That’s love!” she would remark every time he reminded her that she was being problematic.

There was one topic, they never talked about: ASR. His father and her ex-incomplete-husband.  

And now he had to tell her. just like he told her about his encounter with Mira. He rarely hid anything from her. She was his best friend. She was his father and mother at the same time.

“He is here.”

“Who?” Khushi asked still engrossed in her food.




“What do you want me to say honey?”

“Not oh!”

“He is your father whom you refused to see!” she spoke letting the fork slip through her fingers.

“He hurt you mom! Whenever I hear his name, I’m reminded that you tried to kill yourself because of him!”

“Zayn!” Khushi said sternly, “Look at me!” he did and she spoke, “He is your father, dear. Don’t be so hard on him. We all make mistakes.”

“You didn’t!” he frowned.

“I did! I foolishly tried suicide!”

“Mom,  I’ve always wanted to ask this" he stopped for a second, " you still love him?” their eye contact broke when khushi looked down at her plate and vulnerability swallow her.

“Yes!” her voice shook and Zayn held her hand tight.

“Why? He’s done so wrong to you! He is a loser!”

“That’s the problem with love, Zayn, like darkness, once it enters your heart, it never really leaves!” Zayn stared at his mother and bite his lip.

“I love you,” he stood up, bent over her and kissed her cheek, embracing her.

“I love you more!” as she said those words, she decided, firmly that it was time for Arnav to re-enter her life. But this time on her terms.


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Arshi's son: next chapter "Ripple in the pool" is up! (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 98 times)

Chapter#2 (Please ignore typo errors!)

                                                        "Ripple in the pool"

“Reckon, she’ll call?” Zayn asked his mother, who was busy reading, rolled her eyes annoyed.

“She will call, don’t worry!” she said without taking her eyes off the Ipad’s screen.

“What if she doesn’t?”

“I dunno. Maybe you’ll find someone else…”

“Mom, I didn’t expect you to be this unempathetic!”

“I’m sorry honey but you are being impatient!”

“Guess I took it from you!” he pouted a little.

Khushi was about to retort with a witty comment but his phone rang, grabbing the phone with a wide grin he ran out of living room.

He came back hurriedly, “Mira said yes! I’m gonna go pick her!” kissing her cheek hastily, he raced out. Khushi shook her head, resuming her reading.  

After a while, khushi turned her attention back to Arnav. He was here. God knows why she still cared. Why she still loved him but she refused to ponder on such thoughts. She has to contact him before she changed her mind again. Yes, khushi Verman (that’s what she called herself after leaving home) had so many times in past made her mind to enlighten ASR of their son but every time, she ended up changing her mind for one or another reason no matter how trivial.

And now she didn’t want to lose her determination. not this time.

She grabbed her phone from the small coffee table and called her assistant.

“Yes, ma’m,” came her chirp through her phone.

“Can you tell me where ASR is staying? I need an appointment with him.”

“Yes, sure. Anything else, ma’m?”

“Do it fast. Like real fast.” Khushi heard her giggle.

“Oh, In a jiffy ma’m!” she cut the call and stared at the small idle of Devi Maya on the coffee table. Maybe she was praying or maybe plotting to avenge him, no one could tell for the world had taught her one thing: If you want to survive in the world, you must hide your emotions behind seven veils. 

“Damn Arnav!” she tossed the phone somewhere on the table leaned back on the leather sofa.

This time, he’ll not control her. If anything, she’ll.

“You called!” He smiled toothily and Mira despite being nervous couldn’t hold her grin back either. This was her real first date. She never really had time for date and when he asked her out, she was conflicted. Of course she would be. She had only known him for like 10 minutes no less than 10 minutes! But then, this time, fluffy and soft Mira overcame every other version of her and she decided she would pretend it was a blind date.

“Are you ready?”

“Yep!” she hopped on his cool bike, he gave it kick-start and they sped off.

“Ma’m, he is kinda busy and can’t afford anymore appointments especially with a journalist. His assistant said, he gotta go home soon!” Khushi rolled her eyes. Ever so arrogant ASR..  

“Did you find out where he is staying?”

“Yes, I emailed you!”

“Thank you, Lil! Consider a promotion on the way!”

“Well I earned it!” Khushi chuckled, she could almost see her faking haughty gestures.

“Yeah, see you tomorrow!”

She checked the address and stared at it for moment. Well Mr. Raizada, we meet again! She thought to herself as she grabbed the car keys and left the house, locked.

“One, don't pick up the phone

You know he's only calling 'cause he's drunk and alone

Two, don't let him in

You'll have to kick him out again

Three, don't be his friend

You know you're gonna wake up in his bed in the morning

And if you're under him

You ain’t getting over him!”

They sang along aloud and Mira laughed. He stared at her all the while. How carefree and nice she was. He bite his lip. Someone who was so pretty but was unknown of its very presence.

Maybe he really liked her…

No you can’t like someone in just one day! But he knew he liked her. He liked her the moment he saw her leaning on the counter smiling at everyone. Her presence felt positive and powerful. 


Arnav Singh Raizada was busy. He was always busy doing one thing or another. He stretched his neck feeling exhausted but this deal have to end tomorrow. This place made him restless. But it’s ASR and everything made him restless. Perhaps he was born this way. Perhaps even Universe was against him. He didn’t know, neither had the time to think of it. Khushi...the name rang in his head...she made him anxious. He bite his lip. Don’t think about her, he told himself but it didn't work, it never did.

He always thought about her...

He closed his eyes and concentrated on breathing. Breathing exercise kept his anxiety at bay or at least for the moment it did. Fifteen years ago when he was wretched and vulnerable, his psychiatrist had taught him this breathing technique. It had been more helpful than the anti-depressants he took all those years.

Concentrating back on the work at hand, he typed away the new and better terms for deal in question.

“Sir...someone wants to see you!”

“I told-” but before he could complete his sentence the door flung open revealing her. He stood stunned,so stunned, he forgot to breath. His hands shivered. Was he hallucinating again? His eyes pricked with tears as the realization dawned upon him: she was here, right in front of him. After twenty year, she was finally here. He had an urge to throw his arms around her but he stood motionless watching her order the person to leave who persisted waiting for ASR’s approval, Arnav nodded and he left them alone.

“We need to talk!” He nodded again unable to utter a single word.

As the revelation of all he missed in her life dawned upon him, he sank in the chair wordlessly watching her go as she had come.

He couldn't find the courage to follow her or ask any question.

He was father. A ****ing Father! As the reality hit him, he stood bolt right and followed her out but before he could reach her, she was gone.

He pulled out his phone called his secretary number two and ordered him to send Khushi Verma's current whereabouts.

If it was real, he may as well face it now and here.


As the concert ended people poured out of arena in twos, threes and fives and groups of uncountable. They both walked out hand in hand which they found to be weird and awkward as they stood in open space with no one around. She pulled her hand back, blushing.

“Are you hungry?” he asked and Mira shook her head.

“It’s late, I’ve to call home!”

“OK. I’ll drop you.” she sat on his bike smiling and held him tightly as the bike picked up speed.

“We are leaving tomorrow,” She said looking down at her feet as they stood in front of ASR’s massive bungalow.

“So...I won’t see you again…” He spoke nodding his head as the realization struck like lightening him that she wasn’t going to stick around forever.

She held his hands and smiled, “It was best night of my life!” her eyes watered but she covered it with laughter, “Thank you!”

“Thank you for your time…” He smiled even though his heart was sinking. 

When he thought she would walk away, she surprised him by moving closer, their lips almost touching. She looked in his eyes with swelling heart and kissed him. He seized the moment and kissed back almost immediately. She pulled away and turned her back to him and tottered in the dark toward the bungalow.

He stood there for a while, in this house lived his father and the woman he has began to admire but he still didn’t dare take a step forward instead sped his bike away from the place towards his home.


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Arshi's Son: Next chapter "Condition" is up (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 61 times)



Arnav sat there gazing blankly at his phone where Khushi Verma's Wikipedia page was on display which he read thrice to make sure he missed nothing. As he stared, he thought about the conversation they had just an hour ago about their son...his son. He couldn't get his head around the whole revelation which seemed too good to be true.

An hour ago,

He hastened to see khushi right after his Secretary-no-2 sent him her house address which to his surprise was not a block away. In a jiffy, he stood in front of the elegant, modern mid century bungalow. He had to swallow his nervousness several times before he could gather the courage to knock. She had been waiting and at third  (now impatient) knock, Khushi opened the door dressed in her pink loose night shalwar kameez. She still wore those traditional Indian suits, it made him smile. Her old-self was still buried beneath the American business-woman attire.

Khushi wasn't surprised. She knew him. He has not changed a bit. The same arrogant, impatient ****. She stood aside to let him in.

It was good that Zayn was still out on a date with his dad's secretary. He wouldn't be back for an hour of so.

"Couldn't wait for morning, could you?" Khushi asked pouring soda in two glasses as they sat in the living room on on of the couches.

"So...Zayn...who the hell gave the idea for this name?" He made a face, "don't tell me it was that awful singer..."

"That awful singer," she placed the glass on the coffee table and turned her attention to him, "Arnav, that awful singer never left my playlist, never left me. But you did..." she was sitting cross-legged with her arm on the back of sofa and back supported by its rolled arm, so she could look straight at his face.


"Arnav, this is not the time to open old chapters, let's talk about Zayn." She didn't want to hear his apologies or to know that he wasn't even sorry. Both were unbearable for khushi. In both cases she lost something.

"Why did you not-"

"-tell you before?" She spoke cutting him off.

"Yes." He simpered.

"When you married lavanya, I discovered, I was pregnant. I didn't want to ruin your wedding. Not matter what, lavanya was still my friend or once was. Moreover," her tone turned cryptic as she continued, "you would have taken him away from me like everything else." If he thought he felt ashamed before, it was an understatement compared to what he was feeling now. He abhorred himself. He just wished the earth will open up and dissolve him into nothingness.

He cleared his throat and asked the question burning on his tongue, "Why now?"

She had the answer ready, "because I can't delay anymore."

"Does he knows that know...I'm his-" he struggled with the word "father", his ears weren't accustomed to such words.

"-that you're his father? Yes, he does."

"Does he-?"

"He hates you, unfortunately." His stomach twisted painfully and he looked away from Khushi.  "He found out about "us" in a rather bad way..." she frowned as though lost in distant memory. "I can't tell you how...he will...look Arnav, he is a lot like you, he looks like me but his disposition is more like you than he realizes. And I think he hates being like you...and I don't want him to be ashamed of himself just because of something that happened 20 years ago. I think meeting you and getting to know you'll change his mind, for better or worse. I'm taking my chances."

Arnav considered her words and pondered aloud, "you want me to stay here?"

"No. Take him to India." He opened his mouth to say something but decided otherwise and simply nodded.

Mira walked in flushing and suppressing the blossoming smile.

"Hello...!" Mira greeted nervously which broke his trance and he looked up a little stunned.

“Hi.” He frowned a little annoyed at interruption.

“Do you need anything sir?”

She waited for him to say something but he didn’t so she called, “Sir.”

“No.” He said abruptly, Mira nodded and was about to leave when his voice stopped her “We’re staying for a few more day,” she nodded again like an obedient child and trotted toward his room. She too went to her room smiling to herself as she thought about the kiss and Zayn. Throwing her bag on the bed, she squealed and danced a little happily. Lying down, she closed her eyes and slept, for the first time forgeting her domestic chaos.

Arnav on the other hand couldn’t sleep. He laid awake, rehearsing in his head the conversation, he’ll have with his son.

Zayn...he murmured his name and closed his eyes.

“Hey…” Khushi stood up dropping the magazine she was reading on the side table.

“Mom! I’m not a little boy!” he said annoyed.

“I know honey-”

“-so why were you waiting?”

“Cause we needed to talk!” He frowned.

“What talk that can’t wait for 6 hours?”

“5 actually!” Khushi corrected him.

“I’m not waking up before 8!” He grimaced.

“But puja-”

“-Mom, we were going to talk.” Khushi sighed. She was sick of telling him to take more interest in religion but in this matter too, he is like his father. But that’s not what she has to worry about for now.

She breathe, “I talked to Arnav,” his frown deepened. “I told him about you.”

For a long minute, they bother stared at each other in silence.

“Why?” he whispered aloud.

“It’s time, you both know each other. You’ll go to India.” Khushi shrugged.


“I know you’re a big grown-up guy who can make his own decisions but not this one. I’m your mother. I made this decision and you’ll obey!”

“In your dreams!” he snorted.

“Zayn.” Her tone was grimmed which made him nervous.

He stared at her for a few moments, Khushi assumed he was making up excuses or plans to slip out of situation like he always did and was bracing herself for his reaction. When he spoke it stunned her momently, “I’ll go,” he said, “But on one condition…” Khushi raised her eyebrows in bewilderment as he worded his verdict, “You’ll come along.”


Never, in past twenty years, has she ever thought of going back. And now that her son (unexpectedly) suggested, it terrified her.

“Then, I am not going either.”


“-Mom I’m not going without you.” announcing his condition, he strided upstairs leaving perplexed and conflicted Khushi behind.  


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Arshi's son: chapter 4 is up. (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 48 times)


                                                "Just another day"

Zayn was sleeping when he felt a hand in his hair, he woke up with a jerk only to find his mother stroking his hair gently lost in thoughts. Zayn glanced at the golden antique table clock, it was only 7:30 am. She must’ve come straight to his room after pooja.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you.” Khushi pulled her hand back.

“Hey! Mom, whats up?” he sat up staring at her face trying to decipher her expressions.

“I’m just...” she cleared her throat, “I just can’t believe you’ve grown so fast!”

Zayn rolled his eyes and shook his head softly, “You’re a bad liar!”

Khushi sighed, “You’re going today!” it took a moment for him to understand the reference.

He raised his eyebrow, “and?”

“I’ll come along!” he stared at his mother intently as she talked, “You’ll live with your father and I’ll live in my own house. You or your father will not be allowed there...”

He chuckled with disbelief, “Mom are you saying you will go to India but won’t see me? Your only son?”



“I’ve been away from my home for so long and it's not easy to get back. When I’m there, I wanna be left alone.”

“Mom,” he clutched her in his hands, “I’m not leaving you alone, ever!”   

“You don’t understand-”

“-then make me understand!”

“I don’t wanna go but you won’t go unless I do so...for two weeks, no disturbance...”

“We’re going for two weeks.”

“I’m. you’re going for summer.”

“Mom. why are you so complicated…”

“I’m not-”

“-don’t say that! You’re complicated! Mom you never open up! I don’t know who you were twenty years ago, before I was born or you were teenager or a kid going to school! I would’ve never known Arnav is my father if you hadn’t been drunk! You don’t trust me!”


“Don’t look at me like that! You want me to go and spend summer with a guy you never even talk about? And still you expect me to understand?”  

“What do you wanna know?” Khushi felt pain rising in her chest. Pain that she had avoided for so long. The pain associated with his name and her own past. She hated her younger self and perhaps never forgave her for falling in love with ASR and all her emotionally charged, irrational decisions.

“Why don’t you wanna go back?”

“I’ve nothing to go back to, for starters.”

“You’ve got a family…”

“You’re my only family.”

“What about Guptas?”

“I didn’t feel at home with them so I left.” she shrugged. The most selfish she ever did was leave everything behind but was there any other choice though?

“You know what mom? Its fine...I’ll go alone…” he let go of her hand pushed himself in the headboard of his single bed.

Khushi sighed. She knew him. He was upset but Khushi had no words to explain how felt. Funny, she was a writer but giving words to her pain and anger was just impossible or perhaps she was just used to ignoring her emotions and hoping they would disappear.

“No...I’m sorry.” Zayn didn’t say anything, he just stared at the crumbled sheets covering his thighs. “Talk to me!”

“I said I’ll go!” still not looking up.

“Look at me!” but he won’t. “Honey…” Khushi grabbed his hand, “I’m sorry…”

“Stop saying sorry!” he pulled his hand back.

“What do you want me to say?”

“The truth!” he looked her in the eye.

“Truth about what?”

“Why you do not wanna go back?”  

Khushi sat in silence for a whole minute staring at somewhere in the space and aware of her son’s anticipatory gaze.

“I’m afraid to meet some people.”

“Does that include him?” she nodded solemnly.

Zayn looked at his mother and all his anger left him. He pushed himself forward and embraced her crushing her in his arms.

“I love you mom!” he kissed her temple. “And I respect your decision to not go. Okay? I just want you to be happy!” Khushi closed her eyes in pure bliss. What would she do if he wasn’t born? How awful would her life be? She couldn’t even imagine.

“I can’t breath!” she laughed and he loosened his hold still not breaking the hug.  

“Just don’t love Arnav more than you love me!” khushi said and Zayn broke away from her smirking.

“Are you-?”

“-No!” he wanted to tease her but he didn't push further. 

“Can I not go today? I have plans.” Khushi raised her eyebrows quizzically, “Me, Elle and Yemman are hanging out today…”


“-I’ve to say goodbye! Okay….I’m leaving for a summer..” Khushi sighed and bobbed her head.

“Just don’t get drunk…”


“I’m making breakfast…”

He grinned delightfully, “I’ll be down in a minute.”  




Sir!” Mira called sternly the third time. ASR seemed lost in thoughts and her sharp call seemed to have brought him back to earth. He jerked his head a little vexedly  

“Yeah...what the! Why are you shouting?” ASR frowned.

“ weren’t listening..” Mira trailed off meekly.

“What do you want?”

“We’ve a meeting in 30 minutes..”


“Do you want coffee or anything?” she stood 5 feets away from the wooden table he sat behind, hugging her notepad.

“ I don’t...Mira arrange everyone’s departure right after the meeting…including yourself.”

“And?” Mira waited for more information.

“I’ve somethings to do here, Sara will take care of everything.” Mira nodded a little disappointed but didn’t show it.

“I’ll leave then…”

“No, wait! There are company gift cards for’ve two hours after the meeting to enjoy.” she smiled.

“I’ll convey your message.” he didn’t say anything and she was about to leave but stopped on the door, “Are you okay?” she asked and Arnav knew better than lie..

“I dunno...Its something to do with my son.” she stared at him stunned.

“Aw.” she laughed awkwardly and seeing him all serious she turned completely toward him, “You’re serious?”

“Do I joke?”

“I thought you used protection,” she blushed deep red, “Oh my God! You didn’t hear it, right? I just...I’m just shocked…” she cursed herself for being so clumsy with words.

“Its okay..I’m shocked too.”

“You wanna talk about it?” she asked earnestly taking baby steps to where she stood a moment ago.

Arnav thought for a moment, “Yeah.”

She sat on one of the chair in front of him and placed the notepad on the table. “So…”

“He is twenty..”


“I really loved his mom…” He frowned at Coco Chanel’s tiny statue standing on the left side of the table.

“You mean you still do...”

“That’s a brave assumption!” he said annoyed.

“I’m ready to make.”

“Why do you even bother about how your boss is doing? Its not like I’m gonna pay you for that!”

“Well, I could say the same about you,” she shrugged and looked him in the eye, “You didn’t have to worry about my studies and hire an extra secretary so I’m not overstressed. But you did”   

“I’m a terrible human…” he whispered and Mira heard it. She sighed.

“Indeed you’re! You’re always caring about everyone but never bother to stop and see how you’re doing yourself. Only shallow person will say you’re robot or heartless. I think your son is lucky that you’re his father!”

“Do you think that?”

“I do.” she smiled, “Just be honest with him. Grown up kids really appreciate that…”

“Right...we should get going.” Mira stood up just as he started walking and they both headed to the damned meeting (that’s what Arnav called it).


“So? Gonna see your old man?” Yemman winked sipping whiskey and Elle rolled her eyes at him.

“Really Yemman? He is his father!” she turned to Zayn, “Be nice to him, okay?” Zayn rolled his eyes and Elle glared at him. “You guys are so pathetic TBH!”

“After all the things you expect me to be nice?” Zayn glared back. How can she expect him to present roses to his so called father after all the years of bitterness and anger?

Elle and Yemman were both twenty and his friends since kindergarten. They knew a lot about him including his problems with hitherto non-existent father.

Elle was half-Turkish and wore hijab sometimes (like she did today, a black floral scarf). Her real mother died when she was two and her white dad married another cuban beauty queen (Elle didn’t like her much) but since she loved her father and her loved her back, she compromised on his life choices a lot. She called (sometimes when no one was around) Khushi her “anne” (it means mom in turkish)

Yemman was from a broken family; his parent got divorced when he was 7 and ever since he was a sandwich between his catalytic parents who couldn’t stand in the same room even if the world was ending. He lived alone now and considered Khushi his “mom”.

“I am not gonna convince you to be nice but Zayn, you need to give him a chance. Okay?”

“I’ll try…” he forced a smile in her direction.

“Try harder.”

“How about your date the other day?” Yemman interjected to change the topic and Zayn smiled at him gratefully.

“She is real hotsy totsy!”

“You went out of your way to bang your dad’s assistant!” Elle smirked.

“We just kissed so that’s not “banging””

“Well you both gonna be in India…” Yemman added grinning.

“And I’m pretty sure you’ll follow your dad’s footsteps and become dad at 21!” Elle laughed and zayn faked a laugh.

“So FUNNY hahahaha..” he fumed and rolled his eyes but he was excited. He didn’t tell this to anyone but M (that’s what he called her in his head) was half the reason why he was going to India.  

“Come on! Don’t be angry today! You’ll be gone for summer!” Yemman cheered holding whiskey bottle for both Elle and Zayn.

Elle pushed the glasses away and smirked at the bartender, “We need Raki!”

“No…” Zayn shook his head, “mom’s gonna kill me.”

“Say no again and I’ll cut your throat then drink your blood mixed with Raki…” Elle said dramatically and Zayn chuckled. He hugged her.  

“I’m gonna miss your extraness!”  

“Not if we all get drunk with legendary Raki! It will unite our souls.”  

“Wild!” they said taking shots in one go.

“You could actually become a great actress, El!” Yemman said admiring her beautiful face.


“Not with those acronyms,” he groaned.

“Your hate for my acronym is the reason why you’re still single! I’ve placed a curse on your soul!”

“How about you lift the curse?”

“Never in your wildest dreams!” and they both laughed, now half drunk. Zayn admired his friends. They were so in love with each other but neither would confess first so he was kinda sandwiched between them.

He laughed with them anyway. Laughter is contagious when you’re drunk, he thought.


a filler I know but I just could launch his meeting with Arnav so soon :/ in next update. sure. 

also don't draw conclusion on if khushi will go or not. 

Nov 12

Arshi's son: chapter 5 is up. (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 49 times)



When Zayn woke up the next morning he was on Yemmen’s couch with throbbing headache.

“Can I catch a ****ing break!” he whined sitting straight.. Elle chuckled handing him tomato juice, her best remedy against hangover. “It’s your fault!” he said resentfully. “Honestly why do I even listen to you!” he sipped the juice making ridiculous faces. “****! This is horrible!”

Elle rolled her eyes, “”Zayn, why you so nasty?”

“Did you just call me nasty?”

“You’re.” she shrugged and sat on the small couch in front of him.

“Okay someone is hammering in my head ask this son of a **** to stop!”

“Its headache! Its not someone hammering in your dumbass head its the ethanol in your system and dehydration….” he drank the juice making awful faces and rolled his eyes.

“Where is Yemmen?”

“Making breakfast.”

“What are you doing?” Zayn asked watching her grin at her phone.

“Oh nothing!”

“Don’t lie!” he gave her one of his inquisitive stares and she sighed.

“Okay...but don’t kill me!” he raised his eyebrow and she continued explaining, “I posted video of your drunk talking on Twitter, it went viral!” Zayn groaned and threw himself into the couch..

“UGH I HATE YOU!” he threw all the cushions in her direction. She giggled and dodged all cushions..  

“I love kebabs so much!” she mimics his voice from last night, “They’re so precious! I would give my virginity to these kababs! I swear to ****ing Voldemort!”

“Delete it!”


“I swear-”

“Did you delete that video of my failed attempts to make pancakes? And the one where y’all played this stupid ghost prank?”  

He glared at her. “I need to change my friends! Y’all are too heartless!” he fumed.

“Aw! You can’t go out finding new friends with empty stomach!” Yemman peeped through the half closed door, “Come on losers! Food is waiting!”

Elle showed him a middle finger and walked out. ZAyn checked his phone and sighed seeing his mother’s four calls and a voice message with “Are you safe baby? Call me when you’re up!” so he called.

“Honey I told you not to get drunk!” Khushi spoke with slight irritation in her tone.

“Elle said she would drink my blood if I don’t drink Raki.” he could visualize his mother rolling her eyes, “Okay I just wanted to have fun with ‘em!”

She sighed, “Alright, ring me when you get home, okay?”


“Take care!”

“You too, mom!” he cut the call and checked his twitter to see Elle’s video. He groaned 250k likes.. what the ****, he thought.

“Get ready for ****y revenge!” he posted the reply and dumped the phone in his pocket.

“Zayn!” called Yemmen from the dining table.

“Let me freshen up!” he shouted and could hear Elle giggle more to his annoyance.


Arnav was alone. And the idea was to see Zayn and (if he got lucky) Khushi  today at dinner in some fancy hotel. He has been up all night thinking and lucid dreaming about meeting his lost love and son and since 4 am he’s been staring at his Ipad taking in everything internet could tell him about Khushi and his son. How dumb he was! He thought to himself, she was here, right here and he never noticed! He never looked for her. It angered him now. The thought that he thought he was okay without her made him angry now. Knowing how much he missed in her life made him sad. Sadder than he imagined.    

The things he learnt about Khushi were strictly about her professional life, no one knew anything about her personal life. She was a journalist and CEO of Khushi media company working internationally. It made sense, she always wanted to become a journalist.

“I only love you slightly more than writing!” she had told him the night before their bachelor party and he was happy. They were happy…

Nd his son...well he couldn’t find anything on him except his facebook account which hasn’t been updated since 2011. Facebook is too old fashioned for him, he thought. There were other social media websites but he wasn’t an expert on the subject so he called Mona, Payyal and Akash’s second daughter and in exchange of one year chocolate supply, she dug up Zayn on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Zayn an atheist, loved food (especially turkish kababs), dogs, photography, anime, dc super heroes, and art (he didn’t learn to draw himself though.) He has two friends, Arnav assumed, they were everywhere on his instagram He made travel vlogs too! Arnav every single one on his channel. He felt strangely familiar with Zayn like staring at himself from the distance. Another thing Zayn loved was tattoos. He has three tattoos and Arnav wondered how Khushi allowed him.

Zayn hated republicans, Messy, and anyone who didn’t like what he liked.

Ouch. that sound familiar.  It was odd feelings of familiarity that made him real nervous. If Zayn was like him, it would be harder to reach him. Even harder to make a place in his life let alone heart. He bite his lip staring at Zayn smiling at the dog in his arms.

But he couldn’t judge him from his social profile. He is probably different in real life, he thought and turned off the ipad.

His phone range, it was his sister, his di. He smiled a little and attend the call.

He told her everything about Zayn and Khushi and hoped she will inform everyone else in the family for him. He had no energy to explain anyone but her.

His sister was excited like she always is, anticipating his happiness in everything.


When Zayn got home, his mother was in study giggling at her phone. He groaned and forcefully oopened the door to let her know he was here.

“AW honey! My cinnamon roll! You wanna marry a kabbab!” she laughed and Zayn rolled his eyes.

“You too mom!” he scoffed throwing himself on the couch.

“I really should’ve been there!” khushi replayed the video and Zayn made a face.

“Its not even funny!”

“Its not?”

“I thought you had some important meeting today!”

“Right!” she became serious and sat beside him.

“Mom?” Khushi bite her lip and sighed holding his hand softly.

“I um I arranged dinner with your dad…tonight.” oh ****. He forgot about Arnav altogether.

He licked his dried lips twice, “”I thought you didn’t wanna see him…”

“I didn’t. Now I do.” Zayn stared at her intently, “You’re my strength Zayn. with you, I fear nothing.” Zayn in silence hearing her words as she continued, “I hope you know you can lean on me if you’re afraid.”

“I’m not...I’m not afraid!” he slid his hand out of her grip and looked away.

“Look at me!” he did.

“You don’t lie to me.”

“I’ve lied to you so many times before.”


“Mom can we not talk about it?”

“No. we’ve to talk.”

“I gotta go.” he tried to leave but Khushi held his hand.

“Sit back.” he sat back, “Now listen, I know you think he is gonna reject you like he rejected me,” Zayn opened his mouth to interrupt but she shook her head and continued, “He loves you. He will love you. Maybe more than I do.”


“Okay but promise me, you’ll give him a chance.”   

“What kinda chance? You gonna have to be more specific…”

“Be nice to him…” he rolled his eyes, “leave-”

“Mom!” he got up and stood in front of her, “Are you joining us for dinner?”


“Cool. I’ll see you at the dinner! Love you!” he ran away and khushi sighed. It was gonna be a long evening.


8:30 PM

At some posh Californian hotel,

Arnav sat on the table in far corner waiting and sweating a little. He shaved, showered and wore his best suit. But he was least worried about his looks. Of course, he was nervous about other things.

He took a deep breath and stood up as he saw them both walking toward him. Khushi was wearing black pencil skirt that reached just below her knees and a black & white zig-zag top. Her shoulder length hair were open and combed perfectly in place. She might be wearing lipstick but he couldn’t tell. Her face was blur. He was in tears. He swallowed and blinked as they reached the table..  

Arshi stared at each other. Khushi didn’t mean to but she did stare back. He looked so good up close. Just as good as he did years ago. They forgot Zayn was there until he cleared his throat. Khushi looked away..

“H-hi!” Arnav stuttered a little and watched as khushi sat on one of the chairs and Zayn followed suit. Yep. they won’t say hello back.

There was awkward silence which was thankfully broken by the chirpy waitress.

“So…” Zayn began as soon as the waitress left taking their orders. “You guys just gonna stare at each other or what?”

“No..of course…” Arnav started but ran out of words. ****, he couldn’t even breathe properly.  

“Zayn...that’s my name.”

“Its a nice name..”

“ hate it…”

“I don’t!” Zayn raised his perfect eyebrow and Arnav felt he was caught lying by one of his own doppelganger.

“Well Khushi loves this name…” he glanced at khushi who had her eyes on him.  

“Yeah you care so much about me…” Khushi rolled her eyes but regretted the moment words left her mouth. She didn’t want this evening to be about them. It was supposed to be about Zayn. The waitress arrived with the food. Arnav waited for her to leave.

“I didn't marry Lavanya and I searched for you everywhere but you were gone!” he shot back just as the waitress left.

“Are you kidding me? Your marriage was a national headline!” she gritted her teeth.

“Yeah press never lies!” he rolled his eyes. Zayn kept glancing at his parents and then his food. He was always sandwiched between Yemmen and Elle but this was different. His actual parents were shooting each other and he felt like he was in a lucid dream.

“I’m here so you and Zayn get to know each about that?” he nodded slowly looking away from her beautiful face.

Zayn passed him a tight smile. Awkward.

Khushi waited for them to start a conversation but they both wouldn’t talk. She sighed and spoke discreetly  

“Look Arnav...****...I know I was supposed to tell you about Zayn. I was afraid but more than that I was selfish...I didn’t think you deserve him. And you were married OR I thought you were and probably happy too...and when he grew up I just kept delaying...I dunno. Its hard to understand myself sometimes but I wanna give you a chance not because I care about you but because Zayn deserves to know you. And I believe you’ll not let me down this time..”  

“Wow the food is good!” Zayn commented when Arnav didn’t say anything.

“I’ll try.” Arnav looked Khushi in the eyes made a silent promise to prove her right.

“So…when are we leaving?”

“Tonight. If its okay with you..”

“Yeah totally okay..”

“Will you-”

“No. I’ll come to see my son soon.”

Zayn knew they both were staring at each other and wouldn’t have hesitated to kiss if he wasn’t around so he kept his head down and ate. Food was good anyway.


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Arshi's son: chapter 6 is up. (By Farakhan) (Thanked: 45 times)

Chapter 6

                                        "Talk To Me"

The voices screaming loud as hell

We don't care 'bout no one else

Nothing in the world could bring us down

Now we're so high among the stars without a worry

And neither one, one of us wants to say we're sorry

“Waoh!” Zayn stood gaping at the private plane intended to carry them to India.

“Shut your mouth..”

“You’re used to travel in this huge-ass plane, let me take in its beauty bro!” Zayn snapped, Arnav rolled his eyes and smiled remembering something. “Why are you smiling?” he eyed him curiously.

“Nothing.” he started walking toward the plane, Zayn stood rooted for a second and soon instinctively followed him with quick steps.    

“No! tell me.”  

“Its nothing.”

“No. you’re lying!”

Arnav stopped walking and turned his face to Zayn who was anticipating his reply, “You’re persistent.”

“Duh!” Zayn raised his eyebrow as though challenging him to test his stubbornness.

Arnav could’ve argued but decided against it, “your reaction is xerox copy of your mother’s when she first flew in a chopper.” he resumed walking and Zayn followed him in.

“So you’ve been rich all along? wah.” Zayn asked suddenly more interested in his father than the plane.

“Well my father was rich...filthy rich actually.” they chose their seats across each other and the flight attendant welcomed them and inquired if they wanted something.

Zayn wanted water and Arnav preferred black coffee.

They sat in complete silence: Zayn looking out and around while Arnav drank coffee.

“Okay...I hate take offs.” Zayn muttered anxiously.

“Are you okay?”  

“Yeah. not a fan of take offs..” Zayn waved him off and he didn’t say anything.  

“Are you hungry?” Arnav asked seeing him relaxing.


Silence. Arnav wanted to talk but he was uncomfortable with the initiation stage of any intimate communication. It kinda shows through his failed past relationships with different women. But it wasn’t just someone, it was his son, their son. And he had promised Khushi he would try his best. Khushi. He sighed at the memory of her staring at him expecting assurance even though she knew he was bad with words, always has been. But that was Khushi always hoping that people would change for better. And that there was always a way to save the world. Arnav breathe in and out twice.

“So…” he began after what seemed like forever, “Zayn…” his son averted his gaze from the window to his face, “I..there is something i wanna ask you.”

“Yeah sure,” Zayn shrugged drumming his fingers on his knees.

“Why…” he took a deep breath bracing himself, “you’ve known I’m your father for years, why didn’t you reach out?”

“I dunno,” he shrugged, “I just never felt your need. No. Actually I did need you but I was a teenager, stupid and embarrassed and scared…” he trailed off, “Also mom never talked about you. You seemed like a person from far, forbidden lands too dangerous for our little world. Or maybe because I was and I am angry at the way your treated mom.” Arnav stared at him as he continued flickering his gaze from Arnav to random objects, “And it felt like betrayal to mom. Like I was torn between wanting a dad and feeling ashamed about it.”         

“I’m sorry…” Arnav had not expected an answer so straight and honest. He was wordless. “Why were you scared?”

“Well, I thought you wouldn't accept me.”

“I would never do that!” Arnav frowned suddenly feeling stupid for saying that. He didn’t know what he would’ve done 20 years ago if Khushi had reached out to him or years after her disappearance when he spent his days drowned in mental illness.

“Why would you do that us?” it was Arnav’s turn to look away.

“I was angry..” he whispered aloud. “And egoistic now that i think about it.” he shrugged.

“What happened?” Zayn scrutinized his face. He knew a little about them. All he knew was he had abandoned her on the altar leaving her devastated with ill reputation.

“Your mom and I studied together. I was an year behind for some reason no actually I’ll tell you why. Well when I was 14 my mother killed herself because well my father was...infidel.”

“I’m sorry…” Zayn said solemnly

“Its not your fault. None of it is.” Arnav shook his head softly. “Anyway we studied together and we were different. Very different like day and night. You know your mom is kinda competitive..”

“Kinda?” he raised his eyebrow and chuckle, “She is made of that stuff bro.”

“Yeah right. So we turned from public enemies to friends to lovers. It was great. We were happy. Happiest.”

“What happened then?”

“We decided to get married right after graduation. Then something came back from our past." he was silent for moment, "It was Khushi’s mom who had affair with my dad and Khushi knew that too..”

“And she didn’t tell you so you got mad and ended everything?”  

“Sort of.”

“I’m confused. You loved her. You were happy then?”

“I saw my mother kill herself. It was all I could remember. I was wounded more because she chose to hide something so big when she knew how sensitive I was about it. I just needed some time to collect myself but she was gone by then.” 

Zayn sat mutely staring at his father conflicted. He wanted to be angry. He was angry a few hours ago when Elle told him to be nice. He wasn’t gonna be nice. He wanted to be mean but then his mother had interjected her thoughts, “I’m sorry Zayn,” she told him when they were bidding farewell, “I know I’ve said this before but I’m sorry for being selfish and putting you in this situation. You’re gonna find out things about me, things I’m not proud of but that’s the part of who I am.” she had kissed his forehead and smiled, “Wherever you go remember, I’m proud of you…”  somehow at that moment he had melted.

It wasn’t his fault. Whatever happened wasn’t his fault. It was his parents’ and their parents’ fault and he didn’t have to be sandwiched between them. They were not Elle and Yeman. He couldn’t just ignore them. He was a part them. He needed to breathe, pull away and see things for what they were.  

“At the scale from 1 to 10, how much do you loath granny?”

“I don’t. I’m done hating.” Arnav shrugged.

“That’s something at least.”

“I hated her so much, I ran out of hate.”

“Wait that’s line from 3 Daughters of Eve by Elif Shafak!”

“Mona made me read it. Its ‘soul touching’ she said.” Arnav rolled his eyes and Zayn smiled.

“Elle made me read. huh! she thought it would  make me think about God. So what’d you think about it?”

“Peri was cute.”

“She was anything but cute.”

“No. she was cute.”

“You’re kidding right?”

“I’m older, more experienced so I know what cute actually mean.”

“Old people are boring, experience is a prison and Peri wasn’t and will never be anything nearer to “cute””

“That’s rude.”

“That’s the truth.”    


“Peri had a lonely tragic childhood topped with self-destructive tendencies and only someone who had the same experience would call her cute because they are seeing her through the mirror of their own experience with loneliness and self destruction.”  

“I’ve not been alone all my life and..” suddenly he stopped and sighed, “Right. Never-mind.”

“I’m always right.” Zayn smirked. His phone rang so he started texting someone.

Arnav smiled remembering Khushi saying the same thing every-time she would win an argument (which she always did!) and mocking him with her smiles never knowing how much he loved seeing her win and smile. **** he had loved her with all his heart. That **** still hurt.  

"If you're hungry just ring the bell, okay?"

"Yeah sure." he smiled not looking away from his phone. 

He couldn’t see himself in Zayn. he had inherited her features and perhaps her disposition too. But he couldn’t draw conclusions just yet. He will get to know his son.



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