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Jul 11

BEAUTIFUL LOVE AND FAMILY (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 87 times)


Arnav: drop kushi in her college and he went to his office.

kushi: walk to her class room , payal came and stop her way.  kushi asks what you want..

Payal: you did not inruduce your husband to me.

Kushi: you have to ask akash , he will intruduce his brother to you.

Payal: ask oh really,she snatch her mobile ...

Kushi: hey why are you snatch my mobile now.

Payal: called arnav mobile..

Kushi: hey no payal he is busy in his work dont distrub him.

Payal: what's more important than a wife.

Kushi: try to snatch the mobile from payal.

Payal: run from there..

Kushi : searching payal every where..

Arnav: attend the call.

Payal: hello i am payal kushi's friend..

Arnav: han i know , how are you , where is kushi..

Payal: han i am fine but my friend is not well. she has headaches.

Kushi: came and snatch the mobile from her , hello arnavji i am fine she is kidding you..

Arnav:  really are you ok na. 

Kushi: ji i am fine ..

Arnav: ok bye kushi . 

Kushi: ji bye, she scold payal , he getting tensed. dont do this again payal.

Payal: but i told the truth na kushi, you said to me you feel dizzy.

Kushi: nods her head. han payal i did not eat so .

Payal: asks but your looking very tired . your face is shiny.

Kushi: dont think too much ,lets go to class.

Anjali: called arnav mobile...

Arnav: hello di how are you..

Anjali: i am fine chote , how are you.

Arnav: han fine di. 

Anjali: kushi accept this marriage na chote.

Arnav: di why are you asking this now.

Anjali: she reject your love na, you suddenly married her thats why i am asking you chote.

Arnav: di she loves me and she is happy in this marriage. do not get her worng di. you know na how much i love her.

Anjali: ok chote . 

Arnav: asks how is jiju , does naniji take medicine at the right time?

Anjali: han chote, but she missed you and kushi. 

Arnav: how is dad.

Anjali: he is fine chote.. everything will be fine soon , dont worry ok.

Arnav: di i have some work , i will talk to you later ok.

Anjali: ok chote bye.


Kushi: felt dizzy .she said to professor. and went to home. she came to home and sleept, she did not know what happen to her. she think herself, may be i am pregnant , she is tensed , she bite her nails . and came to the hall, she felt dizzy again , she managed herself and sit in the sofa. 

Arnav: called kushi mobile.

Kushi: attend his call , hello .

Arnav: wait for me. i am on the way to your college. i will come and pick up you.

Kushi: no arnavji , i am in home.

Arnav: what ? 

Kushi: you come home first , then i will tell you.

Arnav: did not say anything and cut the call.

After sometime he came home. kushi open the door. he look at her and asks what happen to you.

Kushi: look at him . ah wo  wo ah i am fine .

Arnav: ok tell the truth kushi.

Kushi: i miss you  arnavji.

Arnav: look at her ,and says you will not tell the truth right.

Kushi: says i do not understand anything.

Arnav: came near her and asks what happen tell me.

Kushi: i can not tell you anything now. please dont asks anything arnavji.

Arnav: kushi please , i have lot of work . do not confuse me. 

Kushi: hmm when  i was in college ,i  felt dizzy .and now i am fine . 

Arnav: can we go to the doctor?

Kushi: getting tensed hearing this , she said no arnavji , now i am fine . please i dont want to meet doctor.

Arnav: smiled at her , he knows because she is fear of injection ,doctor. he hugged her . and says crazy woman.

Kushi: also hugged him , she is very tensed . she think herself,what to do , if i am pregnant.

Arnav: kushi...

Kushi: ji ..

Arnav: di called me today ... she ask about you . 

Kushi: hmm ..

Arnav; came out from the hug and says i will go and fresh up ok..

Kushi: ji..

After sometime .

Arnav busy with his laptop. he says to kushi you sleep . i have some work.

Kushi: is already tired so sleept..

Aadav: asks rachana how is your son.

Rachana: my son ...

Aadav: han arnav ..

Rachana: i do not speak to him.

Aadav: did not say anything and sleept.

Rachana: tomorrow we have to go mandir . 

Aadav: ok i will come with you.

Kushi: woke up first and ready to go mandir. because today is arnav's birthday. she saw arnav sleep like a baby. she wrote a note for him and went to mandir.

Aadav and rachana walk to the mandir. at the same time kushi also came . 

Kushi: sees rachana and smiled . but rachana did not smiled ..

Aadav: saw kushi but he did not talk to her.

Kushi: pray for arnav.. 

Aadav and rachana standing opposite to her.

Kushi: knows why rachana did not talk to her. and she knows they both came to mandir for arnav, suddenly kushi felt dizzy again and she going to fall but aadav came and hold her in his arms.

Rachana: smiled looking at him, at the same time she is tensed  about kushi. but she start her acting, she called aadavji what are you doing , who is she , leave her, come we have lot of work in our home.

Aadav: is super angry, dont you know who is she. 

Rachana: who is she .

Aadav: she is my bahu , how can i leave her like this , you go home i will take care of her. your son does not care anything, she came alone here. he lift's her to take the car . and make  her lay in the back seat carefully. rachana smiled and follow him. but she is tensed about kushi. aadav start the car very fastly in the hospital, he is very tensed about kushi. he drop the car in the hospital, again he lift her and walk to  inside of the hospital. he called doctor please check her fast , she is my bahu , she faint suddenly . rachana is tensed seeing kushi , she is still did not open her eyes. ward boy came with the stretcher, aadav make her lay on the stretcher carefully, he says to the doctor again and again carefull doctor. 


Aadav: rush to the doctor and asks what happen doctor , she is fine na. 

Rachana: aslo asks doctor she is ok na .

Doctor: relax mr. raizada, congratulation mr.raizada  your bahu is pregnant.

Rachana: smiled brightly hearing this.

Aadav: is very happy hearing this. but he ask how is my bahu  now doctor. she is fine na.

Doctor : she is perfectly fine. you can take her home..

Arnav: called kushi mobile ..

Aadav: attend the call hello .

Arnav: kushi ..

Aadav: i am aadav..

Arnav: dad . how did kushi mobile come to you.

Aadav: come to ak hospital then you will know , he cut the call.

Arnav: dad please ..he is tensed about kushi now,  he take his car key and drive very fastly .

Kushi: woke up and saw she is in hospital. then only she noticed rachana and aadav standing there. she called maa.

Rachana and aadav came near her and asks are you ok.

Kushi: han i am fine .. how i came here maa.

Rachana: hearing this smiled , she remember how aadav lift her in his arms . how much he care for her.

Aadav: says everything to kushi. 

Kushi: thank you uncle. i have to go home , arnavji waiting for me, she try to get down from the bed.

Aadav: no need to thank me.

Rachana: kushi carefull now your pregnant . 

Kushi: is shocked hearing this , she closed her mouth with her hand, her eyes are widen. she asks maa what are you saying , really is this true . 

Rachana: han this is true .

Kushi: smiled brightly at the same time she is tensed about the labor pain.

Arnav: enter the room , he saw his dad and mom with kushi.

he look at kushi and asks with his eyes.

Kushi: is breathing heavyly  . 

Aadav and rachana leave from there ..

Arnav: called dad ..

Aadav; first talk to your wife. 

Arnav: came near kushi and asks what happen are you ok , he hold her cheek lovingly.

Kushi: hugged him and says  i am pregnant arnavji.

Arnav: look at her smilingly. he ask really .

Kushi: nods her head , she is very shy to look at him.

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Jul 13

BEAUTIFUL LOVE AND FAMILY (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 68 times)


Arnav: is very happy , he hugged her and says thank you kushi , i  love you. love you so much ..

Kushi: love you to arnavji, she is very tensed inside of the heart thinking about the pregnancy.

Arnav: came out of the hug , he ask how did you see maa and dad.

Kushi: i felt dizzy in mandir , uncle was taking me to the hospital.

Arnav: dad talk to you.

Kushi: han arnavji. 

Arnav: is happy hearing this . arnav and kushi came out of the room.

Aadav: ask kushi are you ok. he give medicine and prescription to kushi. he said take care of you and take your medicine on correct time , han take your food on correct time ok. 

Kushi: thank you uncle.

Rachana: smiled seeing aadav.

Aadav: no need to thank me .

Arnav: called dad please talk to me..

Aadav: rachu come we will go home.

Kushi: uncle please today is your son birthday , be angry , but please atleast talk to him today.

Aadav: wish him happy birthday . 

Arnav : thank you dad.

Aadav: did not say anything.

Rachana:  also wish him and says  take care of kushi. and she start her acting, han i know you always busy with your work, kushi is alone in the house, but you have to take care of her  this time. arnav try to talk but she stop him, at this time she must eat nutritious food's you do not know all that. arnav look at her mom confiusingly , how are you going to take care of her?

Arnav: maa dont worry , i will be always with her.

Rachana: then who will take care of your office.

Arnav: i'll take her  to my office maa.

Rachana: she noticed aadav looking tensed, she look at arnav and asks what? you look at your laptop na , you dont know whats going on your around. she look at kushi and says take care of yourself ok.

she turn to look at aadav and says come we will go na .

Aadav: look  at rachana , he nods his head and leave from there..

Arnav and kushi came to their home.

Kushi: says i have to go collage na.

Arnav: kushi you dont go college untill your delivery, but you have to attend your exams , i will talk to your principal .

Kushi: no arnavji now i have to attend my class, after 7 or 8month i will take leave, but until then i will go college.

Arnav: but kushi you have to more take care of yourself now . 

Kushi: nods her head. she says i have a gift for you.

Arnav: hold her hand and look at kushi.

Kushi: smiled and asks what happen arnavji.

Arnav: i already got my gift.

Kushi: look at him angryly who gave you a gift before me?

Arnav: smiled at her and says my gift is with you.

Kushi: confusingly look at him. han i told you right now na. wait a miniute i will get the gift.

Arnav: hey stop it kushi, he touched her stomach and says my gift is here.

Kushi: look at him . 

Arnav: nods his head, and says i can not forget this gift.

Kushi: smiled and hugged him happyly. he also hugged her and smiled at kushi.

Arnav: i am so happy today. dad and mom wish me , you know kushi i miss them today morning. but i can see them today because of you and our baby. 

Kushi: han arnavji , you know how much uncle care for me. actually he is very tensed about me. she look at arnav and says i think uncle anger little  reduced now.

Arnav: i think so kushi, because you are pregnant.

kushi: look at him and says dont worry arnavji everything will be fine soon.

Arnav: ok come first you have to eat then you have to take your tablet.

Kushi: then you have to  drop me to in my collage.

They both smiling each other. 


Arnav: open the door for her. kushi get down from the car. he look at kushi and says carefull ok. she nods her head. he said bye to her and wen to his office.

Raizada house.

Rachana: share about kushi's pregnancy.

Naniji and mamiji is very happy hearing this.

Anjali: is smiling happyly, she says maa we will go and see kushi .

Naniji: also says han i want to see kushi betia and arnav. 

Mamiji: hello hai kushi . i want to see her now so i am going now bye bye to you all.

Rachana: han but we have to call them here. 

Anjali: but maa , you know about dad na.

Rachana: says everything what happened in the mandir. 

Naniji, mamiji , anjali open their mouth in o shape.

Anjali: asks maa really.

Naniji: i know , when lavanya marriage is finished , his anger is gone away. we all know na how much he trust arnav and he loves him too, but arnav married kushi suddenly thats why he gets angry on him.but i am sure he never get angry on kushi. 

Rachana: han maa , we have to plan something , then only he express his feeling out. from now this house no one talk about kushi and arnav. dont use their name too.

Naniji: asks but why.

Anjali and mamiji confused hearing this.

Rachana: its also our part of plan ok. i know about aadavji. he wants to call them here but his prestige stops him. we have to make him understand this, than his dignity is important arnav and kushi.

Mamiji: han jiji your right. 

Naniji: nods her head but she says i want to see kushi .

Rachana: we will go her home tomorrow .

Naniji: smiled and says ok..

Anjali: maa i also want to see my bhabi na.

Rachana: you have to go another day.

Anjali: mmm ok maa.

Arnav: in his office , his staff wish his birthday .

Lavanya : also wish him happyly. she give gift him. she ask what gift kushi give to you.

Arnav: smiled and says i can not forget her gift.

Lavanya: so what a gift.

Arnav: i am going to dad.

Lavanya: is shocked and happy , she did not believe that news suddenly .  she asks really arnav. she said i am very happy , i want to see kushi , come we will go home.

Arnav: hey she is in college now , you have to come home evening ok.

Lavanya: hey your very good man. you allow her to go college at this time.

Arnav: i said first dont go , you have to attend your exams but she wanted to go college. i dont want to upset her in this sutiation. 

Lavanya: she is right arnav. after 7 or 8 months after completion she will take leave , untill she have to go college . she asks uncle and aunty knows this news.

Arnav: says everything what happened in the morning. 

Lavanya: smiled oh ho i am so happy arnav. i think uncle will forgive you soon, dont worry ok.

Arnav: nods his head.


Payal: hugged kushi and says hey i am so happy for you kushi. she smiled brightly. she give her lot of advise to kushi , she talk continuesly.

kushi: smiled and hearing all that.

Payal: i' am aunt for your child ok, dont forget that.

Kushi: smiled and says ok fine madam...she says payal i am very tensed about this labor pain.

Payal: dont think about that now , just realx ok . you have to enjoy this moments happyly ok. dont think about the pain now ok.

Kushi: han but i am scared too.

Payal: arnavji is with you na , then why are you get scared dont think too much . be happy always ok. 

i will give you long update tomorrow friends . 



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Jul 14

BEAUTIFUL LOVE AND FAMILY (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 75 times)


Kushi: han he is very good , he loves me a lot , arnavji and his family give me a lot of love in past 2 years, naniji , mamiji ,akash ,di everyone taking care of me , they dont leave me alone for a second, you know na how akash taking care of me in college . 

Payal: han i know madam.

Kushi: hey you talk to akash, he joined in uncle office. 

Payal: han he told me. 

Kushi: smiled at her , she asks did you like akash na.'

Payal: hey he proposed me , i accept that . we are love each other.

Kushi: open her mouth in shape , but you and akash did not tell me. 

Payal; your busy with your work at the same time akash says dont tell this to anyone now. 

Kushi: but why ..

Payal: when you and arnavji return to raizada house , then only , we will tell about our love matter to everyone.

Kushi: silently look at her with emotionaly. 

Payal: cup her face and said hey why are you so emotional. smile please my dear , she wipe kushi's tears. hey dont cry or let your baby come out and scold me. 

Kushi: smiled hearing this. they both smiling each other.

Aadav : came from the office. he sees his family ladys in the hall.they are talking each other happyly.

Rachana , mamiji, naniji , anjali everyone in the hall , they are chitchating and drinking tea with snacks.

Aadav: think himself , no one  has any concerns about my daughter-in-law pregnancy.

Rachana and everyone noticed aadav, everyone lough loudly seeing him.

Mamiji: says today tea is very tasty jiji.

Rachana: thank you manoramma. 

Anjali: maa we will go out tomorrow .what you say.

Naniji: han its very good idea. i also feeling to go out anjali.

Rachana: han maa .tomorrow is sunday na we will go and enjoy . 

Aadav: no one think about kushi . oh my god , this arnav dont know anything , how he will take care of her this time. this rachana and maa they are also dont care about kushi. he is very tensed and angry on his wife .

Rachana: called  arey aadavji  , why are you standing there , come inside of the house na. 

Aadav: came and sit in the sofa. 

Rachana: give his tea to him. 

Aadav: asks what are you doing all . 

Rachana: we are just talking aadavji . you want anything.

Aadav; look at rachana and everyone. he says nothing , but why are you all lough loudly .

Rachana: what happen aadavji. you do not like us laughing.

Aadav: dont know what to answer his qustion. he says no not like that . but kushi 

Rachana: what aadavji..

Aadav: nothing , i will go and fresh up and come.he went to his room ..

Rachana and everyone smiled seeing aadav. 

Arnav: came and pick up kushi from the  college. he asks how was the day kushi.

are you ok na. 

Kushi: han i am fine arnavji. 

Arnav: drive slowly. 

Kushi: look at him and asks why are you drive the car very slowly arnavji, go a little faster na.

Arnav: nods his head as ok.

Aadav: in his room, he is thinking about kushi and arnav. he wants to call them for raizada house, but he remember , how he shouted at arnav, your not my son. leave this house first. he came out of his thoughts and sees rachana is satnding near mirror wearing bangles.  he asks where are you going.

Rachana: maa wants to go out, if you want anything asks hariprakash ok . i will come home little  late.

Aadav: look at her angryly , are you forget your son and daughter-in-law. 

Rachana: sorry aadavji what are you saying, i dont understand. 

Aadav: came to the hall angryly, he shout loudly where is everyone, anyone is there in this house.

Anjali and shyam came down hearing aadav voice.

Naniji and mamiji also came out of their room. 

Akash : enter the house at the same time.

Naniji: look at rachana and raised her eye brow's as what happened to aadav.

Rachana: show her hand as wait maa.

Naniji: nods her head. 

Aadav: i want to talk to you all , listen carefuly everyone. kushi is pregnant, i think i want to call them here , arnav dont know anything , if anything happen to kushi , then what will we do. and here no one worried about kushi in this house. 

Rachana: look at him with  widely

Akash: smiling hearing this. he is very happy , he missed them so much.

Naniji and mamiji is very happy hearing this . 

Anjali: think herself mom's idea is workout, she smiled seeing her dad.

Rachana: came near aadav  , she stared at him.

Aadav: why are you look at me like that , you only told me na , your son did not know anything , and his words stammering seeing rachana, he says wo woo call them to come here. i dont have any problem.

Rachana: i did not tell them to go out of this house, so i will not call them here.

Aadav: ok i will call them he look at everyone.  everyone silently standing there. he says i"ll bring them back home. he take his car key and leave from there.

Rachana and everyone look at each other happyly.  anjali and naniji hugged each other happyly. 

Mamiji: hello hai hai  to my dear arnav betuva and kushi betia ..

Anjali: maa make everything ready to welcome them.

Rachana: no anjali . let your dad first bring them here .

Anjali: nods her head. 

Arnav: prepared milk for kushi in the kitchen. she is sitting in the hall.  he orders her not to enter the kitchen. 

Kushi: called arnavji , come out of the kitchen please na, i am fine arnavji. let me cook arnavji.

Arnav: came with milk and sit beside her, drink  the milk first . 

Kushi: you know na i dont like milk. 

Arnav: but you have to drink for our baby na .

Kushi: loo at him and says no arnavji ,please i dont want..

Arnav: look at my eyes and open your mouth, i will make drink you this milk .

Kushi: take the milk class from arnav, and closed her eyes , she drink the milk in one gulp.

Arnav: hey carefull kushi , he smiled seeing her like that.

At the same time door bell ring. arnav open the door , he is shocked seeing his dad standing there. he standing like a statue , aadav look at arnav.

kushi: asks who has come arnavji.

Arnav: came out of his thought's hearing kushi's voice, he said to aadav come inside dad.

Aadav: come inside of the house. 

Kushi: look at aadav and smiled .

Aadav: smiled and asks how are you kushi , are you ok na.

Kushi: han uncle i am fine . come sit here uncle.

Aadav: sit in the hall. he look at arnav  and kushi , i want to talk to you both .

Arnav: look at his dad.

Aadav; i came to take you both our home.

Arnav and kushi smiling each other.

Aadav: come we will go our home. 

Arnav: dad you can go now , we will come tomorrow.

Aadav: no no you both came with me right now.

Arnav: dad how can we leave this house just like that. we have to pack our things na.

Aadav: hariprakash will take care of this all. you dont worry.

Kushi and arnav nod their head's  and went with aadav.


Arnav ,kushi and aadav enter the house. 

Everyone eagerly waiting for arnav and kushi.

Kushi: smiled seeing them all ,she is very happy. she saw naniji after long time so she start to run. 

Arnav: shout kushi iiiiiiii.

everyone says to kushi carefull.

Kushi: look at arnav and says i am sorry arnavji.

Arnav: nod his head.

Kushi: going to touch naniji's feet but naniji hugged her and says i missed you kushi.

Kushi; han i also missed you too naniji.

Anjali: smied at kushi.she hugged her happyly.

Akash: asks how are you kushi . 

Kushi: i am fine akash. how are you.

Akash: smiled and nod his head as fine .

Mamiji: hugged her and says hello hai hai to you and she touch kushi's stomach and says  your baby too .kushi smiled at mamiji.

Rachana: smiled seeing kushi.

Kushi: hugged rachana tightly , maa i missed you so much .

Rachana: han i  also missed you kushi.

Aadav; said to rachana give her something to eat while talking.

Rachana: nods her head and leave from there. 

Arnav: watching kushi , she is talking with mamiji , naniji,di ,akash , she is very happy and smiling continuely.

Anjali: came near arnav and asks she is smiling like a kid haina chote.

Arnav: still watching his wife , and answer his di's qustion yes di ..

Anjali: look at him smilingly..


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Sep 4

BEAUTIFUL LOVE AND FAMILY (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 46 times)


Rachana: came with milk for kushi...

Kushi: maa i dont like milk, you know that na maa.

Rachana: han but now you have to drink for your baby...

Kushi: no maa please .. i dont want anything now..

Mamiji: kushi betia ,you just drink half glass thats enough , she look at rachana and winked at her ..

Rachana: han kushi you just drink little bit...

Kushi: sees arnav , he talking with anjali and akash, he is smiling happyly....

Mamiji: noticed kushi , and says han han arnav betuva is here only kushi... 

Rachana and naniji smiled ...

Kushi : was very embarrassed ...she wants arnav attention towards her but he is busy talking with his sister and brother..

Mamiji: look at the milk glass and closed her eyes ...heydevimayya please help me...

Naniji: kushi drink it .....

Kushi: nods her head, and start to drink ...but suddenly she feel vomiting sensation, she keept the milk glass and run from there...

Everyone gets tensed and run behind kushi..

Arnav: called kushi kushi kushi.....

Kushi: did not respond him..

Aadav: angryly said go and see her first ...

Arnav: went inside of the wash room , he is shocked seeing kushi is laying unconsciously. he immediately lift her in his arms , his heart beating very fast .. he make her lay on the bed.. 

Aadav: called the doctor....

Rachana , naniji, mamiji is tensed about kushi.

Aadav: scold rachana , if she did not like milk na , why are you all forced her.. thats why she is faint now....

Rachana: did not say anything , she silently smiling thinking about her husband...

Arnav: sit beside kushi.... he is very tensed about her..

Naniji: nothing to worry chote, its normal in pregnancy time.

Arnav: nods his head...

Doctor: also came at the same time..


Aadav and arnav asks at the same time what happened doctor , she is ok na...

Doctor: look at them both ..

Arnav and aadav look at eachother...

Doctor: she is fine dont worry, take her medicine on correct time . thats enough .

Anjali: ask kushi are you ok now....

Kushi: han di i am very tired.i feel like, i have no energy...

Naniji : said ok you j ust sleep beta..

Rachana: if you want anything called me ok..

Aadav: kushi you just sleep beta...

Kushi: nods her head ....she look at arnav ....

Arnav: ask are you ok na kushi....

Kushi: ji ....

Arnav: came near her and sit beside kushi..

Everyone leave from there...

Arnav: hugged kushi ,he said  sorry to kushi...

Kushi: i am fine arnavji, please be with me ...

Arnav: smiled and kissed her forehead, i am always be with you only ok , now you just sleep ..

Kushi: smiled and closed her eyes...

Arnav: stared at her ...

Kushi: open her eyes and says i do not feel sleepy arnavji...

Arnav: ok then come we will go down , everyone tensed thinking about you , especially my dad ...

Kushi: dont tease him arnavji, he is care for me..

Arnav: oh really , he care for baby only...

Kushi: no no arnavji , uncle care for me , i know , how he tensed ,when i faint in mandir...

Arnav: ok come now we will go down...


Rachana: ask dont you sleep  kushi.....

Kushi: maa i am fine , dont worry ...

Naniji: come kushi , sit here....

Kushi and arnav sit in the hall....

Arnav: ask do you have something to eat? 

Kushi: no , you go and eat first ....

Arnav: no i am not hungry......

Kushi: noticed arnav, he is looking very dull, she called arnavji , i am very hungry.

Arnav: look at her with confused....

Kushi: wo wo i am really hungry.....

Arnav: understand his wife very well , he said ok fine ,come lets go.....

Rachana: served arnav and kushi's favorite food..

Anjali and shyam also came there.. 

Shyam: ask how are you kushi...

Kushi: i am fine bhai...

After long time raizada family was very happy....

Arnav: in study room , he is busy with his work, he called adi and discuss about tomorrow meetings....

Kushi : in the room. 

Rachana: came to kushi room.

Kushi: maa dont you sleep...

Rachana: i want to talk to you kushi....

Kushi: ji maa..

Rachana: if you want anything ask me ,dont get hesitate ok, and i am very happy about you. i am going to dadi , i dont believe know your uncle is very happy , he can not control his happyness.

Kushi: maa , i am very lucky haina maa...

Rachana: smiled and hugged her ... now a days you have to be carefull ok .... 

Kushi: ji maa...

Rachana: ok good night kushi. you sleep ok....

Kushi: ji maa..

Payal: called kushi and ask how are  you madam..

Kushi: han i am fine younger daughter-in-law...

Payal: now what are you doing elder daughter-in-law...

Kushi and payal smiling each other....

Payal: hey kushi , tomorrow we have important seminar.. 

Kushi: ok i will come ... 

Payal: then how is your husband .....

Kushi: he is busy with his laptop payal...

Payal: smiled hearing this...ok bye my dear you just sleep, we will meet in the collage ok...

Kushi: ok my dear friend...

Arnav: finished his work and come to his room, he sees kushi sleept already, he closed the door and sleep beside kushi.


Kushi: ready for collage and come down. 

Rachana: you woke up so early today , where are you going beta...

Kushi: collage maa....

Rachana: arnav said your not going collage , only attend your exams .

Kushi: han maa, but this is very important seminar , i have to go maa....

Rachana: did not say anything and leave from there , she is little upset.. 

Arnav: woke up and sees kushi is not there in room, he come down and saw she is eating breakfast.

Kushi: noticed him , and smiled at arnav.

Arnav: came near her and ask where are you going...

Kushi: collage ..

Arnav: you did not tell me this....

Kushi: wo wo your busy in study room , i am waiting for you long time, its very important seminar arnavji...

Arnav: look at her angryly, 

Kushi: now i have to go arnavji...

Arnav: why dont you understand kushi , you know about your health na, then why are you doing this all. 

Kushi: arnavji you dont worry , i will take care of me and baby....

Arnav: could not get angry on her, he ask , take your tablet now, i will drop you in your collage . evening i will come and pick you ok....

Kushi: thinking about her seminar only.. 

Arnav: called again kushiii...

Kushi: han ji ...

Rachana: give her lunch box and says carefull ok ..

Kushi: ji maa...

Arnav: drop kushi in her collage..she get down from the car ,and she rush to walk to the class room. she did not say bye to arnav...

Payal: is waiting for kushi...

Kushi: sees payal they both hugged each other.. and talking about the seminar....

Arnav: busy with his work...

Lavanya: come to arnav cabin, she noticed arnav face full of anger, she called arnav ...

Arnav: yes lavanya...

Lavanya: what happen are you ok...

Arnav: says everything to lavanya....

Lavanya: you know kushi very well na, then why are you getting angry ...

Arnav: she did not attend my call now ....

Lavanya: i think she is busy with her seminar ...

Arnav: i called her on the lunch time.. 

Lvanya: dont know what to say.

At the same time kushi called him.. lavanya ask it was kushi right..

Arnav: smiled and says yes ..

Lavanya: then talk to her na...

Arnav: attend the call , hello kushi ...

Kushi: arnavji i am sorry , i was busy so i did not attend your call..

Arnav: its ok leave it .. had your lunch na..

Kushi: ji arnavji.. you ..

Arnav; yes i finished ...

Kushi: ok bye ..

Arnav: ok bye kushi..

Arnav: pick up kushi from the collage, he did not talk to kushi...

Kushi: called arnavji ....

Arnav: kushi , please dont mistake me , i did not like your behaviour today....

Kushi: what i did arnavji...

Arnav: i already told you , you dont go collage . and i allow you to attend your exams. then why are you doing this all now.

Kushi: look at him with a shock..

Arnav: see kushi , my family is very happy about our baby. you must be carefull...

Kushi: you have changed arnavji...

Arnav: i am just like always, your only changed...

Kushi: what is your problem now? i stop my studying for this baby , then your all happy haina...

Arnav: kushi i did not mean it... your understand me worng....

Kushi: is tears in her eyes , han i know everyone likes this baby not me . your all wants only baby not me.. but i want to complete my studys, that's important for me...

Arnav: look at her with shockingly ,he stop the car ..he ask what you mean kushi...

Kushi: i said na , my studys important for me..

Arnav: you dont like our baby...

Kushi: did not say anything ....

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