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Jun 30

BEAUTIFUL LOVE AND FAMILY. (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 52 times)


Arnav sing raizada .he is very good and loves his family.  he is angry man too. he is studying in london. 

Kushi kumari gupta. she is very quiet girl. when she was born her mother died. she is studying in second year MBA. her dad is busy with his business , so she staying in arnav's house past 2 years. arnav,s dad and kushi's dad both of them friends .she is very shy and fear girl too. she missed her mother and her love. her dad always busy with his business, she feel lonely sometime. she did not talk much ,she will speak very little.

Raj gupta . father of kushi. big businessman, he is feel very sad whenever thinking about his wife. he loves his daughter a lot. now he is in german for his business work.

Aadav sing raizada. father of arnav and anjali.husband of rachana sing raizada. he is busy with his business. he loves his son and daughter a lot. 

Rachana sing raizada. she is a house wife, she taking care of her family very well. she missed her son arnav . she is very strict mother . 

Anjali shyam jha. wife of shyam jha , elder daughter of raizada family. she and her husband staying in raizada house. 

Shyam jha. he is a lawyer, he loves his wife a lot. he is very good man. 

Devayani sing raizada . nani of anjali and arnav dadi of akash .she is really a drama queen . she did not take her medicines on correct time . she did not like medicine and soup. 

Manoramma sing raizada. wife of manohar sing raizada. mother of akash. she likes to talk english and makeup.

Manohar sing raizada . he is always out of city , he did not stay at home, he busy with his office work always . he loves his family a lot.

Akash sing raizada. he is studying  his final year mba , kushi and akash studying in same collage. he loves payal. she is friend of kushi.

Naniji shout  rachu rachu ,mano , anjali betia ,akash ,kushi betia ...

Everyone came to hall . 

Anjali in kushi room ,she says to kushi naniji start her drama .kushi smiled at her.

Rachana: came from the kitchen and asks what happen maa. why are you shouting .

Naniji: look at everyone and start to crying , i'm troubled by you. 

Mamiji: han maaji . i did not finished my makeup because of you. 

Anjali and akash smiled hearing this.

Naniji: then i will leave this house , once i will see my chote then i will leave this house .then i dont distrub you all. 

Rachana: shook her head and says maa please , i have lot of work , tell me what you want.

Naniji: i feel lonely thats why i called you all. your all in your rooms only with one mobile or laptop. 

Anjali: ok ok i am sorry naniji i will be with you  ok . maa you go i will be with naniji.

Kushi: came with juice for naniji.

Naniji: smiled at kushi and drink the juice .

Anjali: asks how is juice naniji.

Naniji: its very tasty anjali betia.

Anjali: smiled and says kushi mixed your medicine in the juice .

Naniji : open her mouth in o shape . she look at kushi .

Kushi: is tensed seeing naniji, i am sorry naniji . please forgive me. 

Naniji: huged her and says thank you kushi betia. you give me my medicine like this way i feel relax now. 

Anjali: asks naniji dont you hug me .

Naniji: huged both of them and smiled . 

Arnav : called anjali mobile , he asks di where is kushi , he asks little angryly.

Anjali: she is with maa chote . why are you asking her now. hey chote tell the truth to me . i will support you .

Arnav: di dont think too much , she asking me some doubt about her subject , so i called her but  she did not attend my call. thats why i called you.

Anjali: teased him, oh ok ok  chote i trust you . because you talk to her this 2 years in mobile and video calling . you both are very silent but both doing big thing and hide to me too haina chote.

Arnav: di i surrender to you . please di dont asks anything to kushi. you know about her na. i have to do lot of work , then only she talk to me. please do not spoil it di. she think no one knows our friendship, she is scared of everything you know na di. 

Anjali: ok ok . send some costly gift for me. 

Arnav: di i will book my ticket , my exams finished tomorrow. i will come soon di.

Anjali: han i know chote mom told me. han tell me one thing, how you got kushi number.

Arnav: akash help me. 

Anjali: asks chote are you love with kushi.

Arnav: yes di, but i do not know di if she wants me or not. 

Anjali: is surprised hearing this. she thinkherself , her chote in love . she smiled at herself.

Arnav: di are you there. 

Anjali: han chote . han i like her she is very good girl. 

Arnav: smiled hearing this. di please dont tell this to anyone and dont ask about this too kushi . 

Anjali: ok i dont tell anything to anyone.

Arnav: thank you di ok bye . 

Anjali: cut the call and smiled look at kushi.

Kushi: came to her room after the dinner. she saw arnav's missed call's. she smiled at herself. she called his mobile.

Arnav: did not attend her call. he switched off his mobile angryly. he prepared his exams. inbetween he think about kushi . 

Kushi: is tensed , because of his mobile was switched off. she did not sleep, she try to call his mobile continuesly. she is crying heavyly. she talk to her devimayya idol , if anything happens to him, i can not bear it, devimayya  please he should be fine always . 


Akash: ready for the collage and came down.

Kushi: is doing pooja in the house mandir. she is looking very sad. 

Anjali and akash noticed her , anjali asks akash what happen to her.

Akash: i dont know di. 

Rachana: called everyone for the breakfast.

Shyam: says to anjali i already late bye ,he leave from there...

Anjali: he always like this . he did not care about his health. she shout shyamji come home for lunch atleast.

Shyam: smiled and says ok fine anjali.

Naniji: ask kushi betia why are you looking very dull today , are you ok na.

Rachana: came near her and touch her forhead and neck , she is shocked , and says she has fever maa. she scold kushi for did not told about her fever.

Naniji: says to akash first call the doctor.

Kushi: i am fine aunty .

Rachana: shut up kushi, i am your mom , i know what to do . first you eat your food. 

Kushi: nods her head and start to eat , but she vomiting . 

Rachana and anjali take her to the room. anjali help her for cleaning her dress ,and kushi changed her dress. mamiji came with hot water . she came near kushi and says drink this water little bit.

Kushi: drink the water. naniji and anjaliji sit with her. 

Rachana is waiting for the doctor. 


Doctor: check kushi , and give injection to her. kushi hold anjali hand tightly she is very scared of injection.

Rachana: asks doctor she is fine na. 

Doctor: yea mam its normal fever only , she will be fine today or tomorrow. dont worry . 

Rachana: thank you doctor.

Doctor : its ok mam bye , if you have any doubt call me. 

Rachana: ok doctor. 

kushi is sleeping peacefully due to the injection. 

Rachana : says to naniji. maa you be with kushi . i  have some work . if you want anything call me ok. 

Naniji: ok i will take care of her dont worry. you do your work.

Anjali and mamiji also with kushi. 


kushi: woke up suddenly she took her mobile and called arnav again.

Arnav: spoke in a stren voice , hello ...

Kushi: start to crying heavyly....

Arnav: is shocked hearing her crying sound. he asks are you ok . kushi please dot cry .

kushi: cryingly asks why dont you attend my call , why are you switched of  your mobile.

Arnav: why are you attend my call kushi. i am angry on you so i switched off my mobile. 

Kushi: is super angry now , she start to scold him ediot ,dog , stupid, you dont have any sense. 

Arnav: what the? 

Kushi: keep your what the yourself arnavji , you know i am scared , i try to call your mobile whole night , my mind thinking too much about you . please dont do this to me again , i can not bear it arnavji. if anything happen to you . i can not l now only she realized what she speaks . 

Arnav: smiled hearing this . he asks you can not   .... what kushi tell me ....

Kushi: wo wo nothing. i dont want to talk to you anymore . you did not attend my call na. 

Arnav: kushi please i am sorry . please i want to see you, i miss you kushi ...

Kushi: is breathing heavyly hearing this . dont you hear my words , i dont want to talk to you , she cut the call. 

Arnav: smiled and he is very happy. he thinkhimself i knew that you wanted me . 

Kushi: thinkherself , what are you doing kushi , no this is worng , dont talk to him like that anymore, this family trust you and love you so much. you do not spoil it. stop thinking about him. control yourself.

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Jul 1

BEAUTIFUL LOVE AND FAMILY (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 39 times)


 Akash: and arnav talking on the mobile.

Arnav: how is going on your studys. 

Akash: fine bhai. han bhai you know kushi has fever.  she did not told about but naniji and maa noticed her , then doctor came and give injection to her. now only she is fine.

Arnav: is little upset hearing this , he asks now she is fine na akash. 

Akash: yea she is fine bhai. 

Arnav: asks where is she now.

Akash: one minitue bhai , i'll have a look . he came out of his room. he saw naniji and her mom in the hall. he asks maa where is kushi. 

Mamiji: she is in her room akash.

Akash: ok mom.

Arnav: got the answer so he cut the call.

Akash: hello bhai hello , he thinkhimself , something is going on between bhai and kushi. i will found it soon.

Kushi: was busy in her studying . her mobile ring she saw it was arnav. she attend the call , it was video call. 

Arnav: hi kushi , how are you , now how is your sickness?

Kushi: look at him silently . she lost in her thought .

Arnav: kushi kushi.... hey sweety where is your thinking? 

Kushi: ji now i feel better. how are you . 

Arnav: yes i am fine sweety....

Kushi: sweety dont call me like that arnavji. call me kushi .

Arnav: no  i like to call you like this kushi.

Kushi: but i dont like it arnavji... see arnavji your my dad friend son thats it . thats the relationship between you and me.  please dont mistake me arnavji. 

Arnav: is very upset hearing this , he could not understand her, he says in his stren voice i  am not talking to you anymore kushi , i am sorry to distrub you .

kushi: sees his dull face and look down , she does not have the courage to see  his face.

Arnav: hurt by her words. he is very silent for a miniute. after that he comfort himself, and says i am sorry if i hurt you in any way.

Kushi: mind was very painful seeing him like that. no arnavji but arnav cut the call .kushi is shocked .

Arnav: is really hurt by her words. no one talk like that to him  , he could not bear her words. he does not understand why she behave like this suddenly, past 2 years she did not talk like that to him.  at the same time she did not talk much , but he knows , she likes to talk to him.he talk to himself why kushi whats your problem . why are you hurting me . arnav is very sad and tears in his eyes.

Lavanya : called arnav mobile .

Arnav: attend the call hello lavanya...

Lavanya: how many times i called you , why dont you attend my call.

Arnav: i am sorry lavanya...

Lavanya: its ok leave it , we have plan to go shopping na. 

Arnav: also want to divert his mind, so he says yea i will come .

Arnav and lavanya purchasing gifts for their family members. they both enjoying the shopping. arnav buy some jewelry for his di, mamiji, mom and naniji. 

Lavanya: asks your buy jewelry for your family ladys right. 

Arnav : smiled at her yea lavanya. hey lavanya let me help you ..

Lavanya: yea ofcourse arnav. 

Arnav: took his mobile and show it to kushi's picture .

Lavanya: she is very beautifull arnav , who is she.

Arnav: my dad friend daughter, she is staying in my house past 2 years. 

Lavanya: hmmm ok. now i understand. i'm helping you to buy gifts for her haina.

Arnav: nods his head.

Lavanya: asks what will she likes. did you know that or not.

Arnav: she is very simple so we will buy some saree or salwar. she likes red colour. 

Lavanya: start to teased him , oh hooo. then what mr. raizada. ok leave this , first answer this qustions.

Arnav: asks what .

Lavanya: why are you hide this from me this 2 years.

Arnav: you dont know about her lavanya , she is not like you , she is totally different from other girls.

Lavanya: she is not like me means , what are you trying to say mr.raizada .

Arnav: hey please dont mistake me. she is very simple , she did not wearing any modern dress, she likes to go mandir, she loves to dance, arnav look at lavanya and says han espeacially she talk very less, and she is very quiet girl. she did not talk much.

Lavanya: hit his shoulder, oh really . you think i am talking too much.

Arnav: tell the truth, you think , you talking less.

Lavanya: ok  ok i am agree, i am talking too much . come we will buy gift for your quiet girl.

Arnav: smiled at her.

Lavanya: also smiled at him. she asks hey arnav do you like her.

Arnav: hit her head , dont ask too much qustion ok select the dress first. 

Lavanya: if you hit me like this ,then i will leave from here . 

Arnav: ok ok i am sorry . 

Lavanya: call me madam untill we will finished this shopping.

Arnav: this is too much lavanya..

Lavanya: oh really... ok then i will go...

Arnav: ok ok madam . please madam choose dress for my kushi.

Lavanya: smiled hearing this, she asks hey arnav please , tell me do you like her na.

Arnav: smiled at her. 

Lavanya: hey tell me please please please ...

Arnav: yes but she did not like me. he says everything to lavanya ,what happened before sometime between him and kushi.

Lavanya: its really a strange arnav. why she talk that to you suddenly. 

Arnav: i dont know lavanya...

Lavanya: look at  arnav, he is very sad . hey my dear best friend , dont feel sad ok, there is only one week, then you can meet her personally and talk to her.

Arnav: no lavanya , this time i will not talk to her, let her come and talk to me, until then i will not talk to her lavanya. whenever we both fight i only talk to her always.

Lavanya: hey she is  sin na arnav.

Arnav: oh really . you dont know about her lavanya. past the two years she play with  me a lot, this is my time lavanya. i dont leave her easily.

Lavanya: stop it arnav. first you have to know, are you in her mind or not.

Arnav: i tried a lot , but everything is failed or she gets angry on me . but lavanya she is like a stone, she did not share anything to anyone.its very hard to know about  her mind.

Lavanya: smiled at him. she says the man who reads the minds of women is still  not born in this world arnav, are you crazy on her arnav.

Arnav: really lavanya , she distrub me so much , i love her very much lavanya , i dont know, when i fall in love . but i am sure one thing, i can not live without her . i dont know whats going on her mind . i am not able to do anything, i feel like crazy day by day .she makes me crazy . 

Lavanya: hey arnav relax ok, be calm everything will be fine soon. dont think too much. 

After  sometime they both finished their shopping and leave from there.

Raizada house.

everyone eat together, anjali noticed kushi lost in her thought. she did not eat her food.

Akash: also noticed her , he look at his di. 

Anjali: raised her eye brow , what happen to her.

Akash: silently says i dont know di...

Aadav: called kushi how are you now. 

Kushi: lost in her thoughts..

everyone look at kushi..

Rachana: aadavji you eat i will talk to her.

Aadav: nods her head.

Rachana: came near kushi and touch her shoulder .

Kushi: look at rachana, ji maa ...

Rachana: are you ok beta...

Kushi: look at everyone and says han i am fine maa..

Aadav: asks are you miss your dady.

Kushi: is silent and sad ..

Naniji: look at aadav and says dont worry, and change the topic , kushi betia we will go mandir ok. that sumithra na she came with her grand daughter always , so me,anjali and you we are all go mandir tomorrow ok. and i will show her i also have a lovely grand daughters.

Akash: dadiji i also come with you na.

Naniji: of course beta. 

Kushi: smiled happyly hearing this ...

Anjali and everyone smiled hearing this..

Mamiji: sasumma your really unbelieable. 

Naniji: do your work , dont interfire in my matters ok..

Mamiji: bye bye sasumma. 

Rachana: seeing this drama she smiled at herself...

After the dinner kushi came to her room. she check her mobile, if any calls or message from arnav. but he did not call her and message her. she laying on the bed, she  bit her nails, she thinkherself, why he did not call me and message me. i talk too much today , i think, he is hurt by my words. if he gets angry on me. what will i do . she says to herself stop it kushi , why are you thinking like that now. stop thinking about him first . she closed her eyes and tried to sleep. but she remember his dull face and get up from the bed. she take her mobile and called him ..

Arnav: saw his mobile ring , he was happy seeing the name . but he did not attend the call.he cut the call and switched off his mobile...

Kushi: tears flow in her eyes ... and she cryingly sleept..



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Jul 2

BEAUTIFUL LOVE AND FAMILY (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 56 times)


Kushi: is ready for collage... she look at her mobile. she is talking to herself , no kushi stop  thinking about him. control your mind first , what dad said. dont distrub anyone here, and everyone loves me a lot, maa , naniji ,mamiji ,di uncle, akash everyone care for me. when i born , my house maids only taking care of me, dad loves me but he always busy with his business. but this 2 years i am very happy in this house, i felt mother's affection for rachana maa. i know arnavji likes me. but than him i have  important this family . you just away from arnavji thats good for you ,dad friendship and this family too. she remember arnav's dull face tears flow in her eyes, i am sorry arnavji , i am not sutable for you arnavji.for your mom. her daughter-in-law should be always smiling face but i am not like that . 

Rachana: called kushi beta come down , breakfast is ready ..its time to go to collage na beta.

Kushi: came out of her room and says ji maa ....i am coming..

Akash: was eating , mamiji served him.. he says maa dont pack my lunch box today..i am going to out and eat with my friends.

Mamiji: ok but come home soon ok ...

Akash: says kushi today driver will pick you from collage.

Rachana: no akash , aadavji will pick her today haina aadavji.

Aadav: look at rachu and kushi ,he smiled and says yes ofcourse rachu. 

Kushi: thank you uncle . 

Aadav: its ok beta . when your finished your collage, give me a call to my mobile ok. and in the next 5minute i will be infront of you ok.

Kushi: smiled at him. 

Aadav: asks rachana when will arnav come here.

Rachana: next week aadavji. her face full of happy.

Aadav: are you very happy na.

Rachana: ji very happy. 5 years have passed since my son. i missed him so much. you see him when you go to business meeting in london. but i did not see him na .

Aadav: ok rachu ... anymore he will not go anywhere. he will stay here only.

kushi: heard this all ... she thinkherself , maa missed him so much.

Akash: called kushi i will wait for outside, come fast....

Kushi: nods her head..

Anjali : give lunch box to kushi.

Kushi: thank you di ... she take her bag and try to walk , but naniji came there and give her prasad . she touch her feet and says bye and run from there.

Lavanya: called arnav ...

Arnav: hello lavanya .. what are you doing..

Lavanya: i am excited to meet my family and your family too , especially kushi ..

Arnav: i am sure she will not talk to you.

Lavanya: how you know...

Arnav: because your my friend. i think she is angry on me now.

Lavanya: why arnav , you both fight  again.

Arnav: no , i did not attend her call. 

Lavanya: hey please talk to her na. she is sin arnav..

Arnav: then what about me lavanya, dont support her please , i am  angry ..

Lavanya: smiled hearing this. i want to see the girl you have mourned .

Arnav: ok bye i will call you later, i have to go out for some work..

Lavanya: ok bye...

Anjali: served breakfast for shyam. 

Shyam: asks where is everyone anju...

Anjali: dad leaving office, mom and mamiji leaving market, naniji in her room.akash and kushi leaving collage.

Shyam: everyone is busy , anju you dont have any work . he teased her..

Anjali: hit him lovingly. first eat without talking.. 

Shyam: ji madam . he feed her ...

Anjali: i'll eat it later, first you eat na shyamji..

Shyam: no sit with me and , you also eat ..

Anjali: ok ok she also sit beside him and start to eat ..


Rachana: woke up from her sleep, she saw the time its was 12:30. she sees aadav is sleeping peacefully.she silently came out of her room and saw akash ,shyam ,anjali in the hall talking eachother and mamiji serving tea for them. she came near them and asks what are you doing all here ,  you all are not sleep.

Anjali: maa we are all waiting for chote , she smiled brightly...

Rachana: smiled and sit beside anjali. after that aadav and naniji also came there.....

Naniji: asks  you all are not  sleep. 

Mamiji: asks sasumma , why are you woke up at this time . are you not sleep?

Naniji: i came here for drinking water.

Aadav: maa we all are know , why you came here come sit with me. 

Naniji: came and sit beside him..

Anjali: asks whats the time now akash.

Akash: 1 o clock di. i think bhai will come home at 2:30.

Everyone talking eachother...

Arnav and lavanya came out of the airport .. arnav says to lavanya i will drop you then i will go my home.

Lavanya: han what you think , you can leave me here .

Arnav: smiled , no i did not mean it madam.

Lavanya: i know ...

Arnav: hold her ear tightly . she shout hey leave me its paining arnav, he says go and sit in the car first. his mobile ring he think it was his mom or di... he took his mobile , from his bag. and sees it was kushi's number displayed. he is surprised seeing that , he smiled at himself, lavanya asks why are you smiling arnav. he show his mobile to her, she says han kushi called you , she is bumping and shout hey she is waiting for you arnav. i am sure she likes you arnav. and she thinking about you only.i think she did not sleep still. arnav ok come lets go ..


Arnav: in car , he sees kushi called him again and again...but he did not attend his call... he thinkhimself, you must understand my feelings kushi. your talking well when you like it. i will not talking to you now ,you can also understand my pain and sorrow , i want to know kushi , whats going on your mind about me.

Arnav: get down from the car and sees his family waiting for him. he smiled  brightly. he rush to huged his mom.

Rachana: tears in her eyes , she ask how are you chote . 

Arnav: i am fine maa. how are you .. 

Rachana: came out from the hug , i am fine chote...

Arnav: touched naniji and his dad feet , they hug him happyly.

Anjali: and shyam huged arnav ...

Arnav: asks how are you both . 

Shyam: we are fine arnav. first come we will go inside of the house...

Akash: welcome back bhai , he huged him tightly, he asks how are you ..

Arnav: fine akash , where is mamiji and mamaji.

Mamiji: i am here arnav betuva. hello hai hai to arnav betuva , bye bye to london ...

Everyone smiled silently. 

Rachana: did aarathi for her son. 

Arnav: maa you never change..

Rachana: smiled at him.

Arnav enter the house, he huged mamiji .

Mamiji: huged him happyly. i missed you arnav betuva , she is in tears ..

Arnav: i miss you too mamiji. thats why i called you daily..

Mamiji: han i know , how much you like me. 

Naniji: says ok leave him , he is tired , he have some rest na, we will talk in the morning. go and sleep chote..

Rachana: han chote , go and take rest , we will talk tomorrow.

Arnav: ok mom. he leave his room..

Rachana: says to anjali and akash you also go and sleep for some time.


Kushi: came out of her room. and noticed arnav room door is opened. her heart beating very fastly , she says to herself dont go but she step in to his room, she says to herself again and again but at the same time her leg strated walking to his room , she is really miss him so much , she wants to see him .

finally she enter his room. he came out of the wash room and sees kushi enter the room. he did not know if it was a dream or reality. he called kushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..

Kushi: stared at him , she lost her thought , she  forget everything, her mind is totally changed  now. 

her mind full of arnav and his thoughts only.

Arnav: asks are you not sleep. 

Kushi: did not know , what to answer his qustions.

Arnav: asks why are you calling my mobile. and why are you came here now, what you want .say something..

Kushi: is silently standing there.

Arnav: say something na.

Kushi: has no answer.

Arnav: i am tired , i want to sleep please leave .

Kushi: comfort herself , and try to talk , she says i i came here to see you.

Arnav: oh really . he asks who i am to you madam , why are you want to see me, why are you calling my mobile , what is between you and me. nothing na . then why are you want to see me  at this time. you only said your my dad friend son thats it, i am said  right na. she is hurt by his words, she tears flow in her eyes. he noticed her tears , his heart winced in pain seeing her tears , he called kushi .. she says i am sorry to distrub you , she run from there cryingly. he is very sad seeing her like that.


Kushi came to her room and laying on the bed , she crying heavyly again. she cryingly sleept...


Arnav , akash, aadav in the hall drinking tea and reading news paper. arnav look at upstrairs continuesly. he wants to know how is kushi.

Rachana: asks anjali where is kushi ..

Anjali:  i did not see her maa. i think she is in her room. 

Rachana: i searched everywhere she is not in house.

Aadav: relax rachu i will call her mobile.

Arnav: is very tensed , he did not know what to do. he says akash go and ask watchman first , i will come with my car key .

Aadav: says she did not attend my call rachu . he also little tensed now.

Mamiji and naniji worried about kushi...

Arnav: come with his car key , he came near his mom and says dont worry nothing will happen to her .

Rachana: tears in her eyes , she does not go anywhere without telling me.

Arnav: di take care of mom. i will come...

Akash: bhai she has gone to this side, i think she would have gone to the mandir.

Arnav: you go and tell this to mom , i will come with kushi. he is very angry on her ..

Akash: nods his head ..

Arnav: came to the mandir, he get down from the car and sees kushi, she come out of the mandir.

Kushi: also sees him .

Arnav: asks in his stren voice, everything is done.

Kushi: was shocked by fear , hearing his stren voice. his face full of anger.

Arnav: hold her hand and drag her to the car , she look at him in a fear ..he open the car door for her.

Kushi: sit in the front seat.

Arnav:came and sit in the driver seat. he closed the car door.

Kushi: silently sitting there.

Arnav: asks angryly why dont you come here without inform anyone .

Kushi: look at him fearfully.

Arnav: asks again whats your problem kushi . 

Kushi: wo wo i dont want to distrub anyone, because everyone is sleeping so i did not inform anyone .

Arnav: where is your mobile. 

Kushi: i forget to bring .

Arnav: dont lie kushi. look at my eyes and tell me.

Kushi: look at him and she thinkherself , your words are hurting me, there is no courage to look at your face , tears flow in her eyes , so i came to mandir. .

Arnav: say something na...

Kushi: its true , i am fine , i for but arnav slapped her cheek suddenly , she hold her cheek with her hand,tears flow in her eyes, she did not look at him, she knows he did not like lie.

Arnav: hold her shoulder , look at me kushi . she look at him , full of tears in his eyes. she crying seeing his tears. he asks why are you crying now , because i slapped you or seeing my tears , i want answer now kushi. whats going on your mind tell me. she is crying still. he asks why you came  to my room yesterday , why are you calling my mobile again and again kushi. 

Kushi: i want to go home. maa will look for me.

Arnav: look at her angryly , it means you did not want to answer my qustion . ok fine anymore dont talk to me ,dont call me . i dont distrub you too. he says your silence killing me . his heart hurt with pain. he start the car .he did not look at her, she look at him, she says to herself i am sorry arnavji.

Rachana: called arnav mobile, he stop the car infront of raizada house. he open the door for her , and attend the call maa i am in home. rachana rush to came out of the house , she saw kushi . she smiled seeing her. kushi look at rachana,she called maa ,she  rush to huged her and crying heavyly..

Rachana: is shocked. she look at arnav .

Arnav: silently walk from there.

Kushi: i am sorry maa. everyone is sleeping,i dont want to distrub you thats why i did not inform you . i am really sorry maa.

Rachana: came out from the hug , she wipe kushi's tears and says its ok dont cry . but please dont do this next time ok.she kissed her forehead.

Kushi: nods her head. 

Rachana: ok come inside.

Naniji and aadav asks what happen kushi beta , are you ok na..

Kushi: look at them silently..

Rachana: han maa . she is fine dont worry . kushi you go to your room..

Kushi: ji maa.

Arnav: in his room. 

Anjali: knock the door...

Arnav: di come inside na..

Anjali: asks what happen chote .your looking very dull.

Arnav: huged her suddenly , anjali also huged him , she called chote are you ok. he says no di i am not ok. he came out from the hug, anjali sees her chote in tears , she is shocked seeing his tears. she wipe his tears . anjali asks what happen tell me.

Arnav: tears flow in his eyes, di i slapped kushi . 

Anjali: is shocked hearing this. she asks but why chote.

Arnav: what i will do di. i stop talking to her before one week , but she daily called my mobile , you know di she also waiting for me yesterday, she came to my room di . 

Anjali: can not believe it, she asks what? kushi came to your room.

Arnav: han di. her silence is  killing me di. 

Anjali: dont worry i will talk to her . 

Arnav: no di leave it . i am not able to . 

Anjali: is little angry on kushi. ok you take rest chote .. dont think too much ..

Arnav: nods his head.

Lavanya enter the raizada house. she called rachu aunty ..

Rachana and mamiji come from the kitchen. they both smiling seeing lavanya..

Mamiji: hello hai hai to lavanya . how are you ... 

Lavanya huged mamiji and says i am fine .

Rachana : asks how is my friend ..

Lavanya: my mom is fine aunty. she asks where is everyone aunty.

Rachana: everyone is their room.

Lavanya: ok i am going to meet them and come. 

Rachana: nods her head ..

Lavanya: walk to the upstrairs. kushi was walking to opposite to lavanya. kushi sees lavanya...

Lavanya: also sees her and smiled at her. she try to talk but arnav came there , kushi look at arnav, arnav hold lavanya hand and drag her to his room.

Kushi: came down , she asks ranchana , maa who is that girl..

Rachana: she is my friend daughter lavanya , and arnav's collage friend too. they both are studying in same collage in london.

kushi: nods her head. and leave from there.

IN arnav room. 

Lavanya: hey what happen arnav . why are you stoping me to talk to kushi.

Arnav: dont talk to her . 

Lavanya; but why arnav?

Arnav: says everything what happened in the morning.

Lavanya: open her mouth in o shape. what are you slapped kushi.

Arnav: silently standing there. 

Lavanya: go and say sorry to her arnav. this is really a worng.

Arnav: no way . she is killing me daily . for that she only  say  sorry to me.

Lavanya: ok come intruduce her to me first.

Arnav: no . if she hurt you na . 

Lavanya: nothing happen like that come na.

Arnav and lavanya came out the room , arnav sees kushi in the hall with her books.

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Jul 3

BEAUTIFUL LOVE AND FAMILY (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 60 times)


Lavanya: arnav first you go and say sorry to her. then i will join with you.

Arnav: also feel guilty . so he came down and sit in the hall. lavanya watching him in upstrairs.

Kushi: noticed arnav.she look at her books..

Arnav: called kushi ...

Kushi: went  from there..

Arnav: is getting angry now. he also followed her behind.

Kushi: came to her room, arnav came behind and closed the door. 

Lavanya: watching this , she is smiling silently, what he is going to do now.

Kushi: is shocked seeing arnav. she look down and her eyes are looking here and there. arnavji what are you doing , go from here please..

Arnav: pushed her bed , she is shocked and her eyes are widen seeing him .he came top of her , arnav and kushi look at eachother, she look at his eyes, he touch her cheek and asks is there any pain kushi.

she turn her face, he says i am sorry kushi . she look at him and says first leave me. he asks oh really..

she silently look at him, he asks answer me madam. she does not have any answer. rachana knock the door at the same time, she pushed him and try to go , but arnav caught her and kissed her lips. kushi is shocked first after that she is breathing heavyly,  she try to leave, but arnav caught her hands with her back, rachana called kushi kushi what are you doing beta  naniji called you. lavanya came there and says aunty i think she is in wash room. rachana han i also think like that. mamiji called jiji come here na. rachana leave from there. lavanya is relifed now. she thinkherself what he is doing still. how much time to apologize. 

Arnav: due to breathing problem ,he leave her , he says i love you . i know you also like me . i will be waiting for you . 

Kushi: no nothing like that , you can not imagine yourself , i never think about you like that. 

Arnav: what was the silence , when i kissed you, why did you stop me.

Kushi: does not have any answer for his qustions.

Arnav: says i know kushi , you like me and you love me, you will tell me with your mouth .

Kushi: there is nothing like that , first please go from here, she is very shy and smiling inside of her mind. 

Arnav: this is my house...

Kushi: ok then i will go from here.

Arnav: caught her again ,she leaned on his chest , she look at him, he asks reply my qustions and go , untill i wont leave you. she look at him shockingly, please leave me arnavji . maa looking for me..

Arnav: i dont care ...

Kushi: pushed him and run from there.she came to kitchen, she is really nervous and shy,and drink naniji juice mistakenly. 

Mamiji: sees kushi drinking naniji's juice, she gets tensed , it was mixed with medicines, mamiji shout hello hai hai kushi betia drink naniji's juice. 

Anjali , naniji ,lavanya, arnav , rachana came to the kitchen. everyone shocked hearing this..

kushi: hearing this shocked and asks what ? she closed her mouth with her hand.

Lavanya:  call the doctor.

Arnav: came near her and scold her, are you mad kushi . 

Kushi: is very tensed , she look at him angryly and says this is all because of you .

Rachana; says come beta you just try to vomit first.

Kushi: leave with rachana. 

Arnav: is tensed seeing kushi. he asks angryly who is mixed medicine in this juice naniji.

Naniji: i dont know. everyday your mom and kushi give my medicine in this way . 

Arnav: came to kushi room , he asks are you ok , he did not care who is there or not. 

Kushi: look at rachana and arnav. 

Arnav: asks again are you ok kushi.

Kushi: ji i vomiting the juice, now i am ok. 

Rachana: seeing her son surprisingly . 

Doctor came there. doctor check kushi , doctor asks some hot water , rachana went to take  water, doctor take injection, kushi is tensed seeing the injection ,she says no doctor i dont want injection , give some tablet , i am alredy vomit the juice, please. doctor look  at arnav. 

Arnav: came and sit beside  her and asks what are you doing kushi .

Kushi: please arnavji , she huged him sideways,and says this is my second injections of this month.

Arnav: ignore her words , he hold her hand , doctor you give injection to her first come.

Doctor nods her head. 

Kushi: look at arnav angryly. he came near her ear and says remember our kiss you will not have any pain. she look at him silently, doctor give injection to her. she closed her eyes, she hold arnav shirt tightly ,she buried her face in his chest aahh she shout ..arnav says if you can not  bear  with this little pain, then how to handle your labor pain in our future kushi.

Kushi:is blush ,she  look at him and move away from him. 

Doctor : mr.raizada , take care of her. doctor says to kushi carefull ok.

Kushi: ji doctor.

Arnav: look at kushi , she is blush her face full of redness.

Kushi: silently lay on the bed, she says i feel sleepy..

Arnav: smiled and nods her head.

Rachana: came with hot water . 

Arnav: maa she is sleeping . dont distrub her ... 

Rachana: nods her head and leave from there. 

Arnav: came down .

Naniji and mamiji asks rachana , how is she now .

Rachana: she is sleeping maa.

Anjali: i dont know why she behave like that, maa you are worried for her  but she is always careless and create any drama in this house. 

Rachana: anju what happen to you , dont talk like that . she is not like happened mistakenly. 

Anjali: han maa ,it mistakenly happened , moreover ,what else are she going to do in this house. i dont know . dont support her too much maa.anjali went to her room  angryly...

Arnav: look at his di, he knows why she is angry on kushi. 

Rachana: says to naniji, maa what happen to her suddenly , why she is angry on kushi.

Naniji: dont worry , i will talk to her.

Mamiji: says to rachana, jiji dont get tensed about kushi , i will be with her . 

Rachana: smiled at her .

Lavanya: watching this all , she says to arnav,  what a loveable family  . kushi is very lucky , everyone loves her a lot .

Arnav: han but she did not love me,  i proposed her .

Lavanya: what she says arnav.

Arnav: i told you na. she is a stone heart.

Lavanya: you just love that stone na arnav.

Arnav: i am feeling depressed lavanya, i want to divert my mind .

Lavanya: ok give her some time . han when will we both start business. 

Arnav: i dont want to dad money, so tomorrow we go for a bank, get a loan in the bank.

Lavanya: i also think about that arnav.

Arnav: smiled at her.

Rachana: called lavanya for lunch.

Mamiji is with kushi , kushi woke up and saw mamiji is busy with her makeup.

Kushi: called mamiji . what are you doing , where is maa.

Mamiji: your maa is downstrairs.

Kushi: get up from the bed and wash her face, she is very tired and hungry too.she came down and sees arnav and lavanya smilingly talking and enjoying the lunch.

Rachana: noticed kushi , arey kushi beta come here na, why are you standing there, come eat your lunch .

Kushi: ji maa, she step in to dining table.

Arnav: look at her , she also look at him..

Lavanya: called arnav , i am here please stop your romance .

Arnav: hit her head and says do your work.

Lavanya: mobile ring it was nk. 

Arnav: asks who is that your nk na, now your going to start your romantic  haina lavanya..

Kushi: look at him angryly because arnav talking to her happyly and they both are touching each other.

Lavanya: attend the call and went from there.

Rachana: sit beside kushi and feed her. 

Kushi: eat her food silently. 

Arnav: this girl does not know ,whats in the mind. you killing me kushi. 

Kushi: felt arnav watching her, she look at him..

Arnav:touching his lips, he raised his eye brow. 

Kushi: is tensed and nervouse too.

Rachana: asks what happen beta your looking tensed . 

Kushi: look at arnav , he smiled at her. maa  i am going to my room . enough maa. 

Rachana: ok drink water and go.

Kushi: drink water in very fastly .

Rachana: beta drink slowly na.

Kushi: ji maa.. she run from there..

Arnav: is enjoying her every moments.

Kushi: came to her room and closed the door. she laying on the bed , she remember arnav and her closeness , kissing scene, his proposal, she smiled and says i love you too arnavji. then only she realized what she says , she thinkherself , when he comes close to me, i forget myself. this is not good for me and this family , i dont want to hurt anyone here . her mind asks but you hurt arnav a lot haina kushi. she is in tears flow in her eyes, what i will do . if maa knows this what she think about me.  if they look at me angryly, i can not bear it, on that moment i will die. i want this family and mom's love.

it's enough for me.

Akash: came to kushi room.

Kushi: hi akash , how was the day . are you enjoying with your friends na.

Akash: han kushi.. how are you , are you ok na. maa told me about you drinking naniji juice mistakenly.

Kushi: han .. now i am fine ..

Akash: asks where is bhai.

Kushi: he is with his friend lavanya.

At the same time lavanya and arnav enter kushi room.

Lavanya: hi kushi i am lavanya , arnav's best friend , she huged arnav sideways.

Kushi: ji maa told me about you .

Akash: hi lavanya , how are you.

Lavanya: i am fine , how are you . how is going on your studys.

Akash: yea good . 

Lavanya: still huging arnav. 

kushi: did not look at them , she avoid arnav .

Arnav: noticed her , and shook his head , he thinkhimself  this girl started her drama again.

Lavanya: came near kushi and sit beside kushi. 

Kushi: smiled at her. lavanya asks  will you accept me as your friend.

Kushi: ji .

Lavanya: no ..

Kushi: look at lavanya confiusingly.

Lavanya; touch her cheek , hey call me lavanya .stop calling ji ..

Kushi: nods ner head.

Lavanya: asks can we go out somewhere , i got a new friend na, so today is my treat.she look at arnav and akash. they both smiled at her.

Kushi: dont want to upset lavanya so she agreed.

Lavanya: huged her and says thank you . kushi smiled at her.

Arnav and akash says we will wait downstrairs , you both come down. i will infrom mom and naniji.

Lavanya:  ok . kushi you go and change your dress. i will wait for you.

Kushi: smiled at her.

After sometime .

Lavanya ,kushi ,akash enter the coffee shop. arnav was parking the car and join with them.

Akash: order coffee for everyone.

Kushi: is very nervouse , because arnav sit beside her. 

Arnav: look at lavanya ..

Lavanya: understand him. why he look at her. she called akash come with me. i want to talk to you alone.

Akash: nods his head and went with lavanya.

Kushi: is very tensed now. 

Arnav: look at kushi , he says your looking beautifull in this white salwar .

Kushi: tears flow in her eyes.

Arnav: hey kushi please , why are you crying now. 

Kushi: please i want to go home . 

Arnav: hold her cheek , he ask her with lot of concern , are you ok na.

Kushi: thinkherself , i do not have the courage to talk to you. 

Arnav: touch her shoulder ,kushi are you ok.

Kushi: nervousely says ji , please i want to go home .

Arnav: ok relax . arnav called lavanya and says we both go home , she is not comfortable here , i will send car for you ok.

Lavanya: ok arnav. any problem ..

Arnav: no lavanya. 

Arnav and kushi came to raizada house.

Rachana: asks arey you both have come soon. where is lavanya and akash.

Arnav: dont know what to answer to his mom.

Kushi: maa i am not comfortable there so we both came . 

Rachana: ok kushi , you go and take rest.

Arnav: asks maa where is dad . 

Rachana : he is in study room.

Arnav: went to study room. 

Aadav: hi arnav ...

Arnav: hi dad , i want to talk to you .

Aadav: tell me.

Arnav: dad i want to start business here. lavanya also join with me.

Aadav; good arnav . i will be always with you. he give blank check to him.

Arnav: no dad, i have decided to buy a loan in the bank.

Aadav: look at his son and proud.he smiled at him. he says all the best arnav .

Arnav: huged his dad and says thank you dad.

Arnav: share about  his business to  family and everyone wish him. 

Rachana: i trust you chote. we are all be with you .

Arnav: thanks to you all . after that everyone dinner togethere happyly and talking each other.

Arnav: called kushi mobile , she attend the call hello. he says i want to talk to you come to poolside.

she also wants to talk to him. so she came to poolside.

Arnav: says to kushi me and lavanya going to start business. 

Kushi: smiled hearing this. 

Arnav: noticed her smile , he is very happy seeing this.  he asks are you happy .

kushi: ji all the best.

Arnav: look her , and says i can not live without you kushi . i love you kushi...

Kushi: heart beating very fast hearing this. 

Arnav : huged her suddenly , she lost in his touch , she closed her eyes and huged him. he kissed her forehead, she closed her eyes, she bruside her face in his chest , she says i want to talk to you , she huged him tightly , he also huged her and ask really . she says please listen to me. he says ok fine. 

Kushi: in this house , maa ,di ,naniji , uncle , mamiji everyone taking care of me , everyone trust me, and love me, i dont want them hurt arnavji. i like you very much , i can not forget you , but more than that, maa and your family is important for me. she came out from the hug and says please dont distrub me. your intimacy troubles me . she is in tears. 

Arnav: this is your problem right . 

Kushi: this is not a problem arnavji. please leave me. your love is my problem . i am not able to do anything.

Arnav: is shocked hearing this and hurt too. my love is your problem right . 

Kushi: look down ..she silently standing there.

Arnav: trust me , I'll never bother you anymore.



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Jul 4

BEAUTIFUL LOVE AND FAMILY (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 57 times)


Arnav: i will never bother you anymore, trust me. and please go from here .

Kushi: try to speak ...

Arnav: i said leave..

Kushi: went from there.

Arnav: is really hurt by kushi's words. his heart is very hurt now. he thinkhimself , i dont want distrub you kushi anymore. you hurt me a lot kushi . you choose my family but you hurt me. you did not realized it kushi. you did not think about me .

Kushi: came to her room , she says to herself , i know i hurt you a lot, but what i will do. please forgive me, this is good for you and me too arnavji. your very good arnavji. this family love  or your  love .i choose this family love  it's very important for me. 


Arnav and lavanya start their business. arnav had his mother's name his office. Rachana fashion designing. he did not distrub kushi even he did not look at her, he totally avoid her. 

kushi: is busy with her studys, but she feel sad whenever she sees arnav, she could not be relieved. her mind always thinking about arnav and his closeness towards her. she tried to forget him,but could not, before she think  she could forget him but every day his thought was growing in her mind.

Arnav: ready for his office. rachana came with his coffee. he says thanks maa. rachana smiled at him.and leave from there.

Anjali: called chote  will you drop me in mandir.

Arnav; ok di . 

Anjali: came down and sees kushi and akash ready to go collage . she is still angry on her because of her chote is hurt.

Akash: noticed her di and asks di are you going to somewhere.

Anjali: yea akash mandir.

Akash: come di i will drop you .

Anjali: no akash i will go with chote.

Aadav: came and there ,he says to akash arnav will drop you both in collage today , my car have some problem. so i will take your car today. i have important meeting akash.

Akash: ok  dad no problem. he give his car key.

Arnav ,akash ,kushi ,anjali waiting for arnav.

After some time arnav came down.

Arnav:  smiled at his di ..

Akash: says bhai please you drop me and kushi in collage .

Arnav: hearing kushi name , his face reaction changed. he nods his head.

Arnav: in driver seat, anjali sit beside arnav. 

Kushi: and akash sit in the back seat ,   akash busy with his mobile. kushi look at arnav in the mirror. 

Arnav: busy in driving. he did not look at her. 

Anjali: says chote stop here, this is the temple.

Arnav: stop the car and says di i will send car to you ok.

Anjali: ok chote , bye akash ..

Akash: bye di...

After that arnav drop akash and kushi in their collage and he went his office.

Arnav: came to his office. 

Lavanya: why are you late today mr.raizada..

Arnav: i drop di in mandir after that i drop akash and kushi in collage so i came late.

Lavanya: smiled at him. she asks hey are  you forget kushi.

Arnav:please  understand it lavanya , my love is her problem. she wants my family love , not my love. she think my family did not love her after knowing our love. she is not accept my love , if she accept my love i will talk to my family , but she did not give me that  way too. what i will do. 

Lavanya:  she loves your family because she did not have own family . thats why she reject your love ,i think she should not lose your family and espeacially your maa. 

Arnav: whatever leave this topic lavanya . if you talk about her , i will get angry or bad lavanya. he was frustrated. he says lavanya she likes me and love me but  she does not want this love lavanya. she said to me like this. i am not able to do anything lavanya.

Lavanya: huged him and says dont worry everything will be fine soon ok.

Arnav: huged her and says thank you my dear friend.

Lavanya: came out of the hug and says its ok my dear arnav.

They both smiling each other...

Lavanya; lets go for the meeting.

Arnav: nods her head and went with her.


Payal and kushi in the collage canteen.

Kushi: is very sad.

Payal:ask what happen kushi, she thinkherself anyway she did not share anything to me.

Kushi: nothing . 

Payal: asks where is your lunch box..

Kushi: open her bag and search but there is no lunch box. 

Payal: asks what ?

Kushi: i missed in the car .

Payal: ok leave it we will share my lunch.

Lavanya: called kushi mobile.

kushi: attend her call , hello ..

Lavanya: kushi  i am in your collage , you left your lunch box in car na.thats why i have come to give you.

Kushi: thank you . wait for me i will come.

Lavanya: ok kushi...

Kushi: says to payal , and went from there..

Lavanya and arnav waiting for kushi . they both going out for lunch ,lavanya noticed lunch box in the car so they both came to give her.

kushi: sees arnav talking on his mobile. she forget herself for a miniute ,after that she comfort herself

and came near them. arnav did not look at her  but he felt she is near him. lavanya give lunch box to kushi . but kushi look at arnav and droped luch box, food shed in the ground. 

Lavanya: oh my god . 

Kushi: take the lunch box and closed it. its ok leave  it. 

Arnav: says to lavanya lets go na.

Lavanya: her lunch is shed. she pointed at the ground.

Arnav: did not say anything . he silently standing there.

Kushi: says to lavanya , its ok lavanya , i will take care .

Lavanya; we are going to lunch for outside, please you also join with us .

Kushi: look at arnav . he did not say anything..

Lavanya: after the lunch i will drop you in your collage.  

Kushi: no lavanya . i have class.

Lavanya: says to arnav's ear hey i think , she is waiting for  your call.

Arnav: says in his stren voice , she knows everything . you just do your work . come lets go its already late .we have lot of work , i dont want waste my time for anyone.

Kushi: is hurt by his words. and she run from there.

Lavanya: hit arnav shoulder what is your problem . why are you hurt her now.

Arnav: let her feel the pain, then only she understand my pain.

Lavanya: are you taking revenge on her ..

Arnav: called akash and says to arrange lunch for kushi.

Lavanya; got the answer now.she smiled at him.

Kushi: run to huged payal and crying ..

Payal:asks hey what happen kushi.

Akash: came there with her lunch . he sees kushi crying and huging payal. he asks kushi what happen.

Kushi; came out of the hug and wipe her tears. she says nothing i am fine. 

Akash: touch her shoulder , and says dont cry ok . any problem tell me. i am here na. 

Kushi: nods her head .

Akash: give lunch to her , eat first come . he makes her sit in the chair and open the lunch for her.

Kushi: says i am not hungry akash . please leave me ..

Akash: ok  then i will call maa.

Kushi: no akash , she start to eat.

Akash: smiled and says  good girl. he touch her cheek lovingly and says bye . we will meet evening ok.

Kushi: nods her head. 

Akash: says to payal take care of your friend.

Payal: han i know senior.

Akash: smiled and went from his class.

Rachana, mamiji, naniji went to mandir.

Anjali: going to meet her friend ..

Aadav and shyam did not come from the office.

Akash and kushi came from the collage. 

Kushi: asks hariprakash ji  where is maa and everyone.

HP: maa ,naniji, mamiji went mandir for pooja. anjali betia went to meet her friend. 

Kushi: ji ..

Hp: asks akash betuva you want coffee. 

Akash: no hp ji. 

HP: kushi betia i am going to market . 

Kushi: nods her head ..

Akash : went to his room.

kushi; also went to her room and change her dress . and came down. she saw arnav and lavanya enter the house.

Lavanya: hi kushi ...

kushi: hi lavanya..

Arnav: sit in the hall.

Lavanya: asks where is others.

Kushi: maa , mamiji, and naniji went to mandir .

Lavanya: han i forget my mom told me today morning.

Kushi: noticed arnav looking very tired. she silently went to kitchen and prepare coffee for arnav and lavanya. she came with coffee. 

Lavanya: take the coffee and says thank you kushi.

kushi: give coffee to arnav but he refuse to drink the coffee. 

Arnav: says just away from me  miss gupta.. he shout hariprakashhhh..

Kushi: eyes full of tears, she says hariprakash went to market .

Lavanya: knows her friend very well. she is helpless. 

Kushi: came to her room, she standing infront of mirror, she wipe her tears , why are you crying kushi. you already hurt him a lot , you only said to him dont distrub me, then why are you going infront of him, why are you expecting his attension .she fell in to the floor and crying . 

Garima: meet rachana ,mamiji and naniji in the mandir.

Rachana and garima talking each other. they both share their old memories.

Garima: asks where is anjali rachu.

Rachana: she going to meet her friend.

Garima: mobile ring it was her husband shashi. she attend the call hello .

Raghu: hello mam i am raghu .

Garima: ok where is shashiji.

Raghu: mam sir has a heart attack.

Garima: is shocked and faint..

Rachana: hold her and tensed , mamiji take the mobile and asks hello who is this.

Raghu: mam i am raghu , shashi sir pa. sir has a heart attack. now he is in icu, please come to the hospital mam.

Mamiji: says everything to rachana and naniji.

Rachana: flash water in garima face.

Garima: open her eyes and crying , rachana huged her and says  dont worry nothing will happen to your husband. come first we will go to the hospital. 

Naniji: called aadav and says to him everything. 

Aadav : called arnav and inform about shashi.  

Raizada house.

Lavanya: is in the kushi room. she asks kushi tell about your dad.

Kushi: he is in now german.  for my dad ,business is important more than me, he always busy in his business only. 

Arnav: came there at the same time. 

Kushi: noticed arnav looking tensed.

Arnav: says to lavanya and come lets go .

Lavanya: no i dont come , i want to spend time with kushi.

Arnav: hold her hand and says please come with me na.

Kushi: look at arnav ...

Arnav: also noticed kushi, her face is dull, and he leaves  lavanya's hand , he says come please .

Lavanya: huged kushi and says ok bye we will talk tomorrow ok.

Kushi: nods her head and smiled .....

Lavanya: asks arnav where are we going now.

Arnav: i will tell you , come sit in the car.

Lavanya: sit in the car and arnav drive the car.


Aadav : asks doctor how is shashi now , he is fine na.

Doctor: now he is ok. but take the medication pills for time. if he has a heart attack again it's a danger for him.

Garima; crying hearing this. rachana comfort her ..

Arnav: stop the car infront of the hospital.he open the door for lavanya.

Lavanya: get down from the car.and asks why are we coming  to hospital now. are you ok na.

Arnav: lavanya your dad is here , he is not well lavanya.

Lavanya: shocked she is in tears, she asks what happen to him arnav . tell me na.

Arnav: we will meet uncle first.

Lavanya: tensedly walk to inside of the hospital.

Arnav: touch her shoulder dont worry , uncle is fine.

Lavanya: nods her head...

Doctor says now you can see him. dont distrub him.

Aadav: ok doctor thank you.

Lavanya came and asks maa how is dad now , he is fine na.

Garima: huged lavanya and crying ..

Lavanya: huged her and says maa please dont cry maa.nothing will happen to dad. she asks uncle how is dad now he is fine na.

Aadav: han beta he is fine , you both go and meet him first.

Lavanya and garima meet shashi . 

Shashi: look at garima and says  i am fine dont cry . see my daughter she is still strong.

Lavanya: tears flow in her eyes,and says you scared me dad.

Shashi: thinkhimself , because of you now i am in hospital my dear daughter. 

Lavanya: called dad are you ok na. or i will call doctor.

Shashi: no i am fine ..

Aadav and rachana enter the room.

Aadav: asks how are you feeling now .

Shashi: i am fine aadav. he says i want to talk to you and rachana. lavanya you just wait outside beta.

Lavanya: nods her head and leave from there.

Shashi: hold aadav hand and says i am going to asks you a favor , and please dont refuse it.

Rachana and aadav look at each other. garima is confiused .

Aadav: you can ask me anything . dont get hesitate ok.

Shashi: now i am not well , i want to see my daughter marriage. will you take my daughter as your daughter-in-law.

Rachana; try to speak but aadav says ok . we are also like lavanya  haina rachu.

Rachana: nods her head...

Garima: smiled and says thank you rachana. thank you so much.

Shashi: says dont mistake me , this marriage will happen this week in simple way but we will arranged reception in grand way . what you say.

Aadav: says dont worry nothing will happen to you. i will share this to my famliy and called you . i will take care of everything dont worry.

Shashi: thank you aadav.

Aadav: no need to thank me ok. you take rest now ,i will come tomorrow.

Shashi: nods her head. 

Kushi: felt like something was missing.she getting nervous and tensed. she thinking about arnav . she called arnav mobile. but he did not attend her call.his mobile was silent mood.


Kushi : is sleeping in the hall in sitting position.

Rachana:   says she is sleeping like a child. she kissed her forehead. kushi leaned on her shoulder .

Arnav: also sees kushi ,he says to himself she is really a child maa.

Mamiji and naniji went to their room.

Aadav: says arnav i want to talk to you. 

Arnav: tell me dad..

Aadav: says i promised shashi in the hope of yours.

Arnav: its ok dad tell me. 

Aadav: look at rachana ..

Arnav: says dad tell me na..

Aadav: i fixed your marriage with lavanya. 

Arnav: shocked hearing this.

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Jul 5

BEAUTIFUL LOVE AND FAMILY (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 61 times)


Arnav:look at his dad,he do not know, what to do now. he thinkhimself , this lavanya knows this or not , she loves nk, but how can she agree to this marriage. arnav lost in his thought.

Aadav: ask what happen arnav . do not you like lavanya?

Arnav: dad i want to talk lavanya first and tell you .

Aadav: nods his head..

Rachana: called kushi kushi .

Kushi: open her eyes , maa when you came , i am sorry i am sleept here. everything is fine na. lavanyaji's dad , how is he now.

Rachana: give me a chance to answer your qustion na.

Kushi: ji maa.

Rachana: he is fine and he wants to see lavanya's marriage. so we are fixed arnav and lavanya marriage.

Kushi: was shocked hearing this. 

Rachana: says i like lavanya , she is very strong and smiling always . arnav and lavanya they both knows each other already , she will take care of my son . after all she is my friend daughter na.

Kushi: did not say anything, she says maa i am going to my room, i feel sleepy .

Rachana: ok kushi . you can go .

Kushi: went to her room. 


Doctor: says to lavanya , your dad is fine now, but take care of him. do not tell any shocking things to him.

Lavanya: ok doctor.

Shashi: called lavanya. 

Lavanya: dad you want anything..

Shashi: han beta , i want to see your marriage.

Lavanya: what's the hurry for my marriage dad. dont think too much .

Shashi: i fixed your marriage with arnav. 

Lavanya: shocked hearing this.  dad he is my friend . how can i marry him. please dad stop this marriage.

Shashi: says i know beta ,why you dont want this marriage. 

Lavanya: look at her dad.

Shashi: says you love that middle class guy haina.

Lavanya: did not say anything. she silently standing there.

Shashi: i know lavanya, he is not perfect for you . arnav is perfect for you .

Lavanya: dad please stop this marriage. 

Shashi: says in his stren voice, you have to agree in this marriage. or i will kill that nk. he is in my custody now. 

Lavanya: is shocked hearing this , dad how can you do this to your own daughter . please leave him first.or  i will kill myself.

Shashi: han i know my daughter dont scared of anyone. if you die , i will kill him too.decied it to yourself. this marriage will take place.

Lavanya: look at her dad shockingly , she did not expect from this her dad. she begged her dad's feet to plead. please dad dont do this to me. stop this marriage. please leave him...

Shashi: ok i will leave him but you agree to marry arnav.

Lavanya: lavanya knows her dad very well, she thinkherself , i will tell this to arnav and stop this marriage, for now,my dad must believe me.

Shashi: what are you thinking about lavanya.

Lavanya: nothing dad. i will agree for this marriage. at the same time arnav called her mobile.

Shashi: asks who is this .

Lavanya: arnav..

Shashi: attend the call and on the speaker mood.

Lavanya: look at her dad angryly.. and attend the call hello ..

Arnav: hello lavanya...

Lavanya: i agree with this marriage arnav.

Arnav: hey what are you saying lavanya..

Lavanya: i said truth arnav. now i am in hospital , i will talk to you later bye arnav she cut the call..

Arnav: was shocked hearing this..

Aadav: came there and asks what happen arnav. what she says.

Arnav: she agree for this marriage dad. arnav leave his room..

Shashi: says you do not talk to arnav ,till this marriage is over.

Lavanya: i agree to everything,please leave nk.

Shashi: when this marriage is finished i will leave him. 

Lavanya: nods her head. but she thinkherself, i will do something and stop this marriage.


Kushi: mind was very painfull. she thinkherself , why my mind was very painfull, what happened to me, tears flow in her eyes, you choose this family love na then why are you crying now.  maa likes lavanyaji, she is also good. han she is perfect for him. i have always given him pain only.

Arnav: is very confiused about lavanya's behaviour. he knows very well she loves nk, but why she agree to marry me. he did not know what to do. 

Shashi discharge from the hospital, and came to home. 

Lavanya: could not do anything. she is in her room. her mobile was with her dad. 

Arnav: called lavanya mobile .

shashi: attend the call..

Arnav: hello lavanya i want to talk to you.

Shashi: hello arnav, i am shashi .

Arnav: han uncle give mobile to lavanya please.

Shashi: she is not in home now. she has gone to the pharmacy.

Arnav: ok uncle i will call her later.

akash and kushi have collage holidays started.

Aadav busy with arnav and lavanya's marriage preparation.

Arnav: try to talk lavanya but everything is failed. everytime shashi or garima attend the call. arnav is very confiused.

Mamiji and naniji choose jewelry for lavanya. anjali and shyam taking care of house decoration.

Akash ; was busy to inviting the guest.

Rachana: is very happy about her son.

kushi: is always in her room only. rachana is busy with her work, she did notice kushi.

Arnav: was very tensed , tomorrow is marriage, he called lavany's friend anitha. he asks what's happening there, you talked to lavanya , what she says. tell me.

Anitha: relax arnav, han i saw her but i could not talk to her .because her dad or her mom was with her always.. but lavanya gave me a letter.

Arnav: ok  you wait in my office . i will come there ok.

Anitha: ok arnav.

Arnav: came down and saw his family busy with marriage preparation. he silently leave out of the house.

Everyone in the hall and talking each other.

Mamiji: says i like lavanya but why this huryy in the marriage.

Rachana: her dad is not well na manoramma.

Mamiji: han but jiji..

Naniji: stop it manoramma. why are you asking in this arguments now. think about your arnav betuva marriage.

Mamiji: ji sasumma.hello hai bye bye ...

Arnav: enter the house , he sees everyone smiling and taking each other.  but he noticed kushi face is very dull , she is sitting like , something was lost.

Rachana: sees arnav and asks what happen arnav , where did you go.

Arnav: i had gone to office maa.

Rachana: are you forget tomorrow your going to marry.

Kushi: went to her room.

Arnav: sees kushi confiusingly , he thinkhimself , what happen to her now. why she is so sad.


Kushi: in her room, she can not do anything,  and did not know what to do.. she says to herself , when he came in search of me, i reject his love. i dont know ,now what happen to me , i can not bear it. i am hearing about his marriage news , i am going to miss him.  he did not expect anything from me , but he loves me a lot but what did i do to him. i just gave him pain only.


Arnav: remember lavanya's message. he deeply thinking about  to  stop this marriage. he dont know what to do. rachana called for the dinner.

Everyone in the dining table. 

Arnav: also join with his family.he searching kushi..

Kushi: came there and sit beside him.

Arnav: was surprised seeing her behaviour. 

Kushi: look at everyone, and look at arnav.

Arnav: raised his eye brow and asks what happen to you . your look like something lost.

Kushi: stared at him, her eyes full of tears.

Arnav: kushi are you ok .

Kushi: nods her head.

Anjali: noticed arnav and kushi .. she mutter herself this chote never change.

Kushi: did not eat properly and leave her room.

Arnav: closed his eyes , he already tensed about the marriage and now he tensed about kushi too.

After sometime.

Arnav: came to his room. he did not feel sleepy. he came out of his room and sees kushi came out of naniji's room , she hide something in her hand.

Kushi: came to her room. she take the water and open her hand , it was naniji's sleeping tablet's. she going to eat the tablet.

Arnav: came at the same time and closed the door , kushi sees him and hide the tablet from him. he ask  you do not sleep. she look at him nervously, he ask what is in your hand. she says nothing . he came near her and hold her hand , she says i said na, nothing in my hand. he forcefully open her hand and sees sleeping pils fell from her hand.he is shocked and he is really angry on her. he asks what is this kushi. what's your problem. she turn her face other side. he hold her shoulder and asks answer me dammit, look at me kushi , she look at him , she thinkherself ,  because i can not see you with another girl.he asks what's going on your mind please tell me. she says nothing.

Arnav: ok fine , you will not answer me right. he take  all the tablet's from the floor,  kushi look at him and tensed , she asks what are you doing , she hold her hand, he look at her angryly and says leave my hand i said leave my hand, she is crying and asks what you are going to do now. i want to die. leave me.kushi was shocked hearing this , her mind and body is already tired, she hearing arnav word's she totally broke down and faint she falls on his shoulder.  he is shocked seeing her like that, he called kushi, kushi please open your eyes , he is very tensed, he  lift her in his arms and makes her to lay on the bed. he sprinkled water on her face, she open her eyes and look at him. he ask are you ok. she nods her head.she searching the tablets , arnav noticed her and asks are you searching tablets , she look at him , he says i throw it in dustbin.kushi please i am already in tension, please trust me i am always with you , tell me why are you took this decision.

Kushi: thinkherself , i already hurt him a lot , this time i wont hurt him. 

Arnav: touch her cheek , tell me kushi.

Kushi: immediately huged him, i can not see you with another girl. i love you arnavji , i love you . i cant live without you . i am scared because maa trust me a lot, if they dont agree our love. what i will do . then i lose your family and you too. thats why i reject your love.but after that i always thinking about you only. i am not able to do anything.

Arnav: smiled inside of the heart, he came out from the hug , he look at her and says but its too late kushi , i am sorry. tomorrow is my marriage.

Kushi: look at him shockingly, she is in tears flow in her eyes. 

Arnav: if you really love me means you attend my marriage ok. and please dont try to suicide . he leave from there...

Kushi: is heart broken hearing this.she is not sleep , she was crying all night long.


Rachana came to kushi room. she saw kushi came out of the wash room. her face is very dull and sad. 

rachana asks kushi are you ok beta.

Kushi: ji maa. ...

Rachana: ok you just ready and come down . lavanya is with anjali room. you go and help her . 

Kushi: nods her head..

Rachana: went from there.

Kushi: ready and came to anjali room..

Lavanya: is very happy and smiled at kushi, lavanya knows her friend very well , anyway he will stop this marriage. 

Kushi: also smiled at her slightly,she  lost in her thoughts.

Anjali: noticed her and shook her head. 

Mamiji: came and asks are you ready lavanya..

Lavanya: ji mamiji.

Garima: came near lavanya and asks you dont scared .

Lavanya: silently says maa this marriage won't happen . i know arnav very well.

Garima: is tensed about lavanya's life.

Shashi talking with aadav happyly. 

Arnav : ready and sit in the mandap. 

Panditji  called bride. 

Kushi and anjali brought lavanya to the mandap. 

Arnav: look at kushi , she is lost in her thoughts. 

Anjali: makes lavanya sit in the mandap. kushi and anjali standing near mandap .

Panditji : gave mangalsuter to arnav.

Rachana , mamiji ,naniji everyone is very happy .

Shashi is very happy .

Arnav: bought mangalsuter from paditji , lavanya look at him , suddenly arnav get up from the mandap and  tied mangalsuter on kushi's neck.


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Jul 6

BEAUTIFUL LOVE AND FAMILY (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 68 times)


Arnav: tied mangalsuter on kushi's neck.

Kushi: saw him in shock. 

Arnav: busy with his work, panditji is the first one shockingly look at arnav. rachana and aadav look at eachother, mamji and naniji look at each other in shock, shyam and akash shocked seeing arnav. anjali stand near kushi , she is standing like a statue, shashi is shocked, he did not expected this , garima is confiused, lavanya also did not expect this from her friend , she thinkherself , he is really smart , she smiled inside of her heart, arnav take the kumkum and applying kushi's  hairline. kushi is still in shock , she dont know how to react . 

Aadav: shout arnavvvvvvvv..... what are you doing , what is all this. 

Shashi: asks aadav angryly , you said your son agree to this marriage. then why did he do this?  your son has humiliated me and my family. 

Rachana: arnav what is this all , why are you doing this . answer me chote.

Arnav: i am sorry mom , i can not think lavanya as a wife , she is my friend . thats it. 

Lavanya: came near her dad and says now are you happy .

Shashi: look at her angryly and drag her from there. garima also go with them.

Arnav: came near aadav, he called dad i am sorry please forgive me. i am just confiused that time and shashi uncle is not well so i agree to this marriage. 

Aadav: slapped arnav cheek hardly.

Arnav: expect this from his dad. so he silently standing there. 

Rachana: came near aadav and asks why are you slap him now.mistake is yours ,you did not ask about this marriage to him and promise to shashiji.  now why are you angry on him.

Aadav; oh you support your son right , you also agree to this marriage na.

Rachana: i think my son is happy in this marriage, but he did not want this marriage , he has all the rights to choose his wife  na aadavji.

kushi: is smiled hearing rachana's words...

Arnav: was happy , he knows his mom always with his side.

Aadav; i did not agree this marrige and he is not my son anymore, i dont want to see his face. 

Naniji: aadav how can you talk like that , he is your son. dont talk like that..

Aadav: this all days my son will not go against me but now he has changed against me. i trust him a lot , but he broke my trust now. i am not important for him now. and listen everyone i never accept this marrige and him too. 

Arnav: dad please dont talk like that , i am sorry dad. 

Rachana: came near arnav and says chote come inside we will talk later.

Aadav: stop it rachana, where are you going with him.

Rachana: my son is married now , i have to welcome my bahu. 

Aadav: dont you hear my words, i said he is not my son , it means yours too.  i trust you , your not go against me. 

Rachana: and everyone shocked hearing this. rachana dont know what to do. she is crying seeing arnav and kushi.

Aadav: called anjali , and says say him to leave this house right now. 

Arnav and kushi shocked hearing this. 

Mamiji : no aadav bhai , please forgive him . 

Rachana: look at arnav and says why are you standing here still , go from here , go away from this house . dont come back anymore. this is not your house. she is crying heavyly..

Arnav: did not expect this . he lost in his thoughts. 

Aadav: went from  there angryly.

Anjali: look at kushi angryly , she says  this is all because of you ... 

Shyam: anjali  what is her mistake .. dont talk like that to her.

Anjali: you dont know about her shyamji.

Kushi: was crying hearing anjali's words.

Naniji: says anjali go to your room .

Anjali: went with shaym.

Rachana : wipe her tears and came near kushi.

kushi: look at her and says maa ..but rachana hold her hand and came near arnav , she made kushi stand beside arnav. 

Arnav and kushi look at eachother . 

Rachana: says go from here chote. take care of kushi . dont come back  in this house anymore , she crying . 

Arnav: tears flow in his eyes, he huged his mom. maa please dont talk like that . everything will be fine soon. dont worry. dad will understand me soon.

Kushi: is crying seeing arnav and rachana. she feel guilty.

Naniji: came near kushi and wipe her tears , she give her bangle and says i keept this for my chote's wife. 

Kushi and arnav touch naniji's feet. and rachana's feet . 

Rachana: huged them both and says take care of you . 

Mamiji and akash also came there , arnav and kushi touch mamiji's feet. mamiji huged them both and says take care han, she is crying. i miss you both . arnav betuva take care of kushi betia ok, she is very innocent . arnav look at kushi and nods her head .

Rachana: is crying seeing them both. 

Arnav: asks maa you dont ask me anything.

Rachana: touch his cheek and says i trust you chote. 

Arnav: hold his maa hand,and says  thank you , i am sorry i can not tell you the reason now , but i will tell you oneday. 

Rachana: i can understand you chote. she says first you both go and pack your thing's.


Arnav and kushi came down with their lauggage.

Anjali and shyam also came there.

Arnav and kushi look at everyone ...

Rachana: called hariprakash keep the lauggage in the car.

Hariprakash: ji maa.

Anjali: huged her brother. and crying ..she says take care of you chote.

Arnav: nods his head...  he says to shyam take care of my di jiju.

Shyam: huged arnav and says dont worry everything will be fine soon.take care of kushi ok.

Arnav: nods his head. 

Rachana: called arnav , she says be strong ok and kushi ..

Arnav: maa dont worry i will take care of her, he hold kushi hand, he says i will solve all the problem  soon . 

Rachana: nods her head.

Arnav and kushi walk from out of the raizada house.

Mamiji and naniji cryingly  watching arnav and kushi . 

Akash: comfort his mom and naniji.

Rachana: mind was very painful , but she trust her son , he will make everything fine soon.

Arnav: open the car door for kushi. she sit in the car. arnav mobile ring , it was his pa adithya. hello adi  .

Adi: sir i arranged the house.

Arnav: thank you adi. 

Adi: no need to thank me sir . ok i am waiting for you sir.

Arnav: ok adi 


Garima: angryly asks shashi . who will marry my daughter now. i can not bear anymore, just away from my daugher's life or i will complain to police. and listen my words  leave that nk first. she give his mobile and says tell your manager to leave him  or i will go police station.

Shashi: is shocked seeing his wife. she never talk like that to him before. he called his manager and says leave him first ...

Garima: anymore dont interfere in my daughter life. or i will complain to police. remember mr. gupta this all property in my name , and lavanya has all the rights to choose her husband . just away from my daughter . i will be silent because i think your really not well, but now only i came to know everything is your drama. 

Shashi: thinkhimself , how can she knows this all. he leave his room silently...

Lavanya: came and huged her mom.

Garima: huged her happyly. she asks are you happy now. 

Lavanya: thank you  maa.

Garima: came out from the hug. you have to thank arnav. because of him now everything is fine. first call him . lavanya nods her head and called arnav. 

Arnav and kushi get down from the car . his mobile ring , he attend the call ..

Lavanya: hi arnav thank you very much .. 

Arnav: its ok lavanya. 

Lavanya: there is no problem na. how is kushi, everyone accept your marriage na..

Arnav: look at kushi ,she lost in her thoughts. he says lavanya i will talk to you later.we wil meet in the office ok. 

Lavanya: ok bye ..

Garima: asks what happen lavanya, there is no problem na. 

Lavanya: i think so, he did not say anything , he said we will meet in the office .

Garima: says to lavanya , we should know , what happened there.

Lavanya: han maa, i just called akash , lavanya called akash mobile..

Akash: hello ..

Lavanya: akash how is everyone , everything is fine na.

Akash: says everything to lavanya.

Lavanya: feel guilty hearing it..

Garima: asks what he says lavanya.

Lavanya: says everything to garima. garima also feel sad.. lavanya thinkherself because of me arnav in this situation.

Arnav and kushi in their new house.  

Adi: sir if you want anything call me. i am in opposite flat. 

Arnav: ok thank you .. you can go ..

Adi: leave from there..

Kushi: is feel guilty and sad . she thinking about lavanya. she remember rachana and family .

Arnav: touch her shoulder , she turn to look at him. he says i am sorry , i did not expect dad get angry this much. she says this is what i was afraid. he look at her and says nothing will happen if frightened.

Kushi: look at him and asks  why are you doing this arnavji . 

Arnav: touch her cheek i love you kushi.

kushi: lost in her thought again..

Arnav: asks hey what happen .

Kushi: i feel guilty , what about lavanyaji, who will marry her. anymore what is her life. 

Arnav: smiled at her.. she is very happy kushi . 

Kushi: ask what ? 

Arnav: she only told me ,stop this marriage . and i know she is already in love.but i dont know why she agree to marry me. after that she send a letter to me, in that letter she wrote , arnav please stop this marriage, i can not say anything now , but please stop this marriage...

Kushi: oh thats why you tied mangalsuter in my neck .

Arnav: look at her and asks oh really, you did not know why i marry you.

Kushi: if lavanya did not send you a letter na . what would you have done.

Arnav: thinkherself , i would have married her.

Kushi: eyes full of tears hearing this..

Arnav: wipe her tears and says . actually i saw lavanya's  letter , and decided to leave the house. but you stopped me. she look at him with a qustion. he says i saw you came out of naniji room with sleeping tablets , after that i came to your room , you proposed me, then only i decided ,whatever happened i stop this marriage. thats why i tied mangalsuter on your neck and i love you my dear are you happy na.

Kushi: han but uncle angry on you because of me na..

Arnav: trust me , i will makes everything fine soon ok. and please dont cry anymore , if you crying maa , naniji, mamiji, your akash everyone scold me. 

Kushi: smiled slightly..

Arnav: wow finally your smiling . he says give your dad number ...

Kushi: is tensed hearing about her dad. 

Arnav: kushi ...

Kushi: ji i am scared arnavji . what would my dad say hearing about our marriage.she bit her nails.

Arnav: i will talk to him dont worry ok..

Kushi; smiled at him. she thinkherself, i trust you lot arnavji . i feel secured when you near me.

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Jul 7

BEAUTIFUL LOVE AND FAMILY (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 69 times)


Arnav: try to call but , kushi mobile ring at the same time. it was her dad. she look at arnav. he says hmm talk to him. she attend the call hello dady.

RAJ: kushi everything is ok na. how are you both.

Kushi: i am sorry dad . please forgive me . 

RAJ: han rachana told me everything . he asks do you like arnav.

Kushi: yes dad. but aadav uncle .

RAJ: i will talk to him , dont worry ok. give mobile to arnav ..

Kushi: ji ,she give mobile to arnav.

Arnav: hello uncle how are you ..

RAJ: i am fine arnav. my daughter is very innocent ,she did not know anything, please take care of her. and i know rachana and aadav, your their son. now my daughter is your responsibility, i am happy but , i could not see my daughter marriage , that's sad to me. han i will talk to aadav you dont worry ok.

Arnav: no uncle , you dont talk to him now , he is angry on me, he did not accept this marriage . i will solve this problem soon. and dont worry about my wife , i will take care of her.

RAJ: thank you arnav.. he cut the call. raj always away from kushi, because whenever he sees kushi he remember his wife and sad , at the same time he noticed her, and always asking his house maid how is she , she is ok , after her school study's , he decided to send aadav house. because he knows rachana will taking care of her.



Aadav: in his room.. he feel sad and angry too, he did not expect this from arnav.

Rachana, naniji, mamiji in the hall..

Mamiji: where will they both go . jiji please called arnav mobile na. 

Rachana: dont distrub him now , he will call us , wait till that.

Akash: came and says they both are fine ..

Rachana: smiled hearing this.she asks how you know ..

Akash: i called bhai pa adi.  he give me bhai house address too..

Mamiji: really akash betuva..

Naniji: come we will go and meet them..

Rachana: no maa not now, first he will call us. then we will decided.

Mamiji and naniji upset hearing this...

Arnav: busy with his laptop. 

Kushi: busy in the kitchen, she hearing door bell sound. she called arnav but he is busy with his work so she open the door. 

Lavanya and garima standing there.

Kushi: smiled and welcome them both, and she called arnav..

Arnav: came there and asks how are you lavanya , hi aunty ..

Garima: asks how are you both. 

Arnav: smiled and look at kushi , he says we are fine,  he look at lavanya she is very silently sitting there. hey lavanya what happen .

Lavanya: i am sorry arnav . please forgive me. for me , for a word i said , you did not ask any qustion , and helped me. thank you so much..

Arnav: hey dont feel too much , because of you i got my love he smiled at kushi..

Lavanya: han i am so happy for you , but now i have to tell the truth to you.

Arnav: yea tell me lavanya..

Lavanya: says everything too arnav..

Arnav: i can not believe this lavanya. now how is nk , he is fine na..

Garima: han beta now he is fine. before this marriage, i did not know this all, i think your uncle is really not well. now i know , i have important lavanya's life. lavanya trust you a lot arnav.

Arnav; thank you lavanya..

Lavanya: ok let go , we will tell all the truth to uncle first.

Arnav: no lavanya , he is angry on me, even if you say it now , he did not trust you too, so leave it and we have lot of work in our office. we have to develop our office na.

Lavanya: but arnav....

Arnav: you just relax ok, i will handle everything . 

Kushi: served juice for them both.

After sometime lavanya and garima leave from there..

Arnav: asks kushi when your collage holiday end's.

Kushi: did not say anything silently standing near him. 

Arnav: came near her and says you know one thing kushi. 

Kushi: look at him.

Arnav: i dont know why , but i can not angry with you. every time your silence killing me . please say something na.

Kushi: wo wo you did not speak maa still. this two days your busy with your laptop only. i think maa waiting for your call.

Arnav: hold her hand ,he makes her sit beside , his hand around her neck, kushi getting nervously look at him, he raised his eye brow, she thinkherself , i dont know whats going on his mind.  he called his mom mobile.

Rachana: attend the call hello arnav  how are you both , how is kushi is your new house. 

Arnav: maa relax we are fine ok , how is dad and everyone. 

Rachana:  chote i miss you , she start to crying.

Arnav: feel sad , kushi look at him. he says maa if you cry like this na, i feel sad maa. maa i am sorry , he thinkhimself , i've caused tears in your eyes. rachana wipe her tears and says i am fine chote , dont feel sad ok. you have to take care of you and kushi. you both are happy means , i am also happy. 

he did not say anything, he feel guilty , he think because of me mom feel sad. kushi touch his shoulder and he give mobile to kushi and leave from there..

Rachana: called chote are you there. hello maa .. she heard kushi's voice she smiled hearing her voice after 2 days. she asks how are you kushi.. she says maa we are fine please maa dont cry , if you cry and i will cry. 

Rachana: ok i am not crying anymore .

Kushi: hmmm that's my maa. they both talking each other..


Arnav and kushi sitting in the hall. he stared at kushi..

Kushi: noticed him, she is getting nervous. she change the topic. wo wo want water...

Arnav: stared at her still , she try to get up from the sofa. he hold her hand , she look at his eyes and sit beside him, breathing very fastly. he laid his head on her lap , she ask arnavji .. he did not say anything, she ask are you ok.. he says kushi i miss maa. 

Kushi: han arnavji  i also missed her , she is tears flow in her eyes, her tears droped in arnav's cheek. she start her groan, it's all because of me, i already scared of this that's i always distance from you , but you tied mangalsuter on my neck , why are you doing this ,arnav says stop it  kushi. but she continuse her  groan , she did not hear his words, he again says please stop it na, she says han i also missed mamiji , akash , i missed naniji a lot , naniji loves me a lot you know, he look at her with wide eye, he did not know how to stop her, tears also flow in her eyes. he finally says kushi please stop it , she says uncle also angry on you now, he pulled her neck towards him and kissed her lips, she is shocked her heart beating very fastly, she did not expect this from him. she closed her eyes. her hair had hidden his face.

after sometime he leave her, her cheeks were red. he still in her lap . they both look at each other.. 

suddenly power is gone house full of dark. kushi is scared seeing the dark, he get up from her lap, and huged her, she huged him tightly, he called kushi are you ok , kushi closed her eyes tightly ,i am scared arnavji. he take his mobile and on the light.she came out of the hug and hold his hand . he enjoyed her every movements. kushi i am with you ok, dont scared . i am scared of this darkness arnavji. please do something. at the same time power came. she smiled at him.. heydevimayya thank you so much..he asks are you finished your groan , he lifts her in his arms and move to bed . she  silently  look at him. he smiled at her. he makes her lay on the bed and he also lay beside her. he pulled her towards him and hold her cheeks , she look at his eyes, he move close to her lips but he kissed her forehead and says good night , she nods her head.. finally they both sleept.


Aadav: ready for his office. rachana give him tea. he drink the tea siilently. he angryly talk to arnav but he also missed him. he wants to know how is kushi and arnav. he feel guilty for lavanya's life. he look at rachana and asks how is your son and bahu..

Rachana: i did not talk to them , i dont know where they both went . 

Aadav: did not say anything and leave from there..

Rachana: smiled , she says to herself , i know you missed your son . she came down and share this to others..

Mamiji: hello hai bye bye , jiji i am happy heaaring this..

Naniji: han he did not get angry on chote . he think about lavanya's life . i think like that. 

Rachana: han maa i also think like that.. 

Arnav: ready for his office.. 

kushi: was preparing breakfast.  inbetween she remember the kissing moments. she feel shy .. 

Arnav: called kushi...

Kushi: han ji . i'll  come  arnavji...

Arnav: please come fast na..

Kushi: enter the room but she did not find arnav, she called arnavji where are you ...

Arnav: came her behind and says  i am here kushi ..

Kushi: shocked and she closed her eyes and shout aahhhhhh.....

Arnav: hold her hand kushi kushi relax i am arnav... 

Kushi: open her eyes and hit his chest angryly, but arnav held her hands and pulling her to a hug, she reject his hug, but  at last arnav won.she finally hugged him. he asks are you scared kushi.. she called arnavji i am scared, he says i am sorry , i just kidding you kushi. she hugged him tightly , she says i will also come with you , please dont leave me..  he came out of the hug and  cup her face , see kushi i am busy with my work , you will get bored there. she look at him with her sin face. his heart melt after seeing her sin face. he smiled and hugged her again , he said ok ..she hugged him happyly..

They both eat breakfast togethere and went to office.

Arnav and kushi enter the office.  everyone wish them .. arnav also wish them back. they both came to arnav cabin..he look at kushi and says you sit here , if you want anything called me ok.kushi nods her head and sit in the sofa..

Adi: came and says about the meetings. 

Arnav: look at the laptop. and asks where is lavanya adi.

Adi: sir mam in her cabin, she said design is ready. sir everyone waiting for you in the confrence hall.

Arnav: yea i'll just come , you can go ..

Adi : noticed kushi and asks hi mam , how are you..

Kushi: yea i am fine , how are you . 

Adi: fine mam..

Arnav: called adi are you finished your speech . 

Adi: look at him with nervous.

Arnav: you can go adi..

Adi: run from there..

Kushi: thinkherself , why is he stiff in the office, but in the house he will be different. she lost in her thoughts.

Arnav: shook his hand infront of her face. but she did not noticed him. he kissed her cheek.

Kushi: came out of thoughts and touch her cheek , she look at him.

Arnav: i will go meeting ok , you stay here , if you want anything called my mobile ok.

Kushi: nods her head. 

Arnav: smiled at her and leave from there.

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Jul 8

BEAUTIFUL LOVE AND FAMILY (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 58 times)


kushi: getting bored, so she take the paper and started to drawing arnav image.

Arnav: and lavanya busy with their meetings.


Anjali: asks maa, did you talk to chote.

Rachana: han he called me yesterday. she is sad thinking about kushi. 

Akash: asks maa why are you dull.

Mamiji: han jiji what happenz...

Naniji: what happen rachu ..

Anjali: ask maa say something na.

Rachana: maa chote will go to office, my kushi will be alone in the house. how will she manage alone ?

Naniji, mamiji ,also now sad..

Anjali: look at them and says maa she is not a baby , now she is married . she will manage . dont think too much about her, think about your son. 

Rachana: what happen to you ,why do you not like her? what's your problem with her?

Anjali: han i know maa, you always support her only. maa i am your daughter . she is not.  

Naniji and mamiji dont know what to do . they are think, why  anjali behave like that suddenly.

Rachana: han i know , she is not my daughter but now she is my bahu  and your bhabi .

Anjali: turn her face other side angryly.

Rachana: anjali please try to understand , chote likes her thats why he married her. 

Anjali: han i know chote likes her but i think she is not like my chote , she always ..she suddenly stops her speech and try to go.

Rachana and everyone shocked hearing this. naniji asks anjali what are you saying. kushi betia did not like our chote..

Anjali: han i think so, she went from there.

Rachana: getting tensed.

Akash: came near rachana , he touch her shoulder gently maa ,please dont get tensed. everything will be fine soon.

Mamiji: jiji we will meet kushi and arnav betuva. then only we will know the truth.

Naniji: han rachu , for the first time manoramma  has spoken correctly. 

Mamiji: thank you sasumma.

Rachana: nods her head..

Kushi: finished her drawing and smiled, she talk to arnav image, what a boldness mr.raizada .  i think i am going to miss you , but when you tied mangalsuter on my neck , actually i am very happy inside of my heart , she bites her lips, and watching arnav's image, and says this eye's na always make me shy, then han your looking handsome, when i talk a little more this lip calm's me. then i love you arnavji i love you so much , she heard the door opening sound.she hide the drawing. 

Arnav: enter his cabin, but he talking on the mobile and sat in the chair, he is busy with his laptop.he did not noticed what his wife doing.

Kushi: closed her eyes and relieved.she hide her drawing in  handbag.

Lavanya: enter arnav cabin, she sees kushi and smiled brightly. hi kushi how are you . she came and sit beside her.

Kushi: smiled at her , i am fine how are you , 

Lavanya: i am fine , see your husband he is busy always , he did not give me some rest. 

Kushi: smiled at lavanya, and look at arnav. 

Lavanya: hold kushi hand and says your very lucky to have husband like him. , when we were studying in london he always care for me. you know he loves you a lot , he bought the gift for you in london. 

Kushi: gift for me , but he did not give me still.

Lavanya: he will give you . dont worry ok..

Kushi: smiled at her. 

Lavanya: pinched her cheeks lovingly. your smile is so cute. i think my friend fell into this smile. she teased kushi.

Kushi: look at her with nervously.

Lavanya: hey relax kushi , i am just kidding you ok. 

Kushi: nods her head. she look at arnav , but he is busy with his work.

Lavanya: says come we will go my cabin.

Kushi: went with lavanya..  

Lavanya: asks kushi are you ok na. i mean do you like arnav na.

Kushi: nods her head. 

Lavanya: smiled . he love's you in madly . 

Kushi: did not say anything because she knows this very well. she says to lavanya , i want to go arnavji cabin.

Lavanya: look at her with humor.. she nods her head. 

Kushi : went from there.

Lavanya: smiled at herself and think herself, she is very innocent and shy but  my friend is very lucky too . she also loves him a lot.

Kushi: enter arnav cabin. she sees still busy with his work. she came near him . arnav noticed her but he talking with his mobile still, he held her hand and make her sit in his lap , kushi eyes are widen seeing him. but he cut the call, and raised his eye brow. 

Kushi: what are you doing, leave me arnavji.

Arnav: look at her eyes and  asks oh really..

Kushi: is very shy to face him, her eyes looked here and there. 

Arnav: touch her chin, and turned back to his side.

Kushi: closed her eye's  and says please leave me arnavji , this is office .

Arnav: so what kushi .

Kushi: try to get up from his lap. but he held her waist .kushi eye's are widen and her heart beating very fastly. she melted  his touch.

Arnav: kissed her neck , she closed her eye's tightly, he came near her ear and says i love you kushi. 

Kushi: get up from his lap,she turn to look at him and says i am hugry arnavji..

Arnav: get up from his chair and hugged her , he smiled and says i am also hungry.. 

Kushi: pushed him suddenly and says i did not mean it .

Arnav: smiled at himself, he asks what you mean kushi. 

Kushi: wo wo i mean i i she look at his eyes.

Arnav: asks what , he raised his eye brow, and move close to her .

Kushi: step backwards ,she started to blether, your eyes make me shy always , sometimes i lost my thoughts looking in to  your eyes, and whenever i talk too much your lip's calm's me. 

Arnav: move more close to her .

Kushi: look at him she did not know what to say , suddenly her leg slipped and she going to fall but arnav hold her hand. she is shocked for a second. he asks are you ok  , she nods her head, he make her sit in the sofa. he sit beside her . his hand around her shoulder . she look at him..

Arnav: dont look at me like that .

Kushi: asks why .. 

Arnav: you look at me like this , then i can't control myself .

Kushi: is blush hearing this..

Lavanya: called arnav mobile ..

Arnav: attend the call , hello .

Lavanya: asks are not to both hungry.

Arnav: yea we are coming lavanya..he cut the call. they both went from there..

Arnav, kushi and lavanya in the hotel. they are enjoying the lunch and chitchating eachother. after the lunch they went to office. arnav busy with his work , kushi started to drawing again

Arnav: finished his work and saw kushi sleept..he sees some paper in her hand, he look at the designing , he says to himself wow mrs. arnav , your designing is good. but now we will go home. 

Lavanya : also ready to go home , she came to say bye to arnav and kushi . she noticed kushi is sleeping.

Arnav: asks lavanya ,hey why are you looking at her like that. 

Lavanya: you both dont go home. 

Arnav: i am waiting for you, take my wife handbag .

Lavanya: she is your wife so you take her bag. 

Arnav: please lavanya help me. she is sleeping na..

Lavanya: hmmm han ok after all your my friend , she take kushi's bag .

Arnav: lift kushi in his arms, she hold his shirt collar. he look at her and smiled. he came near his car lavanya open the car door , he makes kushi sit in the car, and says thank you lavanya bye ..

Lavanya: its ok arnav bye..

Arnav: start to drive .

Kushi: open her eyes and saw she is in arnav's shoulder , he is driving the car. she move away from him, he asks are you woke up. she ask why dont you woke up, she ask how did i come in the car?

he look at her and says i lift you in my arms. she look at him with shy. she did not say anything silently watching outside.


Arnav: changed his dress , he busy with he mobile..

Kushi: came out of the wash room, and prepared coffee for arnav. she came with coffee but he busy with his mobile , she came near her and snatch his mobile and cut the call , 

Arnav: hey kushi what are you doing , that is important call.

Kushi: i dont care ,she give coffee to him. 

Arnav: take the coffe and asks are you know how to get angry ..

Kushi:  dont tease me , i have lot of work .she try to walk but arnav stop her way. she ask what arnavji

he says i want you , she getting nervouse , i always belong to you arnavji , he smiled at her . she is blush ..they both look at each other..

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Jul 9

BEAUTIFUL LOVE AND FAMILY (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 63 times)


Kushi: gave his mobile to him. 

Arnav: smiled at her , thank you madam.

kushi: keep your thanks youself , she smiled and leave from there.

Kushi: prepared the dinner.. she came to call him for the dinner. she noticed he is busy with his laptop..

she mutter herself this man never change. she called arnavji...

Arnav: working with his laptop and answer her , kushi this important work , please dont distrub me ..

Kushi: shook her head and leave from there. 


Arnav: called kushi kushi.

Kushi: is acting to sleep.

Arnav: invented it. he thinkhimself and going to lift her.

Kushi: get up suddenly , what are you going to do ..

Arnav: smirked at her.

kushi: wo wo  dinner is ready..

Arnav: did not say anything and nods her head.

They both dinner togethere  happyly..

Kushi : cleaning the kitchen , arnav came there and lift her in his arms, kushi ask what are you doing arnavji..

Arnav: says keep quiet. its already late come and sleep .

they both look at each other..arnav makes her lay on the bed carefully.

Arnav: you sleep i have some work ok. it will take some time so please you sleep okk. she did not say anything , she thinkherself, he always concern for her ,he care for her so much, she melt in his concern for her. he called kushi , she look at him and closed her eyes .

Arnav: started to his work ...

Kushi: open her eyes and stared at him. 

Arnav: felt someone watching him, he look at kushi and closed his eyes as sleep..

Kushi: closed her eyes as yes . after sometime she again open her eyes and look at him..

Arnav: smiled and continue his work..

Kushi: smiled at herelf...

Arnav: think himself , kushi  your really a impossible. 


Rachana: did not sleept , she came out of her room and sit in the hall.she was thinking about her son and kushi.

Mamiji: also came for drinking water.she noticed rachana and came near her , she asks jiji are you ok..

Rachana: i thinking about arnav and kushi..

Mamiji: jiji , we will meet them tomorrow morning .what you say..

Rachana: but aadavji knows this he will get angry on me and my son too.

Mamiji: we will go mandir first and then we will go and meet them. 

Rachana: smiled and nods her head.. 

Arnav: finished his work and came to bed, he noticed kushi is sleep peacefuly. he kissed her forhead and says i love you kushi. he also lay besid her.

Arnav: look at her smilingly, he says i can not live without you kushi. what did you do me kushi. he hold her hand and sleept


Kushi : wake up first and sees arnav sleeping like a small child. she get up from the bed and take the mobile , she try to click a photo , but arnav woke up , he held her hand and pulled her towards him, she leaned on his chest. he asks what are  you doing kushi. she did not look at him and says leave me arnavji . he asks then look at me . she is very shy to face him.. he says look at me then only i will leave you. she thinkherself , if i see you i will forget myself , you also know na arnavji. he called kushi.

Kushi:  leave me arnavji , she try to go from grip. but he did not leave her , she says leave me arnavji, i am not like it please.

Arnav : hearing this his face faded. he leave her .and walk to the wardrobe,and take his towel.

Kushi: noticed him and says i am sorry arnavji , i did not mean it ..

Arnav: did not say anything , he did not look at her  too..

kushi: called him again ...

Arnav: says i have to go office early today , he went to wash room.

Kushi: is feel sad and tensed ...


kushi: came with his coffee..

Arnav: ready for his office, he says i dont want anything . its already getting late..

Kushi: i dont leave you arnavji , you drink this coffee and go . 

Arnav: says little angryly dont you hear what i said. 

Kushi: tears  in her eyes... hearing his words, she try to walk .

Arnav: hold kushi hand and says i am sorry , i know you did not mean it. she suddenly hugged him and crying. i am sorry kushi , she says please dont get angry on me. i can not bear it . ok  i am sorry . he wipe her tears and kissed her forehead. ok get ready we will go office. she says breakfast is ready.  they both food togethere. kushi going to take the house key , at the same time door bell ring. 

Arnav: open the door and shocked and at the same time happy too, he sees mamiji and his maa standing there. kushi came near him and says i am ready arnavji.

Rachana: called chote..

kushi: sees mamiji and rachana ,she is very happy seeing them both. she smiled at them. maa come inside na . 

Arnav: huged rachana and mamiji. he asks how are you both.

Rachana: we are fine chote , how are you.

Mamiji: hugged kushi and ask how are you , she looked around the house. its very clean . 

Kushi: we both are fine mamiji . how is naniji , di ,akash , shyam bhai, uncle . 

Rachana: smiled at kushi. she touch her cheek lovingly and says everyone fine. how are you . everything is fine na. 

Kushi: look at arnav and says we both are fine. 

Arnav: says ok bye , now i have to go office maa. he look at kushi and says take care of them bye..

Kushi: nods her head and says bye..

Rachana: called chote ..

Arnav: maa ..

Rachana: i want to talk to you both.

Kushi and arnav look at eachothere..

Arnav: han tell me maa..

Rachana: asks kushi do you like arnav ..

Kushi: maa why are you asking this qustion's now.

Arnav : try to talk but rachana show her hand to stop him.

Kushi: look at arnav and says i love him more than myself maa, he is everything for me. i love him very much , when he is in london ,he called me everyday , we  both started likeing each other , but i reject his proposal but i love him. that time i just scared of our family , if you dont agree in our love means , i lose him and you too maa. but after that when his marriage fixed with lavanya. i 

Arnav : called kushiiii he closed his eyes as no.

Kushi: understand him and says maa i love him and i am very happy in this marriage.

Rachana: smiled and hugged her happyly..she says now only i am relifed. 

Mamiji: also feeling happy..

Arnav: maa now  i have to go na .. 

Rachana: smiled and says ok bye.

Arnav: called kushi come with me , she nods her head..

Rachana: says to mamiji see , how kushi taking care of the house . 

Mamiji: han i already noticed jiji..

Arnav: says dont say anything about lavanya and nk. and dont tell about your suicide matter. if maa knows this she will get angry on you or she will slap you i dont know what she will do . so please dont tell anything.

Kushi: nods her head and says i miss you arnavji.. 

Arnav: look at her and says if you talk like this , i can not focus on my work  my dear wife.

Kushi: look at him ..

Arnav: dont look at me like that , its killing me.

Kushi: smiled at him.. 

Arnav: kissed her cheek and went from there.

Mamiji: noticed arnav kissing kushi.. she open her mouth in o shape...

Rachana: asks what happen mano..

Mamiji: wo  hello hai bye bye  nothing  jiji.

Kushi: served tea for rachana and mamiji..

Rachana: smiled and says i am very happy about you and chote . dont think too much. you have to be happy with my son .thats enough for me.

Kushi: leaned on her shoulder and says ji maa. 

Mamiji: hold kushi's hand and ask when your collage holidys ends.

Kushi: next week mamiji. then i am going to start my final year studys.

Rachana: smiled i know my daughter is studying well. she pinch kushi's cheek lovingly..

Mamiji: smiled at kushi.

Rachana cooked for her son and bahu's favorite food.



Arnav and lavanya talking about the upcoming fashion show. but arnav mobile ring it was kushi..

Lavanya: asks who is this arnav.

Arnav: my wife ..

Lavanya: ok you caryy on . we will discuss about this later..

Arnav: smiled at her and says thank you ..

Lavanya: first talk to her , or go home . your not concentrate on work today..

Arnav: han lavanya , my head is paining . i have some rest . i have to go home.

Lavanya: oh really , i know arnav. what you want. go home . i will take care of here.

Arnav: pinch her cheek lovingly and says thank you bye , he run from there..

Lavanya: watching him and smiled..

Arnav: ring his house bell. kushi open the door .she asks why dont you attend my call arnavji.

Arnav: i am busy . he came and sit in the sofa. she give him water . he ask when did maa and mamiji leave kushi. 

kushi: just now.. maa want to say bye to you , thats why i called your mobile.

Arnav: i have to fresh up and come.

Kushi: ji ..

Arnav: came out of the wash room.

Kushi: enter the room and says  lunch is ready arnavji , maa cooked for you and me. 

Arnav: came near her and says kushi i am not hungry , i want to talk to you.

Kushi: ji arnavji.

Arnav: make her sit in the bed, he also sit beside her , he hold her hand and asks what did you say to maa. you love me more than yourself , 

Kushi: look at him , her heart beating very fastly. 

Arnav: look at her and smiled , he cup her face and kissed her cheek. kushi called ar  nna vvji ..

kushi: hold her saree pallu tightly.

Arnav: kissed her eyes , she look at him with her innocent eyes. they both lay on the bed. kushi melted in his touch, he kissed her forehead. she look at him with lot of shyness, he kissed her neck , kushi closed her eyes ,and hugged him , he called kushi and says i love you . kushi came out of the hug and say i love you too arnavji. he stared at her , she understand his intention, she closed her eyes as yes, he asks really ,she is very shy to answer his qustion. he kissed her lips, kushi melted with his every single touch. she lost in his touch, she is very happy. they both lost in this world.


Arnav: woke up and sees kushi is sleeping peacefully. he get up from the bed and went to wash room, he fresh up and sit with his laptop.

Kushi: is very tired, she open her eyes and saw arnav busy with his laptop, she look at herself fully naked, she closed herself with the bedsheet, she is very shy to call arnav. she again closed her eyes and sleept..

After sometime arnav came near her and wake up her. she open her eyes and look at him with wide eye, he asks what happen are you ok. she nods her head . he says go and fresh up . she again look at him , he asks what happen kushi , he going to touch her , but she says noooo.. he noticed her saree in the floor. he understand her, and take his mobile , i have important call .you go and fresh up. he leave from there. after that she fresh up and came to the hall.

Kushi: did not look at him, she silently walk to the kitchen.

Arnav: called kushi .. 

Kushi: standing there , she closed her eyes .. ji arnavji..

Arnav: i want coffee ..

Kushi: ji ..

After sometime kushi came with his coffee. 

Arnav: look at her and asks are you ok. i mean her heart beating . she nods her head. he pulled her towards him. she leaned on his chest , she is breathing heavyly. he move her hair a side , he move close to her lips, she closed her eyes, he gently kissed her lips. she hold his shoulder tightly . his mobile ring it was lavanya. arnav move away from kushi. he attend the call , hello 

Lavanya: what are you doing ..

Arnav: look at at kushi ..he did not know waht to answer her. he says we will talk later bye he cut the call..

Lavanya: hello helloo , she smiled at herself. she knows him very well.

Kushi and arnav dinner togethere. they both feeding each othere.







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