you are mine only mine

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Jun 25

you are mine only mine (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 61 times)

      Part 01


 "Khushi don't  run dammit stop there I said stop " arnav shouting

But here khushi is running out of arnav room. Arnav again shout " I will not leave you khushi if I catch you dammit you are my only mine dammit "


Arnav dad and Khushi mother sister and brother when they children they parents killed by business enemies

Nani and buaji take care of them now arnav is number one big businessman in the world... He is out said asr... In-home chote...arnavji, Bhai , Saale Sahab

He loves khushi so much... Arnav is so possessive and so protective to khushi he doesn't like khushi talk with other man or smiling he want khushi only talk with him or smile and share everything, he never wants to lose her any cost

He loves her so much he always protects khushi from all danger her behave was like his mother so he doesn't want to lose her mother again he calls khushi doll when she child she was like a doll so he calls her doll. He doesn't like if anyone calls her doll he only has the right to call her like that...

Khushi from her heart like a baby... She never wants to hurt anyone... She was like a butterfly... Always she keeps a smile on her face and other's face to... She like happiness to their family she little scared to arnav because his angry, possession one over obsessed She also have felt on arnav but she fears of arnav obsessed. Everyone love khushi so much... She was an angle to her family


"Khushiji why are you running like this" Anjali asked with confusing and worried. When she coming from kitchen to living hall she saw khushi coming running down... Khushi stop where she running and turn and look anjali and Breathing heavily she tries to catch her breath "di... Di... Woo, she tries to talk..... Anjali comes near Khushi and said, "shhh princess relax..." She cupping her face and ask with worried voice " are you OK, what happened why are you running like this...." Khushi made a baby face and nod her head... "No"

"Then what happened," she thought something and ask did chote did something... But here no reply...

"What did he do, she quickly gets worried when khushi not answer her question...

Here khushi Remembering just sometimes go what happened. When she went arnav room to gave his tea he always what to drink khushi handmade tea... So she takes the teacup and went to his room...

Slowly she enters inside the room and look around arnav but arnav not in his room she thought where he is gone she keep the teacup on the table and went near to the poolside door and look out said She could not see him there also

She thought where he is gone and she turns to go inside but suddenly arnav come in frond khushi get crash and khushi going to fall backwards and she back hit on the well... Arnav come so close and he keeps his both hand on the wall and leans near khushi and Whisper in a husky voice "good morning my beautiful doll " khushi try to came from arnav hold and she said in shivering voice "leave me arnavji I want to go down 

"OK you can go but now where my morning wish" he asking looking into her beautiful eyes " khushi said " first you leave me arnavji then I will wish you" arnav hold khushi in his arm tightly and said " Don't you even think about I will leave you?, It does not even happen in dreams, OK now leave it all this and wish me"

 is not easy to talk with arnav so she thought to wish him and leave from here quickly she slowly whisper "good morning arnavji" and try to go from there but arnav again hold her in his arms and said khushi you always got one thinks in your mind you always mine the only mine, are you got it... " he asking looking her eyes deeply, here khushi get fear of arnav possessive and obsessed and she pushes arnav are side and run out arnav get shocked for her sudden push and he get rage and shout Khushi don't run dammit stop There I said stop arnav shouting

But here khushi is running out from arnav room arnav again shout I will not leave you khushi if I catch you dammit you are mine only mine dammit

Jun 30

part 02 (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 39 times)

Khushi and Payal both are entered in inside the home laughing loudly and come to living hall and saw Akash sleeping on the sofa with little open mouth suddenly they stop laughing and look each other and give a winked to each other... Slowly they went near to sofa and stand beside... Both are keeping their hand their hip and look Akash and give negative smile... Khushi went near to the Dining room and take mag and Filling the water in the glass... And keep the mag on the table and take the glass in hand and went near to sofa... And look payal and gave her thumb up and payal start to Counting the number ..1... 2... 3... She shouted and Khushi SPLASH the water on Akash face Here. Akash jerked from his sleep he shouts.."NO... DON'T KILL ME... "

khushi and Payal burst out laugh..then Akash realizes he is dreaming they both spill the water on him... He looks both them and shouted PAYAL... KHUSH.....

And he gets up from the sofa and tries to catch them Khushi and Payal quickly run away from there... Akash also runs behind them Khushi quickly runs near to the staircase and run up quickly, here payal catch by Akash...

Here Khushi run up when she running she suddenly got pulled by a strong force and within seconds she got locked in a room, she gets scared and opens her mouth to scream, quickly that person close her mouth with his hand and said: " shhhh it me, relax doll..."

She feels relax, she knows only one person is calling her doll that person only her arnavji.

Arnav: I will take my hand from your mouth don't scream or shout OK...

arnav take his hand from Khushi mouth and look her eyes and he asked "why are you run when I say you to stop dammit, don't forget Khushi you only belong to me if anyone keeps their eyes on you, I not do you anything but sure I will kill them... Are you understand he caressing her cheek... 

Khushi nods her head like a cute small baby

" but you will get your Punishment," he said smirk

" what Punishment... " she stammers.

" ys doll sweet Punishment " and he looks her lip,

he moves more close to her..and cupped her face and he bends down to her lips...he looks at her lips and keeps staring at her...not being able to bear Arnav's gaze on her lip, Khushi heartbeat starts to beat so fast and she shuts her eyes tightly feeling scared

Arnav: Khushi tody I can't control myself

Khushi doesn't know what to say her lip is shivering...

Arnav last time looks at her and puts his lips on her's... Khushi feels his lips on hers and her body shivers due to his lips on her lip she feel something happening inside her stomach ' they first time arnav kissing on her lip,he always kiss her cheek or forehead,me know he don't want to scared her so that only he always kiss her forehead or cheek but today he can't control his desire, for first few minutes, he just leaves his lips on hers...he don't want to scare her then, he gives her a smooches two or three times... And slowly slowly he takes her upper lips and starts kissing...he bits lip and Khushi winch in pain and held his shoulder tightly and arnav slowly sucks her upper lip...and he then, takes her lower lip and does the same...after sometime, he then slowly leaves her lips and looks at Khushi face, whose face has turned to red...He cants control himself again he takes her lips in his and starts kissing her..sucking her lip Khushi feels weaken on her she for support, she puts her hands around his neck and pulls him closer...this makes Arnav lose his control more and he deepens the kiss and kisses her like there is no tomorrow... And he slowly broke the kiss and he looks at Khushi, whose eyes are tightly closed and breathing heavily...her chest is rising up and down rapidly and heartbeats are pounding very hard...Arnav too breathes heavily and stares at Khushi...after a while, Khushi opens her eyes and looks at Arnav...

Arnav holds her cheek in his hand and she lowers her eyes, Arnav sees this smiles and he holds Khushi's face and makes her look at him and he whispers " I Love You My Doll"... And he gives a sweet kiss on her cheek.

Suddenly their hear footsteps... And Khushi gets tension and scared she pushed arnav side and run to the doorstep and turn to look back arnav and run out. Giving beautiful smile to him... Arnav here captured her smile in his heart forever...


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Jul 2

part 03 (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 52 times)

Nani Khushi nowhere to see her, she not in the home, we searched her in the whole home, just now I saw her and talk with her, but suddenly where she went Anjali said in tension voice

Nani: She's not in the home than where she went She side tensely 

Anjali: I am so afraid Nani, Will we say to chote..., he will do something...

And Nani nod her head OK bitiya


I want Everything perfect aman, I don't want any mistake, are you understand

Ys ASR..!!!

Arnav cut the call the next second he got a call, He looks at the phone screen and saw it from Anjali, he answers the call

Hello... Chote.., where are you, do know khushiji, not in the home, we search her whole home we are can't find her, I am afraid chote

Di, first you relax and the second doll is with me.., I am going to meet my client, so I took doll with me di


Anjali shouted what...??? khushiji with you, we are here search her like a mad,why don't you call and informed this chote we are here worried...

Di why are you now shouting like this, doll is with me and safe, Nothing will happen to her until I'm here... Di

I know chote. When you are with Khushi nothing will happen to her but when suddenly we can't found her in the home We get so worried

Sorry did I forget to inform, when doll with me I forget everything di, that only I forged to inform you di

Chote you are too much...She chuckled and said " OK chote, Take care of her bye chote

OK, di and Arnav cut his call and he bent his head and give a soft kiss on her cheek Khushi who was sleeping on arnav lap.Khushi twists her lips in sleep murmuring arnavij And takes arnav one hand grabbed tightly and went to peacefully sleep


arnav chuckled and caressing her hair and look out the window


What chote said Anjali bitiya asked Nani

Don't worry Nani Khushi with chote, he took her with him, we are here searching like mad, what can we do this chote and khushji...,Nani shook her head ...

Jul 5

part 04 (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 35 times)

Night Arnav was sitting on the Couch inside his room and working on his Laptop. Arnav saw suddenly Khushi come inside with sad face and sit in the bed pouting her lip.


arnav close his laptop and went near to her and sit beside her what happened Khushi are you OK..??? Does anyone has said something..??? " Asked with worried

Khushi looks at him and nods her head no... Arnav gets confused then he asked," what happened...", With raising his one eyebrow.

" wooo I feel like To eat ice cream...?," said Khushi pouting her lip like a baby

" What ...? Do you worry about this..?,He asked he can't believe his Khushi sad about this ...

"So you what to eat ice cream...," He asked again...

"Ys... I want to eat ice cream," she said excitedly

"But Khushi in this night ice cream not good, OK, I will bring to tomorrow now my doll go and sleep...," He said

Khushi looks at him with a sad face and said,"pls arnavji I want to eat pls for me, for you doll pls..."

He took her pleading face and said,"OK one ice cream I will order for you OK."And he took his phone out and dialling the number but Khushi quickly stop him catch his hand...arnav look his hand and look Khushi with a confusing face. He asked,"what...?"

Khushi slowly took her hand from his hand and said," woo arnavji I want to go out and by ice cream"

Arnav: "what are craze you want to go out and by ice cream and that also in this time..."

khushi: pls arnavji... I want to go out with you and by ice cream, pls take me out arnavji...

Arnav meltdown saw her cute baby face and he said," OK will go and by"

"Really ... Thank you so much arnavji", and She gets excitedly and hug him tightly and broke the hug and take car key in her hand and pulled arnav with her out


Arnav:Khushi says What flavour do you want vanilla or chocolate?

Khushi looks at him and said," I want both...???

Arnav: What ..? No way on ice cream enough..., if you eat two ice cream you will catch the fever. Today weather also not good Khushi...

Khushi pleading," pls arnavji only two ice cream... Nothing will happen to me"

He looks her pleading face he can't say no also and he can't say is also because of he afraid if she eats two ice cream she will catch fever he doesn't want to anything happened to her...

"Pls arnavji... ,"She said with pleading eyes

He then looks at her face and said in a worried voice," only two ice cream OK ..."

"OK, arnavji," she said happily, arnav also happy see her happy face he only wants to see her happy face, he only wants to make her smile, he only wants to the reason of her smile...

Then Khushi said," pls arnavji by one ice cream for you also..."

" Khushi you know na... I don't like ice cream...," He said

After sometime ice cream came, arnav took ice cream and give to her, " Here you ice cream came..." Khushi takes the ice cream happily and starts to eat arnav keep on hand on his cheek and admiring Khushi ...


She was eating like a baby...On the edge of her lip ice cream, he slowly raises his hand and wiped the ice cream... Khushi stop eating her ice cream and look him with love in her eyes


arnav see this and wink her Khushi blush her both cheeks went his favourite colour and she lows her head with shy. Arnav she this and he smiles...

Khushi finishes her ice cream and we they going out suddenly The rain started to rain... Arnav took his cote out and wrapping Khushi with him said " came Khushi we go quickly if catch wet you will catch the fever, you now eat ice cream also... And he took her to the car... Khushi feeling so cool she wraps her arm tightly and keeps her head on arnav should and went to sleep arnav look down Khushi angle face and he gave peak on her forehead and he starts to drive slowly...


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Jul 6

part 05 (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 42 times)

Early morning someone starts to knock arnav room door that someone knows one it anjali.. , Anjali knocked on his door and called out to him, arnav wakes up from his sleep and he went near the door and opened the door and saw Anjali standing there in worried and Tense ...

" di what happened..?, why you look worried and tense, are you OK...?," He asked with concern.

" chote nothing happened to me, chote I am worried for Khushi, " She said intensely

" wh..t.??? what are you saying di " his eyes widen in shock...

" ha... Chote... I went to see Why is Khushi still not come down, Whenever she weak up on 8.00 clock and came down but today she does not come now time also going so I went to wake her up and I went and knocked her room door and call her out but she not responding to me, I am feeling so scared pls chote came and see what happened to her..."

Arnav immediately runs from there to Khushi room and he starts to knock on the door and call her out "Khushi. Khushi.... My doll opens the door Khushi" everyone came there hearing arnav shouting to Khushi to open the door but from Khushi side no reply this made arnav more worried and fear he thought what happened to her yesterday night she ok na... He again yelled, " Khushi open the door or I will break the door you know na my angry..." But no reply from her so arnav thought to broke the door, he first try to broke the door but he can't do along because his mind full tense for Khushi so Akash also come and help him to open the door and they are both are successfully and broke the door and all are rushed inside and they saw the scene in front of their eyes that made took their breath away. They saw Khushi lying on the bed unconscious and her face are wilt arnav quickly went near to Khushi and sit in bed and take her in his arm and patting her cheek and try to weak her up but she not responding he can feel her body is so heated and she is suffering from fever 

He gets panicked and cuppings her cheek holding her in his embrace " Khushi.... Doll can you hear me.... Pls open your eyes " but Khushi still lying unconsciously on his arm he wrapped her in his embrace and he looks at his di and said " di give me the thermometer and he shows his hand to her she quickly took the thermometer and keep it on his hand and said " ha... Here Chote " he quickly took it thermometer and opened Khushi mouth pressing Khushi both cheek and keep the thermometer on her mouth and the thermometer and show how much Khushi having fever he took the thermometer from her mouth and took his phone out and still keeping Khushi in his embrace and dialing doctor number after two ring doctor answer his call not allowed to speak to doctor and arnav talked

" doctor can you come to my home it so urged, Khushi was having 104 °C fever," he said looking Khushi face

" OK, I will come quickly " and the doctor cut the call

Here Anjali broke the silence and asked: "what happened to her suddenly,yesterday she was fine na ..,then suddenly how she got a fever..." She said with confusing and worried....

Arnav look Khushi face and caressing her cheek and said " doll got a fever because of me " and he closes his eyes in pain he can't see her like this

Everyone looks at him with confusing what he is saying because of me Khushi is in ill.

 Anjali asked with confusing," what are you saying chote, how can your the reason of Khushi ill"

" yes because of me, If I did not buy it ice cream for her,she will not get I'll," he said and keep Khushi on the bed carefully and covered her with the quilt.

" What...? When you brought ice cream for her" she asked confusedly 

" yesterday night Khushi come to me and asked to bring for her ice cream, and she said to me want to go out with me and buy ice cream, but first I said no but she so Stubborn to eat ice cream so I took her out. I want her happiness, when there we went she said she want to eat 2 ice cream so bought it to her, when we came out rainy also start to pouring...di" he said in worried

" Shhh...,chose nothing into worried she will be alright" she cupped his face and said....

Suddenly their hear calling bell sound and Akash said I will go and see and he went out and he comes with the doctor

" pls can you all wait outside I need to do the check up.." Doctor said

"Ok said and Anjali pulled arnav with her and said " come chote we will wait out said she took him out when arnav about to go he looks Khushi and bent down and kiss her forehead and went out with all, They all went out and were waiting for the doctor to come out

After some time a doctor comes out arnav quickly went near to him " how is my Khushi " Was his first question..

" she is fine, she got a fever because she wet in the rain that she got a fever, mr.razida she is sleeping now I think she will gain her conscious by I am writing her medicine he gave the medicine to arnav

" can I see her, " he asked with worried

"Ys u can but don't disturbed her OK, he said and Nani said " sure "and doctor leave from there.

Everyone went inside the room,arnav went near to Khushi and sitting beside and holding her hands

Arnav removing the strand of hair from her face not too disturb her sleep and he bends down and kissed her forehead with love and care..

Everyone heart touched happiness seeing how arnav love her and caring for her, everyone know how much arnav possession and obsessed with Khushi, he can't see her in hurt or pain, he will do anything for Khushi to make her smile

Anjali broke everyone thought and said " I will make something to Khushi to eat, later she weak up she wants to take her medicine"

" OK di come I will also help you, " said Payal and went out with Anjali

" Bhai you stay in home take care of Khushi, I will go to the office if anything important I will call you, " he said he knows his Bhai not now going to leave from Khushi side for anything

Arnav look Khushi and caressing her cheek and without look Akash and said " ok Akash if anything important,you inform me "

" ok Bhai, take Care Khushi " and he left from there


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Jul 8

part 06 (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 40 times)

Kushi moved a little and started opening her eyes. she opens her eyes and her eyes and her eyes are popping out. She jerked from the bed and sit and started to question him

" arnav..ji what are you doing here, then how you come inside and she look the broken door and her eyes pop out and her mouth went " O" .then she pointing her finger to door and asked " it's you broke the door, why are you broke the door, If you call me once I will come and open the door na... 

Khushi look at him with innocent eyes.., he saw her innocent baby face that moment his angry Melted. He cupped both cheeks and said

arnav folded his hands near his chest look her with oh..really look, then the next moment he looks so angry. He holds her both shoulder and shook her, " I am here worried for you, But you're worried about the damn broken door.

Khushi look at him with innocent eyes.., he saw her innocent baby face that moment his angry Melted. He cupping both cheeks and said

" Khushi... Did you know sometime before you took my breath, I can't image my life without you" Khushi eyes get moist and she keeps her hands on arnav which cupping her face and she said " I am sorry arnavji "

"Shh... Khushi ... My doll pls don't do again like this, then promise you will never get ice cream in you Life".khushi hear this and get shocked she looked him with " O" mouth, arnav chucked look her Status and asked " what.?". Khushi pouted her lip and said, " how can I stay away from ice cream. "

" doll if you eat like this you catch fever like today how you catch fever".he said

" pls just on ice cream," she said made her face cute

He melted see her face and pinch her cheek and said warning tone " only one ice cream you can eat ok".

Khushi gets happy and crashed into his chest and hug him so tightly and said: " thank you arnavjii..."

Arnav also hugs her back with a smile on his face. Then he broke the hug and said now get up and go and fresh up and come you have to take your medicine and lunch, You did not eat anything from the morning to go and fresh up and come.

" what..? Medicine ..? Pls, I don't want, I feel OK after sometime don't need medicine". She said and made a baby face.

Arnav look Khushi and said " if you made face like this now I will not melt for this, you have to take your medicine, then you are fever will decreases

Khushi pouted her lip and look and him with little cute angry face and get up from the bed arnav took the towel and gave to Khushi and said " Go.."

Khushi snatched the towel from his and said " LAAD GOVERNOR ......" and run to the washroom before he catches her.

Arnav looked at the running figure and try to catch her and he shouts " Khushi".

but Khushi quickly went inside the washroom and close the door behind her. Arnav shook his head and whispers " pagal .., but my sweet cute doll"... And he went out to his room


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Jul 9

part 07 (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 38 times)

After two days, now Khushi get fine her fever

Has been reduced. He looked at her very well, he always sits beside her and looks at her if she took her medicine or not and he gave her medicine on correct time... Now she is fine


Everyone Seated on the living in a room and they having morning tea, Akash was Reding newspaper and drinking his tea, Anjali and Payal talking with mami and Nani and having morning tea. Khushi was in her room she was taking her bath. Arnav went to his morning jogging.

Suddenly mami stop taking and said, " hello hi bye bye arnav beta What's in your hand?"

 Everyone stop talking and Akash he raised his head from the newspaper and looked at the entered door. Everyone saw he was standing With a warping gift box in his hand... Arnav turns and look mami and going to say something but Before that Anjali quickly said," don't you know mami ...It's for whom..??? She said and all said," Ohhhhh......." And start to tease him.... He rolled his eyes seeing his crazy family

" Enough.... Ys This is for her...,so what is the big deal.." He said and he went from there. Others look him with an open mouth after he wen their laughed...


Arnav knocked Khushi room door after Khushi took her bath and she gets ready to go down and now she was combing her hire. She stops combing her hire hearing the knocking sound and she kept the comb on the dressing table and went near to the door see who is that...

She opens the door and sees arnav was in front of her... He was in jogging dress...

Arnav mesmerized by her beauty... She looked so beautiful her cheek her pink lip like Rose petal he suddenly desires to kiss those lip he comes from his thought when Khushi called him

" what happens arnavji... What are you doing here..without changing your jogging dress..." She said ...

" ha... He clears his Throat and said, " I am come here to give you something ..."

She looks at him with a confused look and said: " what is that...?"

He took Khushi inside her room and he stands in front of her and he said to close her eyes...

She looks at him with so confusing why he saying me to close my eyes now...

" doll I said you to close your eyes," he said when she not close her eyes and lost in thought...

She knows now she asks anything he will not going listen to her and he will not say anything so she Without a chance so she closed her eyes...

Arnav said "now open you eyes doll" and he keeps the gift on her hand. She slowly opens her eyes when she feels in her hand one big box she opens her eyes and saw wrapping with beautiful gift paper with little big-box .she look him with question eyes ...

" this is for you and say you like or not..." He said...

Khushi looked at him and took the box and went near to the bed and kept the box on the bed and start to unwrap the gift box ... After she unwrapped the box and opened and see what was inside and her eyes widen in shock slowly a smile Appeared on her lip and she screamed" AAaaaaaaahhhhhhhh..... "


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Jul 10

part 08 (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 36 times)

In the living room, everyone hears her screaming sound their get worried and everyone one apace to her room. When their enter the room they shock to see the scenes in front of them... They saw one little cute puppy on Khushi bed. Arnav gift to her pretty little cute puppy, It's very beautiful and white and little fat... But look so cute...

Here Khushi was jumping on joy like a little kid... A smile on arnav face blossomed seeing how she happy seeing his gift. he also happy seeing her like this and she like his gift also. When he comes from the thought when Khushi hug him and said " arnavji... Thank you so much I like your gift so much... I love it..... " and she broke the hug... And bend down and took the puppy in her hand and start to play... Everyone viewed the scenes from the doorstep... Their saw how Khushi was happy with arnav gift....they also happy for arnav how he took caring when she fell sick, he also likes this he will do anything to make her happy...their know how Khushi was importance in his life... Suddenly Anjali broke everyone thoughts.....

"Wow... Chote you are a gift so cute.., I am Right khush..." She said and came in front of them and stand behind them

Arnav Khushi jerked from the spot with their sudden entries... Inside the room

Khushi still keeps the puppy on her hand and caressing puppy head with care and said: " ys Anjali you are so right it looks so cute...."

Anjali came near to Khushi and she also caressing puppy body with care...

" hello hi bye bye arnav beta your gift amazing.." Mami said

" now say what name you decided to keep to this cute puppy, " Anjali said...

Khushi looks arnav and said " I did know di... What name to keep to this little cute puppy..., di if you know any name say...?"

Anjali thought something she also can't decide any name then she said " I also can't a choice any name Khushi... Then she turns to arnav and said: " chote you say the good name to this puppy..."

" What me... No way di ..." He said

"Pls arnavji we don't know want name to keep to this puppy pls you help me " she mead puppy face... 

Arna looks Khushi aw..... Then he came back from his dream world and said " ha... OK, I will choose the name then he starts to think what name will suit to this puppy and after the same time, he said " why not we will keep this name... Caspar

The little cute puppy wagging Its tail made a little sound and look like " he like the name"...

Khushi hugs the puppy and said " owe... He likes his name... And look arnav and said " see arnavji Casper also like his name....., then we will call this city little puppy Caspar ... And she caressing Caspar's head.....

Caspar mad little sound and It is curled in her hand. Khushi also holds Caspar in her embrace... Arnav Admiring Khushi and Caspar with a smile on his face and but little Jealous with Caspar see her how Khushi giving love to Caspar, but he knows on thing Khushi always his only she belongs to him and She was only born for him not only this life also...

He looks at her and whispers to himself with a smirk on his face "

you are mine only mine khushi.." 


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Jul 14

part 09 (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 33 times)

Today is Saturday, arnav does not go to work, today holiday so he was sleeping on his bed peacefully....,

Khushi wakes up early and get ready and made Casper ready and went down, Nani, mama, mama and Akash and Shyam their Seated on the dining room for morning breakfast and payal and Anjali keeping foods on the dining table. That time Khushi come down with Casper in her hand ... Their saw Khushi and said come to sit with them to have her breakfasts... Khushi comes to them and said, " di Jiji I am sorry for I couldn't come and help you both..."

" don't worried Khushi we know why you come late because you was making Casper ready that's only you late, You will come in the right time on other days, " Anjali said and she kept the Curry bowl down on the table...

" thank you so much di for understand me " and she hugs her tightly with Casper on her hand their squeezed Casper in between the hug, Casper can't bear this squeeze and made sound and try to come out from between the hug. Their felt Casper was trying to come out from the squeezed. Anjali and Khushi quickly broke the hug... Khushi caressing Casper's head and said, " sorry Casper..."

" OK Khushi sit and have your breakfast," said Anjali and pulled the chair for her she sits beside Shyam make her plate ready...

Khushi also pulled her chair and going to sit with Casper on her hand that time she looks around dining table and notices everyone present there but only one person his missing that person no one It's arnavji

Then she asked " di where arnavji... He didn't come from his jogging.....

Shyam drunk water and kept on the table and said: " Khushi don't you know today Saturday so sir is sleeping peacefully..."

" what he still sleeping, I know today Saturday and no works also so everyone staying home, he can also Joined all of us and eat with us na.... " she said and thought something and she said " di wait I will back in sometime " and she runs up to staircase with puppy in her hand 

" Khushi... Wait where you going come here and have your breakfast........ " before Anjali finish her Sentence Khushi run from there to up...

Everyone shook their head and start to have their meal. Their know-how Khushi was crazy No one can say what she will do at any time


Khushi run up with a puppy in her hand now she was standing in front of arnav room she knocked the door and called him but she does not get his reply so she thought to go inside the room she looked Casper and said " come we will go inside and wake him up "

Casper also made a sound like " saying OK" 

Khushi pushed the door and enter inside with Casper in her hand she saw him peacefully on the bed...she took him and said to Casper " look, Casper, how he is sleeping peacefully " and she got idea she quickly whisper in Casper's ear " go Casper go and wake him up " and she bend down and put Casper on the floor that second Khushi put Casper on the floor Casper run to his bed and jump on him start to lick his face his face messed up with saliva, Khushi saw arnav try to open his eyes and she giggling because her Idea work out

Arnav feels on his body some weight and feels some wet on his face and he heard Khushi giggling sound also. He opens his eyes and he gets shocked his eyes are going to widen he saw Casper on his chest and wetting his face with saliva he shouted " WHAT THE "

Khushi brushes out her laugh and catching her stomach and slanted on the wall and laughing when he started to open his eyes that time she control her giggling and stop her giggling when he opens his eyes and looked Casper with shock face like he saw some ghost, couldn't control herself and she brushes out laugh......

Arnav looks aside and saw Khushi slanted on the wall and catching her stomach and laughing. He got to know this idea was her, only her Brain have an idea like this and no one couldn't think an idea like this. Khushi still laughing catching her stomach and try to control her laugh by can't she again brush out to laugh

Armav saw this and took Casper from his chest and kept on the bed and throw his blanket aside and get up and went to Khushi with an angry face

Khushi stop laughing when she saw him coming near to with angry on his face, she gets scared to see him like this she know when he gets angry he will not listen to anyone

Arnav comes near to her and pulled with her from the back of the neck and slammed his lip on her, her eyes are going widen and She did not expect this she didn't know how to react she just stood like a statue. ,he sucking her lip and starts kissing hungrily, then it turns in passionate to wild this kiss making Khushi breathless and her knee was getting weaker she clenches her hand on his collar for support and his hand grip was getting tighter on her waist kiss her like there is no tomorrow then he slowly broke the kiss Their breath for some air and arnav look Khushi red face and her swelling lip he smirked and he said " this is the punishment for you make me wake up like this and laugh at me"

khushi look at him and pouted her lip and touch lip with her Index finger and made cute baby face arnav see this and he bends down and peeked on her lip with his and he asked

" what made you come here" and he caressing cheek and put her hair back which is bother her view

She looked him push said and went near to his bed and took Casper in her hand and said " I and Casper come here to wake up you and I want to have my breakfast with you " and she caressing Casper's head

" you still didn't have your breakfast," he asked

She nods no and said " I said no I want to have my breakfast with you"

" OK you go down and wait for me I will quickly get fresh up and I will join with you, " he said

Khushi nod head and before she leaves the room arnav gave a kiss and he went to the washroom and she left down with Casper......


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Jul 15

part 10 (By Angle_Arshi) (Thanked: 43 times)

He gets fresh up after he came down he directly went to dining table He pulled Chair and sit beside Khushi and he started eating with her, Others sitting in the hall after finish their breakfast. Suddenly a bang on entrance door, which makes them jump from their respective place, Khushi get scared for the sudden door hitting on the wall sound the food choked in her throat She starts to Coughing her eyes are turn to red and get moist arnav to get worried he starts to rub her on back and gave the water glass to her to drink

Arnav asked with worried " Are you OK " she nods her head in yes

Arnav eyes suddenly became a turn to red colour in angry he pushed his chair back and get up in fuming and shout " Who's that idiot "

Khushi also quickly get up from her chair and hold arnav hand tightly to stop him arnav look Khushi and remove her hand from his hand and He was so angry that he went to see who it was Khushi followed him back after a hurry to Casper was in her hand

Everybody came to the entrance door with worried see who is that and the person entered inside It brought happiness and surprise to others but The two were in confusion That's no one else One Khushi and one other Arnav .khushi looked him with the confused face because She did not ever saw him. Arnav look him with angry and confuse he thought what he is doing here

The person started to walk towards the family members with a smile on his face, everyone was happy but there was one person, not happy arnav bitten his teeth with anger and asked " you "

The person shout " Hi everyone " Everyone came to him and surrounded him and started asking him a question like how are you, hen you came like that

Then the person said " wait...wait first everyone takes a deep breath and relaxes I'll answer all of you for all of you questions

Then the person starts to talk " Hi everyone I am fine and I am here to spend my holiday with you all and pls call me NK "

Everyone get confuse hearing this name asked " Nk"

" ys NK short and sweet from my name, " he said with a smile on his face

Then he starts to took mama, mama, Nani from the blessing and hug Akash and Shyam and give side hug to Anjali and give hand sharking with payal and went near to arnav and shout " hi Nannav "

Arnav closes his eyes angry and shouts " Not nannav arnav arnav is my name"

" Oh cool man but I like to call you can nannav " he gets scared seeing his angry then nk saw who Khushi was standing beside arnav with Casper on her hand

" hi, I am nk you..." He asked with a smile on his face

" I am Khushi " she also said with a smile but arnav here don't like Khushi smiling and talking with him

" what you our Khushi. Oh my god when I am going form here that time you so small now you so beautiful like a doll"

Everyone close their eyes tightly and worry about him this innocent soul himself he went and keeping his head on the lion's mouth, their thought and feel sad for him now they nobody couldn't save him anymore from ASR angry

Here arnav eyes became a turn to red colour in angry He shouted in a furious anger " Nkkkkk ....."

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