Arshi - Reawakening

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Jul 11

Part 10 - Finally out (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 72 times)

Part 10- Finally Out

ASR once again jumped from his position in a swift action, pinned the snake to the wall behind.. “Don’t you have any shame at all? How dare you?” he lifted his hand to punch when,

Finally, Anjali seemed to have come to her senses.. She put her hand gently on Arnav. When he turned, Anjali closed her eyes and nodded. ASR backed off, he knew his elder Di wanted to take control. 

Folding her arms across her chest, she signalled with her eyes for him to sit. “Which house do you want to take me to Mr.Jha?“ she spoke slow and calm, throwing him a spiteful look. Shyam shivered thinking this must is the end to his golden docile duck..

“Explain what you are seeing then?” Demanded Anjali. “Why should I not believe them when they have produced all the proof? Or are you trying to say this is all lies... What have you got to say for what has been recorded on Lavanyas phone, right under this roof. She had left the phone in our room, guessing there will be something fishy going on in your head.. is that also made up?”

Knowing there was too many evidences to hide, Shyam decided to say half truth. Bank statements, phone calls, recent photos – not all of them could be proved false..

“Well Rani Sahiba,” he began, but

“Cut it Mr. ... its Anjali. Just Anjali, rather still, don’t even call my name..”

He began again, “Yes I was married to Samira before. We have a son, but we were in the process of separating, when I met you, I was head over heals in love with you.. ” cursing his son who looked just like him. There could be no mistake in the photo.

Akash for the first time spoke, “Yuck, don’t speak about love from your filthy mouth. Love with her money..”

Anjali asked, “Have you legally separated or not”

“Rani sahiba nothing is more important than you. Come with me, I will explain, it is a misunderstanding...” he began again, but realised this Anjali was in deed ASR’s elder sister, when he heard. “Mr.Jha, are you or not”

“But Rani sahiba, I have been through hell with that woman. She used to threaten to take my sons life away. You come I want to sit and clarify everything with you....” he spoke sheepishly in a low voice trying to get up.. 

“Do you honestly think we will let her? Whatever it is, out with it now. Answer Anjali’s question.” Manohar for once was rude and stern..

“Ok ok, Not yet, we had began the divorce process, it was taking too long, then it got stalled.” Shyam told 

Mami came in “Haan why will he do it? Because if he did, he would have to pay for them. Now, he can do what he wants, you didn’t stop going there either, have you? Trying to lead double lives, or more.. “ looking at Khushi.


(Phew...slap again..)

 “How could you do this? I feel disgusted.. Does she know your double standards? Do you have any other affairs that we are not aware of now?? What did Khushi ji threaten you with?” asked Anjali

“Oh not her but her aunt over there. And Khushi ji, do you really trust that middle class girl?” Shyam slyly replied looking at ASR, but 

ASR pounced on him with such force and started bashing him, Shyam fell to the ground with blood liberally coming out of his mouth. “Don’t you say a word, Don’t you dare.” ASR hissed. Akash and Manohar dragged Arnav out.

Akash told his dad, “Papa, I think we should ask the police to take this scumbag immediately. It is enough evidence he tried to kill Khushi’s dad. We can look into all legal issues.  We don’t want this filth in our house any more. Make sure he does not get a bail”

“No you can’t put me in jail for this? I have not done anything.. “  Shyam began his defence. ASR was soon in action again, holding him by his collar,  “Oh yes, that is enough for us, and we will make sure there will be more evidence to keep you in there.“  holding the collar even tight he snarled “Real or false”

Nani commanded, “Chote, don’t get your hands dirty. Let’s leave him to the police” Looking at Shyam sadly, “We did everything possible from our side and you took advantage of our situation? This is what we get for trusting you “


All sat in silence. Pin drop silence. None could speak. The police had come, done their duty and gone.  Somehow all of Anjali’s tears seem to have gone dry. As if there were no more tears. 

It was about nearly half an hour when Buaji got up went to Anjali, “Beti, I am sorry all this happened, trust me, our family does not have anything to do with this.”

Anjali just nodded, she could not say anything, she did not know what to say. Buaji moved to Nani ji and taking both her hands, holding tight she spoke most respectfully, “You have saved our family from all the problems. I was committing a great crime by forcing my parameshwari, and my brothers life was in danger all the while. If you had not told us, we would still be in the dark.. I don’t know if I can ever repay you for this kindness..“

ASR looked away with guilt, while Nani spoke, “Well it was us who put you in all this trouble in the first place, that’s why Devi maiyya gave me this opportunity to at least stop it from happening further more. In fact it is because of you we came to know about all this, if you had not called on that engagement day, all this would have still been a secret...”

Khushi spoke, “Now when I try to think of all this, it all fits, it was only him in the house when my Babuji had an attack. He took him to the hospital. He got all his medicines.. ”  suddenly remembering the recent encounter with the rehab doctor, “He tried to meddle with his medicines as well. He never gave him proper medicines. Did Babuji know anything that he was preventing him from getting well..”  

Without waiting for his answer Khushi continued absentmindedly, “How much he tried to discourage me from coming to RM to work? He knew I should not get friendly with Anjali ji. He always spoke ill of Arnavji and all the Raizadas. But see the destiny.. On my  engagement day, it was Anjali ji who forced me to come. If I had not come to RM that day I would not have gone to temple, or got hurt and Ar..”  she suddenly stopped, looked at Arnav, who was looking at her keenly thinking.. “So she remembers every detail...” 

After a while, Manohar came forward to say to Buaji, “We might come to you for some evidences and proofs, so please oblige. Don’t let him come anywhere near you, call us immediately. We will make sure he rots in jail for long enough though “ finally he concluded with, “Please let us know if you need anything with your brothers treatment. We will be honoured if we can help..” Nani and Akash nodded,...

Akash came forward surprising the family, when Buaji and Khushi got up to leave, “Khushi ji, I will drop you, please come”

Mami came forward and might have probably thrown unwanted dialogues, but Nani’s strict gaze stopped her midway.

Khushi went to Anjali, but not knowing what to do, just held her hand, pressing them tight, she whispered, “Take care Anjali ji”

Khushi hugged Lavanya before leaving, “Thank you Lavanya ji, for calling us and trusting us.” 

Just before she left, she could not stop herself from looking into those sad chocolate brown eyes. He was yearning to get her attention... 


Finally this snake is done and dusted with...

Now so many other aspects to deal with...

Lavanya... Aw... feel sad for her,...

Payal,.... Akash

Khushi... Of course ASR...

Jul 14

Part 11 Normal is it (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 59 times)

Part 11 – Normal! Is it?

“Titaliya, I think we should not say a word about all this to Amma or Payal now.” Shivering with dread, “Hai re Nandkis****, What was I doing? I had sacrificed the whole family by giving shelter to that snake.  I don’t want Shashi’s treatment to be impacted in any way, but again like you mentioned earlier, if Shashi did know about that scoundrel we must tell him that he has been caught. At least he will be in peace while his treatment goes on.”  Buaji told Khushi as soon as Akash had dropped them home and made extra enquiries about Payal...

Snuggling close to her Buaji at night, “Buaji, let us keep to ourselves for now. Can’t explain these things on the phone. Let us see how his treatment goes, I will take a few days off and we can visit them again.  Buaji I feel very bad for Anjali ji. I know they have previously had a very bad past as well, now this....“  She could not stop thinking of the sad chocolate brown eyes. 

Overridden with guilt, Buaji hugged her tight and apologised sincerely. “Please forgive your Buaji titaliya, I was going to spoil your life.” Khushi  hugged her back saying, “As long as Babuji and Devi maiyyas blessings are there, we don’t have to worry”

Next few days saw all the Raizadas get back into their normal duties, with Manohar taking up the legal issues concerned with the snake. With his previous marriage still valid, Anjali’s was considered void, but he was looking into getting as severe a punishment as possible. 

Having constant attention and company, Anjali was getting rather frustrated. She wanted to have some alone time which was quite difficult at Raizada mansion. One issue was bothering everyone. Arnav questioned his Di everyday, “Di, did anyone come to meet you today?” Lavanya quite guessed who he meant, but she dare not say a word..

Khushi kept to herself, she dared not even sleep in  RM’s direction. She  got even busier with her work and seriously contacted all her acquaintances in Lucknow to find something suitable. Even though she had wanted to see  Anjali, it was too much to take in for the poor soul.. Yet she had called and spoken to Anjali, who sincerely thanked Khushi “Khushi ji, if it was not for you, we would have never known the truth. We were all in our bubble which you have come and burst open. I can’t even imagine how terrible it would have been if things had gone further.”

Another soul was also on a guilt trip which was eating him day by day. Every time he saw Lavanya, he tried to avoid her, but for how long could this continue. Mustering all the courage, nearly a week since the upheaval in their lives, “Lavanya, I need to discuss a few issues”

She knew it.. 

One day or the other, it had to come. She was rather surprised it wasn’t any earlier. Though there was no mention of Khushi since the fateful day, it was painful for her to think Khushi still resided in every one’s mind and in one person’s heart, because they consciously avoided speaking about her.

“Yes ASR, go on? What’s bothering you?”

“Lavanya, I don’t know how to say this,.. but it has to be said.. I don’t want to keep you in the dark.. because.. because..”  he hesitated

ASR hesitating in front of a girl..., She let him continue, Lavanya wanted to have a bit of fun.... 

“I am extremely sorry, I feel ashamed to have dragged you this far, but I will not be doing justice if we continue like this. “ he said with his head bent..

“ASR?” she looked at him, concerned but expected him to elaborate.

“Lavanya, You have slowly gained everybody’s trust in this house, we all have a very high opinion of you. You have earned a special place in this house. Especially Nani, who now completely depends on you, thinking you as her own. How much you did for Di, I can never thank you enough. “

Arnav paused to see her reaction, but seeing her still waiting to hear more, he continued,

“Now, coming to what I want to talk, when we got into this arrangement,  you know we both never had marriage on our books. We never wanted to commit to anything. But slowly our thoughts changed, we changed. So many things have happened since then. I am sorry, but somehow I will not be able to do justice for this marriage. I know, I certainly cannot reciprocate the feelings. I should not have proclaimed about marrying, but now if we continue, I will be hurting your feelings, I will be insulting you more. I am ashamed to have got you into this mess, but I don’t know what to do..I dont want to spoil it more by proceeding further”  he spoke soon lest it becomes hard to say to accept his mistakes..

Lavanya thought for a while, “ASR, is this because Di..” but he stopped her with,

“No no Lavanya, it has nothing to do with Di. These thoughts were bugging me even before all this happened, like I said, I wanted to talk to you way before, but Di’s issue came up out of the blues and I was in no mood” he did not want her to have hopes that things would get better with time..

Standing tall to get all the courage, Lavanya spoke quietly, “It’s OK ASR, I was waiting for this, I knew this was coming all along.”

“You knew?” ASR asked very surprised thinking “How come she knows?? And what does she know?”


“Yes ASR, that’s why I tried to go away for a few days to give it some thought, for myself too, but had to come back because Nani wanted me here..”  she explained.

“I know I know, I feel more guilty thinking of all that you have done for this family” ASR spoke honestly feeling very guilty..

She was prepared for this. However sad she was, she would get over it. Yet she wished he had told her the real reason. Thinking “Well what will be will be, “ she cheered herself soon, “It’s ok ASR, you are right, we did enter into this without any thought of committing to anything, and then both just went along with the flow. Well, at least we will be friends I hope..”

Looking here and there, she replied, “I will move out soon, but I will give Di a few days, I don’t want her to think it’s because of her we are breaking...”

He had a lump in his throat. He croaked,  “You don’t know how much you have changed Lavanya, you have gained a higher place in my heart, you will always be my friend. I can’t believe even now you are thinking of  my family..“   he hugged her heartily.

Lavanya hugged him holding back her tears, feeling an empty hollow in her tummy, even though she knew he had never really loved her. Suddenly a question popped into her head “Did I love this man to be my husband?”  Surprised at her own question she consoled, “Of course I must have, what a question to ask? That is why I am feeling sad”

He returned, more peaceful than before. Though he still regretted what had happened, there was relief that things were being set right..


“Bhai, I will finalise the deal with the Murthy, you don’t bother coming” Akash was trying his best to go alone for the meeting. Akash sighed thinking... “I want to speak to Khushi ji, but Bhai will not let me go in peace.. Its nearly two weeks...” 

Little did he know, ASR had his own reasons of course. “No Akash, I will come as well, or better still, I think you can look into the other project, I will manage this... ” Akash coughed... but finally agreed to go with him, lest he might be left behind...

Aman sat back watching. Both the brothers arguing to go to the meeting, “What is the matter.... I think I should go as well now!! “ wondered Aman....  

 (Yay.... Yippe... finally enters our super hero, who saves the day..... yaaahoo...)

There was a hustle and bustle going on at Murthy software. The girls were eager to meet the great ASR. The previous time he had come, being the end of the day, none could catch him, but today all the girls could hardly concentrate with ASR in the conference room giving a presentation.

By now, they knew they did not have to see each other to know they were there. Heart beats went erratic and a cool breeze soothed their nerves bringing with it some unknown peace both yearned for. Khushi made sure she did not get out of the canteen. But how she wished she could see him may be, just once.. 

They sat in the canteen with both their eyes glued to Ansh’s laptop seeing the various therapies offered, time taken, medicines... Khushi sat with the list of medicines Babuji was currently taking and checking what each medicine was given for. 

He was explaining showing the screen “See Khushi, This one here is very important. Make sure all of you have one at all times.....”

“What the..” he exclaimed getting angry. He couldn’t wait any longer and had walked straight into the canteen to get a glimpse of her when he saw them happily looking at whatever it was...  The great ASR has gone to the canteen to see Khushi? And here she is with some unknown guy laughing and giggling.. That is not done for!!

She knew he was there now. Unsure what to do, she sat quite, but knowing him, he would get more angry if he was ignored. Of course she knew he was here to see her. There was an unknown familiarity, similar to that shared by a husband and wife, which each accepted as something very natural between them.  She walked over to him, 

“Namaste Arnav ji..” she quietly whispered looking at him. How she had longed to see him. His heart melt hearing his name from her. Both looked at each other for a few seconds, then accepting her greeting with a gentle nod, he husked “I just wanted some water..  Khushi” She felt her heart gallop a mile a minute..

Taking the glass from her, lingering his fingers on hers for a few seconds extra, he asked “Khushi, how is your Babuji?” 

“He is getting better. How is Anjali ji?” Khushi enquired. “She is fine. Somebody is with her all the time.. May be you should come and visit her” he was surprised at how easily he was conversing with her.

Shocked, she opened her eyes wide while her head was still bent. Was this the same man inviting her, who once threw her out of his house and got into trouble with his sister? Feeling uneasy, she fidgeted with her dupatta, while nodding. “Best not to stir trouble with him again.” She could hear her Buaji’s words which she repeated every morning. She half expected him blame her for all the mishap and wondered why he was being so nice to her..

“Khushi ji. How are you? How is your Babuji?” Akash walked in after waiting for his brother to return. Turning to ASR, “Bhai, you here” he asked surprised.. 

Arnav cut him off with “Akash we should make a move now..”

“Bhai you go ahead, I will catch up soon, I want to talk to Khushi ji” Akash could not stop himself, how long should he have to wait to talk to Payals sister!!

“What the..” however this time he did not say it loud... walked out thinking “Akash, what have you got to discuss with Khushi” 

When Khushi returned home, she heard Buaji talking merrily on the phone, giving details of their next visit. “It is a wonderful place, they told us it is less busy at this time of the year,... No, we haven’t booked the train tickets yet, Haan haan yes she is here, I will check if she has got her extra few days off..” and she raised her eyebrows to ask the question. 

Khushi mouthed  “Who is it..” 

Buaji again asked, “Has your leave been sanctioned?”

“Yes Buaji it has been..!!” Khushi replied thinking of all possibilities as to who it could be. 


Next Part 

“What do you mean all this would not have happened if I had not come in your life”

“Yes everything would have been just fine” 

Jul 16

Part 12 - Journey (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 67 times)

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Here is the next part..

Part 12 - Journey

When Khushi returned home, she heard Buaji talking merrily on the phone, giving details of their next visit. “It is a wonderful place, they told us it is less busy at this time of the year,... No, we haven’t booked the train tickets yet, Haan haan yes she is here, I will check if she has got her extra few days off..” and she raised her eyebrows to ask the question. 

Khushi mouthed  “Who is it..” 

Buaji again asked, “Has your leave been sanctioned?”

“Yes Buaji it has been..!!” Khushi replied thinking of all possibilities as to who it could be. 

“Buaji, how can you agree to go with them. You keep telling me not to get into rich people’s business and now you have agreed?” Khushi truly did not want to go with them, when buaji told her about Nanis call. Try as hard as she could, her heart ached to see Lavanya and Arnav together, with Lavanya trying to cling on to ASR at every given opportunity. The Shyam fisaco had further made her tough, and Khushi did not want to do anything with them. Now she had no qualms about accepting her feeling towards him, but knew it would never be..

“Titaliya, anything Devyani ji asks, I cannot refuse her. Yet I tried, I did say we were not sure when we would go, but she was quite insistent. You know how hard it is to reject when someone requests with so much love. And we will always be grateful to her, if not for her, Nandkis**** knows what would have happened..” 

Khushi still tried her best, “But Buaji, you know I will have to finish work and then we will be going. We should not delay them unnecessarily “ Khushi tried to argue.. only to fall on deaf ears.


He had his own plans brewing in his head.. he had to set the wheel in motion now, it would help everyone in the long run.....

Akash had done a fair job in inspiring the family.. He had researched the place thoroughly. Beautiful scenic place, running next river Gomti. What better place can an city man ask for? Especially for his dear Anjali Di, who was trying to come to terms with what has happened in her life, a change in environment is a welcome break. 

Akash suggested, “Dadi while we are there, Di can look into changing the decor of Sheesh Mahal. Owing to time, you know Bhai had only managed to do a few basic bits” This suggestion backed by his mum sat very well with Nani.

Nani’s long wish to visit the dargah had to be fulfilled. .... of course Akash made sure that was reminded..

It was decided the Raizada’s would visit Lucknow except Mami who preferred to stay back to look after her husband. The family was to stay at Sheesh Mahal and visit Shashi while they were there. Nani made sure Khushi and Buaji hadn’t bought the train tickets and to go with them. 

The family was disappointed Lavanya was not accompanying them. La thought this was the best opportunity to exit when everyone was leaving and keep extending the stay until all were aware of the facts. 

 “Di, I will be gone only for a few days.. I will come back when you are all back” she told Anjali, who, though did not like it, agreed without any arguments. 

Lavanya did not leave the chance to tease her friend Mami quietly, “Mami ji you want the whole house for your self to spend with your husbaaand, hello hai to husbaaand and Bye bye to all”.. Mami opened her mouth, eyes .. “Ms.Kashyap.. that’s bhy(why) I like you,  I have got this chance after 25 years!!” 

Nani however was not convinced with Lavanya. She knew there was more to it than the eye could see and the long chat Lavanya had with Nani had confirmed her fears. Nani was heart broken, but she understood where she was coming from and she definitely couldn’t force these things.. 

Flashback Start

“What is it Bitiya? Are you not happy?” Nani took Lavanya to her room for a chat. 

Lavanya had approached Nani cautiously not to disclose anything as of now.... However, seeing the love and affection she received from Nani, she could not keep her in the dark.

“What are you saying bitiya? How can Chote do that? ” Nani was devastated to hear the story of their breakup.

“Nani ji, it is not just him. I know you will think I am saying this to cover him, but I too have thought about this thoroughly and what he said makes sense. You might find it hard to believe, but when Khushi was telling me about all the husband stuff and all that, it was nice to fantasize and imagine, but to imagine ASR  in that role, now when I think about it,  I myself am not sure. I know you must be thinking my character is deela... but when he also does not have those feelings, it is not right for both of us.”  She told what was in her heart honestly. 

Though Nani was sad that her Chote was being rejected, she knew if both did not share those feeling, the union would be futile. Both wouldn’t be happy. This again brought her to the question, “Will my chote ever find anyone whom he would love? “

Lavanya could not hold, “Nani ji if I tell you that he does love someone, would you believe me? I am pretty sure, but I don’t know what’s holding him, why he is denying those feelings, he is not ready to accept it and take it further..”

“Sachi (Really) is that why?? “, she was happy about it, but again, thinking for a while she grew angry, “If that was the case, why did he have to bring you here, and make you go through all our tests and agree to marry?”

“Oh Nani I will never regret spending my time in this house. The best experience in my life. Nani lets be happy it ended early on without much complication..  he will one day get married, because she is the only who can bend your Chote, so just wait..” Lavanya consoled.. what surprised Lavanya was she did not feel any bitterness while speaking about Khushi. Though she had initially taken it with a pinch of salt, when she thought about it, she was fine with it..

“Who is that girl?” Nani looked like a  stern and strict teacher.. she did not want a modern bahu who would have to be trained again!!

Guessing her gussa (anger) Lavanya consoled, “You will not have to worry about her at all. You all know her. Now don’t ask me anything.. Nani ji keep in touch with me, I will keep giving you clues.. but you might find out soon enough..“ and she winked at Nani..

Nani, looking surprised, laughed at her chirpiness and blessed her whole heartedly while thinking who this new breaking her head thinking over who the girl could be..

Flashback End

“No I will not come with you. Buaji will not leave me and go” Khushi was arguing with Arnav who had come to Lakshmi nagar to pick her. She did not want to be a third wheel.

Sitting at Gupta house, trying to convince her, Arnav was running out of his patience, but tried to be as calm as possible. “Khushi, they waited for you, Nani told me they tried your number quite a few times but it was switched off. In fact even I did not know I was to pick you, I thought you had gone with them. I was in a meeting and it was already decided I would join them later. Only before I left my office Nani called to say I had to pick you..”

“How can buaji do that, “ Khushi was literally in tears now.. when Happy ji came to the door..

“Khushi ji.. Namaste. Sorry I had gone out and got delayed by traffic. Buaji told me to tell you that you are to come with Arnav baba. “ looking doubtfully at ASR Happy ji repeated Buajis words like a parrot.

  “She tried calling you.. and yes, she has taken all the luggage..” 

“Khushi I will wait for you in the car.. “ Arnav walked out with looking back.

By now Khushi was quite upset. Getting ready to go, muttering to herself, “Hey Devi Maiyya.. Why? Do you not like me? Why do you hate me so much? What should I do now? Go with him of all people? Why did they have to have a meeting today itself in the office“ she made her way to his car, after talking to Buaji on Anjali’s phone..

But what awaited her next took her breath away.. ready to take off, at the helipad, stood ASR’s chopper.. 

Khushi stood astounded. Eyes wide open. She pinched herself and pouted when it hurt. No it wasn’t a dream. She had heard loads of stories how it would be when an aeroplane takes off, how the tummy tumbles.. But she was not ready for this. 

She looked at Arnav who was watching her ever so keenly, savouring her every expression, image which would go deep down into his heart never to be forgotten.  

Closing her mouth, looking at Arnav, she exclaimed, “Arnav ji?” when he smiled as if it was no big issue. He put his hand forward to let her in, but Khushi stepped back, stammering to herself, “H H how can I?  I I am not sure?” She stood thinking for a while.  As if she had found a solution, she spoke loudly, “Wait a minute, Where is Lavanya ji? “ 

Arnav’s face was withdrawn suddenly. Did she have to mention Lavanya now? He too was not prepared for this, but when he found out he had to bring her along with him, his heart did miss a beat for this fortunate opportunity. Just the thought of spending time with her was heart warming, he did not want to feel guilty about Lavanya. Nevertheless he realised she had no clue about his break up. 

“She has gone to London” he muttered, trying to avoid her eyes

“What? London? Why? When? how?” Khushi could not hold herself and blurted all the questions that popped into her head.

Again giving her his hand, “Khushi, if we can start, we will reach there soon just by the time they reach.. and I will have enough time to answer all your questions..” 

“But I thought she was also coming, that’s why I agreed. How can just the two of us go?” Khushi asked innocently..

Arnav raised his eyebrows, slowly folding his arms on his chest, “Khushi I have lost count how many times you have come with me in my car, what is the big deal about this? In fact I offered Di and Nani to come as well, but they wanted to drive down..”  going extra husky on his voice, “and Khushi, yes it was just the two of us in the car all the time, and it was again just the two of us when we went to Nanital. You forgot? Or do you want me to remind.. ”

Khushi went red with embarrassment thinking of all that they had shared. She also got annoyed at his behaviour. How could he talk to her like this when his fiancee was not present. After enjoying her restlessness, he asked, “Shall we go now, don’t worry there is the pilot?”

“Devi Maiyya, I better not pray to you. You don’t seem to help me at all, I had better ask Nandkis**** to help me... Hai re NandKis****.. please help favourite devotees sanka devi. Next time, I will remember to give you 1 kilo of jilebies ”, without bothering to take his hand, Khushi settled herself. 

“I will be promised enough entertainment in the journey,” he thought and settled down.

As much as he tried to make her comfortable, Khushi was tensed at the start, but soon forgot everything in amazement when Arnav distracted her with the famous land marks of Delhi and later Lucknow, which she thoroughly enjoyed like a little girl.. 

It was only when they were driving to her place, Gomti sadan, with Khushi leading the way, she realised how much she enjoyed the journey, but felt guilty she had enjoyed with him. “I thought he would be angry with me about Shyam or something, but he has not spoken or said anything about it.. Hey devi maiyya, what awaits me.. please save me, and my family” remembering she had to ask about Lavanya, 

“Arnav ji, you did not tell me why Lavanya ji went to London. Is everything ok. Her parents?” Khushi waited for him to continue.

“There is no problem, her parents are fine, we decided to breakup and she went to London” he mentioned so casually Khushi was jolted. She thought “How can he be so cool, that’s it.. so easy to break up.. I must be hearing things” shaking her head, unsure as to what it meant exactly..

“Arnav ji, when will she return, when will the engagement be and we“ she couldn’t muster enough courage to say wedding..

“No wedding Khushi, we broke up” he continued again too casual for her liking..

Despite the fact there was a a sigh of relief hearing the news, she was enraged thinking if this was similar to when La had previously walked out and Khushi had to convince both of them.


“I finished my work at RM when Nani ji agreed to the marriage. I honestly don’t intend to convince both of you like last time because I am not returning back and I have learnt my lesson. Do you even know what you are saying? What all she had to go through to be able become a daughter in law of your house?”

He let her vent out all her frustration. Since every one was scared of his outbursts, nobody ever told him anything he did not like and it felt good to hear someone shouting at him. 

She hadn’t finished yet. Remembering diwali day, the painful day when he had agreed for marriage Khushi sadly told “After promising in front of all the guests that you would marry her, you now coolly say ‘broke off’? Poor Lavanya ji? You do this again and again and again don’t you? When you are angry you don’t know what you do or say. You don’t seem to bother about others feelings ” 

Seeing Khushi was taken back to that day, he whispered, “Khushi.. its not like that”

But she would not listen, she had had enough.. “No I don’t want to know like what? May be it is ok in your high society. May be it is ok for people with money. Now I realise how true it is when you said in this same city, ‘I write my own destiny’ but you should have said ‘I write mine, yours and others destiny as well‘. If you hadn’t come into my life like that, all this would have never happened.. ‘” she went quiet thinking of all the repercussions.. 

He was broken. He knew she was returning all the insults about class and money he had previously hurled at her. How she must have felt when he had said them, but today he wanted her to let all the steam out

“What do you mean all this would not have happened if I had not come in your life”

“Yes everything would have been just fine. I would still be here, happily running around in  Lucknow carefree, my jiji probably happily married by now, and most important, my Babuji still hale and healthy. Agreed, I came and spoiled your show, but what punishment for that one mistake? And my family endured all that for an orphan girl without saying a single word. You could have taken my life away that day. Just one act of yours done without thinking, in anger, with pride, arrogance. If you hadn’t shown that video, I would not have been ill-treated and molested here in the streets of Lucknow, Shyam would not have come to my rescue. We would not have moved to Delhi. I will always be grateful for that act of his, whatever his intentions.” she had stopped, thinking of all that happened after..

He sat numb after knowing the real impact of his deeds. In his attempt to push her away her had not heard her side of the story until now. He did not want to think what would have happened if Shyam hadn’t come. Soon, his thoughts went to Anjali and wondered at his words, “I write my destiny”. He felt depressed. This girl could show him his face like a mirror just as it was, whether he liked it or not and he had tried to break the mirror every time. He wanted to set things right now. 

She knew the subject had moved away from reprimanding for breaking up with Lavanya, but she did not regret what was said and she was no longer in a mood to preach him about love and marriage, thinking “if they have broken up, fine, what can I do? Let them patch up. I can’t be convincing both of them each time they fight. I can’t be patching them after they are mar... “   she left it there..

No more words exchanged. Both sat silent through the journey in their own thoughts. When it was time to go, before she opened the door, Arnav stopped her, “Khushi.”

Khushi stopped giving him a disinterested look. Arnav smiled a genuine smile and said “Thank you”

Her eyes shot up, ears alert, Khushi looked, confused and shocked. After telling him off, giving a big lecture for a long time, this is what she gets? 


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Part 13 - Solutions (By Mimima1) (Thanked: 47 times)

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Part 13 – Solutions 

“Akash? “ Payal was at her tethers seeing Akash walk into the rehab centre looking for, oh of course..

The Raizada family, after relaxing had gone about finishing the impending duties they had come for. Starting early, Nani took all her grand children to the family temple and later her long wish to visit the Dargah was fulfilled. 

Seeing the over enthusiastic Akash, Anjali teased, “Akash how come you know so much about this place?” She was feeling a lot better in her hometown. Though it brought back painful memories, it still  had her childhood memories, her loving mum. You simply cannot forget the place where you spent the first 18 years of your life.

Giving her a stern look, “Di, I think you should wait here while I confirm this is the right place.” And he was gone to look for the Guptas.

Arnav seconded “Yes di, that’s right, Nani, and you stay here”. Getting bored after waiting for a few seconds, “I will see if I can find Khushi”  and left the ladies to take rest.

Payal was surprised “Akash, What are you doing here Akash? Have you come all the way, or am I dreaming?” 

However Akash did not hear much of what she said. He was so happy seeing her after so many days. He spoke dreamily.. “Dreams.... yes I am dreaming everyday Payal.. Is it the case with you too?”

Payal went red seeing him flirt, the cheek of him, even though she was happy to see him, trying to get angry, she spoke rather grumpily, “Akash? Honestly you have come here to say this? Did we not talk that day, I don’t want to talk about marriage and I have other responsibilities, let’s give it a br..” but she stopped abruptly when she saw they had an audience.

Arnav looked at them, gaping. He didn’t know Akash and Payal knew each other. When had they met? Definitely they were not talking like strangers and what is Payal on about, what marriage?


As soon as Akash saw his brother, “Bhai, this is the right place,” and turning to Payal, “Payal, Di and Nani are in the car.” 

Now Payal got a bit worried and the first thought that came to her mind was “Have they come here with regards to a marriage proposal? Last time he had come with Anjali.”

Looking at Akash, she spoke or rather whispered, “Akash, what’s happening? Why are they all here.” The familiarity with which they spoke, how she was arguing before, and now whispering, Arnav felt uncomfortable as if he was entering the personal space of a couple. He was unwanted there at that moment of time.

“Payal, They are here to meet your Babuji. To know how his treatment is going on. Have you met Khushi yet? Has she spoken to you?” Akash was surprised she did not know anything.

“Oh, Why, they came yesterday but there were a few things she had to sort out in Lucknow before coming here. So Khushi and Buaji have just come, only a few minutes ago. They are with Babuji and Amma” Payal explained. She felt as if there was something she was supposed to know. However, with Arnav looking at them in a daze, she knew she could not talk much now.

“Call Anjali ji and Nani ji, let them come and meet Babuji” Payal told Akash. 

Arnav was soon to react and said, “Akash you stay, I will get them” with Akash immediately replying “Thanks Bhai..” 

He was very much tempted to strike back at Payal for talking to his brother with such lenience , but it was too much of a shock to strike so soon. The fact still bugged him, “How do they know each other. And Akash didn’t want me there..” It saddened to think his younger brother was trying to get rid of him.


No sooner was he gone, Payal angrily turned to Akash and hissed, “AKASH? Why are they here?”

“Payal, where is Khushi? We thought she would be here first thing in the morning to see her Babuji.” Raising his shoulders and making a bored face, “Has she also been visiting all the temples, dargah, like us since morning? Do you know any we could visit, tell them to Nani and Di..”   

“Well I told you they had work in Lucknow, no not visiting temples, but finalizing some business for us”. Realising he was making fun of his Di, Nani, and giving him angry glares Payal questioned, “Now what is happening? Why have you all come this far?“ 

But her questions were unanswered when Khushi came around and stood surprised. “Akash ji. You? “ and saw behind him, leading Nani and Anjali, her laad governor who seemed to look much smarter, sporting a slight smile on his face.. She flushed, reminded of his departing smile last night.  

“Anajli ji, Nani ji? Have you come to see Babuji? Buaji and I have just come.“ Khushi remarked guessing they had come to see Babuji. 

“Namaste Khushi ji. How are you? How is your Babuji? Sorry we had to leave you and come last night.” Anjali apologised, 

“No worries Anjali ji, just that I wasn’t prepared. Babuji is doing well. Please come” She replied looking at ASR who made a face to say, “What could I do? Even I did not know?” 

Shashi had only just returned from his long morning exercise session and was happy to see his daughter and sister.  Khushi and Buaji were very impressed with the progress Shashi was making. His only previous movement was when he had blessed Khushi by placing his hand on her hand on her cancelled engagement day, since then there was some noticeable change, though there was still a long way to go for him.

Akash and Arnav stayed outside their small cottage, while Anjali and Nani went to meet. As soon as he saw Anjali, Shashi recognised. She was the same women whom he had seen at the temple with the snake. Staring at her, he immediately raised his hand slowly pointing at Anjali he repeated in his slurred speach, “Yeh, yeh yeh (she she she)” which almost sounded ‘ya ya ya”

Payal and Garima came running to him, 

“Babuji you want something?” Payal asked concerned. But Shashi kept pointing at Anjali and repeating “yeh yeh yeh” 

Garima told Khushi, “Khushi bitiya go get the doctor. Now..” and Khushi ran out. Listening to the commotion inside, Arnav and Akash peeped inside. Anjali was by now feeling very awkward and apologised. She did not know what to do. They were all relieved when Khushi came back running with  the doctor. 

Dr.Kiran noticed Shashi’s behaviour and sat next to him patting his back. Shashi had not taken his eyes off Anjali. Holding his hand gently, “Do you know her? Do you want to say something to her?” to which Shashi nodded positively.

“Don’t worry, she will not go anywhere. We will help you” the doctor calmed him, but Shashi was still agitated turning his head from left to right feeling helpless. This was his only chance to expose that creep and he did not want to let go of it.

By now the Raizadas were concerned too, while the Guptas watched anxiously. Turning to Anjali, the doc asked, “Beta, do you know him?”

Anjali almost literally in tears for causing this commotion nodded negatively, "No doctor, this is the first time I am seeing him”

By now Shashi was looking at Anjali and then at Khushi. Watching silently, having a wild guess, Buaji came forward and asked Shashi, “Is it about Shyam?” 

Shashi looked at his sister, extreme shock written on his face. Did his sister know everything. He nodded, still looking at his sister surprisingly. Buaji and Khushi looked at each other. Soon the Raizadas realised Shashi knows about Shyam but cannot talk.. The doctor, after assessing the situation, told Anjali, “May be you remind him of something. Let him settle down, I will give him some medicine.”

“No Doctor, let him be, he will settle down. I think we know what the problem is” Buaji spoke to the doctor. Turning to Shashi, “Don’t worry, we know all about Shyam, he is in jail now. We were thinking whether to tell you, but it is not new to you. It is us who were in the dark.” 

Shashi breathed a sigh of relief. He looked up thanking his devi maiyya. What a consolation to the ailing man. Garima and Payal both exclaimed, “Can anyone tell us what is happening? What has Shyam got to do with this? Why is he in jail?”

Buaji now proceeded to introduce the Raizadas to Garima and Shashi. Once done, she started recounting the history. Payal and Garima were clueless, but both sat in a daze as the events unfolded. Tears rolling all the while, Shashi was nodding. Now it made sense to them why the Raizadas had taken all the effort to visit Shashi.

Once done, all sat in silence. Garima went over to Khushi and apologised, “What blunder we were going to commit. What face would I show my sister? Hey Bhagvan, Khusi, please forgive your maasi, I have failed to look after you properly.”

Khushi glared at her and hugged saying “AMMA” which was obviously understood. 

Astonished, Arnav looked at Khushi. He remembered she had mentioned about being an orphan even yesterday, now he understood. He  felt more guilt and regret wash over him thinking of how he had treated her.

Payal held Khushi’s hand tight, reassuring that everything will be alright from now on. She surprised everyone when she hugged Anjali. Of course she had not forgotten they were friends!! And this lady was more affected than anyone else now.

It took some time for the rest of the party to settle down and get back to normalcy while Payal and Khushi prepared some tea for the guests.

Arnav slowly walked towards Shashi, holding his hand, looking into his eyes, spoke very politely,

“Uncle, my one mistake has made your family suffer do much, I can’t even imagine how you must have all gone through it. Please forgive me. My lack of faith in life has made me very tough to the outside world. I didn’t trust anybody. I didn’t think of your family’s honour when I telecast those videos.. please forgive me..” Shashi kept nodding while remembering all events and the stories his sister had told. 

Khushi came around the kitchen door shocked to see Arnav Singh Raizada apologising to her dad on his knees. Though she had told him off yesterday, she wasn’t happy to see him bend his head down. But yes she was happy to have unloaded her weight yesterday. How many times had this man reminded her status and said, “I don’t have to say sorry to you.” Even though she knew he used to be hurt after seeing her hurt, he never accepted any mistakes. But after Diwali, she had lost all faith. She was reminded of his words, “Don’t think a rich man was holding it to his heart, it does not mean anything to me” and as another blow the Shyam fiasco happened soon afterwards making her even more tough.

Anjali, Nani and Akash were no less surprised. He never apologised to them too, though he always made it up with his actions later. Now he was asking for forgiveness from a stranger.  It didn’t stop there though, he carried on,

“Uncle, if it was not for me, I don’t think you would have been in this position. So please let me bear all the cost of your treatment, it will give me some peace. Please accept..” He was sincerely apologising and now Nani and the other Raizada’s nodded in approval.

“Hai re Nand kis****, you don’t have to worry bitwa. When he has two shernis (Tigresses) he will not accept.  Nandkis**** ki jai, now everything will be alright. We need not worry, a few days more and the girls also will be together helping each other. “ Buaji commented.

“Oh is Payal going to come to Delhi as well?” asked Anjali quite happy,

“No bitiya, we will all be coming back to Lucknow, that’s why we were late in coming here today. My sanka devi has been slogging day and night to get all this sorted. She will finish in dilli, may be two more weeks and come and start here.” Buaji replied 

Akash and Arnav both echoed, “What?”. They soon quietened down when they got strange stares from Gupta’s and other Raizada’s, with Akash looking at Arnav and visa versa. Soon Akash hissed a quiet “ouch”. Nani wondered what the matter when she noticed Anjali pinching behind his shoulders.

“What is the plan Madhumathi ji?” asked Nani very politely.

“We will be renting a house along with a small garage where Khushi will start our normal sweet business. That girl has seen a lot in the last few days and she has become very brave. Now she says she is confident to start on her own. Because people know us, we are trusting Nandkis**** to help us. Of course Payal and I will be there to help her. She wants it to be just like her Babuji’s shop.” Buaji was telling them their plans unaware that two gentleman were having trouble breathing with every detail she gave.

Nani spoke, “That is good Madhumathi ji, but let us do our part. If it wasn’t for your Khushi, we would still be in the dark. As it is we were in the dark for three years. If Khushi hadn’t come in our lives, I dread to imagine what that scoundrel would have done. Please let us bear the cost of his treatment. From what we saw today, I am sure he is in this condition only because of that snake“ 

Buaji suggested, “I don’t think the girls will like it. Let them do their job, but if there is anything, we know where to get help. I will definitely come to you. It was all because of my blind faith in that bugger”

All agreed to the above suggestion, but Arnav was quite adamant and he wanted to get a detailed information of the treatment and they agreed to set up an appointment with the doctor before they left.. 


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“No, you will do no such thing, don’t you dare speak to them.”

“Common, for how long, please I have to, let me..”

“What the... What is going on here”

“Hey Devi maiyya!! “

Who are these people speaking??? 

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