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Jun 20

SAATH HOON TERE (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 66 times)


ACP Arnav Singh Raizada walked trough the corridor of his office with elegance. He is one of the most talented officer in the entire department. 100% success in each case, especially the mysterious ones. He never cared about the money nor the power. That’s why he gets transfers more often.

Arnav sighed. Once again he gets a transfer because of arresting one of the political leader. It’s his 13th transfer in the two years of service. But his wife Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada never complained about that. Rather she encouraged him to follow the truth. Arnav smiled at the thought of his wife.

With that smile he enters his office, or new office. All of them welcomed him and one man comes with a bouquet of flowers.

He salute him. "Welcome sir. I’m Inspector Aman Mathur."

Arnav gives him a curt nod and asked him to follow him to the cabin.

When he is settled finally Arnav asked the case records of the cases that didn’t completed yet. And immersed in the work.

Aman comes with a file. "Sir this is the most controversial case in the entire department".

Arnav become alert and starts reading the file more carefully.

It’s about a sadistic murderer who killed more than 18 people in one year. He killed 10 men and 8 women. Only two woman’s body was found. The autopsy report states that they were raped before killing. Nothing is known about the killer.

Arnav turn over the next page which contains the details of the people murdered. As he skip through the files he sees that all of the victims name start with the letter K. 

Arnav finds it strange and asked Aman."Is there any sign regarding the culprit at the place".

 Aman nodded." yes sir. Whenever he kills a person he wrote K with blood on a paper and sends it to their house. Before their kidnapping also he sends a teddy bear with k written on it."

Arnav closed his eyes and leaned on the chair thinking. So the criminal has some connection with k. It is going to be very difficult. None of the details is available about the criminal except the k factor.

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Jun 24

Chapter one: His Love (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 98 times)

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 Arnav once again read the file closely. He checked their profile and noted that all of them were youngsters to be precise less than twenty five yrs old. He closed his eyes thinking. This cannot be a random selection. There is some mystery behind it.

He calls for aman.

Aman come inside and salutes him. "Yes sir".

Arnav nodes at him. "Arrange meeting with the victims relatives. I need to meet each of them personally. This is not just a random selection aman. There is more to it".

Aman looked at him confusedly." But how sir. There is no relation between the victims". He said doubting.

Arnav sighed." May be they are not related by blood. But there is something which connects them to the killer. We need to find that. Then only we can catch the killer.".

Aman nodes his head." yes sir. I will arrange the meeting as soon as possible". Aman left from there leaving Arnav once again in his thoughts.


Khushi is preparing kheer for her husband happily." Today is his first day in office, or new office". She chuckled at the thought.

She turns off the stove and smells the aroma of the kheer." Arrey wah Khushi you are great. Arnavji will be gone today by the magic of your hands". She giggled to herself.

She quickly clean the kitchen and serves the kheer in a bowl glancing at the clock.

"Hey devi mayya,it’s 6 now. Arnavji said that he will come by 5. Where is he". She gets worried and picked her phone.

"Shall i call him". Then shakes her head negatively." Khushi he must be in some important work. Let’s wait for some more time". She sat on the hall looking at the clock and door time to time.

Suddenly she hears the door bell. She smiled and rushed to open the door. As she opens the door Arnav enters tired.

"Why are you late Arnavji". She asked immediately.

But arnav who was in deep thoughts didn’t hear her. He walked still thinking about the killer.

Khushi frowned at his weird behavior and shakes him. He jerked out of his thoughts to see a worried khushi." What happend Arnavji. Why are you lost". She asked cupping his cheek.

"Huh.." Arnav is shocked for one moment. But he quickly composed him and held her hand. "Nothing Khushi. just work tension. You don’t need to worry".

Khushi nodes her head confusedly. She had never seen him this much tensed.

Arnav changed to his night dress. And sat on the chair thinking about the mystery. There is some connection between the murders. If he kills the persons randomly what is he doing with the bodies. Only two bodies were found but that too exactly after the 60th day of their murder. But the bodies didn’t decayed as it was kept safe in some solutions which prevents the decaying. All of this is confusing. He closed his frustrated.

Khushi enters the room to find her husband deeply engrossed in thoughts. She sighed." Here I prepared his favorite kheer. But he didn’t care about that". she kept the kheer on the table and sat on his lap startling him. She circled her arms around his neck. "What are you doing ACP sir." She asked angrily.

Arnav chuckled seeing the angry pout of his wife. Whenever she gets angry at him she calls him ACP sir. He engulfed her in a hug. "Nothing jaan. One mysterious case happend. Just tensed about that".

Khushi rubbed his back." Don’t worry. I know my Arnavji is intelligent. So you will surely catch the culprit".

Arnav smiled and hugged her tightly. Suddenly khushi remembers about the kheer.

She hits her forehead cursing herself and quickly withdraws from the hug making him frown. But that frown soon disappears seeing his favorite kheer. Khushi starts to feed him still sitting on his lap.

Arnav looked at the love of his life. She is the who supported him in his each decision and had an immense faith on him. She is the reason for his existence.

At mid night

Both arnav and khushi is in deep sllep. Suddenly arnav’s mobile rang making both of them stir in their sleep. Arnav quickly pickedup the call don’t want to disturb the sleep of khushi.

"ACP Arnav Singh Raizada here". He said in a low voice.

"Sir. It’s  inspector Aman here. One more body is found". Arnav opens his eyes wide. "I will be there."

He cuts the call and looked at his sleeping angel. "Khushi" he shakes her a little.

"Hmm.......".she snuggled close to him.

"Khushi mujhe jaana hai". He once again shakes her shoulder. Pouting she opened her eyes.

Arnav cupped her cheek." One inspector called me. there is a murder case. I need to leave OK".

Khushi nodes her head sadly. Arnav kissed her forehead." Don’t worry I will be back soon".

He lulled her back to sleep and started to get ready.


Arnav arrives at the location. The place is already crowded with the people. Aman comes to him running." Sir this time it’s the body of a man. He was kidnapped just 60 days ago".

Arnav nodes his head and walked near the body. This body is also the same as the previous ones. Arnav closely observes the body then it’s strike him. There is no blood in the body. There is teeth mark near the neck. But only two deep marks. Which states that it’s not the teeth of man. Arnav rubbed his forehead.

Aman who comes after Arnav also notices the teeth mark. He gasped loud." Sir is the killer a ghost or vampire". He said fearfully.

Arnav looked at him are you in this planet expression. "What rubbish. There is no such thing exist". He gives him a sarcastic glare and turns back to the body.

Suddenly it strikes his mind. Making him smirk. "Thanks Aman you just give the hint about the culprit". He patted his shoulder.

Aman nodded confusedly." Ji.. sir."

Jun 28

Note...... (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 30 times)

I'm sorry guys. I know that I was not updating my stories frequently these days. and you guys are disappointed with the fact. I was tensed about my exams and that affected my health. That's why I'm not able to update these days. But from tomorrow onward I will try to update at least more than two stories in day.Thank you all.

Jun 29

Chapter Two: First Clue (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 89 times)

Arnav continued his examination while Aman looked at him fearfully." Oh GOD. Is it really a vampire". He gasped. "No Aman. Don’t think like that. That’s not possible". He closed his eyes tightly and started praying." Please help me. GOD...".

Arnav looked at his frightened form weirdly."Aman" .He shouted.

Aman jerked from his thoughts. "Yes sir.."

"Send this body for the remaining procedures call me after that." Arnav ordered him and walked towards his car.

Aman looked at him a bit terrified. When he walked away Aman rushed behind him." Sir..."

Arnav stopped in his tracks and turns back. Aman asked fearfully. "Is hat really a vampire sir..."

Arnav rolled his eyes." In which century you are living Aman. How did you manage this job so far". He said sarcastically and went from there.

Arnav walked inside his office and started making a chart with the hints about the killer. He was busy in this task that he forgot about the time. The ring of his mobile breaks his thoughts.

When he looked at the caller id he slaps his forehead." You will be gone Arnav". He attend it immediately. "Haan Khushi.."

Khushi’s worried voice reached from the other side. "Where are you Arnavji. You said that you will come soon. It’s almost noon now. where are you".

Arnav closed his eyes and cursed himself for being irresponsible." I’m sorry khushi. one serious case arrived. So I can’t come now. you just eat your food OK. Don’t wait for me".

"But Arnavji". Khushi said sadly.

"I’m sorry jaan. It’s such an emergency. That’s why. Please understand". He apologized feeling bad for making her upset.

Khushi sighed. "Hmm . it’s OK. But come early in the evening".

Arnav smiled and said." Definitely jaan. Now I need to go. Bye. Take care". He ended the call and concentrate on his mission.

Once again his phone ringed. This time with Aman’s number. "Yes Aman."

" Sir the procedures are completed and the doctors are waiting for you". Aman informed him.

"I will be there". He immediately starts to the hospital.

He reached the hospital in no time. Aman escorted him to the senior doctor.

"May I come in doctor". Arnav knocked the door.

"Sure sir. Please take your seat". Doctor welcomed him.

As soon as he settled Arnav asked his doubts." Doctor I need some answers to my questions." Doctor nodded at him." When I found the body I feel that there is no blood in the body and there is two teeth marks on the neck. But I don’t think that it is done by original teeth. Because the mark seems to be very deep". Arnav explained his doubts.

Doctor nodded in approval." You are saying the right thing sir. Blood is sucked out of the body before or just after his death. He was dead by more than 50 days now. but his body is not decayed. It was kept in the same way if we embalm the body. And about the teeth mark. That is not an exact teeth mark. Two sharp objects were induced to his vein for sucking the blood out of his body. By analyzing the body I can clearly say that the murderer have great knowledge in medical science".

Arnav shakes his hands with the doctor. "Thank you so much doctor".

"My pleasure sir." Doctor smiled.

Arnav calls Aman to his cabin. Aman comes inside knocking.

"Did you arrange a meeting with the victims relatives". He asked Aman.

"Sir, only few people are ready for the meeting, they will come at tomorrow morning. The rest of them are scared". Aman replied hesitantly.

Arnav nodded slightly disappointed." Hmmm. Let’s try to find some clues from them. If not then we need to question every one".

"Yes sir". Aman salutes him once again and left. Arnav lied back on the chair with his thoughts.


He enters his house with the spare key. He looked around to find his angry wife. But turns disappointed. "Hmm so madamji is really angry". He walked inside their bedroom to see a frustrated and angry Khushi standing there.

When she sees Arnav she turns to the other side angrily and crossed her arms. Arnav chuckled at her childish antics and hugs her from behind. Khushi starts to wriggle in his arms. But he tightened his hold. "I’m sorry jaan". He whispered in her ear. Finally after some time Khushi stopped struggling and sighed.

Arnav knows that now her anger is reduced. So he used this perfect time to make her happy. He withdraws from the hug making her frown. But she remained silent.

He turns her around and show her the movie pass he brought for her. her face lit up with a bright smile. She hugged him tightly. "Wow Arnavji...we are going to watch Jurassic world". Arnav sighed. "After all I married a child. Who is still crazy about such movies". She smacked his chest making him yelp. And then laughed with her.

At the Theatre.

Khushi is deeply engrossed in the movie while Arnav is lost in her expressions. After some time Khushi feels his gaze on her. she turns to find a lost Arnav. She blushed deeply seeing his intense stare. She shakes his shoulder makes him fall from his dreamland.

"What is this Arnavji. From our first meeting whenever we are in a theater you are looking at my face. If you don’t like the movie why are you here". She asked shyly.

Arnav chuckled at his innocent Khushi’s thoughts." Every theater will bring back the memory of our love life. Don’t you remember." He asked huskily remembering their past.


Arnav walked inside the theater with his best friend Rahul. Both of them attended the Civil Service Exam and is now waiting for the results. Both of them enjoyed their free time. As the movie starts Arnav heard a sweet giggle beside him. He turns his face only for his breath to stuck. He had never seen someone beautiful as her. her smile captivated him. He keeps looking at her smiling face. The movie is long forgotten.

After some time she also sensed someone is staring at her. she looks to find a lost Arnav. She chuckled seeing his dreamy look and raised her eyebrow. Arnav smiled at her sheepishly for being caught. She laughed at his expression making him embarrassed. From that day she captured his mind.

Flashback ends.

Khushi blushed and leaned her head on his shoulder hugging him sideways." How can I forget that budhu expression on your face". She giggled hearing his famous "what the" in reply.  


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Jul 5

Chapter Three: Young Killer......... (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 80 times)

Aman knocked Arnav’s cabin." May I come in sir."

Arnav nodes his head." Yes Aman". Aman enters and salutes him. "Sir the relatives of some victims arrived." He informed Arnav.

Arnav walked with Aman." Sir they are the relatives of the people whose body was found earlier". Aman said.

Arnav nodes his head and enters the room. They stands in fear seeing Arnav. From there face it is clearly visible that they are scared and is in deep pain. Arnav asked them to take their seats.

He starts," I asked all of you to come here because i need some valuable information about the culprit. The report only starts after the kidnap. I need the information before their kidnap".He said coming straight to the point.

They nodes their head and answered his questions. He asked them about the connections and the behavior of the people. At the end he finds that all the victims were very innocent people. All of them are religious people who believes in the god immensely. They are not connected to each other in any other way.

He then asked about anything strange happend before their kidnap. But they don’t know anything like that. they just received a teddy bear before the kidnap and a letter with blood after the kidnap, which they already informed the officials. Arnav sighed.

"Thank you for your corporation. For now you guys can go. I will contact you if I need your assistance". He walks out of the room followed by Aman.

Suddenly his phone rings." ACP Arnav Singh Raizada here" he picked up the phone.

"’s inspector Manoj here. The body of another kidnapped one had founded in the woods". The voice said from the other end.

Arnav immediately rushed to the place with aman.


Arnav examine the body. The condition was same like the other ones. Which states that the killer is the same one. this time it was a woman. He closely looked at the body for evidence. He knows that she too must have been raped before killing like the other woman. Suddenly he sees something stuck between her nails. He immediately takes it out to see a hair.

"The hair is not long like the woman. So this must be of the killer". He thought. Aman.. he shouted.

Aman comes to him running." Yes sir". Arnav hands over the hair in a plastic can to him." Do the DNA test of this hair. Collect the details immediately".

Aman nodded his head confusedly. "Yes sir." He said.

"I will put an end to your game soon". Arnav smirked


Arnav walked inside his room hell tired. This killer makes him exhausted with both the brain and the body. Suddenly he feels one soft body hugging him. A smile crept on his face. He hugged her back inhaling the scent of her hair which he loved the most.

Khushi lifts her head slightly and looked at him." How was your day". She asked him. His tiredness was clearly visible on his face, so she just wants to lift his mood.

"Hmmm......." Arnav hugged her close to his heart. "Now I’m perfectly fine". He said dropping a kiss on her hair. Khushi kissed his chest in return and giggled. They remained in the same position for some time.

Finally Khushi withdraws from the hug. "Now go and take a bath quickly. I will arrange the plates till then". She started to push him towards the bathroom. Suddenly one naughty idea comes in his mind.

He immediately turns and swipe khushi off her feat making her shriek. "Arnavji.......what are you doing put me down... "she starts to struggle.

Arnav tightens his grip and continued his walking." I’m hell tired Khushi. now you needs to help me". He winked at her making her blush.

"No Arnavji...put me down..she starts to shout.". But he didn’t give up and lock the door with his legs.


Arnav looked at his wife whose back was facing him. He knows that she is still shy about the bathroom incident. Even after the two years of their married life she still blushes in their private moment. He chuckled at the image of his blushing Khushi, which he loved the most.

He hugged her from behind and nuzzled his nose on the crook of her neck." Kya baat khushi is really shy today". He whispered in her ear while his arms circled her waist.

Khushi slapped his hands. "You are shameless Arnavji.."she said and buried her face in the pillow blushing. Arnav chuckled at her actions and held her more close to him, while drifting to a peaceful sleep.


Aman submits the DNA report infront of Arnav." Sir according to the dna , the killer is a man who is around 30 to 35 years old". Aman informed him.

Arnav nodded his head and concentrated on the report. "So the killer is young".

He closed his eyes thinking. After some time." Aman I need a detail report on the last one month activity of all the victims within 3 days".he ordered Aman

Aman nodes his head. "yes sir". He left from there.

Arnav was deeply engrossed in the files suddenly Khushi’s name flashed on the mobile. "Haa Khushi bolo". He asked immediately.

"Arnavji I’m at temple with Saritha aunty. Today is her birthday so I accompanied her". khushi said immediately. Se knows that he will be angry on her for going out without informing him.

Arnav sighed deeply. This girl will never listen. He shakes his head." are the guards with you. "he asked sternly.

"Ji Arnavji.. infact we are about to return now". she said praying her Arnavji to calm down.

"Hmmm..take care. And never repeat this". He warned her.

"Jii..Arnavji.".she bit her lips and cuts the call sighing. She smiled at the memory of her overprotective husband. She enjoyed this nature of him very much. She knows that he is expressing his worry and concern about her through his anger.

She silently thanked the almighty for sending her Arnavji to her life.

Aug 31

Chapter Four: Beginning of the Hunt.... (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 67 times)

Arnav carefully read the last few days activities of the kidnapped people. All of them visited worship places at Lakshmi Nagar. Which clearly states that the killer also resides in the same area. He quickly dialled for Karan. "Karan I need the cctv footages of worship places in Lekshmi Nagar from the last month by today evening."'

He leaned on his chair and smirked. ''Now you can’t escape from me''. In the evening Karan comes with the cctv footage. Both of them spend hours keenly observing the visuals. ''Wait. Look at this suddenly Arnav shouted''. They see one man whose face is covered with a scarf comes in front of each victims and bent to touch their feet and suddenly runs from there.

Arnav looked at the scene weirdly.'' Karan I have seen him somewhere''. Arnav whispered.

Karan looked at the video confusedly.'' But his face is covered.''

Arnav nodded his head. ''I know that karan. But look at his eyes I have seen him somewhere. I can’t recognize correctly. His body posture also seems familiar.'' He scratched his brows thinking hard.

''Then we are close to the culprit sir''. Karan exclaimed happily.

Arnav nodded his head and asked ''where is aman''.

'' He is on a leave again sir''. Karan informed him. Arnav rolled his eyes.''He didn’t have any seriousness regarding his job. Ask him to report me, when he comes.''

Karan salutes him and lefts. Arnav leaned on his chair and closed his eyes thinking about the culprit.


''Arnavji...''. Khushi hugged him tight as soon as he enters home.

Arnav found that really weird. ''What happend khushi. are you in some kind of tension''. He whispered hugging her close to his heart.

''Nothing Arnavji. I’m really confused since one week''. She mumbled.

He frowned. ''Confused about what.''

Khushi took a deep breath.'' Do you remember the day I visited a temple with Saritha Aunty. At there one man suddenly bent to touch my feet and ran away''. She mumbled again his cheast.

Arnav feels his breath stop for one moment.'' W..which temple you visited''. He asked fearfully.

''Lakshmi nagar temple. What happend Arnavji''. she asked confused.

''Why didn’t you tell me before dammit''. He yelled jerking her. while Khushi looked at him shocked seeing his frightened face.

''Wh...what happend Arnavji.....''.She whisperd fearfully. Seeing her tensed form Arnav hugged her immediately. 

''Jaan you know about my case naa''. Khushi nodded her head. ''The killer is following the same action you described''. Khushi turn white in horror. She clutch his shirt tightly. Arnav rubbed her back.

''Sshh..relax jaan. I’m here to protect you. I won’t let him succeed. Ok.'' He promised her. Khushi nodded her head still afraid.

Arnav picked her up in his arms and led her to their bedroom. He made her lie on the bed and sat beside her.'' Sleep for sometime jaan. You need to relax''. Whispered and kissed her forehead. Khushi closed her eyes for sleep felling his hand stroking her head with so much love.

Arnav looked at her sleeping figure and shifted back to their past.


Khushi and Arnav met many times after the theater incident. Gradually they become friends.

Arnav comes to know that she is an orphan. At that instant his heart decide that he will never leave her alone. But destiny played a game which change their life. after Arnav left for his training khushi felt that loneliness envelop her. at that instant she  realise that Arnav become a part of her life. his calls were her hope to live and to love.

One particular day the orphanage authorities said to her that they are planning to conduct her marriage. Khushi was really shattered knowing that. she loves Arnav but was not sure about his feelings. She knows that he cared for her but she can’t confirm if it’s love or not.

She called Arnav immediately.

Arnav frowned looking at the time. Khushi never calls him at night. He picked it up immediately.'' Haan khushi.''

''Arnavji...woh.''..Khushi stammered.

''What happend khushi....are you alright.''.He starts to get worried.

Khushi closed her eyes taking a deep breath. With a trembling voice she said. ''Mother said that they are going to fix my marriage. Our orphanage is conducting ceremony at on that occasion they plan to make all the unmarried girls marry''.

For a second Arnav’s mind was blank. He don’t know what to do. He can never lose his Khushi. by his tension he didn’t realize that he actually disconnected the call.

Khushi was shocked when the line got disconnected. She falls on the bed and cried her heart out. She thought that he doesn’t love her.

The next two days was really hell for Khushi. she was not able to concentrate on anything. She stayed on her room most of the time and the tears never left her eyes.

On the third day she was called to the office. When she enters she was really shocked to find Arnav there. She looked at him blankly.

Mother said. ''Khushi bitiya look he comes with a proposal for you. he said he really loves you and you too know him. He came here to ask your permission that he can come with his family. what is your opinion bitiya''.

Khushi just looked him blankly while tears start to flow from her eyes.

Arnav walked near her worried. ''Khushi..''. She hugs him tightly and sobbed. Arnav was shocked first then he patted her back whispering sweet nothings to her. mother looked at the scene and she got khushi’s answer too.

He too closed his eyes and leaned on the headrest while stroking her hairs. he need to save his Khushi even if it's cost his life. 

Sep 7

Chapter Five: Attack... (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 80 times)

''I won’t let anything happend to you jaan''. Arnav kissed her forehead and comes out of the room quietly.

He dialled for the commissioner. ''Sir ACP Arnav Singh Raizada here.''

''Yes Arnav tell me. did you manage to catch the culprit.'' He asked.

''I called you for the same thing sir. Sir I guess that his next target is wife sir. So I can’t leave her alone sir. I’m applying for a long leave''. he said.

''What rubbish are you talking Arnav. How can you run from your responsibility. It’s your duty to catch the culprit''. He scolded him .

''But sir I can’t take risk about my wife. I need to protect her''. Arnav said.

Commissioner calmed down.'' How can you protect her Arnav as long as the killer is around. May be you can save her for some days, after that what will you do. So you need to catch the killer Arnav. So that you and your wife can live freely''.

Arnav understood that commissioner is saying the right thing. He need to catch the killer first. ''OK sir. I will do it. But I need some more security for my house while I’m away''.

Commissioner agreed for his demand. Arnav went to his room once again. He sat there admiring the face of his wife.His mind starts thinking about a solution to protect Khushi. His parents can't come here as Di's delivery is in next week. he was lost in his thoughts.  

After some time Khushi woke up from her sleep and look at Arnav who was lost in his thoughts. ''Arnavji.''.she called him.

Arnav startled and looked at her. ''khushi.''.he hug her. ''are you fine now. ''he asked immedietly. Khushi smiled and hug him back. ''Nothing can happend to me when you are with me Arnavji.".she whispered.

''Khushi I need to catch the killer really soon". Khushi tightened her hold on him. "Don’t worry jaan commissioner ensured tight security for you. you just take rest. I will be back soon."

Khushi nodded as yes on his chest and remained in his embrace for some more time.

At night

Khushi was making dinner at kitchen. Suddenly the lights went off. She gasped in horror. She called out for the security..but can’t hear any voice. Suddenly she feels some shadow on the window. She quickly runs to the bedroom and closed the door.

She can hear the foot steps approaching the bedroom. She began to search for her phone frantically. She can’t see anything. She was unable to find her phone. Suddenly she heard the sound of a car.

Tears of relief flows from her eyes. The foot steps felt like running away and the lights came back. She heard the screaming voice of Arnav. "KHUSHI..."

She quickly opens the door and runs to him. Arnav was looking for Khushi frantically. "KHUSHI.".he screamed once again. Suddenly he feels one soft body hugs him tightly. Arnav hugs her back. ''Khushi jaan are you alright''. 

Arnav feels his shirt getting wet. " are safe now..ssshh don’t worry.".he caressed her back. He made her sat on the sofa and gives her water. 

Khushi looked at him with teary eyes." I was really scared Arnav. The lights went off suddenly and there were foot steps.".she trembled remembering it.

Arnav hugged her. "Relax i’m here. Nothing will happen OK". He cupped her cheek. Khushi nodded her head and sat there leaning on his shoulder. After some time Arnav realize that Khushi slept on his embrace he carried her to the bed.

He looked around the house for the securities. They were not lifting their phone and none of them was around the house. Suddenly he sees someone lying behind the bushes. He runs to there and sees that all of them were unconscious. He quickly dialled for the ambulance. And then called Karan to come immediately.

The doctor informed them that they were heavily drugged and it will took them two days to come into conscious.

Arnav clench his fist." I need to catch him as soon as possible Karan. He is not an ordinary person. He managed to drug all the securities. How can i leave my Khushi here now Karan. I can’t trust anyone."

"Sir relax sir. We will find a solution soon. Sir I think it will be better if we insert a chip on madam’s clothes or body. So that we can save her even she gets kidnapped."

Arnav nodded his head weakly and sat there lost on his thoughts. He decided to take leave for two days. He needs to comfort Khushi first. The investigation will be conducted by Karan and Aman in these two days.

After two days

In these two days Arnav finally managed to erase the fear in Khushi. she comes back to the normal self. Suddenly his phone ringed with the name of Aman. "Yes Aman tell me."

"Sir we catched the culprit". Said Aman.

"What.".Arnav jumped from his seat." Yes sir he admitted all the crimes and ready to show other bodies." Aman informed.

"Ok wait there. I will come right now". he cuts the call and runs to Khushi. "Khushi Aman arrested someone and he suspect that he is the killer. I need to go and check. Will you be alright". He cupped her cheek.

Khushi smiled at him. "I’m perfectly fine Arnavji you don’t worry". She assured him.

Arnav arrives the station. "Where is he". He asked

"Who sir." Replied Karan confusedly.

"Aman and the killer. He called me to inform that he catched the killer." Arnav said shockingly.

Karan frowned his brows." But sir aman doesn’t come here since yesterday".

Arnav’s face turn white with horror. He runs to his car and rushed to his home. Now he knows the killer. 

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Sep 13

Chapter Six: Caught!!!! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 78 times)

Aman lifts Khushi and carries her to a dark room. The whole room was filled with the pictures of his victims. He made Khushi lie on the table where he killed all the other victims.

He smirked looking at unconscious khushi."Tsk..tsk..Arnav Singh Raizada your beautiful wife will be my last thirst. Then no one can conquer me". he runs his finger through her hair. "You are really beautiful Khushi.".he smiled wickedly. He takes a sharp object which contain two needles on it. He made a hole on her neck. Khushi winced in pain. Her blood starts to flow and it falls on a near by vessel drop by drop.

He smirked. "It will take really long time for your death darling. Why can’t we enjoy till then". He looked at her from top to bottom and started to take the saree pallu. Suddenly something hit his hand and he falls on the ground screaming. "Aaaaahhh"

He looked above to see a fuming Arnav along with the police force. Before he stands on his feet Arnav shoots his both legs. "Aahhh.".He screamed in pain and falls on the ground.

"Doctor please look after Khushi.".Arnav screamed. The doctors run to khushi and start to tend her wounds. Arnav walked near aman. He punch him on his face." What did you thought Aman Mathur. It’s not you who tricked me. I tricked you. what did you think no one can find you haan"..


"Sir it will be better if we insert a GPS on Khushi mam’s clothes". Karan said.

Arnav nods his head and starts to think deeply. Suddenly it clicked his mind. "Karan the killer is a police officer."

Karan’s eyes turn wide." What are you saying sir."

"I’m cent percent sure karan. Because all the securities were drugged along with the maid. No random person can enter here. So he must be a police officer and he drugged them by food or water." Arnav said confidently. Karan nodded his head.

Suddenly Arnav asked did Aman joined.

"No sir. But he just came to the office and went without meeting us. The strange fact is that after I showed him the video of the suspect he didn’t asked anything about the case". Karan informed him.

Arnav nodes his head.

Flashback ends

Arnav smirked "From there onward I was after you. when I rechecked the visuals I'm damn sure that the eyes of the suspect resembles you. but there is no evidence. So we just choose to wait."

Aman was crying in pain. Arnav asked the constable to tie his hands and the doctor to attend his wounds. He continued." I want to caught you red handed so that you can never escape. That’s why I comes to the police station because I know that you have your spies there. If you got to know that I didn’t comes to the station you won’t bring khushi to here, your hiding place. There is a GPS device on her clothes."

He pointed the gun on him. "Now tell me mr. Aman mathur why did you killed those people."

Aman laughed loud. "Hahaha...I won’t tell what will you do mr. Arnav singh raizada."

Arnav starts punch him. "Tell me you ****". Suddenly karan comes and drag Arnav away from him. "Sir please calm down. I will call a psychiatrist so that we can make him semi conscious and makes him tell the truth." Arnav nodes his head.

Arnav runs to khushi. by this time doctors had stitched her wounds. "The wound was not deep sir. She just lost a little amount of blood. That’s it. I have given an injection to her. she will comes to consciousness very soon". The doctor said looking at the worried face of Arnav.

"Thank you so much doctor". He thanked the doctor with gratitude for saving his love. He sat near khushi and stroked her head. he looked around the room. The whole room was filled with photos. He realized that it’s the pic of the victims.

Khushi stirred and opened her eyes slowly. she blinks her eyes to adjust with the surroundings. Suddenly she remembered about someone attacking her. she gasped and sat on the table suddenly. She looked around in panic and suddenly she became relaxed seeing Arnav’s face looking at with concern.

"Arnavji.".she hugged him tightly.".Arnavji..he..he..". she broke down into tears. "Sshh...jaan now every thing is alright. Please don’t cry..main hoon naa...sshh.".Arnav rubbed her back consoling her. he didn’t care about other officers. All that matters to him is his jaan is scared and he needs to console her. after some time karan interrupted them.

"Excuse me sir." The psychiatrist is arrived.

Arnav nodes his head and gets up. Suddenly Khushi hold his hand. "please don’t leave me alone..". she said in a baby tone.

Arnav cupped her cheek. "Who said that I’m leaving my jaan alone. I’m just going to meet the psychiatrist. Do you want to come with me."

Khushi nodded her head cutely. "Ok come." He makes her stand on her feet and helps her to walk.

The psychiatrist induced a medicine to his veins so that he remains in the semi conscious state and answer the questions. Arnav handed a series of questions to the psychiatrist to ask him.

Arnav khushi and karan sits on the nearest bench while doctor started the interrogation. All his questions will be answered here.

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Sep 18

Final Chapter!!!! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 62 times)

The doctor starts. "Who are you."

"Aman mathur". He replied subconsciously. "What is your job."

"I’m a police officer". Arnav signaled the doctor to start the interrogation.

"Did you killed someone".Doctor asked his first question.

" No " He mumbled. Everyone looks at him with shock. "I just sacrificed their lives".

"Why did you do such things."

"To become immortal". Everyone looked at him weirdly.

The doctor asked "what do you mean by to become immortal."

He continued." If collect the blood of forty one people and do the ritual I will become an immortal."

Arnav looked at him stunned. "How can he be this much stupid". He thought.

"Who told you this". The doctor asked.

" I had a vision and it said that if I do this I will become immortal." he replied

"But why did you choose k".doctor asked him confused.

 "The dream says so. I need to collect the blood of religious people whose name starts with k. Their soul will be transferred to mine and I will get their lives also. I will be powerful like 100 man."

"How many people got killed by you".

"41 people were kidnapped and the 31 were killed. The rest will also die very soon."

Arnav stands from their place along with karan and khushi. he urged the doctor to ask about their location.

"Where are they". Doctor asked immediately.

"Here in the underground". He mumbled and lost his consciousness.

Arnav was standing there in shock. The doctor comes to him. "He said the truth ACP sir. I think he tried to do the astral projection".

Arnav thanked the doctor and asked the force to find the underground room. Finally they managed to find it. As they opened the door they were shocked to find the people who is on the verge of death. He was killing them slowly by taking a little amount of blood everyday from them. All of them were drugged and they become so thin.

After shiftibg everyone to the hospital Arnav walked to aman. Khushi is cluthching his hand tightly.

Aman is now awake and he is looking at Arnav furiously. "I will come back and i won’t leave you."

Khushi shuddered fearfully listening to him. Arnav holds her hand in his assuring her. "I won’t let you succeed Aman. even if the court free you you won’t be able to move a single finger of your". He hugs khushi suddenly and asked her to turn her face away or go outside. In return she hides her face on his chest and closed her eyes tightly..

The sound of the bullet echoed the whole room. Arnav shots him on the middle of his backbone. "Aaahhhh."..aman screamed in pain and faints. The doctors immediately runs to him.

"I won’t kill you aman you need to suffer for your mistakes. Here after you won’t be able to move a single fingertip of yours".

Khushi was shivering badly by all of this. Arnav rubbed her back sensing her shivering form."’s over jaan..don’t worry". He asked the doctors to shift him to the hospital.

At their home

Khushi is sitting on his lap and hugging him tightly." I was really scared did you finds me".

Arnav rubbed her back." I had inserted a GPS device on your clothes khushi. I can easily trace your location."

Khushi closed her eyes and snuggled to his chest." If you comes a little late..he could have killed me.".she shuddered..

Arnav consoled her. "no jaan. I won’t let him succed. And moreover he never kill his victim in a single day. In all the cases there was no large injury in the victims body. There is only two teeth like mark on their neck. So I'm sure that nothing will happend to my jaan. I won’t let anything happend to you jaan."

"But how did you know about amanji." She looked at him confused.

Arnav sighed." Khushi do you remember the first attack". She nodded. "On that day we have a doubt that aman is behind this. But we don’t have any solid proof. So we just wait for the day when he comes out of his den". He whispered.

Khushi hugs him tightly." I was really scared Arnavji.."

"’s over jaan. Now everything is fine".

 He whispered and stroked her hairs.

After some time khushi got asleep and he carried her to the bed. he kissed her forehead. "You are my reason to live khushi. there is no Arnav without khushi. you will always finds me beside you." he lie beside her and hugs her tightly close to his heart.

END ( There will be an epilogue which reveal about aman and his vision

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@Noordina Arnav need to do this dear. he knows that aman's next target is khushi so he will definitely attack her. There is no guarantee for her safety as long as the culprit is free. He don't have any proofs against aman. And as a police officer he need to save the life of the kidnapped people. so he can't wait until aman to surrender. 

Sep 25

EPILOGUE....... (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 75 times)

It’s been a week that aman’s chapter got over. Arnav was busy reading a new case file. Karan knocked the door. 

"May I come in sir."

"Yes. Karan". Karan salutes him and handed a file." Sir this is the case report of aman mathur."

Arnav nodes his head and gestured karan to leave the cabin. After karan left he opened the file and read it carefully. 

"Aman mathur. The most intelligent student in his university. But his parents never acknowledged him. He was always discouraged him. He was forced to study medicine without his will and that was a life changing moment for him. During his course he suffered loneliness and at that time he met some people who believe in black magic. He got interest on it and starts research on it. 

He became addicted to that and tend towards astral projection. His mind was full of it. One day he saw a dream regarding it and he believed that it was his vision. For fulfilling his vision he quit medical field and joined in police department. According to that vision he started killing people. He kidnapped the religious people and killed them hoping that their good deeds will come to him. 

He made two tiny holes on the victims body and collected their blood. He killed 31 people and kidnapped 41". 

Arnav closed the file and leaned on his chair. He can’t believe that how could someone be too foolish like aman. but he couldn’t blame him alone. There no one to show him the right path.

He sighed. Suddenly his phone ringed with khushi’s name. 

"Haan khushi." he attend the call.

"Arnavji..come home right now" she screamed. 

Arnav became panic. "What happend jaan. Is everything OK. Wait let me call the security what hell was them doing." He was going on and on with his non stop talk. 

Khushi groaned in frustration." Can't you hear me Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada."

Arnav stopped in middle. "Haan jaan I will come right now". he cuts the call and starts to home. 

After the whole fiasco khushi was really scared. It was really difficult for erasing her fears. It took him one week to make her understand she is safe. He was there with her until yesterday. But today he need to come to office. 

He parked his car and runs inside. "Khushi.".he called loudly. Suddenly he was engulfed in a tight hug. 

He smiled and hugged her back. "What happend jaan. Why did you call me suddenly". He asked caressing her back. 

"Arnavji..I fainted today morning". She whispered. 

Arnav widens his eyes in shock." What..why didn’t you tel me. where the hell is maya. I asked her to take care of you". 

Khushi rolled her eyes. Arnav withdraws from the hug and took his phone." Wait. Let me call the doctor". 

"doctor checked me already. There is nothing to worry about. Infact it’s really a happy news.". She informed.

Arnav looked at her confusedly. Khushi took his hand in hers and brought it near her stomach." Ek chota ACP sir is growing inside". She said. 

Arnav’s face was blank for a moment. Then he finally understood her words. His face beamed with a bright smile." Really....I’m going to become a papa.".he whispered. 

He kneeled in front of her and kissed her stomach. "Hai baby..I’m your papa.".he has tears in his eyes. 

He hugged khushi tightly. "Thank you so much khushi. you made my life complete."

Khushi hugged him back. "It should be me who is thanking you Arnavji. for giving me all the happiness. For giving me such a wonderful family."

Suddenly Arnav think something." Family se yaad aaya.we are leaving now. i will pack the bags". 

Khushi looked at him shocked. "What.. but why..."

"Khushi you are pregnant. I can’t eave you alone. You need to follow a perfect diet. There should be someone to take care of you always. We are going to rm." he said.

"But.".she was cut by Arnav. "No if’s and but’s. My decision is final. Your health comes to me first."

He went to pack the bags ignoring her pout. Khushi sat there irritated. 

After sometime Arnav came with their luggage. Khushi caressed her womb and whispered." See beta. How stubborn your papa is. He won’t listen to your mumma". 

Arnav chuckled and kneeled infront of her. he caressed her belly and kissed it." Because papa loves you and mumma more than anything". He said looking into her eyes. Khushi smiled and hugged him back.

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