Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein

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Jun 15

Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 36 times)


Arnav and khushi in their bed room where khushi was folding the clothes.

Arnavji called khushi not able to hide the matter which is pestering her from today evening . What Dr khushi singh raizada asked arnav who pulled her hardly into him by his arms encircling her waist. I think I am pregnant arnavji said her closing the eyes unable to see into his eyes out of shyness.

Arnav couldn't believe her words. He was shocked . He hugged her tightly. Thank you khushi for this amazing news said arnav who kissed her forehead . I am not sure arnav , I will undergo test first before I start with my appointments tomorrow said khushi . Ok my dear sanka Devi , I trust you and I am sure our little princess lies safely on your womb. He bent down and gave a soft kiss in her stomach. Khushi was smiling profusely wishing that it was true and she had a strong hope that her prediction never goes wrong as she was a reputed gynecologist in this city

The next day

Khushi after finishing the appointments if the day went down floor to collect her results in the respected department. In a few mins she would have received directly in her laptop but no she wanted to go and collect the reports. She went and collected the reports . She closed her eyes praying for a moment. She opened the papers eagerly and was taken to another world with the news. It is true. He baby is resting in her womb . She gets teary eyed. She immediately went to her room and collected out her things and came out to the parking area. She took off her car and  went to a sweet shop by parking her car in the opposite side . This sweet shop has less crowd as it was located a little outside the city . She gave her order of sweet waiting for the owner to give her the sweets . She took of the phone and dialled a call to arnav.

Arnav immediately picked the phone . What happened khushi ? Our prince or princess is lying safely in my womb arnavji said khushi with happy voice. Arnav get teary eyed in learning the news. I am so happy khushi said arnav happily. I wanted to just grab you and kiss you a lot of time said arnav . Khushi blushes a little . Have shame arnavji, you are going to be a father. Your daughter / son is listening . My daughter will be just like me said arnav .No it will be a son like me argued khushi . Ok leave this , come to my office safely, we will go home after wards said arnav. Ok arnavji,. I came to the sweet shop which I usually used to tell na , which is outside the city said Khushi. Come safely Khushi. Here after no hospital, no work , no driving only rest said arnav ordering her.

Khushi receives the sweet from the sweet shop owner and moves to cross the door. That area was a little isolated than usual. I am a doctor arnavji and you are ordering me asked Khushi. You are my wife first than a doctor said arnav.

Oh ...khushi was about to speak some thing where some thing happens and she shouts arnavji in the most shrieking voice....

The sweet shop owner who viewed everything comes rushing towards her , where she lie in a pool of blood with her face almost being submerged with blood.

Arnav meanwhile hearing her voice starts shouting khushi. Khushi, answer me. What happened damn it. Respond to me, this is not the time to joke. He didn't realize when the call was cut. He realized her phone was cut already. He again tries to call her number which came as switched off.

The sweet shop owner called an ambulance . A few people started gathering over there making a circle. He saw her phone which fully came out part by parts. He took her sim card and put it on to his phone . 

Immediately a phone rang from that number and he attended it. What happened Khushi asked arnav worriedly. The one who you are speaking about has been met out with an accident said that sweet shop owner. arnav's phone tripped out of his hold with the sudden news.

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Jun 18

Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 38 times)


When arnav and Khushi was 8years

Nannav where are you said the little Khushi who was searching her nannav with a doll in her hand in the garden of the house . I am here said arnav who came there with her fav jelabis in his hand. Jelabi she muttered with a craving look that she have not had this food for life time. Arnav smiled seeing her this craving look. If you want this then stop calling me nannav. Nannav , nannav , nannav she kept on saying this. Oh then ,I am going to solely have this yummy jelabis said arnav where he took a piece from that packet full of jelabi. He was about to keep in his mouth where Khushi took the jelabi and instantly gulped it and started chewing it enjoying the taste of it. She made faces showing she got it. You snatched it from me Khushi said arnav complaining. No way nannav every food you eat has your name and on that jelabi mine is written said khushi. Oh. You are speaking too much , I will start tickling you saying this he started tickling her and she laughs..

A girl came running to the garden who was of age 5 years. She was Anjali sister of arnav. Bhaiya , garima ma and Raj papa is calling Khushi as you all have to leave to Mumbai immediately. What ?? Asked Khushi shocked. I don't want to leave you all said Khushi crying a little. I want to be with you and nannav. Me and raghav will feel very lonely . Arnav consoled the crying khushi. Nothing will happen. We will meet soon . Don't worry khush said arnav. Yes dhi , we will soon meet dont worry Anjali said.

Come let's go inside the house. Khushi nods and the trio goes in. 

Ratna, aravind, shashi, garima,nani all were talking at the entrance where raghav was standing a little far. Khushi, arnav, Anjali reaches there.

Khushi we are leaving now say good bye to everyone. Amma , we will come here after few days na asked Khushi. Khushi we will surely come don't worry said Shashi. Khushi went and hugged her ratna ma. Ma bahut miss karongi apko. Tell them na me and raghav will stay here. No Khushi , your ma and Pa want you both to stay with them. Just a few days , I will call u daily. Don't worry said ratna trying to cheer the crying khushi. She went and hugged aravind and Nani. She then bid bye to her nannav and Anjali. Raghav who already bid bye to everyone came and sat in the car along with Shashi. Khushi came with garima and sat with her. Her eyes were teary and her face blown up a little due to crying. Garima and shashi was sitting in the front where raghav and Khushi backward. She bid her bye to everyone where ratna, aravind , nani, arnav and Anjali were standing till the car disappears and she kept looking at them till they disappear. She will miss them a lot. She didn't know that this was her final good bye to them ...

Raghav consoled the sad Khushi .She had her doll with her which she hugged it. After miles of travelling from Delhi the 4 reached a orphanage located at Aurangabad named ak ashram.

You stay here in this car raghav , we three will go and come back soon . I will also come mom said raghav trying to intervene. Stay here raghav said Shashi warningly and the trio got down of the car . Khushi leaning on to the open window Raghav take care of my dolly till I come for which raghav nodded his head . The trio left inside

The orphanage head was Meera aged 25 years who has only this orphanage after her parents demise. She is a social worker and decides to spend her life rest with her children in the ashram. 

Garima and shashi entered the place of the head's room. Meera was sitting in her respective chair.

Hello sir , what can I do for you enquired Meera to them. We actually spoke to you yesterday that we want to send this girl here, whom we got from road yesterday said Shashi. Khushi was not understanding anything. Papa , mumma what are you speaking to this aunty asked her.

She thinks us both as mom and dad. Hope this ashram be a house for her said garima. 

Where did you get her enquired Meera . We got her in chandini Chowk, Delhi said garima. So how did you search and come over here , I guess you have a lot of orphanages in Delhi itself said Meera. Garima and shashi face changed their colors

We... They tried to speak. I know Mr and Mrs Gupta that she is your daughter. You can lie but her eyes speaks true Mr Gupta. We are privileged to have her as our members . She will be better being here than being with you. Just dont come searching for her here after you want her. Never show your face to her , if this is ok then i am ready to raise her. Ok, we accept said Shashi.

Sign this says Meera and shashi and garima signs it .

Why do you want to leave her asked Meera . She wanted to know as she is not answerable to that girl one day when she asks about her parents as she is not that much matured enough to understand these people's attitude.

We consulted a astrologer and he told she is the reason that we get always losses and are in a misery . He told that one day I will have a worst destruction because of her. Thinking her as our bad omen ,that is why we both decided to ... Before they complete. Door is at your way , you can leave said meera angrily.

Khushi was looking at them with confused look as she Couldn't understand anything. She was so small to analyse what is happening around her.

Shashi and garima got up of the seat and was about to leave , Khushi catched garima's hands. Amma said Khushi. Where are you going. Shashi frees garima's hands. You are going to stay here. We are not your parents any more. This aunty will look after you , don't show your face to us.

Amma Khushi whispered too shocked to register the happenings. We are leaving said Shashi and turned around to leave holding garima' hands. Amma , babuji don't leave me. I want to be with you. I want to be with raghav. Please don't leave me here . She shouted loudly crying. Meera hold her from moving towards them. Garima and shashi walk backed to the car not viewing their daughter for the last time also..

What's your name asked Meera who saw the crying kid. My name is "Khushi" whispered Khushi crying. Please take me to my Amma and babuji. Khushi they left you and went , see we are here for you. I want my raghav bhaiya. Please take me to them. I want them only. Try to understand beta, they left you. We are your family here after. What chocolate do you like Khushi asked Meera trying to divert her. I.. she gulped her salaiva. It's ok leave it. She hugs the girl tightly. I will be your Amma Khushi. Call me amma. I will take care of you said Meera to the crying khushi. Khushi nods her head. Come with me said Meera who catched her hands and took her to the play area behind the orphanage where 5 to 6 kids were playing in that area. 

Hello everyone , meet your new friend and sister of yours Khushi. Khushi Gupta our new member of this house said Meera. All the kids gathered around her . They started talking with her. She smiles a little but that was not enough to cover her pain she got recently . Her smile didn't reach her eyes. Meera left her there to be with other kids as she needs to make arrangements for Khushi to stay here after.

All the kids started playing back to their Normal mode.

Khushi sits down in the chair over there seeing them playing. A boy who saw her sitting idle came to her and sat beside her. Hi , I am Raman. Khushi was silent. Are you dumb Khushi ? Speak something said him trying to enter into a conversation with her. I want my mom and dad Raman said Khushi . They left this world asked Raman. No , they left me over here and went away with my raghav bhaiya answered Khushi sadly. Dont worry Meera ma will take care of you very well. She is my mumma from past 3 years. Your parents also left you here asked Khushi innocently. They went to god said raman a little sadly. Dont worry they will see you always said Khushi. Raman smiles , her parents wantedly left her and she is consoling him. She is really a different girl he thought. You miss your Bhai na asked Raman . Khushi nods her head . I will be your bhaiya here after. You can call me anything as you are now my sweet sister said raman. Really asked Khushi whose eyes glittered a little with the new relation she got with Raman. Yeah Khushi. I am your brother and I promise you that I will be with you always and not leave you like your Amma, babuji or raghav bhaiya. Thank you so much Raman she smiled whole hearted now. Come we will play with others saying this Raman took her to play with all.

Meera who came after making arrangements smiled hearing Raman's and khushi's talks. She will raise her too and show them that she is not a bad omen but a precious gem whom they have lost

Raghav was very sad and he fighted with his mom and dad in the car but nothing he could do. He misses his dear sister a lot . He feels Sad for her and helpless thst he couldn't do anything on his Amma and babuji's deeds

Even though Raman was of the same age of Khushi he created a very good bonded with her. Will that bond will continue over the following years?

Will Khushi be able to meet her nannav ,Anjali, raghav bhaiya , ratna ma, aravind papa, Nani who she dearly loved??

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Jun 19

Tum Jo aaye Zindagi Main (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 25 times)

Prologue- 3

Khushi was holding arnav's collar of the sherwani in her hands.

You are the reason for the whole chaos Mr arnav singh raizada. You are the one who is responsible for my brother's changed attitude. Why you or my parents are always in my way to destroy my life. Can't you be away leaving  me to live my life on my own. You all  left me and why do you need me now. Tell me Mr raizada. What I have done to you such that you have done this to me. I hate you to the core and this marriage never stands  in my way. If you wish that by doing this , I will be closer with you all then let go off the idea. I will never ever change after what you all have done to me said Khushi angrily.

Arnav who thought to handle her calmly got very frustrated .

He pins her to the near by wall. Yes I married you as that was my ma's last wish . I don't want to marry a mere girl like you , got it. You were a bad omen and I believe you are said arnav angrily.

Khushi  gets teary eyed not able to realize the  words . Her nannav thinks like that.

She couldn't take it. That news pricked her. What she wanted to do was to run away from all of these like always. She just wanted to push him away  and run out into the roads  to scream out her pain. To erase out it. Don't know when slowly her eyes started to betray her and she lost her unconsciousness . Arnav hold her from falling and carefully placed her into the bed .

Arnav remembered one of his dreams when he came to know her as his khush.

"Arnav holds khushi 's hands and makes her sit in his laps. That place was almost empty and he himself was seated in a stone. See the darkness khushi , even though the stars know that it is soon going to be surrounded by darkness it keeps on twinkling outwitting the darkness itself. Like that  keep twinkling and smiling always khushi. You are my star and it is in your hands that you have to always handle all the darkness in your life by just fighting it with your smile"

Arnav closed his eyes and caresses khushi's hand with teary eyed, Where he sat beside her...

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Jun 20

Part -1 (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 21 times)

At Delhi...

At midnight 1 am . A girl was driving her car in the lonely roads of he Delhi to the way to her home. She reached her home parked the car and searched the keys of the home to which she had forgotten in her house itself to take the spare key. She bits her lips that she is going to get scoldings from her brother today .

She rings the bell continuously such that her kumbhakarnan brother wakes up. finally after 5 mins he came and opened the door. He was on full sleepy mode . Get in said him sleepingly. Khushi gets inside the house where he locks the door. He immediately left out to his room where khushi stood shocked as he is not a person who will leave her this much easily. She is sure some thing is cooking on his mind .

She made herself with cup of hot chocolate and sat in the terrace of the house viewing the stars and the moon. She explores it's taste slowly and finally finished that cup. Her phone beeps with a call from adarsh her bestie from school days .

Tell me adarsh. Calling at this time asked khushi. Thank God you are awake , open the door after 5 mins, I will be there and I need a hot chocolate from your hands. Ok baba Said khushi and she cuts the call.

She went down and opened the door after 5 mins where adarsh stood.

He hugged her lifting her. I missed you so much khushi said Adarsh. He leaves her down.You met me just 5 days ago and your flirting won't work with me adarsh . I know khushi , give me Hot chocolate Na, please asked adarsh. Foodie whispered khushi and she set out to make the chocolate.

This is awesome Na , we 3 in a huge bungalow enjoying our bachelor's life said Adarsh. Hmm yeah. We will go to a night show today night said Khushi. Really asked adarsh . Yep any problem asked khushi. Are you having any fever asked adarsh checking her temperature. Why asked khushi. You never are available in night as you spend most of the time in hospital. I will leave at 6 pm today evening and we all will have dinner outside and then we will go to movie. Book any movie you what but that of Tamil or hindi ok??. Ok madam , deal. Adarsh,why didn't you take your keys asked khushi handing over the hot chocolate. I forgot said Adarsh smiling widely. Go to bed . I will also leave to sleep. 

Good night said Adarsh leaving to his room. Khushi went to her room which was located at first floor.

She changes her costume to a track pant and t shirt and went into a deep sleep.

"We are not your parents any more. This aunty will look after you , don't show your face to us"

"We actually spoke to you yesterday that we want to send this girl here, whom we got from road yesterday"

" She is a bad omen in our life's"

Khushi was sweating heavily and she woke up with a thud. The time was 8 am. Khushi went to washroom and flashed water in her face. Its ok khushi. They left you . You don't need to bother about them. She refreshed herself and came down. She started preparing herself a cup of coffee and she sat in the sofa . She took her mobile phone and phoned to riya , the receptionist of the hospital. Tell me khushi , when are you coming . By 9.30 I would be there. Maintain my schedule according to that. Will be there till Evening 6 pm said khushi. Ok khushi. See you soon bye. Bye said khushi and cut the call.

Meanwhile raman comes out of his room. Good morning said him lazily. Good morning raman said khushi smiling at him. Today going to hospital asked raman . Yeah khushi replied. It is sunday today dude. So what asked khushi . You and your job go to hell and how dare you not the keys and go. What if I was not there in the house . Will you stand in the middle of the road asked raman. Don't you dare say anything about my job or else I will tell about your company badly. Nothing of that happened Na like you are imagining. Then what said khushi. Oh you want that also to happen asked raman. Why don't you understand that you are the only relation I have khushi after meera Amma. Why are you care less like this asked raman . I am sorry raman. She hold her ears. Pakka promise ,I will take the keys with me . I am sorry Na said khushi pouting. Ok enough drama queen . Raman, adarsh also didn't take his keys , he phoned me to open the door. Both the friends are taking the hell out of me said raman. Raman , prepare break fast , I will go and refresh to go to hospital. What do you want asked raman. Anything baba. I am getting late as it is already 8.30 am. I am going to my room and wake that **** raman before you start preparing. 

She hurriedly went upstairs to refresh herself..

At the other side .

In raizada mansion..

I am leaving now aman, you be on the office outside by 10 mins with all the files instructed arnav his PA aman . Ok ASR said aman who cut the call.

Arnav , where are you leaving now enquired Anjali who just woke now. Going outside for a meeting . You could stay with us right at least for Sunday Na asked Anjali cutely. No anju, have lot of works and meetings today . I am sorry . At least have break fast and go right said Anjali. Already had it sleepy doll. You woke now only. Take care of nani and have your food properly anju said arnav who is very caring for his family. Where is raghu and swara bhabi asked arnav. They have left to hospital said nani who joined their conversation. Raghav, went to hospital as he is a doctor, why swara bhabi enquired arnav worriedly. She is not feeling well so some tests were taken yesterday and the results is going to come today. I will phone raghav and enquire. Take care both of you saying this arnav leaves to his car. He leaves to nanital for a meeting with aman ..

Khushi comes hurriedly downstairs wearing a Jean and a Kurti. Adarsh was already waken by raman and he was seated in the dinning table busily drinking over his coffee. 

She sat in the dinning table and called raman.raman came with break fast ready. He served her dosa with chutney. Khushi ate it as if she has never ever eaten as she loves all the food prepared by her Bhai. Yes he was her moral support from 8 years till now and she is his support . He is her mother , father everything to her and she is the same for him. Adarsh on the hand is the next person who is the most important to them both. He is a carefree guy where raman and adarsh together began the Bhalla group of companies , which has been set up all over the world . Adarsh always flirts at khushi but he knows his limit and is madly in love with swadeentha.

Wow yummy dosa 's raman. Your wife is very lucky. Why this buttering now khushi asked raman guessing something . We are going to see a girl for you tomorrow. Meera Amma is coming here tonight. We all will go to the girl's house tomorrow . Today night we have a plan and ask adarsh about it. 

I won't come to see any girl said raman .

You are coming and that is final. If you want to see the image of the girl then text me , I will send you. Don't be shy to ask to your sister bhaiya said khushi naughtily smiling , getting up to wash her plate.

Do you know about these girl seeing matter asked raman to which adarsh smiles sheepishly. I know where to hit you adarsh , just wait and watch. Will see that at that time raman said adarsh ..

Khushi was ready to leave. Adarsh , drop me at my hospital now and pick me up by 6 pm from there as per our plan and book tickets without forgetting said khushi. What plan? I won't come said raman. Don't be a khadoos raman. We planned for a movie today night with a dinner outside said khushi. First make sure that you are coming today evening first said raman. I will come said khushi. If not , you will stop all this looking for a bride job for me asked raman. Khushi thinks and says deal. If I come , you have to obey me for 1 week. I agree said raman. Don't know what is going to happen adarsh whispered. 

Adarsh and khushi left in adarsh 's bike ..

Raghu how is bhabi enquired arnav in his phone conversation with raghav. She is fine now and we are waiting for the doctor to come. She will be here in 10 mins. Don't know why these doctors are always late said arnav. You are taunting me arnav?. So bad. Business man like you don't have any rights to speak and the doctor I am going to meet is very dedicated doctor. She usually comes by 9 but today she is late as she left only at mid night yesterday. Ok raghu , just stop these speakings. I am least bothered about your colleagues. You got any information about our khushi asked raghav. No, raghav, the search is on. I feel she is somewhere near to us raghav. I want her really bad. It is 18 years since I saw her. 

Yes arnav , hope we find her soon. .I told you the ashram name right asked raghav. Yeah , but they have set it across a lot of places so it is very difficult to find . I wish that she is fine said arnav. She will be fine , don't worry said raghav . Ok doctor came , will speak to you later after the  visiting  aiad raghav cutting the call .

Khushi set her things right in her cabin before starting her appointment . She was  sitting and was waiting for the first patient to enter in. There came raghav raizada and his wife swara raghav raizada inside .

Khushi with a pleasant smile , welcome Dr sanskar raizada and Mrs sanskar raizada.  Sanskar smiles at her. Good day Dr khushi bhalla said sanskar . Sit down said khushi. The test reports have come and the result is positive Mr and Mrs raizada.  You are wife is 2 months pregnant. Congratulations  to both of you said khushi smilingly.

Sanskar had a huge smile and he hugged swara just by sitting itself.  Raghav said swara happily smiling . Sanskar smiles at her .

So , I have prescribed some medications for the health and if that is followed no worries at all. Thank  you so much doctor said swara with her twinkling eyes.  Khushi smiles. By the way Dr sanskar , why is Mrs raizada calling you raghav, your name is known by sanskar right asked Khushi.

Actually khushi,  they call me in my house as raghav and my official name is sanskar replied sanskar.  Raghav is a very good name said Khushi as she 

Remembers her raghav bhaiya. She won't think about him as he never ever tried contacting her. Why should she only think about him. Why their thoughts are playing around her where they all were silent when they left her. No one dared to search her.

Dr sanskar said Khushi , I want your appointment today.  Consult with riya Dr khushi. Ok Dr sanskar muttered khushi. 

Sanskar and swara left and khushi proceeded with the rest of the patients...

" Why does khushi wants to have a appointment with sanskar. Do you guys feel she is still stuck at that moment when her parents decieved her ? If so who will help her ?"

"  Will khushi be able to maintain her deal of leaving the hospital ??  What if a emergency case arises where she fails to realise that he /she is very close to her heart ??"

" Who is the person??"

"Why is raghav named changed to sanskar and raizada as his surname ??

Do answer these questions

I think I have given a precap of what will happen next..

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Jun 20

Part- 2 (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 29 times)

Yes friends , I used to write in telly update . Then I am re writing it again in a slight different way in wattpad and here. Hope you like it ..

Riya , can I get an appointment with Dr sanskar raizada?? Asked Khushi . Sure baba , I will schedule to 3 pm?? He is free at that time . Oh superb.  Make my appointments for that to be shifted  to 4 pm as I am free at that time. Ok, Khushi , I will take care. Khushi cuts the call..

It was 3 pm and Khushi entered sanskar's room in the cabin.

Good dad Dr Khushi said Sanskar smiling. Good day Dr sanskar said Khushi .

Let's not be so formal call me sanskar said Sanskar . Same to you sanskar call me Khushi. Ok fine. Sit down. 

Is this your room asked Khushi as it was full of colors and not like other doctor rooms in the hospital. Do you like this asked sanskar . No , I like my room color. Oh full of white , no joy at all , ok leave that. So tell me why you are here today ??

I think , I am some what mentally depressed said Khushi.  How did you think you are mentally depressed , took any test  asked sanskar. No , I didn't take but.. said Khushi . Don't jump into conclusions said sanskar. What is your major problem asked sanskar . I am no getting a sound sleep. I woke up with a devasting dream which keeps on disturbing a lot.. so what is the dream you were dreaming.  

Khushi closes her eyes. My past life said khushi. Sanskar notices her face expressions. Bad or good memories asked sanskar. Bad. Very bad that whenever I think , I wanted to burn it from my thoughts. 

What happened like that asked sanskar. I don't want to speak about them , they are none to me.

Ok cool down Khushi madam. Relax. Who is your most closest person to you ?? Meri Bhai , Raman bhalla said Khushi. So Raman is your own brother asked sanskar. No, I wish he should have been my real brother. Certain relations are very great than these blood relations said khushi.Very truly said sanskar. You know my brother had a very sweet friend and he still waits for her. He loves her a lot said sanskar. Not all people are like him sanskar. He is really great what happened to her. Ahh, she... Leave that all. So we will have sessions. What you do is whenever you get dreams just what you do , dont be lonely. Be with some one. May be go to your brother' room and ask him to tell any stories and you lie on his lap said sanskar. Khushi looks at him wierdly with her eye brows lifted. 

Sanskar gets shocked seeing her as she does the same like his sister Khushi.

Khushi continues gazing him.

Huh Khushi,This is a really good exercise Khushi , trust me.

You still have the impact of your past Khushi bhalla.

Khushi gets shocked. Her eyes reflected that. Trust me Khushi we can over come this. Will meet you on next Saturday at same time.khushi nods . Ok sanskar. I will leave saying this khushi goes to her room.

Sanskar looks at her leaving. Don't know why , I feel connected to you Khushi bhalla . Your eyes remember me my Khushi. What a resemblance between you both . She does the same when she gives a shocked or weird expression. Hope I get you soon Khushi. We all are waiting, you nannav is waiting for you .

Arnav finished his meeting just now . He along with his PA started their journey towards delhi.

Khushi was lost in the thoughts and words of sanskar.. you still have the impact of the past. What does he mean by that . I am not affected by them . They are none to me. They left me and went in a ashram not thinking about me , then why the heck I am thinking About them . I don't understand anything. Cool down Khushi. Cool down. It is time now. They both will come to pick you up. Get ready.. she just adjusted her hair and left out with her hand bag saying a word to Riya.

Adarsh and Raman was waiting for her . Khushi smiled and sat in the front with Raman leaving adarsh back. How was the day asked Raman. Not so bad.

You both will not leave me like them na?? Asked Khushi.

Raman and adarsh where as astonished with her question. Why did you think like that Khushi ? Asked Raman a little angrily. She is out of her mind , have to find her a mental asylum said adarsh.

I consulted a psychiatrist Raman, I am not able to sleep in the nights. The dream is haunting me still . I can't do anything. Seeing that thing, I am feeling afraid that everyone will leave me once thinking as a bad omen said Khushi a little teary eyed.

Raman stops the car with a thud. Get out now Khushi. Get out of my car. Raman said Khushi. Get out , I say damn it said raman angrily. 

Khushi looks at him shocked and gets out. Raman closes the door and leaves the car racing fastly . What are you doing Raman asked adarsh. Putting some brain to this clumsy girl . Always speaking nonsense.

Khushi looked shocked. Idiot she shouted.  She was hell angry .She stood there for some time . She crossed the road and set out  to walk . The only best thing was the weather conditions. She loved it as it was cool. Meanwhile a car stood beside her . Got some brains asked Raman. Duffer, **** , idiot said Khushi angrily. Get in said raman. I am not your slave got it Mr bhalla said Khushi angrily. If you are not getting in , I will never ever marry any girl. I swear on you. Emotional blackmail said Khushi getting in.

I have told you many times Khushi. We are there for you. We won't leave u. Get it into your brain ok. If another time you will say , I will beat you with broom stick in the road itself . Forget about them. Come and enjoy now said raman.

Thank God , serious matter over . You both behave worse than a kids

Khushi smiles at him.  I am hungry said Khushi. We are going to our fav dhaba said raman. Wow, yummy. I am going to eat every item over there said Khushi dreamingly.  Didn't have lunch na asked Raman. No time she said smiling.  You will never change said adarsh.  I don't wish to change said khushi.

They went to their fav dhaba and starts having their food..

Meanwhile arnav and Aman were on to the city almost. Just a few distance. Meanwhile , a truck came from no where and to not get hit by the truck arnav turned the car towards side ways where he got hit by the tree and his head banged with the steering and his leg got stuck downwards. With loosing of blood he lost consiousness. Aman was also injured but he didn't loose his senses . He tried to get up but no use .

Few people gather and call for ambulance. Ambulance arrives and takes them both to the hospital..

Khushi, Raman and adarsh where on their way to the cinema theatre meanwhile Khushi's phone rings. 

Tell me Riya said Khushi answering the phone .  Khushi , we need your assistance over here . Dr Priya is here but she is unable.to manage as the patient is injured and his legs seems to be fractured. Can you come now immediately. Please it is an emergency .  I will be there by 10 mins. Don't worry saying this khushi cut the call. Raman drive to hospital fast.  An emergency said Khushi.  You shift your belongings also there na said adarsh.

Adarsh , i am sorry na , you both go to the theatre, please I am sorry. Call meera Amma and make sure where is she ok raman said khushi. Haan fine. I will ask her saying this he drops her to the hospital and they both Leaves to the theatre.

Khushi enters and riya came along with her to he emergency ward. Khushi comes in and sees Prius treating . Khushi mam , I have did the necessary first aid for his head injury but his legs , I think so it is fractured said priya.

Khushi moves aside to see the person. Her heart beat a little faster than usual. She don't know what feeling is it but was happy to see this person. She felt this person was very close to her heart. 

Avoiding this silly thoughts she checked him. Take him to x ray room and send me the reports within 10 mins and shift him to a room said khushi to a nurse to which she nods her head and takes him to be x ray room..

Mam, even his friend stayed  with him during accident but his injuries are very less compared to him.  I have given him a sleeping doze and pain killers to reduce the pain. Good job said khushi. Informed his family asked khushi.  No mam, not yet.  Check his belongings where if His phone is there, do call his family and inform  said khushi. Priya nodded and went to look for hks belongings.

After 10 mins khushi received the reports of the X ray.  She checks the reports and sent to his ward .

She sees him getting conscious as the wounds have already been covered with bandages .

Hello , can you hear me said khushi . Arnav nods. Where am I asked arnav . You are at ak hospital and you have been admited  on a accident .  Can i get discharged.  See , you have a fracture on your joint of the knee in your legs. No discharge until tomorrow and I am going to start your medications now . Are you feeling pain in your legs asked khushi . Paining a lot said arnav. Ok fine , nurse help me over to put the bandage said khushi and nurse helped her . What's your name asked khushi. Arnav singh raizada said with an attitude. Khushi felt her heart stop  for a moment . Was it  her nannav , no he had some other sur name not raizada.  She don't remember the sur names but only the names Oh replied khushi. Your name asked arnav.  Khushi . Khushi bhalla said khushi. For a minute arnav blinked his eyes as he heard it as khushi Gupta .What , I don't get it . Come again asked arnav. Khushi bhalla she replied . Arnav frowned hearing it wrong . Why what happened you are asking my name this much eagerly asked Khushi . My personal matters said arnav not wanting to say about his life to a mere doctor. 

Khushi took a injection and filled it with medicine . I don't need injection give me tablets . This injection Is must Mr raizada or else you would suffer severe pain. No need said arnav. Don't be so arrogant Mr raizada. Wait a minute, you are a raizada asked Khushi. Obviously, I am as I have a surname of it said arnav. Sanskar is your brother right asked Khushi. Yeah replied arnav. I am his friend said Khushi . So asked arnav. Rude she muttered and put injection in his hand by holding it as she knows he will refuse to put.

You would feel sleepy said Khushi. I really am pissed off with you said arnav. Thank you said Khushi and she left on instructing the nurse.

After hearing the news sanskar and Anjali rushed into the hospital. While the time Khushi came out they both came. How is he khushi asked sanskar worriedly.  Fracture on his leg and some injuries in his head. No major problem sanskar. Just a week or at lost two would make him completely alright said khushi. Thank you so much said Anjali.  Your welcome said Khushi. 

Priya went on rounds to check other patients where Khushi went to her room. Again they are coming  into her mind. Why did she thought they it was her nannav . Don't call him your nannav Khushi , he forget you and you too do the same. Only his name is arnav in this world ?? Dont be so silly.  You and your thoughts.. I never wish to see you nannav again in my life. Never....

Arnav was in the bed who was almost sleepy when sanskar and Anjali came in . Arnav said them both and saw him sleeping .  He is sleeping raghav said Anjali . Sanskar nodded . We both will wait outside Said sanskar and they both left out and start in the chair.

Khushi came out of her room bored as she can't go home as no one is in the house. She sees sanskar and Anjali sitting and joins them .

Hi she said seeing them both and they too replied the same . Tired ah Khushi asked sanskar. Very tired sanskar . Wish I go home and have a sleep m gonna said anjali. I would be alone in the big mansion and I didn't bring my car . Raman , my brother would pick me up once the movie gets over.  You planned a movie today asked sanskar. Khushi nods her head. You are too devoted to your work Khushi said sanskar . Khushi smiles. I forget to ask Meera Amma when she would come tonight. I don't know whether that duffer phoned or not. Who is meera amma , you didn't tell me about her asked sanskar. She is the head of orphanage AK ashram said Khushi. Sanskar and Anjali looked at each other shocked......

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Jun 26

Part - 3 (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 22 times)

Anjali and sanskar looked at each other shocked. Khushi took her phone and started surfing it .You know that orphanage asked sanskar shockingly. Ah , I know . I am from it and I know almost every one over there as I was there from when I was 8 years . Sanskar gets a little doubt on her . Why you was over there from 8 years ?? Where were your parents asked sanskar as he sees her looking into the phone so she would answer without hesitation. My mom and dad left me when I was 8 years in that orphanage said Khushi. Anjali and sanskar both looked shocked and was with teary eyed . Your real name is Khushi bhalla asked sanskar. No Khushi Gupta she said meanwhile phoned her Meera Amma. Excuse me she whispers and moves aside to speak.

Anjali hugs sanskar. She is the one said Anjali. My baby sister he whispers teary eyed. She is changed a lot raghav. A lot said Anjali . Raghav nods. I will inform arnav said Anjali. He is sleeping anju. Nothing can be more great than this said Anjali leaving inside to his room. Sanskar too followed her

Arnav was sleeping where in his dreams where of the childhood spend with her . 

Anjali wakes up arnav . Arnav, arnav , wake up said she cupping his cheeks. Arnav woke up . What anju said him a little irritated as his dreams was disturbed and he couldn't bear the pain in his legs.

We got Khushi said anju smiling. What asked arnav excitedly. Who is it. Where is she he asked .anju tell fast or raghav you at least tell na said arnav. She is here in this hospital said Anjali . What ? What happened to her . Is she fine asked arnav worriedly. Oh arnav, do patients only visit the hospital asked sanskar. Is she a doctor asked arnav . Sanskar nodded . Who, take her to me na asked arnav. She is your doctor Khushi bhalla. Arnav gets shock of his life. She was his Khushi. She was there standing in front of him and he didn't recognize her. How foolish he was. How did you know asked arnav .

She spoke about the ashram and we just found it while speaking to her said Anjali . Arnav smiles whole hearted. Raghav hugs him. Ok fine . Enough we will speak tomorrow. 

Mean while the door opens and Khushi enters . What is this sanskar , disturbing the patient said Khushi. Sorry Khushi , come anju we will leave saying this Anjali and sanskar leaves . Please go to sleep Mr raizada or you would feel more pain said khushi. I feel no pain Dr said arnav smilingly at her .Khushi was confused with his reply. What happened to his rudeness was the question in her mind. She nods and leaves outside the room.

When she comes out suddenly some one said boom. 

Khushi gets shocked a second. What the heck adarsh , is it time to play . Sorry , just thought to scare you . Film is over that much soon asked Khushi. We didn't go and was waiting for you. If you finished your work we might go to house. Khushi smiled widely at him. She hugs him tightly. I love you so much adarsh said Khushi . Ah stop crushing me.  I will go and bring my things from my room saying this she leaves to bring it out.

Anjali and raghav were viewing them both with a shocked face. She comes out of her room. One min wait na , I will say to sanskar and come saying this she goes to sanskar and Anjali. Take care of him and any need just give me a call. I hope you have my number said Khushi. Sanskar nods. Hey by the way what is your name asked Khushi to Anjali . Anjali said Rita raizada . Nice meeting you Rita , so bye , will see you tomorrow. She left along with adarsh.

Thank God you lied to her. I thought you would say your real name then she would have found it out. I knew raghav , am I that dumb asked Anjali. I accept you to have some brain said sanskar smiling.. will say to bhabi and make u get beating said Anjali . Omg I forgot to inform her about arnav said raghav keeping his head on forehead.  Enjoy in hell raghav said Anjali smilingly.  Kidding me she , he starts tickling her. Sorry. Call bhabi ...

Sanskar phoned swara. Swara. Oh sanskar kitna time Tum hare phone karunga , soch tho nahi hai ki Mai kitna  parishan hoon . Khadoos  raizada said swara angrily.  Haan sorry swara , arnav is fine , discharge may be tomorrow. Did you have food asked sanskar. Don't act sanskar. You didn't even get a thought what me and  baby is doing. Papa doesn't love us at all baccha said swara poutingly on her phone . Maharaniji , main sorry hoon. Galti se hogayi. Maaf kardo said sanskar. Ok fine, me and baby had our dinner said swara. Medicines asked sanskar.  Yes raghav said swara. Anjali takes the phone from sanskar's hand. We met khushi today said Anjali excitedly. What asked swara happily . How is she looking.  Is she the same like I saw her in the small age photo asked swara.

Yeah said Anjali smiling. Sanskar snatched the phone. You know swara she just does the same still now. Lifting her one eye brows when she gives a weird look. I felt at peace after so many years said sanskar. Can I see her picture asked swara.  Hey you have seen her , the doctor we consulted morning, she is our khushi said sanskar. What really asked swara. Haan baba Said sanskar . Omg she was so cute.said swara. ok  enough of all this  go to sleep now said sanskar.  Ok bye said swara cutting the call. She wemnt to Nani's room to inform about arnav as well as khushi .

Raman was driving the car and khushi in front. It is not the route to house raman said khushi . If we eat ice cream any bad will happen asked adarsh . Ice cream she asked excitedly. Haan buddhu said raman.  Adarsh take the parcel from the cover said raman. Adarsh gave it to khushi. Khushi opens it excited and sees a saree. She frowns as she don't know to wear a saree properly . Raman she said a little angrily.  You are going to wear that tomorrow when we are going to see the girl said raman. Khushi bites her nails. You know I don't know to wear a saree properly raman she said . Don't worry khushi , I would help you as I have made swadhu wear it said adarsh trying to make fun of her more.  Don't bring your romance with me adarsh , keep it with swadhu itself said khushi.

Khushi smiles getting a idea, meera Amma is there Na , she told she will come morning as her flight got delayed. She should be here by 6 am in airport and you go and pick her ok said khushi.

Raman , tomorrow get ready to see a fashion show . Ouch it is short here, ouch it is paining here , ouch these fleets Na getting the hell out of me mocked adarsh just like khushi.

Raman and adarsh both burst out laughing .. khushi glared at them angrily. Will come to me Na asking khushi , I am feeling feverish, khushi I have throat pain, I have stomach ache , I would show my talent there she said smirkingly.

We will go and see other doctor said raman . Oh I see said khushi. I will myself wear the saree without any one's help said khushi firmly. Oh really asked raman. Khushi nods. Will see said adarsh .They reached  the ice cream shop. The trio gets down and leaves into the shop to have their favorite ice cream..

Raman you know I met a man named arnav singh raizada. He and his rudeness . He is afraid for injection and  commanding me. Such a jerk and khadoos .   While leaving he smiled at me. I felt what happened to this monster suddenly said khushi. May be realised how much beautiful you are said adarsh. Khushi frowns at him. I am not beautiful said khushi. You are beautiful khushi said raman. I am not. I am the most ugliest creature in this world. See adarsh was also dating me but see when he saw swadeentha he shifted to her leaving me said khushi pouting.  Adarsh wrapped his hands on her shoulders keeping the ice cream aside. Oh that is the problem. I would marry swadeentha and also marry you simple said adarsh. Two marriages asked khushi , is it not over for your face . Two wife's  horrible said khushi. Everything is fair in love and war said adarsh. I am Not going to sit beside him raman. She said getting up and sat beside raman. 

Ok jokes apart khushi , why do you think that you are ugly asked adarsh. I don't know Adarsh. Just feeling like that Said khushi.  Just see yourself in the mirror tomorrow  after you wear the saree, you would be the most beautiful girl in the world.  May be your outer beauty is less but your inside soul is very beautiful than anything .

Khushi laughs.

What happened to him raman saying cheesy dialogues to me asked khushi laughing . You may find it funny but the truth is what I said . You would also get a prince charming khushi in your life , who would change all your habits upside down.  You would love him to that level that you would forget us all said adarsh . Stop dreaming and I never have the belief of prince charming and blah blah etc. I don't need any other person in my life apart from you both. What if he leaves my life as my parents. I dont want to be broken again said khushi a little rudely.

Why are you getting angrier now asked raman. He just said what he felt said raman. Sorry adarsh, I just .. said khushi. No problem khushi , I know how much you are affect by them said adarsh.  I am not affected by them , they are none to me said khushi . What If your nannav comes and apologizes to you Asked raman. That will never happen and I would never meet them said khushi. What if you meet them asked adarsh. I  would go away far to the place where they can't even catch me. If death would be the option , I would prefer it. I would die instead of meeting them.

Enough of this topic now shouted raman.  It is going dangerous. All will eat their ice cream silently said raman. All eats it silently...

So what do you think will happen next?

Is khushi 's attitude towards them is justified??

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Jun 30

Part -4 (By Akshaya21) (Thanked: 17 times)

All were sitting and eating the ice cream silently . They left silently to their home not uttering a word and left to their respective rooms and locked the door.

What can I do raman , whenever I think about them , disgust is the thing coming into my mind. If she meets them what if they snatch her from you and adarsh .I can't take that. I would die rather than this . I am not ready to take that pain. Their fake concerns . Their fake lave . That's why she wanted to stay away from them . Why can't you understand this raman. I am afraid to be lonely again

Afraid to be an orphan. Afraid to loose you and adarsh . I cant do anything raman said khushi with teary eyes muttering it all to her pillow . She hugged it tightly to her heart and slept in the sitting position.

Khushkhush where are you said nannav coming in search of her. He sees her sitting lonely in the garden of their house sitting with teary eyed . He comes and sits beside her . Why are you crying khush asked arnav . I miss my mom and dad so much, why they left me and raghav and went asked khushi crying a little . I think because they thought we all will be together, we can play together , masthi together said arnav with exciting voice. Khushi immediately smiles seeing his reply. Tell me khush, if you have been with your mom and dad then you will not be with us na . Will you not miss us asked arnav. I would miss u a lot so much said Khushi. Arnav keeps his hand on her waist. Will you be always with me nannav asked Khushi. Always , hamesha said that little arnav.

Suddenly out of no where a storm comes and Khushi is separated from her nannav . Khushi arnav shouts. They are correct , you are a bad omen to all of us, you are the reason for all said her arnav shouting...

No .. she gets up sweating again . She realizes her position of sleeping . It was 3 am. Her heart beat was beating fast with this dream. Nothing like that happened in your life Khushi. Why are you thinking like this all . Nannav never said like this and will never do this . Dont think like this said khushi trying to relax herself. She opened the door and went towards raman's room .

At the other side Anjali was lying on sasnakr's shoulders. We are doing right na sanskar of not telling her that we are they. She is emotionally weak anju, she is still now in pain deeply which I got to know today when she came for appointment. She gets dreams about it often and she thinks all of us is at fault as we didn't do anything to stop it. But Bhai , we all were unaware of it right and what could we do if they suddenly do like that . I need to see her case more deeply then only I can answer your questions anju. Ok raghav said anjali. He is happy very much today na asked raghav. Very much , he got to see his Khushi after a long time said  Anjali. I wish them to unite soon said raghav. Yeah said Anjali..

Arnav was sleeping peacefully without any disturbances . He had a peace as he got his Khushi after a long time . He was able to meet her. His khushi whom he loved a lot.

Khushi knocks the door and he opens it immediately What happened asked Raman worriedly. I am not getting sleep she said sadly , didn't you sleep she asked next. Raman asked her to come inside and she sees adarsh also wide awake. What you both are doing asked Khushi Wondering what they were discussing. Were you crying asked Raman sensing her puffy face. No tried Khushi to reason. What happened you both are doing asked Khushi again. We were discussing about some company deal , why what is the matter asked Raman. Is this the time Raman and I am sure you are lying . Tell me what were you both doing asked khushi. Discussing of how to trap your parents said adarsh.

What trap my parents , I don't get it said khushi . They are the owner of Gupta industries , we are planning to make them suffer losses and buy the company said raman. You won't do anything like that said Khushi trying to put him some brain. Why asked adarsh. I don't want to ... Said Khushi stammering.

So you care about your parents, that is why you don't have that heart to do this Khushi bhalla said Raman. They are no one to me Raman bhalla said Khushi shouting , don't use that word care , I hate them said Khushi. Then this shouldn't affect you side Raman . Ok fine , do whatever you want said khushi . Raman and adarsh smiles.

Thank you so much, will see we or them said adarsh . What is the plan asked Khushi . Secret between us two, will call you when we end the game said raman. You know how will they look like at least asked Khushi . I have asked my PA to gather information said raman.

You didn't sleep asked adarsh as she would be usually sleep by now . I couldn't sleep Raman , they are haunting me said Khushi a little sadly. Come lay down in my laps said raman. Then me asked adarsh just like a child. Grow up adarsh , I am his child and you are just his friend . No way , I also miss my mumma , Raman even I will lay down in your laps said adarsh . Both of you come and sleep now , oft to sleep immediately said Raman and they both lay down in his laps. See , I have the most place to lay down , you have just some place said adarsh trying to start a fight. Khushi struggles more inwards. Let me sleep you both duffer's saying that Raman started sleeping and they both too started sleeping ..

Raman woke up by 6 am and left to pick up Meera Amma from the airport where he left the both sleepers comfortably to sleep on bed properly by covering a blanket on them .

He picks up and comes along with Meera mumma to the home where he makes coffee for them both and sits by the sofa. Did you see the photo of the girl Raman asked Meera a little exciting . Hmm no , I didn't ask Khushi said Raman . You don't belong to this age group category said Meera. Raman chuckles . How is everyone in the ashram asked Raman. All are good and miss you both a lot. Where are they both asked Meera . Come and see in the room saying this Raman took her to the room . They both get wide shock in the position they both were. Khushi's legs was completely on him and he was sleeping not aware of that . Adarsh Meera called him and he woke up immediately. Ma whispered adarsh tried to get up but full weight of Khushi's legs was on him. Khushi he shouts . Khushi wakes up with a stun hearing his shouting . Why are you shouting now asked Khushi , if you please can please take the honor of taking your legs then I will be grateful said adarsh. Hmm no way said Khushi smiling as she remembers him teasing her a lot . She gets up and sits on top of him . What you will do now asked khushi playfully . Khushi , leave him na bechari adarsh said meera. Meera Amma said Khushi happily . Come won't you give a hug to me asked Meera. First let me deal with him. Raman take a pic and send to swadhu na , that's it , he will be over . She will not think any wrong as she knows our relationship very well Khushi said adarsh proudly. She knows how much matter I flirt with you but my heart belongs to her said adarsh dreamingly .Oh exclaimed khushi . You are a monster who doesn't know any of these feelings said adarsh. Let me be that monster , I don't worry , if you want to get up , you have to make chocolate pie for me said khushi .

Ok baba , I will do get your weight out of me said adarsh. I am not that much weight said khushi. Get up now please said adarsh. Khushi smiles and gets up .

She hugs meera. Missed you a lot said khushi hugging her . Meera smiled. Kush raho beta said meera . Raman leaves to prepare coffee for this both keeping his cup aside. Bechari raman , he is doing all the works and you sleeping said meera.

My brother is doing for me , what problem mumma said khushi. I will select his dress saying this she selects a jean pant and a light blue shirt for him . Make him wear this said khushi keeping the dress over the bed.

Khushi goes and takes her coffee cup from Raman and moves into her room to refresh up .

Mumma , see exactly after 30 to 40 min she would call you said adarsh. Why asked Meera . We both have gifter her saree and she challenged that she would herself wear it said Raman. You both are playing a lot of games with her said meera .What to do Amma , just for fun said adarsh. Get ready Raman , we will go to Temple and then to the girl's house by 9 am. Ok Amma said raman leaving to his room he sees his dress selected on the bed. Smiling at Khushi's behaviour he got ready ..

Trying to drape the saree for 15 mins Khushi sat exhausted in her bed . Finally loosing the challenge she shouted Meera Amma . Meera smiles and goes upstairs to help her. Draped in a pink saree with matching hearings and light necklace she looked so adorable . A small bhindi to enhance her whole face look. She saw her table which had her contact lens. She took it and threw it in dustbin and wore her glasses as usual. She gets down with her hand bag and sees everyone ready .

You are very beautiful said adarsh. Why glasses asked raman. Hmm , I am not comfortable with contact lenses , this is better for me said Khushi. Come here said meera. Khushi goes near her. She takes kajal from her eyes and keeps it behind her ears. You are beautiful just like a angel said Meera smiling. Hmm ok , enough of this speakings , come we will leave said Khushi and all of them gets in the car and set out to temple..

At Temple ..

The temple bell rings on and the four climb up the stairs.

Namaste panditji said Khushi smiling. Namaste Khushi betiya , how are you asked pandit. I am fine , how is navya , ask her to go to raman's office today , I already messaged her said Khushi. Yes she told me beta said pandit smiling at her .

Bless me panditji saying this Raman bends down to take blessing from him . He blesses him. You have forget me it seems panditji said Meera smiling. How can I forget you all. Your kids aren't they? They all are Devi Maiya's kids and the asset of this temple said panditji. Meera smiles at him. Your blessings all said adarsh. You have came to temple after a long time , it is aarthi time and Khushi you will do the aarti today said pandit

Me asked Khushi stunned. Yes Khushi ,you only come. Khushi takes the aarathi thambul in her hands . All the other smiled at her. Meanwhile a lady and a man comes beside her. How can you offer the thambul to her and not us. We are the owners of Gupta industries and you should give us the preference said garima a little proudly . Bhagwan ki aarti Dil se karti hai aur dimak aur status ki nahi auntiji said Khushi not viewing them still. Raman stood shocked as the Gupta industries name striked him . So they both are the person's he concluded . He signed akash also the same . He tried to sign Meera but she was closing her eyes praying . He won't let her see then , not at this time ..

She is going to do as she is the part of our temple since long so don't take her wrong said panditji. Khushi begans the aarti.

Garima and Raj stood beside Meera. Garima turns and gets shocked seeing Meera. Meera was closing her eyes and praying sincerely. She signs raj about Meera. Raj gets shocked.

Khushi finishes the aarthi and gives it to the pandit . You will get a very deserving partner Raman , for your calm and kind nature said pandit. Raman smiles at him.

Meera opens her eyes and turns towards Raman . We will leave asked Meera. Raman tried to sign her and she turned and got shocked to see them . Choti , you go down and get me a pair of bangle will you do that asked Meera haan sure ma , I will leave now. Adarsh go with Khushi please said Meera and adarsh nods and leaves down the temple.

This is our Khushi right asked garima turning to meera. No she is Khushi bhalla my sister said Raman. Bhalla , bhalla group of companies asked raj. Yeah , I am Raman bhalla and before you met is adarsh Sinha another MD of the company and the girl you met is the owner of whole bhalla group of company said Raman smiling .

She is my daughter right , the one we left asked raj turning to meera . No she is not her , she ran away from the place when she was 10 years said Meera. What , how could you allow this asked garima. Why. What problem you have now ? We left trusting you said raj. Thank you for the trust you kept on but she is absolutely fine and is a very high position as compared to you all . A high position which you all can never reach. Where is my daughter , I need to see her. You have seen the just now doing aarthi said meera. She is Khushi bhalla na said raj. Why can't that Khushi be my sister Mr Raj Gupta said Raman smirking a little . Then you told she ran away when she was 10 years asked garima . She ran away when she was 10 years and that is the absolute truth said Raman.....

Stopping the story right here , you may find it a little less emphasis on arshi for few episodes but this story is fully about Khushi and her pain. You know it would be really hard to wound her pain which she has under gone for 18 years .

Will arnav be able to heal it with his love ??

Will he first able to approach her ??

Why they say Khushi ran away at her age of 10??

What is in store for them in future episodes??

Is it correct for Raman, adarsh and Meera to postpone her meet with her parents or it would have been correct if she had met them today ??

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