Khushi Perfect life

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Jun 15

Khushi Perfect life (By Sweetkitten) (Thanked: 6 times)


Khushi Gupta: Modern yet believes in tradition who lives in London. She is pampared by all the family members. A bubbly, cheerful and lovable girl. She is a business women and have fashion house called as "Aashiyana". She love to cook food for her family and have a small restaurant called " Salt and Pepper" one of the best known restaurant in London.  She also have event management house called as "Dream Creation". She loves her family a lot and also help his father in making decision in business. Her company fashion house, restaurant and event management house is famous all around  the world and it is famous in India too.

Payal Gupta: A elder sister of Khushi and have traditional values like Khushi. Loves her family a lot. A very dedicated and straightforward lady. She is very strictboss for her employees in work and love to enjoy her life. A responsible women. A very protective sister of Khushi and can make other suffer when her baby sister get hurt. She is a possesive sister. She pampers Khushi as a mother. Her happiness lies in her family. She is a businesswomen and have business company for interior design called as "Brandigenence". It is also recognised as a international company.

Aditya Gupta: Elder brother of Khushi and Payal. A very supportive brother. Loves Khushi and Payal a lot and cannot live without them. His sister is his pride. He cannot take someone bad mouthing about their sister. Loves to fulfill her sisters every demand. An ideal brother to his sister. Loves his family a lot. If someone hurt his family he make theur life hell. A strict and straightforward boss and lovalble, joyful to his family. Loves to spent time with family and loves to play prank to other with his sisters. A business man and hav software company called as "Teconica".

Varsha Gupta: Wife of Aditya Gupta. A dotted wife and bahu of Gupta. Loves her family a lot. Bhabhi and friend of Khushi and Payal. She loves her sister-in-law. A traditional girl and loves to cook food for her family. She is an orphan.

Lavanya Gupta: Cousin sister of Khushi, Payal and Aditya. She is cheerful and loves her family a lot. Works in "Aashiyana" with her lovely sister Khushi. Khushi is her life and she admire her sister. A hardworking, dedicated and enthusistic women. A modern yet traditional girl.

Agham Gupta: Youngest brother of Lavanya and cousin brother of Khushi, Payal and Aditya. He is a cheerfull. He owns a music company called as "Zenirva" Loves his family a lot. He is alwqays inspired by her lovely sister Khushi.

Adarsh Gupta: Father of Aditya, Khushi and Payal. Loves to pamper his daughters. His daughter and son is his pride. Loves his wife a lot. A lovely father, husband andfather-in-law. He is a trustee and Board of Director of Brandigenence and help his daughter Payal in making desicion. Both daughter and father had make company as one of the best interior design company in world. A very cheerful and encouraging boss. Everyone loves to be working in his company. He is scared when Payal his daugher strict and straightforward nature in company but a proud of her achievements.

Meera Gupta: Wife if Adarsh. Mother of Khushi, payal and Aditya. Loves to pamper her children. Her daughthers, son sand husband is everything to her. Housewife and loves to cook food for her family. A very lovely wife and mother.

Sashi Gupta: Younger brother of Adarsh. Chachu to Khushi, Payal and Aditya. A businessman and owns sweet shop called as " The Sweet Shoppe" Father of Lavanya and Agham. Loves his wife and children a lot. 

Garima Gupta: Wife of Sashi. Mother of Lavanya and Agham. A dotted wife and mother. Loves her children a lo. Housewife and loves to cook for her familoy. Younger sister of Meera.

Madhumati Gupta: Elder sister of Adarsh and Sashi. Buaji to Lavanya, Khushi, Payal, Aditya and Agham. Loves children a lot.


Arnav Singh Raizada: CEO of AR Design. An arrogant businessman but lovely son to his parents. Loves his family a lot. She loves her sister a lot. His life depends on his families happiness. A caring son to his family. Everyone in his family called him as "Chote". He is very pampered by his mother.

Anjali Jha: Elder sister of Arnav. Married to Shyam Manohar Jha. Loves her husband a lot. Loves her family a lot. A family oriented woman. A dotted wife to his husband. Helps his husband Shyam in his business.

Shyam Manohar Jha: A dotted husband of Anjali. Lovely son-in-law and brother-in-law. Love her wife a lot. Works as a lawyer and owns a business company in India called as "Brandigenence" company of Guptas.  

Abhinash Singh Raizada: Proud father of Arnav and Anjali. A very dottted father and husband. Loves her wife a lot. Loves to tease his chote. A very cheerful and javial man. Loves his family a lot. Loves to pamper his daughter Anjali. Loves to play p-rank on his chote with the help of his daughter. A responsible son and father. He is a businessman and owns AR Construction. A cheerful and encouraging boss.

Aditi Singh Raizada: Mother of Arnav and Anjali. Wife of Abhinash. Loves her family a lot. A dotted wife and mother. A very lovely daughter-in-law. A proud mother. Loves to pamper her chote. Housewife and loves to cook food for her family.

Aakash Singh Raizada: Brother of Anjali and Arnav. A very polite person. Loves her family a lot. Works in AR Design with his brother Arnav. 

Manohar Singh Raizada: Chachu of Arnav and Anjali. Father of Aakash. A very responsible father. Loves his family alot and loves to tease hi wife. A businessman and works in AR Design with Arnav.

Manorama Singh Raizada: Wife of Manohar and mother of Aakash. Chachi to Arnav and Anjali. A very lovely woman. Loves to do makeup. Loves her son a lot. Cousin sister of Aditi.

Devyani Singh Raizada: Mother of Abhinash and Manohar. Dadi to Anjali, Arnav and Aakash. A very lovely dadi to her grandchildren. Loves to play prank to her family.

NK(Nandkishor Mehra): Cousin brother of Anjali, Arnav and Aakash. Nephew to Aditi. A very joval and cheerful person. Loves to irritate Arnav. Loves his family a lot. His profession is photographer.

Kunal Mehra: Father of NK. A very cheerful person. Loves his wife and son alot.

Nandini Mehra: Mother of NK and sister of Manorama. Cousin sister of Aditi. Loves her family a lot and a very dotted wife and mother.

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Jun 16

Khushi Perfect life (By Sweetkitten) (Thanked: 7 times)

Thank you for loving my introduction. I am writing the story in hindi and I will translate it in English. Are you guys okay with it. I hope you all will support me please do comment. If yes then please click thank you button.

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Jun 22

Khushi Perfect life (By Sweetkitten) (Thanked: 10 times)

The story begins

Upate 1

Payal and Khushi rishta is fixed with Raizada brother. Everyone is waiting for Khushi's arrival as Khushi has went to Australia for expanding her business in Australia. Raizada family are staying with Guptas.

Payal: Good morning Dad.

Adarsh: Good morning Kishmis.

Aditya: Kishmis tuje aaj kya hua tu aaj late kyun uthi jab pata hai ki teri ladli aa rahi. Barna toh subha 4 baje pura hungama karti ho[ Kishimis, what happened today, why did you woke up late today when you know that your love is coming. You must be woken up  at 4 o'clock in the morning and make ruckus out of it].

Payal: Bhai main hungama nahi karti[Bhai I never make any ruckus].

Aditya: Oh really you make ruckus.

Payal: No.

Aditya: Yes.

Payal: Bhai.

Aditya: Dekho abhi bhi wahi kar rahe ho[See you are doing same thing].

Payal: Ma mera saar bahut dar ho raha hai[Ma my head is paining very badly].

Payal faint hoti hai.

Aditya: Kishmis. Varsha doctor ko phone karo jaldi[Varsha call the doctor].

Varsha: Yah Aditya main call kar diya hai[ Aditya I have called].

Doctor Payal ko check karti hai.

Aditya: Kya hua doctor[What happen doctor].

Doctor: Payal is taking lot of stress that is the reason for fainting. She need lots of rest.

Aditya: Yah doctor. Doctor anything serious other than that.

Doctor: No.

Aditya: Thank you doctor.

Payal ko hosh aati hai.

Aditya: Kya hua Kishmis kish baat ki stress hai.

Payal: Kuch nahi bhai.

Aditya: Bhai hoon main tera aab bata tu raat ko ek pal ke liye bhi nahi soyi na[I am your brother, tell me now, you have not been able slept a moment in night].

Payal: Yesa nahi hai bhai[Its not like that bhai].

Aditya: Tu mujhe jhut hi maat bol. Kyun mere samne jhut nahi bol sakti kyun main jhat se pakad leta hoon. Chup chap bol kya baat hai[You dont lie with me because you cannot lie in front of me as I can catch fast. Just tell me what happen].

Payal: Bhai.

Aditya: Aab baat raat ko tu kyun nahi soyi aur kya baat hai jo tujhe pareshan kar rahi hai[Now tell me why you didnt slept and what is troubling you].

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