Saath Hoon Hamesha

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Jun 15

Saath Hoon Hamesha (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 138 times)

As the last student too left from the class. Khushi looked at the second bench. It was from there all of it started. She is now the class teacher of 3B the same class where she met arnav for the first time. Her mind drifted back to the memories.


Khushi is sitting at the second bench of the class looking down. Tears were flowing like river from her eyes. Her mother scold her today. What’s her fault in that she brought that puppy to the home. she didn’t know that it will damage papa’s reports. Suddenly she feels that someone is sitting beside her. But she didn’t paid any attention. Suddenly she feels one hand wipe her tears. She looked startled at the owner of that hands.

She sees a little boy with a charming smile. He asked her softly. "Why are you crying".

Khushi sniffed a little. "Mumma scolds me today"

He once again wipes her tears." Why. Did you do any mischief"

She looked at his face cutely pouting and replied." The puppy that i brought to my home last week tore an important report of my papa."

He looked at the little girl before him amused." that’s why your mother scolds you. i think she is right". He  said while acting like teacher.

"Kyaa...". Khushi glared at him. He found her glare actually as a cute one. she looked away pouting.

"Heyy..".he called her but she didn’t respond." Heyy I really don’t mean it that way. What I meant was your papa will get a lot of problems because of it naa. That’s why your mother scolds you. because she is worried about your papa. Any mother would do the same".

Khushi turned and looked at him with her wide innocent eyes." maa doesn’t hate me naa". She asked like a kid who lost his favorite toy.

Arnav feels that she is the most innocent girl he has ever knows. "Nahi. Your maa loves you a lot". He said pinching her chubby cheeks.

Her face litup with a broad smile. "Tum kaun ho". She asked remembering that he is new to their class.

Arnav laughed at her question." Now only you are asking this. I’m Arnav. Arnav Singh Raizada". He said acting like lifting his collar.

Khushi laughed and extended her hand towards him."I’m khushi. Friends"

Arnav looked at her for a moment then shake his hands with her. "Friends."

That was the beginning of their beautiful friendship. They were best friends and almost inseparable from there onwards.

At class 8

arnav enters the class after his meeting with class teacher. There was a meeting for the leaders. He was shocked to find khushi crying in her dusk. He rushed to her

"Khushi.....kya hua....why are you crying.". he asked panicking.

On seeing him she starts to cry more. He gently wiped her tears and cupped her cheek." Tell me khushi did some hurt you.."

Khushi nodded as no. He looked at her confused." Then".

She showed her math book to him." I don’t like math and I don’t know anything about it. But sir told me that tomorrow I need to solve the problems on board. Else he will call my parents". She said looking down

Arnav looked at her stunned. He don’t know whether to laugh at her silly question or he should console her.

Somehow he controls his smile and said to her." Don’t worry Khushi. I will teach you. you know naa I’m good at maths. So hereafter don't need to worry about any subject OK. I will clear your all doubts".


Khushi smiled at the memory. From then Arnav teach her almost all the subjects and he makes her understands it. He was like a mentor and also a role model for her.

 Outside there is slightly raining. Khushi walked near the window and looked at the rain.

 It was during such a rainy day the results of their entrance exam published. Arnav clears the exam with high rank and gets admission in one of the reputed medical college while she fails in it. She chuckled remembering how much she cried at that day and like always Arnav pacified her.


Khushi was sniffing silently. Arnav sighed. Finally her cries got subsided.

He cupped her cheek." Khushi why are you crying. It’s just the medical entrance. You don’t like medicine naa. May be that’s why your Devi Mayya failed you. to show you the right path".

Khushi looked at him pouting. "But I want to study with you. what can I do without my best friend. I don’t want to study anymore".

Arnav sighed." No Khushi. you are my best friend naa". He asked looking into her eyes. Khushi nodded at him. "So you need to hear me. Never stop your studies because of me khushi". your dream is to become a teacher hain naa." She nodded while looking down.

Arnav lifts her chin with his hands. "And I want my Khushi to achieve her dream.will you do that for me". he asked.

Khushi began to protest." But..".he interrupts her. "Don’t worry Khushi. Even if we are in different places whenever you needs me I will be right beside you. Your Arnav will always be with you". He said assuring.

Khushi looked him." You will be there for me always?". She asked at him with hopeful eyes.

"Hamesha". He whispered while entwining his hand with her.


The sky is darkening with the clods. It seems that a heavy rain is on the way. suddenly her mobile phone beeped with a message. She looked at the phone smiling and starts to walk outside of the class collecting her things.

Arnav kept his promise always. Whenever Khushi needs him he was there for her. During his each leave he spends his most of the time with her rather than his family. He was there for her whenever she needs a shoulder to cry on. Both of knows that they can’t leave without each other. But still didn’t confessed it. But then suddenly one incident changed their life up and down.


It was during her final year. Her taxi got stuck in the heavy rain. The road was blocked and there is no other vehicle to seek help. They starts to feel cold and she sees that her driver starts to drink alcohol to prevent cold. She shocked and terrified at the same time. 

She knows that a man won’t be in his senses when he is drunk. She quickly dialed for Arnav. But there is no signal in the car.

 She steps out of the car ignoring the rain and the call of driver with an umbrella. As soon as she got signal Arnav’s name displayed in her mobile. She answered it immediately.

"Khushi...Khushi tum tik ho...why didn’t you picked up my phone.. don’t you know how worried I was...".Arnav is asking questions continuously.

"Ar....Arnav...".Khushi cried calling his name.

He got alarmed hearing her cry. "Kya hua Khushi....Khushi....where are you....". He asked desperately.

"I’m at MC Road..Arnav please come fast Arnav....I’m afraid...there is no one to help me.........Please Arnav..". She began to cry uncontrollably.

"Ok....OK...relax..I’m coming...don’t worry safe....". He replied quickly and runs out of the house.

Khushi clutch the phone close to her chest and whispered his name. The driver called her again. "Madamji...come will feel cold..". He said in a drunkard tone.

Khushi didn’t reply him. And started moving a little away from the car. huge trees was felled at both sides of the car. So there is no way that they can escape from here. Khushi began to tremble in fear seeing the driver walks out of the car. From his unsteady steps she knows that he is heavily drunked. She started to walk backwards and praying Arnav to arrive soon.

Suddenly she hears the horn of a car. She turns back to see Arnav stepping out of the car from the other side of the road. He looks extremely worried and his disheveled dress and hair proves the same. He ran and hugs her tightly.

"Never ever do this to me Khushi..".He whispered in her ear.

Khushi hugs him bach crying heavily. The umbrella falls out of her hand drenching both of them. But they cared less.

"I can’t leave without you Khushi..".He said. Khushi opens her eyes withdrawing from the hug. She looked at his eyes blankly.

"I love you Khushi. the moment I got to know you are in danger showed me that how much you mean to me. I can’t live in the world without you Khushi. I need you with me. In all my life".He said cupping her cheek.

A shy smile formed at khushi’s face before she hug him back.


The same car horn brought her back to present. She walked towards the car waving at her husband Dr. Arnav Singh Raizada. They got married in the last year. Exactly after two years of his confession. Entering the car she smiled at him.

"What brought Dr. Raizada here.". she asked playfully

"Obviously you mrs. Raizada ". he kissed her cheek before replying back.

Khushi blushed as he starts the car winking at her. He never fails to shover her with love. After marriage he turned as the responsible husband and the passionate lover. Khushi smiled thinking abiut their memories together. She knows that he was, is, and will always be there for her. Her love.

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