Jab We Met - 3

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Chapter 19 - Angry Arnav, Soft Anjali! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 174 times)

Dedicated to my dear - Lazydoll :). Thank you dear for being a special reader for me who makes writer feel special to see that a reader acknowledges their work!

"Can I help you Bhabhi?" Aman asked as he saw Khushi staring curiously at Akash's cabin.

"No.. I'm fine.." Khushi faked a smile and shook her head.

"Trust me.. I can be very useful!" Aman smirked glancing at Akash's cabin.

"You know about my plan?" Khushi widened her eyes in shock.

"Hmm.. So there's a plan!" Aman raised his eyebrow, "Can I know what you're upto Bhabhi?"

"Aww.. You fooled me to get the truth from me?" Khushi looked at him with open mouth.

"What to do Bhabhi? I've to stay alert to everything and everyone related to Arnav.. I'm only doing my duty, when I saw you asking the receptionist for Akash then only I got curious to know what you wanted to talk with Akash.." Aman said chuckling.

Khushi felt that she can trust Aman, so she told him everything and her plans made by now. Aman listenened to her words carefully.

When she finished she looked at him eagerly waiting for his reply. Aman looked at her once and suddenly hugged her tightly smiling, "Where were you till now Bhabhi? Where were you?"

Arnav and Akash walked towards the corridor and watch this scene. Akash smirked evilly, "Looks like Khushi Bhabhi is very close to Aman, hain na Bhai?"

"What do you mean?" Arnav asked.

"I mean that she isn't so close with us as much she is with Aman.." Akash replied.

"That's because you guys rejected her first and Aman didn't had any problem with her being my wife.. They became friends from that time!" Arnav said in no-nonsense tone and went to his cabin to finish his works.

Akash clutched his fist angrily, "Why? Why do you trust this girl so much? Urgh.. I never thought a mere middle class girl would make me work this much to defeat her.. But no problem, Khushi Kumari Gupta I never accept defeat and this game is everything to me.. I will never lose because of you! Be prepared for the biggest shock of your life!"

"He's here.." Khushi whispered to Aman and they started acting like chatting about random things. Akash passed from them glaring at Khushi and walked in his cabin.


AR's Cafeteria

"So Sheetal is also out now.. That's wonderful news.." Aman smiled happily.

"Now it's Akash's time.. You see NK and Sheetal were easy because I had something to use against them.. But Akash no.. Akash is a good brother in Arnav Ji's eyes.. How will I prove him wrong?" Khushi said worriedly.

"That's true.. Akash is very cunning, in fact all Raizadas except Mama ji are like this.. Khushi Bhabhi they're acting for God knows how many years and whatever happens they won't let Arnav know that they hate him and are behind him.. Many times I thought to say this to Arnav, his family's truth but I knew it I wouldn't be able to.. This plan was very well made by them.. Arnav loves and trust them more than himself.. It's only because of you, that now I'm seeing few arguments between him and Anjali, he kicked NK out of Sheesh Mahal and accepted you as his wife against their wishes.. Only you brought these changes in him. But trust me, we didn't win yet Khushi Bhabhi .. It will be very difficult to make Arnav see his family's truth.." Aman said in warning tone.

"What can we do now?" Khushi pouted.

Both sipped their coffee thinking about the plan.

"Got an idea!" Aman smirked, "Arnav told me that you're organising a reception party tomorrow na.."

"Yes.." Khushi nodded.

"Arnav gave this responsibility to Akash only, means Akash is the one who will make all party arrangements.. What if we spoil the arrangements and Akash misbehaves with you at the party night? What if Arnav see all this?" Aman winked.

"Great idea.. Arnav ji will see that his good and innocent brother is not what he looks like.." Khushi widened her eyes smiling.

"Wahi toh (That's it)" Aman smiled and both high five.


Arnav's cabin:

Arnav was staring at his and Khushi's picture they took in his farm house when they got married. He shook his head in disbelief seeing the picture where Khushi's pouting, but then smiled seeing the second picture that they took staring at the mirror. That was just perfect one..

He smiled staring at their picture, then left his phone on table and leaned his head on chair sighing, "I met a crazy girl during my trip to Chennai and she became my wife.. This is just unbelievable! What has happened with you ASR? You plan everything in your life, then how come she's just made an entry in my life and messed up everything? Here I thought I would never get married and now I can't get this Comedy piece out of my mind.. "

His thoughts were disturbed with a knock on the door. "Come in.." he quickly put up his ASR's mask and sat properly on the chair.

"ASR can you come downstairs for a while?" an employee said with crying look.

"Hmm.." Arnav looked at her confused and stood up heading downstairs as he knows his Comedy piece is around, so something she must be cooking up here.

As they reached downstairs, they went to a room where models were practicing ramp walk. But instead of the normal scene, he caught them dancing freestyle Hindi songs with his Wife!

"Yes.. Yes.. Dance like this only.. Don't waste time in just walking on ramp!" Khushi giggled chirpily.

Arnav almost gasped, was she encouraging his models to leave his work and start dancing?

"Look at yourself.. Do you even eat at home ahn? Go and eat vada pav, gol gappe and yes don't forget my jalebis otherwise you will disappear from this world like this, so thin!" Khushi pouted scolding one model who looked weirdly at her.

She looked at other model and widened her eyes, "Where are your cheeks girl? (she looked back at model she spoke with seconds ago) See her cheeks already disappeared, now her body will start also.. If you don't want this state for yourself then go home and eat something.."

"You know if you continue like this fit and all.. On strong windy days, you will fly away having no control of your body.." she pouted warning them.

"Oh really.." Arnav folded his arms staring at her, "Have you ever looked at yourself?"

"I might be slim but I've chubby cheeks and very heavy also so strong wind can't take me away.. But your non-smiling living thin and fit models don't have chubby cheeks like mine!" she put her hands on her hip.

"Everyone back to work.." Arnav shouted and the models quickly set to work afraid of him.

He pulled Khushi with him, Khushi looked back at the models smiling, she shouted: Don't forget my advises okay.. Go and home and eat fully!

"Khushi just stop it.." Arnav glared at her, taking her outside AR building.

"What the hell are you doing there? They are models and that's their profession.. They do eat but according to their diets.. Which you won't understand because you have no limits on food.. Always eating junk and unhealthy food.. Don't talk about things you have no idea about and please keep your madness limited to our house only, don't embarrass me like this in my office.." he shouted angrily.

Khushi looked at him with tears brimming in her eyes. She walked towards the car and he followed her, "Khushi wait.. I will drop you!"

"No need.. I will go with Ram uncle.." she said and got in the car pleading the driver to go.

Arnav looked at the car disappearing from his sight with guilty look.


At some restaurant..

"Chote asked me to meet you here.." Anjali said sternly.

"Me also.. He said we should talk about Mahi!" Shyam said politely.

"So you want to take my daughter away from me? How will you raise her without money? Do you even know Mahi wears designed dresses, play with expensive toys, she went to trips at most beautiful countries.. Can you afford that for her?" Anjali raised her brows.

"Anjali let's just start this over again.. Forget about your ego, stop just thinking about yourself, your money, your luxurious lifestyle etcetera.. I will also forget my ego and my problems.. Let's talk only as Mahi's parents.. Ok?" Shyam asked.

"Okay.." Anjali sighed and nodded her head.

"Let's think from Mahi's point of view.. You know all of us needs parents by our side when we're kids.. You also needed them Anjali and I know about your terrible past.. you lost both your parents, did you ever missed them? " Shyam asked.

"Of course I missed them.. Everyday I would cry for them, cry to have them but I couldn't.. They were away from me.. I had to be strong to fight for me and as well for Chote also.." she gulped with moist eyes.

"Then think about Mahi.. You lost your parents, but she didn't.. We are still alive but are making her feel as if we're not with her.. Mahi craves for your love and my love.. She needs us.. She doesn't need expensive clothes, food or toys.. No trip to beautiful countries can bring the happiness that she needs from us.. Only we can make her happy.. I'm afraid that little girl might fall in depression if we continue like this.. You're more worried about your life Anjali.. Admit it.. Do you even look at her once you wake up? Do you give your attention to your baby? I can't also be with her all the time.. Only Arnav is doing what we both should be doing.." Shyam said.

Anjali didn't reply to him, she got lost in thoughts staring at nothing in particular with tears in her eyes.

"Anjali.." Shyam held her hand gently which made her jerk and looked at him numbly.

"I don't want to snatch a daughter from her mother.. If you don't mind, then can we go on a trip with Mahi.. Just the three of us.." Shyam said.

"But.. How would that help?" Anjali raised her eyebrow.

"Just say yes or no?" Shyam asked.

"Yes.." she nodded blinking her eyes.

"Thank you so much Khushi for this idea.. I will try my best to change Anjali and give happiness to my baby girl in this trip.." Shyam thought smiling to himself.

"We are leaving tonight to Switzerland.." Shyam exclaimed.

"Thank God you choose a nice place!" Anjali rolled her eyes. Shyam made a face, there she is back at being rude and arrogant Anjali!

Thank you so much for the comments! It means a lot.. @Angelinaarshi: Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so muchhhhhhhhh dear :) it means a lot!!

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Chapter 20 - Reception party! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 150 times)

At night..

Anjali's room:

"Anjali bitiya where did you throw your brains?" Nani asked angrily.

"What happened Nani?" Anjali asked packing her bags.

"Hello hi bye bye.. Where are you going with that poorz man and that too with baby Mahi?" Mami widened her eyes.

"I already talked with Shyam and we decided to go to Switzerland for Mahi only.." Anjali shrugged.

"But Anjali bitiya you know that in this moment what's important is to gain Chote's trust and separate him from that middle class girl.. Do you want to revenge for what happened with NK and Sheetal?" Nani asked.

"Right now only my daughter is important.. I've been ignoring her for all these years for this plan only, but now she's my priority.." Anjali said with determined look making Nani angry, but she could only fake a smile on her face.

"Okay bitiya.. It's your wish only.." Nani caressed her hair and left the room followed by Mami muttering her "Hello hi bye bye" dialogue.

"Mumma.. Mumma.. Ale we going out with Papa?" Mahi came running to her, hugging her teddy bear with a huge smile playing on her lips.

"Yes baby.." Anjali picked her up and made her stand on the bed, "Are you happy Mahi?"

"Happy?.. No!... Vely much happy!" Mahi jumped on the bed giggling.

Anjali smiled with tears in her eyes, she pulled Mahi closer and hugged her tightly, "I'm so sorry my baby.. Mumma never gave you time.."

"It's okay Mumma.. I know you ale buzz (Busy)" Mahi hugged her back, resting her cheeks on her mother's shoulder. Both stayed in the hug for a few minutes feeling the moment, Anjali for the first time hugged Mahi with all her heart, and Mahi first time received such a lovely and heartwarming hug from her mother.

"Di.." Arnav knocked the door but the door was open, so he pushed slightly and saw the beautiful scene with moist eyes.

"Haan Chote.." Anjali wiped the corner of her eyes and looked at him.

"I wanted to say that Shyam is ready and we should leave to the airport.." Arnav said.

"Take Mahi with you to the car and I'm coming in few minutes.." she said. Arnav lifted Mahi going downstairs while Anjali was packing last few things.

"Mamu you know.. Mahi going out with Papa and Mumma.." Mahi squealed in his arms.

"Really? That's so good.. Is my baby happy?" Arnav smiled.

"I'm vely happy.." she smiled and pecked Arnav's cheek, "I Missy you Mamu!"

"Oh my baby.. Go and enjoy your time with Mumma and Papa.. Don't think about Mamu, Mamu is always here.. Anytime you can call me.. Ok my Angel?" he kissed her all over her face.

Mahi rested her head on the crook of his neck, "Mamu.. whele is Mami?"

"I'm here.." Khushi came smiling walking towards them who by now reached the living room.

Mami and Nani rolled their eyes at Khushi's sweet nature.

"Mami.." Mahi open her arms for Khushi to pick her up, Khushi took her in her arms but avoided eye contact with Arnav, "Will you miss me baby?"

"Yesh.." Mahi nodded burying her face on Khushi's hair.

"Then look here.. Mami got solution for you.. Whenever you miss me, you can talk with this doll.." Khushi showed to her a new beautiful doll.

Mahi looked up and smiled with all her teeth, "Wow.." she took the doll from Khushi's hand and got engrossed in playing with it. Khushi kissed her hair smiling.

"Mahi come here.." Akash took Mahi from Khushi's arms smirking. He took Mahi to talk with Nani, Mami and Mama. Khushi glared at him.

After saying goodbye and family showering love and kisses to Mahi. Arnav took her to the car and few minutes later, Anjali came downstairs and went to them.

They went to pick Shyam from his house and headed to the airport.


Sheesh Mahal

Khushi was walking towards her room when she bumped with Akash. Akash held her by shoulders smiling, "Careful bhabhi.. If something happens to you, then bhai might throw me out of the house also like NK.."

"Looks like you're very scared after what happened with NK, Jija ji.." Khushi smiled at him.

"I'm.. because you're not what you look like.." he walked around her smirking.

"But don't forget.. I'm very much cunning than you!" he whispered on her ear standing behind her.

Khushi widened her eyes, then composed herself and turned to him, "Thanks for informing me already.. Will deal with you carefully then!"

She walked towards her room and closed the door, leaning on it: He's directly telling me all this.. What does this mean? Does he know about our plan? Or is he planning already something for me? Whatever is it.. I must stay alert..

Lost in thoughts, all of sudden she was pushed by the door and fell on the floor, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh.." she caressed her back, crying out in pain.

Arnav walked in the room and widened his eyes, "What the.. What are you doing on the floor?"

"You opened the door and I was leaning on it.." she glared at him.

"Oh.." Arnav nodded astonished.

"Oh?" she widened her eyes in disbelief, "Laad governor kahike.."

Arnav lifted her in his arms, Khushi shouted dramatically, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh.. It looks like I'm going to deliver a baby.. I'm getting such pains!"

Arnav chuckled. Khushi glanced at him and remembered she was still angry and hurt with the way he behaved with her today morning, "Leave Mr. Raizada"

"Don't address me as Mr. Raizada.." Arnav glared at her leaving her on bed.

"Aren't you Mr. Raizada? I will call you that only.. From now on I will behave maturely and will not embarrass you anymore in your office or anywhere Mr. Raizada.. I'm really sorry for my behavior and your bad luck that you got me as your wife.." she said angrily, and sat on her side of the bed hugging her pillow.

"Khushi don't call me Mr. Raizada.. I'm your husband dammit.. You think what you did at office today was right? The models were working and you stopped their work to make them dance and talk about their bodies.. There's a right time to do all this, do I ever scold you when you do your antics here at home with me?" Arnav shouted.

"Don't shout at me.. You think only you can shout at me like this.. I can also shout at you and you will see when I shout then all the mirrors of this room will break, got that?" she fumed in anger and beat him on his shoulder with her pillow.

"And second thing, I'm like this only.. I don't want to become like you or others.. I'm happy with the way I'm.. If I make you embarrassed, then I will go away from you and you find another woman who doesn't make you feel embarrassed.. You gave me right name, Comedy piece.. I'm a Comedy piece and will always be.. I won't change because of you or anyone.." she hipcupped with tears brimming on her eyes, beating on other shoulder with the pillow.

He took the pillow and beat on her head lightly, "Aww.. Are you beating me?"

"Don't utter such nonsense again.. It's the last time you're talking about leaving me, do you get that?" Arnav pushed her to lay on bed and came on top of her, both were close to each other feeling their breaths. Khushi looked down at his neck unable to maintain eye contact with him.

"I'm sorry.." he whispered nuzzling his nose with hers, "I know I got angry and burst out on you.. I shouldn't have talked like that.. You're my wife and I accept you the way you're.." he held her hand entwining their fingers.

"Forgive me Khushi.. I'm like this only, short tempered.. I can't control my anger and end up hurting those who mean a lot to me.." he said guiltily.

Khushi finally stare at him with moist eyes.

"Hmm.." he nodded pecking on her eyes moist eyes, sucking up her unshed tears, "You're one of those person who mean a lot to me.. who I'm scared to lose.. So don't ever say again that you will go away from my life.. I look at you as my wife now.. I want to give to you.. only you the rights of being my wife.. don't change yourself.. be like this only my Comedy piece, just be my wife.. I will not be able to look at any other woman as my wife other than you.. It's only you Khushi.."

"Sorry.." he placed a wet kiss on her left cheek, "Sorry" another kiss on her right cheek, "Sorry" a sweet kiss on her forehead, "Sorry" he whispered huskily and placed a kiss on her chin. "Sorry" another kiss on her earlobe.

All this while Khushi tightened her grip on his hand feeling butterfly on her stomach. Her cheeks turned to red color and if given a chance she would push him and ran away from the room but their hands were joined.

"Sorry.." he whispered staring intently at her lips and she gulped knowing what's coming up next.When he tilt his head to finally kiss her, Khushi looked away breathing abnormally.

"I.. forgive.. you Arnav ji.." she stammered nervously and extremely shy.

Arnav smiled a little and got up, making Khushi's breath come to his normal rate.

"Water?" he poured water to a glass and hand it to her. Khushi sat properly and quickly took the glass, gulping it in one go.

Arnav pulled her closer and wrapped his arms around her waist, Khushi widened her eyes imagining same scene again, she turned to him and spit out the water on her mouth on his face.

"What the.." Arnav shut his eyes and looked away.

Khushi took her duppata and wiped his face with crying look, "I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry.. I didn't do it on purpose.. It's just.."

"It's just you're a Sanki!" Arnav rolled his eyes, "Are you my wife or not? What is the problem if I get close to you?"

"You didn't say those words yet.." she pouted.

"What? I love you?" Arnav asked and Khushi widened her eyes and her mouth formed big O shape, "What type of husband I have? Don't you have any shame to talk boldly like this?"

"Khushi I don't believe in love.. You're special and you mean a lot to me.. but don't expect any romantic stuff from me.. We live in real world, not in any movies where hero says I love you to heroine and they live happily ever after.. Instead of love, I would say that I trust you .. I really trust you and hope you will not break my trust ever in your life.. Pyaar yeh sab bakwas hai (Love and all these things are rubbish)" he said in serious and direct to the point look.

Khushi looked at him little sadly but faked a smile and nodded her head.

"Good.." Arnav said, "It's getting late.. We should sleep now.."

"Okay.." she said and jumped to her side of the bed, burying her face on the pillow and covered herself with the blanket.

"Arnav Ji doesn't believe in love.. and here I realized my love for him.. but unfortunately I will never to hear the same from you.. but leave, I'm happy that at least you trust me.. this means a lot to me Arnav ji.." she thought to herself with moist eyes.

She pulled out the blanket and looked at him with close eyes, "I love you Arnav ji.." she thought smiling at him.


Next day.. At night (Reception party)

Raizada family reached at a five star hotel to celebrate Arnav and Khushi's reception party and announce their marriage to the world. Two cars stopped at the entrance and whole media surrounded them eagerly waiting to get a glimpse of ASR's wife.

Arnav and Khushi got down the car and walked towards the hotel holding each other hands. Khushi was nervously staring at media people throwing many questions to her while their bodyguards start shoving them away and Arnav hold her hand to proceed, "Khushi relax.."

"What relax? They are asking too many questions and I don't even know what to say.." Khushi frowned cutely at him.

"You don't have to reply!" Arnav said.

Media people were busy clicking their pictures also while they walked and finally got inside heading towards the hall.

"Do you like the arrangements? Akash did it.." Arnav asked staring at the decorations in the hall.

"It's beautiful.." Khushi faked a smile, then looked at Aman who shook his head in confusion. They came today morning to spoil the arrangements in the hall, but how come everything was perfect and guests were also sitting comfortably on the chairs they had broken a few to create a scene.

"Bhabhi you like it? See party decorations match with your lehenga color.. Royal blue!" Akash came in front of Khushi smirking.

"I loved it.." she faked a smile and Akash hugged her smiling and whispered on her ear, "I'm not NK or Sheetal to fall on your plans.. I think bigger, okay Bhabhi?"

She clutched her fist and faked a smile at him. Akash hugged Arnav smiling, Arnav reciprocated the hug, "Great work Akash.. I'm happy that I give you this responsibility and you fulfilled it.."

"Thank you Bhai.. I'm glad you love it.." Akash smiled shyly, then glanced at Khushi smirking.

"Akash is following your steps Chote.. He does everything with perfection.." Nani said.

"Hello hi bye bye.. My bitwa.. I'm so proud of you.." Mami kissed Akash's forehead smiling. Akash rolled his eyes.

"Haan haan.. Your son should be President now, hain na?" Mama asked and everyone laughed.

They headed towards their table and sat on their respective seats.

After sometimes Guptas also came and greeted Raizadas, they chat for a while with Mami and Nani faking affection towards them only to impress media people that despite being high class people they treat well and give respect to middle class people like Guptas as well, Khushi and Payal were chatting happily with each other. Arnav with Akash and Aman.

Minutes later, guests wanted to know about ASR's wife. So Arnav had to steal Khushi from Payal, to introduce Khushi to his friends and business partners. They were busy talking with guests and greeting them.

"Good evening ladies and gentleman.. So as everyone knows here we are to celebrate my brother and my Bhabhi's marriage.. Unfortunately girls, Bhai is not bachelor anymore.." Akash pouted and all girls sighed sadly.

Arnav chuckled and Khushi rolled her eyes seeing Akash doing acting of good brother.

"But he got a beautiful and good girl in his life.. Khushi Bhabhi you're the best and I know there wouldn't be any girl that deserves Bhai other than you.. You're made for each other.." Akash smiled staring at the couple.

"So guys give them a huge round of applause.." Akash cheered and Raizadas, Guptas and the guests clapped smiling to Arshi.

Arnav and Khushi stare at each other smiling.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

"But the surprise isn't over yet guys.." Akash said getting everyone attention back to him.

"I will take this opportunity to share the best news of my life with you.. Guys in this celebration of love, trust and marriage.. I want to say that I'm in love.. yes, I'm truly and madly in love with a girl.." Akash smiled.

Arnav smiled surprised while Raizadas shared a cunning smile with each other except Mama. Guptas and Khushi were confused.

"Like everyone says.. this time also I'm going to follow my brother steps.. I wish to marry soon with my Jaan now.. Kya karoon bhai? You're my role model and everything you do, I've to do same only.. If you get divorced, then I will also.." he said and everyone laughed at him because he's always copying Arnav. Arnav chuckled shaking his head and Khushi glared at Akash for mentioning their divorce.

"Here I'm blabbering my nonsense and forgot to introduce you all my Jaan.." he hit his forehead and everyone cheered surprised to know that Akash's Jaan is at the party.

"Come here Jaan.." he blinked his eyes and ask her to come to him and join him on stage.

Lights went off and only spotlight followed his Jaan walking towards him on stage. "Here is she.. My Jaan.. My PAYAL.." Akash said pulling a shy Payal closer to him.

The guests clapped loudly for them and whistled, Payal and Akash share an eye lock, she was very shy while he was thanking everyone for their giving them love. Media people were clicking their pictures ready to post this fresh and new story tomorrow.

Khushi stumbled back in shock, she couldn't believe Akash went to this level to get revenge from her.

Arnav was quite shocked and surprised with Akash's choice but he was happy that Akash didn't choose a girl by her looks or class, rather this time he must have followed his heart, that's why he got a nice girl like Payal.

Now he was sure that his family accepted Khushi also and they were truly sorry for their past behavior with Khushi, that's why they accepted Payal.

Raizadas smiled and clapped for Payash, while Guptas were equally shocked to know that there was a relationship between Akash and Payal. They were confused and shocked why Payal never said anything to them. Aman shut his eyes and slammed his fist on the table angrily, "Dammit.."

"Quite shocking na.. Akash and Payal.. but I'm happy for them.." Arnav looked at Khushi.

"They can't be one.." Khushi whispered.

"Why not Khushi?" Arnav frowned.

Jan 30

Chapter 21 - Separation! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 183 times)


"This simple house? Are we really going to fit in this small house?" Anjali asked in disbelief, this looks like their servants room.

"I only earn this much Anjali.. And Mahi is little baby and we both aren't that fat that we can't fit in this house.." he said teasingly.

"Unbelievable.." she pushed her bag inside the house complaining all the way.

Shyam and Mahi giggled walking behind her.

"Mumma we have a beautiful view here.. we won't find in that big houses.." Mahi said chirpily. Shyam pecked her cheek smiling.

"No matter where we are.. if there's love, it's enough.." Shyam said hugging Anjali from behind and little Mahi on his arms. Anjali stare at him and both shared an eye lock. Shyam remember that they aren't married anymore, he awkwardly withdraws his hand from her waist and continued playing with Mahi. Anjali got lost in memories of past, the first days of their marriage, he was loving and caring husband to her but she never acknowledged.

"We should rest for a while.. Then we will go out.." Shyam said and Anjali nodded.

"Where's my room?" she asked.

"Our room!" Shyam corrected and signaled her to follow him, they stopped at a room and Anjali looked at him amused, there were three single beds for them.

Mahi went running to her bed and started jumping on it, "I will sleepy hele.. in middle of Mumma and Papa!"

"I know we're divorced.. but if we make Mahi feel that her Mumma and papa are separated then it will spoil the fun of this trip.. So I thought to keep same room, just three different beds.." Shyam said.

"For now it's okay.. But what will happen when we go back? Mahi will be shattered.." Anjali gulped.

"We will see.." Shyam smirked, "For now just enjoy the trip Miss Anjali!"

Shyam mimicked how she walks in style going to his bed while Anjali glared at him, "That's now how I walk Mr. Shyam.."

"Then show me how you walk.." he laughed.

Anjali rolled her eyes and walked towards the bathroom in her way making Shyam laugh out loud, "Why didn't you ask Arnav to keep you as AR model? He would have saved money from employees salary also!"

"Shut up!" she groaned from the bathroom.

"Mumma don't shout Papa!" Mahi pouted.

"Sorry baby.. Your papa is teasing Mumma!" Anjali said in sorry tone for yelling while her daughter was present in the room.

Shyam smiled praying that this trip helps them be a family once again.


Sheesh Mahal

"How dare you Akash? How dare you play with my sister like this? I won't let you play with her feelings just because of your revenge.. If you want, then hurt me.. Don't drag my sister into this okay.. I won't spare you Akash.. I will do everything in my hands to save my sister from you.." Khushi grabbed his shirt collar angrily with tears in her eyes.

"What I did Khushi bhabhi?" Akash asked innocently, "I really love Payal.."

Khushi looked at him angrily, "Oh really?"

"Yes really.. I love her so much, her innocent look, her smile, her eyes, her cheeks.. her lip.." before Akash could finish with his cunning smirk, Khushi slapped him hard on his cheek.

"How dare you speak like that about my Jiji? I won't spare you Akash Raizada.. I really won't.." she pushed him and Akash hit the wall behind him, hissing in pain.

"What's going on here?" Arnav asked worriedly and walked inside the room followed by the family who came rushing to Akash's room.

"What's going on here is that your cunning brother is playing with my sister's feelings to revenge on me for being the reason NK was kicked out of this house.. He wants to hurt me the same way I hurt his family.." Khushi screamed.

"Khushi what nonsense you're speaking? Akash could never do that.." Arnav gritted his teeth.

Mami and Nani smirked staring at each other, doing happy dance in their minds that Arnav still had trust over them.

"See bhai.. What has happened to Bhabhi? I can't believe she blame me like this.. I really love Payal bhai.. Why would I spoil a girl's life just to revenge on her? Do you think I'm that type of man? I'm not like NK.. You know Bhai I scolded NK a lot when I got to know what he did to Bhabhi and I didn't even stop you from throwing NK out of this house because I knew it he deserves that punishment.. but looks like Bhabhi doesn't like me.. she thinks I'm like NK.. Khushi Bhabhi please forgive me.. I don't know what I have done but I'm telling you that I don't have any enmity with you.. I already accepted you as bhai's wife.. In fact not only me, everyone in the family accepts you.. I just happened to fall in love with your sister, is it a sin? Why am I paying for NK's sin? Just because he's my cousin brother.. Does it mean I'm like him also? Khushi Bhabhi I beg you please don't separate me from Payal.. We really love each other.." Akash cried.

"Did you hear that? Do you want to create more scene here? What's the problem with you Khushi? I'm not getting you.. What's the problem if Akash and Payal love each other? Why can't they be together?" Arnav shouted.

"You're blind.. but I'm not Arnav ji.. I won't let this brother of yours spoil my Jiji's life.." Khushi shouted back.

"Enough is enough Khushi.. Akash will get married to Payal only.. I want to see how you will stop this marriage from happening now.." Arnav pointed his index finger to her angrily.

Khushi laughed sarcastically, "I pity you Arnav ji.. I really pity you.. for those you're fighting with me, they don't deserve your love.. They are just behind YOUR MONEY.."

Thats it, she couldn't keep this secret to herself anymore after witnessing how blind her husband is to his family's doing, they are planning to get his money behind him and he still fights for them.

Akash, Nani and Mami looked at each other shocked, how Khushi knows about their motive. Now Akash remembered when Sheetal said there was someone at the door and no one believed her, it was Khushi who heard about them.

"Starting from your dear Nani to your lovely Di except Mama ji, everyone here has only one motive and one plan, to get your money and kick you out of their way.. Their eyes are not on you, but your property.. This is what your family is.." Khushi said glaring at everyone.

Nani coughed acting weak, and Mami kept her hands on her shoulder as if calming her. Akash rushed to Nani acting like good boy. They expected Arnav to call the doctor fast, but Arnav didn't gave them attention. He was numbly staring at Khushi.

"Our plan flopped... We shouldn't have taken a huge risk like this.." Nani whispered angrily at Akash.

"Calm down Nani.. Bhai hasn't said a word yet.." Akash gritted his teeth.

"Hello hi bye bye.. Sasuma is right, Arnav bitwa will believe his wife only.." Mami bit her nails frightened.

Arnav pulled Khushi harshly by her waist close to him, gritting his teeth, "I took you a stranger to my Dadi's house, gave you shelter, food to eat and a lovely family.. brought you here against my family's wish, kicked out my cousin brother because he did wrong with you from office and from this house as well, fought with my Di and Nani for you, got officially married to you and gave you the right to be ASR's wife.. From the time you came in my life, I've protected and fight for you every now and then, be it from my family or yours family.. and you dared to accuse my family of a disgusting thing like this? For what? Just to stop Akash and Payal's marriage for happening.. Remember I told you to not ever break my trust Khushi.."

"YOU BLOODY HELL DID THAT TODAY.. You broke my trust Khushi.." he pushed her away angrily.

The Raizadas smirking with winning look.

"I didn't do anything Arnav ji.. please believe in my words.. Your family isn't what they look like.." Khushi stare at him sobbing.

"Don't you dare speak a word against my family Khushi.. You will see the worst of me today.." he barked.

"I'm telling you the truth only.." she shouted crying, "How can you be blind like this? They are just behind your property.. They don't love you at all.. This is all fake.. you're falling in their traps..wake up Arnav ji before it's too late.."

"Chote has given us everything we need.. Why would we run behind his property? I don't know from where did you got this idea Khushi.. What will I do with my grandson's property at this old age? All I want is their happiness now.." Nani sobbed shaking her head.

"Stop acting all of you.. I know your real faces.. Aren't you ashamed of doing this with Arnav ji? He worked hard only for you all and you're betraying him like this.." Khushi shouted.

"Keep your voice down.. you middle class girl.." Arnav shouted pinning her to wall angrily. Khushi stare at him astonished, did he just call her middle class girl?

"You're saying right only.. I was blind.. I was blind to bring you home and make you my wife.. I don't know where I've left my brains and my eyes to marry a middle class girl like you.. Nani and Di were right about you.. from the time you made an entry in this house, there's only been fights all along.. Now I understand who's behind all this.. who wants to separate me from my family and get whole my money and luxury life for herself.. Well done Khushi Kumari Gupta, I must say you played well.. because I fell in your traps, I fell for your fake innocent face.. I thought you're simple and funny girl who only spreads happiness and love around her.. my foot.. this was all your plan right? You already knew that I'm ASR from the time we met at the train, acting like mad and poor girl you made an entry in my Dadi's house, there also won everyone's heart being my fake wife and managed to impress me, I brought you here to Sheesh Mahal and that's it.. You became mad seeing all this luxury, money and big mansion.. you didn't mind to turn this fake marriage into a real one and didn't mind sharing same bed with a stranger just because of money.. You didn't mind leaving your family's house to come and permanently stay here in my house.. Slowly you start making your place here too, but here unlike Dadi's place, everyone could see you true face and you didn't like that.. That's why you're creating big fights between us, so that I only stay with you and trust you only.. then you will get all this for yourself after kicking out my family and making them my enemies right? .. A golddigger you're! Thank God I opened my eyes today.." he gritted his teeth staring intensely at her.

Khushi shook her head with tears in her eyes, "I never thought you could think so low of me.."

"That's because you're!" he took a step back, "I made a big mistake by marrying you and giving you the right of being Mrs. ASR.. You don't deserve it.. You completely broke my trust.."

"I didn't broke your trust.. You broke my heart.." she sobbed.

"Oh emotional talks.. You really think this is going to work Khushi Gupta.. You've been exposed, so no need to act like this because I'm not going to fall in your traps anymore.." Arnav rolled his eyes.

"The day you will see.."

"Just shut up Khushi Kumari Gupta.." he roared, "Pack your bags and leave from this house.. I will send divorce papers for you to sign tomorrow only.."

Khushi stumbled back in shock, she looked at him with wide eyes filled with unshed tears, "Arnav ji.." she whispered.

"You have lost the right to call me Arnav ji.." he glared at her.

Raizadas smiled in relief, their planned got successful, Khushi it out of their lives now. Tonight is the night to celebrate.

"And Akash.." Arnav turned to Akash, who quickly stopped smiling and looked at his brother sadly.

"Now I really recommend you to think once again if you're sure you want to get married to such type of girls.." Arnav said, "One almost broke our family apart.. I don't know about the other.. Middle class people aren't trustworthy neither worth of being someone's wife.."

Khushi shut her eyes tightly crying in silent.

Akash nodded.

"Why are you standing still here?" Arnav asked to Khushi.

Khushi just looked at him with tears flowing from her eyes.

Arnav walked towards her and held her by shoulders, dragging her out of Akash's room till downstairs at the door.

"Hope to never see you again in my life.." he said huskily with anger and pain reflecting on his tone.

"Hope that you heart doesn't break when you see your family's truth.." she whispered staring at him with moist eyes.

Arnav gritted his teeth, getting more angry at her courage to keep on speak against his family.

"I.. I never wanted your money nor your lifestyle.. I'm happy.. the way I'm.. I never thought.. this was the price I would pay.. for loving someone.. like you.. Arnav Singh Raizada.." she said in broken tone.

"Khushi just go away from here.. I don't want to hear your nonsense.." Arnav looked away.

"Don't forget that middle class people are also human.. We too have heart and.." Arnav turned to her angrily, "Go away dammit.."

Khushi took a step back flinching, Akash signaled guards to take her away.

Even before guards could touch her, Aman came there running towards them. He held Khushi's hand, "Let's go Khushi.."

"Today this husband of yours abandoned you, but this brother of yours is still alive.." Aman stare at Arnav intensely.

Raizadas rolled their eyes. Arnav looked at Aman in disbelief, "Do you even know what she did Aman?"

"Yes I know everything and I trust Khushi completely.." Aman said confidently.

Arnav was about to burst on Aman, but Aman raised his hand in Dadi's style, "I don't want to listen you Mr. Raizada.. Go and stay with your family, pamper them and love them as much as you want.. They day they will show you their real face then you will remember her face, Khushi's face.. this girl who wants nothing but your good, who planned everything just to punish this family of yours for betraying you.. who fought for you and I'm sure after we go back home, she will come to me and say Aman ji we need to save Arnav ji, we need to show his family's truth to him.. You will remember this girl who can't see you in pain and trust me Mr. Raizada, that day you will get tears in your eyes!"

Khushi looked down crying, yes it's true. Even after what he said to her, she still wants to save him from this cunning family. She still wants the best for him. Why does she loves this man so much and in return he didn't show a tiny bit of trust in her words?

Aman took Khushi away from there to his car as he drove off to his home.

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Chapter 22 - Divorce! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 194 times)

Aman walked towards her and sat on the couch beside her, keeping the glass of water he brought on the near table. He patted Khushi's back, "Calm down.. please don't cry.."

Khushi broke in more tears, "How can he do this to me?"

"Drink this water.." Aman brought the glass to her and Khushi shook her head with moist eyes, "I don't want.."

Aman sighed and kept the glass back on table, "You shouldn't have told him the truth so early.. I already told you this is going to be difficult na, because Arnav has full faith and trust on his family, he grew up with them and accepted them the way they're.. We also don't have any proofs to prove our point.."

"What would I do Bhaiya? Wait for Akash to play with my Jiji's feelings.. Wait for him to break her heart and see her suffer all her life.. I can't let him do what NK did to me.. Already my family suffered a lot because of me, we had to shift from Lucknow to Delhi to avoid those neighbors making our life a hell and now the same happen to Jiji.. no.. I will do anything but will always protect my sister from such evil persons.." Khushi said sobbing but still her eyes showed that no matter what happens, Raizadas haven't still broken her, she will still fight!

"And it's good I revealed the truth to him also.. Today I got to know how much he trusts me.." she smiled sarcastically, thinking about Arnav's confession of trust to her and next day he act opposite of his words.

"Shh..enough now.. stop crying and you need to rest.. you must be tired.." Aman said wiping away her tears.

But more tears made way to her cheeks as she numbly continued on the couch remembering what happened to her. The person she trusted the most, she loved the most now completely broke her heart and abandoned her like her family did in NK's matter. He thinks she took no time to accept to get married to him because she's a gold digger, couldn't he see how much she cannot bear a distance from him, that's why leaving her family she went to live with him and accepted marrying him even though he didn't even confess his love to her? Couldn't he think about those lovely moments they spent together at Dadi's place before ruining their relationship with such harsh words? Couldn't he see how much she cares for him that she was even ready to defeat his family and protect him from them? Couldn't he see the truth in her eyes? Why did he say he trust her when at the end he's going to break her heart like this?

"Maybe it's my fault only.. when someone becomes close to me, then I can even lay my life for that person.. but I forget that others aren't like that.. when I love someone then I can do anything for them.. But why is everyone so selfish? Why do they always push me away from their lives? Why Bhaiya? Don't I deserve anyone's love in this world? First my real parents left me and went very far away that I can't even reach them.. then my family also taunted me and trusted NK over me.. and now Arnav ji.. I just pointed a finger to his family and he went all against me.. He didn't even thought that maybe my Comedy piece is saying truth.. he didn't even hear a word from me and trusted his family over me.. He also left me.. but I never wished bad for anyone, neither for my family nor for Arnav ji.. then why they left me?" she covered her face with her palms crying.

Aman felt so bad for her now that he wanted to go to Arnav and shout the truth to him, but he knows that's of no use now. Arnav is not going to believe their words.

"I'm here for you.. from now on, I'm your Bhaiya.." Aman side hugged her, patting her shoulder to calm her down.

Khushi rested her head on his shoulder and cry her heart out.


Next day..

"Finally we can breath in peace now.. that middle class girl isn't here to burst our brains! " Mami said smiling and eat her food happily.

"Finally I could sleep in peace yesterday.. " Nani said smirking.

Arnav came downstairs with stern and rude look, he sat on his chair and took his glass pouring juice on it, without looking at anyone's face.

"Chote are you alright?" Nani asked with pity look.

"I'm fine Nani.. and I would like for you all to behave as if a girl named Khushi never was in our lives.." he gritted his teeth.

"Hello hi bye bye.. We can do that, but will you be able to forget her Arnav bitwa?" Mami asked. Nani and Akash glared at her and she smiled sheepishly.

"I've already erased that girl from my mind.." Arnav said with eyes getting dark at each word he took.

Nani, Mami and Akash had big smiles on their faces.

HP came to serve toast to Arnav, he heard last line and made a sad face, "Arnav bhaiya.. Khushi didi is not a bad person.."

Arnav clutched his glass and threw it to the floor breaking it in pieces and making everyone flinch.

He stood up angrily, "Khushi Didi isn't a bad person, right? THEN GO AND JOIN HER.. Work for her and she will pay you salary also..What do you think a servant like you will start giving me advices and tell me who's good or not? COME ON.. PACK YOUR BAGS AND LEAVE FROM HERE.."

"I'm sorry Bhaiya.." HP looked down in fear.

"Go back to the kitchen and do you work now.." Arnav barked.

HP went from there. Arnav took his bag and walked away from there angrily.

"Itna ego (So much ego).. I want to see your ego when we take all this mansions and AR from you.." Akash smirked.

"Hello hi bye bye.. gussa toh aisa karta hai jaisi ki puri duniya uske naukar hai (He shows so much anger as if the whole world is his servant)" Mami rolled her eyes.

"Bohot jald hum usse naukar bana denge (Very soon we will make him a servant)" Nani said caressing the ring on her finger with a evil smirk.


Aman's apartment:

Khushi came out of the kitchen with breakfast for both. Aman smiled, "You didn't have to do this Khushi bhabhi.. I would have cooked for us.."

"It's okay bhaiya.. If you make me your sister, then you have to let me cook for you also.." Khushi smiled.

"I really admire you Khushi bhabhi.. No matter what's the problem in your life, your smile is always there on your face.." he said noticing that after she woke up, they weren't signs of tears on her face.. just that smile that hides a lot of pain.

"Someone told me that no matter how much sad and broken from inside you're, we should make people around us smile.." Khushi sat on her chair.

"Good thoughts.. but that someone forgot to tell you that not only others, we should make ourselves happy also.." Aman said and stuffed paratha on Khushi's mouth. Khushi widened her eyes gulping it, and beat Aman on his shoulder. Both laughed at themselves behaving like kids.

"Today I need to go to my house.. to talk with Amma and Bauji about Akash.. I just hope they believe in my words.." Khushi said nervously.

"I think they will but Payal.. she seems in love with Akash and won't believe in your words.. She will think you're trying to separate her from him.. You know what I mean.." Aman said.

"Yes.. I know, but I will try.." Khushi nodded sadly.

"Aman bhaiya if you can collect some proofs against Raizadas.. to.. err.. show to Arnav ji.. their real faces.. I mean.. he threw me out of AR and I can't do anything now to save him.. but you still.. work for him.. please try bhaiya.." she said with moist eyes.

Aman smile staring at her, how cruelly Arnav threw her out of his house and still she wants to save him from his family.

"I will really pray to find a wife like you Khushi bhabhi.." Aman sighed and nodded his head, "I will try to collect proofs against Raizadas and hopefully Arnav will trust us then.."

"Thank you.." she smiled genuinely.


Gupta house:

Khushi knocked the door once and waited for someone to attend her. Garima opened the door and smiled, "Khushi bitiya.. It's good that you're here.."

Khushi smiled weakly.

"Come.. come.. See who came here.." Garima held her hand and pulled her inside the house, they stopped at the living room and Khushi widened her eyes in shock seeing Raizadas in her house.

"They came to talk about Payal and Akash bitwa alliance.." Garima said happily.

"See who reached.. Why didn't you came with Arnav bitwa Sanki?" Buaji asked.

"Didn't she told you?" Arnav asked smirking at Khushi. Khushi looked away with tears in her eyes clutching her bag.

"What bitwa?" Shashi asked smiling.

"Looks like you haven't spent the night at your house.." Arnav looked at Khushi.

"What happened? Wasn't Khushi at Sheesh Mahal yesterday?" Shashi asked worriedly.

"Khushi doesn't want her sister to get married to Akash.." Arnav said.

"What??" Guptas gasped shocked and Payal looked at Khushi with questioning look.

"Why Khushi?" Payal whispered.

Khushi was about to speak when Arnav interrupted, "This is the problem with middle class people.. when they find a treasure, they can't even share with their own family.. Khushi can't share the same mansion and the Raizadas status with you.. This is how much your sister loves you! .. She is always creating problems and fights wherever she goes, she came to my house and created fights between me and my family and now doing same thing with you Payal.. Now ask her what is the problem with Akash? She says Akash isn't a good man for you.. Ask her why?"

"You're insulting my daughter.." Shashi said coming face to face to Arnav.

"You daughter did such thing that she only deserves my insult only.. I won't keep quiet when someone messes up with my family and that's exactly what she did.. that's why I showed her place.." Arnav gritted his teeth.

"Khushi must have a reason to do what she did.." Shashi said.

"Yes, she had only one reason that is to be Mrs. Raizada.. Your daughter is nothing but a golddigger.." Arnav shouted.

Shashi angrily hold Arnav's shirt collar, "How dare you.."

He coughed a bit, Khushi rushed to him and patted his back, "Bauji please don't fight with him.. Calm down please.."

"I thought I hand my daughter in safe hands but you turn out to be worse than that NK.." Shashi said letting his shirt collar and wrapped his arms around Khushi shoulder, he looked at her smiling little sad, "When NK spoiled your reputation in society, I as a father never protected you.. but now, I won't repeat same mistake again.. I will protect you always my bitiya.."

Khushi looked at him sobbing. Arnav rolled his eyes, "Anyways.. I only came here to talk about Payal and Akash's matter.."

Garima was crying not understanding what was happening with her family.

"Which is not going to happen.. Your brother isn't going to get married to my Payal bitiya.. I'm breaking this relationship right now.." Shashi replied angrily.

"Think about it.. One daughter getting divorced and another with broken alliance.. What will society say? Who will marry your daughters after being rejected by Raizadas?" Arnav smirked.

"Bauji why are you doing this with me? I love Akash ji.. Why are you doing this with me Khushi? I always defended you from everyone and now it's my turn and you want to break off my marriage.." Payal cried.

"Shashi have you gone mad? You're believing in this Sanki words.. She's just jealous of Payal bitiya because Payal bitiya also getting married in Raizada family and she's getting divorced.. She will no longer be in that status that's why she want to destroy your blood daughter's happiness.. Bloody orphan..we give her shelter and she wants to destroy our happiness.." Buaji taunted.

Arnav clutched his fist hearing Buaji's words, and he wonders why Buaji talking bad about this woman he hates if affecting him now.

"See Payal.. It's your sister only that doesn't want us to be married.." Akash said innocently with fake tears in his eyes.

"We're leaving.. If you change your decision then call us.. Otherwise they are plenty of girls waiting for Akash.." Nani said and Mami nodded with attitude.

"My decision won't be changed.. so thanks for coming and sorry for wasting your precious time on middle class people like us.." Shashi replied.

"Okay then.. We'll get going.." Arnav sighed and walked to leave with his family leaving a broken Payal, crying Garima and angry Buaji behind.

Arnav stopped on his tracks and turned to Khushi, he walked towards her and took papers out of his coat, handling to her, "Our divorce papers.. read them carefully and sign on it.."

Khushi stare at him with tears flowing from her eyes as she slowly took the papers from his hand.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Arnav walked to leave from there feeling uneasy and disturbed to see tears in her eyes.

"I hate you Khushi.. I hate you.." Payal ran to her room crying on the way.

"Why you did this? Can't you see my daughter happy? Who will marry her now? First you spoiled our reputation with that NK matter and we are already finding it so difficult to get a good alliance for Payal and now that we found a good boy who loves her and is rich also.. You have problem with that.. why Khushi? I beg you as a mother.. please don't do this.. please let Payal marry Akash bitwa.. please.." Garima begged to Khushi crying.

"Are you happy now? Garima is begging you to get her daughter married.. See this is the consequences of bringing up an orphan.. Today she's making us dance to her tunes.." Buaji looked away angrily.

Khushi shook her head crying, "Amma please trust me.. he's not a good man.. he just wants to play with Jiji's feelings.."

"You're the only one great person in this world hain na? That's why even your husband left you.." Buaji glared at Khushi.

"Enough is enough you both.. Khushi is saying right, she's the one who lives in that house and has better knowledge of Akash is than us.. If she's saying he's not a good man, then he is not.. Why should we risk making Payal marry him to make her suffer later? And I also got suspicious of him.. Why was he in relationship with Payal till now in secret? I'm sure his intentions aren't good also.." Shashi said.

"Khushi where did you spent last night?" Shashi cupped her face.

"In Aman Bhaiya's apartment.." Khushi replied sobbing.

"You seriously don't care about our reputation at all girl.. What will people say you're staying at your husband's PA home? Do you know what people will think about it?" Buaji rolled her eyes.

"He's my bhaiya Buaji.." Khushi replied blinking her eyes.

"Who will explain this to society? They will think that you're having an affair with him.." Buaji scolded.

"Jiji stop it.." Shashi glared at her, then turned to Khushi, "It's better you stay with Aman only, because in this house, they will never let you stay in peace.."

"She destroyed our happiness and it's us who don't let her live in peace.." Buaji rolled her eyes.

Khushi looked down, Shashi sighed sadly feeling pity for his daughter. Holding a divorce papers in her hands, she still has to bear these insults.

"Can I talk with Jiji?" Khushi asked in broken tone to which Shashi nodded.

She went to Payal's room and found Payal crying sitting on the floor. She rushed to Payal and sat beside her, "Jiji please try to understand me.."

"Understand what?" Payal asked rudely.

"Jiji I'm not your enemy.. I always wanted good for you.. Why would I ruin your life? Akash isn't a good man, he just wants to play with you to revenge on me.. because of me, his brother NK got kicked out of the house.. and they wanted to make me feel same pain.. That's why he choose you to break me.." Khushi explained.

"Go away from here.. Just go away.. I don't want to listen to your nonsense.." Payal shouted.

"Jiji.." Khushi looked at her astonished.

"It's good that Arnav ji wants to divorce you.. You only deserve that for breaking others relationships.." Payal glared at her.

"One day you will know why I did this.." Khushi said sadly and walked to leave her room.

So, Arnav isn't acting! You can taunt him as much as you want to :D.

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Chapter 23 - Dadi and Maya aunty? (By Angel23) (Thanked: 181 times)

Sheesh Mahal..

"You don't need to be upset Akash. It's Payal who lost a man like you, not the other way around.. I'm sure you will find a girl who's worth of you.." Arnav said as he sat on the couch beside Akash, who smiled and nodded.

"Hello hi bye bye.. I never likes that Payal.. so middle class girl.. yuck like that sister of hers.. They thought they can make way to our house!" Mami said.

Arnav stare at her for a while, remembering when Akash announced his relationship with Payal on his reception party, Raizadas looked very happy to have Payal as their daughter in law. Now why is Mami talking like she hates and disgust Payal? Was it their acting?

Akash pinched his mother's hand signaling her to shut her mouth in front of Arnav.

"Bhai you should have dinner with everyone. I will eat later, I'm still upset over all this happening in our house.." Akash patted Arnav's shoulder and stood up leaving the living room only for Arnav, Nani and Mami.

"Did you talk with Anjali bitiya? How's her trip?" Nani asked.

"No, she didn't call me as yet.. Must be with Shyam and Mahi.." Arnav replied.

Nani nodded and engrossed in the conversation with Mami, meanwhile Arnav took his phone and started checking his messages, he scrolled down few business chats, then his eyes caught on Shyam's message.

"We have reached in Switzerland.. All is okay here.. How was your reception party? Hope you enjoyed.. And please send my many thank you's to Khushi.. she's the one who came up with this brilliant idea and now I'm more hopeful that I will get my family back! Thanks yaar :)" Arnav read Shyam's message, now his heart was more confused. Was Khushi actually a gold digger? If she was only interested in his money, then why would she help Shyam to reunite with Anjali? Why would she care for Mahi?

His thoughts were stopped by familiar voices to him approaching the living room. He looked up and his expressions turned to surprised one, "Dadi?"

"Surprise!" Maya spread her arms on air smiling, "How was it?"

Arnav smiled a little and stood up, walking towards them and greeted his Dadi, then hugged his Maya aunty.

Nani and Dadi glared at each other and no one took first step to greet each other. Mami glanced at Maya, who looked more beautiful and younger than her, she became jealous and looked away muttering her Hello hi bye bye.

"Sit Dadi.. How was your journey? Why didn't you inform me that you were coming here?" Arnav asked with concern taking his Dadi and made her sit on the couch while Maya sat on her own smiling.

Nani clutched her fist feeling jealous that Arnav totally ignored her because of his Dadi's presence.

"Actually we didn't came here to meet you but our Khushi.." Maya said with mischievous smile.

The smile from Arnav's face fade away, his expressions turned hard and his eyes darkened in anger.

"She's not my wife anymore.." Arnav gritted his teeth.

Dadi stood up again with shocked expression, "What?"

Maya also stood up frowning, "Why? What happened? Did you both fought?"

"Hello hi bye bye.. She turned out to be a golddigger who only had her eyes on Arnav bitwa's money.." Mami said rolling her eyes.

"What is she saying Chote?" Dadi looked at him with moist eyes.

"It is true Dadi.." Arnav said and narrated whole story to her.

Dadi raised her hand and slapped him hard on his cheek, "I didn't expect this from you.."

Maya widened her eyes, Nani and Mami also stood up shocked by Dadi's act.

"What are you doing? Have you gone mad? You're slapping my Chote for that middle class girl who only married him for his money and nothing else.." Nani shouted angry.

"You think you did a great thing by throwing Khushi bitiya out of here.. You actually made the biggest mistake of your life.. The day your eyes open you will regret..but really regret what you did to her.. You don't even have any idea of what a gem of a person you lost.. she's not a golddigger.. she is just an innocent and selfless girl who sacrifices her everything to people who don't even acknowledge her.." Dadi shouted to Arnav.

"I seriously don't know why you don't know why you don't want to see the truth.. The reality here is that your family is behind your money as Khushi said.." Maya glared at Raizadas, "Do you even know that when Dadi calls here, they cut her call purposely so that you don't get to talk with her? When you're not present, then they talk with us as if we are mere servants? That is why Dadi avoids coming here and never told you how they actually treat us because she doesn't want you to fight with them because of us.. We only came here because Dadi missed Khushi and we wanted to surprise you both otherwise we would never step in this house.."

"Let's go Maya.. I don't want to stay here anymore.. where Khushi bitiya isn't present, then there is no place for me as well.." Dadi said in broken tone looking away in disgust.

"Dadi I can't believe you're leaving your grandson for that middle class.."

Before he could even complete his sentence, Dadi slapped him again glaring angrily at him, "Learn how to respect women Mr.Raizada.."

Arnav looked at her shocked because she called him Mr. Raizada instead of Chote and secondly she's fighting with him because of Khushi.

"And if Khushi is middle class woman, then we are also! We don't have anything, everything is in your name.. it's yours.. throw us out of your house please.." Dadi joined her hand in front of him.

"Dadi stop it.." Arnav frowned holding her hand, "Please stop this.. I did everything for you all.. for my family.. and you're saying such words making me feel worse.. this is for you all..not for me.. I worked hard to see you all in better life.."

"HP take their bags and placed it on their rooms.." Arnav said.

"No!" Dadi shook her head, "I'm not going to stay here at all..Take me to Khushi bitiya "

"Dadi stop this nonsense..Khushi is nothing for me now.. She shares no relation with me and soon we're going to get divorced also.. I don't see any need for you to ask for her.." Arnav frowned.

"You broke your relation with her, but I didn't.. I look at her as my granddaughter and I love her as much as I love you.. Take me to her and I don't need to stay in such big house.. Just take me to Khushi bitiya, I will stay with her wherever it is.." Dadi said.

Arnav sighed hard at his Dadi's stubbornness, "You're going to stay in Shantivan then and no more discussion on this.."

"With Khushi!" Arnav added seeing the disturbed look on his Dadi's face which soon got replaced with a smile when he took Khushi's name.

Nani and Mami looked at each other frowning.

"Chote are you sure? You're going to bring that woman in our house again?" Nani asked.

"I know what I'm doing.." Arnav said in no-nonsense tone and angrily left to his room, to get ready to pick Khushi from Aman's house and take her to Shantivan with Dadi and Maya.

As soon as he walked in his room, he started throwing things on floor in anger, breaking almost everything and making a mess of his room. He sat on the bed with a thud and held her purse again, taking those papers which broke his heart and the trust he had on her. When they came back from reception party, he went to kitchen to drink water and she went upstairs to their room. After he finished drinking his water, he also went upstairs tiredly, and got in their room only to see Khushi was no where to be seen, he only found her purse laid on the bed and some papers peeking out from her purse, curiously he took those papers and started reading it only to get the shock of his life, it was papers to transfer his property to her name and perhaps only waiting for the right time to get his signature. That's when he heard someone shouting and rushed outside his room only to see her fighting with Akash, he was already to shocked to read that and his mind was already warning him to not trust this woman but his heart was telling him she was innocent, when she suddenly blamed his family for the sin she wants to commit, she said his family his behind his money when what he saw minutes back proved that she's the one behind his money. That's it, she completely broke his trust and he could finally see what was her motive to accept marrying a stranger in her life.

"Why? Why Khushi?.. Why did you break my trust like this?.. I only gave you place of being my wife and you did this.. I don't know why I fell in your trap, in your innocence.. you're a liar.. Liar you're.. I hate you Khushi.. I hate you.." he threw her purse to the floor angrily.

"Don't know what magic you did with Dadi and Maya that they can't see your real face.. They still think you're innocent..only if they knew what you actually are.." he smiled sarcastically.


Aman's house:

Khushi opened the door after two knocks and got surprised to see him in front of her. Arnav kept his same expressionless face with his hands on his pockets.

"I di..didn't sign on divorce papers.. yet.." she said looking away.

"I expected that from you only.. It hurts na? To let go of such a man like me..Where will you find another handsome and rich man to trap, right?" he shrugged.

"Do you even have proofs that I'm behind your money? You're just accusing me like this.." her eyes got moist, she can't bear to hear such words from the man she loves.

"I do have proofs Khushi Gupta.. I'm not like you who accuse my family of disgusting things and expect me to believe in it without any proofs.." he glared at her.

"I won't even speak a word to you anymore.. Just one last advice to you.. Use your brain!" she said sarcastically with tears in her hazel eyes.

"What the.." Arnav clutched his fist, staring angrily at her.

"She's saying right only Arnav SIR.. She can't sign those divorce papers because you need to complete at least one year to get divorced.." Aman smiled politely and stood beside Khushi.

"Don't teach me law Aman.. Use contacts and get this done!" Arnav glared at him.

"You mean corruption? Sorry, I can't do this Sir.." Aman shook his head in no.

"Do you want to get fired?" Arnav gritted his teeth.

"Do you want to fire me?" Aman asked smirking.

"If you want to fire me, then do it.. You're already losing loyal people to you one by one.. if you lose me, then it wouldn't make any difference in your life.." Aman shrugged.

Khushi looked at Aman shaking her head in no with teary eyes, she doesn't want Aman to lose his job because of her.

"Khushi you have to come with me.." Arnav said ignoring Aman's words.

Aman stood in front of Khushi and raised his eyebrow, "Wait.. Where's my sister going?"

"Don't need to over think.. I only came here because Dadi and Maya aunty want to stay with you.. I'm taking them to Shantivan and they want Khushi to stay with them as well.." Arnav said.

Aman looked at Khushi questioning her through his eyes if she wanted to go or not.

Khushi nodded her head smiling a little. She went to pack her few clothes that Aman bought for her as her clothes stayed in Sheesh Mahal.

She came back and blinked her eyes at worried Aman, assuring him that she will be fine.


Arnav and Khushi came downstairs and Arnav got in the car without opening the door for Khushi. Maya opened the car's door for her smiling sadly, "Khushi.."

Dadi caressed Khushi's cheek with concern smile, "Are you okay? You don't need to be upset.. Now I'm here to take care of you.."

"Dadi I'm fine.. please don't be worried for me.." Khushi said with tears threatening to fall from her eyes. Here she thought she has no one in her life, but she didn't expect that Dadi and Maya would support her.

"I'm not driver.." Arnav said impatiently at them and signaled Khushi to seat at front seat. Khushi looked away, ignoring his orders.

"I'm not going to drive till you come here.." he gritted his teeth, this woman really has courage to mess up with him.

"Then we will call rickshaw.. It's not a problem at all.." Dadi smiled sarcastically.

Arnav groaned and started driving making Dadi and Maya smirk, while Khushi just stare at window side ignoring his presence on the car. It's really difficult to live without him, but he's the one who broke her heart in pieces!



Mahi was playing with Shyam, throwing snow balls to each other giggling.

"What are you both doing? You will get sick Mahi.. stop doing that.." Anjali scolded.

Shyam and Mahi looked at each other pouting, then smirked at the idea on their minds and quickly put their idea on action. They started throwing snow balls to Anjali, who widen her eyes in shock. She too threw to them who giggled and ran away from her. Anjali laughed and ran behind them, with snow balls on her hands ready to beat them up.

After playing much, Anjali tiredly leaned on Shyam's chest, giggling while watching Mahi playing with other kids as well.

Shyam reluctantly wrapped his arms around her waist and that's when she realized what she did. She stare at him and both got lost in each other's eyes.

"We lost many such moments together.." Shyam said.

Anjali looked away, yes they did lost many moments together. But who was at fault? Was it because her? She always thought that without money, one can't be happy.. But why is Shyam and Mahi proving her wrong? Why is she happy here with them rather than Sheesh Mahal with all luxuries she has? Why isnt she missing her lifestyle these days she has been with them?

"Are you hungry? We should leave for home and eat something.. then we will visit other places.." Shyam said.

She smiled weakly and nodded her head.


At evening..

Arnav return much late home, he was working non stop in AR to stop himself from getting Khushi's thoughts in his mind. He only lied to himself that he already threw her out of his mind, reality is such that she even comes on his dreams. Her thoughts don't let him breath in peace. He is constantly restless thinking about her and all the moments they spent together.

Loosening his tie on the way, he climbed up the stairs and headed towards his room expecting to get a good sleep at least tonight. He was even about to cross Nani's room when laughing sounds stopped him. Such a tensed situation going on in the house, why would they be laughing like they're celebrating something?

The door was slightly open so he could hear what they were talking about.

"Finally we got rid of that middle class woman.." Nani said laughing happily, "Every night calls for a celebration now.."

"Hello hi bye bye.. But still she's at Shantivan now.. What if those two snakes (Dadi and Maya) bring her closer to Arnav bitwa? What if they manage to convince him to not get divorced to her?" Mami asked.

"Don't worry Ma.. I've made such a plan that is impossible for anyone to convince Arnav to get back together to that little middle class girl who thought she can defeat me.." Akash smirked.

"Oh that was brilliant Akash.. acting like you love Payal to destroy Khushi was actually the best thing to do.. as soon as he sister got involved, she forgot her own plan and messed up everything for herself.. Poor girl.. She thinks she can win from us.. we're in this game for a long time now.." Nani smirked.

"Not only Payal Nani.. You missed the real plan.. While coming back home, I placed property papers which states that Arnav is transferring his whole property to his wife in Khushi's purse and left it open, when she came back she was already angry over my and Payal's relationship and she threw that purse on her bed carelessly and I went running to my room as I knew she was coming to meet me and prepared myself for some drama.. I knew that the more angry and frustrated she gets with me, she would speak something against us to Arnav and that's what she did but what she didn't know was that I already made Arnav think that our plan was Khushi's plan all along! Only thing I didn't know was that she already knew about our whole plan because she listened to our conversation that day.. Only if I knew, then I wouldn't let her stay in this house for so long.. She was indeed the biggest threat to us, it's good we made Arnav think bad about her and threw her out of the house.." Akash said.

"But everything is fine now.. We just need to focus on our real plan now that is to get Arnav's property to us and kick him out his this house or even make him our servant.." Akash laughed.

"But we have to wait for Anjali to come back, right?" Nani asked.

"What Nani? We have been only using Anjali to get our things done.. If she wants to stay with that Shyam and her daughter.. Then let her do what she wants.. We don't care!" Akash shrugged.

The three looked at each other smirking evilly.

Arnav leaned on the wall behind him, a lone tear escaped from his eyes as he shut his eyes tightly whispering, "Khushi!"

Many readers want that Raizadas kick Arnav out of Sheesh Mahal, but I can't do that.. That would be Khushi's defeat, she fought to save Arnav from his evil family and if Raizadas take everything from Arnav. She's the one who lost to Raizadas.

Khushi won't forgive Arnav easily. But I don't know after what happened, do you guys want Arshi together or separated at the end?

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Arshi happy ending
Arshi separation
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Chapter 24 - It's time to apologize! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 158 times)


Dadi was caressing Khushi's hair while she was sleeping resting her head on Dadi's lap after sharing her side of the story to Dadi. Khushi even told her the truth that she and Arnav lied to Dadi that they were married, but after coming to Delhi they did got married in real to which Dadi even forgave her.

"Arnav ji.." Khushi woke up suddenly making Dadi look at her worriedly, "What happened Khushi bitiya?"

"Arnav ji.. is he okay? Where is he? Dadi.. I saw a nightmare.. Arnav ji is not fine.. Arnav ji was shattered.." Khushi blabbered frightened, caressing her chest as her heart was beating hard and loudly while her other hand wiped the sweat from her forehead.

"Khushi bitiya.." Dadi shook her trying to bring her to reality, "Chote is fine and at his home.. I don't know why you still are worried for him even though he hurt you this much.. you still care for him.. Seeing you like this, I feel so ashamed of what my grandson did to you.. I seriously don't even know what to say.. I can't even look at your eyes.. I can't see you like this.."

Khushi stare at Dadi sobbing at her misery, she side hugged Dadi controlling her own tears, "Dadi don't cry.. I will be fine!"

Dadi nodded and pecked Khushi's forehead. She made Khushi lay on the bed and covered her with blanket, "Good night Khushi bitiya.."

"Good night Dadi.." Khushi smiled a little and closed her eyes. Dadi locked the door and went to her own room to get some sleep.

After Dadi left her room, Khushi opened her eyes slowly and sat on bed disturbed, "I know something is wrong with you Arnav ji.. I can feel it you're not fine.."

She stare at her phone for sometime in a dilemma whether to call him or not, reminding herself how much he insulted and humiliated her in front of his family, didn't trust on her and throw her out of Sheesh Mahal, she shook her head with tears in her eyes and turned her back to her phone and laid on bed, trying to sleep.

"If I just hear his voice.. then I will be assured that he is fine.." she bit her nails and turned to her phone and grabbed it on her hands dialing his number nervously.

"Why would he even pick up my calls? He hates you Khushi.. he doesn't even want to see my face.. he can live his life peacefully and happily without me then why can't I? Why can't I just forget him once and for all? He so easily threw me out of his life then why can't I do the same?" she cried after seeing her call being unanswered by him.

She threw her pillow to the floor frustrated and angry with herself for making a fool of herself everytime, being to sweet and caring for people who don't even want to see her face. She took her phone and was about to throw it on the floor when he picked up her call.

She placed her phone on her ear astonished and surprised that he picked up her call.

"Khushi?" he said in his husky voice and caring tone, how much she misses this kind of tone he uses only with her. She sobbed uncontrollably covering her mouth with her duppata so that he can't hear her crying.

"Khushi tum theek ho? (Are you alright, Khushi?)" he asked again feeling that she was crying.

Wait! Why was he talking like this with her? Doesn't he hate her? Why is he sounding worried for her? Khushi was so confused about Arnav's behavior that she kept thinking what must have happened.

"Khushi speak up dammit.." he shouted.

She blinked her eyes startled and realized he was still on line. But ASR didn't change at all, here he was back at his mode barking at her like he did on that night.

She cut the call angrily and kept her phone back at it's place. She rested her head on her pillow and closed her eyes tightly.


It was a deserted road filled with silence that Arnav was on knees crying his heart out before Khushi's call. He still couldn't believe on his own ears.. How could he? It was his family.. HIS FAMILY.. The same family for whom he worked hard day and night to fill their life with happiness and comfort, the same family he loves more than anything in this world, the same family he sacrificed his childhood, he starved so that they could have their meal for the day, he helped them in whatever he could, he stayed day and night out of the house so that he could give them a better life, he protected his family from everyone and fought with entire world for them and what they did in return? .. "Betrayal".. They betrayed him in such a way that left him shocked.. broken.. shattered.. devastated.. He doesn't even know what to feel now.. How to look at them again after listening to their conversations.. He doesn't know what to feel now.. pain or anger.. Punish them or cry in a corner like he's doing now.. Was this just for money? He gave everything they need, then what made them plan all this? Why they're faking love for him all these years? Just for money? Was money more important for them than him?.. All these years they spent hating him and he was such a fool to love, care and trust them blindly.. He spent all these years in his life being a fool, stupid and blind to see how much they hate him.. They don't love him, they are just behind his money, his property! .. He's feeling empty and alone now.. No one loves him.. And because of his blind love to his family, he lost the one who truly loves him.. who truly cares for him.. Khushi.. how could he judge this girl so wrong? How could he insult her when all she did was show to him his family's truth?.. How could he blame her for something she never did?.. How could he call her a golddigger?.. How could he say mean words to her? .. How could he try to break their relationship?.. Aman was right, he lost the most loyal people to him one by one.. He destroyed everything with his own hands.. He really broke his Comedy piece's heart!.. He is so ashamed of himself right now, he can't even look at himself then let alone look into Khushi's eyes.. What would he say? Sorry! Is that even enough to remove and make her forget all the pain he inflicted on her?.. Will she ever forgive him for not trusting her?.. He confessed he trusts her and even warned her to not break his trust.. She did stand by her promise.. He's the one who didn't.. He's the one who shove her away from his life.. He's the one who humiliated her in front of her father, her family.. He's the one who send divorce papers to her.. He's the one who broke her completely.. He's the one who hurt his own wife, when he was the only one who resides in her heart, he was the only one she had in her life, he was the only one she considered as her own after her family broke her trust.. His family betrayed him and made him feel an orphan again, and he broke Khushi's heart and left her alone again!

Cursing himself for being reason of Khushi's pain, he received her phone call but didn't know how would he bring himself to talk to her? He doesn't have courage to do so after knowing how much he wronged her.. How much she must have suffered because of him.. But what if something happened? Is she alright or no? Why did she call him?.. He hesitatingly picked up her call, only to get more worried after talking with her. Why was she crying?

"Fool.. of course because of you!" his mind replied.

"You hurt her so much Arnav.. Didn't you see how much she cared for you? She fought with your family only to save you!" his heart cried.

"I know.. I know everything now.." he shouted to his heart and mind.

"She hates you now.. Leave her in peace.. You already destroyed her life.. Go away from her life.." his mind scolded.

"No, she still loves you.. It's not late Arnav.. You can still earn her forgiveness and start afresh with her.." his heart frowned at the thought of his mind.

"She will do same he did with her.. Throw him out of her life.." his mind barked.

"She's not like you!.. She has a big heart, yes she's hurt.. And it will take time to heal her wounds but she will surely forgive you Arnav.." his heart convinced him.

"She would never forgive you.. You better start your life and let her move on!" his mind said.

"If you leave her.. she will be more broken! Show her that she's not alone.. You're still with her.. Don't be like yours or her's family Arnav.." his heart let out a sob.

Arnav shut his eyes tightly letting tears flow from his eyes effortlessly.


Next day

Sheesh Mahal

"HP.. Did you see Chote anywhere?" Nani asked.

"No ma'am.. He didn't return yet I think so.." HP replied in confusion as he only cleaned Arnav's room and saw that Arnav wasn't there.

"Where has he gone?" Nani frowned, "Khushi.. No.. Did he went to Shantivan to stay with that woman?"

"Hello hi bye bye.. Good morning Sasuma!" Mami sat on her chair smiling.

"There's nothing good about this morning Manorama.." Nani narrowed her eyes.

"Why Nani? What happened?" Akash also came and sat on his chair.

"Arnav didn't sleep at home yesterday.. Then think where has he gone? Shantivan na.. to that woman!" Nani said angrily.

"Why are you thinking too much? He's not there.. must be at AR only.. Why would he go and stay with the woman he hates?" Akash shrugged frowning at the ladies, always they stay worried like that thinking about the possibility of Arnav to get back with Khushi, when he's 100% sure that it won't happen now.

"You're right.. He hates Khushi.." Nani convinced herself even though she was still unsure about Arnav's whereabouts.



Khushi's room:

Khushi stroke his hair staring at his face with moist eyes, "I knew it.. I knew something is wrong with you.. What has happened to you? Why were you sleeping on road? Thank God Aman Bhaiya saw you and brought you here, otherwise something bad could happen.."

Arnav was in deep sleep after crying his heart out last night. He didn't even got disturbed or even acknowledge that he wasn't at road anymore, he was at Shantivan now.

"I really don't know.. I just found him on road last night.." Khushi heard Aman talking with Maya explaining what he saw last night.

She wiped her tears and turn to them, Maya and Aman looked at her for a while, then at Arnav.

"He has fever.." Khushi said concernedly.

"It was bound to happen.. he stayed whole night outside.." Aman said.

"Khu.. Khushi.. Khushi.." Arnav mumbled in his sleep. Aman, Maya and lastly a numb Khushi turned to him with shocked expression on their faces. Did he just call her name in his sleep?


All were waiting downstairs for Arnav to wake up and come downstairs.

Arnav finally came downstairs with disturbed and confused look, what the hell was he doing at Shantivan? Who took him till here?

His eyes stopped at the sight of his wife, looking so beautiful yet pale with his favorite red salwar kameez. How much he wanted to run and hug her tightly, say sorry and shower her with love that she deserves! But he's too ashamed to even do that, he can't look at her after what he did. He avoided staring at her more and descended few more stairs walking near them.

"Let's have breakfast.." Dadi said asking them to move towards the dinning hall.

Khushi served food for everyone but when it came Arnav's turn, she left it for him to serve for himself and went to her seat. Arnav too served for himself without looking at her.

The hall was filled with silence, everyone ate their food silently

"What am I doing? I'm listening to my mind.. My mind only wants me to ignore Khushi and let her move on..but my heart wants me to make her forgive me.. to give her all love she deserves.." he thought to himself.

Khushi extended her hand to take jug containing juice on it, when Arnav passed it to her like a gentleman.

Khushi took it from his hand with no expression from her face. Arnav sighed knowing that it won't be easy to win her heart again and make her trust him the way she did earlier.

"What happened last night? Aman bitwa told us that he found you on road!" Dadi asked unable to contain herself, she wanted him to eat first but she couldn't help but be worried for her grandson.

"Woh.. all of you were right.. I found out the truth about Raizadas.. my so called family.." Arnav said hesitantly and as well embarrassed because here everyone tried to make him understand and see his family's truth but in return he just insulted them and didn't believe in their words.

Khushi spill out her juice in shock, Dadi and Maya aunty gasped while Aman was like only now you got the truth.

"Congratulations ASR.. You finally opened your eyes.." Aman said smiling.

"Aman I'm sorry.." Arnav said seeing his friend like brother very angry with him.

"It's not me you should apologize.." Aman said glancing at Khushi.

Arnav stare at Khushi guiltily, Khushi's eyes turned moist remembering each mean word he threw at her and she couldn't do nothing to prove her innocence. The way he humiliated her in front of her parents. When he said she broke his trust and called her a golddigger who's just behind his money.

She stood up from her chair and turned to leave the hall when she felt his hand on hers, he held her back, "Comedy piece.." he called her affectionately and with an apologizing tone.

"Leave me.." she shoved his hand away angrily, and turned to him. She walked near him with angry and heavy steps, and pointed her index finger to him, "You have lost the right to call me Comedy piece too.."

Arnav looked down.

"It's good that you got to know about your family's disgusting truth but don't expect that just because you got to know that I was right and innocent in all this that you will take me back home and make me your wife again.. You have hurt me enough by humiliating me and pointing your finger at my character.. Now everything is set, you may punish your family as you feel like and move on in your life.. We don't need each other anymore!" she said.

Khushi went to her room sobbing. Arnav clutched his fist with tears in his eyes.

"What are you waiting for? Go behind her and pacify her.." Dadi said.

"I need to set things right in Sheesh Mahal first.." Arnav said burning in anger just by thinking about his family's betrayal.

He walked towards the door wearing his sun glasses to hide his teary and red eyes from others outside. Aman followed him with smirk on his face, "It's going to be your end Raizadas!"

"I'll drive.." Aman said snatching the car keys from Arnav's hand, "By the way I haven't forgiven you yet as Khushi's Bhaiya, but as Arnav's friend you know that I can do anything for you!"

Arnav smiled and side hugged Aman, "You can punish me the way you want.. from yours and Khushi's side also.."

"Really.. then you're fired!" Aman said raising his brows and Arnav chuckled, "Done! By being jobless I will have time to woo my Comedy piece and make her forgive me!"

"Right.." Aman nodded breaking their hug and walked to his side of the car.

Now I would like to know how you want Arnav to pacify Khushi? Arnav as love sick puppy or in ASR's style only?

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Arnav as love sick puppy
In ASR's style
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Note - Information! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 80 times)

Hello my dear readers :)

This note is to inform you all that I created an Wattpad account for readers who are there also. Long time back some readers asked me to write on wattpad also, and recently also I got to know that there are readers who are at wattpad and read my stories also. So this one is for them.

I really love Hinditvadda as it's here when I started to write first time, so this site is very very close to my heart and being so, every story will be first updated here only.

That's it friends.. My wattpad account is: @Angel-arshi23. One of my favorite OS has already been posted there.

Thank you for the attention!

Feb 8

Chapter 25 - Arnav and Raizadas! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 226 times)

Sheesh Mahal

Arnav took heavy steps towards the big mansion, his eyes were dark adorned by his anger and anguish remembering what last night offered him, betrayal by his own family!. He clutched his fist as he could still now hear them sharing the plan to each other, laughing at him and their evil looks. His heart broke at each step he was taking towards Sheesh Mahal, because there was a day he happily took his family to this same mansion calling it as their "Home" and now he would feel suffocated to share the same Home with disgusting people like them whom he once called his Family, for whom he fought with his wife, his real family for them.

He took one step inside and looked around his mansion gulping the tears in his eyes. How can this even be possible? Raizadas meant life for him, he spent his childhood with them, he grew up with them, loving them, caring for them, respecting them, fighting for them, playing with them, following their steps, hearing their advices.. Living with them for years.. Years of what? Acting! All these years they have been acting to love him and he believed it blindly.. How could he not? They are his family, who will ever doubt on his family's intentions!

"Chote.." Nani descended the stairs with worried look to him.

He looked away disgusted. This was just acting and spent years of his life thinking that Nani cares the most for him!

"Where were you last night? You didn't sleep at home.. Is everything alright Chote?" Nani already reached him and cupped his face.

Arnav looked at her as his eyes moistened even more and a sarcastic smile took place on his lips, "Why?" he whispered.

"Why what Chote? Are you alright?" Nani frowned.

Arnav shoved her hands from him harshly as he shouted on top of his voice, "Why such a big betrayal? Why Nani?"

"Hello hi bye bye.. Is this way to talk with your Nani?" Mami stood up from the couch, patting her chest to calm herself after ASR's shout.

Nani looked at him confused, "What are you talking about Chote?"

"I'm talking about the plan you all thought I would never get to know about it.." Arnav smirked.

Nani widened her eyes in shock, and Mami dropped the magazine from her hands in shock.

"Which plan Chote? I'm not getting what are you saying.." Nani quickly composed herself remembering Akash's words of being careful and never let anyone get a hint of what they plan to do with Arnav.

"After we clear our matters then you can go surely to Bollywood and act.. because that's your hidden talent and it's time to show everyone that Devyani Singh Raizada can also act brilliantly.." Arnav said sarcastically glaring at her.

"Why are you talking like this with me Chote? What have I done?" Nani quickly brought tears in her eyes, noticing Aman standing behind Arnav she became angrily, "So he is the one instigating you against us.. Khushi's bhaiya, right? Chote see how that woman is cunning and you're falling in her traps again.. she send Aman to fill rubbish in your mind against us.."

"Nani don't utter a word against Khushi now because I swear I will forget I share a relationship with you. It's because of you all, I lost my wife and if you speak anything against her then you will face the worst of me.." Arnav said in warning tone with his husky yet scary voice.

Aman rolled his eyes at Nani's acting. She dared to act even though Arnav said that he knows about their plan. That's unbelievable!

"See she succeeded in making my Chote against me.." Nani looked away sobbing. Mami rushed to her and caressed her shoulder, "Sasuma don't cry.. he is your Chote only, so what if he is believing in that woman's word now? He will return to you only one day when he realizes how much his Nani was right and how much she thinks and cares about him.."

"I can't believe my own grandson accusing me because of Khushi.. What I have done? What did she say that made you be on her side now?" Nani looked at him.

Mama, who only kept quiet till now shook his head in disbelief. He knew the truth about his family and their plan to get Arnav's property and kick him out of Sheesh Mahal and the only reason he never told Arnav about this was because he was afraid he will break Arnav's heart and he didn't know what change this truth would bring in their life, he was scared of Arnav's reaction that's why he never spoke about this matter and preferred to stay away from his family and engage himself on his own works. But when he saw Khushi that day fighting for him, trying to make Arnav see the truth and save him from such evil family, he felt really bad for her. He started thinking about the grave consequences this matter could bring if kept hidden and letting his family win. He wanted to tell Arnav the truth now and everything that happens next would be in Arnav's hand only, but after seeing his distrust on Khushi's words, Mama knew that Arnav wouldn't believe in him too. So yesterday night, when Arnav returned from office, Mama silently went to Nani's room and opened it slightly so that Arnav overhears their conversation and gets to hear the truth himself.

"Wait.. I will show you how your plans will backfire on you all now.." Arnav said with evil smirk on his face as he went upstairs immediately.

"Tell him the truth Ma.. He knows the truth about your plan to get his property.. He knows everything now.." Mama said shaking Nani.

"Hello hi bye bye.. Shut up! Aman's here.." Mami glared at Mama for saying about their plans aloud.

"I'm sorry Mami.. But I already knew about you guys ugly truth so it doesn't matter whether you speak aloud or silently.." Aman shrugged making Mami frown at him, and gulp nervously wondering what's happening in this house and what will be their future.

"Yesterday night I made Arnav bitwa see how happily you three were celebrating his and Khushi's separation and he even heard your plans also and how Akash made a plan to falsely accuse Khushi of being a golddigger who is behind his money and property.. He knows everything now, so please at least now stop acting.." Mama said.

Nani stood numb for while, all these years she had been planning for the day she would be snatching everything from Arnav's hands and today her own son destroyed her plan, her dream!

Angrily she turned to him and wanted to slap him hard but by that time Arnav was coming towards them.

"What's happening? Why are you all standing on here?" Akash asked with confused smile on his face.

Aman signaled Arnav that he was the one who called Akash from office. Arnav blinked his eyes as if thanking Aman.

"Good that you're here too.." Arnav said.

"Bhai what happened?" Akash walked to him and patted Arnav's back, "Did that witch refused to sign on divorce papers?" he asked eying to the papers on Arnav's hand and then glanced towards Aman.

Arnav grabbed Akash's collar angrily, "Who did you call witch?"

"Oh, relax bhai.. It's only that Khushi.. I thought this name perfectly suits her right?" Akash asked smiling.

Nani and Mami shut their eyes tightly thinking Akash is just making things worse for them.

Arnav gave him a hard punch on his face, "If you dare to even take my wife's name with your mouth, next time you will be landing on hospital Akash Singh Raizada.."

Now Akash came on earth and looked at Arnav with big eyes.

"Yes.. MY WIFE.. No divorce is going to happen now.. She was, is and will always be mine!" Arnav nodded confirming Akash's doubt that could be seen on his eyes.

Akash gulped and looked at Nani and Mami who looked back at him with defeated expressions.

"Then what are these papers for?" Akash asked stammering.

"Well these papers.. I think you better know them.. they are the same property papers that you planted on Khushi's purse on our reception day.." Arnav said with narrowed eyes and serious tone.

"Bhai I did that because.." Akash tried to come up with an excuse, what he didn't have an idea is that Arnav knows about their whole plan, not just the part where he placed those papers on Khushi's purse.

"Don't need to explain me Akash.." Arnav said, "Because thanks to you, these papers are going to be very useful for me.."

"Matlab? (Means?)" Mami asked gulping.

"What does this papers state? That I, Arnav Singh Raizada am transferring all my property to my wife, MATLAB Khushi Kumari Gupta.." Arnav said taking a look at the papers and took out a pen from his coat, smirking he stared at the three, "I'm just going sign on this and make my wife owner of all my property.."

"What?" Akash, Nani, Mami, Aman, Mama and even HP gasped. Surely they didn't expect something like this to happen.

Arnav took support of the nearest table on the living room, and signed on those papers.

Akash held his head with his both hands frustrated, shocked and devastated, he was seeing his dream of becoming owner of this property breaking in front of his eyes. His eyes brimmed with tears, he shook his head and cried, "NO.."

"No?.. Yes.." Aman replied smiling to him.

Nani and Mami were in same state, they just couldn't believe that their game is over.. The plan that they wasted years in working on it and had the utmost care to not let anyone get a hint about it is being destroyed by a simple signature of ASR on the property papers that played an important role in their plan and helped them in eliminating Khushi from their way and now the same papers were being used against them and how!

"Everything belongs to Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada now.." Arnav said showing the papers to them with attitude on his face, "Aman keep this safe.." he said handling to Aman who nodded his head.

"So what do you have now Nani?" Arnav asked sarcastically, "Now Khushi is high class woman and you're a middle class one, right? Your position got swapped!"

"You will repent for doing this with us.." Nani glared at him with anger filled in her eyes.

Arnav stare into her eyes and could see this was much more than money. She was looking at him with some kind of pain, hatred and revengeful feeling.

"I don't know about me, but I will make sure you repent for what you did with me.." Arnav said crossing his arms, not breaking the eye contact with them.

"What will you do? Treat us like your slaves.." Nani asked sarcastically.

"I'm a Raizada, but definitely not like you.." Arnav said angrily, "I will do the same thing you make me do with Khushi.. Throw you all out of Sheesh Mahal.."

"You can't do that.." Nani looked at him with shocked wide eyes. What would be left about her reputation if everyone gets to know that her grandson kicked her out of their house. She wouldn't be able to look at anyone after this, it would be such an embarrassment for all her life.

"I'm your grandson Nani.. and if you can act to love me when actually you hate me.. then throwing you out of Sheesh Mahal is just a little thing no?" Arnav smiled a little.

Nani glared at him, "Today you proved you're Ratna's son only.."

Mami and Akash were still crying over their fate.

"And you're Ratna's son that's why I hate you.. I hate you.." Nani shouted.

Arnav looked at her confused, "What has Ma to do with all this?"

"Because your mother isn't my blood daughter.. my husband picked her up on streets.." Nani said giving Arnav biggest shock of his life.

"What?" he whispered taken aback.

"Yes.. Do you want to know why I did this? Then listen, my husband adopted your mother, Ratna and gave her place in our house and treated her with care and love more than our own son, Manohar. Everything was Ratna for him, he used to pamper his so called princess day and night and I had to accept it, had to watch your mother take my son's place and live with it because my husband could hate me if I said that I wasn't happy with his decision of adopting Ratna. Later, you mother got married and Manohar also got married to Manorama and both got their children, but your Nana still used to love you and Anjali more than Akash. He always used to buy gifts only and especially for you, he loved you a lot Arnav because his Chote is very intelligent boy and studies a lot so he deserves reward for his hard work and poor my boy Akash, never got such love from his Nana. After Nana passed away, it was then your father betrayed your mother and both committed suicide. I was not happy with the news, but somewhere I was happy because I could torture you peacefully now as no one was there to protect you now. I wanted to make Akash study further and build his own company along with Manohar, his father and wanted to make you and your sister our servants making you work day and night. But here too you snatched my dream, you suddenly started gaining fame and became rich, owner of AR, most richest man of India and everyone were talking about you and unfortunately we got recognized because of you. It was then I had to still act that I love you because you're the only one who gave us that status of being The Raizadas. You made my son (Manohar) and my grandson (Akash) work under you and that was unacceptable for me. So our first step was to make Anjali against you, we poisoned her mind against you and told her that you are better than her, you don't care for her and all you care is your money, she's nothing without you, then you presented Shyam who was good man to marry her, and we made her think that you're not good brother to her because you made her marry a poor man who cannot afford her demands, she also started fighting with Shyam because everyday we tell her something against him and made her believe that a poor man can never make her happy, they got divorced also and since it was you who advised Shyam to go for a divorce, we used this against you also and made Anjali hate you to such extent that she helps us to snatch the property from your hands and make you dance to our tunes. And then our plan was going on perfectly till that Khushi came in our lives and she spoiled everything, it's only because of her you got to know about our truth and our plan.." Nani said and looked away sobbing.

Arnav stayed in silence for sometime registering everything Nani just told to him. He was shocked to the core, this hate she's carrying all these years starts with his mother's story.

Mama just shook his head crying, "Why Ma? Just why.. I never felt jealous or angry about Ratna.. then why you felt like this? Why you took revenge from this boy (Arnav)? What had he done with you? He gave us everything and you back stabbed him only.."

"So it's okay if your son works under him as employee for all his life.. You don't care about me Papa.." Akash turned to Mama angrily.

"It's better than snatching Arnav's property and years of hard work.." Mama replied.

"Hello hi bye bye.. Sasuma and Akash did this for our better life and you're taunting them.." Mami glared at Mama.

"Just go away.. Go away from here because I don't wish to see your faces anymore.. Pack your bags and leave!" Arnav shut his eyes tightly letting tears fall from his eyes, he kept his hands on his hip sighing hard.

Nani, Mami, Akash and Mama turned to go upstairs to pack their bags looking down.

"Mama you can stay.." Arnav said looking at him following the three.

"Now what can we do.. bad or good, they're my family and I've to go with them.. and I also am so ashamed to look in your eyes bitwa.. I'm really ashamed of my mother's deeds.. I won't be able to stay here.." Mama said.

Arnav nodded understanding his point of view.

Aman and HP walked to Arnav and hugged him tightly. Arnav closed his eyes hugging them back.

"You got to be strong man!" Aman whispered.

"Everything will be fine bhaiya.." HP said smiling faintly, "We are here with you still.."

"Hmm.." Arnav nodded composing himself, "Now leave me because if Khushi see us hugging each other like this, she will really think I'm gay!"

HP and Aman broke the hug chuckling through their tears.

Raizadas came downstairs with their bags and walked towards the door without looking at Arnav. Only Mama blinked his eyes smiling a little and followed them.

While taking a step outside of Sheesh Mahal, Nani felt extremely humiliated and she looked back at Arnav glaring at him one last time.

"You said truth.." Arnav said taking steps towards her, "Khushi spoiled all your plans.. because she's an Angel Ma and Nana sent to my life to save me before you could succeed in your plans.."

"Sure.. she must be an angel that came to save you otherwise no one would have saved you from me" Nani said smirking and turned to leave with heavy heart.

"My Angel.." Arnav caressed his chest on his heart's side whispering, "Thank you my angel!"

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Teaser!!!! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 146 times)


The living room was dead filled with silence and darkness. He only sat on the floor leaning on the couch lost in deep thoughts of the betrayal of his family. The tears which he has been hiding with the mask of ASR, finally dropped when he was alone, he was only Arnav.. The little boy who loved his family so much and sacrificed his happiness to see a smile on their faces and they return it with betrayal. He still couldn't believe this hatred started with his mother and ended with him.

Much to his surprise, suddenly the lights came on and he could hear a song being played from someone near him. He frowned and wiped his tears, standing up to see who was it on Sheesh Mahal.

He looked around when someone patted his back from behind.

He turned to the person and his eyes met with person's eyes.

"Tum (You)" he said but couldn't even complete when she placed his finger on his lips and whispered, "Shhhhhh.."

She faced her back to him revealing her backless red saree and started dancing in front of him. Arnav looked away disgusted.

"Jo Akh Lad Jaave (When my eyes meet Yours)

Saari Raat Neend Na Aave (I can’t find sleep all night long)

Mainu Bada Tadpaave (It torments me a lot)

Dil Chain Kahin Na Paave Paave Paave (My heart doesn’t find peace/rest)

"Stop this right now Sheetal.." Arnav shouted angrily.

But she wasn't in mood to listen to him, after all getting the news that both are going to divorce, she couldn't let this opportunity to seduce him and finally make him, hers.

She pulled him by his collar naughtily, and wanted to unbutton his shirt when they heard a thud sound and looked at vase laid broken in pieces on the floor and then up to the person who was responsible for it.

Khushi stood gritting her teeth at the scene, her hands clutched into a fist controlling the anger bursting inside her seeing Sheetal dancing for Arnav.

Arnav pushed Sheetal away and rushed to Khushi, who also walked towards him and when reached to him, she ignored him and passed away walking towards to Sheetal now.

Arnav shut his eyes tightly, "Dammit.. we're not in good terms and Sheetal just came to spoil more my situation.."

Sheetal rolled her eyes boringly at Khushi and got shocked when Khushi slapped her hard on her right cheek. She looked away caressing her cheek, blinking her eyes not believing that the middle class girl got courage to slap her.

"What the.." Arnav's eyes got wide and an astonished smile adorned his lips by now.

"This slap is for you to remind everytime you approach a married man.." Khushi said pointing her index finger to Sheetal, "Our marriage didn't broke yet, samjhi tum? (Do you get that?)"

"I can't believe you dared to slap me.." Sheetal glared at her.

"I dare to do even more.." Khushi shouted, "If I see you near Arnav ji one more time, then get ready to walk on ramp on your shows bald.. I will snatch all your chudail's hair with same hand that slapped you.."

Sheetal widened her eyes and touched her hair frightened.

Arnav chuckled silently, Khushi glared at him and he pressed his lips to suppress the smile on his lips.

Khushi took Sheetal's phone that was playing the music and threw it on the floor, then stomped her feet on phone breaking it more.

"She keeps calling me Tangaballi and here she's the real Tangaballi yaar.." Arnav thought watching the scene silently.

"My phone.. Are you mad? It's an Iphone X.." Sheetal cried horrified seeing the horrible murder of her phone.

"Then think before playing such songs and trying to seduce my husband.." Khushi glared at her.

"Now get lost from here before I break your bones also.. If I break your bones, then you won't be able to buy another one like you can buy this phone of yours.." Khushi said dangerously.

Sheetal gulped and went running away from there, falling on the way because she wore saree and it was difficult to walk with it for her, but still remembering Khushi's warnings, she gathered courage and stood up and ran away for her the sake of her life.

"Amazing.." Arnav clapped his hands smiling, staring at Khushi with I'm-surprised look.

"Stay away from me you too.." she shouted walking towards him angrily and he took two steps back, gulping.

"How dare you let a woman dance so shamelessly like this in front of you? Why didn't you stop her? Were you liking it? Then go behind her.. It was me who shouldn't come here and disturb you both hain na?" Khushi glared at him.

"What the.. How can you even think like that Khushi? You know I don't love Sheetal.." Arnav frowned.

"You don't love anyone other than your so called family.." she shouted.

"Yes, I don't love anyone.. but I WANT TO LOVE YOU NOW.." he shouted back.

"Because now you feel pity of me? You want to love me to pacify me, Mr. Raizada? You want to love me to make you feel less guilty of what you have done to me?" she asked sarcastically, "I don't need such love.. keep it with you.."

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Chapter 26 - Arshi! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 133 times)

Sheesh Mahal:

"Arnav you have to eat something.. you know you haven't taken your meds till yet.." Aman said in scolding tone.

"No, I don't want to.. I don't feel like eating anything.." Arnav nodded sideways refusing the food on the plate waiting for him on the table.

"Please Arnav.. you've to be strong! Don't let their betrayal break you... don't let such people affect you.. they don't even deserve your tears.." Aman sighed.

"I can't eat anything dammit.." Arnav stood up from his chair in frustation, he couldn't even gulp a morsel of food just by thinking about what happened. In a blink of eyes, his so loving and caring family turned out to be his enemies and the stranger he met on his way to Chennai turned out to be more than family. The same stranger did everything to save him from his evil family, and he pushed his well wisher away from him. So basically he is all alone now. Arnav Singh Raizada is completely alone!

Leaving HP and Aman worried for him, he went upstairs to his room and locked himself in his room letting the darkness, the loneliness and the sadness consume him.



Khushi played with her duppata worriedly for him, listening to what happened in Sheesh Mahal hours ago by Aman.

"He's completely broken.. he doesn't even seem like ASR.." Aman said with moist eyes. Arnav is his brother, and no matter what wrong he did, if Arnav is hurt.. then he can't never be happy about that.

A lone tear escaped from Khushi's eyes, she looked down.

"He's not accepting to eat anything and that's making me more worried because he has to take his medicine in time.." Aman said informing the current situation of Arnav to Dadi, Maya and Khushi.

"My son.. what hadn't he done for this family and what they did in return! I know Chote loved them more than his life and it's obvious he would be this much broken when he heard their truth.." Dadi cried.

"Khushi.. can I plead you one thing?" Aman almost whispered, knowing that he has no right to ask this from her.

Khushi nodded her head, "Anything bhaiya.."

"Can you please go to Sheesh Mahal and make Arnav eat something? I know he would only listen to your words now.. please Khushi.. I know this isn't easy for you.. I'm not saying for you to forgive him at all.. If it was not for his health, then I wouldn't ask you to do this.." Aman said desperately.

Khushi thought for a while, then nodded her head slowly, "I will.."


The living room was dead filled with silence and darkness. He only sat on the floor leaning on the couch lost in deep thoughts of the betrayal of his family. The tears which he has been hiding with the mask of ASR, finally dropped when he was alone, he was only Arnav.. The little boy who loved his family so much and sacrificed his happiness to see a smile on their faces and they return it with betrayal. He still couldn't believe this hatred started with his mother and ended with him.

Much to his surprise, suddenly the lights came on and he could hear a song being played from someone near him. He frowned and wiped his tears, standing up to see who was it on Sheesh Mahal.

He looked around when someone patted his back from behind.

He turned to the person and his eyes met with person's eyes.

"Tum (You)" he said but couldn't even complete when she placed his finger on his lips and whispered, "Shhhhhh.."

She faced her back to him revealing her backless red saree and started dancing in front of him. Arnav looked away disgusted.

"Jo Akh Lad Jaave (When my eyes meet Yours)

Saari Raat Neend Na Aave (I can’t find sleep all night long)

Mainu Bada Tadpaave (It torments me a lot)

Dil Chain Kahin Na Paave Paave Paave (My heart doesn’t find peace/rest)

"Stop this right now Sheetal.." Arnav shouted angrily.

But she wasn't in mood to listen to him, after all getting the news that both are going to divorce, she couldn't let this opportunity to seduce him and finally make him, hers.

She pulled him by his collar naughtily, and wanted to unbutton his shirt when they heard a thud sound and looked at vase laid broken in pieces on the floor and then up to the person who was responsible for it.

Khushi stood gritting her teeth at the scene, her hands clutched into a fist controlling the anger bursting inside her seeing Sheetal dancing for Arnav.

Arnav pushed Sheetal away and rushed to Khushi, who also walked towards him and when reached to him, she ignored him and passed away walking towards to Sheetal now.

Arnav shut his eyes tightly, "Dammit.. we're not in good terms and Sheetal just came to spoil more my situation.."

Sheetal rolled her eyes boringly at Khushi and got shocked when Khushi slapped her hard on her right cheek. She looked away caressing her cheek, blinking her eyes not believing that the middle class girl got courage to slap her.

"What the.." Arnav's eyes got wide and an astonished smile adorned his lips by now.

"This slap is for you to remind everytime you approach a married man.." Khushi said pointing her index finger to Sheetal, "Our marriage didn't broke yet, samjhi tum? (Do you get that?)"

"I can't believe you dared to slap me.." Sheetal glared at her.

"I dare to do even more.." Khushi shouted, "If I see you near Arnav ji one more time, then get ready to walk on ramp on your shows bald.. I will snatch all your chudail's hair with same hand that slapped you.."

Sheetal widened her eyes and touched her hair frightened.

Arnav chuckled silently, Khushi glared at him and he pressed his lips to suppress the smile on his lips.

Khushi took Sheetal's phone that was playing the music and threw it on the floor, then stomped her feet on phone breaking it more.

"She keeps calling me Tangaballi and here she's the real Tangaballi yaar.." Arnav thought watching the scene silently.

"My phone.. Are you mad? It's an Iphone X.." Sheetal cried horrified seeing the horrible murder of her phone.

"Then think before playing such songs and trying to seduce my husband.." Khushi glared at her.

"Now get lost from here before I break your bones also.. If I break your bones, then you won't be able to buy another one like you can buy this phone of yours.." Khushi said dangerously.

Sheetal gulped and went running away from there, falling on the way because she wore saree and it was difficult to walk with it for her, but still remembering Khushi's warnings, she gathered courage and stood up and ran away for her the sake of her life.

"Amazing.." Arnav clapped his hands smiling, staring at Khushi with I'm-surprised look.

"Stay away from me you too.." she shouted walking towards him angrily and he took two steps back, gulping.

"How dare you let a woman dance so shamelessly like this in front of you? Why didn't you stop her? Were you liking it? Then go behind her.. It was me who shouldn't come here and disturb you both hain na?" Khushi glared at him.

"What the.. How can you even think like that Khushi? You know I don't love Sheetal.." Arnav frowned.

"You don't love anyone other than your so called family.." she shouted.

"Yes, I don't love anyone.. but I WANT TO LOVE YOU NOW.." he shouted back.

"Because now you feel pity of me? You want to love me to pacify me, Mr. Raizada? You want to love me to make you feel less guilty of what you have done to me?" she asked sarcastically, "I don't need such love.. keep it with you.."

"It's not because I'm guilty nor I feel pity of you that I want to show my love to you.. It's because you're the only one who deserves love from Arnav Singh Raizada.." he said huskily meaning each word.

Khushi looked away with tears threatening to fall and heart ready to melt by his words, "I don't trust in your words anymore.. earlier also you said that you trust me a lot, but when it was time to show your trust.. what you did? Pointed your finger at my character and kicked me out of your house not even for once thinking that I'm your wife, where would I go alone? Thank that Aman bhaiya was there for me otherwise.. and next day humiliated me in front of my father and handled to me divorce papers to break our relationship without even hearing my side of the story.. Is this your trust?.. If this is your trust, then I wonder what your love has in store for me!"

Arnav's head lowered, he had nothing now to speak on his defense. Everything she uttered is the truth only, he only said that he trusted her and next day broke her heart and trust on him.

"Why are you silent now? Speak up.. Say something Arnav Singh Raizada.. Got nothing to say, right?" she glared at him and moved to leave but at right time Arnav held her hand stopping her from going away.

Pulling her closer to him while she struggled to separate herself from him, Arnav rested his forehead on her temple letting his tears make way to her cheeks. She was startled feeling something wet on her cheek and realized it was his tears.

"That time I didn't stand on my words.. I said I trust you but didn't show my trust on you.. that time I loved my family more than you Khushi.. I trust more on them than you..and the consequences are very clear for you.. I'm all left alone.. Your God punished me in the most hard way for not trusting on you, for calling you a middle class girl, for accusing you of being a golddigger, for insulting you in front of your family.. I'm paying for my mistake already Khushi.." he said pulling her more closer to him and she looked away crying after hearing his words.

"I'm feeling same pain that you felt when I did wrong with you.. trust me Khushi.. yeh Dil bhi aaj toot gaya tik ussi tarah se jaise maine tumhara dil tod diya.. (This heart is broken just like the way I broke your heart).. I'm sorry Khushi.. I'm really sorry.." he broke down completely, resting his head on her shoulder.

"You were saying if I could not trust you, then how would my love be na?" he raised his head to face her again, "Then listen to my reply now.. I don't believe in love now.. mere liye pyaar sirf tum ho (for me love is you).. meri zindagi mein agar kuch hai, joh mein mehsoos karna chatahoon toh voh sirf tum ho Khushi, Pyaar nahin (if there's something I want to feel in my life then it's you and not love).. You're everything to me Khushi, I don't want to live for anyone but you.. You're my life, my love, my destination.. my Home!"

He rested his forehead against hers, closing his eyes spilling more tears from his eyes ocean like eyes to her chubby red cheeks.

"See.. even my tears know the way to their home, your cheeks!" he whispered.

Khushi who was trying to control herself till now, finally let tears made her way to her cheeks meeting with his tears.

"Mein bhi sirf teri hoon (I'm also just yours) but till now doors of my home are closed for you.. it will only open when you win my trust and love again for you Arnav.." she said in broken tone.

"I will.." he nodded determinedly.

"How?" she asked sarcastically, "By crying like a loser.. by not eating your food.. by not taking your meds in time.. by crying for that family who aren't worth your tears.. by leaving your work behind.. by feeling guilty like this.. by messing up with yourself like this.. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror first?.. You're not even my Tangaballi now.. I'm unable to recognize the strong, confident and unbeatable ASR.. If you think you're going to pacify me crying like a baby then forget it.. I'm definitely not going to forgive you like this.. and it's better only you keep crying like this here, I will move on in my life and find another Tangaballi for me.." she giggled at her last line, it's only to provoke and hurt his man ego, so that he lifts up his mood and stop hurting himself for his undeserving family.

"I'm hungry.." he said.

Khushi sighed, mission accomplished! She came here to make him eat and succeeded in it.

"I will warm your food now.." she said and walked towards the kitchen.

"NO!" he rushed behind her and Khushi turned to him confused, "Didn't you say you wanted to eat now?"

"I want to eat.." he nodded glancing at her, "YOU!"

"Kya? (What?)" Khushi shrieked taking a step back with wide eyes.

"Yes, I want to eat you.." he said taking steps towards them with hungry eyes.

"Nahin.. you can't eat me.." Khushi stammered taking steps back.

"Why not?" he asked taking hold her of her duppata making Khushi scream in fear.

She started running away from him making circles around the living room area, Arnav was running behind her.

"Because I'm a human Arnav ji not any food and you're human also, not any Zombie to eat humans.." she said looking behind and saw him still behind her, she started chanting to be alive till tomorrow.

"Acha? (Oh really?)" he asked smirking, then took a pause for a while, "Isn't there any food named Khushi?"

Khushi also stopped running and stood behind the sofa, keeping safe distance from this Zombie, "What?"

"Isn't there any food named Khushi?" he asked again.

"Aree woh Sushi hota hai.. Khushi nahin (It's Sushi, not Khushi)" she pouted.

"Oh.. I will get it ordered by Aman then.." Arnav said taking his phone from his pocket.

Khushi glared at him realizing he was pulling her leg, "Give my duppata back.."

"You thought only you can provoke me.." he smirked playing with her duppata, "I knew it was a joke about another Tangaballi.. but even if you try to search another one, you won't find someone who will love you as much I will do from now on.."

Taking steps towards her, he placed her duppata around her neck back to it's place, "I said I trusted you but didn't show it, now I won't say I love you, I will show you that.. Wait and watch what my love has in store for you!"

"Aman is waiting for outside.. go back home for now.." he said huskily.

"Zombie kahike.." Khushi muttered and walked to leave.

Arnav went upstairs to his room, reaching on his dressing table he looked at himself on the mirror and caressed his cheek, "Comedy Piece is right only. I don't look like ASR now.."

"I can't suffer for what Raizadas have done to me.. It was their mistake and they are already paying for that.. I should move on and look after important things and people to me and one of them is You, my Comedy Piece! I will concentrate only in you now.." he said to himself wiping his face with his palms.

Taking a deep breath, he let go all moments of past and his family that is disturbing him now. He went to his bathroom and freshen up, then dressed up and went downstairs to have his food.



Khushi was crying on Dadi's lap, "What does he think of himself Dadi? First hurt me..then say sorry! No, he cried in front of me Dadi.. Arnav ji never cried like that in front of me.. I felt so bad of myself.. he said so many sweet things that made me want to forgive him.. hug him, kiss him and shower him with love.. I'm supposed to be strong and not let him influence me anymore.. Then why am I feeling like this Dadi? Why can't I see him in pain? Why does it hurt me more than anything to see him in this state? I hate myself Dadi.. I hate myself for being so selfless that I went on to save him, Jiji, my family and I got nothing but insults in return.. I hate myself for even after they hurt me this much, I still want to see them happy.. Why can't I hate anyone Dadi? Why can they hurt me but I can't do the same for them?"

"Because you're good girl bitiya.. You can never wish bad for anyone.. It's this bad world that doesn't deserve people like you.." Dadi said sadly.

"I hate myself.." she whispered before falling asleep on Dadi's lap.

Dadi caressed Khushi's cheek with moist eyes, "I might be Chote's Dadi but this time I will support only you bitiya.. I will make sure that Chote takes you back home when he realizes what's your worth.."

She placed Khushi's head on the pillow and covered the blanket to her.



At the kitchen Dadi and Aman were chatting.

"Khushi bitiya has talent in cooking, so I was thinking she should start a business of her own.. why not open a restaurant?" Dadi asked.

"Good idea Dadi.. we can make her open a new restaurant in AR!" Aman smirked.

"What? In AR? Aman at which side are you in? Chote or Khushi?" Dadi glared at him.

"See you all are at Khushi's side.. there's someone who have to be Arnav's side also.." Aman smiled sheepishly.

"Okay fine.. We will convince Khushi bitiya to open a restaurant in AR.." Dadi said pouting.

"No.." Arnav made an entry in his ASR's style making Aman and Dadi much relieved to see him back to his form.

"Why not?" Dadi and Aman asked confused.

"Because I want her to be an independent woman.. I don't want her to feel that she's working under me.. I understand your point of view Aman, by making her work in AR I would have got many chances to pacify her but I don't want to think about myself now.. It's only about her now.. I also wish to see her owner of her Restaurant!" Arnav said.

"Agreed.." Dadi and Aman smiled.

"Dadi look.." Khushi came running to the kitchen giggling on the way, as she got hold of many balloons on her hand.

"My room is filled with balloons Dadi.." Khushi smiled, "Come with me.. I need to show you.."

She pulled Dadi to go to her room, but stopped when she saw Arnav in front of her. Now she understood he was the one behind this.

She left the balloon and looked away.

Arnav smiled and walked towards her, "The smile on your face just made my day!"

Khushi moved back and went from there running back to her room.

"You're supposed to pacify your wife not flirt with her.." Aman teased.

"Shut up Aman!" Arnav rolled his eyes and walked to leave.

Before leaving to office, he thought something and went upstairs to her room.

"Khushi.." he called her and she turned to him.

"Your Tangaballi is back!" he said and kissed her forehead warmly.

"You're not mine anymore.." she whispered.

"Why? Because I sent divorce papers to you.. Where are those papers?" he asked and looked around and walked to her closet searching for it and at last her found it, "This is what makes you think I'm not yours now.."

He tore it in pieces and threw it away on the floor, "No divorce is going to happen now.."

"Just by tearing those papers, you won't be able to erase everything that happened.." Khushi said.

"I know Khushi.. you have every right to be angry with me.." he said and walked towards her, pulling her closer to him, "Beat me.. scold me.. shout at me.. slap me.. Do whatever you want to.."

"Come on.." Arnav encouraged her raising her palms to his cheek, "Take out everything that is in your heart.. punish me the way you want to.. I will even accept death by hands.."

Khushi immediately placed her palms on his mouth, "Don't say like that.."

"Don't you ever say something like this.. did you listen to me?.. You only know how to hurt me.. Why would I wish death to you? Do you ever think before saying something.." she sobbed pushing him away, she started beating him on his chest and shoulders. Arnav was just staring at her.

"Yes I'm angry with you.. I'm angry that you didn't trust my words.. after my family didn't trust me in NK's matter.. I only had you who supported me and stand for me even against your family.. You were my only family and whatever I did.. I just did it for you.. I wanted to save you from your evil family but you.. you showed me my place in your life.. when first time you went against your family and accepted me as your wife..you always stand for me in front of Nani.. always protected me from NK.. always believed me over Di.. always showed that you're proud to have a wife like me and not Sheetal.. Then why? Why suddenly you changed your view on me? Why you accepted what your Nani and Di called me? Why did you accept I'm a golddigger? Why suddenly I became villain in your eyes and your family became your loved ones? This hurt me a lot.. It shattered my heart in pieces.. You broke my trust Arnav ji.. when I never thought you would.. that too when I was.. (she looked away crying).. I was in love with you.."

Jab We Met isn't Jab We Met without some comedy.. I will add that in the story while Arnav is on his mission to pacify Khushi, hope you guys are OK with this?!

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