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Jun 9

Mera Arnav (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 68 times)





Waving back to thousands of fans before him, he exit the stage. Although the concert was over, the adrenaline was still pumping through his veins. Smiling at the crew on his way, he walked to the dressing room and took of his shirt wiping his sweat.

“Great show Arnav!” Ashwant, his best friend cum manager said smiling as he walked into the dressing room.

“Thanks” he said smiling.

“Now you’ve got...” Ashwant trailed off looking at his phone, “A press conference!”

He groaned and Ashwant said, “I hate media. But you have to!”

“Fine!” Arnav mumbled.





“Khushi!” her best friend Payal jerked her, “Wake up from your dreamland you idiot!”

Khushi jerked and looked around. “Arrey class is over?”

“’s lunch break” Payal smacking her friend’s head.

Khushi giggled and said, “Let’s go to canteen!”

The two friends walked out of the classroom and Payal asked, “Dreaming about your rockstar?”

Khushi smiled dreamingly and said, “Mera Arnav!”

Payal scoffed and Khushi said excited, “He is so handsome. And his just wow!”

“I don’t know....I hate rock music” Payal said honestly.

“You’ve no taste” Khushi said and Payal rolled her eyes.

“One day I’ll meet him!” Khushi said dreamingly, “He will look at me and say where were you my beautiful angel? Do you know how much I waited for you? And I would say Even I was waiting for you my handsome hero. Even I.....”

“God” Payal groaned and shut her ears.

Khushi giggled and dragged her friend to canteen.

“There is a hell lot of difference between dream and reality Khushi!” Payal cried.

“Yeah I know. But I love my dreams because it has Arnav in it....mera Arnav!”





Your taste is towards pop music. Will there be a day when we can have ASR with a romantic melody?

He chuckled and said, “I don’t think so. Every song that I write, every note that I sing, is related to my life and my state of mind. So to have a romantic melody, I don’t it would happen because I’m not a romantic person! And I’m definitely not a person of melody!”

Is there a woman in your life ASR?

He chuckled and said, “Aren’t you the media, the ones who would know people’s relationship even before they knew it?”

The reporter flustered and Arnav said smiling, “No. There’s no woman. And there will never be!”

I’m sorry but you were spotted leaving the club with supermodel Lavanya Kashyap. Is there something going on?

“Like I told you” he said, “There is NO woman in my life and there WILL NEVER be”

At the age of 20 you’re one of the greatest pop star. What’s your view on this?

“Thanks to my fans” he said, “Without them this wouldn’t have worked out. And special thanks to my family, management and friends....I couldn’t have done this alone. I’ve had many people helping me throughout my journey and I’ll be forever grateful to them”

Arnav, since...

“ASR” he cut the reporter, “Call me ASR. No one except family calls me Arnav”





“Khushi” Payal said and Khushi looked up from her sandwich.


“ASR is known as....ASR to the whole world. Every poster, his instagram account, twitter everything has ASR. Then why do you call him Arnav?”

“ASR seems so distant” Khushi said smiling, “ seems so close, hai na?”

Payal rolled her eyes and said, “You’re crazy”

“I know” Khushi said laughing.


Jun 10

A Look Into Lives (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 63 times)

A Look Into Lives





“ASR happy with his playboy life” she read out aloud and Arnav groaned, “I just said that I don’t have a woman in my life and will never have one! And they twisted my words!”

“And that’s why they are called media” she said laughing and turned back her attention towards newspaper.

“Ah stop reading that” Arnav said and snatched the paper, “Did you work on the lyrics?”


“Then do it Irene!” he cried.

Irene scoffed and said, “I’ll write my lyrics when I feel like writing. So you, Mr. Rockstar, calm down!”

“I just don’t want our duet to go down the drain! I can’t believe I agreed to this!” Arnav cried. “ASHWANT!” he shouted and his friend walked in with eyes down on his iPhone.

“Tell me again, why am I stuck with a duet with this brat?” Arnav asked.

Ashwant replied without looking up, “Management wanted two of their artists to collaborate and since you’re best friends with Irene Ray, the pop sensation, you’re doing a collab with her!”

“Rockstar of the generation and the pop sensation! Lord and lady of music” Irene said dramatically, “What happens when the king and queen of music industry join their hands?”

“Whenever you both have joined hands, the trouble was up on me!” Ashwant said crossing his arms, “You both were wasted at a party and I had to take you both to hotels without gathering attention of paparazzi. And on top of that, both of your vomited on me! Then, once, you both joined hands for a Christmas prank and I got a bunch of underwear as Christmas present. Then you both swapped the gift I bought for my sister. The beautiful watch turned into Victoria Secret lingerie. I was grounded by my parents! And then.....”

Arnav and Irene burst out laughing And Ashwant cried, “Wait I haven’t finished!”

“Okay, continue” Irene said and the two friends leaned forward towards the manager.

“Yeah and then one day...” he was interrupted with his phone ringing.

Arnav chuckled and Ashwant groaned. “Hello...ah yes Mr. Samuels, ASR will be there on time!”

Irene looked at Arnav who frowned. Ashwant cut the call and Arnav asked, “ASR will be where at what time and for what?”

Ashwant sighed and said, “Mr. Samuels’ daughter’s wedding reception. You’re supposed to be the surprise guest! Well his daughter is a great fan of yours!”

“Ah yes I remember!” Arnav said, “When is it?”

“In 3 hours. Go get ready! Lia will be here to do your hair. Carla has sent your dress. Your guitar will be there at the venue. Car will be waiting downstairs. I won’t be accompanying but Paul will take my place. Media will be there so don’t speak utter rubbish! They’ll dig you keep for stories. Keep your mouth shut, that’s the best thing to do! Good day idiot,” he turned to Irene, “Good day brat!”

“Good day you fool” Irene called out.

“So let me go get ready and YOU” Arnav turned to Irene, “You better have lyrics completed before I come back!”

Irene scoffed and said, “Lyrics cannot be made ASR. It comes naturally! So why don’t go get dressed up for that sickening high profile party while I watch Game of Thrones on your Netflix subscription....with popcorn!”

“Brat” Arnav muttered walking away.

“I heard that” Irene called out.





It was 1 am and Khushi walked to the door opening it. Smiling at her brother, she walked him in.

“You could’ve slept. I have the key” Karan said.

“I was studying” Khushi said.

“More like ogling at your rockstar” Karan said smirking and Khushi hit his arm.

“Kriti?” he asked.

“Sleeping like a log!” she said.

Chuckling at the mention of their little sister, he said, “Learn something from her.”

“Waise, I want to talk to you about her” Khushi said and he looked at her. Making him sit on the chair she said, “Kriti is getting so many calls. She is always on phone, chatting. And she is coming home late. When I asked her she said she was with her friends for some project but....”

“What are you suggesting?” Karan asked.

“I think she is in a relationship” Khushi said.

Karan sighed and said, “Let me talk to her. If it’s true has to stop”

Khushi gasped and he said, “Khushi....we’re orphans. I’m...we’re struggling to meet the two ends and.....”

“I know bhaiyya” she said, “But if Kriti likes someone then.....”

“Let’s see. If he is a rich guy then, I’ll discourage her. It won’t work. We can never dream of that!” Karan said.

Khushi nodded and said, “Don’t worry, We’ll talk to her tomorrow!’

Jun 14

2500 For Rockstar (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 53 times)

2500 For Rockstar





“Cheers” the trio clinked their glasses of beer and sipped their drink.

“So boys how was your day?” Irene asked keeping the glass down.

“Interesting” Arnav said.

“Stressful” Ashwant said at the same time.

Arnav looked at him and said, “Concert was fun!”

“Yes it was, until you decided that it’s a great idea to jump into the crowd” Ashwant retorted.

“We do that all the time” Irene cried and Arnav said, “See, that’s what rockstars do!”

“I know that but jumping on an old woman is not what rockstars do!” he cried.

Arnav smiled sheepishly and Irene gasped. “You jumped on an old woman?” she cried.

“It was dark and she had dyed her hair. So I didn’t realize that it’s an old woman” Arnav said.

“That doesn’t justify your mistake. That woman is hospitalized. Now I have to sort this out Arnav” Ashwant shouted.

“Relax” Irene said, “Have more!” she took the bottle and was about to pour more drink when Ashwant snatched the bottle from her hand and gulped it in a go.

“Easy” she cried.

“Relax man, you do this stuff every day. Just settle it!” Arnav shrugged.

His friend slammed the bottle down and cried, “Oh yes, I do it every time but that doesn’t mean that you can go on creating ruckus for me to clear. Grow up Arnav!”

“Someone’s very angry” Irene whispered to Arnav.

“Shut up” Ashwant shouted.

Arnav rolled his eyes and his friend cried, “See...see his arrogance. Arnav, just because you are rockstar doesn’t mean that you can walk over other’s lives! People have.....”

His phone and Arnav and Irene looked at each other. They burst into laughter and Ashwant groaned in irritation.

“You know you should switch off your phone if you want to talk continuously for a while!” Irene said and Arnav held his laughter.

“Hello” Ashwant said angrily, “Oh....hi.....I’m’s my friends....” he stood up and walk away.

“Ah” Irene said and leaned forward to Arnav, “Not an office call!”

Arnav looked over to his friend who was speaking over phone by leaning on the balcony railing, “Girlfriend” he said.

“Sure?” Irene whispered.

Arnav shrugged.

“Ashwant has a girlfriend!” Irene cooed, “Aww...I so want to ruin it!”

Arnav chuckled and Irene stuck her tongue out.






“Can you keep it down?” Karan shouted from the living room. “Nope” Khushi screamed and continued playing her favourite rockstar’s music at the top volume.

“Di please!” Kriti screamed from her room and Karan shouted, “Khushi, lower the volume NOW”

“FINE” Khushi screamed and lowered the volume. Karan rolled his eyes and continued watching TV when Khushi came bursting out of her room.

“What happened?” he asked shocked.

“” she gasped.

“What?” Karan asked frowning.

Kriti walked out of her room and asked, “What happened?”

“I don’t know. Something is wrong....Khushi.....Khushi what happened?” Karan cried shaking his sister.

“Di.....kya huva di!” Kriti cried.

“Arnav....” Khushi took a deep breath and said, “ARNAV IS HAVING A CONCERT, HREE IN DELHI, NEXT WEEK!”

Kriti groaned and Karan shouted, “God dammit Khushi, you scared us!”

“I thought something is terribly wrong” Kriti chided.

“ISN’T IT GREAT!” Khushi screamed.

Karan scoffed and Kriti walked off to her room rolling her eyes.

“Bhaiyya” Khushi cried and followed him to the couch. “Can I go?” she asked with puppy eyes.

“No” he said.

“WHAT? WHY? HOW COULD YOU?” she screamed.

“God” Karan cried and covered his ears.

“Sorry” she said sheepishly.

He looked at his sister and said, “Khushi, his concert is gonna charge high! What’s the ticket charge?”

“It’s Rs: 2500!” she said biting her lip.

“What’s our rent?” he asked.

“15,000” she said.

“And other expenses?”

“Altogether 5,000”

“Total 20,000 per month! And what’s my salary?” he asked angrily.

Khushi looked down and Karan said, “I have to work day and night to earn it Khushi. I don’t have 2500 for your rockstar! I hope you understand that”

“So I can’t see him?” she asked in tears.

“Get rid of your obsession Khushi. It won’t do well for you!” Karan said and walked away to his room.

“It’s not obsession!” she cried.

“You name it then” he called out.

Jul 3

An Angel With Tickets (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 69 times)

An Angel With Tickets





“2500 is the lowest seat available Khushi” Payal said looking at her laptop, “The seat would be in the last row. Even if you get it you will not be able to see him close! The only thing you’ll see will be him on a big screen”

“And the costliest?” their friend Rishi asked supporting his face on his elbow as the trio sat in the canteen.

“2,50,000 INR” Payal said and Khushi choked on her drink.

“That would be VIP seats or the front seats” Rishi said and looked at Khushi.

“That would be my brother’s two years savings!” Khushi said.

Payal shut the laptop and said shaking her head, “Bad luck Khushi! You can’t go to the show!”

Khushi sighed and nodded, “Even if I get the 2500 rupee seat I won’t see him!”

Rishi patted her arm and looked at Payal. Payal nodded at him and said, “Khushi, you can go the show. We’ll lend you money!”

“No need” Khushi said shaking her head, “I can never repay you guys back!”

“You don’t need to repay us” Rishi cried.

“No Rishi, it’s fine” Khushi said smiling faintly, “I don’t want to go! Bhaiyya is right! There are some things that I should never dream of. And meeting Arnav is one of them!” and she got up and walked away.

Rishi and Payal sighed and Rishi asked, “Is there way we can get her those tickets?”

Payal shrugged and said, “I have a friend at the music academy where he is playing. She said that the show is almost sold out.”

Rishi sighed and said, “Khushi will have to forget her dream!”





“What’s with the sudden concert in Delhi?” Arnav asked to Ashwant as both of them were travelling in the car to the studio.

“It’s at Saraswati Music Academy, where you studied. It’s their art fest and they had contacted the management” Ashwant said, “It would be great isn’t it. You get to meet your teachers!”

Arnav smiled and nodded.

“It’s a big concert” Ashwant said and showed his iPad. Arnav looked at it and said surprised, “When did my college have such a huge auditorium?”

“When most of their students became stars!” Ashwant said chuckling, “This hall can accommodate 60,000 people!”

“WOW. Why didn’t this happen when I was there as a student! I had to stand outside to hear AR Rahman’s voice!” Arnav said.

“And today you get to sing with him on stage!” Ashwant said laughing.

Arnav chuckled and nodded.

His friend cleared his throat and said, “Waise...are you gonna stop by your home, when you reach Delhi?”

Arnav’s smile fell and he looked at him. “Why? Are we that poor that we can’t afford a hotel at Delhi?”

“Nah, I mean....just visit them Arnav!” Ashwant said mustering an encouraging smile.

Arnav scoffed and looked out of the window.

“It’s been years” his friend said patting his leg.

“It doesn’t change anything” Arnav whispered and leaned back on the seat.

“You didn’t even go for your Nani’s funeral” Ashwant cried, “Who are you fighting with Arnav? Who are you fighting for?”

“You know the answer” Arnav retorted.

The car came to a stop in front of the studio and Arnav stormed outside.






“How’s college going on?” Karan asked his sisters as the trio sat for dinner.

“Great” Kriti and Khushi said together as their chewed on dal and rice.

“I’ve a surprise for you guys” Kriti said and her siblings looked at her.

“Are you all free on the coming Sunday?” Kriti asked and Khushi nodded yes while Karan nodded no.

“I’m never free” he said.

“Well take a leave from work. Take a leave from everything because WE’RE GOING TO ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA’S CONCERT!” she screamed, “Yahooooo”

Karan stared at her and Khushi gaped at her sister.

Kriti looked at her siblings and said, “Believe me! We’re going to his concert” she looked at Khushi and said, “You’re gonna meet your popstar!”

“Are you crazy Kriti?” Karan asked.

Kriti took out her left hand which she was hiding under the table only to reveal six thick rectangular pieces of paper.

“VIP tickets for ASR’s show plus meet and greet passes!” Kriti said smirking and waved the tickets in front of Khushi’s face.

Khushi gasped and snatched the tickets from her sister’s hand. She looked at them and looked at Kriti.

“It’s real!” she cried and looked at Karan, “Bhaiyya it’s real!”

“How on earth did you get them?” Karan asked shocked.

“I’ve contacts” Kriti said smirking.

“What contacts?” Karan asked narrowing his eyes.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you guys but there’s a guy....err....and he works for ASR. He got me the tickets when I told him that my sister is a great fan of ASR” Kriti said hurriedly.

“WOW” Khushi squealed.

“Which guy?” Karan screamed.

“WE GOT TICKETS” Khushi cried.

“Which guy? What’s your relation with him?” Karan asked angrily.


“Are you in a relationship Kriti?”





“I’M GON....”

“SHUT UP KHUSHI!” Karan screamed and slammed the table. Khushi shrank back to her seat and Karan looked at Kriti who was white as paper.

“Who is this guy? What’s his name? What’s your relation with him?” he shot questions at her.

“Bhaiyya he is my friend. A good friend” Kriti said slowly, ‘There is nothing going on!”

“Does he study with you?” Khushi asked, “Ah no, he works for Arnav right?”

“His family is here in Delhi. So once when he was in Delhi he bumped on me from mall. He ruined my model that I made for project presentation and I lashed out on him. He then came to my college with the same exact model that I had made. That’s how we became friends!”

Khushi nodded but Karan wasn’t happy.

“Bhaiyya he is a nice guy and a good friend” Kriti said.

“Stop being such a spoilt sport!” Khushi cried, “That boy got us tickets for show! He is an angel with tickets! What is his name and what’s his work?”

“Ashwant! He is.....umm.....he is ASR’s PA!” Kriti said biting her tongue.

“PA!” Khushi and Karan screamed.


Karan looked at Khushi and cried, “Why are you screaming for that?”

“That means we get to meet Arnav more often!” Khushi squealed.

Karan groaned and Kriti face palmed.




Aug 28

IMPORTANT NOTE (By Archanasuresh) (Thanked: 24 times)


I'm sorry to inform you all that this story is gonna be discontinued. I had a certain storyline when i started writing "My Arnav" but I've lost my inspiration to write this further. I'm sorry if my decision hurt you all. I promise you that this story will be continued in future but right now I would like to turn my attention to my other stories. 



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