The other woman

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May 31

The other woman (By Meena02) (Thanked: 29 times)

"I don't need a perfect relationship. I just need someone to act silly with, someone who treats me well and loves being with me more than anything else." Everything was beyond perfect. We lived like a joint family. Me, my husband, di, naniji, mamiji, mamaji, jiji, jeejaji and nk. It had been 2 solid years since that slime was thrown out and Di started living like a normal person. Our small family of my husband and myself had been full of bliss. He went out to work and at the same time returned as early as possible instead of living in his office like he did before meeting me. He loved me. I loved him. That's all we ever needed. AR had reached its heights with branches all over under the leadership of the two most efficient businessmen- Arnavji and Jeejaji. Di returned to her normal avatar and started working as a teacher in a primary school. She preferred to stay among children after her own loss. Her decision was respected by everyone and thankfully my husband too. We as the bahuriyas of the house prepared the meal and would spend most of our time chitchatting and trying to teach Nk how to speak proper Hindi. Surprisingly mamiji also changed her views about us Gupta sisters. We were like one huge happy family. I couldn't wish for a happier moment until...... Technically, The truth is that perfect contentment never lasts for too long. Sadness and pain has to be suffered to reach the other phase of satisfaction. As I said everything was 'beyond perfect' until the fateful day. Or should I say, the FATEFUL  arrival. I am Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada and this is my story.....

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May 31

The other woman (By Meena02) (Thanked: 32 times)

'Anjali bitiya do you remember what is tomorrow?'asked Nani.

'Of course nani, how can I forget. Tomorrow is....' she stopped as she saw khushi coming down the stairs.

'Tomorrow.... a.. tomorrow is we have to go for the satsang no??yeah tomorrow is the satsang. Taiyaaria karni padengi subah subah.' She said as she signaled a confused nani with her eyes.

  Tomorrow was our Arshis 3rd wedding anniversary. The remarriage anniversary. And our dear Anjali was busy planning a dhamakedar party for her chotte and bhabhi.

Khushi passed them with a confused look as if they had gone mad. She went into the kitchen to carry out her everyday routine with her jiji.

In AR Arnav was busy on his laptop as usual and thinking about tomorrow.

Yes!!! He remembered. It was their 3 wedding anniversary. He had planned a surprise for his wife with the help of his crazy family. Just then the door opened and in came lady dressed in a straight mini skirt and a see through shirt. He was furious with the intruder and was about to shout when Aman came in running.

'ASR this is Ms. Sheetal Khanna. Our new client.' He quickly said before Arnav could lose his temper leading them to lose the most profitable investment. Arnav calmed down. As he knew he couldn't lose this deal.

  'I am Sheetal khanna and I came here to meet you Arnav' said sheetal in a seductive tone.

'ASR please. No one can call me by my first name in the business world.' He said trying hard to control his anger. 'You may sit Ms.Khanna.' He said as he got ready to begin the meeting.

In Shantivan The Raizadas were busy sitting and chatting when Nk arrived.

'What's upp guys!' He said. 'Can't you see bitwa. The ceiling and the fans are above.' Said a worried Nani. 'Nk gone blindwa. Doctor ko dikhaneka Padhi. Hello hi bye bye.' Said Nani.

'Offo naniji! Nanheji hamara haal puch rahe hai. English mein 'what's up' bolte hai' corrected khushi while and rest are giggling and Nk stood stupefied at the assumption.

'Naniji aapne toh mujhe dara hi diya. Main anda nahi hu. I'm fit and fine.'

'Arey Nk bhai anda(egg) nahi andha(blind)'Anjali said hitting her forehead. 'Anda andha same thing' he said as he went and sat next to his friend- khushi.

The living room was filled with laughter as they cracked jokes and spoke of various things.


'So here we can end the meeting. These are our conditions. If you agree with them then we can sign the contract.'Said Arnav.

'Great then I can come tomorrow and sign the paperwork.'sheetal said.

'Tomorrow I will not be able to come. Aman will show give you the documents that you need to sign.' He said not giving much details.

Sheetal agreed reluctantly. She wanted to stay with this man. She was obsessed with him. She knew how to get her way. Smirking to herself she left not before shaking hands with him feeling his touch.

Arnav didn't like this lady's all. She was too weird. It was late. He quickly shrugged away the thought and left for home to be in his khushis arms. To find solace.

In Shantivan After dinner khushi stood at pool until she felt herself being hugged. She didn't have to look back to see the person. She knew who it was. Her Arnavji. She shivered as she felt his hot breath on her neck. She blushed even after 3 years of her marriage. She turned to see the loving face of her husband. He never misses a chance to make her feel special. He carried her in his strong arms and went to enjoy their night.

'Anjali bitiya did you write the Khannas name in your guest list?'asked Nani as she entered Anjali's room. 'But Nani chotte doesn't even know them.'anjali Said. 'I know bitiya. But we have to invite them as they have come down from London for 3 weeks only.' 'Ok nani.'

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Jun 1

The other woman (By Meena02) (Thanked: 40 times)

Khushi woke up in the morning not finding her husband beside her.

'Where.....'she stopped as she saw their room.

Decorated with rose petals and other flowers. She knew exactly who was capable of this.

'Good morning Mrs Raizada. And a very happy anniversary to you.'Arnav wished as he sat next to her on the bed.

'Good morningMr Raizada. And same to you.' She said as she side hugged him.

'Liked it?' He asked

'Loved it.' She said as she pecked in on his lips

'That's not enough....'she said before turning the peck into a passionate kiss.

'Anjali bitiya is everything ready?' Asked Nani.

All were busy decorating the house for their khushi bitiya as Arnav kept her busy in his own way;)

'Yes nani everything is ready. I'm just so excited. What will Khushiji say when she sees all this' squealed an excited Anjali.

'She will thank me for all the decorations.' Said Nk

'Only you?'Said Payal with her hands in her hips.

'Everyone..I mean.' He corrected himself before all the people in the house jump on him.

'Naniji Khushiji kab aayengii.' Said a restless Akash.

'Arey Akash don't be restless. Khushiji aajayengi. She must be spending some time with her pati dev on this special day.' Nk replied with a mischievous glint.

'Ham aagaye jeeju.' All heads turned to look at khushi coming down with Arnav.

She had worn a beautifully designed saaree which was no doubt done by her dear hubby.

'Wow!! You all have decorated the house soo well.' She exclaimed.

'All if you do so much for me and I....' khushi became sad.

' Arey no Khushiji. All this is nothing compared to what you have done for this house. You brought happiness into this house when it was filled with sadness.' Anjali said.

'Yes phatti sari.... I mean khusi! Anjali bitiya is right. Now don't spoil your makeupwa. Hello hi bye bye!!' Mami told khushi.

'Yes Khushiji relax. Take a chill pill.'

Nk tried to cheer her up to which Khushi smiled.

'Happy anniversary Chotte and Khushiji.' Everyone wished them one by one.

'Thank you.' Arnav and khushi said in unison.

'Nannav mere bhai and khushiji. Bhagvan kare aplogo ki gandagi mein khushiyaan bhar aayein.' Nk wished only to see wide eyes around him.

'What!' Arnav shouted.

'Arey Nk bhai!! Gandagi nahi zindagi' Akash corrected him while the others hit their foreheads.

'Ok sorry sorry!! This Hindi is soo confusing.' He said.

'You are going somewhere?.' Payal asked.

'Haa jiji we are going to the temple.' Khushi said with a smile.

'Ohoo!! Chotte and temple? Not bad!!' Anjali teased to which Arnav rolled his eyes.

'See khusi look what you did you changed our Arnav bitwa and you say you didn't help us in any way. Huh??' Khushi blushed red as mami said this.

'Ok enough. Chale?' Arnav asked his wife to take her away from this embarrassing situation.

They left for the temple hand in hand while the others were left awwww at their relationship.

Little did they know what storm was to hit them. Their relationship would be tested then.

As the SUV left the mansion a scoda had entered the premises of the mansion.

A broad man , a thin tall lady and a girl in her early thirties came out.

'Arey the Khannas have come!'exclaimed Nani as she saw the guests.

'Welcome Raj and Sheela. How are you.?'asked mami.

'We are good manno.' Smiled the man and the lady.

'And is this your daughter? Soo beautiful!' Said mami.

'Hello Everyone I am Sheetal....

Sheetal Khanna .' To which all smiled. They didn't miss the haughty tone in her voice.

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Jun 2

The other woman (By Meena02) (Thanked: 49 times)

Arnav looked at his lady love beside him as she was smiling as she prayed to her  best friend.

He couldn't believe his luck.

Standing in the temple.

Beside the WOMAN he never knew he would fall in love with.

Praying to the deity he thought never even existed.

But he loved the change .

" Are we done?" he asked Khushi as she opened her eyes after completing her long quota of wishes.

"Yes." she replied with the brightest smile he had ever seen.

"Now? should we head home?" he asked as they came out of the temple.

"no." he raised his brows at the response.

"Then?" he asked with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Should we go to the farm" he said huskily.

"Shameless!! Arey...I meant lets go to maajis garden. we need her blessings on this extra special."

He knew. This ritual was continuing from the time they had got married.

They got into the SUV and made their way to gain their mums blessings.

"So Sheetal. What do you do?" asked Anjali as all were sitting in the living room with the Khannas.

Snacks and drinks were laid on the table while the rest conversed.

"I help dad with his business.I go about signing contracts with other companies. Basically, I am a business woman."Sheetal replied.

No one missed the self conceited tone in her voice.

"Sooo nice."Nk replied dazed. Everyone smiled as they knew what had happened to their dear Nk.

"Who are you by the way?" she asked; highly irritated with the looks she was getting from this jerk.

"He is......" "Nk. short form for Nandakis****."Nk replied with a freaky smile.

"he is from Kidney. Hello hi bye bye"said mami.

"Whose kidney?" asked the Khannas while the rest shook their heads.

"Maasiji Sydney!!!"corrected Nk.

Sheetal rolled her eyes at the crazy family.

"So are you here to sign a contract?" asked Akash.


"For how many days are you here Sheela?"asked nani.

"For a month maasiji."

"We were planning to go back earlier if not for Sheetal bitiya. She insisted on us staying longer. You don't know. She takes her wok sooo seriously that she forgets herself. She is just like your Chotte. Where is he by the way? In office obviously." Raj said making sure to bring out the similarities between his dear daughter and 'Chotte'.

Some were uncomfortable with the comparison but decided not to show it. The Raizadas  had forgotten to inform them about Arshis wedding. And they were yet to invite them for the party in the evening.

"He always compares me to some Chotte. But refuses to tell me a word about him. Who IS he??" asked a confused and angry sheetal. She hated being compared with anyone else except ASR.

Arnav and Khushi were sitting on a bench in the garden savouring the moment in each others arms.

Khushi had her head on Arnavs shoulder while the latter closed his eyes in satisfaction of having his love in his arms.



"I cant believe we have spent 3 solid years together."

"Why.?"asked an amused Arnav.

"Because....."she thought." from the time we have met we were at each others throats. Always finding ways to blame and shout at the other. Now we are just sooo perfect."

Arnav smiled.

Its true. they have come a long way. From hatred to love.


Arnav looked at her thinking what her next statement would be.

"We will always remain like this only no? I don't want anything to change." she said as her eyes welled up.

"Ssshhhhh" Arnav consoled.

"Nothing will change. I promise. It will always remain perfect."

Khushi nodded.

Little did they know....

"Chotte is.......Arey chotte?"exclaimed Anjali.

All heads turned to see the couple at the door standing hand in hand.

Some were happy, some were extremely shocked and some were confused.

The Khannas.

Especially Sheetal and Arnav.

"Ms.Sheetal Khanna??"


Both asked together.

Khushi was extremely confused as she did not know these people before her.

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Jun 6

The other woman (By Meena02) (Thanked: 52 times)

Arnav looked at the guests before him while khushi looked at him with confusion. "Who.are these.people Arnavji?" She asked him. "They are.... "Arey Khushiji sit no I will explain"Anjali offered as she pulled Khushi from Arnavs hold onto the sofa. "They are Papas best friends who had shifted to New York years ago. Chotte doesn't even remember them but they know him quite well. This is Sheela Aunty with her husband Raj uncle and their only daughter Sheetal. Raj uncle runs a clothes line all over New York and other places. They had come here to expand in India as well. They all know what a workaholic your dear hubby was but don't know the drastic change." Anjali explained with a mischevious glint leaving Khushi blushing and Arnav smirking. How he loved his wifes blush. Thee whole Khanna gang were shocked at the revelation. Arnav Singh Raizada is married?? Hell!! They had come to get their daughters wedding fixed with the most eligible bachelor in town aka ASR. "Arnav is married? How come you never said anything."Raj asked with disbelief. "Every thing happened in such haste that we forgot to inform you anything. And eventually we forgot." Nani tried to reason "Forgot so easily?" Sheela asked in an angry tone while Mami and Mama looked down in guilt. "Sorry Aunty. But we were going to call you to invite you for their 3rd wedding Anniversary.And you turned up at our doorstep. At that time the situation was such that we didn't inform anyone out of town. Only neighbours know."Anjali  apologized The Khanna agreed reluctantly not wanting to spoil relations with the great Raizada family. Arnav fumed looking at his family apologizing at these people who only acknowledged them when they needed some favours and never bothered about them when they needed their help the most. Selfish just like his best friend Arnav thought. Sheetal who was on cloud nine after knowing that her parents were Raizadas friends had all her hopes crashed seeing her love( or rather obsession) ALREADY MARRIED. She looked at Khushi with pure disgust and termed her as a LOVE STEALER. But she had made up her mind. ASR aka ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA was hers and no one can steal him from her. Even his so called wife cannot steal him from her. The right to be ASRs wife was HERS and HERS ALONE. Only she can be SHEETAL ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA. "So let me introduce you to the wedded couples. Akash and his wife Payal. Arnav and his wife Khushi. Just to let you know. Payal and Khushi are sisters. The Gupta Sisters." Anjali declared while the couples went to take their blessings. Raj and Sheela did not like the fact that their to be son in law was married and so didn't pay much attention to Khushi. This was noticed by Arnav, Anjali and Akash. "But one thing I didn't understand...." Nk  finally spoke up. "How come Nannav knows Sheetal ?" "Actually. The Khanna wanted to sign a contract with us so... sheetal had come to our office. It was business related." Arnav said. Khushi passed a slight smile to Arnav and then sprang up. "Jiji come na let's go and prepare something for our guests." Khushi said. Arnav shook his head. Khushi and her act of service. She would treat any stranger as a guest and go about to make them comfortable. "Whose the guest? Aren't.we family? What say Arnav" Sheetal piped in. Hoping to assert some rights on Arnav. ? Arnav fumed at the statement. How dare she call him Arnav. He decided not to say anything looking at the pleading faces of his sister and wife. They didn't want the walking volcano to erupt knowing the capabilities of her dear husband/ brother. "Of course bitiya." Mami said with a faltered smile on seeing Arnav clenching his fist. Khushi immediately went and held Arnavs hands to cool his anger. Sheetal gritted seeing the closeness. Khushi found Sheetals behaviour a little weird but chose to ignore it. She even noticed that none of the Khannas had wished them for their anniversary. She chose to ignore this as well and went to prepare some snacks for the guests or rather the FAMILY. On having the snacks in the midst of all the talks the tension had some what subsided. Sheetal had her eyes on Arnav all the time while Khushi enjoyed sitting in between her sister in law and Arnav. After lunch, the Khannas left to their hotel. They were angry when the Raizadas didn't offer them to.stay in their mansion. "What a jerky family." Arnav exclaimed. "I know. " agreed Nk. He realised it was a waste of time to like the pompous Sheetal. He changed his opinion on the very first meet. "Chotte you can say all you want now. But please relax in front of them. Don't loose your cool." Anjali  pleaded. "Di. Bhai knows. See he didn't jump on her when she called his name." Akash smiled but seeing Arnavs glare, he became serious. "Haha! See jeeju he doesn't spare family members like you, then what about strangers. Poor them. They start shivering when they see ASR the great. I guess Sheetalji is yet to experience that. Never underestimste the power of....................The Laad Governor." Khushi giggled making the rest laugh. Arnav stormed out of the dining hall into his room muttering a "what the.."while poor Khushi ran behind him to pacify him. All laughed at the 'made for each other couple'. Nani prayed to Devi Maiya to keep them safe from all evil eyes and remain happy forever as she along with the other members retreated back to their rooms to rest and to prepare for the evening party. Hi guys!!!! I know it's a looonngggg time since I last updated but these updates may not be frequent due to problems. Anyways...... hope you liked the update. Please!Please! Vote if you liked it. Note down your thoughts in the comment section and do tell me how you would like the story to proceed. Good bye!!! 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Jun 21

The other woman (By Meena02) (Thanked: 49 times)

"Arey Arnavji what happened you came away so suddenly in the midst of the fun?" Khushi asked chuckling slightly.

"Really? Fun at my stake?"he asked with a raised brow while wearing his coat.

"I didn't lie. I saw the way you looked at my jeeju. He was tho saying the truth only. Don't you think So? If any person calls you by your name rather than ASR, won't you glare at them or worst comes to worst shout at them till they peed in their pants." She said breaking into fits of laughter the end.

"So Is that bad?" He asked amused.

"No. Of course not. I love it when you reserve some rights for only your family members. For example your name. You don't know. I am very possessive of my husband just like he is."She said as she rested her hands in his neck while he snaked his around her waist.

"So Mrs. Raizadas is angry that I didn't shout at Sheetal for calling my name? Jealous are You" he asked only to get a hit on his head.

"Shut up Raizada. I am not jealous as long as the young man belong to only me. But if she tries any tricks to trap my handsome, well then she will face the Mrs. ASR in me which is worse than the original version. Got It?" She warned.

He chuckled at his wife's statement and hugged her.

"I am only yours and you are only mine sweetness." He whispered in her ear to which she shuddered. He still has a mind boggling effect on her.

Their moment was yet again disturbed by a knock on their door.

"We really need another honeymoon." He said as he went to shoo away the intruder.

But it was none other than his di.

"Sorry chotte". She said knowing her mistake.

"Actually I needed Khushis help to choose clothes for your party. Can I please take her?" She asked.

"Arey di! Why are you asking him? Of course. Come let's go. Byeee " she waved at Arnav while she ran off with Anjali.

No one can change her. He shook his head as he got to work on his first wife. Well you know right?? His laptop obviously.

"Di this is the best one. Wear this." Khushi selected out of the many sarees.

Anjali nodded.

"Umm...di. Can I ask you something.?"

"You need permission?"anjali asked with a laugh."say what is troubling my dear bhabhi. "

"Those people who came today..... they are not happy with Arnavji and my marriage. Isn't It?"

"What makes you think So?"

"They didn't pay much attention to us.....and...ummm....didn't wish us for our anniversary also.." She said looking down in embarrassment.

"Arey no Khushi... they are just angry that we did not inform them of your marriage thats it. And they are coming in the evening no? Then they will wish you. Ok?" Khushi nodded with a slight smile.

"Don't let all this bother you on your special day. Even if they don't pay attention let it be." Then she whispered "they are not very important people. Just ignore. You have won over all the important member's."  Khushi smiled widely.

Anjali continued."And also if Sheetals behaviour towards your hubby dear is bothering you then let me tell you. She is a little sick who only wants to run behind handsome men with money. Let her be but don't underestimate her. Keep your distance and tell chotte also although I know he will be careful. But don't let her or her family bother you. Ok?" She finished whole caressing Khushi face.
Khushi nodded with a wide smile saying "You are the best sister and nanad any one could possibly get." And giving her a sound kiss Khushi ran away leaving a shocked Anjali.
"Pagal "she muttered affectionately shaking her head.

Meanwhile our dear Sheetal Khanna was making big plans. You think plans for the next contract? Of course not. She was making plans to woo Arnav Singh Raizada and to kick out Khushi from his life so that she can occupy her place.

"Khushi-about-to-be- ex raizada. You better be careful. You will be heavily punished for occupying my place in Arnavs life. Enjoy the next few days of your life because after that Arnav will take only my name when he gets up, when he sleeps and every moment in his life. All your memories will fly away like ash in just a few days. Hahaha hahaha." She laughed maniacally while burning Arnav and Khushis picture.

Now only the decision of Devi Maiyya can prevail. Only destiny can save Arnav and Khushi. Or does it have other plans.
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