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May 31

LOVE YOUR HEART (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 53 times)



ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA: Most eligible bachelor. Owns AR Fashion house which is number one in the country. He is rude and arrogant to the world except for his family. He was a sweet and caring person but after got cheated by his ex love he lost his believe in love and now hates it. Loves his mother a lot.Can do anything for the happiness of his mother except 'love and marriage'. Now he feels like every girls only needs his wealth and good looks. He is perfectionist and workaholic. Very popular for his anger.

RATNA SINGH RAIZADA: Mother of Arnav. Very sweet and humble person. Always wish to see the marriage of Arnav . she is a childhood friend of Garima.


RAJ SINGH RAIZADA: Father of Arnav. He loves his family a lot. He owns the Raizada Industries. He is very concerned about the future of his son because of his disinterest in marriage.

DEVYANI RAIZADA: Dadi of Arnav. Very sweet and loving person.

KHUSHI GUPTA: PA of Arnav Singh Raizada. Has a huge crush on him. Used to love him since teenage because of their family friendship. But didn’t tell Arnav because he already love some one else. After the betrayal from his love Arnav starts to keep distance from her and behave rudely with her also. She joined AR only for Arnav. But Arnav never acknowledge her and behave rudely like all the other employees.

SASHI GUPTA: Government employee. He loves his family especially his only daughter Khushi. He is very honest and humble person. Support his daughter for her dreams. Always look for the happiness of his lovely daughter than anything else.

GARIMA GUPTA: Mother of Khushi. Knows about Khushi‘s love towards Arnav. She also loves Arnav as her own son. So she doesn’t have any objections. She pampers Khushi a lot.

RAHUL GUPTA: Brother of Khushi. Lawyer . Lives in abroad from the past 4 years so didn’t met his family for a long period of time. A big flirt and selfish person. Doesn’t have feelings for anyone but pretend like love them to death. Married 3 years ago but no one knows about his wife in his family.

SHEETHAL MEHRA: Ex love of Arnav. Cheated him. Loved his money only. She is actually a gold digger. Now one of the models in London.

These are the main characters. Rest will be introduced as the story progresses.

Jun 2

Prologue (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 52 times)



Khushi closed her eyes in irritation because of the disturbing morning rays. She was able to sleep only after midnight. All thanks to her job as the PA of the busiest man in the world. The alarm clock also starts to ring testing her patience.

 She wakes up reluctantly rubbing her tired eyes with a yawn. She started checking her phone to know about the schedule today. The screen unlocked revealing the picture of her boss Arnav Singh Raizada. She sighed looking at the screen. 

“Laadgovernor when will you realise my love haan. Always angry..”.She glared at his pic.” Don’t worry Khushi Gupta will definitely won your heart one day”. She kissed his picture and started to get ready.


Khushi rushed inside the office cursing herself. “Stupid Khushi. Who told you to come by that stupid bus. Because of that I am late now. Laadgovernor will kill me today”. She walked hurriedly thinking about Arnav’s anger.

 Suddenly she got collided with a hard chest. Khushi lost her balance but a pair of strong arms held her. She looked up to thank the person only to get the shock of her life. Arnav was looking at Khushi with fury now. He makes her stand on her feet. And looked at his watch.

“Ms Gupta. In my cabin. NOW.” With that he marched to his cabin.

Khushi stood there like a child who caught while stealing. She knows that he hates late comers and punctuality is one of the great feature and rule of AR Designs. She started to walk towards his cabin praying the almighty to save her from the lion’s wrath.

Jun 5

Chapter One: Ms. Gupta and her Rkshas (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 52 times)

Khushi quickly follows him to the cabin. Every one looked at her with pity as she is going to the lion’s den. Arnav Singh Raizada who is known as the king of fashion designs known by the name lion among his employees because of his temper. Who ever messes with him will surely pay for facing his wrath. They always pitied Khushi. Because Arnav Singh Raizada behave very rough to her. Yet she faces everything with a smile.

As soon as they enters his cabin Arnav turns around angirly to lashes out her. Khushi closed her eyes praying.

"What is the time now ms. Gupta ". He asked gritting his teeth.

"n..nine thirty sir....."..Khushi whispered looking down.

"And your duty time starts from......".he asked once again controlling his rage.

"e......eight thirty sir....."..Khushi starts to tremble as she knows about his anger and not sure about the punishment.

"Care to explain the reason ms. Gupta". When Khushi began to open her mouth he added "if it is related to the benefit of the company only".

Khushi quickly closed her mouth and looks down." I’m sorry sir....this won’t happen again". She tried to apologize.

"You need to get punished ms. Gupta". He said seriously. "Your half day salary will be cut" and he just picks up two bulky files." I need a report on them before today night". He said with finality.

Khushi just nodes her head as she knows there will be no benefit if she pleaded. The sooner she obey his words that will be better for her. She quickly took the file and runs to her cabin.

In her cabin.

Khushi looked at the bulky file before her. "Laad governor couldn’t be gentle. We were childhood friends haina. Ok you never consider me as one but I do. How could you do this to me". she pouted looking at his picture on her phone.

"Leave it Khushi. That’s your fate. Who told you to love this heartless man". She sighed dramatically and started her work.

At raizada mansion

Ratna opens the door to see Sashi and Garima. Her face beamed with a bright smile.

"Arreyy aap lok. Come..".she welcomed them warmly.

"Where is Raj ji". Sashi asked Ratna enquiringly.

"I’m here Sashi ".Comes a quick reply from behind and Raj Raizada walks inside and hugs Sashi. All of them shared great bond because of their childhood friendship and their greatest wish is the marriage of Arnav and Khushi.

Ratna asked Garima enthusiastically. "Did you speak to Khushi bitiya about the proposal".

"Not yet. But she confirms that ‘s she loves Arnav. Once he agrees we can conduct the marriage". Garima said chirply.

"Haa.....".Ratna sighed..." I don’t know where his life is turning.even after so many years he still can't forget the betrayal and refuses to get married". She said defeated.

"Don’t worry Ratna everything will be alright." Garima consoled her.

Khushi is trying hard to complete the file. She even skipped her lunch. Her stomach starts growling.

"Don’t embarrass me yaar".Khushi said to herself. "That khadoos won’t even care if you eat or not". Khushi said grumpily looking at his pic.

Somehow she manages to manages to finish the file on time.

She knocked and enters his cabin." Sir the reports are ready". She said and submit it in front of him.

He indicated towards the shelf . as to put the reports there.

She comes near him. "Sir as I have completed before the given time. Can you please give me my salary".

Arnav stood there angered." Be in your limit. Ms. Gupta. Don’t you dare to teach me" . He yelled at her face.

"Rakshas". She mumbled looking down.

Jun 10

Chapter Two: Facing His Wrath!!! (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 58 times)

Sorry for the late update guys.

Arnav is damn frustrated since morning. His maa once again brought up the topic of his marriage.

"Why can’t she understand  that I don’t want to get married. Every woman are the same. They only need money and status. Dammit. Why can maa understand that not every one in the world is like her"". He exhaled.

Aman knocked the cabin." May I come in sir".

Arnav comes out of his thoughts. "Yes Aman. Did they arrived". He asked while started to exit towards the conference room. ‘

"Yes sir. They are waiting for you". Informed Aman. Who is walking speedly to match his steps.

When passing in front of Khushi’s cabin Arnav looked around for her. Where the hell is she. Why can’t this stupid woman stands at one place. Didn’t she knows the importance of this meeting. They are one of the major clients of AR designs. So the presentation should be perfect. And she is missing with the presentation. Great. Arnav thought to himself.

"Where is ms. Gupta".He asked Aman sternly.

Aman gulped. As he knows that now Khushi will be in great trouble. "Sir she said that before starting the meeting she would be there in the conference room. She just goes for the final checking of the presentation." Aman said looking down.

Arnav looked Aman sharply. "If she is not here you better type her termination letter. Got that Aman".

Aman nodded fearfully and silently praying khushi to come soon.

Arnav enters the conference room greeting his clients. He knows that how much he is frustrated with his life he can’t show that to his clients. He can very well manage his professional life without mingling it with the personal. After all that makes him one of the most successful business man.

As they began to be seated in their respected chairs. Khushi enters with an apology for being late.

Arnav looked at her with immense anger. Khushi gulped seeing his rage.       

"Khushi. Today he will definitely kills you. heyyy DM he is angry now itself then what will be his state after seeing the presentation". Khushi thought nervously.

She quickly began with the presentation as she doesn’t want to face his wrath.

Khushi was explaining their new collections. But wait. Arnav looked at the screen shocked. He asked her to introduce rainy collections with long sleeves that they didn’t feel cold. But she changed the idea. He sees that she is explain the rainy collections not as the way he asked her to do.

Khushi unaware of his burning rage. Continued with the presentation.

"See this is our new winter collection. We used clothes with light materials that they get dry easily. So it will be helpful for the people to dry themselves and prevents from catching cold. And we will be focusing on the colour that it won’t be in light colour because of the condition of roads in our place. The clothes won’t be too much lengthy". She was explaining her new thoughts which she finds better than the previous one.

After finishing her presentation she turns to Arnav with a smile. Only to get it wiped of seeing his murderous glare.

The clients left saying that they will inform their decision after discussing it.

Arnav dragged Khushi to his cabin."What the hell was that dammit. Who gives you the right to change my presentation". He said clutching her arms tightly hurting her.

Khushi tries to comesout of his grip. But he only tightened it on her.

"A....Arnavji.......I....".Khushi began to speak.

"It’s sir for you ms. Gupta. Just answer my question dammit. Upon which right you changed the presentation.". He shouted at her.

"Sir wo.. I just found that..."..Khushi began to speak stammered.

"Just shut up dammit". Arnav yelled at the top of his voice pushing Khushi Away from his hands. Khushi began to shiver seeing his rage.

"You are just my pa here. Not any designer that you can change the designs as you want. Be in your limit ms. Gupta. I very well knows that what girls like you was looking. For money and fame ..........ha...."..Arnav asked in a shaky breath. Grabbing her hand once again.

"Get one thing straight into your head ms. Gupta. If AR loses anything because of today  that will be you last day here".

Arnav exited the cabin leaving a shattered Khushi  

Jun 13

Chapter Three: Sweetie or Mad woman (By Arshiangel10) (Thanked: 65 times)

Khushi sat on her chair sniffing." Laad governor always scolds me". she said while sniffing and wiping her tears at the same time.

"Sweetie .......".NK barged inside her cabin only to find her silently crying. At first he was shocked. Then it clicked his mind. He walked near her with a smile.

"What happend sweetie did your lover boy made you cry again". He asked chuckling.

Khushi glared at him and continued to wipe her tears pouting. NK wiped her tears "awwwee my sweetie why did you loved that rakshas". He said pulling her cheeks.

"Nk.......". She glared at him and shoved his hand away. NK sighed." OK madam I won’t call him rakshas. Only you have the right. But don’t forget that he is my buddy.."

Khushi noded her head cutely while NK continued. "Now what did he do that my sweetie cried this much.haan". NK asked cupping her cheek.

Khushi narrated the whole incident. NK looked at her wide eyed." Khushi are you mad. Who told you to change his designs. You know naa how much he hates when someone cross his words. Pagal hai kya khushi".

Khushi pouted looking down." I really don’t knows that he will behave in this way. I just thought to help him".

Nk sighed and wiped her cheek." It’s ok sweetie. I will make him understand you don’t worry. Ok. Now just smile." He said encouraging her.

Khushi smiled slightly. At the same time arnav barged inside the cabin. He looked both of them sternly. "I think the company pays you two for work not for gossiping and romancing". He glared at them.

NK cluthched his chest dramatically." Oh GOD buddy you just broke my heart. If I romance with her then what will happen to my Lav. My La baby will be upset.......".he stopped seeing the deadly stare of Arnav. He smiled sheepishly and runs from the cabin leaving Khushi in the lion’s den.

Arnav looked at Khushi while Khushi looked down fearfully.

He started talking." Ms.Gupta the clients approved your idea and so your job is saved". He said with an expressionless face.

Khushi looked at him shocked and then her lips curved into a beautiful smile.

"Oh thank you devi mayya". She squeled in happiness." Thank you Arnavji..".seeing his glare." I mean sir thank you sir."

Arnav curtly nodes his head and left the cabin. Khushi watched him going with a frustrated expression. "Rakshas can’t he smile even a bit. Here I'm waiting for his just one smile he didn’t care at all". She huffed and continues her job with a smiling face.

In arnav’s cabin

He is going through some files but his mind were wandered around his past.

"Sheethal what the hell are you saying. You are my girlfriend and you slept with him". He yelled at the top of his voice.

"Calm down Arnav. Why are you overreacting". Sheethal said least bothered about him.

"Overreacting!!!Sheethal we love each other and you are saying that you slept with him". He exclaimed

"Love!!!". Sheethal laughed at his face. "There is nothing like love arnav. I just pretend because of your wealth and or my carrer. You misjudged it as love. But what to do rishi is more rich and handsome than you. he even gifted me a car".

Arnav looked at her shocked." What are you saying sheethal." He asked in disbelief

"That’s the truth Arnav I don’t loves you. but that’s not only my problem. You can ask every girl around you. they all loves you because of your wealth and looks". Sheethal said with a mocking tune.

He excludes the feeling of love from his heart that day. Now he believes that every girl is after his money. That’s why he don’t have a girlfriend after Sheethal. Sighing he continued to read the file.

Late in the evening

He walked inside the house feeling surprised to see the Gupta family there. It’s not that they didn’t comes to their home. but it’s going to be night and they never stayed back in Raizada mansion after evening.

He greeted them and bend down to take their blessings. At the same time Khushi entered with dessert for all of them. Arnav rolled his eyes seeing Khushi and left from there. Khushi pouted looking at his retreating figure." Laadgovernor never acknowledge me". she said sighing.

Arnav is watering his plants after freshen up. Khushi knocked the door and enters inside.

"What do you want Khushi". arnav said sterly.

"Woh Arnavji ". Arnav glared at her. But khushi seems unaffected." What Arnavji now my duty got over and I don’t need to calls you as sir. So I can call you Arnavji. Right Arnavji." Khushi said enthusiastically.

Arnav rolled his eyes frustrated and continues his job. "There is no use while speaking with this mad woman". he thought mentally.

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