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Jun 30

Episode 21 Will Venkat kiss Khushi? (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 31 times)

Khushi is shocked. Sahi and Arnav were staring at Khushi for an answer. Everyone listened to Khushi circumspectly.  Khushi was perplexed. The point is that she herself didn't know about it! Before she could answer  everyone sees hand on Arnav's shoulder.  They look and discover it as Sudharshan . Arnav hugs him and introduces him to Khushi and Venkat. He was wearing coat and suite.

Sudharshan (smirking) : I know him!  He works for us.(sarcastically)

Venkat glares at him. As Arnav introduces him to Khushi, he sees her with lust eyes. Khushi hides under Venkat and he glares at him.

Arnav: Well how are you here?

Sahithya: And this attire? How?

Sudharshan: Surprise!!! I've got a job.

Arnav and Sahi exclaimed: What?????? Is it true???

Sudharshan nods and Arnav hugs him.

Sahi (hugging him): Oh I'm so happy for you Bhai! After all  you've gone through!

Sudharshan once again sees Khushi and smirks at her. Venkat went crimson. It was cloudy and the clouds were becoming grey. He held Khushi by his hands and

Venkat: If you'll excuse us plz! We'll be back after some time guys….. Bye.

Without noticing others reaction, Venkat grabbed Khushi's hands and took her with him to another place.  Khushi was shocked noticing him in red eyes. It began to drizzle. But Venkat was still on his way. Where was Venkat taking her and that too when it had started drizzling? Why does he look so tensed. She had never seen him this much angry and especially on her. Was her dream coming true? This reaction of his was making her scared. It looked similar  to her dream. What is happening..

Khushi: AAArgh! Venky you are hurting me! Where are you taking me?

But Venkat doesn't answer her.  He clenched his hand firmly on hers.  They walked for 20 minutes on the road. It was pouring and Khushi was drenched. Venkat cared the least. He was all wet. They were walking in the roadside and puddles of water were forming.  Then there came a small thatched house or rather a room house and Venkat takes Khushi inside it.  At the back of the room was a Ganesha temple. It rather looked South Indian. It was raining and began to pour heavily. Khushi and Venkat are inside. There was a window outside. A rather uncanny one. It was in the opposite side of the door or rather main door.  Venkat turned on the light which was golden lit and was really dim.  There was a bed nearby. Venkat was silent. Khushi who was all drenched spoke first…..

Khushi: Kya paagalpana hai??? (What's wrong with you?) Why were you holding my hands???

Venkat remained still and was glaring down the ground with red eyes. He was wet and his hairs were like tresses with droplets of water falling off. He didn't bother to wipe them off. 

Khushi (shouting) : Answer me Venkat! What happened to you??? Why did you force me to leave them and why are we here??

Venkat couldn’t hold himself more and he pinned Khushi on the wall with death glare. His cheeks looked really different from that of Arnav's. Seeing him wet made Khushi flinch. He was quite different from Arnav when he was wet. Khushi felt as if he was someone else. Venkat was eyeing her without blinking. He was so close to Khushi which made her hear his breathes. Khushi got hell nervous.

Khushi (nervously) : Lo….Look we can sit and talk if you like..

But Venkat came much more near to her holding her waist. Khushi released it swiftly. She pushed him hard.

Khushi (Shouting) : What is this?? Why are you doing like this??? Why are you misbehaving with me Sharma???

Venkat remained silent and was looking  at her menacingly. Khushi dreaded seeing him.

Khushi: Are….Are you drunk??? I mean…. I mean…. You look……. What is happening?? I think I should leave.

Khushi was about to leave when  Venkat held her hand and pulled her towards him. They were facing each other feeling each other's breathes. Khushi gasped. What is happening??? Why is Venkat doing like this to her?? Khushi then thought.. It stroke to her.

Khushi( shouting on his face): I knew it!!!! I caught you staring at that guy!!! You were glaring at him. What was his name?? Ya! Sudharshan! Sahi's bro!

Venkat (blankly eyeing her): Khushi It's…

But Khushi continued without listening to him.

Khushi: Are you apprehensive of him?? I know it! You are doubting me now! But for your kind information I'm least interested in him!! D'you hear that?? I don't even know who he is!!!! Now let me go.

But as she tried to go Venkat held her again by his hands clutching her more firmly than ever.

Khushi was about to slap him when she heard his thunderous voice.

Venkat (with death glare): Meri Baat abhi Khatam nahin hui!!! ( my words aren't over yet!!!)

Khushi was shocked seeing his state. What happened to Venkat??? Why is he behaving like this??  She saw this state of his in her dream. It's happening oh no!!! it's happening……

Venkat (huskily) : It's not that Khushi! But why haven't we kissed each other until now?

Khushi turned to look at him shocked. He was wet and looked and gawked at her. She was looking really beautiful when wet

Khushi: Venkat…. Ye tum…(this…)

Venkat came forward and Khushi came backward.

Venkat (kept coming forward): You haven't answered me Khushi….Why didn't we really kiss each other..

Khushi didn't have more words. It shocked her.  She was really nervous.

Venkat (bursting in tears): Why Khushi? Why didn't you kiss me when we were playing that game?

Khushi didn't have an answer. She was hell nervous.

Venkat: Answer me Khushi! I need to know today whether you really love me or not!

Khushi: Babe..

Gesturing her to stop closing his eyes with his palm raised.

Venkat: Yes or no Khushi!!!Answer me!! Do you even love me?

Khushi is in tears and hugs him. He didn't hug her back. She released the hug realizing that he was not hugging her back. He looks at her for an answer seriously in the interim.

Khushi (Yelling): Yes!! Why do you even get this doubt suddenly??

He holds her cheeks cupping it.   Khushi looks at him nervously.

Venkat: not suddenly but since days!!!! I feel like you are not liking me Khushi. Why didn't you kiss me till now? I feel like we aren't couples. We are… we are just being like friends…….

Khushi: You have got your brains cracked Venkat. Why would I hug and kiss you if we were friends?? Remember?? We hang out in the park, I hug you if you need it and I've also pecked you in the cheeks many times. 

Venkat: Not in my lips though Khushi. We have never had our first kiss!! And for the matter of fact, even friends hug and kiss each other.

Khushi looks on. Then she herself realizes that she was never really wanting Venkat. She had never been close to Venkat. She remembers how he tried to kiss her and she pushed him off when he came to her house on that day. Why haven't they had any romantic outings before. They just hang out with each other and that's all.  They never really were like couples. They were more or like just friends.

Venkat (concerning): Khushi, you are just hanging out with me and not really onto me. Am I asking more??? Can't I just kiss my girlfriend?? Am I being stubborn?? Can't I have my first kiss with my first love?? Don't say it's not our age. We both are way too elder for this. Can't I just kiss you? (leaning towards her with his palm holding her cheek)

He had tears in his eyes. Longing to feel her. 

Khushi (gasped with tears): I'm sorry Venkat. I didn't know that you have got so much feelings for me. I don't like these things before marriage. Its kinda new to me. I am never brought up like that. I must admit I looked modern before. But I never lost my sanctity. It's not your fault it's mine! I just….(she cried)

She dries his head with her duppata.  She kisses him.

Venkat (tears rolling off from his eyes): We never really are like couples Khushi. You have never taken this relationship forward Khushi. It's just your I love you in words and that's it! We have never really taken a step further from that Khushi. Am I not okay? Don't you trust me? Have you ever even thought of kissing me? Every couples do that! Am I asking anything wrong Khushi? Can't a 25 year old guy have his first kiss with his girlfriend?? Am I not loyal to you?? Haven't you believed me yet Khushi?? I saw you in tears when Arnav kissed Sahithya. Don't say that it was dust. I somehow feel like you still like that Arn….

Khushi( interrupting with tears): No!!! I don't!!! I like you! It's not what you think!!! It's….

Venkat: Let me speak today Khushi!! Let me speak now !!! I want to know what is wrong in me Khushi! Or what do you expect from me?? I am not like others in our college to just keep you for a time pass. You have seen many of our friends and we could really take a good judgement from it! They all broke up in college days itself and some just after the college ended.  But me! I am trying to take our relationship forward. Is this thought wrong??? I have always thought you as my love and many  a times I get dreams about having kids with you. Am I wrong??

Khushi cries and has her head connected with his. She gestured a no by swaying her head.

Venkat (longingly holding her cheeks):Then tell me the problem Khushi. I always feel like you are many a times lost in your own world. You never share with me what is in your subconscious mind. I can feel that you are hiding many things from me Khushi!  Aren't we lovers??? Perhaps I'm just your friend!

Khushi (shouting): No!!!  You are much more than that!!! I love you ! I love you! I love you! I love you!

Venkat( interrupting seriously): Let's get married then!

Khushi is shocked by his words. Venkat wants to get married to her. She saw him in silence. Then she broke out.

Khushi (looking seriously at him): Kiss me Venkat!

Venkat: What?? Come again?

Khushi( yelling with tears): Kiss me I said!

She closed her eyes with tears falling from it. Venkat was very close to her. His lip was a millimeter apart. 

Will Khushi and Venkat kiss each other? Brace yourself for the upcoming updates!!!

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Noordina: Thank you so much dear!I am sorry that you didn't like Venkat's character. And yeah I loved your boldness.  Your words are my strength! Never ever turn back, you said what was in your heart! You are free to comment your opinion! It's me yaar! Regarding your query You'll know it soon!!  

And guys!It is Just for the information. Even though no one had asked this one, I'll say it. I don't write and straight away update my current episode. I'm 7 episodes ahead.  

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Episode 22 The sleepover-1 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 37 times)

But Khushi waited and didn't feel his kiss. She was waiting for him to kiss her. Then she opened her eyes partially. She saw him gawking at her but not making the slightest move forward.

Venkat: Keep your sanctity with yourself! Never lose it before marriage if you don't like losing it!

Khushi is shocked.

Venkat: I love you Khushi and I don't want to force you in any way!!! I love you to the core! I would never want to make you do something which doesn't please you! I want to make our first kiss a memorable one. For you and for me as well. I know now you are asking me because of compulsion.

He places his thumb on her forehead partition.  

 Venkat(triumphing) : The day would come Khushi!!!  If there was a red colour in between my index finger and thumb, I'll draw a line here!!! And then…And then I'll bring you here in this same place!!!! We'll kiss each other! I would never want to hurt your feelings Khushi! I'll marry you and then make my first move.

Khushi gasped crying. She then smiles at him with tears. Why didn't Venkat kiss her even when she had asked him?? Why is he too good?? Why did he plan to leave Rishi's job for her??

She hugs him tightly and cries.

Venkat (releasing): Come let's go now! It's late.

Khushi then goes with him teary eyed thinking deeply. She hugged again and thanked him for understanding her.

Venkat( huskily):And yeah!! be ready to lose your virginity here on that day  Khushi! Look at that bed over there darling…!

Khushi looked shocked and blushed. He smiled. They both go out.  Khushi eyes him admiringly. As soon as she reaches home, thoughts made her wonder. Why didn't she kiss Venkat? As Venkat was asking her. Does she still love Arnav? She flinched.

The next day Arnav called everyone for a meeting in the same park. They are all seated down with a mat just like picnic spot.

Arnav: Hmm… We need to know more about each other guys. So that's why I called you all here.

Sahi: But we know about each other already. I mean after so many days….

Arnav; No! not that! I want to know about all of us deeply guys. Where are we from and the most important thing is that we haven't met all our family members. I mean I don't know anything about Venkat's parents and never known where Khushi's house is till now. Well Sahi's is a different one here and also mine! Sahi has come many times to my house and so did Venkat on that day. But Khushi hasn't seen it.

Khushi: So Ya! Let us go to each other's house taking turns.

Arnav: Not only just go but a stay over. Well now that our relationship is out, may be your father might understand. So what about a sleepover in everyone's house?

Everyone  looks at each other's eyes in silence. Arnav was right. They need to know about each other. 

Venkat: It's a yes for me! Whom shall we start first?

All the members fought saying that it would be their turn first.

Sahi: Okay guys! Enough! We'll spin the bottle and see.

Khushi: good idea!

Sahi spun the bottle and it pointed to Arnav. Arnav gets happy.  Then she again spun it and it pointed to her. She smiled. Again she spun with Venkat and Khushi opposite to each other. It pointed to Venkat. So yes! As the order says it is Arnav, Sahithya, Venkat and Khushi.

Venkat: From when shall we start?

Arnav: What about tomorrow? Tomorrow evening 5.30 guys! Be ready. I think Venky would be back home from office.

Sahi: Cool!

They all go and Venkat who was taking Khushi in his bike (he bought a bike in his first month salary).    He stopped her in the same Ganesha temple.  But this time they went inside and prayed to god. The priest was a south Indian and he gave them prashad. Venkat made Khushi sit near one of the steps.

Venkat: Khushi I have planned to take our relationship further.

Khushi looks at him and smiles. 

Venkat(continuing): When it is your turn, I am planning to inform your dadi about it Khushi. I think our friends would be there with us for sure. Khushi, I just thought them to make with friends with us merely. But look at all of us now! We are the thickest ones.

Khushi smiles at him. She holds her hand on his.

Khushi: I know Dadi will understand. She'll accept you Venkat.

Venkat (eyeing her without blinking) : And ask your hands for our engagement this month.

Khushi is shocked and releases her hand from his. Engagement!!!! With Venkat???? This month????

She gets lost in her thoughts.

Venkat: Okay Khushi!!! Let us go!

Khushi goes home and thinks. Is she ready for marriage? I mean it's a love marriage but is Venkat making things fast? She is ready for marriage but what is stopping her? 

The next day………

Everyone reach Arnav's house with a backpack. Khushi was seeing RM for the first time. It looked beautiful. Anjali welcomed others warmly except Khushi. She then goes inside her room.  

It was dinner time and everyone is sitting on the table.  Venkat loved the food.

Arnav: Di (who was engrossed in her phone) , I need to talk to you. Arre Di listen!! Look at me!

Anjali looks at Arnav.

Anjali: What chote?

Arnav: Di you don't know about Venkat and Khushi don't you?

Anjali: What?? What's between them?

Arnav: They are couples Di! Just like us (eyeing Sahithya)

Khushi and Venkat blushed.

Anjali (letting a sigh of relief): Oh that's nice! (She thought it was best that this girl was in relationship with another one. She herself didn't know why she hates Khushi. But it was good that Khushi stayed away from Arnav)

Then it was time for them to sleep. Anjali suggested the girls to go to the guest room and Venkat to sleep with Arnav. But Arnav said that they'd stay awake for some more time. So the others went inside Arnav's room. They all loved it.

Venkat: Ah! This couch! (He sat stretching his arms) What a day!!!!

Sahithya goes and sits on his bed and blushed. Arnav  saw her and blushed. He understood what was going on in her mind.

Arnav (huskily to her): It'll be yours soon babe.

Sahi hid herself under her palms. She gets a call from Rishab and says that everything was fine there. Khushi  called her Dadi and said that she was fine too.

Khushi: Wow!!! What a beautiful pool! 

Arnav comes near the poolside and sees her. Her face glistened and it was shining. He himself didn't know for a split second what was happening to him. He stared at her. She looked milky white. Khushi signaled him a what. But Arnav was staring at her. She didn't know what was happening. Suddenly her heart beat fast. She didn't know to which direction she must move, so she just moved backwards and was about to fall on the pool. But Arnav caught her and pulled her. She fell in his arms and for the first time. She releases and they share an eyelock. It was their first moment. He didn't know what was happening. He felt a twinge in his lower stomach.  He then releases her.

Arnav; Are you all right?

Khushi looking down shy and nods.  Then Sahithya comes to them and by that time they had steadied themselves.

Sahithya: The best part of your house is the bed Arnav. I didn't know why I love it so much!!! Last time I don’t remember when I came here.

Venkat coming behind: No it's the couch.

Khushi: It is this pool!

Sahi: What about you Arnav?

Arnav: It's this pool!

Venkat: So you are in Khushi's side huh??

They both look at each other and shy away.

Venkat: But can I ask you something if you don't mind?

Arnav: Sure!

Venkat: Is your di married ? I mean you said you have a huge age gap between her. So considering it I guess…..

Arnav (meekly): No she isn't.

He didn't talk further and asks them to sleep. Venkat and Arnav then sleep together. Sahithya and Khushi sleep with each other in the guest room.  The day ended and Venkat went straight from Arnav's house to  the office. Khushi and Sahithya go to their respective house.  The next was Sahi's house. Rishi Mathur welcomed them and gave a look at Arnav. He smiled. Sudharshan gleamed seeing Khushi. Arnav looked at the place in an awe. It was the first time he came there. It was dinner time. Rishab asked them to be seated.  They are now settled in the king sized dining table.  Sudharshan kept staring at Khushi and it made her uncomfortable. Venkat glared at him.

Venkat(smirking): I say!I heard even Sudharshan is working for someone.

Sudharshan frowns at him and  remembers how he had said "he works for us" in the park.

Rishab: Yeah! He does!! I am so proud of him. (he pats Sudharshan at the back)

Khushi loved the food and so did Arnav.

Rishab (to Arnav): What are you doing boy?

Arnav: Oh I am searching for a job.

Sudharshan smiles at him. He smiles back.

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Episode 23 The sleepover-2 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 41 times)

Thank you for your comments, Avni: That's fyn. But I've included all these becoz of a reason dear. You'll know it later.  Londoner: .  Noordina: My story is in extremes! Yes! You are right dear. You'll know the rest soon.    

Rishab (nodding) : I see!!! What are your parents doing?

Arnav: They are working abroad.

Rishab: Then whom do you live with?

Arnav: I am living with my sister who is running a business.

Rishab didn't like that he didn't ask what his sister was doing and he answered it which was not needed.

Rishab:  I know about yours and Sahithya's relationship. Sahithya said a lot about you and so did Sudharshan.  By the way you said that your sister runs a business. May I know her name?

Arnav: Anjali singh Raizadha. She runs the designing business.

Rishab: Yeah ! I have heard a lot about her.  Quite a hardworking women I must say! Isn't she married yet?

Everyone looks on and Arnav becomes serious. He plainly says a no. Then the dinner was over and everyone cleared. Sahithya asks Khushi to stay in her room. Arnav and Venkat stay in their guestroom.  Sahithya and Khushi talk about themselves for some time and suddenly Sahithya gets hurt in her leg.  Khushi panics.

Sahithya: AAH!! Plz Khushi !!! Plz!! Don't tell it to anyone. The first aid box is in Bhai's room. Can you get it Plz?? 

Khushi is shocked. Sudharshan 's room? Oh no!!!!

Sahithya: AAH! Plz Khushi

Khushi rushed inside Sudharshan's room. Her heart was pounding fast. What will he do. Her legs began to shake.

Sudharshan was sleeping Khushi knocked the door. She looked serious.

Sudharshan: Khushi?? Is that you really or am I dreaming??

He sees her lustful.  He comes forward and Khushi backs off. He senses it.

Khushi: I just need the fir…first aid box.

Sudharshan : Yeah it's here somewhere.

But Sudharshan was coming towards her but not going towards the first aid kit.

Khushi (shocked): I … want the first aid kit……I just want it….I'll go….

Sudharshan (smirking): You look beautiful Khushi.

Khushi was shocked. She tried to move but his hands stopped her. She tried to slap him bt didn't as those hands were of Venkat's!!

Venkat was holding Khushi's hands and he pulled her towards him. Sudharshan glared at him.

Venkat: Don't even try to!!!! She is mine!!! Don't you dare touch her!!!

Sudharshan: You get angry right when someone else touches her!!

Venkat: I'm warning you!! Stay away!!

Khushi hugs him. Sudharshan fumes an dhastily gives him the bandage.

Khushi and Venkat go out. Khushi was in his arms and was scared.

Venkat: Don't worry !! Don't worry!!! I'm there. When I'm there I'll not let anything happen to you!!

He kisses her on her forehead. They go their respective rooms. Khushi was really scared at that night. She had fever thinking about how Sudharshan was coming towards her. Next morning they all leave and Venkat glares at Sudharshan.

Sudharshan: If Khushi is not mine then she'll neither be yours Venkat!!!

They all leave and the next turn was Venkat's!

Venkat: Khushi I think you go home. You have got fever take rest. We'll postpone this!

Khushi: No Venkat!!I'll come. Anyways Dadi will not be home for few days.

Venkat thought of pranking his parents. He made Arnav and Khushi to go inside.

Shraddha (Mother with traditional clothes): Come inside beta. What happened beta? You look a bit different. You have put on weight it seems. 

Ramesh(Father): Come in bitiya!

Arnav takes blessings from her and she gets surprised. Then Venkat comes inside and laughs at them. They all are perplexed. What?? Two Venkats?? Venkat tells all to them. They get a sigh of relief.  As soon as Sahithya comes inside, she came in with her shoes.

Shraddha: Hey!! Remove your shoes! Haven't your parents taught you this?

Sahithya becomes aghast and Venkat goes to her and says in her ears,

Venkat: maa this is Rishi Mathur's beti! My boss's girl!!  What are you saying??

Shraddha: Whoever she might be! But this is our house so the rules are rules!! Donno how nowadays girls are!!! Look at them!! not an ounce of respect to the elders! 

Sahithya  rolled her eyes and entered removing her shoes. Khushi was not feeling well so Venkat gestured her to come in his room and sleep. Shraddha took good care of Khushi even though she said that it was fine.  After sometime, they all ate dinner. Shraddha had prepared it. Shraddha didn't like how Sahithya ate. She thought she was way too modern. She was sitting on her legs folded on top. She didn't like it. It's disrespectful. Sahithya noticed this and keeps her leg down. Arnav felt as if he was eating with his mother's hands. She used to come just once in a year or two to meet him. Shraddha gave him more and he ate happily. 

As they were all sleeping, suddenly in the middle of the night Sahithya woke up but didn't dare to wake Khushi up. She went to the washroom and oh no!!! She is on her monthly!! How could she forget that? She goes and checks her backpack and finds that she hadn't taken pad with her. Khushi was sleeping sound.  She then checks her bag hastily. Then gets nothing.

Sahi:  Oh Khushi!!! I badly need a pad!

What must she do now?? Then she gets an idea but becomes hesitant of it. Can she really? But she must go! But she doesn't like her? Will she help her?

She goes to Shraddha's room and Knocks the door.

Shraddha opens the door. Her husband is sleeping.

Shraddha (frowning) : What??? What are you doing at this time??

Sahi: Aunty!! I…(tears forming)

Shraddha notices and comes outside closing the door gently not disturbing her husband who was sleeping in her room. Her frown vanished.

Sahi: Aunty do you have a pad? I forgot to bring it!

Shraddha: Oh! No!! I don't have. It stopped me few years  back. So, I don't use it now. Why don't you ask Khushi?

Sahi(in tears): No! she doesn't have it. I checked her bag. I don't want to disturb her.

Shraddha pitied and thought not to leave her like this. She then gets an idea.

Shraddha: I'll go to the neighbor's house and ask for it. She is a good friend of mine. You wait here….

Sahi waits and soon Venkat comes there to drink water.

Venkat: Sahi? What are you doing here? Do you need anything?

Sahi becomes shy and goes to a corner. She didn't want Venkat to know.

Venkat(Raised eyebrow): I am not Arnav! Why are you reacting like this?  

Sahi: I know… Well.. uhm…. It's just that…

Venkat comes near her but she asked him to stay there itself. Venkat was puzzled. What happened to this girl?? Why is she reacting like this?  But soon after to her relief Shraddha came to her rescue. She asked Venkat to go and sleep with a glare. Poor Venkat didn't understand what was going on. He went back to his room.

Shraddha gives her the pad and she lets a sigh of relief. She goes to the washroom and comes back. To her surprise Shraddha was there.

Shraddha: What makes me wonder is usually when a daughter is on sleepover, every mother would make sure that she takes these things with her. Is your mom out of station?

Sahithya (plainly): No. It's because she is no more.  She died when I was 5. Due to kidney failure.

Shraddha was shocked and tears came in her eyes.

Shraddha (in tears) : Then how did you….?? To whom did you tell when you first had your monthly, I mean when you had first grown up? Do you have a sister?

Sahithya(meekly): No a brother. Luckily we had education. I was taught about these things in my workshop. So I knew it already. I didn't tell anyone though when I had it.  

She hugged Sahithya. Sahithya smiles hugging back.

Shraddha: I am sorry beta. I thought that all modern girls are bad. But you proved me that being independent is really necessary  and it’s not wrong. You have opened my eyes bitiya. I have learnt a lot from this moment. I am so proud of you that you had managed all these alone during that time. Now go and sleep.

Sahithya liked her gesture, how she hugged her. She goes and sleeps.

Meanwhile Khushi who was sleeping gets a dream…..

Sahithya (clamoring) : Why Khushi??? Why?? Why did you do this to me??

Khushi cries. Rishab forcefully asks her to come outside. He pulls her "Leave it princess leave it!! It's all right! It happens. Come let us go."

Sahi: I'll make sure you are not happy with him!!! You'll never be happy with him!!! How dare you!!

She forces to slap her but was caught by a hand which was none other than that of Arnav's.

Arnav (gritting his teeth): You are not supposed to slap my wife!!! I have not given permission to anyone to slap my wife. Stay away!!

Sahithya gets shocked and is in tears.

Sahi (crying): Why Khushi??? Wh… Why??? From the person whom I love the most… WHY(shouting in agony) ???????????????????

Khushi had no answer. She is in her bed and is saying

Khushi: No Sahi ! Listen to me ! I'm really sorry.. Sahi listen to me listen to me….Sahi

Sahithya wakes up and is shocked seeing her hallucinating.  She asks her to stop and gives her water. She wakes up and hugs her.

Khushi (cries): I'm sorry Sahi!!! Sahi, I'm sorry.

Sahithya was puzzled.

Well another dream of Khushi's!!!! Puzzling right????

Jul 5

Episode 24 The sleepover-3 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 32 times)

Thank you for your comments Londoner, Noordina, arshigeet.

Sahi: Khushi what is happening why are you doing like this?? What happened to you?

Khushi then cries.

Sahi: There… there….. it was just a dream Khushi!!!Don't worry!

Khushi (composing herself with sniffs): Ya a bad one! Don't tell this to Venkat. He'll get worried.

Sahi: I won't! I promise!

Khushi then sleeps. They all wake up and bid good bye to everyone.  Sahithya hugged Shraddha and she kissed her. Arnav and Venkat were puzzled seeing how these two were together.

Venkat: Uhmm… Sahi! Why were you awake yesterday?

Arnav: What?? SAhi?? Didn't you sllep.

Sahi to Venkat in his ears: Will you keep your mouth shut. Otherwise I'll have to tell your mother how you came to our room this morning and  romanced with Khushi.

Venkat (shocked): What?? How did you?

Sahi (raising eyebrows): I was awake!

Venkat didn't say anything further and made up a story to Arnav who was puzzled. For some more days they delayed the sleepover as Dadi was not home. Khushi's health was all right. They have planned to go to Khushi's house the evening.It was morning, Khushi and the others were in the park, Venkat comes and shocks everyone.

Arnav: Didn't you go to the office today?

Venkat: Listen guys! I'm gonna say something to you all. (eyeing Khushi)

Khushi nods.

Venkat: I am planning to get engaged to Khushi soon.

Others are happy and the four gang hug.

Sahithya: Oh my God Khushi!!! I'm so excited!!! Wowwwie!!! Congrats Venky!!

Venkat: As this is Khushi's sleep over today, she  and I are planning to inform her  Dadi about this. And guys! It isn't possible without you all.

Arnav didn't know why he wasn't so happy. For a second he felt like crying. What is happening to him??? Why isn't he happy seeing Khushi married to Venkat? He felt new thinking about her. He somehow didn't like the thought of it. For a split second he imagined marrying her. What happened??  He knew that from some days,   he had started being possessive of Khushi.  The thought of marrying Khushi made him feel different.

In the evening, Venkat and the others marched towards Khushi's house.  As they come inside, Dadi welcomes all of them. Venkat signals Khushi and she nods.

Khushi: Dadi! It's just that………

Khushi says blushingly.

Khushi: Dadi.. uhmm…. It's…

Dadi: What Khushi. What happened bitiya? Tell me!

But Khushi could answer Venkat gave away instead.

Venkat: Dadiji I want Khushi's hands with your blessings.

Arnav and Sahi smile. Dadi is perplexed. She didn't understand what he was saying.   

Dadi: What beta? What is with Khushi's hands?? And my blessings are there for you all.

Khushi hits her forehead. She excused everyone and took Venkat outside.

Khushi: Offoh Venkat! You haven't even introduced yourself and now you  are asking my hands to Dadi. Don't you know about her health condition?

Venkat then gets it. He becomes nervous.

Khushi: Babe! Just ask her! But ya! Introduce yourself before.

Venkat: But Khushi, I now get it after what you said! It strikes me now! First let me introduce myself to Dadi. Then I'll ask your hands after some more days.

Khushi: You are having mood swings I guess. Hmmm!

Venkat: It's good that Dadi didn't understand. Now let us go and make up for what I said.


Meanwhile on the other end…..

Rishab goes to Raizadha mansion with some of his guards. He asks them to wait outside.  He had already told Anjali that he would be visiting their house.  As he knocks the door, Anjali herself opens the door.  She beams and welcomes him inside. He sits in their hall and examines the place. He quite liked it.  Then Anjali began,

Anjali: It's nice that you have come here sir, Thank you.

Rishab: Well I must thank you. If I am not wrong may I ask you something?

Anjali: Yeah! Sure Sir! It's you!

Rishab: I have read a lot more things about you! I must say! Being a woman and handling a business all alone is a difficult task. But it's just that… just that… Are you married??

Anjali remains mum and doesn't answer. She becomes serious. Then opens her mouth.

Anjali: No Sir, I am not. I am Single.

Rishab wanted to ask the reason but chose to remain silent.

Rishab: By the way your house looks beautiful.

Anjali(smiling): Oh!!!! It's yeah a plush one!!! I do admit that.

Rishab looks on. 

 Anjali (continuing): And that vase it's worth 40 lakhs. It was in queen Elizabeth's house when she was in India. Remember the British rule sir??

Rishab sat still not reacting much. He just nods.

Anjali (getting up) : Ooooh! And see this one sir!!  This plant was imported. It is the one found near the great Amazon river.

Rishab was like "Oh my god!!! I feel like leaving" But remained patient. Anjali was showing too much of excitement to him.

Rishab: Okay let us talk about your designing business.

They discussed and Anjali had shown too much. Rishab judged her a snob. She was way too much showing off!    Then Rishab left without talking about the relation.

Khushi's house………………

Venkat and the others are present. Dadi is inside the kitchen. Sahi asked why Venkat had still not said about their relationship to Dadi. But Khushi said that they don't want Dadi to know everything at once. She herself is aged. Khushi says about Dadi's health condition as she is too weak to handle all shocks at once. They had forgotten about it prior and made a hasty decision.

Arnav: Khushi, if she had this problem then how did she manage knowing how you faced in school. I mean about me. It was a great shock for you and so I guess it applies to Dadi as well. How did she handle the shock ??

Khushi was silent then broke it out.

Khushi: I haven't said anything about the school incident to Dadi. She doesn't know even a bit of it.

Arnav was silent. He realized what he did to her. Suddenly he gets tears in his eyes.

Venkat: Come on!!!  It is all over now!!! Why be a senti bee Arny?

Sahi: We are really sorry Khushi.

Khushi then changes the topic and then they all go to sleep.

Suddenly the power goes off. Arnav was the first to realize this. Then came Khushi inside his room with a candle. He was lost in her eyes seeing her in the dim light. Khushi was nervous. She wanted this to happen. She badly wanted this moment  to happen!!! But then she sees Venkat sleeping safe and sound. Sahithya comes there and was about to fall off. Arnav sees this but he sees the candle's wax falling for Khushi's hands. He goes and  helps her and that her is Khushi. There was a thud…

Sahi: AAoooch!!!!

Venkat wakes up and sees Arnav holding Khuhsi's hands and Sahi hurt.

Venkat: Guys!! What is happening??? And Sahi!!! What happened?

Arnav was puzzled. Before Arnav could realize, Venkat goes and helps Sahi.

Sahi: Huff!! Asr?? Didn't you see that I'm hurt??  Ouch!! It's paining.

Venkat helps her and makes her seated on the bed. They see the hurt.  Venkat ties the band aid on Sahi's legs. Sahi looks at Arnav who was still holding Khushi's hands. Khushi let go of it immediately. They have an awkward moment. 

Sahithya didn't ask anything to Arnav. They all go to their respective room. Kushi turns back to see if Arnav was looking at her. To her surprise he was!! What happened Arnav? Why are you becoming close to Khushi?

Dadi loved everyone and so did all others. She blessed and kissed every one of them. She asked them to come often. Everyone is happy knowing about each other's family. They were all satisfied with the sleepover. Wow! All their families were cool! Wonder what would happen next??

Sudharshan is talking with his boss….

Boss: You have got a job Sudharshan! But still that Venkat is earning more than you!

Sudharshan gets angry.

Boss: Do you wish to beat his earnings?

Sudharshan nods.

Boss: Then I'll offer you 30 crores.

Sudharshan beams and asks him how.

Boss: You must go to Mexico and meet my friend there. He'll give you a suitcase and then bring it back safely. That's it!

Sudharshan (beaming): 30 crores for this job?

Boss: That suitcase contains many packets of this powder.

Sudharshan: Which powder??

Boss remained hesitant initially but then gave it out.

Boss (huskily): Heroin!

Jul 8

Episode 25 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 34 times)

Sudharshan is shocked and says a big no!

Boss: But just think of it Sudharshan! You'll become rich and you'll get what you have always craved for.

Sudharshan: No!

Boss: You'll get that girl Khushi….

Sudharshan thinks of it and says No!

Boss: I didn't complete! You'll get your father's attention, your sister will be proud of you! Your life would be surrounded by friends! They'll all admire you… Oh Sudharshan! They'll all be at your knees. You can make that guy Venkat to massage your legs. He'll hold your legs and ask sorry to you. He'll plead you for money. 

Sudharshan was silent now he didn’t know what to say! There was a moment of silence. Yes! he was getting in his trap!

Sudharshan: Your job will be done! Tell me about it elaborately!

The boss gives him a smirk.

Rishab comes to Sahithya's room,

Rishab: Sahi, I need to talk to you.

Sahithya: Yeah dad!

Rishab: Sahi I went to Arnav's house when you were in your friends house for the sleepover.

Sahithya: Wow!! I knew it!! Thank you so much dad.

She goes and hugs him happily. Rishab didn't know how to open up.

Rishab: But….

Rishab says everything and what he felt for Anjali.

Sahithya: Dad but it is Arnav's sister. But you must meet Arnav. Have a conversation with him.

Rishab: I had didn't you see when he came for the sleepover.

Sahithya : But you hadn't talked to him properly.

Rishab: Anyways. I don't feel like you must be their daughter in law.

Sahithya (shocked): But why dad? He has a good house. I'll be getting all the comforts. Didn't you look at the poolside. Also his plants. He loves gardening dad.

Rishab: Stop it Sahi! All that glitters are not gold!!!! If something is beautiful it doesn't mean it is good. I say that Arnav likes you only for money!!!  

Sahi( in tears): No it's not true dad! You can't judge him by seeing his sister.  Plzzz dad give her another chance. Please one more chance. Plzzz?

Rishab was hesitant initially but agrees later. He decided to go to Anjali's house again.

Rishab: I'm planning to keep a test for Anjali.

Sahithya: What test dad.

Rishab: Wait and watch!!!!

Venkat and Khushi are in the park.

Venkat: Khushi I think we must reveal the relationship to our parents simultaneously. You first tell your Dadi. I'll tell my mom.

Khushi : Okay what about tomorrow?

Venkat: cool!

So Khushi said to Dadi patiently about Venkat . Dadi was tensed initially.  But soon agreed. She asked Khushi why she didn't tell about him before itself. Khushi said that she herself wasn't sure about it. Dadi has tears in her eyes thinking that Khushi would be leaving her soon. Khushi hugs her and cries. Khushi was scared what Venkat's parents would say about her relation. Then she gets Venkat's call. She exhilarates  after knowing that they have agreed.

Dadi: When are they coming beta?

Khushi: tomorrow Dadi!

So the next day Venkat's parents came  to her house and asks for Khushi's hands to Venkat. Arnav and Sahithya were also there as Khushi had called them. The moment both of them agreed, Arnav was angry. He gets angry as she sees Khushi blushing heavily on Venkat. He herself was confused with his thoughts. Why was he so concerned about her?  What made him angry? As Sahithya hugs Arnav, he becomes uncomfortable and shook her off. She gets shocked. He looked serious. Why had he started behaving like this?

Sahi: I know Right? I know babe you are tensed about the meeting. Papa has gone to your house  today.  He'll agree for sure Babe!!!!

Arnav then remembers that Rishab at the present is in his house to ask for Arnav's hands to Sahi.

They all leave to their respective house. Venkat and Khushi hugged each other in private.

Meanwhile as Sahi reached home. She sees Rishab coming inside her room. She hugs him.

Rishab looked serious..

Sahithya: I knew it dad!! You'd agree!! I knew it!! Tell me what happened I am waiting eagerly to know about it!!!  By the way did you keep the test??

Rishab( seriously) : yes.

He wasn't reacting much he didn' t sound happy.

Sahi( beaming): Aanndd????

Rishab: She failed!!!

Sahi is in tears and looks on….. She didn't know what to say.   She is shell shocked.

Sahi: Whhatt?? How???

Rishab tells her what happened…….

As he goes to Anjali's house. She beams welcoming him once again.. Rishab looks serious. He then sits comfortably.

Rishab: It's just that I want to ask you about your relationship status.

Anjali: Sir, I think I must not talk about it!

Rishab: No I need to know as I am here for my daughter. You know I need to know about it! You know about Arnav and Sahi's relation don't you?

Anjali: Yeah!!! Yeah! I am so much proud that he is going to become Rishi Mathur's son-in-law. 

Rishab: Well I don't know about that. But it is just that….

Rishab gave one of his smirks… He then gets up and sits near Anjali. He holds Anjali's hands and she becomes shocked. She takes it off and becomes serious. She sits back. Rishab comes and nears to her in the sofa.

Anjali (Raised eyebrows) : May I know why are you doing like this?

Rishab: It's just that…. You look beautiful today…..

Anjali is shocked but then smiles.

Rishab takes a necklace from his pocket and shows it to Anjali. She like it.

Rishab: It's a platinum one. It has 23 diamond studs in it. It's worth 3 crores and I am giving it to you.

Anjali is shocked seeing it and lets out a "wow!" Rishab insisted that he'll make her to wear it. He then makes her wear the necklace. Anjali is shocked.

Rishab: I'd wish to sign a 50 crore deal with you.

Anjali is shocked.

Anjali: Sir,How much??

Rishab (smiling): 50 crores!  

Anjali beams and was about to open her mouth when Rishab says……

Rishab: Only if you agree to marry me!

Anjali : What??

Rishab: Yes! I do need someone to take of me when I am old. You know I wish to get married with you. What you don't have?  You are beautiful, independent and a cool one. Imagine you being in my house, in my bedroom. The golden chandeliers…. We eat only with silver plates and spoons.

Anjali remained mum.

Rishab: I know that I am 20 years elder to you but imagine if you sign this deal , You'll not only get 50 crores but much more than that. Owner of 1000 crores wife .

Anjali was open mouthed. Then after thinking more she agreed.

Rishab: Come again!!

Anjali: Sir! How can I deny your offer?? Of course I am ready to get married with you!!!

Anjali was about to hug Rishab but then suddenly he stopped her and gave her a slap.

Rishab(thundering): You!!! Money minded people!!!!

Anjali was shocked and cries.

Rishab: I kept a test for you!! And you failed

Anjali was shocked and didn't know what to do…

Anjali(in tears): Sir!! I am sorry… I…

Rishab (thundering): Sorry my foot!!! How could you imagine me marrying you when my daughter loves your brother.I thought that I must have got a slap when I asked you for marrying  me. What do you think? It's a generation gap dammit and for your kind information, If I could've married I would have done that years before. When Sahi was very much young, I knew that she needs a mother.But I love my wife and I still do. I can't even imagine marrying another person!!! I now know how my daughter would live in this house!!! And I needn't say it!! I disapprove Arnav and Sahi's marriage. I think it's best to leave now!! Thank you!!

He said folding his hands. He then leaves.

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Jul 10

Episode 26- Maha episode (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 36 times)

Sahithya had tears in her eyes listening to this.

Sahi: BBut papa!! How is Di connected in this? I mean I know about her nature. I asked you to talk with Arnav and not Anjali. It's Arnav 's nature you must focus dad not his di's. Plz talk to Arnav….plzzz

Rishab: Enough Sahi!!! I said my decision. Don't you dare justify them because you like him!!!! And by the way !!! If he is your boyfriend, he may suit you. But not a husband.

Sahi(in tears): Papa plz!! I love him!!!

Rishab: Enough!!!! Now go to bed!!! I disapprove him!!! He is not suitable for you!!

Sahithya: Papa no!!!!!!

Sahi cries..

Meanwhile on the other side….

Arnav listens to what happened. He gets angry on Di.

Anjali (in tears): Chote  I'm sorry chote….It's just that….

Arnav: Stop it Di !!! What you have done is wrong!!!Now I can't marry Sahi just because of you.

Anjali: Plzz!! I 'll talk to him… Plz!! Don't be angry with me chote…  I was.. I thought that he would agree us if we show off a bit so....

Arnav didn't listen to her and goes inside his room. He keeps thinking. He calls Venkat and says all.

Venkat: I'll talk to Rishi sir ! He'll understand…

Arnav: No Venky, It's a waste crying over a spoilt milk. Everything is over now!!

Venkat: Arnav don't take hasty decisions!!! Wait I'll talk to him……

Arnav: But

Venkat cuts the call and goes to the Mathur's house next morning. Sahithya from her room sees Venkat approaching. She first thought it as Arnav but it was Venkat . She then thinks it would be for his job.  She sighs and goes inside.

Venkat tried to persuade Rishab so much only in vain. He didn't listen. Sahithya came to know about this and cries.

The afternoon, Sahi comes in the group chat with four of them in the phone.

Sahi: Anyone there??

All: Yeah!

Sahi: Listen guys as you all know about our situation, I've planned one thing.

Khushi: What?

Sahi: I want to get married with Arnav as soon as possible!!!

Arnav: What??? But your father…

Sahi: I know right? But I don't wanna inform this to him…

Arnav: What?? You mean??

Sahi: Bhagkke  Shadi!

Venkat: What?? He'll kill you Sahi! If he comes to know about this..

Sahi: Okay guys!! Do come to a park. I'll send you the address. I'll tell the plans. 4.00pm sharp k??

Khushi: Ok!

Venkat: Sahi! Wait!  Let's all start off together. I mean a common transport.

Arnav: I'll bring my car. We'll travel by it!

All: Cool!

4.00 pm came very late as everyone was eagerly waiting for Sahi's decision. They were all picked up one by one. Khushi was  the last. As they were all outside the Gupta's house.

Dadi: Come inside beta! Khushi is taking time. Plz!

Others: No  Dadiji we are comfy sitting here and…..

Arnav's jaw dropped, Sahi was shocked and she smiled, Venkat lost his vision. He felt like fainting. What was happening???

Khushi was coming outside with a yellow saree. She looked really beautiful. She came outside carrying the thal. (holy plate). As she comes inside the car,

Venkat (blushing): K…Khushi you look beautiful…….

Arnav was getting a new feeling on her. He felt like pouncing her. But he didn't dare to. She had hair free. The boys are in the front and the girls are at the back.

Sahi(beaming): Wow Khushi you look beautiful. What is there in this thal?

Khushi: Offoh! Sahi! Today is Ganesh chathuthi! Don't you remember?

Venkat: Ganapati bappa morya!

They all drive. While driving they asked Sahi to speak up. But she doesn't . Arnav kept watching Khushi through the rear view mirror. He couldn't help why.

Meanwhile in Rishi's house.

Sudharshan takes blessings from Rishab and Rishab has tears in his eyes.

Rishab: I'm so proud of you beta! I thought how would you live without me! But you proved to be my son now!!!

He hugs him. Sudharshan gets happy.

Rishab: Have you taken everything. The ticket? Is it intact?

Sudharshan: Yes papa it is intact.

Rishab: But why are you going 12 hours prior?  It is not needed right? Your flight is just tomorrow 3.15 am.

Sudharshan looks on and says that he has a meeting with his boss before.  He makes it up and goes. Rishab asks whether he could send his servant for help? But Sudharshan denies it. He said that his men will be there. So Sudharshan goes in the car. 

Rishab goes to Nitu's photo frame and talks with her. He gets happy and shares with her about Sudharshan's trip to Mexico.


Others are going in the car when Venkat gets Rishab's call.

Rishab: Venkat! We have a meeting at 9.00pm today. It's urgent. Come to the address which I'll send you now!

Venkat agrees and is perplexed. What shall we do now?


Meanwhile Sudharshan asked the driver to stop. He was puzzled. Sudharshan then goes inside Venkat's house and says to his mother that Venkat needed the bike. He said that he was Sahi's brother. Shraddha remembered Sahi telling her that she has a brother. Sudhashan showed a picture of him with the gang when they visited his house during the sleepover. Shraddha gave him the keys.  Sudharshan mounts on the bike and bribes the driver not to tell this to his father. He takes his luggage in the bike and rides in it.


In the park….

Venkat: I think I must reach there soon. Okay Sahi! Just tell me the matter quick.

Sahi: Arny, papa has denied the marriage. WE must take the decision in our hands. I can't think of having relation with another guy when I have you.

Arnav : But Sahi! You are asking me to marry you in private. But it is wrong.

Sahi: I know right? But we have no other option.

Arnav: No Sahi! It's wrong. You must convince your dad. If you marry me in private then your father's name would be damaged.

Sahi: I don't care! I love you! I don't know why I feel like something is gonna happen! I don't know what it is! I just can't guess it. But I have this apprehension…….

Sudharshan comes with the bike. Others are shocked seeing Sudharshan in Venkat's bike.  Sudharshan's jaw dropped seeing Khushi in saree. He was like…. "oh My god! This girl is sooo classy. I wish I could pounce on her" . But he made sure that he didn't react after that as everyone was watching him. He had come to finish one of his best jobs.

Sudharshan: Well, Venkat's mother asked me to take this and give it to him. She said that you and Khushi can come with this home. She wanted to talk with Khushi.

Venkat: But does my mother know you?

Sahi: And Bhai! Don't you have flight today?

Sudharshan remained mum and he said that he had a car breakdown and Venkat's house was nearby. So his mom had offered him the bike and said that he could come along with Khushi soon.

Venkat: But!!! I have…. Forget it!(sad)

Sudharshan:  She asked you to come via the Ganesha temple.

Arnav: Why?

Sudharshan (he didn't know what to say) : Well….

But Khushi helped him on time.

Khushi: I must go to that temple before!  Yeah! Today is Ganesh Chathurthi.

Sudharshan lets a sigh of relief.

He bids good bye to everyone and goes to meet his boss who was residing two buildings next to the park.

Boss: Remember! The work must be done at any cost…!

Sudharshan (smirking): Sure sir and so will my work be!

Boss: Remember you are staying there for 6 months!  Don't leave before that! The meeting must be held with Jacob and Liam. It must be a fresh one. So you must also monitor the manufacturing. Then last but not the least, the suitcase! Don't forget it!

Sudharshan: Sure sir! Your job will be done.

Boss: Okay but why did you come so early?

Sudharshan: There is some unfinished work sir!

His boss didn't know but he smirks noticing what would happen to Sudharshan's future.

Boss(to himself): Hm…. 30 crores! Seriously?? I would never forget how your filthy father backed off!! He is a fool and so is his son. Wait till you are behind the bars Sudharshan! You must pay for what your father did to me!

Sudharshan smirks and goes.

Sudharshan: Now my target is you Venkat! I read Khushi's diary on that day! It said that she would never forgive you if you tried to force her. I heard her saying it to her friend!!! She would kill you if you force her to have relation with you! Poor Venkat!!! When this girl is not even ready to kiss you how will she be able to have relation with you? Tomorrow your truth will be out and my father will throw you out of his office! See what happens! But I am upset with one thing! I can't see what is gonna happen! So sad! I'll probably be in Mexico! The petrol would be over when you reach the temple. Haha! wait for it!

Khushi and the gang are in the park discussing.

Venkat: Hey look over there! There is a game! Especially for couples!

Sahi: No Venkat I'm not in the mood now. Let us all sit here.

Arnav: Hey Come on Sahi!! Forget it!!!Let us go and ask them. Let both of us play the game!

They go there and see the game. The speaker over there says that they need to lift their pair and run a 100 meter race from start point to stop point.

Arnav: Wanna try this Sahithya?

Sahithya: No!

Venkat asks Khushi. Initially  she denies but later she agrees. Sahi was not at all having the mood to play it. So Arnav and Sahi stay there to cheer up Venkat and Khushi. Venkat lifts Khushi. They run in the track. Her saree was swaying. Arnav lost himself in her. Arnav was ogling at her. Why is he getting this sudden feeling for Khushi?

Sahi( cheering up): C'mon Venkyyyy!!! You can do it..

Arnav smiles seeing her mood changing. He liked seeing her happy. Khushi was laughing but at the same time she ensured that she wasn't putting more weight on him. Then they reach the finishing line. Though they weren't first they came in the second place. They were the runner up.  Sahi hugs both of them. She forgot about her problem. Arnav was happy. But he imagined how Venkat lifted Khushi and how he didn't like it. What was happening to Arnav? Surely time would prove it. Then it was 7.30 in the evening. Suddenly dark and nimbus clouds were forming in the sky. The climate changed. How so suddenly? It was about rain. Everybody cleared the place suddenly. Four of them didn't understand what was happening. They all decide to go.


Venkat: Oh No!! I don't wanna get wet. I have got a meeting tonight.

Arnav: Venkat you can use my car! I'll drop Khushi home with your bike.

Venkat: no Plz Arnav! It's fine then you'll get wet.

Arnav : Even if I get wet it is not a problem for me but it is if you get wet. You have a meeting pal!

Khushi was deep in her thoughts. Arnav asks what happened.

Khushi: I have this feeling that something is gonna happen today. An apprehension or some what similar to it. Something bad…

Sahi: What??? Same here Khushi! Even me!!! Even I am getting this feeling since morning.

Venkat: Offoh!! Girls let us go!! It's gonna rain. C'mon everybody!! But wait a minute what about Sahi?

Everyone wondered.

Sahithya: I guess I'll come with you Venkat! Anyways it's papa's meeting in that hotel. I'll be there spending time near the pool or in the club.

Khushi didn't know why she had tears in her eyes.

Arnav: come Khushi let us go!

She hugged Venkat suddenly and pecked him. Venkat was surprised and smiled.

Khushi: I don't know why Venkat but I feel it's not right. Can I come with you?

Venkat: What? But ma asked you to come right? Remember?

Khushi then gets it. Sahi hugs Arnav crying saying that she'd miss him and she also gets this trepidation that something bad is gonna happen. "oh girls!!! Seeing dark clouds and the dense climatic change doesn't mean that something is gonna happen. Will it?" said the boys. The four have a gang hug.(for the last time maybe)

As they go, Khushi mounts on Arnav 's bike and Sahi sits in front side of the car. Venkat drives it. Khushi was holding Arnav's shoulder. She gets her heartbeat very fast.  Arnav felt her breathes and felt like kissing her. Oh no!! Arnav!!! What is all this?? Why are you inclining towards Khushi these days??

It began to rain. They depart in the opposite ways. As Khushi and Arnav were departing. Venkat saw from the rear view mirror how Khushi was going . He for a split second thought that Khushi was going away from him forever.

Venkat (muttering): You are right Khushi! Even I am getting this instinct that something is gonna happen!

Sahi: Venkat what are you saying to yourself? Drive soon!! Let us go c'mon! Let us leave this place!

Then Venkat vrooms the car. He goes. The two of them were out of sight.

It rained heavily and so did the eyes of others after few days!!!!!!!

Thank you for your comments: Hemakalai, Noordina: But Rishab is much more rich than the Raizadhas. They are worth about few crores and Rishab is worth 1000 crores. 

Spoiler: Plot twist!

Jul 12

Episode 27 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 46 times)

The plot twist!

Few Days Later……………

Khushi is in the room getting ready. The mandap was of course Raizadha's house. Dadi was seated in the chair looking lost. Khushi eyes were crimson red. The house was decorated. Everyone had tears in their eyes. Others looked Angry. Few of them were waiting for more Drama. Khushi looked at the mirror and gets inside her thoughts. What is happening Devi Maiyya,. She then wears her dupatta. It was her marriage. Everything is happening so suddenly. Why is this happening in her life? Why does she need it? She had thought about marrying this love of hers many times. She had got this dream of marrying him many times. But she wanted a happy one. Yes! She had this dreams since many days! Sh ehad this trepidation and now!!! It is happening. It was actually already predicted. She predicted this day. She had got the dreams. She must have been careful though. But no one can change the fate. Even if she knew what was gonna happen, she can't change the most important thing which is the fate! God is her writer. She is just his character. Even if she wishes so , she can't change it! God is the only person. Even if he reveals his  writings to one of his favourite characters, she can't just change it. She thinks about others and wonders whether they would have had this dream similar to that of hers before itself. It would have been a great shock for them. Khushi cries.But this time Dadi didn't console her. She was still as a statue. Venkat comes inside with tears. His eyes were similar to Khushi's.

Venkat (sniffling voice): you predicted right on that day Khushi. Remember you said that you had a dream of marrying him. You got your dream true Khushi. Happy?

Khushi cries. She is getting married to Arnav Singh Raizadha today.  (What????? How could this happen. In the last episode, they were all so happy. The couples showed how they loved each other.  How is that Khushi is getting married to Arnav today?? )

Khushi's dream is happening in front of her eyes. Yes! Her dreams were true! Her instincts were true!

Nirisha comes inside.

Nirisha: Get Ready soon beta! Panditji has come.

Nirisha Singh Raizadha! Yes she is Arnav's Mother. She is very career oriented. But loves Arnav and Anjali to the core. She is a sweet woman to her family members. But a way hard working and a tough one in her career. She likes all traditional stuffs. Though working in America didn't make her to forget Indian culture. She has a husband Renith Singh Raizadha who is Arnav's father.


She hugs Khushi and says that she is really happy to receive her  as her daughter in law. Khushi didn’t react much. Venkat sees her and cries more.

Venkat (bawling) : Khushi. Ma would welcome you more pleasingly. If you were... you know...

Khushi cries.

Venkat: Why Khushi?? Why did this happen??? Why?? What did I do?? 

Khushi cries having no answer.

Venkat (crying): You know what is the most painful thing after mother's labor pain?

Dadi looks at him. Khushi was crying looking at him. 

Venkat: It's watching your love getting married to another guy! 

Khushi and Dadi weep.

Venkat (crying): I didn't expect that this day would even come in my life,  Khushi!!!

Venkat: It's all my fault Khushi!!! It's all mine!!! I shouldn't have….. you know!!! I shouldn't have left you on that day….. You were right! I should have listened to you when you asked me to take you. I should have taken you!

He couldn't continue as he weeps and howled. He bawled as he sees someone coming inside the room. It is not Arnav but an angry Anjali. Anjali comes inside the room and asks,

Anjali (angrily) : I knew that you'll marry chote somehow!!!! I knew it!! One of my worst fears came true! It's all because of you!!! If it wasn't you then!!!

Venkat (angrily):Don't you talk to her like that……….!

Khushi: Plz Venkat Plz stay away! It's my family matter!. She is my family now!

Venkat was shocked.

Venkat: Okay then! I think that it is best for me to leave now. Let me tell you one thing before Khushi. You look really bea…beautiful in this dress.

He goes out crying as he couldn't say anything more. What is happening??? Why is Khushi marrying Arnav when Venkat is there?? Why is her dream coming true. For a split second Khushi thought that it was a dream.

Anjali: Anyways, What happened so happened! Panditji is calling you. Come with me.

Khushi goes with her. Dadi goes behind. Everybody was seeing Khushi. Sahithya was about to fall on the ground weeping. Rishab had tears in his eyes seeing her in this condition.

Sahi(weeping): papa! Are you happy?

Rishab had tears.

Sahi (bawling): Papa!!!!I ASKED ARE YOU HAPPY??

People nearby looked at her. Only a few of them were present and most of them were there to watch the drama. Sahi was crying heavily. Rishab couldn't help it! He can't stop his daughter's emotions. He cried seeing her state.

Khushi goes and sits in the mandap. She glances at Arnav who was already hymning the mantras with the pandit. He looked at Khushi and she looked beautiful in her bridal dress. Renith smiled seeing them. Only Arnav's parents were happy and the pandit looked professional. Arnav knew that these days he had got feelings for Khushi. But he never wanted this to end like this.  He wished for a happy marriage with Khushi.  Then the pandit asked them to take the pheres. Everyone were looking at them crying. Only difference with Arnav's parents is that they were crying with happiness seeing their chote getting married with Khushi. He then makes her wear the mangalsutra and sindoor. The pandit declares them as husband and wife and they take blessings from Arnav's parents. They bless them. Sahi was weeping. Venkat couldn't see more then stormed out of the wedding hall. Arnav and Khushi go to Dadi and take her blessings. But she didn't bless them and was like a statue. Khushi cries.

Khushi: Dadi bless us Dadi! Please bless us!!

Dadi remained still. She cries with tears rolling from her eyes. 

Arnav cries and asks Khushi to get up. 

Arnav: She is not blessing us Khushi. Get up!

Khushi: No! How can this happen?? She is my Dadi and my only family member. This can't happen!!!

Arnav forces her to get up and she cries. Dadi didn't know how to react. Afterwards when it is the time for bidaii.  She throws the rice backwards and cries. She hugs Dadi but she doesn't hug her back. She cries and Arnav pulled her to go. Then comes Sahi to Khushi,

The dream of hers happen before. The same dialogue is happening… It is happening!!!

Sahithya (clamouring) : Why Khushi??? Why?? Why did you do this to me??

Khushi cries. Rishab forcefully asks her to come outside. He pulls her "Leave it princess leave it!! It's all right! It happens. Come let us go."

Sahi: I'll make sure you are not happy with him!!! You'll never be happy with him!!! How dare you!!

She forces to slap her but was caught by a hand which was none other than that of Arnav's.

Arnav (gritting his teeth): You are not supposed to slap my wife!!! I have not given permission to anyone to slap my wife. Stay away!!

Sahithya gets shocked and is in tears.

Sahi (crying): Why Khushi??? Wh… Why??? From the person whom I love the most… WHY(shouting in agony) ???????????????????

Rishab drags her and goes away.

Khushi: Dadi, I am going forever Dadi. Plz Dadi say something.. Plzzz

Dadi remained still.

Khushi: Remember how you had made me walk. How you taught me to do pooja. How you had taught me to do many things. You taught me the culture. How could you forget that Dadi?

Khushi cries and Arnav also gets tears in his eyes.

Khushi (weeping): Plz Dadi… Say some goodbye words. Dadi aapki Khushi jaa rahi hai(your Khushi is going). Now I cannot say I'll be coming back. My house will be Raizadha mansion now. Dadi plzz?? Say something Daaadiiii…… Aapki bitiya jaa rahi hai. (you daughter is going). You didn't bless us that's fine. But don't remain silent. Plzzzz say something. Dadi plz…

Arnav: Come Khushi Let us go it's getting late.

Khushi: Par Arnavji……

Arnav felt new listening this name .Khushi had never called him Arnavji before. He smiles. Other members of Arnav's family made them go. Khushi sits in the car. But Dadi was watching somewhere else. Khushi tells Arnav's mother about Dadi and she makes arrangements for her to go home. Khushi's car vrooms off. She cries. Arnav couldn’t help it. He couldn't calm Khushi. They go home. Khushi's grahapravesh is done. Anjali loathes her. Then they play the game and then his parents  make Khushi to go in Arnav's room.

She gets inside and sits on the bed. Arnav comes inside.   He closes the door. Khushi's heart beat fast.

How did Arnav marry Khushi? Why is it so dark and gloomy? What happened few days before? Why all of a sudden did the four folks separate and that too in this way? What was the reason for their spat?  

Puzzling!!! Stay tuned and intrigued until the next update! 

Thank you for your comments Hemakalai:  Noordina:  Arshisarun13: Ofcourse, it's the cheek!!! I would never let Khushi kiss Venkat. She was, is and always will be Arnav's!

Guys!! It's always Arshi! No matter what! Arnav and Khushi will always be together! I will never make Khushi and Venkat pair up and neither Sahi and Arnav! It's always Arshi. Hurrah! They are married now!

Jul 14

Episode 28 Mrs. Khushi Singh Raizadha (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 40 times)

She cries.

Khushi: Plz… Plzz. Not today..

She slides back. Arnav didn’t move he was shocked. He didn't know what to say to Khushi.

Khushi cries.

Khushi: I've already lost my virginity to you…..

Arnav cries thinking about the flashback. That night!! How could he forget that!! Why did he lose himself in her? Why did he do that??? Why did he force Khushi??

Arnav: But Khushi… Did I really force you?

Khushi was shocked. She remained silent.

Arnav: Tell me Khushi? I didn't really remember what happened. But I knew that you were conscious. Did I force you?

Khushi didn't  answer that question.

Khushi: Whatever happened so happened. We can't go back and change everything. But why did you tell everyone that you'd marry me? Why??

Arnav: Tell me then who'd marry you Khushi? Don't say Venkat! He said no on that day itself after what happened. He backed off…

Khushi (bellowing) : I seriously don't care!  I would remain single forever. Everything happened so fast!!! Why didn't you listen to my opinion. You said you'd marry me and everyone agreed with you. But there was none to ask me!!! There was nobody to ask me whether I would agree this or not. They just asked yours and proceeded the rituals. I don't know what is happening .Everything is happening so fast!!!

Khushi cries.

Khushi : I don't know why God is playing with me! First it was you then Venkat then you again?? How could this happen? Am I a toy to be played with?? It's feelings. You were right Arnav that God doesn't exist. Perhaps I've started becoming like you! God isn't there at all! God is just some stone!

She weeps.

Khushi: Why so many twists.

She yelled at Arnav.

Khushi: Why?? Why did you separate me from my only family member?? Why??? Why did you separate me from the one who loved me the most??? Why did you marry me?? Why did you… Why did you have 'that' with me???

Arnav couldn't answer but cries.

Arnav: Khushi you can charge me! If you feel like this shouldn't have happened then charge me in a rape case! I'll go to jail.

Khushi is shocked. She didn't say anything after that.

Khushi: You might have done this with Sahithya right?  You might have already committed this with Sahithya.

Arnav is shocked.

Khushi: It might be easy for you guys. But for a girl it is not! You not only betrayed me. But her as well as Venkat.

Arnav: But Khushi! Listen to me. I'm not so weak! I don't know what happened. Do you think me cheap? I don't know why I lost my control. What makes me think is that you didn't stop me. You could have run away Khushi. Right? You could have hit me hard for touching you.

Khushi: Yes! I agree even I am equally blameable. Anyhow  we are married now. But we have lost the friendship. We have lost all the merry time spent with them.

Arnav: I think this was meant to happen Khushi. It's fate. We must accept it!

Khushi cries.

Arnav: Khushi, I just said in front of everyone that we'd marry each other.  If you don't want this then we'd better split.

Khushi: No! It's fyn. Anyway it is tough getting a divorce just after the marriage without any reason.  I don't know what is happening….

Arnav sleeps in the couch and Khushi sleeps in the bed. The next day, Khushi prepared breakfast. Anjali gives one of her taunts. She always backs Khushi and reminds Khushi about her status. But Arnav' s parents loved Khushi. Though they were in America, they loved Indian culture. They planned the mooh Dikhai ritual the next day and everyone praised Khushi's beauty. The next day it was Khushi's pagphera's ritual.  Suddenly she gets Venkat's call.

Venkat (in aghast) : Khushi….

Khushi: Ya Venkat tell me. Why do you sound so aghast.

Venkat: Khushi…. Dadi...

Khushi: Dadi ?? What happened to Dadi?

Venkat (deep voice): Come to your house with Arnav…

Khushi and Arnav go there and see Dadi.

Khushi( Thundering): DAAADIII…………………………

Dadi lay dead on the floor. Arnav and Venkat lift her and  they call the ambulance. The doctor says that she is no more.

Doctor: Some shock made her in this state. She got heart attack. A massive one! I am sorry we couldn't save her. She is too weak to handle shocks. I think the report itself says it all! I am really sorry.

Khushi cries. Arnav badly wanted to hug her. But he didn't. He was perplexed at the moment.

Khushi: I had totally forgotten about Dadi for the past two days. It's all because of me. I was too engrossed with this shock of my marriage. Where was she these two days???? what was she doing??? I tried calling her but she didn't pick up! Annd… And… I just left it… thinking that I'd somehow meet her during the pagphera's rasam. I am a bad girl! I am a selfish girl!!! I have hurt everyone who love me!

Arnav: You are not Khushi!

Venkat: Arnav's mother dropped her in my house. For the past two days, she was still like a statue. Mom made her food. She ate very less. Then today she asked me to leave her home. So I left her in your house and as soon as I went back,in the middle of my way,  I got a call from your neighbor that she is lying on the floor. I rushed and went inside and noticed that she was unconscious.  So I called you and said everything.

 Khushi cried a lot. Arnav didn't know how to console her. Venkat was consoling her.

Khushi:  I'm orphan again….

She vents out her spleen and clamored. Dadi is dead. Her only family member is dead. How is she supposed to live???

 She cried a lot for many days.  She stayed in her house. She remembers every moment spent with her dadi. She cries. Venkat and Arnav also stayed with her.

Khushi's house…….

Arnav : Come Khushi, let us go. It is time for us to leave now.

Venkat glares at Arnav.

Arnav didn't know how to react. It pained Venkat seeing Khushi wearing Magalsutra and Sindhoor of Arnav.

 He then rushes out to cry. Suddenly Khushi comes behind him and she cries.

Venkat: It is all because of me Khushi…. It is all because of me. It is because of me you had to be friends with him. Friends with a person who had insulted you in front of the whole school. And now you have become his wife. I couldn't save you on that day Khushi. I am really sorry about that! I couldn't save you on that day Khushi! I couldn't come there. I came there only to take that recorder!!!! That fateful day!!!! Wonder who might have kept that recorder!

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Episode 29 Arshi Consummate-1 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 44 times)

Thank you for your comments Hemakalai:, arshigeet: ,Noordina:, Londoner: 

They both cry thinking about the incident.

Rishab comes to Anjali…

Rishab: Don't you dare use Khushi! I am very much happy that Sahithya didn't marry a person like your brother. But at the same time! I will be watching your treatment to that girl. Don't you dare take advantage of her. She is as good as my daughter too. I fear about her. I am pitying her to be the Raizadha's daughter in law.

Anjali (angrily): I'll take care of it sir! You needn't meddle in our family matters!

Rishab got angry and goes away.


Sudharshan meanwhile in Mexico……..

Sudha: I would kill you! How is that the camera recorder is missing?? Huh?? I told you to take it…

Sudharshan slaps him

Sreevatsan: Sorry sir,

Sudharshan: Why didn't you tell me in phone. You could have informed me prior idiot.  It  has been so many days since this had happened!!Wonder who has it!!!! It would give away everything!!!

Sreevatsan: Sir I tried to call you Sir but couldn't.

Sudharshan: Anyways! I hope Khushi might have charged a rape case on Venkat by now!

Sreevatsan: Sir…. I went there in the morning and …

Sudharshan: Idiot I asked you to stay there not to leave the place and come back!!!! You won't be paid even a pie!

Sreevatsan: Sir, you have to pay me at least half the amount…..

Sudharshan: You are making me angry. How dare you order me! You have not completed this job.

He kicks him and beats him hard for not completing  his job.

Khushi's house….

Venkat: That night… That night….. I did my meeting and everyone was impressed with me.  I've been promoted as chief financial officer of the Mathur industries. But.. But then it was the most  saddest day ever in my life. The recorder………

He couldn't complete the sentence and cries. Khushi didn't know how to react. These days she was crying like hell and all her tears had evaporated. Her voice changed crying all these days .

Khushi(feebly) : I never thought that the awakening day would even come. ( What happened ??which day??)

Venkat: Khushi.. ! it's because of me you are currently there in this situation otherwise you'd be happy. If only we hadn't made friends with Arnav, this wouldn't have happened

Khushi cries but tears were missing. She sniffs. Her voice was feeble crying these days. She remembers her dadi and cries more. Her eyes were crimson red.

Venkat: It's because of me Dadi died too.

Khushi weeps. Venkat wanted to hug her but sees the sindhoor in her head.

Venkat: I'll vow to unite you and Arnav. Now we'll go with the flow. I'll finish my job and then go forever from you. But I need a guarentee from Arnav that he'd protect you from all odds and most importantly love you the way you are. I'll vow to make your marital life with Arnav a bliss and then go away from your life permanently Khushi. I must see in front of my eyes that he loves you.

Khushi: No Venkat! This has got to be me ! Only me! I'll take care of it! Plz don't...

Venkat (angrily): Okay I won't meddle in your matters!

Khushi cries with the thought that Venkat is saying all this. Few days before, He was confessing his love for her but then today he is telling that he'd help Arnav and Khushi's relationship. That day or to be precise that night!!! Her life changed completely. She gets lost in her thoughts. She gets up and walks forward. Then she runs. Venkat didn’t' notice her as he was crying and was lost in his own thoughts. Then realizes Khushi was not there. Where is Khushi????

Rishab's house….

Rishab comes in Sahi's room who was as usual in her dishevelled state. 

Rishab: Beta! Plz eat something.

Sahi remains still.

Rishab(cries): It has been two days since you have eaten something full. You have not eaten anything after that… that day.

Sahi: That night…

Rishab cries…

Sahithya: If that night hadn't come in our lives then I would have lived with Arnav happily.

Rishab: Leave it Beta!! Look at him. He is happily married. And you!!! You are in this state. I can't see my daughter like this!!!

Sahi throws the plate with food. She cries.

Sahi( irately): He is not  happy dad!!! He is also not Happy!!!!

Rishab is shocked and cries.

Rishab: He is! Didn't you look at how he reacted to you just after marriage??

Sahi looks on and remembers how Arnav had told her that  she is not supposed to slap his wife. She cries.

Sahi: I hate everything!!!!

She then throws everything. Rishab stops her and shouts at her.

Rishab(angrily) : I can accept the things broken but not the food. It is an insult to throw away the food Sahi.

Sahi cries and suddenly goes and eat the food which feel on floor. She keeps eating it hastily and cries. She gives a look to Rishab. She had tears in her crimson red innocent eyes. That's it! He was totally lost seeing her state. He fell down on the ground and  bawled. He didn't know that losing Arnav would make her this much worse. He for a split second thought that he must have accepted Arnav.

Rishab hugs her and makes her stop eating the food from the floor.

Sahi(crying): Why papa?? Why do the people who I love leave me!! Mom didn't like me that's why she left me. And Now… And Now….. I lost the person whom I was with since 10 years.

Rishab(weeping): It's my fault Sahi.. If I wouldn't have accepted your marriage with Arnav. You wouldn't have planned for a meeting and this wouldn't have ended in this way. I'm sorry my child. You have been in the hospital for so many days along with the drips. It's now that you have been discharged before three days. I can't see this state of yours. (crying)

He then makes her sleep on the cot. He pecks her. He couldn't hold more of his tears and runs to his room. He hugs Nitu's photo and cries.

Rishab: I don't think so I'd be able to give the letter you wrote for Sahi when she gets married. For now I wish that she really gets all right after this tragic.

Sahi has nightmares and every time. Rishab goes  and calms her down.

Rishab : When Sahi was fine, Sudharshan was not and now Sudharshan is fine but Sahi is not! What is happening?

Khushi's place………………….

Khushi then goes to the Ganesh temple…

Khushi: Everything happened from here……….

She goes and falls on the ground. She remembers the flashback. Each and every thing that had happened between her and Arnav. How she came there and how everything continued.   



  Khushi and Arnav are in the bike. Khushi spreads her saree on top of her head. She looked beautiful like a dulhan. Arnav saw her in the mirror. She looked beautiful. Khushi had her teeth chattering. She was shivering. His breathes were fast.

Khushi: Arnav I think we shall go home. It's raining heavily.

Arnav: Okay.

Suddenly Arnav stopped the bike. Blow! the petrol is over. To their surprise the bike had stopped near the temple.

 Suddenly a pujari came there and helped them.

Pujari: Come inside the temple beta it is raining heavily. Arnav thought for a second plan. But then Khushi asks him to come inside as she had to visit the temple anyway.  They were in the  temple. It was eerie empty.

Khushi was scared. She holds Arnav's arms. Arnav felt a slight twinge in his stomach. The old ruins of the temple made Khushi chills in spine and that too in this climate. She looked at the temple in an awe.  Arnav looked at her admiringly. She looked transparent.

The pujari came and asked them to come near the god. He gave a look at Khushi who was looking really beautiful. Arnav noticed this. He suddenly removed his outer shirt and wore it around  Khushi. They have an eye lock. He then soothes Khushi's hair shocking her. He then takes it away swiftly. He glared at the pujari who had his eyes down. There was something different in him. He didn't look normal.

Arnav: Panditji I haven't seen you before…

Khushi: Even me! But wait a minute Arnav! Have you ever come here before? How do you know?

Arnav: Well Di comes here often Khushi !  So does my family members too if they come to India!  So I wait for them over here and I don't go near that stone.. Oops I mean God! for pooja thingy.

Khushi: But why is the temple empty? I mean today is Ganesh Chadurthi. Perhaps it must actually be teeming with people. 

Khushi then deviates her concentration and looks vaguely at the pujari. Yes there was something different in him. He is not the usual one! He was sweating by now. Khushi thought that he was new. They then get near the God's idol.  Then the pujari shows the diya in front of God with Khushi's thal nearby. But he was showing it in the wrong direction. Khushi tells him that he is doing the rituals wrong! Then the pujari shifts his direction hastily. Arnav and Khushi face each other. Khushi then saw the pujari's forehead. It looked odd. It was slightly wrinkled and was like peeling off.  It was totally odd. Khushi clutched Arnav's hand. They have a eye lock. Arnav suddenly held Khushi's waist. He assured that she was all right.  She had chills in spine. Her cheeks went red. Her heart beat fast. Glancing at Khushi for a split second made him forget about Sahi. They share a rabba ve moment. Then the pujari clears his throat. They take the prashad. He gives a red coloured sweet to Arnav and a yellow colour sweet to Khushi.  They ate the sweet and Arnav signals Khushi to go , suddenly the pujari stopped them.

Pujari: Stop it!

Arnav and Khushi were puzzled. They both glare at the pujari.

Jul 18

Episode 30 Arshi consummate 2 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 41 times)

Pujari: I mean… I  mean… You can come with me to the room behind the temple.

Arnav: Room?? Why??

Pujari: Well the temple is about to close. I need to go home. So…

Arnav understood and he looks at Khushi. Arnav tried to call but there was no network. Khushi got tensed. It was a thunderstorm and it rained heavily.

Khushi: I think we'll stay there Arnav.  When the rain stops we'll go back. It's late night. We don't have any other option.

Pujari: Yes! In fact it's not  safe to take your wife out at this situation beta!

Arnav looks at Khushi. Her heart was beating fast. He felt uncomfortable suddenly. He starts ogling at Khushi. He had a twinge in his stomach. He felt a bit randy.  The pujari notices it and hurries them to go.

Then they both reach at that place. It was the same single room house where Venkat had taken Khushi on that day. The golden lit room with a bed nearby. There was a direct entrance to it from the temple. They got wet for few minutes while getting through the entrance of the room. The pujari bids them bye. They both went inside and  as Khushi takes the first step she blushes.

Khushi (blushingly) : Arnav, You  know what? Venkat had once brought me here and ….(she blushed by the thought)

She didn't know what to say but blushed heavily thinking about Venkat. She thought of calling him. But ya! There was no network!

She blushed how Venkat was about to kiss her and stopped it because her comfort was more important.

Arnav: Don't blush…. like this… Khushi… (Hicccup)

Khushi turned to Arnav smiling but her smile faded. Instead she gasped. What was it?? Arnav was looking at her with red eyes. She felt as if Venkat was watching her.

Arnav: Khu…Khushi you look beautiful.

He comes near her and she blushes. But her heart beat fast. She goes back. Arnav came forward and Khushi went backwards. Khushi imagined this scene as it was similar to Venkat's. She then didn't dare to think of Venkat. She hit the wall behind. Suddenly Arnav caught hold of her hand.

Arnav( with saliva coming off): Khushi… Khu.. Khushi

He was blabbering. He was not in the state of consciousness. What is happening?? Khushi gasped.  He suddenly fell on her shoulders.

Khushi (tears came automatically): Arn….Arnav…What are you…

She tried to convulse but couldn't . He then gets up and ogles at her. He goes backwards holding her hand in the air and suddenly pulled her and hugged her. His cold hands due to the climate held her bare waist and she winces.

Khushi: Arn… Arnav.

Suddenly Arnav was breathing hard on her. His breathes fell hard on Khushi and she thought something that shouldn't happen is going to happen. He kisses her shoulders. He started kissing her neck. She then repelled him. It was too much. He had crossed his lines! 

Khushi(shouting): Stop it!!!

Arnav was in a trans seeing her. He then again pulled her for a hug. But this time even Khushi started to feel something odd. She was responding to him. She felt that something is making her to react to every touch of his. What was it? Is it love? Does she still like him. She knew that she isn't drunk. But so is Arnav. He didn't drink Alcohol as he was with her the whole time. But why is he blabbering? And what made her to respond to Arnav? It is her fault. He then kisses her cheek. She tried to convulse but couldn't. She responded to every touch of his. Suddenly she started breathing fast.

Khushi: Ar…n….Arnav…

Arnav then sealed her lips. 

Khushi gasped. It was her first kiss! He was really kissing her. She felt her first kiss with a man! She had totally forgotten about Venkat. She kisses him more. They release with gasps. Khushi panted. Arnav looks at her vaguely. He again pulls her for a kiss. Both of them were kissing each other. And Arnav pushed Khushi in the bed nearby( remember the bed in the room which I had stated before guys?). He breathed on her heavily. He badly tried to control but couldn't. Khushi too tried to control but couldn't. What was making her do this? She knows that she is doing something wrong. But every touch of Arnav made with love couldn't stop even a traditional girl like Khushi. Love overpowers every rule of life. If it is for love even lies are turned truth. Love overpowers all! Every barrier of life is invalid against love. Arnav was breathing heavily on Khushi. She couldn't stop him from undoing her blouse and her saree. He removed his shirt. Arnav saw Khushi naked and they were lost in the world of love……….

Next morning Arnav wakes up and sees Khushi crying sitting near the bed.

He was shocked. He then remembers yesterday's events. Gosh!! He sees some blood in the bed. Khushi was weeping. He has tears formed in his eyes. He then goes near her and  she backs off gliding.

Khushi (going backwards gliding): plzz…..plzzz don't come come near me Mr. Raizadha. I am… I am ….scared you.

It ached Arnav's heart seeing Khushi in this condition.  Arnav has tears flowing from his eyes. His head was paining like hell! He remembers how he and Khushi made out the previous night.

Arnav: I…. I think we must tell them.

Khushi eyes him shocked. She then shook her head indicating a no!

Arnav: We must tell them even if they break up with us…..

Khushi: Venkat will be mad at me!

Arnav: I don't know about you! But I'll tell her. I know she'll understand me!

Khushi got angry. How could he say as if he doesn't care for her!

Khushi (angrily): It's easy to back off for you Mr. Raizadha!!! I've lost my virginity!!!!! Do you even have something to say???

Arnav remains mum. He curses himself thinking only about him. He didn’t even think of Khushi. He was bothered only about the aftermath but he was blind to think what had happened and especially what he had done to Khushi.

Khushi(bellowing and crying): It might easy for guys! But not for us. We are told that our virginity before marriage is considered sacred. Why did you spoil my life?? Why did you do like this?? What will I answer to Venkat?

She stands up and tears Arnav' s shirt. She beats him.

Khushi(gritting teeth): You spoilt my life! You made me lose my virginity!! My life is spoilt because of you!! You forced me! And…

Khushi couldn't continue as Arnav starts to cry. She couldn’t see him crying. He had tears in his eyes. Seeing Arnav in this state made Khushi cry.

Arnav (composing himself): I think we have got to say this to them. They ought to know it!

Khushi thinks . Is this a dream? No! it's not.! Her body felt different than before. She knew that she was different now. What would happen if Venkat knows the truth? She had the confidence that Sahithya would forgive Arnav. But what about Venkat? He still has this doubt that Khushi likes Arnav. She was the traditional one in Venkat's point of view. And now? It's all shattered. He tried to kiss Khushi that day, but here she not only kissed Arnav but has lost her virginity to him! 

Arnav helps her to come out and they both go towards their bike. Arnav calls someone to take care of the bike as it was in a bad condition due to the rain. They take an auto and Arnav drops Khushi home.  As Khushi was about to go he calls her.

Arnav: Khushi, this afternoon we are going to have a meeting. We must tell them all that had happened. We must tell them before they come to know about it. Otherwise, things might go wrong.

This thought made Khushi wince. How will Venkat react? She hadn't allowed him to kiss her knowing him for the past three years. How will he react?  Will he accept her still? Will he still love her the way he loved her before? Khushi nods her head and goes off.

As Dadi opens the door, She is relieved seeing Khushi and she hugs her. Khushi cries

Dadi: Khushi what happened?? You…. You…smell…..I mean…

Khushi is shocked. She hurries to the bathroom and takes bath . She cries thinking about the previous night. Arnav didn't force her!! It was equally her fault too! She must have stopped him! But she didn't! But what made Khushi wonder was that why did Arnav do this to her! I mean.. she knows that Arnav loved Sahithya. But why did he have this relationship with her? He was too deep…. And…Remembering how Arnav had touched her made Khushi wince. She sees the love bite in her waist. She cries. If this would have been done when she was married to him. She would have loved it. But she is unmarried! What made Khushi to self sabotage was why didn’t she at least open her mouth to say a stop him??? Why did she lose herself in him. She must have at least stopped him even after the kiss. She remembers how Arnav had kissed her in her lips. She bathes and comes out. She tells her Dadi that she was drenched the previous night and stayed in her friend's house nearby.

Dadi : But why didn't she give you good clothes? I mean you could have bathed there na?

Khushi didn't know what to do  say. Luckily her phone rings to save her. She answers it. It was Sahi. She asks her whether she is safe or not as she didn’t get proper network to call her yesterday. She says that Arnav had said everything to her. She is shocked a bit then she says that he had dropped you home soon and he had stayed in his friend's house the previous night. Khushi gets a sigh of relief thinking that Arnav had not told her the truth. As she keeps the phone, she gets another call.   Venkat. She answers it. Venkat calls her and says that he wants to do a meeting with them and asked her to come during the afternoon.

Khushi: What a surprise Venkat. It's that even I want to have a meeting with you. But why so you sound really bad? Your tone is not good babe!

Venkat: you'll know it!

Khushi says "I love you" but doesn't get a reply. Venkat had cut the call. So the afternoon everyone came there and Venkat was looking at both Arnav and Khushi seriously.

Sahi: Hey what happened Venky boy? Anything important? You did sound really bad. You felt like as if something was lost forever. What happened? 

Venkat (seriously) : I got a promotion. Today Rishi Mathur called me and said that the meeting I did the previous day was successful and that I'd be given a big promotion. For God knows which position!

Sahithya : Wow!! Ya ! even I noticed your speech in the meeting. You did well. Congrats Venkat! Hope you deserve what you had yearned for!

She hugs him. But Venkat was busy glaring both Arnav and Khushi.  Arnav and Khushi  couldn't eye him.

Khushi: It's just that…

Suddenly the world turned bitter red and then turned black to Khushi. She was spanked and so was Arnav.

Venkat (With Blood boiled rage) : I didn't know that you would become this cheap Khushi Kumari Gupta.

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