Antecedent or Accident?-Completed

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Episode-11 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 25 times)

Thank you for your comments- Londoner, arshigeet and Noordina:  

Dining table, Rishi Mathur's house......

Sudharshan comes and sits near Rishab. He sees Venkat and his jaw is dropped. He is just similar to Arnav.  Has dad accepted him? He didn't react much further.

Rishab: Aah! I forgot to introduce to you! This is my son Sudharshan and Sudharshan, This is my friend Venkat.

Sudharshan fakes a chuckle. He sits impatiently. Venkat notices him.

The food was served and Venkat made sure that he was eating it patiently. It was scrumptious. 

Rishab:  So, what are you doing nowadays Venkat?

Venkat: I am writing bank exams.

Sudharshan gave a snigger.  Rishab glares at him. He then turns  into a smile looking at Venkat to continue.

Venkat: I don't know about the results. I think I'll fail. Anyways let us see.

Rishab: It's good to write bank exams. But what makes me think is that you are a very talented person. So I feel like you can try for some good ones or why not a business? (eyeing him)

Venkat: Sir, I first want to serve my family. Then maybe I'll think of business. My father is retired now. So I want to go for a job.

Rishab: But imagine me, my father was a potter and look at me now! Anyways if you need any help, you can very well contact me.

Venkat understood what he meant and nods.

Rishab: I know that you have done your internship at the Mathur Industries. I must say it man! You are way too much talented.. you deserve every accomplishment. (Sudharshan gives a snort).Sorry I couldn't meet you at that time as I was busy with my work. But the employees appreciated your work. They gave me an excellent review of yours.  By the way, What was your final year project?

Venkat: It was based on Supply Chain management.

Rishab: Interesting. ( Taking a sip of water). Elaborate it please.

Sudharshan who was sitting thereby cleared his throat. He was feeling a bit insecure.

Venkat: Organizations increasingly find that they must rely on effective supply chains, or networks, to compete in the global market and networked economy. 

Sudharshan was tapping the table disturbing them. But Venkat took the least notice of him. He continued as if nothing is happening. This wasn't unnoticed by Rishab and he liked him more.  Rishab gives a glare to Sudharshan but he continues disturbing them. He couldn’t also ask him to go away as he was eating. But Venkat continued as if there was pin drop silence.

Venkat: Future supply chains are likely to be more dynamic in nature, and consist of collaborative value networks in which productivity and efficiency are constantly maximised.

Rishab: Excellent! I like it. Sudharshan, don't hit the table.

Sudharshan stops and glares at Venkat.

Venkat took no notice of him.

Rishab (thinking about Sahithya): Don't think me wrong! But can I ask you something?

Venkat: Ofcourse sir.. Who am I to permit you?

Rishab: Well, Do you have any girlfriend. I mean are you in any relationship. I don't want to meddle in your personal life.

Venkat shows Khushi's photo from his phone.

Rishab: Wow! She looks beautiful. I feel like I 've seen her too.

Venkat: Yes sir! She was one among the toppers of that college. It's Khushi.

Rishab: Aah yes! Look at her Sudharshan!

Sudharshan looks at her and he becomes transfixed. He sees her with lust. His jaw was opening seeing her beauty. That's it he was completely lost in her.

Venkat observed this but thought that this guy had some problem. As soon as Sudharshan finished, he hurried inside his room without waiting.

Rishab comes to say adieu to him and asks Khushi to bring one day. When he came near to him he asked him.

Rishab: Well, I shouldn't be asking you this question. It's about my daughter.

He says all that had happened without mentioning the name of him .(Arnav)

Rishab: I don't know how to deal with this situation. I can't trust any of my friends as they'll spread the news.

Venkat thought for a minute and answered: Sir, it would be nice if you talk to her with love. Just like how you deal with her normally.

Rishab: I know! But I can't! I'm a father Venkat!

Venkat: But sir…,

Rishab: Stop calling me sir, I'm your uncle. We must meet often hereafter,

Venkat smiled: Okay! Uncle, talk to her just like how her mother would, if she was there.

Rishab understood what he meant. He smiled and love his boldness. Thought what was the secret behind his growth. He was very much impressed with Venkat and got his phone number. He got really happy.

Sudharshan meanwhile knocks Sahithya' s door.

Sudharshan: It's me! Open the door.

Sahithya (after opening): bhai!

Sudharshan: Hey! I wanna say something. I met a look alike of.

Sahithya: Bhai! Papa came to know about Arnav.

Sahithya  tells everything to him. He gets shocked. Sudharshan knew well that Venkat isn't Arnav. He thought not to open up the matter as for now. As he goes out,

Rishab (hastily) : Sudhar, did u tell anything about Venkat?

Sudharshan: I thought of but I didn't. Well as you now know about Arnav. He is just his….

Rishab: look alike. Can I ask you something?

Sudharshan: Yeah? Plz don't make me wait.

Rishab: It'll be nice if you don't talk about this matter to her. Atleast for some days.

Sudharshan: Okay! But I must say Arnav is a nice guy, I know him and…..

Rishab: You heard me right, Sudhar?

Sudharshan nods and goes to his room.


Venkat goes to Khushi who was waiting impatiently for many hours.

Venkat comes to her house secretly. He goes inside and hugs Khushi. Khushi was really shocked seeing him.

Khushi: Venky!!! What are you doing here??? If Dadi comes,

Venky: chill Khushi! Let us close the door.


Venky closes the door and  says all that had happened.

Khushi didn't know what to say. After Rishab had asked about Arnav. Khushi already knew that Rishab wouldn't entertain these things. Her worst fear is coming true. Why would Rishab Mathur ask advice from Venkat and that too for her crush's crush?! Khushi!! All the people you know are connecting with each other. Her head was spinning. She thought whether or not to say anything about her to Venkat. But thought it was best to leave.

Khushi: You know what Venkat? I somehow feel like seeing you and Arnav together one day! Those days, Every night in my dreams, he'll be a devil to kill me. But now I've stopped having those dreams.

Venkat: Yes ! This guy sounds more intriguing to me! I feel like I want to see him one day. At least give him a slap for hurting my babe.

Khushi: You must thank him instead Venky. It's because of him we both are together now.

They both hug each other.

Khushi: I see my Venky turned into a monkey today!

Venky was glaring at her. Khushi laughed.

Venky: You know what Khushi? We both are alone in the room!

Khushi's laugh faded. But then she pinched Venkat and ran. Venkat ran behind her and they both fall on the bed. They share an eye lock. Venkat reached her lips  , she closed her eyes tightly. When he was reaching her lips, she saw his chin, it reminds her as if she were kissing a stranger. She saw his eyebrows and cheeks together and then pushed him. Venky was shocked. Khushi's heart beat fast and she looked serious. 

Venky: I'm sorry Khushi. I know you don't like all this before marriage. But I just lost my control.

Meanwhile Dadi outside, banging the door.

Dadi: What is the sound? What is happening? Are you all right Khushi?

Khushi(with ogled eyes): Nothing Dadi.

Dadi: Open the door, Khushi

Venky: Hey! Introduce me to your Dadi.

He was about to go outside when Khushi blocked him and said,

Khushi: If you go out she'll kill me. You stay here itself. Go hide under the bed.

Khushi opens the door.

Dadi: Khushi bitiya, What happened?

Khushi: Nothing Dadi. Go and sleep. It's almost time.

Dadi: I definitely heard some sound.

Khushi: It's me Dadi, I jumped on the bed.

Dadi: Jump?? Khushi you are not doing well.

Khushi: I was dreaming Dadi! The same old dream!

Dadi: Khushi! It's been ages since you've left your school. You are free from your 12th board exams. Why do you still 'think' as if you have failed in it?

Khushi: I don't THINK dadi, it's a dream!

Dadi: Well let me come inside. Now why are you blocking my way?

But Khushi tried to say no but she wouldn't budge. As she goes inside, we hear a chant "Devi Maiyya Devi Maiyya" As Dadi comes near the bed, she gets shocked. Her heartbeat fast. Suddenly, Dadi bent down and Khushi closed her eyes in fear. Oh No!!! Now, Venkat is gone!!!. But to her utter surprise he really was gone.

Khushi: What is it Dadi?

Dadi: I thought of leaving my biscuit packets under the bed.

Khushi: Dadi, It would have been crushed after my jump on the bed.

Dadi: Huff! I'll become mad with this girl! Anyways it's not there and don't you dare jump again, even in your dreams!

Khushi nods and hugs her. She hugs her back.

Dadi goes out of the room.  Khushi comes inside and searches for Venkat. Where was he???

What is he doing?? She whispers "Venkat,, Venkat! Venky come out! The coast is clear." But Venkat wasn't there. Khushi thinks he might have gone out. But how?? She then searches here and there.  She couldn't find him. She finds the windows open. Has he gone home? Khushi was about to give a sigh of relief when she heard a hiss. She initially thought it was the air but found out that it was Venkat.  He boomed at her and she got scared.

Khushi: Leave!!

Venkat: No I can't! I want my kiss

Khushi:  Just go!!

Venkat: Shall I call Dadima?

Khushi doesn't react.

Venkat (in high voice)  : Da…..

He then feels a kiss on his cheek from Khushi. He smiles at her.

Venkat: But I wanted in my lips. Anyways  this'll do for now.

Khushi asks him to go away. He was forced to. Khushi blushes and as soon as he is out of sight , she gets lost as usual in her thoughts. Rishab Mathur asking about Arnav??? How is this gonna end? It means Rishab Mathur now knows the secret. Anyhow one day or another he is supposed to know about it.  What was there in Khushi's mind was that she herself didn't know.  Why does she even bother? Arnav! The word kept syncing in her subconscious mind. The question is why does she STILL remember him? She has moved on in her life and so did Arnav. She was scared to give him a friend request in fb. She still stalks him and he hasn't updated anything. What must he be doing now? He is in the same class as of Venkat's. So he must also have gone for a job. Why didn't he? His profile is still like "studied in Sacred heart's college " and the schooling of course is "Jalpari high school". What must she do now? What would Sahithya be doing?? Yep! She knows about her too!  If she knew about Arnav, she mustn't forget her. It means they are still in a relationship after what Venkat had said. Perhaps Arnav was never meant for her. He was just meant to be with Sahithya. She then thanks Devi Maiyya and wishes them the best in her heart. She thanks Devi Maiyya for bringing Venkat in her life. Perhaps that's how it was supposed to end. Perhaps it's Venkat who'll marry her. But what also made her think was when Venkat was about to kiss her, she never really did want to kiss him. Why did she feel different when Venkat was about to kiss her? He is like Arnav except for some features and he is exceptionally good! On the other hand, Arnav had insulted her in the past , she still thinks of him. But is unable to forget him. Was it just because he had humiliated her in the past and so she gets the repeated memories of him? Was it just because she was unable to open her mouth on that day, that she must have fought for herself even more when Arnav was insulting her? Was it Hatred or LOVE? She then goes to sleep.


Jun 20

Episode-12 Arshi Encounter (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 33 times)

Special thanks to meenaarshi :  Londoner:  Noordina: Rishab didn't like the way how the truth was unveiled to him. He just got possessive of Sahi as a father , Kpoonam: , arshigeet: 


Khushi was walking in the street and goes to the park. The thought that made her more confusing was what was Venkat about to say to her ? What is the matter? She then crosses the road thinking of her dream. Every night before 3 years, she used to dream of Arnav insulting her. She also had dreams on Arnav proposing her. But now?? The dream was such that it is about to happen. Is it a sign of trepidation? It won't happen! It cannot! She hasn't met him for years!!!  

  She then sees the park where Venkat had asked to come. It wasn't the same park where they used to hang out. This is a different one and a bigger one too. The place teemed with people as it was Sunday. So naturally, it's family time.  She then enters the park. Her heart beat really fast. The beat was different this time. It felt like her whole body was thumping. Her cheeks went red. What was happening.

She was blushing unknowingly. Then she saw him waiting. He had his body turned. She was blushing like hell. Why Khushi??? Khushi then ran and hugged him from the back. Then her eyes ogled. She looked at the well built up arms. Why did Venkat look a bit muscleyy? Her heart beat fast. She felt different. It wasn't Venkat. She knew how he felt. It was like touching someone so known after many years. Who was he??

The guy removed her hands swiftly and turned to look at her. She saw that the guys chin and eyebrows . It was different! It was different to Venkat! Then her eyes ogled and it stroked her. After so many years! After so many days! After so many imaginations, After So many illusions!, After so many memories of her past,

She is now seeing Arnav Singh Raizadha in front of her. He was  puzzled seeing her initially .

Then he gets flabbergasted.

After few seconds, Khushi gives him an angry look. But Arnav was surprised. He muttered in the same voice she heard few years back. "Khushi" She gives him pure loathe. He comes forward and shen takes few steps backwards. Sahithya then comes to him. She sees her and turns away.

Sahithya:  Babe where were you? And who is this?

Sahithya gets shocked. She sees her and exclaims!

Sahithya: Hey it's Khushi! How are you? You look good in this traditional attire. WE've been searching for you. Thank god! Listen… I…

But Khushi remains mum and doesn't answer. She ignores her and then sees Venkat coming to her and gives a sigh of respite.

Khushi: Sorry I mistook him to you.

Venkat came to Khushi and then sees Arnav.

Then the two look alike see each other.

They both get shocked. For the first time Khushi actually believed that Venkat and Arnav are different.  Sahithya opens her jaw.

Venkat and Arnav felt as if they were standing in front of the mirror with different clothes.

Venkat was an inch taller . he was also lean. Arnav had muscles and 6 packs.

He looked perfect and had a fit BMI.

They see each other gobsmacked.

Arnav: Hey!! You look like…

Venkat: me.

Sahithya: How is this possible? Do you have a twin brother?

Khushi: Let's go Venkat why waste our time here?

Arnav  (then realizing Khushi's presence):  Hey Khushi! Listen to me. Wait


But Khushi was gone. He followed her. Sahithya and Venkat looked perplexed.

Venkat was seeing Arnav. He was busy observing every detail of him including his chin and eyebrows. So Khushi was right,this guy is way on him! Then Arnav forced Khushi to stop with his hands. She has tears in her eyes.Then Venkat came forward and stood beside her.

Arnav : Khushi, I want to say something.

Khushi : Leave me alone. Let's go Venkat.

Arnav : Khushi wait!!! I'm sorry!  

Khushi (with tears): for what??

Arnav (looking into her eyes): for everything!

She looks at him pondering. Memories of her childhood came…the ambience changed . She was taking admission in Jalpari high school… She shifted her school in 11 and came to Jalpari high school. It was only for 11th and 12th standard  people. She looked at Arnav Menacing…

""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""THE PAST""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

Khushi joined Jalpari High school much to her dismay as she wanted to join another school. But her dadi's inclination towards this school had actually changed her thinking.  So she went to the office and made her application.  There she saw someone passing behind her and her heart beat really fast. But she couldn’t turn back as she was writing the application form and the attendant was observing her. So she goes and joins there. She then sees a dog which was ill inside the campus.  She questioned about it to the peon and he said that it belongs to the school.  She starts getting negative vibes. At that time she could have changed the school but fate played its role making those negative vibes to be true. She joins the school. It was the first day of her school and everybody were nervous. The school was exclusively for 11th and 12th standard. So every 11th standard folk was nervous. They came for prayer and every 12th standard candidate was able to see a 11th standard candidate. Then Khushi saw everyone really anxious. It was a normal day for her. The next day was the day she met the chocolate brown eyes. He came to call all the 11th standard people , Khushi met his eyes. He too saw her but  didn't give her the slightest notice. He was smiling to someone and that's it! She was lost. She thought that this was him! It was her soulmate.  Then, everyday she came to the school to look at him admiringly. She thought of saying her feelings to him. But didn't have the courage. One day, Khushi was sitting in the library and Arnav came along with some girls as well as boys inside. Khushi gave a look at him. Her heart beat really fast. Then Arnav said something to his friends and he signalled them to go away. Others go away and Arnav comes towards Khushi. Her heart thumped very fast. She clutched her chest. Arnav smiled at the for the first time. Khushi was lost in his chocolate brown eyes.  He came forward and sat with her. Khushi was nervous. He reads a book kept on the table. Khushi stares at him admiringly. Then he goes away. Before going he turns at her and gives her a look. Khushi smiles at him back. Khushi already knew his name as most of her classmates drool over him.  Arnav would be the talk of the town. Every person sees him in an awe. Boys also talk to him wishing any other girl would be impressed by them to talk to Asr.

That's how it happened for days. He was looking at her whenever she passes by. One day she slipped and fell on him. He stared at her ogling and then released. Other girls looked at her with pure loathe. His pals were laughing at them.

In the class…,

Sahithya was her classmate. She and Sahithya were just friends not a close one though. Sahithya was heart of the class. Every time guys spoke with her. Girls said that she is a cool one and most oten surrounded by  folks.

Even Teachers spoon feed her.

It was after many days that she discovered she was Rishab Mathur's daughter.

She'll be the second and Khushi tops the class.

Sahithya never bothered about it or neither got jealous of her. She never got jealous of anyone and Khushi liked it the most in her.

Sahithya likes giving exclamations.

She wants others to notice her. She likes being admired not because she is Rishab Mathur's daughter, but because of her beauty . She likes impressing others and likes to be cared.

One day there was some music event and everyone was asked to come in colour dress. Khushi wore a pink with green chudidhaar.

Arnav wore a classy black shirt. As soon as he met her. He kept ogling at her. They were all asked to sit. Then Khushi by chance passes the way where Arnav was sitting and everybody made fun of her.

Arnav too was laughing and this made Khushi a bit sad. How could he make fun of her? Khushi didn't bother it. As she goes towards the street to go back home, she turns back and sees a face ogling at her which was none other than that of Arnav's. Khushi stared at him and thought even he too liked her. She wanted him to take the first move.

But what surprises her is that he is in fb and never gave her a friend request. Does that mean that she is just his time pass or did he think that he wanted to give her a love request and not a friend request. Over thinking isn't good for health Khushi. 

Then during the exams one day, Khushi sat with Arnav and wrote the exams. Arnav periodically saw her. Khushi's heart beat really fast. Few times his hands brushed with hers. Khushi couldn't help. She was really nervous. What Khushi thought was that all these signs were him liking her. Arnav in between tapped her to ask a sharpener.

But Khushi was really nervous and thought what would the maam say? So she didn't budge to answer him. What those days Khushi feared the most was "What would other people think?" What would Daadi or mam say if she tells Arnav? Even at home she couldn't sleep properly. Every time she used to think of him.

Why was she dreaming him when he had never even talked to her? Then on the last day of the exam, To her utter surprise, the day came. Arnav came near her with his bicycle. Khushi was really nervous. What she had wished for happened.

Arnav: Uhm! Khushi right?

Khushi (meeting those eyes): Yeah! How do you know?

Arnav: I saw your name on the answer paper.

Khushi: Oh!

Arnav: By the way I'm Arnav. Let me come straight. I need to go near the hillside now. Will you join me?

Khushi : I'm willing to but I didn't inform my daadi.

Arnav: Oh ! you can use my phone and inform her.

Khushi saw his luxurious phone. It was Apple brand with mac os. She already knew he is rich but didn't know that he would be this much.

Khushi (dialling): Bringing phone is not allowed in school right?

Arnav: Well everyone knows that I bring my phone daily and there is no one to ask me.

Khushi looks at him admiringly. She didn't like his coolness or his money. But his bravery. Arnav was really brave and she knew it already.  She informs her Dadi. Khuhsi feared as she hadn't been with anyone before. She had never dared to lie her Dadi. But Arnav was the first person to make her do so. She also liked this newness in her.

Khushi: That's my number. I called her from mine.

 While reaching the hillside. They sit on the view and watch the lake side. Khushi gets nervous as there was only him and her in the lakeside. It was eerie.

Arnav: Khushi, I think I'm in love.

Khushi gets shocked. She blushes. Her heart thumped very fast. This much soon?  Hey Devimaiyya Arnav is gonna say what was in her heart for months. Must she make the first move? No it's better that he must make it.

Arnav: I don't know how to open it up. I am sorry you might think why a stranger is saying all this to you.

Khushi: No not at all just go on!

Arnav: Thank you. I love her. I saw her in the library and I was really wanting her. She used to look at me too.

Khushi blushed as she knew whom he is talking about.

Arnav:  I saw her in the music event. She wore a beautiful dress. She looked alluringly beautiful.

Khushi actually liked him the way he was telling about her. She smiled. Wow Arnav! You are telling about me to myself. Look at the way he says about each and every thing of her.

Arnav: I kept watching her. One day, we wrote exam together. I was really nervous and

Khushi: And he was about to borrow a sharpener.

Arnav: Excuse me?

Khushi was surprised and asked him: No Arnav you wanted to ask something to me. My friends got jealous and they said that you were asking me a sharpener.  By the way thank god! They thought that I don't have any interest in you..

Arnav: Wait! So it means you are interested In me?

Khushi blushed. Arnav was blank and then after a split second gave one of his best smirks… He continues..

Arnav: Khushi! I'll be revealing my heart tomorrow in front of everyone.

Khushi: No! I like saying it private.

Arnav: It's not for you.

Khushi: What? Then?

Arnav: I mean it's for everyone! I want others to know about our relationship Khushi.

Khushi blushed badly and held his hands.

Khushi: I'm scared!

Arnav: Don't you dare be! Keep it for tomorrow.

Khushi (something striking her): But tomorrow is a holiday. It's vacation remember Arnav?

Arnav: Ya ! That's why. If it were a normal day, all the school authorities would be present. That's why I'm calling my friends.

Khushi: In front of everyone?

Arnav: I said already right? I'll get angry if you don't cooperate.

Khushi didn't speak then and she agreed.

Khushi was really happy and bid him goodbye and she walked away. She couldn't sleep for the night. She was blushing  badly! She covered her face with her hands and blushed. 

But poor Khushi didn't know what was waiting her for the next day! Her fate played a major role on that day! What was Arnav gonna say in front of everyone? What was he planning? How come suddenly he came forward to Khushi? 

The answer lies tomorrow. Buck up guys! Stay tuned!!!

Jun 21

Episode- 13 The past unveils (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 43 times)

Hey! thank you for your comments,Poojatweety:,  meenaarshi:, Londoner: Yeah!  you are right! peep in ,  Kpoonam:  true! But the answer lies here. peep in, arshigeet: Haha!  , Noordina: .

Poor Dadi didn't know what was happening and banged the door.

Dadi: Arre! Khushi! Open the door!

Khushi opens the door and hugs her.

Dadi: what happened? Why did you keep the door closed.

Khushi: Dadi I am very happy today! Very Happy!

She hugs her. Dadi smiles at her.

Dadi: What made my bitiya so happy? She never was this much happy even when she scored the first mark.    

Khushi doesn't say much and Dadi blesses her and goes away. Khushi takes her parent's photo.

She talks to them.

Khushi: Amma ! Bauji! I am in love.

She says blushing. Her heart bet really fast. Suddenly a music plays from far off. She listens to it and blushes

Tum paas aao, yun muskuraao

She blushes and dances. Poor Khushi didn't know what the fate will be playing tomorrow.

The next day,,

Khushi wakes up and blushes. How will Arnav tell his love to her? She was waiting badly. How would Arnav arrange his friends to come today? It's a holiday! Is Arnav playing a prank to her? Thought Khushi for a split second. Arnav is a stranger for her. Can she trust him? But her heart says to trust him. So she gets ready and goes to school. While reaching for a split second she thought the school to be empty. But to her utter surprise, there were many people facing their backs with Arnav on a small dais. It was written "Arnav's heart " in it. Khushi sees it and blushes. What is inside his heart??? Arnav was holding a mike. She blushed. Arnav said he'd bring his friends. But here he had brought every pupil of the school. She saw even her classmates.

Arnav: Here she comes! (announces)

The crowd gives a clap.

Sahithya who was coming behind Khushi holds her hand.

Sahithya: I'm nervous Khushi. What is Arnav gonna say?

Khushi: Me too Sahi! I'm hell nervous.

Sahithya: He says he'll be revealing his girlfriend today.

Khushi blushes. They go and stand near the crowd.

Arnav: And now! I'm gonna reveal my heart.

The crowd gave whistles and roars.

Arnav: Meet my girlfriend……

Extending his hand. Khushi blushed. She smiles at him to give her hands. She was about to take her hands from rest to him. But to her shock his hand were twined by another hand which was not hers. Her heartbeat skipped. It was SAHITHYA'S!. They both ascended the stage together. Sahithya blushes. The crowd becomes really happy and shouts.

Arnav: I love you Sahithya.

Sahithya blushed and hid under Arnav. They both hugged each other. There were thundering roars from the crowd.

The shouts became a rhythm"ArYa ArYa ArYa"

Arnav (kneeling down to her):  I don't know from where to start Sahi. But the day I met you, I was lost. I know we are from the same school. I first saw you when you were in 8th standard. But at that time I thought it was just an infatuation. But I couldn't hide my feelings for too long. So the day came and I proposed you when you were in 9th. I know you didn't agree because you were too young for this. But I couldn't feel  for another girl except you. Of course you did accept me after few days  So then that's it I thought of making it official.

 Khushi here didn't know how to react. Must she be shocked or sad. What must her first reaction be? But before she could say anything she heard a voice in the speaker.

Arnav: Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta.

Khushi turns and sees Arnav who was now in the dais with Sahi.   Khushi is shocked. Why did he call her name. Tears came in her eyes. Everyone is shocked. How did he know her full name?

Arnav: As I promised Khushi, I'll reveal our relationship too.

Khushi didn't know what he was about to say.

Arnav: It's just pure loathe Khushi!

Khushi didn't know what was happening. She had never said about it to anyone. She had never uttered the name of Arnav to anyone. She cries and asks him to stop. But he continues. Everybody now glares at Khushi. Even Sahi didn't know what was happening.

Arnav: What do you think of me Khushi? A rich guy like me would fall for a middle class girl like you.

Khushi's eyes are ogled. She tries to run away as she can't hear him. But is blocked by people. Why is Arnav doing this kind of a scene. Probably to gain attention. But she hated this moment thought that it was a dream.

Arnav: Khushi I didn't know that you are such a cheap woman!

Khushi got angry and shouts: What are you talking about Raizadha! I don't even know you! What are you saying?

Then in the speaker came Arnav and Khushi's conversation.

Arnav: I kept watching her. One day, we wrote exam together. I was really nervous and

Khushi: And he was about to borrow a sharpener.

Arnav: Excuse me?

Arnav: Wait! So it means you are interested In me?

How could he do such a thing! He has recorded the conversation. The matter is  why is he doing all these things? Khushi is in tears. The whole conversation plays and others give her an angry look. They were all about to eat her.

Sahithya: Arnav why are you doing all these? Stop it! It's our special day babe.

Arnav: I was talking about Sahithya. I was expressing my love for Sahithya, how I met her and how she looked. This girl thought that it was for her! How cheap could she be!

Khushi then thinks what blunder she had made. But why is Arnav announcing in front of all?

Arnav: Not only this! She forced me to love her.

Everyone is shocked including Sahithya. Khushi was angry and weeps.

Khushi: This is not true!

Others silenced her.

Arnav: I'll prove it.  Look at my call history guys. She forcefully asked me to call her. She then snatched my mobile and dialled her number. She asked me to save it.

Khushi: It's not true. I had called my dadi.

Arnav: I might lie but not my phone. Look at this guys! How come her number is dialled from mine?

The phone is passed and others see it. Before others could react. Khushi ran away from that place weeping. She goes home and cries the hell out. She was about to break DeviMaiyya's idol for giving her false expectations. But instead hugs her.

Khushi(Moaning): Why Devi Maiyya? Why from the one I love the most.

She vents out her spleen and clamoured. Dadi didn't know the slightest thing what was happening. Khushi was crying on one end and her dadi on the other end was sleeping peacefully. After the hols when Khushi came back to the school, All she found was a poster of her's and Arnav's . In which it was written,

"One side love by Khushi Kumari Gupta. What will be Arnav's reaction?"

Tears came in her eyes. Why is she punishing herself for no fault of hers? She tore the poster. As soon as she came inside the class, everyone loathed her. Others stared at her. Sahithya came forward to her and said,

Sahithya: Khushi, I didn't know that you would do such a thing like this.

Khushi : No Sahi! It's…

Sahithya: No Khushi, It's okay! I've given you mercy! But don't repeat it again.

Khushi thought who is she to give her a mercy. But why would anyone react this much cheap? Even if she loved him, Why this reaction from everyone? Why are others reacting in such a cheap manner.  Then the maam came an gives an angry look at Khushi then continues to take lesson. So, everybody came to know about this and the matter is out.

Peon: Maam, the principal sir is calling Khushi Kumari Gupta.

Maam and everyone glared at Khushi. Khushi got up silently and goes to the principal office. She was scared like hell.

Principal: Khushi, What is all this ?I didn't expect this form you Khushi.

Khushi(crying): No sir, believe me! It's Arna…

 Principal: What??

Khushi remains mum.

Principal (continuing): I don't know all these but Arnav's parents are a good friend of mine. I don't want any drama in this issue.

Khushi: But sir, I don't get it! Why…

Khushi came to know that the principal sir is in Arnav's side. He is the God of this school. 

Principal: I know you that you don't have parents Khushi so I am leaving you this time. I don't wanna make this a mess. I won't call your Dadi and complain. So don't worry.

Khushi: But…

Pricipal: You may go now.

Khushi went back with tears in her eyes. As she was ascending the stairs she saw Arnav.

Khushi: I hate you!

Arnav (pulling her towards him): You might be wondering why I'm doing all this na Khushi?

Khushi is shocked and asked him to release her.

Arnav: I love Sahi! And whoever is a step forward to her, I can't bear it.

Khushi is shocked! 

Khushi: How am I a step forward to her? Now leave me and talk will you?

Arnav (still holding her): You are always the first rank na Khushi? You are the topper right?

Khushi then gets it. He called her near the hillside to make friends with her and who knows it's this reason, he might have called her. But she mistook him totally.  But how cheap could he be!

Khushi( releasing herself): You cheap! I didn't know you could come to this level. Others donno anything about you! When others know it, you'll be beaten to hell Raizadha! Now,  don't ever talk to me again!

And so that was the last conversation. Arnav did complete his 12th boards. Then when Khushi came to her 12th standard, she couldn't concentrate She was belittled by her teachers. Everyone in the school loathed her. Even her teachers gave her lesser marks than she deserved. She was put up from high achievers list to low achievers list as the teachers gave her a wrong, even for her right answers.   Her marks reduced gradually. Everyone made comments on her. How could she do such a thing when Arnav was their beloved. Arnav was the most popular of all. So even after his exit, everyone didn't stop the Arnav's army.  But Sahithya never made any comments on her. She just ignored her. She didn't want any drama. Though she never liked Khushi, she never tried to belittle or confront her about the matter.

One day,

Kisore: Hi Khushi!

Khushi (surprised to see that someone  was talking to her): Hey.

Kisore (looking up and down at her a bit randy ) : Uhmm. Don't worry about Arnav Khushi.

Khushi (apprehending ) :  Thank you. If you please excuse me.

Kisore (holding her hands) : Where are you going. By the way you look great. Your eyes, your lips, your mouth,  your neck, your bre……..

He wasn't able to complete his sentence as he was smacked by her.  But he continued without giving a slightest perseverance.

Kisore: I have the crave for you during the night time especially. My house doors are open. Wanna come?

Khushi: Don't you dare try me! I am silent and that doesn't mean I'm cheap like you. Stay away.

She  goes and turns back. She comes forward and smacks him again.

Khushi (glaring): Don't you dare try these cheap tactics to any other girl. Go say that I've slapped you to anyone whomever you want! I don't care. I am used to all these! Get lost idiot!

The guy didn't even eye her after that.

Khushi tried to suicide one day in the terrace of the school but was caught by one of her school teachers. It was a biology teacher.

Rajeswari: Stop it Khushi!

Jun 23

Episode-14 Venkat's Matter and Venkat Matters! (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 38 times)

I am so happy reading all your comments. Thank you! 

@Poojatweety:  @Malarun: That's the main plot dear!!! I'll update it soon!  @meenaarshi:  @Londoner:   @arshigeet:   @Noordina:   @Kpoonam:   @Busimusi:   Sorry! I had work. Anyways I've updated now!

Rajeswari: Stop it Khushi!

Khushi: Maam, leave me! What is the use of living?? I think my parents left me in my childhood because I was really cheap. That's why..

She couldn't say more as she wept a lot.  Rajeswari maam came to her and hugged her. She kissed her.

Rajeswari: You have a purpose Khushi. That's why you are still living! You must look for your purpose. Perhaps I came to your rescue just because of that. Otherwise, you might have died before itself. Get up bitiya! I know you are not guilty. I know about those Raizadhas. I very well know about Arnav. I had worked for them previously. Don't worry. You'll do good!

Khushi thinks even her class teachers belittled her. But this maam who doesn't even teach her is here to help her. She motivates Khushi in clearing her exams. Khushi many a times used to have nightmares of failing. Then Khushi wakes up and realizes that it was a dream. Khushi cleared her board exams. Sahithya was the topper though. But Khushi  got less marks. She only had got 79 percent which was  actually very less compared to her standards. She was getting in 97's and 98's but now it was different. She didn't care for it as she wanted to move on in her life. Then of course she came to the college and things happened…Khushi didn't see Arnav after that. She herself didn't know why she was imagining him after all that had happened.


Khushi walks away with tears.

Sahithya goes to her and says,

Sahithya: Khushi! Please stop thereby. I am sorry!

Khushi: What did you do?

Sahithya: I came by his words. I am really sorry Khushi.

Khushi: Why would Rishab Mathur's daughter ask me a sorry?

Venkat who was going behind Khushi to stop her was stunned. Rishi Mathur's beti? So Rishab was asking about his daughter and Arnav on that day!. Why didn't Khushi say this to him? He knew that Khushi might have guessed about Sahithya and Arnav.

Sahithya:  I know right? But there is never a rule that Rishi Mathur's daughter shouldn't ask a sorry.

Khushi: Plz I don't want to talk about the past.

Sahithya: We were searching you. You don't know how much we have tried to stalk you. You've not updated in your fb about your college so we didn't know what to do. Also we tried to retrieve your address from the school authorities.  But they didn't allow us. I tried through the influence of my father only in vain. Even Arnav tried to speak to the principal asking for your address as his dad is a good friend. But he said that it was confidential and is not supposed to be let out.

Venkat: But Khushi! What makes me wonder is that most of my class mates are from that school. Why didn't they recognize you?

Khushi: Because I changed all my sense. I used to be very much modern those days. Now I've changed into a traditional attire.

Venkat is shocked imagining her in a modern attire.

Khushi: I used to leave my hair free when I'm in school. I was really a confident one. Unless for that fateful day.

Arnav: I'll tell you….

Khushi(angrily): Stop it!!!! Don't you dare talk to me I said.

Sahithya: Sorry Khushi. No you must listen to me! I am really very sorry! I came to know about the truth only when I came to the college. Arnav confessed that to me! You don't know how much we are sorry for you . (She holds her hand).Sorry Sorry

Khushi (holding her hand): Stop it Sahi! Even if I were at your place, I would have done like this! But you were too good. You never belittled me like others. But I cannot forgive him. Because of his cheap techniques, my life became hell.

Arnav: Tell me Khushi! What must I do? I'll do everything whatever you say! Plzz. I am very sorry.

Khushi: It's waste now. You cannot bring back the original object from an ash. I've moved on in my life. Don't disturb me.

Arnav has his face dull. Then Khushi holds Venkat's hands who was now really shocked of all the happenings and was waiting for what other things would uncover.   

Khushi and Venkat go on the other side.

Venkat: Khushi….. what is happening here? Is it all true?

Khushi: Leave it babe!

Venkat: and that guy… Arn…

Khushi (angrily): Venkat I said stop it!!!!

Venkat got shocked by her mood and changes the topic.

Venkat: Khushi You know why I called you here?

Khushi (beaming): Ya I totally had forgotten about that!

Venkat:  You know what? I've got a job in Mathur industries.

Khushi is shocked. Must she be happy because he got a job or must she be sad because he is working in the Mathur industries? 

Khushi: What?

Venkat: I' m sorry Khushi! I know if this meeting  with them wouldn't have existed, you might be happy or might faked being happy for me.(with eyebrows raised)

Khushi looks on.

Venkat: Why didn't you tell me before Khushi that this girl is Rishi Mathur's daughter?

Khushi: Because..

Venkat: No That's fine Khushi! I understand. But I am amazed of all the connections. You know! Rishab Mathur was actually asking about Arnav who actually is your crush!

Khushi: Better be it 'was' Venkat. He was my crush and I still  regret for that 'was'. Why was he even my crush?

Venkat: Leave that Khushi! But I've got a job now. Guess what?? I'm Rishi Mathur's new Manager!

Khushi (ogled eyes): Manager?? Then you must be……

Venkat: Rich!!!!

He hugs her. Khushi hugs him back.

Venkat: I'll be dealing most of the meetings which doesn't require him and ya! He'll pay me 2.5 lakhs per month!!!

Khushi was shocked. She kisses him.

Khushi (with tears): You deserve it babe! After all the hard work.

Venkat: But Khushi! I'm planning not to go!


Venkat: It's just that you don't have good terms with that girl who Is my boss's child.

Khushi: No! I'm in good terms with  her Venkat. But not that Arnav.

Venkat: No you must Khushi! Imagine! If you don't forgive him and what if he becomes the Mathur's son in law? Then my job will become temporary. Use the chance now itself Khushi! Before it becomes a spat, forgive him. Otherwise I can't serve my family!

Khushi(with raised eyebrows): Are you trying to use me Venkat?? Are you using me to provide food for your family?? You think you'll be fired because I'm your girlfriend and I have a spat with the Mathur's future son-in-law??  I'll say a better suggestion! What about a Break up ?

Venkat: No! I didn't mean that!. Family means it includes you as well!!

Khushi: What?? But how??

Venkat: Khushi, have you ever thought of moving on?? Didn't you make plans for moving this relationship further?? If I don't have a good job, then how will I ask your hands to Dadi? You'll complete your course within 2 months. Do you want to tax your mamaji more? (Khushi's mamaji only sends her money every month. He lives elsewhere. That's how her family of two runs.) After marriage I'll take care of your Dadi and you. 

Khushi was shocked. She had  never thought of marrying Venkat. She was more or less bothered with her thoughts. She had never planned to marry him. She thought him as a boyfriend and not as a husband. Venkat is a really good person. But the thought of marrying him made her flinch. Why didn't she imagine him as a husband?  Once she had thought of it! But it was not after they were in a relationship.

Venkat: Oh hello Khushi!!! Come back!

Khushi then smiles at him blushingly.

Venkat: I've planned it Khushi, after two months we'll be revealing our relationship to your dadi. Then my parents.

Khushi: But usually, the guys parents must give a nod first right? Why are you gonna tell them later?

Venkat: It's when girls parents are there then it will be right. But…..(remains silent)

Khushi had tears in her eyes. Venkat then realizes what he said.

Venkat: I'm sorry. But don't worry Khushi! I'll be there with you always.

Khushi hugs him.

Khushi: But regarding your decision Venkat. I don't know whether I'll be able to forgive Arnav. I don't know.

Venkat: No Khushi! You must! If Arnav is repenting for his mistake let's give him a chance. By the way you always said that one day you'd wish to see me and Arnav together. Man! I must say, I now know why you got so much confused. He is just a xerox of mine! Wonder if we both were separated brothers!

Khushi (still hugging): Never! You'll never be his brother!

Venkat (says cheering) : Usually in the movies it happens na? one brother makes a mistake and the other gets the revenge.

Khushi laughs.

Venkat: I must also make sure that I take a Dna test with him.

Khushi beats him laughing . They both have a great time.

Venkat: I'm sorry to remind you, But why didn't Arnav call you? He said he has your number saved.   

Khushi: Well, I changed a lot after that incident Venkat. I changed even my number. As you had said nobody from your class recognized me, you might imagine how much I've changed. Imagine how much I've made sure I remain subtle. Nobody knew where I lived too.

Venkat: You are MYSTERIOUSLY DELICIOUS Khushi kumari Gupta.   

Jun 24

Episode- 15 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 41 times)

Thank you for your comments Londoner: , Arshisarun13: , Noordina: I think you are a good guesser!  peep in!. 

Venkat: You are MYSTERIOUSLY DELICIOUS Khushi kumari Gupta.  

Khushi blushes.

Venkat: By the way! You said you had some old- old dream what was that?

Khushi:  Uhm.. I don't have the mood.

Venkat: Don't you dare change the topic. I want your answers now!

Khushi: It's a very bad one. I was….. I dreamt of marrying Arnav Singh Raizadha.  I dreamt of him being my husband

Venkat laughed.

Khushi (glaring): How could you! I'm not joking I'm serious.  You know that most of my dreams are true.

Venkat: Ok ok! Sorry! Khushi! But Darling you said I am a look alike of Arnav so it might have been me! I might be getting married to you. And for your kind information Khushi, it's most of your dreams! Not all! You dream of failing in your 12th board exams and still have nightmare about it right?

But a 79% was a fail mark for her. She had never thought of getting this much less marks. It’s all because of Arnav.  

Khushi hugs him and thinks of her dream. She knew that the chin and eyebrows were different and that it was of Arnav's.

In her dream she was the bride and Arnav was the groom. Arnav was serious with red eyes and Khushi was in tears. Arnav made her  wear the mangalsutra. Venkat stormed away from the wedding hall. He ran so fast crying. There were only few people present. Khushi wasn't happy at all. Rishab Mathur was calming a broken Sahithya. Dadi was fixed like a statue. She was sitting still with red eyes. There were only 10 of them in the hall. It was not a happy wedding at all. Only the pandit looked professional. Arnav was looking in her eyes hopefully. Khushi's eyes were crimson red with tears. He makes her wear the sindhoor. It was a dark and a gloomy wedding.

But this is just a dream this can't be real!   Can it?

On the other side.

Sahithya: Why didn't you just repent earlier babe! It's karma that had now got you in this situation!

Arnav: I don't want to be friends with her Sahi! I know I am asking too much but it's just that I want her to forgive me for whatever I did. Thank you for always being there for me Sahi! I thought that you'd leave me after the loss.

Sahithya: (saying her favourite dialogue) I know right?  You must make her forgive you Babe! Otherwise it'll be worse.

Arnav: I am not doing this for my loss or any other Karma thingy. I'm doing this because I went this much cheap to break a poor girl's heart. 

Sahi hugs him and says : I'll be there with you always!

Arnav: Thank you babe ! I love you.

Sahi and Arnav went home. Khushi and Venkat also discussed about a few things and went to their places.

Few days later, 

Khushi and Venkat are in the park. There came Sahithya running towards her.

Sahi(with tears): Please save Arnav, Khushi. The truth is out and and….. I was searching for you all over the city………

Both Khushi and Venkat get up swiftly.

Khushi: What happened Sahi? Why are you crying?

Sahi (sobs): Arnav is in Jalpari High school he had called everyone for a meeting. Every Alumini came forward today. He told what the truth is. He confessed everything. Each and every detail proving you innocent Khushi. At first no one had actually believed him. Then a few of them started beating him. The others joined as the fire was added with immense fuel. Everyone is beating Arnav Khushi. Plz save him plzzz!!

She folded her hands and fell on her knees but before she could touch her feet, Khushi takes her up. They all go to the school and after 3 years, Khushi steps inside the campus. There were many people surprisingly. In the same dais it was written

"Khushi's heart". 

The place where the poster of her's and Arnav's was hanged, it remained with the only difference in the words. 

"The Repent of Arnav. What will be Khushi's answer??" 

Khushi saw the crowd beating Arnav. She goes and Venkat fights the crowd. Others give an angry glare at Sahithya. 

Arnav fell unconcious and Venkat called the ambulance. 

Khushi goes to the dais and announces. 

  Sahithya goes inside the ambulance weeping. Others stared at Venkat who was his look alike. 

They stared at him with glare. 

Who is he like Asr???

Khushi (in mike): What is happening guys?? Is there still some humanity left on earth??? Why are you all reacting like mad ??? This happened years ago and probably even I had forgotten it.

Mob: Arnav called us here that it was a really important meeting. He asked a public apology in front of us. We made a great mistake! We are sorry Khushi.

"sorry Khushi" chorused the mob. A few of Venkat's college classmates were also present. They were shocked to know that this Khushi is that one.

Khushi asked everyone to clear.

Khushi:  Please don't do like this!

Mob: we'll go only if you have forgiven us!

Khushi: I forgave everyone on that day itself. I was hurt I must say. But plz guys...plz to the core! I've moved on in my life! Don't do like this. Don't make the past to repeat. I don't want another Khushi. Let it be forgotten.

Mob: You must also forgive  Arnav, Khushi. Otherwise we'll beat him again.

Khushi (after thinking for a minute): Okay I have forgiven him. She goes down and tears the poster remembering how she did on that day. She goes towards Venkat who had covered his face with handkerchief. Khushi finds him as he is tall. They both go .

Khushi: I somehow feel like this is organized.

Venkat: Even I felt like that initially Khushi. But a few of my college classmates who were also her said that  he had really called for something important. They would've known it before if this was organized. I saw his whatsapp message in the group too. He can't be lying for sure. His wounds are also real. His hands were numb. I guess he now has repented his mistake.  By the way I get most of the people's glare today. Gosh! They are thinking me as Arnav.

Khushi is in tears. She didn't know why she was crying. Venkat calmed her. She hugged him tightly crying.

Khushi (weeping): I should have forgiven him before Venky. I was stubborn!! Very much stubborn!!!

Venkat: Shhh.. leave it babe. Let's go to the hospital.

They both reach the hospital and sees Sahithya crying out of the emergency ward. For a split second as she sees Venkat coming, she thinks him as Arnav. But she knew he wasn't.

Sahithya hugs Khushi and both began to cry.

Sahithya: I think Karma served him Khushi. But I must say! He suffered  more than what he did to you!

Khushi: What… I mean how did this happen?? How all of a sudden?? What did the doctors say?

Sahithya: They said he is very much critical. They didn't recognize me. Thank god! They'll kill me if they knew who I am. Well Khushi , all this happened during my first year. I and him were very happy knowing that we'd be studying in the same college. Until one day, his friend had committed a crime and gave Arnav's name. The situation went to the police and he was jailed for a day. Luckily through my father's influence, I bailed him out. But then he was given a TC from the college and was suspended forever. He is now jobless and has lost everything.  So that's why from that day, we were trying to find you. You isolated yourself from everyone Khushi. So nobody knew anything about you. We were searching for you Khushi. Now God has made a way for us. He was badly searching to ask sorry Khushi.

Khushi sits in the ground with a thump.  Venkat goes to pick her up.

Sahithya(weeping) : You might think he deserved it na Khushi?

Khushi: No! He faced much more than I had ever imagined.

Venkat (speaking for the first time to her):  Why didn't you stop him before? If you know that he's gonna make all these. I mean I saw the whatsapp message. You could have stopped him before na?

Sahithya: He never did say anything to me. I thought he was gonna make something special for us, something for me. But now I know that it was for Khushi!

These words made Khushi flinch. Aah! It was the reverse few years before. She had wished those words for herself actually. At that day when Arnav was about to make an announcement,  she thought it was for her and it turned out to be for Sahithya. But now, she is hearing from her mouth that it was meant for Sahithya and it turned out to be for Khushi.  

Then the doctor comes out and Sahithya made sure that she doesn't look at him straight as she might be recognized. He says to Khushi,

Doctor: I don't have any answers for now. But his right hand is fractured. He needs help. By the way how are you related to him?

Khushi (stammering): I….I…

Venkat: We are all his friends doctor.

Sahithya looks at him thanking by her eyes. He gives a nod.

Venkat (continuing): Sir, when will he wake up.

Doctor: I'll say about his condition tomorrow morning. Now, he needs rest.  

He goes away.

Jun 25

Episode- 16 Khushi and Arnav's conversation (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 44 times)

Thank you for your comments, Londoner: Yeah! I agree with you! But the plot needs it.Thank you     Poojatweety:  arshigeet:  brace yourself for the upcoming plot twists dear! I'm sure you'll like it!  Noordina: My! My! Thank you for your comment dear. I am so happy seeing it!   Arshisarun13: 


In the hospital.............

Sahithya: Khushi, I don't think so I'll be able to stay here. I need to go now. Nobody knows that I am here. Papa, came to about our relationship Khushi. There is a lot that had happened these years Khushi. I will talk all tomorrow.  Anyways! Who'll stay here then? Arnav can't be left alone. If only that we were married or my father wasn't strict enough!

By then Anjali who was Arnav's sister came running towards Sahithya. Sahithya hugged her crying.

Anjali: What did the doctors say? Ho..How all these happened?

Sahithya says all.

Anjali: Oh dear I badly wanna meet him. Why would others beat him?

Sahithya looks at Khushi who gives her a nod. She says all and Anjali gets angry on Khushi.

Anjali: How dare??? Arnav is asking a sorry to  a middle class girl like you and you are ………

Sahithya asked her to keep quiet. Venkat got angry and Khushi lets her tears fall.

Anjali (gets a call and answers it): Okay I think I must leave

Sahi: Why? Di?

Anjali: I've got a meeting today.

Sahithya: But Arnav?

Anjali: No duty comes first. It’s a big deal today.

Sahithya: Can't you postpone it!

Anjali: I don't want to .What if tomorrow I'll get another deal? I can't do that! I also don't wanna do that. Anyways Doctors are there to take care of him.

Sahithya said no more and Anjali walks away without turning back. She didn't have any more emotion. She cared the least who'll be staying there for the rest of the night.

Khushi: Sahithya! You may leave I'll stay here.

Sahithya: But Khushi!

Khushi: Don't worry about me. I said to my dadi that my friend got an accident. It's about 9.00 pm Sahi. Your father might be searching for you. This is because of me. If it is not for me, he'll not be in this condition. I'll deal it.

They exchanged their numbers.

Sahithya: Ok I'll leave now.  Take care of him Khushi. If you need anything please call me.  I'm so scared Khushi what will happen to Arnav??(cries)

Khushi: Don't worry ! But wait Sahi! Don't go alone. It's night! It's not safe to go out alone. Venkat can you drop her? You go home too. You said that your mom is not well na?

Venkat: No I'll stay with.

Khushi: for me, plz..

Venkat says yes to her and he goes with Sahithya. They got an auto rickshaw and they go.

Khushi who was in the hospital in the waiting room was weeping badly. She didn't know why she was crying so much but she was not at all okay. Her dadi called her and she answered.

Dadi: Don't worry bitiya everything will be fine. Your friend will be all right. Don't cry bitiya. Stay with her. Also eat something for yourself. I am scared of you bitiya. Shall I come there?

Khushi (teary talk) : No Dadi I'll take care of hi…her.

Dadi keeps the phone and Khushi began to cry. She knew that Arnav's parents were abroad and he lived with his sister. She saw how her sister didn't even care for him. She never had understood about Arnav. Why was he like this. Perhaps she just had an infatuation at that time. But now! She didn't have any answer. She cried thinking there was nobody for him to weep except her. She sees Devi Maiyya's idol from far off.  She goes in front of her and prays. She cries and prays for his well being. She curses herself for being so stubborn. It was because of her even the Karma had hurt him.! It was all because of her ! Every time it was her who was hurting him. She was just curious about Arnav. But Arnav was  searching for her like mad to ask her a sorry . She weeps.

Meanwhile in the rickshaw,

Venkat: Well I didn't know your name. Anyways I'm Venkat Sharma. You?

Sahithya: I'm Sahithya Ma…..

But Venkat signs the rickshaw man immediately. She understood and smiles at him. Venkat knew her surname though and if she says it, she'll be recognized.

Sahithya: Can I ask you something?

Venkat: Yes and you might be wondering about that Arnav's similarities with me.

Sahithya is shocked : Ho…How do you know?

Venkat( chuckles): Well Khushi always says that to me and even once your father asked me.

Sahithya (shocked): You know about my father do you? Have you met him?

Venkat: Yes. I did my intern in his industry.  He also asked me to come for a dinner.

Sahithya: Ooo ya! He said that . Oh! So you are this Venkat! Look how is it all connected! He was praising you a lot. I guess you are his new manager right?

Venkat: Ya! That's right.

Sahithya (extending her hand): Congratulations.

Venkat shakes her hand. They become friends. They exchange their numbers.

She asked the rikshawman to stop 3 houses before her house to avoid any suspicions. She was about to open her purse when Venkat stopped her.

Venkat: I'll pay!

Sahithya: No, I'll pay. I always pay for myself and Arnav.( her face fell sad naming him).

Venkat: No I'll pay. Listen  I've got a job! Please! Allow me! And don't worry about Arnav. Khushi is there to take care of him.

Sahithya smiled a little at him and he waved her bye. As she reached her house. Rishab was really angry.

Rishab slapped at her. Sahithya got tears and was shocked.

Sahithya (shouting): Papa!!!! Why??

Rishab (gritting his teeth): It's 9.30pm. What were you doing till now?

Sahithya: I said that I was at my friend's place.

Rishab :and that friend is Arnav Singh Raizadha!!! Am I right??

Sahithya was shocked.

Rishab (continuing): I saw you both in the rickshaw !!! I knew it!! You were with him ! You were lying to me that your friend was hospitalized. How many lies Sahi??? how many?? You thought that by halting the the rikshaw 3 houses ahead, I'll not be able to notice you right? Well  I'm mathur!!! You get it!!!!

Sahithya had her tears falling. 

Sahithya: No… it's not true

Rishab: Don't you dare lie me..!

He pulls Sahithya to her bedroom and locks her.

Rishab (with tears): I'm hurting you now Sahi because I don't want to lose my child.

Sahithya (banging): papa ! it's not true!!! Listen to me!!!papa please !!! Listen to me once!!!

Sahithya cried a lot.

Rishab also went to his room and cried. She takes his with him and cries.

Rishab: Nitu I am sorry! I miss u a lot dear! Why did you leave me?? Your son and daughter needs you. I've got all! I've got money, I've got name, I've got sleep as well, I've got food to eat and everything. But my happiness is missing. Why is god doing like this??? I want my child. I can't give my child to a stranger. Especially to the one who had asked her to lie me. That guy made her to lie me.! I can't give my daughter's hands to him!

Rishab weeps hugging Nitu's photo.

Rishab: I can't marry again Nitu!  I loved you a lot and still do. Probably I'll love you forever! That's why I didn't marry anyone else.

He sits in his couch and keeps thinking. Sahithya cried a lot. Why was her papa reacting like this these days? Is he thinking that she'll leave him soon? Is it just because of possessiveness? What was wrong with Arnav? He hadn't met him before then why is he not listening to her?

Venkat on the other side reached home. He calls Khushi at once and made sure if it was all right for her to stay the whole night. Venkat looks in his mirror. How could this be? This guy was so much an exact of him! They can't be brothers. They really can't. He thought whether to tell his mom about his encounter or not. But chose to remain silent as they'd come to know about Khushi and Arnav's relationship.

Khushi was in the waiting room when a nurse came and informed her that the doctor was calling her. She rushed to the doctor.

Doctor: Don't worry miss, your friend is all right. But he has his right hand fractured. He is conscious now. You may go and meet him if you like.

Khushi was trembling and she went inside. 

He was murmuring

"Khushi I'm sorry" many times. Khushi cries.

Before he could complete his next sentence, she says

Khushi: Stop it.

She keeps a finger on his lips.  Arnav wakes up. He sees Khushi and gets happy.

Khushi: Why did you do such a thing?

Arnav: You were right ! Your words came true. Your curse is fulfilled. See?

Khushi cries and remembers her words how she cursed Arnav on that day. " When others know it, you'll be beaten to hell Raizadha! Now,  don't ever talk to me again!" Those were her last words to him.

Khushi: But imagine me! How much I've lost. Every pupil in the school loathed me. Everyone made fun of me. Everybody made sure that I was belittled. I planned a suicide in the terrace.

Arnav gets aghast.

Khushi continues: A 98% deserving girl got 79%. How would you feel when you know that you deserve more and you've got lesser than what you've expected. Answer me Raizadha! What must I do for those lost years.

Arnav remained silent and then burst into tears. He had no answers. He did  all these and had hurt Khushi badly. It's because of him, her life turned hell.  Khushi cries seeing him in tears. Why does she cry seeing him in pain? What made her so empathetic on Arnav when he had just hated her. Why she feels like he needs love from her even if he had hated her.

Jun 26

Episode- 17 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 38 times)

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Arnav: Khushi , Where is Sahi?

Khushi: Tell me your answer.

Arnav: I'm sorry Khushi, I really am. I now realize my mistake. I think Karma served me well.  After all I did to you…

Khushi: shh…. But Arnav you needn't ask sorry in front of everyone. You could've asked me directly .

Arnav: I asked you. But you didn't. Remember?

Khushi: But not like that!!! I wanted a better one. I am not a remote control, just as you ask sorry  in a park and I'll be forgiving you.  You are in extremes!

Arnav: I'm sorry about that too Khushi.

Khushi lets a tear fall.

Arnav: So are we friends? (extending his left hand)

Khushi: Of course(connecting)

As soon as she connects, she has chills in spines. She let go of it immediately.

Arnav: But where is Sahi? I badly wanna see her.

Khushi: She is at home. She persisted to stay. But I asked her to go. It's 2.30am by the way.

Arnav: Oh! I understand. Good thing that she went away. Does Di know anything about this?

Khushi didn't know what to say and she changed the topic.  She made him comfortable by making the eiderdown perfect for him.

Khushi: It has been so many years Arnav! Where were you? How are you doing?

Arnav: Well I'm good (sulkily). What about you?

Khushi: I'm well. I didn't know that you and Sahithya became so close. It's good that you are still maintaining the relationship.

Arnav: Yeah Thank you Khushi. By the way who was it? Who was that guy with you?

Khushi: you mean Venkat? He and I are…..

She blushed.

Arnav(smiling): You mean??

Khushi blushes and nods.

Arnav: Congrats Khushi. I am so happy for you. Wonder what you might have done to him seeing for the first time. Was he hospitalized? Did you beat him thinking him as me?

Khushi laughed but it turned out to be a cry later. She has tears in her eyes. 

Arnav: Why are you crying?

Khushi: It's because of me… (weeping)

Arnav: Sh… Plz I deserved this. But Thank God, well anyways he doesn't exist for me. If I hadn't undergone all this you wouldn't have been standing in front of me. Thank you Khushi for forgiving me. I would never do this to any other person again. It's a great lesson for me.

Khushi smiles with tears.  

Arnav: Khushi, I wanted to ask this! Don't think me wrong… But did you fall for Venkat because of me?

Khushi remained Silent.

Arnav : I mean.. I… don't mistake me….. It was just my curiosity.   I know I shouldn't be asking all these but….

Just then her phone rang and she goes outside. It was Venkat and he asked about Arnav. He cared for her too much.

She came back inside. Arnav was still awake.

Arnav: Khushi, I don't know anything about him, but I can say from the look in his eyes. He cares for you a lot. I saw him how he rushed back to you after getting me inside the ambulance.  He was not worried about me, but kept watching you while mounting me inside the ambulance. Also on that day when you were angry seeing me, I could sense his concern about you. I think he hates me.

Khushi: He doesn't actually. Otherwise he wouldn't have come for your rescue. And yeah! Even I must say! Sahi loves you a lot!

Arnav: I know right?

Khushi smiles at how he has started talking like her.

Khushi: She was really worried. I have got 5 missed calls from her. I didn't attend because I don't have further updates about you.

Arnav: Plz just go and tell her Khushi! I'm fine! just go!

Khushi nods and calls Sahithya. She says about Arnav's condition and she gets happy. Khushi questions why was she still sad.  Sahithya weeps and tells her all. Khushi pities her. She gets shocked knowing how Rishi mistook Venky as Arnav.

Khushi: You could have said to him na?

Sahi: I tried to but he was really angry. Khushi plz help me! I want to see Arnav today. Plzz Khushi. I can't stay here tomorrow.. Help me plz Khushi. Help me to unite with my love. I can't sleep without seeing him even for a day.  I want to see him badly Khushi. My heart is paining seeing him hurt.

Khushi pitied her. Okay! I'll arrange.

At 4.00 am. Khushi called Venkat and said about the situation.

Venkat: What?? Me?? No ways!

Khushi: plz! Plzz Venkat!

Venkat: No Khushi its risky. I can't cheat my guru.

After a way too much of please'z he agreed much hesitantly. 

He calls Sahithya and asked her to be ready. Sahithya gets happy.

Sahi: But Venkat. What if I get caught.

Venkat: Even I fear it. Shall I drop the plan?

Sahithya : No!!! Itz fine. I want to badly see Arnav. Come over. My room is upstairs.

In the morning, Venkat then goes to Rishab's house and he gets happy seeing him. 

Venkat: Sir I came to discuss about Mr. Mehta's file.

Rishab: Ah! Yes! Well please sit down. But are you forgetting something? (raised eyebrows)

Venkat becomes hazy and a bit scared. Does he know the truth?

Rishab (smiling) : You forgot to call me uncle.

Venkat( giving a sigh): I came here as your employee sir!

Rishab liked his answer and gets pleased with him. How is that this guy is so good!

He gestured his servants to bring it. As Venkat was looking here and there, he gets an idea.

Venkat: Sir, I need to go to the washroom.

Rishab:  Yeah it's over there.

Venkat goes towards it and calls Sahithya. Thank god! They had exchanged their numbers.

Sahi : Tell him that you are comfy with only Indian toilet. He'll direct you upstairs. To the right with pink door Is my room. I'm sorry Venkat.

Venkat: It's ok Sahithya,  Khushi asked me. I can't remain silent. I'll come there.

So Venkat did as he was said. Rishab directed him upstairs. But Venkat knew he wasn't going there. He searched for the pink door and found it. It was locked.  He heard a whisper from the door undercut (bottom gap of a door).

He crouched and heard that it was Sahithya. He kept his ears beneath.

Sahithya: I have the keys. I'll forward it down.

Venkat: Thank God! I was shocked initially.

She sends the keys beneath the undercut using a newspaper  and he unlocks the door with his heart thumping. He opens and Sahithya thanks him heartily.

Sahithya: Thank you so…

Venkat: Not now. There is less time left. I'll stay here the whole day making your dad busy.  Now I'll go down and make him shift his concentration. I'll give you a missed call when the site is clear.

Sahithya: I'll keep it in Vibration mode. So that it doesn't ring out loud. I'll lock this and go to avoid suspicion.

And so Venkat went downstairs and deviated Rishab's mind. Most of the servant went for breakfast. Only two of them were there and they were in the hall with Rishab.  Sahi tiptoed out an dwhen she reached the hall , she sighed him. Venkat starts coughing badly. Rishab panics.

Rishab :What happened Venkat.

He signed the servants to get water. Seeing Rishab panic, even the servants panicked. They were all concentrating on Venkat and Sahithya slipped to the main door and was off. She was happy that she is now a free bird. She hurries to the hospital.

Venkat who knows that Sahithya was off for now, stayed calm. But to his utter surprise,

Rishab: I'm sorry, I think I am taxing you.

Venkat: That's all right.

Rishab: I think you can go home now. I'll deal with this alone. Leave this one to me.

Venkat (shocked) : What?? No I must stay here till evening.

Rishab(confused): What but why??

Venkat didn't have an answer. Oh No!!!  His plan will be flopped. What would happen if Sahithya comes back home? She'll be caught oh no!!!!  What must he do?? Rishab was looking at him . He then decides that it is best to leave. He calls Sahithya and  tells everything to her. She gets shocked. But chose to remain there. 

Jun 27

Episode 18- Will Rishi ever understand his daughter? (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 33 times)

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Venkat goes to the hospital. Sahithya, Khushi and Venkat are outside the room.

Venkat: I had a doubt Sahi why didn't you open the door yourself when the keys were with you?

Sahithya: Because it can only be opened from outside!

Khushi: I think you must go now!

Sahithya: Any way I'll be getting scoldings from my father so it’s a waste to go early. I'll go patiently and get the scoldings.

Venkat: Sorry Sahi! It's becoz of me….

Sahi: No plz! I must thank you Venkat! Anyways I'll deal the matter later.

The doctor comes out of the room.

Doctor: He's all right. It's a miracle. We'll be shifting him to the ward.

Anjali (coming to him): Doctor can we discharge him this evening?

Doctor : But..

Anjali: I want him home doctor. I'll pay. He'll feel better there. Please? I'll take care of the payment.  But please do arrange a nurse  and other things required.

Doctor: Okay come with me. Let us complete the formalities.

Khushi, Sahithya and Venkat gets happy knowing Asr will be back home.

Khushi (secretly): Venkat I don't know if making friends with these people would be a good option. But I'm scared. Are you sure we must make friends with them? I mean we’ve forgiven them , So let us leave. Why are we supposed to be here now? He is all right.

Venkat: No Khushi, We must make friends with them if they are interested. I know we are being purposeful but there is no other option. It happens. The meeting wasw meant to happen ptherwise God would have not made us meet him. We must cooperate. He will become Rishi mathur's Son in law. So we must make friends with him. Who knows we might become friends forever! Four in a gang!! Imagine?

Khushi didn't know what to say. It was new that Venkat for her started socializing. Perhaps even she must move on. What Venkat was saying was right.


Venkat goes inside after seeking the permission from the nurse.  

As Arnav and Venkat see each other, they smile.

Arnav: I don't know who you are. But one thing is quite sure. You and me could become partner in crime.

Venkat laughed and shook hands with him introducing himself.

Venkat made Arnav sit on the bed.

Arnav:  Thank you so much Venkat. If it weren't you,  donno even if I'd be alive or not. If it weren't you making me reach the ambulance, Donno what might have happened. 

Venkat: Plz… Plzz.. Arnav don't say like that. It was my duty.

Arnav: Anyways. But I was literaaly shocked seeing you and still am.

Venkat: So do I. By the way your sister made sure that you reach home soon. You'll be discharged by evening they said.

Arnav: What thank god. Does my di know about this. I mean have you seen any other girl asking me?

Venkat: yeah! Its she who had discharged you.

Arnav: Venkat, Can I ask you something?

Venkat: Sure! What?

Arnav: Are you mad at me? I  mean after all what I did to Khushi?

Venkat: Initially I was! I must say that. I felt like ripping off your soul.

Arnav laughed.

Venkat: But after all what you've faced, I thought that you deserved it! You did pay off well for what you had done. God himself gave you the punishment. He served you right. So, taking the law in my hands is a waste now. So, as for your answer, I am not angry now.

Arnav: I don't know what to say Venkat. But Khushi deserves a good person like you! She deserved you after what she had faced. I know I'm asking more from you. But anyways the decision is yours! Are we friends.

He says extending his left hand (Right one is fractured) . Venkat shook it off. He gets serious.

Arnav (feared) : Sorry, I won't ask again. I know this is too much. You've forgiven me and I must be happy for that. I shouldn't  ask more. Sorry again.

Venkat: Arrre!!! Dost log hath milate hain. Par Bhai log Gale milte hain! (friends shake hands,  but Bros hug each other)

He hugs him. Arnav had a tear fall. Venkat wipes it off. He smiles seeing him.

Arnav: I've lost so much . I'm not the same old jolly type Arnav to make friends for a purpose.  I don't know what happened. I have changed.

Venkat: Changed for good. And you've started to become emotional Arnav.

Arnav : How do you know that I wasn't emotional before?

Venkat: Khushi used to say that you were emotionless. She remembers seeing you as a jolly chap surrounded by friends.

Arnav:  I guess they were my friends just because of my money and coolness.  I know even the ones whom I had trusted didn't come for my rescue. I saw you holding my hands while mounting me on the Ambulance. At that time, you might be angry with me, but you never lost humanity.

Venkat smiled. The doctor comes inside and now Anjali looked at Venkat shocked.

Anjali (open mouthed) : Hey! You , chote!

Venkat smiles at her.  Anjali hadn't noticed him previously as she was in a hurry burry. So she only looks at him now.

Arnav: Di! I'll tell you later.

Anjali cries seeing her chote's condition.

Arnav: I'm fyn di!! Don't worry about me!

Anjali goes out and stands with tears. She couldn't see her chote in pain. He was wearing his arm sling.

Sahithya goes towards her and calms her. Anjali gives an angry look at Khushi.

Anjali : It's because of you!!!! You !! I came to know about it!

Khushi is sad.

Sahithya: No di! Plzz! She was here in the hospital the whole night.

Anjali: Repenting for what she did.

Khushi cried. Venkat who was out by now was about to speak when Khushi blocked him and she shook him off.  Venkat was furious about Anjali's words.

The doctor came out and said that they can start packing as he'll arrange Arnav's treatment in the Raizadha Mansion.  Khushi signals Venkat to go home.


They both go to their respective places. Khushi calls Venkat and asks

Khushi: Venky, I still donno whether this is a good decision or not.

Venkat: Relax Khushi, but if you feel like you are uncomfortable, then it's ok. I'm sorry that I forced you to adjust. I am sorry that I asked you to be friends with Arnav. If not then…..

Khushi (Interrupting) : No! plz! Venkat. I don't want to be selfish. You have never asked me anything before. You were there with me when no one did. You always did what I craved for. Now isn't it my turn to help my baby?

Venkat : Thanks Khushi.

Khushi: I know it's my baby's dream job. Now don't say anymore thank you's!!!

Venkat smiles.

Venkat remembers something as it strikes to him and tells it to Khushi. She then nods him.

On the other side, Arnav is back home. Anjali tends to Arnav and cries,.

Arnav: is the deal over di?

Anjali: Which deal?

Arnav: The one which you had yesterday night. You said you went for a meeting na?

Anjali: How do you know?

Anjali thinks that Khushi might have said it to him. She gets angry imaging things. She gets negative perception of Khushi.

Arnav: I just guessed it!

Anjali: Don't you lie me chote! I know it! It's because of that Khushi! How could she do such a thing! Why did you do like this chote? Why was it necessary to ask sorry to that middle class girl???

She cries.

Arnav: Di!!! Stop it! It was my decision! I made a grave mistake. I had thought it was cool to make things work for me even at other's cost. I made a grave mistake during my school days. That's why god punished me like this. What I'm suffering is not because of her Di! It is because of my mistake.

Anjali: But you also made a mistake because of her na? It's her who made you do like that. Even the mistake you did involved her!!!! I don't like that girl.

Arnav: That's okay if you don't like her. But don't make false accusations of her di! Plz!!

Anjali remains silent.

After sometime, Sahithya reaches home.

Rishab had blood fury eyes as she faces him. She cries and gets scared.

Rishab didn't slap her but broke the vase nearby due to rage. He asks Sahithya to come inside.

He shuts the door. He asks the perplexed servants to go. Sudharshan was there with tears in his eyes. Sahithya gets shocked seeing him.

Rishab (angrily) : I didn't know that my kids have become friends too!

Sahithya becomes hazy as she didn't know what was her father speaking.

Sudharshan (crying) : No! it's not true dad! I didn't unlock the door.

Jun 28

Episode 19 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 32 times)

Rishab (angrily) : I didn't know that my kids have become friends too!

Sahithya becomes hazy as she didn't know what was her father speaking.

Sudharshan (crying) : No! it's not true dad! I didn't unlock the door.

Rishab: Shut up!!! The servants were off for breakfast and I was with Venkat. So at that time you must have released her to meet her beloved !!! right???

Sudharshan: NO!

Sahithya then gets it! Poor Bhai! He is been blamed for no mistake of his. She then remembers how Khushi was blamed for no mistake of hers by Arnav. No!!! She must not create another Khushi.  She raised her voice.

Sahithya: papa! It's….

But before she could raise hers, there came Venkat's voice,

Venkat: Uncle! It was me who had released Sahithya.

Everyone is shocked seeing him. Khushi stands thereby with him. As soon as Khushi comes in the view Sudharshan sees her with pure lust. His jaw drops. Venkat becomes uncomfortable seeing it. He goes upstairs hurriedly and from the top he admires Khushi.

Rishab: What?? But hhh….how? You?

Venkat: I'll tell you uncle.

Rishab: Please sit down. Let's talk.

 Venkat says all. He says how Arnav was beaten.  How he was taken to the hospital. Rishab is shocked listening to all these.  Sahithya says that she came with Venkat on that day. Rishab gets angry seeing him.

Venkat: I'm sorry sir, but I've kept the things open now! It's your decision to whether keep me in your job or not! I did this for Khushi and Sahithya's sake. Whatever you say will be accepted sir, I'll take it whole heartedly.

Khushi holds Venkat's hands. Venkat was eyeing Rishab. There was a silence for few minutes. Sudharshan meanwhile signals Khushi and she felt something wrong in him. He was cat calling her. He signaled a kiss to her. Khushi loathes him  and turns away. Venkat didn't notice this.

Rishab: I'm very much angry for what you did Venkat! You interfered with my daughter's life and as my employee, you mustn't interfere with her life!

Venkat's heart was pounding and Khushi was in tears.  Sahithya was looking at her dad persistently.

Rishab: But as a friend you can! You have all rights!!  I am surprised by all your plans. How you had planned. Well I must say Venkat Tumne mere aakhon mein hi dhool dal di hai!( You fooled me!) and I must say! It was a childish plan though but you played it well man! Mathur Industries wouldn't want to lose an employee like you. You are in !

Venkat smiles at him. He hugs him. Sudharshan from the top loathes at them.  Sahithya hugs Khushi.

Sudharshan: When I was mistaken, he was cold with fury. But if it is this guy then it's okay. Why is papa so found of him? What is in him that's not in me? Why is he so special? That middle class toad!! Wait till I show my wrath on you!

He hits the table with fury.

Sudharshan (angrily): I'll vow to take revenge on you Venkat! See it! And that girl will never be yours!!! Mark my words!!! Khushi will never be yours Venkat!!!! 

Rishab: Khushi right?

Khushi (surprised) :Yes sir!

Rishab: I'm not your sir, call me uncle beta.

Khushi smiles. Sahithya says thank you to Venkat and he nods. 

Rishab: Come sit. Let's have dinner. Khushi nudges Venkat .

Venkat: Ahm. Sir, It's late, we need to go home.

Rishab: No you must have dinner. You've brought this girl for the first time. Plz

Venkat:  I'm sorry sir, I am afraid that we need to go home now.

Rishab then agrees after some if's and but's. They both go home.

Sahithya gors to her room. Rishab remembers Venkat's words and goes behind her with food. He goes to her room and keeps the food on her table Sahithya doesn't talk to him.

Rishab: Sorry beta!

Sahithya doesn't look at him but gets tears in her eyes. Rishab goes and hugs her.

Rishab: I am sorry bitiya. I have treated you very bad. How could I be so mad? Tell me bitiya what must I do?

Sahithya remains silent. 

Rishab holds his ears and looks at her. Sahithya isn't convinced still. She just stops him and looks away.

Rishab:  But you must also think from my point of view. As a father, what am I supposed to do when my child is covering things. I know I reacted in a bad way but imagine me princess! How must I react? You know every father is possessive about his daughter!  Especially me! I need to take care of you more as I don't have the support of your mother.

Sahithya (concerning) : You love her still do you?    

Rishab: Till my last breath!

Sahithya hugs him. He gets happy.

Rishab: I just am very much possessive of you Sahi! I want a guy to love you the same way I loved your mom. That's why I was angry.When my bitiya is with me for so many years and suddenly thinking about her marriage made me react like this. My princess has grown up so much. I still consider you as my 5 months old daughter. Now considering about your life partner, he shouldn't be a mistake for you. You must marry the right one . I don't want to see my daughter suffer.

Sahithya: But Arnav  is the right one for me dad. He loves me a lot! We still are in a relationship. Probably this year we'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary of togetherness.

Rishab thinks and says,

Rishab: Are you sure that you love him and he loves you back?

Sahithya: Of course dad. He loves me just the way you love me.

Rishab: Do you wish to get married with him?

Sahithya: Ofcourse dad! Then why would I be in a relationship with him till now? I wish him to be my husband. It's not an infatuation dad! It's love! I love him!

Rishab: Okay then,  I must go to his house one day. I must meet his family. At least to know how my daughter would live with them.

Sahithya cries and thanks him. He hugs her back.

Sahithya: I have no words how to thank you dad!

Rishab gets happy seeing his daughter happy.

He asks her to eat but she asks him to feed her. He smiles and feeds her.  After sometime he goes out and asks sorry to Sudharshan. As usual  he doesn't react much. Rishab apologizes Sudharshan and hugs him stating that he loved him and is so proud of him. Sudharshan smiles at him.  After Rishab goes away,

Sudharshan: I know it dad! You like that guy more than me. You hugged him for the mistake he did.   But I get a hug only for your mistake. I'll vow to take revenge with that guy!!! And my target is that girl. Venkat I'll vow that she'll never be yours!!

Meanwhile Khushi is in at her house.

Khushi  gets the same dream. Arnav makes her wear the mangalsutra and puts the sindhoor on her forehead.

She wakes up swiftly and has sweat in her forehead.

Khushi: No!! this is just a dream ! This is just it!!! I know it! It will not happen!

She gets scared due to trepidation.  She drinks water and then dozes again.

But then again a dream came not this one! 

But another,

Venkat (crying): I didn't expect that this day would even come in my life,  Khushi!!!

Khushi cries. She is in her bridal dress in her room. Dadi was in the chair still as a statue. She had no words to say.

Venkat: It's all my fault Khushi!!! It's all mine!!! I shouldn't have….. you know!!! I shouldn't have left you on that day…..

He couldn't continue as he weeps and howled. He bawled as he sees someone coming inside the room. It is not Arnav but an angry Anjali. Anjali comes inside the room and asks,

Anjali (angrily) : I knew that you'll marry chote somehow!!!! I knew it!! One of my worst fears came true! It's all because of you!!! If it wasn't you then!!!

Venkat (angrily):Don't you talk to her like that……….!

Khushi: Plz Venkat Plz stay away! It's my family matter!. She is my family now!

Venkat's reaction wasn't noticed as Khushi wakes up again with more fear. 

She bathed with sweat and fear.

Is this true?? Would this happen???

Khushi: Hey Bhagvan! What's happening???

She goes in front of Devi Maiyya's idol and cries.

Khushi: I feel like, I feel like this dream of mine is true. I am getting the ambiance as if I am living in this dream Devi Maiyya! It kinda makes me feel as if it is going to happen!! I couldn't imagine Venkat crying in front of me and that too in this way! I can't imagine myself marrying Arnav when Venkat is there or maybe Venkat watching us getting married. Hey Bhagvaan!!!! What to do???  It felt as if it was going to happen.  My mind is oscillating like hell.

Khushi thinks vaguely.

The next day,

Khushi gets a call from Venkat. She thinks for an instance whether to say about her dream or not. But decided not to.

Venkat: Hey babe! Come on let us go!

Khushi: Where?

Venkat: What you forgot huh? We must look at him na?

Khushi: No you go!

Venkat: Why?? Khushi why aren't you coming? I thought you had forgiven Arnav.

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Jun 29

Episode 20 Truth or Dare?? (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 29 times)

Khushi : No it's not for Arnav, It's for his didi!  You saw right? You and Sahi go, I will not come.

Venkat: Oh sorry Khushi! I forgot! I really am sorry for all this. Listen I still somehow feel like forcing you to forgive him for my needs, makes me selfish!

Khushi: Plz I've already said that Venky! You must not say like that! You've never asked me anything before Venkat and I trust you! If you are asking me to forgive Arnav then it means there is a bigger cause for you to deal with or let it be a cause to deal for us! We are together in this Venkat!

Venkat: But still Khushi! I feel like I am using you. Initially due to anxiety I asked you to do such a thing. But now I just don't like forcing you to do something for my sake. It's just that I shouldn't have asked you to forgive your enemy! Or your first crush who messed up your life.  It stroke me yesterday!I made you to forgive someone who was preoccupied in your mind. I  have seen you disturbed many times with the past and here I actually am asking you to forgive Arnav. This job thing made me only think about myself and our families and not you! I'll get another job Khushi!   Now I'm planning to resign!

Khushi: If you resign I'll break up with you!

Venkat: What??? This can't happen!

Khushi: Well this must!

Venkat: No I cannot imagine living without you!

Khushi remembers the dream how Venkat cried in front of her. She remains silent.

Venkat: Khushi, I know you are perplexed let us discuss patiently. I'll leave this job and…

Khushi: Stop it!!! Now it's not your decision it’s mine! I have decided to make friends with Arnav and move on! We'll all be a gang of four hanging out together. We'll all be best friends. I've planned not merely to forgive him but to make friends with him!  Now it's my decision.  Got it?

Venkat: But Khushi! You are  doing this for me right and……………..

Khushi: Stop it babe! It's final!

Venkat: Okay then I'll go to his house today.

Khushi: Yes plz! And do buy some good apples for him.

Venkat goes to Arnav's house and he smiles. Sahithya was already there. Anjali liked Venkat and she serves him food. Venkat initially denied but Arnav asked him to eat. Sahithya and  Arnav asked about why Khushi didn't come. Arnav feared if she hadn't forgiven him. Venkat says something  and manages the situation. They spend  good time together. 

After few days, Khushi and the gang became good friends. Khushi never was really happy. This was her best moment in her life. The four of them never were apart.  The school issue was also sorted as Arnav and Khushi went and solved it. People who bet Arnav asked sorry.All four of them often meet each other in the park. It was their routine to see each other at least for a day. Sahithya's college ended and  after a few days even Khushi's was over. Khushi hugged everyone after finishing her exams. Arnav's arm was all right after a few days.

It was Khushi's birthday and everyone celebrated it giving her a big surprise. She turns 22!!!   She had tears in her eyes and stated that she had never been this much happy before. She cries and everyone hugs her. The gang  of four were very much happy with each other.

One day in the park,

Everyone were sitting in four corners in the ground.'

Khushi: Sahi! Is it okay for you to sit on the ground I mean are you used to it?

Sahi : Hey! Khushi Don't you remember. I used to talk a lot during the school days and the teachers would punish me to sit down . You know my father had strictly warned them to treat me as a student. 

Khushi gets sad remembering how the teachers would punish her for no mistake of hers. Before Sahi could say a sorry, Arnav said sorry to her. She looks on.

Arnav (changing topic): But Sahi! I had always thought this one. When I confessed the truth to everyone,  why did you go in search of Khushi to the park. What if she weren't there and you had to go somewhere else? If that would have happened then I would be dea….

Sahi keeps her finger on his lips.

Sahi: Don't you dare say that! I love you babe! It was my instincts which said that Khushi would be there so it happened. God made me the way Arnav. Well if you have a slightest perseverance that God exist!

Arnav:  Yes I do!

Everyone is shocked. Arnav nods

Arnav: Yeah! After I met Khushi again I thought God had given me a chance to ask sorry to her. I don't believe in him too much but yes I  think God is somewhere there in this world.  I still don't believe in all those pooja and all but I do believe that he exists somewhere.

Others gets shocked.

Venkat: Okay guys! Let's play something! A game maybe!

Sahi: Cool! Which game?

Arnav: Truth or Dare!

Khushi: No!!!

Venkat: Yes!.

Other three raise their hands. Majority wins so they play truth or dare game. Venkat had a bottle and he spins it.

It pointed from Sahi to Khushi.

Sahi: Truth or dare.

Khushi: Well I'm scared of truth so let it be a dare!

Sahi: Cool! Do you see that uncle over there? You must go and wear his spectacles.

Khushi: What ? No! How can I?

Arnav and Venkat: It's a dare Khushi!!!

Khushi silently goes to the uncle who was sitting alone on the seat and said that she was playing truth or dare and luckily he understood. He gave her his spectacles and Khushi wore it. Others rolled on floor with their hands on their stomach. Khushi pouted.  They spin again and the bottle pointed from Venkat to Sahi.

Venkat: Truth or dare?

Sahi: Truth. I don't have the guts for a dare!

Venkat: Okay! Say what you feel about Arnav.

Sahithya: Arnav is my babe and is my soul mate. He is the one who was with me during my tough times. He never belittled me. He always praised me whenever I do something good. He is loyal to me and the proof is we'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary this year. In short,  he is the best man in this world.

Khushi and Venkat gives a shout. Arnav stares at her admiringly.

Then they spin the bottle.

It was pointing from Venkat to Arnav.

Venkat: Wow! Again me!!

Sahi: No that's cheating.

Khushi (giggling): It's fate Sahi. Let him!

Sahithya pouts.

Venkat: Truth or Dare?

Arnav: I'm Arnav Singh Raizadha! so I'll choose Dare!

Venkat: Kiss Sahithya!

Arnav: What? Here?

Venkat: In her lips!

Khushi is shocked. Her giggles went into aghast.

Sahi: No Way!!! You need to ask me right?

Venkat: I know right? (like her) But it's Arnav's dare! You can't do anything.

Suddenly Arnav holds Sahithya's hands and stares at her. She gets nervous.

Sahithya:  Babe, It's……….. It's……………

She couldn't complete her sentence as she was shut in his kiss. Ha! to whom are you challenging? He kissed her in her lips and it was only Venkat who was shouting by now. Khushi didn't know what was happening in front of her. She felt insecure. She didn't know how to react. Why did she feel uncomfortable seeing Arnav kissing her?  Why was she still onto him? She had tears in her eyes unknowingly. Venkat saw this.

Venkat: Khushi what happened?

Khushi: Nothing… It's just the dust.

Venkat claps his hands and Sahithya blushed hiding herself in Arnav's shirt. Arnav stared at her smiling.

They spin the bottle again.

It was from Arnav to Khushi.

Arnav: Ahh! My turn!!! Truth or dare?

Khushi (lost) : Dare.(She didn't know what she was saying. The scene of him kissing Sahi replayed in her mind.

Arnav: Cool!! Tit for tat Venky boy! Khushi you have to kiss Venkat!

Khushi: What?

Arnav(Raised eyebrows): In his lips.

Venkat blushes.  Khushi is shocked

Arnav: You have to! It's  a dare Khushi!

Khushi remains mum. She doesn't want to kiss Venkat and that too in his lips.

Khushi: No I won't!

Others are shocked! Venkat looks at her.

Sahi: It's a dare Khushi! We aren't asking you to kiss someone else! We are asking you to kiss your boyfriend.

Khushi:  I mean I can't! I don't want to kiss in public.

Sahi (stern voice): You have to Khushi! You chose dare!

Arnav: Go on Khushi! It's just us! Aren't we your friends?

Khushi cries.  Others are shocked. Why is Khushi crying??

Khushi( teary): No I don't want to ! I can't kiss…

Venkat(serious): Leave it Sahi! She isn't comfortable doing it in public.

Sahi: But have you ever kissed him before? I doubt it though.(raising her eyebrows)

Before Khushi could answer anything, Venkat says……

Venkat( still eyeing Khushi seriously): We have done it in college. Yes I've kissed her there.

Khushi looks at him. He was looking sternly at her.

Sahi: Wow! Go on! How was it?

Venkat (eyeing at Khushi seriously):  It was a smooth one. She blushed heavily after that. Khushi said that she missed me so much so I came to the college and kissed her. She didn't expect it! It was a surprise for her. I kissed as she cried how she missed me. We lost ourselves in each on that day.

Khushi looked at him.

Arnav: WoW!! Romantic!!

Sahi: We must give you penalty for not doing it now Khushi. You must sing a song instead.

Khushi sings a song and looks at Venkat who was lost in his thoughts.  She knew that what Venkat said was just a story. He made up a story in front of them. She knew it! They hadn't kissed before. Now they spin the bottle again and it was from Venkat to Khushi. Venkat was serious by now. He lost  the jolliness of the game .

Venkat (hoarse voice): Truth or dare?

Khushi: Tru..Truth!

Venkat: Guessed it! Do you still like Arnav?

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