Antecedent or Accident?-Completed

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May 30

Antecedent or Accident? (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 74 times)

Main Characters

Khushi Kumari Gupta:

21 year old girl. Timid and reserved for others.But very much talkative to her granny. Lost her parents at a very young age. Doesn't talk much. Serious about cultural aspects. Dreams a lot about things connected to her especially about people. Has an unforgettable past.   Studying in 3rd year and is about to finish it in two months. She doesn't have many friends. Has a boyfriend Venkat Sharma who looks similar to her first crush in school except for his chin and eyebrows. 

Devyani Gupta :

Khushi's grandmother.A Widow since 16 years. Khushi is  her world. Her only son Shashi gupta and her daughter in law had passed away 13 years ago. God fearing personality. Loving, caring as well as a very friendly personality. Always listens to Khushi but regarding rituals and culture, she is very much strict about it. She doesn't speak much to others. A Reserved character.

Others will be added then and there. 

"Aaaaahh! Noooooooooooooooo! ".

Khushi swiftly wakes up from her bed sweating. She wheezes with trepidation (fear). She touches her forehead and wipes her sweat off exhaling. She cools down slowly. She sees the time and bangs her forehead.

Khushi: It's 9.30 Am !! Why didn't dadi (Paternal grand mom) wake me up? Oh no! I have to go to the college!

She gets up making her bed. She runs out of the room and sees her dadi drinking lassi ( sweetened buttermilk).

Khushi: Dadi, why didn't you wake me up. I need to go to the coll…

Dadi: it's Sunday Khushi!

It then strikes to Khushi. Ah Yes!

Dadi: By the way, why were you shouting?

Khushi: And why didn't you come for my rescue. See you, drinking lassi coolly without even caring for your granddaughter.    

Dadi: Well I'm used to your shouts often. What did you dream of today? The same old one?

Khushi(saying pensively): No, old-old one…

Dadi: What? Come again? Why are you looking so tensed?

Khushi: Nothing Dadi, I'll go and get ready.

Dadi: But where? Do you want me to accompany you?

Khushi: No, I need to go out alone. I have some work.

Dadi: Hey Bhagwan!! Yeh Ladki bhi na! ( Oh god!! This girl!) Wonder what happened today.

Khushi goes inside her room and checks her phone she sees 7 missed calls from "Venky".  She panics. She calls him swiftly.

Venky: Khushi, where are you? I called you many times. Why didn't you answer me? 

Khushi : Sorry Venky, I dozed off.  Tell me what made you to call me this many times.

Venky: Listen, I need to talk to you… it's really important… and.. and .. just come over.

Khushi: Ya, even I want to talk to you. I was about to come there.

Venky: What? Even you?

Khushi: Listen it's about my dream… and.. and…

Venky: The same old one huh?

Khushi: No old-old one.

Venky: What? What are you saying?

Khushi: No I'll come there and tell you. Why do you sound very happy? Any good news?

Venky: I'll say it in person. Come to the park.

Khushi: But at least hint me?   

Venky: No! I won't. I want to see your reaction. 

Khushi: Mr. Venkat Sharma! You are inexplicable….

Venky: So are you darling..

Khushi blushed.

Khushi: I'll be there soon.

Khushi goes to her washroom and splashes  water on her face. Looking into the mirror she becomes hazy of her thoughts. 

Khushi (Thinking) "How could I imagine such a thing? And that too after years.. Why am I suddenly getting thoughts about you?"

Still staring at the mirror, she reaches for her towel. She wipes her face and looks into the mirror vaguely.

"I don't know what happened to me… I haven't seen him since 5 years(with 2 years of daydreaming about him). Why so suddenly?? How could this happen? Are these signs that I'll be meeting him again? No! I don't wish to meet him again…! How could I dream of him all of a sudden? It's been 3 years I've had such dreams of him. But in all those dreams, I had only seen him in a negative way or perhaps he is that way real. But now, I see him as……"

Dadi(outside the room): Khushi, I've made you some Kachoris. Come over and eat them. Did you bath?

Khushi: Ya Dadi, I'm coming. No, I'm yet to. I'll come in 15 minutes.

Dadi: Offfoh! What were you doing until now? Come soon. Otherwise It'll be cold. Wonder what happened to this girl and whom she is thinking about!

Khushi(looking into the mirror indistinctly she muttered) : Arnav Singh Raizadha!

Jun 2

Episode 2 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 79 times)

Khushi(looking into the mirror indistinctly she muttered) : Arnav Singh Raizadha!

She bathes and comes out of the room.

Dadi: Khushi, come let us eat.

But Khushi was busy packing the kachoris in a box.

Dadi: Why are you packing those?? Let's eat.

Khushi: No Dadi I must leave. I'll be eating with my friends.   

Dadi: But tell me where are you going.

Khushi: I'm going to the park.

She hurries and goes out of the Gupta's house. She goes by walking to the park. While walking, she gets all the reminiscing moments about Arnav. How come is that she could dream of him so suddenly ? She had literally forgotten him. Why today? She thinks of her tragic past. She gets upset. Thinking vaguely about him without blinking ,

(to herself)

Khushi : Do I still like him? And for all that had happened between us.

She remembers the tragic and says

Khushi: No! It can't be. The dream just came like that.  Anyways why am I still thinking about him?

She shrugged.

Khushi: Ok Khushi, stop thinking of him. He's no more for you. He is dead according to you. Don't even bother to wonder what he might be doing at the moment. You've got Venky with you.

Venkat Sharma: Her college senior. Elder to her by three years. Failed in class 12 board exam. So he wasted a year. But don't judge him by his less marks, he has way knowledge than any of his school mates have. Smart looking handsome hunk.  Very much similar to Khushi in terms of character. But is flexible both in terms of traditional as well as modern lifestyle.  Understands Khushi a lot. Her only friend and is the only purpose for her to come to college daily (for two years). But as he graduated, Khushi felt a lot more alone without him. He is her mentor, guide as well as her oxygen. Hailed from a middle class family. Father is a retired clerk. Mother is a housewife. Last, not the least but more importantly, a look alike of Arnav. Except for his chin and eyebrows. Anyone who had seen Arnav and Venkat would actually be confused. But when Venkat is near, then they could easily identify him.  




(hehe... confused?? wait for it...)

Remembering about Venkat, came a huge smile on her face. She still Remembers the first day she met him. 


When Khushi was new to the college (1st year) , she went home at 10.00 am without informing her class incharge. She didn't know that even in college, they must inform their teachers. (Hehe initially, every college is supposed to show or better boast how strict they are) . The next day, she along with some of her classmates who had bunked the class, were caught by her class incharge and asked them to meet her at the break time. Khushi and her classmates were outside the staff room getting (pretending, to be honest) nervous.

Riya: Hey! You're Khushi Na? Even you bunked like us to watch a movie?

Others giggled

Khushi: No, I went out with my grandmother.

Monisha: Don't you try to lie us. Where did you actually go?  Come on! We won't tell anything to anyone.

Khushi had heard these words before. She gets lost in her thoughts. Well this time she didn't lie anything. 

Khushi: No. I'm only telling the truth.

With that she sees the stairway in front of her. Her eyes went on a man who came descending like the Greek god. He had worn his shoulder strap of the bag at one side with his thumb holding the buckle. The glass window near the stairway refracted the sun rays on him. While descending  at one split second, he eyed Khushi. Then he eyed the gateway and went away. Khushi was literally lost. Without discerning, she lost herself and was about to go behind him ensorcelled. "Arnav" murmured Khushi.  Yes! He was very much similar to Arnav. The same brown eyes and probably an inch taller than Arnav or who knows, after 2 years Arnav might have grown an inch taller.

Nayantara (Holding Khushi's hand) : Hey! Where are you going? We are supposed to meet our class incharge.

Jeevitha: Hey look at that guy over there, he is heading towards the main gate. He is also bunking the classes. They are catching us for bunking the classes and look at him, they are not even bothering him. Look how cool he is going out towards the main gate without even bothering that he is crossing the staff room nearby.

Khushi is still mesmerized. Was she dreaming? Had she seen Arnav? Is Arnav studying in the same college? No! it can't be Arnav as he  had written in fb that he is studying in another college. How could this be?

Monisha: They are seniors, they don't care about them.

Nayantara: How do you say so?

Monisha: Look at the colour of his id-card. These dramas are just to show how strict is the management to the first years.

Riya:  So, do you think that when we become the seniors , even we'll be allowed to bunk the college?

Nayantara: Hope so! Hey Khushi! Why are you so silent?

Khushi who was thinking about Arnav came out of the trance.

Khushi (panicking): Oh…uh…. Ya… Actually I'm really scared.

Jeevitha: Hey! Even we are caught just like you. See how cool we are. Why are you so shy? I mean I thought that initially just like everyone when they are new to the college, they act apprehensive. But its two and a half months. Try opening up Khushi. Don't dissimulate yourself. By the way where are you from?

Khushi: I'm from Jalpari high school. What about you?

Just then, Maam came outside and cued everyone to assemble around her.

Maam: What is this girls? Boys are better nowadays. First tell me one by one. Where did you all go?

   you first Nayantara.

Nayantara: Maam, I went home. I was not feeling well.

Maam: You could have said that to me earlier. You ought to inform your class maam. Next one?

Jeevitha: Even me.

After hearing all the 'me too's '  she said,

Maam: So I ought to call your parents and ask them whether you all were home early yesterday.

Everyone was bewildered except Khushi. She knew that she was home yesterday. When maam was about to take her cell phone everyone except Khushi chorused

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Maaam"

Maam  perused all their faces with a raised eyebrow.

Everyone signalled Monisha with a nod.

Monisha: Maam, we all went for a movie.

Maam: What?? So everyone had lied to me.

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Episode 3 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 67 times)

Maam: What?? So everyone had lied to me.

Khushi interrupted : Maam I was honestly at home. You can very well asked my dadi.

Others prompted by signalling something to her. But Khushi took no notice of them.

Maam : Ok Khushi I believe you.  But others! You've got a hell outta me. You know? Your principal had asked me to give your names and do the proceedings.

Jeevitha: What proceedings?

Others hit her by their elbows indicating her to stop asking her.  Maam wrote all others name except Khushi's. Others fumed with resentment.

Maam: Khushi, you may leave.

Khushi: Thank you maam.

She walks away sensing them remarking about her from behind. As she moves she asked herself "was it Asr?".

But Asr was studying in another college which is known for its posh name. Why would he join this college? Afterall he is very much rich…. Was she daydreaming ? No, there was definitely a guy descending the steps as Jeevitha had also seen him. She reiterates her memory of the guy descending the steps with shoulder strap. Might be, it would have been another guy whom she is matching with Arnav.  She shrugs and goes to her class. No matter how coolly she takes the situation, it still reiterates in her mind.

Khushi: Excuse me maam, May I come in?

Maam: Why are you late? It's been 20 minutes since the third hour has started and where are the others?

Khushi: Maam, Latha maam had called me to meet her during the break hour. Others are still there.

Maam: Oh ya I know!  But the way, where did you go yesterday.

Khushi: I went Home.

Maam: Don't you know that you are supposed to inform us?

Khushi: Sorry Maam.

Maam: Get inside.

Khushi comes inside and sits. The others who were caught came back to the class in group glaring at Khushi. How could she escape alone? The Lecturer asked them as well.

Jeevitha: Maam, we went to watch a movie.

The boys who were in the class had their eyes similar to orbs.

Maam (with a smile): It's not bad to go for a movie, but why did you all bunk the class?

Riya: Maam, we wanted to watch it first day with first show.

Boys in the class giggled. Girls were all listening curiously.

Maam (with a raised eyebrow): What did your maam say?

Nayantara: Well, she asked us to meet the principal and he gave us a warning.

Maam: Okay don't repeat it again. Get inside.

The girls came inside and eyed Khushi.   Khushi took no notice of their glares but instead felt pity for them as they had to meet the principal. Khushi used to sit alone in the class. So she never cared what others thought of her as she doesn't need them for any purpose.  She wants friends to be made with heart and not for a purpose.

Monisha: psst listen folks. How could she escape like that? Why didn't the class teacher punish her. Perhaps her face is similar to a nerd.

Nayantara: Well, as the fact says she was at home or perhaps she went out with her granny, she ought to be let go off.

Riya: Offoh Why to discuss about things that are over.

Monisha: No Riya, It's just that….

Maam: Enough!! Listen here. .. Do you want to meet the principal again?

Monisha (standing up): Oooops sorry maam.

Khushi who was lost in her thoughts was getting difficult to concentrate, the hour.  She keeps her hand on forehead, resting the elbow on the table, deeply contemplating.   

Few months pass by. The semesters are over and Khushi secures the first mark in the class. The boys congratulate her and the 'movie group' envies her.

One day,

Maam: Listen everyone, there is supposed to be a renovation in the third floor. So from tomorrow onwards, you are all supposed to shift to the 5th floor. Anyways, the next year you all would be there already by this time.

Riya: So, the senior class would be next to ours na?

 Everyone giggles.

Maam: Shut up! Yes as a matter of fact.

Khushi :So Nayantara, where would the class be?

Nayantara: As if I know? Anyways what difference would that make for you? You'll remain the same wherever you go. Being alone. Hmm.

Khushi's face fell. She is not this cheeky type as well as not a funny one too. Who'll understand her? After all she had gone through her school days.

(But Nayantara… you probably didn't know what… This change would make a massive change in Khushi's life. )

The next day,

Khushi went to the 5th floor and the corridors were like a dungeon for her. But she liked it anyhow. She was late to the class and hurried inside. Then came the break hour. To her utter astonishment, she saw the same guy. He was walking past the corridor. She then went to the washroom and came back and saw the guy entering his class. He gave a look to Khushi standing there and went inside. Khushi's heartbeat raised. She was coming back to her class past his class and said to herself "No Khushi! Don’t turn to look at him. Otherwise the other guys would mistake you. On the worst case , what if the guy mistakes you? " She went past holding her breath. The other boys of the senior class were outside the corridor near the washroom to see the new girls (hehe 'sight seeing' J).  

A few days went like this for Khushi by eyeing him. It's like every day she comes to the college just for the break hours. 30 minutes of break and 10 minutes of eyeing him had become a habit for Khushi. This continued for days. Khushi became very much anxious. She felt like talking to him. After all she has got no friends. What if he thinks her wrong? Who might he be? It's totally unsafe for her to just go like that and talk to him.  She tried to stalk him in fb but couldn't find his profile oops! Yeah she doesn't even know his name. How could she find him without knowing his name. She didn't want to ask any of her friends as well as it would lead to suspicions also she wanted to find his name by herself. She tried to find his name through the common department database. But blow! She could only find his register no and not his name. (As she knew  his roll no, she was easily able to match it with the register no (:once she heard him answering the attendance for that no while passing the corridor:)) But his name was the most important point here. What if the name turns out to be Arnav Singh Raizadha?

"Dhak Dhak Dhak Dhak Dhak Dhak " beat her heart.

It has been 2 years since she met him. 

 But then something as hard as a hammer just struck her. By this register no she could login and match it with his Name. She went home hurriedly and switched on the computer. But then she remembers that they need the dob as well. So now what? She calculated, I was born in 199- he is a year elder to me so most probably it must be 199- minus 1.  So she entered the year. But she needs to know the month as well as the day. Now what???? Yeah you all guessed it right . She entered all the possible days from jan 1 to dec 31 of that particular year and tried to login. Thank god there was no limitations while entering the numbers. (Huufff! This much???? You could go directly and ask him instead Khushi… Why are you so scared????). Her heart beat fast after pressing the enter button each time. What if at this time it would open? What if the name flashes as Asr. But then Khushi also tried Asr's dob. Her heart beat really fast. Her hands were shaking to press the enter button. Then it flashed her... "wrong Data" Khushi lets a sigh of relief thinking that he might not be Asr.. But Asr could have also changed his dob as well. She knew that he is a clever person. To hide his identity, he might do anything.

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Episode 4 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 67 times)

Dadi:  Khushi, Dinner is ready…

Khushi: What?? But I just now came from the college. (Looking at the time, she gulped) Oh no! It's 9.15pm!!  coming Dadi!( Shouting)

Khushi was in the December month and tried all the dates. But couldn't login to his account.  How could this be possible? She had check marked all the dates whenever she entered it. It was not possible to miss any of them .She even tried feb 29 of that year. She thought it was best to leave it. She went to the dining table. She saw her dadi still waiting for her.

Dadi: My bitiya has a lot to study these days. I am so proud of you bitiya. It's now that you are a free bird in my hands. This moment won't come again Khushi. It's just now that you can study peacefully without pressure. I don't know what will happen to you after marriage.  How will I  live without you. I'll become an orphan.

She has tears falling from her eyes. Khushi too has her tears from her eyes and hugs her.

Khushi: Shhh… Don't say anything of that sort Dadi. I will only marry a guy who accepts you in his house as well. If he doesn't, then I will take him to our house forcefully. So that Damaad's house becomes his maayka.

Dadi smiles and swabs her tears.  She blesses Khushi and says,

Dadi: I somehow feel like the person whom you'll marry will love you to the core. Such a sweet girl you are bitiya.

Khushi hugs her more suddenly thinking about the guy. What if he marries her? Oh! No ! Khushi stop over thinking!!  Who knows?? If he turns out to be Asr???? Though the register no does not match, the option is open to her. If only he turns out to be Asr then her life is gone. 

Few days later…..

Monisha:  Psst!!! Listen to me guys. Today we'll go out during the break hours and come back late to the class.

Riya: Hey!! I think we are always late the class right??

Monisha: Oh it's not that Riya… We'll take Khushi with us today..

Jeevitha: Whattt? But why do you want to take her?

Monisha:  I don't know why. But somehow I feel insecure about her. If we take her with us, even she'll get a bad name being with us and guess what her internals will also be reduced.

She said with a wink.

Nayantara: But why do you want to do this to that poor girl?

Monisha: Poor??? You don't know these types of girls. Who knows she might also have a boyfriend. Perhaps she might have gone with him on that day. Look how beautiful she looks (sulking)

Nayantara: Why are you even bothered? Anyhow, but will she oblige us?

Monisha:  ofcourse.. Why not?

As the bell rings, Monisha goes to Khushi's bench and talks to her. She gives her  a sheepish smile. Khushi smiles back valiantly.

Monisha: Khushi come with us out na?

Khushi: I don't think so. I have work.

Monisha:  Hey! Come on! It’s a break hour. Why are you so alone? Come with us u'll get fresh air.

Khushi: Okay then.

Monisha : By the way you look very beautiful today.

Khushi: Thank you. Guess that’s  because  I took  a head bath today.

Khushi and the others went out. They went to the second floor and sat on the  mezzanine. There she could get a view of all the buildings near the college. The cold winds hit Khushi's face and She wheezes.  What is happening to her? Her heart beat raises. It's just cold winds. She must be happy. But she feels different. Then she eyes at the handsome Greek god who himself was lost seeing her. It was surprising for Khushi as well since its she who used to eye him all these days. But today he is eyeing her coveting.  He was playing cricket with his friends in the college ground which was not so far off. Khushi looked really beautiful with her green colour umbrella cut dress. Her hair was plaited differently which added the beauty.  He lost the ball which came to him. His friends were asking him what happened. Then they see Khushi and him eyeing each other. The other guy said something to him which couldn't be heard. He replied the other guy still eyeing Khushi. Khushi was all pink.

Riya: Hey come on the bell rang…!

Monisha: Arre…. No Let us….

Khushi : Let's stay here for five more minutes.

She said grinning at them.

Monisha and the others had their eyes similar to glass orbs which was reflecting Khushi's face.

Nayantara: What happened to you Khushi? Are you all right?

Jeevitha hit her with her elbow.

Monisha to Jeevitha (in a low tone): I didn't know that our plan would work out this much easily……

Jeevitha smiled slyly. The guy concentrated on the game and Khushi eyed his chin vaguely. She remembers that Arnav had a different chin. This guy has a different one.  She stops and remembers about the register number.

Riya: By the way Monisha when were you born?

Monisha: I was born in 199-

Riya: how is that possible? I was born in 199- (minus one). I didn't fail in any class.

Monisha: I didn't study pre-kg so they joined me earlier. What about you Khushi?

Khushi who had turned her face away from the guy to avoid any questioning, answered them that even she had not studied pre-kg and that even she too is younger than them. The guy occasionally sees her also concentrating on the game.

Riya: I think it's just me and jeevitha in this group who had studied pre-kg.  That's why we both are elder to you all by a year.

Something as hard as a hammer struck in Khushi's mind. Oh yes! That's why all the dates doesn't match with this guy. The guy must have studied pre- kg and she didn't so he must be two years elder to her. It is not 199- minus 1 but 199- minus 2!!!

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Episode-5 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 73 times)

Something as hard as a hammer struck in Khushi's mind. Oh yes! That's why all the dates doesn't match with this guy. The guy must have studied pre- kg and she didn't so he must be two years elder to her. It is not 199- minus 1 but 199- minus 2!!!

Jeevitha: Come Khushi, Let's go. My God!!! We are 20 minutes late!!!!  The hour is going to end soon. They all rushed to the class. It took them a 5 minute more as the class is in 5th floor. They didn't wait for the lift. They hurried and panted when they reached the class and said in chorus.

"Excuse me maam.."

Maam (rumbling) : Stay out!! Where were you all this time?? Girls you are so disgusting. It's a shame that the boys in your class are so good but you are all so immature. I've marked absent for you all.

Monisha: Maam..

Maam: Shut up. Don't show me all your faces. Get lost!

Monisha: It’s all because of you Khushi. Otherwise we would be back in time.

Khushi: Sorry, I thought she'd leave us as you all come late every day.

Jeevitha was about to say something but Nayantara cued her with a  shook.

They all waited in the corridor for the hour to end.

Nayantara: Why didn't you cry when maam was insulting us. Well we are used to all these thundering but I thought being teacher's favourite pet you might cry.

Khushi: I am not their pet and ya even I am used to these shouts since my school days.   

Maam walked away without eyeing them. Oh no! Khushi too got a bad name with them.  But you know what? Of all the bad things, this guy eyeing her was the best moment in her life. She blushed also being cautious nobody is noticing her. Then the cricket team passes them and her heart beat stops for a second. The guy was also coming past their class and also they were asked to stand out near their class. The guy eyes Khushi and she gets red. The next hour maam came to the senior class and asked them to wait out. Khushi for the first time whished when the next hour maam comes to her class,  she would ask them to wait out itself. The next hour staff came and Khushi badly prayed to Devimaiyya not to go inside. She eyes him to check whether he sees her. To her surprise, he was still lost in her. His friends were commenting seeing them. Some of them laughed.

Maam: Your maam asked me not to let you all in for this hour too. Everybody faked an "ooooh" including Khushi. But the others thought that Khushi was really worried. But Khushi was dancing inside her heart. Khushi and the guy were lost in each other's eyes. The group didn't notice it as they were busy talking to themselves.

Monisha: Sorry Khushi. It's because of me everything happened.  If I hadn't call you, you would have not lost the attendance.

Khushi: No problem,  I must thank you instead.

"What?" chorused others.

Khushi (sweating) : Uhmm… actually I had a good time with you all.  This moment won't come again right?( eyeing him)

Nayantara: If you insist this moment would come daily.

Khushi smiled at the cliché.

Khushi didn't know when the hour ended as she kept staring at him and they all went inside.  While going home, Khushi sees a beautiful park and imagined the guy and her spending time on the bench. Khushi comes back to reality and curses herself. But again she gets lost imagining herself to be on his arms, holding his hands.  She came back home and closed the door blushing. He was eyeing her. What a beautiful moment. In fact, she must thank this group. They were her lucky charm. The first time she saw him, was with this group. Now, it's because of them she could discover that he plays cricket with his friends during the break hours.  She then goes in front of the mirror and notices how much she went red. She was smiling without any reason.  Then she remembers to try the login part. She snaps her forehead. Then she tries all the possibilities of her year minus two with the date. Only in vain she could discover that every try gave her a "wrong data".

The next day was the most beautiful day in Khushi's life. As the break bell rang, her heart beat so fast. She was about to submit her assignment in the staff room and to her surprise, she saw the guy. Her heart beat really fast this time. There were a lot of people, so the teacher asked them to stand in a queue. To her utter surprise and surmise, the guy came standing behind her. It was not only Khushi who got nervous but it was also  him. She could feel his loud breathes on her shoulder neck. This made Khushi wince. She got all red. Then he brushed his shoulder on her hand. Khushi's eyes went wide. For, the first time she felt him. He then muttered " sorry" in her ears. But to his amazement it turned to be a chorus. The sorry came out from Khushi's mouth as well. Khushi met his eyes and said nothing more. He was totally lost in her. He kept staring at all the features she had. Her neck was milky white, her eyes were so bright, her cheeks were red because of his effect on her. They both were lost in each other's eyes much that when the lecturer called her, only then she came back to her present. She completed her work and went away. While going away, she saw the guy's chin and eyebrows. It was not Arnav's. The touch he made was not Arnav's touch. It was different so she was 90% sure that it was not Arnav.  The guy while coming back from the staff room was smiling to himself which wasn't missed by Khushi. She started feeling her heartbeat. Was he imagining her? Was he feeling the same way she did? Then she thought vaguely. She mustn't commit the same mistake again. She mustn't misjudge people's actions as happened in her past. Her past!!! She wished that it wouldn't have happened!  She badly needed a pill which would make her forget her past. A pill that the doctor would prescribe so that she could eat it with milk and sleep. When she wakes up, she is a new Khushi with all her past forgotten.

The bell rang and Khushi was going home. She prefers walking so she walks to her house. But her world was about to change within minutes. Then she notices two boys behind her, walking at the same pace as she did. She makes sure that she sees them from her side ways. One she definitely knew was Arnav's look alike (Ala). The next one was the guy who was saying something to him when he was playing cricket.

Guy: Hey ! go and tell her

Khushi's heart was pounding but she didn't dare to turn.

Ala (Arnav's look alike) :  Shhh…

Khushi waddled faster. She wanted him to talk to her, she didn't as well.

Guy: Hey please that just tell her. Just Go. Nothing will happen.

Khushi:"Devi maiyya Devi Maiyya,Devi Maiyya Devi Maiyya Devi Maiyya,Devi Maiyya Devi Mai…."

Ala: Oh hello!

Khushi has her eyes similar to orbs. She turns around nervously. She gathered courage. His voice was mannish.

Khushi: ya?

Ala: Uhm.. you are in the same department right? I mean

Khushi: Yeah! I guess even you are from the same department.  Your id card says you are elder to me by a year.

Ala: Yeah.. I'm Venkat Sharma. (extending his hand)  You?

Khushi gasped. Venkat Sharma! Huff! It's not Arnav. I was waiting for ages to know this name. Venkat Sharma! The name! I couldn't sleep day and night.

Khushi: I'..I'm Khushi kumari Gupta.

(Huff! Atlast Ala got a name! It had sounded girlish!)

Venkat ( with eyes still): Nice one…!

Khushi's heart hit a six.

Venkat: Uhm..! So? Where are you from?

Khushi (eyeing him) : Jalpari High school.

It sounded weird. She felt as if she was talking to Arnav. It was like Arnav had asked from which school she was from. Well at least this guy sounds so sweet as well as respectful. She liked him. Had Devi Maiyya given her this guy instead of Arnav? Uhhhhggg! Stop thinking Khushi….!

Venkat: Oh! I don't know but most of my classmates are from that school.

Khushi: So, where are you from?

Venkat : So? What about a coffee…

Thank you so much arshigeet and Kpoonam: Yeah she is too much! As for the question, I myself don't know .

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Jun 10

Episode 6 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 69 times)

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Khushi: So, where are you from?

Venkat : So? What about a coffee…

Khushi (nervously): Sure.. (She didn't know why she said yes)

Venkat signals his friend to go. He smiles at him and goes away. She was really puzzled and thought it was a dream. They both strode together near the coffee shop. Venkat was keen to know more about her. Khushi had wished for this moment with Arnav. But instead it is happening with Venkat.

Venkat: You asked me something right?

Khushi: Ya about your place. Where are you from?   

Venkat ( encouragingly): I'm from Dehradun. Well my father got a transfer few years ago. For 4 years I was in boarding school without my parents in Dehradun. But now, my mother insisted to stay with her. So ya, now I'm here.

They both drink coffee and Venkat glazed at her. Khushi looks at him and then eyes his chin and eyebrows. She felt like she was going out with a stranger now. She gets uncomfortable thinking that she had only seen him as Arnav but it's not him. How could she go out like that? She wouldn't encourage her friends to take advantage of her, here she is with a stranger.

To her utter distraught , she saw her gang coming towards the coffee shop.

Khushi: I need to go. Well that was nice of you to share a coffee with me. Here, my share. (she gives him money). Bye.

Venkat: No. I'll give it. No need. I had invited you. So, I'll pay the rest.

Khushi: Uhm.. no… no no. I'll pay half.

Venkat: It's business etiquette that when a person invites the other one, he must pay the whole.

Khushi: Oh… okay! Bye then.

Venkat: Hope to see you soon.

Khushi made sure that she was not seen by the gang and went away red.

Khushi hurriedly went home and you all know what was in her mind. She closed the door and chuckled heavily. Khushi! He is Venkat Sharma! He is Venkat Sharma! Not Asr! She goes to the mirror and mutters his name. I think Devi Maiyya just sent him for me.

The next day, Khushi goes to the college with excitement.

Monisha: Hey! Khushi hi!

Khushi: hi

Riya: Come let's go and have tea.

Khushi: No thank you.

Jeevitha: Riya! She only drinks coffee.

Khushi gets jolted.

Monisha: Oooooo ya! Let’s have coffee Khushi in the same shop where you went yesterday.

Khushi is astonished and tries to leave. But they surrounded her jamming.  

Nayantara: Offoh! Monisha she only drinks coffee in the evening and that too with seniors.

Khushi had tears in her eyes.

Jeevitha: I knew it! You were with him on that day as well as yesterday.

Khushi (glaring at her): Which 'that day'?

Nayantara (scowling) : You had bunked the class to be with him right?

Khushi (crying): No…

Riya: I didn't know how you left, but we saw you both entering the shop together.

That struck Khushi 'Yes! She was careful of her departure. Why not the arrival?' Why didn't she notice anyone seeing her. Perhaps she was very much lost in Venkat.

Nayantara: Why are you talking to her? Let's just tell about her to maam.

Khushi (weeping) : No NO PLZ!!! He is just my friend…!

Jeevitha:  Maam is off for four days. But ya! When she comes back you are gone Khushi!

Monisha: Come on girls! Let's go! Why waste our time talking to this girl.

Khushi cries. During the break hours she badly wanted to go out. But she wouldn't want to meet him. But then she wanted to use the washroom. So, gathering her courage, she went to the bathroom. Venkat was standing at the corridor to meet her. He tried to talk to her, but Khushi took no notice of him. While coming back she took another way and turned. She skidded and fell on the arms none other than that of Venkat's. It was similar to a hug. They share an eyelock. His friends weren't laughing at them surprisingly but thought laughing would miss each and every ounce of their moment. Venkat had biceps and also was much more lean than Arnav.  Khushi got up and the Venkat breathed heavily. Khushi looks at him and swiftly removes his hands from her.

Venkat: Uhm..  It's….

 Khushi turns without listening and  hurries  away without turning to him. Venkat gets surprised. Was she shy because his friends were watching them? But no!

Vasanth: Hey! You said you had coffee with her yesterday? Didn't you? Why isn't she even giving you a glance. Are you lying?

Yogesh: No I was with him yesterday. I know about it. You said you didn't tell anything to her. Why don't you just straightly……………

Venkat: No!  Not now! She is in some problem. I can very well sense it.

Vasanth: Whatever! You and your instincts!

In the third hour Khushi got tears from her eyes unknowingly. Monisha added fuel to the fire by asking about Khushi's fall. She said that she saw both of them on their arms. This instigated Khushi more and she asked permission from her maam to go to the washroom. Khushi was controlling her tears. She was passing the senior class and went away which wasn't unnoticed by Venkat and his friends.  

Vasanth: This is the right time. Go!

Yogesh: Yes! Just Go!

So, Venkat made an excuse to his lecturer and goes in search of her. 

What was Venkat trying to say to Khushi? The track will change after the past...!

this is a DEEEEP story guys!!!!!!! Wait for it to uncover! 

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Jun 12

Episode 7 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 37 times)

So, Venkat made an excuse to his lecturer and goes in search of her. Khushi came back after venting out her spleen. As she came outside, She heard a whisper "Khushi" It came from the adjacent side. Then her hands were pulled by another hand at the same time her mouth was cupped so that she couldn't speak. She was fastened by firm hands of a man. She gasped. It was Venkat! They both were standing on one of the  colonnades hiding so that they aren't notices by others. Khushi's eyes widened seeing him. She tried to convulse but couldn't as he was firmly gripping her, pinning her on the colonnade's wall. Venkat was lost in her eyes holding her.

Venkat: Why are you ignoring me Khushi? (releasing his hands but blocking her on both sides of the pillar)

He was now very much near to her.

Khushi : What are you saying?

Venkat: I thought we'd have a conversation!

Khushi: Just because I came as a company with you for drinking a coffee it doesn't mean you'd ask me anything. (angrily)

Venkat hadn't seen her like this before. She used to stare at him and he only knew her good avatar.

Venkat: Ok Ok sorry. It's just that I thought you to be my friend. Aren't you my friend Khushi?   (holding her shoulders)

He asked her with inquisitiveness noting each and every retort of Khushi's for each of his word. Khushi saw how near was he to her. How he is holding her with his hands. Her shoulders trembled.

Khushi: Well I don’t know. It's just yesterday I met you.

Venkat: You sound to be distressed. What is the matter Khushi?

Khushi: Nothing.

Venkat : Listen Khushi, You can trust me!

Khushi had heard those words before from her friends but how they turned out to be now?

Venkat: Do you doubt me?

He placed her hands on his head and asked her again. Khushi was shocked and wondered how her dreams were working out and yesterday, she had coffee with him and today her hands are on top of his head. Khushi was emotionally touched by this behaviour of his. 

Khushi: Okay! I'm risking it out.

She narrates her incident with him.

Khushi never says anything about anyone. But she badly needed someone to vent out her feelings.

Venkat: Oh! So these cheeky folks are after you? I don’t think they'll risk themselves after maam and even if they do then don't worry Khushi, I'll sort it out. Trust me!

Khushi said nothing but her heart beat so fast. If it was 3 years back she would have wished to hear it from someone's mouth. But here she is listening it from the person's look alike. It was like Arnav himself coming and saying it to her.  She was so close to Venkat and also the corridor was in eerie silence.

Venkat: Okay, just leave that Khushi. But I just wanna badly talk to you. How about coming to the nearby park of our college?

Khushi: What??

She was traumatized  listening to the word "park". She remembers how she had imagined him and her seated in the park spending quality time with each other.

Khushi: No! I can't

Venkat: plz! Khushi I wanna badly talk to you. This would be the last time. Then I will not force you.

Khushi: No I won't

Venkat: I know you'll come Khushi. Till then bye.

He fled to his class. Khushi got scared and she went to her class. Her mind had forgotten about Monisha's threat. What was Venkat gonna share? Was it the same thing she wanted to hear it from Arnav. But she thought the same to have happened even in those days but it ended differently. Oh!! Stop imagining Khushi!

When the last bell rang she was really nervous. Why would someone call to a park? And that too her especially. Who knows he might also want to make an announcement as Arnav once did. Her past must be forgotten. The bitterness must go away. She must move on!

At the park. Khushi thought Venkat would come late. But to her surprise he was sitting on the same bench where she had seen a couple and imagined them. Were her instincts becoming true?

He sees her entering the park and gets up. She comes inside panting as if she were running. But it was due to her nervousness.

Venkat: Come Khushi let's sit.

Khushi: I didn't come here to sit. You said you wanted to say something. Say it and I'll go.

Venkat was surprised at her behaviour and thought not to tell the matter. But he couldn't just keep it in his heart.

Venkat: Look, Khushi I know you are not okay and that too because of those girls. But it's your life Khushi. You'll get to see many of these types when you land up in a job. Why do you fear ?

He came near her but she took two steps back. The park was beautiful. It didn't have much rides. But had lots of plants and greenery. There were beautiful flowers.

Khushi thought contemplating.

Khushi: You are right . But tell me what were you about to say?

Venkat got nervous and said : Wel…uhhmmm… (with his hand mopping his back head). Can we just sit and talk. You didn't tell me much about yourself.

Khushi:  I said I studied in…

Venkat : About yourself. Your likes and dislikes. About your parents.

He gestured her to sit. Khushi was in a reverie. She ultimately didn't know what to say. Yesterday she was thinking him and her to be in the park but now, they really are. Khushi was very much nervous. The park was quite empty. Who'll be in a park at 2.45pm? It was not so hot as it was the first week of December.

Khushi: Well I don’t have parents. They died when I was 6 years old. It's all my daadi I've got.

Venkat saw her with utter commiseration. He held her hand. Khushi gasped. She sees his eyes and remembers about Arnav. They both loose themselves in each other's eyes. Khushi panted.  

Khushi:  Say! Can I ask you something?

Venkat: Sure (more interestingly)

Khushi: Uhmm.. Have you ever changed your name?

Venkat: No! Never. My parents don't like changing my name. Why?

Khushi: Are you related to any one named Arnav?

Venkat: Arnav?? Which Arnav? No. In fact I don't know anyone of that name. Why are you asking me this question?

Hearing Arnav's name from Venkat made Khushi jerk.

Khushi(Not eyeing him) : Well I know a guy similar to you. To be exactly precise. He is a look alike of you.

Venkat: What? Don't tell me you've been talking to me, thinking me as him.

Khushi: No! not at all. (But she was!)

Venkat: No, I am jus Venkat that's it. Not anyone else.

Khushi: I wish I could see you two together one day.

Khushi continued: Except for your chin and eyebrows. You are exactly like him. Well leave that. Tell me what were you about to say. That is the main reason I came here.

Venkat: Well ! I just asked you right? (Not looking into her eyes.)

Khushi:  Just this much? I don't think so! (raising her eyebrows). I thought you wanted to SAY something right, not just ask me!!!

Venkat: Uhmm… I don't know Khushi. Anyways I forgot.

Khushi: Okay, you remember it and tell me.  I think it's becoming late for me. I need to leave.

Venkat: How can I contact you? (he blurted not to miss the chance)

She holds his palm and writes her number with her pen. Every digit of Khushi's made him flinch. He kept gazing her. Khushi in the middle made an eye contact with him for a split second. Then turned away.

Khushi:  This is my number.

Khushi then keeps the pen in her bag and starts to move. After taking two or three steps she heard a voice.

Venkat: Khushi!! Uhm… That is… I remember now.

Khushi came to him and thought for a split second to ignore him and go away. But the words from his mouth shocked her.

Venkat (gathering courage): I love you!

Khushi was lost in his eyes. 

………………………………………………………..Love is in the air…………………………………………………………

Jun 14

Episode 8 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 43 times)

Khushi came to him and thought for a split second to ignore him and go away. But the words from his mouth shocked her.

Venkat (gathering courage): I love you!

Khushi was lost in his eyes. 

………………………………………………………..Love is in the air…………………………………………………………

Khushi: Hhh… Hhhho..How? (still hazy)

Venkat: Uhm! I don't know it's just I couldn't keep it in my heart.

He held his hands on her shoulder and continues.

Venkat: The first day when you came to the fifth floor, I lost myself into you. Then even you started looking at me or perhaps now I understand that it's because of Ar….. Arn…. Whatever was his name. I thought to say it slowly after some days. Look Khushi don't mistake me. But I really love you. (he held both her hands) .It's not a compulsion. Take your own time and tell it to me. Waiting for a positive answer. (looking into her eyes)

Khushi was bemused as well as dazed at the same time. It was her first proposal. She thought that her proposal would be grand. But, it was very beautifully delivered in a park. She thought a prince charm would propose her in front of everyone. Instead she got a simple one How she badly wished that these words came from Arnav's mouth. How she badly wished on that day in front of everyone, he might have used her name instead of….

Venkat (breaking her trance): You wanna say something now Khushi? I know I am a stranger to you. But instead of marrying a stranger,  consider this.

Khushi: Not now as you said.

Venkat: Well, tomorrow meet me in this park at the same time for whatever might be your answer.

Khushi nodded and leaves. Venkat watches her leaving. Khushi now has added this incident in her thoughts or perhaps a spool of her thoughts. Now the track of her spool shifted to this incident.  She kept thinking while going on the road.

What was Devi Maiyya's purpose? Why did such a thing happen in her life? She wanted it from a different mouth. But here she hears these words from his look alike's mouth.

She goes home and shuts the door. She was smiling badly with shyness. Venkat Sharma proposed her! It was yesterday that she was searching his name. But how come today he asked her?

Daadi: Khushi open the door! Why are you always going inside just after coming from college.

Sorry dadi! To avoid her shyness. She always blushes thinking of the incidents happened as well as thinking of the incidents that can happen.

Khushi still smiling with her face covered: Nothing Daadi. I'll come out. I'm just tired.

Dadi: But why do you lock the door?

Khushi opens the door after gathering herself.

Khushi: What is this Dadi? Are you Doubting me?

Dadi: What doubt? It's just that I miss my bitiya the whole day and after she comes back from her college, I get a sigh of relief. But now you are going inside shutting the door without noticing your Dadi.

 Khushi hugs her and says : Sorry Dadi, I won't do like this again. I love you. (said Khushi chuckling)

They both have dinner and Khushi goes to sleep in her room. Must she say yes or no? Just because he is a look alike of Arnav, she mustn't say yes to him and she mustn't even say no just because she doesn't know him. What are you going to do Khushi? Her mind wasn't off with Arnav but she can't just think about him the whole time. She has to move on in her life. She couldn't sleep the whole night. She goes in front of the Devi Maiyya's idol and prays to her.

Khushi: Why did you bring Arnav in my life when this had to happen. Why can't you just straight away bring Venkat in my life. After all that had happened. Why so suddenly? She gets tears from her eyes. I just hate that school. What an embarrassment I had. Not only him but in front of the whole school? The thought that makes me loathe is that why do I still remember him who had insulted me???? I fought for myself. I fought for myself when no one did. None came by my side. Or rather be it none came coz none existed. After all I had faced why now ? After I had lost all the hopes of love.. Why do I still dream of him?

The red sacred cloth surrounding devi maiyya flew and fell on her face. She takes it and becomes hazy. 

YESS!!!!! Actually she hadn't been dreaming of Arnav at all. Every night in her dreams, she sees Arnav but now for the past few months she hadn't been dreaming of him. What does this mean? Khushi: Hey Bhagvann!! Something is unveiling but I can't discover it. I need to share all these with anyone.

She can't trust others because she had locked her feelings for the past 2 and a half years. There must be a way. Plz tell me what to do.   Then she chants her favourite quote " Devi Maiyya"

Then she gets into a deeper analysis. Perhaps Devi Maiyya had sent Arnav just because she could discover Venkat. OH WOW! How can she deny this one? Yeah! It all matches! If she hadn't known Arnav, She wouldn't have been so keen on this guy! If she hadn't gone through all these, she wouldn't have seen Venkat in Arnav's perspective. Even if Venkat had proposed her, she would have denied at once. She couldn't deny because her past was related in this. So, it means Devi Maiyya wants her to be with him! All these days she was imagining Arnav in Venkat. But, it was actually Venkat who talked to her. It was always Venkat! Arnav was just an illusion. Her daydreams about stopped after meeting him. Khushi gets happy. She couldn't sleep. Suddenly a text message appeared.  Khushi imagined who would message her at 2.30 am. She goes and checks the phone.

" I can't sleep. Waiting for your answer badly, love you"

Khushi smiles. She thought of messaging him back. But doesn't as she wanted him to hear in person.

Next Day…………..

………………………………On other end…………………………….

The principal looks at the name board of the house.

He sees the security guard and asks him.

Principal: Can I meet Mr. Rishab Mathur?

Security: Have you got the permission Sir?

Principal: Oh yeah here is the appointment letter

Security: You may go in sir.

The principal went inside and saw the most beautiful house. Imagine if the principal of a college needs permission to see a person called Rishab Mathur, then his plush lifestyle needn't be elucidated.

The scene in front of him was palatial.

The principal enters and sees the place promptly. The place outside was speckled by workers. He then goes inside. Then he is asked to sit inside a huge hall under a golden chandelier. At the corners were gasoliers which made the place look beautiful. It felt like a house as well as a business meeting place.  Rishab Mathur comes to the hall and he welcomes him. He looked like a king. The principal stands up.

Rishab:  Please sir, be seated. How may I help you?

Principal: Here sir.

He handed over an invitation card to him.

Rishab: Hmm.. chief guest for your college's fest ?

Principal (chuckled): Yes Sir, We are much obliged to invite you especially the students. They are demanding you inside the campus Sir.

Rishab laughed.

Rishab: I'm not such an important person. But I don't think so I'll be available on 25th. I'm sorry I said yes initially. But I've got a meeting.

Principal (with his face down):  But sir, the students are really mad knowing that we are planning to call you as a chief guest when the news somehow got leaked. If I go back with bare hands, they'll be unhappy. Consider this sir, if you attend the meeting the client will get happy. But If you attend this function, the whole college will be happy.

Rishab: Aaah! That's the spirit! You are too smart sir! I'm happy.

The servant gestured tea but the principal's eyes were predetermined on Rishab's reaction. He denied the servant's offer.

Rishab:  Oh! I can't deny! Especially for those words..! I'll be there on 25th and that's final.

The principal stood up and thanked him heartily. He went out and gave a final glance at the plush house.

Rishab Mathur:

An opulent businessman. Cares for his children. Had lost his wife when his second child was born. He has a son, Sudharshan who is jobless and a daughter, Sahithya who is studying in her first year of sacred heart's college. Strongly believes in hard work and respect. His daughter is his life. He always says that hard work comes before money. He thrives for knowledge and believes that education is the ultimate source of energy for any human being. A strict person with rational thinking. A perfect example for a rags to riches story. He came from a very poor family. His father was a potter and his mother was helping him as well as a housewife in Shyampur. He had two sisters who died at a very early age.  He struggled a lot and bagged many scholarships from the government. Though he didn't study well, he was really brainy. He studied mba from iim after immense struggle. But fate played its major role as his parents were not able to see his success. They died before seeing his establishments. He started the Mathur industries. Now, he is the most searched person on the internet. One of the richest men in India. He married Neetu Mathur who died early due to kidney failure.

Servant: Sir, Sudharshan is not eating the food.

Rishab: Oh! Not Again!

Servant: He says that he is bored eating Mexican food

Rishab: If only Neetu was here.

Rishab goes to his wife's photo and sees her admiringly.

Rishab: I failed as a father Neetu. I was a good son, businessman, husband and a brother. But I failed as a father. I know I couldn't save you and my family but I feel I lack parenting skills.

The flower kept on the frame fell down. He got surprised.

Rishab: No! I ain't, I really am not!

Another flower fell down.

Rishab: You still are so obstinate..

He goes to Sudharshan's room and he gestured his father to come inside.

Rishab: Why don't you eat?

Sudharshan: It's a boring. The same old dish which I ate a week before. Why is it getting repeated? I wanted a Thai.

Rishab: I thought you are saying as if yesterday's food is getting repeated. And even if the dish is repeated imagine how many people in the world couldn't afford food at this time?

Sudharshan: I don't care!  I want Thai and that's it!  

Rishab: Why don't you just adjust…

Sudharshan: Why would Rishi Mathur's son adjust?

Rishab: There is no rule that you mustn't adjust. Look you  have got all the freedom to do anything and everything perhaps more than you deserve. Why make a fuss on this small thing?

Sudharshan: Fuss??? Seriously papa? This is a mistake and so I'm reporting it to you.

Rishab: Why don't you go for a job! Then you'll know the pain of each and every pie.

Sudharshan got angry and he breaks a small statue with anger.

Rishab didn't react as he knew reacting would make the situation even more worse.

Sudharshan frowned.

Sudharshan: I don't have patience! I don't wanna go for a job! I can't do the same thing daily! I can't do everything in the same manner.

Rishab goes away. He thinks that he had bought everything for his children and hence he believes that they lack in patience.

Rishab (to Himself) : Sigh!!! I must have taught them patience.

He  goes to Sahithya's room. He knocked the door and Sahithya asked him to come in.  When he enters the room, he sees a lot of puppies coming out.

Rishab: What is this?????

Sahithya: papa, You know right???

Rishab: AAh! My little princess loves puppies how can I forget that?

Sahithya goes and hugs him.  Sahithya's room was pink and was so cute.

Sahithya Mathur: Fun, Sweet and a chirpy one.  Always thinks beauty is outside and not inside. She ain't perfect but expects others to be. All that glitters ARE gold for her. But at the same time understands the situation if a loved one explains her. Helps others who are in need. Has a boyfriend from a very young age. Prefers all kinds of comfort. She loves pink and is quite girlish. Like having puppies and does all sort of girlish stuff. Short girl in height. Studying in first year sacred heart's college.

Sudharshan Mathur: Quiet, doesn't have many friends, prefers to be alone. Doesn't have patience. Suffers from obsessive compulsion disorder. Well his father had bought him all the things he wanted so he needn't wait for anything. Easily offended and gets jealous.  Lacks in self confidence but doesn't admit it. Jobless as he finds it boring. He doesn't like the same thing to be repeated again and again. Negatively driven person.

Rishab goes out of the room.

Sahithya gets a call and answers it. The other side of the phone was someone whom we all know.

Sahithya: Hey Babe!!!

Arnav: Hi sweety! Why didn't you pick up before?

Sahithya: Sorry babe dad was there. Anyways, I'll miss you the next year.

Arnav: Why??

Sahithya: you'll be busy with the projects na?

Arnav: Haha! I'll buy the projects.

Sahithya: What? Aren't you doing it alone. At least you could get some help. Don't be lazy.

Arnav: Then don't love this lazy. Be single.

Sahithya: you'll never change you dumb.

Arnav: Listen, I need a kiss please.

Sahithya: Are you drunk Raizadha? In your dreams!!!

Arnav: By the way you have kissed me many times in real Sahi!

Sahithya: I can't do it now.

She then hears Arnav kissing her.

Sahithya: You are so stubborn!! Just like my brother!!

Arnav: I am not like your brother. I'm like you Sahi!

Sahithya: Bye, Bye.

She cuts the phone.

And now, the king's introduction………………

Arnav Singh Raizadha:  Rich guy, Lazy many times. Father and Mother is working abroad. Sister is handling business. Money minded. Would do anything for money. Loves to be cool. Doesn't have much knowledge. Doesn't have interest in studies. Like Sahithya, "All that glitters are gold!" Heart of all people wherever he goes. Likes to enjoy life. Has a girlfriend. Entertainment is first priority. Likes to hang out with richer people. Mostly surrounded by girls. Like to make fun of people who aren't cool enough. Never takes anything seriously. Lives with his sister who is also money minded. He is an Atheist.


Khushi while coming by the way to the park thinks what would happen at this place in the afternoon. Venkat on the other side was badly wanting this afternoon. More than that of confessing his heart, he didn't have the patience to wait for 5 more hours. Khushi was smiling badly for those hours. She was also caught by the maam for daydreaming. During the break hours she didn't budge to go the washroom. She wanted to give him a surprise.  So, the afternoon came and Venkat's heart was thumping. Let me cut it short!

Venkat and Khushi are in the park seated on the same bench. Venkat couldn't wait more…

Venkat: So Khushi, what is your answer?

Khushi doesn't look in his eyes. She remains silent.

Venkat kept staring at her. There was a moment of silence.

Khushi: I..I would like to say a story.

Venkat: What???? Now? (He fulminated inside…. But couldn't help it. He maintains a smile to her) Okay ya tell me.

Khushi: This is the story of a girl who loved a boy so much. She was in her high school…… loved a guy….. was insulted…….( the past will come out guys! Be patient)…..

Venkat: So sad!

Khushi: In her college, one day she saw a guy who was descending the stairs while she was standing outside the classroom. She thought she saw the same guy. But she knew that he wasn't studying there. She wanted to find out who he is. Later by chance her classroom was shifted to the next of the senior's class. So, it was like daily she came to the college just for the break hours.

Venkat: Why didn't this girl just go and ask him straight?

Khushi: Because she feared if her past repeats then she would be broken into pieces again. Then she goes and searches his name in the database which matched his roll no. She had once heard him answer for that number.  But his dob was needed.

Venkat (sniggered): Hehe…this much effort to know his name? I wonder who does that.

Khushi (not noticing): She goes home and tries all the possibilities only in vain.

Venkat laughed.

Venkat: Why are you saying this now Khushi? I want your answer for my question not this story.

Khushi (continues without giving a slightest perseverance to his words):  Then one day she sees him playing cricket with his friends. Her heartbeat goes very fast. He eyes her admiringly. Then on the same day he was following her. That afternoon while she was going home,  that guy came and talked with her. It was the first time in her life as she had wished this moment to happen with her school crush.

Venkat was silent and he didn't know what to say. He noticed something was unveiling.

Khushi: The next day she didn't notice him as her friends were teasing them. Thinking that it was her fault. The guy took his efforts in meeting her in one of the colonnades during the third hour. He asked her to meet her in the park.

Venkat (was serious): Khushi…………….

Khushi: It was the same park where she had once imagined him and her to be together. Every day she wished that she was with him. He then proposed her in the park and said…..

Venkat: I love you!

Khushi was shocked. They both shared an eyelock. Khushi blushed. Suddenly Venkat hugged her. It was Khushi's first hug. No man had ever hugged her before. He then kisses her on the forehead. Khushi's cheeks were red.  Khushi's heart beat fast.

Venkat: Why did you take so much effort Khushi? Tumne Mujhe Khud Hairaan Karwa diya ( You've shocked me)  I thought that our first meeting was when you came to the department. But you! Today I am so proud having you Khushi. But you haven't said whether you like me or not!  (releasing the hug) Do you still like him? I mean you said you find some Arn.. Whatever to be simil….

Khushi (Interrupting): I love you too Venkatji

Venkat (smiling): My name sounds more beautiful from your mouth. Especially your ji

They get lost in each other's arms. Venkat releases the hug and continues.

Venkat : I failed in 12 th Khushi, so that's why you weren't able to guess my dob. I am three years elder to you.

Khushi is shocked. So that's why it is 199- minus 3 and all her tries failed! Venkat smiles.

Venkat: I was very playful at that time. I didn't like this books kinda education system. I like to learn everything practically. I don't know to mug up any concept. I don't have half knowledge. Either a full or none.

Khushi: You must be studying abroad then. You are at the wrong place!

He laughs and says,

Venkat: And ya!! That imbecile! Arn..Arnav Yes! How could this guy be so cheap? You've gone through so much Khushi. But if anyone who were at your place would have definitely  committed a  suicide. 

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Episode 9 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 29 times)

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He laughs and says,

Venkat: And ya!! That imbecile! Arn..Arnav Yes! How could this guy be so cheap? You've gone through so much Khushi. But if anyone who were at your place would have definitely  committed a  suicide. 

Khushi: I tried to. But then I remembered Devi Maiyya. I knew she had a purpose for me. I have never shared anything to anyone Venkat. I opened my heart to you. And now, I know what my purpose is . It's you Venkat. If I had not gone through all these , I probably would have answered no to your question.

Venkat: Why do you like me so much Khushi?  What doubts me is that is it just because I look similar to him, you have this answer?

Khushi: I stopped having daydreams about him after meeting you. Okay! Cut it out!  Why do we think of him.

Venkat : I want to end it now Khushi. Last Question! You said you've been thinking of being together with him even after your fateful incident. WHY? Why were you so obsessed with him???

Khushi didn't have the answer. She plainly hugged him and gave him a kiss on his cheek. They both were lost in each other's eyes.

On the other side,

Arnav and Sahithya are watching a movie,

Arnav: Babe…. I love you.

He leans forward to kiss her. She pecks him on his lips.

Arnav: I want a steamy one!

Sahithya: you'll get it after our marriage.

Arnav: You've started being traditional Sahi! You know I don't like it!

Sahithya: I know right? But I'm Mathur's beti. If anyone sees me, I'll be caught.

Arnav: Let it be!

Sahithya: You are such a flirty one. Saw you flirting with another girl yesterday.

Arnav: Then leave me na! It's One man one woman right?

Sahithya: Well my Bf doesn't like to be traditional. So that's why I must adjust with him and his flirts.

Arnav: Why do you like me so much Sahithya?

Sahithya: Because I love you! I know that it's me whom you  love the most and you'll never leave me.

Arnav kisses her passionately.

A few days later as the maam comes back…….

Mohammed: Khushi, Maam called you..

Khushi goes to the staff room and sees Monisha standing there. She then fears what she might be telling her.

Maam: What is this Khushi? What am I hearing? Is it true that you were with Venkat on that day? I didn't expect this from you.

Khushi was aghast and tears came rolling down. Monisha smirks seeing her.

Khushi: Maam, no you can very well ask my Daadi. I really went out with my Daadi.

Maam takes the phone giving an angry look to Khushi. She calls her Daadi and nods yes. She keeps the phone.

Maam gives an angry glare to Monisha.

Maam: I actually came by your words. I had this doubt. You are being so cheap Monisha. I didn't expect this from you. Her Daadi said that she was with her.

Monisha: Her daadi is lying maam. Please give her punishment. She deserves it.

Maam (yelled): Stop it Monisha. Now I know why you are doing all this. Go to your class and I'll deal with you later.

They hear a knock and finds her love.

Venkat: May I come in Maam?

Maam: Come in. Well I think it is already solved but anyways. Venkat, Do you know Khushi?

Venkat: Who Maam? Which Khushi?

Maam:  This girl (pointing out)

Venkat: I've never seen her before.

Khushi was shocked. She gave an angry glare to him. After maam turns, he winked at her. Khushi didn't know how to react.

Maam: you may go now both of you.

Venkat and Khushi comes out and Venkat brushes his fingers on her. He goes as if he doesn't care.

Khushi(with raised eyebrow): Never seen me before? 

But Venkat was not looking at her, but was smiling. Then after sometime, Monisha comes to them.

Monisha: I knew it, you might have done this! You filthy animal! You lied!

Khushi: No…I..

 But before that, he goes towards Monisha and says

Venkat (with death glare): What do you think of yourself?   

Monisha: What's your problem?

Venkat: That was supposed to be my question.

Monisha: How dare…

Venkat (snapping at her): Don't you dare me! And for your information, Yes! Khushi is mine. D'you hear that? 

Khushi was shocked in seeing this avatar of his. She had never seen him angry.

Venkat (continuing): And for your kind perusal , Yes! Khushi and I are in a relationship.(folding his hands)  Go and tell anyone whoever you like. At least she ain't too cheeky like you folks! It's not even a problem for us. Let me see who believes you And yeah! We don't bunk classes like you for romancing.

Monisha looks at Khushi with utter disgust.

Venkat: I'm warning you ! stay away from her! go and tell your maam about us. She doesn't have rights to talk about my personal life and that even she knows it. She can only ask us inside the college campus and we remain a student here. We don't romance inside the campus.  We are not a gutter like you. l know you are all jealous of Khushi. But, if anything happens, I'll kill you.(with death glare)

Monisha loathes and runs away with tears. Khushi looks at him with admiration.

Venkat: Ok Khushi, I need to go

Venkat goes but Khushi stays transfixed at the same place. He then stops and turns back.

Venkat: Tell me your thanks at the park.

He winks at her and runs away

Khushi: You!! Huff! (she smiles to herself and thanks Devi Maiyya)

As she goes inside the class, everyone except the gang congratulates her. The gang was loathing her with pure fury. Their eyes were piercing her.

Khushi takes no notice of them and that's the last time they dared to deal with Khushi.

Khushi and Venkat became more close that they both started early and came home late. She thought whether to tell about Venkat to Daadi or not. But decided not to tell her. Venkat cared about Khushi a lot. Venkat introduced Khushi to his parents as his friend. His mother liked Khushi a lot.  They both occasionally visit the park and that's how their days went.

A few months later,

Maam: College Fest is gonna happen as every year except for the last year. It's the first time even for your seniors. It is on 25th, yes the day after your results. The chief guest would felicitate the toppers. (she eyes Khushi).

Khushi afterward meets Venkat.

Khushi: Haven't you seen the college fest before.

Venkat: It's the first time even for us Khushi. It was cancelled last year for god knows why.. Listen I have a surprise for you Khushi and I'll say it on that day.

Khushi: Hey! Are you the topper of your class?

Venkat: No way, I don't get marks like you.

Khushi: What is it?

Venkat: Arre… It’s a Surprise.

Khushi: Okay then, I can't badly wait for it.

The results came as usual Khushi topped the class. The next day was the college fest and Khushi was looking very beautiful. She was searching for Venkat badly but couldn't find him. She rang him  for a few times and he didn't pick up. She blamed the time. Then all the people were asked to sit according to their years. When Rishab Mathur made an entry there were roars and cheers. He was smiling to everyone waving his hands. Khushi was shocked seeing him! (why was Khushi shocked?) Tears came from her eyes seeing him. Why? She mopped her tears and saw him plainly after that. Rishab Mathur gave his speech on how he became rich and says that hard work and determination of a person is the ultimate reason for that.  Then came the felicitation.

Maam(in mike): And now, It is an honor for me to felicitate the award for the toppers. May I request Mr. Rishab Mathur to come forward to give away the prizes.

Rishab Mathur comes forward beaming at all.

Maam: The first prize for the Third year goes to Hari Prakash

There was roars and cheers from the third years.   

Maam: The topper for Second year is Karthik Raman

There were thundering roars from the second years.

Maam:  The topper for the first year is Khushi kumari Gupta!

There were huge claps from the first years and Khushi sees whether she could find Venkat but she doesn't see him. As she ascends the steps she looks at the smiling Rishab Mathur and receives the award. While posing, she looks at him vaguely. Tears came rolling her eyes. (How was rishi mathur related to her? ). He extends his hand to her. She looks at him lost.

Rishab:  Congratulations beta!

She then fakes a smile and extends her hands to him. She descends down and goes to her seat.

Maam: And Now! The most important award called "The Einstein of the year" Well it's but anyways let it be Einstein. It is the award for the one who has esteem knowledge. The Einstein of the year award for the course goes to….

There was pin drop silence at the moment.

Maam: Venkat Sharma of second year.

There was thunder of clapping ,roars and a standing ovation from the second years.

Others looked at Khushi. Khushi was wide mouthed.  

And from nowhere came Venkat who ascended the steps. Rishab came to him and hugged him. He was wearing coat suite and came receiving the award.

Maam: He had failed in his 12th board exam. But mind you all! his determination and his diligence never failed.

Rishab gives the award to him. Venkat smiles at him and thanks him. Rishab asked him to wait and borrows a mike.

Rishab (having his hand around Venkat's shoulder): I see myself in this guy. After a big loss, he is still having the same determination and passion. This must be well appreciated. I am proud of you my boy.

He hugs him again. Venkat was beaming. Khushi was in a shock. She sees as if Arnav is hugging Rishab. She imagines one of her worst thoughts and that is happening in front of her eyes. She imagines as if Rishab is hugging his son- in -law! She imagines Rishab announcing his son-in law in front of everyone. Why was Khushi madly onto him? Why does she still think of Arnav even after she is in a relationship??? 

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Episode-10 (By Nitty_Arshi) (Thanked: 37 times)

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college Fest.....

Venkat descended the stairs to find Khushi but he couldn't. He asked others who said that Khushi was outside.

He goes out and tries to talk with Khushi but she goes away.

Venkat (sighs): Khushi… Wait….arrree….Khushi……..

Khushi: Don't talk to me.

Venkat forces her and holds her.

But Khushi left him stubbornly. Then a Guy came from the opposite and fell on Khushi.  His friends laughed.

Karthik: Hey ! look Krishna is on Khushi!!!

Khushi and Krishna were holding each other.

Khushi cued what happened. Then Krishna looks at her and says "Sorry ".

Then Khushi sees Venkat blank and he goes away.

Khushi: Venkat! Please don't go..

Krishna goes towards his friends and asks them to stop laughing.

 Khushi goes in search of him. Then she turns back and  looks at Venkat standing in front of her.

Khushi: No, Venkat. It was just an accident.. I didn't..

Venkat then kissed her on her cheek.

He sees Khushi's tears.

Venkat: Khushi?

He pecks her on her forehead. She tries to convulse but couldn't as he was holding her.

Venkat: I trust you Khushi!

His friends rolled on floor for laughing. 

"Sorry Khushi Bhaabhi" They said in chorus. They then ran inside the auditorium. There was nobody outside except for Khushi and Venkat.

Venkat: I am sorry Khushi, but I said na that it’s a surprise that's why I didn't tell you.

Khushi( with tears): It's not that.

Venkat: Then?

Khushi: I couldn't see you since morning. Where were you?

Venkat hugged her and says : I wanted to note every detail of you Khushi. So I veiled myself and I saw every reaction of yours. I noted you getting an award too. But Babe I also noticed that you looked vaguely into that man (Rishab).  Why?

Khushi (thought to herself for a minute):  Well, Its Rishab Mathur Baby! I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Venkat: Ya me too, He hugged me.. I saw you open mouthed.

Khushi then goes deeply in her imagination.

Venkat breaks the hug and says : You look beautiful baby.

Khushi: So do you. With coat and Suite. Now we'll be going to our next academic year na? I say! You wouldn't be coming to the college na?

Venkat: Yeah! Project works and all. Also I'll be doing an internship in the Mathur Industries.

Khushi: What??

Venkat: Yeah Khushi! I am so happy today.

Khushi (hugging him): I'm so Happy for you darling.

Venkat: Not only that he wants me to have dinner in his house one day. He has invited me Khushi.

Khushi thinks vaguely. Is it possible that….? No Khushi don't over think!!!! Stop it!  What was Khushi thinking?

Khushi thinks that one day, she ought to see Venkat and Arnav together. Then she would get to believe he ain't Arnav or at least show Arnav how kind his look alike is. It's her turn to flaunt her bf!!!

Venkat :I love you Khushi

Khushi: I love you too Venkat.

They are in each other's arms.

So, the academic year ended. In the next academic year Khushi was all alone. She got to see Venkat who was too busy with his work only for few minutes. Time flied so fast that she didn't realise when Venkat graduated and got his TC. In her third year, Khushi cried a lot going to the places where she met him during the break hours. As she passes by the staff room in the ground floor(where she saw Venkat for the first time ) couldn't control her tears.  Though he meets her often and still is in touch with her, she gets really bad in remembering all these. So, in her final semester she got relief not going to all these places often.  She was busy with her project work.

One fine day,

Rishab is in Sahithya's room,

As Sahithya enters her room, she hugs him but he doesn't hug her back. She was puzzled and she breaks the hug. Rishab was really serious.

Rishab: What is this Sahithya?

Showing her the picture of herself kissing her boyfriend

Sahithya (with anxious face): It's…. It's.. just that…

Rishab slaps her. Sahithya gets tears in her eyes.

Sahithya: Papa you are disgusting…..!

Rishab : Shut up! Do you even know who he is???

Sahithya :Yes ! he is Arnav Singh Raizadha!!! My true love!

Rishab: My foot!

Sahithya weeps.

Rishab: From when is this happening??

Sahithya keeps quiet and cries.

Rishab: Answer me Dammit!

Sahithya (Yelling): Since 7 years!

Rishab breaks the phone.

Sahithya: Papa!!!!!!!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But it was too late.

Rishab: I can buy you another phone but I cannot buy another daughter. I was fed up of my son and now You? I didn't expect this from you. Is he studying in your college?

Sahithya remained tight-lipped seeing her mobile broken into pieces.


Sahithya: Yes!!! HE WAS! He is my senior ! He was , is and will be my husb…

Rishab(Interupted): You were lying to me since 7 years!!! Isn't it??

Sahithya:I love him truly dad and so does he!

Rishab: And so does he love your money!

Sahithya : No! It's not true!!! Otherwise he would have left me before!

Rishab: He didn't leave you because I am still maintaining my position.

Sahithya: No its not! Now get Lost!!!!!!!!!!  You  don't even know him..! You've never met him. You can't judge him like that.

 Rishab fumes with anger, bangs the door and goes away. Sahithya weeps in her room closing the door.

Rishab comes out and goes to his room thundering. He then sits in his chair and had tears forming in his eyes.

After sometime.

Servant: Sir, Madamji is not cooperating. She refuses to have dinner.

Rishab was about to say when a maid comes to him and says,

Maid: Sir, Mr. Venkat is here. He says that you had invited him for dinner..

Rishab: Venkat?? Which Venkat.

Maid: He says that he received an award from you about 2 years ago and..

Rishab: Ah! Yes! Gosh it's 2 years! Yeah ask him to come in.

Rishab washes his face and goes to him. He hugs Venkat and invites him.

Rishab cued his servant to do something.

Venkat who was observing each and every bit of his house was feeling very happy.

Venkat: Sorry sir, I was really late and that too I didn't inform you prior coz I wanted to give you a surprise.

Rishab: Oh! That's really nice. Come have a seat.

Rishab looks at him beseechingly. He remembers that his face matches with the photo's face of Sahithya's . But NO! Sahithya said that they both studied in the same college and also his name was some Arnav. So it can't be! Uffoh! He had broken the phone he can't also match it with him.

Rishab: Uhm!! It's just my curiosity. Do you know anyone named Arnav? I mean a friend or a brother?        

Venkat was startled by this question. What?? He has heard this one before. Must he say yes or no? He doesn't know him.

Venkat: No sir.

Venkat now badly wanted to meet this Arnav.

Rishab: No don't mistake me. It was just my curiosity. I find a guy similar to you. (He hadn't even seen him in person)

Venkat was thinking. Then, the servant came and gestured him.

Rishab: Please come.

He gestured him to the king sized dining table. Venkat was in an awe. It was really beautiful.  One of the servants comes down and tells him in his ears,

Servant: Sir, Sahithya denied to come down.

Rishab cued him to go away. He thinks that it was a good thing that Sahithya didn’t come down otherwise, she would think him as Arnav and things would go messy. 

Next update will be the last one for this college past Guys.Brace yourself. From episode 12 onward's, the real story will uncover.

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