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Jun 11

TRUST AND LOVE (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 73 times)


Ragini: in the mandir. she pray for kushi and her happy life. she is very tesnsed about kushi , she wants to know whats going on her life, if she is happy in this life or not. various qustions appeared in her mind.

Ragav: called ragini mobile.

Ragini: attend the call , hello raghav..

Raghav: han ragini where are you , today is our daughter birthday ,have you forgotten, we have to see her na.

Ragini: give me chance to answer your qustion mr. raghav.

Raghav: han ok ok  doctor ragini...

Ragini: says now i am in mandir. and i have to go to hospital , patients waiting for me. so you go and meet her . i will meet her in the evening.

Raghav: asks why do not come you now ? whats your problem , you know na she missed you , please you just come with me.

Ragini: no raghav . listen my words. please dont compel  me raghav. 

Raghav: cut the call and leaves to meet his daughter.

Arnav and kushi came  down.kushi sees the whole house was decorated with roses. she is smiling seeing the roses, she is very happy . she look at her mobile , she is waiting for her mom call, but she did not call her still , she is waiting for her mom and dad. 

Anjali: smiled at kushi and says your very beautifull in this saree. happy birthday , you always happy like this ok. she huged kushi .

kushi: says thank you anjaliji. she touch naniji and mamiji feet , naniji and mamiji gifted her. and they both blessed her happyly. mamiji says always smiling like this ok . she nods her head and smild.

Payal and akash gifted her and they both wish her , kushi huged payal .

Arnav: watching this all smilingly. 

Anjali: says ok come kushi cut the cake ... At the same time raghav also came there...

Arnav: kushi look there..

Kushi: look at her dad and smiled at arnav. she rush to huged him,  i missed you and mom very much. 

Raghav: we both missed you too kushi , happy birthday my dear , he kissed her forehead. he ask how are you . are you happy na.

Kushi: yes i am very happy dad.she is watching the doorsteps. 

Raghav: smiled and says your mom will come evening to meet you , she has some patients in her hospital. you know your mom very well na. she does not like patients waiting for her.

kushi: just smiled at her dad, she knows her mom is angry on her . thats why she does not come here.


Arnav: touch his feet , but raghav huged him and says its ok arnav. 

Naniji: ok now kushi betia come cut the cake first. 

Kushi: nods her head and cut the cake , she first feed naniji . raghav is expect his daughter feed him next, but she take one piece cake and feed arnav.  raghav face is changed , he thinkhimself he is so possessive to his daughter day by day, she is married raghav , she has important her husband  na. he smiled at himself. kushi called dad, and she feed him big piece of cake , he is very happy seeing her like that. he gifted her ear ring , she says thank you dad. thank you so much.. he touch her head lovingly and asks your always smiling like this ,  that's enough for  me.

Kushi: smiled ok dad .

Arnav: watching kushi's every moments, 

Raghav: mobile ring, he says to kushi ok bye beta i have to go office now.

kushi: says ok dad bye .

Anjali and payal feed cake to kushi . they three of them talking happyly. 

Mamiji: cooked kushi's favorite dishes. she called everyone for the breakfast.

Arnav: is busy with his mobile. 

Anjali: said to kushi , you go and call him or he does not hang up that call today.

Kushi: smiled and nods her head.she came near arnav .

Arnav: noticed her and cut the call. she stared at him. he understand her , an says this is aman's call.  she says mamiji called for the break fast . he says i am sorry kushi . she look at him and says i want to live with you happyly for every miniute, and i want to give you a another chance, please dont hurt me anymore. i love you arnavji. they both are in tears in their eyes. he pull kushi in hug to comfort her,he says i am really sorry kushi, i feel guilty. i will tell all the truth to your parents . then only i feel relifed , aunty is angry on you because of me , i know you missed her so much. she came out from the hug and says no arnavji , dad and mom get angry on you, i am scared of my dad's anger . and i think about di too. dont worry i will handle my mom. he says no kushi we  will  both meet your parents  today and i will tell all the truth to them, they both have all the rights to me, lets do what they want.

Kushi: no arnavji please ..

Arnav: please kushi dont stop me. he leave from there..

kushi: oh ho why this lordgovernor is  very adament . how can i handle him now.

everyone food togethere.. kushi says mamiji food is very tasty thank you mamiji..

Mamiji: smiled at her. and says your looking beautifull when your smiling .

Arnav: look at her , he thinkhimself whenever she gets angry her face full of red she is very cute thats the  time .he says di we have to go kushi's house now . you just take rest ok. 

Anjali: dont think about me only ok, now your married think about your wife . go and spend time with her ..she smiled at him..

Kushi: is very tensed, if dad knows about the truth. i am sure he is angry on him. i dont know what my dad will do? 

Arnav: in the hall , he called ragini and informed about their arrival .

Ragini : says ok  ...

kushi: came and try to say something , but arnav says come we will go, she asks where arnavji, 

Arnav: he look at her and says your mom house. 

Kushi: ok but you dont tell anything to my parents .

Arnav: i will try kushi.

Kushi: look at him angryly...

Arnav: hold her cheek and says please , i dont want to live with this guilt feel. please understand me, your always with me na thats enough for me. i can cope with anything ..

Kushi: huged him and says i am always with you only.i will not leave you for anyone.

Arnav: smiled and huged her happyly.

Kushi: says i love you arnavji.

Anjali and everyone came there and says we are all also love you arnav and kushi.....

Kushi is shocked hearing their voice and she move from arnav, but he put his hand on her shoulder and hud her sideways . and he says thank you my dear family. 


Kushi and arnav leave from there..

Ragini: came to home and prepared lunch for her daughter and sun-in-law.

After sometime kushi and arnav came there.

Ragini: welcome them both happyly..

kushi: huged her and says i am sorry please forgive me mom. i have talked to you in a certain sense of humor.

Ragini: its ok leave it, come you both eat first. lunch is ready...

Arnav: asks ragini , uncle did not come for lunch. 

Kushi: is tensed hearing this..

Ragini: he is on the way arnav. 

Arnav: try to say something , but kushi says i am hungry come we will eat first, he nods his head ..


Raghav: is surprised seeing kushi and arnav he is very happy .he asks ragini you did not tell me about their arrival.

Ragini: i just forget inform raghav .

Raghav: its ok leave it .. he asks arnav whats your next plan ..

Arnav: says i want to talk to you both some important matter .

Kushi: is sit beside arnav and very tensed , she hold arnav hand tightly.

Arnav: look at kushi. and assurance her .

Ragini and raghav look at eachothere...

Arnav: says everything very fastly begining to end. 

Raghav: did not think anything , he slapped arnav cheeks very hardly, he is very angry on him , his eyes full of red in anger, ragini and kushi is very shocked seeing him like that. kushi is very shocked seeing her dad's angry. she was frozen in shock.. arnav fell on the floor. raghav angryly says how dare you arnav, now only kushi came out of her shock . she saw arnav in the floor. she is shocked seeing him. she rush to came and help him to stand up. arnav and kushi look at each other. ragini says to raghav please calm down, but he is not ready to hear anyone words now, he hold arnav shirt collar and asks how dare you arnav, you know about me very well na, how can you do this to my daughter , i dont leave you today, arnav try to say something but he hold his neck , kushi is shocked seeing this , she says dad please leave him, but raghav did not hear her words, kushi again says leave him dad please she is crying heavyly , she hold raghav hand try to remove from arnav's neck, ragini also crying and says raghav please leave him ,.kushi look at arnav and she is very tensed seeing him, she shout i love him dad, i love him very much , i can not live without him. if you kill him,i will die with him.........

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Jun 13

THANK TO ALL MY READERS ..... (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 18 times)


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Jun 14

TRUST AND LOVE (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 54 times)



Raghav: is shocked and remove his hand from arnav's neck. he look at kushi, he asks kushi tell me again , what did you say. kushi did not say anything she silently stood there, she look at arnav , he was more difficult to breath. kushi came near him and asks are you ok, he started to caughing. she rush to take the water for arnav, ragini is cryingly standing there, raghav stood like a statue, ragini came near raghav and called him but he did not respond her, kushi gave water to arnav , she is very tensed seeing him like that, kushi knows arnav very well, he did not have any patience for anyone. everyone will scare hearing ASR  name. he did not say sorry to anyone.but for the first time , he says sorry for his mistake. 

Arnav: uncle please i am sorry , please forgive me, i also love kushi a lot , i can not live without my wife. now she is my life .i will take care of her safely. please trust  me uncle.

Kushi: please dad trust him. and forgive him dad please..

Ragini: you both first leave form my house.

Kushi and arnav look at eachother...kushi try to talk but ragini says i said leave ..

Raghav: standing there silently , he did not say anything.he thinkhimself, he hurt my daughter but i could not do anything . because my  daughter loves him . but i can not believe him. i make my daughter understand him. he is not perfect for my daughter. my daughter is very innocent , if he hurt my daughter again, then what i will do,i can not see my daughter tears .

Kushi: says come arnavji we will go from here..they both start to walk .

Raghav: stop it kushi ... you dont go anywhere.. but let him go.this is your house. i can't send you with him. because i can't trust him. 

kushi and arnav shocked hearing this , kushi dont know what to answer his qustion.

Ragini: called raghav let her go with him, because she trust him, he is her husband. 

Raghav: i am her dad ragini. how can i send my daughter with this angry man, he can do anything for his sister only , he is hurt my daughter for safe his sister life. how can i trust him. 

Ragini: you do not believe him, but do you believe in your daughter?

Raghav: han i believe my daughter .

Ragini:then let her go with her house. she is not a child raghav, she knows everything .she can make all the decisions alone.

Raghav: ok fine , but i can't trust him and i can't forgive him in my life.

Arnav: look at ragini and says thanks aunty.

Ragini: i can't forgive you arnav because you hurt my daughter , but i trust my daughter and i want her happyness only. we both do not force her for anything. 

Kushi: says thank you mom, but if you believe me it means to trust him too.

Raghav: says no kushi we can't trust him .

Kushi: i dont want to argue with you dad, now we are leaving our home.when you both trust him then we will come again in this house  untill we both can't come in this house anymore, at the same time i dont force you to trust him. they both leave from there...

Raghav: our daughter has now grown up na ragini. we are not important to her now

Ragini: dont think about her. she is just gone, one day she will come to you . dont worry.

Raghav: she is now mr.arnav sing raizada , not kushi kapoor ragini. ragini dont know how to comfort raghav, she says come you just eat , you have to go office na. he says i have headache , just give one coffee, he take his mobile and cancel his all the meetings and leave his room. ragini thinkherself , why kushi why did you do this all, why dont you hide this to me. i know raghav could not bear this, he is very upset , he loves kushi very much. kushi is  everything for him.


Anjali: came to study room, she saw the cd, she take that cd and leave her room, she eagerly want see the cd, it was that terrace cctv footage. she sees shyam huged kushi, but kushi push him . anjali saw that full scene , she is very shocked seeing this and she faint. naniji searching anjali ...

Payal: came to anjali room and saw anjali was unconscious in the bed. she flash water on her face but she could not response , she called akash ,shyamji, naniji ,mamiji come anjaliji is faint she did not response.everyone came there ,shyam lift her in his arms and take to her in the car, he says to akash i will go hospital you all came there ok. naniji , mamiji leaves with anjali and shyam.

Arnav and kushi get down from the car, arnav is very upset , kushi hold his hand and says leave it, dad will forgive you soon, mom and dad understand you soon, dont worry ok.  he nods his head, he asks why are you trusting me kushi, now your mom and dad angry with you too because of me.she says no arnavji they both of them never get angry at me i know that. my dad and mom loves me a lot , they will understand me soon. he says do not say for my comfort kushi. she says this is true arnavji .trust me na. he cup  her face and says i trust you morethen myself , they both look at each other...

Akash : called arnav mobile , kushi says arnavji your mobile. he take his mobile and attend the call hello. akash says bhai about anjali. arnav is shocked hearing this . he asks di is fine na.. akash says i dont know bhai,  jiju , naniji, mamiji leave the hospital, i am in home with payal. arnac ok you just take care of payal , me and kushi leave the hospital now. 

kushi: asks what happen arnavji. he says di in hospital , she asks what happen to anjaliji. if everything is fine na, he says only if you go there . they both leave from there. 

Ragini: give coffee to raghav, he says i dont leave that shyam easily ragini. how dare you touch my daughter, i will kill him today . ragini says calm down raghav please think about me too. your daughter forgive him , then whats your problem, leave this all, we  want our daughter happyness only.think about that first. raghav says i dont forgive arnav and shyam . i can't leave them too. 

Arnav and kushi came to the hospital, naniji, mamiji ,shyam waiting for  outside of the icu. naniji huged arnav , she says chote  anjali still in unconscious , she did not respond. i am scared chote if anything happen to her or baby , what will we do. arnav is shocked hearing this , kushi says no naniji nothing will happen she is fine soon, dont worry  i will call my mom. shyam is very tensed and standing one corner, he pray for his wife and baby. 

kushi: called ragini. she attend the call hello kushi .... she says mom please come to your hospital na, anjaliji is in hospital, she says everything about anjali.

Ragini: says ok ok i will come in ten miniue dont get tensed ok.. i will come..

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Jun 17

TRUST AND LOVE (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 51 times)

THANKS TO ALL MY READERS.. I AM SORRY . i have fever so i could not update my stories.

Arnav: is very tensed thinking about anjali.

kushi: says dont worry arnavji , nothing will happen to di and baby, mom will take care of them. 

Arnav: nods his head....

Ragini: was checking anjali inside of the icu . she called nurse and give some instraction. after sometime anjali came to conscious.but she has stomach pain immediately, ragini give to her  injection.  

Nurse: came to out of the icu and asks signature to shyam. 

Arnav: asks the nurse how is my di , she is fine na. 

Nurse: she is fine sir, this is the signature of the operation. childbirth is a bit difficult and the surgery is very important sir.

Shyam: says how is anjali now. please save my wife first. 

Nurse: please sign the paper sir , mam already start the surgery . dont worry sir. pray for your wife and baby.

Shyam : sign the paper and pray for anjali and baby. he is also very tensed thinking about anjali and baby.

Arnav: stood silently. 

Naniji and mamiji leaving the mandir to pray for anjali and baby. 

kushi: is stood near arnav.

Arnav: look at her and says , i know nothing will happen di and her baby, i trust ragini aunty.

Kushi: look at him , but before sometime you looked very is this wisdom suddenly.

Arnav:you are my courage kushi, i learned from you. thats the reason your mother's and father raised you like that. 

Kushi: look at him silently...

Ragini: came out of the icu. 

Kushi: mom..

Arnav: also look at her and they both rush to near ragini.

Shyam: asks how is anjali and baby both are fine na doctor.

Arnav and kushi also waiting for her answer..

Ragini: look at shyam little angryly.  

Arnav: asks how is di and baby aunty .

Ragini: smiled at him, and says they both are fine. dont worry , she said to me you and kushi lift her child first. arnav and kushi smiled hearing this. shyam is very happy he asks boy baby or girl baby. ragini says girl baby. kushi is very happy hearing this. she huged ragini and says thank you so much mom.

Ragini: its my duty . 

Kushi: asks are you angry on me still.

Ragini: i understand you and arnav, but your dad can't understand you both , he is angry on arnav and she look at shyam ...

Shyam: understand it , he says i am sorry aunty , please forgive me. i did a big mistake.

Ragini: i think , i will never forgive you ,my mind refuse to forgive you, but for anjali is only the reason. she is like my daughter thats why i forgive you, and my daughter also forgive you . so i leave you.

take care of anjali and baby.

Arnav: look at ragini , he thinkhimself you have a big heart aunty, thats because your daughter also like that, i am very lucky thats why she came in to my life. i dont leave her and i dont hurt her till my breath .

Kushi: asks her mom we can see di and child..

Ragini: says after 2 hours.

Arnav: nods his head. and says thank you aunty.

Naniji and mamiji came there. kushi says to them happyly its girl baby naniji. mamiji and naniji huged kushi happyly.

Akash and payal also came there.

Arnav: smiled seeing kushi's every moments. he thinkhimself she is really a unbelievable ...


Nurse give the baby to arnav and kushi. kushi lift the baby in difficult , naniji helped her. shyam also came near them , kushi give to the baby to shyam . he smiled seeing her , he says your really a rajkumari my baby. mamiji lifted the baby and says you look like my anjali betia.

Akash: ji maa she is like our di only. payal touch her cheek , she is so cute na mamiji.

Nurse: now you all go and see anjali mam.

Naniji lift the baby and ,everyone enter anjali room. naniji give baby to anjali.

Anjali: look at everyone, she look at kushi and says thank you so much kushi. 

Kushi: look at arnav. she ask thanks but why di.

Anjali: says chote i saw that cctv footage . shyam is shocked seeing anjali..

Shyam: called anjali ..

Anjali: says stop it , dont talk to me. and dont touch my baby too. just away from me and my baby.

and i do not want to talk about anything please leave from here.

Kushi: di please he is changed now, forgive him na. 

Anjali: look at kushi and says why dont you all hide this truth to me.

Arnav: di i dont want to broke you and you also pregnant that time.  how can i tell the truth to you. you also trust him a lot.

Anjali: han i trust him a lot but now i just hate him chote , please say him to leave from here.

Kushi: di please think about your baby. she wants her dad . 

Anjali: how can you be like that kushi, your very great. but he betrayed me kushi. i love him a lot but he , anjali start to crying , mamiji huged her, naniji says please dont cry anjali ..

Shyam: says anjali please forgive me . 

Kushi: try  talk but arnav stop her and says leave it kushi. we will talk to her in home. she nods her head.

Shyam: leave from there..

Arnav: asks di are you ok na...

Anjali: i am fine chote. dont think about me only concentrate on your life too. she  look at kushi and says dont force me to forgive him please. i know how to take care of my baby. i dont trust him anymore kushi. 

kushi: look at arnav..

Arnav: closed his eyes everything will be fine soon ,dont worry ok.

kushi: nods her head.

Naniji: says you all go home , i will be with anjali betia.

Arnav: ok naniji , if you want anything call me ok.

Naniji: nods her head...

Arnav, akash ,kushi, payal , mamiji left home from the hospital.

Arnav and akash discuss about tomorrow presentation.

Kushi: talking with mamiji and payal ..

Hariprakash: came and says mamiji dinner is ready. he asks how is anjali di and baby.

Kushi: says they both are fine hariprakash. 

Hariprakash: ji bhabi...

Mamiji: kushi go and call arnav and akash for dinner . or they both forget about food and discuss about the business only.

Kushi: ji mamiji..

Payal and mamiji arrange the dining table.

Kushi: came and shut the laptop .

Arnav: what the ? 

Kushi: look at akash. 

Akash : leave from there..

Arnav: what you want now.

Kushi: mamiji called you for the dinner.

Arnav: smiled and look at her ..

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thank you
Jun 27

TRUST AND LOVE (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 58 times)


kushi: asks why this smile now.

Arnav: nothing . i do not have the right to laugh.

Kushi: no arnavji, i did not mean it. she is little tensed. 

Arnav: smiled again. he cup her face and look at her .

Kushi: does not understand anything, she is nervously looking at him. wo wo ha ha ar...

Arnav: come more close to her face , he asks what wo ha ha tell me kushi .

Kushi: what are you doing arnavji. if someone comes here now.

Arnav: so what kushi.

Kushi: does not know what to say. she is silently look at him.

Arnav:caress her cheek ,she closed her eyes and clutch her saree with her hands.he noticed her and laugh at her. she open her eyes and look down , she is blush . he says your looking beautifull when your blush .kushi look at him with lot of shyness . he says kushi i love you . please do not leave me anymore.

Kushi: why are you talking like this ? i am always with you only . your my life arnavji. 

Arnav: i know , you love me a lot. but i hurt you lot , i am sorry kushi. but please trust me i love you i really love you very much , i can't leave without you . if your not near me, my breath will stop.

Kushi: huged him tightly and says i know how much you love me. i forget the bitter events arnavji . think about our future. they both huging eachother.

Arnav: thank you kushi , he kissed her head. she smiled and says every moment i am happy to be with you . he huged her more tightly , he called kushi ...

Kushi: ji 

Arnav: call me arnav, stop calling this ji ji.

Kushi: hit his chest slightly and asks why? whats your problem in that.

Arnav: its look like a gap between us, whenever you calling me ji ji .

Kushi: smiled hearing this. i like that to call you like that arnavji . give me some time i try to change ok.

Arnav: ok thank you , i am waiting for that moment.

Kushi: hmm then...

Arnav: tell me kushi..

Kushi: i do not to know what to talk arnavji. very happy with my mind. 

Arnav: you should always be happy like this , i want that , if your happy means i also very happy. 

Mamiji ,payal ,akash came there and says we are also very happy now. 

Arnav and kushi came out of the hug and look at them with lot of shyness in their face.

Mamiji: asks kushi why you came here.

Kushi: wo wo mamiji arnavji talking a lot so we forget to came down.

Arnav: oh really . 

Kushi: han ji.

Payal: ok leave this come down , i am very hungry .

Mamiji: says to payal and akash you both go down and start to eat first , we will come now.

Akash: nods his head and they both leave from there.

Mamiji: look at arnav and kushi .

Arnav and kushi dont know what to say . 

Mamiji: hello hai bye bye whats going on here. love jodi start your romantic  right.

Kushi: smiled and run from there. 

Mamiji: noticed arnav smiling face. she is very happy seeing him like that. 

Everyone eat togethere and chitchating happyly.

After a week.

Anjali and baby came to home from the hospital. shyam leave from the house. he says to anjali i will be waiting for you, please forgive me. but anjali is not ready to forgive him. 

Naniji and mamiji take care of anjali and baby. kushi always with anjali , baby and payal. 

Arnav: is very happy but she did not spend time with him. she always with his family only.

Akash: take care of payal and office too.

Raghav: is not ready to forgive arnav. but for kushi he is silent .but he did not talk to arnav.

Ragini: is very happy about her daughter .she knows arnav loves kushi a lot. 


Arnav : came from the office . he sees everyone in the hall. anjali drinking the milk. 

Kushi: is playing with archi { anjali's baby name} 

Naniji and mamiji drinking tea , payal is hearing some music.

Anjali noticed arnav stared at kushi. she called kushi give archi to me, i think she is hungry , its her feeding time. 

Kushi: ji anjaliji. she give archi to anjali . 

Anjali : come near kushi and says to her ear, just take care of my chote too.  i think he missed you lot .

Kushi: no anjaliji not like that , he is busy with his office thats  why i spend time with you all.

Anjali: i know whats going on your mind. dont worry about me and child tell this your husband too . i am totally fine .concentrate on your life too. and soon you have to feed your baby too na my dear bhabi.

Kushi: oh that not going to happen anjaliji.

Anjali: why kushi ? any problem.

Kushi: no he is busy with his office. 

Anjali; han you busy with our family . so both of them have no time to think about your life haina.

you go office with him and spend time with him ok. and i know before marriage you both talk at a very long time at night , now what happen kushi. after marriage you changed a lot. she asks are you feel any guilty about my life.

Kushi: is very silent hearing this. 

Anjali: touch her cheek , dont think too much about me ok. i am fine . if you both are happy means me and my baby also very happy .

Kushi: han i know i did not do any mistake but . i think about archi's future. 

Anjali: see kushi , archi is my daughter . my family is with me . i am fine ok. i want to see my chote's happyness too.

Arnav : hearing all this silently. he leave his room .

Kushi: smiled at anjali and says thank you .

Anjali: i dont forgive him anymore. its my own decision kushi. you both just forget everything. i forget everything , now my life is archi and our family only.

Naniji: says anjali is right kushi. just forget everything and be happy .

Kushi: nods her head.

Arnav in his room. he think about kushi. and his di's words . he also very happy about his di's decision. he feel kushi is near with him. he turn his face and sees kushi standing there. he smiled at her.

Kushi: asks why are you this smile arnavji. 

Arnav: did not answer her qustion and lock the door. 

Kushi: asks what are you doing arnavji.

Arnavji. took his mobile and messaged anjali { di please dont distrub me and kushi  i have  spend time with her } he throw his mobile on the bed. 

Kushi: is very confiused about his behaviour.

Arnav : smiled at her . 

Kushi: look at him angryly , you dont answer my qustion na . i have to go down . you talk to your laptop or she look at his mobile ,  but arnav lift her in his arms , kushi asks what happen to you today leave me arnavji , what are you doing . he says stop your non stop talking today , i want to talk to you 

Kushi: ji but let me down first  please.

Arnav: ok fine. he make her lay in the bed. 

Kushi: look at him and says thank you. 

Arnav ; also lay beside her. he says listen my words carefully. 

Kushi: ji arnavji.

Arnav: dont think about di and archi , dont feel guilty ok, you dont do any mistake, its all because of that shyam only so please forget everything  . i will take care of everything . you do whatever you want. if you come office means you just come. there is no need for you to be at home. and i i 

Kushi: i i what arnavji.

Arnav: i miss you kushi . you dont spend time with me this all days na. i miss you my dear wife.

Kushi: i miss you too arnavji.

They both smiling each other. kushi came to him and put his head on his chest and her arms around his waist.



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