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May 29

TRUST AND LOVE (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 54 times)


Arnav sing raizada: he is big businessman , angry young man, loves his sister a lot . he always care for her sister. he dont trust other girls, he dont trust god, love and marriage. he likes his deal meeting office laptop.

Anjali manohar jha. she loves her chote a lot, she trust her husband blindly . she loves her family ,she always pray to god for her husband.

Shyam manohar jha; he is a lawyer. he is very bad man.he saw kushi at first time , he likes her and he behind her always , but kushi just ignore him. 

kushi raghav kapoor : she is very sweet and nice, innocent girl, she finished her studys and enjoying her life with her friends and family. she is only daughter of her parents, she is cousin sister of payal.she loves jelaybi's, she loves her devimayya, she will not hide anything from her parents. she trust god , love, marriage. shyam is always behind her and torture her, she dont know what to do, she is very scared of told this matter to her mother, and she thinking about anjali and her child ,if she knows this she  feel sad. thats why she just ignore him. she likes arnav , but she is scared of talk to him. but after payal akash marriage he came and talk to her , he called her everyday , he care for her. they will talk at a very long time at night.he says to her i like you kushi.. but she did not say him still. she is very shy to talk to him.

Raghav kapoor. he is business partner of arnav sing raizada. he loves his daughter and wife a lot. he can't see her daughter tears. its hurt him a lot.

Ragini raghav kapoor. she loves her daughter and husband a lot. very strict mother of kushi. she is a doctor. 

Shashi gupta: father of payal. he is a collage professor. he loves his daughter payal and his wife.

Garima gupta: wife of shashi gupta, mother of payal, sister of ragini. she loves kushi a lot. she is working as a school teacher. 

Akash sing raizada; husband of payal , he always respect his bhai words, he loves his di a lot.

Payal akash sing raizada. she loves her parents ,and her sister kushi a lot. she loves her husband and family . she is very silent and shy girl.

Manoramma sing raizada. wife of mahendran sing raizada. she loves anjali, arnav ,and akash a lot, she always talking in  english. she loves   makeup and jewllerys.

Devyani sing raizada. he searching girl for her chote. she likes to want her chote marry kushi. she is nani of arnav and anjali, dadi of akash .

Mahendran sing raizada. he always busy with his business, he loves his childrens  a lot. he is husband of manoramma sing raizada, father of akash.

Arnav: ready for his office, he came down.

Anjali:served breakfast for his husband shyam, she saw arnav , and called chote come eat your breakfast then you can go your office.

Arnav: look at shyam , his blood boild , he angryly tightened his hand. but  he comfort himself and says no di i will have it in office , its already late.

Kushi: enter the raizada house at the same time. she saw arnav and smiled at him.

Arnav: also smiled at her , he says hi kushi.

Kushi: smiled and asks are you ready to go office.

Arnav: yea kushi, he asks how is uncle and aunty.

Kushi: yea , both are fine. 

Anjali and naniji watching them both smilingly, shyam is irked seeing them both .

Arnav:noticed shyam , and he thinkhimself and says kushi i want to talk to you .

Kushi: look at him and asks what?

Arnav: angryly look at her. 

Kushi: getting scared seeing his anger. finally she comfort herself and nods her head.

Anjali came near them and asks what are you doing both here. come inside and talk na chote, she smiled at them teasingly.

Arnav: knows her sister like kushi a lot, he look at kushi and says yea di your right.

Anjali: asks you dont go office chote.

Arnav: di please i want to talk to kushi , he hold her hand , kushi is shocked and her eyes are widen seeing him, anjali is shocked seeing  his sudden act, she knows he likes kushi . arnav drag kushi to his room. everyone watching them shockingly. 

Mamiji: hello hai bye bye , whats happeningz herez .i can't believe this..

Naniji: smiled at herself.

Mamiji: asks sasuma why are you smiling now.

Naniji: says i think chote likes kushi betia.

Mamiji: hello hai hai love and bye bye to angry . arnav betuva oh my god , sasuma pinch me i can't believe this. naniji pinch her and smiled at her, mamiji says han its true.but kushi is no more beauty than me. naniji look at her angryly , mamiji silently leave her room.

Shyam; leave his room silently.

Payal: is tensed for kushi. she asks anjali di what happen ? if he get angry on my sister .

Anjali: relax payal , dont worry , my chote is not bad , he wants to talk to her thats it. 

Payal: is looking upstrairs , she is very tensed about kushi.

Akash: came near payal and says dont worry , nothing will happen to your sister .

payal : nods her head.

Naniji; and anjali came to poolside.

Arnav: closed his room door. 

kushi: asks arnavji why are you closed the door now. i have to go , please open the door. 

Arnav: i said i want to talk to you . 

Kushi: why are you drag me like this , what will everyone think of me? i dont like this arnavji, she try to open the door.

Arnav: caught her ,kushi leaned on the door, he hold her shoulder tightly , he gets angry on her, he can not bear her ignorance because he likes her in the deepest  sense but he does not want to show it. he says dont you heard i want to talk to you dammit.

Kushi: look at him with scared face.

Arnav: kushi please listen to me.

Kushi: look at him silently.

Arnav: look at her eyes and says i love you kushi, will you marry me.

Kushi: look at him with wide eye. she getting nervouse , she can't face him, she is very tensed and shy too, her eyes looked there and here. she says in thin voice i want to go . 

Arnav: says answer my qustions  first then you can go.

Kushi: says please arnavji i want to go .

Arnav: answer my qustion kushi.

Kushi: silently look at him. she says i do not know what to answer?

Arnav: tell me what is in your mind.

Kushi: think she want to know him first.  she asks give me some time arnavji.

Arnav: smiled at himself, he says ok fine. he look at her ,her hair on the face , he removed her hair  a side. she closed her eyes, her heart beating very fastly, she is shivering his touch.arnav move more close to her face,he kissed her cheek. kushi open her eyes and shocked seeing him, she is tears in her eyes, he says i am sorry kushi , she look at him and tears flow in her eyes , he again says please dont cry i am sorry . she thinkherself how did i forget myself, my mom dont like this all. how did i get this courage.she wipe her tears and says i want to go . she run from there. he called kushi kushi but she run from there.

Payal: called kushi. 

Kushi: says i will come later payal , my friend called me she is waiting for me .

Payal: touch her cheek ,are you ok na, your cheeks are very red.

Kushi; getting tensed and says wo wo i am fine , i will come tomorrow ok bye , she run from there , 

Arnav, anjali ,naniji sees her in upstrairs. 

Arnav in office. he rememberd shyam huging kushi in terrace, kushi says to him divorce anjali. he remembered morning kissing incident, why she crying , he thinkhimself , but she huging that shyam and she says to him divorce my di, how dare you kushi, why are you doing this all. why are you this acting and crying kushi. he hit his hand in the table angryly. aman came and asks what happen arnav.

arnav says to him everything , i dont know what to do , di life is very important for me, i am confusing what to believe , aman says i know kushi very well , she is not like that girl arnav. you misunderstood her, you also know her na , something is worng arnav. arnav says thats why i check her , today i propossed her, but she did not answer me, and i kissed her she is crying and leave from there. i dont know what to do. i do not know who is worng.

Aman: says you have to check your house cctv footage first then decided it yourself. but i am sure , there will be no mistake on kushi.

Arnav: says first i will check cctv footage. he drive his car fast and came home, he saw everyone busy in their room.he directly came to study room and check the cctv , he sees full converstation of kushi and shyam, kushi: slap him hardly and says how dare you touch me, if i told this to my dad , he will kill you , just away from me, why are you torturing me, your married , your wife is blindly trust you , because of her i just ignored your all the tortur this all days but now i will tell this to my parents. 

Shyam: says i dont like anjali kushiji. i love you only.

Kushi: is very angry hearing his words, she says if you dont like means divorce her or do it yourself whatever you think, thats not my problem mr. shyam. this is your last warning. shyam forcefully huged her ,she pushed him angryly and slap him his cheek hardly,finally she says  i will kill you .

Arnav : watching all this shocked . he closed his eyes , he thinking about his di and baby . he is very angry on shyam. and  he feel guilty for missunderstood kushi. and he said i love you to her. he remembered the kissing movement , her tears, he hit his hand in the wall, his hand hurt and blood coming. his mobile ring it was aman.hello aman.

Aman: come fast arnav. everyone waiting for you in the confrence hall.

Arnav: says yea aman i will come in 10 miniute. he cut the call. he drive his car fast , he thinking about his di and kushi he is feel sad. suddenly his car hit on the tree.



Aman : is waiting for ouside of the icu. doctor checking arnav inside. 

Anjali: is crying heavyly . akash try to comfort her. but she is crying continuesly.

Mamiji: huged anjali and says, please dont cry , its not good for you and baby anjali. nothing will happen our arnav betuva. he will be fine soon.

Naniji: is very sad , tears flow in her eyes, payal comfort her. 

Shashi and garima also came to hospital. 

Raghav also came to hospital. he asks akash what happen to him. i know arnav always drive carefully .

Akash: care hit on  the tree uncle. 

Raghav: asks aman ragini knows this na. '

Aman: yes sir mam is inside of the icu. 

Raghav: says to anjali dont worry , nothing will happen to arnav ok . he will be fine soon.

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May 31

TRUST AND LOVE (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 51 times)


Kushi: in her house , she thinking about arnav proposal, her mobile was ringing  long time,but she lost in her thoughts. she stood infront of the mirror, and talk to herself how can he kiss me suddenly . this is too much na kushi.she bit her nails, now what will i answer him.

Ragini: called kushi mobile again again but she did not attend the call. she mutter herself , this girl always careless, this is all because of her dad. at the same time nurse came and says mam emergency , one accident patient , ragini rush to came out of her cabin , she is shocked seeing it was arnav, 

Aman: saw ragini. he says mam please do something his car hit on the tree, 

Ragini: nods her head and says nurse take him to icu . she also go  behind them. 

Aman: called naniji, and inform about arnav accident. naniji is shocked hearing this. aman says naniji relax dont worry , ragini aunty checking him inside of the icu , please come fast . 

Naniji: is tensed and nervouse hearing this, payal came and asks who called naniji, she saw naniji face is very tensed and sweating, she asks naniji what happen, are you ok. mamiji also came there she asks sasuma what happen ? say something na. naniji says chote meet with an accident , 

Anjali: hearing this shocked , she rush to came near naniji and asks what happen to our chote naniji , she start to crying .

Mamiji: anjali betia you just relax , nothing will happen to our arnav betuva .

Naniji: says come we will go hospital first.

Aman: is very tensed , he is waiting outside of the icu.

Akash: came and asks aman what happen to bhai , he is ok na.

Aman: i think he is ok. ragini aunty is checking him. 

Anjali ,payal, naniji, mamiji also came to hospital, anjali asks akash how is chote now , he is ok na.

Akash: look at aman. 

Aman: says di ,doctor is checking him, dont worry.

Anjali: is crying heavyly. naniji dont know what to do. mamiji comfort anjali. 

Payal and akash comfort naniji.

Rahini: came out of the icu room.

Naniji: asks ragini how is he now. he is ok na.

Anjali: aunty i know he is fine na. 

Ragini: says han he is fine ,  injury in his head and hand only otherwise he is fine naniji.he has need rest.

Anjali: asks ragini, can we see him now. 

Ragini: smiled and says we will shift him in another room , after that you can see him ok. dont worry .

Everyone is relifed now. ragini order coffee for them.

Anjali: was  sitting  near by arnav and crying,  ragini came near and says , he is unconscious now. after a while he will open her eyes in stupor. dont cry ok. anjali huged ragini , ragini also huged her.

Ragini: came out the room , she asks payal if kushi called you .

Payal: no aunty .  morning she came to our home, but her friend called her so suddenly she leave from our home aunty.

Ragini: thinkherself,she  is angry on her daughter, she always busy with her friends only. she did not attend my call now. i called raghav first.

Aman; called kushi mobile, 

Kushi: now only she saw her mobile, she attend the call. hello amanji how are you . 

Aman: i want to tell you something.

Kushi: tell me.

Aman: arnav meet with an accident  kushi.

Kushi: is shocked hearing this , she tears flow in her eyes. she asks how is he now amanji. he is ok na. which hospital . 

Aman: your mom hospital . he is fine now , dont worry kushi.

Kushi: cut the call. she called ragini mobile..

Ragini: hello kushi , where are you now, howmany times i called your mobile , why dont you attend my call. 

Kushi: mom i am on the way to your hospital, when i came infront of you , whatever you want do. now please say na how is arnavji,  he is fine na.

Ragini:asks kushi are you ok , why your voice is so dull, are you crying, 

kushi: mom please say na  how is arnavji now.

Ragini: han he is fine now . 

Kushi: cut the call . 

Ragini: hello kushi but she cut the call, ragini gets angry on kushi, she thinkherself, i answer her qustions but she did not answer my qustions like her dad. 

Arnav: open his eyes and saw his di infront of him in tears.

Anjali: huged him immediately and crying ....

Arnav: di please dont cry. see now i am fine di. he says naniji please dont cry i am fine now.just relax na.

Mamiji: we all are very scared arnav betuva. now only we are all relifed betuva, she is in tears in her eyes. akash says mom please dont cry . then bhai feel sad . 

Arnav: says di you all just go home , akash and aman with me.

Anjali: says no i dont want to go home. i will be with you only.

Arnav: closed his eyes, he says di please , he says to akash you just drop them in home and come go.

Anjali: no chote i dont want to go.'

Arnav: di please listen my words,your pregnant di. this is hospital, you can't stay here , this is not good for you and baby's health too so please.

Naniji and mamiji also says the same .

Payal: says di we will come tomorrow morning. 

Anjali: nods her head and leave from there.

Aman; asks is there any pain arnav.

Arnav: smiled and asks what happen aman , why your voice is so dull. are you ok na.

Aman: gets angry on him, be seriouse arnav, you know i am very scared hearing your accident news. 

Arnav: ok ok i am sorry aman. actually i am thinking about di and kushi , so i forget to break my car, but finally i did it but car hit on the tree.  what to do .

Aman: thank god. ok did you check the cctv footage na. 

Arnav: han kushi is innocent , that shyam is very bad. i dont know aman what to do now. di trust him a lot.  i know she did not trust me in this matter. 

Aman: says dont worry we will see him later. now what about kushi? 

Arnav: what do you mean aman.

Aman: you propossed her today morning.

Arnav: but its not true na , i just misunderstood her  so i just check her thats it aman. 

Aman: says but she did not know this arnav, she thinks  that you really likes her and loved her.

Arnav: leave it i will talk to her and  make her understand  this,  you dont worry.

Aman: this is worng arnav, you broke her heart , she trust you, she think you really loved her. and you also propossed her today . 

Arnav: aman please  leave it na. i am already tensed about di. i can not think of anyone  else now so please aman , han i misunderstood her , i feel guilty aman . but now my di's life only important for me.

Kushi: get down from the car, and run to inside of the hospital. she asks the reciptionist about arnav. and again she start to run and enter the room. Arnav and aman saw her, she breathing heavyly. she tears flow in her eyes too. she going to fell down.but arnav shout kushi carefull dammit. she hold the door for support and stand there . arnav asks are you ok na.she nodded that she was not ok. 

Arnav: look at her confusingly.

Kushi: came near him , he asks are you ok na. she huged him suddenly and crying , arnav look at aman, he smiled at him and leave from there, arnav closed his eyes and says kushi i am fine, kushi huged him tightly , she says i was very worried about hearing the accident news. i am just scared arnavji. she crying again. arnav says ok just relax now i am fine kushi. this is hospital . so please .. now only she realized her position, she move away from him. arnav give water to her. she drink the water. he asks are you ok now. she nods her head. he says kushi i want to talk to you,

kushi: look at him..

Arnav: try to talk but 

Ragini: enter the room, she saw kushi is with arnav.

kushi: also look at her mom , she dont know what to do.

Ragini: kushi ..when did you come here?

Kushi: asks why are you come here now.

Ragini: first answer my qustion then you ask me .

Kushi: i i came to see my friend. 

Ragini: friend which friend.

Kushi: dont know what to answer her mom.

Arnav: says aunty she came here for me. i am her friend.

Ragini: smiled and says oh really , when did this happen arnav. you dont know about her arnav, she check arnav and asks is there any pain arnav. 

Arnav: says yea aunty its paining. 

kushi: says mom carefull.

Ragini: look at her and says its my hospital and he is my patient, and i am a doctor , i know about his health , dont worry friend madam , he is fine ok. 

Arnav: watching mom and daughter cute fight. he smiled at kushi. but kushi did not noticed him.

Ragini: asks arnav ,who will stay  with  you here arnav.

Arnav: akash and aman with me  aunty.

Ragini: ok take care of you , we will meet tomorrow morning, if you want anything you just called my mobile ok.

Arnav: thank you aunty .

Ragini: says to kushi come we will go home .

Kushi: you just go i will come mom.

Ragini: leave fromthere.

kushi: smiled at arnav and says i love you , i am ready to marry you. i can't live without you arnavji. 

Arnav: look at her silently, he heard her words and lost in his thoughts. 

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TRUST AND LOVE (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 38 times)


Arnav: has no words , he do not know what to talk to kushi.

kushi: says bye take care of you , i will come morning. 

Arnav: smiled at her and says ok bye .

Aman: look at arnav ,and asks what happen, why are you smiling. 

Arnav: nothing.

Aman: asks did you tell her that you did not love her.

Arnav: no i did not tell her.

Aman: why arnav?

Arnav: look at him angryly , and says i will tell her tomorrow.

Aman: smiled and says, even  if you take seven generations you can  not say it to her.

Arnav: aman please think about di first, what will we do next .

Aman: i collect that shyam's all the details , he married our di for money only.

Arnav: face full of anger . 

Aman: look at him and says relax arnav, he wants only money. di is atm for him, so he does not do anything for di.and he thinks she needs to reach kushi, now his only motive  kushi . he wants to get her somehow. kushi is more at risk now.

Ragini and kushi came to their home. kushi walk to her room.

Ragini: stop it kushi, what you think of yourself in your mind kushi. why dont you attend my call. i dont like this kushi.

kushi: give water to her mom and says just relax mom, i did not noticed my mobile thats it . this is a problem mom.

Ragini: you do not understand my condition now ,and you also came to know oneday.

Kushi: silently leave her room.

Ragini : says dinner is ready , first have your food and go your room kushi.

kushi: send  food to my room mom.

Ragini: says to herself everything is her own wish only.

Raghav: came from the office, he asks how is arnav ragini.

Ragini: says he is fine now, but i am not fine.

Raghav: what are you saying ragini, are you ok. any problem.

Ragini: your daughter is my problem, she is not attend my call today. you know how i am scared that time. 

Raghav: you just relax , i will talk to her dont worry.  he came to kushi room and asks why dont you attend mom's call kushi.

Kushi: dad my mobile was silent , i did not noticed that . and i am sorry,   i did not do this mistake again ok. 

Raghav: says fine beta, but carefull ok. come we will eat togethere .

Kushi: nods her head.and they both came down.

Ragini: is happy seeing kushi came down to eat with her.

Kushi: hued ragini and says love you mom.

Ragini: smiled and says love you to my dear. wherever you want you go but please inform that  to me or your dad ok. we are worried for you. we live for you only.

Kushi: mom please dont get emotional ok , anymore i will be with you only ok dont worry.

Ragini: smiled at her daughter.

Kushi; smiled at ragini, she thinkherself , then only i  can see my arnavji. 

Anjali: called aman and asks how is arnav . if he did eat anything.

Aman : yea di he is sleeping now.

Anjali: ok bye  i will come morning . you just take care of him .

Aman: ok di dont worry . you just sleep  ok good night di.

Kushi: called arnav mobile but he is sleeping due to medicine.

Aman: noticed arnav mobile and smiled seeing kushi name, he look at sleeping arnav and says she is very nice girl arnav she is perfect for you my mind think like that.

Akash: came and called aman ..

Aman: hi akash come , see your bhai is sleeping today. or he always before infront of his laptop only. '

Akash: smiled and says yes aman your right.

Aman: says akash your married now, when your bhai going to marry.

Akash: marriage bhai no way , he is not trust that word .he gets angry hearing that word.

Aman: its just before seeing kushi.

Akash: shocked and happy too .

Aman: says we will unite them , what you say.

Akash: smiled and says ok fine i will be with you aman. 

Kushi: called aman mobile and asks how is arnavji..

Aman: says he is sleeping now. thats why he did not attend your call kushi.

kushi : smiled and says ok fine , i will come morning bye good night amanji .

Aman: good night kushi. he cut the call .

Akash: asks who is that aman

Aman: kushi.

Akash: says i am very happy about my bhai , kushi is very nice girl. actually i have slight doubt on them both. now its conformed .

Aman: ok you just sleep i just come.

Akash: nods his head.

Kushi: woke up early and get ready to meet her arnavji. she came down and saw her mom and dad still sleeping , then only she saw the time ,5:30 she is shocked seeing the time but she smiled its ok no problem , she start the car and drive to hospital.

Aman and akash is sleeping .arnav woke up and saw his mobile , he noticed kushi's missed call. he thinkhimself  , oh my god this girl distrubing me so much, i did a mistake. i must solve her problem first. today i will tell her the truth . then only i feel relifed.

kushi: open the door and sees arnav lost in his thought. she called arnavji good morning.

Arnav: smiled at her. next second he thinkhimself , and his smile is gone .he asks why are you come here now.

Kushi: i have all the rights to come here .

Arnav: yea i know this is your mom's hospital but why you came here my room.

Kushi: look at him confiused , she says  i dont understand . i came here for you only.

Arnav: says to kushi in his stren voice, you do not do anything for me kushi. just away from me thats it. 

Kushi: is shocked hearing this, what you mean arnavji. please say it clearly, i dont understand. why you talk to me like that now. if i did any mistake please i am sorry , but please dont talk like that its hurting me. 

Arnav: shout stop it ..... [aman and akash wokeup hearing his loud voice} listen kushi, i do not love you , i have no desire on you , 

Kushi: shockingly look at him.. then you.... your propossal .

Arnav: closed his eyes and try to say somthing but aman called arnav what are you doing .

Kushi: look at him and asks i want to know the truth now. 

Akash: kushi please be silent . 

Arnav: han kushi i saw you and shyam in my house terrace , and i misunderstood you , then only i just talk to you daily and i want to know who is worng, who is right, now  i know your innocent, my propossal everything is just acting , its nothing  kushi. listen i dont trust this love and  marriage . and i am sorry for my mistake. please understand this, i want to save my di's life . i have lot of work , i dont have any intrest in this love and marriage. so please just away from me.

kushi: is shocked and crying , she tears flow in her eyes.

Aman and akash dont know what to do they both stood silently, they both feel sad for kushi.

Arnav: look at kushi, he feel guilty for her. but  this is the truth. he can't live with this lie . and he dont interst in this love and marriage too.

Kushi: remembered the kissing moments and his propossal. she is very silent and crying,she is very shocked hearing his words.she feel her heart beating is stopped , she gets dezziness and going to fall,

Arnav : says carefull kushi .

Aman:came and hold her, kushi look at arnav and says i know how to take care of me. i dont want anyone's care, she says thank you amanji. she stand by herself . she wipe her tears, you misunderstood me right, how can you think like that mr.raizada, what you know about me. you think i like that  ediot , how dare you mr.raizada, he is torture me , he try to reach me , but your deciving me, and you hurt me. now for me ,there is no diffrence between you and that shyam. 

Arnav: is shocked seeing her like that, 

Aman and akash also shocked hearing kushi's words.

Kushi: cryingly says i will never see you in my life anymore . she shout your not worthy of trust and love mr.raizada. your cheated me mr.raizada, kushi cryingly run from there.

Arnav: just stood and look at her silently..

Aman: look at arnav angryly ,he thinkhimself, no one knows , what is in his mind. he shook his head and leave from there.

Akash: also leave from there.

Ragini : wokeup and ready to go hospital, she came to kushi room and searching her but she is not there.she called her mobile , but mobile also not reachable. ragini gets worried on kushi. this girl did not heard my words. she called raghav raghav where are you , kushi is not in her room.

Raghav: ready for office and came out of the room. he asks why are you shouting ragini.

Arnav: oh you think , i am shouting for my hobby.

Raghav: smiled , yea this idea is also very good ragini.

Ragini: dont joke raghav. please be serious. kushi is not in her room. 

Raghav: asks where did she get up early in the morning. wait i will call her mobile..

Ragini: says i already did this , but her mobile also not reachable. this is all because of you raghav, you did not asks her anything, where is she going , when she come's home , you never asks any qustions to her. ragini was worried about kushi. 

Raghav: says to ragini please , she is not a child , she will come home. dont worry. come i will drop you in hospital , then i will search her dont worry , i will take care of her. i will do something.

Ragini: my mind is very tense raghav. i want to see my daughter first. she is in tears ..

Raghav: says please just calm down ragini. 


Arnav: asks nurse when can i discharge from here..

Nurse: says doctor ragini will tell you sir.

Anjali , naniji came there ,they sees akash and aman sitting in the chair.

Naniji: asks why you both sitting here, chote is there na. why are not you both with my chote.

Aman: nurse is cleaning his wond di so we are waiting outside.

Akash : is very silent , he is very upset with his bhai's behaviour with kushi.

Anjali: says ok you both go home , we will be with chote.

Aman: ok di , i will tell this to arnav and leave. he came to arnav .

Arnav: look at him , you just take care of office . 

Aman: ok ASR.

Arnav: look at him and asks are you angry on me aman.

Aman: who i am to you sir . why i am get angry on you. he try to go .

Arnav: asks why are you talk like that to me now, what i am did to you.

Aman: turn and look at him, he asks why are you hurting kushi arnav. 

Arnav: see aman i said truth only. i dont love her .

Aman: then why you called her , i know you talk with her at a  very long time at night too. 

Arnav: what you want now .

Aman: asks everything is acting right .

Arnav: yes , everything is acting aman. for me this is not worng.

Aman: says but this is very worng arnav, you misunderstand her thats your first mistake , and you propossed her this your second mistake , and you kissed her , everything is your mistake arnav. your not intrested in love or marriage then why are you propossed her arnav. asks all these qustions to your

conscience. he says bye and leave from there.

Anjali: came inside of arnav room, she asks are you ok chote. first you eat your breakfast.

Arnav: lost in his thought.

Anjali: touch his cheek are you ok chote , what happen.

Arnav: yea i am fine di, i  dont like to stay in hospital di , thats it.

Naniji: says first you eat then we will asks ragini about your discharge. 

Ragini: came there she  ask how are you arnav. 

Arnav: yea i am fine aunty, he noticed ragini worried face.

Ragini; asks nurse, give him the medicine that i said , after the breakfast only ok.

Anjali; asks aunty how is he now , everything is fine na. can we go home.

Ragini: no anjali , the injury must still be wounded. he must be here until then.

Anjali:ok aunty.

Naniji: asks ragini are you ok . 

Ragini: han naniji i am fine. at the same time her mobile ring , she rushing to take her mobile and attend the call hello.

Arnav ,anjali, naniji watching her confiusingly.

Ragini: hello kushi.

Kushi: mom i am in home , dont worry about me ok.i am sorry mom.

Ragini: mind is now calm. kushi where are you going , you know how me and dad worried for you. she is  crying.

Arnav: look at ragini and he feel guilty .he think he wants to know how is kushi.

Kushi: mom now i am in home only, i dont go anywhere ok. please stop crying mom. its hurting me.

Ragini: says ok i will come home now. you dont go anywhere ok.

kushi: ji i dont go anywhere ok. she cut the call.

Ragini: is relifed now . she wipe her tears and look at naniji , anjali, arnav.

Anjali: asks what happen aunty ,kushi is ok na.

Ragini: says everything what happend in the morning.

Arnav: just relifed , he says to himself she is fine. but i am not worried for her, i just want to know thats it. dont think too much arnav.

Naniji: says dont worry about her ok , she is very smart . she will manage everything in good way. you have brought up your daughter well.

Ragini: smiled and says ok take care of arnav. i just go home and come  ok bye.

Aman: called kushi mobile.

kushi: attend the call hello amanji

Aman: kushi are you ok na.

Kushi: yea i am fine amanji.

Aman: says i think you also know about him na. so please dont get sad, everything will be fine soon, he did this all for his di only.he have no intension to hurt you.but its happened. 

kushi: leave it amanji . please do not talk to me about him. 

Aman: ok kushi i can understand you . bye i will call you later,

kushi: cut the call.and crying heavyly...her mind is broken down.

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Jun 2

TRUST AND LOVE (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 34 times)


Ragini: came from the hospital. she called kushi kushi ...

kushi: han mom , i am in my room . she wash her face and came out of the bath room, 

Ragini: smiled seeing her daugher, she came near her and touch her cheek are you ok na,  where are you going kushi. 

Kushi: i am fine mom, actually i am going to meet my best friend. 

Ragini: smiled and says devimayya .

kushi: also smiled and nods her head. they both smiling each othere.


Arnav: discharge from the hospital , he asks di where is jiju.

Anjali: he is leaving mumbai . 

Arnav: ok i am going to my room , you just take rest di.

Naniji: asks payal you just called ragini , i will invite her for our anjali betia baby shower.

Payal: called her ragini mobile and give mobile to naniji.

Ragini: hello payal how are you beta.

Naniji: hello ragini , i am devyani. your payal is fine. 

Ragini: namasthe naniji, how are you , how is anjali .

Naniji: we are all fine , tomorrow is anjali's baby shower. you come here with your family ok.

Ragini: ji naniji .

Anjali: called kushi mobile. but she did not attend her call . 

kushi: sees her mobile and says i dont want talk to you anjaliji, because your his sister . i dont want your friendship.

Ragini: came to kushi room and says about anjali's baby shower function. 

Kushi: so what mom. 

Ragini: we are all go to raizada house tomorrow.

Kushi: no mom i dont come. i have no intrest to go out.

Ragini: what happen to you kushi. you like anjali very much na. 

Kushi: mom please leave it na. i have to go my friend preethi birthday party. 

Ragini: smiled and says ok but why are you so much angry.

Kushi: nothing , i am going to join dad office . what you say.

Ragini: is surprised seeing her , she is very happy and says ok .its very good my dear.

Kushi: smiled at her mom. she think herself i have to divert my mind, and i want to away from arnav and his family too . thats good for me.


Anjali: called payal , i called kushi but she did not attend my call. i called her lot of time but she did not attend my call. 

Payal: wait di , i call on her in my mobile. payal also called her but she did not attend her call too. she look at anjali , and says i think she is busy with her friends di.

Anjali: no payal , you just call aunty and asks her about  kushi.

Payal: nods her head and called ragini. 

Ragini: attend the call hello payal .

Payal: aunty where is kushi , she did not attend my call please give mobile to her. di wants to talk to her.

Ragini: smiled and says ok wait a miniute .. she came to kushi room .

kushi: was listening to the song with more noise on the radio.

Ragini: think herself why she behave like that today, she is very silent and listening songs . she called kushi , but she lost in her thought. ragini came and lowered the radio's sound.

Kushi: noticed her mom, what mom.

Ragini: give mobile to kushi , payal wants to talk to you.

Kushi: nods her head and take the mobile from ragini.

Ragini : leave from there.

Anjali: hello kushi .

Kushi: han anjaliji .

Anjali: why dont you attend my call.

Kushi: says my mobile was silent mood , i did not noticed anjaliji.

Anjali: says you have to come to my house tomorrow.

Kushi: says no anjali , i am sorry i have to go my friend birthday party .so i can't come your house . bye , she cut the call.

Anjali: is shocked hearing kushi's speech, she called kushi listen please.but she cut the call already.

payal: asks di what happen .

Anjali: wo wo she cut the call payal , she says to me she can't come our home tomorrow, she leaving her friend birthday party. anjali is upset and sad too. she likes her very much , suddenly kushi's changed  behaviour little hurt her .

Payal: di dont worry she will come, she is pagal . what happen to her why she is behaving like that to you. she did not want to hurt anyone easily.

Arnav: watching all this , he also in the hall with his laptop. he gets angry on kushi. he called aman and says what is her problem now. why she hurt everyone now. tell her to come to my home tomorrow or i do not know , what i will do. 

Aman: xcuse me , i want to know one thing, whom are you talking about? 

Arnav: getting irritated  hearing aman's speech, he says angryly payal's  sister .

Aman: i think payal is only daughter of her parents na arnav. aman smiled silently . he asks who is she.

Arnav: cut the call angryly.

Aman and akash smiling each other.

Arnav: called kushi mobile..

Kushi : in her house with her friends, she was laughing and talking with her friends. her mobile in her room.  ragini and raghav leaving for one marriage reception.

Arnav: called again again but kushi did not attend his call. he is very angry on kushi, he thinkhimeself how dare you kushi , your not picking my call , you have to pay for this today, i dont leave you. he take his car key and leave from there.

Shakshi: asks kushi what happen , why your face  so dull today. 

Kushi: nothing shakshi. i am fine. then why are you so silent . talk to me na.

Preethi: also asks what happen to you kushi.

kushi: says nothing i am fine. dont worry about me ok.

Shakshi: mobile ring it was her mom. she says kushi mom called me i have to go home now ok. tomorrow morning we will meet you .

Kushi: smiled and says ok bye take care , drive carefully ok.

Preethi: smiled and nods her head.

Kushi: is going to lock the main door , but arnav came  and stop her. they both look at each othere angryly. she silently walk to inside of the house, but he lock the door and hold her hand , he grabed her , he pulled her again with her waist. kushi is shocked for a second, she says leave me mr. raizada. this is my house. get out of my house. now asr anger raised more, he asks i dont go , what can you do , but  now i can do anything ,she says leave my hand , he asks why dont you attend my di's call kushi, why are you ignoring her , she is feel sad because of you , she pushed him angryly, mr.raizada your nothing to me ok. then how can i talk to your sister. jsut away from me .  i hate you and i dont want to come your home anymore in my life. he hold her neck and pulled her towards him ,kushi look at his eyes, he also look at her, he removed her hair a side, he says tomorrow you will   come  to my home , you come , i will make you come. she says it will never happen mr.raizada. he asks oh really .you know about me very well na , i can do anything for my di's happyness. i will do this too. she says angryly , that dream does not happen in your life. arnav again pulled her more close to him and says let see kushi. 


Arnav: says you can not do anything kushi.

Kushi: i know everything , i can do anything . 

Arnav: oh really , he move more close to her face , her heart beating very fastly, she closed her eyes and she make to her lips  get tightened. he is going to kiss her , but they both heard door knock sound , kushi open her eyes and asks what are you doing , arnav says  agree to come my home . or i can do anything . she asks you know about my dad very well na, he says asks your dad about me first. he will tell you lot about me. she says leave me , i have to open the door. i am feel so obscenity that your touch.


Arnav: is shocked at the same time he gets angry too. he did not think about anything, he kissed her lips forcibly, she hurt him with her nails, but he did not let her go.he holds her neck tightly. kushi hit his chest and hurt him with her nails. but he did not stop kissing her.she tears in her eyes , her lips get hurt slightly. she is breathing heavyly.her heart beating fastly.  



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Jun 3

TRUST AND LOVE (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 43 times)


Ragini: look at raghav , raghav dont know what to do, they both get embarrassment. ragini is very angry , but raghav drag her from out of the house.

Ragini: asks what are you doing raghav. why you drag me here now. she gets angry on kushi and raghav ,

Raghav: calm down ragini please , this is our daughter's life, we must be impatient now and be patient.

please trust our daughter . 

Ragini: stop it raghav, even though i have heard your talks so far, now my daughter life is important for me. han i trust her but this time i dont trust her. we both give her lot of freedom, thats why she is doing everything she wants. 

Raghav: says please be patients  for me. 

Ragini: no she try to walk but ...

Raghav: says your daughter in love with arnav .

Ragini: is shocked and turn to look at raghav. her eyes are widen seeing him, she asks what are you saying , how you know.

Raghav: says i saw her mobile bill, and coincidentlly i saw her dairy and read that page, arnav propossed her before week . you think i did not noticed her , but i always noticed her at the same time i trust her . she is our daughter ragini , please trust me. she nods her head, he says do not show anything to kushi ok. she will come and tell us her love ,dont worry. he asks you like arnav na. 

Ragini: han but he did not talk to any girl,  unless his di and family , but how he propossed my daughter , i can not believe it raghav. 

Raghav: says dont't you believe in seeing  both kissing eachothere .

Ragini: glared at raghav and says we will go inside of the house .


Arnav: pushed kushi away, and look at her angryly. kushi fell on the floor. she look at him angryly .she get up and try to slap him , but arnav hold her hand,he asks what did you say before sometime about my touch , now what about you madam. no one ever touched me, i do not even touch any girl. but you made me do it, kushi says leave my hand , arnav hold her hand more tightly and says i dont have any desire to hold your hand , did you get that. he greeted his teeth and says you should never  forget your life when i touched you. thats why i touched you . and you have to come my home tomorrow with your mom and dad or , i think you know about me .

kushi: gets angry on him,she asks are you a human being, aren't you  ashamed mr.raizada. you do not even know how to behave with a girl. , and what did you say, i never forget your touch in my life na, han then remembered you also do not  forget this thing, he asks oh really , listen your nothing to me ok, and my di likes you very much thats why i came here and talk with you or i will not talk to you ok. he asks you huged me in hospital did you forget that aren't you unhappy. she is in tears and look at him , his words are hurting her a lot ,

Arnav: says han i did a mistake only one, i misunderstood you, han i propossed you , but i did that for my di's life. she is important for me. and for that i already said sorry too. then why are you angry with my di dammit. he says remembered your sister in my house, if you can not come  , akash will divorce your sister ok. kushi is shocked hearing this, she look at him angryly , he says you have no choice and you can not do anything ok. so ready to come my home. 

Kushi: says i dont come , whatever you want do . i dont care about that. 

Arnav: i like your confidence kushi. but akash listen my words , he can do anything for me . decided it yourself kushi. he smirked at her and thinkhimself , you should always be in my eye sight miss. kapoor.  its good for my di's life, and at the same time i dont love you . 

kushi: look at him in disbelieve . she did not expect that he would speak like this. tears flow in her eyes. she look at his eyes and asks do not you think you have a mistake. 

Arnav: look at her and says no. for me this everything is  right.

Kushi: says no arnavji please try to understand me, this is worng, you dont love me, and now i know that so i want to away from you and your family. please leave me. dont distrub me. 

Arnav: felt bad seeing her like that, he did not seeing her like that before. he says ok i dont distrub you but you have to  come our home tomorrow only . 

kushi: thinkherself and nods her head ....

Arnav: says bye we will meet tomorrow.

kushi: look at him sadly, she think himself ,why this everything  happened, what mistake i did. for what i did, he  himself cheated me. but he hurt me.

Ragini and raghav enter the house. 

Raghav: asks kushi where is your friends.

Kushi: smiled and says they left their  home dad. she says dad i want to talk to you.

Raghav: look at ragini and smiled, he says no kushi now i am very tired and we have to go tomorrow arnav home for anjali's baby shower function, naniji called me again she said come early in the morning. so dont distrub me. we will talk tomorrow , and i have surprise for you .

kushi: dad please ..

Raghav: no kushi , he levave his room .

Ragini: also leave from there.

kushi: came to her room. she standing before the mirror.she look at herself , she wipe her lips  again and again, she rememberd the kissing moments and crying . your very bad mr.raizada. i dont leave you, her mobile ring at the same time, she saw it was arnav. she attend the call hello . now what you want mr.raizada. 

Arnav: says to himself  i am sorry kushi. he says nothing and cut the call.

Anjali ,shyam  and raizada's everyone in the hall and chitchating eachothere.

Akash and aman busy with the preparation for tomorrow function.

Arnav: enter the house sadly , he directly walk to his room.

Anjali: called chote. 

Arnav: look at her and came near her , he look at shyam angryly. 

Anjali: touch his cheek , she asks are you ok . 

Arnav: smiled at her and says yea i am fine di. he says i am going to my room di.

Anjali: nods her head and smiled at him.

Aman: noticed arnav. he thinkhimself , why arnav face is very dull , i think he fight with kushi. he hurt her  i am sure that. he says to akash and walk to arnav room.

Arnav: threw his car key and mobile angryly , he hold his hand tightened. he gets angry on shyam.

Aman: touch his shoulder, and asks what happen arnav.

Arnav: says everything to aman.

Aman: shocked and asks why are you hurting her arnav. what mistake she did .

Arnav: if i did not do like this , she will tell everything to her dad. 

Aman: no she is not like that. she will understand arnav. did you talk about this to kushi.

Arnav:  i called her 2 days back and discuss with her but she did not understand me, even she did not heard my words. she says after di's delivery she will tell about that shyam to her dad. if she told her about that shyam to uncle , you know na what he will do next, i know definitely he will kill him, what will happen next, di is heart broken and baby's life everything is finished. you know na how much di loves that shyam, and we both dont have parents , i dont want to see my di's child also like the same sutiation. thats why i will be silent now , but she did not understand this all. and aman at the same time i dont love her.

Aman: then why are you force her to come our home arnav.

Arnav: what will i do aman. di likes her so much,  di is thinking that i have  to marry kushi. but she did not tell me still. she and nani discuss about this.

Aman: you did this everything for di haina arnav. then you have to marry kushi . then everything will be fine. shyam dont distrub her .

Arnav: says i dont intrest marriage and love , i did not trust this too. but kushi is not like me she trust everything  you know about her na.

Aman: whatever you give explaination , but now your doing is worng arnav. you hurt her so much , she is very innocent.

Arnav: look at aman and says , i do not think about anyone now. i am tensed about my di and her child only.

Aman: you are  thinking selfish arnav.

Arnav: let it be aman. i dont care . 

Aman: if di asked to maryy kushi na what will you do.

Arnav: i will marry her but i never love her in my life.

Aman: shocked for a second and asks are you mad . how can you hurt her for your di .

Arnav: i dont care. 

Aman: if your di knows this she aslo hurt you arnav. 

Arnav: i can not bear it aman.

Aman: says first you talk to kushi , she will understand you, you always misunderstood her arnav, she is not like that , she also like our di, she is very innocent arnav. trust me. 

Arnav: thinkhimself, and says for you , i will talk to her tomorrow. now are you happy na.

Aman: smiled and says thank you arnav.

Ragini , raghav and kushi enter the raizada house..

Arnav: in the hall . he look at kushi.. 

Raghav: noticed him and smiled. ragini talking with naniji and mamiji.

Anjali: sees kushi , she is very happy and came very fastly , she going to slip but kushi rush to hold her . arnav shout diiiiiiiiii. anjali is shocked but she realized she is safe and huged kushi .

Arnav and everyone came there, shyam stared at kushi, kushi look at him angryly. anjali says thanks to kushi. arnav says di please carefull na. he look at kushi and asks are you ok. anjali and everyone look at arnav. kushi look at him angryly , she did not answer his qustions. she asks anjaliji where is payal. anjali says she is in her room kushi. she walk to payal room. arnav could not bear her ignorence

Arnav: also go behind her and says i want to talk to you. 

Kushi: asks how can you see my face after you did with me lot. 

Arnav: move steps towards her , she start to step backwards , her back hit in the wall. he move more close to her face , she look at him angryly. she says i am not scared of you ok.he asks oh really . he says leave it , i want to talk to you important matter kushi. she says i dont want to see your face and i dont want to  hear your voice, even i dont allowed near your breathing too. arnav look at kushi, her eyes full of anger .. she leave from there. he silently stood there and watching her .



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Jun 4

TRUST AND LOVE (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 42 times)


Aman: sees arnav and asks what happen?

Arnav: look at aman angryly, he asks what you said about her. she is very innocent , she will understand everything but she is not like that.  she is very arrogant girl. i am sure she is not ready to heard my words, she will not listen to my words , i know that too.

Aman: looked up to him from top to bottom. 

Arnav: why are you look at me like that now.

Aman; thinkhimself, you say that she is arrogant . 

Arnav: called aman , where are you lost .

Aman: smiled and says nothing . i will try to talk to her.

Arnav:says i dont stop you,but i am sure she is not ready to heard your words too.

Aman: smiled , and says you do not know anything about her.

Arnav: says i know , she is never lie , she loves devimayya, she dont hide anything to her parents, she likes jilaybe, she likes to spend time with her friends. and she likes me very much , now she is very angry on me, and she hate me . and she likes childrens a lot. she like beach, she like to play in rain.she is very brave ,she will always be smiling face. and she .. aman stared at him smilingly... now only arnav realized what did he talk , he try to walk but aman stop his way. he smiled at him. arnav asks what you want now

Aman: asks what will you do to keep everything hidden in the mind arnav.

Arnav: i am sorry aman, i dont understand you.

Aman: oh really. he asks do you like her.

Arnav: look at him and says your thinking too much aman. 

Aman: asks oh me ..he shook his head and says han i agree arnav. dont get angry , go and do your work. aman teased arnav.

Arnav: leave from there ...

Kushi: talking with payal and anjali. 

Anjali: says  kushi i am sorry , if i did something worng.

Kushi: look at payal confiusingly.

Payal: says yesterday you did not attend her call na thats why she talk like that. i also have a doubt.

kushi: says no anjaliji , i am sorry , my mobile was silent mood , i did not noticed it. please dont say sorry to me. mistake is mine , i am sorry.

Anjali: touch her cheek and says you talk like my mom, i like you so much kushi .

Kushi: smiled at her, she thinkherself , anjaliji is very nice but why is he so bad. leave it kushi , dont think about him. thats good for you.

Garima: came and asks what are you doing all , she says to kushi go and pluck the flower in the garden . naniji asking flower for pooja.

Kushi: nods her head and leave from there..

Ragini and naniji cleaning the house mandir.

Arnav: is ready for office. he saw kushi in the mirror. she is plucking the flowers and talking with the flowers, she says sorry to the flowers for plucking them. she says but your all very lucky you know why because your all going too devimayya's neck. thats why i said you are all very lucky. she smiled at herself.... arnav came and says kushi i want to talk to you. kushi turn to look at him and says i dont want to talk to you , i hate you mr.raizada. she try to walk, but her saree stuck in the flower plants, she says leave my saree mr. raizada. he says what the ? kushi gets angry and she saw the coffee, she thinkherself , and threw the coffee to his chest , she  did not noticed that coffee is very hot. he is shocked and he is in pain too. she look at him angryly. kushi sees her saree stuck in the plant . but she says to him , this is the punishment for you, what you did with me yesterday remember that she angryly leave from there. he is in pain so he did not say anything to her. 

Arnav: skin is burn , his skin colour changed in red, he is in pain.

Ragini: searching kushi , she cross arnav room and she noticed arnav. she rush to came near him and asks what happen arnav, how is this happen, she take the first aid box and cleaning his skin. he is in pain , he closed his eyes, aahh aahh , 

Ragini: applying ointment in his chest, she says dont worry arnav, you just take rest.  she asks how is this happened. 

Arnav: wo wo aunty its mistakenly happened. i did not noticed coffee is very hot .

Ragini: says you take rest . i will inform naniji and anjali .

Arnav: no aunty , they both feel sad. dont tell them i am fine.

Ragini: nods her head. and says  if you want anything called me ok.

Arnav: thanks aunty.

Arnav: called aman and says come to my room.

Aman: i am busy. 

Arnav: shout  i said come to my room.

Aman: ok ok . 

kushi; asks mom where are you going , i am searching you. 

Ragini: says about arnav.

Kushi: asks what , that coffee was hot , hey devimayya , she closed her mouth with her hand, 

Ragini: asks what happen kushi.

Kushi: says nothing, she rush to walk to arnav room.

Ragini: shook her head and leave from there.

Aman: came to arnav room and asks why are you called me.

Arnav: turn to look at him. 

Aman: is shocked seeing his chest is full of red, he asks how is this happened arnav.

Arnav: says you said that na she is very good, look at the good thing she did it. 

Aman: shocked ,kushi . he open his mouth in shock.

Arnav; han she only threw the coffee  in my chest. ediot girl . he gets angry on her. i dont talk to her anymore, i will do whatever i want.and you please do not intercede for her  . 

he is thinking deeply..

Aman: asks what are you thinking.

Arnav: look at him and says i dont leave her anymore.

Aman: please dont talk like that , you also did a mistake na arnav.

Arnav: asks what i did with her. 

Aman: you forcibly kissed her , thats why she hurt you.

Arnav: is very silent hearing this. he says you always supported her only, your my side or her side. 

Aman: says i am always your side only, you dont realized anything thats  my problem.

Arnav: try to talk but kushi came there. he look at her angryly.

Aman: also look at kushi..

Kushi: sees his chest full of redness. she is in tears..

Aman: noticed her and says dont worry kushi, he will be fine soon. 

Arnav: look at aman angryly and says you just go , i want to talk to her alone.

Aman: leave from there.

Kushi: says i am really very sorry arnavji. i did not noticed that coffee is very hot.please forgive me.

Arnav: ok but you can do one favour for me.

Kushi: asks what?

Arnav: says you dont tell anything to your dad about that shyam.

Kushi: look at him angryly and says i am sorry , i will never do this . she leave from there angryly.

Arnav: is very tensed , he dont know what to do..


Arnav: also sit with them in the hall, he is thinking deeply.

Naniji: says to raghav and ragini, we are all liked kushi betia very much. and i want kushi as this house bahu, ragini and raghav smiled at naniji. naniji says yes i talk about arnav and kushi marriage.

Arnav and kushi shocked and they both look at each other...

Kushi: says dad i want to talk but in the middle of her talk, arnav called kushiiii, everyone look at him smilingly, anjali is very happy, shyam is not in home at the time. kushi look at arnav. but arnav planing something and smiled at her. he says i want to talk to you come with me. she says i want to talk to my dad first. but arnav came near her and hold her hand, she look at everyone. raghav says go with him. i am here only . she nods her head and leave with him.

Arnav and kushi in the poolside. 

kushi: says i will never agree for this marriage. 

Arnav; but i agree for this marriage kushi.

kushi: is shocked hearing this, she asks are you mad you dont love me. then how can you marry  me.

Arnav: i dont care about that. 

Kushi: is super angry now. she says but i dont agree in this marriage. 

Arnav: says then forget about your sister life too. 

Kushi:  no you can not do this arnavji.

Arnav: says i can do anything. you know about me very well na.

kushi: thinking herself , she is very tensed and she asks why are you hurting me.

Arnav: says because i hate you .

Kushi: then why this marriage.

Arnav: this marriage for shut your mouth.and remember you dont tell anything to anyone about that shyam. 

Kushi: says ok i promise you i dont tell the truth to anyone, but please stop this marriage she is cryingly says please i dont want to marry you  please arnavji.

Arnav: he pulled her towards him and says but i want to marry you kushi. you must be my wife in this house. 

Kushi: pushed him and asks why are you hurting me , what mistake i did . she hold his shirt collar and asks why mr.raizada answer me .

Arnav: remove her hand from his collar, he dont know what to answer her,  he try to go , but she hold his hand and asks answer my qustion . he turn back and look at her , she look at him angryly he caressed her cheek , she move away from him and says dont touch me. answer my qustion. he says i dont answer your qustion ok , come down and tell our family ok with this marriage or think about payal marriage life . he leave from there.


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Jun 6

TRUST AND LOVE (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 40 times)


Kushi: thinkherself, heydevimayya why are you doing this to me, i dont want this marriage, there is no hope or love in this marriage. not only that,  he does not love me too. then why he hurt me.she wipe her tears, she says to herself i have to stop this marriage. this is  my life. i have to do something. she came down.

Arnav: says to everyone, this marriage should be held this week . 

Raghav: asks why arnav this much hurry.

kushi: look at him and shocked.

Arnav: came near kushi and says we both have lot of plan about our life haina kushi.

Kushi: look at him, she thinkherself , you only plan this all . 

Anjali: look at her chote and says oh ho kushiji you changed my chote a lot.

Naniji: says han kushi change everything in the good way. 

kushi: is very silent , she is thinking deeply , she wants to stop this marriage.

Ragini: says to anjali, come you just ready . we have to start the function na. 

Garima and ragini leave with anjali. raghav and shashi talking in the hall. they both started arrangements for the marriage.

Akash: asks aman what happen to bhai, why he did this all, we both know he does not love kushi . then why this marriage. 

Aman: says leave it , i think everything will be fine soon. kushi should not be angry on arnav. 

Akash: how can she  not be angry aman. this is her life.i am very upset with bhai's decision. 

Aman: says please dont talk like that, we just have to unite them both. kushi is angry on him now,  he is doing this all for some reason.

Akash:  i know kushi did not like this marriage. bhai forced her to marry i think like that.

Aman: thinkhimself , han akash your right but what to do , she did not listen his words. and your brother wants  to protect his di's life. and i am sure he is in love with kushi now. his bad time he did not show infront of anyone.

Akash: called aman . where are you lost.

Aman: nothing akash. i dont know what to say. but i want my friend happyness. he is behaving bad with kushi now, but he will change himself and understand her soon. he also trust her and love her oneday. this is god's decision .it is all fate akash. sometimes we can not understand this things.

Akash: nods his head . 

Arnav: sees shyam in poolside, he is very angry on arnav. arnav came near shyam and asks what are you doing jiju. shyam look at him angryly. 

Arnav: says are you angry on me. 

Shyam: smiled slightly no arnav.

Arnav: hold his shirt collar tightly and says just away from kushi . i know about your bad intension . i am warning you . this is your last chance. i think you know about raghav uncle right. if anyone hurt her daughter he dont leave them easily.

Shyam: is shocked seeing arnav,he thinkhimself, how he knows this all. 

Arnav: look at him angryly..

shyam: is scared seeing him. he says please forgive me arnav, i am sorry for my mistake. i dont do any mistake again. please dont tell this to anyone. 

Arnav: pushed him angryly and says just away from kushi and be quiet or i will kill you.

Shyam: is very scared of arnav. he nods his head and leave from there. 

Arnav: thinkhimself , he is very tensed about his marriage. this marriage should take place without any problems. then everything will be fine. my di life will be safe. and kushi i dont leave you. why are you came to my life , before you came in to my life , me and my di will be happy ,when you came to in my life everything will be changed , because of my di i agree to marry you, but now i decided your my wife, whether you like it or not but this marriage will happen .so far no one is speaking against infront of me but you talking too much kushi. then only i will be try to safe my di's life.

kushi: came and knock the door. 

Arnav: yea come in kushi. this is your room too. 

Kushi: look at him angryly, 

Arnav: asks are you going to stand there and do not come in? 

Kushi: come inside of the room.

Arnav: closed the door. 

Kushi: asks why are you closing the door now.

Arnav: are you scared of me kushi.

Kushi: says in her stren voice , i am not scared of you but i dont trust you . you can do anything i know  . she asks are you know about the meaning of marriage. for me marriage means  trust and love is very important for me, so please stop this marriage or .

Arnav: smirked at her, he asks or what kushi..

Kushi: says then you will be very upset , why did you marry? 

Arnav: anger raised now,he grasping her wrist, he swings her around, pulling her flush against himself

he asks what did you say? i know meaning of the marriage, i will show you after marriage what it means .she look at him and asks why are you doing this all. because of you my di he stop his speech in the middle and look at her angryly, she asks what i did? , he pulls her closer to  asks what did you say that day.  my touch is obscenity for you right , no one else can touch you anymore, expect for me, thats the wedding. and dont raise your voice infront of me ok . kushi asks why are you hurting me. she has tears in her eyes, he look at her tears and his anger slowly decreased , he leave her hand ..

Kushi: look at him angryly , she says your a beast, and this marriage will happens , i will not alive in this world. 

Arnav: is stunned hearing her words and shocked , he slapped her on the cheek, and she fell on the bed and faint .he says dont talk like that infront of me, i dont like to hear this words.then only he noticed ,she is very silent.he came near her and sees she was unconscious. he called kushi kushi please open your eyes , please kushi open your eyes dammit ,he is very tensed and he flash water on her face , he is very tensed and he hold her cheek and pleasantly asks are you ok kushi. 

Kushi: open her eyes slightly,she  look at him angryly , tears flow in her eyes,you think whatever you want, you can do anything na mr.raizada. she did not noticed his eyes full of concern for her.

Arnav: move away from her, and silently stood there, he says get out from here first. 

Kushi: answer my qustions first. why are you slaping me, i am alive or not whats your problem mr.raizada. 

Arnav: closed his eyes and says get out ...

Kushi: says you only said this is my room too. 

Arnav: look at her and he leave from there silently,

Kushi: wipe her tears, and she thinkherself, for a while, why his  behaviour changed. i am very confiused , payal's life is very important for me. thats why i will be silent now. mom and dad also very happy about this marriage. and anjaliji is very happy about me. 

Arnav: drive his car very fastly, he remember kushi's words again and again if this marriage will happens , i will not alive in this world. he stop the car in the middle of the road. he look at his mom photograph and talk to himself ,mom if i told the truth to di , i am sure didi do not believe me in this matter. and if kushi tell the truth to her dad, didi wont believe anyone , and uncle gets angry on shyam, my di and her child life will be reuined.

mom i just propossed her for checking if she is right or worng, but when i came to know she is right. i just feel guilty mom , after that i do not want to lie to her , thats why i said the truth to her, but i try to make understand her the sutiation , but she is not heard my words, and i know i hurt her mom, whatever mistake is mine only. but mom when did i touch her? now a days he remember the kissing moments with kushi,whenever i hurt her , my mind is hurting too much , whenever she ignore me and my words, i just get angry on her, i can not bear her ignore, he has  tears in her eyes. he is crying mom  why are you leaving me alone . you know mom kushi said if this marriage will happens , she will not be alive in this world, when i hear that word from her mouth , thats the second my heart beat is stopped mom. i dont know what to do , what i am doing . she is distrubing me so much mom. i do not know whats worng with me. i'm worried about whom mom di or kushi.


Anjali: is searching arnav every where but she did not found him.she called his mobile but his mobile was not reachable. she called again and again but same answer. she gets worried and everyone came near her, naniji says dont worry he will come soon, you just relax ok. everyone try to call his mobile. 

Anjali: asks kushi did you know about him, where he is went?

Kushi: says no di i dont know, he did not say anything to me.she thinkhimself , he would be better not to come back . she is angry on him. she saw anjali is crying continuesly. her mom and payal ,everyone try to comfort her , but she did not heard anyone words. kushi came near her and says di please he will come soon dont worry ok. please she wipe anjali's tears.

Anjali: says then you call him , i just want to hear his voice atleast.

kushi: says ok i will call him , kushi take her mobile and called arnav.

Arnav: in his car , he closed his eyes and thinking about his di and kushi. his silent distrubed by mobile ringing sound. he open his eyes and saw it was kushi name flash on the mobile.he attend the call..

Kushi: hello where are you , why are you leaving without informing anyone, everyone is worried for you , especially  anjaliji. its late for function too, come fast. 

Arnav: asks are you finished your non stop talking. he asks are you missed me. 

Kushi: thinkherself , it will never happen mr.raizada.

Arnav: says that will happen one day. 

kushi: is shocked hearing his words. she asks i thought in my mind , how do you know this.

Arnav: says give mobile to di.

Kushi: thinkherself he did not answer our qustions , arrogance is too much. she give mobile to anjali.

Anjali: start to schold him.. 

Arnav: says di i will come in 10 miniutes , please be ready for the function ok. 

Anjali: is relifed hearing his words. ok drive carefully ok.

Arnav: ok di ..


Arnav: came to raizada house.  he sees his di is smiling happyly. he thinkhimself your always smiling like this di , for your smiling i will do anything di. i always be with you and protect you . he look at kushi and says you too kushi. but kushi look at him angryly.

Ragini: sees arnav and called why are you standing there arnav come inside na. 

Arnav: nods his head and come near anjali, she huged her and asks are you happy na.

Anjali: smiled at him. and nods her head happyly. she called kushi and huged them both. 

Arnav and kushi look at each other.

Garima: says come anjali sit here. you will talk to them later. you have a bangle ritual.

Anjali: leave with kushi . arnav watching them silently..


kushi: asks her dad we will go our home na.

Raghav: says no kushi , arnav says we will stay here ,after your marriage we both leave our home.

Kushi: is shocked hearing this. she think she pplan to stop this marriage. but its failed now.

Ragini: says this love marrige and morden marriage so we did not say anything .everything you and arnav wish. we did not say anything . 

Kushi : look at arnav. he is smiled at her.

Aman: noticed his smiled, but kushi is angry on him.

Akash: also noticed them both.

Payal: asks kushi why are you look at him angryly kushi.

Kushi; wo wo nothing jiji. 

Payal: dont lie kushi..

kushi: look at payal, and thinkherself , how i will tell you jiji.

Payal: shook her kushi are you ok...

kushi: han jiji i am fine.

Payal: asks are you happy in this marriage na.

Kushi: han jiji i am very happy.  she look at everyone smiling happyly, her dad is very happy. she did not see him like this before. he always busy with his business only.


Kushi: came to arnav room and says i want to talk to you.

Arnav: tell me. 

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Jun 8

TRUST AND LOVE (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 66 times)


Kushi: asks what is this  wedding arnavji. i do not like you , i hate you , then why are you marry me. you do not have faith in marriage and love then why are you doing this all mr.raizada why are you hurting me, answer my qustions then only i will marry you.

Arnav: look at her and says ok i will tell everything. i know i hurt you . and mistake is not yours, i know that too, mistake is that shyam, and i can not do anything for now. and you said after my di's delivery you tell everything about your dad, you dont think about my di's sutiation,and you dont hear my words too, you know my di dont trust you and anyone in that shyam's matter, she think he is very good man, and i think about my di and baby's life, we both lost our parents , i dont want my sister child also like that. your very adament to tell the truth to your dad,i know uncle dont leave him easily, after that what about my di's life ,  you think i cheated you .please trust me , i misunderstand you, thats why i propossed you,   after that i came to know your a innocent , mistake is that shyam, after that i dont want to lie to you,because you love me truely. i dont want to continue that lie, thats why i said truth to you kushi. that time i dont have any feeling for you, i think about my di and baby only, and that day when i came to your house, your speech made me angry, actually i i that kiss , i am very sorry for that kushi , after that whenever i hurt you, my heart wounded more than you. kushi look at him hearing this words. he also look at her.they both look at each other , he says whatever ,everything is my fault only kushi. he says i am sorry for my every mistake. please forgive me kushi.

kushi: says i can not believe you arnavji. your words ,your abusive things have hurt me , i can not forget this all easily , i do not have a big heart arnavji. what right do you have to hurt me for your sister?,  i know your sister likes me thats why you agree to this marriage. and i should not tell the truth to anyone about that shyam, thats why this wedding plan right arnavji. 

Arnav: you dont give chance to speak. han i agree mistake is mine only.  whatever i say now, you will not believe me kushi. but please trust me. that day i said you can't forget my touch in your whole life.

but i can not forget you. i statred feeling of you every miniute. it would be like my breath  stopped without  you. what did you say to me, i can not bear to say that i will die, i am just anger hearing that word from your mouth thats why i slapped you in angryly, he look at her and says please trust me , i decided to marry you for my sister but now i like you thats why i agree for this marriage. 

kushi: whatever you say i can not believe you arnavji. i agree this marriage for my mom and dad , they always wants my happyness only, everyone think we both love eachother, but i dont love you , i dont trust you arnavji. you have broken my mind.your not worthy for marriage and love. but i really loved you. he look at her .. she says but now i hate you , your a selfish arnavji , you broke my heart for your sister life, even i dont do any mistake you hurt me for your selfishness. how can i forgive you .

show proof to your sister that shyam is very bad man. thats enough for me. 

Arnav: is angry now, dont you understand kushi, i think about baby ,my di is pregnant now, if anything happen to her , what i will do. when time came i will tell  all the truth to my di. please for me be silent for somedays. he says no matter how long, i will be wait for your love and trust.

Kushi: says i will not believe you anymore.

Arnav: face became very dull hearing this.

Kushi: says remember this, i will agree this marriage for my mom and dad only. she leave from there.

Arnav: thinkhimself , he is feeling relifed now, he says everything too her , but he feel sad too , she can not trust him. he remember how he kissed her , how he slapped her in anger. he can not bear her ignore, he says i can not leave without you kushi. i will make everything in good way soon kushi. 

Ragini: came to kushi room , she ask dont you sleep kushi.

kushi: no mom, i dont feel sleepy. she lay on ragini's lap. 

Ragini: says arnav is very good man. he is little angry but he have any good  reason behind that,he loves her sister a lot, he always protect her like her mom. he is very young but he managed everything is very well. i can not believe him  he is falling in love with you, what you did with him kushi. 

kushi: mom please dont start your lecture. 

Ragini: hit her head slightly , she says take care of arnav and anjali, they both are your responsible ok. 

Kushi: get up from her lap, she asks i  have no other job. anjali is arnavji sister not mine maa. 

Ragini: asks what happen to you , why are you getting angry now. dont talk like that kushi , this is not good for you.

kushi: mom please , i am going to maryy arnav not her sister. 

Ragini: touch her cheek and asks you dont like anjali.

Kushi: no mom not like that . i feel sleepy good night.

Ragini: knows her daughter very well, she think kushi is jealous of anjali. no my daughter is not like that but why she get angry now.


Kushi is ready for the marriage, payal and kushi's friends help her and teased her.

Arnav: ready for in his room. akash and aman teased him . aman is very happy about his friend.

Anjali: came and asks what are you doing chote are you ready, she says your looking good chote.handsome too.

Arnav: di please ..he asks are you eat your breakfast na. 

Anjali; smiled and says yes chote.

Arnav sit in the mandap first, after that kushi came there and sit beside him. arnav look at her , but kushi did not look at him. after that they doing 7 rounds, they both changed the garlands, arnav applying kumkum in her hairline, she closed her eyes, arnav look at her smilingly, she look at him , but she did not smiled , she thinkherself, i am doing this all for my mom and dad only. arnav tie mangalsuter in kushi's neck. panditji says now you both are husband and wife, marriage is completed.

Ragini and raghav smiled happyly. mamiji and naniji look at them happyly. anjali is very happy. shyam look at them and smiled slightly. he is very scared of arnav and raghav.


Payal : did aarathi for arnav and kushi , kushi kicks the rice kalash.

Mamiji ,naniji gifted her. payal and akash also gifted her. 

Anjali and shyam also gifted her, kushi look at shyam angryly. shyam did not look at her.

Arnav: is very silent and look at kushi only.

After that kushi puts her leg in red coloured and she enter the house.

Garima and ragini smiled seeing them , garima says jiji they both are perfect na.

Ragini: smiled and says han garima, but my daughter dont know anything . i mean cooking .

Garima; says she will learn everything , her sister is there na jiji.

Ragini: han payal will take care of her i know that.

Anjali: says chote you have to lift kushiji and go to your room.

Arnav: look at kushi .

kushi: nods her head.

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Jun 9

TRUST AND LOVE (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 54 times)


Arnav:lift kushi in his arms , kushi did not look at him. they both came to their room. arnav make her kushi sit in the bed. he ask you have to eat someting.

Kushi: says no i dont want anything, let everyone know the truth about that shyam thats enough for me.

Arnav: look at her ,he says then my sister life will be end kushi, you want that na.

Kushi: look at him and says make her understand the truth first. then she will decided her life. 

Arnav: no i can not do this now. 

kushi: says then leave it i can do it. you just support me . 

Arnav: i can do any risk in this matter. stop your thinking and sleep. 

kushi: then why did you punish me without my mistake.

Arnav: kushi i already told you everything , now why are you doing this drama again.

Kushi: whom plays  drama arnavji,   who plays with my feelings, and who forced me to marriage, and now you said i love you, which is the truth, listen carfully , i married you for only reason my mom and dad, i dont want hurt them, and i am already decided , tomorrow i will tell all the truth to anjaliji. whatever you want you do i dont care ..

Arnav: kushi you can not do this .

Kushi: i can do arnavji. 

Arnav: whats your problem now.

kushi: because of your sister and that shyam you hurt me so much , i can not see them daily in this house and i can not act like you.she raised her voice .

Arnav: asks what you think of your mind. 

Kushi: says i will not stay in this house, untill your sister is here.

Arnav: shocked hearing this, one miniute why are you talking like that kushi. 

Kushi: you hurt me because of your sister and her husband. 

Arnav: are you blackmailing me. 

Kushi: you also did that na arnavji.

Arnav: asks are you taking revenge on me.

Kushi: no if di leave this house, she will learn about her husband truth . 

Arnav:  please understand me kushi. i dont want hurt my di.

Kushi: but you can hurt me haina arnavji.

Arnav: dont know,  how to calm her. he look at her and says forgive all my mistake kushi. i will never hurt you anymore, i made a mistake,do not spoil my sister life , give one chance to that shyam to correct his mistake for me please. i'll ask him to apologize to you kushi .he says your also very important in my life, di's life also important for me. if you do not think about that shyam, just think about my sister and baby's life. i can never forgive that shyam for my sister i will endure him. you do not have to endure this, but i am asking you this as a help kushi. anymore whatever decision you make , i will accept that kushi. 

kushi: thinkherself , and says ok for your di i will forgive that shyam , but i never forgive you , whatever peace you say , i can not forgive you ,you have no rights to me, i will not like you. my mind refuses to forgive you arnvji. she turn her face other side and tears flow in her eyes.

Arnav: is very upset hearing this , he feel sad , he  look at kushi , she is laying on the bed. he think himself, i will do all my work to get your forgiveness.he sleep in his couch.


Arnav: did not distrub kushi,

shyam fell on her feet and apologized to kushi. 

kushi says take care of di, thats enough for me. 

Ragini: came to raizada house for check anjali's health. anjali started her ninth month now. payal is pregnant for three months, kushi did talk anyone too much, she always in her room .sometime she talking with naniji and mamiji, she does not talk to anjali so much, payal always take care of kushi , kushi is very happy about payal's pregnancy news.

Ragini: asks payal where is kushi.

payal: says she is in her room aunty. she called kushi kushi ........ come here and see who will come to see you.

Kushi: han jiji i will come one miniute.

Ragini: says if you have any pain , immediately come to the hospital ok.

Anjali: nods her head and smiled. 

Naniji: asks how is raghav ragini.

Ragini: says he is busy with his business naniji.

Mamiji: came and asks how is anjali now . 

Ragini: says she is fine now, if she has any pain , come to the hospital immediately. otherwise she is fine mamiji. dont worry baby and anjali is fine now.

Mamiji: says thank you ragini. you help her a lot.

Ragini: says no need to say thanks to me, she is like my daughter na. she touch anjali's cheek lovingly.

Kushi: shout mom...

Ragini: look at her and smiled .

kushi: rush to huged her and asks are you forget me.

Ragini: came out from the hug and asks how can i forget you kushi.

Kushi: smiled and asks how is dad. 

Ragini: he is fine , he daily called you na , then why are you asking me kushi.

Kushi: smiled at her...

Mamiji : says to anjali and payal come you both just take rest in your room.

Naniji also leave her room. 

Ragini: asks how are you , how is arnav. are you happy na.

Kushi: asks what you mean mom.

Ragini: do not you understand what i am asking not act with me. 

Arnav: came at the same time , he sees ragini and asks hai aunty .

Ragini: smiled and says hai arnav , how are you .

Arnav: say we both are fine aunty.

Ragini: smiled at him.

kushi: silently standing there.

Arnav: asks kushi , where is everyone ..

kushi: di and jiji in mamiji room. naniji is sleeping.

Arnav;nods his head. he asks kushi did you give tea for aunty.

Ragini: no formalities arnav. i came here for anjali's check up.

Arnav: asks di and baby fine na aunty.

Ragini : yea they both are fine dont worry arnav. 

Arnav: i just fresh up and come aunty , he leave his room..

Kushi: give tea to her mom.

Ragini: says your tea is delicious kushi.

Kushi: smiled at her mom. she says i learn from mamiji and naniji. they both help me a lot. they both talking to me like a friend.and you know about my jiji na. 

Ragini: asks then what about anjali and arnav.

Kushi: is very silent for this qustions.

Ragini: asks any problem for you and your arnav.

kushi: change the topic , mom i will prepared dinner for you. you have to eat and go.she smiled at her.

Ragini: hold her hand and asks you dont answer my qustion.

kushi: mom please leave it na.

Ragini: gets angry on her now, i am your mom kushi , remember that. answer  my qustion or i will asks same qustion to arnav . 

Kushi: says we both are very happy please dont think too much mom.

Ragini: if you answered the qustion, i would not have doubted it.but now i have doubt kushi.

Kushi: why did you come here mom? you came here for check anjali and payal .finished your work na now leave your home.

Arnav: shout kushiiiiii.

kushi: turn and look at arnav. she dont know what to do.

Ragini: is shocked seeing kushi . she dont know why she talk like that to her.

Arnav: is very angry on her now.he asks say sorry to aunty ..

Kushi: look at her mom, mom i am sorry please forgive me. i am just angryly talk to you . 

Ragini: did not say anythinng and says its already getting late , i'll leave now.

Arnav: nods his head and says aunty please dont but ragini says its ok arnav.

Kushi: is very tensed , she speaks in anger , now only she realized what she talk to her mom.she feel very sad . but now she can not do anything . because she does  not  have no answer her mom's qustion. she is tears in her eyes and run from there.

Ragini: is very confiused now, she wants to know her daughter is happy or not.

Arnav: came to his room, he saw kushi laying in the bed and crying .he called kushi ...

kushi: she look at him and  asks what? 

Arnav: why did you talk to your mom angryly kushi. 

Kushi: she is my mom, i know how to talk to her , no one teach me. 

Arnav: what is your problem kushi.

kushi: shout in anger , your my problem , i can not forget you.and at the same time i could not  forgive you ,thats my problem.  tears flow in her eyes.

Arnav: is very hurt seeing her tears, he says i will solve this problem very soon.

Naniji and payal hearing this but they both could not guess what was the problem.they both look at each other and confiused .. naniji says come we will go to my room.

Arnav : in study room.he talk to himself , i am sorry kushi. your angrily talk to your mom , because of me. i will do something and solve this problem.

Naniji and payal thinking deeply , why kushi talk like that to chote. they both are love eachother na. 

payal: says naniji , i think we will talk to amanji , he knows  about arnavji .

Naniji: yes your right betia. naniji called aman and says i want to talk to you, directly come to my room. 

Aman; asks any problem naniji.

Naniji: i'll tell you when you came here.


Naniji and payal lock the door. aman asks why are you lock the door naniji. payal asks we want to know the truth . aman asks what truth payal bhabi, i dont understand .

Naniji: says arnav and kushi both really fell in love. 

Aman: everyone knows this na, thats why they both married na naniji.

Naniji: look at him and says please aman tell the truth . 

Aman: says everything from beginning to end. 

Payal and naniji shocked hearing this.

Aman: says please dont tell this to anyone. now arnav love her a lot, and shyam also change himself now, he is take care of di now, and kushi also forgive him, and she can not forget arnav ,at the same time  she could not forgive him, thats her problem now. and payalji please forgive my arnav , please dont get angry on him, he did everything for his di only, but now he love your sister a lot , he can not live without her. 

Naniji and payalji is shocked hearing this all. 

Payal: asks how can i he hurt my sister naniji. he is blackmailing her. and i dont forgive him.

Naniji: payal betia , please forgive my chote, he is not that bad, he loves his di a lot thats why he did this angryly. its all because of that shyam. but what will i do , he is husband of anjali now, we think about anjali and baby now,  but now arnav and kushi  love each other , how can we seprate them both.

Payal: i want kushi's happyness thats it naniji.

Naniji: says kushi loves him but she could not forgive him right.

Aman: han naniji. 

Naniji: says first kushi must make  him sorry, we have to do this .

Payal: but how is this possible naniji. kushi did not forgive him easyly , i know her very well.

Naniji: says i will take care of that , you go and rest . 

Payal: leave from there.

Aman and naniji dicuss something seriously. naniji called mamiji and says about her plan. 

Naniji: did not say everything to mamiji, just arnav and kushi  have a misunderstanding only. thats why we have to do this plan. mamiji smiled and says hello hai hai to arnav kushi happyness and bye bye to the misunderstanding maaji . naniji smiled at her ..

Aman: says ok bye naniji . 

Naniji; says i will call you aman. 

Aman: ji naniji.

Arnav: sees aman and asks what are you doing here.when you came here.

Aman: says i came here for meet you just like that. my wife is going to her mom house so i just spend time with you all.

Arnav: ok come with me. i want to talk to you.

Aman and arnav in terrace. aman asks any problem arnav.

Arnav: says after di's delivery ,i have to go london office for six months or one year. you just take care of everything here. 

Aman: ok i will book ticket for you and kushi . 

Arnav: ticket for me only .

Aman: asks what is your problem now. you leave her alone here. how will she bear it arnav.

Arnav: says i am just her problem. she is not ready to forgive me , i know i did mistake . i dont have any rights on her aman. she just married me for her mom and dad happyness only, she still think i married her for my di, but i really love her aman. she is not think about that . i can not live without her, but now she says i am her problem , i dont want to see her tears and pain , its hurt me a lot. 

Aman: for me , a month later go london.

Arnav: but why aman.

Aman: we have lot of plan thats why..

Arnav: what plan aman.

Aman: shocked and says sorry , i mean we have lot of work and deals is  here too na arnav.

Arnav: nods his head ok.

Aman: relifed now.


Kushi and mamiji arrange the food in table.

Anjali: asks kushiji what special today..

Kushi talking with anjali and served her and arnav.she noticed arnav face is very dull. she remember what she says to him. 

Naniji; says to arnav , anjali betia delivery date is near only so you just stay home for somedays, you have to do your work in home . aman will take care of office . what do you say.  

Arnav: look at his di and ksuhi ... your all is here na, if di has labour pain , you just called me , i will come home. 

Anjali: han naniji  he is right , shyam is there with me now always so dont worry .

Mamiji: touch anjali shoulder and she pointed at kushi. 

Anjali: thinkherself , and says han but if you are  near me too i feel good chote. please agree na.

Arnav: finally agreed .

Naniji and mamiji smiled at eachother.

Anjali: thinkherself , they both plaing something . 

payal: smiled at naniji.

kushi: silently eat her food and leave her room.

Arnav: in study room. 

Anjali : asks mamiji whats your plan. 

Mamiji: says arnav did not spend time with kushi betia , thats why  this plan.

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Jun 10

TRUST AND LOVE (By Indhrs) (Thanked: 51 times)


Aman: said to naniji about arnav plans to going london.

Naniji: gets angry , oh he did all the mistake and run away from here.then why he blackmail to marry her. he did everything without thinking about anyone, 

Aman: says to naniji, kushi  will not forgive our arnav easily. he think he dont want hurt her thats why he leaving. and please our plan will not hurt her na , i mean if arnav knows this he gets angry on me and you too. 

Naniji: says oh really , dont support him too much, he think about anjali only , he did not think about kushi . thats why now he is in this sutiation. he hurt her so much , i know its not easy to forgive him. but i did this for kushi's happyness, she loves him, she can not live without him, she is deeply saddened. i want to see smile on her face. naniji asks aman now chote really loves her na. 

Aman: han naniji its very true. he asks you support him morning, but now your get angry on him.

NANIJI: that time payal was with me, thats why i support him. but mistake is arnav only. how can he blackmail a girl, if i dont stop payal , she told everything to ragini and raghav then what will happen , i know raghav will take his daughter away from this house, kushi and arnav life will be spoil, and anjali is broke down,she can not trust anyone. akash and payal did not forgive arnav, manoramma feel bad, this family happyness is gone.  how can i look at all this silently. now payal did not say anything to anyone. she also think about this family. every family have some problem , doing something will solve these problem. its good for our family and our life too. 

Aman: wow naniji you have to think about everybody's life. your very great naniji.

Naniji: its my duty na. i am elder of this house aman. 

Aman:ok naniji , what wil we do next. 

Naniji: you just tell arnav to apologize to her again. let see what is her reaction about this first.

Aman: nods his head, i will talk to him tomorrow morning naniji.

kushi: in her room , her mobile ring it was her friend preethi. hi hello preethi.

Preethi: hi kushi , i am fine how are you . how is your arnavji. 

Kushi: yea fine .

preethi: ask what happen , your voice is very dull.

kushi: says no i am fine .

preethi: next week tuesday  my sister marriage, so you come with your family.

Kushi: ok preethi.

Preethi: ok bye kushi. let talk when we meet in marriage .

Kushi: ok bye ..

Arnav: enter the room..

kushi: look at him , he is very dull.she think herself . but she did not ask him anything.

Arnav: walk to the pool side.and busy with his mobile.

Kushi: sees this and mutter herself , he never change kushi. his di, this family , his mobile , laptop , its all important for him. he dont have time to think about you. because of him i hurt my mom. but he did not say anything , she imitate him, how arnav answer her yesterdy.  i will solve this problem soon. 

ediot , i told him i can not forget you , but he is not care about that. he is doing his work, like nothing happened. only anger come very fast. she turn to look at the pool side but he is not there.

Arnav: stood near cuborad, and asks are you searching anyone.

kushi: wo wo she look at him and says no.

Arnav: smiled at himself.he knows she searching him .

Anjali in the hall , she wakeup early today , she is drinking juice. and hearing some light music..

Arnav: wakeup first, he look at kushi , she is sleeping .he worte a note for her , happy birthday kushi , i love you till my breath kushi, please trust me, please forgive me. i can not live without you kushi.

kushi: wake up and sees the time it was seven, she closed her mouth and she noticed some rose and note , she take the rose and smiled at herself, she reading the note and very happy . she smiled at herself again. she says i love you too arnavji. at the same time arnav enter the room. he hearing her words , he look at her smilingly. 

Kushi: look at him, her heart beating is very fast , he step farward to her , she getting nervouse , she effort  to talk but words not coming from her mouth. he came and take his mobile from the bed,and leave from there.he turn back and smiled at her, she also smiled at him. arnav says get ready and come down kushi , everyone waiting for you. kushi nods her head. 

Aman: came to near arnav and says i want to talk to you.

Arnav: yea tell me.

Aman: look at him , his face is very bright and smiling too. he ask are you ok na. 

Arnav: yea i am fine .

Aman: says ok , you just talk to kushi again and says to her sorry for your mistake .

Arnav: says i think she has forgiven  me. he says i said to her i love you and sorry for my mistake.

Aman: huged him happyly , he asks really. i know kushi is very sweet  girl.

Arnav: says wait she will come now.

Aman: says ok , i will meet naniji and come.

Arnav: nods his head . 

Anjali , mamiji,akash and  payal arrange the cake for kushi. and they are all decorate the house too. its all arnav's plan.

Aman: came to naniji room.

Naniji: asks what happen you came early today. 

Aman: i came to talk to arnav. 

Naniji: asks what he says.

Aman: he already says sorry to her and he propossed her too. 

Naniji: asks whats her answer.

Aman: i dont know naniji.

Naniji: hit his head and says go and get to know that first .

Aman: aaahh ji naniji...

Naniji: smiled and came to the hall, she is surprised seeing the house is decorated beautifully. anjali sitting in the hall and advise something to hariprakash .mamiji is busy with kitchen.akash and payal busy with the mobile .naniji asks what are you doing all. whats going on here .

Anjali: says today is my bhabi birthday thats why chote arrange this all for her.

Naniji : look at arnav smilingly. she asks where is kushi betia arnav.

Arnav: she is getting ready in her room.

Naniji: nods her head , she look at aman and they both smiling eachothere.

Arnav: enter his room. and suprised seeing her ..she was wearing a saree that he gave gift.

Kushi: asks why are you looking at me like that now. this saree for me na, or your di. 

Arnav: smiled and says this is for you kushi. 

Kushi and arnav look at each other...

Arnav: came near her ear and says thank you and your looking beautifull. 

Kushi: getting nervouse  and wo wo we 'll go down na.


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