Humko Deewana Kar Gaye - 3

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May 26

Humko Deewana Kar Gaye - 3 (By Angel23) (Thanked: 93 times)

Character sketch

1. Gupta’s

Shashi Gupta – a simple man who loves his family and works a lot. For him life means having his wife and children near him, after all he worked all these years for them, for their happiness, so that they could lead a happy and comfortable life. He has two daughters (Khushi and Payal) and one son (Karan) but he loves his Khushi a bit more because she’s the youngest but more responsible and obedient girl. Owner of KK fashion house, top fashion house in Mumbai. Also love his employee Arnav Singh Raizada a lot, he treats Arnav like his son and trust him blindly. If there is someone he can trust in KK to handle some work, then it’s Arnav, that’s why along with being fashion designer in KK, he made Arnav his PA also. He wished to have a son like Arnav, who’s more like him, because Karan hasn't take anything on him.

Garima Gupta – simple and loving woman, loves her family and can do anything for their happiness. Very emotional when the matter is her children and husband, she can’t see them in pain or worried. 


Khushi Kumari Gupta – simple, beautiful and smart woman. She is sweet and innocent only for her dear ones, and an angry young woman in office, she’s strict with her employees except Arnav. 

Payal Kumari Gupta – opposite of Khushi. While Khushi is simple girl who behaves well with others but wants everyone to work hard in her Dad’s office, Payal is rude and arrogant and doesn’t have any interest in working in KK. She loves to enjoy her luxury life with her friends.

Karan Gupta – Payal and Khushi’s elder brother, he’s like Payal, rude and arrogant but works in KK. He wants his father’s attention on him only, he wants Shashi to trust him that he can handle KK fashion house alone. Hates Arnav, because Shashi trust Arnav more than him.

My new story! Will start after one week..

May 27

Continuation of Character sketch.. (By Angel23) (Thanked: 62 times)

2. Raizada’s

Arnav Singh Raizada – angry young man, handsome and very intelligent. Although he loses his temper quickly, he respect people who he work with, especially his Sir (Shashi), he can do anything for Shashi who has become father figure for him. He knows Shashi trust him and believes in his capabilities, that’s why he never lets his Sir down. He loves his work, for him work comes first than anything else, he likes everything to be perfect, to complete every work he is assigned to. Doesn’t speak much with others, he likes to be in his own space and do his things.  He only talks well with his best friend, Lovely and his Nani.

Devyani Singh Raizada – Arnav’s sweet and funny Nani. She is a simple woman who raised her grandson alone. Arnav is the only person important for her, she lived for him after her daughter died in an accident and Arnav’s father abandoned him to marry other woman because she was rich.


Lovely Singh – Arnav’s best friend and assistant in KK. He’s funny, sweet and joyful man, always cracking jokes and manages to make Arnav smile sometimes. If he gets in trouble, Arnav always come to save him.

Others will be introduced as the story develops.

May 28

Prologue (By Angel23) (Thanked: 110 times)



“And the winner of this fashion competition is none other than..” the host smiled as she saw everyone’s face curious to know who is it, “Shashi Gupta!!!! KK fashion house is once again winner!”

As Shashi stood up with a bright smile to receive his award, Yash Malik his rival gritted his teeth and left from the hall fuming in anger.


“How did Shashi Gupta win in my country? Why? Why dammit?” Yash shouted angrily outside the hotel. His PA shut his eyes frightened.

“Ar..Arnav!” his PA stammered.

“What? Details!” Yash said impatiently.

“Arnav Singh Raizada, the best designer in KK fashion house.. he’s very intelligent sir!” his PA said.

“Buy him!” Yash ordered, “Bring him to me now!”


“Did you call me?” Arnav asked as he reached outside with Yash’s PA.

Yash turned to him smirking, “Arnav?”

“Right!” Arnav nodded his head.

“So, I got to know that Shashi defeated me two times because he has the best designer in his company!” Yash smiled.

“Sir defeated you because you’re not the best..” Arnav shrugged.

Yash laughed, “I like your confidence my boy!” he walked near Arnav, “I want you! Just say the amount; I’m ready to pay you anything to get you!”

Arnav chuckled hearing this, “I never knew there would be day where a father wants to buy his own son!”

Yash widened his eyes in shock.

“Did you forget me? Let me remind you, I’m the same Arnav you abandoned when my Ma met with an accident and died!” Arnav said, his eyes showed anger and disgust he had for this man, “For what? A rich woman!!”

“I will never leave Sir’s side, a man who worked hard for his family to yours, a man who left his family for money!” Arnav said.

He walked to leave from there.

“So this is your plan to defeat me? Is this your revenge?” Yash asked still shocked to see his own son standing in front of him, at the side of his enemy.

“I never made plans.. Destiny brought us together in a situation like this!” Arnav smirked, “But if you think your bad times started then it’s not my problem!”


Two days later..

At the airport..

Khushi, Karan and Lovely were eagerly waiting for Arnav and Shashi.

“Why are they taking so much time?” Khushi asked getting impatient, she closed her eyes praying for them to come safe and sound.

“Don’t worry Khushi ma’am, Chiku will come soon!” Lovely smiled. Khushi looked away embarrassedly, thinking how does Lovely knows she’s eagerly waiting for Arnav.

“Hey, mind your language! Are you calling my father Chiku?” Karan asked angrily.

“Ohho, pay some attention to the world other than drinking everytime Karan sir.. I will Chiku, my best friend Arnav ok?” Lovely replied back pouting.

“You! How dare..” Karan raised his hand to slap Lovely, but a hand held his arm hardly. He turned his eyes to the person who dared to stop him and saw Arnav, staring at him sharply.

“Chiku!!!” Lovely whispered smiling, his Hero came to save him at right time.

“Karan! What kind of behavior is this? Say sorry to Lovely right now!” Shashi came and said sternly, he too witnessed the scene behind, Arnav was fast to come and stop Karan.

“Dad!” Karan looked at him in disbelief. “I said now!” Shashi almost shouted.

“Sorry!” Karan gritted his teeth glaring at Lovely.  Lovely smirked with attitude, while Arnav shook his head.

Khushi stare at Arnav smiling, finally he came! She missed him for two weeks; it was such a long wait!

“Chikuuuuuu.. I missed you man!” Lovely jumped on Arnav hugging him tightly. While Khushi ran to Shashi and hugged him also.

“How was the competition Papa?” she asked smiling.

“We won!” Shashi showed her the trophy, “Only because of Arnav beta!”

“Wow!!!” Khushi squealed in happiness, she looked at Arnav smiling, “Arnav you’re just the best!!”

“Thank you ma’am!” Arnav replied with his usual look. Lovely nudged him and muttered, “Smile a little Chiku!”

Arnav frowned staring at him, “Shup!”

Khushi face fell, she expected him to at least bring a smile on his face to her, but got the same reply in same tone and same face he does!

“Laad governor!” she whispered to herself.

“Let’s go Dad!” Karan rolled his eyes boringly. He was about to throw the key car to Arnav when Shashi pulled Arnav to sit with him at the backseat and asked him to drive the car.

Furious at his fate, he opened the door of the car angrily and glared at Arnav sitting with his father and chatting with him while he was made the driver. 

May 30

Chapter 1 - He caught me! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 113 times)

They reached Arnav’s home, Arnav and Lovely got out of the car and Arnav turned to Shashi, “Thank you for dropping me home Sir!”

“You’re always welcome beta!” Shashi smiled and waved to both.

“You’re so smart Arnav.. All this time faking goodness to my father and here I’m made the bad boy!” thought Karan angrily.

“Good bye Chiku!” Khushi shouted while they were going, she bit her tongue realizing she called him “Chiku”, while Arnav and Lovely turned behind, one was shocked (Arnav) and other smiled teasingly (Lovely).

“I mean Arnav..” Khushi smiled embarrassedly.

“Good bye ma’am..” he replied nodding his head and walked to go again, but she didn’t want to let him go, she didn’t see him for two weeks and now that her wait is over, she could only see him for minutes, that wasn’t enough for her.

“Take rest!” she said. Arnav turned again to her, “Sure.. I will!”

Lovely face palmed, how his friend could be so unromantic to a girl like Khushi.

As they left, Lovely punched Arnav’s shoulder playfully, “Is this way to reply to her?”

“What?” Arnav shrugged with confused look, “Did I say anything wrong?”

“Which boss would say to his employee to take rest instead of saying ‘I want to see you in Office tomorrow’??” Lovely asked sarcastically as they walked inside the house.

“Khushi ma’am!” he replied casually.

“That’s why I’m saying this! Why does she do so?” Lovely asked smiling excitedly hoping Arnav to understand the hint.

“Because..” Arnav thought for a while, and then irritated reply, “Lovely yaar don’t make me use my brain when I’m already tired! How would I know why Khushi ma’am doesn’t behave like others boss?? Why don’t you go and ask her?”

“Chote!” Nani came out of her room and smiled emotionally seeing him, “You’re back my son!”

“Yes Nani, I came back and I missed you so much!” Arnav ran to her, and hugged her tightly. Nani also hugged him, and Lovely joined the emotional hug.

“And I’m sure you missed my handmade food also hain na?” Nani smiled excitedly, as she prepared her fingers to cook something special for him.

“Yes, Nani please cook na aloo paratha..” Lovely replied, caressing his tummy.

“I’ve been cooking that for you from past one week, don’t you get tired? Do you want to get fatter?” Nani scolded him.

Lovely bit his tongue embarrassedly, “It’s just two weeks I left from here and you started eating junk food na? What about your diet?”

“Let him eat na beta.. He really can’t have those salads and tasteless food everytime!” Nani said making faces; even she doesn’t like the food Arnav told Lovely to start eating.

“Haan Nani is right! Only she understands me..” Lovely said hugging Nani from behind smiling.

“Unbelievable. Nani you better decide which side are you on? His or mine?” Arnav said.

“You both will drive me crazy one day. Go and fresh up Chote, I will cook something for you and aalo paratha for Lovely beta..” Nani said going towards the kitchen.

“Nani aalo paratha for me too!” Arnav shouted.

Now, Nani and Lovely gave him Aren’t-you-against-this? look smirking. Arnav quickly escaped from their looks and before they start taunting him, he went to his room to fresh up.


Gupta mansion..

Shashi was having lunch with his family, he looked at Payal’s seat that was empty and cleared his throat, “Where is Payal bitiya?”

“Woh.. actually Papa.. she went outside with her friends!” Khushi replied, she didn’t fail to notice to sad look on her father’s face.

“Didn’t she know that I was coming back today?” he asked.

“Forget it na Papa.. You know how Jiji is, always shopping and all..” Khushi faked a smile. While Karan and Garima stole glances with each other. Karan checked his phone and saw that Payal didn’t even answer his phone calls nor messages yet.

“Let it be!” Shashi sighed sadly and concentrated on his food.

“Mumma you know Papa won the competition in London for the second time!” Khushi said happily trying to brighten up the mood.

“Acha? Congratulations ji!” Garima smiled.

“Don’t I deserve a kiss?” Shashi asked teasingly.

“Aap bhi na.. Have some shame, in front of kids!” Garima glared at him and looked away blushing.

“Haha!” Shashi laughed, “I was asking kiss from my daughter!”

Karan and Khushi laughed at them, while Garima glared at him. Khushi stood up and kissed Shashi on his cheeks, “Congratulations to the best father in this world!”

Shashi smiled, and caressed her cheeks, “Thank you best daughter in this world!”

“By the way, the entire credit should go to Arnav. He was the one who made such wonderful designs and managed to impress the judges.. Arnav beta is extremely talented! I’m so lucky to have him with me!” Shashi smiled, his eyes twinkled in happiness reminding of his boy.

Khushi smiled hearing this while Karan fumed in anger, “He’s just a designer like many in KK Dad, you don’t need to overpraise him, and he did nothing other than his duty!”

“Offo Karan bhai, Arnav is not an ordinary designer! He stands apart from those many designers we have in KK, he’s way of thinking and working is different and unique, and you’re just jealous of him!” Khushi replied frowning, she doesn’t like to hear bad comments on Arnav.

“Karan I did not asked you opinion on this. I know what Arnav is better than you!” Shashi also replied defending Arnav.

And Garima was surprised at the way both father and daughter talked possessively about Arnav.


Next day..

Arnav knocked the door of Shashi’s cabin, as he got permission he opened the door and greeted Shashi, “Good morning Sir!”

“Good morning beta..” Shashi smiled and Arnav handled him some files, “Here are the copy of the files you asked for Sir..”

“Thank you beta. I really needed this, thank God you had copy of these files..” Shashi sighed receiving it, then looked at Karan, “Learn to be responsible like him Karan and please next time don’t lose my files. I had trusted you to do only this and you failed to keep important files with you!”

Karan gritted his teeth, “Dad I didn’t lose it!”

“Then who did? Me?” Shashi asked sarcastically. “I kept them in my car, and I don’t know who removed from there..”

“Maybe the driver while cleaning the car, threw it thinking they’re not important papers!” Arnav said.

“And you knew it? Still you didn’t say anything!” Karan glared at him.

“It’s just a possibility, I didn’t confirm anything! The files were with you, so it was your responsibility to keep them safe!” Arnav replied back, staring at him sharply.

Shashi nodded his head, his lips curved into a proud smile of Arnav. Arnav isn’t someone who is scared of saying the truth, he says it in front of you it doesn’t matter if you’re in a higher position than him or not. If does something right, he will not accept others to scold him easily. And if he does wrong, he’s not scared to accept his mistakes unlike many employees.

“Papa..” Khushi walked in the cabin, and then noticed their tensed faces, “What happened?”

Karan left from there angrily, “Ask your father!”

Arnav shook his head in disbelief; he doesn’t believe despite having such a great father like Shashi, how can Karan behave like this with him?

“Papa are you okay? Did Karan say something?” Khushi asked worriedly, “I will talk with him, if you want..”

“No, it’s okay.. It’s his usual drama!” Shashi sighed and held her hand assuring her he’s fine.


Arnav’s cabin:

Arnav was typing seriously on his laptop while Lovely was checking some files sited on the opposite side of the table.

His eyes landed on Khushi’s cabin, which is right in front of him and he caught her staring at him through the glass wall.

He quickly turned away, and concentrated on his work, again same thing happened.

“Lovely!” he patted Lovely’s hand, “Is there something on my face?”

“Why?” Lovely frowned.

“Just tell me, is there something strange on my face?” Arnav asked impatiently.

“Nahin, why?” Lovely said.

“Then why is she looking at me every time???” Arnav asked confused. Lovely turned to Khushi’s cabin and smiled mischievously, “And why did you look at her?”

“What the.. I just look at that side and found her staring at me!” Arnav shrugged.


Khushi hit her forehead on the other side for losing control like this, Arnav caught her staring at him. How embarrassing is that!

 She wanted to bury her face somewhere where she would have not need to face him right now.

Jun 1

Chapter 2 - Arshi's talk! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 123 times)

“Did you saw Shashi sir?” Arnav asked to one of the employees on his way, “He’s not his cabin!”

“I saw him going towards Khushi ma’am cabin, then I didn’t see him..” said the man and left from there. Arnav walked to Khushi’s cabin, he knocked once but no one replied, again he knocked but same reply. He opened the door to check if anyone is inside.

“Khushi ma’am?” he called her as he walked inside the cabin looking around, his eyes got fixed on her huge picture hung in the wall behind her table.

“She’s beautiful right?” Lovely whispered on Arnav’s ear. Arnav looked at him startled, “What?”

“I’m saying she’s beautiful that’s why you can’t get your eyes off her picture!” Lovely repeated pointing to her picture.

“No one can deny she’s beautiful!” Arnav shrugged as he walked to leave. Lovely widened his eyes smiling, and ran behind him, “Chikuuu..”

“But that doesn’t mean I’ve feelings for her Lovely!” Arnav cut him off.

Lovely face fell, “What’s wrong with her now? Why can’t you fall for her?”

“What the.. Beauty doesn’t matter to me and it will never will..” Arnav said, “And you know that I don’t believe in love and all these things..”

“I know.. Chiku only wants to focus on his career!” Lovely rolled his eyes sarcastically. Arnav smirked, “Right! Did you saw Shashi sir?”

“Haan, he left for lunch with Kuku ma’am!” Lovely said, “Now we too should leave to have lunch Chiku, I’m damn hungry!”

“Don’t call her Kuku here in office, you’ll be fired one day and I won’t be saving you!” Arnav glared at him, “And you’re always hungry, it’s not something new. Let me finish some work, we’ll leave in minutes!”

“Chikuuuu yaar.. Are you man or robot? Why don’t you stop and relax once?” Lovely lazily followed him while Arnav just rolled his eyes.


At night..

While Arnav and Lovely were waiting for rickshaw, Khushi’s car passed from that road they were. She asked the driver to stop the car and called both with a hand gesture.

Lovely ran happily to her car, while Arnav tried to stop him but he didn’t pay attention to him.

“Come in, I will drop you both home!” Khushi smiled and opened the car’s door.

“No thanks ma’am, we’ll manage!” Arnav said politely and closed the door of her car. Lovely pouted, “What manage? We are waiting from past two hours here, but no sign of any rickshaw and I’m hungry now!”

“Laad governor!” Khushi muttered, “He will never accept someone’s help.. What’s wrong with this man? What does he think of himself? Superhero! And why did I have to fall for such aakdo like him? Ayee DM, only you know why I find such stern and expressionless face so much cute?”

“Did you said something ma’am?” Arnav asked raising his eyebrow.

“Kuch nahin! Dekho you won’t find any rickshaw here.. let me drop you home!” Khushi said.

“Haan Khushi ma’am is right only, let’s go na Chiku!” Lovely said.

Arnav glared at him, then looked at Khushi, “Ma’am you can go, we’ll manage!”

“Okay then, I will wait here till your rickshaw comes and only then I will go home!” she said stubbornly and crossed her arms waiting.

Arnav sighed, “Ma’am you don’t need to do this! Please go home, Shashi sir must be worried for you!”

“Exactly, Papa must be worried for me and here you’re wasting time in arguing with me. I’m saying na, I will drop you both home, then I will go! Matter ends here, but you..” she pouted.

Lovely chuckled. Arnav sighed and opened the car’s door, he got in and Khushi lip’s curved into a victory smile. Lovely sat at the front seat with the driver.

“Finally I found someone who can defeat Chiku and his stubbornness!” Lovely sighed in relief. Khushi giggled, and Arnav glared at Lovely.

She stopped smiling and looked away muttering, “Laad governor!”

15 minutes later, Lovely fall asleep in the car and driver was just doing his duty. Arnav and Khushi were silent only, none talked with each other that was making Khushi irritated.

She turned to him, “Say something!”

“What?” Arnav looked at her startled.

“Arnav 15 minutes passed by and you didn’t even say a word.. we can at least have a talk!” she said.

“What do you want me to talk? There’s nothing to talk about!” Arnav asked raising his eyebrow.

“Okay, don’t say anything! Keep quiet..” she looked away crossing her arms pouting.

“I’m quiet only!” Arnav reminded her, that she was the one who started this.

Khushi rolled her eyes, while Arnav was wondering what’s wrong with her suddenly.

Some minutes later, he cleared his throat to gain her attention, playing with his phone he asked, “Shashi sir’s birthday is near, did you plan some surprise for him?”

Khushi smiled, she looked at him and nodded her head, “Haan, we’re planning to organize a big party with all our family and friends..”

“Great!” Arnav said, “He’ll be very happy to know that you planned this for him.. You’re his favorite daughter..”

Khushi smiled warmly, “But I wished this time not only me and Mumma plan it, but Karan bhai and Jiji also. I know if I say anything to them, then they will not give me attention. It’s just waste of time for them this.. You know Arnav, Papa gets sad when he finds that only me and mumma do this for him, but he never say anything.. Karan bhai is only interested in his drinks, girls, late night parties and wasting money with useless things and Jiji doesn’t even step at home for weeks! At this age, they’re worrying Papa when he should be resting and enjoying his life now, after all he worked for us for so many years, and now this is how we’re repaying him!”

“Not you, Karan sir and Payal ma’am are like this! You’re a perfect daughter..” Arnav corrected her.

“And I’ve plan.. Blackmail both with something they want, they’ll participate in this party plan, I’m sure!” Arnav smirked.

“How?” Khushi asked confused.

“Doesn’t Payal have any crush or boyfriend?” Arnav asked. Khushi nodded her head, “Vicky, Mr.Mehta’s son..”

“Terrible choice!” Arnav muttered, knowing his this bad boy Vicky is. Khushi giggled, “I know! Worst choice ever!”

“Then say to her that he’ll be invited only if she agrees to participate in this surprise party otherwise you will not invite him. And about Karan, then you can..” Arnav thought.

“I know! I can say to Karan that if he participates in helping me with the party arrangements, Papa will be very happy with him and can even think of announcing him as the CEO of KK!” Khushi smiled brightly.

“You’ve gone too far!” Arnav smirked, “Just party arrangements and he’s the next CEO of KK!”

Arnav almost let out a chuckle, Khushi pouted, “I know I’m a terrible liar!”

“But this terrible lie will work with your brother..” Arnav said. Khushi understood his meaning; Karan is so hungry to get that position in KK that he’ll do anything for it. But Shashi doesn’t want to give him that position, as he’s still not responsible.

“Thank you Arnav.. You’re really intelligent!” she smiled.

“Welcome! And you’re also intelligent.. you just need to put your brains on work!” he said and looked at the window side smirking.

Khushi’s mouth formed big “O” shape. 

“Aren’t you afraid that I can fire you for this?” she asked.

“We’re outside office and you’re not boss here!” he replied with a huge smirk on his face. 

Khushi held her ears, "Sorry!!!" 

"I told you to put your brains on work!" he replied teasing her. "Yours works 24/7 right???" she asked smiling. 

"As you can see.." he said with attitude. Then both chuckled over their conversation. 

Jun 7

Chapter 3 - Khushi visits Nani! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 119 times)

“We reached!” Khushi announced as she looked at his house.

“Yeah..” Arnav nodded, he patted Lovely but Lovely was in deep sleep. Khushi giggled seeing Lovely like this.

“Lovely..” Arnav patted him again. Still Lovely didn’t reply, in return just slapped Arnav’s hand thinking it to be an insect.

Khushi was trying her best to stop laughing, but she wasn’t able to.

“Lovely!” Arnav shouted a bit. Lovely just frowned and turned his head to other side, while Arnav muttered, “What the..”

“I’ve an idea.. let’s shout his name together… 1.. 2 .. 3..” Khushi smiled prepared to shout and Arnav joined her when she finished counting, “LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

They screamed in his ear, Lovely woke up all scared, he jumped on his seat, “Ayeee DM.. Did I die? Am I in hell already?”

Arnav and Khushi giggled. Khushi stare at Arnav amused, she never saw him smiling but unfortunately his smile isn’t for her.

“Let’s go! We reached home!” Arnav said and opened the car’s door. Lovely pouted rubbing his eyes, “This is not fair.. One day I’ll get heart attack if you wake me up like this!”


Nani’s room:

Arnav as usual came in her room to check if she slept or not, but found her awake on her bed.

“Nani.. What happened? Why haven’t you slept yet?” Arnav asked as he settled on bed beside her, taking her hand on his.

“I’m not getting sleep.. and before you start worrying, I had my meds and I’m fine..” Nani smiled.

“Hmm.. then let’s chat!” Arnav said.

“Nahin, you should go to sleep Chote.. Tomorrow you have to wake up early to office!” Nani patted his cheek. “Don’t worry about me Nani, I will reach in time..” he said.

“Acha.. How was the competition in London? I know you’ve won.. Lovely told me!” Nani smiled.

“It was good, KK won Nani not me!” he rolled his eyes. “But for me, it’s my grandson who won okay?” she glared at him.

“Woh.. I met with Yash Malik in London..” Arnav said looking down. Nani gasped shocked, “Kya? Chote you.. Did you talk with him? What did he say?”

“He was participating in this competition also, when KK won.. he couldn’t digest this and he wanted to buy me.. Can you believe it Nani? How can he be so low and hungry for victory and money? He hasn’t changed Nani.. he hasn’t.. That man isn’t my father!” Arnav shook his head with moist eyes, “I hate him.. I hate him Nani..”

Nani pulled him into a hug, she shut her eyes tightly, “Don’t cry Chote.. You’re my strong boy! What if he left you? I was and will always be here for you.. I’m your mother, father, Nani, best friend, everything beta..”

They broke the hug because Arnav’s phone rang. Arnav quickly picked it up seeing Khushi ma’am name flashing on it, “Khushi Ma’am? What happened?”

“I called to ask if you reached well!” Khushi said.

“You came to drop me home Ma’am! I should be asking you if you reached well or not?” Arnav raised his eyebrow, he can’t believe when other employees tell him she’s so serious and strict, he really finds her a chirpy, cute and little fool girl!

Khushi bit her tongue realizing that, “Haan woh.. I just asked.. and I didn’t call you for that, I called you to ask if you’re done with the designs .. you know we have to show Mr. Mehta them tomorrow..”

“I already finished it and Sir had a look on it, he liked the designs.. We will only wait for Mr.Mehta approval..” said Arnav.

“What? When did you finish it Arnav? Are you human or machine?” Khushi asked in disbelief.

“Thanks for the compliment ma’am!” Arnav replied in his sarcastic mode. Nani chuckled.

“Is she your ma’am?” Nani whispered curiously. Arnav nodded, “Haan .. Khushi ma’am!”

“With whom are you talking?” Khushi asked.

“My Nani.. she’s asking about you!” Arnav replied.

“Oh, so you talk about me to your Nani!” Khushi smiled brightly, “What do tell her about me?”

“Yeah, I do tell her everything.. about Sir, you, Karan sir, everyone I know in AR!” Arnav shrugged.

Khushi rolled her eyes, “I should have predicted it, he will never talk only about me! Who am I to him? Just his ma’am!” she thought.

“Can I talk with your Nani? I remembered of my Nani, she passed away when I was 9.. I had very little time with her..” Khushi said sadly.

“Sorry to hear that.. but how can my Nani made you remember your Nani? You don’t even know her, and probably both have nothing in common..” Arnav said.

“Laad governor (Khushi muttered in silent)… Arnav please leave logic behind and please pass the phone to her!” Khushi said.

“What if I don’t want?” he smirked.

Nani widened her eyes almost shouting, “Chote she’s your ma’am!”

Arnav shrugged, “Toh kya? You’re my Nani!”

Khushi pouted hearing that, “After I get married to you, she will be my Nani too!” she thought.

“Why are you troubling her? Give me the phone..” Nani snatched it from his hand.

“Namaste bitiya!” Nani smiled, “Don’t mind Chote’s words.. He’s like this only.. always challenging people!”

“Namaste Nani.. Don’t worry, I know exactly how your grandson is. He never listens to what other says..” Khushi said.

“Bitiya forgive him.. please don’t punish him for that.. I will talk with him and make him say sorry to you also..” Nani said.

Arnav looked at her confused, “What the.. What are you saying Nani?”

Nani signaled him to keep quiet as she waited for Khushi’s reply.

“Nani app bhi na.. You’re making me look like villain! I was saying that Arnav never listen to others, but he’s always right! You should be proud of him, he’s one of the best employees we have in KK.. Mark my words, your grandson is unique and he’ll be in top of the world very soon!” Khushi smiled.

Nani’s eyes shine in happiness and proud feelings for her grandson, “Thank you bitiya.. You’re very nice, I thought you would be like those Hitler type of boss..”

“Hitler is your son Nani.. he never puts a smile on his face!” Khushi complained.

“Woh toh hai! Me and Lovely try our best to make him smile but he really loves his usual face.. We only managed to make him smile some 30 times in all these years!” Nani giggled.

Khushi laughed, “Seriously! That’s why I call him a Laad governor..”

“Laad governor..” Nani laughed her heart out, “Perfect.. this name suits him only..”

“What the.. Khushi ma’am calls me Laad what!?” Arnav frowned in his thoughts. He looked at Nani, “What are you both talking?”

“Girls talk.. You can go now, I found a companion..” Nani said getting engrossed in her chat with Khushi. Arnav was like You-left-me?, sighing he left the room.

Next morning..

“Namaste Nani..” Khushi smiled as she Nani opened the door for her. Nani smiled and stood few seconds admiring Khushi, she was beautiful and simple girl, completely different from what Nani imagined her to be. Then she wore a white and yellow salwar, Nani was surprised she wear traditional clothes also.

“Khushi bitiya?” Nani asked to confirm. Khushi nodded smiling, “Haan, same Khushi you chatted for so long yesterday night!”

Nani giggled. Khushi bend to take her blessings, Nani touched her head smiling. She already liked Khushi just by talking with her, and now seeing how simple, beautiful and the respect she has, she liked Khushi even more.

“Come in..” Nani made space for her, “Our house is probably small for you but I can assure you that you will feel comfortable here.. I will not leave you disappointed, from entertainment to food.. we have everything at best here!”

“And do you think I will mind the space here?” Khushi crossed her arms pouting, “No matter how small the place is, I will fill it with so much love that it will look bigger..”

Nani smiled, “Nahin bitiya.. I was just..”

“Leave your explanations for other time Nani.. Now I want to cook with you!” Khushi smiled excitedly.

“Kya? No no no..” Nani shook her head, “You came in our house first time, how can I let you cook? You just sit there, and I will cook special and delicious dishes for you..”

“No no no!” Khushi also shook her head, “What’s the fun if I eat your delicious food and return without knowing how to do it for me? Let me learn also from you!”

Nani pinched her nose smiling, “You surely know how to convince others hain na? Let’s go to the kitchen!”

“What to do? Business teaches you this!” Khushi giggled as both reached in the kitchen.

“Where’s Arnav Nani?” Khushi asked curiously. Nani smiled, “He will call me now!”

While Khushi stood confused with Nani’s reply, soon she understands what Nani meant when they heard a shout.

“Naniiiiiiiiiii… Naniiiiiiiiiiiii..” Arnav shouted.

“I’m sure he did something and calling his Nani to fix it!” Nani giggled looking at Khushi. Khushi was amused, “Oh so this Laad governor commits mistakes also! Thank you DM, at least you confirmed for me that he’s human!”

“Haan, here he spoils everything because he knows his Nani is here but in office he can’t do that na..” replied Nani.

“He can Nani. I’m there for him! But he is such a perfectionist in office..” Khushi replied. Nani looked at her amused.

“I mean.. if does one or two mistakes, I won’t punish him.. Because I know how hard working he is..” Khushi said faking a smile, as she realized what she just blurted out and Nani’s changed look.

“Nani.. I’m calling you for so long!” Arnav reached in the kitchen, “Just look at my shirt, I burnt it while ironing..” Arnav lifted his shirt showing to Nani.

Khushi widened her eyes seeing him shirtless with only his pants, he looked handsome than ever! She just wanted to faint now, but keeping a control on herself she shut her eyes tightly and turned back, “Arnav can’t you see a girl here???”

“Chote!” Nani signaled him to look at his right side where Khushi was, “Go and wear your shirt!”

“What the..” Arnav uttered seeing Khushi there, “What are you doing here Khushi ma’am?”

“I called her here.. now go on and wear something, otherwise you will make her feel uncomfortable here!” Nani glared at him.

“Chiku Lovely morning!” Lovely reached there smiling, after seeing Khushi he too widened his eyes, then looked at Arnav shirtless, then looked back at Khushi, “Bes****! Go and wear your shirt, how can you come in front of my ma’am like this?”

Khushi giggled hearing everyone shouting at Arnav for no fault of his.

“I’M GOING!” he stressed each word frowning and went from there taking long steps, “How would I know she was here? Lovely I won’t spare you for calling me bes****..”

Jun 13

Chapter 4 - Arnav Vs Karan! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 138 times)

Arnav returned after wearing his white shirt, he looked amused to watch Khushi having breakfast with Lovely and Nani. She was eating so freely and talking with his family as if she knows them for years.

He went to take his seat and successfully gained the three’s attention.

“Good morning everyone!” he said after he saw everyone’s eyes on him, “Woh.. I didn’t know you were here otherwise I would have worn something instead of coming shirtless!”

He didn’t look into her eyes and quickly grabbed his favorite paratha on the plate. Khushi muttered, “Is it so difficult to say sorry? Laad governor gave me long explanation only to escape saying sorry!”

“But ma’am you didn’t tell us why you came here suddenly? I wasn’t expecting it .. You should have informed me, I would make you a grand welcome!” Lovely smiled.

“Nahin, actually I came here to meet Nani and also to discuss with Arnav about my Papa’s birthday plan..” she said.

“With me?” Arnav shrugged.

“Haan with you, I told Khushi that it would be best if you discuss ideas with her.. You stay much time with your Sir and you know about his likes and dislikes very well.. Remember you come and tell me everything about him every day.. so I thought you could help Khushi bitiya.. she’s very confused!”

“I know him but she’s his daughter!” he said, “She got to know Sir more than me! I don’t think I can help..”

“But you know very well that Papa loves you more than he loves Karan bhai!” Khushi said, “You can help me Arnav, it’s just you don’t want!”

Khushi looked at Nani, “Still thank you so much for the delicious breakfast Nani.. You’re really sweet! I will get going now otherwise I will be late to office!”

Nani nodded smiling, “Come here whenever you want Khushi bitiya.. I really enjoyed your company!”

Khushi nodded, “Sure!” she took her purse and bend to touch Nani’s feet. Glancing once at Arnav, she sadly went from there.

“Chiku yaar.. What’s wrong if you help her?” Lovely hit him on his arm.

“Let it be Lovely! Don’t irritate him.. For him, it’s only his work that matters.. He doesn’t care for anyone’s feelings!” Nani said sternly.

“Nani I ..” he tried to talk when her palm indicated him to stop, “I don’t want to listen to your explanations! Aren’t you getting late to office?”

Lovely also shook his head in disbelief, “You broke her heart! Acha nahin kiya!”

Arnav sighed hardly; he went to take his bag and walked towards the door, “Lovely let’s go or you will end up staying here pitying for the one who will throw you out of office if you get late!”

“Khushi ma’am isn’t like you! She won’t fire me..” Lovely pouted, he stole some paratha and went running behind Arnav.


At KK..

Arnav stood at Khushi’s cabin door, he knocked it once and opened it after getting her permission.

“God!” Karan groaned, “Can’t you just let us in peace? We are talking about something serious here and you want to be everywhere!”

Payal just looked at Arnav, “Isn’t he Dad’s favorite Arnav?”

Arnav smirked as he walked in, “Talking about a surprise birthday party isn’t something serious Karan sir, after all birthday parties are supposed to be fun, right?”

Khushi chuckled shaking her head. While Karan furiously glared at him, “And how do you know we’re planning Dad’s birthday party?”

“I’m tired of this interview and audience seems to be bored also!” Arnav said eying to Khushi and Payal, “Can we just go straight to the point?”

“Yeah, I’m getting really bored.. let’s just plan everything because I need to go out with my friends!” said Payal all disinterested.

Arnav was like I-was-right and Karan glared at Payal for saying that, which indirectly showed that Arnav was right.

“And who said you’re supposed to be involved in this? Oh I get it now, want to impress my Dad, hain na?” Karan said angrily.

“Yes, I want to impress him.. I want to impress my SIR not your DAD! Every employee here wants the same, so do I. And for that, my work is enough.. I’m doing this because Khushi ma’am asked me to help her in the planning..” Arnav said sharply.

Karan looked at Khushi with accusing eyes, “You asked him for help, when you have me and Payal!”

“Yes, I did!” Khushi shrugged, “Papa stays most of his time with Arnav..  Arnav can be a great help for us and as always he’s innovative..”

“Arnav you can sit..” she smiled and pointed to a chair, the smile was that she was really happy he came to help her, she should have known it that he’s definitely a Laad governor but good at heart!


While Arshi were successfully planning everything and they agreed for the same ideas, Karan was against everything Arnav opted, while Payal was just there but her attention on her phone.


“Oyee Chiku! You helped Kuku ma’am.. How sweet of you..” Lovely patted Arnav’s back with full energy smile.

“Lovely! She’s Khushi not Kuku!” Arnav whined, “Do you know how much that Karan made me angry? I was really trying to control myself.. if he wasn’t Sir’s son .. I swear I would have punch that guy on his face.. he doesn’t have respect at all.. All he wants is boss around when he doesn’t do anything..”

“I know Chiku.. I also hate that Karan!” Lovely nodded, “His name should be Karela instead of Karan!”

“Karela!” Arnav looked at Lovely, “Okay I know.. I shouldn’t give names to my Sir, if someone hears that here, they can fire me!”

“It suits him!” Arnav smirked. Lovely widened his eyes, “Oyee is it you who’s saying this? Waise, you don’t accept me calling Khushi ma’am as Kuku, but you don’t mind Karela ahn?”

“Khushi ma’am isn’t like Karela, that’s why!” he said and looked ahead when he saw Khushi was talking with an employee, “She’s different!” he said lost in her.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

Karan approached Khushi, “Khushi..look you’ve to go through these files, then check the designs I kept in my table also.. I need to leave for an urgent meeting. After you’re done with it, give it back to me and I will handle it to Dad!”

“Okay bhai..” Khushi nodded taking the files from his hand.

Arnav reached there and snatched the files from her hand, he looked at Karan angrily and put them back on his hand, “This is your job, not hers!”

Khushi looked at Arnav, “Arnav Bhai is leaving for an urgent meeting..”

“Which one? Race competition, girls or club?” Arnav asked sarcastically.

“Khushi you don’t have to explain him anything! Who’s he? A mere employee who should stay in his limits!” Karan gritted his teeth.

“Why are you getting angry Karan sir?” Arnav turned to him smirking, “Those who want to cover up their lies often get angry like this to intimidate others..”

“You’re crossing your limits Arnav! You don’t know who I am and what I can do with you!” said Karan pointing his index finger to Arnav.

“I don’t care what you do with me but I won’t let you make Khushi work for you when you’re having fun outside, get that?” Arnav shouted.

“Ohho Chiku.. What are you doing? You will get us in trouble.. You’re shouting at your boss like this!” thought Lovely.

Karan’s phone rang; Arnav quickly snatched it from his hand and picked it. He placed the phone near Khushi’s ear, “Karan where are you yaar? We’re waiting for you.. There’s no fun in party without you!”

“This was his urgent meeting!” Arnav hang up the call, and turned to Karan, “Hain na?”

Karan looked away embarrassed while Khushi looked at him clearly hurt.

Others employees start gossiping about this.

Jun 14

Chapter 5 - Aman! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 124 times)

At XYZ club:

“He’ll pay for embarrassing Karan Gupta in front of everyone.. I will not leave him!” Karan said gritting his teeth and clenching the glass on his hand.

“You should not leave him Karan.. How dare he? Who is he to shout at you? And more over he dared to snatch your phone! Now you need to show this Arnav whatever his place..” his friend said.

“It’s all because of Dad pampering him, now he thinks he is superior than me.. if Dad does nothing to him, that doesn’t mean I won’t!” Karan shut his eyes frustrated.


Khushi’s cabin:

“Arnav! I need you to check the design of bridal lehenga of Mr.Kapoor’s daughter.. Can you?” she asked.

“Okay, but I need to ask Sir if he needs me now or not.. then I can do your work!” Arnav said.

“Oh no, if Arnav says to Papa that I asked him to check Mr.Kapoor’s daughter lehenga design, Papa will reveal to him that we both already checked it last night and my lie will be caught!” thought Khushi.

“No, it’s okay.. I will ask someone else to do this job for me, you go!” she nodded sideways faking a smile.

“I will just come and ask Sir if he needs me.. I can do this ma’am!” he insisted.

“No Arnav.. just leave it! Why are you so stubborn?” Khushi pouted.

“You only asked me to check the design, didn’t you? Now how come I’m stubborn?” he looked confused.

“And I only said I don’t need you to do this work for me now..” she retorted.

“But I can do it!” he replied back.

“Then do it!” she replied getting frustrated with this talk.

“Let me ask Sir if he has some work or not!” he said.

“Urghhhh!!!” she gritted her teeth, “You know not only stubborn but you’re fool also.. A girl does everything to get your attention and you don’t even care!”

Arnav looked at her more confused, “What are you talking about now?”

Khushi shut her eyes and breathed in and out, “Kuch nahin Arnav.. please just leave my cabin now!”

“Okay!!” he looked at her weirdly, then left her cabin.

“What can I do now for you to see that I love you Arnav? I have tried everything.. from the time you joined KK and entered in my life, everything changed.. I never thought I would love someone like this, first I thought I only had crush on you but now.. I can’t live without seeing your khaddos yet handsome face! (Khushi chuckled).. The way you fought with bhai for me today, I thought you have some feelings for me.. But it seems you never had and never will.. You’re only interested in your work, not me.. I’m mad to keep this hope that one day you will look at me in a different way.. The truth is you always look at me as your ma’am only..” she sighed sadly.

“Ohh.. Poor lady!” a handsome man stood at the door with a pity look.

“AMAN!” Khushi widened her eyes surprised, “When did you reach? Why didn’t you tell me, I would have come to pick you up?”

“Maybe you forgot that it’s my duty to pick you up from airport, not yours! I’m your PA madam!” he took a seat at the opposite chair.

“And stop crying for love!” he rolled his eyes.

“Guess it’s time to stop only!” she looked away controlling the tears in her eyes.

“I told you before.. That Arnav isn’t worth your love.. He’s number one fool in this world!” Aman said hiding the smile on his face.

“Aman I will throw this laptop on your face if you start talking bad about my Arnav.. I don’t want to hear a word against him.. I will forget you’re my best friend!” she pouted.

“Okay I won’t say anything now.. but I’m already informing you that man is a Robot, and Robot doesn’t have feelings!” Aman giggled.

“Aman shut up!” Khushi threw all her pencils to him.


“Arnav did you see Mr.Kapoor’s daughter lehenga design? It’s so beautiful.. I really loved it, Khushi did an excellent job.. I’m sure his daughter would be happy with this lehenga for her marriage.. last night we both sat and checked to see if there’s any mistake or something that needs to be changed or not.. but I think it’s perfect.. I will show you now, if you like it then I’m sure Mr.Kapoor and his daughter will also like it.. and we can start on it!” said Shashi smiling.

Arnav stood silent for a while, “Matlab Khushi ma’am lied to me.. But why?” he thought, then turned to Shashi, “Sure sir..”

While Shashi kept on talking, Arnav’s mind was on Khushi’s lie.

You know not only stubborn but you’re fool also.. A girl does everything to get your attention and you don’t even care!

Which boss would say to his employee to take rest instead of saying ‘I want to see you in Office tomorrow?’

Oh, so you talk about me to your Nani!”  

“What do you tell her about me?”

“Khushi tries to get my attention because she..” his thought was broken by Shashi who patted his shoulder, “Arnav I think we should start preparing for the meeting, right?”

Arnav looked at him startled, then nodded his head, “Yeah.. sure Sir..”

“Arnav are you ok? You seem lost!” Shashi asked.

“I’m fine sir..” Arnav replied.


“Auto.. Auto..” Lovely shouted and finally the auto stopped and both got in. Arnav was silent and lost in his thoughts while Lovely as usual was talking nonstop.

“Hey Chiku! What happened? Why aren’t you replying me?” Lovely asked.

“I have finally an answer for your question Lovely..” Arnav said staring at nothing in particular.

“Which question Chiku? I ask so many questions to you in a day!” giggled Lovely.

“About Khushi ma’am!” he said, “That day you asked me why is she the only boss who says take rest instead of I want you in office tomorrow.. that’s because SHE LOVES ME!”

Lovely smiled, “Finally you fool you opened your eyes! (he shut his eyes) Thank you so much DM.. you opened this Robot eyes that was locked with an old and resistant lock!”

He turned to look at Arnav’s side, but Arnav wasn’t there anymore. The auto stopped because of traffic.

“Hey.. Where’s my Chiku?” Lovely asked.

“Those men took him away there..” said the driver pointing behind them where Arnav was being dragged by some men.

Lovely widened his eyes shocked, he shouted getting down the auto, “Chikuuuuuuuu…”

Those men started beating Arnav brutally, Arnav tried to fight back with them but they were many and beat him on his back.

“Hey leave him.. I will call the police!” shouted Lovely as he reached near them.

One man signaled other to handle Lovely. Arnav noticed their exchange of looks, he shouted, “Lovely RUN! Go away from here!”

Lovely widened his eyes seeing the man approaching him, he went running from there and hide behind a tree, he took his phone and quickly dialed Shashi’s number.


Few hours later..

At hospital..

“Arnav..” Khushi cupped his face with teary eyes, she gulped scared of seeing him in this state. It killed her to see him in pain, when he was brought here all covered with blood. Her heart was beating every second praying that nothing bad happens to him. 

Arnav kept staring at her silently, while Lovely was crying in the corner of the room.

“I won’t spare those men who did this with you beta.. I will make sure they get punished for it!” said Shashi passing around the room burning in anger; he was wondering who could have done such a disgusting act with his boy. And whoever it is, he won’t spare him/her.

“Arnav are you ok? As soon as I got to know about this, I came running here..” Karan said breathing heavily.

Arnav passed him a sharp look, and then looked away.

“I’ve already talked with the police to look into this matter..” Aman entered in the room.

Khushi went near him, “Ask them to be quick Aman! I want to see those men who did this with Arnav behind the bars!”

“You said you would stop crying for him!” he said pointing to her teary eyes.

“Aman stop talking nonsense.. this is not the right time!” Khushi frowned. Aman shrugged, “He makes you cry, and I’m always at fault!”

“My innocent sister.. You’re looking for me when I’m in front of you only!” Karan smirked.

“I know you’re behind this Karan.. but be thankful that I won’t reveal this to anyone here because I don’t want Sir neither Khushi to be hurt and embarrassed for your childish acts!” Arnav thought. 

Jun 19

Chapter 6 - His rare smile! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 125 times)

Arnav’s house:

Shashi and Lovely helped Arnav lay on his bed, while Nani and Khushi followed them with worried faces.

“How did this happen?” Nani asked crying, she couldn’t bear to see her grandson in this state with forehead bandaged and his leg with a plaster.

“Some goons attacked me Nani.. But I’m fine now..” he blinked his eyes in assurance.

Khushi couldn’t believe he just said he’s fine when he himself is in pain and everyone could see that. She went downstairs.

Shashi sat beside Arnav and patted his cheek, “Will you promise me one thing?”

Arnav nodded his head obediently. Shashi continued, “Please take your meds on time and take rest beta.. Don’t stress yourself over work, your work will be done by someone else in AR.. you don’t have to be worried for that..”

“Thank you Shashi ji.. You are saying this maybe he will listen to you now.. if we say this to him, then he won’t listen..” Nani said.

Shashi smiled faintly, then stood up, “I will go and have a talk with police..”

“Sir.. You don’t need to do that.. Forget this!” said Arnav quickly. “No way, those who did this to you will pay badly for it..” Shashi said stubbornly and went from there. Nani also went with him, to guide him till the door.

Arnav looked away sighing. Lovely looked at him suspiciously, “Chiku.. do you know who is responsible for your state?”

Arnav looked at him and nodded, “Who else? Karan ordered those men to attack me to take his revenge..”

Lovely widened his eyes in shock, “What? Are you sure? How dare he? Why did you keep quiet when Sir was here then? You should have exposed that rascal!”

“I don’t want to bring up problems in their family.. Sir is always worried for his kids and now if he gets to know that Karan is behind this, he will be hurt.. His birthday is approaching and I don’t want to see him sad because of that Karan..” said Arnav.

Khushi smiled faintly standing at the door with soup for him, she doesn’t repent for once for loving this man, he is hard to understand but one can’t stop admiring him.

“Look what I brought for you.. Yummy soup!” Khushi walked in, she sat beside Arnav. Arnav and Lovely looked at each other, then at her.

“I heard everything!” she said understanding their looks, “And Karan bhai is going to be punished for his mistakes..”

“Don’t do this!” Arnav said.

“It’s important to share this with Papa Arnav, I know you’re thinking good for him but don’t forget if we leave this matter now, then Karan bhai can do worse.. It’s important to correct him now.. And do you think Papa is happy now? He won’t rest till he finds out who is responsible for your state and neither will he celebrate his birthday..” said Khushi.

“Khushi ma’am is right!” Lovely said nodding his head. Arnav sighed, “Fine..”

“Now be a good boy and drink this soup!” she said bringing the spoon near his lips. Arnav stare at her intensely, Khushi smiled and raised her brows gesturing him to open his mouth.

Arnav did as she gestured, and she feed him.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

“I will leave now!” Lovely said smiling teasingly and went from there. Arnav wanted to stop him, but Lovely didn’t give him the chance to speak.

“Your meds..” she said handling him and gave him glass of water. Arnav took it with difficulty to raise his arms, Khushi noticed it. She quickly held the glass for him, “I will help you!” she made him drink water gently then wiped the drops of water in the corner of his lips softly.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..

“I want to be alone for some time..” Arnav said clearing his throat.

“Why? Is there an alien who is your friend and I can’t see him that’s why you’re sending me away?” asked Khushi giggling.

“No, there’s no alien here..” he said, then looked at her, “You can stay!”

“Thank you!” she smiled sweetly, “Did you see that your biggest competitor reached?”

“Yeah..” Arnav chuckled, “I’ve seen him at hospital.. Aman! And now he must be happy that I’m here on the bed and can’t do any work!”

“Don’t worry.. You’re always winner in my eyes even if you’re in office or not.. No one will take your place there!” she giggled.

Arnav just stare at her, now her words had meaning for him. Now everything started to make sense, the attention she used to give to him in office, the way she spoke softly with him and not with other employees, when his colleagues used to complain that she treats him differently, when the mistake was his but she always protected him, when she stares at him secretly, when she keeps smiling at him even when’s talking something serious, when she asks Aman to tell him to have lunch and Aman irritatingly comes to him.

“Arnav what are you thinking?” she asked.

“Nothing!” he shook his head.

“Nothing!” Aman walked in, “That’s exactly the police answer.. They didn’t find anything about those goons yet!”

Khushi and Arnav smirked.

“We already know it!” Khushi said.

“What? How?” Aman frowned, “You both are here in this house and I was outside, how come you both know about who’s the culprit?”

“Because you just have to put your brain on work Aman!” Arnav sighed, “I had a fight with Karan before leaving office, and then suddenly goons attacked me for no reason, they didn’t want to steal anything..”

“What? You mean to say Karan sir did..” Aman widened his eyes, “No, no, no.. You’re just jumping on conclusions without evidence..”

“Arnav is right Aman, I had seen the anger in bhai’s eyes.. I know he can do this!” Khushi said.

“So now you’re against your own brother for this employee of yours!” Aman asked angrily.

“Watch your tone Aman!” Arnav gritted his teeth, “She’s your ma’am.. Do not forget that!”

“She’s my best friend Mr.Raizada!” Aman said with attitude, then turned to Khushi, “I mean that we should wait for police to find out who’s really behind this..”

Khushi nodded, thought she was surprised that Aman spoke with her in that tone. He was never like this.

“I think you should leave Aman.. Arnav needs to rest and not worry about this police matter..” Khushi said.

Aman nodded, “I will wait for you at home ok?”. “I won’t sleep at home today.. I will be here with Arnav..”

“What? You will sleep in this house.. How will you even adjust here Khushi? Have you gone mad?” Aman asked in disbelief, then stare disgustingly towards Arnav’s room.

“You don’t need to worry about that.. I will make her feel comfortable here!” Arnav stare at Aman sharply.

“I don’t think so!” Aman gave a challenging look to him.

“I’m already sure I will be comfortable here..” Khushi smiled, she was so happy that Arnav said those words.

Arnav smirked and Aman glared at him, then left from there.

“So Aman loves Khushi ma’am!” Arnav thought, “But you’re not a good boy Aman, that’s why I won’t let you come close to Khushi ma’am! Sorry for that..”


Khushi walked out of the bathroom after changing her clothes, she sat beside Arnav and watches him sleeping.

“Do you know how much scared I was today when Lovely called us and said that goons attacked you? My heart start beating in abnormal speed.. I was scared.. very scared to lose you.. Dekho na.. you’re not even mine, but I’m already scared to lose you.. Do you know why? Because I love you like crazy.. I don’t know why I love such a Laad governor like you.. but I do.. and now I can’t change it.. I just hope I gain courage to tell you my feelings and you also accept it.. I’m scared if you will accept it or not.. You don’t seem to have any feelings for me.. It’s hard to read you Arnav.. Why are you like this?” she pouted.

Then ruffled his hair softly as if she’s pampering a baby, she peeked his forehead, “Please be fine quickly... I can’t see you like this!” she whispered. Then walked out of the room to stay with Nani.

Arnav opened his eyes slowly, and the magical and rare smile appeared on his face.

Jun 30

Chapter 7 - Arnav at home! (By Angel23) (Thanked: 151 times)

At terrace..

“So..” Lovely raised his eyebrows staring at his friend.

“So?” Arnav raised his brows too with confused look.

“Before this attack and all, you know very well what we were talking about na? Khushi ma’am loves you and you? What are you going to do now? Pretend that you don’t know anything and move on!” Lovely asked.

Arnav cleared his throat, “I don’t know yaar.. I’m so confused now.. I don’t know what I feel for her.. and I never had time for this love things.. and there is so much difference between her lifestyle and mine.. She’s daughter of the owner of KK fashion industry and I’m still struggling to create something of my own..”

“Love doesn’t see all these things.. Love is all about feelings!!..Just like I feel for Katrina Kaif!” Lovely said dreamily.

Arnav chuckled, “Katrina can’t be yours.. Stop dreaming about her!”

“But Khushi ma’am can be yours! Start dreaming about her..” Lovely winked.

“Waise.. there’s one who’s already dreaming about her..” Arnav gritted his teeth, and Lovely giggled, “One.. Million are dreaming about Khushi ma’am... In which world are you living Chiku?”

“One who is near her Lovely.. about the rest I don’t care.. they won’t get her!” Arnav rolled her eyes.

“You’re very selfish Chiku.. You are confused about your feelings and now refusing Khushi ma’am to fall in love with the rest.. With whom will she get married then?” Lovely widened his eyes.

“I’m confused na.. I didn’t say if it’s a yes or no!” Arnav said shrugging, “And I can’t handle her to any men in this world like that.. If some of them are behind her beauty, then others are behind her money..”

“And you?” Lovely asked.

“Kya yaar? You’re irritating me today Lovely with this never ending questions.. I know she’s much more than beauty and money, she’s a simple and hardworking girl, her smile spread happiness in her family, she loves her family more than anything, she’s ready to sacrifice everything for them, she doesn’t care for money and all these things, all she wants in her life is Love..” Arnav said sipping his beer.

“And who’s that man who also loves her?” Lovely asked curiously.

“Aman!” Arnav replied, his eyes darkened in anger.

“What?? Aman!” Lovely almost fainted, “I thought he was gay!”

“What the..” Arnav frowned.

“Haan.. because he takes care of you everyday in office na, look he looks like more your PA than Khushi ma’am.. He comes in morning to ask if you had breakfast or not, he gets the car ready if you want to go to any place, he helps you with the designs, comes to ask if you had lunch or not when you come back from home.. and all these things, I thought he.. likes you!” Lovely said.

“Lovely I will beat you up ok.. It’s Aman who does this, but Khushi asks him too.. So she’s the one who likes me.. And Aman just takes this as an opportunity to be in her good books!” said Arnav.

“Arnav!” Khushi came in the terrace looking for him; she widened her eyes in shock seeing beer on his hand.

Arnav and Lovely looked at her also shocked, though they tried to hide this scene from her, it was very late.

“Are you drinking? I can’t believe this..” Khushi looked at him in disbelief, “Just look at your state Arnav.. this is time for your medicine and you’re having beer.. and Lovely you.. how could you accept this?”

“Woh.. Lovely forced me too!” Arnav looked at Lovely and signaled him to lie also. Lovely pouted and stare at Khushi, “Sorry Khushi ma’am.. this won’t happen again!”

“Let’s go downstairs.. and if you do this again, then I will inform Nani about this!” Khushi glared at Arnav. Arnav gulped, he left the bottle at the table near them.

Khushi walked to him and made him rest his arm around her neck, helping him reach his room with Lovely also.

Lovely whispered to Arnav, “You lied to her because you didn’t want to hurt her.. this is one sign of Love Chiku!”

Arnav stare at him, and Lovely winked at him.


Arnav’s room:

“Where will you sleep?” Arnav asked her. Khushi pointed to couch on his room, “Here.. Now I’ve to keep a watch on you!”

“What the..” Arnav frowned, “You’re not going to sleep there.. go and sleep with Nani in her bed, I won’t drink again.. Promise!”

Khushi smiled, “Pakka promise??”

“Hmm..” he nodded.

“But I’m fine here!..” she said.

“Why? Do you want to watch me sleeping all night?” Arnav smirked.

“No!” Khushi shrugged, “What will I gain watching you khadoos face?”

“And you love this khadoos..” Arnav murmured.

“What did you say?” Khushi asked suspiciously.

“Nothing..” he nodded sideways. Khushi’s phone rang, she picked it up, “Haan Aman bolo! Kya hua? Is everything okay?”

“No.. I’m having high fever Khushi.. please.. come here.. I need you!” said Aman with weak tone.

“What? I’m coming in few minutes.. don’t worry!” Khushi said worriedly, she picked her purse quickly.

“What happened?” Arnav asked.

“Aman is having fever.. I will have to see him..” Khushi said walking towards the door to leave.

“What the.. I can’t let Khushi leave this late night that too for that liar.. Is he so jealous that he can’t bear the fact that Khushi is with me!” Arnav thought.

“Aaaaaahhh..” Arnav winced in fake pain, holding his leg.

Khushi turned to him, she went running to him, cupping his face, “Kya hua baba?”

“My leg hurts..” he pointed innocently to his leg with plaster.

“Should I call the doctor?” she asked worriedly. Arnav nodded sideways, “No, it’s not needed.. (holding her hand).. Just stay with me!”

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Hmm..” he nodded his head, “You can call Payal to go and take care of Aman, don’t say anything to him.. just call her and ask her to go to his house!” Arnav smirked.

Khushi nodded and messaged Payal praying that Payal doesn’t refuse her request.

“Now you can sleep here..” he said, he wanted to make sure she doesn’t leave to go to Aman’s house.

“I will stay here only..” she said, “Do you need anything? Just tell me Arnav.. Are you feeling hungry? Thirsty?? Should I make something for you?”

“No, I’m fine now..” he said nodding sideways.

Nani watched them smiling and left from there satisfied to know that there is someone who will take care of her Chote now.

“Do you want to watch a movie with me?” Arnav asked.

“Date with a sick patient! Not bad!” Khushi giggled, “Haan.. Which movie?”

“Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham!” he said.

“Do you watch this movie?” Khushi asked staring at him weirdly.

Arnav looked away remembering the day he went to her mansion and passed from her room, he saw her watching this movie and saying to Shashi, that she loved the movie.

“Hmm.. I saw it once.. with Lovely!” he said.

“What? Just one time.. I saw this movie some 50 times..” Khushi widened her eyes.

“Perhaps because the title has your name, so you don’t get tired of yourself!” he said teasingly.

Khushi chuckled and moved search for the remote to switch on the TV, “Aisa kuch nahin hai! (It’s nothing like that!)..”



Early in morning..

Aman’s house..

Aman rubbed his eyes smilingly then stares at Payal sleeping on his bed peacefully, he widened his eyes in shock, “PAYAL!”

“What is she doing here? I called Khushi yesterday.. then.. no..” he hold his head confused, then started shaking Payal to wake up.

Payal frowned, “What’s wrong Aman? Can’t you let me sleep?”

“What are you doing here?” Aman frowned thinking, “If Shashi sir gets to know that Payal spent a night in my house, what he will think of me? He already loves Arnav more than me, it’s going to be more difficult to compete with Arnav then..”

“Khushi messaged me to come here because you were having fever, so I came here.. Don’t think because I care for you, just because I didn’t wanted to stay in that mansion, they’re irritating me talking about that employee Arnav everytime.. my head aches listening to his name now.. so I escaped from there.. when I reached here, you were sleeping so I just put the wet piece of cloth on your forehead and fell asleep here..” said Payal.

“Why didn’t Khushi come here?” asked Aman angrily.

“I don’t know.. She must had important works to do..” Payal rolled her eyes and left his room. Aman threw the pillow angrily, “Arnav is her important work.. dammit.. I will do anything to remove Arnav from our way Khushi.. you need to realize that, that man isn’t the one for you, he doesn’t love you.. you should loving him and look at me, who loves you immensely.. I can do anything for you, just to stay near you I accepted working as your PA..”


Arnav’s room:

Khushi woke up feeling ticklish on her neck, she opened her eyes slowly and saw Arnav sleeping burying his face on her neck, his arms were around her waist.

She smiled faintly and stares at the TV on, both watched the movie and fell asleep not even realizing when and how both were just in each other arms.

She switched off the TV silently and careful to not make any noise that would wake him up, now she tried to get out of his hold, but he was like baby who kept pulling himself more near her and hugged her tightly on his sleep. When she tried to push him, he would frown like baby.

She finally gave up to his stubbornness, and kissed his hair smiling.


While having breakfast, Khushi was feeding Arnav, both were sitting on sofa where Arnav could rest his leg also.

“Why did you wake up so late Chote?” Nani asked.

“Woh.. I slept in an angel’s arms today Nani..” Arnav said naughtily. Khushi’s cheeks went red, she looked at him amused.

Lovely coughed in shocked. Nani asked confused, “Which angel?”

“Yesterday I saw Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham with Khushi ma’am.. Kareena was looking hot in that movie, hain na Lovely? (Lovely nodded dreamily).. When I slept I saw a dream where I’m sleeping in her arms! I didn’t want my sleep to end.. that’s why I woke up late!” Arnav said.

Khushi’s mouth formed big ‘O’ shape, she glared at him. Arnav turned to her and smiled sheepishly, “Sorry.. While I was sleeping with Kareena in my mind, in reality I was hugging you right?”

“Kareena Kapoor is married now.. Stop dreaming about married women!” Khushi glared at him and looked away.

“That time she wasn’t na..” Arnav smirked.

“Urggggghhhh..” Khushi shut her eyes irritated and Arnav pressed his lips.

“Dekha Khushi bitiya.. how is he different here at home and office..” Nani smiled.

“Very different!” Khushi glared at him, “I really prefer office wala Arnav!”

“Acha? But I prefer my Chote.. he’s very cute!” Nani chuckled.

“Aap ke liye Nani.. for me, look at what he has done.. He hugged me thinking I’m Kareena of his dream!” Khushi thought with crying face.

“What movie are we going to watch tonight Khushi?” he asked teasingly.

“Bodyguard.. Salman’s movie!” she glared at him.

“Great..Kareena is also in this movie..” Arnav smirked, “I will have a great sleep tonight also!”

“Kyaaaa?” Khushi cried.

“Namaste!” Shashi and Garima walked in smiling. Arnav sat properly and tried to get up.

Shashi ran to him and made him sit again, “It’s okay beta.. you sit.. You can’t force to get up!”

Garima hugged Nani greeting her, then went to sit with Khushi, “How are you Khushi??”

“I’m fine Mumma! And even better now, that you both came here..” Khushi smiled.

“Is Arnav better now?” Shashi asked.

“Yes, your son is better now.. ‘Even dreaming about Kareena’ (she murmured to herself)!!” Khushi said sarcastically and everyone laughed, “Papa app bhi na, you didn’t even greet me and directly asking about Arnav!”

“Acha sorry.. How are you my princess?” he asked. “Fine!” she smiled.

“I tried a lot to find those goons but.. till now we haven’t found any information..” said Shashi.

“Woh.. Papa we already know who did this..” Khushi gulped, she looked at Arnav who blinked his eyes assuring that he’s with her.

“Who?” everyone except Lovely asked shocked.

“Karan bhaiya!” she said and bit her lips.

“Karan.. but why?” Garima asked with tears in her eyes, “Why would he do this cruel act?”

“Karan is capable of anything!” Shashi said angrily clutching his fist.

Khushi narrated everything to them and all were shocked to know that for such a small thing, Karan took such a big step.

“Now I have to punish this boy.. he’s crossing his limits now!” Shashi stood up and went from there.

Garima cried and ran to him trying to stop him, after all she’s a mother and she can’t see her son in pain, Khushi also ran and stopped her mother, “Mumma stop it.. let Papa do what he wants.. Karan bhaiya has to be punished for what he did with Arnav.. this is how he will learn for his mistakes, if we ignore all this mistakes and let him think he can do whatever he wants then he will really start thinking like that, we will not have control of him later..”

Garima hugged her crying, “Why is this happening? Karan.. mera beta.. he can’t do such thing.. I never taught him to.. then how? Where did I fail?”

“Mumma stop blaming yourself!” Khushi hugged her back crying.

“Garima bitiya.. have water.. calm down..” Nani came to them, handling glass of water to Garima. Khushi took it and made Garima drink it.

“Let’s go home.. You need to rest!” Khushi said patting her back to calm her down.

“It’s good idea..” Nani nodded.

Arnav frowned a bit hearing this, that means Khushi will go back home today, she was supposed to stay with him for more days.

Khushi walked to him and took her purse on sofa. Arnav looked at her, “Won’t you come back?”

“Mumma needs me now..” she replied, “Nani and Lovely are here to take care of you.. I will ask Lovely to watch Bodyguard with you!”

“I can’t hug Lovely while sleeping!” Arnav blurted out his feelings frowning.

Khushi stare at him few seconds trying to register what he said.

Rabba vee.. Rabba vee..


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